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ADVENTURE ON THE HIGH SEAS Captain Terry Kreitzberg and his daughter, First Mate Cassie, have completed one third of their around
the world odyssey on board the Sora, a 55 foot Tayana Ketch. The pair left the Pensacola Beach Yacht Club on June 3, 2006, and are currently
in Tahiti after a year of sailing. More on this fascinating story, Page 2.

Sailing With Sora Around The World in 1095 Days

Almost everybody dreams of
sailing around the world at one
time or another. Very few ever
fulfill this fanciful dream, but
Pensacola Beach's Terry
Kreitzberg is the exception. Right
now, he and his daughter, Cassie,
are living the dream. They left the
Pensacola Beach Yacht Club on
June 3, 2006, and have completed
a third of their three year odys-
sey at sea.
"Terry had been planning
this trip for almost tenyears, and
although he realized his boat, the
Big Sky, wasn'tup to such an ar-
duous journey, he still kept on
planning," according to his wife
Then, Ivan came along and
helped Terry by demolishing the
Big Sky. He had to find another,
more seaworthy boat if he was to
make the trip around the world.
Terry searched the internet and
came across the 55 foot sailing
yacht, Sora, aTayanaKetch. Per-
fect! Terry began to put his plan
in action. Notyetretired from his
job as a pilot for FedEx, he flew
back and forth to meet his com-
mitments from June to this Janu-
ary, leaving Cassie in charge of
the Sora. Now, fully retired, Cap-
tain Terry is enjoying his life as a
Reading Cassie's day by day
accounts of the trip in her jour-
nal will makeyou feel thatyou're
rightthere on the boat with them.

At least, they will makeyou wish
you were.
Maybe, you're wondering if
they are bored with nothing but
the deep blue sea around them.
Wrong. Cassie is always upbeat,
no matter what, and she and her
dad have great senses of humor,
probably the one real necessity
when packing for the trip. Don't
leave home withoutyour sense of
At one crucial moment their
engine, known affectionately as
Mr. Perkins, began to surge. That
required a filter change normally,
but was not the cause of the
trouble this time. Terry bet Cassie
five dollars that he had found the
solution. She won the bet, but he
hasn'tyet paid up. Check is in the
mail, he says.
Cassie's not worried. She's
holding the Sora for collateral.
Most of the first leg of the
trip seems to have gone smoothly,
with unforgettable stops at exotic
When they anchored off
Cristobal Island, there were a
dozen boats, some of the crews
were friends of the Kreitbergs'.
Cassie reported in herj oural that
it was a beautiful place, filled
with barking sea lions, but she was
able to run and explore at will.
Cassie has been discovering
hidden talents on this cruise.
"Cooking on a boat has become
one of my creative talents," she

writes. "I spend much of my time
in the galley, and have really re-
trained the captain's taste buds. I
have discovered how really good
a dish of cantaloupe with mayo
and hot sauce can be."
At the end of May, the Sora
was sailing from Tuamotus en
route to Tahiti. Although, a great
deal of Cassie's journal related
mostly to the good times, there
was an entry on the day's chores
on the boat on May 30.
"Today was a 'git 'er done
day.' Itwas cleanyour room day,
laundry day, fix the spinnaker
halyard day, clean the water line
day and scrub the bottom day."
But the description of the
grunge duty was simply erased by
the story about a trip the next day
to the Pearl farm. Cassie re-
marked that the adventure was
one to put in a unique experience
bank. They took a skiff to a house
sitting on the middle of a coral
reef where they learned all the
wonders of raising pearls.
During the firstyear of their
three year sail, Cassie's journal
reflects herjoy at discovering all
kinds of unusual events, like it
gets quite cold on the Equator
when the sun goes down, she
loved cooking the fish her dad
catches frequently, when a moon
is fuller than full, and constant
exciting Island excursions, that
she only sleeps well when the
boat is rocking, and the fun of

I. . .
S, .

I .
| .. | '
i ,

Galapagos Islands, March 30,2007 Captain Terry Kreitzberg and his
daughter Cassiewith native tortoises.

frequent trips imports sofar away
from her home on Pensacola
So, where is Karen
Kreitzberg, wife and mom? She
has made frequent trips to visit
the boat, and stays as long as she
can stand it. A week ago she was
preparing to fly to Tahiti to board
the Sora and stay with her
husband's cruise for six months,
or until the siren song of the land
lubber lures her back to
Pensacola Beach. She will get to
Tahiti just before the monsoon
season so the Sora will sail to-
ward New Zealand or Australia
soon after her arrival. Cassie is
28, a graduate of Pensacola
Beach Elementary School and

received her Bachelor's degree in
International Finance from the
University of West Florida in
The Kreitzbergs' other
daughter, Mandy is also a Beach
School graduate and currently is
living and working in New York
City. Mandy, a star soccer player
at Gulf Breeze High School, still
plays pick up soccer games and
belongs to the Brooklyn Kickball
Cassie's day by day accounts
of Sailing with Sora provide a
warm, personal picture of a dad/
daughter Captain and First Mate
traversing the world. Log onto
the blog at www.sailblogs.com/

Hotel Definition Policy Gets Rnal Approval Document Goes How To County Commission

The Board of the Santa Rosa
Island Authority played to a
packed house at their June 13
meeting, and after four hours of
debate and discussion, they ap-
proved by a vote of five to one
their policy for a hotel definition.
The documentwill beforwarded
tothe County Board of Commis-
sioners who sparked the question
when they decided to vote on a
16 week owner occupancy ordi-
nance to accompany their already
approved unlimited square foot
area for hotel rooms.
With the concept of condo
financing in mind, the SRIA cov-
ered all the bases minutely to
make sure that hotels constructed
on the Beach would, indeed, be
geared toward transient lodging.
Although theAuthority's sub
committee had spent hours pre-
paring the policy, the full board
still made minor adjustments be-
fore approval was reached. John
Peacock cast the lone vote
against, saying all the items had

already been covered by the
County Commission and the
Land Development Code.
Basically, the document was
divided into sections with the first
being a description of regular
hotel requirements such as front
desk, centralized reservations,
limit on number of bedrooms and
bathrooms, and prohibition of the
use as a dwelling unit, among oth-
The policy outlined specific
requirements for hotels with
larger rooms, notably some re-
strictions as follows:
oRoom Size Limits: Ten per-
cent would have no size restric-
tions. Ninety percent of the rooms
can be no larger than 850 square
o There shall be no cooking
facilities except kitchenette
equipment i.e. microwave, refrig-
erator, coffee maker and sink.
n Owners of hotel rooms in
this category can occupy themfor
up to eight weeks per year, and

must abide by specific times and
all other restrictions.
The Board granted concep-
tual approval for the proposal for
a 216 unit hotel on the former
Clarion property by a vote of four
to two with Kelly Robertson and
Fred Gant opposed. It was
pointed out that conceptual ap-
proval does not guarantee any
future approval.
Van Nevel Helicopters was
given approval to operate on the
vacant property owned by the
Palace. Tom Campanella dis-
sented on this item saying,
"Safety is paramount. This is a
high traffic area both on land and
by water."
Members ofthe neighboring
Elk's Lodge voiced concerns
about sand and debris going air-
borne. George Van Nevel said
that could be controlled by a fenc-
ing system. Final approval of this
item is contingent upon the Pal-
ace making past due payments.
The helicopter operation must

meet safety standards and be ap-
proved by Escambia County.
Deb Friedman, president of
the Mardi Gras Association of
Krewes on Pensacola Beach, ap-
peared before the Board to re-
quest help with the financing of
the Krewe of Wrecks parade in
the amount of $25,000. The ac-
tual costfor lastyear's parade was
$31,000. The AOK requests will
go to committee.
And the meeting went on and
on as they voted to approve a
Water Balloon game at Tiki Is-
land Golf and Games, granted
approval of the Sandshaker's out-
door kitchen to operate for one
year longer, and approved
Domino's pizza's request to op-
erate from the former Baars Re-
alty building.
Dave Hemphill, Baskerville
Donovan engineer, said all
projects were nearing completion
and Cowley Park will be opera-
tional by the Fourth of July.
Buck Lee, in his Manager's

Report, noted that a pipe would
be installed at the west end of
Little Sabine Bay to improve
water quality. The entrance to
Little Sabine Bay will be
dredged, and grasses will be
planted on Bird Island to help
clean the water. All this will be
accomplished through grants.
The SRIA committee meet-
ings will be on Wednesday, June
27 at the Authority Office. The
meetings begin at 5 p.m. and are
open to the public.

