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Title: Island times
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Publication Date: February 9, 2010
Copyright Date: 2010
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February 9, 2010

IVolume V, Number 21

Pensacola Beach, Florida
.mi -::':: m -- J :':i .
-J rg

owns Mini



~u. W -, ~


M~ardi Gras
oni the






The Krewe of Kids Court was chosen during the sugar charged Royal Doughnut Breakfast, January 30 at the Beach Church Fellowship Hall.
These youngsters were crowned amid mighty cheers from the twenty-five elementary school aged children who make up the Krewe of Kids.
Reigning over the group are:(Lto R) Princess Victoria Williams, Queen Julia Wassner, King Justin Smoker and Prince Dylan Seeker. These mini-
monarchs reigned over the Krewe of Kids eighteenth parade which was held February 6. The Krewe of Kids will kick back and catch beads when
the Wrecks roll on Sunday, February 14. For more on this story, see paqe 2.


Thirty Years and Counting..............

The curtain is about to fall on
Pensacola Beach's grandest stage.
The longest celebration on the
Beach, the four months of Mardi
Gras is heading into its wild cli-
max. The smallest revelers, the
twenty-five members of the Krewe
of Kids, have completed their sea-
son with their annual parade at Ca-
sino Beach. They have paved the
way for the biggest event of the
Mardi Gras, the Krewe of Wrecks
Thirtieth Annual Parade set for
Sunday, February 14. The gigantic
fifty float procession will roll at 2
p.m., west on Via de Luna with the
starting point at the intersection of
Avenida 10, infront of the Sprin-
ghill Suites. The positioning of
the parade route has been slightly
changed this year. It will be con-
fined to the southernmost lanes of
Via de Luna. The barricades will
be set on the southern edge of the
median. Spectators can stand in the
median and the northern lanes to
view the parade. The parade turns
into the Casino Beach parking lot
at Sidelines and disbands there.
"We are celebrating thirty
years of being shipwrecked on
the Island," Jeff Goudey, Running
Around Wreck, said. "This may be
the best of our great parades and
we'll have some surprises."
Notorious for their generosity
in throwing beads and trinkets, the
floats this year will include the new
Krewe of St. Patrick. McGuire's
double decker bus has always been
in the parade, but has had few rid-
ers. This year it will be filled to

capacity with the members of the that there would be a heavy pres-
new krewe. ence of law enforcement at the pa-

You will also see the Krewe
of Wrecks, Bananimals, Brewe,
Woman's Club, Mystic Krewe of
Nereids, Junkanoo, and Moonlight
Madness. Also, longtime favorites
like the Mayoki Indians, Krewe of
Warriors, Krewe of LaFitte, and
many other old and new krewes,
all decked out with the goal of win-
ning a prize in the judging.
Jayne Drees Redmond is the
parade chairman.
Parties will flourish all over the

Beach on Parade
Day including
Mardi Gras craw-
fish boils, special
drink prices and
live music. Every
bistro and eatery
will be open to
accommodate the
In an exclu-
sive interview
with Escambia
County Sher-
iff's Lt. Rodney
Eddins, officer-
in-charge of the

"It is my job to see that the law
is enforced," he said. "It must be
enforced strictly, consistently, and
evenly. If you are approached by a
deputy, it is best to comply."
Drinking in the following
parking lots will result in ticketing
or arrest Casino Beach, Quietwa-
ter, Flounder's, Via de Luna Shop-
ping Center, Park East, Fort Pick-
ens Gate park, Santa Rosa Island
Authority and any other County

owned lot. Drink-
ing is permit-
ted on the actual
Boardwalk, but
you cannot leave
it with a drink in
your hand.
deputies want to
keep everyone
safe and want
everyone to have
a good time," Ed-
dins said. "Don't
draw attention to
yourself and be
discreet. Follow


Lt. Rodney Eddins

Beach substation, the Island Times
learned that there will be zero
tolerance for drinking alcohol in
County owned parking lots.
"I am a local boy," Eddins
said. "I want Pensacola Beach to
be a fun, safe place for everyone to
visit on Mardi Gras and every day
of the year."
Lt. Eddins added, however,

the rules; use common sense and
be courteous."
The parking lots fill up quick-
ly, so come to the island early and
be prepared to stay all day.
According to Escambia Coun-
ty Sheriff's Sergeant Matt Baxter,
the deputies will close Via de Luna
to traffic at 1:30 p.m. As soon as
the Wrecks parade has cleared the

route, the west bound lanes will be
re-opened immediately to facilitate
traffic heading off the island.
The Wrecks will host a post
parade awards ceremony at the
Gulfside Pavilion at the conclusion
of the parade.
The fun keeps rolling with the
Red Beans and Rice Luncheon on
Monday, February 15. The Wrecks
have served free red beans and rice
to thousands of people over the
years. This year will be no excep-
tion as Boogie, Inc. cranks up the
Mardi Gras music to go with the
food. Wrecks start serving at 11
a.m. at the Casino Beach.
The Big Day in New Orleans
is the Little Day on Pensacola
Beach, but Fat Tuesday, February
16, will not go by without some fi-
nal parties. The king and queen of
the Krewe of Coma, Don and Dar-
lene Richards, will turn over their
crowns to the new rulers during
ceremonies at the Sandshaker at 7
p.m. The competition for the Best
Lighted Hat will take place.

Yet another contest awaits you
at the Paradise Bar and Grill where
judging of the Shoe Box Floats will
take place. You still have time to
construct a bitsy Mardi Gras float
from a Shoe Box and take it to the
party. Great prizes are in store for the
winners and there is no entry fee.
Nc i Ins year is the kid's cat-
egory, sponsored by Island Times,"
said Renee Mack, Paradise general
manager. "Their floats will be up
in the hotel lobby for the guests to
Yes, the curtain will soon fall
on the Beach's longest, biggest,
wildest celebration, the four-month
long Mardi Gras season. The fes-
tivities officially end at midnight
when the solemn Lenten season
Ash Wednesday marks the
beginning of the Lenten season.
The Pensacola Beach Community
Church and Our Lady of Assump-
tion Catholic Mission will observe
Ash Wednesday with services at
6:30 p.m.

Wrecks Toast Royal Court With Champagne

Breakfast and Rollicking Street Dance

The sound of popping cham-
pagne corks signals the begin-
ning of a weekend bubbling over
with Mardi Gras parties; the first
of which is the Krewe of Wrecks
Champagne Breakfast. Hundreds
of Wrecks prepare to toast their
Thirtieth Royal Court at 10 a.m.
Saturday, February 13 at Crabs.

Advance tickets are required. The
supply is limited, so call 850-291-
6957 to inquire.
Do not despair if you cannot
attend the breakfast, because the
fun continues at the Sabine Sand-
bar where the Mardi Gras Street
Dance starts at 1 p.m. There is no
charge for this event.

Published every other Tuesday
Post Office Box 844
Gulf Breeze, FL 32562
No portion of this publication may be reproduced without the consent of the publisher

(U &
Ci 4

February 14, 2010 2 p.m.
Pensacola Beach
Begins near Avenida 10 on Via de Luna
, Ends at Gulfside Pavilion



Casino Beach
t | Parking Lot
4 \

Via de Luna

Note: Barricades will be set
UD on the southern edae of

the median

S- No beads willbe thrown
prior to floats reaching the
barricaded parade route.
^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^_^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^ 10


Island Times

February 9, 2010

February 9, 2010 Island Times PAGE 3

Barefoot on the Beach

By Jane Waters Cooper %%

,4"M r

I used to subscribe to the New
York Times Weekend. I thought I
would learn a lot about New York
City and through their news I would
find out what was going on all over
the world. So, I tried to read the
entire newspaper. It was way too
much, so I began just reading
the magazine and book reviews.
Then I caught myself reading
only the wedding page. Yes, their
reports of weddings in New York
City are downright hysterical. I
realized I did not know one per-
son in these accounts, but they
were written in such detail that
I felt I did. For instance, they
told everything the couple and
the parents did. Like the bride's
father was a former President of
the United States. All the parents
were doctors, lawyers and chiefs.
No butchers, bakers or candle-
stick makers.
I ran a little test over my san-
ity and decided my subscription to

the New York Times just to read the
wedding columns about people I
didn't even know was hardly worth
the price of the subscription.
So, what am I reading now?
Well, USA Today, although I don't
know anybody in it either. I read
the Smithsonian Magazine, Tennis,
Sports Illustrated, and Time. I still
am not acquainted with the sub-
jects of their stories either.
Books I am reading right now
include "Name Change." It's pretty
boring except for the juicy inter-
changes between alleged political
buddies. I am also reading "Write
Down The Bones," an instructional
manual about how to write while
under the influence of Zen. The
author has taught classes in New
Mexico, Nebraska, and Minnesota.
She tells readers to write in a note-
book everyday, filling the entire
thing in one month, and continuing
on month after month. She swears
no matter how much junk you

Beach School Kids Help Haiti

write something good will hap-
pen if you just pursue this practice.
She quotes her Zen masters from
time to time with remarks such as
"Don't fight Tofu."
Go figure. On the other hand,
I am totally entranced with "Sleep-
ing at the Starlite Motel," by Bai-
ley White. Does anyone know she
could be one of the great humorists
of our time? This book and "Mama
Makes Up Her Mind" both keep
me in stitches.
I spend about fifteen minutes
every morning with the Pensacola
News Journal. It doesn't take long
to find out who murdered whom
and how much trauma the Mari-
time Park is suffering at the mo-
ment. Recently, the PNJ made a
major gaffe when they published
incorrect information on the Nauga
party. To make up for their mistake
they published front page stories
before and after the event. It was
such fun to see photos of people I
knew even if the PNJ was trying to
make up for its major blooper.

I can tell you here and now
I do not read newspapers online.
That's just not right. A newspa-
per is something you hold in your
hand. You pick it up and put it
down and check it later, in case you
missed something. Old newspapers
have all kinds of second lives like
swatting flies, wrapping garbage,
and going to recycling bins. How
would puppies ever learn good
habits without the daily newspaper
lining the floors?
I don't really like news on
TV that much either. How can you
pack the day's news into a thirty
minute, perhaps twenty minute
time slot after deducting the com-
Now, you know what I don't
like. What I do like is Island Times.
I know almost everybody in the
stories. If they ever do anything
bad, it is not recorded in the news-
paper. Actually, I don't think the
Beach has many bad people living
on its romantic shores. There are
sweet little accounts of weddings

and new babies and a plentiful sup-
ply of political and governmental
I'm addicted to the columnists,
all of whom have their own special
style and viewpoints. I don't know
of any other small paper which can
claim so much talent.
And once in a while, the Is-
land Times publishes a "special."
Did you get a copy of the Good
Times commemorative Mardi Gras
edition distributed last weekend?
If you did, perhaps you
laughed and cried almost simul-
taneously as the special brought
back so many tender memories of
the Krewe of Wrecks. Maybe you
were impressed with the thorough-
ly researched edition, just as I was.
Thirty years revealed in a sixteen
page tab. A definite keepsake.
So, in the words of Dorothy,
"There is no place like home."
And in the words of Jane,
there is nothing like having your
very own hometown newspaper.

