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Title: Island times
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Shelly Ink
Place of Publication: Gulf Breeze, Fla.
Publication Date: November 21, 2007
Copyright Date: 2007
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Escambia -- Pensacola Beach
Coordinates: 30.333333 x -87.1375 ( Place of Publication )
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Hurricane Gods Fear Beach's Famed Wooly Boogers

Shugah, Her Royal Sweetness,
The Benevolent and Adorable
Titular Ruler of the Sandspur
Republic, Pailette Provost, has
"Get out of your sleeping

she commanded "We must ap-
pease the Hurricane Gods once
agam "
She annual Bawl will be Sat-
urday, December 1 from 4 to 6
p m atthe Paradse Bar and Grill
The Wooly Boogers come out
only once a year at the Bawl to
perform their rituals of singing,
dancing, eating, drinking, and
telling tall stories to shoo away
any future storms
"We're doing a good job."
Queen Shugah said "We've
warded off the storms for the past
two years ina row "

The Wooly Boogers have
gleaned their psychic powers
stemming from an incident that
occurred twenty-seven years ago
on the Island
The Escambia County Ser-
geant-in-Charge of the Beach
sub-station just plain didn't like
the Beach family And that was
why, on one historic New Year's
Eve, he arrested Kenny Williams,
the Beach family's kingpin He
took him to jail, but he couldn't
holdhim because itturned out he
wasn't doing anything more
crimmal than standing in front of
Kevin's En L.a Playa
Kenny did not and does not
harbor any bitterness over the ar-
rest In a recent telephone con-
versation he simply laughed
when reminded of his ordeal and
sent a message to the Beach fam-
"I want you to know I love
everyone of you," he said

Kenny, a retired electrical
engineer now lives in Beulah
However, his arrest did not
sit well with his friends on the
Beach, so the protests began The
Sergeant-n-Charge smugly re-
ferred to the Beach tribe as
"Wooly Boogers," a not very nce
name which spawned multiple
public olbections Sheets hung on
balconies proclaiming the integ-
rity of the Wooly Boogers who
owned houses, paid taxes, both
ad valorem and leases, and their
main occupation was having fun
Among them were teachers, en-
gineers. pilots, boat captains,
business owners, attorneys, and
doctors Hardly the guttersnipes
the deputy declared them to be
He continued to harass them,
even arresting one for jaywalk-
To shorten this long story,
finally, through the intense efforts
of the protesters and exposure in

The Islander Newspaper, the
Grand Jury conducted an inves-
tigation The sergeant was sent
away End of story
So, the Wooly Boogers went
into seclusion and did not emerge
again until 1996 when His High
Wooliness, Les Cleutat, founded
the Wooly Booger Social Club
Original, certifiable Wooly
Boogers followed Kenny Will-
lams to the new Club Later, the
membership grew by leaps and
bounds when "coulda-shoulda-
woulda-beens" and the
"oughtabeswannabes" were ac-
The Club quickly became a
benefactor to the Island when
they donated $2000 to civic
projects in the first year of their
They had a structure with by-
lawsand everything, even as they
still retained and actually enjoyed
the name they had so erroneously

Officials Say Tourism Increases on Pensacola Beach

The Santa Rosa Island Au-
thority received a welcome report
at their November 14 meeting
when Ed Schroeder, Pensacola
Visitor's Center, told them tour-
ism for the 2007 was up
"The good news is that tour-
ism is up seven percent county-
wide andthe islands provide over
half of our revenue." Schroeder
Ellis Bullock and Leslie
Smith, of EW Bullock Associates,
theAuthorit's advertise agency,
added their numbers which re-
flected an increase in tourism
"We had a good year in
2007," Bullock said Sprng was
up ten percent over 2006 and
snummerwas up twenty-eightper-
cent We are about where we
should be "
In response to the request of
LaBahia for the construction of
six additional dwellmg units to be
added to the Islands total cap, the

Board voted four to two to allow
the leaseholder to move forward
to Escambia County and the De-
partment of Community Affairs
Board member Thomas
Campanella said the time for this
request has expired
"I have read all the history
on this dating back to Manager
Jim Sheffer telling them they had
to build the units They did not
'heir time has expired it also
appears that this Board is too will-
mg to send this somewhere else
for approval It dilutesthe Boards
strength This happens a lot "
The Board voted five to one
to rescind the time constraints for
conceptual approval placed on
the Days Inn andPortofino They
also confirmed that the County
has the authority to assign the 726
units that exceed 850 square feet
Campanella voted against the
Pensaco a Beach'sBlue Ri b-

Published every other Wednesday


Post Office Box 844 Gulf Breeze, FL 32562
850-916-5258 850-932-4090 fax
islandtimes@' bellsouth.net
wwwl.Mylsland Times.comn

bon winning school will receive
a resolution from the SRIA, com-
mending them for their achieve-
ments Citing it as a vital part of
Pensacola Beach, the Authority
will compliment the Beach
School for its part m attracting
families to live on the Island The
resolution will note the Blue Rib-
bon status, and will thank the
principal, staff, teachers, stu-
dents, parents and supporting
community for the outstanding
achievements and performance
In his Executive Director's
Report, Buck Lee answered ques-
tions he gets asked most People
want to know how many units
were destroyed by the hurricanes
"Ivan took down 709 struc-
tures and Dennis destroyed 87,"
Lee said "Right now 150 resi-
dences have been permitted or are
in some form of construction
There are 292 vacant lots "
Dave Hemphill. Baskerville
Donovan, Inc, reported that Via
de Luna would be completed by
December 15 or liquidated dam-
ages would begin on that date if
the project has not been finished
The Board voted unanimously in
support ofthat deadline After the
road has been completed Lee,
Thomas Campanella and Matt
Mooneyham, SRIA director of
Environmental and Developmen-
tal Services, will ride the street
and make sure it meets Florida
department of Tlransportation
standards before sirninr off on

the final project
Jack Kirk, a resident on Via
deLuna, asked the Board if cross-
walks or some kind of speed con-
trol will be put in place
"A pre-construction study
noted that the average speed on
Via de Luna was 42 5 miles per
hour on a two lane road," Kirk
said "I feel the new road will turn
into a drag strip "
Buck Lee said that four more
Escam bia County deputies were
in Radar School and he is request-
ing that they be sent to the Beach
in January They will be on duty
from 7 to9 am and 3 to 6 pm
according to Lee
"They will slap you with a
$185 ticket for speeding," Lee
said "If you see a bunch of
people pulled over on your way
to work or coming horn e, you will
slow down "
During the Board member's
forum Tammy Bohannon asked
for a funding update on the pro-
posed parking garage Lee, wlho
had to wait for Board approval
given at this meeting, will request
$10 million from the local option
sales tax for a parking garage for
the people of Escambia County
lhe request will likely be dis-
cussed at the County on Decem-
ber 13
The next meeting of the
SRIA will be the committees at 5
p m on Wednesday, November
S.. ... open to the

been stuck with They loved it
The Wooly Boogers became
one of the most active groups on
the Beach, especially in the cre-
ation of parties and all fun lov-
ing events And then suddenly,
His Hig hWoohness passed away
of a heart attack in 1999, and the

seclusion, and now come out only
once each year at the Wooly
Booger Bawl
"Everyone is welcome to
come to the Bawl and help us
chase the hurricanes away,"
Queen Shugah said "There will
be prizes and surprises and fun
for everyone "
If you come, you should
know you are joining Beach
friends who lived by and still live
by the Wooly Booger phi osophy,
"To promote the continuing en-
joyment of the good times, and
to maintain fond memories of
times past "
Among your Thanksgiving
prayers you may just want to in-
clude the Wooly Boogers, shin-
ing knights who fought for and
won freedom from oppression,
and are now performing voodoo
to keep the hurricanes away from
your door

By Land or By Sea

Chamber Invites

Community To

Join Parades

Boat captains and krewe
captains are readying their crafts
to participate in the Season Your
Holidays with Island Spirit
Lighted Boat Parade and Holiday
Street Parade sponsored by the
Pensacola Beach Chamber of
Comm erce
Decorate your boat and es-
cort Santa when he makes his an-
nual voyage from Pensacola
Beach Marina to the Boardwalk
on Saturday, December 15 at 5
p m
Ifyou are a landlubber then
join the Pensacola Beach
Chamber's Holiday Parade, Sun-
day, December 16 at 2 p m En-
tries must be decorated, riders
costumed and throws must be
provided to maintain the spirit of
the event
Applications are available at
the Pensacola Beach Visitor's
Information Center For more
details, please call 932-1500


Island Times

November 21, 2007

Barefoot on the Beach

ByJane Waters Cooper

It's Thanksgiving. Time to
count our blessings. Here are
just a few of the many bountiful
joys we find in our Thanksgiv-
ing basket.
Apparently, Escambia
County Commissioner Mike
Whitehead has put his attempt
to abolish the Santa Rosa Island
Authority in the freezer. At least
for now. Beach residents need to
remain vigilant and watchful as
well as thankful.
At long last, it looks like the
roadways on Pensacola Beach
will be complete in time for the
Christmas festival "Season Your
Holidays with Island Spirit."
Even Via de Luna. In addition,
Springtime will not only bring

flowers and showers, but the re-
opening of the road into Fort
Pickens and the new disposable
Earle Bowden Way to Navarre.
Cheers and thanks.
So far, so good for the resi-
dents. The suit is still in the courts
and could remain there for some
time. Remember, the last tax tri-
umph for the Beach folks ended
in the Florida Supreme Court.
Blessings to the attorneys who
are fighting so hard to win this
precarious suit.
What an asset this unique
charter school is to our commu-
nity. The principal, teaching staff
and kids have brought national
distinction to our Island by re-
ceiving the Blue Ribbon School

Award. But most important, do
not forget the valiant efforts of
the parents who saved the
school when the county decided
to close it. They deserve the
thanks of everyone. They
banded together and with hard
work saved the school, and their
efforts have been more than jus-
tified. Thanks to them, Pensacola
Beach Elementary School is
among the best in the land.
If ever Thanksgiving sends
a message of major importance,
it is helping others. Beach folks
do that on a regular basis the year
around. Support for the children
in foster care, Hospice, Favor
House, and even the severely
impoverished Indian children in
South America, to name a few.

