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Pensacola Beach, Florida

TZ)je Zrabition Continuesc

The timeless traditions of the Sisters of the Beach will be continued by these young ladies, so lovingly called La Petite SOBs. They are the legacy. It's
in their genes. Their mothers, and, in some cases, grandmothers have cared for the Beach community and each other for decades. At Christmastime
each year, the SOBs gather at Flounder's to celebrate the spirit of the season. Toasting their lifelong friendship with bubbling glasses of champagne
are (L to R): Jocelyn Cassiano Sullivan, Anne Marie Provost, Terese Overlade, Dawn Drees and Jayne Drees Redmond. For more about the Sisters,
who celebrate Christmas like they are Mrs. Claus, see page 2.

I Volume VI, Number 17

December 14, 2010 1

!, .\ 1

What Would You Do If You Were Mrs. Claus?

Volumes of words have ap-
peared in this paper extolling the
virtues of the SOBs. Still, the
whole story has not yet been re-
corded. Back in the seventies, a
small group of twenty something
women gathered just to have fun
and sip some champagne. During
that session, someone called them
the SOBs - Sisters of the Beach. So
they decided they would forever be
a rogue tribe. No officers. No rules.
No committees. No regular meeting
dates. No nothing - just a few free
spirits living an enviable life on an
Island they loved.
These girls were not the wealth-
iest or the most highly educated
or the best dressed in America.
However, they were the freest of
the spirits with debutante manners
and tastes.
During the past thirty plus
years, the SOBs have weathered
many changes. Some of them have
passed away too soon. Some are
scattered in cities like New York,
Washington, Chicago and New
Orleans. Included are many of the
original sisters who now hold Mas-
ters and Doctorate degrees. Those
who are successfully running their
own businesses, some are profes-
sors, Realtors, wives, mothers, and
yes, even doting grandmothers.
Those who have fled to the big
cities have not forgotten their roots.
They often return for Mardi Gras
which they supported so gallantly
during the iffy early years. They
return like bees to the honeycomb
whenever they can. No set time. No

So what are the SOBs doing
now? As always, they take of each
other. No task is too large. When a
sister is going through trauma an-
other sister will take her hand and
help her with her struggle. There is
still a nucleus of SOBs living on the
island and nearby. They still com-
municate via Coconut Telegraph.
They have accepted newcomers
throughout their history, those
who truly displayed the SOB gene.
Mainly, there are two requirements:
an intense love of champagne and
an unflagging ability to care for all
the other sisters.
Do you know any unfettered
group like the SOBs? Probably not.
They exceed all the limitations of
human kindness and caring. At the
end of the story you will see find a
new Christmas banner the SOBs are
carrying. They empty their hearts
about what they would do it they
were Mrs. Santa Claus.
We thought we already knew
that. Just ask the troops in Afghani-
stan who received monthly Boxes
of Love, the many down and out
who have benefitted from SOB bake
sales, needy kids and needy adults
in this community. Whenever some-
body, anybody needs something,
they are there.
What we know is the SOB gene
is dominant, so dominant that it is
now being passed to the second and
third generation Sisters. It might
even hang a halo around those who
have it.
So, that's it. That is who they
are. That is what they do...in be-
tween a few sins of chamnagne.

Published every other Tuesday
Post Office Box 844
Gulf Breeze, FL 32562

No portion of this publication may be reproduced without the consent of the publisher

Mrs Claus, has nothing on the SOBs They spread good cheer all year long, are expert cookie bakers, and love the island whose first name is
Santa No group could be merrier nor have more love for each other Sisters on the front row (L to R) Ella Hess, Deb Friedman, Christine Hewerdine,
Kathi Lewis, Beverly Sarasua, Dee Riley, Beverly Hughes and Gloria Skaggs Second row Amy Depew, Shelly Alexander, Paulette Provost, Lynn Cieutat,
Jayne Redmond, Mary Ann Claus, Cathy Long, Bobbi Cunningham, Melanie Waite, Millie, Nancy Kittel, Anita Solarski,Lynda Knell, Terese Overlade
Third row (L to R) Lois Jernigan, Charlotte Spencer, Mary Drees, Christine Cook, Susie Mardis, Bubbly Queen Carla Mixon, Heather, Chris Hill, Courtney
Windstead, Peggy Henshall, Bonnie McDonald, Denise Taylor, Cathy Kress, Rosie Cunningham, Judy L'Oignon, Kim, Felicia Fisher, Janie Hart, Lila Cox,
Carleen Wheeler, Elaine Mitchell, Mavis Rosetti, Sherrie Green, Patsy Nail Back row Claudia Fischer, Jane Peaden, Jackie Henderson, Nancy Born, Ann
Marie Provost,Jocelyn Cassiano Sullivan, Suzanne Young, Becky Shearman, Doris Hernandez, Shelly Geier, Margaret Cunningham, and Dawn Drees

If I Were Mrs. Claus.
I would continue to love being
an SOB and wish each of my sisters a
fabulous 2011.
Doris Hernandez
I would cherish this precious day
all year long. To see and enjoy the holi-
day season with all my sister friends.
God bless each ofyou.
Beverly Hughes
I would tell Mr. Claus to put all
the homeless people in warm and dry
homes. ShellyAlexander
I would have Santa visit our troops
/ll. , 1, -- . , /1 , r. , he delivers any
gifts to the good girls and boys. They
deserve their gifts first.
Shelly Geier
I'd make sure Santa and I spent
all our spare time on Pensacola Beach!
It s so nice to be with all my sisters once
more. Denise Taylor
I would be even more tired than I
already am. Just imagine if your hus-
band only left home ONE night a year!
Bet all the elves enjoy a fabulous night
with Rosa. Kathi Lewis
I would never be Mrs. Claus again.
I was Mrs. Claus for 25 years ...now I
am a Cougar and an SOB sista. Merry
Ella Hess, Coma Queen XX
I've never been a Mrs. Claus and I
don't think that I would wanna be. What
I do know is that I love being an SOB
and having the bunch of sweet, loving
sisters that I have. Merry Christmas
Christine Bunkie Hewerdine
First, I'd change my name to
Queen Claus. Second, Iwould make two
rules. #1: The Queen is always right. #2:
If the Queen is wrong, see rule #1.
Felicia Fisher

If I were Mrs. Claus I would feed
Mr. Claus lots of cookies. Would double
up on all those goodies, too, and more.
It's only fair Cathy Long
Mr. Claus needs to lose weight and
get a hard body cuz he 's got lots of extra
time on his hands.

I believe!

Anita Solarski

Robin Taylor

I would send nice presents!
Tarsha Bechtol
I would be most kind and support-
ive of my wonderful husband.
Chris Hill
I would be sure that every child had
something special on this very special
day! Bobbi Cunningham
I'd be ;l,.,,,1,I,;, for all my SOB
friends and give them everything they
need to be healthy and happy in the New
Claudia Fischer
I would wish for every Christmas
to be an SOB Christmas.
I'd put diamonds and stars in
every crown or tiara of every SOB on
Pensacola Beach. I love you all very
much. Mary Drees
I just don't know what I would do,
but I would make sure Mr. Claus would
have a "hot toddy"when he got home.
(That would be me. Ha. Ha.) Lots oJ
love. XOXO
Beverly Sarasua
I would hug all my sisters and let
them know how much I love and appre-
ciate all they do and all they are. And,
I'd bake cookies and make fudge and
divinity for them. Love y 'all.
Jayne Redmond

I would over-do, as usual, but only
for kids. It's all about the babies. The
cookies are ready, and the baskets are
waiting. Love to all the SOBs. You are
each wonderful. P. Nail
I would have all the elves do all
of my housework and decorate for
Christmas while I played Free Cell on
the computer.
Mavis Rosetti
I would make sure every child has
exactly what they want- then, me, too!
Would make sure Santa had plenty
to eat and was well rested to be sure he
could lead the crew of elves to make the
world a better place on December 25
with lots of gifts and love. SOB
I would want the elves to cook three
meals a day. They would rub myfeet ev-
eryday and massage my shoulders and
back, too. They would keep the castle
clean. This would leave me plenty of
time to travel with my husband. SOB
I would have Santa install a hur-
ricane shield that would forever deflect
hurricanes from Santa Rosa Island.
Melanie Waite
I would deliver World Peace and
Love. And make it so great that everyone
would smile! SOB
Turn back the age clock to 39.
I'd say holidays are for memories
of good times and thoughts of special
friends. The SOBs are in both catego-
ries. J2
Then I would have a "mister" in
my life. SOB
I would grant everyone a ri ......i
of happy days. SOB
I am Mrs. Claus!
Mary Ann Claus


Island Times

December 14, 2010

December 14, 2010 Island Times PAGE 3

Barefoot on the Beach

By Jane Waters Cooper '.%.

f,* 1
�^ . �. ^ .^

If you have a feeling you have read this story before, you are probably right. Since we reprint this fantasy every year at h, I,, r ,iii^ , it slides comfortably into Beach
lore. We believe it should be repeated every year, because it has good ;1i, iig/, It's all about a devoted married couple, unbroken friendships, loving, sharing, and living
life in the exotic lane. It also reveals the secret that thousands ofpeople who visit Pensacola Beach never want to leave, but like Santa some insurmountable obstacle stands
in their way. It teaches us that families all over the world are really just like us, Beach folks in their hearts. And all of us Beach dwellers know the lesson we learn from
it - that no matter what issues are lapping at our shores, we will somehow protect our enchanted way of life. We will prevail because every ( ih, ,o,,,, Eve we are blessed
with a sprinkling of elfin dust when Santa stops by to check on his property. Hey, Santa and Rosa, your island is alive and well.

