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Title: Island times
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Publisher: Shelly Ink
Place of Publication: Gulf Breeze, Fla.
Publication Date: January 28, 2009
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Escambia -- Pensacola Beach
Coordinates: 30.333333 x -87.1375 ( Place of Publication )
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Are You Ready To Witness The Thrill and The Agony?

Football fans are not really
crazy They just appear to be a little
in left field with their face paint-
ings, ridiculous headpieces and
team jerseys During games they
never shut their mouths or stop
waving game day towels They
stay with the game until the last
seconds tick off the clock and a
Super Bowl Champion is crowned
Tre fans do not fold and drift
away iftheir favorite teams do not
make the playoffs. the NFC orAFC
championships, or the Super Bowl
They simply take possession of

Many high profile teams have
fallen this year so theArizona "We
Don't Get No Respect" Cardinals
and the Pittsburgh "We've Been
Here Before" Steelers willtangle on
February 1 in Tampa at Super Bow I
The stories that will be writ-
ten about these two teams would
fi t a big city library The electronic
media will ]ump on every little de-
tail swirling around this game The
Island Times will stickwith its past
history, and that of its predeces-
sor, The Islander, by offering pre-
The late Pete McCulley,
Beach resident and head coach of
the San Francisco Forty-Niners at
one time, was always the predic-
tor, so to honor his m emory his wife,
Nettle, gives her take on the up-
coming rival
"Yes, I say the Arizona Cardi-
nals will win," she says without
Next up, Jim Amberson who
has been predicting the Super
Bowl outcome for threefor years "I
must defer to my kitchen manager
at Sidelines, Jamle Vaughn He has
previously picked the winners and
given the correct score This year

he says it will be the Cardmals, 27,
and the Steelers,24 "
Venerable Andy Bessone has
a doll Yes, a Steelers doll which
sings "Are You Ready for Some
Football'" Andy is a bigger-than-
life Steelers fan and he heads the
crowd in Villa Sabine, a hot bed of
Steelers fans Bill Griffith, former
SRIABoard Chairman, says, "There
is only one sure prediction
Steelers by 10 "
Rev Chuck Randle, pastor of
the Beach Commuity Church, and
Island Times columnist cast his
vote for the Cardir
for the Cardinals '
were m Chicago, moved there from
Wisconsin and then moved to St
Louis I grew up about 25 miles
ifom St Louis and lived for 33 years
near Chicago, so it is only natural
that I should cheer for them
Thanks forasking Endofsermon
Nuts and Bolts columnist,
Candace Segar picked the Steelers
since they are her husband's sec-
ond favoriteteam Sheand herhus-
band, Ralph, lived m Pittsburg for
several years which may have had
some effect on their decision
Liz Hewson, The Lizzard's
Tongue said check her column
Rick Uzdevenes, Readin the
Water columnist, said, "The Steel
Curtain returns Besides that, my
parents were both bor in Penn-
sylvania ts Steelers all the way"
Glenn Windham tells it like it
is The founder of the Capt'n Fun
Runners says, "I don't care for
Pittsburgh Arizona will win by four
points "
Joe Ralph turner, Krewe of
recks King in 2007, has mixed
emotions He thinks Pittsburgh will
win, but he wishes Arizona would
because the quarterback, Kurt
Warner, is an outstanding human


Pub] shed evely other Wednesday
Post Office Box 844 Gulf Breeze, FL 32562
islandtimies(@abellsouth.net www.MylslandTines.com

Another former Krewe of
Wrecks King Jim Cunninham,
says the Cardinals will squeak by
in a really close game "They will
win by one point "
.im Cox. PBApresident says he
is a Saints fan, but will be cheering
for the Steelers "When I was inthe
restaurant business, my most prof-
itable store was in Pittsburgh I re-
member the town with fondness "
Jim's wife, Lila, also active in
the community, disagrees She
says the Cardmals will win and then
bemoans the fact that the Saints
fail to make the playoffs year after
dismal year
Tommy Gnce, the Beach's own
Court Jester, the nod to the
Cardinals "It ... be Arizona by
more than one point They have a
great quarterback and running
back "

