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Title: Correspondence: 1926
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Subject: Jennings, May Mann, 1872-1963.
Florida Federation of Women’s Clubs.
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Paragraphing Florida

By "(MrsW. .l)ay Mann Jennings

President Florida Legislative council

The Tamiami Bird'Reservation, created by the 1985 regular

session of the Legislature, embraces 150,000 acres and is a str$p

along the Gulf Coast of Florida, running 56 miles from north to

south, across sarasota and Manatee counties. Dr.Hiram Byrd of

Bradenton, President of the Florida Audubon societyy is the authority

for the information that this reservation is the largest Bird

Reservation east of the Missis-ippi, being six times- as large. aP

the famous Paul J.Rainey reservation in LouIsiana. Hon. .0.Harris,

Representative in the Legislature, of Llanatee-County, who is al so

President of the Florida Fish and Game Protective Association,

introduced the bill and secured the enactment of the law,.

Mr. J. B. 'Ryall, .tate Game and Fresh Water Fish Gi- ntissioner, is

going to enlist the Boy oouts of the two counties "ie.ih'elp prote' o

the Reservation and report violations of the law.
-- 0Q --- oo --00


- a

Steminole Bird .aeervation, located in remnole. County,

covers about 30,Q0 aaroe'slyng along the shere of take Monroe and

Lak-a Jesqup and in the-immediate esrroundings of r'anford,

Lake Gharm Reservatioan al o. i the. same .county, hae about. nne

square miles around the lake 5',000 acres. Both reservations

were retead by tbe Nov.vber,1925 Extraordinary eegtion 6f the
,"o e "" ... ". 6.. "
'-- Flor l r '

.* *. ." . .. .
,--- ., i -
_.., : ,.; .. M ,' . ,' ', ., .', ': .

iS ~ -fx ?'

0 '

The annual meeting of; the Florida Audubon Society will

be held in V;'inter Park, March 5th 6th.

-- 00 -- 00 --

During the 1P25 spring session of the Legilpature the

following counties secured special laws authorizing closed se.Pnons,

prohibiting the killing of Deer and Turkey for a term of years:

Charlotte three years

Collier three years

Clay six years

Dade three years

Flacler five years

Glades three years

Gulf five years

Highlands three years

Hillqborough,(incliuding squirrels) two years

Jefferson closed season n oDeer and Turkey to non-


LaKe, closed on Deer and Turkey two years

Madison, cloPed season on Hungarian and ring necked


Monroe, closed for Deer and Turkey three year

Manatee, Tamiami Bird ReserVa.tion closed for game

hunting, four years

toll, closed for Deer and Turkey five years

Saraeota,dloeed for Deer and mtrkey two years
..' .' .

Walton, oloeed for deer and turkey and Reservation

closed for all time for all hunting.

*eventeen counties affected by special legislation

protecting game, wvioh will help greatly in the process of re-

stooking wild life.

---- so --

The creation by the 1925 regular seeslon of the Legisla-

ture of the'"Department of Game and Fresh Water Fish* and the

position of 1tate Game Commissioner", * is beginning already

to yield splendid results. Florida is to be congratulated on

the appointment made by Governor John W..Martin of J.B.Rpyall as

the Coruii;Jseioner. Mr.Royall is indefatigable and long a recog-

nized studaint and authority on Bird aid Game conservation.

---- 0 ----

The State Comptroller's report showed the registration

of 326,204 motor vehicle. used in florida during 1925. In the

total for the United states, Florida is reported as thirteenth.

---- oo --

The War Department has awarded the contract to "imons-

Mayrant Company of Charleiston,,.C. for raising the jetties at the

entrance to Fernandina harbor Nassau County The estimate

for the project oalls for 200,00,0 0O pounds of stone, which will

come from Georgia and qouth Carolina quarries, via Feaboard Air

4 .

Line railroad. The entrance to this harbor is rated as the

deepeston the iouth Atlantic Coast, the outer bar belng raised

from 24 to 31 feet at mean low water in 1892 at a cost of $5,500,000.

It permits the entrance of the deepest draft ocean going vessels.

Soo ---

Jacksonville has eighteen miles of an electrically

lighted, two way boulevard, to Jacksonville Beach. The Eustis

to 1lt.Dora seventeen mile whitew4a project rune Jacksonville a

close second. It will take ir 3Sutis, Tavares and Mt.Tora,

known as the Golden Triangle, end the drive will be built between

these points along the shores of Lakes Eu"tis, Harris and Dora, which

is not only to be one of the finest drives in the state, but hardly

surpasueed anywhere, for its beauty. The lighting standards

are to be spaced at 100 feet intervals, with 400 candle power

lights in handsome prism jlass globes,

-- oo --

January 20,1920.

. . . . .' , ,
'* .- ~ J ~~. "* ~ -

*t .


SJ- January 2, 1926.

Dear Cousin T.ay:

I wish to thank you so mudc for the very sweet bag that
you sent me. I really needed a nice bag forthite dresses
and this fits in very nicely--it is so pretty and daiit/y.
I so appreciate your kind thought and shall use it with
great pleasure.

Please thank Bryan for the Pecans. We had some of them
at our New ear's dinner yesterday.

The New Year is opening pleasantly and I am hoping to
pull along. Things are getting in shape now where I cannot
afford to die for two or three years. I am like Mrs. Logan--
I am busy watching the things develop.

I presume you are disappointed that the Miami University
drive has been put on before the one for Will; but I can
understand that a great university is greater than any
individual and so submit to it with good grace. Day before
yesterday a man contributed a million dollars to the University,
with the distinct understanding that it should be devoted
exclusively to Papa's school. Of course, this is a wonderful
help and makes me feel exceedingly glad because it assures
that branch of the thing and lessens the strain on the drive
when it is made.

I"'Will tell you, confidentially, that brother Taylor is
to be removed from the church here very shortly. He is a
perfect nuisance and has made no end of trouble among people.
This is in confidence.

I hope you are well as usual. I have bad nights but am
fairly gay during the day. Am sorting letters every moment
that I can get.

Tishinrg for you and Bryan and his family all the good
things which" the New Year may hold, I am


rirs. W. S. Jennings,
1845 E. Main Street,
Jacksonville, Florida.





i.- i


S. Mrs. R. B. Parker,
Editor tfWfoensa DIepartment,
Tropical America,
Hollywood, Florida.

Dear Mre.Parker:

Please. find attached picture recently printed of
.the 7,tate Board of Control. As there have been changes in this
.board recently,I don't know the full ne e and addresses of ell of
the meidbere. I am going to ask you to write Jno. T. Diamol*js.o-
retary 'tate Board of Control, Tallahaspee, or Hon.P.K.Yonge,Chair-
Sqan, Pensacola.

This Board of Control was created by the Legislature
-'and while it has charge of the educational institutions of the state,
it also lits in a dual capacity as the Mtate Plant Board.

The ltate Board of Education is ex-officio and is made up


Hon.John W. Martin,Governor, as Shaeirman
Hon.IH.Clay Cr.wford,Oecretary of 'tate
Hon.J.C.Luning, qtate Treasurer,
Hon.J.P .Johneon,rAttorney General
Hon.W. -Oawthon,tupt.,Public Instruc-
tion as secretary .

Of course all reside in Tallahassee. This is the constitutional
.Board and has the. absolute control of'the eduortional affairs of, tke
state as well as the educational inatUtutions an4 the Board of Control
Ios,B as : faid, a legislative, body and praotioally advisory. It has.
to have all of its recoriendations and plans approved by the Eoard
- .of Education. I believe it would be. a good ptan to publish this
'tropical America, with a little historical data, 3f course LTr.
'Di.at0nd, the Secretary, can furnish the laew whoih created this Board
of, '0bntrol and give other valuable information in regard to the work
t tay are doing.- ~J .Yonse would not have the time.

* Mrs,~..t'. Je n;. ngs~..

t. : a., t, .,

.. .--ot o r rad; '-.

:~ 3
*; Vi r~.4



'1845 Main street
Jacksonville, Florida
J-anuary 2, 1926





1223 East 14th Street
Jacksonville, Florida
March 16, 1926

Magazine "qOUTH"
To Mrx.R.A.Nesbitt, Dr.

To dictation and typing January 25 to March 16,1926,
inclusive; 29 hours 5 50/ per hour - - 14.50

Received npyment_


- -



I -

1840 Main Rtreet
. alJasmor il e,Flortida
#a, -a.r1 1996

MWis Marjorie rhuler,
Th1 Chri~nt.n eoleona Monitor, ,.
870 MPldIson Ave.,
New York Oity,YsY,.

1 2ear ]u ~Ls t hUler:

Thank you very muqh for youy letter- ard the

aeason'sa greetings. Yoa will rseall Mrs. R. B. Parke;r, who Is

M4iw Sditor of theoWoaen's Department 4n Troploal oa erlca (which was

Hollywood Magailne) of Hollywood,Florida. I have accepted the

Chairm nship of the Advisory Gommittee of the Womare' Department

in this magazine. I am going to ask irs.Parker to send you a

00Y .right away and I want you to nroad my article. Next month's

arttole will be oh Prks.. d4es,Parker, you will -recall, was

with the Women's News With Ida Clyde Clark.

With every goo-d wish for thq New Yiar, aEtnd with


iRj no we ly,

Mrse.W .- .Jeennngs.

At.r .

.. I

* . -





.. -


~ :

- -I .--I


.k .l :.. ,. .-, . :.. -.: -, -. . .. -. . . S w . t .'. At. '

S , .. .
\ *V i' :',, P'' e".. -. '. '. . ". '., ' :_ .. ; ., :" .. " . '. S ..'i

i-prou of y1 aQ., .* Q.i,

" :,-o .-. &@v ,.. e -. an ,oup-;4L rA Of .... d- .
.. .. .
,. ,,.. 3, r 4.... .

4.- . .. ... ...

Aw ear,0 a: fro r . sh 4 v

1S 1|^^ :'.'^ I
Up 4"" o.proudl.of :our Daaeptr c on_ ,a .lace C,: &@
. - .

.V .- . - ,- t j
7t*77 .. '. .
OF-li: t d t
-. - ".

.,.."""-:"" p.e.4brtC~ -

1 .-
". ''- -"" ":

-A .. .,I

-., . ,. .. .. .':_- -.
: : .... .;#%. '- *- e' '~ rj .774 --

1:p:.. 4. .. .:4 <"
r"., ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ / ,, = .; .. ,'. :.. ,""' ."* .
i-, < ,- I ,.. '- .. .;-,, ,- . .' ... ,, .... -: ,'. .
,IAI Fj; .. .:f~iP ,ieff ji ,. p. o. ..a~ ,i~ .., ... '...., ,, ,. i
:- .' .. .-. .~TR . . -.
"":: ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~. .'. "-.. .'--; :.' ": -' ,,
r s-,.... r i,'.. .1 .
-._., ..-. .. . .::' .. ;,o ; o: .- .. :. .: ,.i

If none of these three symbols
appears after the check (number of
words) this is a telegram. Other-
wiseits characterisindicated bythe
symbol appearing alter the check.

Form 1204
E'I U NO N *If none of these three symbols
S appears after the check (number of
S words) this is a telegram. Other-
wise its character is indicated bythe
NEWCOMB CARLTON. PRESIDENT GEORGE W. E. ATKINS. rinsr VICE.PRESIDEI symbol appearing after the check.

The filing time as shown in the date line on full-rate telegrams and day letters, and the time of receipt at destination as shownon all messages, is STANDARD 1IME
Received at
678MP YD 83 NL













o f 052P
sw --

- ._II.. -.~L.. I 1 -- ------- ,_





- (L7 dt )-;

i z^ C



,/. ..

I-,Lf ^


;7 all .,





~5, ~-i~d~ ~ZIL~

^ ^ c/^ ,4x^
^^ i^~ A/A-^^J S cW

L^^^^^ Y
^^ ^n-' < ~~^
4'!- ^^^
^^^ 7-. Af;