Published every other Wednesday
Post Office Box 844
Gulf Breeze, FL 32562
850.932-4090 fa
islandlimes@bellsouth net
*wwo MylslandTimes com
No polron ofthis publication may be
reproduced without the consent of
the publisher


Island Times

June 20. 2007

Jun 2020 sadTmsPG

Barefoot on the Beach

A goddess once lived in my pool," I suggested.
front yard. She weighed 400 Rachel nixed that plan in a
pounds, had lipstick smears all hurry. "No, she needs to stay in
over her face, and had a heart of the front planter where everyone
stone. And yet, she had many can see her."
lovers and friends. So, Rachel created a water
She came to reside in my fall and the Tiki reigned over the
planter when the Tiki Hotel and exotic plants in the garden.
Lounge were torn down. It was All went well until October
the infamous day the music died, of 1995 when Opal struck a lethal
I had asked the Tiki owner, blow. By then, Frank and I had
Jim Reeves, if I could have been married four
the sculpture and he said months. When we
yes, but I would be respon- were able to come
sible for her trip from the / back to the Island in
bar to my house. aJeep, my first heart
My friend, Nasty break was to see
John Thomas, was the that the Tiki was
doorman in charge that last gone. After wading
night. He said he would through sand and
bring the Tiki over around water we went up
midnight. ItoldhimLizand stairs and I was
I would be ready to help standing in the
him get her from the truck kitchen looking out
to the ground. A skeptical the door. I thought I
look crossed his face, but saw the Tiki lying
about midnight, he ap- on her side near
peared. He had brought a Maldonado. I called
piece of plywood and said he to Frank who agreed, it was the
would slide the Tiki down it, and Tiki. We drove the Jeep to make
we should catch her and set her sure and she was lying there, bro
up straight. The operation began ken and bent. She would require
and went off without a hitch. Of serious surgery, but the beloved
course, John jumped out of the lady could come back home. But
truck and was on hand to help how? She hadn't lost any weight
catch her. and was piled up with sand. Sud-
So, there she stood. For a denly, out of nowhere aJeep-load

I Ih ,_ ,,,l .. ... . ... ... I .. ... I" I II.. .n 1,,11 1,11.h ,
house and had a planter built in her and took her back to our yard.
the front drive. Rachel Detoro, We propped her up and put an
owner of Botanicals, was the land American flag by her side, and
scaper. "I guess we should take whenwefinallymovedbackhome
the Tiki to the backyard by the for good, Frank began the ardu-

Tiki Island 6olf and 6ames Weat
The One & Only Family
Entertainment Center on the sIdand
18 Holes of Fantasy Golf
ABSOLUTE BEST in Miniature Got1
3600sf of Fun e Look for New Games
Bike Rentals
The only way to visit Fort Pick ens
SewFav Rentals
You've seen these awesome rides
Cool effortless way to see the island
Water Wars
The uldmate water balloon game Ice Cream Parlor & Snack Bar
Shoot N Shower Hand-dipped Blue Bell Ice Cream
Play hoops & loser gets soaked "the best there is"
Soft Petzels Pizza
Frosty Drinks Frozen Treats
We host Authentic Coney Island Hot Dogs
Birthday Coring Soon Breakfast Items
Parties Mon- Thu 10-10
850-932-1550 Fri-sat 1011
i Sunday 10-10
:!4..ld!.MIIMMn.!^^1M^li m.lfl M i'/FllrlBFUmlff!flufi

ous task of restoring her.
Like any good boat man, he
put her back together with tape,
fiberglass and epoxy resin. She
was soon reigning over her gar
den again.
"We knew everything would
be okay," Judy Le BumL'Oignon
said. "We walked by your house
and saw the Tiki in your yard. We
think she winked at us."
The Tiki was always a re-
minder of those hot summer Sun
day afternoons when we all gath
ered at the Tiki Lounge where we
danced in the sand to the tanta-

By Jane Waters Cooper

lizing music of the Garcias, Lazy
Day and Air Waves, and the Tiki
i.-t pl .-nt" ."f t --ntit n nr. hi.
,1 1 _, , h ,11U ,I ,Ih11 -,
up and glided blissfully around
the dance floor with her in his
But now, once again, the Tiki
was back in my yard, helping all
of us to relive those happy Sun
days. And, then came Ivan.
The planter was shattered. A
jet ski had come loose from
across the street, and hit the god
dess, smashing her to
smithereens, before crashing into


Kaboom! Get ready for a
thre-- rh-, e--l. r-htiHn riitng

Beach. Highlighted
by the return of the
fireworks display
on Wednesday,
July 4, this year's
events will include
an oldies concert
by The Tarns on

a barge on Santa Rosa Sound and
the Thursday and Friday events
will be in the Pavilion at Casino
Beach. All are free.
"This year's celebration of

the Fourth is going to be a fam-
ily-oriented awesome event," said
Doug McAllister, president Fun

Coast Promotions, the company
in charge of the three day party,
Detailed schedules and pro
motions open to the public will
appear in a special section of the
July Fourth edition of Island
Times which will be distributed

June 28.
Let "IT" be your guide in
celebrating America's birthday on
the Island. Pick up
your free copy at
most Beach busi
nesses, Visitor's Infor-
mren action Center, or in
town at Seville Quar
ter, McCuire's Irish
P Pub, Pandora de

Weatherford's, Comfort Zone;
and in Gulf Breeze at Bruno's, The
Greenery Cafe, UPS Store, Ace
Hardware, Innerlight, Comfort
Zone, Gulf Breeze Chamber, Re/
Max on the Coast, Arriba, X-Clean
and Ladies Quarter,


Fresh Gulf Seafood
Live Maine Lobster
Kids Playground

Pirate Specials
* Tuesday Snow Crab Buckets
* Wednesday Raw Oysters 25 tea
* Thursday Baked Oysters
at 11am

1010 Ft. Pickens Road
Pensacola Beach

Mon- Fri 11-2





on Hi Def

42 TVs 11 Big Screens

Pay Per Vie\w A'

Events ,l


354 WINGS 4

on Thursday

SSa a sa

N ,

the front hallway and taking the
pool table out in the game room,
The Tiki we all loved was gone,
irretrievably beyond repair. The
goddess doesn't live here any
But we still remember Sun-
day afternoons.. the music, the
dancing, thejoys of togetherness.
We remember a time when we
were a tightly knit tribe, the Beach
family. And Stanley, Fred, Nasty
Billy, Buzz, Bobbi, Jackie, Deb,
and Andrea were all here. Danc
ing, and dreaming and having a
ball. One Sunday at a time.


Island Times



i ------Ti--vi: -::
L -------I ------------

The Pensacola Beach Yacht
Club haswelcomed two new mem
bers, both from Pensacola. They
are William Carnley and Lindsey
McCarn. They are coming on
board atjust the right time. Yacht
clubbers have a full summer of
sailing and party events planned.
Known as "the best little yacht
club on the Gulf," the Club at
tracts new members every month.
Christy Sullivan has much to
report about her sons and grand
son. Chris is doing better and
doesn't have to go back to Tampa
for treatment for five weeks.
Christy has been in Flagler Beach
where she threw a baby shower
for her son Miles and daughter
in-law Samantha. Finally, her
nine-year-old grandson Malachai
was here for a visit, and being
with him makes everything "right
with the world," according to
It's Girls Weekend Out for
Sally Chamberlin, her sister and a
friend from Baton Rouge. What a
better place to party than
Pensacola Beach?
JJ Waters reeled in the third
place winning fish in the Spanish
Mackerel Division of the Pink
Boots Fishing Tournament re
cently. Her son, Jeffrey captained
her boat.

Crissi Geier who is part of
the United States Air Force Fi
nancial Management Transfor
nation Team, has two reports
of good news. She gave brief
ings at Hurlburt Field on June
14, so she got to come home to
see her family and second, she
was promoted to First Lieuten
ant on June 15. Her twenty
fourth birthday was June 3.
Younger sister Erika, has re
turned after spending two
weeks with Crissi in Germany.
She is attending school in Or
lando this summer.
Ella Hess underwent surgery
on her hand recently, but she re
ports it will not impair her ability
to execute the "queen's wave" as
Samantha and Jett Crowdis
take their sports seriously. They
swim for The Club and play com-
petitive golf. They were with their
mom, Marianne, checking out the
big real estate auction held on the
Beach recently.
Madison Murphy finished
her sixth grade at Gulf Breeze
Middle School with allA's except
for the two B's that somehow
sneaked into her report card.
Shane and Sundai Belk re

newed their wedding vows dur
ing a trip to Pensacola Beach.
They are from Greenwood,
Miss., have an eleven-year-old
son and three-year-old twins.
After their second wedding to
each other, they celebrated with
dinner at Flounder's.
Danah and Gwen Gibson
treated royal peer Queen
Katrina Foster to lunch on her
birthday, June 9. It was the first
time out for Katrina who is re
covering after undergoing sur
gery recently.
Ann Knight, retired direc
tor of the Santa Rosa Island
Triathlon, announced that the
Mere Mortals have begun
their Sunday summer training
sessions. These hardy ath
letes meet at 6:30 a.m. at the
Gulfside Pavilion for triathlon
training tips followed by open
water swimming in the Gulf of
Mexico. Running and cycling
are also part of the workout.
Anyone is welcome to
join. For more information, at
tend a training session. Bet
ter hurry, the Island Triathlon
is October 6.

The last issue's question
was so easy even a caveman
could have answered it. The
question: "The property
where the Grand Marlin Ma
rina soon will be built housed
many restaurants over the
years. Email at least two of the
The list includes Coco
nuts, Boy on a Dolphin,
Jaimo's, Slips and a few oth
ers. Mark Rubenacker, a vol
unteer at the Visitor's Infor
mation Center was the first to
email two correct answers
Coconuts and Boy on a Dol
phin. He gets the t shirt.
It's hot and the day before

summer begins officially, so
we're giving you a break. You
won't have to strain your brain
to find the answer to this
trivia question. "Who was the
first elected member of the
Santa Rosa Island Authority
who beat Dr. Jim Morgan by a
scant eleven votes?
Email you answer before
anyone else and if it is correct, you
can win an Island Times t-shirt.
Rules are the same. T
shirt for the first correct an
swer sent to
Email your answer with
"Trivia" in the subject line
before 5 p.m. June 21.

h abana

OPEN club cafe
TuesSun2 Waterfront Dining
TuesSun 01

Breakfast & Lunch

655 Pensacola Beach Blvd.
Free Elevator Rides Third Floor
Beach Marina Overlooking Little Sabine Bay

tIe reeuet( hfe

c 's & Weinstube

d' ()rimtlelIes Pancakes
French Toast
Eggs To Order
7 Different Kinds of Eggs Benedict ( -'
Lump Crab Scrambles otch/
AllYour Favorites o1'.r "

Try our popular Caribbean Salad
' Choose Meatloaf or Crab Cakes from our Comfort Food Menu.
- Feast on Schweinbraten with a bottle of Bitburger Beer.
SDine on Desserts -Cheesecake, Praline Strudel & Homemade Pie

