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Publication Date: February 25, 2009
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Escambia -- Pensacola Beach
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RIoy al


LC.A fl

The Kree of in a champagne fueled coronaion at Crab's on February 21 Commanding all subjects to cast away cares and
to R) Officers Dan and Jane cGrah, First Mate Paulette
Provost wth Deckhand Kodi Eubanks background), Captain TormTy Grice, Declihand Lac! e Tallo, Ships Officers Jim and Lila Cox, and Stowaway Allen Strurn At the strike of
mdniht on Fat For more on this store, see page 2



The Party's Over The Curtain Falls on Mardi Gras 2009

Mn Running Around Wreck,
Jeff Goudey, m only his second
year as the head honcho of the
Krewe ofrecks as done himself
proud Under Running Around's
tutelage, the Wrecks have just pol-
ished off a high energy season of
the BeachMardi Gras where make
believe never meets reality It's
been a wild ride for the Wrecks up
to and right through tiis year. the
running of the twenty-ninth sea-
As long as the Wrecks are on
their ship, the celebration which is
arguably the hands down best in
Northwest Floida, will be here for
beach revelers to live like it's sum-
mer in the middle of winter
Running Around's Board had
a busy season making decisions,
tying down details, and selecting
the royal court to guide the Wrecks
through 2009 Melanic 'Waite is the
Director of the Exchequer Other

dedicated Board members are Vern
Phillips, Phll Simoneaux, Sandy
Johnston and Carleen Wheeler
These are the current stalwarts of
the founding krewe who put plea-
sure, your pleasure, above work,
their work
The Wrecks presented their
usual eclectic court this year Some
were longtime members, some new
to the Beach Queen Paulette Pro-
vost and King Tommy Grice are
steeped in Island Mardi Gras tradi-
tion Queen Paulette, who adds a
third queen's crown to her royal
head, will bring laughter and crazy
partying to the Beach's regal
scene She is a native of Louisi-
ana, who was bitten at birth by
mudbugs and raised on moonples
She knows the whole protocol by
heartland heritage Love that Mardi
Gras, dahln'
King Tommy will make every
day a festival Without even trv-

mg IIe may show up wearing his
Miardi Gras pants and a pink feather
boa or he may show his devotion
by wearing his Who Dat regalia
Whatever lie wears, lie will always
be Ibmmy, full of fun, jokes and
ribald laughter
Tommy is a business owner
and Paulette is a speech patholo-
gist, but don't hold these careers
against them
Stip's Officers are Jim and Lila
Cox, who have picked up the gaunt-
etto give Beach people a voice in
politics They are working hard to
make the Beach a better play-
ground for everyone Jim was the
CEO of a T G I Friday's franchise
group And, Lila, who holds a PhD,
was a consultant Don't hold these
mighty achievements against them
either They know partying comes
first on the Beach
Jane and Dan McGrath will
help steer the Wrecks ship These

S. .., (, '... '...'.. : Rolls Fast Forward Into Future Events

Mem bers of the Pensacola
Beach Chamber of Commerce
Board voted at their February
17 meeting to make attendance
at the Core Area Redevelop-
ment Workshop on March 18
"The final decision on this is-
sue will definitely affectall the busi-
nesses," JeffElbert, president said
"We must get our itoughts out im
this public meeting "
Members went on to discuss
upcoming events which they will
support or sponsor on the Beach
during spring and summer
A motion to spend $500 on
advertising for the Go Irish on
the Island St Patrick's Day week-
end was approved

Nan Harper, events chair-
man, said she is finalizing dates
on the 2009 calendar The calen-
dar will be available to members,
media and others involved in
Beach promotions
Doug McAllister, Fun Coast
Promotions, announced that the
Fourth of July Kaboom celebra-
tion will include a weekend of
special events for families
Friday. July 3 w il be a Kids
Day at the Gulfside Pavilion on
Casino Beach with a free move
at sunset Saturday's July 4 ac-
tivity will begin at noonwith live
music both Gulfside and
Soundside The Kaboom Fire-
works Extravaganza will be at 9
p n over Santa Rosa Sound The