This list just barely hints at the
giving and sharing by Beach
folks. Thanks.
Wouldn't everybody love to
live here? Spectacular sunsets,
sparkling waters, miles of white
as snow sand beaches. Add palm
trees, gazebos, bands and festi-
vals including Fourth of July fire-
worksandthe Mardi Gras parade.
Pelicans and Blues Angels take
to the skies in unbelievable for-
mations. People travel hundreds
of miles to enjoy these amenities
for a few days. To Beach people,
it'sjust an every day occurrence.
Why are Islanders so sup-
portive of each other, so closely
knit, so unlike the rest of the

world's population? Answer the
questions and you will know
how thankful we should be.
When my children were
small they said a poem which
reflected the way they felt about
the world when they sat down
at the Thanksgiving table. I'm
sure many of you are familiar
with it. In four short lines it cov-
ers just about everything there
is to give thanks for.

Thankyoufor the worldso sweet.
Thankyoufor thefood we eat
Thanks for the birds that sing.
Thankyou, God, for everything.
Happy Thanksgiving

Sisters Host Beach Brunch

It won't be Christmas until
the Sisters of the Beach say it's
Christmas. This year, the season
will be officially and
rambunctiously opened by the
Sisters at their brunch Sunday,
December 9 at Flounder's.
Spokesperson for the group, Deb
Friedman, says she thinks it starts
at elevenish.
No reservations are required.
Just show up wearing your best

Christmas finery, ready to drink
mimosas, and eat fine Flounder's
food. Just be sure your vocal
chords are in good condition for
that day so you will be able to
join the theme song, "Here's to
the sisters, we love you so
much..." Well, you know the rest.
The annual Jingle Bell Cara-
vantoAriola Drivewill follow the
brunch. What follows the cara-
van is not so clear.

Lucky Jim Cox, left, won the 60-60 Drawing at the Krewe of
Wrecks meeting, Monday, November 12 at The Islander Lounge.
Reigning Wrecks Captain Ron Christian presented Jim with his

Fresh Gulf Seafood
Live Maine Lobster
Kids Playground

Pirate Specials

Wednesday Raw Oysters 35 4ea
SThursday Baked Oysters
at 11am

1010 Ft. Pickens Road Mounc ial-2
Pensacola Beach
932-4139 DinnerSpecials
www.peglegpetes.com Nightly



on Hi Def

42 TVs 11 Big Screens

Pay Per Viewj

Events J



on Thursday

2Bi oLua-Pna5EEBB a Bec

pAr( FI

ovam or, Islad Time PAGE

klAis k r 4 7

IEbn"r Tim c

~`- P

PAGE 4 Island Times November21. 2007

Pensacola Beach Elementary
School students are talkng a few
daysoff school this week. Fall break
lasts all week, and it's back to
classes on Monday, November 26.
Marcie DeBardeleben called
from Birmingham to say she re-
ceived her copy of Island Times
She wants to keep up with all
that's happening on the Beach
until she can return to her
Panferio Drive home.
Albert Jackson participated
in the Pensacola Beach Veteran's
Day parade, Sunday, November
11. The 104-year-old veteran was
a Buffalo Soldier who served dur-
ing World War II
Melanie Waite, Treas-Wreck,
has retired from teaching but
keeps very busy. One of her many
pastimes is substitute teaching.
She has already been booked
through May 4, 2008.
Rick and Marilyn Sundstrom
are moving further south in the
Sunshine State to The Villages.
They were active in the Beach
Church, Optimists Club and
Beach School Board among other
things. The Beach will miss the
energetic couple
Robert Cooke was raised on

Pensacola Beach and returned to
celebrate his November 4 birth-
day with his mom Pandora de
Balthazar He brought along his
wife Megan and daughter Cailyn
for the daylong party.
Vem Phillips has gone to the
dogs. He has been training all
summer with his German Short-
hair Pointer Now they are com-
peting in hunt trials and winning
competitive designations.
Bruce Williams' home on
Corto Drive may never be the
same after this Mardi Gras sea-
son. Seems it will be transformed
into the Mystic Krewe of Nereids
den until Ash Wednesday.
The famous L'Oignons will
celebrate all week long. Chuck's

birthday was November 20 and
Judy's is November 23. As soon
as the birthday cake is gone, they
will toast their wedding anniver-
sary November 26.
Dr Charlie White served as
a Ship's Officer in the first Krewe
of Wrecks royal court. He knows
where most of his shipmates are,
but wondered where Shirley
Womack is. Anyone know where
Queen Shirley is?
Greg Hodges, 52, of Gulf
Breeze passed away October 30
after a long battle with cancer. He
leaves behind his wife Tammy and
two sons, John and Blake. His
sister, Andrea Stanley of
Pensacola Beach, announced
that a play park in Gulf Breeze will
be built in his memory

The Trivia Master advised
veteran trivia player Leroy
Cardenas to try, try again after
he submitted the wrong answer
to the last trivia question. Leroy
took the advice to heart and hit
pay dirt this week when he was
the first to email the correct an-
swer to our question asking for
the name of the recipient of the
first ever Elk's Lodge Citizen of
the Year award. The answer was
Dr James P Morgan, world re-
nowned coastal geologist, who
was honored by the James P
Morgan Park and Botanical Gar-
dens after his death in 1995. Dr.
Morgan was a professor at Loui-
siana State University and the
University of West Florida, and
a community leader
You, too, could win one of
these specially designed shirts
if you can answer the following

New Members Invited to Share Krewe Den

Members of the Krewe of ber and December Dues are $30 and Bob Cowen's beautiful Gulf at the Quality Inn in Gulf
Bananimals are breathing sighs per year. Breeze home on December 2. Breeze."
of joy and contentment now "Our krewe meets the year We are participating in the Anyone interested in hav-
that they have a home once around," she said. "But the fun Beach Christmas parade on De- ing fun can call Mary Jo at 916-
again. is really just beginning. We cember 16. OurAll-KreweMardi 0599. She will explain why the
"We are now on the prowl," have a Christmas party at Karen Gras Ball is set for January 19 Bananimals have so much fun.
Mary Jo Tibbits, spokesperson
said. "We have moved into our
new den, the Sabine Sand Bar,
which is owned by two of our
members, Jerry Wright and Dale
Andersen." Happy Thanks ing
Mary Jo said they are open .T k v
now to accept new members
during the months of Novem- A






At the Ught Next to Flounder's-934-3100

"What was the name of the
long time Beach resident who
celebrated his Creek Indian heri-
tage by attending the Thanks-
giving festival at the reserva-
tion in Atmore, Alabama each
year?" Hint He was also Santa
who rode on the Beach fire
truck at Christmastime throwing
candy to Island children.
Rules are the same. Send
your trivia answer to
islandtimes@bellsouth.net with
"trivia" in the subject line. The
deadline to respond is 5 p.m. on
Wednesday, November 28.
Good luck and thank you for
[Note: At press time, Leroy
was m critical condition with se-
vere head injuries following a
motorcycle accident, Friday, No-
vember 16 on Pensacola Beach.]


Island Times

November 21, 2007

54asoA, You HdU4Y 4r L 14& 5ft I

presented by the Pensacola Beach Chamber of Commerce



Season Lights Up
Santa Rosa Island twinkles
with holiday lights Businesses
and residents will add a dash of
Island Spirit with festive decora-


Children's Coloring Contest
Limitless imagmations guide
small hands in creating Island
holiday works of art Coloring
sheets are available at the Visitor's
Information Center, Island Style
and Beach hotels Each entrant
should deliver their work of art to
Island Style. All art will be dis-

played m Island Style's Tropical
ChristmasRoom Prizesforfirst,
second and third place intwoage
divisions; 8 and under, 9 and
older Free to enter Winners will
be announced at the Island Style
Tropical Open House, Friday,
December l4at6pm

Passport to Santa's Island
Pick up your passport to
Santa's Island at the Visitor's In-
formation Center As you travel
about the Island visiting Cham-
ber member businesses, get your
passport stamped Completed
passports can be returned to the
VIC for a Pensacola Beach sou-
venir You will also be entered to
win the Grand Prize package
which includes a stay at the
Hilton The Grand Prize drawing
will be at the Polar Bear Plunge
on January 1 at Paradise Bar and
Grill You don't have to be there

to win, and it'

* 4

s all free

GingerbreadHouseMake & Take
Enter the Gingerbread House
Construction Zone. No hard hat
necessary to build a sweet little
Christmas bungalow Tiki Island
Free, but bring abag of hard can-
dies for decorations.