The Day Santa Named The Island

When Santa Claus visits the
Island every Christmas, he al-
ways brings Mrs. Claus along. She
doesn't make many business trips
with her husband, but she has a
special reason for returning year
after year to the Beach.
This legend goes far back to
a time when there were few living
things on the Island. The white sand
glistened for miles and miles, un-
touched by streets or structures. Or
people. Santa, who was making his
annual rounds that year, decided the
uninhabited white stuff he noticed
below would make a safe landing
place for his sleigh so he and the
reindeer could take a break. He
fastened his seat belt, and turned
on his twinkling lights. The eight
tiny reindeer brought the heavily
laden sleigh down easily. It nestled
in the soft sand, a distinctly different
runway from their usual snowy rest
stops. Santa got out of the sleigh,
loosened his belt, stuck his boot in
the squeaky sand, and exclaimed
to the reindeer, "Hey, we landed in
Donner and Blitzen snorted
because the snow ball they tried to
make wouldn't stick together.
I may relocate my workshop to
this Island, Santa mused. We could
eliminate the woodcutter section,
and add those guys to the toy mak-

ing division. Think how happy the
kids would be if we produced more
toys than ever.
He pondered the possibility as
he removed his heavy jacket and let
the sun shine on his chest. We would
never have to arrange for vacations,
because no one would want to leave
paradise. Our new work uniforms
would be long shorts and t-shirts.
All our raw materials could come in
like magic on the water. We'd never
have to thaw out the cans of paint.
Santa pulled off his heavy
boots and pants and jumped into the
Sound for a swim wearing only his
candy striped underwear.
We would have to put up a new
sign. That old North Pole sign is
pretty worn out anyway. What can
I name this place?
Then a Christmas light ex-
ploded in Santa's head. He would
name this romantic little Island after
his beloved wife and himself. Santa
Rosa Island. Santa liked the sound
of the new name.
Reluctantly, he put his heavy,
red suit back on, and prepared
the reindeer for take off. After the
worldwide delivery trip ended, and
he was resting by a big open fire in
his living room at the North Pole,
he told his wife, Rosa, about his
plan to move the entire operation
to a truly, magnificent place sur-

Wishing you a very
,, Merry
lland ReaNew
916-7188 Year

rounded by sparkling water. A place
that was warm and cozy. Where
the elves could test the water skis,
yachts, fishing rods, and sailboards
the year round.
"Ah, Rosa, I have found para-
dise," Santa said. "A romantic place
for the two of us."
Rosa pushed her spectacles up
on her nose, and Santa knew he was
in trouble She only did that when
she was getting ready to yell at him
about major problems like running
out of Barbie dolls or drinking too
much Coca-Cola.
"Santa," she said in that aw-
ful tone of voice, "How could you
play such a dirty trick on Frosty the



So, Rosa had the last word,
Santa could never move to a place
where his old sidekick, Frosty,
would never survive. Santa did not
move his factory to the Island.
But one starry Christmas eve,
he asked Rosa to ride with him, and
he landed on the beach for a short

time. Just long enough to put a small
sign, "Santa Rosa Island."
So that's how the island got its
name. And that is the reason Mrs.
Claus climbs aboard the sleigh on
the night Santa makes his annual
visit to Pensacola Beach. After all
it's not every wife who has a whole
island named after her.

|L m Jid Ji,"
'A , 67, ,~
Al Gt/ 6k --

Mon- Fri 11-2


- - " 'PE J EVER D , [ J .
al 11 a n

Our latitude will change

your attitude
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December 14, 2010

Island Times


PAGE 4 Island Times December 14, 2010

.T9 i. 9

Tr iv i a

giant," said Hayes.

Cathy Kress has a double dose
of Christmas spirit. Her gifts arrived
just in time for the holidays- two
grandsons! Stellan White and Law-
son White were born November 17.
They live in Pensacola with parents
Stephanie and Jamie and older
brother Max.

The Pensacola Beach Yacht
Club continues to welcome new
skippers aboard. Joining all the
fun on land and sea this month are
Robert and Judy Reece and Wanda
Hamilton, all of Pensacola. If you
would like to belong to this ener-
getic group, get in touch with Robin
Greene, membership coordinator, at

Sue Gamjobst is the Hollywood
beat reporter this week. She tells all
about Boardwalk Condominium
Manager Dianna Edwards' niece
Taylor Armstrong. Taylor is a cast
member of the reality television se-
ries The Real Housewives of Beverly
Hills. She has lived in Beverly Hills
seven years and visits Pensacola
Beach frequently. Her husband is
a venture capitalist and they have
a four-year-old daughter, Kennedy.

The Beach Family welcomes
First Sergeant Matt Drees back home
after his fifth tour of duty overseas.
His unit served one year and were
the recipients of the SOBs Boxes of
Love. Matt, who was raised on the
Beach, lives with his wife Dawn and
daughter Macy in Gulf Breeze. His
parents are Mary and Morrie Drees.

Dr. Jack Hayes, director of
NOAA's National Weather Service,
has probably never been to Pen-
sacola Beach and did not know what
kind of protection the illusive Wooly
Boogers provided. In his statement,
it sounds like he was eating a little
shugah coated crow,
"As NOAA forecasters pre-
dicted, the Atlantic hurricane season
was one of the most active on record,
though fortunately most storms
avoided the U. S. For that reason, you
could say the season was a gentle

Sweet Christy Sullivan wanted
guests to share stories of old beach
lore at the Thanksgiving dinner at
Paddy O'Leary's. The most popular
story was Leroy Cardenas' ill-fated,
but legendary, beer truck escapade.
Tom Raport and Jim Chapman
reached new heights with a tale from
their youth. They climbed the Beach
Ball Water Tower at Casino Beach in
1959, opened the hatch and got on
the very top. They took photos of the
entire Island from their sky high post.
Photos may be forthcoming.

Beach residents, Jeff and Terry
Colley traveled to the Keys for avery
"warm" Thanksgiving. Along the
way a stop was made in Nokomis
Beach, which was reminiscent of the
Old Pensacola Beach according to
Terry. The highlight of their trip was
their floating hotel - a houseboat.

BigFoot Gets ID'd
At Fort Cemetery

BigFoot still hasn't learned the
fine art of hiding. Last week, he
played dead in the cemetery in Fort
Pickens, but that idea did not work.
Sleuths from all over everywhere
recognized the big guy. He was
trying to make himself as small as
possible among the old tombstones.
Didn't work.
Robert Dority was the first
to recognize him and report his
whereabouts so he gets the BigFoot
t-shirt. Runner up was Heather
Jones, office manager atABackcare
Center in Pensacola.
Third place goes to Melanie
Waite who spent many nights taking
care of turtle nests in Ft. Pickens.
"BigFoot is at this faux cem-
etery at Fort Pickens, between Bat-
tery Worth and Ft. Pickens opposite
Access 234," wrote Melanie, who
lives in Pace and gets her Island
Times by mail, thus explaining her
slow timing in sending the correct
Keep watching for BigFoot.

Stay away from Chuck Steele.
If you are a politician, he will
eventually take you apart in his
news flashes from The Sandspur.
As last week's Trivia Master for
a Day, he asked a question that
no one could answer. No one
except the indomitable lady Kim
Schmitz, erudite member of the
Trivia Roundtable, who knows ev-
erything. The question was, "Who
sang in The Angels trio which did
occasional back up with Lazy Day
at Island night spots?"
The trio actually had four
members but only three performed
at a time. Players had to name all
four Angels correctly.
Kim's reply," The Angels
sang with Lazy Day. They were
Sharon Taylor, Phyllis Anderson,
Pam Kennedy and the infamous
Holly Shelton. Right?"
Kim is not eligible to win


Bar & Grill

Lowest rates
on the Island. /
Locals Specials!

Play and Stay
Room Rates
Reservations -

21 Via de Luna
Pensacola Beach


a shirt, so she can add another
feather to her cap which already
has enough feathers to sustain
The Trivia Master salutes
Chuck Steele who thought his
question might strain some dor-
mant brain cells.
The Trivia Master of Christ-
mas spirit and soft heart is back
again. How about this one? There
have always been a large group of
jolly fellows who portray Santa
Claus on the Beach. Can you name
the following three?
1) The Santa who rode the
fire truck during the days of the
volunteer fire department and
threw candy to the Beach children
who lived in the neighborhoods.
2) The Santa and Mrs. Claus
who always rode in the Beach
Christmas parade.
3) The Santa who is cur-


rently the official one who magi-
cally rules overall the SeasonYour
Holidays with Island Spirit parades.
Merry Christmas, all you
trivia experts. One of you, who is
the first to email the correct answer
to this question will get the gift of
a bright red Island Times t-shirt.
The rules are the same. Email
your answer, name and phone
number to islandtimes@bellsouth.
net with trivia in the subject line.
The deadline to answer is Decem-
ber 19. Good luck.

Memorial Service for Nellie Bryan
Monday, Dec. 20 5:30 p.m.
Beach Church

Nellie Bryan
passed away on November 25.

December 14, 2010 Island Times PAGE 5

SRIA Elects New Officers

New officers of the Santa Rosa
Island Authority Board have been
elected and will take their position
on the dais at the next meeting.
Ed Guernsey will be the chairman.
Dave Pavlock will be vice-chairman,
Vernon Prather, secretary and Dr.
Thomas Campanella, acting sec-
retary. Other board members are
Tammy Bohannon, immediate past
chairman, and Fred Gant.
During the meeting on Decem-
ber 3, Tammy Bohannon, chairper-
son, making her final statement to
the Board said, "I believe we have
accomplished a great deal this year.
We took a leap of faith with DeLuna
Fest and it came out fabulous. We did
a goodjob of mitigating the oil spill."
The officers are new, but very
little new business came before the
Board at their December 1 meeting.
When the Villa Sabine Hom-
eowners Association made a request
to allow them to install poles to build
Osprey nests in their common area,
board members were relieved to hear
that they would not have to appoint
any committees or fund the project.
The money would come out of the
Homeowners funds, on deposit with
the SRIA, and the project would be
under the direction of Eagle Scout
Patrick Bruha. Gulf Power will
donate and set the poles. The Boy
Scouts will provide the labor and the
Ospreys can take up residence soon.
"It's a win-win project," Dave
Pavlock commented. "I think it is
Board members happily ac-
cepted that proposal.
Robert Rinke of Portofino
brought new information to the
Board on palm trees, concerts and
trolleys, the components of a project
he hopes to implement to improve
tourism on Pensacola Beach.
The Special Projects Com-
mittee, which met prior to the Full
Board, discussed the Palm Tree
initiative. (See story on Palm Trees,

on this page.)
Part two of the Rinke presenta-
tion was his idea for a series of one
night concerts on Casino Beach.
He assured the Board that Casino
Beach would not be shut down
and that the concerts would be by
national artists.
"We would have national acts
to bring tourists and locals," Rinke
said. "We would plan to allow only
Beach businesses as vendors."
A Concert Feasibility com-
mittee began forming with Vernon
Prather as the chairman and Beverly
Campbell, co-owner of the Sand-
shaker, as a member. At least five
more members will be appointed.
The trolley rolling on the Beach
in the summer lost riders after the
open air trolleys were replaced by
modem air conditioned vehicles.
Rinke recommends a return to the
open air trolleys.
Dave Pavlock was appointed
to chair the Trolley Committee with
Lila Cox as a member. Other mem-
bers will be appointed by Pavlock
and Cox.
The Board heard a wrap up on
DeLuna Fest from Scott Wheatley,
Five Flags Tourism Group. It also
received survey results from the
Beach Chamber businesses con-
cerning the concert. The survey was
a mixture of praise and criticism.
Board members said the DeLuna
Fest organizers should take action
to correct the concerns in the report.
Jayne Bell, Administrative di-
rector, reported that the construction
of the RV Park on Via de Luna at the
old Tiki Motel property is expected
to begin in March 2011.
"The owner and staff are meet-
ing with landscapers and engi-
neers," she said.
The final meeting of the Board
in 2010 will be on Wednesday,
December 15 at 5 p.m. in the Au-
thority office. Meetings are open to
the public.