k-f /^^^^^^

_ZG?~ ~ ;C


6~~4e-~ -~

~~~4797A/I- -

~ c~~/~



January 5,1926

Mrs W S Jennings
1845 West Main Street
Jacksonville Florida

Dear Mrs Jennings:

I am so glad that it was possible to clear up the
matter we discussed so fully. Mr Behymer was perfectly
agreeable when I presented the subject from the stand-
point of reasonableness, and he no doubt would have
thought of the matter himself had he not felt that your
association with us was rather of a social nature, and
patriotic, and that you were really and truly working
for an outlet of interest, etc. However, we need not
discuss this matter further as it is very satisfactorily

I wired Mrs Minium that an organizer was available for
her and I believe, Mrs Jennings, the wise thing for me
to do is to go and help them for a while as I will have
to be there for the Garden Meeting and the D.A.R. Conven-
tion, and I can work in and out of Jacksonville so much
easier than I can make this long tiresome trip from here.

1 hope you will do everything you possibly can to stimulate
Mrs Tippets, Mrs Blackman, and Mrs Stanley to mention this
project in connection with their discussion of endowment.
The more I think of merging these completely, the more
optimistic I am about the outcome.

Please wire me immediately when I can expect you in
Jacksonville and any detail of the meetings that you
think will be of interest and value.

Please send yoar expense check for making these meetings
in my place on your return.

Cordially yours,

Editor Woman's Department


Dear Mrs Jennings:

I have written the Vice President in each section
that has been covered and asked them to write me
immediately if they are ready to take up the work.
I have outlined very fully to Mrs Blackman what I
hope she can do for us and have also written Mrs
Dwight Reed. After thinking the matter over it has
occurred to me that it would be a very politic thing
for us to ask Miss Skinner to help in this by allowing
her an expense account and let her use our plan in
connection with her work on your endowment committee,
or we could take a half dozen members of your committee
and finance them and get the whole state to working
together on the two propositions and complete the
endowment and membership campaigns by the March

Please think seriously about this matter and wire me
your reaction. Try in making up these people to work
in this campaign, to get any that might be rather on
the contrary side of any quettion and let us see if We
cannot get themall to thinking along the same line and
work as one.

RBBP: CA ________________



Dear Mrs Jennings:

I am sending you five copies
of Tropical America for dis-
tribution among your friends.

They would have reached you
sooner, but I have been out of
the office on account of illness.

I might add
ceive these
magazine is


Jan 6 1926

that you will re-
each month as the

Sincerely yours,

Editor Woman's DepartMt

Mrs W S Jennings
Jacksonville, FLORIDA

P.S. As an afterthought, we are en-
closing five application blanks
which you may use in connection
with sending out the magazines
if you think best.

.. .. ..

Ja "a ry 8, 193.-
. ,

My TDary e10y7 Win
Mra.Stanloy left as at Leeaburg .aterday
afternoon with liar.t ote arnd tM ad ir.Mote put me on the train
13 o'loakl at night. I wrivwd home this morning eand am s
out-by ai delivery with this, the art-ieale for tbaI tdowiednt
wh3oh It w.1l .. eaj yous I have prqtioally worki.d toll;4
Over qno0f aoould get my bdajrngo. My tZain was a little latq
I haw no idea how Maniy SM tI8 i and refy do not dar to -
to cou-nt tlt-..o fear wi wa .4 ma,0, but it

out it ei.t and If Aot )oaw 8 rovei' Z "ol sure you have other material

SGreek toe Day at Taepon was very nice sad wa nasd
a retful tefnoono Uoeer, it rain4.zAost of the day. -.r

and a coi pf hes ai over0 and had lunch with us. t etr,
". -,*'4" .- -A . : r g..;

.the .e q 4 ." y o.t^ t tp e ;, 4s, bute finally tat to

D-l:f .o:f_ O4a aX t.wrte Zo4-? Ape.ota4 toolae tf 4 tattat1
: .7-2 ^ -,S,,^ . .
rO. \ l eots4t 43et. rikb but. w m tias twold 1 iir

-.- -, ./, _...'^ '-...-L. ....
" : s -. a, t -. -

-A V. .. -'
- I.., .

S_ ... .
' .< _




2 -
I *:. '
- -A.

doay beoausw of ba4 ;oad, would get we to Daytona too late for

tip five 6, oQk trsin 'a A tqpprd off enriouts tad bie I -am.,

' in time r you to put It in th bulisti. It in the beat I coul

dd nd the u mstoat.u ne .

Ul mnuih love and the hope htt, you may have a nice

trip to iahidgtion,

"Af fctpnate lyJ..;

t.. 4<~

- ..r' -

*1 I

Ii 4

'. .. '4

'-'- -

I.' 1~'~~
-~ *11~ 4...
'At' ~ V -
V ...'ei,- 4* '-4.

- ::: 11


-. 2. .


. it



*. go*at w;
1 4

iasnur 11.1 96.

J,.. 3. W 30000eo

G.. J, o'Abo X10,000

Also a. 10,0c0ek
Pr. rsd'ck. J. Vase 8,000
Kr. P M r. Nqpan v. Omesas 5000

9ssp siek Sab 8000
.Jo* 0 wllaa l,000

Tesatir Stookton 98500 x
Jaek J. Aben 8,800 x
*ihn A. Cvratinghba 83600 x
4efl I, Ty74g 8,000
Alston CoekflX 82000
$Aftker T. Williame 8s000
0. Uoode 3 ,000
lslhop wftwtek 2arwy 8,000

LoUis C. Hives 13600
J. S. Poiey 1X500

-' -I-*--- --i -Llrr~.~-- -


a. V. Govi enA
pati^ ymLU .. 4p
Puatr idvll 974
.&>ul- i. 2 l
Wo W. I. eCovy Coo
w. <. atls1Ce
14atre E. (Meen
Stbnanai .. Sanft4sa
fHeae mltorW COO
I,, A. r.altiEve
IS. C. 'tiflaswou'B 'Auter GCo.


Totheal aih
Obtt. ~S. 0.ner
i. 7. (Jass^) L'Thc16
1t..:Jaw ( rt-'is; Ac-fs^' .'i

iaskncin & tr2*9M
1 e.4 *. 12 r' t
it '*;;lkit, .S^W- la

?#Itrn snIa2 r,
$cstana 9?. mAsU s

S; I/ I '





1 $0m0

1 1


(e) 0
1 000t
1', .

_ ~ --~.-tliY ----C"-- -


Page a

^ahtnnE N*cwifi ROOTE ng

M- -


Thursday,January 14th, 19'eb

Dear May Jennings-

I have just sent you a telegram

which nope will reach you aDout the time of my letter
written ye s todayy in which I say I cannot break an en-
gagetent Iven for me. The hostess is ill with cold and
wishes to postpone which will permit my leaving here on
steeper the toth and reaching Jaxville next :morning. I
had Deen invited and accepted an invitation to Mrs.Apple6

/ luncheon the same day but she has been at one of your meet-
ings and I can explain to her,as I was only one of the many
entertained at hers.

I have iopoed all along that when you

/ talked Endowment there 7!ould be some response financially i
so have carried my check book handy to start a 5,v Club
of qivv each as you nave the #uhv club of 95v each, but
did not wish to be too conspicuous fearing someone would

think it election propaganda. i am therefore sending you
to oring out at the auspicious moment when it will seem
to extract the most from the assembly, IWhe Sarasota waA
so responsive was sorry you had been obliged to leave
mfor it might have come up there nad you so desired.

nave had a better I wish to see _.rs.&S

Stanley about as it concern. uoth of us equally and I do not
like to write ior fear of Deing misunderstood. I hope she
will be with ,ou at uhe meeting so i may talk it over with
her, I have engagement on my way back,21st,as wrote to
you. I have an engagement the 22nd to speak
at j'ineilas County Federation so -must get oack from that
in time.
i gave Will your message and he said

that letter could not come too soon. I attended a meeting
in the County where G-overnors were talked on the -side. I
was asked twice if you had any intention of enter ing the
race. I replied that you had said nothing to me on the
subject. Was that what I should have said?

I want to 7et this off on noon train so no nore now

Did you see Dr G-race when at T's i-oa?

With love and Dest Y.1ishes,

I Dade-:. City Fla

appoi A / t ,thth; aYe a of the VidO PrABt.ent of the lecdon, a
Chairman to afe a6d &rY Ug.Vt Brown has sent -& 1s t of
..rm . -1p -
wo's niEa i, -:.Wongm h, .'.tA yours for Pa? e,.-n~ty, "The ounty-

Oh b5-Ooda'to1ip. to_.OG-q- tp. and.. secure thiroueo.t tho cotuinty if
oes Vible.. with -"o eraqt-.r or club Presq hesti,. the larger: ubscrip-
iti. e .. -Wizty. yot, ple.e "s thre -ndwmm art e n t Nov-'
-mb-".,r D ea oer-ana ;Jenary1 .brll*ti:ns?- Yoi' tllth-- aget the
t that u' -are trying opAriyoy"ut in raei d'-O, th 'e pat .
*" pFobraftz is tea- b fo thdowment month. -
h n t lt -ll send #aU l sV ubecrition b1ankn e-a tli Pret -
Idbt, farth Glwb1 indtrvidta yinksr for the. Club .membais andt
airm- aof .theeaiaeso toW he County; s lerm..Mt t d Yt ae-rethe nt. .- .
-b t AthW by womea or men w are interests, i-n.44 l
rdwoen wkllo.be iarditedevyth thoe amourkt, wdtiarFatin ; ni-oei t
but e. eare aaeangd .-P IdBnot wte t 4atcir th Nov1000
o... p ,er at A pcmer fer, aJnd ti b ar.tin i o tts iatdo-a te' t ould.
.". 1 il. tional. :. : '" .' . .. . .

eaa e harpe that rthia-g r11 beo t inr gre eth of zib.priVAlry
. an als.. c...et ai rl. alry as wl .. that. of cun.-ty Qhairma... There
Stareiay aM the y Colinty bwln.ko douTth e reo 'ie- th' r'te
-..' ."-., +b. worf. toward + Aov.eloB ^.e-t o yout* f ., soruate" ofnd teso to 9ioeCouny IC$iitau~and
et:. ,. th~e.i .g inte Xoitn.?,X ter .ou which .Ir ate os vf 0 -
HbI -eflap th oe 4 t as iherestedrinthl
.e-.ddttional. . o 4..; 4 +;-;^.. +t --Ea.+ r. I . -o ... .. .
-.- .-" *,- cai.-w-ta lit p -rmwk ro, a t t .he! ,.par gmow to 'raveld op L riad. l -,-
mta" also.' oaiac*tinra sfas that orB" w ot Itr Is going Thr
. .;: "."'to .4 g t ofilat. t efft of. t e .. r .s-.- lo r. ra m,- .. - .
arth ueny ^ aj n of q cfrout when doutat rrootv ethesvtas .at' the
tbiss All tt, libkrv1ly ta tbis setslt ltkra i%, mpd,
oIu ... o t" tI I .i to t .h. F .t .Wag n nl t FMa .
-* .t *A** r 41r h4 T s

l 'i. I ,e 1VtI --in

.,;',i .:- -n u t a' ,. .' -' *W o.-, ,is. e. to h,e thi' li' 't

,..... for A ein.. . .ter h .q rt It wi l l b .,w . ..
,th~e .pa~on .casai 1the Lage.' oriIDoA-r .ti..heh ati ativ-O
ty~hewlb sb have b akSt-6d tor the amountiahere tbere. are
r l . a o, ,

A W.ill y6 111,amby i ra biryou.wil
saorens *or iot, as ths -tie Ai .e o sb4orp td -'I so tther over-bdrdened
tr 'yin g t -irgar' s- i A. et a a e rf r. .nqt. e. -It has ei .. .
tiselse Vbi*ty-4 t nftesi wone 4 during..te holidAye tR hiah
ehaA intoat ao;ed greatly v wito -tha organization bOrk throuiout .the
athe pqro 4.s. utip the iew4onsatdon ?. f 6uri Clubh atb ponceti
tu t t..y ma b a . ,. ", ,d ,,,, ." .y t"l., byr, aa. r. tr f o,'.fir" .,f .et" irb a .-
?', .. 'SO at hey ay- eoIia ^ ak plede ,"paymtr .ey ,.
"- of who i will attn' over .ra" year .. There -sertainly 17, t r t
7. 4.10i W :,.-.

trn Jleb, 'uth ezq'rsesstst'L* 0 h b fa ltind r^ na -for CW Zt h
selesstad thteu tloierteenft evaoe dI .'111X sien out a y.ier'ntohh

thi tpoo y :.e, r .e nost .:gn th_. fone3nt -of soaMeon els. who
..:. .i uts th-std i youry beity, anpi-.lt .tmuf fie lent .inrlence tohave py

thb .'-- $J'.; W., .. -, ot t 't. .. ,u e, . -' *f"- e .ls o .. -..
ir S3Mecsbt.#
weight-with your oou -ty ,tftal 4 thb r pojG or itl ee
Aind wealth, and the -nae for poe.zta .t, tuornif .thL .
IettOr over tq thn.v

W .ith bestoTr- 404 ..ashe .
j -:" \ .

* r -.

'. -. ... i . *:: .. **


, .. ..,', % :.'- -
,t .-

^ -..'.


: I



DadI'. of .y, Y4orldai.
&.7 ; '. ., ..[" < . .. .* .,..' .' .: : ._ .. .' ..... ,, -. .. . .- .

appoint with theadvce' o the- V.06 Pres dent--6f 'the q. tizn. .a
Stra nW Jfor ocoaty. '. t Brownae.ut Ae'.a ie of
a ,T. Cries t -r -ha. 1. y- '. 0r Paso- ., .C : The .- ouTity
, chai aft s .fn 6, ..i .ll e 6 suppaent .the aor. o, th, ice- ,..
_, . .sident wbo .xl -a.,r aY ,'-Ovwork.ed, and t -lk edpr"t"on ,,adowment
'. .c A:':W Qlu'bs ad" s ed-e thr 4 o. t he o' u.ty' if "
.,, po ,l .- e. ; .,o.rat o -of ,-I3 O.b sid .Atft -. A .rger bs p .., i.
o.nt wit yu -a$ea rded thVr-c reso rit' m -t.s tthe t ov- v
mber Pcera er, ad- Jnua-ry. bllotla t ou ill the ge.t he
t: th e e tae trying t- .a rry- out- o egard to -the paan..
,ebt.u,4ry i-s to be adow ent o t . .- , -
". : ' , will s" d e peid. al".''" a l ad F....-.. .. .. Pree-.
ident for't, tbe Cu indivi dual, bl elker- fonr th .'Club 'mabere aid -
sime on 'thesoe,alasadto the Crrney Chairand rnd Vdte-Prstndoeint'.
SCortainly the Clu s iA bthei location from w\ti1jc he csinots wil
Se gv ei theya by wmdn orM en thho are i nt.d' ar e in. the Club -
ork, will be zreaiteJ ,with the a.otiats' scrY bd .An this wty,
., at ,-w r a. d'ng ais not to aak h t dot.4 t" i ti.00
bt addit o t al . t . ..

'.,-. : -. p t-at thare wTll "e'A M 0 r C 2-u "b riVary
an. al ,so o ,"tlnWel iv1ry a .well aw thatp.ec o.ntyo r.an air ta.o ThPre
a. ie n fmore of thoCur i onity wdu o fl o lo -.,- : b.b. e' Th -"Mvalub ot ad

P. work towahe s-the -dveiopment -'f you-. ctiaFn, aid wur.ild be i n '
er.ested tnd. g.Vb in t h liberal y to this .at r .bc. ol.t: -
: taprEs upon the people w at tohe m-work, a.it. pat. er ealy -
worekawy .bere itetwiouth the o-fcu ts bstedoar tinly a

e',..e rtfet;r m br aa 'te.- r outeae afroein ot.e sd.tatei danw the
." ." enl oR-te Wet p t-ist. there ba .bfoa .at eh-1, Cleuber l yen. ,-

an 4.* al wtiytin|l tivtlry asel ttT irbrie
ar. "..s te o.n tue.Teof ,.ou o ty.wbo nOd t r. tn. s-he va n', o e

4". rt nYtoeds ther tev e o .loprnei.n of. pm .Ltatii, a.gt.'wodbt e im- .
*..-.-'" *sik, wt ..lb erl to .tis ataa o, t r. u ".

: .ou.- aty- ,, *qiad ot .- -r ...Tipag t. - y.. op - r d- ..

: .* j, e'71. A..le *MK&*oi.f. be _. md-e to ?-$4s p4 zs V .i -F.u-. ,, :. "

,. .l-r tl aa, .'.: .~~fWA .S
w. "te.7" e:.. .4. .U.b. W S45.. -.. -u.
*. ....: *.4-*. .. -. n--! -:,;.
. . ..- ,.:- .. . .. ... ,." .*:.. ,.:. "., . . .. . '. .. .
"A'. . .. ," .. .. .. *1. :. .. :- .. . I . .. .
.~2. '_ ..0,.:..:-..: ::- . .. .- ... .. .. , ~ . n .F -

* .t

,' L'L ...'"^ ," ' ..L" ; "'" S- '

a a ,n, f -. ?. th .i ,oon. ot. ,. th" ..u.. af1ll"ti o .

". ,i. l ,y p.| aeao ltr. I by r-durn edsre i.il f you will

*- .*B.rv- q,.'ri ot f aa,ih- a o00h ",har^ 'h,-A a I am rather over-bur &rn "
t'- -t. orttgnte .iep. te ,.os .hoe matiiav. It. hav ul a i S
a tals' .o fl.ryt ,t *A.er'e-t tyon .during the ho l-d. which l-
has intpeipgseatly with-t e 'rter ton wl b througweloult the

S th'ttiney,'ay'b ready to o con e .ork -by t. fhr.st of tebrua y
-and % h.at tihey mt.abe la .ponitio t. mlSe thoir pluegb, paytmnt
t* y wotan ofiha ere &$o gield nor give $5.55 1/5 per year for;

he Otub, butT 'our.. the'"lubh to eland .r'.,sponslble r thiown.
S. pe nr a the ooei n of a 2 wll seam ra r over-bur4-ut lstr to '
t ; yi tO ora44e864 t1a. state i 't nt io It. ham wa "ed

-and so4 tat teiy mna be i _po.it1o4 t mrdi! toir plage, t

Sf it is abSeolta.ly impoD sible for you tyo ervr in
. thic.aapaotty, will you not get. th*e poasent, o" umoleone else wV4o
ois outstanding ,i your county, and s.. sufficient influence to have
Weight with your oo daty offici&a'and other people of, influenrig
and- wealth, nd send me bd uname for-:appointrment, turning third
letter over .t.o them... -
VWith best 'o. ood wishis, -,

* 5Zn0.t'*lj,.-.,

- .5'.


5* -


,,. . . ; : .. .. ,. . ; .4' . ,





.-" ..


,.' .-.-':_ _; ,,.'o."1" ^ '^ ;-" ,;*'^ *" ^ *" ;_ "" -v"' *" i1''
'. 1 *^,, "" ,U' .,.* -; / .. .; -

-;'-t ? ,1 ,. ^ ,' ." .' -. ': ," ^ :' . ': * '.'.-: ', ".- :* . *
.^ ..E ,, ,. -. "" .: "* ^ '*L N ,'-:4 ,: .
-A". .',--- ,-
---i.. .4 '" 3. '-. ..
-X .-

. .' ;' "',-' : .



fls.Anton Schnieder, . .
r-e rtnt Plk. County Federati '. .. .4 Hollingsworth'Drive, .. ....
.^ik. L 6l ..ahd lori-4d .. .. .. --

.-. s -' .. .. " " -4 '-
'. ," ,h % .. Th plan Of the Federation Endowmenlt is to .- P .
poi'nt.p wIth the advice of 'the Vice residentt of. the. qotioni a
.Qhai'rman for eaoh county. Mis.,Vet Broyn has sent mae a list of : .
n neaes, and among% }hose"is yours .for, Pol. County. The County *.
Gi .-hinnants business w.-ill bg. tos. sppElement the work of :the Vice-"
p resident w*o is., already overwor.:.4,. end -talk Federation Endswment
S o ~ll occasions, o .Clubs, and'. secure throughout the .i.t)', if
posipie, with cooperation of Glub PreaiCezint, the 1.trgtr sub-
SriEijons. Will -yo please .read -the Endowment articles in the-
:.. Nbvem.er, December and January numbers-of'theFederation bulleti? 1
Youi-will then get the -idea that we are trying to carry out in re-'. *.
gard-to the' ce-upaign.. February is to be Sndowment month.

So will send special su.bstriptib hblank +.o the Pres-
Idejt 'br the Club individual ,..'bl anks..or the Club members and
so8e :oI thesalso, to the Coiaty Ohairman.and Vic -Pr'sidrnt, :
Certainly the Olubs in the loo ti tr6m which large ariouts will
be given, either by women' or men .Who are interested Xn the Club -
work, will be credit. with tWhe apount.;ubscrib .d in'this way,
; but.'we are asking Club'-not to ake .thelr. 'donation lesE- than $10.00 .
pee capita-per mie&ber, mad the &'argt -mounts riiBed outside would -
be additional. ... "
'We hdpe that ehere will ae a reat doal of Club, rivalyy
S and also sectional, rivalry ~ s' Weill.-as that of County Chairenu There
." are mawy men of youtht county who.n doubt recognize the value of Vthe
-Clu>b work toward the developmentt of your section, and wouid be, in-
ereatedand give qu4-4.liberally to thiF state' vork., We must
impress upon the peo-pl that the.a vork of the state generally. ia
neeseary because without the growth of .the State,certainly a.: .
OT...L- o_.ty- would. not improvee. The- papaign to develop'lortida has.
: ak L.a statee wlde phase that.we'must not overlook. It is going
to ..take the coasblied efTqrt of the4'ei-ti-zenshi.p of Florida, to com-
at t he- fightt upon P:lbda frotl t'i'poutside,,' from. otherstates nd .:
S the women will f-lu Kheir pIaplo.ln this work .as well.'as the men,, :

r-' Al cbe9krhxild bnader t the0 F.FW.C.Endwment Ftgmd ;'
n s ent direct(3-Mrsj..0t-e, D9 66t- Dytoxia BeachFlorida,.
'"who-u Tr.at..r er fr thi t. t ee .... --h.@.il lit- these dona- ..
7.'' ': : 'S --, .' .r, . ,"; ,4-j - . .i -

U-.ons ai' acawewledesed 1-

Di ki n- t h. tat, .. . .kin. Will--.
Jdk"ic i, C I '-el

$ address .of .very donrA W ae wov4AQ^ o li1e to hfle tbis !list
for a permanent roester I ct It. wi well to 0
m-tt on, .oOour.e" ar* ti O-.n ctfQ t Q, a .. .1,ati n of
.t.e. pe n making th. .arger do n r 'ioh blub: activities
S tihey wish.. to .he -.ori .giv' t "he where" tb are.se
:b ., n.
W1 1 kyou .ple etI ma khow by ttutn ml 1$ you, will.
serve or not, as e t ie n" o -b ort'n I ratherr over-bvrdened
tryThg to.org niap the st t* orf e It hi4.aegmed
uelelqa to atti pt' to t 4rest-anyona tw- g the.bolids whi ..ch
has ajiterter ed greatly wi.-tth' he odran.i' tUo work throw ughout .
the stdte, lefp' urge the o-argetzatio6n tf ybur Club- at onc8
so thbie teMy may be re .y. to" oomnl de work by the ftre.t of .br ..
aty and AlQ that thay i-ay be in. poe'ptlon to imke thpit pledge,
p .0ymeht. o. which i.1 extt& over-t.hreeyQara. Thete certainly
ie nort'ny woman of the Club -who o nuldAnot give j ,533.1/3 per yeat
:! the Club, but of course thq Club has to stand re possible fotf
'-his pied L.and the colleotAon 6of. same. I .will' send, out a let-
tar to the Club pre"idents- heortly. .

I. If It is absolutely ,tpo sible Tfor you to. perve in'
.this capacity, will y0 q not get. the consent of .someone else who.
is out~athding in your county, and of' uffnioint influence to have
weight with your county of fiscal and. other pd ple of influence
.and wealth, and- send me the name for apointnent,"turning thio
letter over to them.
X Lf.th bet. nf uond is ha -

Sin erey, 1-
- Sinqerely, ":

*. 9



1',." -.'
* ; -'. : .* j: .* 'y .- .*' ... .' ,' '* .- ,' ." .: . .. ...^ i :J '-, '. '
