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Title: [Message to Mr. Newton re the family of Isabel Rodriguez]
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Title: Message to Mr. Newton re the family of Isabel Rodriguez
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: B7-L8 Oliveros
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Language: English
Publication Date: 1963
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
59 Saint George Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Oliveros House (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 59 Saint George Street
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Mr. Newton;

Read carefully realizing that it is fully
documented but with advice from me to check
any document with photostat number given
if you pursue research.
I do this with everything. I learned years
ago that the translations at best were just
a "dim light" in the dark and one needs to
I have learned many of the proper names
throughout the years in this way.
You will be reading about Isabel Rodrigues,
her parents, grandparents, her husbands, her
You will be reading about her first husband's
family. You will see this compared with the
NAMES in the 1702 Ruined House list.
The comment will carry you from generation to
generation. Let me impress upon you that this
is a rt f whole. Which I am sure you
understand. While others take these NAMES and
try to find a key to answers on the house, while
still others try to dig and find foundations, I
will give you the families involved. What you lack in
one you may find in another.
All the while trying desperately to find some prominent
man in the area with a good basic in family, in home
and official connections. Let us remember that Doo Francisco
Menendes Marques lived down here in 1702 (or owned property
in the area) and that the Adj. Melendez was here, too.
(in the general area of the 750 fee_)Utom the Fort)


Summing up we ask ourselves these questions:
What are ea seeking?
Material, names and data which will
lead us to documents giving some concrete idea
what was on this spot. (No. 85, 1763) Something
to add to the overall picture as a "dig" begins.
Could this have been a house of Mrs. Gonzales?
It may have been a home provided by her
first husband, Bonifacio Gonzales. It may have been
inherited by her from her parents.
Did she have a big family?
She had at least five children by Pedro
Gonsales but she lost her two by Bonifacio Gonsales.
It inherited from her parents, would it have been a large house?
It should have been. It had to house 12 children
plus the parents. Four of her mother's, four of her father's
and four by her mother and father of which she was one.
Are we heading towards a complex like the Avero aroun?
It is too soon to tell until the full section
of Cuna is done and compared with St. George and the block in
estion. Sq. "B". However, I can clear one thing up now.
thFrancsg YXavr Montes de Oca occuRing No. 8 Sq. E* in
1763 was Juna Mones de Ocas brother. He married in 1753,
I can also tell you that in the next assignment covering No.
and 83 Sq. "P", there will be the beginning of inter-relationships
leading across the street.
Who was the Bartolome Montes de Oca found on the puente 1763 plan
No. 23 inside the fortifications..?
I take this to be the home of Juana's father, almost directly
in front of his son, Francisco. I say this altho the old man
died in 1752. A complete list of his children(unless the records
are missing) show no junior. There was just one other Montes
de Oca family in town who remained over the same period as Bartolome,
and both parents had no Bartolome, junior or otherwise. As far as
my records now show there was just the one Bartolome Montes de Oca.
It may be while looking in other sections I may come across a lead
and will speedily send it on but as of now I have just the one.

Digest 2...

yfat does this study cover?
Every available item on Mrs. Gonzales who was
Isabel Rodriguez. Every photostat where available. And
Coeagt to clear up the line as we proceed.