Pensacola Beach Elementary
School students are doing their part
to aid Haiti in its efforts to recover
from the recent overwhelming
earthquake damage.
Joy McLaurine, third grade
teacher, told the members of the
School Board at their January 25
meeting that the response to help
the children has been terrific.
"The outpouring and sharing
is amazing," she said. "What a
good group of students we have."
Board member Shelby Smith
said the Beach School is working
in conjunction with the owners of
The Villas in Gulf Breeze who are
coordinating a relief effort.
Board President Todd Mc-
Curdy said the finances at the
school look good.
"The school is on target to
have at $60,000 surplus at year's
end," he said.
"During these tight economic
times, donations to the school are
down," said McCurdy. "The goal is
$25,000 in donations has been met,
but we need to exceed that."
McCurdy asked for ideas
which might jump start the fund-

raising program.
The school now has 142 stu-
dents, according to Jeff Castleber-
ry, principal. Each class is full ex-
cept for one vacancy each in grades
two and four.
The Board agreed to give the
school a facelift.
"I believe it is time to modern-
ize some of these windows," mem-
ber Julie Fritz said. "It makes sense
to do so while we have the funds
The project which will also in-
cludes a new paint job along with
window replacement, will begin
soon, and should be complete by
the end of March.
The next school board meet-
ing is Monday, February 22 at 6
p.m. at the School. The meetings
are open to the public.

Shoe Box float Contest

Tuesday, Feb 16 8 pm

Paradise Bar & 6rill



Mon- Fri 11-2


P. EIJ EvEPiD / -
al 11am1

Our latitude will change

^ your attitude .
@ Waterfront Dining Specials *
@ Oyster Bar Tues. Half Pric:e Boilles,
@ Live Music of, Wine
Wed Paw Ovs.ler
@Gift Shop Spec.:als
@Kids Playground Thurs. IBa1ed Cv.sler
1010 FI Pic' ens Rcad'j Pelnsac:ia Beach
932.-4139 www peg vegpeles c:om


Wig -I A L Sf



t Oi
O'V i
M3V4~ 1L


45 4
Every Thursday
- -- -- -

Monday Cajun Nite Winter
Tuesday Surf and Turf
Wed Mexican Madness Olympics
feb iz-z8
#2 Via de Luna Pensacola Beach o

February 9, 2010

Island Times


PAGE 4 Island Times February 9, 2010

Beverly McCay is an islander
to her core. She was raised on Pen-
sacola Beach and has spent most
of her adult life as a hotel general
manager on the Island. She man-
aged The Dunes which became
a Holiday Inn Express in recent
years. She and husband Joe, who is
the GM at Pensacola Beach's Hotel
Indigo, took a well-deserved vaca-
tion last week. They traded their
island work life for an island vaca-
tion in the Caribbean. Beverly ad-
mits that she refused to even carry
her cell phone. A perfect island va-
cation for the two who spend their
days making sure everyone else's
island vacation is as perfect as it
can be.

Karen Cook Cowen and An-
gela Moore grabbed a quick cup of
coffee on their way to the Nauga
Breakfast. Angela slipped into her
silver sequined pajama costume
while they were in line at the drive-
up window at Starbucks in Gulf
Breeze. A feat which must be ap-
plauded, according to Karen. The
trick worked, Angela's costume
was out-of-this-world at the 2010
Space Naugessy themed party.

Susan McLeod's fourth grade
class at the Beach School created
inventions last month. The assign-
ment would have been a challenge
under ordinary circumstances, but
it became even more difficult since

they were only allowed to work
with a mystery box of items sub-
mitted by their parents. The inven-
tions resembled everything from
Mardi Gras Shoe Box floats to pa-
per towel cannons.

The most tenured Pensacola
Beach Visitor's Center volunteer,
Jean Curtis, made her annual Mar-
di Gras bead buying trip to Mobile
last week. She found lots of fleur
de lis beads to bring to her friends.
Before she headed back to the
Beach, the song of the slots called
her to Biloxi where she dropped a
few coins in the one armed bandits.
Jean turned into the bandit, when
she hit a jackpot that paid over five
hundred dollars.

Diminutive Ella Hess and
tall Glenn Windham shared birth-
day honors at the beginning of the
month. Glenn celebrated on the
first, and Ella blew out candles
with her Beach sisters on Wednes-
day, February 3.

Lauren McDonald left her
beach friends behind to attend
Georgia Tech last fall. In her sec-
ond semester she reports that living
on Freshman Hill is great. The hon-
ors student is acing college Calcu-
lus which is part of the engineering
curriculum. She does not keep her
nose in a book all the time; she is
taking a belly dancing class, too,
says her mom Marilyn.

Savannah Smoker was
just clowning around at
the Krewe of Kids Royal
Doughnut Breakfast,
'January 30 at the Beach

Theme during their
eighteenth year was
Carnival Clowns. Lakin
.-. .Harvey is in the back-
: ground munching on a
frosted doughnut which
.is the traditional fare
S"for the Kids'party.

Countess Kim has committed
the unpardonable sin. She has ac-
cused the Trivia Master of asking
questions that are too easy. How
dare you, Kim? We will now go
into our archives and stump even
The first correct answer to
the last trivia question came from
newcomer, Andi Blackwelder. The
Trivia Master wanted to know the
name of the Beach Bum who was
riding in the first Krewe of Wrecks
parade. The correct answer was
Nini Baird, who was the first fe-
male Beach Bum. Andi gets the
shirt. Andi, gets her Island Times
early in the beach delivery route at
the JME Vacation Rentals office on
Via de Luna. She admits she is a
close friend of Larry Keever, and
she may have wormed the answer

out of him. Anyway, she gets the
Dana Powell who works at
Paradise Inn also
sent the correct an-
swer. The Knights ..'. ,
all responded to this
question. Countess
Kim and Sir Morrie
Drees got it right, but
Sir Bill Greene stum- Nini Baird, t
bled when he named female Beact
Liz Waters. She did Year, rode in
ride in the parade and blue pair
as a fifteen-year-old ing the 1980
Deckhand. parade on
Jayne Drees
Redmond, who is
still trying to reach knighthood,
also sent the correct answer,
but, too late. Keep trying, Jayne.
There is always another seat at the

Mlardi Gras in Paradise 1

Thursday, Feb 11 at 6 p.m.

Fri & Sat, Feb 12-13 at 6 p.m.

Parade Day, Sunday, Feb 14

kids & adults prizes

Play and Stay
Special Room

./ 850-932-2319
--- 21 Via de Luna
Bar & Grill Pensacola Beach
vwww paradiset'ar-griiil co:m


Roundtable for a new Countess.
Well, Countess Kim, the Triv-
ia Master is throwing down the
gauntlet. How did the
New Orleans Saints get
40 their name? Be specific.
Come on, trivia players
and sports buffs, all are
welcome to try this one.
All you have to do to
first ever win is answer the ques-
Eum of the tion correctly and be the
red, white first to email it to the
d VW dur- Trivia Master.
lardi Gras The rules are the
Pensacola same. Get to your com-
puter to email your an-
swer to islandtimes@
bellsouth.net with "trivia" in the
subject line. Include your name
and phone number. The deadline
to answer is Tuesday, February 16.

special room rates. Let the good times roll.

Benefit Concert for Doctors without Bor-
ders. Music, Food, Drawings.

Live on stage don't miss this concert
Come early for the best seat!



Island Times

February 9, 2010

Will National Acts Return To The Beach?

Casino Beach may once
again come alive to the sounds
of music if Scott Wheatley rep-
resenting Five Flags Tourism
Group can get the Santa Rosa
Island Authority's approval for
a huge October concert.
Wheatley appeared before
the January 27 meeting of the
committees to make his initial
request by outlining his ideas
for the event.
"We are targeting a drive
market of 200 miles," Wheatley
said. "We want 30 to 60-year-
olds who can afford to stay in
The Casino parking lot and
beach would be closed off for
the event and the proposed tick-
et price would be $50 according
to Wheatley.
Wheatley said the area could

accommodate a crowd of 50,000
with the main stage on the sandy
beach and the bleachers set up in
the parking lot. He offered a bus-
sing plan bringing people to the
Beach from parking lots in Pen-
sacola and Gulf Breeze.
"The massive Beach area
filled with people will be a draw
for major performers," Wheatley
said. "They like to perform in
settings such as these."
SRIA Board members said
they would have to have a more
detailed plan before they could
make a decision on the proposal.
"An event of this size has
the magnitude of the Blue An-
gels Air show," Vernon Prather
said. "We are seeing a concept
that needs more plans, more in-
formation from staff before I
could agree to this."

Fred Gant asked, "What are
the ramifications of fencing the
public beach for a paid event?
You need to get with staff and
our attorney needs to talk about
denied access to the Beach."
A portion of the public
beach was shut off years ago
when sponsors put on a Hallow-
een Party at the Boardwalk and
charged $10 to enter.
Member Tammy Bohannon
is extremely impressed with the
"I want to give you as much
support as possible," she said.
Dr. Thomas Campanella said
he wanted to see a resume of the
Five Flags Tourism Group.
Staff will provide Wheat-
ley with a list of questions from
the Board as the item remains
in committee and will be on the

agenda next month.
Dottie Ford, Finance Direc-
tor, provided the Administrative
Committee with the news that
the November revenues were
right at what was anticipated and
that expenses were down.
"Collections are up 1.4 per-
cent over what was expected,"
she said. "But they are less than
this same time period last year."
Bob West, Safety Director
commended Pete Moore who has
donated trucks to the lifeguard
program and offered trucks at re-
duced prices to the SRIA's Safe-
ty Department.
"We would be in dire cir-
cumstances without someone
as community minded as Pete
Moore," West said. "Moore was
the only car dealer who stepped
up to help when Leadership

Pensacola made the request for
ocean rescue vehicle donations
from each car dealer in town."
The Public Safety Depart-
ment is buying three trucks and
is receiving two as loaners.
Although the Authority
has paid for the lettering on the
trucks in the past, Pete Moore
will pay for the lettering now. He
wants to include his logo and the
logo of Channel 3.
The committee approved the
lettering and the logos which will
be painted on the trucks.
The next meeting of the Is-
land Authority will be the Full
Board at 5 p.m. on February 10
at 1 Via de Luna.
All meetings are open to the
public. A public forum is hosted
at the end of the Full Board meet-
ing for public input.

