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Dad's Love For His Kids and His Community Pays Off

Dan Green might very well
have become a Beach hippie
when he moved into a cottage at
the Surf and Sand after gradua-
tion from college and taking atrip
to Hawaii in 1979 But, the Island
Times Father of the Year tookthe
exact opposite path, and now
looks back on twenty years inthe
role he played as a community
Perhaps, his major contribu-
tion came when Escambia
County closed the Pensacola
Beach Elementary School in
1999. No way, declared Dan and
half dozen other parents. They
fought for the establishment of a
charter school, overcoming stum-
blmg blocks everywhere, includ-
ing a contingent of their peers
Dans group prevailed and Dan
became the school's savior, a
move which will impact
Pensacola Beach forever.
"I feel strongly, looking
back, that we made the right de-
cision," he said "Our record of

success supports the tremendous
effort put forth by the parents,
teachers, staff and board mem-
bers I'd put our governing board
up against any corporate board in
this part of the country "
That's not all Dan has done
for Pensacola Beach He has
chaired numerous committees
and served in many capacities
making the Beach a better place
to live He includes work on the
Land Use Plan, water quality in
Sabine Bay, helped to develop a
fair commercial lease policy, and
most recently worked changing
the severe limitation of what can
be placed under raised houses on
Pensacola Beach
"Life on the sandbar has
been a hobby all unto itself Hur-
ricane Ivan presented one of the
greatest challenges of my life,"
Dan said
Dan is a member of the Con-
servation Association, a desig-
nated MAI member, member of
the Appraisal Institute, member

of the National Association of
Realtors, and the Homebuilders
Association He is also a licensed
yacht broker
So whatdoes all this impres-
sive background have to do with
his current title of Father of the
Year? His two extremely talented
children may not realize what
their dad has done for the Beach,
but they know what he does for
them He sings Jimmy Buffet
songs, offkey, while drivmg them
to school, butpays serious atten-
tion to all of their activities
The activities of Savannah,
11, and Daniel, 7, exceed the nor-
mal Savannah is already on her
way to a theatrical career with a
singing talent she did not inherit
from her dad
"I don't think my wife Gall
would claim any special vocal or
theatrical talent, either," Dan said
"So that makes us all the more
appreciative of Savannah's abil-
ity "
A year or so ago, Savannah

was one of the top ten finalists in
the United States for the role of
Annie in the Broadway produc-
tion She was not chosen but re-
turned home to star in the local
production of Annie. She has
opened a recent Pelican's baseball
game with the National Anthem
and she performed at the Relay
for Life in Gulf Breeze Her line
of credits is already paving the
way for a show business career
Savannah never complains about
going to school
But Daniel thinks it's yucky
and would avoid going, if he
could All this, m spite of the fact,
he is an honor student.
"He can smooze with the
best of them," his dad said "He
could have a career as a salesman
or in marketing, buthe thinks he's
good enough to make the big
leagues in baseball."
Daniel loves fishing and
boating, legacies which have
come to him through the genera-

BCC Pounces on SRIA Attorneys, Board Members

Whitehead Critical ofAuthority's Decisions

Who is the Alpha dog? The
Board of County Commissioners
or the Santa Rosa Island Author-
ity? The change in a hotel defini-
tion ordinance, extending the stay
for owner occupancy to sixteen
weeks has reached a boiling point
as members of the SRIA continue
to study the matter from their lo-
cal standpoint of protecting the
mix on the island
On one hand, developers are
seeking condo financing forhotels
they want to build on Pensacola
Beach. The County had al-
ready successfully passed

tomey, referring to cases disprov-
ing the SRIA attorney's reply She
said it was her opinion that the
BCC has the final say as to how to
define a hotel or a condotel
The BCC, at their Committee
of the Whole meeting on May 22,
declared that they are, deed, the
Alpha dog. Here's how Commis-
sioner Mike Whitehead views the
members ofthe SRIA
"They are getting bad advice
from their attorneys I believe that
we need to take a firm position.

County has And I think it is im-
portant that we take a position
and let them know what that is
And it is incumbent on each
Commissioner to let his repre-
sentative know what that is and
that they musttow the line and if
they don't then find somebody
who will It is a matter of find-
ing people who reflect your
will "
Commissioner Valentino
wants a change in Article 13 of
the Land Development Code

I refuse to delegate the decisions on land use to a group

without the knowledge or ofpart-timepeoplenomatterhowwell-intentionedthey may
input of the SRIA an unlim-
ited square foot area for a be They don't look at itfrom a County perspective. They
hotel room in 2006 But, one look at itfrom that little, very myopic perspective they have
item mtheordnance hadyet out there. COMMISSIONER MIKE WHITEHEAD
to be overcome, the two

week per year owner occupancy
rule When many members ofthe
Beach community got wind of the
impending change in the ordi-
nance, they expressed their disap-
proval. Inthe meantime, the SRIA
was continuing its study of the
definition of a hotel room. And
their attorneys told them that the
State Legislature granted them the
ability to determ me what was built
on the property they leased.
The State's Attorney General
confirmed this Not so, says, Janet
Lander, County attorney, as she
fired off a letter to the State's At-

'This is Escambia County's role in
Land Development This is the
SRIA role in Land Development'
And pass a resolution to that ef-
fect It is important to know your
boundaries. Irefuse to delegate the
decisions on land use to a group
of part-time people no matter how
well-intentioned they may be.
They don't look at it from a County
perspective. They look at it from
that little, very myopic perspective
they have out there And that is all
fine and good- that is not how we
should be viewing the most impor-
tant resource that Escambia

which gives the SRIA the ability
to add more restrictive language
in leases His motion to delete
this language from the Code
passed unanimously and Lander
will send itto the Planning Board
for approval, since it is an
amendment to the Development
Additionally, Valentino
would like staffto create a posi-
tion paper with clear bullet points
explaininmmg the scope of where the
BCC authority begins and ends
and where the SRIA authority be-
gins and ends.

Kevin White, Board chair-
man, agreed saying itwould give
them a basis to work from "If
they do not tow the line, then you
can take action," White com-
So, where does the matter
The BCC has declared that
the SRIA is merely a group of
misguided puppets, who must
jump when they pull the strings
If they don't comply, the County
says they will be replaced by oth-
ers who will The BCC voted
unanimously to bring a change in
the time of owner occupancy
from sixteen to twelve weeks to
their Board meeting on June 21
Whatever way they vote on
owner occupancy, the problems
will not yet be solved. Overall,
who will determine what is best
for the Island, the BCC or the
SRIA? Where will it end?

Dan's passions are fishing
and boating, but he has tried not
to force his hobbies on his son
He needn't have worried Daniel
just took to both hobbies natu-
When asked abouthis favor-
ite thing, Daniel answers, "Fish-
ing with my dad "
Dan spent his childhood
fishing and hunting with his fa-
ther, John Manning Green of
Gulf Breeze
"I think my dad's guidance
has everything to do with the fa-
ther I am today," Dan said. "We
have been constant fishing and
hunting buddies since I was a
small child "
Perhaps, Dan inherited his
thoughtfulness and wisdom as a
father. Or, maybe it just came
naturally to him
"Aphilosophy on fatherhood
is difficult," he said, "especially
since I'm not done yet. It's better
to set the stage if you can, then
attempt to react to unplanned
consequences The more you
keep open lines of communica-
tion with the kids, the better "
Dan also said, "Teaching
them about diplomacy andteam-
work is important You need to
be careful about their friendships
as they approach adolescence "
Diplomacy aside, Savannah
thinks her dad is funny and told
abouther dad's grand preparation
for cooking on a brand new grill
"We had lots of stuff ready
even vegetables Dad was about
to put some marmated chicken on
the grill He turned the bowl over
and ended up spilling all the
chicken He made us all laugh,"
she said
Just in case you are wonder-
ing, Dan is a property appraiser,
owns his own business in Gulf
Breeze. No, he's not a politician
or a freedom fighter No, he's not
a child psychiatrist. He just
sounds like one
And, accordmg to Savannah,
"He IS the best dadl"
Savannah and Daniel are so

Published every other Wednesday
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Island Times

