Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: B7-L8 Oliveros
Title: Puente Map #85 and 86
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Title: Puente Map #85 and 86
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: B7-L8 Oliveros
Physical Description: Report
Language: English
Publication Date: 1733
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
59 Saint George Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Oliveros House (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 59 Saint George Street
Coordinates: 29.895869 x -81.313065
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P. O. Box 484 46 St. George St.

Sto w r s ot b 4t .ihE of, a er n Us v. a a lt B

T5er otf 1T3a A
1, P .ro tn.a1r, froe Ornas, aoLUts, Ipta, sa tof Pero Geslesal yt Qnesa
.4/ sSy mt label^ bdoe ripod s, fre St. Augustims, dijcate of Joe
=In~b-i~adt est, from Sevill, -t Nrsla Agailws, freoe St. JAIsqstia, a
NMere hi, 1733. (KitMass Jspbea Puri D teg.o carrnle.)
E.P.a., S trria, 17333, n 13, (p. 100)
,*., 1 Ckt. i', 178], *o 23om
.C.Pa,, B.aptl ,hB, 17, a672 IE0T.'
t2. (u yars Inter...) Th msrrisaes bhad a s*a, J 3 M r rtM
Seriaw bor in aSt. AMugUian la JaUJaru Iy73T
sm st C* P. I. BaptisUs, folio 260S, (p. 371)
3* (26 yeaAs later...) On 1763 tr rtaiy Left for avan a ith t evem atec,
ra tsonF, Mase aQridns married antn Ht < Oat ftat o 6. Asussjne,
who st ar be-n max" wram to it A3Eem wndrai 3
ro -as a girls, to M i br far teoan*laas home.

arrs C2lm aw 17ti 6, ho. 71 -at 3.P.E NriKag, CawMra traa r sp.,
p sa p". 2.. aeptiss, Ph. 86. ..
k Oa 17661, aste m p show s In lot 185 Pro N Oo4a tbr hbas, 16 x 31.
Patme sold to Mf. ita lbs prwlfty #2TS, aMd 4. Wish a31maS book # i

5, Qa 176 M*mwrirsf sp sW M:I NMr. Fish, let ap heno.'*
6. 6o 1769 Jitery asp shows a htsn U.i there.
7. (In the tad. Spansoh Period.) The Spanish Government, after it was La psaesml a
at te RPOvinte, rdetii ttabt every iotiten of Spsia that had a dsoeemit at
lgpl prpfrty of thlir peasealwe, amst present thea at ash ti.r la ordr
to ab un aad e deeire isa his favor if to the onatrar, tbsr 'aslt be fr
flgrf Memarial it Oity 3aA 1) Jroet nAgetlt po, NriLd
Ioat Reeb, T .~Lft '(Aae 1p. >. Jo-s atooa **ae *podwil
de 3tatal 5irades .rnamMuo I e antrap y psesrtiae d e as
que motealjtaf isvpa...) P. Its.

a. w new or sep2t2.r 2t 178 o, owrae apeds cave pessweMsa t U*r l*t
aS ts to Jtanie un..ei nb ,a so a on. I, 178k, Ote a pennies, I'
Ithe lA itha bter Ms a aothr ell baeI ea tis eamr lt rati bd
belapo t*J e hasty,. s A h o J ee, a
.' +i -'.. +'

Paate rap # madt 86 PapV SWS

finally was te prparlr of Juan Cantain.

orL hUw.3de #320, o. 69, Tallabease.
9. Gertg beak to Pinte nmap, keep in latd that it ahws in lot 1"86 eDi4 o
ItngsM~ *, stone house, N. 8. 16 x X4W. 4.o
10. a les.Z 7, 1785, Maria (loan l Monts da O., dm tti r of AtiM OrisoSWS
at Jhams married in St. Auguetmn to Retl 8asvrl de atlSaosa.
S : COP.4L, Iva Traoreptiwns, p. LU

11. Tb 1787 Censu sabor Juana Montes deo o living in tib stret of th Ionar ,
oat sf ti cCity Wals.
12* OCt G 22, 1788, Juana Moats de O alkes a claia before the Qwver -a
pteda because she intends to finish a fenle all around 4ar lot, eat Juan
ta3llo, who had bough the small house doe not allow e ei t inah the
ften around it because of his previous claim of Aug. 29, 1788.