After Sundown

Only restaurant on Pensacola Beach offering breath taking
views of the Gulf while dining directly on the beach. Come as you
are straight off the sandy beach and enjoy our indoor/outdoor bar and
gulf side deck. Crabs has the largest selection of Crab on the beach,
was voted Best Crab by News Journal readers. She Crab Soup,
Stuffed Blue Crabs, Alaskan Snow, King or Dungeness you'll
find them all! We have many other seafood favorites on our menu
as well as a great assortment of chicken, steaks and pasta dishes.
Don't forget to try one of our signature drinks like 'The Crab Trap'
which come with a souvenir glass to keep!
Open 7 days a week. Sunday Brunch with live Steel Band.
Look for the Red Roof on Pensacola Beach. 850-932-0700 www.

A little bit of paradise at this open air, island style bar with
its own private white sand beach. Pull up a rattan stool. Cold beer.
Live Music. Exotic Libations. Friendly locals. Lunch and Dinner
everyday. Sandwiches. Salads. Fresh Catch of the Day. Renee's
Famous Shrimp Salad. Happy Hour 11-7. Live Bands. Poker on
Monday and Wednesday.
Tucked away in the parking lot of the Paradise Inn, it's directly
on Santa Rosa Sound. Boat and Bicycle parking. Open 7 days.
Score! Don't miss a point. See it all in high definition 11
big screens, 42 televisions. If it runs, jumps, races, it's here.
Famous for Thursday Wing Night. Burgers. Seafood and Ribs.
Kids menu for the JV players. Full bar. Indoor or outdoor seat-
ing. Video sports games.
Centrally located on Via de Luna, just east of the main
parking lot and the traffic light. Kick off at 11 a.m. seven days
a week. 934-3660.

Celebrating 30 years of Floundering neathh the moon
and stars. Offering fresh Seafood including Tuna, Mahi and of
course Flounder! Award winning chowder, po boys, burgers
and Pensacola Beach Style baked oysters. Sample our Fresh
catch including the Shrimp Boat Platter- loaded with shrimp
cocktail, BBQ shrimp, fried shrimp, popcorn shrimp and U-
peel ems. Kids love our Pirate Ship playground located on
our beach well within view of dining parents. For late night
revelers- Flounder's is host to the world's finest beach bands.
Dance all night on Flounder's beach to the most popular bands
from across the south.
Open 7 days a week. Sunday Brunch. At the Traffic Light
on beautiful Pensacola Beach, 850-932-2003

visit these island restaurants,
pubs and bistros for fun
after the sun sinks into the sea

Ahoy, Matey. You've found a Pensacola Beach treasure.
Pirates welcome. Fresh Gulf seafood served in the galley or
outside on the awning covered deck. Glass front bar overlooks
LaFitte Cove. All kinds of oysters. Live lobster. Gumbo. Dinner
specials nightly. Sizeable sandwiches and burgers for Landlub-
bers. Take home a t-shirt.
Look for the Jolly Rogers flying over the west end of the
Island at 1010 Fort Pickens Road. We're here everyday at 11.
932-4139. www.peglegpetes.com

One of America's great steakhouses; proudly serving USDA
Prime Steaks, seafood and Irish specialties including Irish fisher-
man's bouillabaisse, Corned Beef and Cabbage and Shepherd's Pie
all inside a turn of the century New York Irish Saloon themed pub.
McGuire's is celebrated for its atmosphere, boasting more than
750,000 signed dollar bills hanging from the ceilings of the pub.
Live entertainment coupled with great food and warm and friendly
service by Employees who Give a Damn! Visit our on-site brewery
and the O'TolfWine Cellar featuring the complete vertical collection
of the Chateau Mouton RothschildArtist Series. Featured on NBC's
'Today' Show, highly recommended by Fodors, Frommers and
AAA travel guides, Florida Trend Magazine Hall of Fame Member.
Open every day at 11 am, 850-433-6789 mcguiresirishpub.com

The World Famous Sandshaker"- a Pensacola Beach Tradition
since 1973. It's the Home of the Original Bushwacker and has been
selling this signature drink for over 30 years. The Shaker was the 1st
bar on the Beach to offer this tasty frozen concoction. Live Music
Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun. Karaoke Tuesday. Texas Hold 'Em
4444Fun & BARE Nite on Monday & T-Shirt Nite on Thursday.
Across from the Boardwalk on Pensacola Beach. Open 10 am
until 3am. 850-932-2211. www.sandshaker.com

Open at 7:30 a.m. seven days a week. Owned and operated
by friendly natives serving locally produced seafood and delica-
cies. The Fish Tacos are an experience to enjoy. The owners say
their goal is to preserve the unique flavors of the Gulf Coast. Go
fresh. Go native. Specialty desserts top off expertly prepared meals.
Seating is informal. Art gallery setting with local artists displaying
whimsical works.
45 Via de Luna. Downtown Pensacola Beach. 934-4848.

February 9, 2010

Island Times


PAGE~~~~F"6 6 san iesFbray9,21

(4 peas, porribg0e & a br martini

by Kathi Lewis

My first thought when they
called Judy L'Oignon's name as
the 2010 Queen of Nauga was,
"Oh my poor purple Judy." As
luck would have it, Judy had the
tiara put on her head when she
was wearing her very best costume
ever a one-eyed, one homed,
flying purple people eater! And
then, they put her photo on the
front page of the local newspaper
above the fold- that's the highest
honor in the world of journalism,
my friends! Not once, but twice -
because I saw it again in Sunday's
PNJ. Well, okay the second time
was not exactly the front page, but
still. And once again, the laughter
rolled across the floor of heaven
with the thunder of the Blue An-
gels..... as my long time Sister
and friend cried, "Why didn't you
tell me that I was going to be the
Only because I didn't know,
my friend or I would given you a
heads up and at least told you not to
wear the purple hair or face paint.
Something else I didn't know
but learned at the Krewe of Nauga
Breakfast, January 23, our little
Nancy Kittel can play a cow bell.
Who knew? Did Nancy even
know? She was invited up on
stage by the Dash Rip Rock band
and was a big hit. I may be full of
new knowledge by the end of Mar-
di Gras.
Welcome and big thanks to
D.J. Zemenick, who has become
the official photographer for the
Mystic Krewe of Nereids. Hey,
we've never had one before so this
is going to be a lot of fun. D.J.
takes greats pictures and only dis-
plays us at our very best. She's
also signed up as a Krewe Love
Lady, which we changed several
years ago from love slave. Oh, we
still have male love slaves, it's just
not appropriate for the ladies who
come to play.
The Mystic Krewe of Nereids
Masquerade Ball was held at the
Elk's Lodge this year and it was
definitely one of a kind. I know
y'all are still hearing the stories
of the Queen who missed her own

Ball. However, thanks to Sharon
Mattair we did have a very life-
like image of our Queen Courtney
Winstead. So life-like it caused
everyone entering the Ball to take
a second look. Even the Queen's
husband, King Jim had to take
a second look. He said the only
thing wrong was that she was too
still for Courtney. That's what I
said, too.
She produced a video to air
in her absence which was great.
Queen Courtney looked (and
sounded) like she was Ms. America
with her great composure, etiquette
and poise. And once the video was
over, King Jim took her manequin
stand in for a spin around the dance
For a 'missing' Queen, that
image certainly made the rounds of
the Elk's Lodge. She was spotted
in front of the buffet where former
Queen Elaine Mitchell and I had to
make some fast adjustments in her
clothing. It may have been the te-
quila; isn't there a song about that
stuff making your clothes fall off?
She certainly spent enough time on
the dance floor, although she 'lost
her head' temporarily while danc-
ing with Becky Shearman. By
the time she finished dancing with
Marilyn Monroe (LeNormand), the
poor thing could hardly stand, but
she hung in there until the night
was over.
I promised everyone attending
the Ball an unexpected surprise it
was my husband Bill! He came in
costume as the "unexpected bill"
as people get them in the mail all
the time and no one really expects
to see him at the Mardi Gras Ball
anymore. I've been waiting a long
time for that one...
Earlier that evening as Ted
Pence and Ella Hess arrived at the
krewe den, I tried to tell Bill they
were there, but it somehow came
out, "Oh look, Ed and Tella are
Of course, that name stuck
with me all night and I had a next
to impossible time calling them
anything else. I even had to stop
and think a moment when someone

asked me who Ed and Tella were.
Luckily they are good friends and
even better sports....
Okay, this week's recipe is the
chili that Cathy "Sea Queen" Long
made for the Junkanoo Chili Cook-
off that was voted as the first place
prize winning recipe by the Nere-
ids who ate the entire batch of chili
before it got to the cook-off.
So, let's cook...

Sea Queen's Chili

1 lb. ground beef
1 lb. hot pork sausage, ground
1 16 oz. Jalapeno hot salsa
1 bottle Pickapeppa sauce
1 pkg. dry onion soup mix
1 can Fritos bean dip
1 pkg. chili seasoning
1 Ig. can tomato soup
1 Ig. can tomato sauce
1 tbsp. garlic
1 Ig. can kidney beans

Cook ground beef and sausage
together until done, then drain.
Combine all ingredients and heat
through. Feeds a whole lot of Ne-
reids. Yummy!
Enjoy, share and don't forget
the fairy dust.
See ya in the kitchen...

Judy L'Oignon, who is famous on
the Beach for her creative costum-
ing during Mardi Gras was crowned
Nauga Queen at the Krewe of Nauga
Champagne Breakfast and Native
Noontime Ball, January 23 at The
Dock. Her purple hair and face paint
made her a media darling, much to
her chagrin. All Hail Queen Judy!

Newly crowned Krewe of Nauga Queen Judy L'Oignon did not have her purple
face make-up or hair colored purple while she handed out copies of "To The
Beat of an Island Drum" at a recent luncheon at the Gulf Breeze Presbyterian
Church. Bob Bothfeld is receiving a copy from Judy who was a big hit in her
Mardi Gras tuxedo with glittering pins. Judy and Shelley Johnson presented
a historic and comical look at the first years of Mardi Gras on the Island to the
lunch group last month.

b21 uervanTes Street
Pensacola 432-4999
Call for directions from the Beach

Maria's Fresbi Seafoob Market
Take a little bit of the Gulf Coast home!
Fresh from the boats daily
We can cold pack for travel or ship anywhere.


