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Teens and Tweens Energize Beach Community Church

It took a long time for the adult
parishioners in the Pensacola
Beach Community Church to dis-
cover one of their most untapped
energy sources It was the kids, of
course There they were willing and
ready to do good things for the
Church and themselves Sherry
Hobbs, who had three school-aged
children led the way two years ago
Gordon Paulus and Dewey Baker
have been the leaders ofthe groups
she establi shed for about a year and
a half
"Sherry Hobbs got the thing
going," Gordon said "Dewey has
contiued the momentum Their ex-
perience is the major reason the
Beach Church now has a good
youth program "
The groups are small, si regu-
lar members in the Senior IIlgh
group, coordmated by Gordon and
12 in the 3 16 Liddle High group,
led by Dewey
Botlhgroups have weekly meet-
ings which include a Bible lesson,
dinner and activities Sometimes
they have a speaker, and one activ-
ity that the younger group really
looks forwardto is the Lock-ln They
spend the night at the Beach Church
aftergoingbowling, or swimmig in
a local pool
These kids also put on some
Sunday services and they also help
with the Easter Egg Hunt
You know it's interesting that
although these kids see each other
everyday at school and other places,
they really look forward to getting
together atthe Church for their meet-
ing," Gordon said
Gordon had nothing butpraise
for the kids he works with
"I took over this group when
theymoved up from middle school,"

Gordon said "Giving them a tune
and place to meet on their own
makes them feel as ifthey are part of
the Beach Church "
IIe added "I grew up m a strong
youth group that helped shape who
I am, solhave always wanted tomake
sure my daughter, Breezy, has had
the same opportunity "
She 3 16 Middle High group
brings an over-abundance of energy
totheprogram The 3 16s takenfrom
John 3 16 which is the foundation
for their faith
"We average twelve young
people per week," Dewey said
" Mostly, tey live in the Beach but
not all are members of the church
"We believe there are three m-
portant things that Christians do
everyday pray, have fellowship
and read the Bible We doallthree,"
Dewey said
What they do for the commu-
nty reflects the teachings from these
concepts This group had been ac-
tive m Relay For Life, Manna iood
Bank SouperBowl food drve, Vaca-
tion Bible School and the Foster
Children's Christmas Party
One of their projects they re-
ally like to talk about is winning the
first Corporate Cup trophy at the
Fiesta of Five Flags Sand Sculpture
Contestn2008 The sculpture was
"Symbols of our Faith" They are

for repeat wm
They have a Lock-In on the
calendar and are enrolled in a chal-
lenging ropes course this spring
The group traveled to Callaway
Gardens at Christmas and look for-
ward to visiting tiher churches to
share their new Puppet Minlstry
"Our membership has doubled


Published every oilier Wdneday
Post Office Box 844 Gulf Breeze, FL 32562
island tines(jirbellsouth.net www.MylslandTinies.comn

in the last year and a half," Dewey
said "Kids have been so excited
about what and how they are earn-
ing and invited friends tojoin Now
those friends are inviting friends "
"This isaplace for them to come
and learn about God m an environ-
ment that is less intimidating than a
formal church worship service." he
Membership mithe 3 16 Mddle
High group has few requirements
Participants must be in grades six
through eig t Belonging to a church
is not required

Some ofthese kids go to other
churches." Dewey said "Some have
no church home at all "
Dewey Barkeris uniquely quah-
fied to guide the youngsters m the
youth organization "Godhas given
methe desire and ability to workwith
our young people," he said "When
working with young people today,
it is necessary to keep the program
exciting and changing to keep their
interest to motivate them to come
back every week "
"I use the art ofthe Gospel Illu-
sion, cra games, adventure recre-

action, trust-building activities,
sports skills, Christian comedy,
church history, and the traditional
Bible study"
Parents and teachers will admit
that there is a lot involved m guid-
ing today's teens and teens, and
giving them guidance to help set
values that will sta with them all of
their lives is a monumnental task
Seems like Gordon and Dewey have
a patent on the process Just ask
the kids at the Beach Church They
will tell you they like learning about
God and having fun In that order

SRIA Delays Beautification Pro ect

The Santa Rosa Island Au-
thority delayed making a decision
to send out Requests for Quaflii-
cations for a Master Planner and
Landscape Architect until loose

though they received a copy of the
RFQ document from the Ad Iloc
Committee at their March 11 meet-
ing, the Full Board decided unani-
mously to send the item back to
committee Membersof the AdHoc
Committee are SRIA Board Chair-
manFred Gantt and Board members
Dave Pavlock and Vernon Prather,
Portofmo developers Robert Rmke
and Andrew Rotlhfeder
The original agreement was
between Portofino developers and
the SRIA and mcluded the creation
of a fund by Portofino which would
accumulate over a ten-year period
of time at which point the Island
Beautification could begin T'he
fund would grow by excess yearly
lease fees which Portofino imposed
on themselves
Portofmo and the SRIA, how-
ever, are attempting to find a way
to begin the work right now t here
is already a substantial amount of
money in the Fund, which is dedi-
cated to Island Beautification
projects and future required in fra-
structure needs
The first sum needed is
S130,000f to pay for the aster plan-
ner and landscape architect The
allocation of the 130,000 requires
an addendum to Portofmo's mas-