Pensacola Beach Chamber of Commerce
Island Spirit Awards for Holiday Light Displays
are being judged this week.
Get your bulbs burning brightly.
Judging will take place Dec 14-18.

Three Thousand Palm Trees May Grow on Beach

Planting 3,000 palm trees response before the project can be
on Via de Luna and Fort Pickens set in motion.
Road was all that was on the Rinke explained to the commit-
agenda of the SRIA's Special tee members that the funding for the
Projects Committee which met on tree planting would come out of the
Wednesday, December 1. Island Beautification monies, but
The $600,000 project outline that it does not reduce the amount
was presented to the that i s
Committee by Robert "We are just trying to do dedicated
Rinke of Portofino. to future
"This level of something good for the i n f r a -
landscaping would Island." Robert Rinke structure
soften the effects of needs.
high traffic for the " We

leaseholders who re-
side directly in these areas,"
Rinke said. "The palm trees
would also enhance the island
feeling for all residents, day visi-
tors and tourists."
Several items of concern
were brought up for discussion.
One is the necessary permission
leaseholders must give to have
the trees planted on their property
on these two streets. They must
also agree to maintain the trees.
This will require notification to
the leaseholders and receive their

are offer-
ing to put our position back and
allow money to come out of the
fund early and beautify the Island
now. If there is a need for offsite
infrastructure, we would write a
check for it and let the fund pay us
back with no interest. We are just
trying to do something good for the
Island," Rinke said.
Committee member Tammy
Bohannon favored the plan.
"This is an opportunity to
get this done," she said. "I think
it would be more cost effective to

have the landscaping completed
now and early spring. I am ready
to move forward."
Although the other committee
members favored the plan, they
felt there was a need to address
some concerns and to receive ad-
ditional information.
On a motion by Fred Gant,
the Special Projects Committee
voted to form a sub committee
composed of Robert Rinke and
Tammy Bohannon and they would
appoint four other members.
The motion passed with Bo-
hannon and Gant voting for and
Dr. Thomas Campanella voting
Later, in the SRIA Full Board
meeting held the same night, the
composition of the committee
was reduced from six to five. The
Board passed the new motion, five
to one with Campanella voting
Dates and times of the Palm
Tree Committee meetings will be
announced. They will be open to
the public.

Bob Sikes Toll Bridge Annual Pass Renewal
Early Renewal November 1 - December 30, 2010 for all Active Annual Passes
Renew Monday-Friday from 8:30 AM to 5 PM

renewal applications available at:
> Any lane of the Bob Sikes Toll Facility
> Santa Rosa Island Authority Office
> Online at www.sria-fla.com 1


Credit Cards
P (service fee applies)
Visa & MasterCard Only

Those paying by credit
card or cash must do so
in person at the
SRIA Office

REMEMBER - There will be no January grace period All 2010
active annual passes will terminate December 31, 2010.

NEW ANNUAL PASS SALES - Begin January 4, 2011 at the SRIA
Office. Extended sales hours from Jan 4 to Jan 31 are Monday
-Friday, 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM

December 14, 2010

Island Times


PAGE 6 Island Times December 14, 2010

Fp peas, porriige & a -ry martii ni
Ves by Kathi Lewis

My Mama always said I had a
hardhead. I'm sure that in my child-
ish brain, I had a totally different
definition than Mama. But either
way, it comes in quite handy some-
times. There's the hard headiness
that Mama was talking about which
I definitely use when I become dedi-
cated to a cause such as more access
for the disabled and handicapped to
be able to enjoy our lovely beaches.
Then there's the other one
which comes in handy when your
head is what you land on at the
end of a fall! I know; but hey, it's
actually taken me nearly 4 years to
fall down my own stairs, so that's
not too bad.
I wouldn't be surprised to find
out there has been a "betting pool"
going on for several years. We all
knew it was just a matter of time, the
right party and the SOB's favorite
thirst quencher along with moon and
stars aligning just right to land my
shiny, sparkling self at the bottom.
My wonderful Sisters and I had
begun the day with our traditional
choice of Champagne, carefully
adding the teaspoon of orange juice
that makes a perfect Mimosa! We
were in our natural habitat, Floun-
der's, wearing whatever you chose
as long as something was shining.
If you've ever attended the SOB
Christmas brunch, then you under-
stand we're required to moisten our
throats continually throughout the
day because the singing tends to dry
them very quickly. We need a lot of
And we so do love to sing! Our
waiters enjoy it, too. I'm also pretty
sure they have not, and will not ever,
have another table that insists on
singing to them at the end of their
meal. General Manager Lewis Irby
is forced to stop a moment and listen
to our songs, as well - effectively
relieving his employees from any
chance of reprimand. He knows
it's an honor to be the recipient of
the SOB song. We don't sing to just
anybody! Well, at least not until
way later in the day.
Heartfelt thanks to the staff
of Flounder's including Robert,
Gabriel, Stuart and Lewis from all

the SOBs. As always, y'all made
it another extraordinary Christmas
Brunch. From your warm welcome,
your happy spirits, the delicious
food, right down to your relief (not
obvious, we just know) that we
were finally leaving. It was without
a doubt the best SOB Christmas
Brunch ever!
Amy DePew and Felicia Fisher
surprised everyone with a beautiful
poem surrounded by photos of SOB
Brunches past. Great work Sisters,
it is an awesome treasure.
The fact that we only sing once
a year, is evident. Lord help us, but
even to my bubbly clogged ears, I
don't think we're improving any.
But it doesn't seem to bother Jane
and Frank Cooper. By the time we
get our "sleighs" stopped, they are
settled on their deck with smiling
joyful faces. I imagine we're quite
the sight as our LaPetite SOB Jayne
Redmond tries her best each year
to direct us in the Twelve Days
of Christmas. She even has cheat
sheets and we still can't get it right
or in order, much less harmonize!
We tried to warn her we could prob-
ably only sing the "Three Days of
Christmas" this year. But I'm will-
ing to bet Jayne's mama said she
was a hard headed child, too. No
way would she let us off that easily,
so we sang all 12 days.
We're just lucky that God said
make a joyful noise. He never said
it had to be in tune. We had the joy
part down anyway.
I know I had a ton of joy and
the "down" part didn't happen un-
til I was safe at home. Luckily, it
was only the first set of eight stairs
because I've got a lot more stairs
than that.
Besides the lumps and bruises,
the only thing broken was my
glasses and I've been super-gluing
those for a year already. I had to
wait two days before attempting it
this time because you need super
steady hands. You do not want to
mess around with super glue. Even
after two days, I still got glue all
over my counter without getting any
on the glasses at all. I even managed
to glue the safety pin to my counter

after covering my fingers with the
stuff. I finally got the leg glued
back on my glasses but even now
I'm typing as fast as I can so I don't
glue myself to the keyboard.
If, like me, you've gotten tired
of ham and turkey over the holidays,
then try this recipe I created last
year for Christmas Eve. It was so
good we decided to make it a new
tradition. Thankfully, it's time to
Christmas Eve
Seafood Chowder

5 Slices Bacon
1 Cup onion, chopped
2 Stalks Celery, chopped
Fresh mushrooms, sliced
1 Can Cream of Shrimp Soup
1 Can Cream of Potato Soup
1 Can Cream of Mushroom w/
herbs Soup
2 Cups Half & Half (or any milk)
Several stalks green onion,
1 lb. Shrimp, peeled &de-veined
3 - 4 Fish filets
1 lb. Lump crab meat (or 4 cans
Cook bacon in a dutch oven,
adding onion, celery and mush-
rooms once bacon is done. Cook
until onions are translucent, then
drain. Return to dutch oven and
add all soups including Half& Half
(or milk). Combine thoroughly and
bring to a boil. Add seafood and
green onions. Stir well and continue
cooking just until seafood is done.
Add fresh grated cheese on top and
serve with your favorite bread or
pour over rice or pasta.
Enjoy, share and have safe and
Happy Holiday!
See ya in the kitchen.....

S 5 Sip & Sing
Friday, December 17
lk 5:30 PM at Flounder's
Wear Your Santa Hat
Stops as follows:
--Quietwater Amphitheatre
--Bamboo Willie's
--Sabine Sandbar

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December 14, 2010

Island Times

December 14, 2010

Glimpse of Heaven
L ..