. '-' g ^ *^ *' '" -& ,- 'li ** ^ t1 ; .. :" *; ; < ^ *.'" ^ * '-
. &_ o,-

*1 I -'

:': : ~:

- .p-.** *r9. 7~A.-.:. *. *'~-'

S January 16, 1926

Mr 4 .t.hel T.Porter,
V.P. F.F.W.C."
"tuiart, Florida.

My Dear IMadam Vice President:

Sm- time ago wrote you asking for a list of names
. of first and second choice for County Chairmen for your -ection for
the. ,ndowment Fund. Only three vice-presid-nts have thuT far re- .
sponded. --- realize fully that t e holidays interfered greatly
with routine Work, but as I am getting back to the desk and. to the
Endowment Fund, I am especially anxious to have this -list at once,
because, you know, I must write to the persons -suggested and .ecure
their services as County Chairmen, and this makes a great deal of
delay. Possibly I will haye to write to one or two others before

I can secure the chairman and the state campaign for the Endow,-
S ient opens the first of February. I am aiaxious to get my organi-
zation abs lutely complete, Pl-ase send me your suggestions,and
talk. T.ndowiment every instanoe- you get' a charice.
You will ba;'glad to know that thi. morning 1 received
a chock for $100 from'Mrs.Tippetts toward the' Endowment. This is'
the first money received shnoce the Board meeting. Mrs.Blaekman ,
Mrs.3tanley,Mrs.Tippetts and others will. bieb here for the Legislative
Council which meets 'the afternoon of Tuesday,the lyth,with me. An
amendment to the by.-laws made it necessary for the president to
a.ppoint',viith herself,five delegates from her-organization to rep-
recsent the same. I sent out numerous announcements heretofore,
.and- very few oane, and 'it.was felt that-if. the responsibility was
'n a few,al '>prganikations would be repreneAted. At- this time
we will ,t togetherr aed-decidea to what sized olub should be
started as the "One Hundred Dollar Club". There surely are a great
many women in tht state who "could give 4-100. to the cause.

S .-Please rus-, me your list,giving full names and addresses
of.the women you want appointed.' You,of course, will be consider-
'ed the had4 of the. committee trade up Qf County Chairmen from pur
sectionn* I. n:anaxioUs that a great. deal of friendly rivalry or
'comap.et tion.,be'weetn county clubs and .sections be aroused, In other
wordatWe want to :hve a campaign with'a great 'deal_ of "*pep" In -it.
.Wifh best of good-wishes. fr you and yours .for the New Year, and
wt.,pp reci action, ..
S' ~' ncerely, -

'I') [, ,

CHAIR ,AS L -, "' . .


.. _" .- ,. . . . .. . ~
... ,. ".' -' ;. .* .. <
- '" ' ". J '"* ; '" *

Mrs it a
". ., De-r ada Vi. ,e P '.resid. . . .-

.. '. ,oet ..'' . a ago I wrote wyou asking for -a list of
S" nae f ... t. an -'ecOid o i. for .0 tity qh en" for-your ec- .
... o. o r- t.weit ? d.= O.ly e- e-pre dents have th, .
"a -. re-o .' d'. ,' ,". r .ali. fully that he holidays iterfee ad greatly .
wt ..r..ou.tlne wrk, but ,a, I am. gettirigb:k t, the dek d to the
'LWOWliep MFt=., 1 acn eOeially. anxious to hAve thiJ1 it at once,
Sbeca ytw I-ruo t WErit to the .pasons suggested and ,..e-
"' r Jobn' { e'r&in es- a-' .

e th ervce a Cnt harie, arid. this. mkes a great 0.al
Of'delay P46sibly.I will have to write to ote or. two. othe re b -
for '-" an -.saiu. .th'e chairman a nd. th statedpaig '.fo"' the Endow-
m. a t' O.. ens -" the .fir o f Feruary, I. am ai-,oios -toget'-my. or.an-
... tion sol ite ly- Complete., Pie. -e u.u g ti one, bnd
Statk oadowrtiynt .ave.y Instance you 'gt rhalt,
."Yof wiil be. 61- to-b .pw," k'"this.n'orn I received'.
a- checK .for $100 fro'aM Mrs.ippettb towa'd t' adow ent. 'Thla is
thn fi .r. ney received sc, the Boi. iee.ig. rs.Blae .. ,
ft re, i ey M1s T..ppette fully & to te rs hpliay.tr for .the Legisla.-
.-' wtit-Coutine whrhbutas th amftetnoak of teaday the 19th,with me,
wAn a ,endidant to.ri f-a esiad. it anieog't far the.t president to,
S. -' pLpint heslfI file aeletoe froo- har or ga.iati. on to rep-
S, rest the-'eme- IT i-r 8nt aru tor a'u at n he etofore, E -
o.-. e-. y few *ae.. n,'.Ita$ .t k4 ,6 ,'f i, .A e-"
p ei get a to*lhtrpa debida.ztoe whamt it. Cl should be.-..
far. d as- ha ie;u tlAdv '%D ollar CubB. Tere^ury are a. great
.-.I;.' .. -R -' .w.,
i.a -to .a Ple ,;g .'a..-' ia.oit. P,,'. e' and md3j is s.ug a in: bnd

".o.. e,.- a,' yo'.,yant..,pp.ted'. t ,iT ,co .rd ., Wi. e on ide --
'tlkO ft the p oomit tS.o'mAde weaaeAnry tro tyotiro.u g
:^ */*U'^'-' t^*anx on.Yow, --i tye 4 aond .s.ti- be .ro tied c.i ved .t
'..,,f.rf',1,t.a from,L'ra .Tipfpettt owa. f.&Sndwm oen Io it
- A.' aien nt -;to. Ii *- Sd r t4r. i; to
i o.. a f.e, all - : r-1-&* t. r .,' ro th.j.p .-*o d. -r.-j.. b e t-. rAti

' -'talB ^. W1,n1W~ .n h.tz.zte '4. oojfld yo giv'-'. $h1*.9 to ,e-a" o e '-. .- "-
*: ;-.*. :. C ,- j f. z .v. tgf-u- L: ee e. adtssses

.. .n l ,

1* i.' .
C' 7. . .: "' ... ,' . --. ; .

... .Ma d. " 'n" ' . r b.'r '" i
.;* .-.:' '*"*- '.,> < ... ,o i-- vao.. wrote you. awang .: yr p of na . .e
at 'il. QP V'oice'.rbr county Ghatrmen for yar.. oeotior : 'or
;thela.Rowmsnt tnd. Orily t ree vice--Apr dilnts have 'thuti -far r& -
Ap^ded, I realisially, that" the holidays Interfered greatly
Shbi bu'ti-la' Iork bot as a bapk t t dekad t he
"'A.. .dow eM F.rd I. ha d.' .' i __ .n e . -
be:tause.j yon lizow, I. mi'st, wit6 +ot' tp-the persons. .ugg6sted and e-q
S- "rp tf.lr services a- Opuniy Chairm,. en, 'And thi' m-aakes p .g.a.'dea3
o ;,dela ; Po Bibly 1 wa0ll have to write -to one or twQ other be-.
-; ,/' ,,..,-ca?. secure ..harm i6 i aid th,. stat C copaigrf. for. the ndao*-.
,, -. .eint ope ns th fi"a.'of- e'ruary.': 1'' .mpus toIt. getif -or'an- -
-. -. .. -- ,absolutely .-omlete. P-,lease send me your suggest ons-. and: .
. ..ta.a.owment eery nace yu get. a chain. .

.. .. You, wi-l b,01 glad to' know -at+ t..3.. bring I. receiv-d .
Sa c6h^ _for .410U. from ark.Tjppett. t*ar0-f the inewaent. -This-is
the f r t'-, -money .receiveff -sin'' the. Bor m.e dtj,-, lrr.Blaskman, Mrs.
,anly rs Tippet.ta' a'd -"ohe tr l eL "f r 'the 'Le iS ative
.CoWribil. whi ph meets the- aft6rnmoli4of Tus.y. th .-th. ith ..e
An- aridament t thV by-lrws made necen ary f.or the p'es"idet to "
appoint, it he-rsmlf, -five, delegate .roh organization to repna-
S. resent a'.the ame. I_.ent o'.rr Cerounty anrmen for ytuh. hretoforeor
'and ry few amin i .it ws l natreb ty ,as.
.tb-i all orgkn, atias woI d e a krep-se nted, Ate .kthis tie t we
..wil get:. together au deZld ase tc wahat siz6d Club imhould be 'started
t'e 'y Onu Hndredw 1 art lub. Tr hear rni ly agre a great ny "
w.om the. .t r e;ieat o a Couny Chimen d is mke r de
a:"..: de l.:;: Poiby t :. haveIto.riote -to onemor e oanr b ad-
rasV of 'the .^omen -yo a ,ppo3 ,. Yoy, Of course; ri be -
-..-,d ,- :the 'head;eof'.h the'tmattOee e ourigt, Chair -infro t-:
nIecntopenth rstg xo -1t'ha gIa pU o gtny -rivalry
tzatTn olutely aomete. Pease send meyo r suggestbonsusd .aIn
-...taIt .tdowuent, .etery frsta..ees3T.'.u get. aobanp'.- /

2n0;m. i am..nt:ito: th"by-lw.s mae it .y,1 aend or h fores;he toew
:.i o -'a- ,' w-, all orga"iations wot*db. re.te-etd., A .-this tine we
.-, ,- at th. Ou..L nred'ixlza, Club-" Thr -srly. se.& grat many

....~~~~~~J ... ..... -.i 3_.: &,. 7

: !an is 19

. >*. . .:.. -.n ._" y ,, ,. '' ."

V v P, .. '.
S'" Jacksonville,FlVd' ', .:' ' .' :
, .. ... . ,' ,- .

M Dear .Mady Aoe Pesidt. .:

;' I ,tTe agp0 wroe Yo.Sakiang. fot a list of
.ack a nV le ,Flat .* ,.

nanmes-. firpt. ahd. second otoice for county Cairmen foriyour lzo- -
tion for the ndoRwment Fund-. Onlj.t~lre vf vget-preidebt have thus
far oreasonde. I reyalle tfu.Iy that. t.e hoUlidays interfered great-
ly, with routine; w ort4, but. i ts a, t back to the deek ai. to .
the Scdowment undl '- a espe aail1 ; to h 6ve this lipi At-
Soncebecause,you aiaw yI must wrltit to th 'perSons; suggested awn se-
cure the.irU. erices a8s Gounty COnairBienand this asc6s a great deal
:-of delay. Possibly I will, have e to wr .tot. one or tw .others be-
S foore .-I can aeieure the chairman and e th. etate cmapigS .-:for' the Endow-
S m.-. ent oenp the first ot. February. I am a .ti t a to get, a-organi-
Szathon absolutely complete., Please ida aitotr /ugjsoutIohws, and
tal.Endqwmret Aery, instance aa'you pget. A tvO i '
You will be glad ;to nsiw tat i aoernir -I received a
.ohek for $100 'from f .ipIpetts- waYt F e Z. idotnent, This Is the
--first money received"7since tne Board wA.etiti Mrs.Blaeka nan,Mrs.
SSt-anley, Mrs.Tip.petts and others., will be here for -tie Legislative
w.' C n-.:; iil which meets the afternoon of Tuiieday,T.h 9,n ith,with me. i n An
aeni 'laent To tthe llyr trad the presio4nt to
wo:i .:, with herself five '.teais ront h~r organici action to rep-
resent the sanam'"- I sent out numtoie Aqio ie'onts heretoftre,
S and. Vry few vcare, and it wa fteit. that If- t'ne rieeponi~bility wa
S, .- fl ofw. v,all organi.za ipons, wtrauli.. rigrsene, At tnFs time we -
willj t. tog ttlet and lecildt'aE to whi.a% ia Club should be started
-Ome'n ..: VM ttt& -a d give .00o .t a oause .. .
_.-.... . ..... .... .. ... .. .. ........
: --:Plae yourr i -gvzng full name and a- '.
s-: s of t.h women -you .-Lt appun4e -,-"YoU of aodri e.wsllF e -
idetf th of co ittee imad- up, up: County airmen froi ."
o-- r..-seotton... .- a.,m. nxiLux s $nkat a g-reat 4Zl, btf friendly ri alf-l : -
r' .- t iipe.i ion. between co, ity s.rr ad .eclofa b arouse ed Tn .
Sfr' r we wa to..t hasa irt4.^ Wiar.-..th b t pa deal of '"Pa:
in ,...i A-;t';a- .ot wthe .r yo.a-d yo- t for the New .

., .. ,r~'. ...-" . . . .'"
~ ... .... -. .... ...... .. .... . "-' . ..-.
--'; .'- ; ; i ', .'" ,' *-" '- . ^- ''-;.:.- "". -- '".; ^ ;"- ;-" ,, .... '-. , ^" . --" .. .. .- i,
. '. '- .,e .'" -.. "- '

MrsMe de A.Lo-e,' -
CV... J.W .C. o
u ,Flarida. .

My Dear.Madam Vica Preals4nt:

Sometime ago I wrote you asking for a
list of naihes of first. ah second: hotic for County Chairnan for
Your ecotion.,for the Sndowmint Fund.I I Only three veie-presidents
have thuD far repponded. I regtize fully that the holidays harv
interfered greatly with routine work, bu" t as I am getting back to
the desk and .t. the Zndawment tPr,d, I am especially anxious to have
this list at once, because. .you know, I must write to the persons
suggested and aseure their services aS County Chairmen and.this
makes a- great deal of deliy. -Poessbly I will have to write to one
S or two other people before :1I qan secure the cbharman d ar the state .
eampaipgn for the Endowment..opens the first of February. I,am .anx-
ous to get my orgfanrisation absolutely, complete, -* Pl.e. send
.me jour ug agestions hnd talk on Endowment every 'Instance y.u get a
hince. I am anxious -that a great deal of friendly rivalry or
S competition betiveen county clubs .and section be aroused,

You will be glad to know that this mortinc I received
a check for $100.00.from Ma s.Tippetts..toward the Faidowment. Tlis is
Sthe first money received since the Board meeting.

M.rs.Blackmain, Mr.s, tanley .ahd Mrs.Tippetts and others

.will :.be here for the'Legislative Couneilt which meets the afternoon
of Tuesday, the 19th, wih me. An aieridmont to the by-laws made
1;t necessary for th, aiit to appdoi~, with herself, five f ele-
gates ifrom her organlzaOn t represent the, sami I sent out :Umer-
onu announcement here'toford, and -very few came and it was felt that
it. 'f th reponsibiLity was on a few., all organlzaTo~l ohn would be rep-
reented. At this -time .e wyl- get together, and decide'aes.to what
ltCeaC.lub asould e. tart ,4..as the *One Hundred Dollar Club. There
:surely-:are a great any wofaen in the state who could give $10O.00
Sto' the' oause. -. *

SPleaa ru ae your list, givi ng full nanse and addresses -.
o th.e wbhme you wat &poin. te4, You of Corse will be'- cont$dee8d
the head -f ith e, oommitt. Me.de 1up o:.County, Chairmen from your section.
: am arix u thakP t ur a amp,.ii. grea' ~eS4" f pin t .
'1t h'ato. go.oa4. A heo f1'da u"n. ydurs for the -w Yearand .with
-.. spRp'aI t in .- ..' tw e:-inerly, ,.- ,-'..
.. . .: : "- .. . = -. . :, "' q .: q "- .:. .-." ', ' " ,' 'r ;' ' ' ' :- "' :. .. .- .

'( rl''




I ~


_._ --, -. '' .. .- ;. ,.n -= -
.,'? .... .,;( -.
4 -
..,. .---. o .

S. .~

Janar.X, .1-'..
.. .' .
-, :i
---, .: 0 : " :. '. ,-' .. .f~, ..

I ;~~ -~-- ---"----"" '"' '~c'" ""' '"i~"'"

, h=



.' ,. :~ .' = r,
-. ,., ; ,-., .' : . j
.. . .L ,.
. ,,
.. ~ ~~~~~ ,,. ".. .. : = .
-' " ": ' ' i ' : : "
~ ~ ~ ~ "` : e' J ''
' : "' i .


- *.,, ,.. I. ;* . *- I:
. .-.-' _,' '.;.- .'. , ". ,.,,, ". *_',*' '' i :

/' o .... ',,::; .' : '.,' :, ,.' ^: _'* :
""- ''"

.. . . ..... .-. .." .. .-... ..
S.* *. ,' *.,, i
.-'.' .4 *

1' 4' '" ,

i l


Urs. Made A.Love, ...
P Ft.P.W.C.,
-" inoy Fl or ida,-

Dea' Madam Vi ce Pii dent -

.. time. ,,. *e. go.to yrou i .ln or. a. ".
1 l1t-of .Aaes of first. and e tc.n d,.choIca--fr Cotihqy. hai rian' for-
your, "lotion for tee'.ndovhn.-nt Fund, Only thrbee--vice-pr..eidents.
* .. ave 'thui fPar treponded. I- realize fully that thehol.idays have
i:nterfered. greatly -with routine wot r; but as I N.. getting back to'"
tbe.desk and to the Sndownent TFu24,- I .a eppoially-anxious to have
S thiBs list at once, becnaue, ypo. Jknow.. mtist write to. the persons
suggested and soOre.. their servi.e ap County thairiden: and this .
makes .a great deal of delay. .Possibly I willhave to: write to one
: or two oth3r people before I cai secure the chairman and 'the ittate
oampal0gn for the tndomvant opens the first of PTbruary. 'Iam a'nx-
S. us to get my' creaRiation absolutely cor4iete;. U-Please end
me your suegestione and talk on .nowiw&nt every ineitande you get a
.-* ehaIo v, anxious that :a greaar: 0ia of friaodls y rivalry r or
S Aompe Sition- between county,-.lubBs .ad :.4ections be arouide -

You will be glad. to know that thi.:. morniaLI racelved--.
a cheak. for .100,00 from UrBiTippett -town'd the :-tdo av et This -is -
the. firbt money receive eirinc the. Boar rdme .

Mrs.Blatkmtan,:'Mrs-.4tery .nd mArs.T ppetti and othrs
wlll.: b ere for. th' i.he.gitla 'tI C iBef wOclb.o i i..t th afternoon
of *teQidfay, the 19th- .vii b e MA. amendment :i the ty-Jwis m;a.An; .
it 'necessary for thi- .0 tAP apvi wt herserj ri ve.d el e-
4es f1t-om her orga tibn t represent he sae L. en.t ut mimer-
o us. -narmwcement .hep;"to1ea or& ,._ z, vet f"eW alne and it was feltt tait--
/if ute oresponsalit7i *s ioin 'tre w, rornes ttitoios )a1td ne rep-
p.edxted. .At tlth t. i.e'we will .et I .ogeter and- eotlde ai: to e .at
t. ea4-Club 'thouldi;be stieted. as Q.'.O .Enadred Db o f Cub1 There
S. .: r eiy ga a :a.y wa_ o.n in ~t.e a .t wr o -'01 give. 0oo "
to twe, 0a -4

a se 'u b e 'yo ,t ls g .r ll ".'ri e'-.'d.adad : ..- :
*.. f the ww6m4 yo wapt app.ointed.. a Co it'" e will be tonbidaer'rea d
> tbwh le bthy 9otdu4tt.5 mae Ua/te 4 Qtwt%4?tajrznezfz rofli eQs1t'tBt.t1QR,
I... aot a a s a o -ur .esn awiz h~. great 4eal *of. wp' In t,: :- .
Withet -4o&awiseisf yaw a yonrsr tile N0w Ye-r an -iq h

-a '4,' '. g'
!!~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~d r(.. .. i:. :o, ~ .u o_. ... ...e ,r"$ ..-:-
.,-~o -.' :::." : : n e .:' 116* lye: .,, : .-:.",, !- :.
., . .... . ? _, z .. -,, : -, _.. . :: .:, 4 -: .-, .... .. .. : .,.. ..J .O,: _,-;,,..
A '._ ,..., ".r : -. J'. -- -1'.* e "". :i " : "" : ''


January 1b,ul3e

Mrs.Israel J.oCall,
V.P. F.F.'- .O.,.

My Dear Madnma Vice President:

orometime ago I wrote you asKing for a li4t of
names of first and second choice for County chairmenn fir your ece-
tion for the 5ndowmant Fund. -Only three vice-presidents nave thus
far responded. I realize fully that the holidays have interfered
greatly with routine -Iwrk, but as I aml getting bacK to the desk and
to the 2ndowrent Fund, I am especially anxious to have tnis list at
once, because, you know, I must write to the persons suggested and
*secure their services as County Chairmen, and this makes a great
deal of delay, Possibly I will have to write to one or two other
people before T can securee the chairmen and tne state campaign for
the .ndowmnent opens thr first of February. I amn anxious to get my
organization absolutely complete. Please send me your sugges-
tions and talK 3ndownent every instance you get a chance.

You will be glad to Know that this morning I received
a check for 13i..00 irom Mrs.Tippetts toward the 3ndovnent. This
is the first moLnel received since the Boara meeting. Mrs. LacK-
man, Mrs.taaley tan Mrs.Tippetts and others will -e here for the
Legislative Council which meets the afternoon of Tuesday,tne .ith,
w ith me. An amendment w the by-laws made it necessary for the
president to appoint, with herself, five delegates from her organ-
ization to represent the same. I sent:out numerous announcements
heretofore, ana very few caue, and it was felt tnat if the respon-
sibility wAs on a few, all organizations would be represented. At
Ihis time we will get together and decide as to what sized Club
should be started as the "One Hundred Dollar Club.' There surely
are a great mary women in the state who could give .*100.00 to the
* cause.
considered the 1FGtsW r1I1 atM -le Tvi* UI nI m4ou mtv and ad-
frat-mba sxtebtui.wonel it jp t toal n o iz afleFk be
rivalry or competition between County clubs and section b aroused.
In o thr wo rds, w nt to have a campaign with a great deal of
-pep in it. With best of good wishes for you and yours for the
Neow Year,Mand with appreciation,

.. ... ., , ... ..

-' :. *s *,y? I.,~ -- r'-~-; $
4 . .. '. .4 .4 .1~ . & : .o . -..4:' .
4.t.. *. -,
.L'. '1 ",
... . .. ... .

S. *,. 'CP r
I 4 *4
, C. ..- '. .''' .. .. .. .

< .. : '' . ..: . . , .~ . '. :

:- , . :. '

.- . ., . . o' .'

-" ,, i .- 4"' .. .',,

MyDar a id Vice President'

.. it me ago wrote you a for a litf of
Ae'. of. first rnd second .ncea for County Chairien -ir your T.ec-
tio 'for tbhe snd.owlent Fund. Otly. tree vice-presidents nave thus
ar espondadd .I ;re.lites fully that the ollide.ya ave interfered
greatlyy with routi wi orkc, but. as I anm geSmi, baci to the desk and.
S..' to the endowment. Fund, I. am especially.ar cious to hI.ve this list at
Oto. because, you Know., I must write to the person flvggented an e: uret'6 siri- a~iri as County Chair uen,: anc thlis nares a .reat
.- ea 'aoi aeLf Poossti.by I will have" tb writfa to one or tw# otIheI ..
e .-,.p iefoyo I. an secure t enaitmen trnc tna state 'oaiaigrp n for
:" V' be. %hdo.wmtnt -opens th firsr%.of. February. I am anx-ous to ,et my
S orgas-iation aDsolutQ4.O Oomplet, .P, .lease send me your- su~ges-,
;f"On ay4 talkc E""owime -eve ry ,~'tn6b-yY uget a.ctance,.
.4-.*. YO. w n- a" w a. 'ctikat thia. onrtrc-irg -rI. .:f w Ie -
aww." .-". , .R .9V .5S -,1' & .W .' t ." .- .t .-5'&OSl -J, .'
-:- .hekic f.bir 09.00 c.an "re.,Tfpptt 6wart t:. Sowant. ,.:-
ithe ftrt moniy -eoeia#e.da anve the Botets Mrs, 1.as-
M n., l.. ts'r taeya.'a ~4 -irs,Tippett. a na 6.h er. wil b .hereV o t 'he.
.. eegit-l.ttv4-e Counoil whi ch meat ti a taerzeon of" Tuesas.,tie 19th, .
: -th i 4%. d alii:' nt o .to 8 Rws .~.-d,4 n B seary for to
:-;eid":, ie nt to apporit with, hor4f ive -dletzetas from her orgfin-
I.T: I-ta lan o r-prean t he sa e.' .I s.eitn ot* ntpwerou, atrnounoemaet -
; Cet ato e and veiry f ete And it' wais ~fe l tha if the respop-
'*Aiift~y, wan -,n a- .:S!w a!;.Ct *Onzat4l;s ~ ui;ter. prs nt~d- t .-
*40 t sr- .a e wvii:.getq: to t a 4 -ite h e tao what sie& Olu -