#o2 Bundle #320, U. 69. Tllahase.
13. at April 25, 1788, Rooqa U ap shows in lot #9, Sq. 2t ious of wood sat
shtagles, covered with palm leans, In fair condition., of the property of
DO. Jiaoa donates do Ooa, with deed, and lani that it cites.
14 SoaMaEW map shows in lot #13.0l "Hoe of shingles, is cyserd tith pala
laves, in bad conditions, of the property of Juanw (in the translation that
we have) Ofrrys its land of the oited Monsteoesea.

(i already know tba& Juan rower *old the hose to Juan Cantillo, by the
d st of Bunde # 20, No. 69, Tall rahse).

15. aeque shows the front lo (#9) with two houses subdiided by a fence (?)
(boet houses on the west half; roar struture may be kitchen.) Frontage on
Sa. Qeare uA. is about 65' and depth along Gna t4. about 9'. Lot #10
ia about 10S' alone ana St., but tna depth (running behind all three lots
a St. QGeorge st,. $ 8 and t is about 15'e120f). Lot 110 sahos two
ttaraaetrs of w *at bac kre street (larger, Lahaped) aesta bkk ftrrbaet.
16.D C 1790 Q aesda's Its # s lams; Wooden hoase oovered with palma a King's
let ooqpied by Jmuaa states de oa. Heasurest In the front, 5-5, 17 varas,
al frol Ob front to the back, -W, 1A 1/2 vara, at the prims of es hal
real eaoh uare vr ar qalput tnre P huadred at sixty two rr. .............362.

1. 140. ITar of 1793,*Da RafaAl Lapinoma, regarding the death of ai Juan
sMte da Oeae, his mother-la-law, tie died without leaving a will or property
on January 8, 1791.

IBesPrlik Bl P+

vgm 1p #$ ed at p e ts fa l

Me18. b h. ht, 1W7. lfrlt f lS ee b s, hs ato fu bet InWtS bbrtB
tan&edhs pi SMLaAes met to OU*atela de Cfimesn e tiL tmi m
Wetves soat t a sam-e ..Si .." /( ', it -a It Nso bee m a
as t sews i4
s t lst F. S. (1. D L., JAb. et Qeoegues) 7eeritures, 1U-flm,
p. 38br.e386.
X9. O l1803,' ft t *sIs that a Jam 1, k 1J8I I tt1U of raeramip La
vrmwtwit rs itasset ta 14sr4m LsUWs ar a lost kbeub a ie lht, 1796,
with ther bfalrwig mressw N-4, u rWsm l hi 4 l ram beaxdeSs 1.
)r Pastr rditUsh.w S., the stwr tee to MsriNBis *., T Mi4ls m iWea,

rm is- Qe '*a Mat lo owepeYs wtih b t reest 7.8P.. (Ma. MRy. JUb.
at oa nrees) serag )"at&-Io2, p. a26r.
o20 Oa 1815 OasteIt Usina, t 4o. of BseSata Olivws, wh hat d dit tn or elle
yew betan during *- *salt of pret-se to aMt ap is uhieihlhe ws trntirag,
tgri aitersfastia of eonnatpy pseprotq and a tt slleits mat eb petatam to
soll ts hoe of 9squta, of be fsties belt an lbs 1st N ag en 179m is
wahia tS s44 eseednitr jeepIfrty Oists, cnewepeiaI4g to ear tad to IMr

,aggt 1st ?. P. bteontaru PmesedInas. (aJ.AA.J. Mtoreflhna De 12)
a1. Oa *yl f9, t 1815$, CataUae WIn nln tiu hben to (Qwr beon.

gg: ess ft. S. P, (Ma. Biv., UAb. orf Ososse) Miftgsa 181351326,
p. I 63wr. 6w-
22. OBs uft 6, 115, Otaillni isa, CM of SbtitO a O34vs Uras,- blaHoWe