"And she gave birth to her
first-born son and wrapped
him in swaddling cloths, and
laid him in a manger, because
there was noplace for them in
the inn" (Luke 2:7 RSV).
This image of the nativity of
Jesus Christ found in the Gospel of
Luke has been depicted in various
art works, including the front lawns
of some of our neighbors, though I
believe they miss the mark.
If you want to truly enter into
the scene in which our God became
one of us, we must bring this scene
to prayer, and therefore bring it to
Let us take a moment to imag-
ine what it was like for Joseph and

Mary. They have traveled to Bethle-
hem in order to report for the Census
and they are looking for a place to
stay. They have been turned down
everywhere and have resorted to
staying among the animals in a barn
sort of structure.
I don't know if you have ever
been in a barn, but a visual does not
give it justice. Let us start with the
sounds, the constant breathing and
vocalizing of the animals creates a
sustaining roar that could not have
made things more uncomfortable.
Next we move to touch; let us
imagine getting warm by surround-
ing oneself with animals, sitting
and laying on the hay. Finally, the
smell is something that one can only
imagine; being surrounded by ani-
mals, and, let's just say, there is no

rest room. Now compare this scene
with that of the Labor and Delivery
rooms at hospitals where everything
is clean, sterile, and comfortable.
This is the way our Savior came
into the world. I can only imagine
what was going through minds of
Joseph and Mary at that moment.
I believe that the moment they saw
Jesus, they did not hear any animal,
they did not feel dirty or smell any-
thing bad, the world all disappeared
in the background as they adored
our Lord.
During this Christmas, let us
allow the world the fade away, let
us allow all that troubles us, disturbs
us, or occupies our thoughts to van-
ish away, as we welcome Jesus into
our lives. May you have a Blessed
Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Beach Church Welcomes New Pastor

Another Alabama football fan
has moved to Pensacola Beach. Dr.
Tom Garrison, a native of Tusca-
loosa, is the new pastor of the Pen-
sacola Beach Community Church.
Although he is from Alabama and
is now living on the Beach, he has
spent most of his adult life travel-
ling the world teaching and preach-
ing God's word and making friends.
"I have a passion for teach-
ing," the Reverend Garrison said. "I
was especially honored to conduct
classes in England for the Anglican
priests in St. George's House in
Windsor Castle."
Dr. Garrison, who served in
the United States Air Force, brings
an impressive and varied array
of interests to the Beach. He re-
ceived his Doctorate of Ministry in
Preaching at Columbia Theological
Seminary in Decatur, Georgia. He
never strayed far from the South
as he acquired master's degrees
and specialized training at Am-
bridge University in Montgomery,
and Faulkner University also in
Montgomery, and at Chattanooga
Clinical Care, Erlanger Hospital in

Memorable events which stand
out in his career are the invocation
he gave at the House of Representa-
tives in Washington, DC in 1993 and
performing the Memorial Service at
the Arlington National Cemetery for
four servicemen killed in Vietnam.
The Reverend Garrison said he
once was attending a high school
football game in the area where
he was the pastor. He offered the
pre-game prayer and the team won.
Each time he offered the prayer, the
team played on to victory, so the
football players adopted him as the
team preacher.
He is married to Renata Hain-
berger Garrison, a native of Vienna,
At the top of things he loves
best, he says spending time with
Renata is his favorite. Otherwise, he
likes traveling in the United States
and Mexico, playing golf, all sports,
collecting books, reading, writing
and studying German.
He is a published writer and
has two books to his credit, "A Call
To Love," and "Building A Victori-
ous Life."
Dr. Garrison began his pastoral

duties at the Beach Church in Oc-
tober. One of his first tasks will be
guiding his parishioners through the
holiday season.
He has been warmly received
by the Beach congregation, and re-
cently he and his wife were honored
at a welcoming party in the new
Fellowship Hall.
The Beach Community Church
is open to everyone and is located
at Avenida 18 and Via de Luna.
They will host the Candlelight and
Carols ceremony at the Church on
December 24 at 6 p.m. The public
is invited to attend.

Our Lady of the Assumption
Catholic Church
Avenida 18 and Via De Luna
9:45 a.m.

Pensacola Beach Church
United Church of Christ
Avenida 18 and Via de Luna
10 a.m.

r "-
Important Phone Numbers & Websites
Oil spill claims: www.GulfCoastClaimsFacility.com
or call 800-916-4893.
Current and past issues of Island Times
I www.MylslandTimes.com I

Funeral Home
oldest family owned and operated

since 1929
Downtown Pensacola Historic District
124 West Gregory Street
432-6534 438-4260

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.f Attorney A[ Law
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_hld ( _i s/� r - hwtiir' � l i-' [ iti
Si isi I. ll, ll * i llt itllla h lllp l ani
Toll Free: 8-'-889)-8822
916-9000 M"" Fliir., Sireel
if NMillon
www.ByromLaw.com Facing the Cou lrhou e
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Joe Stukey

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Notary Services
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Office Supplies

Bruno's Shopping Center
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The UP Store


Island Times


PAGE 8 Island Times December 14, 2010

7U4 5dc4'ct gtU h Fmca Bp

Island Times congratulates
these Gulf Breeze High students
who recently earned a place on the
first nine weeks Honor Roll:
A-Honor Roll, Gus Anasto-
poulo, Jennifer Dolfie, Cassie Lane,
Bianna Paulus, Bailey Rinke, Evan
Bernard, Donald Clarkin, Kathryn
Miller, Ciara Wheeler, Mallory
Buechler, Elle Wade
A-B Honor Roll: Shelby
Hobbs, Michelle Moraes, Thomas
A-Honor Roll: John Baldwin,
Jack Khorram
A-B Honor Roll: Haley Bo-
hannon, Meghan Conklin, Devin
Jones, Christopher Kessler, Jeffer-
son Shell, Sarah Shell, Lisa Taylor,
Zachary Noyes
A-Honor Roll: Patrick Dunne,
Adam Foley, Kendall Hoover,
Marina Johnson, Eric Post, Alexa
A-B Honor Roll: Maylee
Crockford, Jack Ettelson, Helena
Crockford, Thomas Fitzgerald, Har-
ley Taylor
A-Honor Roll: Savannah
Dunne, Mitchell Robbins
A-B Honor Roll: Cate
Hodges, Stephanie Moraes, Mol-
ly O'Donovan, Chris Brandon,
Reghan Elliott, Eric Larsen, Kim-
berly Stilson, Bailey Trzcinski,
Andrea Wassner
The Junior Optimist Interna-
tional group at the Beach School
has completed their December
activities which included a Food
Drive for Manna Food Bank and
a holiday basket raffle. The Club
donated $100 to the Wildlife Rescue
of Northwest Florida. They will
resume monthly meetings after the
Beach School gift wrap fund-
raiser netted $14,000 for the PTA
coffers. Board Vice President Lynn
Reese made the announcement to
the audience prior to the school's
holiday program on December 3 at
Our Lady.

The tickets for the Slater Trout
Paddle Board raffle are $20. Call
934 - 4020 for info.
The Beach School along with
Gulf Breeze Schools will be closed
December 20 through December 31
for the holidays. Classes will resume
January 3, 2011.

...is my two front teeth!
Monika Springer, Beach School
computer teacher, submitted pho-
tos (below) of her first and second

Boats, kayaks, paddle
boards make great
We will help you keep
it a surprise!
- . Call today!

Pensacola Beach
at the Boardwalk
..' www.KeySailing.com

Our Lady is located
at 920 Via de Luna
Pensacola Beach

* -* .- .. Chri
O ur Lady SATI
of the 9:45
Assumption Su

St Ann will return to our
8 15 and 11 am Masses
on Sunday, Dec 26 and
our 8 30 am only Mass
beginning Monday, Jan 3
www stanngulfbreeze org

St. Ann is located at
100 Daniel Drive
Gulf Breeze

Our Lady
stmas Mass Schedule
AM Christmas Mass
5 AM Sunday Mass

St. Ann Christmas Mass Schedule
No morning Masses
4 PM Children's Mass
6 PM Christmas Mass
Midnight Christmas Mass (Music begins 11:30)
11 AM Christmas Day Mass
No 5 p.m. Vigil Mass
8:15 and 11 AM Mass
8:30 AM Mass in the Chapel
No first Saturday 8:30 a.m. Mass
11 AM "Mary, Mother of God" Mass
Reconciliation, 4 PM * Epiphany Mass, 5 PM

5 Via de Luna * Pensacola Beach, Florida 32561

/, for all active military & spouses
t1 o 'from our .. : ....
S .,,; . Special Thank You Menu
IC . Proper ID Requiied: :,
: Alcohol excluded.
S" offer good thru December 30
at Q:P.N 'We.
Tuies-Fri 4 - 6p:M serve
Sat-Sun 2 ::-: PMn Kangen Water
www.lillostuscangrille.com * 850-934-LILO (5456)


Island Times

December 14, 2010


Small Sandpipers Pen Letters To Santa
Beach School First Graders Write Wild and Wonderful Wishes

Dear Santa,
I have been a good boy this
year. This Christmas I wish for a
puppy. I also wish for a video game,
a D.S. game, and for my mom new
headphones. My sister wishes for a
bathing suit.
Love, Michael Mabire

Dear Santa,
I am a good girl. I wish for a tree
house, a mini car, and most important,
a brown dog. For my mom I wish for
her a necklace with the letter M on it.
My last wish is for an iPod touch.
Love, Kacie May

Dear Santa,
I have been a good boy. I am good
to my friends. I use good manners. I
wish for a PS3 and The Move.
Love, Charlie Atkins

Dear Santa,
I'd really like an Owl
Webkinz, a picture of a
reindeer, $100 dollars, Alvin
and the Chipmunks - The
squeakwel movie, a giraffe
& a cow LPS, and a popcorn
maker. Thank you!
Love, Skylar Farej
Merry Christmas Santa!