Santa and His Paparazzi
Who wouldn't want to be in
a photo with Jolly Old St Nick?
Nommal charge for photo Santa
will be at The Hilton Pensacola
Beach from 2to 4p.m Look for
the cameras flashing away


Joy For The Beach-
See story, Page 9


Upcoming Season Your Holiday Events
8 Kowabunga Breakfast,Surfing Santa Surf Burger 8 AM
8 Santa Claus Look Alike Contest Bamboo Willie's 3 PM
9 Gingerbread House Make and Take Tiki Island NOON TO 2 PM
9 Tis The Season Open House Lee Tracy-Boardwalk 2 TO 4 PM
9 Santa and His Paparazzi Photo Session Boardwalk 2 TO 4 PM
14 Island Style Tropical Holiday Open House 4 to 6 PM
14 Island Caroling Double Decker Bus Flounder's 6 PM
14 Coloring Contest Winners announced Island Style 6 PM
15 Ornament Making Hilton Pensacola Beach 9 TO 10:30 AM
15 Adult Coloring Contest Sandshaker 4 PM
15 Lighted Boat Parade P'cola Beach Marina to Boardwalk 5 PM
16 Christmas Cantata Beach Church 10 AM
16 Gingerbread House Make and Take Tiki Island NOON TO 2 PM
16 Christmas Parade Via de Luna 2 PM
23 Santa and His Paparazzi Photo Session Island Style 2 TO 4 PM
24 Candlelight and Carols Beach Church 6 PM
25 Mass, Our Lady of Assumption Catholic Mission 9:45 AM
31 Fireworks Casino Beach MIDNIGHT
1 Polar Bear Plunge Paradise Bar and Grill 2 PM

He sees you when you're sleeping

He knows when you're awake

He knows ifyou 've been bad or good

So shop here for goodness sake....


for sleeping & awake




enter the world of Pandora de Balthazar and Prepare to be Delighted
Luxurious Linens Magnificent Textiles Personal Bedding

or nice

Pensacola Beach
Inside Geronimo's
69 Via de Luna

Pensacola at Aragon
9 South Ninth Avenue


November21 2007

alsI nd Times



peas, porribe &

Sa btW2 martini

b1, katbi Lewis

If you've never been to see
Willie Nelson live in concert, you
need to go. It's like visiting with
an old friend that loves to sing
and play guitarl Charlotte Spen-
cer, Marilyn LeNormand Paulette
Provost, Elaine Mitchell,
Courtney Winstead andI traveled
to Orange Beach to do just that
And what an amazing and won-
derful weekend it was! We
stopped for a quick dinner at a
place called"Live Bait". Notwant-
ing to be too full to scream and
sing along, we each ordered a dif-
ferent appetizer and shared. It
was perfect, delicious and Elaine
and Paulette were able to watch
theLSUgame We finishedjust
in time to arrive at the concert
arena, which is outdoors. It was
a little on the chilly side, but Willie
never failstowarm the heart! I'm
still singing. (no, not out loud,
but in my heart)
It was the best trip tothe "far
side" ever and I want to thank
Courtney and Elaine for the hos-
pitality, cooking, driving and en-
Well, it's Thanksgiving and I
hope by this time you are ready
to eat and give thanks My fa-
vorite has always been pumpkin
pie. Way back, when I was preg-
nant with my daughter Melanie, I
worked in a bakery in Georgia. It
was called "Billy's Bakery" and
his wife Margaret was just a little
more pregnant than I The smell
of those pies overwhelmedus and
we managed to eat every single
pumpkin pie as soon as it was
pulled from the oven We would
cut it into 4 pieces and devour it
immediately That is where I
learned cake decorating and a lot
about baking cakes and pies. Ifs
a wonder I didn't weigh 200
pounds by the time my daughter
was born in Januaryl Needless
to say, Billy didn't sellmany pump-
kmin piesthatseason Sorry,Billy!
Once my sisters and I were
grown-up we began taking turns
cooking the Thanksgiving turkey
for dinners at Mom and Dad's. I
cooked my first turkey when my
daughter was three-years-old. I
was very young and still learning
to cook. So, my sister Gail told
me to put it in the oven at 225
degrees and cook it overnight.
There were two very important
things I learned' 1)Icannotsleep

with my oven on for fear of burn-
ing down the house, and 2) I can-
not smell turkey cooking all night
and not want to eat it for break-
By the time Ihadto cook the
next turkey, microwaves had ar-
rived Having received one the
previous Christmas, I was excited
to try a turkey What a snap this
wasgomgtobe! Onemmorprob-
lem, you have to have a micro-
wave pan large enough to hold a
giant turkey and still fit in the mi-
crowave I messed up every dish
in my kitchen before realizing this
pan did not exist As with most
of my cooking, ithas all beentrial
and error, mostly error
In the next issue, I'll have
some cake baking tips for you.
Here's my favorite thing to make
with leftover turkey when you
cannot face another turkey sand-
wich It'seasyandtherearemany
different sauces found m the gro-
cery store that make it even easier
(Chicken tonight sauces, garlic
and mushroom sauces, etc.) or
any cookbook has the basic
white sauce recipe You can also
use frozen, canned or fresh
veggies (fresh will take longer to
cook); even leftovers will work.
Okay, let's cook....

Turkey Pot Pie

2 unbaked (9") deep-dish pie
2 Cups, chopped cooked turkey
1 (10oz.) pkg. Frozen mixed
veggies, thawed
1 sm. Onion, chopped fine
1 (10oz) can cream of mush-
room soup
1/3 Cup milk
C Cup chicken broth
% tsp. poultry seasoning

Bake bottom pie shell accord-
ing to directions for one pie shell.
Set aside. Combine veggies and
omonin abowl,mixingwell Add
soup, turkey, milk and seasoning
tobowl Mixwell Addbroth mix-
ing well and spoon mixture into
bakedpie shell. Place remaining
shell on top, trim and press with
fork to seal. Pierce top pastry in
several places with sharp knife to
vent Bake at375 for 55 minutes
or until golden brown.
Happy Thanksgiving to all;
Be safe, happy and share with
See ya inthe kitchen

Pensacola Beach kindergartners celebrated Thanksgiving with
a lunchtime feast November 15. Dressed as an Indian Tommy Egly,
left, and Pilgrim Call Hargrove wait for the rest of their classmates
to join them.

Maria's Fresb Seafoob Market
II Take a little bit of the GulfCoast home!
S. I Fresh from the boats daily
S We can coldpackfor travel or ship anywhere.
621 Cer es Street
Pensacola 432-4999 Mow SAT AM 7PM
Call for directions from the Beach S y 8A 6PM


Ifyou are having a party, estimate your
wine needs by figuring a half-bottle of
wine per person, as a minimum. This
yields about two and a half glasses of
wine perperson. Bear in mind that most
people will be sipping their wine over
the course of a few hours, in which
case it cannot hurtto have more wine
on hand. Betterto have too much than
to run out Unopened bottles can al-
ways be enjoyed at a later date.As for
opened bottles, recork them and put
them in the refigeratto preserve their
freshness White wine will be ready
the following night, straight from the re-
frigerator Allow red wine to return to
HINT:Asa general rule ofthumb, most
opened bottles of wine remain good for
about three days.
Our staff at Beach Wines and Liquors,
Inc. is very knowledgeable about
wines, and what wines best comple-
mentvaious foods Wealsowould be
happy to assist you in estimating quan-
tities as you plan your special parties

We carry great wines from all over
the world, and in all price ranges
We're conveniently .. ....i .,. ,,..
Soundside Market and can be
reached at 850-932-8850.

wlm l. lot ecl k art, if and ap l
The pai n plae a to S ld H at spedal .A

Nov 25 2007 Come and viM Gerun.mo' Outpost th.s
weekend We ar hostg a spal ThadnLgivng ewnt between 4pm
and 7pmn Clebrty Ch Andrew Sel all demontrate howm
prepare h6 awaid winnng crab cake. Fin Bmton, our Co-ho4 will
,ntroduce i u to her fabulous new Ine of ddelcaid while we de hosdin
a Cjl.or ind mne rWI Wing
Dec 2, 2007 Binse Welbom, gls pane,...ll demonstrate the
an ol Ddanbng on gla..are while you wh and ihop
Capri Byle Jones, rug maker, wi1 demonstree the ar ol rug hoolong
All rtdb iube at Geraimoao Oitp besree 4pm and 7pm During
d tlinmte inlo. ymo to taioe na m ou' Bia m saei wiksch we am now
Hin st in.- Caome eaploe his inudiblle one of a kind aslopp h
Paa' ".intit In to Do:

Open 10am-8pm Seven Days a Week *BMN '5 OD
If yar am a IhaIl arios r -- dr glt yur spa
a .aem'. Mdayl A lfw u still a- lepel TALK OP Ti
Call ALgellka or Panela fr morn Into.
59 Via de Luna Drive. Pensacola Beach. Florida 850

Island Times


PAGE 8 Island Times MN~orI 2007

Ready, Set, Wrap Holiday Hints For Shipping

The Beach was well-repre-
sented at the National Philan-
thropy Day awards banquet held
November 13 at Pensacola Yacht
Club. Karen Cook Cowen of Cook
Realty was named a Heart of Gold
honoree for her support of chil-
dren in foster care Ten Levin and
Richard McAlpin were recog-
nized for their good deeds as well.
Transponder transactions
have beenmoved from the fourth
lane of the toll facility to the Santa
RosaIslandAuthority office. The
office is open Monday through
Friday from 9to 5
Sharpen your driving skills
at the South Santa Rosa Recre-
ationCenter, 800 Shoreline Drive,
Wednesday and Thursday, No-
vember 28-29 from 8 30tonoon.
According to Shelby Smith,
beach resident and instructor,
AARP offers the Driver Safety

Program as arefresher course for
drivers age 50 and older To reg-
ister call 432-1475
Jerry and Carol Sears of the
Cabana Club are as busy as
Santa's elves. They will deliver
breakfast for 300 participants at
the Breakfast with Santa party
hosted in Pensacola They have
created a menu to please kids of
all ages including pancakes on a
If you run out of butter or
milk for Thanksgiving, don'tleave
the Island. Surf Side Food Store
has lastminute meal preparation
items on Thanksgiving day.
The Pensacola Beach
Chamber will hold their monthly
membership meeting at the
Comfort Inn, Tuesday, Novem-
ber27at 8:30a.m BusinessAf-
ter Hours follows at the
Sandshaker at 5 30 p m

Tips for Holiday Packing and
Shipping are provided by Lmda
and Wally Schiessl at the UPS
Store in downtown GulfBreeze
1) Pack your precious pre-
sents in corrugated boxes with
plenty of cushioning material Do
not wrap shipping boxes in pa-
2) Liquor boxes are not al-
lowed even if there is no liquor in
them The Post Office cannot
accept them either.
3) Shipping of alcohol and
tobacco products is prohibited
4) Bubble wrap all breakable
items Cushion with at least 2
inches of Styrofoam "peanuts"
around each item. Peanuts or
other packing cushions can be
purchased (Newspaper tradition-
ally has been used. It's a good
way to recycle Island Tumesl)
Rule of thumb when a box is
shaken, no sound should be
5) Secure along all seams of
the box with shipping tape Strap-
ping tape is a good option Mask-

ing tape, electrical tape and duct
tape should not be used
6) If box is being reused, re-
move all previous labels to avoid

*Internet Banking
* Bill Payment Service
*Waterfront Financing

7) Ship early
8) Bring items to be shipped
to The UPS Store and we will
gladly pack and ship them for
you. Happy Holidays

Flex Line Home Equity Loans
*Conventional Mortgages
*Personal Service

S 850-932-9336 LON CLOSED
wht ftc DAY. DraVE UP
SSS www.bots-fl.com RA.GHOUS

9 -4:30
9- 5:30


Leave the Cookin' To Us!


Squash Casserole
Green Bean Casserole
Sweet Potato Casserole
Green Beans
Corn Bread Dressing

Apple Pie

(4 to 6)

(8 to 12)


(14 to 16 lb)

Smoked Turkey Breast
(9to 12 lb)

Pit Ham Spiral

per pound

per pound

Place Your

holidayy Orders

134.99 1916-7192





Order Party Trays
Meats, Cheeses, BBQ, ChickenWings

The Narket

2nd Flour* At the Pen\a.iola Bculih Mlrinan
0 crnl king Litllle S.iline B.i\
8511-916-'192 Pcnsacola Bac.i

Full Service
t 1

O A ... N. . nI

I Imtailikmim iiil kr

I BI Brc;i1ke s & Liinch

'8i to 2 DAILY



Bank of the South Island Branch
Full Service Banking Close to Home

li .... I >
T*B' lj

---! ~ al 2



alsI nd Times

November 21 2007

Island Tires

I................. Joy For The Beach Fills Hearts With Happiness

By Drk. Chk e
?astw.?Baash.wa& CImsuy Churc

Most ofus have heard the
Thnks giving toy mny. nany
times,and mary ofus never get
tired oflearingand re-ellingit.
Itisarenimideroftheu llinginss
to express gratitude following
some ofthe greatest difficulties
ofourlies, as did the Pilgrims
Sometimesie centeron the
big trig forn ich to be glate-
fiulard overlook song of the
reason for gratitude that others
are denied. I rad an article the
other day tat speaks ofsome of
those reasons for gatiklde
Ifjyouuoke up thts naming
,uithmone htealthtan illness, you
am mnoe blessed han the trillion
rhoi urill mt survi the uieet
If rou haw newer espen-
enced the danger ofbattle, the
loneliness of imprisoinent, the
agony of roture or tl pang; of
starvatio, joua a aheal of500
million people around theu aod.
IfyCu attndachnmchnmet-
ingwithout fear of hazasment,
anest, tortre, or death, you ae
more blessed that almost thee
billion people inthe uwod.
Ifyou have food in our e-

frigiator, clothes on yourbacLk
a roofowryarhead and place
to sleep you a richerthman 7
If you lave money in the
bank, in our udlet, aid spare
change in a dishsomeplace. you
are among the top A8 of the
worlds welt hy.
Ifyourpares ac still mar-
ried and alive, you ai v y rare,
evenhere inNorth Aenrica
Ifyou hold up your head
rith a smile on your fae and are
truly thlankll, you ar blessed
because the majority can, but
most donol.
Ifyou can hold soneonele
hand, hug them or even touch
them on the shoulder, you are
blessed because you can offer
God's healing tcuch
If you ounjust one Bible.
you am abundantlyblessed.One-
thid ofthe wrkl does not have
access to even orne
As %w sit doun to our
Tharksgivingdineis with fam-
ily aid friends, let us consider
jasthoa muc eahe hawe forwich
tobe gralefull

Beach Scholars Make
PrincipalJeffCastlebey is A-BHtlirRoll
pleased to amoun e te rames ColinAdams
ofthe Pensaola Beach Elemer- ParterBaynes
tary School HonorRoll students Benion Byd
for te first rnie week grading Shelby Dume
period. RichEale
SE:colo Gieo DanielGreen
AHtlBrRe DillionMcCain
Abigil Jacobs Maddie Grace Mcurdy
A-BlHomar R Reddon McLaurine
BlairAnrbeeon Jacson St Louis
MorgnClhuicll FormOran Gua
Thonms Hien AlHmarRao
Caroline Hadden Jace Anberson
Macy Mateer LiaLanumpo
Meedith McCurdy A-BHm3rrReo
AlecaimaSaaar Maguire Foreste
ZofiaUsaok Ga Smith
TunromGRma LaniSmith
AHIea Rel MarleyTaylor

Afler skipping a year, the
Pensacola Beach Optimists
Club's Christns production of
Joy or the Beachis back again.
Tie insicalwillbe presented at
Our Lady of the Assumption
CathflicChluchat7p.m onTues-
day, December 4, acconling to
DihecorKaren Jurkwt ic
Twaenty-jo singers uwil fill
the halluith masic, and dancers
fln Moretle Hodges'skidowill
perform. A mw songby KaIen
"A Candle Gkls,"willbe intro-
duced as candles are lit armnd
the verne.
Th Pensacola Beach Opi-
mists Club which sponsors the
production stared the fm Ishou,
in 2035 o help Beach resident
record fomHurrar I van-
'I talked iosoneorn letl-
uc decided theshl uas thebest
uay to go It fied a lot ofhearb
with happiness"
Karen pointed out tut to
merrmbes are indispensable for
the success of the evening.
Monette Hodswuhois thecho-
mogiapher and Kathy Johansen
who is the pianist
Thre will be a special per-
fomance by second grader Mac
Levsque and the aidierce will
join in singing a fe traditional
Members of the cast are:
VilceCotrbieiD, GaCylCnm.BJ

The Grade
Maddie Maeer
A-BHeor Rel
Coln Higbimer
Peyton Hoover
Savannah cCleary
Brai Roer
Zac Tylor

Eckles, Isabel Fuller, Pauline
Huddleston, Veonrica Jonsmen,
Mike Jurourich. Tanya
Kinrb ou g, Lonne Laim, Jane
Jan Morgan, Tommy tOBrien,
Janet Penninan, Mike Pica,
S hitey Pitnan, Shelia Ramsey,
Limarie Rodaigez HebnS pexds,
BrianTuckerand Jessie VWiaon.
Them is admssionucharge
for the Christmas presentation,
but donations to the Optimists
Clb willbe accepted. The shoeu
is opento the public ard appnrci-

lately 400 people tended the
fistocein 2w5
"W' are in a mich larger
ruic thfyearsoiwecanacoin-
nrodate a lot moe people," Kaen
This showwillbe featured
by the Pensacola Beach Cham-
berofCommneroe in theirS ea-
son Your Holidays with Island
Spiritmonth longfestival. Res-
ervations are rot required, but
additional information can be
obtained by calling Karen at