Joanne Brooks says that as an
old tennis player, her money is on
the Cardinals "Someone with
fewer wins is hungrier and will play
all out with no fear "
Nasty John Thomas, a diehard
fan of the University ofNebraska's
Big Red, believes the Big Red Ari-
zona will w n by seven because of
their great quarterback
Bobby Draper, guru of NFL
football on Pensacola Beach says
he's for Arizona because, "We
Saints fans love to cheer for the
underdog "
Amy DePew, Queen of Coma,
leaves the pick up to the universe
She says, "Go Gators "
John "JP" Caballero, who is
Roy Jones. Jr's spokesperson,
chooses Arizona because "on any
given Sunday Kurt Warner can
throw for 300 vards He doesn't

think the Steelers can stop Anquan
Boldm andLarry Fitzgerald "They
are playing hot and want to wm it
will be Arizona, 31 to 27 "
And Roy Jones, Jr, world fa-
mous boxer and Grand Marshal of
the 2008 Pensacola Beach Christ-
mas parade, says the Steelers will
deliver a knockout punch He
noted their defense is the hardest
hitting nthe NL "Ifthey canstop

will be a close game, but I'm taking
Pitt They are a well rounded team
with a good quarterback, good run-
ning backs and receivers, and they
have the NFL defensive player of
the year "
It's crunch time Put on your
crazy hats, crankup the volume on
your vocal cords and wave those
towels Mav the best team win

Safety Offcials Rad For Huge Parade awd

The big day, February 22, for
the Krewe of Wrecks Mardi Gras
parade is fast approaclung and it
is the goal of the organizers aind
deputies to keep everyone safe
before, during and after the pro-
cession on Via de Luna
The members ofthe Associa-
tion of Krewes hosted a meeting
January 15 at the Santa Rosa Is-
land Authority boardroom where
the Escambia County Deputies,
the Gulf Breeze Police department,
Bob West, SRIA Safety Director,
Kim Due i1, SRIAevents coordina-
tor, Mason Kilgore, SRIA Mainte-
nance Director, and Matt
Mooneyham, SRIAEnvironmental
Services Director were available to
discuss parade safety
In addition to the safety offi-
clals, fifteen krewes were repre-
sented and were given instructions
which they must follow to ensure
the safety ofthe float riders as well
as the thousands of spectators
"We must keep the Casino
Beach parking lot traffic flow-
ing," Deputy Matt Baxter said
"Our number one post-parade
focus is to assist traffic leaving
the island "
Gary Montee, Licutenant-in-
Charge of the Beach sub station

announced that new SheriffDave
hands-on and he
SIsland on Parade
Floats will begin checking i
for the parade at 10 am on P eb-
ruary 22 and Via de Luna be-
comes congested rapidly after

the line-up begins
Deputies asked that float rid-
ers be courteous to the residents
on the Island They are asked to
take their debris to the large
dumpsters, and to observe rea-
sonable rules regarding noise as
well as litter

Beach Road Repair Continues

L ~ l7b C".. C2 .. .'.. Gras

The Krewe of Wrecks Mardi
Gras parade will once again roll
without any access on Highway
399 fromn Navarre Beach The road
which has been closed since Iur-
ricane Dennis in 2005 is now
scheduled to open March 3 Pa-
rade Day is Februai 22
"There is ve little chance tie
road would be complete before the
Beach Mardi G ras parade," Jeriy
Eubanks, Superintendent, Gulf Is-
lands National Seashore said
The contractor is hopeful that
the road will be opened sometime
between february 28 and March
Despite the time period of
more than three years to get the
repairs completed, Eubanks said

the road will not be as perfect as
he originally planned
"There will be a number of
places which are merely patched
That was the trade-off for getting
it done m a more timely fashion,"
he said
Long terms plans include road
resurfacing evei six years
Eubanks noted that the road
is situated so dunes can develop
on both sides of the road for pro-
"If we can survive a few more
years without stores and allow
nature to rebuild the dune system,
it will provide more protection for
the road." Eubanks said
An official opening ceremony
will be planned at a later date