Dear Santa,
I'm doing fine. I'm going to
wish you a Merry Christmas.
I don't do much. I do play
the piano. My grandma is
gone, could you send her on
Christmas Eve? I wish you
could. I've been a good girl, even at
school. I also wish for my friend Laken
Harvey to visit on Christmas.
Love, Erin Wang

Dear Santa,
I wish I had something to give to
my family. I am a good boy. I wish
that you have a good day. I wish that
my family's wishes come true. Merry
Love, Nicholas Sampson

Dear Santa,
I have been a very good boy. Can
I have an iPod Touch for Christmas?
For my mommy I wish for her a
necklace for Christmas. Erin wishes
for an iPod Touch too.
Love, Ryan Johnson

Dear Santa,
I have been good this year. I
wish for a Barbie, a phone, and the
100 Littlest Pet Shops. I wish Santa
would bring Poppy over at Christmas.
I really want to see the Reindeer.
Love, Taylor Brame

Dear Santa,
I have been good so much this
year. I wish for my own doll. I am
good to my friends and I have been

good to my teacher. Mrs. Moyer is
nice to me. I also wish for a Go Go
My Walking Pup and I wish for my
own dog.
Love, Gracie Clay

Dear Santa,
I am a good boy and nice to my
family. I wish for a phone, a pocket
rocket, bunk beds, and a BMX bike.
Love, Jack Gaiennie

Dear Santa,
I love you. I have been a good boy.
I wish for a remote control car. I wish
for my two front teeth.
Love, Max Kronlage

Dear Santa,
I really wish for a puppy that is
very small and white. I wish for it to
snow. I wish for a D.S. for my brother.
I also with for two little B.F.F. mice and

Skylar Farel 3


for a Rudolph stuffed animal.
Love, Savannah Persky

Dear Santa,
I have been a good boy. What I
wish for Christmas is a D.S.I. Dr. Bone
game, Hot Wheels, D.S. charger, and
a swordfish stuffed animal.
Love, David Reece

Dear Santa,
I have been a great girl this year.
I wish for an American Girl doll with
extra outfits. My mom wished for a
new bracelet.
Love, Sage Remsen

Dear Santa, -
I am a very good boy. I
wish for Hunting 2, Buck Fever, and a
bow and arrow for Christmas.
Love, John Reece

Dear Santa,
I have been a very good girl. I
really wish for a doll house. My
brothers wish for Buzz and Woody
the toy. My mom wishes for a trip to
Disney World. My dad wishes to be
here for Christmas. My dog wishes
for a dog house.
Love, Savannah Smoker

Dear Santa,
I have been a good boy all year!
I wish for Lego Star Wars men. My
biggest wish is for a Siberian Husky!!!
For my mom, I wish you to bring her
a necklace.
Love, Sean Connors

Dear Santa,
o I have been a
good boy. I wish
for more Elves. I
wish for a real bear,
Justin Beiber, 100
dollars, and Fred
the movie. I also
wish for a real gun
and a lot of books
for my reading log.
Love, Dylan
2V , Seeker

S * Dear Santa,
I have been a
good girl all year.
I wish for a necklace, a candy cane,
and an iPod.
Love, Laken Harvey
Kacie May i

f V

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Joy McLaurine's third graders Dylan Renfroe Sofie Faircloth, Cali Hargrove
and Ella Amos sang Caribe Noel at the Beach School Holiday Program, Dec. 3
at Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Church.

Kindergartners Colten Barnhill, Aiden Bebout, Hollyn Will and Zoey Thoman
are prepare to sing "I'm A Little Snowflake" at the Beach School Holiday Pro-
gram, Dec. 3 at Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Church.

Kindergartner Jon Ryland is a show- Fifth grader Ali Salazar was part of
man at the Beach School Holiday the percussion section at the Beach
Program, Dec. 3. School Holiday Program Dec. 3.

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December 14, 2010


Island Times


Prodise 101 o ou r family to yours...
Coastal I Happy Holidays
jli:,|[,. in .

P.nsacola Beach Real Estate sales and Transactions update:
> SOLD (Since Nov 22)
Boardwalk A22 1420SF $180,000
Regency Towers 807E 921SF $180,000
Regency Towers 603W 921SF $200,000
Boardwalk D3 1100SF $265,000
4 Portofino #505 1333SF $300,000
3 Portofino#1007 2034SF $575,000
705 Panferio Lot $337,500
1620 Bulevar Menor * 1008 Panferio Dr * 207 Panferio * 31 E Galvez Ct. *
1011 Panferio * 216 Ariola Dr. (lot) * 6 North Galvez Ct (lot) * One Sugar
Bowl Lane (lot) *
19 Condos
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850-932-0067* 866-749-3732

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4'2 * $309.900
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from $29 900 -
1.1$9C 900-11-1
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4/2 $2-.J4 900C
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,i,- lrilll Li:ll


the beach news available worldwide

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Island Times

December 14, 2010

S By Joe Stukey
BYTES AN D BITS Your Computer Pal

Q: "Can I prevent tracking of
my Internet activities?"
A: When using Internet brows-
er programs to search for informa-
tion on the Internet, the browser
program, by design, captures details
about your searches. There are
ways to clear those details from
your computer. Internet browsers
include Internet Explorer, Google
Chrome, and Safari, in addition
to several less popular programs.
The method for clearing the infor-
mation from the browser program
varies slightly with each program.
One website that has instructions
is www.wikihow.com/Clear-Your-

Information that remains in the
program's "cache" includes infor-
mation about websites, inquiries,
and automatically filled-in forms,
which can include passwords.
Each time you finish browsing for
information on the Internet you will
have to follow those instructions,
unless you turn the tracking feature
off permanently. For example, each
time you close Internet Explorer, it
can automatically delete the details
about websites visited (known as
Temporary Internet Files).
If not erased, your history of
website browsing activities is avail-
able to third party programs that
reside on websites that you visit.

Ask about our

Island Times readers g o: I
Climate & Non Climate Control Self Storage
Boat Parking * Moving, Storing, Packing Supplies

15 McClure Dr., Gulf Breeze * storage-advantage.com I
L--- -----------------J

103 Baybridge Dr.
Gulf Breeze, FL

G. Daniel Green, MAI, SRA
State-Cert. Gen. REA #RZ836
Real Estate Broker #BK176669

G. Daniel Green

Commercial & Residential Appraisal, Consulting & Sales


www.bayins.com * bay@bayins.com

I family owned
and operated
insurance agency
^ ILife
m Auto & Motorcycle
Commercial Vehicle
Homeowners & Flood

Those websites like to analyze your
history to determine how to market
to you, and to know if you have
been visiting their competition.
That information is also valuable
to anyone investigating possible
criminal activities.
If you use the Google Toolbar,
that program also sends anonymous
information to Google, where they
collect information about how their
search services are being used. By
clicking on the Options tab (look
for the wrench) in that program, you
can also stop some of the informa-
tion from going out to Google.
The Federal Trade Commis-
sion is considering a proposal to
require Internet browser programs
to allow users to stop collecting the
user's history. At this point there is
nothing definite about the "opt out"
proposal, but it could be included in
the FTC's 2011 Privacy Plan.
For questions, contact Joe at
joc lcpuals coni or 206-3156.

at Ft. Pickens
Gate Park and
Cowley Park.

Sea&w'JZ C4re�i




December 14, 2010 Island Times PAGE 11


Portofino Island Resort has
named tennis pro Arthur Anasto-
poulo as its new director of tennis.
Anastopoulo has competed interna-
tionally and coached tennis players
all over the nation. He has played
in exhibitions with Andre Agassi,
Ivan Lendl, Martina Navratilova,
Jennifer Capriati, Stan Smith, John
Newcome, John McEnroe and Vitas
Gerulaitis. His sons, AJ and Gus
are accomplished tennis players as
well. He and his wife Vangie live on
Pensacola Beach.
Easy to pick out, one size fits
all gift certificates for everyone on
your Christmas list.
Executive Director Maureen
LaMar hosted the annual Visitors
Center Volunteer Luncheon at

Hemingway's, Dec. 8. The volun-
teers were given the royal treatment
- lunch and baskets full of weekend
stays, gift cards and Christmas
goodies courtesy of the Beach busi-
ness community.
Carol Campbell at Blue Sky
Gift Shop, next to Sonic in Gulf
Breeze, is Santa's helper. After you
make your purchase, she will wrap
it up and have your back to party-
ing within minutes. Check out her
Tervis Tumblers. Only ten days left
to complete your shopping.
Artist Evan Levin, a co-owner
of Vinyl Music Hall, has a hit on his
hands. Hosting a full menu of musi-
cal talent from New Orleans funk
band Dumpstaphunk, December 16
to oldsters favorite David Allan Coe
on January 7. Rock on.


. .\ \ This holiday season give the gift of
" , , The Grand Marlin experience and receive a 20% bonus!
Simply purchase gift cards in $50 and $100 amounts
kf ..... / and receive an additional card worth 20%.

Holiday Event?
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Christmas Eve & New Year's Eve Special dinner packages! 11 RL IN
For info, menu and reservations call Lisa 850.677.9238
& Now serving Sunday Brunch
8')0.6,7713 I IIhegrandTariln.,Tn I -JooPenru(ai.d8t(lvd I pEsdla( da(n I ODfnirv :ivll1 10 am every Sunday

L www.PensacolaBeachMardiGras.com

December 14, 2010

Island Times


r o

Page 12 Island Times December 14, 2010

r Mostly Nuts& Bolts *
? .4 F. .-"1 , K s...-. ,-Slhe Segar -
I was watching a TV special on let others create their Christmas for
designing a "Christmas fantasy" for them. I think it is a matter of giving
the "stars," and I thought, hmmm, away your creativity.
whatever happened to Christmas? I Where do the traditions of
can remember as a kid buying not Christmas come from? Some ex-
just green trees, but buying a pink isted before the Christian religion.
tree with my Dad. My Mom and On December 21 each year, the Pa-
I rolled dates in sugar and pulled gans decorated live evergreen trees
taffy to have as Christmas treats, outside in honor of their gods. Large
The whole family decorated the tree, fires were also built outdoors, while
not some designer. We also bought Yule logs were lit indoors in order to
and wrapped Christmas presents by rekindle the "dying sun" and help it
ourselves, burn brightly in the Northern skies.
Instead of the Grinch who stole Yule or Christmas Eve celebrat-
Christmas, maybe we should ask ed the return of the light. This also
the question, "Who stole the life represented the rebirth of the Oak
force from Christmas?" I person- King, the Sun King and all "dying"
ally like lots of color especially red gods of various religions.
and green. I love Santa Claus and Now we have strayed from that
hanging stockings on the fireplace. to having designers come into our
Why would anyone want a totally homes to light up everything for us.
blue Christmas? Now what would the Pagans think
I wonder about the folks who about that?