ter lease The problems surround-
iig the project have arisen because
of the changes in the lease
"I think itis paramount that the
funding statement for the Island
Beautification project mirrors the
itenim agreement 'hey do not mir-
ror each other at this time This
needs to be ironed out," Vernon
Rather said
On the other hand, Fred Gant,
SRIA Board chairman, said, "The
process can proceed without this
beingironed out hs will allow us
a master planner This agreement
referstotheS130,000 Iseeusmov-
img forward with the project, then
we can deal with the master lease
another day"
Other Board members pointed
out the risks they were taking with
the lease amendment the way it is
right now and through the years to
think there is more workthat
needs to be done here," Prather
Atpress time, heAd Hoc Com-
mittee was reconvennmg and a full
report will appear in the next edition
of Isand Tmes
For now, the project is on
hold The SRIA Board voted
muanmmously to send the Portofmo
Lease amendment back to commit-
tee for further discussion
Portofino came into the ime-
light yet again when the condo
owners appeared to voice their
options about the SRIA commit-
tee approval of a portable

waterslide to be placed on leasehold
property just east of Portofino
Those who favored the idea
saw it as a way to improve the
economy, help rentals, and provide
entertainment Those who are op-
posed to the addition, say the project
will detract from the area
The motion to send the entire
matter back to staff passed unami-
In a later statement, Rob
Babcock with Premer Resort Mian-
agement at Portofmo announced
that the waterslide project had been
The Board heard good news
when the new Sheriff David Mor-
gan appeared before the Board
"We are going to change the
flavor of law enforcement on
Pensacola Beach" hie said "We will
create a more family-friendly envi-
ronment We promise to hold down
gang activity"
lie went on to say that
Pensacola Beach is one of the eco-
nomic engines which drives
Pensacola, and it cannot be allowed
to deteriorate
"We will use a force multiplier
which is a reserve program with 5
or 6 patrols You will see walking
deputies We will have a good
handle on this Beach Ifthis isnot
good enough, we will shuffle until
we get a safe environment We will
have a safe summer season "
The next meeting will be in
committees on Wednesday, March
25 at 5pm at the SRIA office


Island Times

March 25, 2009

Barefoot on the Beach ..--.- V. ""L' i*

Fresh Gulf Seafood
Live Maine Lobster
SKids Playground

weThursday Baed Oysters

1OI P2 en4 ad 13 9
9243 Dinnr pel s~

on Hi Def
42 TVs 11 Big Screens
Pay Per h ,

on Thursday

I 1,ar idlor Th,
Nwoodl iab ia


W^^'E T r i ia

Fritz And Friends Fish -
Fry Open To Everyone -

Beach Advocates Give Voice To
Hundreds Through Survey


All You Can Eat
Alaskan Snow Crab
Thursday Friday
4 p.m.til close


peas, porribge &

b a bry martini byKathiLewis

It is 6 30 am and I am actu-
ally, partially awake This isnotpart
of my daily schedule at all I hadto
go to the Sleep Disorder Clinic, and
that appointment made me miss the
Pub Crawl I consider anything
that starts before noon to be to-
tally uncivilized
It seems to me that even God
decided to be Irish on March 17 as
He sent us spectacular weather for
St Patrick'sDayt Reports were that
the Beach was full of lads and
lasses I did not have a smgle lep-
rechaun show up to grant me a
wish, so now I'll have to pin my
hopes on the Easter Bunny
Speaking of which, if someone
has lost a pet bunny, the bunny
was seen on Largo Dr, Sunday,
March15 Our dog, Peanut chased
the poor bunny around the house
three times before I could even
scream "stop Please don't call
me, because I'm not sure what hap-
pened to the bunny or where it now
hides Ifyou think the bunny might
be yours, just come by or check
around Largo Drive and Rio Vista
With four rabbit's feet, the little fur
ball should have some good luck
I believe whatever good luckI
may occasionally have comes from
pure happiness and laughter Es-
pecially the belly laugh, which can
promote weight loss, good health-
both physical and mental, and cre-
ates more muscle mass Have you
ever watched people laughing? I
enjoy watching the Comedy Chan-
nel, but lately I've been concentrat-
ing more on the audience I'veseen
people laugh so hard that they lit-
erally lean forward m their seat
How can that not be a good thing?
There's a lot of muscle use there
And the day after Wednesday
Mental HealthNight, I always have
aches everywhere But they're
good ones from laughing I call it
my exercise routine
Most of you know I don't do
research, but I was a little curious
about the origin of All Fool's Day,
which we call April Fool's Day I
spent a few minutes online and
quickly discovered that no one re-
ally knows the oriin One of the

most popular beliefs is that it be-
gan m 1582 when Pope Gregory
XIII ordered a new calendar tore-
place the old Julian calendar, which
celebrated the New Year on April
1 (The Romans had a Festival
named Hilaria, which began on
March25 Sounds like a MardiGras
thing The Krewe of Hilaria) The
new calendar changed the New
Year's date to January 1 However,
some of the citizens continued to
celebrate the old date of April 1
This caused others to make fun of
them and to send them on "fool's
errands" or try to trick them into
believing something different
Eventually the entire practice
spread throughout Europe and the
USA Whatever it sure can be a
lot of fun
Happy Birthday to my Sister
and friend, Christine "Bunkle"
Hewerdine who is the only one I
knowbomonAprill I'llbehappy
to be a "fool" with you any day
This week's recipe is one I've
had for a long time It's easy and
"kid friendly Since the munchkmns
are on Spring Break, let them help

