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Title: ECE news
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Department of
Electrical & Computer

A Year in


, 1997



Featuring issues
in education
Research Feature 4

Summer storms mean triggered lightning at
the Unv h rsity of Florida Lightning
Reisarlhi Center at Camqp BIJliing, FL.


PUNished by the
Dc-pL rtn-itl of EIccti:-aI &
(ompWu-r Frmcj'neerir cl
ui.~~er-:1~y sof Flori-Id

CHAIRMAN: D r. Martin A. Uwr-i.

CL..J; .ii'a E, Hi St
Ar-:jCe' Ventura rcdyk
Ge;r,:; n a E. larnist
Susan Mi-cDo',

Mary Blr:XLe'te
G ~~' ~ ~~ ~F. Harn in ist
KrytlIl L. Hu7&ldr r
1k2th rvri A. MPcD ow
Susan iV'.)Ow\
Aw,.tl lI-l Ventlt rA N Moftl<'


4 radar research
6 global education
8 restructuring engineering education
10 high performance computing
12 world record fulgurite
13 in memorium Dr. Olle Elgerd
14 frculty accolades & awards
16 scrapbook moving day
18 retrospective Dr. John O'Malley
19 graduate roundup
20 undergraduate survey
22 new books
23 interactive neurosoIlutions
24 SUCCEEDing Dr. Haniph Latchman
25 scaled power plant
26 SWAMP center
28 world wide web
29 scrapbook e-fair
30 alumni connection
31 donors

Dr. Jian L

Dr Rai. his recently bueLn
awardcd buth tie Officie of Naval
Rt-arch Yorug Invc-stigator
Award and the Natimau1 Sciercc
FOundatiur Young invtestigatcr
Award. Both programs -1upport
the researcli (4 outstanding
~ertist , and engineems who show
grrA potential early in their
cdluator-, In the caft oflDr. Ui,
these two awards, as well as otfrd1
military contracts, have provided
r'apport for her research on radar
icrjaging. As a faculty member in
the Digital Signal Procesing Arcma,
Dr, Li's rewnvch focuses cm the
zipplication nf ignal prooming
wchniqui's qiln algorithlim to
iraditklanil radar tcchniologis.

R radar, orlio ~ adetction and
rri Ig~inp.. reprewEnts a ILse of
vh1tTrn.-igr.i -1; L radtiaPon. to rcrate
i::.a* ofthe wEarih" shutfact or of
other oh 'cts by remote. wwLilri
For imriagiIg Lechniqoes. radki
waves can be preferrud in %visible
i hI wa'y.'s for sevet.ral reasons,
inl Uii i n LLb iblliv tu penetratL
liaze, tight rain, and I.cnadS
without ait'll if..xlnt di rion, I11
addition, r-adkar in 'i can be
obtained 3.1% as Well ;I- I ii4t S~ILc
radar tranm~niLu and nrecives its
[IPfn igr:it I- -ad. is. nnot LPrIr~ I. L'I II
on. the sour for illuminaii&tioin.

An irnaging radar iLs lrr i LI- to a
tlash camera in that it provides ibl
own light to illurnin-tt an area on
fhli ground and take n picture,
u:.;in ra& dicO w--,avdrlingl as op-
pcYed to light. nsterad of a
carnera lvim and film, ridar wUis

a n. anrtenna -and cligt7,l conmputerr
L.)c, to wLrlrd its imig~ies. Thc
Yr-4ulting radar imarnnsp hnw the
t:l that has beenri II.L'AL l-d
back to thy radar ailroina. T[he
larger the antenna, the greaweT
feso[ittiiovn of the 'rri.1 :'., but, it ii
not pracical to hai-t a large
antennri. for e\atm-hll, in an OiTC r.3 t
'Youj Ldflflt build a radar ton1Lo
gvneralrd anry nohe, you can't
avoid rioiie,' "says I i.- As a rcbLl L,
researc~m-h m havu delnpr d way.
of o'btabifg rg oih fink
resotution and low nois. INi.
so]utionl is p rictic. I and ecnc-ornii-
cal in ll 01.11 "L1 would ra ti or
spend sorne time or money on
signal p~h. nl ; mediods, than
on a POWL VI Icl] radar."