Island Times

January 28.2009

J.aoua28,Zo00S IsladnTimes PAGOE
Barefoot on the Beach -..
olnypsdyvlanPrnbisxrtgrunf day on Ute Bearh should be

n t ablv~iea %ol To ho n%,

................ ooland wfand a.ra` n auga

Puaal~hl Jia~ltl hydn olI I '~"o hmsa irdd

Fresh Gulf Seafood sPunRowt Sports
*Live Maine Lobster SUN oY FEB on Hi Def
Kids Playground 42 TVs 11 Big Screens
ar. Pay PerA i .,
Event. j'q
.... 394 WINGS
".."" on Thursday


T r ivi a
SYre SaMonre Sps The Crowd
TnmaMaster Scores OestionFron


RradiseInn Paama Party Weeen
Book a room Friday, Jan. 30 for $59
(before the Nauga Breakfast & stay)
f St Half Price on Saturday, Jan. 31
PJs welcome at our Bar & Grill ~

steer Australia Day -Geof Achson
SFRI, JAN30 .610&SATJAN31*2pm
FEB22-Onthparadlroute Boo kNow

coy Inn &FuII Srvce Bar -Gnlu
Seafood Sandhes- Suocksee
i Renee's Famous Shrimp Slad CALENDARONLINE 21 Vide Luna
S GrlledCatchoftheDay paradisebar-grill comr 850165087

IslandTimes January28,2009

ICYANGLER Gras onPensacola B eachuihh NEWCAPTAIN





SRIA, County Join Together To Solidify Plans For Core Area Improvement

ty Purst Jmp mn rela vely sh
-d need to cLpN re _h em

the AUthm"- % ntm p~ a peove cu-l ....pt of hvo pub-t t.. dnoplan f
co r ..... al .. ...e fh heno "westle Sot

Cam- sEI .... veprntu a r ig rte pugg-vngd -L t All You Can Eat

Alaskan Snow Crab

-k p-oAA h I TAnABP d.T a fThursday a Friday

Pesaid B Optm t b .s.. probn BtbWeS.f Dr or oYa ire owrkprnin aniatn an
pde,,dted hhampn cienpuM Ba a t caus W sp tMee 4 Pmd II clos tie
fBBBBTBf w PBt youwat BBt pB do ,Bd bacground B........ ...... e nt n l

wore thato i
...... Scieenced~ ....ia ^o^ th FoE .

sg snd pubhl moP ofs rac GBHs a Acy ~a d a ann ofap^n
Favn.. .. .d vo upubha rf e fo rpn.lpbar F...a..

N we B Pa a B Ta T 850-r32-0700 -Lokf to. t. RED ROOF at te
It'S eaSy tB oiin. Call S Neal at 53770539 fr m w a ta t A B
It's easy to join. Call Scott Neal at 850-377-0539 for info. crabswogotomncom traffic light on Pensacola Beach