Cathlic Church i sts Lessons Arnd Carols

Everyone is invited to St.
Ann Catholic Chucth 100 Danel
Drive inGulfBreeze ar essos
& Caols. December 19 at 6:45
p.m The contiinedchois ofS L
Annm Catholic Churmh and Our
Lady of the Assumption Mission
urill presentauorship service cel-
ebrating the birth ofJeus, ell-

II iill 9 hibhi birikes

Frill 9I hIbllnilltli Selt
Fa$lilt| SIuIn
Pktii f irllFuilil Iri
Ibl i rLdSmin

lillilh I lillli
"bill Silil&

362 GulBreze Parkmy
Guf Breeze, F 32561
850932 B533Tel -850-932 1588 F

ing the s oryof the fall ofuman-
ity, the promise of the Messiah
and the birth of Jesu in nine
short Bile readings, intespesed
with the singingofCluistm car-
oe ard birnns.
Irfonmation, bulletins ard
neurletteis are available on the
ueb atStAnnGultlBleme.Org

Mardi Gras onthelsland 2007-2008

Krete of'fte, k Nov26 Fbradise Bar
D. 3 The Dok
M meetings Dec10 iaeiDrop
SA~llbegindSpm. F Deoc 17 Hdeis
Join* athe meetinsgs Jn 7 Sdeine's
Duces=9 Jan 14 B8lsLodge

Mar4dL Gras ontheLOisland Events;
Doc 31 Feiatdsjnuav w Year's Eve Et U

SJrn 6 Kruae of tlruids Kwg Kake Party
JM'12 Kre at ?htqa Chwnpagrie Beakfast
Jari I Kre'00 at Neieds Hoor Pis at
U Jai 1 Krea of aJtcmiao Knttia Kr=a
SJan IS Kaoeoffods Pacade
JanIS Kreae of emierwrialr EMI
Jasn Kiss ofi -ecks Iirq's Spqr Gks Lulge
Jart Krn= of 'Weck ueean's DOirer Rourzser's
* Jat 2 Kurav of Weks Graid Co ie EbI I d Cock

Feb Kree of Weeks Champagne Residest
*Feb3 Keea ca weeks Faradse Ve Lum
SFeb 4 Kieofe Weeks Red Marand Re U
*Feb6 Krsve of Osisa CoDerrmc 3

Novenber 21, 207


. Ll*vo III ** dqflLLa ul

w .

PAGE 10 Island Times November 21,2007

Movie Stars Will Shine At Wrecks Grand Ball
Move over, Hollywood Your James in 1980. The rickety old Member Vern Philips mtro- the Krewe ofWrecksto celebrate able at $20 per person Members
AcademyAwardswilllhaveahard Wrecks ship bears likenesses of duced a topic for discussion say- the end of the Mardi Gras on Fat get first opportunities to pur-
act to follow when the stars line belovedfoundingWrecksmnclud- mghewouldliketoseetheKrewe Tuesday That concept has chase tickets to the Krewe
up onthered carpet, a few weeks mg Papa Joe, Little E andG Cole of Coma upgraded. The Krewe changed over the years, and events.
after the Krewe of Wrecks pre- among others. Short sleeved are hosts the final party of the Mardi there is a possibility that itwill be The Wreckswill meetnextat
sents its Grand Costume Ballon $15, long sleeved, $20 and XXL Gras season. When the Krewe of brought back and upgraded. Paradise Bar and Grill on Mon-
January 26 at The Dock. Speak- are$22. Comabegan, itoriginallymetwith Memberships are still avail- day, November26 at 6p.m.
ing at the Wrecks meeting on
November 5, Gayle Shackelford, t
Ball chairman said, "The theme IV ted B
this year is Wrecks Go Holly- GAlil q
wood. I wanted everyone to start 2
thinking about costumes for this
grand event." b is M ilit"
Ball ticketsare available now I IIum erI N
and are $25 per person Running W a...-..a ietn m nth
Around Wreck Jeff Goudey an- epp LLNhake r NI E P
nounced that the ever-popular Fit at the
Queens Dinner and Kings Sup-
per tickets are now on sale for $25 ?
each After January 7, the tickets wit ivemilitay I.D
will be offered to the public on a during November!
first come, first served basis. Both IlIUalr tem Daarl M pprneou l fa l
N inl drialsank wa huanp or M. Happy hou il odead
of these events are January 21. IN. lday ln -. A KE PARM outour l
Another crowded party is the wed asal7 Ol a'o- OPNm MICW Nir w/icut
Champagne Breakfast which will hI _ursday Spin I uL MIuic by Tuim SpenCer
be Saturday, February 2. Tickets FEWr"i&amW 1Ed t3pm.121m 0a, MIM ,ND
for the Breakfast can be pur- fm* r ***wl
chased nowBat $25 each The Krewe of Wrecks have set sail into another Mardi Gras LUldayL 30 .4a0pimn.Leml. ..~h k. ..i
Jeff said both short and long have plotted a course full of parties and events to keep the Wrecks SANDSHA r LOUNGE& PKG:
sleevedtee shirts are now on a and areriding a waveofI 11 p eml Boa of DictorsR
sleeved tee shirts are now on sale from running aground. Steering the Krewe of Wrecks ship are Board 093L2211 Opml aml3un-7diyawv
The shirts are white withapurple, members (L to R): Philip Simoneaux, Sandy Johnston, Melanie Waite, 1 lM1MBd a 4l Iha Lllal *h (Amn n h ll)
green and gold replica of the Carleen Wheeler and Running Around Wreck Jeff Goudey. I.~m m IlO-St l Ol r.com
original artwork created by Sara I

* After Sundown

Go crabbing on the Gulf of Mexico, at Crabs, We Got Em -
Alaskan Snow, Dungeness and King Crabs are all on the exten-
sive seafood menu Sip and sit at the live aquarium bar or at the
upstairs, outdoor Gulfside deck. Oysters and Wings are two
bits on Monday through Thursdays. No reservations, come as
you are.

932-0700. www crabswegotem.com

Little bit of paradise at this open air, island style bar with its
own private white sand beach. Pull up a rattan stood. Cold beer. Live
Music. Exotic Libations Friendlylocals Lunch and Dinner every-
day Cuban sandwiches Black and Blue Burgers Happy Hour 11-
7 Live Bands. Poker on Monday.
Tucked away in the parking lot of the Paradise Inn, it's directly
on Santa Rosa Sound Boat and Bicycle parking Open 7 days

The Gulf Coast's Premier Entertainment Complex. Seven
rooms of fun all under one roof! Karaoke, Texas Hold'Em, Team
Trvia, Pool, Mdeo games and more. Live Entertainment Seven nights
a week with live music on four stages every Friday & Saturday night.
Serving lunch and dinner, too! It's where the Party People Party!
Located in Historic Downtown Pensacola at 130 East Gov-
ernment Street Open Monday- Saturday from 11 until 2:30 a.m
and 5 p.m. until 2 30 on Sunday Ring 434-6211 or visit

Step back In time and enjoy Flounder's antique collection
Step into now and enjoy Flounder's top rated seafood. Indoor
and outdoor dining Even a beach playground for the kids. Beach
Bar neathh the moon and stars- Diesel Fuel in a commemorative
mason jar Bilgewater Margaritas. Gift shop. Fred Flounder,
L d. -,rj 1, an'... ii ri. -- PA.,, : i; E .r. Next to the
55 :rn, ,., : i i: ". .. :3 :-32-2003

Ahoy, Matey You've found a Pensacola Beach treasure. Pi-
rates welcome. Fresh Gulf seafood served in the galley or outside
on the awning covered deck Glassfront bar overlooks LaFitte Cove.
All kinds of oysters Live lobster. Gumbo Dinner specials nightly
Sizeable sandwiches and burgersfor Landlubbers Take home at-
Lookforthe Jolly Rogersflying over the west end ofthe Island
at 1010 Fort Pickens Road. We're here everyday at 11. 932-4139

Score! Don't miss a point. See it all in high definition -11 big
screens, 42 televisions If it runs, jumps, races, it's here. Famous
for ThursdayWing Night Burgers. Seafood and Ribs. Kidsmenu
for the JVplayers. Full bar. Indoor or outdoor seating. Video sports
Centrallylocated on Via de Luna, just east of the main parking
lot and the traffic light Kick off at11 a.m seven days week 934-

Even a bragging Irishman can't dojustice to McGuire'swhere
the atmosphere is an authenticturn-of-the-century pub. McGuire's
has been named one ofAmerica's great steakhouses, and is world
famousforits culinary artistry Dollar bills on the walls, a moose to
kiss and employees who give a damn! Try an Irish Wake or Senate
Bean Soup.
Open at 11 a.m. everyday Easy drive to 600 East Gregory
Street in Pensacola 850-433-6789 www.mcguiresirishpub con

The World Famous Sandshaker"- a Pensacola Beach Tra-
3...:.. : i....- I~ ~. ir. H I .1 i. .1 ir.. *:., ., -. 1 i' r.niwacker and
",I' .)-:- .. l *'I'. 1". ,.'i 3*,,, I,.:.. : =, =,- TheShaker
was the 1st bar on the Beach to offer this tasty frozen concoc-
tion Live MusicWed, Thurs, Fri, Sat&Sun Karaoke Tuesday Tiki
Bar specials Fn-Sun Iguana Grill open Thurs-Sunday
Across from the Boardwalk on Pensacola Beach. Open
10 am until 3am. 850-932-2211. www sandshaker com for photo
gallery and event schedule.