Pubi shed every other Wednesday
Post Office Box 844 Gulf Breeze, FL 32562
islandtimnes(iabellsouth.net www.MylslandTimnes.comn

three day event will end Sunday
with a live concert at the Pavil-
ion The Beach Chamber co-spon-
sors this celebration with Fun
Coast Promotions
Beverly Boswell gave the
Treasurer's Report noting that
the increase m membership along
with the successful Blue Angel
sponsorship program has been
beneficial to the Chamber's bud-
blbert asked that Sandy
Johnston, executive director,
prepare a document of commen-
dation for Chrissy Cook, Mem-
bership chairman
"It is through her hard work
that our membership rolls have
grown," Elbert said
Robert Gleim, president of
the Gulf Breeze Chamber, noted
that membership is down in other
area Chambers
The next Board meeting will
be at 5 p m on March 24 at the
Santa Rosa island Authority
Boardroom The full membership
meeting will be at 8 30 a m atthe
Com fort Inn on March 31 Busi-
ness After Hours will be the same
day at 5 30 p m at Paradise Bar
and Grill

Ship's Officers arrived on the Is-
land ten years ago after Dan re-
tired from Dow Chemical They
sneak away to Michigan for the
summer months, but would not
miss a Mardi Gras party
The Wrecks know the mean-
ing of grand, so they chose the
grandest duo to lead the proces-
sion Beloved Beach couple Molly
and McGuire Martin served as the
Grand Marshalls
Som etm nes the Wrecks' fun is
irresistible to members of the me-
dia This year the Pensacola News
Journal's Kimberly Blair was
caught stowing away on the Krewe
of Wrecks ship Joining her was

Allen Strum, cluefm meteorologist at
Channel 3 Alien was in charge of
weather for parade day
Wreck's deckhands who
worked to keep champagne
glasses filled and beads un-
tangled were Lacie Tallo and Kodi
Eubanks There are still making
their mark in the world and add-
ing their youthful enthusiasm to
the royal court
Sadly the party is over It was
the best celebration ever in North-
west Florida As some folks around
here might say, "They got 'er
done "
You bet they did And then

What Do You Want

In The Core Area?

Bring Your Ideas to First Public Workshop
What wouldyouliketo see in through the Input
the Core Area on Pensacola The point of holding this
Beach? Do you want it to remain workshop and others to follow
as is, moderately changed, or dra- is so the SRIA Board can give a
matically changed? Or do you have plan to the Board of County Com -
other ideas all your own? Youwill missioners so they can decide
have a chance to state your opm- whether the project ustifies rais-
ions, suggestions, and recommen- ing the tol to $2 on the Bob Sikes
nations at an extremely important Bridge
meeting concerning the Core Area "he County is still
Redevelopment at the Pensacola to consider raising the
Beach Community Church on Waite said "It all depends onthe
March 18 from 6 to 9 p m plan winchtlhe SRIA will submit "
The meeting will be facili- The Pensacola BeachAdvo-
tated by Baskerville Donovan cates are preparing a survey so
Engineers with Jim Waite as the their members can respond to the
moderator issues and they will share the re-
"After the welcome and mtro- suts withthhe SRIA Board
ductois remarks, those who wish "Getting input from the pub-
to speak may do so They must lic is most important in helping
sign in andwill be allowed fivemm- make the visionng process It is
utes to speak," Waite said critical that Beach residents at-
If you prefer not to speak, tend and take an active role in
but want to offer your input, this first public workshop," said
forms will be provided for you Jim Cox, PBA president
All input is welcome and will be The input process could
considered m the decision mak- span over a six month period of
ing process time according to SRIA Executive
Baskerville Donovan will coln- Director Buck Lee
pile the information and create a "We plan to have perhaps two
report that will be given to the ormorepublicmeetingionthiscom-
Santa Rosa island Authority board plex issue before we send a plant
The report will identify the County," said Lee
trends in the statistics or note For additional information,
common threads running contactthe SIA at 932-2257


Island Times


Febmuar 25,Z 9 slad Times PAGE3

Barefoot on the Beach ..E....- V... 4"' .11 . hA

Fresh Gulf Seafood
Live Maine Lobster
Kids Playground

weThursday Baed Oysters

Hiss F Pn Rod I
(1oiro1 enanad ""a

on Hi Def
42 TVs 11 Big Screens
Pay Per iM
Event. "

39t WINGS .
on Thursday
w . ...


T ri 9 .

e LuRonWllson

Look Who's Playin' in Paradise

ISh n Carl.o&Th 44-wdh off Gllklana 6
*L WIdwood. V

MCH Smd-~~h.