peas, porridge &

Sa ry martini byKathiLewis

Happy Mardi Gras dear read-
ers Y'all know it's my favorite sea-
son of the entire year There's
magic in the air and the whole Is-
land glows with the excitement and
magic dust I loved fairy tales as a
child and I believe this is as close
as I'll ever come to living m one
Playing dress-up in my sisters'
clothes (circa 1959) wasmy favor-
ite game Now, Ihave my very own
sparkly, shiny gowns with the
wondrous additions of tiaras,
rhinestones, costumes and, al-
ways, fairy dustl I love that stuff
and think the world would be a
better and happier place if every-
one used just a little bit every day
Imagine the peace talks be-
tween nations with everyone wear-
ing fairy dust It's nearly impos-
sible to get angry with someone
whose face looks shiny and happy
And war? How could you
have awar when everybody's shiny
and sparkly?
We have enough dullness,
and sadness and all that trial and
tribulation stuff that's part of ev-
eryday life I, for one, have had
enough of being told how much
money I do not havel I already
know that and I'm used to it, as I
have never really had much any-
way Somehow there always seems
to be enough and for that I'm eter-
nally grateful
But imagine Congress in ses-
sion with everyone wearing fairy
dust Lord, I'd probably be more
interested in politics or maybe the
Super Bowl (they need waayyy
more shine in those uniforms) I'm
just saying a little make-believe
and magic dust would enhance
everyone's disposition
Another magical part of Mardi
Gras is beadtnppim' Mobilel How
can you get through Mardi Gras
without it? God Bless our gener-
ous, wonderful Marilyn
LeNormand who is our host each
year for this unforgettable adven-
turel Not only does she provide
lodging for the entire (almost)
Krewe of Nereids, she's created
this incredible outside room Ithas
all the comforts, including refrig-

erator, beautiful hghtmg, heat and
gorgeous landscaping Of course,
lighting is not really necessary af-
ter we've been to Dynasty and
Toomey's After all, glowing like a
light bulb does not really represent
a problem, it's more of an achieve-
ment or an accomplished goal
Congratulations to the new
Nereid Royalty, King George
Henshall and Queen Elaine
Mitchell Such representation
makes me proud to be part of this
fun-loving, all-female Krewe
Did I mention being on the
cover of the Island Times? "My
cup runneth over
Meanwhile, those little furry
Nauga creatures are being spotted
all over the beach Get your paja-
mas or your costumes ready
(please, NEVER wear actual
naugahyde) and don't spare the
fairy dustl Nauga's are notorious
for using it excessively It may be
surprising to newcomers that
Naugas were once an endangered
species Judging by the growing
size of the breakfast crowd, I'd say
that's pretty much over Everybody
should participate in a Nauga

621 CervMtes Street
Pensacola 432-4999
Call for directions from the Beach


S-oaY 8AM--6

Karaoke with John Hundlev
Tuesday & Thursday 7 to 11
Live Music
Wednesday Tim Spencer 7 to 11

j Krewe Seeks

Island Man

,.qu r

Breakfast at least once I know, it's
that make-believe thing again, but
what funl No, I mean, really,
Naugas DO exist (as High Priest-
ess I swear to it), it's just that
sightings remain rare except for
this one day The important thimg
is to get your furry stuff on and
always remember the following
"Naugisms "
SYou can survive on Hairspray
* There's something wonderful in
a day of mischief & merriment
* You can exist on fairy dust, if
hairspray is inaccessible
* Shiny stuff makes everybody
* There's never enough confetti
* Every day is better if you dance
* Sharing is not an option, it's a
* Take time to smell the
* Life is a Naugarade

See you at the Nauga Break-
fast, January 31 at The Dock my
friends Please share the fairy dust
and enhance someone's life today
and every day

Hey, Mon Pensacola Beach's
Krewe of Junkanoo is going back
to their Bahamian roots They are
searching for a real native type guy
at their Island Man Contest, Satur-
day, January 31 The contest which
will begin at 4 pm at the
Sandshaker is open to any fellow
who thinks he deserves the title of
"Island Man "
According to Junkanoo mem-
ber Amy Depew, this person will
get an authentic Beach Mardi Gras
"The winner of the Island Man
Contest will be a celebrity aboard
the Junkanoo float in the Krewe of
Wrecks Mardi Gras parade He will
ride with us and experience the
magic ofMardi Gras," she said
This is the inaugural Island
Man Contest so there are no real
rules by which the entrants must
abide There is no fee to enter
"The Brewskis are having their
Beach Babe Contest about 2 p m
at the Shaker, so we will follow with
our Island Man Contest," said
For more information, email
amydl3@bellsouth net