bhat is the best possible "prominent" lead in the study?
Unquestionably the family of her slt husband
Bonifacio Gonzales de Villagarcia. Here you have a blending
of the Arguelles and Florencia families, known from the
beginning to be official families. Military men holding
office in the government, on the Governor's staff.
The files of early correspondence are filled with mention
of the Adjutants, the Captain Dons, the Treasurer etc...
throughout the years. Even the Parish records tell when
one or the other of the family are officials in some cases.
So if Bonifacio or his parents or grandparents
had anything to do with this area you will have a prominent
note to work on.
The Rodriguez Arsian family was no small deal,
either. But in later years the titles of Ensign, the Ensign
Don, and later the Adjutant Don...came to them...There are
more than half hundred Rodriguez families. Some the very early
ones. This one originated in San Agustin pre 1648 with the
Bnsign Don Jacinto Rodriguez Who:married into the Arsian family.
In Isabel Rodriguez' direct line, except for this
Bonifacio who was a native, all the men connected with her,
her grandfather, her father and her 2nd husband were all newcomers.
Also her great grandfather. All three great grand, grand and
father were from Castile. Sometimes this was varied with the
use "of Seville"... Her second husband was of Galicia.
HOW does all this compare with the 1702 Wined House list?
First, you must remember that Isabel's mother was still
married to Augustin Rodrigues and having a child by him
this year, and next that Jose Antonio Rodriguez, who was to
be her next husband BEFORE the appraisals were made was either
living with his current wife or living widowed in his own habitation.
Then you must keep in mind that Juana Montes de Oca's grandparents
were alive and her mother, Josefa Rodrigues, had just been born
the year prior, 1701. On Bonifacio's side it would his parents
we have to look for as he was just 3 years old then. And we could
look for both sets of grandparents.


Digest 3..

In 1702:

Captain Antonio Arguelles was listed as No. 48,
Note: Just outside the 31 house area
surrounding the Fort...
Possibly up by the Plasa.
Corp. Francisco Aguilar was No. 132 on the list,
Note: If comparisons are correct he was
in the south end of town.
Joseph Antonio(Rodrigues) was No. 141.
Note: Even beyond Aguilar.

Auaustin Rodrigues was No. 143.
Note: This is ducky! Right next door or across
the street in the extreme south end of town.
Wonder if Jose Antonio was making eyes at
Augustin's wife even then.
For these were the two who were widowed and
married in 1704. Mrs. Augustin and Jose Antonio.
Pedro Escalona was No. 114 on the list.
Note: This was on Juana Montes de Oca's side
but connected doubly with Isabel's.
Still he was in the south end pass the Plasa
are. (if I am right)
Cart. Francisso Gonsales was No. 87.
Note: I have good many reasons to put the 80's and
90's near south St. George and the Bay, near the

COOg "HT: With the possible exception of No. 1 above, Arguelles,
S 6e htve no one jxer tthe area upon which research has
been 4ndbrtakeq (1J/0 ) Ta is not to say they could
not have built after 1708/0 hen the town began to
dig out of its ashes.
One thing is abaolt ly certain. 31 houses were in the
vicinity of the Fort, Asaig not No. 3 wUia deal with this es
we move on to Lorenso Josef de Leon.

Names to use when searching for early
SpaniJ records in regard to this property.
Mo. 85. 1763 Puente. Pedro Gonsales.











are in this order:
the couple themselves
her first husband
her sisters and brothers
her mother and father
her mother's slt husband
her grandparents

Thru No. 2 it would be well to watch
if it concerns FRANCISCO, Sr. or Jr.
And keep a watchful eye out for ARGUELLES
if it PRUDENCIA or Don Antonio.

Ela nor P. Barnes

UsinD Isabel Rodri uez as a common denominator

Isabel Roriunez was third cousin of her daughter-
in-law, Jirna Mnt1 t de Oca.
Isabel's grandmother and Juana's grandfather were
sister and brother on the Rodriguez-Arsian side.

There was another double relationship here. Isabel's
grandmother's brother, Josef, who was Juana's grandfather's
brother, too, married Juana's grandmother's(Escalona)
sister. Two Escalonai married two Rodriguez Arsiana.
Isabel's half sister, Maria Mnuel, on her mother's side
from the let marriage, AND Isabel's half brother on her
father's side from his first marriage, wed in 1719.
No relation tho they were both RODRIGUEZ.

One was the daughter of Isabel's mother
by Augustine Rodriguez, artilleryman of
The other was the son of Isabel's father
by his marriage to Gertrude de Morales.

Isabel was related to Gertrude de Morales by marriage
before her father, Jose Antonio Rodriguez married the
Widow Morales. Gertrude had married Jacinto Rodriguez, Jr.
And had three children by him. He was another of the
brothers of Juana's grandfather and Isabel's grandmother.
So his children were all Isabel's second cousins. She
would have called Gertrude "Great Aunt".