Fr pa WId od.ue
L hoE ShanCrlo&t.44.6
SooE Jonylnaosand: 6
To, ER Y Jayme:: BndE d Ch of
the Day

P-.' W.1,h But... .
Rog,. Ma,, by
FREE ERIE n wE'''.''"'''.

+ po"ofsfoR:"r." sboon'""'"'

prdsbro gH cm 21V.~I~F~f~.7Cf. d L..

srlardTimas February 25, 2009

PRINCESS POLITICS gpi h,, th, hon p-', ffi i ffi, 26 .1 .... -R,~o
Ca~t. fffiK,,-fU, h d,,p
-,,h,-dLoonlr t TLAPFD OVFPEOI~


NAIurA nAwr2



-j All You Can Eat
Alaskan Snow Crab
Thursday a Friday
4 p.m.til close

we gotten
850-932-0700 Look f the RED ROOF at tu
cmrbsw-mltem.com trffi Iht on Pr 1acola RBe

Professiona(s Sefifin tbe FIoriba LifesQyfe
m- qWm


February 25, 2009

peas, porribge &

Sa r martini byKathiLewis

Gumbo Chefs

Spice Up Rotary
Charity Event

I can live with the insanity
during Mard Gras, it's the insanity
afterwardthatdrivesme crazy I've
literally battled my way through the
season and just when you think
there might be time to relax and
catch up on some rest, there's even
more to do Not even the tiniest
space has been able to escape the
onslaught of Mardi Gras debris
Yes, the fairy tale has ended and
the Cleaning Fairy is not coming I
just wander around m the haze of
magic dust constantly thinking,
"Oh yeah, that needs to be
cleaned I keep hoping a lepre-
chaun will drop by and offer that
"grant a wish" thmgle I'dbehappy
with just one
One of the many highlights of
Mardi Gras this year was my Sis-
ter, mentor and finned friend,
Paulette Provost who wore 5 inch
heels to the Krewe of Wrecks Ball
for the entire night She even
danced in those heels She had
tested those shoes during previ-
ous weeks, but after an hour it felt
like she'd broken an ankle She
brought them to the Nereids Krewe
Den just for show, but when she
put them on something magical
happened and they could not be
Paulette andl were costuming
as the Ladies inRed Okay so that
idea deteriorated quickly when we
donned the red wigs and red heels
and we became the "red headed
generously friendly ladies" (that's
all I can describe in a family news-
paper) Later in the evening when
she wondered why was she able
to now wear the heels, I explained
that, of course, she had not been a
"red headed generously friendly
lady" during the testing phase It's
all in the attitude and my friend has
plenty of it For those of you won-
derng, we were also magically able
to remain upright the entire night
But attitude is only one of the
many, many reasons that she's be-
come a favorite treasured andval-
ued friend Agenerous spirit, love
of fun and the happiness and
beauty that begins from within

makes spending time with her so
refreshing to the soul Happy Birth-
day, my Paulette, I'm grateful to
share it with you
Another of my treasured fa-
vorites wears many hats Shelley
Waters Johnson has been my
friend and Sister for more than a
quarter century Her wonderful
generous spirit and extraordinary
sense of humorhave beenwithme
through the worst and best of
times She and her mother, Jane
Waters Cooper (who she willingly
shares as mother to all SOBs) saw
something inme I didn't know was
there It's because of their faith in
me that I am allowed to contribute
to my favorite newspaper
Shelley and friends costumed
as the Popeye comic strip withLila
Cox as Extra Virgin Olive Oyl, Jim
CoxwasPopeye Richard Johnson
as Bluto, and Shelley was our plain
ol' Olive Oyl They were hilarously
entertaining Happy Birthday to
you, too, my Shelley
I have to mention the always
politically correct Morre Drees,

who won First Place at the KOW
Costume Contest He was the
"Economic Ball Out"
This week's recipe comes to
us from Patrice Fnant (another trea-
sure) and was a favorite when
served atKrewe Den Let'scook
Pina Colada Cake
Box pineapple (or yellow) cake mix
15 oz Can crushed pineapple, drained
1/3 Cup Mayonnaise
Box Coconut pudding mix
1 Pint heavy whipping cream