sh-- bd A t-artd' .4 -:the .Onefa ndred ,1*lar Club," .. There. s rely :
atrr..-' .a .g t maniy w t statt, who onl .giiv 100,00 to. th
Wj4 the h v&

vaa as ge1at dedl .
'Au ,o at n d yo & 1r
M -%. t frj h :--

-' ., : .- -. .* .',.
.. 4.. .. -~'"". j I b"r :" ,
2 .f- ..' ,.., .- "t = .,;. "" .
.-. : ...:-'",... ;. :' ; r' -.." . .: U ,, .' ; : : .- . -. .: .,..
-' 4'. -.' : ,.' l .. .: w. ,. ". ._. :: . . .,-" ..." -.' :' -. ',
.- -'; i -. .\ ,e-. ..... r .. ,. . ,. . .".-. - i' % 7 .. ". '
-;.' : "." ". '" ; -. .( '--;. "- .:;: ,--,"=- : -, :' > ' "' -', :, ?-. .- . ," -' " "' "C ' ... .: .
,. -., .'-.,* ,. .' --; ,i " k !, -; -' "-.. '
.,.":. Z ":.;: .: .'" _- ::. : ,.,.:,.* -. ', ", .. 0: .:: ., ,: ..._j : .,t.. ... . Y,,; :;.. .:< ::.

*'.' '


i .-: .' .:. .

y --" ; .. : .; ,- ". .-: .,ct^:_ _.iLo^ .* -: -H . .
'. " s t ; : : 1 " . .* ." ":
S . .i -w .. ..-. . .
So 1 -
; -. *sj. i f . . ,.! *
o's o .' .h .' .. . Ch .ra- b ,I-
Iov O -f-.te Vit Ftfc *t oi a. th0 ecti' .a,.a lfi ..-a ..
,.-.* *."..Go.t i e I B ,'t- -l .r Sftai ,~f P.a,'... ._. *of.. e. i' .W: --

..,.t.%hese i+e..oui'aS ftor Oha.Mll "-. pun*t--. Tlllt .Go ty CGaliyatol bUi -
.' .news w a:it b.s .' .a~dWS _. #O ~o .f t he Ve o" Pesidedf"-oo'..,.
already c ore. r cad and -talk: i fer O46o .taton on oc casi to .
M1 .. dt s.owlQ. ii :iA dtt^ .ZiAle.y If pos -ible, withrf. j ,
r.icet -of th Club Presid ,e"t tfhe ier a.bsctiLption.,. fWo e i lease
.: _../'-. .i a x.m lai -a :!.tla , .. a ._ ... -
onfd Mis at atAt Itv a Ier, l Ds cepaer 5l.ti &
h es, let s- You .-fwi th bn.g6 t tput. Ten theot iwe i.ns tryi t 1-a

-:- ... b *W.Irt:,P6Eli nk4 to t o e Presjt -
.' c raivlidual,. D ,lankn fOr the Cl x eimbere and.- aom of thi s .- so
fin t h" loaiion frad whil. rge~amnolsQ wf-li tbe i:veib ia~.
:,;w;:** iiometlel as i^^d^ a & Th Cia work,- w-f bc.
wit~ tihe amf~unt ase rlibed -,k aZ r u1 a ,..i a.
o, pt tA m.. g ..~ u.4i ..t" 1ap1_w Upe -.- .
,. th.le ....t.. a o tt .r i0 d a eWoa d t-'-. .. t o
? .. ..;.: w oe. w tit.. l .li. t e a a tal e .ri lry and -
e saaS&y-n of yuur-ete

..t. ada ividua: ..qu e b l ii,. f rthWe G .-att -ere wb .W4. se i- t -,. :-. .
-.,.- tupoe the pt le w tileh :t rc' the al ta' l.ian~ y nee-- -.
S-h.i .irll e wlho- t .then r. Aftfi4 h ost ae~ rtain. a .ou t ., y-,

notits at binkeytIJeA itatti&.OO'ero oqia p;er a o
e-Satheid.rgepeaxt.etsth rain o.'utso ewtoultod ba& 4$tlo
't.e oi thate t^hr wif' baeFadei*4a tv eialtr the $k
SiLb*ar tow^ardt4te 4ewxofyu setiapd wuld bt er-4'

1- t* a qut b t u ,si. s t w.F e wMt I
C:i -h- in 2etr th. -kve( the Y;%gee4ly.
Sflridbtt(a5 t othi fletrie.6 oeta, and. :" na
ILtflbr4 .7 -
*rAo r;flJ41iZt 1A 'tagS
-~~~~ ..'wI VS
tk~hf ~sB.tgi:~~'lft

-.,H6 ingtsW#rt~i- Drive,,,Lakeland
i. ..* .' H s-... ... .. ,. 2_ ..
J.cI' -

e l l a, '.'. ,. ;* '

'" ,. .H, --Srnand6 .- . H .. .. e., -
.,.. Qou t .- a C B- OS '' *
'4o ...r q ; o & .er Pi i e^ :. C- 'sei to- r5.o. Whi.?(^ -r ,-..roi -c

p a. ,.- .- : ..
q0 *1 4A i rg of '-.42

ol 6 o.i y .-"..:_-r __.' .-.. A .ito....T ...ri ied rPreg.. olk.: . Co F W

*' ,:.- *o .. ....
,. ., i: Z" .

., '. -C'o -- ,*.dr r -e Wrp -'Ozona .
.r- o.i. . .o .rl2, Am A P a
**' -," :7 ':" : "' -'-)?^ -"'-." 4- Y':- f" -" '-':" ,!t ir b J. 4 ) ": i "i.-' ?"
.:,_...Z;". -, '.,; .....^'' -.S hi -"--.-.. .? ?** .^ < ... ^ .+:.k+ -,- .?. .. ,- .r,- -.X.. ..

- t*. ...9.-" t ,, ......iJ' t-:- 'i-' ."g j J:J '^M'.-u. !i'$Feni wkL'pnb "ngt i.-u4n l : *"'t .(4 La 'y
; ., 4.- ,- .? .. '.& ", '.-- i.. . -- v -
," . ., ,j, ,q t fr. --, '. .- .. '-., --- -- .-
*'S okso ., .. -


a o'-r' : .. .. ". .:. . '*.

*.. : ,i.^*:* .,:o :...,li., ?r,^ ...,^,eo. 8+. 9.d,- fc ,. .+. -- -).V
+$ i ..:., ,

5 ...4 44' u '5 .. ., ,Sr. lti *I I .^
.--. ,.,zm ue... ..' "1,.4 '.--t.- ?. ,? -44- t .- .' -+-j .

:iA t : -:w J t'v e t4
I' ...

~ "; -i ?, + .

v ._ 4,. I. ...f. .. .-1 .' .-
. ,, .. ,.. .A ..... a i + ,... A .. .. .n .-

: . .- L ,4 r 2"t' "''- ri "3 '
'" ". ". -- ..
2"- '" "- ,- C" -.".

.-.: t. : ,:._, -., t ,-. T ;.'-I.
,. ,:" -." "'''' :..r.s..... I".':"" ... '.., ,+ ,+ ;,,I.t.; "\ +.;-' +"t,"' .. +.%
I~ ..,... ... "...,,# ,,Pr. ?, +".: .:;-. +:t ""+ ,+ . :.
.," ; 1; :> : .' .-:+ ''%- "T r ..+

, '. ,.d r

4 *
^\ ~ 4", *


7-gg2%Z.vV~....~..W4.t' .'~;~'~:-'~- ~ .3T ~ r 'S
t't.. ~
* .

sj 9- M.

tneor W Vt ,U aso am11 to ehae thin Sitt for a ,..a
roatr :i he4uawtrtes It witl bd well- to utia f r ist
his oeoaeotsoh, thi* cub WftillstAea sf the person aldig t W
,. lagr.4-a ita ts, or ta whi.h .lub aitility they wish to have
credit ivtep tow thermnt where tere we severall elu ins a
tow n n -' ' /' n' 11 i' .* '

Wil you $lease let me know by return )ll if you
will serve or not, on the time ti so eBort, and I on rather over-
burdene& trying o organlise the state on short notice.. It has
seeae4 useess to attempt to interest uyqone during the holidays,
vwhih haee tterfered greatly 4th the organization work throughout
the state. Please ur,. the organlnatioa of your Olubs at once so
that they nWy be ready to eoopmene work by the fi 't.of Febrtary
sad so that thoy may be th position to make, their pr4ge ledgK,
parent of whto h will exted over, three y$sas .' There certainly
ot not any woman ofthb Club who'eould not .give $3,38 1/5 per year
for the Club, but of course the Olub .bas to.etaM responsible for
this ple4ge and the colleatlon of same. I willsend out a letter
to Club presidents shortly.

If It in absolutely impossnebe for you to verve in
thit oapaosty, will you not get the qoAsent of some one else who
is outstanding in your county, ant of sufficient influetho to have
weight with your county officials and other people of influence
and wealth and send ae the name for appointment, turning this let-
* er to them. ,

With best of pod wiphes,

S ineere.ly,




I "


V .~
-~ *~a ~ ~ -

N:: ***''*

, -1. ...

*1 '. *1

.-$ **

~ ~

.-)rf- *'' '*,- "

~_;~~~~_~~ ~~___~~~_~ ___~_ _~~~~~ ~~__~ __ __~_ __~~__~_~~______

-.r-- --.. ----


_ o -




S. .. ., .-,.

JazuarY 18, 1926

Mrs.Vet Br-w,V.P. "..-.., . -C.
SBartw, Florida, -

My Dear Mrs aBrown' ,
Thank you so much for your list of County Chair-
men for -the. n.dowtent for your section. -believe 1 t'.)d you that
yours was. the first to arrive. I am diotating letters to them to-.
d.. y.. 'Will youpleae-read y articles n the Federation Bulletin
on. Endowment for .o&vember, Peceinmbr anid. January? I went down the
state last we*k, joining AMrw.1tanley at Orlndo for the sectionn 5
m eatingg at ararot.,a. hoping to. come. baok to-your m$nMgz on the
8th, but a. it was postponed we. all-had to. hurry-home to do many
things -
SThe. Legi lative Council. meets here next Tueie.y af-
ternoon, the. 19th, 'd the by-law .. were amended so that no doran-
izati.on could be represnted y, lr. than. five .delegates, I sed -
to' send- out 'a batch of: Mbticee and so fewy would come that they felt
.that poesi')ly the. responnibi lity.- re ori a few would make as
more1 sure of representation from1.each'oraiEt.lon,
ea ,*
I have n.ot frgot,ten'your request for- laws and posi- -
bly e-n my report is rade- it iil. be published in the different.
paper and you-will get. it that way,4nd then I will have it mimeL
.ogr, hed and send. It out to-the local-units- belong ng to the Go0unoil.
S .If any 6f. these woner. houd .'-erve -T'*il aAain
Appeal to you qome of' tb t i ow arn a. a&fr4.id they .will hot
.respoan. Pleae.do t- .t o lk ndowmnt every meeting
yu *can and ft you have yt ae. amoatB aailabl o utidt please

7 h 10t .01'.t9 s r,.s..4a3 Qa. a
4sSi$ -t.*Aih Xor ah 4X dondnifryo toh M 43 *
thehn0o- io. tn let.ers the%.-n .-"

h' r ,7 f;, ;
,. . .. ..... *... .v r ) '.: -
i .:; h^v ;^'t ,fdr^ : e^y^or reues'forl .w an : o;- _

., Mrs Wm.L . -- -' .

,. Paanp. ,Ci ty, Florida.. .

My DeArrs. 1 Wilso ., "
ph h . w li.' st of naime- and I -
am Writing your .it. ,eirp.en -, -lay a;d -se&nd Jiig u a copy, .
f sa ame. .'I hav r&, with a .reat,ea9 6il, '.;'.l "to e end'
_iank you so Aucih or th# sugJe.p.-ths-: .do aib"llemre that.
-it Is Jone asble fo me to leave ny d. sk .ich for there
.A.will -he so -. .e U en b ut, 'ut i. 3 in 'hdpes that the- '
Pblanks:atd. litar 1bsnt 0At a 1ttlfore other
Spsib n then I wMlllvIisit som cluDe -if 1 an but.I think
. t: for ,t.a_.o thy .it-depend"upo them -elves ,
M .1 .ckman w-il go w.evr p.a. ...-m, our .sggestio to.
v ,print-1;e names of- those who clonith6 world be.t fie .I v could .
fina ice auhl a b l c at ion- .~f the- b -.it n ou- i t c higsy -. ,
will aWpk. out- zyway, I a -greaious to push thai work to acoin-
pletio -before- h th eder on -i_'etlg, eas s. far as tha "
pledgesgo. Dob forget to hamtaor f-the i.-Sndo wmptevery timer"
Syou sp to4 a.n lu ot '- l'w ,toam .- b i ' o t.
t t i; ra d : ah'for -y an -d pure, and appieml-
.'. .. :'" r '," :
ation woour apopbYrotttn

-..MRS-. S .IN-
p3et' ;on fo h ert ..." tt''ti t le "st a' ar as th-"-

-*.. .'y -. -

* A. V A A A.- * ^ .- .*,, .
, -. ,. . .. _
I 'yus m~" e'!h ~~n. : ee% A-A. *
ti.gi .. t4~p~~b. 'A to-eav* '. sk ;tch Ao i.A~ '
b an.: ,latr ,l l~b;.so% ,r lC."t oetef s

'3 4
- .v
;~~~~ 1. *-I -

h )ttmato t nnitead your letter '-.

Ikh4It ibg mei tp -c-t1.VamLd.i n f
pqsitsi b la t eo to.#bsause I' 4an of,'tb e Legislative
Qqqnnt r .zuc 2gh to go to.o Mrs.xOftaratp rm.soing which
.... mye W ey-a -t hat
rost a

:7.~~1 e
('t' r ,d, '2 iIit&i '-' 3~.1 S 1-'- 94
r -'Y 7 P.

I .T -Q

*I -tj'- - ~ -iP .W 2~."

X: V .-

i -J
~ r -s-sI I I' 'U 4- .- i. .*A '? r

-I 4W r ; p... L. v4 *

-I, -
-!' #F t-. itv C -

S I Jai
-- -i

., 4,' . ,'

4. at. % C.. .3.
4'; ,xe./.KJ."F s 1?. .:i.: )~;;r...-p;ii ,> .-
r ~ ~ --J -i i -. :.d T--..'~-. ~~-
-.~~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ .r *r-.'. 4 H 4. ' ~ 4
-, 4
.IY -'
a- -- a.-~Y. -1 'j5 ,'1$~-X,..4S'-Kj *-&'.-. -~$ 1~~1~)1 ;I I~~-C;4:~ ~ :~-~_F


Iiry 6 9

Wus.Wm 3 Carpe ter,
YVt. ?JV.W.C.

S. .Thank you -very nuOh for Mrp.O.B.-as's added
.rm.n- for Yolusia County, but, Dear Lady, you have Flagler, k.
S' ti an.d t.Jvolas yet, to furnish ma names for. Please get th em
t me .aw- Sb'n as. poseibe. I must get work started. ,The irtve
is th f .lrt of Febiary,you know. .am writing Mrs Roda to- day. .
Mrs., .tan l iey i. -t. .te.right not to accept the Chairm'anship rfor her
*' oudi ty''a -she will be .the treasurer for her committee aid will 1.ave
te"liPt all the .ubsyriptions, .keping. names and addr'essestc.,
and'' sn'4ioney on to the Treasurer. ,

le ase. read *my articles on Endbwmerit.in NovdyeberDeoea. P
-- -a:b4ar-id fnuary Federation bulletins. I ,am sending .you copy
S of.l'ett'er ent to County Chairmen, .' YoUt will T b -i to ,ear
,. tktJ-: recel vd. s letter to day from Lrflippet tatenoloin 10o
d.. ati.on tQ the U.'downent' This' i .the first -reeit.ed ixinoe th-
o.ard- miaetlnt when .the- 500 glub .wa .r.trte,' '. Crs.Bjacianenk ,
S- .Tippette, 'Mrs.. rtanley. and. some others witJ:'e hers uesday of
jie at week the. 19th,. at* the me etinc of .the Le&ilat ive Council, and
S'we wiill #et together t'hen'ahd. decide what sizes..GlubtQo start-..
S- r 00 donations '. '

:- With bhet of good wishes for the New r,' .

S. .. .. CHAIRMAN .
S "- r' ; ..... '
. '." -- I.-.'- : , e ,. . .-,..-A- .... I .. '

IT 7 7 .,
. w ;, -1.. ..

*~ -I,

S Miss Kate Jackson,
l881 south Rome Aye- . .. .

M earth itas Jackson


.'. h"t' Thee plan eof th. Federation indowment is. to at -
pdint; with the advise of the 'Ve Prtsident of the section a
Chairman for each county, jKrs.Vet .Brown hag sent me a list of names
and anong these is your for Hillsboro County,. The County. Chair-.
man'- buesneis. wi~11 be -to-supplemner to00 work of the Vice .resident.
v who is already: overworkedand talk Federation .endowment on all occa-
sione to Clubs arid -secure throu.hott .the.county i'f posl4ble, with-
the .cooperation of Club Presidente, the larger subscription .. .ill
you -peass r~.ad the 2:ndownent articlor iri the Tovember, Dacember
anh; JUaluary ibulletlns You will their' .t thbe ide. that 'we are try-
ing to carry out inregard to; the c ipaign.. February is to be Endow-
ment month. WTe will send rpeclal aubesrlptin blv.nkr to the Pres4-
dent for the Club individual, blanks for the Club mtdbers and some of ,
-these also to t.h. County Chairmen and Vice Presidont.t

:Certainly the Glubs in thp, location from which larce amounts
will "b,a- given, either,-by women or men who are.. interested-.in the Club
work, will be credited with .the andunt: subeoalbed in this' way, but we
are akinUr Clubs -not to make their donation less than $10.00'per cap-
ita per mermber.End the large amounts raised outside,.would be. eAditional.

We' hope there bi .be reat deal of CXub rivalry and also
sectional rivalry,ar. well ..s that- of County Cha.ir ien There are many
men of your county who no doubt recoGnize the veAue of the Club work to-
ward the development of.yorW ecticrnaan.would .be interested and give
quite liberally to this- stpta work. We mupt impress upon the people that
the work of the ntate-g enrally is necessary because without. the growth
of the ."tate,certa4nly a-Cunmty would not prove. The campaign ta
d_* d'evelop-Florida has taxrin a'.tate wide phase that we tust not overlook.
It is gping to take.the, combined effort of the citizenship of Florida to
combat .tha fight upon Florida from the outside,from other states, and
the'wooen will ..ind their place in this. work as well as the men..

All ohaooks;houl4be =made to tte FFW9CX.ndowient.' und and sent
S direct to Arsa,.t,Stane.,Bo*'t664,a1ytona&BtchFla.,who0 is treasurer
"6r the coiriittt.. She. #ill" list these donations and .ackrorladge
sttaaeoding them 6irfot W lars.John W.Tiqkins-the2Ptate Treasurer,tp
bo le posited. Mrs.DAtkie will send. the final receipts,therefdre we.
must, have'the .11. ll e and address of every -donor.' e woul.4als.p like
'.. .'



., .' I ,,,, ,- 0 'A f 1 L
*.' -. .....1"" ", .' ' :|

*etItty- they q ist te'hnE credit govex t9t tea aivImn Where t re are

II.' .' , p e,-s4. t oa w by- t urn . .4ft wi ll serv or
ota ... i' c7 e j h. t t.t i. a r.th' r over.-bute ne' 'trying to
e r ,*rgnst st a.t tla't noti-dq- .t ..s s.fl md 4ntaeat- t6o ,
teampt to inttrt A anyov &rUng the holidays., wAl? hoats rfe greatly yiLtWr.the, orQg?tttO! 9 wnr& ttxroughhu th ste.te ?leape
bjL th4 orc44itton 4t i t, btb sj** orvne# so. that thr *.y_ be riadu
-" to oo -t& k ~"b. thi. t mt of F~br ety -anE so tat- th .y m"y be.
I' 4post n to4a4'4 $h1Ait tle4e *ag'?'ent o whicb w1i1l 4xtehn-' o'er
.,t- ~ ~~ea. There ,er t&ily ot ay w -mat f the 01ubM.w.o coulr
n givv .V :pe yaar vet thM C.e, bu o' qpee te C lub. hAs
t Q.fl ft toz.zit.1ttr4 tfb ipr pledge ad .th.e Aolatonw of aens., I.
"... ilt.'V a, etr -o :. b t.rse n o oni .,
.. t: ..... i tf. ..bl-$for; i. t.Q serve In thi c pa '-
.ty,.Il o.O nt}X g t tW Oefla.t -o BtrmeoU.t s. n# tx o oiuts~tanc i .
S.; :: yo4ur 6, ntIy a .'.c. 'A16nt it one o I* ..e jht wit your.
anty oftgit4.mtn QAioth8& 'o6l6-' influence aA4 nwath, n a 'k 'k
t.. -,e' r eppor.ne4,ttrnin Vthi let~~fter vrr to them. !-. |
S . . this .- letter. &dd'fep' to y.ou- -tu tt On* t .
; T "-.'".. o .-- "r n, ft: .yp..u i: t-, p b 4n-. b,-e.r,;f nifh.e '
M:s.Jrowz~ow fetaittall Vlce President. SBev.r4 .es,. .rbut oar
SViq .Cha' ra..,or the ..ortitt+o $. 'i.eme t.to -t .t i1 .. ft qid b*" better
4. tlelt"yAu h. Al0 T na fr ,t,' outplt.S' a3. big. ub.rit -- 1: *ti:n-
^-::' : -t. '"' juit *-Apo.r l.hb 0 iTho rna .p N ftlph' d w reL *M'" .RIp,.Pl-''-vBelrd .
i" ," and-H e Q, "Lurviy, ,-re 140Ae t i 4 f' .1kw -
In.nntW -u s" t t. e .pr.sidntA. or .iz : ens.. ,o I fwodsLl rfoiot.o0 -
st4 a r, 1.4.,rv4awerbeQ .l-h. she hiave eliwounWW.,ilo to raise .her Club ;
su~&tiioh awl I do riot-.want .tob ,vebUtedeit knywtc ant it St it.
im .stlcSot .yog to 4eryveplefiWe maIe th6a0ppoAntment of thiit county-
C- :: an, It wril I -to. .e per :.i it le to Ao0t 4 tth all3 tfe ,
.- ;or. i.-s 4tf Iuttalo4 tI tiZn- asz Spo .._ ay:.. C-- OI. 0u tatriding
4viu '*s ',urI-wAly'r4t4 uratred-o froi buat stiziig .n

.. -.. a .t -4 -_ .e .a.4. . -
I .- ' - A. : ... .. -,.od t4 ..,. -a.d ....p.- o tt. ...,.r ... . . r i f
...' .- ,.,..'--- .- ,.-.. '-. ' ." 4' "*;. ..." ".

" -. .'. .' .. ..-' -'' ..I- -. -a 4 . . ,.
"-A an *1,

I . .. --" .- .. .., .. ..r' : .. . "
:' "- ", ,,' :.K ^ .. ..: '' "'". 2 "-" "" --' "-^ f "'.". ^ .^ & ':'-?''. ; i -?...'

, '"A* 7 ~ ~ U7 7.4 ,,~ .. * g.~ ~ rg~n ~'~j .W..t.. ~''flflWN97WW4~ 4 <., 1'414SS(

~ ~

.ise9 Kate B.Jackson,.
. 81 3duth Rome ..Ave.,'
i .a. a,Florida.-'

My .Dear Miis .Jackson:

1.~~ .*~ '~

-The plan of the FP&eration Endowment is. to a.p-
paint4 with'the advise of the Vice President of. the. emotion a
Chadirmn fr. oncQi county, Mrs.Vet Brown ha .sent me a list of names
andr amon..thtAo iL yurs for Hillsboro.-Gotut7y. The -ouinty VCtir-
maits' busineo s.will be to supplement the work of the Vice -resident
.who i sa-lreadv overworked',and- talk Federation Tndokment o,.n al occa-
ions o lubls aand secure -tt-roughout the county if possible, *"i th
the'doperAtii an of Glab. President-, the larger .aub:,cripio .- Will
y- please rend the 'Tdiowment articles in the !Hovrber,. De ember
an-- ant-Jaunajry bulletins? You will thbn get the. idea the.t ae.re try-
n' g td carry out in regard *.o the. campaign. February-is to. be -ndow-
m'ent month. We.. will end special tuubsoription, bleai t;. th -Prest -
dent- for tW club- inaivideal., blarpkS -for the Club, iem'oerb arnd ome of
.' thewe .also to the County Chairmen and Vice President.---- .
- ., ,
SCertainly the .Cubs. in 'the location t.ftm wbiQ.l'lartg amount
will:.be .gven, Aither by-w .aen or inon wlho. are interegteJi in the. GIub'.
w-orkwill be cradited- with the a1nount subsoiribad -ih this wvay, but we .
are akidng-. Clubs Adt to make their' donation le:-s than -10.00 per- cap-
Ita p-r me.iber.annd the lart .amounts' raised outside wocld b additional.

We hope thete will be a great d al of Club rivalry e.ndT also,
S' sectipna'ivalryas 6 all as that of ECo.unty Chairmen. There are many
eti nof your. cunt who no doubt r.ecognia hbe value of the Club work to-
wArd"the' development or f/ou sotionzar would 'be iritorested and. jive -
quite liberally t.o this. tzate .work. 'lWe must izpresnr upon the people that.
tb h-w.brk.0 th shtat- .-nearally is .neceagary because without tnke rowth
of the stao certainly a County would'not improve. The popalin to
. deelop FibridA h'ie taken '. stat.4 wide phase that re must !1' overlook.
I: t going to 'tae .theb. omb'ned .effort ofi.thi citizenship f- Florida to
oombAt -.th'a fiht 'uon Florida fro-m the 'outsidefrom. other states, aVl
tbe o msme wl2f"nd Meit..plae:-n- thit 'ork well-.aO the me .

All bhecks shogid be wado to th< F.F.W.C.Endor ant..-ulsnd sent
direct tb .Mrs8.L.t' 7e'Boc 6O4a rtn -Beqxh,Fa.wh i'a tr-surer
*ftr Pat'e coaittee. $i. wil ligt' the.\ donations a.a' acowl&'t e-,
arka,8e b .dpoit .. Mr.sad. w411, e96.s t the ffnal retsiptsthA efore V .' ,
suet hav t fh u nae asl'adre of every dopor. 1t woand alaco ike
.' "~-. :" : .' .- ... .-.- -. .": '- :
.. "-..-.: ". ; -- '."-'" '" .. ",. '"' '<: ' 4 / i --. ,


I '

. .,,. ,. .* 7 ^ -. *; *" ;. .'**-. -." i.-": ": < .;"* '. v ^ ^ ^ " ? ^ ,." ^ 7v '. _T ; *;-'.q

*'. .- *; J, w' r 1 -' ; ..2 *: .'* -. * . i. -. ''., *" ;
~~~~~................. .... . '.'.............'. ... ..'... ._, ,.: ... ,. ,. .I : j .- .
a , . . .: ,. --. .: .* t' -.'