andLiu or I

America's Most Popular Red Wine
You might thinkthatAmenca's most popu-
lar red wine has a clearly discernable
style but the fact is that Merlot ranges
from light to richly complex This grape
doeswell n cool climates and is planted
worldwide In France, Merlotfrom Bor-
deaux (Pomerol and St Emilion) can
achieve greatness when blended with
the Cabernet Franc grape In the
Languedoc region ofsouthwest France,
Merlot wines taste of rpe fruit and pro-
vide better value In this country, the
Merlots from the Napa Valley and
Sonoma County range from light and easy
to nch and tannic Washington State
Merlots are intensely fruity and acidic
Those from Australia are fruity, flavorful
and good values Argentina and Chilean
Merlots are bright, supple and greatval-
HINT After Shiraz, Merlot is the second
mostwidely planted grape in Australia
At Beach Wines and Liquors, Inc you
will find a full selection of wines, includ-
ing Merlot We feature wines from all
overtheworld aswellasthe US Count
on us for reds, whites and blushes, as
well as many specialty wines in all price
ranges We are at 5 Via de Luna across
fromthe Hilton 850-932-8850



S Maria's ires Seaf oob Market

SI Take a little bit of the Gulf Coast home!
S r 1 Fresh from the boats daily
We can cold packfor travel or ship anywhere.

PciswOla Lech, A

Our Bar _


Sunday. FrbIry 1 Sardlay, Febnay 1tth, 8:30pm
"Super Bowl ry" Shaker KreWe
Sunday, February 8th, 3:30-7:30pm ValentineI D Celebration
Lektdc MulletC w/1M1roJ1 rnl (Mki Jicki
731 Pns Bead Blrd. Pensacola Beach (Acru from the Boardwalk) l0.932.2211

Check our calendar atwww.DalesBigDeck.com
715 Pensacola Beach Blvd at the Sabine Marinna
Next to the Yacht Club South of the Elk's Lodge
850-934-3141 Open Everyday at 9 am



Island Times

January 28. 2009

J.-OOV2S 2009 1919000,-.. PAGE 7

Wear Your Jammies To Breakfast

Nereids Host A Real Masquerade Ball
-ThellystcKreweofNe res Ea u Ll

Ke ,yS ai li n

End o Season SIe
Pensacola Beach 850-932-5520 Call for

2 SURF /\

Burgers Shakes Fries
Cold Beer


B1 L A 0N

18 Holes of Fantasy Golf

Pool Tables
Hot Chocolate
& Cappuccmo

."".. ,~.~..~., '"""""'
"""""'""""""""'"""" I::::
,.,.,,,,,. ,.,,,.,.,, I::::
~b~a~ ::: ~--
- ~

B .~~..~.~~.~~.,.~~~ I::::

Woelho PI, 000000 D00D0
B.Ihda Gull Pr ar
P.-s Ho Band Rrlo
BOrifldO 00900 ~mnVROll k flooin

snack ar


The Shool Bell Rings


C Saper CUlpf Prty OCe aie c
pMEllarbi T HarywhoD woon iBES
SCpaas rBas neroyrs

Maabt lBNi ll 934-1913
BoooutI Scott Bro A i&nna s

J ... -"" q l 934-1913

Is- TJ..s - 28200E

Irlonnmer nnunlz.16a

Jaur 28 09IlndTmsPG

-t'ross in tneS a i'