Substitute the drained pineapple
for the 1 Cup water and use 1/3
Cup mayonnaise when directions
call for 1/3 Cup oil, follow rest of
the instructions on cake mix
Spray pans with cooking spray
and line bottom of each with
drained pineapple Bake on rack
below middle adding 5 8 min-
utes cooking time Let cake cool
For frosting mix 1 small box co-
conut pudding with 1 pint heavy
whipping cream Whip until firm
Enjoy Here's an Irish toast to
all, "May the best of your past be
the worst of your future" (well, it
sure sounds Irish doesn't it?)
See ya m the kitchen

tL iMaria's Fresb Seafoob Market
1" Take a little bit of the Gulf Coast home!
Fresh from the boats daily
We can coldpackfor travel or ship anywhere.
621 Ce tes Street UCH
Pensacola 432-4999 MoN SAT SAM- 7
Call for directions from the Beach SDAy 8 A 6

Test your taste buds and raise
money for scholarships at the
same time at the fourth annual Gulf
Breeze Rotary Gumbo Cook-Off
from 10 am to 4 pm Saturday,
February 28 atthe Gulf Breeze Rec-
reation Center tennis courts Both
amateur chefs andrestaurant teams
will vie for prizes at the event, and
the $10 ticket sales will help raise
funds for four $5,000 scholarships
given each year by the club
The $10 ticket donation af-
fords you all-you-can-eat gumbo
and an opportunity to determine
the crowd favorite gumbo Beer
and sodas will be available for pur-
chase to help wash down the spicy
fare To encourage families to at-
tend, children under the age of 8
will be allowed to attend for free
when accompanied by paying
There is still time for teams to
sign up to compete in the event
Each team's donation of$400 pro-
vides them a booth and 40 tickets
to share with friends, customers
and fellow foodies Call 292-7432
to sign up your team, purchase tick-
ets or for additional information

To maximize the flavor of any wine, take
yourtime while sipping Ittakestimesfor
the flavor molecules in wine to penetrate
the taste buds Hold the wine in your
mouth for up to four seconds before swal-
lowing And because the sense of smell
plays a big role in our perception of taste,
be sure to take quick sniffs of the wine
while drinking To this end, use large
glasses with generously sized bowls that
allow room for swirling the wine vigor-
ously to unleash its aroma In the case of
young, tannic reds like Cabernet
Sauvignon, try maximizing their expo-
sure to air by pouring them into a de-
canter This will help make them taste more
HINT Because oursensitivity totaste is
based on our DNA, some people expen-
ence flavors more intensely than others

After reading today's column you, too,
can be a wine tasting expert Afull selec-
tion of red wines as well as many fine
white wines is available here at Beach
Wines & Liquors, Inc Of course, we're
here to help you choose the wine that wllI
best complement your menu Call us at
850-932-8850, we love to talk about


Karaoke with John Hundlev
Tuesday & Thursday 7 to 11
Live Music
Wednesday Tim Spencer 7 to 11

Check our calendar at www.DalesBigDeck.com
715 Pensacola Beach Blvd at the Sabine Manna
Next to the Yacht Club South of the Elk's Lodge
850-934-3141 Open Everyday at 9 am

Pswihu r (wrh, A.

Our /3(* -



Island Times


Febmu 20 Islad Tmes PAGE7
Waterslide Gets Green Light For 2009 Season K eyn tjPS
meSantaRo s island Author Developmnt plan ould shop to discuss developm ent

tlon ofapoabletIdhe Th lanlstmvolvelandscpnand morepublc workshopsmaybe KAYAKS BOATS -WAVE RUNNERS
- esmous ot e neat te Fe haldsapmg held oer a i i monttlm e e
Nuyty 11 e1bo ar m o sc I mo1wlopmu l to a1 lrly o "TheCom ilona iwant a Pensacola each 81O9325112O Cal for
lowthe ta lde to be placed on ............................ c rons~sus forom keholda ." ,atthe Boardwalk w WKyS a ng or Sore Hour


Burgers Shakes Fries
thebaif nolaiho e ole e old"T twe1Cold Beer
lasadrenroomfarcfl~t*sllbf mlthfaluafpassat$f0 TN4 In hEr report. Sandy

ontharodmtolaI Volunteers Needed For Historic Fort o L

oa or 18 Holes of Fantasy Golf
oereaD eas Awe os ecade

inlok V., es se wee, e U2
ntuha m yansou l pelf Gobcoant bsa Te pialpPa

pohC trhe *Rsa sorearolyolvas f orde~taluls i n 12 me et0,0

Itmkesyouotanyl ij

a ed io t n e po an k o m

6Carpet 8 UpholstenCle66 er

i how when ased, most4
mos. 434-6277
r 932-7670
So o out t o934-1913
,vyoh^lrouet foxoo -o Mona

like a

) ,
i's "s

.-I I Ifs

P-1, Y" andn oo

85E 432 4777

February 25. 2009 Island Times

o--ssI i n t h_ ': "I": .........S.......
S B Di. Chuck Randle
Pensacola Beach Community Church
.... .