0n) fa'4 Daily Specials 04J/,0?
uqioel German Menu 'oTO
Luscious Desserts
Open 8 am to 8 pm 932-1525
348 Gulf Breeze Pkwy In the Gulf Breeze Shopping Ctr

Pensacola Beac


Island Times

June 20, 2007

James "Gibby" Naylor Fail 'C"r
November, 1956 June 4, 2007

Goodbye To Gibby by Danab Gibson
by Danah Gibson
It was in the fall of 1993. I of life. Just ask around, he was He was an intelligent man who -
was having my usual after work many different things to many chose to live his life his way, on
cocktail at Bobby D's, Iglanced differentpeople- Lovinghusband his terms. The biggest lesson ev
across the bar and noticed a new to his wife Barbara Dad to Bowie eryone learned from Gibbm was ..-

face in the Sandspur Republic. He
was a big guy, well over six feet
tall with a clean shaven, shiny
bald head and a jet-black fu-
manchu mustache. I thought
"Wow, he looks interesting," and
boy, was I right! Interesting to say
the least. It was none other than
We struck up a conversation
and became fast friends. Back
then he was crashing in the back
of Rick Czeck's T.V repair shop,
and hailed from Australia you
know! Over the years, there were
many tall tales from Gibby, which
were always amusing and a big
part of his charm ( he definitely
was a master of the art of blar-
A softspoken, kind and sen-
sitive soul, misunderstood by
many and beloved to all his
friends, who came from all walks

& Buttercup; Beach Bum of the
Year; Mayoral candidate: CEO of
his company, Fishpie Records;
fundraiser and supporter of the
Beach school, and many other
organizations and people, all of
whom are not known to me. He
liked to help people out when he
could, and was sometimes gener-
ous to a fault!
He loved his wife Barb, his
family, and all pets. Who else
would, on a regular basis, bring
home a Philly steak sandwich with
double meat from Peg Leg's for
his dog, Petey? He held close to
his heart Horatio Hornblower, the
Blues and Heavy Metal music,
Bluebell ice cream, playing his
harmonica, Live music, making his
"daily rounds" on the Beach, beef
pot pies and Budweiser beer in
the can.
He had a serious side also.

that you can't judge a book by
its cover. It happened to him all
the time, but he accepted folks for
who they are on the inside, not
what you look like on the outside.
The most important life les
son that I personally learned from
him is that there are many differ-
ent kinds of love. No two are the
same. And that's a hard one to
grasp. Thanks, Gibby. You
touched more people's lives than
you will ever know. I, along with
everyone who loved you, will
miss you everyday My hope for
you now is that you are on a big,
fat, happy cloud, enjoying a Bud,
jamming with Hendrix, and hav-
ing some fabulous conversation
with Frank and Albert! (Zappa &
Einstein, respectively).
See you on the other side-
Peace & Love

Elks Raffle Creates Blues VIPs

Move over Bill Gates, War-
ren Buffet and the King of Siam.
The VIP of the World will be re-
clining in an Adirondack chair in
a shady corner of the Elk's Lodge
balcony on Blue Angels Day, Sat-
urday, July 21. The identity of this
extremely important person will
remain a mystery until 8 p.m. on
July 6 at the Elk's Lodge when the
winning ticket for the VIP Blue
Angels Day will be drawn.
Tickets are on sale now to

win this most prestigious award
for $5 each or you can purchase
ten for only $25.
The prize is outrageously
wonderful. First, drive your car to
the Lodge and park in the Exalted
Ruler's Parking Place. Go up to the
VIP corner and get ready to view
the Blue Angels Show in comfort
you may not have experienced
before. You will find two
Adirondack chairs, a mosaic leaf
table, a market umbrella and

matching cooler. Sit back and re-
lax as you receive a tray of
Boarshead sandwiches and a
meat, cheese and fruit tray. You
will get a bar tab and two bottles
of your favorite liquor, bottled
water and two Blue Angel Kevin
Davis Memorial t-shirts. And,
when the show is over, you can
pack up all those items and take
them home with you to continue
your life as a VIP.
You can purchase tickets
from Ladies of the Elks, who are
sponsoring the event, or from the
Elk's bartenders.


.. L ..i -d

Yancy Spencer and BZR Turner place a sye 'oeits ocety, and ne
wreath in the Gulf to honor Gibby. Surfer'sMemorialBoard
He is survived by his
wife, Barbara Fail; his father, James Manasco Fail; his sisters, Kathryn
Luttrull and Marcia Boykin; his aunt, Margaret "Peggy" Stone Cole;
uncles Alton and Charles Fail; numerous cousins, nieces, and nephews
and a multitude of friends who loved him madly.
There will be a memorial service on Saturday, June 23, 2007 at the
Pensacola Beach Community Church at 11 a.m. Family and friends are
invited to share theirmemories at the service. Following the service, there
will be a life celebration at The Dock on Casino Beach. In lieu of flowers,
please make a donation to his favorite charity, Pensacola Beach Elemen-
tary School.

S Fai

The Blue Angels will take to
the skies above Pensacola Beach
July 19-21. In conjunction with the
annual air show, the Pensacola
Beach Chamber of Commerce
partnered with Island Style Beach
Department Store to produce a
Blue Angel Memorial t-shirt. The
"Dreams Soar When Brave Men
Fly High" t-shirt is a tribute to the
late Lt.Cdr. Kevin Davis and de
picts his number six jet soaring
Beach businesses and resi-
dents look forward to the Blue
Angels Air Show with great an
ticipation each year, so it was fit-
ting to create this gesture of good-
will in Davis' memory according
to Chamber President Jeff Elbert.
"I designed the t-shirt as a

tribute to Lt.Cdr. Davis and to raise
money to honor his family's re
quest for donations to Make-A-
Wish" said Elbert who also owns
Island Style.
The t-shirts are $15 each in-
cluding tax and can be purchased
by filling out an order form at the
Pensacola Beach Visitor's Infor-
mation Center or by visiting Is-
land Style next to Flounder's at
the traffic light.
The shirts which come in
adult and children's sizes will be
available for sale through Blue
Angel Weekend and all of the
profits will go to Make-A-Wish.
For additional ordering infor
nation, please contact Chamber
Executive Director Sandy
Johnston at 932 1500.

Four Season Apparel

Men & Women's Casual & Outdoor Clothing
Hiking & Backpacking Gear
Snow Ski Apparel
Rock Climbing Gear, Ropes & Shoes

W* lilley
3009 East Cevantes 4332822

3009 East Cervantes 9 433-2822

Blues Shirt Sales Set To Soar

It's a pirate's

life for me....

Here's to


305 7663518

June 20,2007

Island Times

June 20 2007

It is definitely Summer on the
Island! I've just had my first
guests for the season. My sister,
Brenda Williams and our family
friend, Mable "Precious" Purvis,
both of Albany, Georgia were
here. It was Mable's first visit to
our area and she was definitely
impressed with our Island and my
new house. Mable has been
around our family for so long, she
has become one of us and we have
changed her name to "Precious."
That's because she cooks such
wonderful food and has fed our
family through every loss in our
lives. You've all heard of "funeral
food." Precious is such a good
cook, that we've actually consid
ered "knocking off" some of the
least favorite family members ust
so she will bring us food!
A bird ate the first grape to
mato from our garden. That's
okay since Jesiah said, "It was
Great Grannie and she was hun
gry." My mother did love toma-
toes and gardens, so we may not
get to eat as much as we thought.
If you missed Monette
Hodges' Dance Recital, put it on
your calendar for next year. It was
an absolutely spectacular event!
You know Deb Friedman always
dances and she is very, very
good. But the best surprise this
year was Courtney Winstead. My
God, where did those legs come
from? Courtney says she always
feels like a big giraffe when danc
ing, but I have to tell you she
looks more like a gazelle to me.
Deb and Courtney were both
fabulous, along with the rest of
the cast. This is such great en
tertainment for us, but a whole
year of work for Miss Monette.
Her daughter, Lacey, also dances
and looks so much like her mom,
it's incredible. Lacey performed a
solo with perfection, wearing the
same dress in which her Mother
won top awards.
Don't forget to "reserve"
your seats for upcoming major
events- 4th of July Fireworks and
Blue Angels Shows! I love the
fireworks and we are very grate
ful to have themback this year. I
still miss Mr. Harry and his first
day of Summer party, and I swear,
I still smell the barbecue cooking
at the end of my street!
Okay, back to Precious and
Brenda. We had a wonderful din

ner on Saturday night and de-
cided to walk on the beach after-
wards. The thing is, Brenda also
insists that I drive her car when
she's here (to use her gas) and
since she has a cute little PT
Cruiser, it is certainly fun. The
prnhlom hooqn when we went to
ii ... r. I i.., I 1. W e parkedat
the Church and tucked our purses
under the car seat to deter
thieves. Well, that was all fine
until about 45 minutes after my
sister left my house to return
home. That is when I reached for
my purse only to discover that it
was not in my house. Three
guesses where it was. Oh yeah,
still under the seat in Brenda's car.
So, frantically I called her (be-
cause cell phone with telephone
numbers, checkbook, ID's are all
in my purse). Luckily, they had
not gotten very far past
Crestview, so she turned around
as Bill and I headed to I110. We
met them in Crestview and re-
trieved my traveling purse. I told
Precious it would be hard to leave
the beach and, by taking my
purse, she had signified the de
sire to return.
This week's recipe is court
tesy of Precious and is guaran-
teed to make you "hug your
Mama," This one's for you, Pre-
cious. Let's cook...

Precious' Pineapple

1 box butter yellow cake mix
1 (No 2) can crushed pine
1 cup sugar
2 tsp salt
2 egg yolks, slightly beaten
2 Tbsp Lemon juice
4 Tbsp. Cornstarch

Cook cake mix according to
directions on package. Let cool.
In a mediumsaucepan, cook pine
apple & sugar for 35 minutes.
Remove from heat and remove a
small amount of hot mixture from
pan. Blend eggyolks, lemonjuice,
salt and cornstarch in small
amount of mixture then return to
remaining mix. Return saucepan
to heat and, stirring constantly,
cook 2 minutes or until mixture
thickens. Ice cake immediately,
serve and enjoy!
Happy Summer everyone!