Open for Breakfast and Lunch everyday from 8 to 2
Waterfront dining overlooking beautiful Sabine Bay The Club is
also available for wedding receptions, business meetings or
any other occasion that calls for a spacious waterfront venue,
casual to elegant catering and a staff who truly cares about
their clients. Sunsets are priceless. Elevator rides are free.
Your hosts are Carol and Jerry Sears. Located on the third floor
above the Market on the Island 916-7446

November 21.2007isln ime PAGE 1

Preparing for the holiday season takes a considerable
amount of work. Serving the correct wine at your Thanksgiving
table is a fine art. Patrons at Beach Wines and Liquors attended a
wine and spirits tasting Friday November 9 to samop teltes

open everyday
THE at 2 pm



full bar featuring all your favorites
traditional to exotic martinis
domestic & imported beers

offerings. Marcus Conklin, left, hosted the event. Bobbi Blades and 24 Via de Luna Special Soundside Market Pensacola beach
Nan Harper enjoyed tasting wine poured by John Owens of Coastal Pensacola Beach Locals 5 Via de Luna across from the Hilton
Wines and Spirits. 850-932-6000 Room Rates

S Enter the Pensacola Btach chamber'ss Santa Look Alike contestt
Sn k n saturday, December at Bamboo Willie's 3 pm
SY u L LL No chargee to Enter Prizes

Everything you need Right here on the Beach "where courtesy
convenience and
S / price all meet"

until 11 PM o

All Gallons
SEasy entry and exit A Gal
_di on Via de Luna. 3.79

In a Hurry?
Check Our
3 Pack Cigarette From Beer to Snacks Groceries Cold Beer & Wine
Specials Everything You Ice Frozen Foods
LOWCARTON Ice Cream Premium Cigars
PRICES Need for football Coffee Free Island Times
ATM located inside
22 Via de Luna Across from Subway and Paddy O'Leary's Pensacola Beach




Island Times




< *
r '



.. -. "Copyrighted Material

Syndicated Content

Available from Commercial News Providers"


Ab 0


i ~ !I



Island Time Noembr21200




Island Times

November 21, .2007


Surf Report ;By Freddy Esposnio ... .
The changing coastline

The Point
It was a magical place, a
place where Gulf Coast surfers
could ride world class waves. A
point break that had perfect surf
and incredible conditions. We
called it Ft. Pickens Point or The
Back before several hurri-
canes changed this classic break,
The Point on Pensacola Beach
was hands down the best break-
ing wave on the entire Gulf Coast.
The set up was simple. East
winds built the surf on the main
beaches for days, but as the wave
turned around the bend at The
Point, the winds were offshore
and this set up a super long per-
fect left handed wave that some-
times ran for 100 yards or more.
A dream come true. In addition
there was a spot we called the
Back of the Bay which was a short
powerful right hander that tubed
like crazy.
Surfers from around the world
traveled here to ride this perfect
wave, but what has happened?
Well, years of sand building
on the edge of the channel has stop
the progression of waves to the
Beach. It started with Hurricane
Frederick in 1979, then Opal,
Georges and, of course, Ivan.
Sandbars are everything
folks. They regulate the form and
speed of the swells as they ap-
proach the Beach.
Years ago they dredged the
channel for the aircraft carrier
U.S.S. Lexington which kept the

channel deep, and now there's talk
ofa new dredging in the channel.
Is this really going to happen? Is
great surfing at The Point com-
ing back?
Right now the only way to
access the Fort Pickens is by boat.
The Point still breaks, but is very
fickle. The boat trips are long and
bumpy and sometimes don't pay
off, but some of us go anyway.
The sand has been washed away
from the main point. The place
looks strange now. The point area
is one of the most beautiful areas
in Florida and now we can't even
just drive down there to check it.
It just seems to me that Fort
Pickens, a part of the Gulf Islands
National Seashore would have
received the funding for a new
road immediately. Tourists and lo-
cals alike enjoy this natural set-
ting, but here we are over three
years after Ivan, and still no road
The days at The Point were
classic to all surfers who caught
waves winter and summer. We
lived for that place. It was away
from the crowds of tourists and
swimmers. And, wow, we had big
So what do we do? It was the
one place we could go when con-
ditions were too rough on the
main beaches. Is all lost? Never
to be seen again? It would be a
pity. Think dredge.
Until then, we are stuck at
The Pier, The Cross and Calle

Four Season Apparel

Men & Women's Casual & Outdoor Clothing
Hiking & Backpacking Gear
Snow Ski Apparel
Rock Climbing Gear, Ropes & Shoes
-'4 Kayaks
WeARP Tilley
W00 patagonia HATS

3009 East Cervantes 433-2822



urger O

$1 Hot


Burgers Shakes Fries

Cold Beer
Waterfront Dining
500 Quietwater Beach Blvd Lunch & Dinner Everyday
Pensacola Beach 932-1417 Breakfast Thurs Sun
Upstairs from Key Sailing 7:30 to 10:30 a.m.

rr -

Kayaks Catamarans
* Pedal Drive 12' to 20'
* Single or Tandem Sunfish Lazer ORDER
* Fishing & Recreational Versatility & Performance NOW
Boat Lifts & Piers New Repair

Pensacola Beach 9
at the Boardwalk



November 21. 2007

Island Times

'' "

I ~
~ ...

cKi .
iz~;c_~;~c.~-~aE~d~ B

PAGE 14 Island Times November 21.2007

ATERRIreadiKn' he water

I I I .I .

II. I. I I .1

111111.1( 1I
I ., II I , I I .1 II, ,

I I I, 1, I.,. I
I, I ,,,I.. II

Fall is here and there are all
kind offish stories comm' inwith
the tide.
Pompano are hitting jigs and
live bait in the afternoon in the
Gulf and lots of Spanish Macs are
schooling' around and will clean
up the water when they come
The net boys at the ol' Bridge
are really cleaning up the Mullet
And man, those smoked mullet
Trace Lewis cooks up are the gas.
Specks are around the lights
at night and in and around the
"Pelican Airport The Pointjust
off the tip of the causeway and
all those piles left from the differ-
ent storms (that will soon be off
limits) are full of fish At sunset
you can watch all those pelicans
making' their approaches to claim
their posts for the night. I was

We've been catching Specks
under the Pier lights in the
Sound. The pelicans landing near
this area are a sign of good

Salty trompin' in the live oak area
at Brown's pond. Salty is
Saltwater Rick's dog and fishing

Model Links River Nutrient Outflow to Florida Red Tides
Anew NOAAresearch model supplied with additional nutrients
indicates nutrients may stimulate thatmay have come from the Mis-
harmful algal blooms to grow on sissippi River
the continental shelf off the west For more information go to
coastofFlorida Accordingtothe HarmfulAlgal Bloom Forecasts
model, the algae grow offshore, www.csc noaa gov/crs/habf/


reg $1499 reg $799 reg$18.99
SALE $10 SALE $59 SALE $149

1.75 LT 1.75 LT RANGPUR 1.75 LT
reg$33 99 reg$32.99 reg $46.99
SALE $26" SALE $26" SALE $3699

Pensacola Beach, 1

Our &ar 4ry
Karaoke po(r
Tuesday 7 to 11 .s I \htr
Live Music I IR
Friday 7 PM John Calongne
Saturday 7 PM Mike Norris
Sunday 4-7 Live Music
NEW > T-shirts > Ball Caps > Koozies
715 Pensacola Beach Blvd at the Sabine Marina
Next to the Yacht Club Just south of the Elk's Lodge

Pensacola Beach

5.000 2 bedrooms/2.5 baths
Premium Gulf Front unit
in prestigious Portofino.
SUnit is being sold fully furnished.
Includes 2 covered parking places.