L- Maria's Fresb Seafoo m Market
S Take a little bit of the GulfCoast home!
SFresh from the boats daily
4 We can cold packfor travel or ship anywhere.

621 Cerv tes Street UCHMoRE!
Pensacola 432-4999 MoN SAT SAM -7 7 '
Call for directions from the Beach SUN y 8 A 6

SPensacola Plans

Pooch Parade

and Music Fest

with these Okay let's cook

Easy Cinnamon Puffs
2 Pkg (8 count) Crescent Rolls
1 Bag large marshmallows
1 2 Stick butter, melted
1 1 Cup brown sugar
3 Tbsp ground cinnamon

Combine cinnamon and sugar
m smallbowl Open crescent rolls
and use one at a time Dip marsh-
mallow in melted butter and then
in sugar and cinnamon mixture
(packing it on heavily) Place
dippedmarshmallow on widest end
of crescent triangle and roll up
Pinch to seal seams, then dip cres-
cent in melted butter and place in
muffinpan Continue until all rolls
are used Bake at 350 degrees for
10-12 minutes until golden brown
SPECIAL NOTE make sure you
use heavy -duty foil under muffin
pan as the marshmallows will es-
cape leaving only the puff This
makes 16 puffs
Enjoy, share and have a very
safe and Happy Spring Breakt
See ya in the kitchen

Pensacola Beach's Doug
McAllister, owner of Fun Coast
Promotions, is presenting
Woofapalooza-Pensacola's Pet Pa-
rade and Music Festival, Saturday
March28 in downtown Pensacola
The parade registration begins at
9am at 180 Governmental Build-
ing which is the Pensacola City
Hall Floats and cars in the parade
should be on site by 9 45 a m The
Parade begins at 11 am Pets
should be costumed in their best
parading attire Prizes will be given
for best dressed, best float, best
team, ugliest dog and pet-owner
look likes
The parade rolls from City Hall
m Pensacola east down Govern-
ment Street to Seville Square The
Music Festival will begin at noon
Proceeds from the event will help
benefit local pet shelters
Fun Coast Promotions hosts
Kaboom, Fourth of July Fireworks
on Pensacola Beach For more in-
formation, contact Fun Coast Pro-
motions at 850-346-9184

Ifyou drink yourvodka straight, you may
be interested to knowthat this clear sprint
has a long history of being consumed with
traditional Russian meals To begin with,
vodka goes very well with fatty meat and
salty fish The vodka complements these
foods, contributing to good digestion and
washing down the fat, which, in turn, helps
to maintain sobnety Infact, traditional Rus-
sian meals are made to remedy the nega-
tive impact of vodka on one's head, pro-
vided the vodka is consumed in modera-
tion Hot meals aside, vodka is mostly
consumed with appetizers In fact, Rus-
sian vodka's aroma and purity have been
traditionally adjusted to complement Rus-
sian appetizers, chief among which is
caviar Hernng is another good bet
HINT Salted picked or salted mushrooms
are also favonte Russian appetizers that go
well with vodka
There are many wonderful vodkas from
counties other than Russia If you are
puzzled, let us helpyou Beach Wines and
Liquors, Inc wants you to know that a
world of wines and spints awaits you at 5
Via de Luna Whetheryou are very knowl-
edgeable or would appreciate our assis-
tance, we are here foryou
Call 850-932-8850 for easy directions


Karaoke with John Hundlev
Tuesday & Thursday 7 to 11
Live Music
Wednesday Tim Spencer 7 to 11

Check our calendar at www.DalesBigDeck.com
715 Pensacola Beach Blvd at the Sabine Manna
Next to the Yacht Club South of the Elk's Lodge
850-934-3141 Open Everyday at 9 am

Piwv wOurah, M.,



Island Times


March 25, 2009

Mach25,2OO9 Islad Times
Stakeholders Zero In On
Core Area Redevelopment


Pre Season Sle


A A B O S Oe r R N S
rHoll ooK

. .. . ,, \
Burgers Shakes Fries
Cold Beer

Day &u Non orn .oar a E. *s..iinm.1r01

l 1 LA AN B

18 Holes of Fantasy Golf

P He, R2 omo.

