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Publication Date: 03-19-2013
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Island Times Volume VIII, Number 24 Pensacola Beach, Florida March 19, 2013 Kids Know Eggs-actly Where To Find FunBeach Easter Egg Hunts Top Weekend EventsThese are the Island’s egg-hunting super sleuths. They leave no grain of sand unturned. No hiding place is safe. They work with speed and agility, grabbing brightly decorated Easter eggs, and putting them in their baskets. They are veterans of the hunt, after all, they are kindergartners at the Beach School Look for (L to R) Riley Seeliger, Gracie Gardner and Lola Reeves at the Beach Church Easter Egg Hunt Saturday, March 30 at 9 a.m. They may hop over to the white sands behind Paradise In n for an encore, the same day at 10:30. Hunting for more information? Turn to page 2.


PAGE 2 Island Times March 19, 2013 Published every other Tuesday SHELLEY W. JOHNSON, PUBLISHER !" ###$islandtimes@bellsouth.net www.MyIslandTimes.comNo portion of this publication may be reproduced without the consent of the publisher. Island Times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idden Eggs, Bawdy Bonnets, Sunrise ServicesIslanders Enjoy Beach Easter TraditionsGet Hooked Up To Sponsor Military Fishing Expedition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ensacola Beach Opens Parks For Pooches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

Island TimesPAGE 3Forever ...Barefoot on the BeachAs a tribute to Jane Waters who passed away January 10, 2012 Island Times will continue to run some of Jane’s favorite columns for your enjoyment March 19, 2013 Our latitude will change your attitude unch pecials on ri inner pecials NihtlyCATCH IT ALL! ysters resh ulf eafoodN aterfront inin !"" ie usic ift hop ids layround ia de una Sports in Hi Def40 TVs 8 Big Screens "#""$" GS9ery hursdayc onday aun Nite uesday urf and urf ed eican adness pecials ues %&" of ine ed !" pecials hurs !" pecials u e s d a y u r f a n d u r f u e s d a y u r f a n d u r f e d e i c a n a d n e s s e d e i c a n a d n e s s All Sports Always On Pensacola Beach Community ChurchBINGO $20 Dinner available for sale beginning at 6 p.m. www.thebeachchurch.com 850-932-6628 The Islander Newspaper – April 5, 1983 I remember too well March 29, 1979. It was a Friday afternoon. The sun was out and the beach bums were out…and the :+ ) The Islander was out. Looking at that four page edition, printed on bond $$"'$+)"* :$'! newspaperwoman came out in me. What a funky little paper, I thought to myself. But even then, I rushed in where even fools fear to tread, let alone angels. I noticed a couple of !$$$ "*"!, stone in front of Nero’s, so I approached them and in my inimitable cheery manner asked, “Would you like an Islander ?” One of the guys raised his head and leered at me [maybe it was Capt. Buzz for all I know now. I knew no one on the island at that time!] The other guy continued to stare at a bikini clad girl slinking along the street. One of the curb sitters took the tiny newspaper from my hand and held it off as if it were some!)"*" M:"($ if it were last week’s garbage. He looked at it, grinned wickedly, and remarked, “Don’t you know Beach people can’t read?” He handed it back to me, '!) !)"*$:!) eyes, and fell asleep. Then and there. It’s not going to be easy, I muttered to myself as I nonetheless delivered a few hundred )! Islander to any place that would allow it inside. The second issue was not so bad. We had doubled everything…moved along to eight pages and ten ads. The front page featured a picture of the Sugar Bowl dune and John Carter, the new Exalted Ruler of the Elk’s Lodge. A story headlined “EggsN$+3'),'! $""$ Egg Drop competition and still another announced Margaret Lloyd as the president of the Leaseholders and Residents Associaion. And after the initial shock of discovering the Island did, in fact, now have a newspaper, the leaseholders began to nod their heads in approval. If I were to say it’s been an uphill battle, you could consider “uphill” as something resembling the Matterhorn or Mt. Everest…and maybe, it’s true that I hung in there when the tough went out to play in the surf, simply because the challenge was there. I reasoned that Pensacola Beach residents deserved media coverage of their very own. So, after a couple of years, The Islander not only gained acceptance, but it was a welcome sight to island people every other Tuesday, summer and winter. Who knew what infamous reports would be in “People” and eventually The Islander grew in stature and approached some sort of dignity as it touched on some of the more serious aspects of beach living…like beach cruisers, tricycle races, rock musicians, dart parties, and miscellaneous meetings. And later, it became a source of information on the SRIA, college news, entertainments … and the advertising copy zoomed. The Islander even established such policies as not reporting tragedies. Let the burning houses, crumbling car wrecks, drug busts, exploding boats fall into the pages of neighboring news media. As a twice monthly publication, we hardly “scooped” anyone, so we never minded breaking the rules of good newspapering such as printing something which could have happened months ago. Our way of writing and publishing F '!($+)"! island. And The Islander grew. There have been scores of happy moments in the lifetime of The Islander …like the time Larry Dukes jumped on top of a pool table to read “the paper” under the only good light in Dirty Joe’s. I have wandered in and out of my distribution points on many pitch dark and rainy Tuesdays, only to see an aura of sunshine when Wanda Coggins or Sarah at HoJo’s would call out, “Here’s The Islander ,” and those within hearing range would F -!"'-*$ copy…or when I see tourists, with pencil in hand, marking out places to go on the island and mainland. And, the last four years have been a love-hate relationship for me and my newspaper. Often enough, I hated getting all the material together to produce this publication, and then each time it rolled off the press in Crestview, a wave of pure love F '':&M()!!)) (,*)" !+$6 We’ve made lots of mistakes, and no one has complained much. Somehow, the )$"'-$"' "'! good in the paper, and promptly tell me about it. I am eternally grateful for the acceptance…the warm and loving acceptance of the beach’s newspaper. In the :+ '))$)"!$) in 1979 I wrote, “ The Islander is a special newspaper for special people. It was born in the sun and will live in the sun…When we consider the beauty of our surroundings and the colorful group of people who will become our readers, we think The Islander may, in fact, be the most special newspaper in the world. We hope you will agree.” You did agree…and bless you all. I love you! !"#$%&'*'+/5'666* 7#*&*!+88#;< #+##8"%*8#*=*+>@AD J!+&&>#;'!88'%8>& ##*"#;<8&'&&/K6'666*7#"