Event & Admission Information

Feb 13 Wrecks Champagne Breakfast, Crab's, 10 AM
Feb 13 Mardi Gras Street Dance, Sabine Sandbar, 1 PM
Feb 14 Krewe of Wrecks Parade, 2 PM
Feb 15 Red Beans & Rice Luncheon, Casino Beach, 11 AM
Feb 16 Krewe of Coma, Sandshaker, 7 PM
Feb 16 Shoe Box Float Competition, Paradise, 8 PM

More MARDI GRAS Events

Feb 12 Krewe of LaFitte parade, 8 PM,



Island Times

February 9, 2010

Residents Say No Way To Parking Garage, Planners Listen To view
A parking garage anywhere, sacola Beach was maintained with > Renovated and high tech toll Gant committee chairman.
any place, anytime is a red-head- emphasis on enhancing the lives of facility Planners agreed that the Santa conceptual drawings
ed stepchild on Pensacola Beach. residents. It must function and look > Trolley stops Rosa Island Authority would have Log on to
Members of EDSA, the master great. If the residents win, every- The planners noted that with to allocate places in another area. MylslandTimes.com
land planning firm, found this por- one wins." all parking on grade and no parking At the end of the more than
ftU Uf ;1li i t t iU T b k1 3 hi5 Lt t t h th l h1U 11 ( 1t l 1 f f 11 h 11 ti thL JJ f 1( l LnntII

oUll UI cLLUI,, llLit [U U lllrVers-
ible and brought a new plan to the
meeting of the Steering Committee
on February 2. Although all three
of the previous plans by EDSA had
contained at least one parking ga-
rage, the new one did not. At issue
here is the concept that Pensacola
Beach needs additional parking,
but the conceptual plan as present-
ed will have ten percent less park-
ing than they have at the present
time, due to the landscaping and
streetscape changes in the plan.
"I think we need to develop
a strategy that would have at least
the same amount of parking rather
than a ten percent loss," said Jim
Cox, Steering Committee member.
"In order to sell this plan to the
County Commissioners, I think we
need to have the same amount of
parking places."
Pail Kissinger, EDSA, said,
"The Master Plan strategy had to
ensure the unique identity of Pen-

IU U 3LkL L 3 lll .. F.t l ll-
sented a new plan which contained
the following elements:
> The VIC moved to the over-
flow parking lot north of the Pen-
sacola Beach Marina
> Three roundabouts replacing
the traffic signal
> Increased parking at Quiet-
water and Flounder's
> The Beach deputy substa-
tion and SRIA offices moved to
the areas near the Fire Station and
> The SRIA site would contain
a surface parking lot and a Sound-
side park for eco-tourism and wa-
ter-based activities
> Park like settings with pe-
destrian underpass from the beach
to the sound
> Pedestrian promenade
> Enhanced walking paths to
outlying businesses like Inidigo
and Grand Marlin

garaLLL, ll pLaLLL LLU VV nl 1U33 Uo
ten percent of the current number
of parking places.
Julian MacQueen commented,
"I love it when someone exceeds
my expectations. I like the pedes-
trian underpass that is less intru-
sive. Please speak to the cost of
this along with the roundabouts.
How can I endorse a project with-
out knowing the cost?"
Paul Weinberg, EDSA re-
sponded, "It is prudent to agree
that we like the concept, but not at
any cost. We will bring back costs
at our next visit and our next level
of planning."
One negative result of this
plan is that it would take parking
away from the Sandshaker which
has had access to the Visitor's Cen-
ter parking lot.
"Parking places at the VIC
was given as the Shaker renovated
and enlarged the structure. Now
this plan takes it away," said Fred

MuL llUl lllelll, ll plallUlls
said they would return with a final
draft of their plan. They will meet
with the Steering Committee, host
a public input session, and meet
with the SRIA board. They will
take this information and prepare
a final plan to be approved by the
SRIA and taken the next day to the
Escambia County Commissioners.
Timeline for these meet-
ings is:
Steering Committee and EDSA meet-
ing February 23, 10 a.m. until noon,
SRIA boardroom
Public Input meeting February 23,
5:30 p.m., Beach Church Fellowship
SRIA meeting February 24, 5 p.m.,
SRIA boardroom
Vote on Final Plan SRIA Full Board
meeting, March 10, 5 p.m., SRIA
All of these meetings are open
to the public's attendance, but not
all allow for public input.

This Newspaper

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[ Krewe of Wrecbh oth Mardi 6rai Parade

( Sunday, February 4

SRols atz p.m.

( Via de Luna to (asino Beach

The UPS Store'

February 9, 2010

Island Times


PAGE 8 Island Times February 9, 2010

Bonjour, Cher. Are you ready?
This is it.
What to wear? Parade Day en-
sembles must be carefully laid out.
Perhaps you think it is unimportant
because there will be so many peo-
ple on the Beach. No one will no-
tice what you have on. For shame.
It's an opportunity to show off to
fifty thousand other people. Be a
peacock. Strut your stuff. Sparkle,
glimmer, shimmer -that is the rule
for Parade Day. Watch the weather.
Early coolness can equate to mid-
day meltdown in your costume.
Layers work.
A real diva will also have the
proper hat and shoes for Parade
Day. Hats are attention getters
and sun blockers but wind grab-
bers, too. Use your noggin when
it comes to head gear and by all
means, be festive.
And, let's turn our attention to
your tootsies. Shoes. This requires
some attention. You will be on
your feet all day walking, danc-
ing, jumping up and down. If you
can do that in strappy, rhinestone
covered heels, go ahead. If not, you
had better find some comfortable
shoes that you can glitter or gild.
Speaking of shoes, old New
Orleans parade trick. When a dou-
bloon or pair of beads worth your
attention hits the ground, step on
them, thus claiming them for your
own. Upon further inspection, if

they are worthy of being picked
up, you can pluck them from un-
derneath your shoe without having
someone stomp on your hand.
Prime parade watching spots
are island-wide, from Flounder's to
the Via de Luna Shopping Center.
Rumor has it that martinis and mar-
garitas are a no-no with the po-po
in public parking lots. So, parade
patrons, don't go astray of the law.
Tuck yourself into a restaurant,
pub or bistro to sip.
Pace yourself on Sunday be-
cause you need to rally for Red
Beans, Monday at 11 in the Casino
Beach parking lot. This is a free
lunch that attracts corporate types
who come from town wearing suits
and die hard Mardi Gras partiers.
Tuck a few dollars into your purse.
They accept donations for local
charities. Red beans are good and
the beer is cold. Dancing is encour-
On Fat Tuesday hook up to a
battery pack for the Krewe of Coma
at the Shaker. Energize yourself!
Beaming and blinking hats are the
dress for this party. Lighted hat
competition is getting bigger every
year. Winning chapeau wearers get
to lead the procession to the Sand-
bar. Drink up because the Shoe
Box Float contest begins at 8 p.m.
at Paradise.
C'est tout. The Mardi Gras
season will be but a memory leav-
ing behind reminders like glitter
in the dustpan and beads on every
The days of Mardi Gras on
the Island are like a first love. It
makes you giddy with excitement
for a few months, but it doesn't
last forever. The Maven shall be
silent henceforth until Twelfth
Night 2011.

Newest Mardi Gras Krewe Reaches Maximum Membership

Membership in the newly
formed Krewe of St. Patrick
has maxed out at 150, so if you
want to join now, you will go
on the waiting list according to
Amy Martin, krewe founder.
The new governing board
and captains were announced
at their January 20 meeting at
McGuire's. Members of the
governing board are Amy Mar-
tin, Lisa Newell, and Karen
Cook Cowen.
The executive board in-
cludes Jeff Elbert, president;
along with Robbie Leggett,
Jody Craney, Linda Pate, Phil
Parker and Rajiv Rajah.
New captains appointed by

Elbert are Albert McEachern,
who will coordinate bus and
float assignments for the Mardi
Gras parades. Bead captain will
be the Beach's Clyde Patroni,
who will be sure each person
receives the beads they have
Cathy Burleigh will take
on the job of the party captain.
She will organize the pre-pa-
rade parties and Elbert said she
would be officially known as
Party Girl Cathy.
Leggett announced that he
has created a Facebook page
for the krewe, so members can
keep up with happenings and

communicate with each other.
The party schedule was set
for the remainder of the Mardi
Gras season.
"There will be a pre-parade
party at McGuire's on Satur-
day while we are loading the
bus," Martin said. "The party
will move to Flounder's on
the Beach on Sunday for the
Wrecks parade."
McGuire will host a Fat
Tuesday party at Flounder's as
a gift to the founding members.
The party will start at 6:30 p.m.
and there is no charge for mem-
bers. Guests will may be invit-
ed at $25 per person.

-w r~.


Di~sufih~tk CanJd& (k (-ifr&

I Af r-

Potter6 Tart Burners' %A

Meters & Tarts All

I on safe tIwuro4 CANDLE


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Tiger Plaza Next to Sonic
Mi 10 6-i S.c- Q 9

fv-Gi- ~arm-


Valentine's Day Bui one, oet

Sone af off

3045 Gulf Breeze Pkwy.
.Gulf Breeze 565-0714
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L Offers good through February 14, 2010.