PAGEii Iifdn...Irr

TOO C Oflfl-S-
iormny~anyyaril lu~htrthyma~to~th T

j- kj

Mach 25,2009
Volunteers Needed To Clean Seashore Roadside

eeoluaorg | Cosinpahestruction
,& S 934-1210


M ., v l & Hrdo434-6277

*'; I 932-7670

Pensacola Beach Real Estate

Mansion to Cottages: Plentitul Choices In Pensacola
mansions to Cottages Beach Real Estate Market

Former fo imationd al850- T e ^ ^ ujn o h a ll a
coun ots, msb y v= con

portumaty fr our chapter i and our 293 -9321m e m^
Women's Council Of Realtors *
Taps Harper As President

f fH|I, rland R2a9iy

5-9 34,0 SF

A R ...

G. Daniel Green

PAGE 10 IslandTime-Rel Estate
coming soon..Pensacola Beac Open House Weenebi

LindaTaylorMurphl ) GRAND OPENING!

.cell 850 8 .
I 850.932.7887
C'oK P~1.!e w 3 south

Professionals Seffing the Ff


Ma. h25,200
Reaild To
D---. R-, -. r.

oriba Lifestyfe


Mah 25, 200 Isld Times RelEate PAGE11

Paradise Coastal Realty, Inc.

850-932-0067 www.paradisecoastalrealty.com 866-749-3732
Paradise Coastal Realty, Inc is a bouhque brokerage hat combines three decades of real estate experience
with highly sophstcated markehng experts We represent the most luunous and sought after properties on
Pensacola Beach, Gulf Breeze, Penscola, Perddo Key and Narre Beach
We can ssist you in finding and purchasing your pnmary residence, second home or nvestnent property
Remaining ru to our excephonal marking straegies our sellers feel "in the marker not ust on the market
Paradise Coastal Realty, Inc contracts more properhes our featured areas of experts than any other real
estate company We he a proven track record of sasfyg our clientele at the highest leel Our team
welcomes you with any of your real estate needs, whether buying, selling or consulng
Call Your Tiffany Boutique We will shine our light on you!
News in Pamradise:
Sold in Paradise in 2009
SRIA ha extended construction deadline until 2012. old a
Information from Pensacola Mulhple Ltsng Service
Tun here firt for Pensacola Beach sales update
a -i r,_ P-'- dd-' P........
S336Ft.PickensRd,#209E $145,000
S 1100 Ft.Pickens Rd.#A3 $230,000
--oe j- 1300 Ft Pickens Rd.#227 $275,000
Luxurous Ocean Retet O850 Ft PickensRd.#1140 $365,000
/a, 2879 SF with s50 eet o Gul 3 Portofino Dr. #1503 $420,000
Front $1,9,00 2 Portofino Dr. #PH5 $450,000
C P astl ePo ortofin Dr. #1704 $575,000
1 Portofino Dr. #2004 $580,000
3PortoinoDr.$1001 $75,000
4Portofino Dr. #2101 $700,000
1010 Maldonado $425,000
2 Sugar Bo Ln $450,000
262 Sabine Dr $812,500
1406AriolaDr $2,290,000

s. .. se. .M e.1t, c. P astal Real0 t In.c 850-932-0067 866-749-3732 CO O O
cat ierw .paediseco talrealty.com r rirey.
w ww.paradisecoastalrealty.com eaty In

PAGE12 IandTe Rsal Eat e arh25,200 9

a~ssnmn ~sms rPa rno*w s~ FL 1st


j extra extra -read all about IT

Soun0f4on m90SF
~Noi~lcerY iirMEo zylnmlT fiB0~~

Mach 25,2009

Try Befoe You Buy PsacoBla Eah Mao
Kirk NewtkissuriPlfyou Tr Beer Bobble


a1y po pe n a ,esplt ema smu c ip d aB M h 3or oI1
as300pyr IBuosnesar Hou rn
"' o... -., 7 7,, I

Joe Stukey

NoraP 1ri^ces
Ma llbx Seru ces

I.~ I

Dopntions Needed

Dolphin Sihtmngs


By Joe Stukey Your Computer Pal

MouSle's At B' Gosh

McGulre's Rates National

PAGE 14 Island Times March 25, 2009

The Shool Bell Ringi

AIM HIGH compete against 99 other
First grade Beach School contestants, April 3 at
teacher Sandee Bredesen flew high Jacksonville University.
over the island Saturday, March 14 GO FOR THE GOLD
to encourage her students to reach The Gulf Breeze Middle
for the stars.
She got the op- -_
portunity to pi- -- ,
lot the plane
with Captain -,.
John Paganelli
of Air Combat
USA. Two of coM
her students _
were so in- ..N
spired they Commercial pilot Captain John Paganelli, left, and
wrote the fol- teacher Sandee Bredesen in the plane prior to take
lowing stories off.
in their jour-
nals: Qch1 ((l4rTRm \ Co;nx, nl,,;irl