June 6. 2007

Jun 627IsadTmsPG3

Barefoot on the Beach

I'm not sure when The Is-
lander Newspaper decided to se
lect a Father of the Year. It prob
ably happened because we had
chosen a Mother of the Year and
decided to give the dads equal
time. We always seemed to find
really far out fathers. Never any
run of the mill, standard guys.
Were there or are there any stan
dard dads on Pensacola Beach?
Our dads all had one trait in com
mon. Well, mainly they were un-
common, one of a kind fellows.
Stanley, now deceased, was
one of the early Fathers of the
Year. When his daughter, Lindsey,
wasborninAprilof 1983, Stanley
held his tiny child in one hand
above his head. That was the
front page photo. Stanley shared
his passion for fishing with his
children, Lindsey and her little
brother, Cullen. They grew up
with fishing poles in hand. It was
not surprising that Lindsey was
the captain of the boat which
brought the 1000 pound shark
aboard recently, After all, she had
spent most of her life preparing
to catch the "big one." She and
Cullen grew up on the docks in
Stanley's shadow,
The first and last time I ever
attended a man's F--," -h.-.-'r .
was the one Jack i,, ..... i .
friends and the SOBs threw for
him. The party was at Dirty Joe's
East. Refreshments were beer and
chips. The party game was pool.
But, the monumental moment of
the afternoon was Jack opening
his packages of little, bitty cloth
ing and toys for his soon-to-be

born infant. Wow, whatta day.
Jack's buddies never let him live
that one down. A couple of years
later, he was named Father of the
' .. h 1.. 1.1 1.. .1 ... 1.1 II1
in his arms for our front page
The Beach dad who took his
role most seriously was Mike
Meade. Mike owned Surf and Sail
Boardsailing in the Sandspur Re
public, and when his daughter,
another Ally, was born, he took
her to work with him every day. I
remember well a Chamber of Com
merce meeting at The Dunes Ho
1 t, i ....1.. t .. . ... ,
S ,, 11. I .1 ....1 II
battery powered crib gently
rocked the child until it was shut
Mike had to go to the bath
room during the meeting and
asked me to keep and eye on the
swinging Ally. When he returned
shortly thereafter, he asked, "Did
she miss me?"
I replied, "I don't know. She
didn't say."
Mike was a handsome dad,
actively playing the mom and pop
role, so his wife Susan was free
to pursue her career as an artist.
One year we chose pioneer
Beach resident, JR Turner as our
Father of the Year, He had the
courage to raise two sons on
Pensacola Beach, beginning in
the fifties when the Beach was
truly a primitive place. BZR and
Herb grew up on the Beach be
cause their father's feet were firmly
and irretrievably buried in the

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I .
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Bike Rentals
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NewWater Games
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The ultimate water balloon game Ice Cream Parlor & Snack Bar
Shoot N Shower Hand-dipped Blue Bell Ice Cream
Play hoops & loser gets soaked "the best there is"
Soft Pretzels-Pizza
Frosty Drinks Frozen Treats
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urto'.I'uM.i] i1 du1 [ i~i [ I.rlrd Oi 1itPJiie ] i[.itii4r' i' 111n iv' a] i alili

Even after all the trauma of
Hurricane Ivan and the burning
of Herbie T's in downtown
Pensacola Beach, the Turners
are stalwarts of the Beach.
Their home is almost ready for
occupancy and Herb is close to
completing his building. (We
hear it is going to be a cafe.)
When Dr. Tom Campanella,
current SRIA Board member,
graced The Islander's front page
with his daughter and son,
Lauren and Greg, he had al-
ready decided he would spend
quality time with his children.
He did not take any appoint
ments on Wednesday after
noon. That's the day of the
week which belonged to him and
his kids, Although he spent

By Jane Waters Cooper

many other days with them, and
attended all their games and ac
tivities, Tom still dedicated
Wednesday to his children,
Jack Greenley was the last
Father of the Year in The Islander
in 1998. He had a family reunion
and celebrated fifty years of mar
riage at a party in his home. Jack's
sons and daughters were all there
telling stories on their father,
which he took in good humor,
Jack passed away a while after
that party.
There were many others,
l i ,,, I ,,,_ I h ,, I... II

deserving of the honor, but
there's not enough space here to
tell their stories,
So, now the Island Times is

Beach Chamber Hosts Tax Seminar

Mitchell To Answer Taxing Questions

A meeting of major impor
tance to all Beach businesses
will be conducted by the
Pensacola Beach Chamber of
Commerce on Monday, June
18 at 5:30 at the Santa Rosa
Island Authority office.
The featured speaker at
the seminar will be Tracy

Mitchell, State of Florida
sales tax specialist, who will
educate island businesses on
the appropriate way to file the
sales tax as it relates to per-
centages paid to the SRIA.
"There has been confu-
sion on this item in the report,"

Fresh Gulf Seafood
Live Maine Lobster

Kids Playground

Pirate Specials
Tuesday Snow Crab Buckets
Wednesday Raw Oysters 25 4ea
Thursday Baked Oysters
at 11am

1010 Ft. Pickens Road Mon- Frill-2
Pensacola Beach
932-4139 Dinner Specials
www.peglegpetes.com Nightly

Jeff Elbert, Chamber president
said. "We encourage all
Beach businesses to attend
this seminar.,"
There is no charge for the
seminar and it is not neces
sary to be a member of the
Chamber to attend. All beach
businesses are welcome.




on Hi Def

42 TVs 11 Big Screens

Pay Per View\-,A

Events ,f



on Thursday

2 Vi La- nacla Bahi

picking up the threads of this
Beach tradition. Dan Green, is this
year's Father of the Year follow-
ing the ever humble Gordon
Paulus last June.
So, that's the story on
some of the more illustrious and
outrageous Beach dads.
As 1 look back, what makes
a kid feel special is to have a
Beach dad. I don't know where
most of the children are now, but
they must all be free spirits, with
carefree childhood memories.
Wherever they are from, Seattle
to Boston, no matter what they
are -doctors, lawyers, mer
chants or chiefs, they must
surely recall with special rever
ence the paradise they once
called home. Thanks. Dad.

June 6 2007

Island Times


^Ti --iV-------------

1.4 6T L --------- --------

Capt. Mike and Marissa
Newell are home after a trip to Las
Vegas. Marissa said that they had
a lot of fun, but the gambling
tables outsmarted them.

Members of the Pensacola
Beach Community ChurchYouth
Groupwentway over the top goal
they had set for themselves in the
recent Relay For Life event. They
collected $3300 and their goal was
$1250, according to youth leader,
Sherri Hobbs. Madison Murphy
collected the most money.

Mayor Bob Merriman, cel
ebrated his eightieth birthday
with his constituents at the

Sandshaker on May 20. Sonny
Campbell's mother, Peggy showed
up from Pace along with his sis
ter, Joyce from Harold, Florida.
Sonny is one of the Sandshaker

Coach Todd McCurdy's t
ball team finished the season with
only three losses. Some of his
players have moved up to a six
week, all star coach pitch team.

Longtime Beach neighbors
and close friends, Bill and Pat
Griffith and Andy and Mary
Bessone celebrated their wedding
anniversaries on the same day,
May 22. Bill and Pat have been
married 59 years. Andy and Mary

have been married 53 years, just
50 years more than Jeremy and
Rachael Johnson who also cel
ebrated on May 22.

Friends of Jan Scruggs,
former manager of The Dock,
have heard that she is now re
siding permanently in New Or
leans. However, she is sched
uled to return to the Anderson
Medical Center in Houston for
additional treatment. She sends
"thank-yous" for all the cards
and email she's received from
beach friends.

Tommy Grice has a sand sift
ing operation erected in his yard.
Like most beach guys, it stopped
working after awhile.

Ring, Ring, Ring Go The Trolleys

Traditional Beach Transportation Returns For Summer

The trolleys will roll once
again on Pensacola Beach on
weekends beginning Friday, June
8. Friday's schedule will be from 6
p.m. to 11:45 p.m.; Saturday from
noon to twenty-five minutes past
midnight and Sunday, noon until
"General Manager Buck Lee
and I worked hard on the trolley

schedule this year," Wade Lane,
Santa Rosa Island Authority Pub-
lic and Recreational Facilities
manager said. "Our available
funding has been cut in half due
to the hurricanes."
The routes will include the
loop through the core area, down
Via de Luna to Avenida 10, and
along Ft. Pickens Road to the Ft.

Pickens gate.
The trolleys will operate un
til September 3. There is no
charge to ride.

The answer to the last trivia
question was a pushover. It
couldn't have been anyone else
who was the Superintendent in
charge of public recreation (and
just about everything else) on the
Beach except the affable and al
ways smiling Charlie Petersee.
Burma Davis who lived and
worked on the Beach for many
years emailed the first correct an
swer from the Mainland. (No,
Larry Keever, it was not Monroe
Slaughter, although he, too was
affable and always smiling. He
was in charge of trash and gar

bage.) Thanks for all your an
swers, but the t-shirt goes to
Here's another easy one. The
property where the Grand Marlin
Marina will soon be built housed
many restaurants over the years.
Email the name of at least two of
them before anyone else and you
will get an Island Times t-shirt.
Rules are the same. T shirt
for the first correct answer sent
to islandtimes@bellsouth.net.
Email your answer with "Trivia"
in the subject line before 5 p.m.
June 13. Good luck.

SRIA Dedicates Harry's Park

The Santa Rosa Island Au
thority will host a dedication of
the Harry G Gowens Memorial
Park at 4 p.m. on Saturday, June
9. The park is the children's play
ground located on Via de Luna.
Vemon Prather, Santa Rosa Island
Authority board chairman, will
make the dedication speech, hon
oring Harry, founder of the
Pensacola Beach Elementary
School. Refreshments will be pro
vided by the Beach Chamber of
Later in the summer during

August, the Chamber will host a
Beach Appreciation Party in the
park, much like the parties Harry
put together every year. This party
will offer famous barbecue, side
dishes by the SOBs, and music.
"We want to have a fun
party in honor of Mr. Harry," Jeff
Elbert, president of the Beach
Chamber said. "Something Harry
would have enjoyed himself."
Both the dedication and the
Beach Appreciation Party will be
open to the public at no cost. They
will not be fundraisers.

tIe eeesut' hfe _

& Weinstube
elettes Pancakes
French Toast
Eggs To Order
7 Different Kinds of Eggs Benedict (
Lump Crab Scrambles otch/ '
AllYour Favorites 0/t ,r Or

Dining With Dad
Sunday, June 17
Father's Day Brunch
served from 8 to 2

Open 8 am to 8 pm 932-1525
348 Gulf Breeze Pkwy In the Gulf Breeze Shopping Ctr

Pensacola Beach-

- - ---- ---- --


Island Times

June 6,2007

June 6,2007 Island Times PAGE 5

Saturday, June 9th, 1

4 Condos located in The Portofino Resort & Spa
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i i-.. I
www.AndersonReal EstateA

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June 6,2007

Island Times



Island Times

ipeas1 porribqe &

Sa brv9 miartni i .