It really doesn't matter if we ence a different
are Democrats, Republicans or In- dent at all levels
dependents, I think most of us economic, and so
would agree that we have wit- refreshingthatwo
nessed a historic event this past ably a little imprac
Tuesday when President Obama R
,, I..i ; .D ir. Reseri
d I~ ~ii I~ I ,II r. I I. I r.
can American to become our Com- Don't miss
manderinChief. Beach Woman'
The thing that is amazing to fundraiser, the far
some in various parts of our world Card Party. This
is that the transition from one presi- be at Our Lady of
dent to another is peaceful and Catholic Mission
generally civil, at least it is not a p.m. on Thursday,
military coup. The transition is one
that brings a sense of pride to most
Americans. The transfer of power
from one person to another often
brings a tear to the eye. The pro-
tocol surrounding the event is de-
signed to make it efficient, peace-
ful, and dramatic. The respect
given to the departing President is
a scenario that many of us find re-
I've never been involved in
politics, in fact, ifI were to rate my
political savvy on a scale of 1 to
10,I would have to take a minus 5,
however, I can't help but feel that
if the sentiments, respect, appre-
ciation, civility and hopefulness, as Hundreds of sur
expressed on Inauguration Day celebrate at the S
could be stretched throughout the honors local surft
presidential term, we would experi- a hug from longtir
an annual donatic

RV, n-C-1-kRd Jeni
Pern.,ia B~i.h Cummort -hanh Y5 *

atmosphere evi- nature ofa two-party political sys- i --
or our political, tem is to create opposition with the
cialtlives. How otheriparty,butstill Iitisanideal
ld be, but prob- thatsome ofushold asagoalto916-9000
tical because the never give up.

ie Your Tickets Now "'""'"

the Pensacola
s Club annual
mous Lunch and
year's event will
the Assumption
from 10a.m. to2
February 12.

Tickets are $20 per person and
must be purchased in advance. No
tickets will be sold at the door. Con-
tacts to purchase tickets are Nancy
Crane, 934-8990; Lynda Knell, 934-
9008; Dolores Gelfand, 916-4599;
and Carol Stark, 934-5836.

fers gathered at Bamboo Willie's January 12 to
Surfer's Memorial. The event, which is a fundraiser,
ers who have passed away. Craig Barrows, left, gets
ne beach gal JJ Waters. The Surfer's Memorial makes
in to Pensacola Beach Elementary School.

Weather ford
Four Scason Appardl
Men & Women's Casual & Outdoor Clothing
Hiking & Backpacking
Snow Ski Apparel
Rock Climbing Gear, Ropes & Shoes
Indoor Rock Climbing Wall

A patago


t Cervantes 433-2822

FiCI"~.~~ ~~

Shipping & Packaging Services
Fax & Cepy Services
Printing & Document Finishing Services
Notary Services
Mailbox Services
Packaging & Moving Supplies
Office Supplies

Bruno's Shopping Center
362 Gulf Breeze Parkway
Gulf Breeze, FL 32561
850.932.8533 Tel 850.932.1588 Fax

Gulf Breeze, FL State-Cert. Gen. REA#RZ8
850-934-1797 Real Estate Broker #BK1766

G. Daniel Green

Commercial & Residential Appraisal, Consulting & Sales


Bank of the South Island Branch
Full Service Banking Close to Home


* Internet Banking
*Bill Payment Service
*Waterfront Financing

* Flex Line Home Equity Loans
* Conventional Mortgages
*Personal Service

1 850-932-9336 LOBuaCLOSED FROM 1-3 PM EACH
www.bots-fl.com BANKUN HOURS.

T _

January 28,2009


Island Times

3 01 Ba brid e Dr

G Daniel Green M A

nifer Byrorn, P.A.
%lllrne% AI La%%
Pi~, *J.i.d -d 1.
c,,.i.o, i C.., ,iiii .

''Il nIi ir. k~* 'tom

F kn liI* nrl..sIv



'newrc' E.After



o L Wir neces Inmar
PetrarerBeesm m us

Friday f ., """
5 to 7 Wi e& Beer Sale

J--SIT28 2009 I.1T-iBme. PBAGE11

-EITN F- I Goes Irish On By J.- .1
The Island

c.-l rnn tiiltbmr
g~thrLlnn iag%~~~ uihlao ib mtidtloof irmabonyua~na
Yalirxpdapluaha~ alPmoaninlb~ap ilm~hopa~%~naiof iofwr~hav-Y.ihal


lo a e SplsehK g .. . . .
hn by p o la y Jo lah m Ie la i monf

Joe Stukey

LindaTa llorMurphy

reCl estate purchase
Call today-
cell 850-748-0865

Get Well Feel Good Look Great

Tracey Pinkston, M.D.