By Sofie Babcock
Do you know the story of the
airplane and the pilot? Oh you
didn't? Then I will tell you. One
day there was a pilot. Her name
was Pilot Bredesen. She had a
plane. It was brand new and she
had 23 boys and girls in her
plane. She took them anywhere,
like school or the movies and a
pool. The only thing was that
she never had time for Mr.
Bredesen. Now.... he is a good
dancer. He can do the tango or
the salsa. So in the new plane,
they went on a date to Subway
and lived happily ever after!
By Sophie Faircloth
What's that in the sky? Is it a
bird? Is it a plane? No it's...well
actually it is a plane, but not just a
plane. It's a plane with the air's
acrobat, the queen of the
clouds.. .the one who can multiply
so she can teach and fly at the same
time. She's a goddess to the sky
and she's a fantastic teacher, too!
She can do flips in the air and not
in the air. We have a great teacher,
but when it comes down to it, it's
her personality that's great!
Nick Bookout, an eighth
grader at Gulf Breeze Middle
School, won the school level of the
National Geographic Bee on
January 21. Nick has qualified for
the State Geographic Bee. He will

Team earned first place for the elev-
enth year in a row in the Florida
Science Olympiad Tournament
hosted at the University of Central
Florida on Saturday, February 28.
The team, comprised of 15 stu-
dents and five alternates from
grades 6 through 8, competed in
23 different events.
As winners of the state com-
petition, GBMS will represent the
State of Florida as they head to the
Science Olympiad National Tour-
nament at Augusta State Univer-
sity in Augusta, Georgia, May 15-
Team member and Beach resi-

dent Jett Crowdis is joined by Grif-
fin Battel, Nick Bookout, Rainey
Fountain, Nick Gupta, Sebastian
Jones, Logan Norris, Rhett Oakley,
Davy Pardonner, Allison Proctor,
Emilio Rivera, Annemarie Schultz,
Kyle Stanley, Nick Staviski,
Caroline Sullivan, and Krista
Woods on the team.
Students earning medals at
the Florida Science Olympiad Tour-
nament are:
1 st Place Amphibians & Reptiles
- Logan Norris, Rhett Oakley
1st Place Anatomy Nick Gupta,
Allison Proctor
1st Place BioProcess Lab Griffin
Battel, Nick Bookout
2nd Place Elevated Bridge Nick
Bookout, Annmarie Schultz
1st Place Experimental Design -
Logan Norris, Allison Proctor,
Annemarie Schultz
3rd Place Robo Cross Griffin
Battel, Nick Gupta
1 st Place Crime Busters Davy
Pardonner, Krista Woods
2nd Place Trajectory Logan
Norris, Kyle Stanley
Pensacola Beach Elementary
School Board will meet at 6 p.m.
Monday, March 30, which is the
same day that students return to
classes after Spring Break.

I think one of the best ideas
that one network evening news
station had was to present some
good news at the end of their
broadcast. It was great to see indi-
viduals who were taking matters
into their own hands to help offset
the troubled economy. I believe
that hearing this good news each
night is an extremely important
concept which goes beyond our
country, our planet and our uni-
verse. This is about conscious-
I do believe that everything is
interconnected; there is a collec-
tive consciousness where change
takes place. Look at the changes
humans have made as we evolved
over the centuries. The one ex-
ample which just leaps out at me is
sending astronauts to the moon. I
wonder, if we can do that, why can't
we stop fighting among ourselves.
Well, I was listening to a CD which
referenced the Maharishi Mahesh
Yogi who brought transcendental
meditation to the West during the
1960s and 70s. This philosophy
taught us to look inside ourselves
because what happens inside each
of us is reflected outwardly and
affects the world around us.
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is quoted

as saying, "All occurrences ofvio-
lence, negativity, conflict, crisis
and problems in any society are the
expression of stress and tension
in the collective consciousness."
If we start thinking in a more
positive direction, but with our-
selves very grounded and very
aware, I think humanity could
achieve miraculous things. If our
thoughts are energy, and energy
is converted into matter, there
would be no limits on us as a spe-
cies and our achievements. Maybe
this would elevate the conscious-
ness of those individuals who ap-
pear to have no conscience at all.
Oh what a wonderful world it
would be!


It's like being transported to
the Island every other week.
Have Island Times
mailed to your home.

Send a check for $32 made
payable to Shelley Ink
Mail to: PO Box 844, Gulf
Breeze, Florida 32562-0844





L -- _J

3009 East Cervantes 433-2822


Island Times

March 25, 2009

March 25, 2009 Island Times PAGE 15

. b22ARD'5 TOWL/I F 1 A-Crossii the.-Sand
by E.K.Hewson T F

Every week day my 11-year-
old son, Harry, reads the "Kids
Post" a special section of The Wash-
ington Post geared toward young
readers I like to read it as well be-
cause it explains world events in
terms everyone canunderstand Just
recently it had a great explanation
of the foreclosure crisis that is crip-
pling areas of this country After
Harry finished reading it, he looked
up over his glasses at me and asked,
"You and dad didn't borrow any
money that you can't pay back
should one of you lose a job, did
you?" I assured him that his dad and
I could meet all of our financial ob-
hgations, even under the most ex-
treme circumstances And true to
being a child, he quickly changed
the subject to, "Do we have any
plans for Sunday, March 22, Inter-
national GoofOffDay?" Caughtoff
guard, once again because I didn't
evenknow there was such a day and
that you had to plan for it But yes
there is, and yes you do
After further research on the
subject, I found that International
Goof Off Day does exist and it is
always onMarch22 I am tellmgyou
this now so you can mark it onyour
2010 calendar International Goof
OffDay is a day set aside for youto
just relax, enjoy and do anything and
everything you want -as long as
you're not supposed to be doing it