PAGE 4 Island TimesMarch 19, 2013 PEOPLE?? ? ? ?? ? ? T ? ?? ?rivia? ? ??? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ?? ? Earth Day islandstyle O&QU# WXY=;&Q$!>=WKZY66 Blue Sky Gift Shoppe... a happy place!;[&> Tervis Tumblers #*[8 #\ ] ^8 > u are $'# &>\> ] _56Z=WKZKW= O+6`& Beach Bars `&&]# + ;!* *&#& #* >* FU OU[&j8 $;8 > #$ MUS FOO O>`< `8*8+& 21 Via de Luna Pensacola Beach 850-916-5087 paradisebar-grill.com B Royalty rose to the top of the pack this week. Like it’s etched in the steel of his sword, venerable Knight of the Trivia Roundtable Morrie Drees, con'"+"!+$!$! Pensacola Beach Woman’s Club was formed, 1954. His wife Mary was a member from 1979 until her death in 2011. The good knight has been stalwart in his support of the Club, offering his help whenever needed. He’s been known to serve an entire Thanksgiving dinner to the gals. And, not to be outdone, the Queen of Wrong Answers C$""-F (!& puter with a glass of wine in her hand to send the founding year of the Woman’s Club. Queen Jo knows and the Trivia Master is unsettled at having to seat her at the Roundtable. Who will rule the kingdom of the Wrongly Remembered and Incorrect? Jersey Girl Gwen Foster may sub in for Queen Jo. She thought the Woman’s Club started in 1973. By then, they were ruling the island, and had constructed a cinder block building to serve the community. The gals eventually donated this to the Beach Church with the caveat that it continue to serve the Beach and be available for the Club’s monthly meetings. Bob Dority sends his correct answer in the subject line of a text message to the Trivia Master. This time of year Big Bob’s busy at work so time is of the essence. The time was right and the year was indeed 1954. Former President of the Woman’s Club Jane McGrath sent 1954 as her answer and remarked, “It wouldn’t do to get this one wrong!” Correct on both counts, Jane. A parade of correct answers came to the TM from the lovelies who make up the Club. Mary Ann Claus is a relatively new member whose tenure is only three years long, but she knew the answer, as did her colleague Kathy Christoff. Kathy is putting the saboteur who hid her copy of Island Times on notice that action will not be tolerated. It slowed her answer and kept her shirtless. The Trivia Master fell down a rabbit hole and ended up in a land where news on the island was available in two places the Coconut Telegraph and via the pages of the beach’s newspaper, The Islander Can you name !:+ !$':) )"!:+ '))")$ 1979? A special trivia t-shirt to the "&$)! answer to islandtimes@bellsouth.net. The inbox is waiting. Please put trivia in the subject line and include your name and phone number with your answer. No one will call you or sell your secrets. Deadline to answer is Tuesday, March 26. Good luck. AHOY SKIPPERS Pensacola Beach Yacht Club’s Membership Coodinator Andrea Pedersen has more skippers to welcome each month. Navigating the sailing and parties are returning members Jim and Heather Baus, from Pensacola Beach, Darrel Harrison, Sheila Jackson, both from Pensacola, and Nancy Benz Marshall from Daphne, Alabama. New members are Glen Holstman and Jon Lashier from Gulf Breeze. RAT A TAT TAT Gulf Breeze High Drummers who performed in the Beach’s 8 "*8$"$$$'$!$'' for a big contest in Ohio according to proud dad Ron Wilson. They have a couple more competitions before they travel to the World Indoor Percussion Championships. Good luck! BIG TIME Ask Justin Scher about being star struck. Apparently, he has sightings on the Beach of NFL players who are in town to repair and relax after surgery at the Andrews Institute. FLEET FOOTED Pensacola Beach was well represented at the McGuire’s 5K Prediction Run. Fifty-three of the 16,915 who competed claimed the Beach as their home town. It was a family affair for some… Rick and Suzi Gordon, Chris and Skylar Kurpuis, Liz, Harry and Harry Hewson, Jean and Tom Luke, Laura and Jamie Natalie, Etta and James Byrd, David and Linda Shald, Steve and Michelle Feltenberger, Stan and Marlynda Parulski were among the competitors. Of course, Glenn Windham was there. Notably Christopher Benoit, 24, finished in 21:49 while Beach School grad Trey Wright, 15, turned in a time of 24:21. HOP ALONG Pretty Mandy Salas is the friendly manager at Shaggy’s on the Beach. She makes her way around to each table, greeting diners, and taking care of their every need. Last weekend, it took Mandy a little longer to make her rounds. She had a mishap and tore her meniscus. She’s wearing a brace and moving slowly but still smiling! ZONA GRAS Former Krewe of Wrecks Queen Claire Marcey sends a note from Arizona that she is teaching her American Legion Ladies Auxiliary group about Mardi Gras. Her students are making the grade this year, reports Queen Claire. “In the beginning no one knew what Mardi Gras was about, but our third annual Mardi Gras party was a success. Complete with a King and Queen, dancing to Mardi Gras music, plenty of food and drinks.” And, they honored her late husband Eric at the celebration. SHAKE The word “shake” is usually associated with the Sandshaker on the Beach. Ashley Holcomb !$$')"' "))"68!) organizing a Harlem Shake event, Saturday, March 23 at 2:30 p.m. on the Beach. For the uninitiated, it’s pretty easy to do, since you are told when to shake, shimmy, dance, jiggle or start whatever wiggling around you choose to do. No charge. No age limit. Ashley has posted this as event on Facebook, if you need more information. K!\` KKU Mar 24 Tanglers Bluegrass K5`> Mar 26 Tanglers Bluegrass KYO*#*^ K_^&#[8+ Mar 30 Jamie Eubanks Band WO*q+ +O*q+ +WW6U=6 ESTE EGG HUT OW6 10:30AM+&&x QQQ