Then Gertrude married, after Jacinto's death, Jose Antonio
Rodriguez, having four children by him. When Gertrude
died Jose Antonio married her former husband's niece,
Maria Aguilar, and Isabel was their daughter.
So her half brothers and sisters on her father's side
were also half brothers and sisters to her 2nd cousins.
One of these second cousins, Jacinto, 111, became the
Adjutant Don Jacinto Rodrigues, had a daughter, Maria
who was Isabel's third cousin, and who married Sebastian
Baesa y Penalosa in 1746. Bringing the area very close.

June 1, 1963

ASSIODIENT No. 1, Genealogical background of Mrs. Pedro Gonzales.

Re: Site northeast corner Cuna and St. George
Puente Map. 1763 Square "E" No. 5 OWNER: Pedro Gonzales

From: Cathedral Parish Records: Marriages. Baptisms, Burials:

1599...........................Juan Dias born, May, 1599 Ph. 11
COMMENT: He was son of Luis Dias
And Maria de los Reyes.

MRS. PEDRO GONZALES' great great
1623.......................... Juan Dias married July 8, 1623 Ph, 39
Maria de Arsian. She died 163b.Ph. 15

Comment: Father Alonso de Barga
performed the ceremony and Juan de
Cuebo and wife, Dona Catalina de Ortisj

1627...........................Maria Arsian born, Jan. 3, 1627, Ph, 120
COMMENT: Mrs. Pedro Gonzales' great
She was daughter of Juan Dias
and Maria de Arsian. Captain Melchore
de Orante was her godfather and Father
Toribio de Posada baptised her.
Very usual for children to use name
of mother. Indeed many times used names
of grandparents.
1648...........................Maria Arsian married Feb. 17, 1648 Ph. 26
Jacinto Rodriguez of Castile.
COMMENT: This photostat should be read.
The English brief states "Francesca".
But all baptismal records of children
from 1650 give her full name as Maria Arsian
There were ten children taken from various
baptismal records or picked up on their
marriage records:


The children
Dias Arsian)

of Jacinta Rodriguez and Maria Arsian( in reality Maria

Maria, 1650
Jacinto 1651
Juan, 1655
Antonio, 1663
Maria Lorenzo, 1666
Juan, 1668
Isabel, 1670


All copied from my Index.
No photostat numbers.
But easily checked on English
briefs at Library.

Picked up from marriage records.

COMMENT: To check name of Jacinta(o) Rodriguez
and title of Ensign given see marriages
of children:

On the 1695 marr. the Ensign is
mentioned as deceased.
So between 1685 and 1695
the father died. No bural
records for this period.

Antonio 1685 Ph 16
Jieef, 1695, Ph.
Juan, 1679
Jacinta; 18 Ph 15
Jacinta, 1675, t marr. Ph. 117

1650.............................Maria Rodriguez Arsian born. Ph. 14

Mrs. Pedro Gonzales'

COMMENT: This is an Index and
no month and day shown.
She was first child of
the couple above, Ensign
Jacinta Rodrigues and
Maria de Arsian.

1667.............................Maria Rodriguez Arsian married April 20,
1667 Francisco Aguilar. Ph. 83
COMMENT: There was another date
on the margin, Nov. 17, 1667.
Often this was the veiling date
or in some cases a betrothal then
a marriage. There were certain times
during the year that marriages were
performed but veiling was not allowed.
So the veiling "velaronse" came later.
Again Maria Rodriguez Arsian followed


Comment cont... the footsteps of her
mother and used Maria de
Arsian. Father Don Francisco
de Sotolonga (or Brother Sotolongo)
performed the ceremony and the Ensign
Francisco Gonzales with Manuel Carballo
stood sponsor. (or witnessed)

1672............................Maria Aguilar was born Feb. 17, 1672 Ph. 121

COMMENT: Francisco de Aguilar had
fathered three known children by
Maria Rodriguez Arsian. Sebastian
in 1668, Michaela in 1670 and the
Maria above in 1672.