School's out for Summer!
Whatever your age, I know you
can stillremember "that" feeling.
The endless possibilities and
promises of a wonderful summer
in Paradise! Even if you weren't
here during your school years,
you were still excited about sum-
mer. I've been out of school since
the Dark Ages and I still get that
same feeling. Beach School
teacher Jennifer Neal (and her
helpers) gave a spectacular
Graduating Party for her Kinder-
nrton "rhll It included a picto-
, ... review" DVD set to
music. By the time it was over,
there wasn't a dry eye in the room
My daughter, Melanie, was a
complete puddle on the floor!
Ms. Neal joked that by the time
Jesiah graduated from high
school, Mel would be attending
on a stretcher! Possibly very true.
It's also hurricane season, so
cease allwork on your house (less
to have to re-do) and begin your
preparations (packing anything
you want to keep) instead. Even
though, according to Queen
Shugah Paulette, all anti-hurri
cane rituals and ceremonies have
been performed by her Royal
Highness and her Ladies-in-Wait-
ing, you should still be prepared.
Welcome to all our summer
visitors and readers from afar! We
enjoy sharing Paradise with you,
especially those who leave itjust
the way they found it. There are
some in this world who always
believe someone else is respon-
sible for cleaning behind them.
There is no 'someone else' -
there's only you! Please leave
only your footprints.
Okay Dads, this edition of
our fine newspaper is dedicated
to all of you and to having what it
takes to be a great Dad. Yes, I
saw some of you at the Gradua
tion Party and the pride and love
for your child was evident in
each. I also watched the faces of
your children and saw that pride
and love reflected there. That's
what it's all about. I'm saddened
for the Dads that are not always
able to be a constant presence in
their child's life; some by choice
and some by necessity. Ifit is by
choice, then I hope you can look
into the eyes of another Dad and
his child and feel, not only your
loss, but that of your child. It's

never too late to show your love
and, hopefully, have it returned.
To those of you forced, by ne
cessity, to be away, rest assured
you are never forgotten and love
lives in the heart of its recipient.
Then, on the other hand, there are
those Dads who didn't have to
be dads, but lost their hearts to
children whether by design or de
feat. Children can be relentless
in more ways than one. They can
also be the greatest source of joy
and love that you will ever know.
Since having grandchildren,
I can more easily understand my
own parents'love for my children.
My Dad once told me that he
could never say 'no' to one of his
grandchildren. This from a man
who had no problem telling his
own children "NO!"
Being a parent is the hard
estjob on earth! So, this recipe is
for all of you Dads that make it
look so easy Happy Fathers
Day! This one's for you, Let's
Barbequed Country Ribs

6 to 8 pork country ribs
1 bottle (cheapest brand) BBQ
2 to 3 Cup brown sugar

Place ribs in large pot and
cover with water. Place pot over
medium high heat and bring to a
slow boil. Continue boiling 15
minutes. (Boiling reduces cook
ing time allowing ribs to tender-
ize and retain moisture.) Remove
ribs and place on pan for baking
or grilling.
In a small bowl, combine
brown sugar with BBQ sauce.
Using a pastry or BBQ brush (or
spoon), cover ribs with sauce.
If baking, place in PRE-
HEATED 350 -i,_rr ,-,"n nd.
bakeforl5m in. i ..... ....i r.. I
ribs over, cover with sauce and
continue baking for another 15
20 minutes, until ribs are fork ten
If grilling, cover ribs with
sauce and cook on medium heat
30 minutes, until fork tender, turn-
ing once and covering with more
These are tender and juicy
and perfect with "Kathi's Potato
Enjoy and I'll see you in the

The Sandshaker put on a birthday celebration fit for a king, or
better yet, a mayor, on May 19. Cake, cool music and well-wishers
filled the open air deck at Bob Merriman's 80th birthday party.
Partiers are (L to R): Shaker owner Sonny Campbell, Mayor Bob and
one of the Mayor's constituents, Allison.

Maria's Fresb Seafoob Market

SI, )J Take a little bit ofthe GulfCoast home!
S Fresh from the boats daily
We can coldpack for travel or ship anywhere.
621 Cerv tes Street
Pensacola 432-4999 MON SAT8AM 7 PM
Call for directions SUNDA 8AM 6PM )
Call for directions from the Beach

fI The Market
on the Island-
located on the
second floor
L to fill your

at theC


When searching for a wnethatgoeswell
withmeat. you must look for a wine with
sufficient texture and strutureto standup
tothedensityand meatyflavoroa grilled
or broiled piece of meat. Cabernet
Sauvignon immediately comes to mind,
especially from those countrieswhere
grilled meat is often on the menu, such
asthe United States andAustralia. Other
red wines that go well with meat are

ful Zinfandels,The common denominator
in all these wines is that they all have
serious structure, which comesfrom their
tannin content. This isthe compoundthat
giveswine the character it needstostand
upto strong flavors.
HINT: Cabernet Sauvignon is so popu-
larthat, in the 1980s, it replaced Bur-
gundy" as a consumers genedctenn for
red wine, much like Chardonay re
placed Chablis as the equivalent for ge
neic white wine.
Nothing compliments a meallikea fine

Inc, we can assistyou in finding a wine

overthe world and domestic wines as
well. If you have questions regarding
wine, call us today at 850-932 8850.

/ Serving breakfast and lunch

e Imagine a waterfront view while
Sipping fresh roasted coffee
Feasting on Traditional Breakfast Fare
Linger over lunch or Get A Quick Bite

Bring your friends and family!
655 Pensacola Beach Blvd.
Overlooking Little Sabine Bay

lee Elevater- -- -- The Market

njoy a Grilled
chicken salad
with the best
view on the
island! I

June 6.2007 Island Times PAGE 7

The Pensacola Beach Resi
dents and Leaseholders Associa
tion is hoping to boost attendance
at their monthly meetings by
changing the meeting day. The
next PBRLA meeting is set for
Monday, June 11 at 6 p.m. at the
Beach Church.
Wine specialist, Richard
Liveakos, gave a geography les-
son as he poured wines from vari-
ous continents at the Beach
Wines and Liquors Wine Tasting
May 18. Guests gave high marks
to the Spanish wine, Dehesa
Gago. The next chance to have a
continental wine experience will
be on June 18 at Beach Wines
about 6 p.m.
Beach Realtor Nan Harperwas
appointed by the Escambia
County Commission to the Tour-
ist Development Council on May
24 for an 18 month term, TheTDC
oversees the allocation of the
monies collected from bed taxes.
Nan joins Andrew Rothfeder of
Portofino who was previously
Sidelines donated hundreds
of chicken wings for the members
of the United States Marine Corps
who were participating in the un
veiling of the Marine Pelican at
the May 22 Bands on the Beach
What a bummer! To own a
beach shop and have to work on
your birthday, the first day of the
big Memorial Day weekend. Co
owner of Island Style, Jeff Elbert,
had to content himself with a
small pre-birthday cocktail party
with friends on Friday night. By
the way, he is 42.
The Weather Channel will be
visiting Pensacola Beach this
week as part of their Hurricane
series. We hope that is their only
reason to film from our shores this
TLC's "What Not To Wear"
gave Crystal Freeman of Gulf
Breeze a little help with her wed-
ding wear. The diminutive bride
tied the knot on May 31 in the
Bahamas. Her episode with the
fashionistas will air on Friday,
June 8 at 8 p.m.
Commissioner Robinson has
set his Pensacola Beach Town
Hall Meeting for June 28 at 6:30
at the SRIA office.

The Parking Garage concept
will be kept on the Development
and Leasing Committee agenda,
following a brief discussion at the
May 23 committee meetings.
"The garage will continue to
be on the Board's mind as the vi
sioning process builds and
moves forward. A budget must be
established," said Vernon Prather,
Board chairman.
Tommy Chavis, a Beach resi
dent and contractor, spoke from
the audience suggesting that the
garage could be designed as a
drive through, which would elimi-
nate the need to change the road
Among other items to come
before the Development and Leas
ing committee, the request for a
sublease from Fred Simmons to
Angelika Simmons was ap-
proved. The property is the
former Geronimo's and will now
be the Paradise Outpost, a retail
Also, the Beach Marina re
ceived approval to assign its
lease to Beach Marina, LLC.
Mary Bolman, Manager of
Administration, Leasing and Pro-
motional events, said she is wait-
ing for a call back from the Haas
Center at UWF to see if they have
the ability to meet the SRIA'svi
sioning needs. This item will be
moved to the Full Board for dis-
The Architectural and Envi-
ronmental Committee approved
two new attractions at Tiki Island,
a hot dog stand and a water bas
ketball game. Their request to
build a water balloon facility was

moved to the Full Board for ap-
The request by the
Sandshaker Lounge for a year's
lease extension to keep their out
door kitchen running was modi
fied to give them the same oppor
tunity that the Board gave the
Paradise Grill, a six month exten-
The Board also moved the
conceptual approval of the frac
tional hotel to be built on the
former Clarion site, to the Full
Board. The vote was two to one
with Kelly Robertson voting
against the request.
"I h,,,~i dI- -,,-,,1 I""-'1- ; I
R ober ... ...! V i.. I. ... .
it fits our definition of a hotel re
mains to be seen. I think these
are dwelling units."
The full board meeting will be
at 5 p.m. Wednesday, June 13 at
the SRIA office. The meeting is
open to the public.