Personally I beheve planning de-
feats the purpose of goofing off, but
if your household is like mine,
blocking out a little time to goof off
isn't such a bad idea
So as I wrap up this column in
order to meet the deadline-- I am
already 35 minutes late -- I must
have been goofing off I will share
with you our list of goofing off ac-
tivities for 2009, so you can have an
idea how to celebrate in 2010 Harry
informed me that according to a
study conducted by Nitendo, play-
mg video games is the number one
way to celebrate International Goof
OffDay So his suggestion is to play
endless rounds of Guitar Hero, wi
Tennis andNerfN-Strike while eat-
ing endless pancakes and fresh
squeezed orange juice made by me,
followed by a three hour round-trip
drive to the local mega bookstore to
just look at or maybe even buy a few
books chauffeured and financed by
me, and then one championship
match of around the penmeter of the
house Bocce Ball while the char-
coals heat up for cheeseburgers
grilled by me
Hmmm I am beginning to
think there is something suspect to
this International Goof Off Day and
there was probably a reason it was
m the "Kids Post" and not front
page, above the fold in the section
one of The Washington Post
Until next time

W -0 1

Angella Gallinger, center, was a real knock-out in her green bikini
at the March 17 contest at Bam boo Willie's. General Manager Rob-
ert Gleim, left, emceed the event. Boxing star Roy Jones, right, chose
Angella to serve as a Ring Girl at his March Badness Boxing Bout,
March 21, at the Pensacola Civic Center.

Its difficult to pick up a news-
paper, or listen to the television,
without hearing lots of discourag-
ing words It is very disheartening
to hear about the kind of abuse that
goes on in financial institutions,
government, communities,
churches, families, and nearly ev-
erywhere where trust has been a
very priceless commodity Iteven
filters down to small communities
Last Saturday, March 14, I
was ready to come home using
Garcon Point Bridge just before
noon and stopped at the toll booth
to pay the $3 50 toll My grand-
son was behind me m his van with
his family and I said to the toll
taker, "I'llpay forthe carrightbe-
hind me the Chrysler van "
He gave me three dollars back
out of a ten dollar bill and I pro-
ceeded on across the bridge How-
ever, I noted that my grandson was
at the toll both a little longer than
usual, and so I asked him when we
had gotten to a restaurant the rea-
son for the delay He said the toll
taker didn't say that I had paid his
toll, and collected the usual $3 50
It's not the idea of losing $3 50 -
its all about trust andhonesty Ob-
viously, the toll taker simply took
the extra toll and pocketed it
I wonder how many other
people are taken advantage of in
that way or another I've always
believed that anyone who is hon-
est m little things can be trusted to
be honest m larger things, and vice
versa those who are dishonest in
small things will probably be dis-
honest in large things Whenever
we betray the trust and confidence
of another, we weaken the fabric
in which our lives are woven, and
we reflect on others in our profes-
I read a story the other day of
a new minister who had arrived in
town, and had taken the bus to get
across town Afterpayng the fare
and sitting down, he realized the
driver had givenhim fifty centstoo
muchchange Hedebatedwhatto
do with it, after all, it was such a
small amount and he didn't want
to embarrass the driver However,

as he was leaving, he turned to the but I just wanted to test you to see
driver, put the fifty cents into his whatkmdofamanyouare Iknow
hand, and said, "You gave me too now and I'll be m your church
much change on Sunday "
The driver said, "Aren't you I'm not on a crusade, however,
the new minister in town?" I do think the time has come to try
Whenhegotanaffirmative an- and put back into our society the
swer, he said, "I thought so I knew principles that build us up rather
I had given you too much change, than tearing us down
Beach Church Celebrates Women's Sunday
Newly ordained minister Celebrated annually at the
Ellen Blaise and Deacon Jackle Beach Church during March, the
Trout will lead the Pensacola Women's Sunday will begm at 10
Beach Community Church, am Everyone is welcome The
March 29 during Women's Sun- BeachChurch islocatedatthecor-
day ner ofVia de Luna andAvenida 18

check out
what the locals are
U /buzzing about!