PAGE Island Times March 19, 2013 The Santa Rosa Island Authority Board continued to support eco-tourism efforts on Pensacola Beach with a unanimous vote to reuest an additional 500,000 from BP through a grant program. The action came at the March 13 Full Board meeting. The Eco Trail initiative was funded by a 500,000 Gulf Tourism and Seafood Promotion Fund grant in 2012. The second reuest would augment the program and extend the marketing campaign to include television exposure. Currently, signs and information materials are being developed for the Eco Trail program. An interactive component will be initiated in conjunction with an online guide for travelers to learn about the island’s natural inhabitants. The Board has targeted installation and launch dates in May. “I like this project. It’s a good direction for us to go,” said Board Member Ed Guernsey. “These tourists travel even in the off season.” After hearing a presentation by Rod Milligan, whose company ET Promotions organizes hot rod shows, the Board approved a second grant application for BP funds to support a cruising the coast type event in late October. The reuest for 225,000 will be made by the Pensacola Beach Chamber of Commerce on behalf of the SRIA. Milligan produces the automotive speciality events at Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, Gulfport, Mississippi and Panama City Beach. “We have a documented economic impact of 20 million at the Gulfport show,” said Milligan. “We cross promote your event at our other shows. You can expect #$$+:"63 This round of the Fund will allocate 12.7 million. The grant applications are due on March 29. iva Florida banners will line the core area avenues, according to SRIA Executive Director Buck Lee. The year long celebration of the founding of Florida includes a statewide tourism program and a visit from Spanish dignitaries in May. Lee also reported that he con)""$>$:+)$ regarding the Blue Angels Air 8!(67!$"):'") cation that the status has changed. In the event the Navy cancels the show, Lee has preliminary commitments from Rod Ladner at Shaggy’s and other majors sponsors to pay for the performance. Indicators that the Island’s economy is healthy are evidenced by increased revenues and residential construction. The Developmental Service Director Paolo Ghio’s report indicated that three new home construction projects have been approved along with a renovation and a seawall. Baskerville Donovan Engineer Mike Langston updated the board on the toll plaza lane improvement project. “The bids are due in about two weeks. You should see some activity there within the next 30 days,” said Langston. The ia de Luna Landscaping program which is being orchestrated in its entirety by Escambia County has an end date of Winter 2013. pgrades to sewer relocation in preparation for beach renourishment has been completed. The parking area is being re-paved. Board Member Dave Pavlock is anxious to see project moving forward. “I see the beach renourishment project is getting close,” said Pavlock. “I am looking foward to seeing them dig a hole in the median to plant a tree.” The SRIA Committees will meet Wednesday, March 20 at 5 p.m. in the boardroom. Included on the agenda are the following: New design and cost estimates to construct and relocate the Pensacola Beach isitor’s Information Center Island residential road condition report with schedule and estimate to repair pdate on lease fee and tax comparison study The meetings are open to the public. Agendas are available ")"$(((6)$F$6&6thority es Up Grant eests an ariciae FREE o Pensacola Beach docaes embers 20 o on-embers. pplicaions online a .pbadocaes.org or can be piced up a he Pensacola Beach Visiors normaion ener. Earth Day islandstyle Junque in Your Trunque Community Yard Sale STU P to oon asino Beach


PAGE 6 Island Times March 19, 2013 aii peas, porridge & a dry martini 02612462Owner Peggy Henshall is ready to keep you in stitches!aunichercm aunicherahcmnames, logos, custom artsmall or large quantities Marias Fresh Seafood MarketTake a little bit of the Gulf Coast home! Fresh from the boats daily We can cold pack for travel or ship anywhere. S B aiva Serving Breakfast & Lunch Award winning service... iaTarr mens nil ealrs Tar R independenl oned and operaed !"#$## iing Bacpacing no i pparel oc limbing ear opes hoes ndoor oc limbing alleaherrdsne Mens and mens asual udr lhing Perfected in 1957, after 23 years of trial and error by Grandma Dorothy. Great as a saladslaw dressing and as a marinade. Available at Apple Market and Joe Patti’s.I am without uestion in my own mind anyway one of the most Blessed and luckiest people I know. No, I did not win the lottery. In fact neither my husband nor I ever think about it unless we happen to see it on the nightly news. I’m not saying a ") "$")$()"'$('"D remove some of the monetary worries in my life I’m not an idiot either. But just plain money has never been a measure of success or happiness to me while the life I live continues to astound and humble me at the same time. Just take, for instance, the opportunity to leave reality meaning all worries and woes behind with the simple, uick change from a paved road to a dirt one. Especially one winding through nearly untouched nature while ending in a beauty and peace that still retains all the comforts of home! Well that’s the perfect description of “GirlGrass,” an event created by Jayne Drees Redman, the reigning Queen Shugah of the Wooly Booger Social Club. It all happens at the Bunker Therapeutic Lodge and Retreat Resort owned by Jayne and her husband Johnny. It allows a number of privileged friends an entire weekend free of the accoutrements reuired for “being seen in public.” Our inner beauty, loving spirits and lots of comfort food is all that’s reuired. Well, that and maybe some marshmallows for roasting )"!," 6 This year’s attendees from the beach were Melissa Overlade, Christine Heweredine, Amy DePew and me. Janice Morgan long-time beach SOB and current Nauga Hunter joined us from Wetumpka, Alabama. Jayne had other friends from other areas that will only be $''',+ "$&)"' to preserve anonymity such as Carolyn, Margo, Rhonda, Karen and Cathy. I was appointed by Jayne to collect the chicken eggs on Sunday. That’s no big deal, something I did as a child anyway. It was a great weekend, and then I returned to Paradise rested and ready for the next party. I recently came upon a delightfully fresh new salad dressing with an even more interesting story. Steve Picker is a transplanted Islander whose roots originated in Jefferson City, Missouri. It seems he fell instantly in love with Paradise and well, we all know what happens once you get sand between your toes! I met Steve and heard his story about his beloved Grandmother Dorothy whose dream came true partly because of her dedication but mostly through the love of her extraordinary grandson. Grandma Dorothy lived in Freeburg, Missouri. She spent 23 years attempting to re-create her Grandmother’s special salad dressing trying unsuccessfully to match the dabs and pinches made by the larger hands of her $"'&!6?" "$+ alizing the difference, Grandma B!+ "$+'! recipe in 1957 after experimenting with the use of measuring spoons. She enjoyed local success by providing it for church socials and serving it in a restaurant where she was employed. She very wisely mixed it at home to protect her recipe and in the mid 1960s tried to market her dressing in local grocery stores without success. Nobody knew what to do. The family was celebrating Grandma Dorothy’s birthday in 1999 when her son-in-law, Steve’s father, made a suggestion that they try to market her dressing. Grandson Steve has a lot more of his Grandmother’s moxie Southern for persistence and determination than even !-"($"'! Grandma’s Cool esty Dressing hit grocery store shelves on January 10, 2000. Steve feels privileged to have been able to join his Grandmother in such a grand adventure. He says it changed her life. She became a local celebrity. Grandma Dorothy also appeared in parades she ('!$: )*!)" community and spoke to groups urging everyone to “never give up a dream” as she was living proof. nfortunately, Grandma Dorothy’s dream ended for her in June of 200 but it had indeed come true. After all, she said it ,1)*!6I$"D "'$ better bunch of taste testers anywhere. It was unanimously declared delicious! Of course Steve isn’t giving away his Grandma Dorothy’s salad dressing recipe, but he is sharing a great spring salad recipe. Just go to www.Cool-esty. com for more recipes. For a free sample, you can catch Steve or an Associate at the Apple Market March 2 between 4 and 7 p.m. Right now, let’s cook..… Brccli alad 2 bunches brccli 2 cus red graes, halved 1 med nin, ched 1lb bacn, cked,crumbled cu Almnds inal 13 cu Grandmas l es ressing Combine all ingredients and coat with Grandma’s Cool esty Dressing. For a bit more F $:&)#&)", serving. Enjoy and don’t forget to share! See ya in the kitchen….. EASTER EGG HUNT at PARADISE INN 10:30AM Saturday, March 30. Everyone is welcome. No charge.