Bank of the South Island Branch
Full Service Banking Close to Home

--- 1- '' 1',111
ll := J S'i

-,== lril-i *


* Internet Banking
* Bill Payment Service
* Waterfront Financing

* Flex Line Home Equity Loans
* Conventional Mortgages
* Personal Service

Mon Thurs 9 4:30
136 FORT PICKENS ROAD Fridy rs 9 :30
1 850-932-9336 LOBBY CLOSED FROM 1-3 M EACH
Se www.bots fl.com DAY. DRIVE UP OPEN DURING ALL

Parking Garage Stays

In SRIA Committee

Pensacola Beach Condo
Bedrooms i 2 Balhs
-- ell WbMi-.i.K 4I., flj pS
Available May Oct
. Viw'w.vbo.com195159

X850-932-0775 800-554-3695 *MenionVRBO 95159 for ammun

Comfort Zone Footwear
701 E. Gregory Street
ooo Pensacola
o 432-8638
Same Great Call for easy
Service directions from
& Selection the Beach


Tuesday from 7-9 p.m. at the
Gulfside Pavilion

June 12
VDcu' -'e'l. j.
Tri -ir

Santa Rosa Island Authority
Call 932-2257 for more information or
tune to

Please, no glass containers or pets

June 6.2007

Island Times



Island Times

June 6, 2007

Subcommittee Seeks Best Plan for the Island

An issue that appeared to be
a single change in the County's
hotel ordinance has morphed into
a multi-headed dragon lighting
complex fires that must somehow
be extinguished,
The Santa Rosa Island Au
thority subcommittee is in the
process of determining what con
stitutes a hotel room as opposed
to a dwelling unit.
The committee at their third
meeting on May 22 continued to
pursue Chairman Vernon Prather's
and staff recommendations. Ba-
sically, the document contains
three types of hotel accommnoda-
tions: 1) standard hotel rooms, 2)
luxury hotel suites, and 3) ex
tended stay facilities. All board
members participated in the dis
cussion which also covered
square foot areas and amenities
in addition to weeks of owner
The hotel definition later was
extended to the agenda at the
SRIA committee meeting on May
Three Board members
reached a consensus that in
luxury hotel rooms a twelve week
stay was acceptable. The pro-
posed change in the County or
finance allows for a twelve week

occupancy by owners. Three
members felt an eight week re-
striction on owners occupancy in
extended stay units was appro-
priate. On the issue of kitchens in
extended stay units Fred Gant,
John Peacock and Prather agreed
that kitchens would be accept-
able. Kelly Robertson and Dr.
Tom Campanella felt kitchens
should be limited in 90 percent of
the rooms.
No final document has been
drafted to date. But, the list of
agencies and individuals in the
process continues to mount, in
cluding the Escambia County
Board of Commissioners, staff,
and their attorney, Janet Lander;
the SRIA staff and their attorney
Matt Dannheisser; the State's
Attorney General, the Internal
Revenue Service, the Department
of Community Affairs, the Land
Development Code, the resident
tial dwelling cap, Pensacola Beach
Residents and Leaseholders As-
sociation, Beach developers and
investors. Other players may yet
come forward, but certain regular
tions are already in place. There
is no square foot area limitation
on hotel rooms in the County or-
dinance, so the question of owner
occupancy for 12 weeks of the

Happy Father's Day
to the guys who help
Island Times grow up!

Frank Cooper Chuck Randle
Richard Johnson Saltwater Rick
Chuck L'Oignon Freddy Esposito
Bob Temple Joe Stukey

Frozen Margaritas
The Frozen Specialty
Cruzan Pain Killer

Burgers Shakes

Fries Cold Beer

Waterfront Dining
500 Quietwater Beach Rd
Pensacola Beach 932-1417
upstairs from Key Sailing

Lunch & Dinner
Breakfast Thurs Sun
7:30 to 10:30 a.m.

year will bevoted on by the BCC
at their June 21 meeting.
This vote may or may not
end the controversial ordinance
change. The County is striving
for a countywide ordinance
which will affect all hotel con
struction, including Pensacola
Beach. On the other hand,
Pensacola Beach is contemplat-
ing setting up regulations which

Sit. Sip. Stay.

best fit their desire to maintain a
mix of use on the island.
"Ultimate compliance as to
whether this is a hotel or a dwell-
ing unit is out of ourworry I think
we want a mixed use on the is-
land and we could work legally to
get a variety of hotel products,"
Prather said.
Attorney Matt Dannheisser,
pointed out that the Authority

could approve one fractional
share hotel, but would not be
compelled to approve another.
"The Board must act reason-
ably and consider the effect of
each development on the island
as a whole," he said.
The results of the
subcommittee's work will be
brought before the SRIA full
board on Wednesday, June 13.

GulfViewsfrom our Tiki Bar inarmtkrwT' al B
Happy Hour ilany Our dII aOs
familiar name, friendly faces, Tue & Frl Karaoke
frosty libations WYEDN Openl Mic Nlte
Bring foor ealrr Wao vnit u at
located at Thurs- T-Slirt night

SAT LSUN -Liveb nd
Live music on deck

24 Via de Luna Special
Pensacola each Locals
850-932-6000 Room Rates

6f e m

$1T*T.f .. ot
1' 1 SJvrA,

Ferry To Fort Up Beach School Honors Hor hallmark's Fourth Grade

And Running

Z~x k-r ccite EPaa zuA

Yes, now you can get to Ft. -
Pickens by ferry boat. The Katelyn,
owned by Bubba Thorsen, has
been certified and is offering cus
tom trips to the national park which
has been closed except to bicy-
clists and hikers since Ivan. The P
minimum number of passengers School is ou
required will be six, and the boat's except for those
maximum capacity is 12 persons. tend summer sc
"This is a great little boat," ers get a much
Thorsen said of the 24 foot craft. from the dean
"She has done many things, other children day aft
than inshore and offshore fishing. most of them e
We have even taken her 60 miles sometimes won
south of Panama City on a search ing has a lasting
mission to find a lost tug." of their teaching
Thorsen said passengers the general mix
should come prepared to spend there are other
the day at the park which includes that take center
bringing all your needs such as ways easily avai
food, water and other supplies think of that
Nothing is open at Ft. Pickens Russell Lowell,
accept LoopAof the campground. comes to mind c
Campers may bring their gear June. These a
aboard the Katelyn, and remain at come to mind.
the park overnight. "And what
"There are no amenities, in June? Then, i
Thorsen cautioned. "This is an fect days; Then
outdoor experience." if it be in tune, /
The boat will dock at the her warm ear 1l
S-,.- r.. look, or whethi
S hear life murnmu
The ferry cannot stay at the Every clod feel:
dock while passengers look An instinct with
around, according to Thorsen, but and towers, And
boat rides to the fort can be booked above it forlight
where the boat will travel to Ft. in grass and fto
Pickens and return to the original And then,
port. words from "Tt
The cost of the round trip is ner," "Water, w
$25 for adults and $12.50 for chil- and not a drop
dren ten and under. The trip takes water everywh
fifteen to twenty minutes, boards did shrine
The Katelyn is docked at forget those wo
Sabine Marina on Pensacola cial teacher wh
Beach. For reservations, informa- on my mind.
tion, or to arrange a custom trip, I am dee

By Dr. Chuck Randle
stor, Pensacola Beach Community Church

it for the summer,
e who opt to at-
hool. Our teach-
needed diversion
ds of teaching our
er day, an activity
njoy. They may
der if their teach-
g impact. Much
g just goes into
of learning, but
bits of learning
stage and are al-
lable for recall. I
poem by James
that just naturally
n the first day of
re the lines that

is so rare as a day
fever, come per-
Heaven tries earth
\nd over it softly
tys; Whether we
er we listen, We
r, or see it glisten;
s a stir of might,
in it that reaches
,groping blindly
,Climbs to a soul
there are those
ie Ancient Mari-
ater everywhere,
to drink; water,
ere, and all the
ik." I will never
rds, nor that spe-
o imprinted them

ply indebted to

those teachers who took the time
to see students as persons and
helped to bring out the best in
them. They may never realizejust
what it was that released the hid
den potential that made the dif-
ference, nor they may never get a
personal "Thank You" from those
who benefited from their interest,
but I believe that those who cared
received great inner satisfaction
knowing that often it takes years
for something to come to fruition.
So, teachers, whether you take
the summer off to re-group, or to
take continuing education
courses, may you find the sum-
mer relaxing and rewarding and
ready to return at the end of sum-
mer to help open up the exciting
world of possibilities to your stu-

Pensacola Beach
Community Church
United Church of Christ
Via de Luna & Ave 18
Sunday Services 10 a.m.