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Island Times

February 9, 2010

Attorney Tells It Like It Is At Pensacola Beach Advocates Meeting

Judge Michael Jones has an-
other chance to make Pensacola
Beach leaseholders happy. After he
decided against the leaseholders in
their lawsuit to protest Ad Valorem
taxation, attorneys for the local
leaseholders asked that the Judge
schedule a rehearing. Announce-
ment of that date was made at the
Pensacola Beach Advocates meet-
ing on January 28 to the one hun-
dred members who filled the Beach
Church Fellowship Hall.
The motion for rehearing was
granted and the court date is Mon-
day, March 1.
"In this motion I have asked
the Judge to reconsider his previ-
ous decision," said Danny Kepner,
attorney with Shell, Fleming, Da-
vis and Menge.
"I cannot tell you whether
or not to pay your taxes now," he
continued. "We are 0 and 4 on im-
provement suits. You make the de-
If the lawsuit is unsuccessful
on appeal, leaseholders will be as-
sessed 12 percent interest on the
balance due on their tax bills.
Judge Jones based his deci-
sion on the outcome of the Navarre
Beach leaseholders' lawsuit.
"I argued that the Navarre
Beach leases were different from
those on Pensacola Beach," Kepner
said. "Judge Jones agreed that Pen-
sacola Beach does not have per-
petual leases."
The discussion continued as
the residents asked Kepner if the
land would ever be taxed.
The Santa Rosa County Tax
Collector has attempted to tax the
land on Navarre Beach. A hearing
regarding this topic is set for May 7
in Santa Rosa County before Judge
Gary Bergosh.
"I request that everyone pray
hard," Kepner, who also represents
the leaseholders in Santa Rosa
County, said, referring to this case.
The taxing of leased land is
a completely different legal argu-
"The United States govern-
ment has not given up the right to
deed the land its citizens," Kepner
said. "The land is now owned by
Escambia County. It was deeded
to the County by the federal gov-

eminent, and all county owned
property is immune from taxes.
Immune. Immune. Immune from
Kepner also added that under
the laws of the State of Florida, the
improvements can be taxed, but
not the land.
Kepner answered a number of
questions which came to him from
the audience.
The PBA will continue to pur-
sue its interest in this tax case.
Tax Liaison Committee mem-
ber Lila Cox directed PBA mem-
bers to visit www.pbeachtaxsuit.

com or email questions to pbts @t
"We will attempt to get the
answers you are looking for," Lila
Cox said. "We are volunteers, so
our time is not billable like the at-
torneys. This will save the lease-
holders' money in the event that it
is needed for an appeal."
A discussion of the work of
the Steering Committee, which
is participating in the Core Area
Redevelopment and Island Beau-
tification planning process, took
place. EDSA, the Ft. Lauder-
dale based master planning firm,

has presented three conceptual
drawings of the Core Area Rede-
Many of the attendees be-
lieved that the plans were dedi-
cated to the businesses and the
Beach residents would receive
no benefit from the proposals.
PBA president Jim Cox, who
is a Steering Committee member,
said there is a natural resistance
to parking garages. All of the
plans brought by EDSA so far,
have contained parking garages,
so the Steering Committee has
asked for a design which does
not contain a parking garage.
Comments from the audi-
ence ranged from pedestrian
safety and street repair to ferry

103 Baybridge Dr.
Gulf Breeze, FL

G-R-E-A-T J-O-B! Sandy Sansing, left, awards Beach School graduate Ja-
mie Seabrooke second place in the Middle School Spelling Bee. Jamie is a
straight A student at Woodlawn Beach Middle School.

Bank of the South Island Branch
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Mon Thurs

9 4:30
9 5:30


systems and trolley upgrades.
Cox explained to the group
that after one plan is adopted
it will have to be "sold" to the
County Commissioners since
the funding for some of the
projects will come from an in-
crease in the toll fees to the
Beach. The Commissioners set
the toll amount.
An update on the February
2 Steering Committee meeting is
on page 7 of this issue.
Membership in the PBA is
open to all leaseholders and those
who have a business interest
in Pensacola Beach at an annual
charge of $30 per membership.
For more information, visit www.

G. Daniel Green, MAI, SRA
State-Cert. Gen. REA#RZ836
Real Estate Broker #BK176669

G. Daniel Green

Commercial & Residential Appraisal, Consulting & Sales

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Pensacola Beach Real Estate sales and Transactions update:
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February 9, 2010

Island Times


Beach Chamber Readies St. Paddy's Day Festival

Thirty-seven members of
the Pensacola Beach Chamber
of Commerce met on January 29
and began a whirlwind of activity
geared toward the spring months.
"I am thrilled and excited
about the new attitude of coopera-
tion with the Pensacola Chamber
and Convention Bureau," Jeff El-
bert, president said. "This is a new
era. There is now a three Chamber
roundtable meeting to share infor-
mation on how the money avail-
able can best be spent to serve the
community as a whole."
Ed Schroeder, vice president
of the Pensacola Bay Area Cham-
ber, made a presentation to the

Beach Chamber and presented a
new logo which says "Visit Pen-
sacola" with the two destinations
of Pensacola Beach and Perdido
Key below it.
"This design is bright and
fun," Schroeder said. "We also are
launching a new website to assist
Chamber committees have
been hard at work finalizing the
details of the five day celebration
in March, called "Go Irish on the
Island." The stops for the famous
St. Paddy's Day Pub Crawl are al-
ready set. They include Sidelines,
Paddy O'Leary's, Paradise Bar and
Grill, Lillo's Tuscan Grill, Crabs

Pensacola Beach resident and business owner Pandora de Balthazar, right,
was honored in ceremonies at the Governor's Mansion in Tallahassee last
month for her work with area foster children. Governor Charlie Crist recog-
nized her as a Point of Light, a program to acknowledge those who make a
difference in their communities.

!L Steam Clean
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Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner
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4^- w -11IL- Ii

We Got 'Em, The Dock, Floun-
der's, Capt'n Fun, Bullfeathers,
Bamboo Willie's, SurfBurger, Sa-
bine Sandbar, and the Sandshaker.
The historic event is always filled
with specials, prizes, souvenirs,
and the coveted St. Paddy's Pub
Crawl t-shirts.
For more information about
Beach Chamber events, go to www.
Reports from the Chamber
Roundtable reflected a spirit of op-
timism, with spring projects look-
ing good.
"We have had a great Mardi
Gras season at the Shaker," Bev-
erly Boswell, co-owner said.

RECYCLE > Bring paper,
cardboard, junk mail, plastics,
newspapers or aluminum cans
to the green recycling centers
located at Ft. Pickens Gate Park
and Cowley Park.

Linda Taylor Murphy


Now's the time to make a
real estate purchase.
Call today!
cell: 850-748-0865
office: 850-934-3233


Mike McLaughlin said, "We
had a great second summer as the
season came through. This will be
our break out year."
Deandra Holcomb, manager of
SurfBurger, told the members they
had a special for Beach School stu-
dents who get free meals with their
parents' purchase.
Jim Cox, JLSC Properties,
commended Chamber President
Jeff Elbert for the work he is do-
ing as the Chamber representative
on the Core Area Redevelopment

and Island Beautification Steering
Committee. Elbert owns Island
Style Pensacola Beach and Na-
varre and two Tiki Jake's stores.
The next membership meet-
ing will be on Tuesday, February
23 at 8:30 a.m. at the Days Inn.
The Business After Hours will be
at Lillo's Tuscan Grill at 5:30 p.m.
the same day.
For more information about
Chamber membership, call Execu-
tive Director Maureen Lamar at

Congratulations Nan Harper
Florida State President
of Realtors

sland Realty ISLAND REALTY
916-7188 850-293-9321

Ready To


Dennis Remesch

GULF BREEZE CHARMING- 3/2 $169,900. Split floor plan.
Great room, fireplace, new flooring, fenced. Two car ga-
rade. Close to beaches, shopping, golfing and fishing.
Lots for Sale
GULF BREEZE from $49.900 $119.900. Build your home.
PENSACOLA $56,900. Call to see this.
Homes for Sale
GULF BREEZE This is a keeper. 3/2 $142,000.
PENSACOLA Three BR/1 Bath: perfect starter $93,900

RF/M (

See additional listings at
www. denrem.com


Island Times

February 9, 2010

BUSINESS BUZZ.............................

Susan Kennedy at JME Vaca-
tions places ads for wonderful is-
land bungalows and beach homes
for rent in Island Times. She sent
this note, "The condo we had ad-
vertised rented almost immedi-
ately! The guy was sitting in Side-
lines, reading the Island Times, and
saw our ad."
Mario Roberts at Island Style
has designed a Thirtieth Anniver-
sary Mardi Gras on the Island bead.
Better grab them soon. This is the
only year they will be for sale.
Check out the pages of this
edition for all the Mardi Gras par-
ties and events. The easy solution
to beating the post parade traf-
fic is park yourself on the dance
floor at the Shaker or Paradise for
some boogie time. Or slide into
any Beach restaurant for a lei-
surely meal. Stay on island time,
since Monday is a federal holiday,
there's no reason to shift gears.
The Krewe of Wrecks have a
decades old tradition of hosting a

So What's

the StoryP
The largest oral history proj-
ect ever attempted, StoryCorps,
is sending a mobile booth to re-
side in Pensacola from February
11 March 13, recording stories
of ordinary citizens. StoryCorps
has been collecting stories since
2003. The project involves mobile
units which criss-cross the United
States, stopping for about a month
at a time in a community to record
stories. The stories are then ar-
chived at the US Library of Con-
gress Folk Life Center. Segments
are broadcast Fridays on NPR's
Morning Edition at 88.1 FM.
Information about how to par-
ticipate in StoryCorps in Pensacola
can be found at wuwf.org.

street dance on the Saturday before
the parade. The first dances did in-
deed spill into the street which was
never a problem because not many
people were driving down Via de
Luna in February. The Wrecks
have moved up in the world and
now their street dance swirls onto
Dale's Big Deck located at the Sa-
bine Sandbar. No need to belong
to a certain krewe, just be a party
person and you are invited. Starts
about 1 p.m. on Saturday, February
13. At some point, some dancers
may make a sojourn into the street.
Be there.
The Food Network sent a film
crew to McGuire's Irish Pub in
Pensacola. The heralded Pensacola
eatery was the subject of a recent
show, the only problem occurred
when they expected the pub pa-
trons to remain silent during some
of the shots. Silence is not golden
during Happy Hour at McGuire's.
The surfing Saints fans at
SurfBurger on Pensacola Beach,
put The Who Dat Burger on the
menu in honor of the New Or-
leans Saints' march to the Super-
bowl. This burger sports four 1/3
pound patties, Swiss and American
cheese, bacon, chili and is served

Say I


On the Beach.

for small,
casual beach
side weddings
officiant and

packages start at $250

with SurfBurger's famous sticks or
sweet hula fries. Who Dat say they
can finish that burger? Hurry in -
this menu item may march away
Supervisor of Elections David
Stafford wants you to visit his
office's newly revamped website,
www.EscambiaVotes.com. More
information like election results
precinct-by-precinct, voter regis-
tration stats and campaign finance
information in an easy-to-read for-
mat, while the navigation of the
new site is much simpler and intui-
Danah Gibson reported that
690 Naugas came to the Cham-
pagne Breakfast and Native Noon-
time Ball, January 23 at The Dock.
The Silent Auction and pet photo
contests earned money for the Pen-
sacola Humane Society. The illu-
sive tribe has gone back into hiding
until next year.
Jeff Cournoyer at Jandles on
Highway 98 has added gifts and
lamps to his already famous candle
inventory. No reason to fumble
around looking for the perfect Val-
entine's Day gift. Score at his Gulf
Breeze store.