Island Times PAGE March 19, 2013 The Seagulls Sing The eachs nes orldideMIT Jennifer Byrom, P.A. !T &"!$'$!$&""&"#$$"($)*"+Tr irar i air916-9000 By Cross in the Sand A r ad he ssmin ensala eah Stations of the Cross 3 PM March 31 MASS AM 9:45 AM lease in s drin l ee ra iaa aaa ai airiv r nn l reee Mass of the Lord’s Supper 6:30 PM Stations of the Cross 3 PM Celebration of the Lord’s Passion 6:30 PM Easter igil 7 PM! Mass :15 AM 11 AM We are approaching “Holy Week” again, and saying these words we see even our language bowing to the essential nature of the event we remember during Lent and Easter. Good Friday is not just a day off work it is a holy day. Easters Resurrection could happen only after the .) )"$"'!))a crossroads in our lives. Every one of us stands at a very serious point in our lives that reuires resolution, and must choose which way to go. Easter is a wonderful celebration but it also a reminder of what we celebrate. It is a time of Easter Egg hunts and new Easter clothes, however, like so many things it is easy to forget what this week is all about. It is a time to think about how God works in our lives, along with special activities to help us think about Jesus death and resurrection. Over the course of the Lenten and Easter season, we are remembering the lowest points of sin and the highest peaks of what God has done for us through Jesus. We have a way to the Father through Jesus. Thats worth celebrating! r d s led he rld ha he ae his nl n ha heer eliees in him shld n erish hae eernal lie John 3:16 And yet every year somehow its so easy for Easter to slip up on us, and suddenly were saying, Oh, my goodness, its Palm Sunday already! Lets think of some ways to be prepared, to be waiting for Easter, and looking for the Resurrection. ensala eah imis l memers a r e erl reh arleen heeler and ane rah sered as des a he ls rari al nes reliminar rnd a he eah hl arh Third rad ers aie a aalia adisman and rianna in earned hnrs and ill mee a he eah hrh ensala eah l emenar hl send rade sdens in eie amanellas lass ele raed residens a sdin and rrain heir arie residen h e aniel el as residen il liam inle h ih ae llen as residen hn dams ah sden made a resenain he lass drin erar ri Tis Spring! Tis Spring! The boid is on the wing. My woid, how absoid! I thought the wing was on the boid. ri Spring has sprung The grass has riz <("'(!!F ()O ri The breakers crowd the beach The water’s just beyond reach The sun made me red, beer hurt my head.

PAGE Island Times March 19, 2013 all ennis emesch 03460 denremcm denremdenremcmaT ? H S GLF BREEZE NAARRE B B B unning n ana sa und ur n beach ih 13 acres Build ur dream hme 10,000 ner ill divide G B ,"&"'-' ./0"-1' ./"-' ."-' 0"-' ."-0' eaured ising aerrn Gul Breee The Pensacola Beach Relay for Life Steering Committee will host a Survivors Dinner, Thursday, April 11 at 6:30 at Our Lady’s Hunt Hall. The purpose of this social affair is to encourage members of the community to celebrate their achievements as Survivors and Caregivers along ()!!)&&)&" *! against cancer. Carleen Wheeler is providing and cooking the meal. Connor Berry, 7, will be the guest speaker this year. Organizers ask that guests R.S..P. no later than Thursday, April 4. Provide your name and total number of guests. You may R.S..P. with Survivor Chair Maureen Lee via e-mail at teachingmo@aol.com or via phone at 50-292-1171. Pensacola Beach’s Relay for Life is in its second year and will take place April 12-13 at the Gulfside Pavilion. elayers Seek To Honor ancer Sriors een-ear-ld onnor Berr o peaGabrielle ri, eighh grader a Gul Breee Middle chl, *z&{ *&]&*&;+*#" O*#+&5%#$]&&q]>"+ *#*&^>'Q!&+== *+#+*O&" Bamb illies General Manager b er Gleim ries u he arle led Pull a he rngmans nes, March 2 Evens ere *&*!&$ +$&#*" Gleim uld have n *|%^&! Arund caegr >] ^]!+&# hird verall in he <]#[]>Z eigh caegr a he rngman n es March 2 a he !&$"'* lied he car mul +&8*{ man srengh evens


PAGE 9 Island Times March 19, 2013 by elizabeth hewson The Lizzards Tongueaie rleanian liaeh aers esn arried n ensala eah in a ae e and areers se her her shres she has rerned ih The lnel and The id lie ermanenl n he eah via limae onrolled el orage rie p ccess Boa Paring oing Pacing upplies 27 igial ureillance ae lean ecure rea aes Proessional anagemen smarsselsragecm 1 Mclure rive Gul Breee S AGlenn ubel J Bran Tn BrnJud Mcabeanc Brn KKZD#&#*'`DWK5}_56"}YY"_6X6_55"Y}"66_cbuniedcm ariT raarii A S P P BTre Mandersn2012 op Lising gen nis Volume op Producer Pensacola BeachSales Stars B REALTORS G R %2$"3& &) raraar ""#$"""%erinl reee and he eahes sine raser as I clearly remember my first Spring Break visit to the Beach. Oh, I had vacationed many times with my family along the Gulf Coast of Florida during the summer, but it was that one week spent at Sabine Yacht and Racuet Club in the spring of 197 that would change my life forever. We had come over from New Orleans as a family and were the uintessential tourists. We swam even though the water was way too cold. We sunbathed even though the winds were brisk. We collected shells and whole sand dollars. We shopped for t-shirts that memorialized this visit. We supported the tourist attractions, no matter the cost or the level of tackiness. By the time we packed up the station wagon to head back to New Orleans, I was sunburned and had spent every last penny of my allowance. At the age of 13, I was determined to never let Pensacola Beach fade from my memories. As I unpacked, I neatly placed my shells on the window sills of my bedroom that had a view of St. Charles Avenue. That historic street, lined with its lush green trees and its beloved streetcars, was a view that I no longer had any interest in. I poured a small bag of Pensacola Beach sand in a keepsake box as if it were fairy dust hoping someday it would magically transport me back to the Beach. And it did. By August of that same year, I would never be a tourist again on Pensacola Beach as we made the move from Magnolia trees to sea oats, from streetcars to sailboats, from green grass to white sand, from waves of traffic to the waves of the Gulf of Mexico. What never occurred to me is that someday I would depart Pensacola Beach and I would live in various locations such as southern California, southern Maryland, and eastern North Carolina, But I did leave and now I am back after a 24 year hiatus. This time with my own family -the Colonel and the Kid -and now we are enjoying our inaugural Spring Break Staycation 2013. The Pensacola Beach Chambers website is bookmarked in our iPhones, right along with Island Times We have filled this weeks calendar with all sorts of activities from camping at Ft. Pickens to learning to paddleboard. It will be a new adventure every day. The stove is off. The cupboards are bare. The refrigerator is empty. My travel visa to the grocery stores in Gulf Breeze has temporarily been suspended. I guess you could say we are gearing up for our own Taste of the Beach. Bathing suits, beach towels, and sandals are plentiful. Sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, and bikes are at the ready. Who knows? We might even buy a t-shirt or a shell magnet for the bar fridge commemorating this event. Yes, allegedly with age comes experience and wisdom, but I can honestly say I knew it all at 13. There truly is no better place to be than on Pensacola Beach in the spring either as a resident or a tourist. ntil next time... iane Tsn, righ, as he irs in line ish her daugher ahne uchsinger ha birhda a a surrise ar hsed a The Islander unge, March 9 ahne as raised n Pensacla Beach and lives in Gul Breee ih her husband hris and hree children More than 60 years of Blue Angels history come to life with never-before-published historic photographs, landmark artifacts and insights you’ll only find in the Blue Angels archives, now available in a new book “Blue Angels: A Pictorial History.” The book is available in the Flight Deck Store at the National Naval Aviation Museum or in the online store at www.navalaviation.com.S A I N R