Immediately after,she
died but there are no burial records
for this period so we cannot give
the exact date. But her husband Aguilar
widowed in 1672-73..married again in 1674
Lorenzo Hernandez de Soto. So it was
this lady who reared Mrs. PEDRO GONZALES'
mother, the above Maria Aguilar.

1693............. 0 .. ..... ... ....

Maria Aguilar married 1st. Augustine
Rodriguez, 1693, Ph. 200


She had 4-known children by him.
Sebastian, (from death record)
Maria Manuela, 1695. Ph. 7
Andres, 1698 Ph 0
Augustine, 1702, 90.
This last child was born in
August and was only three months
old when the Seige of 1702 began.
I do not know but I would not
be surprised if Augustin lost his
life during the seige.
Maria Aguilar was widowed and
Soon re-married.

1704............................. Maria Aguilar married 2nd. Jose Antonio
October 4, 1704,'Ph. 239; *


': Later records showed his name
to be Jose Antonio Rodrigu9s.
He was native of Seville.
with MARIA AGUILAR were the
narfanta of Mrs. Pedron ronzale.a

rarn tm of Mrs Pedro GonzalesIU--L




The family of Maria Aguilar and
Jose Antonio Rodriguez should
come under inspection now.

Isabel was the 1st child and is
our direct line so we give her
photostat number.

1706 .............. .. Isabel, Oct. 1, 1706, Ph. 128
Luis, 1709
Salvador, 1710
Francisco, 1713

Jose Antonio Rodriguez had been
previously married altho his marriage
record does not state this. Yet complete
research shows that in 1687 he married
Gertrude de Morales and they had children
through 1695. Then there is a complete
lack of information on both until he
married the Widow, Maria Aguilar. 1704.

Both men were referred to as Jose Antonio
then Jose Antonio Rodriguez, both were listed
many times as of Seville and then of Castile.
Add to this that one of his son's married
Maria's daughter bi her first husband and
that he was "in the family" so to speak
prior to marrying Maria in 1704, AND that
there is only ONE death record of Jose Antonio
and we have the same man.
What Maria Aguilar really did was to marry
Aunt Gertrude's second husband, taking him
as her second mate.

Gertrude de Morales had married the junior
Jacinto Rodriguez, brother of Maria Aguilar's
mother. After his death she married Jose
Antonio and from him had four known children.

So put Maria's four by her lat husband to
Jose Antonio's four by his first wife and add
the four they had mutually and you have a round
dozen to be supported by Jose Antonio Rodrigues.
It was a case of "your children, my children
and our children"..

To finish off this couple let me say that both
died within two years of each other.


Comment cont...

1727.................... Maria Aguilar died May 3rd.
Ph. 90

There must have been an epidemic
during the months of April, May
and part of June. Over 100 persons
died in four weeks during one period.
In some cases five or six in a family
in a day. Maria died in the height
of this epidemic.

One of the children listed"small child"
died in Aa&pitof 1729.

1729.....................Jose Antonio Rodriguez died Sept. 14.
Ph. 127

COMMENT: So the couple passed on.
Isabel Rodrigues, Mrs. Pedro
Gonzales' mother and father.

Meantime before their deaths
the children began to marry.
Of Maria's four by the 1st
husband, two were found in
marriages, CPR.
Of Jose Antonio's four by his
1st wife two daughters and one
son married.
Then of their own four children,
our Isabel was the one found.
Before we proceed to her com-
plicated life let me say that
one of Maria's daughters married
Jose Antonio's son.
This was convenient! Both from

1728...... ............. .. ... Isabel Rodriguez married lst
June 26, 1728, Ph. 69
Bonifacio Gonzales. One year
and one month after the death
of her mother and one year and
few months prior to the death
of her father. She had made
a good marriage here! Bonifcio
was from two fine families.


COMMENT cont..

Bonifacio, baptised Antonio Bonifacio,
was born May 21, 1699, Ph. 57
His lineage will follow after I complete
this section.

Sept. 1728, four months after Isabel
married Bonifacio, Francesca Gonzales
was born. There must have been another
child as Isabel lost both in 1732.