Hollywood starlets arrived at the Mystic Krewe of Nereids Masquerade Ball,
January 30. Gracing the dance floor at the Ball are (front, L to R): Kathi Lewis,
Marilyn LeNormand and Ella Hess. Back row, (Lto R): Bonnie McDonald, Pau-
lette Provost, Queen Courtney Winstead's likeness and King Jim Winstead.
photo courtesy of Barrier Island Girl

731 Pens Beach Blvd. Pensacola Beach (Across from the Boardwalk) 850.932.22111




rger To honor of the
C New Orleans


paln V iter
Burgers Shakes

Fries Cold B(


Waterfront Dining BRIN(
500 Quietwater Beach Blvd
Pensacola Beach 932-1417
Upstairs from Key Sailing Party

4 one-third pound
patties, Swiss &
American Cheese,
& bacon & chili.
Who Dat gonna
eat this burger!

People Welcome

February 9, 2010

Island Times


Page 12 Island Times February 9, 2010

^ i^'^prwe ai fm.

According to my passport,
I am technically a GRILL, a girl
raised in lower Louisiana, a.k.a.
New Orleans. This happens to
make me part of that wonder-
ful group known as GRITS, girls
raised in the south. What I can't
seem to get my friends and hus-
band to understand is that I will
never be a GRIM, a girl raised in
Maryland. And though I've been
told my smile is cute and flirta-
tious, that does not relate me in any
way, shape or form, to a GRIN, a
girl raised in the north. This is why
I am having a tough go this winter.
Last weekend, The Kid com-
peted in a swim meet. It was hosted
by his team; therefore, one parent
from each family was required to
work. I am certified USA Swim-
ming Stroke and Turn judge, so I
was lucky enough to get to spend
all Friday evening, all day Sat-
urday and all day Sunday mak-
ing sure each swimmer competed
within the specified rules. The Col-
onel chose to time every session.
Before we left the competition on
Friday evening, the meet director
announced that the local forecast
was only calling for a dusting of
snow, so "coaches make sure your
swimmers arrive by 6:30 a.m. for
Saturday's warm-up."
While making my infamous
crock pot baked ziti to take to the
concession stand on Saturday, I
asked the Colonel if we should
load up the Range Rover with a
snow shovel and winter survival
gear just in case. Giving me the
classic BRINE (boy raised in
northeast) look, he just casually
said that it was only going to be a
dusting and the Prius would do just
fine. Turning the crock pot on low
for its six hour cook time, I headed
off to bed with the foolish notion
Humane Society of Pensacola.
5 North Q Street, just west of cor-
ner of Navy and Pace Blvd. 850-
432-4250. Adopt a pet and bring
a new member into
egot your family. There
a*k are lots of cats and
kittens for adoption.

of "The Colonel must be right
because I am just a GRILL and I
don't know nothing about birthing
no snow babies."
As we drove down to the state-
of-the-art aquatics complex at St.
Mary's College, a slight dusting of
snow began to fall. The briny Col-
onel was actually right. The little
red hybrid was handling the roads
just fine. After all, nothing was
sticking. Just yet. Within 30 min-
utes it was a full blown snow storm
and by noon, white out conditions.
When we finally left the college on
Saturday night, 12 and half hours
after we had arrived, 14 plus inch-
es of white fluffy stuff had fallen
from the sky. Plows had made at
least three passes through the park-
ing lot and the Prius was nowhere
to be found. No snow shovel. No
four-wheel drive. Just a GRILL,
a BRINE and The Kid whose wet
hair was frozen solid.
Eventually we were able to dig
our way out with a kick board and
like the little engine that could, the
Prius made the 15 mile trip back
home through somewhat plowed
streets without one slip or slide. We
drove the Range Rover on Sunday.


So as I write my column, I
now know that Punxstawny Phil
saw his shadow and we are all in
for another 6 weeks of winter. The
weather forecasters in Southern
Maryland are predicting at least 4
more inches of snow tonight and
another massive storm over the
Well it's a good thing that
shadow-seeing ground hog makes
him home above the Mason-Dixon
Line, because unlike a GRIN, most
true GRITS that I know would
have hunted him down, skinned
him alive, dredged him in a little
egg and flour, fried him up and
served him on a stick. Yum. Tastes
just like chicken.
Until next time...

Shoe Box Float Contest I

Tuesday, feb 16 at 8 pm

SParadise Bar and Inn

Adults and Kids Categories
Enter Today


7ay Golf and Games open 85

18 Holes of Fantasy Golf

ABSOLUTE BEST in Miniature Golf

Rachael Moore won the Krewe of Nauga Costume Contest January 23 at The
Dock in her Hal 9000 costume. The theme was "2010 A Space Naugessy" and
a record 690 Naugas attended the event.

See what
the Locals
Are Buzzing

y & Night

Fri Sun
all for hours




Awesome Arcade
3600sf of Fun
Look for New Games
Hot Chocolate &

SSidline &CrabsLookIrtheWatera ll, Stay for h Ihe u

Full Bar Flat Screen Televisions

Indoor or Outdoor Dining with
Sunday Brunch Executive
11 to 2pm Chef Willie
$1.99 Bloody Marys Eberlin invites
99 Cent Mimosas you to have a
On the Boardwalk

a waterview
Prime Rib Special
Every Wednesday Nlte

Lunch Specials

Happy Hour
Everyday 4-6 PM


February 9, 2010 Island Times PAGE 13

Falgout Brothers Battle At The Poker Tables

Texas Hold 'Em 4444 Fun
tables hosted a house full of char-
acters during January. Poets played
and brothers faced off during
games held at Paddy O'Leary's in
downtown Pensacola Beach. Fa-
mous hero and poet Mike "Wipe-
out" Willett outlasted a field of
sixteen players to make his way
to the winner's circle on January
23. The runner up was the King of
Beach Poker Justin Scher, who has
been named January's Player of the
Month. Pistol Pete Falgout battled
his brother Fast Freddie Falgout
in a best of the bluffers match on
January 24. Pistol Pete pulled the
trigger at the final table and took all
the chips.
Action on January 26 put Jus-
tin Scher at the top of the winner's
list when he beat Kristin Larmier
in the final.
The top players in their divi-

sions went head to head on January
28. Top female player Billie Urqu-
hart finished ahead of Justin Scher,
who was representing the guys.
A great crowd of players
showed up on January 30 to battle
on a chilly afternoon at Paddy's.
Chris Haskin went into the final
table with the chip lead and held it
until the final showdown. Kristin
Larmier battled to a four-chip lead.
Chris came roaring back in the next
few hands to claim the win. Mike
Wood was third. The tourney last-
ed over five hours.
Pete Falgout defended his win
last week taking out Tootie Hum-
phrey in the final on the last day of
The Sandshaker Lounge is
the Monday Night place to be. No
more football, so you might as well
join the Poker crowd. James Taylor
posted his first ever win on Janu-

ary 25 beating a field of 17 play-
ers. The game started at 7 p.m. and
lasted until midnight.
Big Jerry Limle made a late
charge on February 1 to take out
chip leader and first timer Jared
Salley, USN. Salley is a new Pen-
sacola resident from California.
Tex Atkinson was a strong third.
Mike and Mary Kay Wood provid-
ed refreshments.
Texas Hold 'Em 4444 Fun is
open to those 21 and over who have
a basic knowledge of the game.
"It's always good cards and
good fun," said Poker Promoter
Rick Uzdevenes. "Our regular
players are like a big family and
welcome the newbies in just like
they have been here their entire
lives. Come join us sometime and
see for yourself."
For more information, call the
Poker Hotline at 324-2667.

One stop shop for the watersports enthusiasts

Pensacola Beach
at the Boardwalk


Call for
Store Hours

Catamarans Parasailing Waverunners Kayaks Boat Rentals

Valid only for Wednesdays' drop
Can not be accumulated with any other offer
Dry Cleaning, Laundry, Suede & Leather, Alterations, Wash & Fold, etc

Cull.,eee e 14 .Cull re :e E ... 932.2565
Tiger Poini 94 1 Gulf Bree;e PkF,,, 916-9437







Pete and Freddie Falgout battled at the poker tables
at Paddy's on January 24. Pistol Pete was the victor.

Mary Kay Wood is a regular at the poker tables. The L IVERED TO HE 1 T
cards may not always go her way, but the food she
prepares and shares with the Texas Hold gang is al-
ways a winner. Jerry Lime, right, was the champ at NDE

the Shaker on February 1.

Pensacola each, A.
1uivr (a1r

Tuesday & Thursdays 7 to 11
Karaoke with John Hundley
Wednesday 7 to 11
Tim Spencer plays your favorites
Paul and Dennis perform
Saturday, Feb. 13 Street Dance 1 PM
Saturday, Feb. 20 The Blenders
Check our calendar at www.DalesBigDeck.com

715 Pensacola Beach Blvd at the Sabine Marina
Next to the Yacht Club South of the Elk's Lodge
850-934-3141 Open Everyday at 9 a.m.


Pensacola Beach's news

available worldwide

r- S
Mri Ga
Stee Danc

Boie In

L Ioply -

February 9, 2010

Island Times



Mostly Nuts & Bolts Weekly Schedule
By Candy Segar -
n...V i-

Peggy and George Henshall glided across the Elk's Lodge dance floor during
the Mystic Krewe of Nereids Masquerade Ball, January 30. George served as
King during 2009.