PAGE 10Island TimesMarch 19, 2013 Computer epair in our ome www.ycpals.com joe@ycpals.com AE EAe undersand ur insurance needs0623092A TA A TE ie, Business Au Mrccle mmercial ehicle meners ld !!!">"#8>~>"#8 Island Times Blog“where shelly waters meet sandy beaches” www.myislandtimes.com9634 WERE HERE ALL YEAR … AT TAX TIME, OR ANYTIME. The tax professionals at H&R Block work year-round to make sure you get everything you deserve. You can count on us to be here to help with your tax preparation or just to answer a question. All year long. Available at participating of“ces. OBTP# B13696 2013 HRB Tax Group, Inc. FREE SECOND LOOK REVIEWS 913GBEEEP,TE34GBEEE,3261093296 306GBEEEPGBEEE,3263093411 16AAEPAAE,326609399000 Bigger is better. Just look around the Texas Hold Em 4444 Fun tables for Big Todd Lentini, a gentleman and a scholar. Lentini earned the Champion’s title for February 2013 by amassing more ")!!$"$"+!$+ on Pensacola Beach. He was also named to the President’s List at irginia College. The poker tables are hot right now according to Texas Hold Em 4444 Fun promoter Rick zdevenes. Sixteen hopefuls showed up at the Go Irish Tourney at the Sandshaker Monday, March 11. Glenn Burleson claimed the title with John Woodham as the runner-up. Woodham has a list of top ")!$"'"$$8$. lege Professor Deb Friedman has earned the nickname, Dangerous Deb. While these two battled at The Dock on March 2, Jimmy Taylor was drawing to a Royal Flush. The community cards were kind to him. “He was holding only two :$')"!)!$"'3 said zdevenes. “This is called !>23 The results follow: addy earys 214: Todd Lentini, winner Wade Hosler, runner-up 221: Wade Hosler, winner Jamie Calandro, runner-up 224: John Woodham, winner Ted Gorder, runner-up 22: Todd Lentini, winner Deb Friedman, runner-up 33: Ted Gorder, winner John entini Aces Classes And oker CompetitionWoodham, runner-up 37: Pete Falgout, winner Wade Hosler, runner-up 310: Ted Gorder, winner Pete Falgout, runner-up andshaker 21: Wade Hosler, winner Chris McQueen, runner-up 225: Glenn Burleson, winner John Woodham, runner-up 34: Deb Friedman, winner Tex Atkinson, runner-up 311: Glenn Burleson, winner John Woodham, runner-up The ock 216: Art A., winner John Woodham, runner-up 223: Lance Youngblood, winner Terri McKamey, runner-up 32: John Woodham, winner Deb Friedman, runner-up 3: John Woodham, winner Deb Friedman, runner-up isitors and locals are welcome to join the Texas Hold Em 4444 Fun games. Players need a basic knowledge of poker. “I have to admit that we are )-$,)*$&)+3$)'?' venes. “We look out for each other, and part of the fun is the camaraderie. But, we welcome anyone to join us for one night or for all games. You can be part of -$&)+63 The games are played at Paddy O’Leary’s, The Sandshaker and The Dock, all downtown Pensacola Beach bars, so players must be 21 or older. For more information, call the zdevenes at the Poker Hotline at 50-324-2667. Q: “What is the Future for >,-.&O3 A: Right now there are more than a billion computers notebooks and desktops in use worldwide. The notebook’s share of the market is being sueezed by the rapid growth in sales of the tablet devices. Over the next 4 to 5 years, unless something unexpected develops, the number of tablets in use could also approach a billion units. The simplicity and convenience of the tablet devices is creating a large demand, even though they cannot currently do everything that a notebook computer can do. The fate of the notebook computer may depend on when the software development companies begin to convert their software so that it will work in computers not running Windows or Apple OS software. With the exception of Microsoft’s Surface tablet device, most tablets run some other proprietary system software. Essential software such as Quickbooks, Micro%',!! and programs that are based on complex data bases are primarily used in a Windows or Apple OS environment and operate on desktops and notebooks. That is because the software developers have a billion computers in their marketplace, which means more sales dollars. The tablets are gaining popularity in business environments because they are much easier to handle and share with others than a notebook, in addition to being easier to take on business trips. Those devices are not yet able to replace the notebook and desktop computers used in complex business environments, where multi-user business programs and company data often reside in data bases stored on centralized servers. With the pending demise of the CD player, the new notebook computers are eliminating the CD drive and are looking more like tablets. Those lightweight and slim units are called ultrabooks. Historically, prices for new devices have fallen steadily over time, so future pricing for new notebook and tablet technology may also be a big factor in who comes out ahead. This article was provided by The Stukey Group. For uestions, contact Joe at joe@ycpals. com or 50-206-3156. Bytes & BitsBy oe Stkey Y P Marine Services and Products We proudly sell Hi-Tide Boat Lifts850-712-4258Marine Contractors, Inc.GCDlicensed & insuredia rTis the season to catch Cobia action in the Gulf of Mexico, so Paradise Bar and Grill is hosting their third annual Cobia !,)$ !)"*"$&"%) 19-21. The entries are limited to small boats, 29 feet or less with outboard motors. “First place could be as high $Q3$)'4:$' tournament organizer. “We will have tons of door prizes and re$+*$!)$63 The entry forms are available at Paradise Bar, 21 ia de Luna and at all local tackle shops.