Beach Royalty The Krewe of Bananimals crowned their Queen
Beverly Hughes and King Charles Henry at the annual Shrimp Boil,
Sunday, June 2 at The Break. The Bananimals meet the first Sunday
of every month upstairs at The Islander Lounge.

Maria's Fresb Seafoob Market

i ) Take a little bit ofthe GulfCoasthome!
Fresh from the boats daily
r R We can cold pack for travel or ship anywhere.
621 Cer tes Street
Pensacola 432-4999 MON SAT AM 7 PM
Call for directions from the Beach SUNDAY 8AM 6PM

Market on the Isfani
Grocery Shopping "Island Style" OPEN DAILY


Ask for a
O n four
i' ne ofthe Week
whileyou shop!

Why wasteyour Island Time
crossing bridges?

Pinot Gris (otherwise known as Pinot
Grigio) isderived from Pnot Noir,which
can also claim parentage to Pinot Blanc.
The "gris" in its name means "gray" in
French,which isa referencetothegrape's
blue-gray skin color, Bottled Pinot Gris
possesses gold colonng and a light fruity
taste. The French, who havebeen known
tolingerover lunches, havelong enjoyed
quafling Pinot Gns. Its light, crisp, acid
. d....i 11 1. .......... I .... .i
r i ii. I, i ,i.7 i',ii i .I,:41 ii i Iri^ ,j i i ,, I
andAlsatian regions of France, hisgrape
variety has been embraced by
winemakers in Oregon, whereihegrape
positivelylounshed.With armas pear

HINT: "Pinot" means "pinecone" in
French, which is a referencetolhe coni-
cal clustersin which Pinot Grisgrows.
Whitewines, like Pinot Gns, arefantastic
for light lunches and frit and cheese
spreads. At Beach Wines and Liquors,

rience that allow usto provide a unique
and useful service to our clients. We can
always match a meal to a wine. If you
f 5 .. i . i ,,,,, iI ,
"I . . .. . '

Keeping Island
Living Easy

* Specialty Cheeses
" Salsas & Dressings
* Sauces & Marinades


Iin 7 Island Times PA 7

Happy Birthday to Karen's Kids

Chip McCain, who played
piano for Conway Twitty for a
dozen or so years is coming to
the Olive Drop Martini Bar on
Pensacola Beach, June 22. He
-"- h l= i- Iool.in7 f-,r-ri t- pr-

neat little beach bar.
Life Line Screening services
will be at the Cabana Club, third
floor at the Beach Marina on
Tuesday, July 3 to perform ultra-
sound tests for vascular diseases.
If you want an appointment, call
800-636-0017. It won't interfere
with the delicious breakfast and
lunch they serve in the Cafe.
Dancers held a special recital
at PJC a couple of weeks ago to
honor the tenth anniversary of
Dancingly Yours. Deb Friedman,
Courtney Winstead and Monette
Hodges, all members of the Mys-
tic Krewe of Nereids, performed a
routine together. Lots of other
Beach dancers performed. Enjoy
ing the show was Dr. Thomas
Campanella, Santa Rosa Island
Authority Board member
Miracle Strip Corvette Club
rolled into Flounder's Sunday,
June 10 for their annual pre-
Father's Day brunch. Lined up
neatly in the parking lot were cor-
vettes in all colors almost like a
preview of their September show
on the Beach,
Anderson Auctioneers pro
vided Beach real estate investors
a chance to bid on Portofino
condo units and other Beach
homes, June 9. The excitement
grew as the bids got higher. A top
bid of $460,000 won the first
The Pensacola Beach Visitors
Information Center opens its
doors to guests almost everyday
of the year. The new hours of
operation for summer are: Mon-
day through Saturday 9 to 5 and
Sunday from 10 until 3.
The colorful beach trolleys
are rolling in the core area on Fri-
day evening, Saturday and Sun-
days offering free rides to your
next Beach destination.
Tuesday, June 26 is consid
ered Beach Chamber Day. The
business meeting is at 8:30 at the
Comfort Inn and the more social
After Hours is at 5:30 p.m. at

Whenever Pandora de
Balthazar takes on a project, she
always adds a touch of class.
Sometimes, a whole lot of class.
She was the hostess for the first
ever birthday party to honor chil-
dren who were born in June who
are now in foster care. These chil
dren, often referred to as "Karen's
Kids" because Karen Cook
Cowen founded the Lunch Bunch
group which sponsors them dur-
ing the holidays.
Pandora directed the birthday
event, the first time it has included
both Santa Rosa and Escambia
County children.

She partnered with the
Pensacola Opera and volunteers
from the Beach Church. There
were numerous activities for the
kids and their foster families, Sing-
ers and a pianist performed ex-
cerpts from children's operas and
musical theatre. The kids joined
in the dances and songs. Face
painters were on hand and cos
tumers provided the kids with the
opportunity to dress up in fun
Each of the birthday kids re-
ceived an individual cake baked
by Barbara McGlynn and Marilyn
McDonald as well as gifts.

Pensacola Opera performers entertained birthday partiers.
Delighting the children with face painting, singing and costuming
are Opera members (L to R): UWF theatre major Christopher Lotito,
Timothy Kennedy, Opera Director of Education and Community
Outreach, and UWF Theatre Arts major Lynsey Price.

Dedication Postponed
The Santa Rosa Island Au mer. The original date was June 9.
thority has postponed the dedi A party will be planned for the
cation of Harry G Gowens Me event by the Beach Chamber of
moral Park until later in the sum- Commerce,

Bank of the South Island Branch
Full Service Banking Close to Home

l II
^:a$lt '"ll

%ll =^JFSsi


* Internet Banking
* Bill Payment Service
* Waterfront Financing

* Flex Line Home Equity Loans
* Conventional Mortgages
* Personal Service

Mon Thurs 9 4:30
136 FORT PICKENS ROAD Friday 9 5:30
- 850-932-9336 LOBBY CLOSED FROM 1-3 PM EACH
t www.bots-fl.com DAY.DRIVE UP OPEN DURING ALL

Pensacola Beach: Condo
2 Bedrooms 2 Balhs
-.- Sell Wb -Available May Oct
., ww.vtJ bo.eoml95159
*. '

850-932-0775 800-554-3695 Menon VRBO 95159 for mDion

Comfort Zone Footwear
701 E. Gregory Street
aoo Pensacola
o 432-8638
Same Great Call for easy
Service directions from
& Selection the Beach

Sthe Be3 ach

Tuesday from 7-9 p.m. at the
Gulfside Pavilion

June 26
Ncuti (evs

July 3


Brought to you by the
Santa Rosa Island Authority
Call 932-2257 for more information or
tune to

fatS87 / /7
g f- ,-Ou /
www.visitpensacolabeach.com .-
Please, no glass containers or pets

uJ ne 20 2007

alsI nd Times

PA;F 7

Commissioner Sets Date for Town Hall Meeting

Pensacola Beach residents
will have an opportunity which
doesn't happen very often when
they attend a Town Hall meeting
at 6:30 p.m. June 28 at the Santa
Rosa Island Authority office. The
Town Hall meeting will cover is-
sue about their town, and they
will have a chance to ask ques-
tions and receive answers.
The Town Hall meeting,
sponsored by Commissioner
Grover Robinson will be divided
into segments with Commissioner

Ask Ques
Robinson speaking on Beach is
sues from 6:30 to 6:50 p.m.
The second portion, 6:50 to
7:05 will be a talk by Escambia
County Fire Chief Kenny Perkins,
who will share information about
the Beach Fire Station's proposed
building and services.
The open forum for ques-
tions will follow from 7:05 until
8:30. Questions must be filled out
on a request form.
Representatives from
County department will be on

tions, Get Answers
hand to answer questions include In addition to the County
ing Escambia County Code En- representatives, Santa Rosa Is-
forcement officer Charlie Walker; land Authority staff will also an
Capt. Eric Enquist from the swer questions. They are General
Sheriff's Department; Assistant Manager Buck Lee and Environ
CountyAdministratorWillieTay- mental and Developmental Ser-
lor; Duane Chase, Road Depart- vices Manager Matt
ment; and Amy LoVoy, Office of Mooneyham.
Management and Budget. The Escambia County Tax

Collector's office will not be rep
resented at this meeting since the
ad valorem tax situation is still
pending in the courts. Any tax
questions will be handled appro
privately, keeping in mind legal
For information call Grover
Robinson's office at 595-4940.

Sit. Sip. Stay.

--I -

When the colorful Mayokis arrived at the Fiesta ceremonies,
June 2, at the Boardwalk on Pensacola Beach they came with an
official escort. These Escambia County deputies roared through
the Beach traffic on Harley Davidsons to safely deliver the tribe of
celebrants. Deputies are (L to R): Michael Gray, Neil Forrester, Mike
Delay, Donnie White, Terry Brunson, and Tom O'Neil.

Tom Gilliam, attorney with Shell,
Fleming, Davis and Menge gave a tax suit
update to the Pensacola Beach Optimist
Club members June 5 at the Beach
Community Church. Tom and his law firm
represent the beach residents in the
property tax lawsuit.

L~ -U

Frozen Margaritas
The Frozen Specialty
Cruzan Pain Killer

Burgers Shakes

Fries Cold Beer

Waterfront Dining
500 Quietwater Beach Rd
Pensacola Beach 932-1417
upstairs from Key Sailing

Lunch & Dinner
Breakfast Thurs Sun
7:30 to 10:30 a.m.