For many in the Christian
tradition, the season of Lent is a
depressing time. It is a time when
it is thought denying ourselves
is a noble practice. So, we take
some of our prized habits and set
them aside over these next forty
days. What we don't set aside
is the complaining of how diffi-
cult it is to deny ourselves of
some of those joys that fill our
usual days. Perhaps one of the
things we could "give up" dur-
ing this season is that of com-
plaining about the difficulty we
endure, which may be translated,
"What a wonderful person I am
for denying myself these plea-
True sacrifice might mean
"taking on" an activity out of our
comfort zone. If we decide to give
up one meal a day, or a week, why
couldn't we use that opportunity
to donate the time we would nor-
mally spend in eating, and the
cost of that meal, to one of the
"soup kitchens" of our area I
imagine that kind of activity
would be more of a sacrifice and
would be of greater value. Or,
how would it be to simply go and

visit a stranger in a nursing
home? That would certainly fit
the denying ourselves, or sacri-
ficing, during this season, and if
we did it in the right spirit, it
would add a great deal of joy and
satisfaction to our lives. It would
certainly add a lot to the lives of
others. Perhaps having these
kinds of thoughts is what hap-
pens when we have a few years
behind us, but I think it is such a
mistake to take something that
contains so much potential and
trivialize it.
In its most profound mean-
ing, Lent is not a punishment or
a diet plan; it is an act of love, an
act of total giving, and should
not be looked at as something
that is sad, or a bother, or some-
thing that causes us to feel guilt,
but rather, as something that may
be difficult but joyous. And no
matter how we choose to observe
this season, the purpose is to
reflect and grow in our faith so
that by the time we come to Eas-
ter, we will have experienced part
of the meaning of sacrifice. With
these thoughts in mind, I can
truly say, "Have a Happy Lent!"

Young Beach Writers
Compete In Black
History Month Contest
Pensacola Beach Elementary
School students were honored at
a Student Awards Reception
February 27 in Pensacola for their
participation in the Gulf Coast
Sixth Annual Black History Arts
Festival writing competition.
Escambia County students
were encouraged to write a "trib-
ute" or essay about African
Americans as part of the Black
History Month celebration. The
Beach School students re-
searched and prepared entries
which were judged among other
Escambia County Elementary
School students.
Fifth grader Lia Lampone
was awarded first place for her
Beach School students who
participated in the tribute writing
competition are: Blair Amberson,
Jace Amberson, Kedron Burt,
Benton Byrd, Morgan Churchill,
Gabby Diehl, Rich Earle, Mary
Elliott, Sophie Faircloth, Kylie
Finkbone, Kristen Goodroe,
Abigail Jacobs, Reddon
McLaurine, Lexi McNamara, Ian
O'Brien, Annalise Rotunda, Jo-
seph Urquhart, Zosia Usrok and
Hannah Watson.

Pensacola Beach Elementary School fifth graders who entered the
Black History Arts Festival Essay Competition are (front row) Lexi
McNamara. Middle row (L to R): Hannah Watson and first place winner
Lia Lampone. Top row (L to R): lan O'Brien and Jace Amberson.

Jennifer Byrom, P.A.
-i- Attorney At Law
I' 11 ills. Eiua' iieid Prohule maritall mid Fanmilr Law
( hld ( utiwdi .Iiv'enile Lawn
(rCivil Litigatiiimo Giuirdiiiiliip Law.
Toll Free: X77-889-8822
916-9000 5177 Elmira Street
f .. MIilton
%vwi.B romLa w.com Facing the Couilhouwe
t ,, . ,, , , ,,, ,, ,, ,, , , ,,, , -. ,

Shipping & Packaging Services
Fax & Copy Services
Printing & Document Finishing Services
Notary Services
Mailbox Services
Packaging & Moving Supplies
Office Supplies

Bruno's Shopping Center
362 Gulf Breeze Parkway
Gulf Breeze, FL 32561
850.932.8533 Tel 850.932.1588 Fax


3009 East Cervantes 433-2822

Ash Wednesday Services Pensacola Beach Community Church
Wednesday, February 25 6:30 p.m.