PAGE 11 Island Times March 19, 2013uzz.........................B Business mmercial esidenial Araisal, nsuling ales B D G B FL G aniel Green, MAI, A aeer Gen EA 36 eal Esae Brker B16669 PAWS CORNER...... Sam Mazzotta Exceeding Clients ExpectationsŽparadisecoastalrealty.com Kimberlee Bell Joe Billingsly Robbin Boyd Christine Furman Ardythe Haas Kevin Hayes Jennifer McCrary David Owens Shana Santos Fred Simmons Sandy Zern !""#$$$T G SF 4#$!)5 Fat Cat Cats, like people, sometimes put on weight so gradu$+!$)D!$!$"'! ($")"*$!!$"or lack of activity. Your cat may not seem too fat, and he gets around A ",!)!$!("D$)!()*!$+"!)&6 ) Stacey at 50-932-1500. T4!)"$ continually works to promote !)$$"'(!+,)" $)64!4!%($' /$-$0!),)+ *")$,)"$"' charities that maintain a solid commitment to conducting their ,)"$))"$"!)$ manner. Nominations for the $($'$"$"+,)" !$)+(!!%')' or not, and self-nominations are encouraged. The Customer Service Excel"%($'*"))"'):)' $(!*$,:$"',+"')" their customer service activities. For more information, visit "(F 6,,,6*R4!%($'6 4!!)'"$!$! .!!$))$')"!7) A,+&+)"*!))* *+,$"-$"')"* change. They collected 412.50 to which the congregation added 500. The money is enough to ,+$($"'!$")&$)" an international aid program. 4!$")&$!7)A not only provide project partners ()!$)$,', $$)$,)"&6 Extra agricultural products, such as milk from cows or goats, !"+&,**& !)-"$",,!!$' within the community and sold at market.TT$+"()!+ *$'+&&67)& pany GCD marine contractors !$7)4)',$)$&"*! '!+6%+$'+ ,)'&!)"*"$"',+ the sea? Ring 50-712-425. 4!"$$$!@$+ for Life makes serious fundraising into a seriously fun event. It’s not too late to enter your relay in !:"%)##6."$ 8!$"""+$!$"$")*)"J ,!6"*&)"&$ tion or to make a donation.


Island Times March 19, 2013 PAGE 12 Studio98 HAIR DESIGNS TT a erinar a FULL SERVICE HAIR SALON Mnda: andshaker, PM Thursda: Padd ears, PM aurda: The ck, 2 PM unda: Padd ears, 3 PMTeas ld Em 4444 un Pker line 324266 av rTrai%&'()*((+(),-)*/0( 1(( 02( 3"344 56'*( 78 9(: ((3 I rTrai LIING BRINGS IT IN E TAKE IT OT 4" "$678"$ 9"#':!7%"2"'7:;"" Pered eam lean Prcess n rge<0< Seeing Stars... your horoscope for next weekMadame Astra DJsBeach Cafe 63 ia de una across from Springhill Suites 0916016 OPEN EVERYDA Y at 8 a.m. Breakas8 AM TO NOONHAVE A BIG BEACH BREAKFAST! unch11 AM TO 2 PM I AT3 PM TO 9 PM I A T PE Galaxy Girl andace egar EE EIE B L B PL Git Sets ipstickusan aselon-elleMary Kay Independent Beauty ConsultantHeres to a more beautiful you! ree i ih orders oer 40as ordering online or b phone 850-9-865 ara.comshaselon Eye Shado Fragrances Skin are Snscreen I just flew back in to say hi. My life has changed I am becoming a farmer. Right now my Earthly garden consists of raspberry plants, horseradish, garlic and Herman. What’s a Herman? Well he is my avocado seed, and I named him. There was just something special about this guy, er, ah, I mean seed. He has a certain “Je ne sais uoi” if you know what I mean. He also has a root that keeps growing which means more fruit for me. I could never accomplish the thing with toothpicks and jabbing the avocado so I placed Herman on top of a popsicle maker. He fits uite nicely, and his root can feed into the water. My neighbor told me Herman needed food so I added some dirt to the water and placed him in the sunshine in the kitchen. Herman is thriving! But that’s not all that’s happening I was listening to a radio program about meteorites and looking for them on planet Earth. I don’t know what the big deal is because they are all over Mars. My friends and I have huge meteorites in our gardens in our home on the Red planet. Yes, you heard it right! We have glass domes over our property, but the soil there is really fertile for growing fruits and vegetables. Oh, that makes me an intergalactic farmer. But let’s think about this. Meteors and asteroids from space have hit both planets carrying the same minerals and organisms. Millions of years ago when Mars had a similar climate and atmosphere to Earth, it would have had some of the same vegetation. So it is not a far stretch of the imagination that there wasis life on Mars. Can you imagine if Curiosity could send back dirt to Earth from Mars? Wouldn’t that be something? Then we could grow fruits and vegetables in Martian soil on Earth. No telling what that might do for the vitamin, enzyme and mineral content of our food. Maybe some day-----who knows? That’s all for now from Galaxy Girl! ARIES March 21 to April 19 Congratulations, Lamb. This is the week to finish your project and then bask in your well-earned approval. And if you like, you also can say bah to all those detractors. TARS April 20 to May 20 The bold Bovine could find a new opportunity too intriguing to be ignored. But dont charge into it. Go slowly so you see how things develop as you get more involved. GEMINI May 21 to June 20 You might try to soften your stand on that important issue. A little more flexibility actually could get you what youre looking for. A new friend enters the picture midweek. CANCER June 21 to July 22 Your inner voice is on the mark when it advises you to tackle that family problem now! The sooner youre able to come to terms with it, the better it will be for everyone. LEO July 23 to August 22 Someone reveals important news about a longtime associate. But before you decide how to deal with this information, make sure its reliable, and not simply selfserving. IRGO August 23 to September 22 Some intensive soulsearching early in the week can help you reach a decision by weeks end that should please both you and the other person involved. Good luck. LIBRA September 23 to October 22 The possibility of a career change is intriguing. Learn more about what it can offer and what it cannot. Weigh everything carefully. And ask uestions. SCORPIO October 23 to November 21 Work is your priority this week as you try to make up for lost time. Expect help from someone who cares about you. Things take a welcome turn by the weekend. SAGITTARIS November 22 to December 21 A health problem causes some anxiety early in the week. But prompt medical attention soon eases everyones concerns. Enjoy an arts-filled weekend. CAPRICORN December 22 to January 19 As much as you might resent it, a changing situation could reuire you to adjust your plans accordingly. The good news: An associate agrees to cooperate. AQARIS January 20 to February 1 That old problem is finally resolved, just in time for you to take on a new workrelated project. This one could be the super door-opener youve been looking for. PISCES February 19 to March 20 The early part of the week presents some difficult hurdles. But once you get over them, you can start to focus on matters that are more important to you. BORN THIS WEEK: You are respected for your honesty and your dedication to doing the right thing, no matter how difficult that might be.Stars Shine Oer Pensacola BeachThe Escambia Amateur Astronomers Club will kick off their summer long series of Sidewalk Star Gazes, Friday and Saturday, April 19-20 at Casino Beach. The Club will set up telescopes for viewing the stars and planets in the night sky above Pensacola Beach beginning at dusk. The program is offered at no charge and volunteers are available at each station to explain and educate guests about the celestial objects and the euipment used to see them. The Club will host a Star Gaze at Ft. Pickens Friday, April 5 at Battery Worth.