Gulf Views from our Tiki Bar ianp aripa e id s
Happy Hour ipep yo. SI cJose
familiar name, friendly faces, Tue & Frl Karsoke
frosty libations WEDN Open Mic Nte
Irng n our ulmIntAllndii .i
located at Thurs- T-Shirt nIght
pI f pnw ean lul vi Iur
SAT & SUN- Lie ban"'i
Live music onde

24 Via de Luna Special
Pensacola Beach Locals
850-932-6000 Room Rates

', 4iRA
(15 O/
go~ 's


Island Times

June 20.2007

June 20,2007

7NT r6s-'I1i__h-e S--7 I

A friend of mine sent me the
following fantastic story in an
email and I thought it was worth
A 92-year-old, petite, well
poised and proud man, who is
fully dressed each morning by
eight o'clock, with his hair fash
ionably coifed and shaved per
fectly, even though he is legally
blind, moved to a nursing home
today. His wife of 70 years re
cently passed away, making the
move necessary. After many
hours of waiting patiently in the
lobby of the nursing home, he
smiled sweetly when told his room
was ready. As he maneuvered his
walker to the elevator, I provided
a visual description of his tiny
room, including the eyelet sheets
that had been hung on his win
"I love it," he stated with the
enthusiasm of an eight-year-old
having just been presented with
a new puppy.
"Mr. Jones, you haven't
seen the room; just wait."
"That doesn't have any-
thing to do with it," he replied.
Happiness is something you de
cide on ahead of time. Whether I

New Shelters

on the Way
Twenty-four new picnic shel
ters will replace the outdated
structures at the Ft. Pickens Gate
area after the Santa Rosa Island
Authority accepted a bid at a spe
cial Board meeting on May 29.
Southeastern Construction Com-
pany was the successful bidder
at $474,971.46 from a group often
bids. They will also build new
dune walkovers.
"These will look like the shel-
ters at Quietwater Beach," Dave
Hemphill, Baskerville Donovan
engineer said. "We have the DEP
permits in hand and are ready to
get the work started."
The project will be paid for
by FEMA funding.


like my room or not doesn't de
pend on how the furniture is ar-
ranged. It's how I arrange my
mind. I already decided to love it.
It's a decision I make every morn-
ing when I wake up. I have a
choice; I can spend the day in
bed recounting the difficulty I
have with the parts of my body
that no longer work, or get out of
bed and be thankful for the ones
that do. "Each day is a gift, and
as long as my eyes open, I'll fo-
cus on the new day and all the
happy memories I've stored away,
just for this time in my life."
He said, "Old age is like a
bank account. You withdraw from
what you've put in." So, my ad
vice to you would be to deposit a
lot of happiness in the bank ac
count of memories!
Thank you for your part in
filling my memory bank. Iam still


Famous beach chefs Trac
prepared the Beach Church's
Saturday, June 2. The Crafy
for anybody who still had rool
fry was hosted by the Pensac
and was open to the public. B
event which is free of charge

Catholic Mission
Sunday Mass9:45 am.
Beach Church
Sunday Services 10 am.

_Sat. 9 a.m.
P I i iL2l June 23r

ECUA & City of Pensacola
Photos & List at:
BoylestonAuctions.com J Uis
Location: Ellyson Industrial Park, Pensacola,
1-10, Exit 13, N 2.5 ml. Full pay auction day. W kst
(850)434-0377 ....tU

St. AnnDs-eS lg]I[ 401k Retirement
nJ IPlan
SVision Insurance
SPaid Holidays/
Part-Time &
l Full-Time
Development &
F Free Lunches
t Free Fitness Room
100 Daniel Drive
Gulf Breeze, FI 32561

(850) 932-2859
Fax: (850) 934-2804
SE-mail: Shirley@

By Dr. Chuck Randle
Pastor, Pensacola Beach Community Church

Optimists Try To
Bag Funds For
Appreciation Dinner

"Pensacola Beach Optimists
SClub members will be bagging
Groceries at the Bruno's Grocery
l Store in Gulf Breeze, Saturday,
June 23 to help fund their Sep
tember 1 "Sheriffs, Fire Fighters
& Park Rangers Appreciation
SDinner." The annual event hon-
ors those who serve on the is-
I land.
S New Optimist, Scott Neal
agreed to chair this event. "We
can't thank them enough, but we
v can sure give it our best effort,"
1- he said.
4 a Along with bagging grocer-
ies members will place donation
y McDonald and Morrie Drees buckets around the area to give
first fish fry of the summer, everyonewho appreciates the lo
Ladies offered baked goodies cal law enforcement and fire fight-
m for dessert. The lunch time ers an opportunity to contribute.
ola Beach Community Church Anotherwayto make a donation
arry McCleary coordinated the is call PBOC teasu Dave
but donations were accepted. tocall PBOC tr urer Dave

Shipping C Packaging Services
Fax & Copy Services
Printing & Document Finishing Services
Notary Services
Mailbox Services
Packaging & Moving Supplies
Office Supplies T

Bruno's Shopping Center
362 Gulf Breeze Parkway
Gulf Breeze, FL 32561
850.932.8533 Tel 850.932.1588 Fax

------ ----


Sd-r"Island Times I
Send $32 made
payable to: Shelley Ink delivered
P.O. Box 844 Gulf
Breeze, FL 32562-0844 o your

Name: I
Address: I
State: Zip:
L ------------------- J


Island Times



PAGE 10 Island Times June 20.2007

\Q<)C/ I t Q~x Ci2a -


Creating personal havens of rest with
crisp linens, pure down products and
soothing textiles. Sleep at night and keep
your cool during the day.

9 South 9th Avenue @ Aragon ..I'
850.432.4777 " r f /
www.pandoradebalthazar.com r" iiet T Bec

* After Sundown

Go crabbing on the Gulf of Mexico, at Crabs, We Got Em -
Alaskan Snow, Dungeness and King Crabs are all on the exten
sive seafood menu Sip and sit at the live aquarium bar or at the
upstairs, outdoor Gulfside deck. Oysters and Wings are two
bits on Monday through Thursdays No reservations, come as
you are.
Atthetraffic light find the red roof and the twinkling lights on
Casino Beach and you're in Crab Heaven Open everyday 850
932-0700. www crabswegotem.com
A little bit of paradise at this open air, Island style bar with its
own pnvatewhite sand beach. Pull up a rattan stool Cold beer Live
Music. Exotic Libations Friendlylocals Lunch and Dinner every
day Cuban sandwiches Black and Blue Burgers Happy Hour 11
7 Live Bands Poker on Monday.
Tucked away in the parking lot of the Paradise Inn, it's directly
on Santa Rosa Sound Boat and Bicycle parking Open 7 days

The Gulf Coast's Premier Entertainment Complex. Seven
rooms of fun all under one roof! Karaoke, Texas Hold 'Em, Team
Trivia, Pool, Video games and more. Live EntertainmentSeven nights
a week with live music on four stages every Fnday & Saturday night
Serving lunch and dinner, too! It's where the Party People Partyi
Located in Historic Downtown Pensacola at 130 East Gov
ernment Street Open Monday Saturday from 11 until 2:30 a m
and 5 p.m. until 2 30 on Sunday Ring 434-6211 or visit

The locals spot on Pensacola Beach Nightly dnnk spe
cials. Very happy hour everyday until 7 p m which includes
$2 75 Bushwackers Pool Live Music
Find us at 65 Via de Luna, in downtown Pensacola Beach's
historic district. Just down from The Islander Lounge. 850-932
0864. www.breakbeachbar.com

Step back In time and enjoy Flounder's antique collection
Step into now and enjoy Flounder's top rated seafood. Indoor
and outdoor dining Even a beach playground for the kids. Beach
Bar neath the moon and stars Diesel Fuel in a commemorative
mason jar Bilgewater Margaritas. Gift shop Fred Flounder,
Located at the traffic light on Pensacola Beach. Next to the
55 ft. shrimp boat Open everyday 850-932-2003
Ahoy, Matey You've found a Pensacola Beach treasure PI
rates welcome Fresh Gulf seafood served in the galleyor outside
on the awning covered deck. Glass front bar overlooks LaFitle Cove
All kinds of oysters Live lobster. Gumbo Dinner specials nightly
Sizeable sandwiches and burgers for Landlubbers Take home a t
Look for the Jolly Rogers flying over the west end of the Island
at 110 Fort Pckens Road We're here everyday at 11.932-4139
www peglegpetes com
Score! Don't miss a point. Seeitall in high definition 11 big
screens, 42 televisions If it runs,jumps, races, it's here. Famous
for Thursday Wing Night Burgers. Seafood and Ribs. Kids menu
fortheJVplayers Fullbar Indoororoutdoorseating.Videosports
Centrally located on Via de Lunajust east of the main parking
lot andthetraffic light Kick off at11 a.m seven days a week. 934

It' s what you have been waiting for Classic Martinis,
exotic elixirs, shaken or stirred. Equal parts of elegant and beach
eclectic. Live music and lively patrons The famous Conner
Cagle makes guest appearances.
Located in the Soundside Market across from the Hilton
on Pensacola Beach Open everyday 932-7675.

Even a bragging Irishman can'tdojustice to McGuire's where
the atmosphere is an authentic turn-of the-century pub. McGuire's
has been named one of America's great steakhouses, and is world
famous for its culinary artistry Dollar bills on thewalls, a moose to
kiss and employees who give a damnl Try an Irish Wakeor Senate
Bean Soup.
Open at 11 a m everyday. Easy drive to 600 East Gregory
Street in Pensacola 850-433-6789 www mcguiresinshpub com

The" World Famous Sandshaker" a Pensacola Beach Tra
edition since 1973 It's the Home of the Original Bushwacker and
has been selling this signature drnk for over 30 years. The Shaker
was the 1st bar on the Beach to offer this tasty frozen concoc
tion Live Music Wed, Thurs, Sat & Sun Karaoke Tues, Fri. Tki
Bar specials FrnSun Iguana Gnll open Thurs-Sunday
Across from the Fishing Pier on Pensacola Beach. Open
10 am until3am 850-932-2211. wwwsandshakerlounge.com
for photo gallery and event schedule
The oldest lounge on Pensacola Beach Happy Hour 11 to
7 DJ spins dance tunes 7 nites. Fri Sun Live Music. Shuffle
board, video games, pool, football, golf, bowling. Brass Pole
Visit the upstairs Cypress Lounge, open air bar overlooking
downtown Pensacola Beach. Available for private parties
Find us at 43 Via de Luna. Open weekdays at noon; week
ends at 11. 850-932-9011.