Vic Mitchell and his pretty wife Elaine danced the night away at the Mystic
Krewe of Nereids Masquerade Ball, January 30. Elaine served as Queen dur-

ing 2009.

native cafe
ill /h( (- -/ e 'ileI,/ w ie t lU//h v// i/h/aI 'IL '

Breakfast & Lunch
O I .... \ I I,, 1<,I11 \ I I IIII M I II % -,
.. 1111 Gi I Cl..,I Gi I F Im I G.. N %1 i
I rdi Gras Bei2nels served Feb 12-16

45 A Via (le Luna 934-4848


Nalives say our
Fish Tacos
are Ihe best
7:30 AM 3 PM

The past sixteen years has
been a roller coaster of revelations;
particularly, concerning food. My
stomach dislikes wheat, gluten and
now meat. So what's a body to do?
Go macrobiotic! I had heard about
macrobiotic diets from the 1960's
to the present. But it seemed both
extreme and rather difficult to bal-
ance the yin (feminine aspect) and
the yang (masculine aspect) of
food. That was then, this is now.
Enter a wonderful book entitled,
"The Hip Chic's Guide To Macro-
biotics," by Jessica Porter.
The book is hilarious and
filled with brief blips of Porter's
life ranging from cooking to sex.
Jessica Porter eases the reader into
this lifestyle of eating. Nothing
militant or radical here. And if you
want meat or chocolate occasion-
ally that's fine.
Well, I decided to jump in
with both feet. My first acquisition
was a good rice cooker. I threw
in brown rice, lentils, sea salt and
jalapenos. I now eat jalapenos for
breakfast. I was describing the
sensation of eating jalapenos to
my sister, Shelley. I told her about
the warmth that flows throughout
my body. She must have seen the
glazed look in my eyes because
she told me the peppers contain
capsaicin which causes a release of
endorphins in the body. It is better
than chocolate.
What do you want for Valen-
tines Day, honey? JALAPENOS!

includes tax
& shipping

Send your check
or money order
made payable to:
Shelley Ink
c/o Island Times
P.O. Box 844

And I don't make these statements
My whole body feels better,
and I have a lot more energy. The
other thing I noticed is my sugar
cravings vanished. I am serious. I
would rather have a jalapeno high
than a sugar high. It's that good.
I have a batch cooking right now.
And my only other comment is
this it's a lifestyle of eating that
is very calming, peaceful and just
downright groovy!

Happy Birthday
* (had Harvey

An Even Dozen

february ii, 100

Monday: Sandshaker. 7 PM
Tuesday:Paddy O'Leary's.7 PM
Thursday: Paddy O'Leary's,7PM
Saturday: Paddy O'Leary's, 3PM
Sunday:Paddy O'Leary's.7 PM

9 Texas Hold 'Im 4444 fun

Poker Hotline 3Z4-Z667

j 850-932-2323
Ask about our STORRIE
specials for I
Island Times readers A 3 A AJ
Climate & Non Climate Control Self Storage I
Boat Parking Moving, Storing, Packing Supplies I

15 McClure Dr., Gulf Breeze storage-advantage.com I

How did it all start?

Who was there?

Learn the history

df Mardi Gras on

Pensacola Beach

Gulf Breeze, FL 32562
No 0



Island Times

February 9, 2010

February 9, 2010 Island Times PAGE 15






"Copyrighted Material

Syndicated Content --

Available from Commercial News Pro

e =

Core Area Redevelopment and Island Beautification Public Input
Session on Draft of Final Plan Tuesday, FEB 23 at 5:30 p.m.
Beach Church Fellowship Hall -All are welcome to attend.


. .

Real Estate For Sale

Who needs a bank? Owner will
finance at 6% interest with 20%
down on this 115 Ft Sound Front
lot. MLS# 382730. $374,900.
Fred Simmons, Paradise Coastal
Realty 850-232-2188.

BEACH, Sound side, 2800 sq. ft.,
4 bd, 3.5, bth, 2 car g., 3 levels,
wrap around balconies, spectacular
views, beach outside door. Ameni-
ties: courtyard, pool & large dock.
$429,000. Call 850-516-7635 or

viders" $79,900. Call today. Dennis
Remesch, Re/Max on the Coast,
850-384-7607; www.denrem.com

Real Estate For Sale
GOT LAND? 0 Down for all land
owners. All Credit OK. Clayton
Homes of Crestview. 850-682-3344
Up To $8,000 FREE First Time
Home Buyers and Current Home
Owners call to inquire. Clayton
Homes of Crestview for pricing at
available. No credit or Bad Credit.
No problem. 10 years...$450/month.
Call Clayton Homes of Crestview for
details. 850-682-3344
Used Home. $15,000. Call for De-
tails. 850-683-0856
S Commercial 3
Great for restaurant or retail. Call
to inquire. 850-324-2763
so -MN

- e em

I Steel Buildings

Steel Buildings. Factory Deals-
Save Thousands. 30x40 100x200.
Can Erect/Will Deliver.
www.scg-grp.com Source 1EM
352-505 4558.

RealEstate For Rent
Pensacola Beach Vacations Rent-
als. Call for the BEST RATES on
Beachfront condos an beach homes.
Toll Free 800-242-3224. Visit online
FRONT SUITE on Sound, beautiful
views, dock, pool. Sleeps 5. Montly,
weekly or daily. 4th night free. Go
to www.vrbo.com/239465 or call

Beautiful 2 BR, 1 bath Guest
Home. Fireplace, all built-ins, wash-
er & dryer. Patio & Privacy fenced.
Cable and Lawn Service paid. Fur-
nished or Unfurnished. $700. 850-
458-1429 or 850-602-0856.

3 Bedroom House/2 Bath 2
Car Garage/Large fenced back-
yard. *Some Furnishings Available.
Quiet neighborhood in Heart of Gull
Breeze Proper.
A Deal at $950 per month

Delivery/Cleaning Service

KEH Services Valentine's
Special. Let your sweetheart
relax, give the gift of a person-
alized home cleaning.
Call Karen 850-619-7493
karenhagford@bellsouth. net

| extra extra... read all about IT |

Island Times, in your mailbox, every other week! |


Send a check for $32
made payable to Shelley Ink
Mail to:
PO Box 844
Gulf Breeze, FL 32562-0844




--- -------------------------------------------------- El


February 9, 2010

Island Times




O w Q

- e

CLASSIFIED ADS are $5 for 20 words. Additional words are 10 cents each. Send ad with check made
payable to Shelley Ink, P.O. Box 844, Gulf Breeze, FL 32562.




"Copyrighted Material
a ft

*c Syndicated Content.

p Available from Commercial News Provide


m -

* -$

b W
~ ~v -.



-0- -


." -

0. ~
Plow"aarem" 0"


Mardi Gras on the Island 30th Krewe of Wrecks Red Beans and Rice Krewe of Coma Shoe Box Float
FREE EVENTS Mardi Gras Parade Luncheon r'O Coronation Contest
OPEN TO Sunday, February 14 Monday, February 15 &) Tuesday, February 16 I) Tuesday, February 16
THE PUBLIC 2 p.m. Via de Luna 11 a.m. Casino Beach 7 p.m. Sandshaker 8 p.m. Paradise

Island Times February 9, 2010

% W 0- 414


Island Times

February 9, 2010

10 a ,




February 9, 2010 Island Times PAGE 17

ri c~r1

74 5c440 1d1t P& 01111<

The grades are in and the fol-
lowing Pensacola Beach Elemen-
tary School students were named
to the All A and A-B Honor Roll.
Please note that the Third
Grade Honor Roll student's names
will be published in the next edition.

Margie Pitts' 5th Grade Class
A Honor Roll
Colin Adams
Logan Bruce
Benton Byrd
Shelby Dunne
Kylie Finkbone
Jack Flores
Maddie Grace McCurdy
Reddon McLaurine
Reilly Thompson

A-B Honor Roll
Mary Elliott
Justin Fruitticher
Daniel Green
Patrick Hodges
Josh Priest

Susan McLeod's 4th Grade Class
A Honor Roll
Abby Jacobs
Hanah Mabire
Macy Mateer
Meredith McCurdy
Zofia Uszok

A-B Honor Roll
Blair Amberson
Ashling Boyle
Bryce Callahan
Jeffery Cartwright Doyle
Kelsey Gallagher
Avery Gibson
Caroline Hadden
Ali Salazar
Patrick Seigh
Justin Smoker
Katelyn Stahl
Lauren Stokes
John Sweet

Debbie Campanella's 2nd Grade
A Honor Roll
Tanner Braxton
Sophie Faircloth
Lydia Moore Metzger

A-B Honor Roll
Sofie Babcock

Cali Hargrove
Toler Keigley
Matthew McCurdy
Caleb Sampson
Jon Smith

Kelli Gunter's 1st Grade Class
A Honor Roll
Hannah Buchalter
Taylor Farej
Lauren Feltenberger
Kai Hoffert
Max Mateer
Ryland McCurdy
Mia Montgomery
James Parks
Gabriella Rice
John Turk

A-B Honor Roll
Macy Claire Cronin
Jack Dolister
Jenna Merritt
Joey Merritt
Patrick Porterfield Jr.
Jocelyn Reeves
Briley Shaw
Lauren Thompson
Aaron Vann
Bridgett Wolfe

Pensacola Beach Elemen-
tary School graduates attend sixth
through twelfth grades in Gulf
Breeze. The following former
Beach School students have earned
all As during the second nine week

grading period at Gulf Breeze High
School: Senior Marc Sessa; Juniors
Jennifer Dolfie and Elle Wade;
Freshmen Patrick Dunne and Eric
These students are on the A-B
Honor Roll: Seniors Omari Kali-
Baines, Brad Foley and George
Weisnicht; Juniors Shelby Hobbs,
Cassie Lane, Michelle Moraes and
Caroline Waghalter; Sophomore
John Baldwin; Freshmen Thomas
Fitzgerald, Kyle Fogel, Adam Fol-
ey, Alexa McKnight and Oceane
Monday, February 15 is Presi-
dent's Day. Schools are closed.


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* Caller ID, Call Waiting & More.