SL Island Realty ofPens:
S. -AT- 49 Via de Luna *Penr
REALTY 8850-916-7188 Jere

NSON, 850-377-3145
acola Beach
sacola Beach



Island Times

November 21,2007

Good Luck Gers Wins October Title

Larry Gers brought a little winning chip stack. He took top
goodluck charm with him to the spot on November 5 and 12.
monthly Champions Tourna- Sean Nolan was the runner-up
ment at the Paradise Bar and November 5 outlasting fourteen
GrillNovember3. Hehad a great other players. Dr. Glenn
night with his grandbaby bring- Burleson was the runner up at
ing him all the luck he needed Paradise on November 12.
to run the tables for his first Fran Cox played all his
monthly champi- cards right at
ons title. Liz Ives Paradise Novem-
hit som. 1 i r< !i.r the win
hands an.] i~1 in ., .., i ice Lewis.
on for ....I H ,n oal hand
place. T:..r. .. five-two
players u*i~,, ,. I,..I. he turned
the conte i l,. 1... .a i.llboaton
dos to -..:,,i,1.. IhI., r. ir Glenn
Chavis wl-,., it i, I Ioined the
six week ,i.,,- ,,-e .r table No-
ney wins .J..L',' ...i October. Phil Jason Funk played to the way from
Tracy had four win on November 13. Gonzales, Louisi-
wins. Anne ana and took
Vinson and Fran Cox had three. home first place. Larry Gers was
Paradise a close second.
Weekly games at the Para- Paddy O'Leary's
dise find Phil Tracy with the Phil Tracy again finds the

Penarnla RBeach F1lk' Lndod Vptpr

winner's circle at Paddy took out defending champion
O'Leary's on November 4. Phil Tracy inThe Islander'sNo-
Alicea Townsend vember 3 final
was second. Fran table. Alicea
Cox put the skids Townsend was
on Phil's ......... third in a close
streak on a'.. .- battle with top
ber 6 at F iJ.J players. New-
Trace LeN ... comer to the
second a:.1 I ..I BeachKyle Gar-
settled fo. ii..]1 ner, Jr. showed
On Veteran .i L' I, he's got the stuff
Jason Funk had to play Beach
the night in hand Poker with a
as he cleaned the Trace Lewis earned a strongwinovera
finaltable downto come from behind win on packed house of
one player who Veteran's Day. top players No-
had only four chips left. But, member 10. Birthday GirlAlicea
Jason's luck ended and Trace Townsend partied her way to
Lewis won hand after hand un- second place in a field of 16
til he took the win. Jason came players.
back on November 13 and took Texas Hold 'Em 4444 Fun
top honors with Tim Rinker as games are open to anyone 21 or
the runner-up. older.
Islander Lounge "Only a basic knowledge of
At the oldest lounge on the game is necessary to come
Pensacola Beach Tim Rinker out and have a lot of fun," said
Rick Uzdevenes, promoter.
n's Dav Paraide "Stopbyandplayafewhands."

Sunday, November 11

Computer Repair in Your Home

Joe Stukey


E | I ~ U I www.ycpais.com

a^ R ROUP joe@ycpa1s.com
Mr. Boogie, David McDonald on his trike. (Clockwise)Jon Shay, Doug Gordon, JT Taylor
Boogie, Inc. provided parade music along the route, and Dick Brown salute all armed forces.


Jeff Goudey, Grand Marshal, who served in Elk's Lodge Exhalted Ruler Sandy Huggins
Viet Nam, dedicated this parade to his father, leads the parade into the Gulfside Pavilion.
- ..* rn- I .'m e

narnle UrooKs drives wnile Ins wiTe, Joanne, wora war I veteran melen uorton, Tron rigni,
and his great grandchildren Brook and Hannah is joined by Elk officer Elaine Tennimon and Chuck
Peterson display their patriotic spirit. L'Oignon, American Legion commander.

N Pensacola Beach Townhome Gulf Breeze Bahama Bay m
SJust Steps from the Gulf As Is price Club Newly remodeled end unit Two
$395,000 3 BR12 5 BA Gulf front views bedrooms, 1 5 baths In Gulf Breeze v
from patio and balcony Proper Custom Cabinets Granite
Countertops Community Pool $189, 900


Its Time To Buly

850-384-7607 850-934-4708
denrem@denrem.com R
www.denrem.com C

PARADISE 916-0967
21 Via de Luna Pensacola Beach
PADDY O'LEARY'S 916-9808
49 Via de Luna Pensacola Beach
PARADISE 916-0967
21 Via de Luna Pensacola Beach
ISLANDER 932-9011
43 Via de Luna Pensacola Beach
PADDY O'LEARY'S 916-9808
49 Via de Luna Pensacola Beach
Last Minute Bookings Available


November 21.2007

Island Times


PAGE 16 Island Times November 21.2007

Rauty&Ir4 ach
By Danah Gibson

The "Eyes" have it!

Eye makeup application
takes practice. Experiment with it
to find what works best for you.
Here are some tips for showing
off your most expressive feature
- your eyes.
Applymg Mascara
You might want to consider
using a lash curler especially if
you have short eyelashes that
tend to grow downward. (Like
me!) You should start at your lash
line, and work your way out,
about three-quarters of the way
to the end of your lashes, squeez-
ing gently, for ten seconds each
time. Under no circumstances
should you use a curler after ap-
plyingyour mascara. You can end
up with all your lashes stuck to
the curler Been there. Done it.
(Wearing falsies for fun is one
event, but putting them on every-
day is not any fun at all.
Start applying your mas-
cara on your lower lashes (less
chance of smudging on the top).
Try wiping offyour wand with a
clean tissue before use. This
takes off excess and causes less
clumping. Begin at the inside cor-
ner of your eye and work your
way out, wiggling your brush a
little, while you work from the
base to the end. Some people like
to let the first coat dry before

starting on the second. This feels
drying and just doesn't work as
well forme.
I use a lengthening mascara
for the first coat and finish up
with a volumizing one for thick-
ness. Finally, comb through with
a brush to separate lashes.
Never share your mascara
and toss after three months.
Eyeliner Tips
The desired effect of
eyeliner pencil is to give your
eyes more definition plus creat-
ing a frame around your eye. To
do this heat the end of your pen-
cil withablow dryer orlighter (be
careful, not too hot). Let it cool.
Pull your eyelid taut and get the
line as close to your lashes as
possible. Smudge with a Q-tip to
soften. You can even line your
inner eye for a nighttime look.
If you are using a liquid, use
the same application techniques
but try short strokes at first until
you get better at it. Personally, I
prefer a liquid liner because it
lasts longer.
I will write about party
makeup tips next time. I could
write a book on that subject! If
anyone has any questions, feel
free to drop by the shop and ask.
I enjoy helping out.
Happy Turkey Day to all.

Sal 9-6 T.gei Piaz he l to ESonic

Get Well Feel Good Look Great
Integrabng radlional health managementwth natural and alternative approaches

Dr. Tracey Pinkston
New Patients Welcome Women's Health
Medicare & Tricare Chronic Illness
Close to the Beach Hormone Replacement
Call for Appointment Anti-Aging

850-934-8138 Gulf Breeze
www.viglionemd.com 103 Nightingale Lane

Beach Woman's Club Gets In Holiday Spirit
Beach Woman's
Club members met
at Hunt Hall No
member 15 for a pot
luck luncheon and
business meeting.
"It was a great
meeting with 60
women who at-
tended," said Sandi
Johnson, vice-
president. We col-
lected lots of
canned goods for

tion plate to get
donations to pur-
chase Christmas .
gifts for needy chil-
The Woman's Pensacola Beach Woman's Club never misses a chance to celebrate members'
Club willbe show- birthdays. Sharing November birthday wishes and holiday spirit are (L to R): Pegge
ingtheirChristmas Pheneuf, Janet Penniman, Janet Miller, Patti Kattner, Nellie Bryan and Joan Hayden.
spirit by parading in the
Pensacola Beach Chamber's holi-
day parade. Carleen Wheeler will Sale
be driving herbig, red truck.
Ourmembershipisgrowing Half Price Dec. 14-22
We had a prospective member Li4P! Full Hour only530
join us who read about ourmeet- 1tnld- 30% Off Gift Certificates
ing inlsland Times," said Sandi. erom
The next event will be the Space is limited
SSpace is limited
Christmas Party, Tuesday, Dec. a
11 at the Hilton at 11 a.m. Res- 51 Call for appointment
ervations should be made by 850-642-3575
calling Sandi at 916- 2533 be- i ii.' hi3dge Pkwy
ore December 1. Gulf Breeze kellymassage.com

Danah's v9324323
Open Tues-Thurs 10 til 7
SFiday 10 til 5 Saturday 10 til 6
auAdditional Appointments Available
Hair Studio Ad l Sa il



33 Via de Luna
Downtown Pensacola Beach


Island Times


November21. 2007 Island Times PAGE 17


Where in the Handbook for
Mothers does it say that every
Thanksgiving you have to go into
your child's classroom and pro-
vide the holiday art and craft?
And when I say you, I actually
mean me. It seems no parent ever
signs up for Thanksgiving and
my husband always volunteers
"Sweetheart, it'll be great,"
he says with unbridled enthusi-
asm. "You can make turkeys from
hand prints and bring in cookies
and punch. I think you should
dress up like a pilgrim, too."
I smile and think to myself,
he is so pre-school. Turkeys from
handprints. Cookies. Punch. The
miserable, freezing conditions that
the pilgrims survived would be
nothing compared to the icy re-
ception I would receive from any-
one above the age of five.
So over the years, I've be-
come the master of the Thanks-
giving classroom festivities. I
have celebrated in three different
states at four different schools in
five different grade levels. I have
had as few as seven children and
as many as 50 and have a new
found respect for parents who
pull their kids out early as to go
skiing for the entire week of
For my son's kindergarten
class, I served up a half dozen of
the finest turkey and gravy frozen
dinners that money could buy.
Therewasa little moment ofsilence
when boxes of pizza did not ap-
pear from out of the red warming
bag, but all was forgiven when I
said they could eatthe dessert first.
I can work a classroom of six-year-
olds and I was very fashionably
dressed in my black dress aind
white lace bomnet. We made wish-
bones out of tea stained cotton
swabs and a dab of hot glue. I do
hope some day that all those
wishes come true.
While living in California, I
taught in the Montessori school
that my son attended. After par-
ent orientation, his teacher came
to me and said, "Your husband
signed you up for Thanksgiving.
Every year we read the book
"Stone Soup" and make soup." I
was so relieved. I could read a
book and I am good at making
soup. How hard could this be?
Turned out his teacher read the
book to her class andmine, and I
was responsible for cutting and
chopping all sorts of different
vegetables with 50 kids ranging in