S934-S3S OH hIH E. H Gulf BrePT

Stressed? On Overwhelm? Economic PTSD?
s a necessto ce these days


-P Bu5 G AwAY


Lr2 I

RGE 12 IIsadTims j. 009

D "Copyrighted Material
Syndicated Content
Available from Commercial News Providers"

Enter Your Pet's Photo in the Nauga Dawga & Purrfect Kitty Contest
I.B gyo dog's or photo(4 6 resmaller),NaugaB alf ,Ja31 aThe Dock
I[hotosaccPtedthroughllam Jauay31 *[5enfeeba lefheXUmaeS oct *

January 28,2009

byEJ.H.i -A* '

nlt of .

itoi wfL
alng Sry ,Janua319am
Ms P

hon- Call916-2166fornfo

Island Times
Intuitive Medium
Presents Program
In Gulf Breeze


Aswes es stopoe rather strange explanation about
i [0 s.ll

u lky ~ilShppi Sit. Sip. Stay.

alrnte r DOy eb. 14
FeseGlaware Mard Gra Fb24
Beach Home Decor
Fleurde Lis
SBaby Birthday 34"i7eei P lH 27100 LOCALSWELCOME
GAm Cupboard &K chen TerPp,'Ne roSerm
np Mermads &Naut ical MF Gulf wfrom our tki Bar
famalarname, fendi face
frosi batons

native cafe
owned& operated byfnenaty niwes
Lunch & Dinner i.
o0lae..n. am lr anpxran Tacos
rmr Gr Couar.GE F am.GN Gv e. arethebest
Opat7 30am 24ViadeLuna Ca~w
45AVia de Luna*934-4848 wed -. Pe.colaBech e dE
Closed Tue 850-9324000 gUs

PAGE 14 Isl-d Times
Hold 'Em For Fun Fever Spreads

Tc~iHold~m 4444Furunll iusefornotordym ebutforlr lntyald~th

Locals Brave a
Cold Tempsach Run .. ..
At Beach Run .... ...... .........

Peosacola Beach, T
Authentic Irish Pub
LIv Mulsc
Mn, Wd, Fn, St, Sun
Teas Hold'Em

HappyHour 2to 7 p
49 Via de Luna
PaddyOLeaeslnshpub oom

Weekly IChedule

', P

Texa Hold lE 4444 [un
Poker hotline 324 6

JanuaW28. 20M
r-..J-'i' the water

s utwater Rick

il Association Hosts Hoofers on the IslandIa a ti
, p lit t o tt edo ho-n

PompoToyat Re( To

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January 28, 2009 Island Times PAGE 15



CLASSIFIED ADS are $5 for 20 words. Additional words are 10 cents each. Send ad with check made payable to Shelley Ink, P.O. Box 844, Gulf Breeze

, FL 32562.

Real Estate For Sale

Real Estate For Rent

For Sale King Crosrd

By Owner Multiple Listing Svc
Beach Houses and Condos
Visit www.BeachRealty.net

14 PAYMENTS LEFT. Call for de-
tails. 850-682-4284.

family land? Call Clayton Homes,
0% down, all credit OK. 850-682-

Largest selection of singlewides
in Florida Panhandle. Call
Clayton Homes at 850-682-3344

Owner Finance. 3 bed/2 bath, fin-
ished drywall, built on porches,
loaded for only $600 at month. Call
850-683-0856 for details.

New 3 bedroom, 2 bath for sale.
Only $450 a month. Call Clayton
Homes at 850-683-0758.