Open for Breakfast and Lunch everyday from 8 to 2
Waterfront dining overlooking beautiful Sabine Bay. The Club is
also available for wedding receptons, business meetings or
any other occasion that calls for a spacious waterfront venue,
casual to elegant catering and a staff who truly cares about
their clients. Sunsets are priceless. Elevator rides are free
Your hosts are Carol and Jerry Sears Located on the third floor
above the Market on the Island. 916-7446

7waWd aayu de

~LJ~-'?LJ1I~3~ : 'B

'~RL 1

June 20.2007 Island Times PAGE 11

Everything you need--

Right here

on the Beach e n

Open Everyday

6 AM until 11 PM

'price all meet"

ly ^ / V.



GsIi II o Gr o [eie

Gasoline on the Island!
Easy entry and exit on Via de Luna.
Prices comparable to Gulf Breeze.

smoking pleasure...
Onyx Cohiba
Arturo Fuente
Romeo y Juliete

In a Hurry? Stop Here!
Groceries Convenience Items
Coffee and Free Island Times
Fresh Produce Frozen Foods
Ice Snacks Cold Beer
*ATM available inside *
Frozen Novelties and Treats

-----------. ---- - --
SMILK L Check Out
I =- All Gallons I o
I 5 I our Beer
I aber 2.99 I Specials
L --------- I I--- -

Pensacola Beach
Embroidered T-Shirts
Beach Towels Hats
Full Line of Beach Supplies

Check Out Our
Beach Toys
3 Pack Cigarette Specials Beach Fots
WCheckOut OrI Beach Floats
LOW CARTON PRICES Sunscreen Coolers
22 Via de Luna Across from Subway and Paddy O'Leary's Pensacola Beach


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'B' 6,'
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*m Sydcae Content


Island Times

June 20,2007

June 20,2007 Island Times PAGE 13




0 '


J ~"~

Sand Sculptresses from Gulf Breeze created the winning entry in
the children's division in the Fiesta Sand Sculpture Contest on
Pensacola Beach, June 3. Gulf Island Under The Sea was created
by (L to R) Zoe Wright, 9, Samantha Hoffman, 10 and Natalie
Rockett, 10, who spent three days at the beach practicing prior to

Pensacola Beach Chamber of Commerce June Meetings
Thursday, June 21 BOD TBA 11:30
Tuesday, June 26 Members Comfort Inn 8:30 a.m
i...n.., ..,.,, Tuesday, June 26 After Hours Portofino 5:30 p.m.

Navarre Pensacola Beach
Proudly Introducing....
Tife is ood:I I

c bil ^ i~ L K rr CApN Df
l y 98 At the Light
.Jiw t. acco Bell and t Otjti Next to Flounder's
Whitney Bank-Navarre .. .. Pensacola Beach
939-2777 934-3100


S 8 ~~1i, The Locals Spot on Pensacola Beach MUS I
,1 ,.r T;EE HAT" MM 'rE
1 o 1 1 ONTuIEV- I 10 S

Sat Sun at 10 www.breakbeachbar.com


Island Times



PAGE 14 Island Times June 20, 2007

ma"""" reading' the water -A i

Howdy folks, with the water
getting' warmer the big fish are
moving' in closer to shore and that
means great fishing' in and around
the Island.
On the Gulf Pier, the Kings
are all over the place and some
very big one have been caught.
Local Scotty McGuire took five in
one day and made a lot of folks
happy giving them away. The lo-
cals are catching everything from
Sheepsheads to Hammerheads and
if your thinking' about swimming' in
the big fish bowl, I would keep a
close eye on your surroundings. I
mean there are some very big ones

.. ... I I 11'. I I I 11 II 1 1

:.1. I ,,,1 d n l.. Ihl
,11,,, .. .... ... I,,, I ..I .... I .I

-iLhLt -dcul Livc lniJp.
If Mullet are your thing, they
are everywhere and with a good
cast net you can be going home
with dinner in one throw
On the boats I have been
stopping' by the Marina when I sea

1h h , .... . .
,I .. ...- I -, "' I"'

ing pics and if you have a story,
drop me a line at
Do yourself a favor and Go

Pensacola Beach Fishing Pier, June 10 Hammerhead shark swims
just beneath the surface next to the Pier. He's about 12 feet long
and looking' for something to eat.


Gulf Coast Kayak Fishing Association Spring Tournament June 9 -
Steve and Jessica Summers weighed in their Specs at Shoreline
Park hoping to place among the top three. They fish from their
own kayaks and were the only husband-wife duo to enter. Jessica's
fish weighed in at a modest one pound and Steve's was a two
pounder. It's a great way to fish, according to the couple.


Trolling Overnight Rig Trips
f Tuna Wahoo Blue Marlin
vM i White Marlin Sailfish

_468 Egg Harbor 850-936-5074
Sport Fishing 850-232-7118

Pensacola Beach Fishing Pier, June 7 Pier Rat Kris Kaye holds a 25
pound King he caught at the Pier.p h in C ru i

Polphin Cruise
I, '850-492-6337
Pensacola Beach Fishing Pensacola Beach Fishing Pier,
Pier, June 7 Trace Lewis June 12 Fearless Lady Angler
weighs a nice King. Lindsey Stanley wets a line.
Mackerel that Paul Sperry Docked at the
landed. Beach Marina
655 Pensacola Beach Blvd.

Better reel 'em up fast!

fil/io/n Dollar I'Yelt- Pensacola Beach

fOrn] '$6- 2 bedrooms/2.5 baths I
Premium Gulf Front unit 1i
in prestigious Portofino.

S D 850-377-3145
Island Realty of Pensacola Beach
Jeremy@ GulfCoastParadise.com

June 20,2007

Beach Poker Players
Paradise Bar and Grill 2006 Female Champion,
hosted the Texas Hold 'Em 444 Weekly action at the Para
Fun Champions Tournament on dise finds Dr. Glenn Burleson
the first day of June. Scott playing his cards right, He got
Stanley survived the pressure lucky at all the right times to
of all past champions to claim take out chip leader and birth
the title of May's Grand Cham- day boy Tim Rinker on June 3
pion. He defeated avery strong in a packed house.
field and taking out chip leader Poker tables were filled at
Janie Uzdevenes. Janie was the Paradise on June 6 when "Okie"

and BZR Turner place a memorial wreath in the Gulf of Mexico
June 6 for Charlie's brother, David, who passed away recently.
Dozens of local surfers paddled out for the ceremony held at
sunset at Casino Beach next to the Pier.

Island Times PAGE 15

Stack Up, Ship Out, Show Up

Steve returned to the beach, and his way. Tommy Chavis had the
reclaimed his winning form to chip lead for awhile but Franny
best a strong field of 20 play took them away to win.
ers. Okie then took
down "The Cobra"
Justin Robbins in a
back and forth final
showdown round.
Mark Beachman
roared to the title de-
feating Donna
Matthews fromWest
Pensacola in the fi
nal at Paradise, June
11. Just two days
later, Beach poker
legend, Tex
Atkinson, came from
a four chip stack in
the final to take
down Mark Capt. Ray Spivey and Michelle Bourgeois
Beachman's monster often go head-to-head at the beach poker
stack and claim the tables.
Wednesday night
win. What a final! Jason Bell went all the way
Saturday night poker atPaddy O'Leary'sonJune 3 in
games are played at the historic his last appearance before ship-
Islander Lounge's upstairs Cy- ping out. One of our fine young
press Bar. Redneck Anne Vinson men fighting for our freedom!
continued to play solid poker Local poker great Mark "The"
on June 2 and took down the Beachman was second.
whole Saturday night gang. Trace Lewis claimed the
Michelle Bourgeois was sec win at Paddy's June 6 with a
ond. strong short stack win against
The following week Fran Jim Margert in the final.
Cox cleaned up at The Islander Paddy's winner on June 10
with the house packed full of was Michelle Bourgeois who
top players. Fran was low took down Fran Cox in the final.
stackin' when the cards turned

PARADISE 916 0967
21 Via de Luna Pensacola Beach
PADDY O'LEARY'S 916-9808
49 Via de Luna Pensacola Beach
PARADISE 916-0967
21 Via de Luna Pensacola Beach
ISLANDER 932 9011
43 Via de Luna Pensacola Beach
49 Via de Luna Pensacola Beach
Last Minute Bookings Available
:s a*ir

Capt. Ray Spivey had a
great night on June 12 at
Paddy's with a strong win over
a very strong field of players.
Michelle Bourgeois made a run
at Capt. Ray but had to settle
for second place.
Texas Hold 'Em 444 Fun is
open to everyone. Only a basic
knowledge of the game is
needed. For more information,
call Rick Uzdevenes at 850-324


It's Time .


:mm -.......'="======..
* Pensacola Beach Townhome m
S- Just Steps from the Gulf. As Is prce 0
$395,000. 3 BR/2.5 BA Gulf front views
from patio and balcony

Gulf Breeze Bahama Bay
Club Newly remodeled end unit. Two
bedrooms, 1 5 baths In Gulf Breeze
Proper. Custom Cabinets, Granite
Countenops. Connunty Pool. $189, 900.