Island Times PAGE 13 March 19, 2013SHAGGYS&WATERFRONT&BAR&'&GRILLFresh seafood served overlooking Little Sabine Bay. $F $ through the open air dining room and side bar. Laid back, funky, family friendly. Arrive by boat or car, bike or on foot. Open everyday at 11 a.m. in the big red building on Pensacola Beach Boulevard. 50-934-452. www.shaggys.biz 850-932-1417 We have gone back to basics. Expect the same incredible quality food delivered in less time. FRIENDLY DOG Thursdayr diners heir riendl dg ree ids Burger r id M R B R ENTS T S M I D M T D F F O M N Beer Mug lub /{ &&&&*8x FLOUNDERS&CHOWDER&HOUSECelebrating 30 years of Floundering neath the moon and stars. Offering fresh Seafood including Tuna, Mahi and of course Flounder! Award winning chowder, po boys, burgers and Pensacola Beach Style baked oysters. Sample our Fresh catch including the Shrimp Boat Platterloaded with shrimp cocktail, BBQ shrimp, fried shrimp, popcorn shrimp and -peel ems. Kids love our Pirate Ship playground located on our beach well within view of dining parents. For late night :"'D)!!('D ",$!,$"'6 Dance all night on Flounder’s beach to the most popular bands from across the south. "'$+$(-68"'$+"!6%!4$ )*!" beautiful Pensacola Beach, 50-932-2003 (((6F "'!('!6&CRABS&-&WE&GOT&EMOnly restaurant on Pensacola Beach offering breath taking views of the Gulf while dining directly on the beach. Come as you are straight off the sandy beach and enjoy our indoor outdoor bar and gulf side deck. Crabs has the largest selection of Crab on the beach, was voted Best Crab by News Journal readers. She Crab Soup, Stuffed Blue Crabs, Alaskan Snow, King B"*"+D "' them all! We have many other seafood favorites on our menu as well as a great assortment of chicken, steaks and pasta dishes. Don’t forget to try one of our signature drinks like The Crab Trap’ which come with a souvenir glass to keep! Open 7 days a week. Sunday Brunch with live Steel Band. Look for the Red Roof. 50-932-0700 www.crabswegotem.comMCGUIRES&IRISH&PUBOne of America’s great steakhouses proudly serving SDA )&8$-$'$"'<)!)$))"')"*<)! man’s bouillabaisse, Corned Beef and Cabbage and Shepherd’s Pie all inside a turn of the century New York Irish Saloon themed pub. McGuire’s is celebrated for its atmosphere, boasting more than 750,000 signed dollar bills hanging from the ceilings of the pub. Live entertainment coupled with great food and warm and friendly service by Employees who Give a Damn! isit our on-site brewery and the O’Tolf Wine Cellar featuring the complete vertical collection of the Chateau Mouton Rothschild Artist Series. Featured on NBC’s Today’ Show, highly recommended by Fodors, Frommers and AAA travel guides, Florida Trend Magazine Hall of Fame Member. Open every day at 11, 50-433-679, mcguiresirishpub.com After Sundown......................................................................................................SIDELINES&SPORTS&BAR&AND&RESTAURANT82B"D&)$)"68)$)"!)*!' "))"## big screens, 42 televisions. If it runs, jumps, races, it’s here. Famous for Thursday Wing Night. Burgers. Seafood and Ribs. Kids menu for the J players. Full bar. Indoor or outdoor seating. ideo sports games. Centrally located on ia de "$A$!&$)"$-)"*$"'!$ )*!6;)off at 11 a.m. seven days a week. 934-3660.SANDSHAKER&LOUNGEThe “World Famous Sandshaker”a Pensacola Beach Tradition since 1973. Home of the Original Bushwacker. Been selling this signature drink for over 30 years. First bar on the Beach to offer this tasty frozen concoction. Monday half price BARE 10 a.m. til close T Hold’Em at 7 p.m., 2 Tuesday Karaoke, Wednesday 2 Ladies Nite, Thursday half price T-Shirt Nite. Live Entertainment Year Round Wednesday thru Sunday. Check out the Gift Shop. Across from the Boardwalk. Open 10 am 3 am. 50-932-2211. www.sandshaker.com PARADISE&BAR&AND&GRILLA little bit of paradise at this open air, island style bar with its own private white sand beach. Pull up a rattan stool. Cold beer. Live Music. Exotic Libations. Friendly locals. Lunch and Dinner everyday. Sandwiches. Salads. Fresh Catch of the Day. Renee’s Famous Shrimp Salad. Happy Hour 11-7. Live Bands. Poker on Monday and Wednesday. Tucked away in the parking lot of the Paradise Inn, it’s directly on Santa Rosa Sound. Boat and Bicycle parking. Open 7 days. 50-916-507.PEGLEG&PETESAhoy, Matey. You’ve found a Pensacola Beach treasure. Pirates welcome. Fresh Gulf seafood served in the galley or outside on the awning covered deck. Glass front bar overlooks LaFitte Cove. All kinds of oysters. Live lobster. Gumbo. Dinner specials nightly. Sizeable sandwiches and burgers for Landlubbers. Take home a t-shirt. Look for the Jolly Rogers F +)"*:!("'!<$"'$##)-"@$'6 We’re here everyday at 11. 932-4139. www.peglegpetes.com THE&ISLANDER&LOUNGE&AND&PACKAGEA bit of history. The oldest lounge on Pensacola Beach located in the ia de Luna Shopping Center, about one mile east !$ )*!68)$ daily. Dance on the pole. drink $!68!F ,$'6?$) Cypress Room and Sundeck. Live music. Just steps away from The Break., our sister establishment. Open everyday for fun. 50-932-9011. abineandbarcm 1 Pensacla Beach Blvd a he abine Marina M B B BINGO T M K B F M K B S M D G M S S M S B M B B BINGO T M K B F M K B S M T B S M D B en eerda a AM a ur Z`Y L POLIP A I P T HErs n T ars riendl a Its deck time! Sunsets are free.