This was a tragic situation for her.
She lost her mother a year before
marriage, her father a year after.
Feb. 1732 she lost one child, March
31, 1732, Ph. 152, her husband, Bonifacio,
died and April 1732 she lost another child.
Spouse and two children in three months!
Widowed and alone she began looking for
another mate. Let me say here that a footnote!
in my Index has me searching for another
possible union. A Benita Aguilar figures
somewhere in Isabel's life. I will find
it and send on.

1733............................. Isabella Rodriguez married 2nd March 2, 1733
Ph. 100 Pedro Gonzales of Maceda, Orena,

COMMENT: I have found five possible
children. The last is in doubt.
Francisco 1736, Ph. 351
Juan; 173 Ph. 374
Juan, 1740, Ph, 52
Josepha Manuela 1743 Ph. 105
Maria Manuela 1748, Ph. 275.
This last had an "Angela Rodriguez" as
mother, may be bad translation. Also
"Gonzales" blotted out. The two Juans
had me confused. Usually it meant death
of one. Odd that in Sept. 1740 in burials
Ph. 250, Angela Rodriguez loses a son.
"small child, son legitimate"...We have
always used the 1737 boy as the mate of
Juana Montes de ca, but it could just
as well be the 1740 Juan. I suspect
in confirmation he took name CRISOSTOMO
which crops up on children's records later.

At any rate, Juan Gonsales, son of Pedro
and Isabel married his fourth cousin, Juana
Montes de ca in Havana and it was she who
returned to her father-in-law's home in 1783.


Now to run down Juana Montes de Oca since, in part,
she comes from the same family and to unite her to
Juan Gonzales.

1626................... Inez Alvarez was married July 7th.
Ph. )3.
to Bartolome de Reyna.
He died 1636. Ph. 6

1632...................Lucia de Reyna was born, March 20.
Ph, 155
Comment: At one point she was
called de la Cruz but this, too, may
be a bad translation of Alvarez.
Her later listings give full name.

1660...................Lucia de Reyna married Feb. Ph. 57
to Pedro Escalona.
There is a July 20, 1659 date
on this as well. Again this may be
betrothal and marriage or veiling.

.Sebastiana Escalona born. Index. Ph. 33
She was their daughter. Called
de Escalona at times.

1685...................Sebastiana married Sept. 10th. Ph. 163.
Here the lines blend..


Sebastiana moves into the
Rodriguez Arsian family.
She becomes sister-in-law to Marit
who wed Aguilar.
She would be called aunt by
little Maria Aguilar.

Sebastiana dii not die until
1734, Feb. 1st. Ph. 172
Josepha Rodrigues is born.
Ph. 74

Comment: Now little Maria
Aguilar has a 1st cousin.

Josepha Rodriguez married
Feb. 25, 1726, Ph 56
Bartolome Montes de Oca
of Mexico.


1701.... .......... .............

1726....................... ....


hip I Josepha Rodriguez and her cousin,(her second
cc .in) Isabel Rodriguez, who was nearer her age
than Isabel's mother, married "foreigners"....
Isabel's husband was from Galicia and Josepha's
was from Mexico.

1742......................Juana Montes de Oca was born.
Ph. 84.

At the same general time that
her mother's cousins and her
other families were having
little children she came into
the world.
She grew up with Juan Gonzales
who was her fourth cousin.
Later he was to become her
husband in Havana.

1752......................July 27, Ph. 160 saw the burial
of Bartolome Montes de Cca.
Juana was but ten years old.

1763 .....................

Juana's brothers
and sisters.

Maria, 1728
vFrancisco, 1729
Juan Josef, 1731
Catalina, 1733
Juan, 1734
Josepha, 1736
iAntonio, 1739
,Juana herself, 1742.

The last days of the 1st Spanish
period were drawing to a close.
Josepha Rodriguez died that year.
Ph. 305. Now Juana was orphaned.
But she was 21 years of age.
I have cften wondered why she
never married here. The girls
married so young. It may be
that this happened and our records
stop too soon.

However, she did marry Juan Gonzales
and have at least 5 children from him.
She it was4ho returned to Florida
when the Spaniards came back after
the 20 year residence of the British,
and it was to this location of her
husband's birthplace that she came.