PI m2

byEK Hewson

If there is one thing I know Marine Semper Fi Fund website,
about Marine Corps wives, it is since September 11, 2001, Ma-
this. We can't keep any kind of rines and Sailors have been on
news to ourselves unless it has the front line of the War on Ter-
been classified as confidential. ror. Their bravery and dedication
.. I ' "" have had a price. Manyhavebeen
e" its wy t Io ,'s R 'o wounded, some seriously, and
made its way to Susan Rocco, one some resulting in lifelong disabili
of my dearest friends, who now ties. Because of medical ad-
lives in Oceanside, California. I dances, Marines and Sailors are
saw Susan at a military function now surviving injuries that were
aboard MCAS Cherry Point and not survivable in past wars. They
after exchanging pleasantries, she face extended hospital stays and
pulls me aside. In her overly en months, if not years, of recovery
thusiastic New York accent she and rehabilitation. Few families
inquires about my MCM training, are prepared to deal with the per
f "c I , r. ,'". sonal and financial disruption
for i 1' associated with leaving their
she said with sly smile across her home, their family, and their job
face. to be with their loved one through
I nodded as I tried to follow long months of hospitalization,
the circuitous path of how the rehabilitation and recuperation. It
news traveled and who exactly did is the goal of the Injured Marine
she hear it from. Semper Fi Fund to
"You know there provide financial as-
are still some spots Donate to Team distance where the
open on Team Semper Semper Fi Today! ae were t
Fi if you are inter Send ou checkl to govemrmentfalls
ested," she continued Injured Marine short
as she handed me a Semper Fi Fund, As I continue to
as she handed me a 825 College Blvd. train for the Marine
card with a web ad Suite 102, PMB 609, Corps Marathon and
dress for the Injured Oceanside, CA Team Semper Fi, I
Marine Semper Fi 92057 mentally complain to
Fund, a three-yearold myself about the

non-profit organization estab-
lished by Marine wives at Camp
Pendleton who originally put to
getherwelcome-home bags, often
digging into their own pockets to
buy things, such as phone cards,
sweat shirts and toothbrushes
and later each donating $100 to
start a fund to help families from
across the country get to their
wounded Marines.
Knowing there is no way I
could decline her offer, I promised
Susan I would look into it and in
less than 24 hours after our talk,
I was officially a runner on Team
Semper Fi My first attempt to run
a marathon was no longer just for
me, but for wounded Marines and
Sailors continuing to return from
Afghanistan and Iraq.
I quickly learned there are
two components to Team Semper
Fi. The core of the team is made
up of combat wounded Marines
and Sailors who refuse to allow
their disabilities to get in theirway
of competing in athletic events,
Tier two of the team is composed
of people like me who are willing
to raise funds for and awareness
of our combat wounded by ask-
ing readers like you for your sup-
According to the Injured

early :.. .. '' 1, i h 1
th e sk ,i ,l I - -....... I '-,
bra down my exposed back and
stomach and into my running
shorts. Then I think about Ma-
rines and Sailors fully dressed in
combat gear patrolling the streets
in Iraq and Afghanistan and the
daily low is 110 degrees. I also
think about how difficult it would
be to run in a burqa or a hijab. I
contemplate the things I don't
know like when the War on Ter-
ror will be over and our military
can return safely home. I analyze
the things I do know like Marines
and Sailors are coming home daily
with both physical and mental
injuries and I can make a differ
ence because of the giving and
generous spirit of Beach people.
To make a tax deductible
contribution, please visit my
website www.active.com/do
nate/teamsemperfi/hewson or
you can send a check payable
to. Injured Marine Semper Fi
Fund, 825 College Blvd. Suite
102, PMB 609, Oceanside, CA
92057. Please put Elizabeth
Hewson in the "for" space. The
Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund
is a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt orga
Until next time...

by Pandora de Balthazar
What are kitchen blessings?
Kitchen blessings are an-
tique, embroidered fabrics meant
to be hung in a kitchen to bless
the inhabitants. For centuries,
embroidery, needlepoint, needle
laces, and other handmade art
forms were a woman's outlet for
artistic creativity with a practical
punctuation: these finished
works graced her home in a fash-
ion suited to the family's status.
Young women were raised learn-
ing to darn, sew, embroider,
needlepoint, crochet, and create
the very wardrobe for her trous-
seau and her future family's home.
It was a part of her dowry, and
was expected of every young
woman, regardless of her place in
the world.
In each case, a woman al-
ways reserved a quiet portion of
her talent to focus on making her
own special room, the kitchen, a
place of grace, comfort, and
beauty Why not? The kitchen
was the heartbeat of her home and
where she spent most of her own
Why decorate with kitchen
Kitchen blessings hold a spe
cial place in the collector's eye
because they represent the heart
of the home, the maker, and her
viewpoint of and for her life. The
kitchen is the place where one
feels most protected and welcome,
and where one can be reminded
of the beauty of family life.
Economically, kitchen bless
ings are an excellent investment.
Compared to samplers, they cost
less than 10% of the market price
of samplers today, and yet face a
growth value three times that of
the recognized and dated sam-
plers seen at auction. Moreover,
they carry a simpler version of a
woman's view from the kitchen,
her expectations from life and for
her family and friends. The impact
of the soft blues, bright reds or
simple golds provides onlookers
with a smile.
I hope that your kitchen and
your home is blessed.

SWeddings Performed

EspoCre ve

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Digital Graphics Audio Video Systems

House Calls in Gulf Breeze & Pensacola Beach

Pensacola Beach
Weddings Receptions Bu siie Meetings
Private Parties


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Steam Clean
0 Process
Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner
Area and Oriental Rugs Tile & Grout
Marble, Vinyl & Hardwood Cars, Boats & RV Interiors

tfo r g gf

932-7670 934-1913
434-6277 438-7559

I -- I11= -Im

a IbD Ab E ALU


Hair Studio

_"- ~h


Island Times

June 20. 2007

~1~7-~ ~i


A Walk In The Park Will Be Easier Sometime in 2008

Jerry Eubanks, Superinten
dent of the Gulf Islands National
Seashore told the members of the
Residents and Leaseholders As
sociation that by this time next
year the road between Pensacola
Beach and Navarre Beach would
be completed. Speaking at their
June 11 meeting, he said, "Even-
tually, everything will be back to
normal, I hope. It will take a little
longer to finish the road to Fort

Pickens, but when the road is
' .. . .1,,, there w ill be

He said the park is in good
shape with buildings being re
paired and replaced. One notable
exception is the loss of thousands
of pine trees which have been re
moved from the park.
"There is very little shade in
the campground now," Eubanks
said. "And I am concerned for the

eagles, ospreys and owls."
Right now, the only means
of getting into the park is by bi-
cycling or hiking, beaching your
own boat or booking passage on
the ferry, according to Eubanks.
The PBRLA has changed its
regular meeting night to the sec
ond Monday of the month. The
next meeting will be Monday at 6
p.m. at the Pensacola Beach Corn
munity Church on July 9.

Children were ready to hit the water at the last day of
Vacation Bible School at the Beach Community
Church, June 8. The theme was Waterworks Park.
Having a splashtacular time are front row (L to R):
Kendall McCurdy, Kyla Homewood, Zoe Cooper,
Aaron Vann, Nic Wehrenberg, Maria Gruszczynski,
Kett Homewood, Jamie Hobbs, John Reece, Lynn
Reece and David Reese. Second row (L to R) Peter
Piotrowski, Bo Davis, Jackie Owens, Maddie Mateer,
Adam Owens, Ted E. Kimberling, Macy Mateer,
Benton Byrd, and Avery Owens. Third row (L to R)
Matt Schang, Kyle Fogel, TJ Baughn, Claire
Piotrowski, Neil Piotrowski, Bennie Fairey, and Trent
Piotrowski. Back row (L to R) Lauren McDonald,
Breezy Paulus, Leslie Harpole, emily Rasnick,
Shelby Hobbs, Thomas Fitzgerald, Drew Hobbs, Jeff
Lanza, Bill Palmer, Ryan Nelson and Natalie Blair,
VBS coordinator. Putting on sunscreen and not
pictured are Jonah and Tekah Roby.


JUNE 23 *2to

HOUSE SuT 308 Ft. Pickens
3 BR Townhome -
Call Grey Burge 850-572-7355

PAGE 18 Island Times June 20,2007


By Tex Atkinson

You meet some of the nicest
merchants in the pages of Island
Times Newspaper, One such per-
son is Pandora de Balthazar. Her
shop, on 9th Avenue, is wonder
ful. And Pandora is a wizard in
antique linens, textile art and the
goose down sleep system world.
I will focus on the sleep system
because I am an insomniac.
Pandora and her assistant, Toni,
took the time to teach me and let
me experience the goose down
sleep system.
In conjunction with that,
Pandora recommended that I read,
Power Sleep by Dr. James B.
Maas, which provides the science
behind the sleep system. I pur
chased the book from Pandora's
shop, and it is just what I needed.
Also I have been following the
instructions that both Pandora

Q: My computer has the
Microsoft's Vista on it. Can I go
back to Windows XP?
A:It is possible to replace
Windows Vista with a licensed
copy of Windows XP. Now, for
the bad news. The latest com-
puter hardware is designed for the
Vista Operating System, so Win-
dows XP may not know how to
configure some of your hardware.
For example, the video and sound
components may not register cor
rectly inXP.
After looking at the com
puter manufacturer's websites, I
have seen that the manufactur-
ers are not referencing Windows
XP on their new equipment com-
patibility lists. But, isn't that what
you would expect? Microsoft
would have no reason to make it
easy to stay with their older soft-
Computers with Windows
XP are still available through the
manufacturer's websites or by
calling the manufacturers directly

July 4th
and deliver
one week early!
We're IT on the Beach

and Toni gave me. My next pur-
chase will be the goose down
system. I could easily have fallen
asleep in the store while loung-
ing on the soft down.
It really makes a huge differ
ence if you have proper pillow
size, location and content in get-
ting good continuous sleep.
What intrigued me most was en-
veloping my body from my waist
to my head on these massive pil
lows. This positioning provides
tremendous support for the up
per body. Consider the amount
of time we spend sleeping. This
is definitely something to learn
more about.
So the next time, dear reader
you need a product or a service,
please go through Island Times.
The advertisers are experts a
treat to meet.