PAGE 14 Island Times March 19, 2013CLASSIFIED ADS are 5 for 20 words. Additional words are 10 cents each. Send ad with check made payable to Shelley Ink, P.O. Box 44, Gulf Breeze, FL 32562. eal Esae r aleSSFE ETSGPensacola Beach Vacaions enals. all or he BET ATE on Beachron condos and beach homes. oll ree 800-22-22. Visi online gulblueacaions.com B LB. 2 bedrooms 2 bahs. ul ie rom all rooms. or ren eel and monhl unil 11. rbo.com95159. all ul Blue Vacaions a 800-55-695 or 850-92-0775. enion 8 VB 95159. EJ TE BEA eal Esae r en alendar MARH T F B F P S R I A M L O P K B E B S B B M D I B A H T G M G E E H B E E H P I A B B K G P F E S S S B A G P F B APRIL B B G P F G I R G P B H M B B G P F S R I A M L O P R L P B E A F B E S A S S P T B B G P F S G B N O D P T E S A E D I S T H PBA Y S S E G E S EA B F F P T G M S G B N O D B B G P F S R I A M L O P L K B B B G P F BEAH HRH BINGO T D B P P end 32 helle Ink Mail : P B 44, Gul Breee, 3262044 PesBa ie a 19 hiser Ba L 01 1203 Maldnad r 95000 L 07 all oda.all Linda urph eller illiams eal 850-78-0865 e nsrucin aarre. oundron communi. 182900. o sor. Beauiul deails. ennis emesch ea on he oas 850-8-7607. Perec aerrn sie r ur dream hme n Bau Tear Lo is cleared and read o go. 5000. L 0222 erem ohnson Lein ine esor eal 850-77-15 I A I P H S T N S B D M D L K S B R P B P B D P O D L L L D P PBMGreading Island Times... Is like having front row seats on Pensacola Beach By the numbers... cars 1019 more cars han eb 2012 !"#$%&' Pensacola Beach generaed 65271 in bed aes hich amouns o 0 o he oal or he enire o sambia oun (")*+0";'"!" <=>$")? ");>$@?$" lorida innesoa ichigan isconsin hio. anada nied ingdom and rance accouned or mos inernaional isiors.


Island Times PAGE 1 March 19, 2013 By Terri McKamey O S S EAE ETA Pensacla Beach a he Bardalk 093220eailingcm PE 9 6eaher ermiing aamarans Parasailing averunners aaks Ba enals E F Woo Hoo! I dont care what the calendar says Spring is here! The weather is getting warmer, spring breakers are arriving and !$&:)"*6 Ive been getting plenty of reports about Spanish Mackerel both at Navarre and Pensacola $!)6B)'"S*) but heard from a reliable source that a nice Mako Shark was hooked, too, but he didnt make )!)6 Lets not forget the Sheeps!$'!))&+$64!+ are tearing them up at the piers $"')-"6$)"! afternoon I like Fort Pickens for @' !)"*6<$"$&*$ antee you will get one, just look !,)'6 This time of year we are all !)"-)"*$,!.,)$)"*6 Cobia are found in near shore and inshore waters with inlets and ,$+6.,)$$5"+"' around buoys, pilings and wrecks )"!$$64!+$(")" )"*$"'$+&&6<"! water, Cobia look almost like !$-64!$),(" or dark gray above, and a white bottom, with a dark stripe running &!*)!$)6 They are commonly from 20 "'64!E'@' is 135 pounds, 9 ounces The Florida record is 130 pounds, 1 "$*!"$B)"6): crabs and small fish are good ,$).,)$6;,$)"$ the surface or, if Cobia are deeper, add just enough weight to get the bait down and still retain its &:&"6$$'))!)"*$ .,)$4"+%)#9#68 *$'+6 All right guys, no more ex6ES:*&$" 8!!$'@' !&$"+ :$)):""$&6%"'!) warmer weather will get them &:)"*6)"*)"!)"*2 So what are you waiting for? !!6$,$-)'$"' go Fishing! Its Spring!Earth Day... islandstyleSat, Apr 20, 8 Noon Casino Beach Standup paddleboarders will invade the waters of the Santa Rosa Sound Saturday, April 20, ready for a little friendly competition and a lot of fun at the Second Annual Five Flags Paddleboard Classic at The Grand Marlin ""$$$!67',+ Coastal Paddle Company, the Five Flags Paddleboard Classic includes a 1 mile race, a 3 mile race and a 1 mile kids race 12 and under featuring the world’s $*()"*($6 “We are dedicated to organizing community events that showcase the popular sport of standup paddleboarding and provide a venue for area SP enthusiasts to connect and com3$)';:)".-"' .$$$''.&$"+6 “We are looking forward to a great event complete with a postrace celebration at The Grand /$)"63 The event will begin at 9 $6&6()!*)$)"$)"* $$6&6$$))$" pre-registration through April 1 is 35 per person race day *)$)")Q"6 Registration includes race entry, a )*"$:"!)$"'"!6 Register in person at Coastal Paddle Company or online at %):6&=(((6$):6&R ($R"$$,$! F R"'$""$ :F $*$'' ,$'$)#6aarr rarTr ivaai AM H P D S BARE P T E AM B K B PME L N PM B M B PMR PM P D S S L M PM SUN: 9PM TIL KARAOKE & MUSIC W/DJ VIC YW#&#*&]#8!&$ 09322211 Somethings always Shakin GEAT I a GEAT PIE since 193 Bands perform Wednesday thru Sundayon the Shaker Stage sandshaker.com Online Calendar Wed, 3/20 Mike Jencks Band Tim Spencer Class X Krewe of Brewe Easter Bash Lektric Mullet on stage Food-Games-Giveaways Mike Jencks Band Ricky Phelps & Dennis Gossman Buzzcut Banana Republic Happy EasterHop on in! It could get a little more expensive to pitch your tent $6)-"68)""'" B$"("$"""'!$ Islands National Seashore is proposing an increase to the camping fees at Fort Pickens camp*"'&QQ68") Pass and Access Pass holders re):$"')"64! camping fees include electric and ($!-6.$&)"*$ the National Seashore have not !$"*')"#996 Fees authorized by the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act, such as camping or entrance fees, cannot be used to supplement operating budgets !)$60)*!+" these fees are retained by the National Seashore, however, and can be used to help repair, improve, or replace visitor fa)))6 pcoming projects include replacing the restrooms in the Fort Pickens campground, remodeling the Fort Pickens campground store, redesigning the entrance stations at Fort Pickens $"'')';+'"+ and reduce lines, and installing solar panels on West Ship Island to provide clean and renewable "*+:))$)))6 The public is invited to comment on the proposed fee )"$6.&&"!' be submitted by March 25, via email at GISsuperintendent@ "6*:6ublic nput ought About ark Camping Fee ncrease


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