.. .,.* ,

Jnuary 1,I2 **



4.-.i.:4. i. o.kJ:l(? .,', } .' .y/ i., .ag-.. o*i .i^ ^ i mr .e .'
b*41 oL to as9fl't9Il~Q^ w004Vt05 'n tg Ovfltlttbten &tUItw

-a"ati' ..v*-t 4 t h ," a e4 lt i ot t _'-,-r- =. a1

Rt eass e .me now surn .- tw Xer t

,-" ranisa ,e ,tate *;. ,'o.stc'qti ,op. ...t.. Zwo. 0 .4 f ta'eu"w 4 to at : :
temp -t t t lerect U. uanycn&. urng-the holtds' tirhich:. t 3inft .-t, P-: 4
tgreLy *Zttthe oreaetzat1'W Work throfi&llttits. Pt ?laes&
:,-. *ur'. g -the .i-. Asi.n of. you? Club- ." o&t. .s hat ...-tte me be veady .
:., to,- oomo'not, wacitEk-;by tht, pirt bftiebruary- and oi t; th.ey-i ma b- ..
in.. p *'- it. .. to a.es their" ..p ..e payment h". ..ich i ct~A .o-et
*thkr0 y ars.' Thtre :6ertainl1y' .tndt ar' woma of tfe Qu brp. ao..
--t,, vt %.,, 4 1/ per y f' .- .r thI, ,u; *..t. t of oours the ub as .. .
t etp''', p na bXe'", f' th .la-eda. _ad- ,t e coe.tiq"n . f- Me-, *I.., "
-, a.end. ogt a:. lettsr to h Cb ~t ..ente thbrfl$4 -i...
,"''. f .- ; '--" t -II. ab. "u y ti"o -' "a- a- -
^ y.q~fat h t. 'ojmnerot '5idrftES4one *l wwt out9uibandi.rn
i .. ra, :., y..u n tr, 4d. oa t .'nttftet. oiurf eno t-iva,. n' LiL -, nt. .uP a .-... ...
Iun.. v of ra te. ,n&c-thlt ae- -opiof ae .tit.nf nu wed' tb, ar" d nd.
pie. the tt.X f p-or e' tmenVturni (lt s ltbic1sttsraover' to t.e m
T *4.4 *,et n.. ,
.. hai n a' yo w-ii o, a :e. *r a.stpee'.-frt labia. d by'"

s vq thanwtran -r th: C'hnilttee, it--seeriad; -to ise thit t *oiflbh t,
.* .- P let :you ti ad. ,.Ta p.. for ithe 6 o side asid ,.. k ittb.ir4,pt c8Q;u e -,n-'...- .,
; It-t. s ii fible. Th na.m furn -hed wereM .Pr.R.,aC., .--.
S." h '. in Ayve, nd 'r-.J,.X.aTy Presi.aent of the e s Io.at.on "
.1,,. I 4d qn'.t .w&aW.t' %Q *au prasideL.t of orgaC!d,,,ilon.v a n P.. AW.ri noa vovj-
e-. .ider ).s-,.iurvey b-..e g. sho,--ill V h&r ea. . t ch. .to -. .. . ft h r lub -.;
nbwb/rf. ig wl eaAd TI, 4b -A t-wyamtu to owQbatdn taf yofO an if a s.
*",bre-rk yoatV oerveplehee take the aoiptA u 'ehrt o4?; coutt
---: ..Chairlmai..'.-.It .-ll. khj.v to be a pyrson-.who i e.abl -.w .e'fric th. 4,1 the '
Ore.d tI ... .o le .- s l"- thout oany. . cL ,'n. n -"la ." h.'Oe'd. wfie t. 7'.O-t .-Er : ,in ., ,
t" j 6utoit y 6ttd' M' sboiet -lndiVicd6v asoriitt. fro ctet ending
., -, .. . ., , ,. . ., . ,. .. ,, -
I n . I .., .0,t. B -.;..
-,-' ', - ,- ... . .. ,.. -.. ...a.. ,
.4' .1 l pt't er-- ft O s-\. .,11 0 -
: .. - ': -'::". "- e e ,' .-"-. '.-. ."- .- :*t."(V 4 '-. % ...
....-_ ., .! -.

,' ' : . 4." "'- : '' 4.4".' *' -' '.~ %" 4-. '. 4 " .. ".' ,* ', ; - ..' '' ', *. ,

".- '-' -fu . -" -
r. 8' -i.-0 a 4 0: t a '

..v .. .. .* .' " '-* : .... "'; "- :; . ". 4 4 $ ," : "';- .i ,- ? "" ... "?-- .f.r.. o -'-
., 1. d: , -. . , ....
1 1i. r ,"0 ,,. . .-j."-. 5- %"- ',".,'4 ,: '--: ...= '':.. . : '. s, " .
-' ". -, -% ": : ,. ",-' '. L <, - .. : :. .... .'; '-. .. ,- .M, .gt:, e q. 'I.- - '
,; ,".,_ ... ,,'.2, --...0 . ,' A e '-: .. ',,';,L ,.-. .
.._ i..., .., k.x .,.? ,'.Q .."0 0 i o.r ._. ,.. ; 7' 7 .' .. 4-" r- ., -' ." .
... .. . - "," ,:, ,-:2 .. '- - " " = . "" A"+X
'" "" % -- ,, #; '; -" '-% ."P .; 'l ' 4 "" :; e% : '"'l' e~l ",06-'

*, -1 . . -. .. "


Dr.Grace Whitford, .
Ozona,Florida .
My Dear Dr Whi ford: ,

Tbe plan of the Federation Endowment is to appoint,.with
the advice of -the Vice Pr esident of the section, a Chairman for
each County.. -. rs.Vet Brown has searit me & li of names and
among these is yours. for Pin1,l, Qounty", Th. County Ch'ir an's
business will be to pu-pplement 'the work of the Vice President who
is already overw-orked, and talk Federatiot r Eidowmoeit &d 311 occar-
sions to Clubs and pecura throughout the county if possible. with
the coper.atbion of Club Preldentts, the larger pubsoription.. V111
Syou please read the 'dowmert articles in the November, Deowiber
and Janary bulltins? .,Yodt .wilJl then get the' idea thAt we" are
trying to carry out in regard .t6 the eampaigr. 'ebti'pary ide to be
-ndowment aonth. Wo will -send special subioriptioii blanks to the
President f6r the Club individual, blanket fot the Club mBirberp.and
some of these i4x.o to the Cointy Chaiarmen e.nd Vise .Presidnt -
e t mainly. the Clubs in Lhe location from wh'OQ larg
amounts wil'.be given, either by women or map who are interested
in ,th G l'club wort, wiX; b.e credited wilthth e-qanounti s-ubecobi in
this 1ay; but we are slacking Clubsa...t to Toak?- their d.orikion less
.than 1lO,00 p la opit et .erat M 'the large amount. raised
o utide wuvld .be-V'additionElf. o t o
hp be U ..*e r et. dc- al a, C-1.ab r1 valt
.nd also sectional.ia, ilry as ..1,1.*.that of Zo ut n haIrImen.
There a 'o mauy man your aiout -who.nto doabt .recognize 'the ri ue-
o.f the t.13X *Wr1it towal' the dteaOppliept oE yoiiftectio4 *ap4 would .
"s 1tOereatB .mat ga l uit l P iv4brl-s th atia.s *Qr. e .uist
iaps s apor th@lpeopt t ,ttt-,d wQl 4 te' th1iw ea ri nee-
b: Otuwt.i, f. el-e' .'-o t.ba&t a O1e t y b'ul n t --.

: ", *.te de ptse p.. to.t we iaotgto not ot.i 4de .:'i ..Xti s i rdntv .-
'KShfb4 oin th40t ti,"4gn ti at a the
mq f Th 1 te lt ti werrk 43* 011 ai tsr ii

'. t. . . .t

run, t. ". 0:d. r,-w .-AL..- .
*^"'.;. ^' .--: .' '-, J^ .* ^*, a.* :. ~t' .e/ . .t^. -._ :. r^.*.^'' :, "A

-- ~---*
;. .' . '- ..- ,. '.. i- -.. -: :x" *' . . ..

d 4"0nt e s "otk dg am sni tha Usot John W.

,ad-s' of ,rety dona We wol4 also .li to la, tite lli't
.- ~, :. -.. ; :- . ..': q !.. ',, .'

for a permanent ro t in ha4qt rters t will b w. to men.9
tion, f oure, 'n thi. onneition, the .lb aff iliation of .the
pe son_ making their jare "_nOttlo't., .or.to which Club.notivlty
they wfAsh toa aya oea &t. gJivenx for the. amount Where'there are
...everal clubs th- a twn, .

Sill opy please lt mie khow by return m 1ail I yof w1i.l
serve or hiot, d'as'the 9tsuae .-f whort anda m rsthqr over -burdsned
.tryiz ". to orga~f4te th state .a hort noot.i .It h. se smd.
pa A to attepst to intbtat P anyone during thie olittays wrh2h
S has interfered gretly 4Witthe organization work throughout the
stat'. Pleas urg" th' e 'ia.att' n of your lub- at on"e o

*" Wi' wIB.lo. xAnd over twree.ye'sa t. Thete oertqinly fi nt
WVa' woman of, Othe CtLio Who tiold- nol `;4ve #3.35- 1/ per yea'fr fb'
the- Club, biut ?- oours.e -the. 4.i hbaa, to bt,4 rsapons -l for fhis
Spleg e &ns the acllection o. Sae IX will Sthe C.lub prie-Lats. shory..

:' - i t is te ...s ly ixs ba ibl .for yo -wto prve- in
S ohis ca:olt i~. -ty .1jo' riot gat the qo-ie nt. of. omeo.ne: ae., wp
S .s utftandirig in your .uut.ty,-and of auffiTa i t inflinoe 'to have-
wei ht. wtth, ybur -ouny ouf~ tia nd *th : the people of .iu rLc e
:. .' w th, and eqaind 6.4 aOi I io aP tmes"t trnrihh this
letter over to ttm..
i ,I'. bs a -. ,Ibest of agrod wishes

qInoar ely,

r .. 0- .

^^^.1 i. e^ fij^^^, : ..

4^ :j." -

, .. "' *- l' l r. ", e.. -'. -' .F-.: '. ..
; . .. ;.- . ,- ; . .' .,w .' .: .- '} .. ..* .* .. . '. : '.. .-. .- -. .

1 .. East .G d ." en -."reet . -. ," ] ;. ' *-r .' o'
''. ' 'ensacola' ;
. . .. .

M Dar iss Burro .
'Thank y6' very, ch or your .-lett . :.ittl

* *more? 0than.a wnth. Iia,-I have been-' so rushed new there
'was Paolutely ho, use to .take'up the matter if try; during the
S . terest a.one in idowent drie-, r .w the' ,
M3 DeaAd .-A k t urrow' :'rt a i rar

seoorfd-tlter'torqa re1azne from the Vioe Presidente 'd I certainly
*. ,. appreciate-'.our..prm.pt .3, ... .1 am sending .you copy of. letter .
thatI writing t6-.d ay.t 'the women e. .nmes. p ere kind. .
enough to .urnPh e.. Pleeas push the Bndowment evetrywhre you
can ttd as soop. as I gethM acceptance frofn your 0oo'Uty chairnin
Swill so*4d Ath e names to you so th At zyou V Woiv rk-wthit$bern.ahd
S push' thiPs .lng.