.J Layul luyI I. '. Lani i1e reen, ivlfl,
ulf Breeze, FL State-Cert. Gen. REA#RZ
0-934-1797 Real Estate Broker #BK176

G. Daniel Green

Commercial & Residential Appraisal, Consulting & Sales



PS Store'

February 25, 2009

Island Times

3 B b id D


After Sundown
CRSQwGoTE. F.om sC..HoR Mec mi I

Z ad ma ,o th n h ao v ,th oo, o

Febmu 25 209 IslandTimes PAGE11

.ETpop -- I-9,Dazzling Gala B T E5... A..D 5c..1. T .

P 5yusl~uaI g,,,,r blhaadoarr~d

Beach Businesses Roll Out
The Green Welcome Mat
Go Irish o- the Island March 13-17

850-206-3156 .
Joe Stukey


RECYCLE ,. cel 850 488' 5

Lr I
P"1. aCQDIoil 10"ioa omuprwr o

PAGE 12 Is land Times February 25, 2009

' f

* *


7hAuvm I

% 10

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S qp o-

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" tt ^r"' "- =.^*I^r I 6 =
- Copyrighted Material




Avi able


" "om- o
yft . -A'

icated 'Co


^ lop

A A ~'& I

414 1

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i w ^ q?~^ ^^.^
v- L UI ^- Af
__ rt W
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N am,


i lap
; wo ro
1w d
to 61"

) ^1 ~-1**

' ~J.

~e be mm
0 d

W ov Fv N&&4
ovvpan A F vo -IN


SOO* bewe

Leprechaun Hunt Saturday, March 14

Tiki Island Golf and Games 10:30 a.m.

Jste One ofthe
Pensacol a eac/Y eets
Chai.ber ofCohe
Go rish t .erces
e otheI slaad
arch 13 -17



V *





A 40am

_ _ __


February 25, 2009

Island Times


r -


Fqw A





i (~ r





February25, 2009 Island Times PAGE13
Award Winning Optimists ts By Can Segaro-
Reveal Annual Schedule i..- , I


o0 Irilh on the Iland
March 13-17
Pensacola Beach Chamber of Commerce
Complete Schedule on MylslandTimes.com

)ptlrnstsspnngevlnts, e Onea &emxati /jrieily w ives, "
what kndoffun you
store lyouhave nst Breakfast .
dy Lunch & Dinner .,,,
eat eening to look tf L n h D nor-,er
c More details will be OCGeOin-umaniE"uariA-s Tacos
lecloserto thedateofthe o Gr G Co Tr. FI.G ao Na s. are ehbest
SOpen a 7:30 am
ser .. ......... .... 45 A V ia de L un a 934-4848 wen.Mo



Teena Cobb
STop Producer 2008

CD P a 50-9343233
i Pensacola Beach

PAGE14 IslandTimes Fe1.ua 2.20
Beach Poker Players Love The Challenge
Lucky Elvis Draws Four Fours
P o l t Paddy tourney at Paddy

on DSavings Time
eris bandblutrway Llla~edhS day, Malrach 8

lWeekly n a hedule Bu

Ol Ktair'ss Rt>

Ps lB h Pensaaooa BBach
ay oar a th Athentic Irish Pb
Live M C Monday andhake o
Paaarof paF/o Wed, hnp Satg Su n irm naoo

m e s s, ToSa.Sue
iesaoy ~ Hanppy Hour 12 t0 7 P. d o*

maMT1s aold rTe4d I4 4444 [eFn RF tA , 1
for the m add eaiyslnsh bco Pker Hotlinte eZ4 -26