Call Now! wl

1-877-560-1847 Mediacom)
*OFFER EXPIRES 2/21/10 AND IS AVAILABLE ONLY TO QUALIFIED NEW RESIDENTIAL ACCOUNTS. Customer must subscribe to Family Cable Service, Digital Cable, Mediacom Online high-speed Internet and Mediacom Phone service to receive this
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customer premise equipment and operating system required for Internet access service and phone service. i .. i .. .. .... h. I. .... I .. .1.1 1 1 I,,., I I ,1
state and local taxes, governmental regulatory fees and surcharges, if any, are additional. Offer may not be . .. .. ... ............ 11...
service features, specifications, terms and conditions may vary among areas. Other charges, conditions, requirements and restrictions may apply. Call your local Mediacom office for complete details. Mediacom phone service is provided by an affiliate of
MCC Telephony, LLC; a Mediacom company. Mediacom is a registered trademark of Mediacom Communications Corporation.
tStandard installations utilize existing wiring and do not include special wiring work, installation or repair of outlets or any other special installation procedures for which additional charges apply. MW5495 F13



February 9, 2010

Island Times



Son thii g


Mardi Gras,
on the Island
Krewe of Wrecks Parade
Sunday, February 14
2 p.m.
Rain or Shine

PAGE 18 Island Times February 9, 2010

Time for Change
As we charge off into the new
year, it's time to make changes in
your life for the better. Often, we
defer to others to hear what life is
going to bring. Will the economy
improve? Will our taxes rise? Will
the President mess up or make up?
Well, life is short, and waiting
around to see what the world will
bring will make you old and dull.
Take the bull by the horns and
make change happen in your own
life, and watch that message grow
as others around you see the re-
Be your own best example,
and reap the rewards.
Here are just a few sugges-
* Take just one bad habit and ex-
change it for a good one.
* Add an exercise to your daily
chores, burning those calories
while you accomplish things
for you, your family, and those
around you.
* Better yet, stop dieting and cre-
ate a lifestyle feast for yourself
that's yummy, healthy, and full
of good calories, rather than bad
* Focus on the life you really
want to have, and make it hap-
pen. Take the steps necessary
to make your own dreams come
Why? It's simple to make
you better. Your own personal
performance in life is what you
are, and how you are represented
in life. No kidding. That old say-
ing: you are what you eat? Well,
it will sure show on you later.
You can bet on that!
The same way that sleep de-
privation will surprise you one
day when your body suddenly
shares that message with you.
So, take the time today to assess
just one thing you can do to make
you better.
For those of you who have
already taken steps to make your
life the best it can be, here's an-
other suggestion, volunteer today

and make someone else's life bet-
ter. Right on.
There are truly a lot of grateful
people out there who need small
but important things. Here are just
a few you might try:
* Mentor an Independent Liv-
ing Child They are too old for
the foster care system so they
are out on their own at 18, try-
ing to balance their life, go to
school, figure out why their
debit card let them overdraft
when they had no money in the
account, and stay out of trou-
ble, and could really use some
good, mature advice.
* Clean out your closets Fos-
ter kids and Independent living
kids need those good but gen-
tly used sheets, furniture, sets
of dishes you just look at but
don't use any more; and even
the vacuum cleaner you have
just replaced but not donated
* Check on the elderly in your
own neighborhood often they
are lonely, perhaps even de-
pressed at their place in life,
and a few kind words from you,
or an offer to shop for their gro-
ceries could be just the thing to
make them smile warmly, and
create a glow in their life.
* Have a truck? Offer to make
deliveries of donated furniture to
those who don't have transporta-
tion to pick it up. That's right. We
store donated furniture for the fos-
ter children, Independent Living
Children, and foster families. Of-
ten, they cannot pick it up, because
they don't have transportation, or
don't have a vehicle large enough
to pick up a sofa.
Don't know where to start? I
can help with that. You can become
part of Team Make A Difference
which is an all volunteer, grass
roots organization dedicated to
changing the socio-economic face
of our community.
We are focused on raising the hopes
and goals of the foster children and
children in need in our community.

There is no staff, there are no dues,
no meetings, and no obligations.
Imagine that! If you have, you
give. If you can, you do. If you
cannot, you don't. Simple.
Communication is by email,
word of mouth, and referral. Email
me: pandora @tpandoradebaltha-
zar.com and you get on the list.
Simple. Tell me what you would
like to do, if you know.
Drop by my shop on Heinberg
Street, behind McGuire's and put
a face to your email, and you'll
see what and how we do what we
do. Bring your contributions of
furniture or funds to 698 E. Hein-
berg St., Suite 103, Pensacola, FI
32562-0789, or call 850-432-4777
for directions.
It's time for change. I encour-
age each of you to take a step out
of your own path today, and help
us make our community a better
place. You shall never regret it.
Comfort and Joy to share that
with others is an incredible oppor-
tunity to "pay it forward" and make
change in your own life. Take time
to do it today.

Pensacola Beach Woman's Club members were entertained and touched
by featured speaker Dr. Emily Baird's stories at their January meeting at the
Beach Church Fellowship Hall. Club Secretary Patty Lou Kattner, left, and
Treasurer Nancy Wyse, right, congratulated Baird, center, on her lifetime of
achievements which included the founding of the Pensacola Favor House
and returning to college after raising four children.

Pensacola Beach Woman's Clubbers never miss a chance to party. They
toasted the January Birthday Ladies at their January 21 luncheon meeting.
Blowing out candles are (L to R): Jacki Hope, Cindy Gant, Sheryl Collier, Liz
Knaus, Jo Ann Robertson, and Marilyn Lazear. The Club meets monthly at
the Beach Church Fellowship Hall and will participate in the Krewe of Wrecks
Mardi Gras parade February 14.

Get Well Feel Good Look Great
Integrating traditional health management with natural and alternative approaches

Dr. Tracey Pinkston

* New Patients Welcome
* Medicare & Tricare
* 10 miles fr.im Bacli
* Call for AppniIIn1t101


Women's Health
Chronic Illness
4 Hormone Replacement

4300 Bayou Blvd
Suite 5 Pensacola

The Core Area Redevelopment and Island Beautification
Plan Draft Final presentation will be made to the public
Tuesday, February 23 at 5:30 p.m. at the Beach Church
Fellowship Hall. All interested Beach residents are
encouraged to attend. Comments and suggestions will be
accepted by the master land planners, EDSA.

family: / Mon 9 to 5
I u& Th9 to 9
W&F 9to7
Sat 10 to 5




Island Times

February 9, 2010

February 9. 2010 Island Times PAGE 19

reading' the water

by Saltwater Rick

M As I'm writ-
ing readingn
the water," it's
Groundhog Day and it's 71 de-
grees on the back porch and very
sunny. My dog Salty and his side-
kick Camellia The Cat are sunning
themselves in the yard. I'm watch-
ing Chuck Berry show the kids
how to do it.
Anyway, the weather is go-
ing to make the critters in the wa-
ter stir and if you aren't planning
anything else, it's Pompano sea-
son! The tastiest fish on the coast
and they are cruisin' the shallows
of the Gulf within reach of any an-

gler with a fishing rod and a sand
flea or two.
The grass beds in the Santa
Rosa Sound are crawling with
Speckled Trout. Live shrimp are
the dinner of choice for these ba-
bies, but the fun lies in the top wa-
ter action. Your favorite lure and
a light rod and reel and you are
into another place far away from
all the noise and nastiness of the
real world.
You just can't beat fishing in
Northwest Florida. So, what are
you waiting for? Do yourself a fa-
vor, go fishing' and take a Kid with

Take A Kid


Anne Eubanks, left, and her husband, Retired Gulf Islands National
Seashore Superintendent Jerry Eubanks at his retirement reception,
held January 22 at the Live Oaks Visitor's Center. Eubanks served as
Superintendent of the Seashore which included Fort Pickens for 25
years. The couple will travel and Jerry will catch up on honey-do's.

Trail Association Keeps Members Active

The Florida Trail Association
is dedicated to keeping a busy Ac-
tivity Calendar for members and
guests. The following events have
been set by the group.
Hike: Saturday, February 13,
at 8:15 a.m. Join the hike on the
Nokuse Trail in Walton County,
FL. Contact Bob Deckert at (850)
Campout: Friday thru Sunday
February 12-14. A weekend of hik-
ing and camping at Cheaha State
ParkinAnniston, AL. Contact Peg-
gy Grantham at (850) 723-7924.
Meeting: Thursday, February
18, at 6:30 p.m. Monthly meeting
of the Florida Trail Association at
First Christian Church. Visitors
welcome. Details: (850) 932-0125
Cycling: Friday thru Saturday,
February 19-20. Join the Florida
Trail Association for a weekend of
bicycling and camping at the Bear
Lake Recreation Area in the Black-
water River State Forest. Contact
Paula Fries @ (850) 683-0803.
Clean-up: Sunday, February
21, at 8:30 a.m. Volunteers are
needed for trail maintenance on the
Yellow River Ravines Trail. Con-
tact Ed Williamson @ (850) 474-
Hike: Saturday February 27,
8:00 a.m. Hike at Tarkiln Bayou
Preserve State Park. Contact Bob
Browder at (850) 554-7255.

Maintenance: Every Tuesday
and Thursday at 8 a.m. Volunteers
are needed for trail maintenance in
the Blackwater River Forest and
Eglin AFB. Contact Steve Kuhar at
(850) 994-5944.
Everyone is welcome to join.
For more information go to www.

IHandyman& *.

Repair Service

Free Estimiates
Qialiii \\ ork
Fair Price

Wayne Mattair


Licensed & Insured
Santa Rosa & Escambia Counties

Weath 'ord
Four Scsn Appa~rel

HiIniii (% B ikIp I.Iiii'2
S.j0,no'%'Ski \ppmcl
Rock~ ( Iiiibiii, Cjc Ropc\, & SIioc,

Portofino Gulf View
Best value for Gulf facing unit!
2 BR/ 2.5 BA $360,000
This is NOT a short sale. Great Gulf view
unit that comes with 3 parking spots. Portofino is
one of the premier resorts on the Gulf Coast. This
unit has the most spectacular view of the Gulf of
Mexico and Intracoastal Waterway. Enjoy fabulous
sunsets from your balcony while cooking on your
outdoor grill. European spa and lifestyle center
offers dining, poolside bar &
f grill, incredible fitness center,
heated lagoon pools and hot
tubs, 25 meter indoor heated
pool, 5 rubico clay tennis
bS-- ."/ courts. Portofino Adventures
offers kayaking, parasailing,
3 sailing, fishing trips.


Broker Associate/Realtor
Direct: 850-377-3145
Office: 850-916-7188

1 I 309Es evnts*4322

February 9. 2010

Island Times


Best Seafood
n Pensacol

Fresh Gulf seafood charbroiled over flaming Gulf shrimp served scampi style, barbecued,
hardwood fires beer batter fried, or steamed in beer

E I S 1-
We sell so many, you know they're fresh! Neath the moon & stars on our beach

"Floundering at its best" "Best seafood on
Fodor's Florida Pensacola Beach"
Pensacola Beach" "Great Vibes...and happy guests"
Fromers Guide to Florida f Florida Trend Magazine
Mobil FRED FLOUNDER, Founder
AAt the traffic light on beautiful Pensacola Beach 932-2003 Since 1979

Fried Shrimp Great Steaks
Upstairs Beach View Dining Outdoor Gulfside Deck

Best Sunday Brunch! C
Crab Cakes Benedict
Crab Omelets
Bottomless Champagne W
& Bloody Marys
Live Steel Band

Open 7 days a week iarn a n ,n-nn


S Largest

Largest Selection of crab on the Beach

SAlaskan Snow Dungeness
as King Crab
BS 'She Crab Soup
0ot'eM Maryland Crab Cakes

Look for the RED ROOF at the
traffic light on Pensacola Beach


Island Times

February 9, 2010

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