Juana had at least one brother who
returned to Florida, too.
VAntonio Montes de Oca. See Census
1786, No. 4 and Census 1793, No. 72.

She had another brother, Francisco,
who married in Florida-before they
left, to Josefa Ortega, 1753.

A list of her brothers and sisters
at left.

. . 0


Mrs. Pedro Gonzales' grandson, the son of
Juan. Sr. and Juana Montes de Oca.

Born while they were down in Havana, possibly
1769 from various Census records.

Married after he returned to Florida with his
mother, and after he grew up.

October 10, 1795, 25 Canova Transcripts. CPR. Marr:
to Maria Carrera, daughter of Josef and Juana Andreu
Carrera, Minorcan residents.

Since you also inspect 2nd Spanish documents this
is included. It may be that the name CARRERA will
be a lead.


During British days Juan Carrera, the Rum seller,
Minorcan Colony resident was granted the land near
the Gates School House Park today. This was for
some service to Gov. Tonyn. I sent it to you months

Josef Carrera was his foster son and cousin, and
lived in this house for a time, possibly inherited it.
Here Maria Carrera was born and it was to this house
that Juan Gonzales y Montes de Oca came to wed her and
to live.

It is odd how the OLIVERAS family followed the GONZALES
family in ownerships of these two locations.

The senior OLIVEROS bought the land of the senior
GONZALES and junior OILVEROS married into inherited or
bought the land of the junior GONZALES. For he grew
up about 7 doors from her and wed Fernanda Gonzales y
Carrera in 1823, 11, 4. Photostat at Library and Bond
at Court House.


First husband of Isabel Rodrigues, Mrs. Pedro
Born 1699, May 21, f cscPho
Son of the Captainon rancisco Gonales de
Villagarcia and Prudencia Arguelles y Crespo-Rodrigues
Married Isabel Rordigues in 1728, June 26, Ph. 69
Had at least two children, both of whom passed away in
Died March 31, 1732 Ph. 152

His father: Francisco*Gonsales Villagarcia, Jr.
Born 1647, Ph. 10
Godfather: Treasurer, Francisco Menendez
Married Prudencia Arguelles July 2, 1786
Ph. 166
Witnesses: Don Pedro Antonio Abellaneda
Manuel Carvallo
Note: Francisco, Jr. was the son of
Captain Don Francisco Gonzales de
Villagarcia the Senior and Maria
limenes de la Moto
Had at least five known brothers
and sisters. Michaela, Tomasa, Marcos,
Leocadia, Gabriel and Maria, twins.

His grandfather: The Capt. Don Francisco Gonaales, sr.
was married in San Agustin Dec. 22, 1631
Ph. 50 to Maria Ximenes de la Moto.
Witnesses: Lt. Pedro Muros and wife,
Antonia Arango.
Maria was the daughter of Gabriel Gonzales
de la Moto and 4aria'Ximenes. She was
born Sept. 17, 1612, P. 10 Her parents
were married May 4, 160 Ph, 17


Bonifavio's mother's aide:

Antonio de Arguelles and Agustina Crespo y RodriRues.

Born ? (at this writing but I will get it)
Her marriage is on page 1.

Her parents:

Antonio Arguelles was born May 4, 1680, Ph. 86/87

Sponsored by one of the de Florencia family.

He was the son of Don Alonso de Ariuell and Luisa
de los Angles Florencia. (two of te BIG names)
Antonio was married Nov. 20, 1641 Ph.
to the Dona Augustina Crespo y Rodriguez.
Daughter of Juan Crespo and Catalina Rodrigues.

Priest: The Vicar, Pedro Sandiego de San Leuyra.
Witnesses: (TAKE NOTE)
The Treasurer, Don Francisco Menendez Marques,
and his wife, Dona Antonia de Pedrosa
The CONTADOR, Nicolas Ponce de Leon

The Sgt. Major Pedro Munoz

The Sgt. Major of the Armada Royale,, Don Francisco Orturo

The Adj. Marcos G...... de Vaca.......

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