S.fi 'io bes:tof good i wsth for the New Year and ap-
preoi.ton for yo"r cooprat i, "

,- . ,- . . .o . R,-- tJ.d. , I |..
.-S. I

S. : .. : '* . .- ,

, 'x . . , , . ..
r -, ; . . . . , .. " .
.- .. ; . . ,, .. . 'e ,. ._ . . '

~~~~i .. .,, ,'.. ",. ,

-.7 A4a'

. : .'.
" ,' .. '

S ,Th plan.f: the .drat:, .oa. p .owmeBnt. is to., a ppol- .,

with the advice of th1e.4ice Predeat' fft Sia ftiOtnl,a .Chalrtaan for
ea c: O Lnty. ia sJJell -Brrow as .nt. me a list -of .ames an. amaii .
S. thes As yours for .Santa R&oa Courty, ''rh '.County Cha rmain's buad..
i, wll b..e o stappleet,. .ti' work of!" the. Vice Prf.eldent who ia 4,--
S. dy .overworked, ad talk .adal. ido n' ia-ow mnt 411 o- ccasiori to
lub and saoru throughpi t the -conty it ..a.iblewithi the,. c" opr- .
Si;for of Club Presidit, t" .rer ubsati "o-A i .o -pl ase
S q dth. te ndow ri' t artiols i i the .iovembqr, D.ebeabar an. Japiairy, .
W iletis. Yoo will t n get th. 1,fa that a'e, trnto-.car
Sont A. regard 'to ith caipatgit. PFebruary in toa Ehlwi' monthh.
i- -
.- -.." .te -will send ia .i!ubsc'riptionblan ks .t.the re9en for
:.". e ';lub i .i du al1,blan cs tfr the llub .,i bears -aMd aodc.. s thse -
'.also- th-e-Co-,ity Cb iratn an, Vl1 Prealidnet 1- Oeart4iy t,-I
l . bsi l,;the. loi ation f awtl hi 6lcah u rg1a n'.t"w.ua wi;l- ?b- iteh. eithe~ .t
.' :".' y -woman di.' mdnm who are. ntrat, r et nt I e .iut Cl.'itp. -il)i2 .be ofed- ..
ta "" d i the -i e aribunt i~b~teritbed i tKh.:i way, .bu wet-are asking Clbis, .
at ti mak e.iheir do i ,tin. las .tti& 10.'O .t pita per Temiber,
and .th- large- a&ou nta inilld ts tda-wo4 .b a4d4tlonalt.
-pie -.there w&.V be- .gap e o. C i brta ry a" e.. so o- ,
-. tiO-- .va l vi.s a arma T.her ar.e.. many.

-: givt 4ua T .t ra. to t4 ,r t ~ rtei. e ". itrnts:- up.o n tb
S.~d ta thdw~rlak tf'.ithe>ittie "wuent 1 is. Wsanary booeiqsee.
t it a .4 the ghiowrthc Ah A- t .tfreea w l al g M t-ifprov. .
Th* ; q paij i 4vhlo SL..t> a t. .O .t-tI i'e 0 phase that we '
SW. -.s.i ew oT"veir I t r Jeli.hg ii tI: Ital ,j- ki e ~crt of tho
4 i.'sesa -- io'ridt.r*t.''1t ... ;Ti p .~."orita frn the .
o4ttbtke ,ttou -of '- - 1 ULAW
f'.'f.:. .*-, t,-i. rk,. *tB W,. l ^a- tT.-^S.4' .^*. --.- ., o f.._ I'.. ..
.*' : tioa. ^.-w.^ : b.) _ -: r." ,:. r= ::. ; Ther* ; : '. ..
S. . r ht... . .a or t. a I I-
Sto o. I r~. i `:
tJ.1sC.J** 4n.- -d -:

......^ 'i^'^ iiw^ r-tte^^...- 4 -' --4 q..s...4f .cs ate, . l : *
'-,; ;r.".- ". .,- .- -

: olptsthstr v .w: must hav.e t ttDa"t ;i1a4d _. 4oze,.s of oery d r ...
S.We w.uldalep..1-U to k ve a !.At A t i i a tt ro.terA.tt.in het.
ttartrs. ., Vt 11'1 b w41 A flt$t S 6rt 'oeuro,i, thjFs oofneotio,6
hioh. Chub 'otivty tbla isflsi ht* arldit given for tte aromt
wh.... the &re nvers; -.b r ,tti ..:
-. W~1a yo p3eaelet me kaCw.by; eturn .m1 if..ou 'ill serve.or
hot, d tihe time is ,eo .:hot~ct adI. -fathbr over-b-doene tyrifg to
o.gaIai the statt o.n short' nottl. .It has e0i9wa twe lessa 'to attempt
t. o -. et.ee t anyone during. the. h1oyq,~:, hioh ha-~interfered gre aly
with .the' rgain.tUon wor'k "thoghtOtus tt .. .Plea r.e irge .4
anizatiiL of y our.-Cibe at 6ibg # thdt thty. may ,be ready to, o' ot
..pe"w:....l. '.work b. the firsat.,r .o Fbrutty .:and'-so that they may -b i'n post' -:
lon to; Ma"'ke thelr ptsegepqay aent .ef-r.iot .w.il xt end ovrg three
,- yeaae. hl etfa .qer mainly i .i no iy oian o.f the ~.Clui wvho oe 3 d not.
S.gi. e pa ./.pryeat' f t-ih b, but of- -o. thaOlU C -bas to
tA ii ipon ibli for this pXEd'e adr ths zool'ta -f1a f s'ei Z 1t1
.saia -ut a&4etetr to Giub' piretLiitas ehortly.'.
... ,If. it i"S a;olu-tely i.mp>Babl-efor't-ou to .srve 14 thi r..-capt-
S.-.tyiw1 l.. y.-ou noet -et t:-te'nsent -of, aud~wo' elsewy6, Is qutsftaArd-
i ig in your oQunty,j -si A pt euffiotat4kt inftuono.e to thave weihbt with
yozW. oOunty offiPcia! a*Y other people 4 of.nf uen#e. an,.wuealthw. and "
Sand me .the name foer api'rtt ent,- tur t1hibs lter'over to them.

y sPuax MrgjteadF ,
. Burrow has kir.ly tirnish dme lst
.,":, ahe g v mea your ~_~.a Of'.oourie you a e on the :r.nouetnlit.,State
Obu: itt e I Hl m going .to ask you ,t work your l-wn county 'f ?qi willbe.
9ides. keepi8g-a- kina of. i4apervsBLOr. j ove the'rt. t ,-..f cA our l I -a .
.l octi3ng the Vi's Pri4.bents to .o. 4 rAti~-ist:.a- .ot .r I a
sq i e nn4 you thel.-ounty~' Obwi.na.r let4 -. -- --
I-f- i-t 1..-ttDoest ,-l tl "for ou -4o do te -6k s :ot.: 2aee. .

A... --
smept. ...---- -~~7+ ai'~R~l #s. .
raa~ ){U flI 7WiJ WI
.4~ ~ ~ 4 4 d:
3f:l& ~

t Sr 1-
3.,*. 3: .. 4L~
4: 34 .j4-
~24'tt. .1 A. C -i 4 : ~ '~ 7~ .. 'i
4-- A ... 4'.!' -"-'


. '^ .-. .. : ."

iany 1t 1980
"* i :. " ' "": a' . .-- .,. '

.. Mrs. ra.nk trana.ha.r,
V I r)

-..1 1 1=.1.. 1 ... . = .- .. '- ."' . *
-." "",* ''' .. *'' ,

.' *' *' : .- r-"* 4'
: .. *. l. ,**.;7*

." . ' .' .
.' .
-" "; .: ', "

. . I : -
: Fort Lauderdale, 'F1lorida.. .

S My. Dear Madara Vice President:

m. etimee ago wrote you asking. for a 'lst-of namesa
of first and secofid chole for ,Coeunty Chairemen for'your section .:f
.the Endowment Fund. Only thtEee a.6e-pre-sidite' hate thus fart re-:.. ..
sponddd,, r.lralZse; fully .tha. the hqliQays- interfered greatly ;
with. routine work, Wt. a& I ., getting back. to the desk and: to the
Br nAdofent.F. .F4 .m espeot4l.l. -anxo.us'to .nvre t-his .lst"t once,
Sbecuause, you know, I must write -to the peirorr n suggested and secure .
S tlier lerv ieces as ..Cbunty.Charlnnen, atd. bhi;s rmaks a gre-at eadal-f .
delay.. bssibl1. I wilt .have to write .to one or two others before- :
can.secure the. chairnmanand the state campaign for, ithbe .?rsiant .
* 'opepes the first of Febratary. .I m an-sioue to' get' iy- ogaii4 1son .-
:absolutely complete. Please s.ed. re your suggestions, an.. -talk
Endowment: every' instance you get' a henoe. .

You .wil. bq.:glad to 'know -that."his morning Ireceved ,
a check for $100 front Mrs..Tippitts toward the .ndowment, Thi is ,..
Sthe first money received;. since the Board meeting. .rs;Black anMrmB.
.' tarlny,Mrs.?ippetts ari others will be hete for the Legislative poan-'-.1
6il which meets the afternoon o-f Tue8sdaythe l9itfwitb me. An ,ameun-
meant to the by-lawi made it niecesary for the presidPunt to appitint- .
with herselffive delegates. -from aihcrorgani ation to represent: the
the .sae, .. .I sent out numerous annouticiments .heeto,~foe, and very-
Sfew. oaineand it was felt. that if..fr l responsibility Was on a few,. ": "
all organizations. wou d h 'repr.eeBnted. At .-thi time we will get
together .and decide' as to ;-what. $Qd CXub shouldd be started: as .
-'the "One Hundred Dollar Club-" '.-There are surely. a gteat Wany' om-
''on . in the .state -who' wouldd gZeie- .Fl0 to the. cause. .

.Pleae .ru h.me your. l.t,givi g fullnae 'ad ddresse
' *" of. the aomen yo-w.ant' appointed. 'Youa.pf o urs tillbe considered -
the head of the committee made "up f t.'Ontiy: Charei fm VrF -'.: s:o- -
. ..- ten. asu.dous that. a great .deaI.of friendly. -iralry or com, -.
pei" ion between county olubs anm- aet ot 6a ,be&arousea. In other :'
words we. wnt to havE. a damplgnls5it &. %1-at deal.of "pep in .
S...:. With best of g'od w .a os for- yu ".'yours fto the Ne Year,.
:4 a'.. thap reciation, .

11 0 :,. z .

43;'. : .i,




N C January 16,1926

Mrg,,. t.A.We lld,

My Dear Mrs,. Wells:

The plan of the Federation is to appoint,with the ad-
vice of the Vice President of the section, a Chairman for each
County. Mrs.WnL.Wilson has sent me a list of names and among
them is yours for Washington County. The County Chairman'-
business will be to supplement the work of the Vice President who
is already overworked, and talk Federation Endowment on all occa-
sions to Clubs and secure throughout the county, if possible, with
the cooperation of Club Presidents, the larger subscriptions. Will
you please read the Endowment articles in November, December and
January bulletins? You will then get the idea that we are trying
to carry out in regard to the campaign. February is Endowment month.

We will send subscription blanks to the President for the
Club individual, blanks for the Club members and some of these also
to the County Chairmen and Vice President. Certainly the Clubs
in the location from which large amounts will be given,either by
women or men who are interested in the Club work, will be credited
with the amount subscribed in this way, but we are asuin0 Clubs
not to make their donation less than $10.00 per capital per member,
and the large amounts raised outside would be additional.

We hope there will be a great deal of Club rivalry and
also sectional rivalry, as well as that of County Chairmen. There
are many men of your county who no doubt recognize the value of
the Club work toward the development of your section, and would be
interested and give quite liberally to this state work. We must
impress upon the people that the work of the state generally is
necessary because without the growth of the State,certainly a County
would not improve. The campaign to develop Florida has taken a
state wide phase that we must not overlook. It is going to taice
the combined effort of the citizenship of Florida to combat the
fight upon Florida from the outside, from other states, and the
women will find their place in this work as well as the men.

All checks should be made to the FF.W.C Endowment Fund
ang sent direct to Mrs.ML.Stanley,, Box 664, Daytona Beach,Fla.,whor
isr treasurer for the committee. She will list these donations
and ackniwledge them,sending them direct to Mrs.John W.Dickins.
State Treasurer, to be deposited, MrsDickins will send the final

_ _ _ C1

reaeipts,therefore we must have the full name and address of every
donor, We would also like to have this list for a permanent ro-s-
ter in headquarters. It will be well to mention,of course, in
this connection, the Club affiliation of the person maKing the
1iarger donations, or to which Club activity they wish to have cred-
it given for the amount where there are several clubs in a town.

Will you" please let me know by return mail if you will
serve or not, as the time is so short and I am rather overburdened
trying to organize the state on short notice. It has seemed use-
less to attempt to interest anyone during the holidays, which has
interfered greatly with the organization work throughout the state.
Please urge the organization of your Clubs at once so that they may
be ready to commence work by the first of February and so that they
may be in position to make their pledge, payment of which will ex-
tend over three years. There certainly is not any woman or the
Club who could not give $3.33 1/5 per year for the Club, but of
course the Club has to stand responsible for this pledge and the
collection of same. I will send out a letter to Club Presi-
dents shortly.

If it is absolutely impossible for you to serve in this
capacity, will you not get the. consent of some one else wno is
outstanding in your county, and of sufficient influence to have
weight with your county officials and other people oi influence
and wealth amd send me the name for appointment, turning this
letter over to them.

With best of good wishes,


( ^^.JE1^II'TGS

Jan. 23,.1926.
Dear Mrs. Jennings:-

Mrs Wells has just gone to the hospital and asked me
to send her regrets that she was unable to help you out as the above
suggested. At this time we know of no one in this county that we could
feel safe in recommending to you.

Yours very truly,


.-;ie-- v -


January 1, 1926

Mr. Alexander St. Clair Abrams,
617 Dyal-Upchurch Bullding
Jacksonville, Fla.

DeareUr. Ab:rams:

An emergency exists in Jacksonville for Hospitals
too great to give Publicity through the papers.

Jacksouville has hospital accomadation for a town
of 60,000 inhabitants. The hospit 13s are compelled to turn
sick persons away every day.

I have been a director of St. Luke's Hospital and
on the executive committee for many years but am seeking
-funds for St. Vincent's Hospital:

BECAUC, the patient cost per day is only i 3.05

BECAUSE bed and private rooms are within the
reach of those in moderate circumstances. (The
highest charge for room and bath is only t5 a
day' the lowest rate is $2.35 for a ward bed
or $15 a week.)

BECAUSE ten per cent of the work is absolute

BECAUSE the Sisters have made a really remarkable
offer to meet the emergency hospital situation. The
Sisters propose to erect a modern 200 bed Hospital
provided the people of Jacksonville give $250,000
toward the project. Such a building will cost
more than $600,000.


---I .'ILII



h. d, *. :...

The proposal may not be put before the public even
though St. Vincent's Hospital serves Jews, Gentiles and every
white person alike, the ridh and the poor, those who pay and ,
those who cannot pay. All classes and all creeds seek its
S.- service. Dr. John E, Boyd and six other physicians compose
the Official Staff.
yo A touching incident that happened last week, which
Syou probably have readtbout in'the morning paper, shows the
need. The little twelve year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Philip carter was takento 4. Vincent's Hospital by.a physi-
cian wellpknown to both of us and no room was available.
The child died on a cot in the hall.

I know you get many appeals for charity but do not
believe that any will reach you, more desperate or more worthy
than the appeal for funds with which to build St. Vincent's
In the hearts of everyone there mast be the desire
to help those who suffer. and who have no way to help them-
selves. Won* you think thi situation over and if you de-
.cide to give, let it be a gift with nor regrets, but one of
thanksgiving for the many benefits which life has given to
Very sincerely yours,

P.S. '.rs. S enningn wi ll i call on you ne thin a few :ays
cid to ie e fb itwt o ertbtoeo
thaksgvin fo th man beeft wich f asgvnt



~~,aQ& nw~- eei~ ~~ J-
G92~c~d)A,6:TC ItZ? ecc

$~rw ne~u~eL.

ou,-,Al /"


zwcv. Ar> ^Cm- LIU_ ^ / ^r




~c. --d~aee~

a' dP~L(/~L~Y


~ D.

'U-~Z-. P -- /

Q~e C~ ccew~S"I,
t2L~ cZEc /L

The Springfield Improvement Associaion will hold a very.

important call meeting, at the residence of Mrs. W. S. Jennings, 1845

Main St., Monday 3 P. M., January 25th. A lot having been purchased
from the city, plans for building will be considered and all members
are urged to attend.' Every one in Springfield should be interested in
securing a club house-a community center for the suburb. Bring a
new member-we should have 500 or more. Regular meetings of the
.Association for the rest of tie club year will be held in the Guild Hall
of St. Mary's Church.


Chattahoochee, Fla.
Jan. 19th.1926.

My Dear Mrs. Jennings,

Your kind letter of the 15th. inst. came duly.

You have been most appreciative of my modest efforts, to

use the little verses you mention. I shall be glad indeed

to have you send them to the ""Tropical American", and if I

have time, I'll also send some other little verses, which

you may send with these.

I congratulate the "Avisory Committee" on their

selection of a Chairman. I'm sure you will wake 'em uo,and

stay on the job.

I have my hands full here with the Social service

work of the hospital. The Institution is growing appallin-ly,
and of course, the halp must increase with it; and/more than

200 uneducated, undisciplined and "disinclined" (-or the most

part) young folks among the employed, there are many problems

always arising, and much work to be done. It uses up about

all my resources, -mental and physical; so not much' time left

for writing.

I know you will be glad to know that -ur little

Doctor is still practicing and is as enthusiastic as ever. Sr

Went with her to St. Louis this past Fall, where she took a

Special course in Pediactrics, and she is now confining all k

heriwork to children and babies.

I visited them for a month last summer, and she was diinP

then, what she had been doing for nearly a year:- startin.o at 7

A.M. and going like a streak of greased lightening until bed-time.

Then, call all thro' the night, until we positively laid down the

law, and night calls were not thereafter observed.

Her associate Dr. Peek, was away for a three months' va-

cation, and she had charge of all his immense practice, which

includes nearly every accident case in the city. I sure felt

the keenest gratification, in observing how she handled, single-

handed, so many difficult operations, and how successful they

were; also every imaginable kind of sickness and treatments. She

had all classes -rom the millionaires to the beggars; but each

and all receive the same modest, dignified, kindly consideration.

Pardon my motherly enthusiasm.

I am going down to see them again in Febuary, Her husband

is just one of the finest men I ever knew, and they are so hanny.

Chas' and James are at home, I am glad to say. The former is doin.;

real estate up in these parts, and.the latter, in school. Mr. K.

gets pretty tired and worn, at times, but on the whole, keens nret-

ty well.

This is quite a long letter to write to such a busy lady.

But I don't often get an opportunity todwrite a social or friendly


With every wish for your continued usefulness and success,

C" J Yours most Cordially,

Mrs. W.V.Knott

'"Compensation" has been published before and copied quite
a number of times. One editor, who copied it, wrote me that he had
received letters from all parts of the country, commending it. That
was very encouzging, and I mention it, because I know you will an-
preciate the fact.


jan. 20, 1926 w

Mrs. W. S. Jennings,
1845 Main St., City.

Dear Mrs. Jennings:-

Herewith list of the women, with pencil memorandum of what
has been or is being done. Where no comment is made you will
simply understand that they have had a letter acquainting
them of the necessity of a subscription, and no other effort
has been made to get same.

If you can possibly do some work on this Friday and Saturday
we'd certainly appreciate it very, very much.

Very sincerely yours,

-"""^cY^ c




S Jaoieonnlfle ,FAr. Ja Pnay a3,a6.

36 R.S0ith Street,

Ci ty.

My Dear rae.Bolder:

onfLring our oonvorarstion several k y ajoI
bes to enclose hen.lath oblot u the tn of iam mundcid d4i)Ars In
paymet for tiartLtive yearly tweuoriptiune SO *SOUPU.

It hs my purpose to eail opies of this a8,aAtaa eaWh
month to thirty-five Lovarnora theoujhout the Un1ted States with the
view of adrtioit Jacksonville ad Florida. TFrthaenca, it lea
pleasure to eemo these submoriptAone because of the faet that a
portion of thAs noney wil be delivered t- the Sprinfleld Irprovemsnt

Assoaiatimo, 41hoh Is doing such eemoflent work in behalf of the City
ef Jackoonvl i.S
3. Lth best wisbee, an
Tonre very tzlyJ .

(Signed) ano.T.Alsopjr.
...... ti~v ari u~rjpoato *OT"

It 41Bkupft Bi oiao hi %&lag

....... a n,... --- w wa V* ; e s ,a.
..l > .* t. .- :a A . ,,^ .it o .-01. : .