February 25, 2009 Island Times PAGE 15

I T Il22RD'S mi;ue Al Sea Scouts Create Camp Areas For Paddlers

I by E.Kl Hen.in

I am so glad that the Mardi
Gras season is over Well, actually
in my heart Mardi Gras never re-
ally ends and I never miss an op-
portunity to decorate with my well-
loved beads, some from New Or-
leans and some from the Beach, but
that's an entirely different column
So this brings me back to my origi-
nal statement I am so glad that the
Mardi Gras season is over
I cannot begin to share with
you the sadness I felt in my heart
every time I would have to see the
display of Mardi Gras parapherna-
ha at my local Walmart Beads
were priced at $8 95 a strand and
nobody was buying Kids were ri-
fling through the overpriced plas-
tic on a string and even though each
pair hung by a one-hole punched
piece of cardboard, soon the en-
tire display was nothing but a gi-
ant tangle There were all sorts of
paper products, banners, hats and
serving dishes as well, just laying
there like the trampled cigarette
butt in a parking lot that no one
would ever actually think to pick
up Give a tertiary look, maybe
Actually touch, never I think the
display went up right after Christ-
mas, but before Valentine's Day
and was strategically positioned
next to the Super Bowl items pos-
sibly to attract those who like to
party And yettoo soon itwas over-
taken by St Patrick's Day hats,
buttons and oversized sunglasses
that said "Kiss Me, I'm Irish I
guess the merchandisers thought
the greens all matched So little
respect for the meaning of the
Mardi Gras colors
One day, however, while
waiting to pick up some photos, I
foundmyself, once again, attracted
to the Mardi Gras display The end

aisle of green, purple and gold
tchotchkes were calling out to me
as if I were a lost sailor and they
were my lighthouse beacon of fa-
miliarity A nice gentleman was
looking at the display as well
Turns out he was in the Navy and
an Orleanian as well We both
agreed that who would have
thought a Mardi Gras display could
be found in Lexington Park, Mary-
land Where? Yeah, our point ex-
actly Once again, no one was buy-
To add insult to injury, I
spent last weekend attending not
one, but two "Mardi Gras" themed
parties When did Mardi Gras be-
come a theme? It takes a lot more
than a feathered paper plate on a
popsicle stick to impress this
former Orleanian I laughed when
the host served traditional Mardi
Gras foods It was a beautiful
spread of Cajun cooking, but true
Mardi Gras foods are fried
chicken, Dixie beer, potato chips,
Lucky Dogs -anything that can
easily be eaten or drunk while ei-
ther standing on a parade route or
riding on a float The fanciest meal
I ever ate on a parade route during
Mardi Gras season was with my
dad and it was tamales from a
stand Obviously my mother didn't
attend that night parade
So as you read this column,
some with ashes on your forehead,
some still with a belly full of pan-
cakes from a Shrove Tuesday pan-
cake supper, the time has come to
bid the 2009 Mardi Gras season a
fond farewell Because let's face
it, now is the time to plan costumes
and floats for 2010 And if I'm
lucky, getting all the Mardi Gras
decorations I want for 50% off
Until next time

Pensacola Beach resident Eric
Fritz is the Skipper of the Sea
Scout Ship #411 whose members
have constructed primitive camp-
site on Santa Rosa Island near Big
Sabine Point The project, which
wrapped up in early February, was
a service project for Escambia
County as a contribution to the
Florida Circumnavigational Salt-
water Trail and the Florida Na-
tional Scenic Trail
The construction consists of
trimmmg trees and bushes, clear-
mg lots large enough to accommo-
date three to four two-person tents,
stalling two benches and a per-
manent steel-rimmed fire pit No
existing trees or grass were cut or
uprooted The campsite is the first
of six sites that will be built ap
along Perdido River and other
coastal areas to support the Florida
Circumnavigational Saltwater
Paddling Trail
The Paddling Trail was estab-
lished m 2007 to provide approxi-
mately 1,600 miles ofpaddling op-
portunities for sea kayaking around
the perimeter of Florida The trail
includes every type of Florida
coastal habitat including barrier
island dune systems, salt marsh,
mangrovesandmore Itisdivided
into nine regions with a total of 26

As part of our Grand opening Celebration, we (
are offering LOW management rates to new
clients on Pensacola Beach. Call today as we
only are offering this rate for a limited time!




pointe v south
5 Via de Luna Ste. K Pensacola Beach, FL

Lie on Peniisacola Beach. Gulf Front.
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SA Sign of the Times?
SHouri Perhaps...
S813 read all about it in the
S Island Times
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February 25, 2009

Island Times


segments and spans 20 national near the Florida-Georgia border,
parks, seashores, wildlife refuges ending his journey at Big Lagoon
and marine sanctuaries, as well as For more information aboutthe
37 aquatic preserves and 47 state campsite or the Florida
parks Circumnavigational Saltwater Trail,
InDecember, kayakerMatthew contact Robert Turpin at Escambia
Keene traveled the saltwater trail, CountyNeighborhoodandCommu-
beginning at Fort Clinch State Park nlty Services at 850-595-3474

Call today for our LOW, Introductory
Management Rates!