New financing program on all 3
or 4 bedrooms. Rates as low as
4.75%. Call Clayton Homes at 850-

3 Bedroom house. Furnished or
unfurnished. Monthly or Annual.
Completely remodeled. Quiet
neighborhood on Soundside. A
deal at $1000 per month. 850-450-

For Rent By Owner
By Owner Multiple Listing Svc
Beach Houses and Condos
Visit www.BeachRealty.net

Pensacola Beach Vacation Rent-
als. Call for the BEST RATES on
beachfront condos and beach
homes. BEST monthly rates, too!
Toll free 800-242-3224. Visit online
jmevacations .com

Open House Is your investment
property providing the return you
seek? Are you happy with the oc-
cupancy, revenue and service? Or,
do you want more? With South-
ern Resorts Vacation Rentals, you
can EXPECT MORE. Stop by our
open houses every Saturday 9-
11am through February and see
how we can work for you. 888-876-
2996 www.SouthernResorts.com

100% All New King Pillowtop
set in plastic with warranty.
$200. 850-471-0330

Brand Name Pillowtop Set.
Queen. New, in plastic, warranty,
$169. Delivery available. 850-

Did you resolve to LOSE
Start with proper sleep. Hungar-
ian Goose Down products.
Luxury European Bedding. Visit
us online at www.

A &

A Brand New Mattress Set. Full
size in plastic with warranty.
$119. Can Deliver. 850-471-


N. Gulf Coast Events Calendar
View & Submit Events Online
Visit www.BeachCalendar.com


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."Copyrighted Material

.Syndicated Content

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Available from Commercial News Providers"

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4 bedrooms and 3 baths. 350 feet
on East Bay. Swimming pool. Con-
crete Construction. $675,000 Call
Jeremy Johnson, Broker/Associ-
ate Island Realty, 850-377-3145.

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"Copyrighted Material
?Syndicated Content
Available from Commercial News Providers"

Gulf Breeze Proper 3 Bedroom/
2 bath house. 2 car garage. Large
fenced backyard. Unfurnished or
furnished available. Quiet neigh-
borhood in heart of Gulf Breeze
Proper. A deal at $900 per month.


Krewe of Kids Parade. FEB 14,
10 a.m. Tiki Island. Decorate
your wagon for the island Times
Mini Float competition.

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;Send a check for
$32 made payable
to Shelley Ink
Mail ton PO Rnv Rx44


.... Island Times


,in your

mailbox, every other




ii Gulf Breeze, Florida ADDRESS:
L-- L ,,,,- ---, ,.--. ,,-- v-,'-,',----------------------------

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January 28, 2009

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Island Times

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Oneo o tea 'e t f o ta r wnyFln rsnhNwJu asp s
eY I I I S*I I

Fresh Gulf seafood charbroiled over flaming
hardwood fires

Gulf shrimp served scampi style, barbecued,
beer batter fried, or steamed in beer

We sell so many, you know they're fresh! t leath the moon & stars on our beach

"Floundering at its best"
Fodor's Florida
"~Best seafood on
Pensacola Beach"
Fromers Guide to Florida
S M At the traffic

"Best seafood on
Pensacola Beach"
USAir Magazine
"Great Vibes...and happy
Florida Trend Magazine

c light on beautiful Pensacola Beach 932-2003

0 Ii Largesi
A Pensacola
Oh Y ~ Y Beach

Fried Shrimp Great Steaks Upstairs Beach View Dining
Living Reef Aquarium Bar Outdoor Gulfside Deck

Best Sunday Brunch! R I
Crab Cakes Benedict,
Crab Omelets, Bottomless
Champagne & Bloody Marys, w g
Live Steel Band

(850) 932-0700
Open 7 days a week


larMes SCletl of C1rab oN th Bleat

A Alaskan Snow
King Crab
| She Crab Soup
Maryland Crab Cakes

Look for the RED ROOF at the
traffic light on Pensacola Beach

Since 1979


Island Times

January 28,2009



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