Our Lady
of the Assumption
Catholic Mission
Via de Luna & Ave 18
Sunday Mass 9:45 a.m.

The new executive Board of
the Pensacola Beach Elementary
School will step up to guide
Board meetings, beginning June
25. Dan Green, who has served
on the Board seven years, con-
ducted his final meeting on May 21.
Susan McLeod, fourth grade
teacher, in her report, told the
Board that the fourth and fifth
grades at the Beach School had
honored the fourth grade from
Hallmark Elementary School in
Pensacola. The Hallmark students
had made dramatic improvements
in their FCAT scores this year, so
they were invited to a party at the
Beach School. The Beach School
bus picked the children up in
town and brought them to the
Beach. The forty-seven young-
sters, along with the Beach chil-
dren, received sand buckets,
courtesy of Sidelines, and they
all went "shelling" on the shores
of the Gulf of Mexico.
After refreshments of lemon-
ade and cake, the Hallmark group

returned to their school on the
The Board voted unani-
mously to approve the new en
..,i.... .. 1, 1", 1' ,i ,..ii, ....
II. I .1. .. ... . I.
Amendment requirement and set
up a prioritized admission policy
based on residency and other fac
Jeff Castleberry, principal,
read a letter of resignation from
Jackie Henderson, longtime art
teacher at the beach School. She
said she wanted to get more in-
volved in her son's school, Gulf
Breeze Middle. She also said she
no longer wanted to attend sum
mer classes designed to keep her
certification current.
Members of the new execu-
tive board are Todd McCurdy,
president; JeffGill, vice-president;
Reed Dunne, secretary; and
Patrick Lanza, treasurer.
The June meeting will be at
the school at 6 p.m. The meetings
are open to the public.

Shipping & Packaging Services
Fax & Copy Serviceas
Printing & Document Finishing Services
Notary Services
Mailbox Sorviesr
Packaging & Moving Supplies


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fficand Timesppli

Send $32 made
payable to: Shelley Ink delivered
P.O. Box 844 Gulf Breeze Parkway
GulfBreeze, FL 32562-0844
850.932.8533 Tel 850.932.1588 Fax



Name: -



State: Zip:
I ------0844- to-your I

June 6. 2007

Island Times


Dapper Dads Deserve Down

Generously sized, overstuffed Hungarian Goose Down Pillows

for Dad to rest his weary head. A gift to renew his spirit, rejuvenate

I his mind and rev up his days.


9 South 9th Avenue @ Aragon

Step out of the ordinary and into our
world of Timeless Antique Linens *
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Textile Art Antiques and Jewelry

* Blesed I I\iih Rest !

* After Sundown

Go crabbing on the Gulf of Mexico, at Crabs, We Got Em -
Alaskan Snow, Dungeness and King Crabs are all on the exten
solve seafood menu Sip and sit at the live aquarium bar or at the
upstairs, outdoor Gulfside deck. Oysters and Wings are two
bits on Monday through Thursdays No reservations, come as
you are.
Atthetraffic light find the red roof and the twinkling lights on
Casino Beach and you're in Crab Heaven Open everyday 850
932-0700. www crabswegotem.com
A little bit of paradise at this open air, island style bar with its
own pnvatewhite sand beach. Pull up a rattan stool Cold beer Live
Music. Exotic Libations Friendlylocals Lunch and Dinner every
day Cuban sandwiches Black and Blue Burgers Happy Hour 11
7 Live Bands Poker on Monday.
Tucked away in the parking lot of the Paradise Inn, it's directly
on Santa Rosa Sound Boat and Bicycle parking Open 7 days

The Gulf Coast's Premier Entertainment Complex. Seven
rooms of fun all under one roof! Karaoke, Texas Hold 'Em, Team
Trivia, Pool, Video games and more. Live EntertainmentSeven nights
a week with live music on four stages every Fnday & Saturday night
Serving lunch and dinner, too! It's where the Party People Partyl
Located in Historic Downtown Pensacola at 130 East Gov-
ernment Street Open Monday Saturday from 11 until 2:30 a m
and 5 p.m. until 2 30 on Sunday Ring 434-6211 or visit
The locals spot on Pensacola Beach Nightly dnnk spe
cials. Very happy hour everyday until 7 p m which includes
$2 75 Bushwackers Pool Live Music
Find us at 65 Via de Luna, in downtown Pensacola Beach's
historic district. Just down from The Islander Lounge. 850-932
0864. www.breakbeachbar.com

Step back In time and enjoy Flounder's antique collection
Step into now and enjoy Flounder's top rated seafood. Indoor
and outdoor dining Even a beach playground for the kids. Beach
Bar neath the moon and stars Diesel Fuel in a commemorative
mason jar Bilgewater Margaritas. Gift shop Fred Flounder,
Located at the traffic light on Pensacola Beach. Next to the
55 ft. shrimp boat Open everyday 850-932-2003
Ahoy, Matey You've found a Pensacola Beach treasure PI
rates welcome Fresh Gulf seafood served in the galleyor outside
on the awning covered deck. Glass front bar overlooks LaFitle Cove
All kinds of oysters Live lobster Gumbo Dinner specials nightly
Sizeable sandwiches and burgers for Landlubbers Take home a t
Look for the Jolly Rogers flying over the west end of the Island
at 110 Fort Pckens Road We're here everyday at 11.932-4139
www peglegpetes com
Score! Don't miss a point. Seeitall in high definition 11 big
screens, 42 televisions If it runs,jumps, races, it's here. Famous
for Thursday Wing Night Burgers. Seafood and Ribs. Kids menu
fortheJVplayers Fullbar Indoororoutdoorseating.Videosports
Centrally located on Via de Lunajust east of the main parking
lot andthetraffic light Kick off at11 a.m seven days a week. 934

It s what you have been waiting for Classic Martinis,
exotic elixirs, shaken or stirred. Equal parts of elegant and beach
eclectic. Live music and lively patrons The famous Conner
Cagle makes guest appearances.
Located in the Soundside Market across from the Hilton
on Pensacola Beach Open everyday 932-7675.

Even a bragging Irishman can'tdojustice to McGuire's where
the atmosphere is an authentic turn-of the-century pub. McGuire's
has been named one of America's great steakhouses, and is world
famous for its culinary artistry Dollar bills on thewalls, a moose to
kiss and employees who give a damnl Try an Irish Wakeor Senate
Bean Soup.
Open at 11 a m everyday. Easy drive to 600 East Gregory
Street in Pensacola 850-433-6789 www mcguiresinshpub com

The" World Famous Sandshaker" a Pensacola Beach Tra
edition since 1973 It's the Home of the Original Bushwacker and
has been selling this signature drnk for over 30 years. The Shaker
was the 1st bar on the Beach to offer this tasty frozen concoc
tion Live Music Wed, Thurs, Sat & Sun Karaoke Tues, Fri. Tki
Bar specials FrnSun Iguana Gnll open Thurs-Sunday
Across from the Fishing Pier on Pensacola Beach. Open
10 am until3am 850-932-2211. wwwsandshakerlounge.com
for photo gallery and event schedule
The oldest lounge on Pensacola Beach Happy Hour 11 to
7 DJ spins dance tunes 7 nites. Fri Sun Live Music. Shuffle
board, video games, pool, football, golf, bowling. Brass Pole
Visit the upstairs Cypress Lounge, open air bar overlooking
downtown Pensacola Beach. Available for private parties
Find us at 43 Via de Luna. Open weekdays at noon; week
ends at 11. 850-932-9011.

Open for Breakfast and Lunch everyday from 8 to 2
Waterfront dining overlooking beautiful Sabine Bay. The Club is
also available for wedding receptons, business meetings or
any other occasion that calls for a spacious waterfront venue,
casual to elegant catering and a staff who truly cares about
their clients. Sunsets are priceless. Elevator rides are free
Your hosts are Carol and Jerry Sears Located on the third floor
above the Market on the Island. 916-7446

Father's Day is June 17


Island Times

June 6, 2007

June 6.2007 Island Times PAGE 11

Everything you need--

Right here

on the Beach e n

Open Everyday

6 AM until 11 PM

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ly ^ / V.



GsIi II o Gr o [eie

Gasoline on the Island!
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Fresh Produce Frozen Foods
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Frozen Novelties and Treats

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Check Out Our
Beach Toys
3 Pack Cigarette Specials Beach Fots
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June 6.2007

Island Times



PAGE 12 Island Times June6, 2007

* *t

: "Copyrighted Material
SSyndicated Content
& Available from Commercial News Providers"

^$:- ^L.
S i "

t 4t414

,411 ... =m b
"" = .. a,:

June 6, 2007 Island Times PAGE 13

spot's Surf Report

When I was a kid on
Pensacola Beach there were a
number of signs that lined the
entire beach. These signs stated
a simple but necessary message
"$500 fine for littering. Please
leave nothing but your foot-
prints." What has happened to
this philosophy?
Everyday we have tourists
from all over trash this beautiful
Beach with beer cans, wine
bottles and old McDonald's bags.
For instance, if we would have en
forced the Litter Law on Memo-
rial Day, think of the money we
could have radejust at the Pier
What I don't understand is
why we don't enforce this law. If
people knew that they could get
.11111. I I ,I .I I 1 II .. you
would think the word would get
As a local, I pick up bottles
everyday just behind my house.
It's insane how people just don't
care. They see the beauty of our

-- By Fredy E' p a.lo
beach. They come and swim in
the Gulf, and then...BAM they
leave all this trash!
I tell you what in just one
weekend we could set a prece
dent that could keep our beach
cleaner in the future. This just
seems so simple to me. Laws are
on the books to protect this
Beach, so we need to enforce
them. Have you ever heard of
anyone getting $500 fine for lit
tering, ever?
This money could help the
Beach or maybe the school here,
or a charity...something.
Sure we have garbage cans
everywhere, overstuffed and
stinky...this is not working
How 'bout making some of
us locals as "On-Watch Trash
Patrol." We could hand out $500
tickets. The beach stays clean!
The point is, "Leave Noth-
ing But Footprints" or please take
out your wallet!