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Island Times

March 25, 2009


In the March 11 edition of Is-
land Times I explored some the
chemicals m everyday foods which
make their way to our dinner table
- and how to avoid them
Here are a few more strategies
to reduce your family's chemical
To reduce chemical exposures
in your home, change from chlo-
rine bleach and abrasive toxic
cleaners to natural alternatives
Hydrogen peroxide, baking soda,
and vinegar are excellent cleaners
and disinfecting agents and are
natural and biodegradable Hydro-
genperoxide is actually the chemi-
cal our body's cells use to kill off
foreign invaders like viruses and
bacterial How about non-chlorine
bleach? It is actually hydrogen
What about dish-washing?
Change to a vegetable based de-
tergent How about furniture pol-
ish? Olive and nut oils (like al-
mond or walnut) are great for this
For any household cleaning need,
there is a natural, safe, biodegrad-
able alternative
For freshening the air, avoid
sprays, mists, and plug-in type air
fresheners A HEPA air filter in
your air conditioner or even an
ozone generating purifier (make
sure it is a high quality corona gen-
erator that does not produce nitro-
gen byproducts) are great alterna-
tives that remove particles from
yourhousehold environment rather
than covering them up with chem 1-
Two other chemicals that are
literally in the water should be
avoided, too Both Fluoride and
Chlorine have their own sets of
associated health problems Not
least among those is the connec-
tion between fluoride, chlorine and
the near epidemic levels of hy-
pothyroidism (low thyroid func-

Island Times

k1pW Two Apples
and call me in the morning...
The doctor is in and she's hip, too!
By Tracey Pinkston, J.D., M.D.
Chemistry 101 & Your Health Part II of a multi-part series

tionmg) now seen in theU S Once
thought beneficial for teeth and
bones, even the ADA is beginning
to realize that enough is enough
More communities are pushing to
have fluoride removed from the
drinking water Meanwhile, in-
stalling a carbon filter on your tap
can remove this chemical Addi-
tionally, be sure that neither you
nor your children swallows tooth-
paste containing fluoride Con-
sider changing to a non-fluoride
alternative, especially for children
less than 6 years old, who may
swallow the toothpaste inadvert-
ently or even on purpose because
they like the taste Excessive fluo-
ride can damage teeth and bones
It also competes for iodine bind-
ing sites needed for proper thyroid
Chlorine poses similar prob-
lems However, mthe case ofchlo-
rine, so much gets into our bodies
that you will want a filter on your
whole house, not just the tap you
use for drinking and cooking
Chlorine is absorbed right through
the skin so that bathing now poses
a hazard We get more chlorine
from a ten minute shower than
from drinking 8 glasses of unfil-
tered tap water
And forget those plastic
bottles if you haven't heard
enough by now about the plastic
bottles to go get yourself a nice
stainless steel one, then I'll refer
you to EWG org for the full fright-
ening story
Keep Reading Please al-
ways consult your doctor before
starting or stopping any medication
or nutritional supplement

13045 ;.B. Tkaw. Qul f.. -:,

I *% -

The Beach Road Opens Earle Bowden Way re-opened after a four year
hiatus on March 6 with a ribbon cutting ceremony. Officials celebrating the
opening are (L to R): Gulf Islands National Seashore Superintendent Jerry
Eubanks, Escambia County Commissioner Grover Robinson and Earle

Get Well Feel Good Look Great
Integrating traditional health management with natural and alternative approaches

Dr. Tracey Pinkston
*New Patients Welcome *Women'sHealth
Medicare & Tricare Chronic llne"
IIIII I lii I i II lll II lllll
S 11 ,,I '"'lllllhlnl % 11 111.
*C .111 1..1 \|.|.inm i ill \.in.

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March 25, 2009

I n. .3 p In
VfM*WMJE~ 1'11 X

........ IsI d T...mes Is I,

Sr... '1 the water Royal Hands AppearAt Beach Poker Tables

S dt ate~ cRi playr rfr Kitln T Hold Ea 4444

byawg to a oyl uo monsacla Beach. all

SontA uut ~lhe m a Pan ot 8024667
narhl? etn closer Td ce to E.

nual Pom p alo tourn tp nt a i of bat~d for the titlv on Mr11 n r

ffi HappyHour 12Ct.7.

Dophi ri elMue

Calar ory ryolpr
B~ard ..... re "ls~ndon sailigames

March 25, 2009

Aclarion, a now famous rock band from Atlanta, will hit Flounder's
Beach March 26 28. Band leader Ryan Landry says powerful is
too pedestrian a word to describe their performance. Landry is
joined by Casey Prezioso, David Garcia and bassist Tab Brown.
Aclarion has been playing to sold out crowds in Atlanta, Panama
City Beach and as far north as Anchorage, Alaska. Catch them live
neathh the moon and stars.

After Sundown

Go crabbing on the Gulf of Mexico, at Crabs, We Got Em -
Alaskan Snow, Dungeness and King Crabs are all on the exten-
sive seafood menu Sip and sit at the live aquarium bar or at the
upstairs, outdoor Gulfside deck Oysters and Wings are thirty-
five cents from 4 to 6, Monday through Friday No reservations,
come as you are
At the traffic light -find the red roof and the twinkling lights
on Casino Beach and you're in Crab Heaven Open everyday
850-932-0700 www crabswegotem com

A little bit of paradise at this open air, island style bar with
its own private white sand beach Pull up a rattan stool Cold
beer Live Music Exotic Libations Friendly locals Lunch and
Dinner everyday Cuban sandwiches Black and Blue Burgers
Happy Hour 11-7 Live Bands Poker on Monday and Wednes-
Tucked away in the parking lot of the Paradise Inn, it's di-
rectly on Santa Rosa Sound Boat and Bicycle parking Open 7
days 850-916-5087