age from six to nine. It was a good
thingalltenofmy fingerswerestillin
tactbecausethe nextmorning, after
long and sleepless night ofsoupmak-
ing, I had to schlep in pot after pot
after pot of"Stone Soup." My hus-
bandcontributed Hewentsurfingand
came back with four wind and sand
wo stones- one for each pot
It only took me two moves
cross country and a new school
to realize that my pioneering spirit
would definitely be called on ev-
ery November and that I need not
reinvent the wheel of thanks. My
specialty has become Thanksgiv-
ing Memory Baskets. In second
grade, the kidsmade baskets from
paper. For third grade, they
painted brown pint size straw-
berry containers that I had saved
all spring and summer. This year,
for fourth grade, they have
wrapped balloons with string,
dipped them in glue and will pop,
cut and fill come the Wednesday
before Thanksgiving,
My favorite part of this
project is the filler. Every year I
order the chocolate Earth balls
which represent the New World
inNorth America and a great place
where people could go and live in
freedom. Next are the tiny twist
pretzels which symbolize the pil-
grims' belief in God and praying

hands. The Mayflower wasn't ex-
actly a luxury cruise ship, so ameal
of oyster crackers (cold biscuits)
and jerky (salted meat) just might
have been on the nightly menu. It
is a good thing the pilgrims cut
down trees and used logs to build
their homes, but for this basket
stickpretzelswill dojust fine. The
mini marshmallowsremindthe stu-
dents of the snow and the first
winter in the new land in which
only halfofthe pilgrims survived.
Turns out Squanto was a real life
saver (any flavor will do). He
showed the pilgrims how to plant
com(nuts) by placing four seeds
ing (gold)fish(crackers) aroundthe
seeds for fertilizer. He also taught
the pilgrimshow totap maple (can-
dies) trees to get their sap and
taught them how to identify and
dry wild berries (Trix fruity cereal)
for the winter. Finally, their baskets
are filled with Teddy Grahams be-
cause on top of everything else
the pilgrims had to learn to defend
themselves against wild animals.
Yes, I have a lot to be thank-
ful for this year and it all begins
with the fact that I have the honor
and privilege of spending time in
my son's fourthgrade classroom.
Not many parents today can say
the same. Until nexttime...




Anniversary Sale

I lurry In Sale ends November 24

P'cnsacola native Linda Claytor Merting has
i nd operated Ladies' Quarter in Gulf Breeze for
: . It has been a shopping destination for locals
ors1 ,tor who appreciate individual service. Spe-
,i .-, in unique clothing, accessories, shoes and gift
I~ .... lie philosophy at Ladies' Quarter remains, as
I customer oriented.

Sis my pleasure to offer personal service, bou-
Sopping and wardrobe consulting to my cus-
Whetheryou are a modern woman seeking a
:atedstyle oraprofessional woman who wants
.. out, Ladies Quarter will have somethingjust

op by and help me celebrate!

913 Gulf Breeze Pkwy
Harbourtown #1
S 932-3165

Come out and party the
night before & after Turkey Day with

Nov 21& 23 6pm

SBring your guests out to the best
S music venue on the beach and catch Bar & rill

Nov 24 6pm & 25 4pm

Nov 27 6pm

Nov 30 & Dec 16pm


November 21. 2007

Island Times


PAGEl_ 18Inih IA

When you think of Thanks-
giving do memories ofturkey, eat-
ing too much and Pilgrims flood
your mind along with football and
parades? Well, ditch that mindset.
Who in this groovy crowd of
readers remembers, dare I say it,
Alice's Restaurant Massacre?
And who made Alice's Restaurant
famous? Arlo Guthrie did in his
1967 debut album entitled,
"Alice's Restaurant." It was based
on a true story,
Once upon a time, there was
a woman namedAhce Brock (she
is still alive) who purchased a
desecrated church in Great
Barrington, Massachusetts in
1964. Alice and her husband, Ray,
were going to live in the church
and Thanksgiving dinners were
held at the church/home
On Thanksgiving, Novem-
ber 25, 1965, 18-year-old Arlo
Guthrie and his friend, 19-year-
old Richard Robbins, had the job
of dumping out the trash. They

traveledto the dump with the gar-
bage and discovered it was
closed. So they decided to dump
it anyway and were caught ille-
gally dumping Alice's garbage.
They were taken to jail and two
days later pleaded guilty before a
blind judge, James E Hannon
The judge could not review the
pictures the arresting officer had
taken, so he fined them $50 and
toldthem topic up their garbage.
Time passed and Guthrie
was called into the draft office nm
New York City's induction center
on Whitehall Street He was sent
to the Group W Bench (where
convicts wait), and then rejected
outright as unfit for military ser-
vice. So at the end of the song
Guthrie says, "walk into a military
office and sing, 'Shrink, you can
get anything you want at Alice's
Restaurant, except for Alice '"
How far out is that, man?
Peace, love, and have a
Happy Thanksgiving.


ByJoe Stukey

Q: Is it okay to use my com-
puter on an unprotected wireless
A You should always put
protection on your own wireless
network Your wireless router's
signal can be seen by anyone with
a wireless computer within a few
hundred feet of you By protect-
ing your network you accomplish
two things
First, a password will be re-
quired in order to connect to your
network. That eliminates the risk
of someone nearby using your
Internet connection for free A
hacker can do things over the
Internet that might come back to
haunt you, since it is your con-
nection they are using
Second, data traveling over
your secured network is en-
crypted, or scrambled, so that it
cannot be intercepted by a nosy

103 Baybridge Dr.
Gulf Breeze, FL

neighbor or a transient person,
Some of the personal identity
theft occurs when hackers snoop
on unprotected wireless connec-
If you are away from your
network and using a wireless con-
nection at another location (an
airport, hotel, coffee shop, etc)
where there is no security, be very
careful about what kind of data
you transmit Surfing the web and
sending emall in that situation
should be okay.
For questions, contact Joe
atjoe@ycpals com or 206-3156
r - ------
SSend a Christmas Card to a
Wounded American Soldier
IA Recovering American Soldier
|c/o Walter Reed Army Medicall
ICenter I
6900 Georgia Avenue,NW
IWashington ,DC 20307-5001
L--------- J

G Daniel Green, MAI, SRA
State-Cert. Gen. REA #RZ836
11ReaAl estate Brnker RBK17RRRA

G. Daniel Green

racial & Residential Appraisal, Consulting & Sales


Dry Cleaning Laundry Households

FREE Pick Up & Delivery-Houses/Condos/Hotels
850-916-9437 Some Restrictions Apply
1143 Gulf Breeze Pkwy 3497 Gulf Breeze Pkwy
850-932-2565 850-916-9437

| aartm I, r" V-8 Powered
Steam Clean
Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner
Area and Oriental Rugs Tile & Grout
Marble, Vinyl & Hardwood Cars, Boats & RV Interiors

don't 932-7670 934-1913
forgea1 w 434-6277 438-7559


If you want to know what's

happening on the Beach -

read Island Times!

Stop IL.ND



Send check for $32
City made payable to:
Shelley Ink, PO BOX 844
State: Zip GULF BREEZE, FL32562


alsI nd Times

November 21 2007

Enter the
Pensacola Beach
Chamber of Commerce
Lighted Boat Parade
December 15
Holiday Street Parade
December 16

Entry Forms are
available at the VIC
or by calling 932-1500.

Voted 3A
Best SeaBod
O Pensacof t a

Fresh Gulf seafood charbroiled over flaming
hardwood fires

Gulf shrimp served scampi style, barbecued,
beer batter fried, or steamed in beer

We sell so many, you know they're fresh! death the moon & stars on our beach

"Floundering at its best" Pes l e
Fodor's Florida Pensacola Beach"
USAir Magazine
"Best seafood on "Great Vibes...and happy
Pensacola Beach" U guests"
Fromers Guide to Florida 4- Florida Trend Magazine
At the traffic light on beautiful Pensacola Beach 932-2003 Since 1979



J Fried Shrimp W Great Steaks
# Upstairs Beach View Dining
$ Living Reef Aquarium Bar
I Outdoor Gulfside beck

nAlaskan Sno Crab Sp i Cakes
bungeness She P ing Crb

Best Sunday Brunch!
Crab Cakes Benedict,
Crab Omelets, Bottomless
Champagne & Bloody Marys,
Live Steel Band

(850) 932-0700
Open 7 days a week

we gotaem

King Crab & Snow Crab
All You Can Eat 25
Sunday Oysters
& \\ ings
Monday-Friday 4 to 6 PM

Look for the RED ROOF at the
traffic light on Pensacola Beach


Island Times

November 21. 2007



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