Pensacola Beach Woman's Club Officer Installation Luncheon
Thursday, June 21 at 11 am. Cabana Club
Reservations by June 15 916-2533



30% OFF

Any one Men's Wear

item for Father's bay .
(coupon must be presented at time of purchase-sale AR
items excluded-may not be combined
with additional discounts)
EXPIRES 6-18-2007 B Columbia
-IT THE SportsIGarCompny


vnta en co ea


No l' J 7 7' "ou PMv 0

l 01 a l LAJThe Locals Spot o0 Pensacola Beach M U I


Mon Friat11
Sat Sun at 10 www.breakbeachbar.com

June 6,2007

Island Times


PAGE 14 Island Times June6, 2007

S ATERR- reading' the water

Welcome to Readin' the Wa
ter. May 19 my wife Janie and I
took "The 4FUN" (our 1991 20'
Renken) out in the Santa Rosa
Sound for a little Speck action and
we found them on the first cast
on the west side of Ranger point.
We had not even dropped anchor
when I hooked up on a nice Speck
on a RedHeaded Got-Cha. The
Specks were everywhere along
the grass beds. We tried other
arts, but, the Got-Cha's were the
Hot ones.
I was lucky enough to be
there when Curtis Gilbert, father
of Connor Gilbert, stopped by the
Pier to pick up a check for his son's
business "Connor Jigs". Connor
is an 11 year old who started tyin'
flys at the age of 8, and has turned
it into avery successful business.
With the help of Curtis andTonya
"MomandPop" and brother Clay,
Connor has made a BIG name 4
himself in the fishing' circles around
the Gulf Coast and beyond by
selling' his "Connor Jigs almost
everywhere that fishing' supplies
are sold.
I caught my first Pomp of the
season on a Pink Conner Jig. The
Gulf Pier is hosting a Pomp Tour
ney with Conner Jigs. Call 4 info,
850 934-7200.
There are still a few Ling
around that thing "THE PIER."
On May 22 Mike Moore hit the
deck with a beautiful 55 pound
Ling that had him smilin'. Bo Cox
pulled a 30 pound ling up in 45
seconds. He hooked it up at the
Pier and pulled it right up. "Wow!"
Bo said. "He's fought hard tails

There's a lot of action on the
Old Bridge and Reds are takin'
every thing in the water when
they come by. Spanish are bein'
caught daily on all kinds of bait
Hint of the Week: Try a piece

J| _

Beach Pier, May 28 Ryan
Castleberry, 13, from East
Milton, shows a Lady Fish he will
use for bait to catch the big one.
The ladies have been around by
the millions.

of Pensacola has a good day on
the Pier. Lots of opportunities
to catch 'em and learn about 'em.
Come out and wet a line.

Beach Marina, May 29 James
Whaler and the catch from the
Vitamin Sea.

of cut bait on a jig.
of ideas come my
week for the future
the Water" will try
eas and ways of fi
Do yourself


I've had a lot
way this past
e and "Readin'
to cover all ar
shin' our area.
a favor, go

Conner Gilbert,
owner of Connor
Jigs, crafts his
Pomp Jigs for sale.

/- a

D dolphin Cruises
J 8 1850-492-6337
S -------------------

Happy Father's Day

Beach Pier, May 30 Cody Burke
13,of Midway, Fla. shows off the
first King he's hooked but, it
took a little help from his friend
Bo to land the monster!


Beach Pier, May 28 Nick Bowden
has a new fishing partner four
month old Noah Scott Bowden.
They may go fishing for Father's

doffr god6/17/07
Beach Marina 655 Pensacola Beach Blvd.

Trolling Overnight Rig Trips
,. Tuna Wahoo Blue Marlin

M arisa White Marlin Sailfish

46'8 Egg Harbor 850-936-5074
Sport Fishing 850-232-7118


Private Cruises Sunset Sails
Enviro Tours Mini Voyages
Dinner Cruises
Champagne Sunset Cruise

850 525 9624

305 766 3518

2 bedrooms/2.5 baths
Premium Gulf Front unit
in prestigious Portofino. ..: Ij

NSL ND 850-377-3145
s R fl Island Realty of Pensacola Beach
EALT Y ...Jeremy@ GulfCoastParadise.com

June 6,2007

Col. Chris Holzworth, USMC, left, introduces former MATSG 21
Commanding Officer Col. PJ Jones, USMC retired, to the crowds at
Casino Beach during the Marine Corps Pelican unveiling May 22.
PJ's daughter, Nora is the manager at Bamboo Willie's and a Beach
Chamber board member.

MATSG-21 Marines stormed the Beach from humvees to bring
the United States Marine Corps' Pelican to the Gulfside Pavilion in
style on May 22. Camouflaged Marines appeared and delivered the
newest flock member in a crate marked Top Secret. The Pelican
made its debut on Pensacola Beach, but has taken up permanent
residence in downtown Pensacola.

Island Times PAGE 15

Lucky Lady, Tiger's Charm, Are Winners At Poker Tables
History repeats itself at the notch to first place at Paddy's on dad, Tex, a good luck charm. It
Islander Lounge at the poker May 27 with Mark Beachman worked. Tex claimed the win at
tables. May 19 lucky lady card playing a strong second. Two Paradise on May 30 with Justin
sharp Michelle Bourgeois made dayslaterJ.O. Weekstookthe lead Robbins coming in second.
a quick nightofittaking down all early and never looked back. Texas Hold'Em 4 Fungames
the boys. She battled Tommy Trace Lewis cruised into second are open to the public.
Chavis, who came in second, place. "Everyone is welcome to
Then, Big Larry Gers took his sec- The action at the waterfront play. We have regulars and now
ond win this month at The Is poker tables at Paradise Baris hot. Beach visitors are sitting in for a
lander on May 26. Trace Lewis Michelle Bourgeois made it fewgames. Allyouneedisachip
was second, known again tonight that she is and a chair," said Rick
Card players all turned out the player to beat anytime she's Uzdevenes, promoter.
at the table For more information please
withabigwin ca1850-324-2667.
on May 21.
Secondhand v
up to his
handle and
took second, I
dads and
soon to be It's Time
dads played

dise on May To Bu !
Sn c t B 23. Expectant
father Miguel
Winner Michelle Bourgeois is congratulated by Thompson
Fran Cox at the Paradise Texas Hold 'Em 4 Fun poker cea e
game. I
house. New
on May 20 at Paddy O'Leary's dad Justin "The Cobra" Robbins =
but none could top Brian A. wassecondandTimRinkerthird.
Choron. Previous winner Sean 20playerstriedtheirluck. ... .....
Mustain was the runner-up. Larry Gers rolledto another :m ~" ....I. -
David Whitlock brought a win- win on May 28 at Paradise with Pensacola Beach Townhome -
ning style to the felt on May 22. Matt Hulley from Shaw AFB in Just Steps from the Gulf As Is price
Secondhand Fran Cox outlasted South Carolina playing his way $ 9395,00. 3 BR/2 5 BA Gulffront views
Trace Lewis for second, to second. from patio and balcony
Ryan Mustain moved up a Tiger Atkinson gave his l E

JUNE 5 PARIS LUNA v.J "' / -we
JUNE 8. 9. 10 C 17 WILDWOOD
JUNE I,4 21 28 TIM SPENCER An i~e bes+. sunr et
JUNE 15 16 ROLE MODELS U ever ee
JUNE 22 8 23 BIG MUDDY oll ee

(850) 93-39(5)9658

PARADISE 9160967
21 Via de Luna Pensacola Beach
PADDY O'LEARY'S 916-9808
49 Via de Luna Pensacola Beach
PARADISE 916 0967
21 Via de Luna Pensacola Beach
ISLANDER 932-9011
43 Via de Luna Pensacola Beach
PADDY O'LEARY'S 916-9808
49 Via de Luna Pensacola Beach
Last Minute Bookings Available

: M fMeI

Club Newly remodeled end unit. Two
Bedrooms, 1.5 baths. In Gulf Breeze N
SProper. Custom Cabinets, Granite
Coucaeitops Cotmnuny Poo. $189, 900

W RE/M :
.... ........