These are letters
addressed to Pensac
Lifeguard Andrew Edw
Our family woi
THANK Andrew Edw
rescue of our children
giving Day. If he had no
area, the outcome wou
been the same. Sincere
the bottom of our heart
Many Blessings,

You were in our pra
before dinner. You will
be in mine. Please stop
hug you and thank you
May you always
with health and happin
&Ashley, Kay
Michael, A
[This is one of t)
rescues from Thanksg

Bob West, Director of I.'7 1 Public
of 1. ,n,.-c Safety, had 2 extra lifeguards come
0ola Beach in to patrol bringing the total to 4.
ards. Eighteen people were pulled out of
ld like to the Gulf on Thanksgiving. In this
ards for his case, Andrew Edwards rescued 4
on Thanks- girls from the Gulf behind Calle
t been in the Hermosa at one time. ]
thanks from To My Dear Sisters,
s. Thanks for making me a part
of the Christmas luncheon by join-
Terri Zerbe ing the Jingle Bell Caravan. I want
years we said you to know that Jayne's and your
continue to Twelve Days of Christmas Road
by so I can Show gets more sensational and
personally, louder every year. I love it. So,
be blessed here's to the Sisterhood. I really,
ess, love you... so, drink etc, etc.
e Hepworth

ley, Kristen,
ilie, Megan
he multiple
giving Day.

Slater Trout Paddle Board Up For Grabs
Professional paddle board Beach School. popular across the country, so there
champion Slater Trout, who re- Tickets are still available at should be a lot of interest in this
sides in Hawaii, has not forgotten $20 each and you do not have to be raffle."
the place where he first learned to present to win. Tickets can be purchased at
foyrn+ ,ooJo D 1 DTh T-T h-0 "llhl h th t i ft flh DB h S h 1 0 A 4A42I()0

11a1n LnL, C- Sa L a eaCi L . eLL aLCs
donated a top of the line board and
paddle to Pensacola Beach Elemen-
tary School to use as a fundraiser.
One lucky ticket holder will
win the board and paddle valued
at $2,500 on December 17 at the

sL 3 LIa U ppiLuniL Ly LU
be a substantial fundraiser for our
school. Last year,we raised over
$5000 in our raffle," said Ken
McCurdy, PBES building founda-
tion member. "Stand-Up-Paddle
boarding is becoming increasingly

' Monday Night
All Saints games,
domestic beer only

Burgers * Shakes

Fries * Cold Beer
Waterfront Dining
500 Quietwater Beach Blvd
Pensacola Beach * 932-1417 Red Beans & Rice w/
Upstairs from Key Sailing U 9 Sausage on Mondays

L1eVy ea^cI^11 c ooJ LUUL, O^'W-^^'-"--TWZ, .
Deadline to enter is December 16.
Deadline to enter is December 16.

Pensacola Beach, Fh
Authentic Irish Pub
Sunday- oin U Colleae
Ticket or Games
Game Day Specials!
Happy Hour 12 to 7 PM
49 Via de Luna Texas
916-9808 Hold'Em

Merry Christmas and Happy
New Year. May all your champagne
wishes come true.
Love, Jane
The Sisters of the Beach would
like to thank the Beach community
for their donations of items which
were sent to Sergeant Matt Drees
and his troops during our Boxes of
Love campaign. The soldiers are
back home now!
Any additional items will be
donated to local charities to assist
those in need.
A special thank you to our
armed servicemen and women....
we love you so much!
All the Sisters

Pensacola Beach

invites you to
Season -

I Your Holidays

All Events Are FREE! s
December 17 "
Sip & Sing Caroling Tour - Flounder's - 5:30pm
December 18
Annual Winter Gumbo Cook Off - Bamboo Willie's - 3pm
Adult Coloring Contest - Sandshaker - 6pm
December 19
Santa & His Paparazzi Photo Session - Island Style - 2pm - 4pm
Rudolph's Red Nose Ramble - Starts at the Sandshaker - 2pm
Santa Claus Look Alike & Sexy Elf Contest - Bamboo Willie's - 5pm
December 24
Candlelight & Carols - Beach Church - 6pm
December 31
Ring In The New Year - Fireworks - Islandwide Celebrations
January 1
Polar Bear Plunge - Paradise Bar and Grill - 2pm

More Information at www.pensacolabeachchamber.com * 932-1500
� <: -- ----------------------------

viome '@ ..

-)n i�AT ku

Page 12

Island Times

December 14, 2010

December 14, 2010 Island Times PAGE 13

by .Hewson GU E

The stress of the season is re-
ally starting to get to me -- the foot-
ball season that is. With only three
games left, I find myself wondering
if Drew "Bresus" Brees is truly the
Reason for the post Season? Will
Jonathan Vilma, Jeremy Shockey,
and Chris Ivory, my favorite wise
men, be able to follow the West
Star and find their way to Dallas
for Super Bowl XLV? Will Garrett
Hartley continue to part the uprights
with game winning field goals? Will
the Saints beat the AFC Baltimore
Ravens this weekend? These ques-
tions are making my heart race like
it's fourth and inches. It is also ap-
parent to my Maryland friends that
being a die hard Saints fan in the

Pigskin a11
Prognostic s
Longtime Beach resident and
SEC football guru, Barry McCleary
uses his top secret formula for se-
lecting the winners of the college
football games. Listed below are
the games through December 27:
His picks are bold and underlined.
New Mexico Bowl
Dec. 18 1 p.m. ESPN
Drove Humanitarian
Northern Illinois vs. Fresno State
Dec. 18 4:30 p.m. ESPN
R+L Carriers New Orleans
Ohio vs. Troy
Dec. 18 8 p.m. ESPN
Beef '0' Brady's St. Petersburg
Southern Mississippi vs. Louisville
Dec. 21 7 p.m. ESPN
MAACO Las Veaas
Utah vs. Boise State
Dec. 22 7 p.m. ESPN
S.D. Ctv Credit Union Poinsettia
Navy vs. San Diego State
Dec. 23 7 p.m. ESPN
Sheraton Hawaii
Hawaii vs. Tulsa
Dec. 24 7 p.m. ESPN
Little Caesars
Florida International vs. Toledo
Dec. 26 7:30 p.m. ESPN
AdvoCare V100 Independence
Air Force vs. Georgia Tech
Dec. 27 4 p.m. ESPN2

middle of Raven country is not for
the meek or for those of little faith. It
is not enough to wear the black and
gold, one has to believe in the fleur,
the de and the lis. I do. I do. I do.
Now just because I couldn't
provide Marie Laveau with a lock of
Joe Flacco's hair or a raven feather
doesn't mean that I couldn't work a
little French Quarter magic of my
own. I have the perfect solution to
get myself through these last three
games -- Bourbon Street Balls. And,
yes, Saints fans, they do relieve the
stress among other things.
First, get yourself a bottle of
Bourbon. Now if you are as stressed
out as I am, make it a big bottle.
If you are calm and collected, get
yourself an even bigger bottle. De-
nial this time of the year does no
one any good. Then you will need
one large box of vanilla wafers (at
least 16 oz.), one can of evaporated
milk (5 oz.), one cup semisweet
chocolate chips, two cups finely
chopped walnuts, and one cup gris
gris (powdered sugar).
It's still up for debate in my
kitchen if the food processor is con-
sidered heavy machinery, so before
you open the bottle of bourbon,

\ BlueSky

Gift hoppe

I 'H .
3479 Gulf Breeze Pkwv
932-7100 *Next toSonic

make sure the vanilla wafers and
walnuts are finely chopped.
Now you can open the Bour-
Set aside 1/2 to 3/4 cup. Do
what you feel is best with the rest
of the bottle. Personally, I like to
have a little mint, sugar and crushed
ice on hand. I believe December is
a nice time to start training for the
Kentucky Derby.
On wax paper or a clean coun-
ter, sprinkle the gris gris. I tend to
do this before I begin my "train-
ing" as my aim tends to get a little
catawampus afterwards. Next, melt
the chocolate chips and evaporated
milk either in the microwave or
using a double boiler on the stove.
Just remember, low and slow, and
stir constantly. Once the chips are
melted, stir in the bourbon, wafers
and walnuts until well blended.
Form the dough into many small
balls and then roll in gris gris. Re-
frigerate and eat as needed.
This recipe makes about 5
dozen Bourbon Street Balls, but
with three games to go until post-
season, you might want to consider
tripling it and sharing with friends.
Until next time...

a Steam Clean
SCAXrt OMuTs Process

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner
Area and Oriental Rugs * Tile & Grout
Marble, Vinyl & Hardwood * Cars, Boats & RV Interiors

932-7670 *934-1913


Open everyday at 9 AM Monda
850-934-3141 _ - Happy Hour
All Day
OPEN AIR DECK _ .. t Free Sunsets
Overlooks Sabine B - -'-Nexl to the Yacht Club

Pensacola /each, 1

Our &ar



1<1A 7�Ati'K1E PARTIES


-olee&N F

for details visit www.DalesBigDeck.com
715 Pensacola Beach Blvd at the Sabine Marina

www Kmyisland timescom0
the beach's nw 0 Swolwide

H s

lanlly: Mon 9to 5
lu. Th 9 to 9
( & F 9 to 7
Sat 10 to 5



~IIIIIIIIII~IPe~JI. ~ ~~~_ -~

Chamber Hopes To Season Your Holidays With Island Spirit

The merry merchants and bar- Flounder's until 6 p.m. From that owner.
keeps on the island will step up point, singers will go on foot to the Rudolphwillbe planning some .
this weekend during the Pensacola following locations; Quietwater reindeer games across the street as .
Beach Chamber's Season Your Amphitheater, Bamboo Willie's, he readies to lead the Red Nose . /
Holidays with Island Spirit events Hooter's Sabine Sandbarand back Ramble from the Sandshaker at 2

December 17-19.
Kicking off the weekend is the
Sip and Sing Caroling Tour, which
begins Friday, December 17 at 5:30
p.m. at Flounder's.
"Singers should wear Santa
hats and bring their best singing
voices," said the Sandshaker's
Beverly Campbell, who is coordi-
nating the event. "If you need to get
your courage up, we are offering a
pre-caroling drink at the Shaker at
4:30 p.m."
Songbooks and a warm up
practice session will take place at

to the Sandshaker.
For anyone arriving late, they
can catch up andj oin in, commented
Saturday's events include a
Gumbo Cookoff at Bamboo Willie's
at 3 p.m., and the Adult Coloring
Contest at 6 p.m. at the Sandshaker.
Prizes will be given at both contests.
Santa and His Paparazzi will ar-
rive at Island Style from 2 to 4 p.m.
on Sunday, December 19.
"Kids will have a chance to
speak to Santa and get their photos
taken," said Jeff Elbert, Island Style

p.m. on Sunday. Stops on the ramble
include the Sabine Sandbar, for
island eggnog, Hooters and then to
Bamboo Willie's, where the Santa
Look Alike Contest takes place at 5
p.m. There are categories for Mrs.
Claus and Sexy Elves, too. There is
no charge to enter.
The Red Nose Ramble Wrap
Up party follows at the Shaker at
6 p.m.
For additional details, call the
Pensacola Beach Chamber at 850-
932-1500 or go to www.Pensacola-

Pensacola Beach Woman's Club held their annual Christmas
Luncheon at Hemingway's, Thursday, December 9. The ladies were
entertained by a choral group from the Gulf Breeze Methodist Church.
Performing Christmas carols are (Lto R): Crista Dozier, Woman's Club
Vice President Patty Lou Kattner, Sabrina George, and Margie Sanders
(background) on keyboards.