3rf i O.P?.L, Mtarrgss,5,1815, bM Up pg. 17.a

3> Oilar ) up Bseta bl -i.1he in Its nsb n9 apd10 beth lets
b) MerIntlnI with JAe Imibee 0ba's elasi, PNat. Rq.abw
86 vs is flder Qosena1s Itj it HM *-sPlege n..i. astin

e) tinlh i seamm beat aquas 95.. ki.swassag DePaguesr'
SIts 4.) ?..u'l~1bdt S~S'

41) sto, aIs assMis aSsagues i amK* -I, Xsaw *ft as ajMd
is mma t I r do Osnr 1et. \


/ -

Puente Map # 85 and 86

Notes for the story of the lot of the N. E. corner of the St. George St. and Cuna St.

Year of 1733:

1. Pedro Gonzalez, from Orense, Galicia, Spain, son of Pedro Gonz&Lez and Gracia
LEste.../ married Isabel Rodriguez, from St. Augustine, daughter of Jos5
Antonio Rodriguez, from Seville, and Maria Aguilar, from St. Augustine, on
March 2, 1733. (Witnesses: Joseph Pueyo and Diego Carvallo.)

Sources: B.P.R., Marriages, 1733, folio 2713, (p. 100)
C.P.R., Oct. 4, 1704, Ph. 239
C.P.R., Baptisms, Feb. 17, 1672, PhE.1.

2. (4 years later...) The marriage had a son, Juan Crisostomo or Cristobal
Gonzilez, born in St. Augustine on January 4, 1737.

Source: C. P. R. Baptisms, folio 2605, (p. 374)

3. (26 years later...) On 1763 the family left for Havana with the evacuation,
and there, Juan Crisdstomo married Juana Montes de Oca, native of St. Augustine,
who after becoming a widow came to t. Augustine ith her five children, 3
boys and 2 girls, to live in her father-in-law's home.

Sources: Census of 1786, No. 71, and C.P.R., Marriages, Canova transcriptions,
p. 3, and p. 25. Baptisms, Ph. 84.
4. On 1764, Puente map shows in lot #85: Pedro Gondez tabby house, 16 x 31.
Puente sold to Mr. Fish the property #278, and Mr. Fish account book #31
says: "No entry".

5. On 1765 Moncrief map shows: 'Mr. Fish, lot and house."

6. On 1769 Jeffery map shows a house still there.

7. (In the 2nd. Spanish Period.) The Spanish Government, after it was in possession
of the Province, ordered that every citizen of Spain that had a document of
legal property of their possessions, must present them at such time in order
to be seen and declared in his favor or if to the contrary, they would be for
the King.

Source: Memorial of City Lots No. 319, Department of Agriculture, Field
Note Room, Tallahassee. (Aio 1800. D. Jos4 Rocca como apoderado
de Rafael Hernlndez...reclamando la entraga y posesi6n de las casas
que actualmente ocupan...) P. 46v.

8. By Decree of September 22, 1784, Governor Cespedes gave possession of the lot
and house to Juana Montes de Oca, who on Oct. 4, 1784, took the possession of
the lot with her house and another small house on this same lot which had
belonged to Joseph Bonely, then to Tomas Andreu, then to Juan Ferrer, and


Puente Map #85 and 86 Page two

finally was the property of Juan Cantillo.

Source: Bundle #320, No. 69, Tallahassee.

9. Going back to Puente map, keep in mind that it shows in lot #86: Diego
Dominguez, stone house, N. S. 16 x E.W. k0.

10. On Dec. 7, 1785, Maria GonzAlex Montes de Oca, daughter of Juan Crisostomo
and Juana married in St. Augustine to Rafael Saavedra de Espinosa.

Source: C.P.R., Canova Transcriptions, p. .

11. The 1787 Census shows Juana Montes de Oca living in the street of the Hornabeque,
out of the City Walls.

12. On Oct. 22, 1788, Juana Montes de Oca makes a claim before the Governor -
ODspedes because she intends to finish a fenot all around her lot, and Juan
Canttllo, who had bought the small house does not allow her to finish the
fence around it because of his previous claim of Aug. 29, 1788.