; Bits
(such as HP and Dell). They may
be available for some time be-
cause there are many software
products that are not yet com-
patible (they don't work) with
Windows Vista. Also, we have
been replacing some network
routers that don't yet work with
Vista --- and we continue to see
new issues every week.
This article was provided by
The Stukey Group. Contact Joe
atjoe@ycpals.com or 206-3156.

We were eating supper just
after sunset when we heard the
squeal of brakes on the narrow
road that separated our home from
the beach,
Our youngest immediately
shouted, Rusty! Our collie was
still outside the house and we all
ran to the front porch, heard the
sound of a speeding automobile,
and saw our beloved Rusty lying
on the edge of the road. All eight
of us ran down the stairs as
quickly as we could.
The cries of our children
bounced ahead as we ran. "Rusty!
Rusty!" echoed their frightened
voices. The dying collie lifted his
ruffled brown and white head from
the black asphalt. His eyes were
filled with puzzled excitement, The
late evening reds and yellows
clung heavily to the darkening
white dunes and a gentle crash
ing surf was the only background
to the sobs of small children.
The aged collie, still with the
grace of his youth, struggled des-
perately to get to his feet . to
bark his usual high-pitched greet
ing. He managed painful yelp and
a pitiful, jerking movement of his
one, unbroken leg. But Rusty's
eyes told his message. In just a
moment, when this sudden
strangeness had passed, he
would leap to his feet, run circles
around the children, and barking
happily, put his two feet in their
hands and dance on his hind legs.
Then he would run for the beach
listening to the laughter and ex-
cited voices that followed.

103 Baybridge Dr. G. Daniel Green, MAI, SRA
Gulf Breeze, FL State-Cert. Gen. REA #RZ836
850-934-1797 Real Estate Broker #BK176669

G. Daniel Green

Commercial & Residential Appraisal, Consulting & Sales

Computer Repair in Your Home


Joe Stukey

J TU KE Y www.ycpals.com


While they waited for me to
pull our old station wagon into
place, and their mother to call Doc
Andress, our children stroked
and petted, talked in soothing
voices, probed small fingers
through soft fur, and calculated
with childish wisdom how to mend
the awful wounds.
Then we lifted Rusty gently
into the car and headed for town.
Doctor Andress had agreed to
meet us at his office. Doc was our
children's hero. He had tenderly
placed splits on the broken wings
of wild birds, doctored injured
squirrels, and treated numerous
other small animals for our family
for many years. He was of a breed
they don't make very often.
Doc did a quick examination
of Rusty, then sent us home prom-
ising to keep in touch. He re
mained with Rusty until the early
morning hours and then called to
tell us that Rusty was gone. My
wife and I waited until morning to
tell the children, dreading the
Most of a lifetime has passed
since that summer on the beach.
My wife is now in a nursing home
with advanced dementia and it is
doubtful that she has many memo-
ries of Rusty, But the remainder
of the family does and we speak
of him at many family gatherings.
His story has been told and re
told to nearly thirty of my

children's children.
And with old age comes
more time to enjoy the simple plea
sure of reminiscing and letting our
minds roam. When I recall those
dayswhen our children were very
young, Rusty is often a part of
those thoughts. And allowing my
mind to imagine and wander much
more that I did when I was
younger I like to think that on that
long summer night as my wife and
I lay awake expecting Doc
Andress to call at any moment,
there was one of life's little hap
I can visualize clearly that
during that moment when Doc
Andress told us that Rusty was
gone, a sudden gust of night wind
passed over our home on the
beach and with it came a little
cloud of beach sand. And it is
easy to understand how those
small grains of sand settled
throughout our home and into the
innermost recesses of the minds
of all our family. They will remain
there for all of our lifetime. And
within those small grains brought
by the night wind Rusty still lives.
It only takes a moment of si
lence and concentration to bring
him back, And with our beloved
collie come the sounds of our
children running and laughing,
while winding their way through
sugar white sand dunes shout
ing "Rusty! Rusty!"

i g

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June 20, 2007 Island Times PAGE 19

CLASSIFIED ADS are $5 for 20 words. Additional words are 10 cents each. Send ad with check made payable to Shelley Ink, P.O. Box 844, Gulf Breeze, FL 32562.

Lots For Sale

2 Ocean View Dr.
Gulf & Sound Views
MLS# 328414 $549,000
Lot 16 Calle Marbella
Sound Front.
Gated Community.
MLS# 326210 $799,000
Lot 17 Calle Marbella
Sound Front.
Gated Community.
MLS# 326254 $799,000
Lot 23 Calle Marbella
Across from Sound.
Gated Community.
MLS# 326212 $449,000
213 Panferio Dr.
80 ft of Sound Frontage.
MLS# 310666 $699,000
800 Via Deluna Dr.
Large Corner Lot
MLS# 295784 $495,000
1100 Panferio Dr.
Across from Sound.
Great Views
MLS# 316837 $499,000
1581 Bulevar Menor
Lowest priced Soundfront Lot!
MLS# 303140 $475,000
Lot 35 Ensenada Marbella
Direct Gulf Views
Santa Rosa Villas Estates
MLS# 278391 $735,000
Lot 27 Seashore Dr.
Sound Front in Seashore
Village. Community Dock
MLS# 315079 $925,000
1754 Ensenada Seis
Gulf Frontin Private Cul-de-Sac
85 ft. of Gulf Frontage
MLS# 288030 $1,575,000

4 Soundside Dr. Lots
Sold individual or separate
MLS# 310300

8052 Sleepy Bay Blvd.
Bay Front Lot. 105 x 896
MLS# 296513 $248,900
9 Spinnaker Court
Soundside in Sailmaker Cove
adjacent to National Seashore
MLS# 317530 $599,000

Call Conna O'Donovan
Re/Max on the Coast
The Beach Specialist
cell 850-232-4001

Real Eslale For Sale

Portofino Best 2 BR unit in
the complex. Unobstructed
views of the gulf, sound, and
westerly view of beach $675K.
Jeremy Johnson, Island Realty,

Pensacola Beach Townhome
3/2.5, just steps from the Gulf.
Great waterfront views from pa-
tio and balcony. As is price
makes this a great investment
property $395,000. Call Dennis
Remesch, Re/Max on the
Coast. 850-384-7607

FRONT: 3 bedroom townhome
w/4 slips & Gulf views, no flood-
ing walk to Gulf pier & Board-
walk $575,000 Call Grey Burge
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Items For Sale

BEDROOM SET 7 piece Solid
Wood Set, still in box. Retail
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double pedestal table, w/leaf, 2
arm, 4 side chairs, hutch & buf-
fet. Retail $4K. Must sell $1595.
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Gulf Front Condo Emerald Isle
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Two bedroom Two bath, heated
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nished. Call 850-934-3442

Pensacola Beach Condo.2 Bed-
rooms & 2 Baths. Gulf view from
all rooms, Available May Oct.
www.vrbo.com/95159. 850-932-
0775 800-554-3695 Mention
VRBO 95159 for Discount

ald Isle. Two bedroom, two bath
on Pensacola Beach. Daily,
weekly, monthly rental available.
Heated pool and jacuzzi. Call
Clark Allen at 850-324-2452,

The Gulf of Mexico is beau-
tiful, warm and inviting but
can sometimes be hazard-
ous. Where lifeguards are
present, please be aware of
flags that alert you to con-
ditions of currents.

SDouble Red:
Water closed to
Sthe public


Weddings Performed. Notary
Public 850-748-6878

Waterfront Reception Facility.
Full service. Panoramic Views.
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High hazard, high
surf and/or strong

Medium hazard,
moderate surf
and/or currents

Low hazard, calm
conditions, exer-
cise caution

Dangerious ma-
rine life

Help Wanled

Facilities Coordinator for Our Lady
of the Assumption, Pensacola
Beach. 20-25 hours a week. Re-
sumes to Susie @ St Ann Gulf

NOW HIRING Pensacola Beach
Elementary School Teachers All
positions are part-time. PE; Art; Mu-
sic; Spanish; and ESE. Fax resumes
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home or office. Please call 850-490-
5817 or 850-494-0964 for an ap-

Get Ready for Guests!
New mattress sets, brand name,
warranty, still in plastic.
Full from $155
Queen from $175
King from $275
Retail $1600, Sacrifice $650
Can Deliver 850-418-5274


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Fresh Gulf seafood charbroiled over flaming
hardwood fires

Gulf shrimp served scampi style, barbecued,
beer batter fried, or steamed in beer

We sell so many, you know they're fresh! death the moon & stars on our beach

"Floundering at its best" Pes sa e
Fodor's Florida Pensacola Beach"
USAir Magazine
"Best seafood on "Great Vibes...and happy
Pensacola Beach" t guests"
Fromers Guide to Florida Florida Trend Magazine
SAt the traffic light on beautiful Pensacola Beach 932-2003 Since 1979



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J Fried Shrimp W Great Steaks
# Upstairs Beach View Dining
$ Living Reef Aquarium Bar
I Outdoor Gulfside beck

unAlaskan Sno rab Sp Cakes
bungeness She P ing Crb

Best Sunday Brunch!
Crab Cakes Benedict,
Crab Omelets, Bottomless
Champagne & Bloody Marys,
Live Steel Band

(850) 932-0700
Open 7 days a week

we got'em

All You
Can Eat
Snow Crab

& ings

Look for the RED ROOF at the
traffic light on Pensacola Beach


Island Times

June 20. 2007



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