byE.KHewson l f
I1t h

Why is it that normally calm,
cool and collected fathers in-
I .,i, i. .. .. Carl Spackler (the
I 11 i ...,. character from
"Caddyshack") whenever a ro
dent like animal strays into their
For the past week, my son,
Harry, and I have been quite sim-
ply dealing with the daily mess
left behind by an unknown
source. Nothing fancy on our
,, I 1.1 .. ... ,,i Ii , 11
ing recycle bins or sweeping the
mulch that had "drifted" out of
the garden. We just assumed the
wind was really gusting every
night and cleaning up our yard
became part of our morning rou
tine while waiting for the school
Then one evening there
wasn't a breath of air and yet the
next morning our trash can lids
were strewn out into the drive
way with remnants of a week's
worth of garbage here and there.
We knew then it wasn't the wind.
We had a varmint in our midst
and Harry's dad instantaneously
turned into Carl. It started out with
just simple actions like putting on
a floppy hat and muttering the
classic line, "here gopher, go
pher," which was funny unto it-
self since there were no signs of
burrowing in our yard. Then he
started making homemade traps.
None of which worked. All of
which left him frustrated and the
unknown offender well fed.
Eventually, the rotund rascal
showed himself and not at dusk
as we had thought he would. It
was three in the afternoon when
Rocky Raccoon ambled out of our
backyard woods, over to our
trash cans, lifted the lids, grabbed
himself a bagel and sauntered
back to his foliaged home with-
out a care in the world. Harry and
I captured it all on video tape while
laughing hysterically. Thirty min-

l ,h I I .. 1 1.l, 11
maybe he was looking for cream
cheese or somejam. Then he came
back again, and again, and again,
and again. His cuteness was
quickly wearing off and I was get
ting tired of playing put-the-lids
back-on-the-trash-cans game.
Out of frustration, I called
Harry's dad who dashed home
fromwork with a look of little boy
excitement on Christmas morning
on his face. It was his time to
shine. He was going to rid the

r au 0 i 0 a U 1
By Danah Gibsori

Hewson driveway of Rocky. He
donned his floppy hat and armed
himself with our son's Red Rider
BB Gun. As he pumped and fired
towards Rocky, Harry and I
watched from the safety of our
kitchen window. Rocky just sat
there and licked his paws. "Did
you hit him?" I asked. "No, I
don't want to hurt him, Ijust want
to scare him," was the reply. My
husband, always the humanitar

chon ... i i. i ,,I ... IIh. ,
trap," I yelled while banging on
the window. "No, I am securing
the trash cans," was the reply.
,,i ... h ,, I ,,,,I h ,II . ....
: . I I I... 1 .... lh.
severity of the standoff intensi-
fied. Rocky decided to stand his
ground. Well actually he chose
to sit on the steps to our back
door My husband, however, was
locked and loaded with 100 feet
of garden hose set to jet spray
that somehow switched over to
mist as he approached Rocky.
"No, I don't want to hurt him, I
just want to scare him," was the
reply. Yeah, yeah, I got it for
ever the humanitarian. These
Rocky ridding antics went on for
In the end I called the MPs
,, .1 .. .I.... I.i.... ,,. I.. .
care of the situation.
As my husband hung up his
floppy hat and sat down for a
very late and very cold dinner,

,, I ,. ,I a . I I II- II
on the run. Almost twice you
scared him back into the woods
and you didn't even hurt him.
You're my hero."
Until next time, happy
Father's Day to all the dads who
have encountered a Rocky like
creature and become a child's
hero for doing the right thing.

Paddle Out

June 6
6:00 pm

Pensacola Beach

with pins, then use the front to
wrap around and pin underneath
the back. SPRAY! Also, you can
do a faux french twist by comb
ing all the hair into a low ponytail
in your hand, then twist the hair
several times (upward) and fold it
into a twist. Pin and secure, then,
either leave the ends out to curl
or let them stick out randomly,or
tuck them under for a more class
sic look.
Good Luck!

Stylist Gwen Gibson and
Nail Tech Genella Vegas are
bridal beauty experts. Both
helped Susan Haselton Barr on
her wedding day, May 27.

Can you all believe that it's
June already? Unbelievable!
What comes to mind when we
hear "June" ?The June Bride.
Why June became "the" month
to get married, I have no idea. If
you live in the South, who wants
to wear a 30 pound dress with all
the trimmings, and get married,
sweating in the 90 degree heat is
beyond me, but people opt for
summer weddings.
We do alot of bridal parties
at Danah's Hair studio, locals and
visitors alike, most of whom are
having their ceremonies on the
Beach, outside. My sister, Gwen
is the absolute BEST at styling
brides. She does the most fabu-
lous up-dos! Here are some things
to consider if you are going to be
a Summer Bride.
1). Heat and Humidity.
Whether it's June, July or Au
gust, it is gonna be hot and hu-
mid. Loose curls, half up-half
down, straight down your back
either way, if you are outside,
curls will flop, and straight will
stick to your neck. If you are in
side with A/C, that's a whole dif
ferent ball game.
2). A nice updo will stay in
place, cut down on the stress of
how your hair will look all night
and what better occasion to
"dress" your hair than a wedding!
If you are able to get your hair
professionally done, it always
helps to cut down on time if you
come in with clean dry hair. That
saves at least 45 minutes right
there. Wear a button down shirt
that does not have to go over
your head.
3). If you opt to do it your
self, here are a couple of easy
things to '. Pirt th. ht!ir fr.m
ear to ear. I . i .. I ,. I s ..
in a high ponytail, curl, secure



Hair Studio



Island Times

June 6. 2007

Waterfront Banquet Facility


f Pensacola Beach


Krewes, Kids, Kritters Begin Mardi Gras Plans

The Pensacola Beach Asso
citation of Mardi Gras Krewes is
planning ahead. Way ahead.
They addressed the ever present
task of creating the parade for
next year's Mardi Gras at their
meeting on May 17.
Jeff Goudey, Krewe of
Wrecks, announced that the pa
rade costs came to $31,909.09 in

"We may have to raise the
entry fee to meet the rising costs
of producing the parade," Jeff
Deb Friedman, AOK presi
dent, will prepare a request, based
on this information, for the Santa
Rosa Island Authority. She plans
to include asking for some fund


December15 Chamber of Commerce Lighted Boat Parade
December16 Chamber of Commerce Street Parade
December31 Krewe of Nereids and Krewe of Brewe New Year's Eve
Extravaganza. Held in lieu of the Black Tie Ball.
January Polar Bear Dip
January Kreweof Nereids King KakeParty
January12 KreweofNauga Champagne Breakfast
Janaury18 Krewe of Nerieds Moon Pie Party
Januaryl9 Krewe ofJunkanoo Kritter Krawl & Krewe of Kids Parade
January19 Krewe of Bananimals Ball Everyone's Invited
Janaury25 Krewe of Wrecks Grand Costume Ball
February Krewe of Wrecks Champagne Breakfast
February 3 KreweofWrecks Parade
February Krewe of Wrecks Red Beans and Rice Luncheon
February Krewe of Coma Coronation


Web Design Computer Consulting
Digital Graphics Audio Video Systems


ing for public events, the Kritter
Krawl and the Krewe of Kids pa
"There needs to be a small
amount set aside to help defray
the expenses of the Kritter Krawl
and a few dollars to provide cokes
and cookies for the Kids. We
need to get back to that custom,"
Deb said.
Most of the meeting was de
voted to setting up a Calendar of
Events since Mardi Gras is early
this year, February 5. Krewes are
scheduling events as quickly as
possible to be sure everyone has
a date for their events.
The Association of Krewes
will meet next on Wednesday,
September 19 at 6 p.m. at the
Santa Rosa Island Authority
board room.
Over the sunnmer, krewes can
stay in touch with Deb at 850712
8546 or by email at

;ive 1

House Calls in Gulf Breeze & Pensacola Beach

Matt Mooneyham is the new manager of the Santa Rosa
Island Authority Environmental and Development Services
Department. Matt, a native Pensacolian, loves the challenge and
variety of his job. Matt comes to the Island Authority from Morette
Company, where coincidentally enough, he was the project
manager of the Pensacola Beach Public Safety building.