Source: Bundle #320, N. 69. Tallahassee.

13. On April 25, 1788, Rocque map shows in lot #9, Sq. 2: House of wood and
shingles, covered with palm leaves, in fair conditions, of the property of
Da. Juana Montes de Oca, with deed, and land that it cites.

1.* Rocque map shows in lot #10: "House of shingles, is covered with palm
leaves, in bad conditions, of the property of Juana (in the translation that
we have) Ferrer; its land of the cited Montes-"&eOca.

(We already know that Juan Ferrer sold the house to Juan Cantillo, by the
document of Bundle #320, No. 69, Tallahassee).

15. Rocque shows the front lot (#9) with two houses subdivided by a fence (?)
(both houses on the west half; rear structure may be kitchen.) Frontage on
St. George St. is about 5't and depth along Cuna St. about 95'. Lot #10
is about 105' along Cuna St., but the depth (running behind all three lots
on St. George St. /#7, 8 and 9/ is about 115'-120'). Lot #10 shows two
structures of wood, set back Trom street (larger, L-shaped) sets back furthest.

16. On 1790 Quesada's List #1 shows: Wooden house covered with palm on Kingts
lot occupied by Juana Montes de Oca. Measures: In the front, N-S, 17 varas,
and from the front to the back, E-W, 41 1/2 varas, at the price of one half
real each square vara import three hundred and sixty two rr ...........362.

1. N. 40. Year of 1793.-Don Rafael Espinosa, regarding the death of Da. Juana
Montes de Oca, his mother-in-law, who died without leaving a will or property
on January 8, 1791.

Source: East Florida Spanish Papers, Testamentary Proceedings, S.A.H.S.
MTicrfilm, Reel 2.


Puente Map #85 and 86 Page three

18. On Oct. 4, 1798. Maria Gonzalez Montes de Oca, agent for her husband Rafael
Saavedra de Espinosa, sold to Sebastian de Oliveros a lot, with the same
boundaries and the same dimensions. (So, if she sol a lot it was because
the two houses were gone,)

Source: East F. S. P. (Ma. Div., Lib. of Congress) Escrituras, 1797-1798,
p. 38hv.-386.

19. On 1803, Quesada's List #2 shows that on June 14, 1802 title of ownership in
perpetuity was issued to Sebastian Oliveras of a lot bought on Oct. 14, 1798,
with the following measures: N-S, 17 varas; E-W, 41 1/2 varas, bounded: N.
by Demetrio Fudelache; S., by the Street to la Marina; E., by Miguel Marcos,
and W., by St. George St.

Source: Quesddats List No. 2 compared with the East F.S.P. (Ma. Div. Lib.
of Congress) Escrituras: 1801-1802, p. 268v.

20. On 1815 Catalina Usina, widow of Sebastian Oliveras, who had died ten or eleven
years before during an assault of pirates to the ship in which he was traveling,
gives information of community property and solicits and obtains permission to
sell the house of coquina, of two stories built on the lot bought on 1798 in
which the said community property consists, corresponding to her and to her
minor children.

Source: East F. S. P. Testamentary Proceedings. (S.A.H.S. Microfilm Reel 12)

21. On April 29, 1815, Cataline Usina sells the house to Gaspar Arnau.

Source: East F. S. P. (Ma. Div., Lib. of Congress) Escrituras:
p. 61v., 62v.-


22. On May 6, 1815, Catalina Usina, widow of Sebastian Oliveras, Married Marcos

Source: C.P.R., Marriages, 1815, Tomo II, pag. 170.-

In short: a) As Rocque map establishes in its numbers 9 and 10, both lots
belong to Juana Montes de Oca.
b) According with Juana Montes de Oca's claim, Puente Map number
86 was in Pedro Gonzalezs lot; it was "Diego Dominguez stone
c) The Fish account book says: "No. 34.-Diego Dominguez.-
Juan de Toro.-No entries.*
d) So, the Diego Dominguez house, not lot, after being ruined
during the English period, became the Juan Cantillots house,
in Juana Montes de Oca's lot.

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