Gorder Shows Expertise at Hold 'Em 4444 Fun Tables

Ted Gorder claimed the No-
vember Player of the Month title
with top notch play at the Texas
Hold 'Em 4444 Fun poker tables
during the final weeks of action.
He outlasted a field of hopefuls on
November 22 at the Sandshaker
Lounge leaving Sara Mandel in
second place. The duo battled at
the final table again on Thanksgiv-
ing Day at Paddy O'Leary's with
the same results. Gorder settled for
the runner's up spot behind Tootie
Humphrey during play at Paddy's

on November 28, but that was still
enough points take the title.
The Wood family took a turn
in the winner's circle when Mike
Wood beat Tex Atkinson and Hank
Misiak at the Sandshaker on No-
vember 29. Just three days later
his wife, Mary Kay Wood, took
all the chips. Ted Gorder was the
Gorder found his way once
again to the top of the heap on
December 5 at Paddy O'Leary's.
He outlasted Jamie Jones Riley in

the final.
Big Todd Lentini had a late run
of luck at the Sandshaker on Decem-
ber 6 and eliminated the Beach's
biggest Saint's fan, Tommy Grice,
before going on to beat Hammerin'
Hank Misiak in the final.
Texas Hold 'Em 4444 Fun is
played in downtown Pensacola
Beach and is open to anyone who
has a basic knowledge of the game.
Residents and visitors are welcome
to join the games.
For more information, call the
Poker Hotline at 850-324-2667.

Volunteers Needed At Historic Fort Visitors Center

Superintendent Daniel R.
Brown announced today that the
Gulf Islands National Seashore is
looking for volunteers to assist with
operating the Fort Pickens Visitor
Centers. Volunteers are asked to
work one day per week to staff the
information desk at the visitor cen-
ter, answer visitors questions and

provide sales help in the Eastern
National bookstores.
Volunteers are required by
Homeland Security Presidential
Directive -12 and the National
Park Service, Office of the Chief
Information Officer policy to have
a favorably adjudicated background
check. The Seashore will pay all

Goodbye Christmas Trees

The ECUA has announced that
there will be no designated drop off
place for disposal of Christmas trees
this year. However, ECUA custom-
ers may leave their trees at the curb
in front of their houses and the trash
trucks will pick them up and take
them off the island. They ask that

you remove all the decorations and
bases from the tree. The maximum
size is six feet, so you may have to
cut your tree down to fit their re-
quirements. This change was made
this year because people were not
using the drop off sites according
to ECUA.

costs associated with obtaining
the background check. Interested
persons should contact Volunteer
Coordinator Dick Zani at 934-2654
or District Interpreter Stanley Law-
head at 934-2629 for details.

Who's the Best Saints fan?
........ a... ... . .

Go Native Daily

7:30 AM to 3 PM

native cafe
45 A Via (Ie Luna * 934-4848
S/lI /L .' /(k petl / /',/ 1, ti/lCe/h //it/ 'I '

Natives say our
Fish Tacos
are the besl

Integrating traditional health management with natural and alternative approaches

* New Patients Welcome
* Medicare & Tricare
* 10 miles from Beach
* Call for Appointment




Weekly Schedule
Sandshaker, 7 PM
Paddy O'Leary's, 7PM
Paddy O'Leary's, 3 PM
Paddy O'Leary's, 5 PM

* Women's Health
* Chronic illness
4 * Hormone Replacement
* Anti-Aging
4300 Bayou Blvd
Suite 5 * Pensacola

Texas Hold 'Em 4444 Fun
Poker Hotline ;z4-6zb7

Contest Dec 27
Wrecks Meeting at Hemingway's


Island Times

December 14, 2010

December 14, 2010 Island Times PAGE 15

- t

Copyrighted Material
Syndicated Content
Available from Commercial News Providers

And, I heard him exclaim as he flew out of sight,
Merry Flounder to all and to all a good night.

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payable to Shelley Ink, P.O. Box 844, Gulf Breeze, FL 32562.

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Home Layaway Program. Worry
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Remesch, Re/Max on the Coast,
Gulf Front Two bedroom con-
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$245,000. Call Jeremy Johnson,
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Pensacola Beach 4/3. Close to
school, beaches. Two story, pool.
$499,000. Linda Murphy, Keller
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Pensacola Beach WATERFRONT
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S Weddings 3

Gregory Street Assembly Hall
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New and used kayaks, boats,
wave runners. Layaway available
for Christmas. Call Key Sailing at
DRUM - The history of Mardi Gras
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able to Shelley Ink, PO Box 844,
Gulf Breeze, FL. 32562. Include
ship to address.

ll Employment 1

Online Training School, www.
d2dcable.com, now hiring part
time Administrative Assistant to
help organize a home office on
Pensacola Beach. Flexible sched-
ule and hours. Experience in filing,
Word and Excel required, book-
keeping helpful. Respond to:
Online Training School, www.
d2dcable.com, now hiring part time
Video Editor. Flexible schedule
and hours. Experience in iMovie
and Final Cut required. Respond
to: rene@smmartconsulting.com

1 Pet Services 1

Mobile Dog Grooming -
We come to you! Less stress for
your pet. Less stress for you.
Call: Woof Washers 850-530-3480


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Send a check for $32 ADDRESS:
made payable to Shelley Ink
Mail to:
PO Box 844 I
Gulf Breeze, FL 32562-0844 CITY: STATE: ZIP:
l--- -------------------------------------------------

December 14, 2010


Island Times

Copyrighted Material

- Syndicated Content

Available from Commercial News Providers

Knock, knock
Who's there?
Police Who?
Police stop telling this corny knock knock jokes.

December 17 December 18 December 19 Fireworks Polar Bear Plunge
Sip & Sing Caroling Gumbo Cook off Santa & His Paparazzi New Years Eve January 1 at 2 p.m.
5:30 at Flounder's Adult Coloring Contest Rudolph's Red Nose Ramble Midnight Paradise
PensacolaBeachChamber.com PensacolaBeachChamber.com Santa Look Alike Gulf Pier Entry fee benefits Chamber


Island Times

December 14, 2010

December 14, 2010 Island Times PAGE 17

Council Hears Good News About

Overnight visitors generated
over $5 million last year in fourth
cent bed tax collections, which
was just shy of the previous year's
number, according to Ed Schroeder,
vice president of Tourism for the
Pensacola CVB. His report, which
was presented to the nine member
Tourist Development Council on
November 30 included the good
news that October 2010 collections
are 17 percent above 2009.
"The Pensacola, Pensacola
Beach and Perdido Key Chambers
collaborated on the gift card pro-
gram, which was funded by BP,"
he said. "The numbers are in and it
was a success. We hope to launch a
similar program in the spring."
Pensacola Beach was allotted
$308,000 in gift cards and showed
a 19 percent increase in bed tax
collections for October 2010 over
last year. The Beach generated 40
percent of the total collections for
Escambia County.
TDC Chairman Denis McK-
innon and Schroeder continue to
meet with BP officials who allocate
funding to offset the oil spill's ad-

verse effects on tourism. The seven
counties of Northwest Florida are
requesting an additional $25 mil-
"We are at the table with six
other counties and BP," said Chair-
man McKinnon. "Our gift card
promotion was far and above more
successful and better orchestrated
than all the others. We will continue
to request our fair share of the fund-
ing to mitigate the perception that
the oil spill has created."
The Council listened to the
troubling financial news about the
Pensacola Civic Center, which will
need an additional $600,000 to
cover expenses, before hearing from
the newly hired Escambia County
Administrator Randy Oliver who
mapped out a plan for the future of
the aging arena.
"The biggest issue is how do
we best address the use for the full-
est benefit to Escambia County?"
said Oliver. "I am proposing a
His plan included five main
points; inquiries into selling or
privatization, form an advisory

committee, hire an outside firm to
perform a market analysis, rene-
gotiate the current management
contract, and request a cost study
from the Escambia County Clerk to
include Ice Flyers and event impact.

aad UP------

Krewe of Wrecks Meetings
Begin at 6 PM
December 20 Crab's
December 27 Hemingway's
January 3 Lillo's
January 10 Paddy O'Leary's
January 17 Castaways
January 24 The Break
January 31 BullFeathers
February 7 Bamboo Willie's
February 14 Flounder's
February 21 Elk's Lodge
Parade Safety Meetings
SRIA Office Mandatory
February 10, 6 PM Attendance for
e 0 A M parading krewes
February 19, 10 AM at one meeting

Promotional Success
Council members Nancy P.C. Wu , Commissioner Grover
Halford and Thaisa Bivins were Robinson and Pensacola Beach's
re-appointed for another term. They Nan Harper.
serve with Chairman Denis McKin- The Council, which meets
non, Vice Chairman Nash Patel, quarterly, has not set their 2011
Shirley Cronley, Larry Johnson, schedule. Meetings are open to the
Pensacola Beach Events
January 8 Krewe of Nereids King Kake Party, Paradise
January 15, Krewe of Shakers Toga Party, 9pm Sandshaker
January 28 Krewe of Nereids Moon Pie Party, 7 p.m. Sandshaker
January 29 Krewe of St. Patrick Ball, MySpace
February 5 Krewe of Nauga Champagne Breakfast, Dock, 10:30
February 5 Krewe of Brewe Beach Babe Shaker, 2 p.m.
February 12 Krewe of Nereids Masquerade Ball
February 19 Krewe of Bananimals & Brewe Black Tie Ball
February 26 Kids & Kritters Parade, 11 a.m., Fire Station - Church
1 . . . . I . . . . I- - - - . . Ir ll ll I I

i-eruary 26 Krewe OT vvrecKs Ball, lIK s Loage
February 28 Queen's Dinner, Flounders
February 28 Kings Supper, Elk's
March 5 Champagne Breakfast, Crabs
March 6 Krewe of Wrecks Parade
March 7 Red Beans and Rice Luncheon
March 8 Krewe of Coma Sandshaker