The Gulf Coast's Premier Entertainment Complex Seven
rooms of fun all under one roofl Karaoke, Texas Hold Em, Team
Trivia, Pool, Video games & more Live Entertainment 7 nights a
week Live music on 4 stages every Friday & Saturday night
Serving lunch and dinner New Gift Shopl Located in Historic
Downtown Pensacola at 130 East Government Street Open Mon-
day Saturday from 11 until 2 30 a m and 5 pm until 2 30 on
Sunday Ring 434-6211 or visit www roses com

Step back In time and enjoy Flounder's antique collection
Step into now and enjoy Flounder's top rated seafood Indoor
and outdoor dining Even a beach playground for the kids Beach
Bar neath the moon and stars Diesel Fuel in a commemora-
tive mason jar Bilgewater Margantas Gift shop Fred Flounder,
Located at the traffic light on Pensacola Beach Next to the
55 ft shrimp boat Open everyday 850-932-2003
wwwflounderschowderhouse com

Ahoy, Matey You've found a Pensacola Beach treasure
Pirates welcome Fresh Gulf seafood served in the galley or out-
side on the awning covered deck Glass front bar overlooks
LaFitte Cove All kinds of oysters Live lobster Gumbo Dinner
specials nightly Sizeable sandwiches and burgers for Landlub-
bers Take home a t-shirt
Look for the Jolly Rogers flying over the west end of the
Island at 1010 Fort Pickens Road We're here everyday at 11
932-4139 www peglegpetes com

Score' Don't miss a point See it all in high definition 11
big screens, 42 televisions If it runs, jumps, races, it's here
Famous for Thursday Wing Night Burgers Seafood and Ribs
Kids menu for the JV players Full bar Indoor or outdoor seat-
ing Video sports games
Centrally located on Via de Luna, just east of the main park-
ing lot and the traffic light Kick off at 11 a m seven days a week

Even a bragging Irishman can't do justice to McGuire's
where the atmosphere is an authentic turn-of-the-century pub
McGuire's has been named one of Amenca's great steakhouses,
and is world famous for its culinary artistry Dollar bills on the
walls, a moose to kiss and employees who give a damni Try an
Irish Wake or Senate Bean Soup
Open at 11 am everyday Easy drive to 600 East Gregory
Street in Pensacola 850-433-6789 www mcguiresirlshpub com

The World Famous Sandshaker"- a Pensacola Beach Tra-
dition since 1973 It's the Home of the Original Bushwacker and
has been selling this signature drink for over 30 years The Shaker
was the 1st bar on the Beach to offer this tasty frozen concoction
Live Music Wed, Thurs, Fn, Sat & Sun Karaoke Tuesday Iguana
Grill open Wednesday-Sunday
Across from the Boardwalk on Pensacola Beach Open
10amuntil3am 850-932-2211 www sandshaker comforphoto
gallery and event schedule

Open at 7 30 a m six days a week Closed on Tuesday
Owned and operated by friendly natives serving locally produced
seafood and delicacies The Fish Tacos are an experience to
enjoy The owners say their goal is to preserve the unique fla-
vors of the Gulf Coast Go fresh Go native Specialty desserts
top off expertly prepared meals Seating is informal Art gallery
setting with local artists displaying whimsical works
45 Via de Luna Downtown Pensacola Beach 934-4848


Island Times

March 25, 2009 Island Times PAGE 19


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%r I '~ -v 'Ilo


Fritz and Friends Fish Fry Uo

Pensacola Beach Elk's Lodge QG

Saturday, April 4 10 til 2





16 Ih.,wu" ,


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Copyrighted Material
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March 25, 2009

Island Times

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Oum4nef t"ro u'inte rp

Fresh Gulf seafood charbroiled over flaming
hardwood fires

We sell so many, you know they're fresh!

'Floundering at its best"
Fodor's Florida

"Best seafood on
Pensacola Beach"
Fromers Guide to Florida
SGuide At the train

Gulf shrimp served scampi style, barbecued,
beer batter fried, or steamed in beer

Tic light on beautiful Pensacol

'Neath the moon & stars on our beach

'"est seafood on
Pensacola Beach"
USAir Magazine
"Great Vibes...and happy
Florida Trend Magazine
a Beach 932-2003 Since 197!

Fried Shrimp Great Steaks Upstairs Beach View Dining
Living Reef Aquarium Bar Outdoor Gulfside Deck

Best Sunday Brunch!
Crab Cakes Benedict,
Crab Omelets, Bottomless
Champagne & Bloody Marys,
Live Steel Band
(850) 932-0700
Open 7 days a week



Larges jectinf Crab e n the Beach

Alaskan Snow
King Crab
She Crab Soup
Maryland Crab Cakes

Look for the RED ROOF at the
traffic light on Pensacola Beach


Island Times

March 25, 2009


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