S wouldbA es o a oitaulty ant .to the acbwith an unusually fu Itand
S tenthuastia att s.rs a h. ha a n te aq I b t of t iaeet.' al ag .

~n exeratpse- in tha ohusaa S a of .metemi ,whish oariea with it a
subseroptlon to, the wigasi2 en the Asaoolation having asorsed a olu-
Sbw seagm by hfo pwal da ofu r iho tho tl g bi rs. JMO 2er as
ohaG an of Finhse is dtsooti tde eoas prAa tbt aaristanoe of ms.
irsV*OJun6as .who Ia obsiaa, of the buildig -eomiltt.

Thoe o lding better fcroa Nayr John IAlsop Jre, brought enourageai
v at ntsted gipat enthusaiAm and& a FlsbltOa pf p1qpstation for his wry
gmnnas response was spread upo= the inuteswlth izesetiaons that a ltter
Sbe sent by the presiding officer to bia

the bfsa casting of trth about Frw1ida. A a esault of last weeks work by
one efl group these agasiaz OUTWR haM beila -amt tSA to stry state in the
Uiant to 13a5 diffSent popl with infotation of intitase vala ir itn s
sasape8 of ,Tnth abdut flnria awry amnith during 1he ynr gtlta
g* eaty w -so an opportunity to tabliA the m: fat ,tt hen sl
eultuAC opportwnt fl aad efforts Aong a ftiaL litsa are rsaoeitng
tb smea a&ttfstin tfro tw masa -i Te yowretal tenh Sts of the stg"f

4 r. - :
'*. -- ..
eb] a '.-n e!_ ~ M o the

~YS47 wn.; -- - .4 41. .
S~:, ~ . i '- .4-.
-l I;ia
':Eti t*Cllffp p L l4 &;-~~:rl M eflatI1. f ~~;-im, ? 3~l
.*- ; twa -"';~
j ~i i' r :I LI
.auU rimqju p

mflcs~4tW ~fl?* 1. .na p.

5.~I ,. -" .
*~~ .

a . s .;

*1 * *. -. .

1,~s '-- .4l~

.J ~ .4 .1..

$ i' I-~;~J u 1 c J~;'~~~e

t-.... ~ ~ :~

r~ '' I .
.4- ... SI *, 4, 4-

sI. .' ai Ia, I ..

'4 ;.. 4,#-a I* ~ .- ..j .
INCr.,f4a *L a c ~ **~*4a*.

nutiuatoal Gulture. itita 3mprovurmnit anm
eoiharity of women.


Ruskin, Nila


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, 6J~7a 1/




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27141 e$(~

- -- -

t7 11 A-

~fl~JC1Ldea~MA/ .







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~tLn~U~c~-~ -c~vi.

/7 /)
H/ / / ^--' /^ -^ /
^^^^A_^ /<^ ^^ f-r^JL
v 'T / / / ^ ^
^ '7'irs. J-1^ ^-^ Ti^c ^/




~ha ~Lt~a/

Woment'o werntietl TMentury Glub

'"-. "",t .. . -. ' : '. "' "

/ r ff ,. .. . .. ..... ...." .R o ._ : .B.-. .'*
'-J'm eWomen's Departimntm
. . : ,

., eo My ..-ar Mrs.Pt r r .. ..' .- . .

'.." .- _. P,. leae find aenalosed rowhers. for atenographic

',-'. work done for thU Miagaaine "Souht-by Mrq.R..A.Neebitt,
O Itober 36thto ecember let, 1938 ; $ 6.OO

-.and January 30th and. and, 19a3f, .f50l

PTotal .. $ 8.5

:; l;' TI:ahe cotk abould be made direct 61 Mra.R.A.Neabitt a, nd :
et to 1m33 Eaf' 14th 3tre.t, Xaokionl.le,Fori-a*

Ot e l t. -., 8 6. 00.
a n d .lua Bt and .'n .1920..

-. .- ,.e r,JEN O B .
3 e .O .'^ .


.. .. L~i .. -' -, -. . .


FLORIDA 1,-.-- .4 7. //Qh


L.. .
C -
,, r1 / / If .
/ 4i^c- //t ^ /( fr

<-<^lr.-i.^U''- -1 '- ^ *< Lt -r/F ^> A^--fr
1^- /-<-^L (/tJ^~a^r~aj- J^ 7, ^^-"/<_ t_?_

jL 1 6L^. 4L _
r&^,- '^tc^H Dw- e^^-LJ fl ^'^^ c o-^ /4lri'-t^

^J^,~ ~ aiU f^A iefr ^/^.-.Azy r<1r/^.V(

4 Al_^4-&.K6a_ $-t_ '--<'{ < Q^.C.'f-ILL -. ,,A-Z- I-M^. 'Vrti

/<. OL~~UL-* tr ^ -^\ ^-C-tt.-^ n^J_ ^ ^.'.!.SI





Dear Mrs. Jennings:-

I am sorry indeed not to have had time to keep
more closely in touch with you, although as a
matter of fact we have been leaving that to
Mrs. Parker, knowing that you and she are in
very close communion. I want to tell you,
however, that I am delighted with the arrangement
that Mrs* Parker suggested for your compensation,
and I trust that it is agreeable to you* I
realize the great value you can be to our publica-
tion and wish to assure you that I fully appreciate
that cooperation.

It seems now that we are going to make greater strides
than ever with our new name. Personally I like SOUTH
better than anything proposed so far. I have witten
an editorial for the February number that I think will
sell it to the world. It has great possibilities,
and I hope you like it. At any rate I should be pleased
to hear from you as to just what you think of it as a

I have heard some very flattering things about your two
articles- December and January- They were certainly
well written and rost timely. I feel that it is an op-
portunity for us to print such things. Your February
contribution is also most excellent, but it strikes me
that it better suited to our "Facts and Figures" de-
partment than to the Woman's Department, and with your
permission we shall use it there over your signature.




How is the Springfield Improvement Association
coming on? I have been setting great store by your organ-
ization. Hope it will go over in a big wmy. If you
can spare a moment to drop me a line I would certainly
appreciate hearing from you.

January 28, 1926

Cordially yomrs,

Editor / '

Mrs. in. S. Jennings,
1845 Main Street,
Jacksonville, Fla.


1845 haIn Street
Jac kg nvi l e,Florida
January 38, 1926

y Doear Comnittes lumber:
Please find rt( toc copy of letter which I ar oenldinu
for your porual- and if there ar anm y ohaitfea that you ofn posaiIly
euwinti to miako the lettsr oette, or orLething I hatv -u, in that obould
be ift out, or haws loft out somnthin% that otuhit to he ln,ple;ase let
sa h.4s -Our E Iu.eetion le l ca &..a posalbic beo.cse I sn anxious to eat
it out to tho Club Presldents as ioon an I en. r.,?.BElaanr:n wia
t 14o *u','S a*t o- l tax 3 ,' "O Ga-nenvlllo. 8hb rcsid the letter
and aid 1,t was firne, hut cf course oho wc. hurried ard may h'vt been
J,; sj u:Cous with her exrielon of spproal. I am aOiuas tat thia
letter be oaroEfully considered afnd aw.:At your tnweedinee reaction thoroto.
TY I.'.1. iin,ioio the bull:';,iBau Cote he last three isq e hae i.. little
articles on the Tndovwrunt arcd !rt,.llackran ito nxni:tr to rabliola thio

I Pt; hoped t ht; uapy for the pledge oarTA reA.-dy, ;i-ut so
many thingta ha imtterfera d ithin the last few dayi that I am uwnAle
V; /v&i it to you just naw avd poaribly ill bave to hav them prinpt r
withlaut ,yruir aproYal, t M t is 13s t ad ei .le f-p teo filled
in,a sap ,osaa- it will be 41A rihiit.

I a le.avn in ew m;orni. for tfhe sotiriL of nhe Luin tof
Worn V!or, T.rd Utsj-.n :D P ytoaa. i.rrd hop t& 1 e -k home nut
a&a:e ;han Honday By *TuesaUty I hs.pe to have your 4r ovail of
thi lct t rr
hrta ts t ptB, eo c? T wr2 r 'y wi3.1, irend rt-i f rtber of
the suQuiteos a bath anau I &m apeollly anxious that they concern
th1.elae2r ,.zth 'ltrge.c e 10t.;'.ir int do everfthf re.. 3 iAnJle to
SecuOs rrsI a
I hope to have our Endowment Letterheidea the next tUie
I bar, oons. on to write y'ou, 1u: "at frecsTnt t Uat Ce1. With beat
of coXd aiohes a viarunet re6LirdG,

CHA! 11iU V0
Saalon letter

*? V '.. ,- ,: ". . ,.:^- , -- .* . '


My Dear ,rs.B'row ,
The plan of the Federation is to appoikt,with the
advice of thieVice Prepient oft the feotion, a Chuirnan for each
County. Miss Nell Burrow has sent me a 11st of' names and among
these is yours ,fo? Oklftes County The County Chairman's busi-
ness will be to supplement the work of the Vice President iho is
already overworkediAd. talk Federation ESndowment on all- oecasions to.
Clubs and cure throughout the county if possible', with the coop-
oration of Club Preildents,. the larger subscriptions. Will you please
read. the Sndowment articles in the NovemberDecesmber and Ja.nary
bulletins? You will then get the ideai-that we are trying to carry
out in regard to the campaign. Febuary is Zpdowment month .
W6 will send subscription blanks to the President for the
Club individual, blanks for the Club members and some of these also
to the County Chairmen and Vi. e Presidet. Certainly the Clubs
In the location froam which' large amountstvill be giveneither by'
women or men who are interested in the l.ub work, will be credited
with the amount subscribed in this way bat we are asking Clubs
not to. sake their Apnatioa 'leas than $1.00 per capital per member,
and the. large amounts raised out sideD would be additional
We hope there 11ill e a great 'deal of Club rivalry and
also -sectional rivalry ^sq well al. that of County Ghairmen. There
are' many men of your coaty Who no doubt reoisenise the yVlue of the
Glob work toward the deSpment.of your Bsction, and would be inter-
eeta at give guite liberally to this state work. We. must ima-
prewb upon the people thAt the work of the. state generally is nhec-
*esstry bcqute without th4qi6, te -of the Stater certainly a County
would not improve. Thi campaign to develop florida has taken a
state wide jhase that we iSUt not overlook. It ie goinj to take
the hombiped effort of the 4itzen ship of Fliorida to combat the fiStl
upon Florida from the natstidef.ota $e e0 other states, and the women
will ind their ;lace st this w-r as well as the men.
All checks A ba to the. .ndowment. rm
and sept 4irest to Mrs. iny, Box 064,Daytona Beach,fla., who
is treasurer towr t e GattS,. She wal 11 ut these donationsa
and a.k edge $-thim sends ea.e 4irot to Mrs .Johzi. WV icthis,
ftBwe, e r4 bU deposited. Msfatz o.in will- dd te fith4
e ...reobaforeV we eaust e ihave t l name and address f eery .


donar. We would Mso l .. a*. his for per. %
roster In beadqtarttws. It will be well to uMit'tn o#' ottree i

creditt given for the amount wherA there are everal lubs in a
Will you eae let me know bj- return mail f y ou
will serve or no t, as the time is so shottl and. I am rather over-

hioh has Interfered greatl with the organ rti*n workI throughout
the state. Please urge the organic action of or Clubs at onc-ve so
tredh~ t gty y be reey to o n whre there several gi lufbru n
town that they y be in poto' -" mk 'he I 4g pledge -

s 'ht VW you lea8 ltm ,uow by r 4turn i $3 3ou -peryer
or.t w i se ub, n ot a utrse the is ~Oa Batq spa4 I raesjher ovpr-
Sbisrd e de try tg sh ortly. the tt nhort not It h
swed telet to absottemt o nt t lutely im t ae dug the holly
thig hapaaty wirfrll you not ge tthe -oneant wome one e throwho

is 4 0tsty Ljrg in your cwunW, a$p.ot f4(44t9J .4egue 07,y have
weigh ht ith your county offrciali a tion of yo~t r le uOf in ofluence
dthid pfthe, and send th the noo om p s.4; 4,"v4 1 t-A lt.er
oM- o-e"
"Iis.b bs" st ol f goound, 6 .at.s have
-t,- weight with your ounty ofatifts an ts^ peOpleof influeae

.AI, AN.
....... R7. .. / ) .." 7 T

4 *-5t .' -L
'' 'c" .. .. . -f >-r.. .!" La
, ,. ;

.... ^^ t^ 4 .- *:.. i S "

*- .

Letter on,_other ae of sheet seat. to:

Polk County Mt.Anton %chnieder,President..
._, ..- Polk.CTo.Fed.W.C, 4 Hollingworth .
D . lVe, Lakelart

Pasoo Mr sJ E Hendley., Dade City

S,- *. Hi.llsborough Co Miss Kate B Jacks-on,821 Rome Ave

Pinellas Co. Dr Grace \Whitford,Ozona

Hernando Co Mrs Clhas -H MvcLeod,Brooksville,Fla.

Volusia County Mrs C B Eosa ."- -.

Esdambia. (So- Mrs Sherman Liket,Rt.-a,Pensaidpola-

Tant a Roe Co .. MBR Readc ,Milton _
*'" ., "* g.. *-. .. % -^ .'. _' "-. '- L .- . ... ,, . + *, . .- "'. .
S -. .- ., ? . ',- . ..L. ..- . .: 1 .- , .
-,,-.. -"+.,-. "i, . ., .4.-ot ., -. Lr.tirCtyo O *.w- '' r .

s4 D BiwrnM Blountdtown
r ,I a r, a.
4.. . l 'w H..--" . .. .
..-+. '*. ..

*..- .. .- .. F'y?^'-';. ..-, .,,-+- ; r ; .++ ...e :,,K'V C. iM' c T.'" ''2-, ". A '" ".."+-- i. .. .
-.s. M D' ,.: .' r^, .': .o a -- ..-:^..1' .1 r s Bilr. .,Blountr town

... . .>' .'.-r' .. r
,. .f .r4 h , d A?,.. .

p -T" r t- -t 't "_ .-.. ".. ,., .. . '" ; ..^--; s ... j "

4 r, .. -Y ku ,. -.. , a.,-,

.l ,. ,.-wj 4 : .. -..,.. . i -: ,..1. -.
. I. ,.-.,- A...

Z'-- ;- 4. F, Ft-

..'1.- r -..


Mrs. dim. P. Baldwin (Lizette) 47 s. Copeland,

Mrs. Leonie Settelini 90 0SO Taylor ,

Miss Alma disbee 1500 Riverside Ave. i P/

Miss Melone Bisbee Q a .
MrR j A .. Zio a -- t ". "- '

Mrs. Chase. Blum 310 N. Church Apts.

Mrs a-r1-- ~T-Jflflt a % Wm. Barbridge Bsq. Miami Beach Fl.

k. firdi.- r~Twfiage 1031 Collina Ave.
Mial-tr .By.f.. "'-'-" .. 205 E. Church

-MJZa.-. Nra-ByflaeS-- 714 W. 29th
Mrs Henry Clark 2300 Riverside

Mrs P. P. Conrey % Mrs. E 0 Munoz, 1505 Riverside

Mrs. H. Frances Oragin Hotel Windsor

Mrs. J. H. Crosby 1931 Riverside
Mrs;wZJFZ' --Dasey- --.- -. ----'96 nn4Aerte
Mrs. 0 o. Emery 2363 Rive side
-Mr,-..- K-G-, Garner 47 Avondale Ave.

Mrs Mary Higbee 122 f IOth ..,

^Ma aT^ arc-----_. ..B.QQ- 3 tv- lsre '
Mrs Henry Hudnall 2715 Hersohell
_Mr%- -4-Jennings -. -. 1846 Main -

Mrs Cabeb Johnson Orange Park -t-
Mr* -r--a-bar-s --e -- -5- 03&Rivers i d t f/^$tty^

Mrs. J. M. Mahoney Hiberi4a Pla .

Miss Lo:lise Meigs 1450 Riverside

Mrs. J. T.Mollard Maidaria Fla.

Mrs. X. O'Hara Ortega la .

M---Pertr-r ---*-. .. -I7 St-. Johns Ave t -.
M -- s .--Powers .- .- 205 E. Ohur-h St. -. -
Mrs -W. J.-Powre 342- S lOth-St.-

Mrs. Sidney. -- w ; oh % e.'
-- t -" ,
Mrs. Streeterz $. W tJ 4t.- 27OO BStJetS A vet. " ."

Mrs. Mary S. Valade 1967 Forbes St.

Mr.-. E. B. West 931 Lemon St.

r3s~rtttatw ..vrWNto --- -** B hOft lattar.


( / -' A , -


V n,-6bc--d

Qr~ &/ZZ-Icc




/1 ii~

6 Lrte



d / 927,



~-~iBccd _


r\ v


~'-- -~--




{ 72nQ



Sfli71orida Park System

y 3by (Mre.W.~.)Maly Mann Jenning#e
S \1' Preosdent Florids Letidilative COonoill

TI',a new P.trls yataim 'la# env'ioad by the rele COtLI onsion

of the 5LOa5 Lai.l.-LtuI'ae as the dire t remfIt of the work of the
DeautIfloation CorU.ttefea of thie 'loridia Development Doard. A
resolution aLioptod at the osprinr. re-tin., ei'bodied the main fe.itureaa

of the lXa. Mrs.A. BS. .iltman of Orlando, a ioi.-rnr of the
Beautifjo-.tion Oo!:,ttee wan ;-iven chal.re of h~tV'i-1 k bill Irr:tedf

In re9uon-sle t l hir raquoet, the bill wai drAwn by 8. Bryan JranTri4' :
of Ja c;l: ':ri.' lie and 3sel..tor 0. Ovaerztreet of Orlando intx';dioid
the bill In .h "ai.ate, while Pon. 7. P. ,''atson of Oraxie A 0aWeIty,
ason.rord the .Ril in the Fi .usae .the President of the FoIrida

LeS.,i'.slAtiBve Juucil irn in oh..rCe of ei bifl durin* the noed'iun.
The bill :.l h;:ve been killed in the Houho had it not )ben f.L

the foreo l.,l.t a1 l q.. ok ;York of Dr '. A*. !coenziel repraesen1ta

tie of Lakle county, who oban ed his vote and moved for a recon-
aider.-tion of the bill* A apooala oor:-ittoe was then appointed

by Speaker A* Y Mlilamn from the Hou-e to brizt in aIn rrientu
Lthibh aere desrd neoeasuo.ry to aeoure favorable action, Hon.Ed-

8gar, W 1.Aybxi hl t of Duvtil offering the nmen'rnento for us.

The provision for ten thousand dollArs for oleroial foroe,

the 5,000 sorea of land as aneus a nauole with which to purchaOe dirlale

park area, *ere rstruoken frcm. the bill, the Housie passaii it in
its present form. The Senate:aooapted the Hou e Bill and hLiael
Senator Over.iteet eniineared the bill thru the Sonateo he found
himtelf over-buurdened with local bills at the oloaa cf the session:
and *eF are indebted to senator J, J1 Sweariren of rartow for the fin4

paa'8iA of the bill ~thru the Sonite whioh h handled at

Seii'to. Ove'otieet's rj'queaut. We .:re not unmindful of the

mai~y oth:ts whao suJpoprted the bill,, evidenced by the fact

that it beaU~i. a law and a ,-oo- one. HowTever, we need

btth lfundl arnJ paxk saea,but the last we need moat of all.

The ;lda not only provide for a State Park Iystem,

but for a County Paxk Sy.ten; and auth'rizae the County

CoorL issior..rs of the several counti.e to co-operate with thoe g

Trustees of the Internal I.-proverent Fund who are to have

ohar~e of the State Park )~ ote. The Trustees of the Internal

Ir.Trov!,r.ent Fund aret- the Governor of the State of

Flortida, the Attorney General, the Corptroller, the State

Treaaurer and the Corimissiorner of Agrioulture.

The full text of the law followet-


I ~ '

! 8 -

Royal Palm State Park with a total aame of
4000 aoresa960 granted by the 1915 Leislature, 960

aore donated by Hro. Henry M. Flagler the sar!e year ind
a080 aores granted by the 1981 Legislature, is owned and

mana,3d by the Florida Fedoration of 'omean's Clubs.

XI is th- only troioal Jun:;ls of its kiud in ccrth
A;:erioa botar.ically ~7iat1 Indian, and ia looatsd in

Dade County, 47 mile bel w i fiMi This in the first

and ioc far, the only State Park, wl.lah you Zre oordially

invit a to vilst.

The v.iiter i~u; ai i;n, the first to advocate a state

park on the tSuwansa River and hopes that the people in

that a::cticn can ;ecvres a suitable tract.

Who will be the fi'at to donate either the land
or the funds to purchase the"weoond state park for Floridti

A crou,! of interested people could join in such a project.
Florida should have many county parks. While

we all .urit that it is possible to make beautiful parko

in numberless place throughout the state, there ana
also priceasly rare traots with espeoi.clly fine and unique

attractions which should by all means be oonnerved.

"In 1850 the Corgreso of the United States

granted to the- ft Florida the swamp and overflowed landS,

whioh in turn were granted by the State to the Trustees of'fe

Internal Improvement Fund, irrevocably for the purpose of

a~tin& in the drainage and reclamation of lands of the

oharaoter designated as *Swamps and Overflowed'* Quoted

from Governor W. S. Jenninsl' mesenge to 1903 Legislature/

..r -

in whioh he was the first to recommend the daainagc of
the EverIladeae giving those due credit who cazm before A -rrV
He was also th; author of all of the drainage lawa. As

the greatest of the aoreage granted lay in the Everiit.es, it

is pressured that the Internal Improvement Fund should be
used exclusively for the drainage of the Everglades and that

has been the established policy up until the special session

of the Leginlature in Novembar. I am unalterably opposed
to the use of the fund for any purpose other than with a
view of completin- the drainage project, whith is the :,reat-
eat of its kind in the world. I speik from a knowledge
born of lose oontaot with the drainage question. How-
ever, if the fund is to be u3ed to build office buildlns
iLt TRil.haseoe, why not establish and maintain a Park
System f r the enjoyment of all the *.so.le of Florida.


_~~ 1

. . A. ,t w. y ao m .. ." .
46 re.
.. "
.. ,, . .. '

a ia -n Pos a won 1/


(NaB changed tfroa folywood Nqaunae begIn)a1 Jamariy 1986 Buiber)
llEIlOIaa tl' .AE .

a*3D=0ATg IIS PMA"-'


Hre Jobn V; n.T4 Be
Ero* iulne .BavaieOoomuet Qo0
JMr. fvMiatoilmlanA,
Bra. *Job'Bn lbit Plah sah
VJoseph fJlyood,
ras. Wahor Bet I, stt,3t. tPetrsbuz,
Mrs. M.91 al%,L y rt aob,
.re. JonssE a Kx oare AaN ,yzn
rsa. Loia taal
I Ua a X6 'SidaeJaoleB
Ursa. D.SP.CoWoGIILafkU Wo;, a
Mra. Jack PryozrlaHlaise F

A. -womoen lubs otf nna azbn 1 w, uteta m eiw en th
$.O0 3,OQa bsp ft* asf0r4 for tMe lidUs toaoty of At-xW
wA" $1,00 for a t wbq*Paablfawlw b aram with it tie fSbaosptlo

*140 t Iw sen U In aw a sn a m
.o .

lo th0S pit his pno f w t.

S.; ".. .

"9$ A4J. ' "" C-' ;- "- ' l ; .... '- 5..-
~~~~~ ~~ ;,, ,;-...' i/"..: ,---/ -, .. ,o ...- :i '.- :- ",+- ;:.:::+ :.: -:. ., .
", ,riilt~ll :? . .: : .. . ." -+ . . . . . . . .. . , .' ,: +: .+ .
'.a ~ r ~r aro ,.' +r ,.a.; r + .: _....O.+k ;+,. ++ ,; ...... o ,,.; .- .+.