Fobrua/2S5 2009 Island Tims -A

Ireadin' the water Small Things MeanAlot Beach Volunteers

by Sawate R k Needed To Sample, Study Phytoplankton
Ar-- yo--t-rst--d A sG ntet ex- cegi p t for he a hghtt f Mro N
...... sope) to be p of o Montot.n.g Net
0o- g lh L ght tacle r the most fil -Vol-nt eersotmtto s work
,A ndt rr sitA at e.ast once ev Aounl EnterestAnA? Aen
...................... .... ...... h ....op h- ......... ..... f .. l ... .. yo a .-o y o .. lat least one omet -d ~-dtf Itandhg
catchesal _ound the systet e ters pounds yor offing, usually scope was back n high srhoo U w .,ll le mtg how to -dtl fy
the waters e-deeper md th e i I Please reserve your _pace n ad

Bg DP we hav ontfh, Iasd
If you ind 1, cae up on It slow
d pml lrh fo

...I.. ...... t. ...... ...f..
about h l, but, If wa not too
long ago we werre fisd out be

cause mTe M does

bIds wifch fe the hom- to -n-y
a R-r-h flmy -da Ifyou come

wate Fhsind

Beach Photographer And
Blogger Fishes For History

Aftr the Floida Trai Asso Hes a callto a, Beachh s
orafon Hrak on Pensacola Beach

430pm m the Lab Room Te
aP Lab located off Vla
Sab.- D.v
PMN provdes volunteers
fh lALL Ihe necessary equp

Core Area Development
Public Workshop

romufr arrr a mr a~ta
-lo 'hePN dm daa d. la
Anyone -an partlc-pate
Schools, parks. 4; Hlubs.
homeschoolrs. Master nafl

. .......

about the nfeor,, please v...t
vwt P, hyplan Mo trvm
=w chbr noaa gov/pmk

more mfoE a on Dust off yop
memoIen ofdldflore ffd shae

Emarl information to
h-I pI, -he r-d ts of the hatch
el p..tor hht

Florida Trail Association Hike
Dunes Trail Pensacola Beach
Friday, March 13 at 9 a.m.
No Charge
Lunh following the hike.
Details: 850-932-5469

,. is nccepting newv members.

f on Pensacoo Beach anin ANot wes F lor. .

It's easy to join. Call Scott Neal at 850377-0539 for info.

On the Gulfside of the Island

me rke led her to the FIsh
ow ext b no one seems to
know the entre story DJ wats o
Lnow the entrer stor She wants

Does your insurer
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IB"I"ut '" everywhereJ thatIMa
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; I

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r -------------------------------------------i-

extra extra -read all about IT
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$32 made payable NAME:
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February 25. 2009

Island Times

Oum4nef t"ro u'inte rp

Fresh Gulf seafood charbroiled over flaming
hardwood fires

We sell so many, you know they're fresh!

'Floundering at its best"
Fodor's Florida

"Best seafood on
Pensacola Beach"
Fromers Guide to Florida
SGuide At the train

Gulf shrimp served scampi style, barbecued,
beer batter fried, or steamed in beer

Tic light on beautiful Pensacol

'Neath the moon & stars on our beach

'"est seafood on
Pensacola Beach"
USAir Magazine
"Great Vibes...and happy
Florida Trend Magazine
a Beach 932-2003 Since 197!

Fried Shrimp Great Steaks Upstairs Beach View Dining
Living Reef Aquarium Bar Outdoor Gulfside Deck

Best Sunday Brunch!
Crab Cakes Benedict,
Crab Omelets, Bottomless
Champagne & Bloody Marys,
Live Steel Band
(850) 932-0700
Open 7 days a week



Larges jectinf Crab e n the Beach

Alaskan Snow
King Crab
She Crab Soup
Maryland Crab Cakes

Look for the RED ROOF at the
traffic light on Pensacola Beach


Island Times

February 25, 2009


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