'DEEP WATER COVE 'I .." i" BlueAngels
2 1l? I; % furn.condo
%alIIn. & Gulfviews.
$ :,M 11111-i MLS#323000

id Call Grey Burge 850-572-7355

June 6.2007

Island Times


Promotions, Beach Business

Agenda Fill Chamber's Plate

Island Times

The Pensacola Beach
Chamber of Commerce plate is
full. Sponsoring Beach events,
large and small, and solving
problems, also large and small,
have become a way of life for
the Beach business organize
Their efforts to get a ferry
to Ft. Pickens from a Pensacola
Beach dock is now a reality with
the Katelyn up and running.
"I think Chamber members
should pick a day to ride the
ferry to Ft. Pickens," Jeff Elbert,
president said at the Chamber
meeting Tuesday, May 29. "I
think we need to celebrate. If it
were not for our influence this
ferry service may indeed never
have docked on Pensacola
Nan Harper, events chair
person, told the business rep
resentatives that Kaboom, the
Fourth ofJuly fireworks display,
is definitely going forward.
"I remain eternally grateful
for the support of the Chamber
and Beach businesses in mak
ing this a reality," Nan said.
Nan further pointed out
that there will be a concert by
the Tams, an oldies band, which
will be Thursday, July 5. Also,
there will be a free Friday Night
Flick on Friday, July 6.
"These events, which are
free and open to the public, are
planned to expand the Fourth
of July holiday so visitors will
have reasons to remain on the
Beach during the entire week,"
she said. "Doug McAllister of
Fun Coast Promotions is coor
dinating these events."
A t-shirt design honoring
Lt. Cdr. Kevin Davis, who died
in a recent Blue Angel Air Show
crash, was presented by Jeff.
Proceeds from the sale of the
shirts will all go to charity at the
request of the Davis family.
Traffic tie ups which may
be traced to the operation of
the toll booth arms were dis
cussed. The Chamber will sug
gest that they leave the arms up
and not bring them down each
time a motorist goes through the
toll plaza during peak times.
Chrissy Cook, president of
the Pensacola Beach Woman's
Club, thanked the Chamber for
their support of the most suc
cessful Game day ever. The club
netted $4700 at their once year
"We have designated Mor

gan Park, Beach safety, Our
Lady of Assumption Catholic
Mission's Hunt Hall, the Elk's
Lodge, Pensacola Beach Com
munity Church and Pensacola
Beach Elementary School as re
cipients of the money," she said.
"We certainly could not
have raised this money without
your help and donations,
Chrissy added.
The Chamber's next busi
ness meeting is at 8:30 a.m.
Tuesday, June 26 at the Com-
fort Inn. Business After Hours
is at 5:30 p.m. on the same day
with the location to be an
Information onjoining the
Chamber may be secured by
calling Sandy Johnston, execu
tive director at the Visitor's In
formation Center at 932-1500.

1143 Gulf Breeze Pkwy
850 932 2565
3497 Gulf Breeze Pkwy

Austin McGee won the Men's Shortboard
division of the Matt Martin Surfing Competition
on Pensacola Beach, May 26.

r ----------

, 15% Off:
First order
L ---------- J

Tiki carver and surfer Jeff Wheelock paddles
into the Gulf for the David Bogan Memorial on
Pensacola Beach, May 26.

Computer Repair in Your Home

Joe Stukey

Th -STUKEY www.ycpals.com

lI5 GROUP joe@ycpals.com

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I I . 111 .. 1 .. . I


SCarpet & Upholstery Cleaner1
Steam Clean
Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner
Area and Oriental Rugs Tile & Grout
Marble, Vinyl & Hardwood Cars, Boats & RV Interiors

Don't 932-7670 934-1913
fo rg 434-6277 438-7559

103 Baybridge Dr. G. Daniel Green, MAI, SRA
Gulf Breeze, FL State-Cert. Gen. REA #RZ836
850-934-1797 Real Estate Broker #BK176669

G. Daniel Green

Commercial & Residential Appraisal, Consulting & Sales

.. Dry l nng Lunry HLu ihI d Aller1 loins
Sh Wed ing Dr0s. Draprb Rug Lt-Lh .r


FREE Pick Up & Delivery- Houses/CondoslHotels
S850-916-9437 Some Restrictions Apply

June 6, 2007

June 6, 2007 Island Times PAGE 19

CLASSIFIED ADS are $5 for 20 words. Additional words are 10 cents each. Send ad with check made payable to Shelley Ink, P.O. Box 844, Gulf Breeze, FL 32562.

Lots For Sale

Lot 16 Calle Marbella
Sound Front,
Gated Community.
MLS# 326210 $799,000
Lot 17 Calle Marbella
Sound Front.
Gated Community.
MLS# 326254 $799,000
Lot 23 Calle Marbella
Across from Sound.
Gated Community.
MLS# 326212 $449,000
213 Panferio Dr.
80 ft of Sound Frontage.
MLS# 310666 $769,000
800 Via Deluna Dr.
Large Corner Lot
MLS# 295784 $495,000
1100 Panferio Dr.
Across from Sound.
Great Views
MLS# 316837 $499,000
1581 Bulevar Menor
Lowest priced Soundfront Lot!
MLS# 303140 $510,000
Lot 35 Ensenada Marbella
Direct Gulf Views
Santa Rosa Villas Estates
MLS# 278391 $735,000
Lot 27 Seashore Dr.
Sound Front in Seashore
Village. Community Dock
MLS# 315079 $925,000
1754 Ensenada Seis
Gulf Frontin Private Cul-de-Sac.
85 ft. of Gulf Frontage
MLS# 288030 $1,680,000
4 Soundside Dr. Lots
Sold individual or separate
MLS# 310300
8052 Sleepy Bay Blvd.
Bay Front Lot. 105 x 896
MLS# 296513 $265,000
9 Spinnaker Court
Soundside in Sailmaker Cove
adjacent to National Seashore
MLS# 317530 $775,000
Call Conna O'Donovan
Re/Max on the Coast
The Beach Specialist
cell 850-232-4001

Real Eslale For Sale

Portofino Best 2 BR unit in
the complex. Unobstructed
views of the gulf, sound, and
westerly view of beach $925K.
Jeremy Johnson, Island Realty,

Pensacola Beach Townhome
3/2.5, just steps from the Gulf.
Great waterfront views from pa-
tio and balcony. As is price
makes this a great investment
property $395,000. Call Dennis
Remesch, Re/Max on the
Coast. 850-384-7607

FRONT: 3 bedroom townhome
w/4 slips & Gulf views, no flood-
ing walk to Gulf pier & Board-
walk $575,000 Call Grey Burge
@ Real Estate House

Items For Sale

BEDROOM SET 7 piece Solid
Wood Set, still in box. Retail
$3000. Sell $1095. Can deliver

double pedestal table, w/leaf, 2
arm, 4 side chairs, hutch & buf-
fet. Retail $4K. Must sell $1595.
Can deliver 850-418-5274

Real Estate For Rent

Gulf Front Condo Emerald Isle
on beautiful Pensacola Beach.
Two bedroom Two bath, heated
pool / jacuzzi. Tastefuly fur-
nished. Call 850-934-3442

Pensacola Beach Condo.2 Bed-
rooms & 2 Baths. Gulf view from
all rooms, Available May Oct.
www.vrbo.com/95159. 850-932-
0775 800-554-3695 Mention
VRBO 95159 for Discount

ald Isle. Two bedroom, two bath
on Pensacola Beach. Daily,
weekly, monthly rental available.
Heated pool and jacuzzi. Call
Clark Allen at 850-324-2452,

The Gulf of Mexico is beau-
tiful, warm and inviting but
can sometimes be hazard-
ous. Where lifeguards are
present, please be aware of
flags that alert you to con-
ditions of currents.

SDouble Red:
Water closed to
Sthe public


Weddings Performed. Notary
Public 850-748-6878
Waterfront Reception Facility.
Full service. Panoramic Views.
The Best Way to Celebrate Your
Day! 850-336-1924





High hazard, high
surf andlor strong

Medium hazard,
moderate surf
and/or currents

Low hazard, calm
conditions, exer-
cise caution

Dangerious ma-
rine life

Help Wanled

Facilities Coordinator for Our Lady
of the Assumption, Pensacola
Beach. 20-25 hours a week. Re-
sumes to Susie @ St Ann Gulf

Gift Shop Sales Associate
Needed for High Volume Established
Beach Gift Shop, Must be Depend-
able, Enthusiastic and Outgoing.
Great Hourly Pay, Health Ins., 401k,
paid vacations, all in a fun beach en-
vironment! Call 433-9490 or fax re-
sume to 437-7530.

Surf Side Food Store- Full time and
part time positions. Work in down-
town Pensacola Beach. Good Pay.
Good Working Conditions. Great
Location. Apply in person at the
store, 22 Via de Luna, Pensacola



Capable, Bonded, Licensed
Now Offering Closet, Cabinet and
Garage Cleaning and Organizing
Services, Available to clean your
home or office. Please call 850-490-
5817 or 850-494-0964 for an ap-
Get Ready for Guests!
New mattress sets, brand name,
warranty, still in plastic.
Full from $155
Queen from $175
King from $275
Retail $1600, Sacrifice $650
Can Deliver 850-418-5274

a.::....! H



"Copyrighted Material

Syndicated Content

Available from Commercial News Providers"

On ofame th may"eto h ufCast wrswnb ludrsi h esJunlspls

Fresh Gulf seafood charbroiled over flaming
hardwood fires

Gulf shrimp served scampi style, barbecued,
beer batter fried, or steamed in beer

We sell so many, you know they're fresh! death the moon & stars on our beach

"Floundering at its best" Pes sa e
Fodor's Florida Pensacola Beach"
USAir Magazine
"Best seafood on "Great Vibes...and happy
Pensacola Beach" U guests"
Fromers Guide to Florida 4- Florida Trend Magazine
SAt the traffic light on beautiful Pensacola Beach 932-2003 Since 1979



twll m nllwlw wt hlII- eCrlIi
J Fried Shrimp W Great Steaks
# Upstairs Beach View Dining
$ Living Reef Aquarium Bar
I Outdoor Gulfside beck

unAlaskan Sno rab Sp Cakes
bungeness She P ing Crb

Best Sunday Brunch!
Crab Cakes Benedict,
Crab Omelets, Bottomless
Champagne & Bloody Marys,
Live Steel Band

(850) 932-0700
Open 7 days a week

we got'em

All You
Can Eat
Snow Crab

& ings

Look for the RED ROOF at the
traffic light on Pensacola Beach


Island Times

June 6. 2007



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