., ..K .** .' w** m a -, .-C-

4 ..'* 4 ; A dr. t V'-. -' "i .
ti- ,, t.r I..

A '" '. .. '

---.-.... M .***M '* : e V w... .a
i .-s' . i. l :. .

S- . .
'- e '.a

- ., .. ,- .- *
Mrs. John*s4'Pt ,. nb

SrI s h, .

.. . i ;0t. : .
It M. W. t2UaIoy tayaasBQlp.

Mrg. 1* hi KatL. y8aa'
,. .* -'* a@m n Pta-_ ,,..-

n ;a e..Mre ofl ba"hgh.t pp ,o d, *S.__b_ .gg

.s' ,to JSeans, .So,,, le-tb..o.

a m ',N ..' . .. .
*. L s r

.. ; . ,


'^ ," . ,, ,, , -. :, ." , '., .' , '," ". -
~~tj,"i C?, "*l.~~ cF~T l~~~

Florida Park System

by (Mrs.W.S.)May Main Jennings,
S^ President Florida Legislative Council.

The new Park System law enacted by the regular session
of the 1935 Lseislature was the direct result of the work of the
Beautification Committee of the Florida Development Board. A
resolution adopted at the spring meeting embodied the main features
of the law. Mr.A.* Whitman of Orlando, a member of the
Beautification Committee was given charge of having a bill drafted.
In response to her request, the bill was drawn by S. Bryan Jennings
of Jacksonville ad Senator M. 0. Overstreet of Orlando introduced
the bill in the Senate, while Hon. W. P. Watson of Orange County,
sponacred the bill in the House, the President of the Florida
Legislative Council being in charge of the bill during the session,
The bill would have been killed in the House had it not been for
the foresight and quick work of Dr. W. A. Macenzie, representa-
tive of Lake County, who ohan;ed his vote and moved for a recon-
sideration of the bill. A special committee was then appointed
by Speaker A. Y. Milam from the House to bring in amendments
which were deemed neoassary to secure favorable action, Hon.Ed-
gar W. Waybright of Duval offering the amendments for ua.
The provision for tn th tousand dollars for clerical force-,

the 5,000 acres of land as a neuoles with which to purchase desirable
park area, wer v uraoken from the bill, the House passing it in
its present form. The Senate aooepted the House Bill and while
Senator Overateet engineered the bill thru the Senate, he found
himself over-burdened with local bills at the close of the sessions
and we are indebted to Senator J, J. Swearingen of Bartow for the find

passage of the bill thru the Senate, which he handled at
Senator Overatreet's request. We are not unmindful of the
many others who supported the bill, evidenced by the fact
that it became a law and a good one. However, we need

.'both funds and park area,but the last we need most of all.
The law not only provides for a State Park System,

but for a County Park System and authorizes the County
Commissioners of the several counties to co-operate with the Ze
Trustees of the Internal Improvement Fund who are to have
charge of the State Park System. The Trustees of the Internal
Improvement Fund are:- the Governor of the State of
Florida, the Attorney General, the Comptroller, the State
Treasurer and the Commissioner of Agrioulture.
The full text of the law follows:-

Royal Palm State Park with a total ase of
4000 acres;960 granted by the 1915 Legislature# 960
aores donated by Mrs. Henry M. Flagler the same year and
3080 aores granted by the 1921 Legislature, is owned and
managed by the Florida Federation of Women's Clubs.
It is the only tropical jungle of its kind in North
Amerioa botanically West Indian, and is located in
Dade County, 47 miles below Miami, This is the first,
and so far, the only State Park, which you are cordially

invited to visit,
The writer was among the first to advocate a state?
park on the Suwanee River and hopes that the people in
that aeotion can secure a suitable tract.
Who will be the first to donate either the land
or the funds to purchase the second state park for Florida?
A group of interested people could join in such a project.
Florida should have many county parks. While
we all admit that it is possible to make beautiful parks
in numberless places throughout the state, there ace
also pricessly rare tracts with especially fine and unique
attractions which should by all means be conserved.
"In 1850 the Cox!ress of the United States
granted to the~Uni Florida the swamp and overflowed lands,
which in turn were granted by the State to the Trustees of te
Internal Improvement Fund, irrevooably for the purpose of
afding in the drainage and reclamation of land of the
character designated as 'Swamps and Overflowed' '. Quoted
from Governor W. S. Jennings' message to 1903 Legislature


in which he was the first to recommend the drainage of

the Everglades, giving those due credit who oame before /-/ ',
He was also the author of all of the drainage laws. As

the greatest of the aoreage granted lay in the Everglades, it

is presumed that the Internal Improvement Fund should be
used exclusively for the drainage of the Everglades and that
has been the established policy up until the special session

of the Legislature in November. I am unalterably opposed
to the use of the fund for any purpose other than with a
view of completing the drainage project, whioh is the great-
eat of its kind in the world. I speak from a knowledge

born of close contact with the drainage question. How-
ever, if the fund is to be used to build offiQe buildings
in TalLahassee, why not establish and maintain a Park
System for the enjoyment of all the people of Florida,

rcA tkno

Y '.
4fade h

ca< co v

~Js |




Chapter 10277-(N(o.955).

An Act Creating a Florida Stute Park System Owned and Operated by

the Trustees of the Internal Improvement Fund; Authorizing Them

to Accept Gifts of Land from Individuals, and the United States

Government and Its agencies; and authorizing the County Com-

missioners to Purchase and Maintain Parke and 0o-operate with

the Trustees.

Be It lasted by the iLgislature of the State of Floridal

Section 1. There is hereby created a Park System to be

known as the Florida State Park System, which shall be owned,

operated and controlled by the Trustees of the Internal Is-

provement Fund of the State of Florida in such manner as is now*

provided by law for the ownership, operation and control of

other lands and funds now held in trust by the Trusteat of the

Internal Improvement Fund.

Seo, S. The Trustees of the Internal Improvement Fund be

andthey are hereby authorized and empowered to acquire title to

lands by gift, devise or purchase, lands suitable for park

purposes from individuals, corporations, United States Govern-

ment or any of its Departments or Agenoies; all of said lands

shall be accepted in the name of the Trustees of the Internal

Improvement Pundd and shall be set aside and used exclusively

for public park purposes.

Seae,3 The State Park System shall be operated by end under

the supervision of the Comlmisioner of Agriculture end under

such rules, regulations and conditions as may be prescribed by

the Trustees of the Internal Improvement Pund of the State of


Sec.4, The'Trustees of the Internal Imprbvement Fund be and

they are hereby. suthp.ried to emply asuh park superintendents,

secretaries and other emploe s and assistaitts, including

engineers, architects and custodians as they may deem necessary

and shall determine their duties and compensation.

See. 6. The- .Tastee of the 7Inteisal Improvement Fund

shall use all of the lands acquired for Florida State Park

System for the free use of the public for the purposes of

--.-. _ _"',_; ._ _.. _. . . .. .. ," ._" .. .

.. .. .. .. ..I .


L.-**.* '



,ec, 5
public recreation or for the preservation natural beauty or
historic association,
See.6,, The County OOammisiioners of any County in tbhe Rtte of
Florida are hereby authorized and empowered to acquire by gift,
devise, or purchase out of the general funds, from individuals,
corporation or the United States Government or any of its
Departments or Agencies, any lands which are suitable for public
parks or for the preservation of natural beauty or places of
historic association, and operate the aame as public parks,
Sec,7, The Board of County Commissioners of any County are
hereby authorized to convey to the Trustees of the Internal
Improvement Fund for Florida State Park Syatem, any lands
acquired for park purposes on such conditions as are acceptable
to the Trustees of the Internal Improvement Fund.
Sec,8. SIhould any portion or portions of this Act be declared
invalid, it shall not affect the remaining portion or portions
sec.9. This Act hall take effect upon its becoming a law.

Approved June 11, 1925,

n-.-i. I .. W, ,.. .

II -- m

S t ,
4. , ..

.i *
QStite Ovzebrnce o

lorida D au hters of ti kAeiloanl Revolution.

Mrsa .Blakcwan gCplieafl thed.

The Statee onferaae of tha Daughtaer of tha. AimArian

S Ievolution was held in Jack3onville January 19, 30, 31, with Mrs.

Theodora Strawn, State Regent, presiding, the Katherine Livingston
Chapter, hostess.
Se veral their di a Sirui -hed officials of othe S national.

Society, as *ell, officials from other states were present,
beside the honor guest of the occasion, Mrs. Anthony Wayne Cook:,
President General of the National Society. I e.Oook ade a S plen-

diL address tho opening ni,ht n.d cspe ally emphasized the stand
of the D.A.R. in opposition to the so--called Fedaral hiid Labor
O Cnatitutional .aendnent, and warned her hearers aGainst insaidtus
p o, _e a x'
p bettg used to prut it over and the danger of the purpo4i
iiehind they wbple movement. f We quote Pdrs.C(ook in -aneoftion with
tbt and the Johnson Restrictive Irn.gration At@:-
-th-ere isn't- a& -woman's organisation in the land that isn't

e- :rsin: too many prpjectsa without properly itv6stigating them.

.. '. t he s aiA to aa.t for tM :to think it oerC when it-coms .
1 : ..
'd'." ," ...a ,t io'wh ibinvolvs doe la g -yoiu ontion on A

sbJt tyo ng fatrono g ipert tano e* On the

: '' t and
opitrone -be .shigp by 1tbe droada viewpoitat sand- udetatain S
: that 4be a ta's a ar l of yo iU. tten:dace a pon fQur to onfe04 rene

7 df yor ai4c greesa Retmtbor t i s saids o the lmen wo

,tt.,e .. .. ft J. . .
; .' ,. : -.., ,: 1w .oi ". i.O -y .do. ;

, ,.,. . '. .,

tio l nade pOaeibei the OiCnatlttion of the U ited Star a,(thev

first oonatitution in thn world of repraeseiative gOVranoXLOs with a

System of bhebbks and balanusa), thab they aohisved that great doou-
ment, because they were bro.ad-geaged enough to think one thing today
qnd to let the'f'onference with its interchange of opinions oonivnoe
hbem of soarthing better the naxt day.

I a, not.-unmindful that you havM becare aDcouatomed to being
told that we woiann are a trezeiadona nfluence fLo good. Why, ctheu
should we waste our energy and our inflzene- upon siovements that have
no definite- oomtruotive VraT? Why beoomae chronio 1igners of the
little, useless petitions destined to find their way into legiolaive

waste-apem baskata? Why not rather be a unit in those movaemanf a

whiph are ital. To do so will make us the effeoti.ve orue for
righteous oitiaenship and fox the better OitJi.endhip that we ought

to uphold and that by the.grase of God we shall yet be enabled to
Spring b oout.
Unlesm~~nnr ~af~l

,, w, sauu uu AA- L s2are 9 iVrB rep AIo blD i.. l t-y
along with the franchise, we Shall not prOve ourselves worthy.of tM
pQoitidal eqmiGlty whieh is: uraa* I ine eely trust that no
ghtear of the Amentlan Revolution may eve be justly olae ed a .a

'~siasuf ent' otisen.

Our National Sooiety bha gone upon record in hearty
Sendorsemaent of the J6hnslon. estzt4ve Iamigration Act *iqb is
a nw in foe. ah. b tls Z now under press ir at the ;ree~nnt Soa=g.

n -. beoause 't ha. 4144 to work:, but' aa 1.anq itt is oT? nC so n .

'oth 4 tant avory mad Intireqt atten ta are beOtdz
.. ..' ,nd ,

. .._'.' _..',. .. ..

__ ___ __ __ II__





... -

*ffectually rdaeid 4sainat the oan-ruh of 4u Aniswasaon.
Will you pot be *itgilsa1 t in.your-ptrtiol3 PoBamunity
in 'aataBaiine thits at by, your -aoEt. support, qxpoase&d' thrqoush your
w' Oongrtsioal. reprseantativ? : .. .
I have beAn Deliably infozSmea thatJ im. utope alone thems
are ever twenty alllion' uxepleyed/. Every time the present
Iniigratior Act to ma.&ea, iar inlu iyve -and less reoatsatiw by .just
so sany thuralnda, do o btin t-ih Uiemployment probiOeN Into ou:
oan. midat,. idit'h it.s train of reeultaant pari"s$e.'

-fMrsHowvrd MaCall cf AtlantaEZx-Vio Presaident Gene-gal
D.A.R. and a n official of the .Oeorgia LeIlsla.aive Counoil,' was te 1a
next apesatr. Sheo referred to the opposition of the D.A.R. to tk
Federal woman, Mrs. W 'F. Blackman President of the Florida Federation of
Womenas:0lubs and Florida Director to the G.F..CG. It fiW IS as
aplendid oouxagq to.bri a ng-~anority repotin ppoion t. t .h

presented and received and had brought forth much favorable orraent
S Mr s..Blo. in was in tihe i ty at aeadinag the aabanu = meeting
of the Flidrlcai. Iislatioe Counoil and was in the audience, at the
S AImeD, but net there oaf Qte spnkate o ew of her prseno unt t them ,
seeing i3towYnt ,and I ra.Bla4elar with otter memeo.s of th
fOwsneil pasjod doln the 'seqvtlyg line to pay their. respects to the
di.atiTzi bed ,guest Ati,, at, offioeax asd the hesteas Chap rt -.
ST bhe. D.A.R' -onfernrai wd a. great uooess and the oCl-
Slowing .offleezsg were elected; Sat ognt, Use..BSook Ght -1..Jr ;
r-- '' a 40. "aA
+ - .. . , , ,. ., . . :.. . .
.:.-. a~~~m :so. e+.- ;:~~ ;" a,, ; .w+.m~mp -.mo .... --:.


r v,.


'I? 4~
* I. ?

.4I~ 4 -.

MSif fl -
' W *S~W ,... -- **j .

F. . .R~ l ,' .' --i 1 '
2I ,- , ,, .. i'":.

-.. 4 4.;_

-. I I .

.1. (1,
.4 '1

Ste r .. '

"' -! -? -

.l... ,. 4'

'C., -. '44

..4'Qt .b? " 2;.t *nP

4. : " -. ...I . -.' ..

Florida Daughtqru of the Aaerlean Raevolution.

,-kalaekzaad ,,is.nto.. .-

the State Conferenec of tbi Daughters of the American
BpvTolutioil wa hbold in Jacksaonvlfl January 194 20, 31, yith Mfa.
Tbodore Strawa. State Regent, preaidng,. the Katherine Livingston
,bapter, bote... .
.veral other 4t4ttnguished officials of the National I
Soelety, as well, officials from other states were present,
blesid the h.oer gilat of the oqoaaini, Mrs. Anthony Wayne Cook
President General of the National Society. Mrs.Goo 1 made a sgilea.
did 4ddrese the opening night and especially emphasized the stand
of the D.A.R. in opposition to the so8malled federal Child Labo .
Oaletittittonal amendment, and warned her hearern against ineldiou4
p"tofa.d being used to put it over and the. danger of the purpose
behind the Whole movement. ip qu$. Eir.Cook in connection with
this and the Johnson Bestriefl. tamigration Act:-
lefl ian't 9a waants aorganilatiotn in the land that isn't -
endeor tgs toe Mny projects without properly investigating the.
Be nst atra4 to ask for s.- to think it over when it GomS8
to dasiding a queRsion hi. h inVlas declaring your opinion on a
nbebjet MI f l. problem Of far reaoking 2aportance. On the
ot:e* b tab t 1J.0 afraid to let your aWseooneid view. and
W.i. d h by teo "bradr vIenpoihe "id understanding
. o. . .
A 4 'alt Of yote a tlee*anse upot your State Uonterew e
"" .vw..;. MuaJ n a* '3#"mber t jo said of the men who
S" 'y "- do, .be7! .
-.. . .. .'.'.. 4. ^ . z '.. .-'- -. . _. t.
.* *,:.-.'^^ ^ ^ y: .. ** -cacr. o 'r. fl . -*-

- ..- -. .-

tion* mas4e fahible the Constitution of the ,tited State ,(the

first constitution in the world of representative government with,&
system of hfeoks and balances, that they achieved that great do i-
ment, because they were broad-gauged enough to think one thing today
aid to let the conference with its interehange of opinions convince
them of something better the next day.
I am not mindful that you have become amooatomed to being
told that we women are a tremendous influence for good. Why, then
should we waste odur energy. and our influence upon movements that havoc
no definite *onstruntifl valuet Why become ehronuo signera of the
little, useless petitions destined to find their way, into legislative
waste-paper basluto ? Why not rather be a unit in those movements,
which are vital? To do so will makt us the effteotiwv force for
righteous oltizenship aM for the better etizenship that we ought
to uphold and that by the graoe of God we shall yet be enabled to
bring about.
Unless w assene our full share of civie responsibility
along with tbe franchise, we shall not prove oraelves worthy of the
political equality whisk S ours. I ainoerely trust that no
Daughter of tha American ReTolution May ever be Justly classed as a
'delimquent' qltizena r
Ou teional Sooiety has gone upon record in hearty J
endorsement f the J6hason fi striotivq migration Aot whith o
ow In torsww. Tha*e t. is now underr pearee at the presAnt tbDngrema,
not be6fael ithas t tW tq work, but beoause it e4.working so well.
folt dilss f aa'ln atewrly t akatd indirect at, tns are beiu

aasep by ter faet. oup o break down thbe barriers whioW $t.es So

S. ._. . ..

"~ ~" ` "'' "' "' '' '

3- 3

effeetually raised against the on-rnsh of alien invasion.,
i11 You not be vigilant it # yott partiet4ar community
in austalinig this st by your moral support, expressed through your
own Congiesaioial representatives
I have bWoe reliably informed that in Europe alone there
are ever twenty million" unOnpleoyed Every time the present
lamigration Mat is made more inclusive and Leas restrestive by just
so many thousands, do. we bring the unemployment problem into our
own midst, with its train of resultant perils.*

Mr. Howard MoOall of Atlanta, Ex-Vioe President General
D.A.R. and a official of the Georgia Legialative Cbon=il, was the
nOext Speakero. Se referred to the opposition of the U.A.R. to the
7?dral Child Labor MAendment and eaid it remained for & Florida
woman, Mrs. W. F. Blaokaan, President of the Florida Federatio of
vompa'sa OlubS and Florida ihrqator to .hbe G.F.T.O. a M" tn as
*plenAdtd outage to bring in a minority report. a oppoaition to the
S9t34 Labor Aaendment, as a *eber of the- tesolutione 3oamitte off
the 6eniral Tede ation, at the last BSwaiaL4; which was splendidly
ptestedt and rpoeivnd and ha brought north wush favoable Somment.

I r.beJaiacokan was in the a4ty attendin.g t1 annual meeting
at0. ?rt dAW l.tiTS Oon09l 4 noIth % aubill tbs
i. -t b t..n Aeite of tiw epeakax= kaiw of her y eaene .until -th .
maetigA ad40in4ao M Kr.flaylosaz, wit ic me bers of he
Q;iun.U pasa d4wn the s e: ti i6 e t pa their espets to te
diftinagui t, h state Officer and the hoptsse Qa pt
I . . . .*
e A:' 'A Aa ote Confers gna su as M teol-
.os f s s 4n .t et*ag s01A s

,,'-. = *. '. : .' .. . . .. ; . . .- r ,
H 'a" 19;: 'It' '^ '".. .; .. 'r.''' ". .
*. ,'". t- . ... :n r .t. ary.arsA n

Hal-e, G. grillele; .orre.ponding 9.ore '-ry, J a: .''.Egyt e.B- '" "'""-. -",

Th&ayr, StSPet9ratouzg; hAditorv un-* e e FPtere iato
mrs.E.M.Brevad, Talahwa, C aq Mrma laobert 8.Holqs,, Dayton." .
tt -. Ie . e 5.r.c .t s M e

.n l .'nnu . LO-u-M'4t, .- ; RB'l*t .M. I ,

.' .--

* -I




.r~2 'r-s.


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