More details to come
Some events require
tickets & membership

parading onto the internet soon....
- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -

Only restaurant on Pensacola Beach offering breath taking
views of the Gulf while dining directly on the beach. Come as you
are straight off the sandy beach and enjoy our indoor/outdoor bar and
gulf side deck. Crabs has the largest selection of Crab on the beach,
was voted Best Crab by News Journal readers. She Crab Soup,
Stuffed Blue Crabs, Alaskan Snow, King or Dungeness - you'll
find them all! We have many other seafood favorites on our menu
as well as a great assortment of chicken, steaks and pasta dishes.
Don't forget to try one of our signature drinks like 'The Crab Trap'
which come with a souvenir glass to keep!
Open 7 days a week. Sunday Brunch with live Steel Band.
Look for the Red Roof on Pensacola Beach. 850-932-0700 www.
A little bit of paradise at this open air, island style bar with
its own private white sand beach. Pull up a rattan stool. Cold beer.
Live Music. Exotic Libations. Friendly locals. Lunch and Dinner
everyday. Sandwiches. Salads. Fresh Catch of the Day. Renee's
Famous Shrimp Salad. Happy Hour 11-7. Live Bands. Poker on
Monday and Wednesday.
Tucked away in the parking lot of the Paradise Inn, it's directly
on Santa Rosa Sound. Boat and Bicycle parking. Open 7 days.
Score! Don't miss a point. See it all in high definition - 11
big screens, 42 televisions. If it runs, jumps, races, it's here.
Famous for Thursday Wing Night. Burgers. Seafood and Ribs.
Kids menu for the JV players. Full bar. Indoor or outdoor seat-
ing. Video sports games.
Centrally located on Via de Luna, just east of the main
parking lot and the traffic light. Kick off at 11 a.m. seven days
a week. 934-3660.

Celebrating 30 years of Floundering neathh the moon
and stars. Offering fresh Seafood including Tuna, Mahi and of
course Flounder! Award winning chowder, po boys, burgers
and Pensacola Beach Style baked oysters. Sample our Fresh
catch including the Shrimp Boat Platter- loaded with shrimp
cocktail, BBQ shrimp, fried shrimp, popcorn shrimp and U-
peel ems. Kids love our Pirate Ship playground located on
our beach - well within view of dining parents. For late night
revelers- Flounder's is host to the world's finest beach bands.
Dance all night on Flounder's beach to the most popular bands
from across the south.
Open 7 days a week. Sunday Brunch. At the Traffic Light
on beautiful Pensacola Beach, 850-932-2003



Ahoy, Matey. You've found a Pensacola Beach treasure.
Pirates welcome. Fresh Gulf seafood served in the galley or
outside on the awning covered deck. Glass front bar overlooks
LaFitte Cove. All kinds of oysters. Live lobster. Gumbo. Dinner
specials nightly. Sizeable sandwiches and burgers for Landlub-
bers. Take home a t-shirt.
Look for the Jolly Rogers flying over the west end of the
Island at 1010 Fort Pickens Road. We're here everyday at 11.
932-4139. www.peglegpetes.com

One of America's great steakhouses; proudly serving USDA
Prime Steaks, seafood and Irish specialties including Irish fisher-
man's bouillabaisse, Corned Beef and Cabbage and Shepherd's Pie
all inside a turn of the century New York Irish Saloon themed pub.
McGuire's is celebrated for its atmosphere, boasting more than
750,000 signed dollar bills hanging from the ceilings of the pub.
Live entertainment coupled with great food and warm and friendly
service by Employees who Give a Damn! Visit our on-site brewery
and the O'TolfWine Cellar featuring the complete vertical collection
of the Chateau Mouton RothschildArtist Series. Featured on NBC's
'Today' Show, highly recommended by Fodors, Frommers and
AAA travel guides, Florida Trend Magazine Hall of Fame Member.
Open every day at 11 am, 850-433-6789 mcguiresirishpub.com

The "World Famous Sandshaker"- a Pensacola Beach Tradition
since 1973. It's the Home of the Original Bushwacker and has been
selling this signature drink for over 30 years. The Shaker was the 1 st
bar on the Beach to offer this tasty frozen concoction. Live Music
Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun. Karaoke Tues & Wed. Poker & BARE Nite on
Monday. T-Shirt Nite on Thursday. Check out our new Shaker Shop
for great island wear, jewelry & gifts. Across from the Boardwalk.
Open 10 am - 3 am. 850-932-2211. www.sandshaker.com

Open at 7:30 a.m. seven days a week. Owned and operated by
friendly natives serving locally produced seafood and delicacies.
The Fish Tacos are an experience to enjoy. The owners say their
goal is to preserve the unique flavors of the Gulf Coast. Go fresh. Go
native. Specialty desserts top off expertly prepared meals. Seating is
informal. Art gallery setting with local artists displaying whimsical
works. Serving breakfast and lunch everyday; Dinner Fri and Sat.
45 Via de Luna. Downtown Pensacola Beach. 934-4848.

December 14, 2010


Island Times

Island Times December 14, 2010

Pensacola Beach's Lauren Pinkston raced in to see Surfing
Santa, December 4 at Surf Burger. After Lauren gave Santa a pepper-
mint candy, she was off to participate with Dancingly Yours dancers in
the Gulf Breeze parade. Lauren is the daughter of Dr. Tracey Pinkston.

Olivia Newkirk needed to bring her dad Harry as back up since
she was not so sure about the guy in the red suit. Surfing Santa, who
is played by David Gurney, arrived at Surf Burger, Dec. 4. via jet ski
pulled by magical dolphins. This is his third year to play Santa.

For being such a nice guy, David Gurney, who plays Surfing Santa
during the Surf Burger Kowabunga Breakfast on December 4, gets
some worried looks from his smallest friends. Eight-month-old Drew
Elmore of Gulf Breeze gave Santa a high five and was ready to leave.

- Sisters of the Beach
bestowed the gold birthday
" ' bracelet upon Becky Shear-
'41 man, right, while her Villa
[ Sabine neighbor Sherrie
Green looks on. The bracelet
ceremony was part of the
SOB Christmas luncheon,
Sunday, December 5 at

Second grade Beach
School student Jocelyn
Reeves performed three
musical numbers at the
Holiday Program at Our
Lady on December 3.
Students performed to a
capacity crowd of family
and friends at the Catholic

Since the Sisters
were all gathered at the
SOB Christmas lun-
cheon, Sunday, Decem-
ber 5 at Flounder's, they
took the opportunity to
give Judy L'Oignon some
baby shower gifts for her
new granddaughter who
was born last month.


o0 Q.uiet-water Beach Road
Pensacola Beach, FL 32561





Beachside Restaurant and Bar
Party Room for 300, Restaurant seating for 150
Sushi Bar, DJ available, Stage, Dance Floor, Club Lighting
Open Year-Round, Indoor and Outdoor Options
Variety of Drink and Party Packages to fit every BUDGET
CALL LAYNE 850-934-6117 for more info & personal service









Island Times

December 14, 2010

December 14, 2010 Island Times PAGE 19


the water

by Saltwater Rid

The ol' north wind com-
ing across our system lately, she
bring some changes. It's cold
out! And the fish know it, too.
So, if you want something to
hit your line, start by bundling
up and headin' for the bait net.
Round up some Bull Minnows or
a nice dozen fat shrimp and head
down wind.
The winds tend to have some
kind of effect on their sensors
and they head over to whichever
side of the Sound or Bay that is.
Heard tell of some nice Speck ac-
tion in the grass beds around the
holes and canal channels.
The ol' norther also lays

down the shallows of our beauti-
ful Gulf and there's some nice slot
Redfish cruising within reach.
And it's not too early for
Pompano. There's lots of room
along our beaches, just try to get
your bait out as far as you can
then take advantage of the fresh
air and view as you wait for that
fat four pounder to put you to
Well, it is the holiday season
so remember fishing is a gift for
a lifetime. Have a happy one,
teach a kid to fish and thank a Vet
for the freedom to do so.
Do yourself a favor and go

Pensacola Beach Elementary School fifth graders Bryce Cal-
lahan and Chase Allen of the Gulf Breeze Sports Association
Blue Mites football team finished with a perfect season and
a Championship title. This is the first title for the Gulf Breeze
Blue Mites since 1986. The young football stars defeated Pen-
sacola teams in a championship game played on December 4.

Trace Lewis landed this 30 pound Yellowfin Tuna in September
while fishing with friends in the Gulf. The avid fisherman is em-
ployed at Emerald Isle Condos on Pensacola Beach.

M RRiv B
MOM good!
U9I Frium, NWICE


9 pm

$2 drinks
6 p.m. til close
7 til 8 p.m.
Karaoke, 8:30
731 Pensacola Be
across from the B

. . a : *Thursday
]sk about SHAKER
Card Half Price
' i Drink w/shirt
music at 8

Friday -

!ach Blvd
11 >




-- ~

Five Buck

Lunch Specials
served 11 am til we sell out

Mile High Meatloaf
with Smashed Potatoes
and Brown Gravy and
Green Beans......... Five Bucks

Texas Club
Piled high with Turkey,
Ham, Swiss and Cheddar
Cheeses topped with
Lettuce and Tomato.
Served with Fries........ Five Bucks

Baja Fish Tacos
Crispy White Fish Served
in Warm Flour Tortillas
with Lettuce, Tomato, Jack
Cheese, Pickled Onions,
Cumin Infused Sour
Cream, Guacamole... Five Bucks

Bourbon Glazed Chicken
Sandwich topped with
Swiss Cheese and Bacon.
Served with Fries... Five Bucks

Deep Fried to Perfection.
Served with Crispy Fries
and Cole Slaw........ Five Bucks