Using thi- Motioin u.f thle aLLCT.Y.It
and k1il1 PNrXCu:EiI It!: techniques,
Svnthetic Aperture Radar (SA IR

I,, *

* "

C riajla E 1-1"?


antennaUs simulate the fhe .'.T of a
!,. rj:l antenna. SAR t,.lut.,'.'\.
has applications in several differ
ntl fields, including topogra-phy,
sa ice t11l litL:rilng. surface diefir
nation detection, and defense
imaging systems. I)uring the
irttL-nt (;ull War, tor example,
planes e.liiP'pedt with 'SAN wer
able to maintain accurate images
of 3li di positions.

[n addition, digital processing
techniques can increase thle -i.-il

-iillitiior. The q uestiimn Dr. 1.
and [i.;t- hativi atasl Is "How do
oLn eL-i the in flrmation vau want.
and how anw you Jget rid of the
nOis i.li"1ithi: v11i.i don't
want?" A lapi'. e lill ri ni, ap-
plr,';l.'-i., ,lih a th le APES and
the N I .AX algoithms developed
by Dr Li, can be *ipl i'd to the
rad. r daia treating a cleare atnd
better iriml-e'

Once' i b A R image has been
prodilucd usi ng a digital process-

"The energy of this point actually

spilled over to other locations..."

Or. L.i' TOIle in this .ldvanciiit l'e..hril,,p.L is in the
dL,-'u! opmlnt of mIn.thenilt iL.l ,.leirtirithr that ill-
pitrove the resnluitinn o. imlt'.- obtained 1b SAR F1ur
example, the-s tour m Ig;n g c, .'n.-. -Il:I.I-, tiL t1o IlL'
tLL lniLqute of window ing and KI "1 AX, a h1g'h resilu-
tioln parr. 'trir algorithm. SidldobeS., a unwanled
rtuLitlj]L' image c f Ja N jnP.le kL.tturiU. 'al- I'.' s~ l O this
aiage of a bLilding a? ii vert:icl lin, ,n the Ti1hl side
of Ihe first imr.age. I his i removed uiT ig J ii!.l,: iNj,,g
and the i::.Li' rL'LIJLition i. improved ut-i)lg RELAX.

ing a Ig' ri thm. it can then be
interpreted. R.ldar signal interac-
tion with ground surfaces can
result in reflection. sciatterr.:-p
absorption, or -irther transnis-
sian- A smooth bidKy of water
Lcllects energy away from the
antenna Trnulting in a dark area on
the image. On the other hand, if
the radar signal were to r':lr''t and
bounce Doffl4rh'T im,.lrt"-- at1 in
voluimetric s-l0tL-r'l n1. ill' rturnl
signal would be %tringir, and
would appear lighter oin lin,

Surface 'Litk'ring. dtenlrmined E'v
surface roughness, is .lwi an
element n f 'Ari intfirrr1tl im
'I he rougher the surfatt', le,
stronger the ba-clwkr-atti'r retirn.
Hills and mountains con ppFr';.r
bright on one side and dim ii oI t i
other due to thlr ,nglh of inci-
dence. I he angular structure of
buildings and other man-made
constructs have a high n-fltecri it'
and appear as briqihl spots in a
SAR image.

While the main locus of Dr Li's
research has revolved around
military and radar applications of
lPl-' methLxis, there are other
potential civilian uses for this
research. AlgLorithnm can be
applied, toI aty tLchnok'g'' that
depends on similar mathematical
Iprincipllri for example functional
MIRI (IMRI) imagiig. Another
.LlppllraliWin is code titr.I'p resimla-
tion for wi reless co mm.'unicatiiinh.
imo r.tant in lths a e of pagers
artd cellular phone<. Dr. Li
"I' lp.rlr".," .' are d,' s i:nl signal
proxrcsing inetd-itL which can be
appi(ed to a lot of areas that are
re.latedl 1', Amie similar math-
emnatical futi amentals based on
which useful information is to be
c Ir ,i r (u Ii "


in A (lgei Ventuga Meirjak
ail Yd ( '.c ii if Nl R7 .f

B ~'ivi~i-: n 'iSprili8 --.'* Lhu
Univurcr sv (if rFloridal's Fle,:ttieal
iind OLn.1C upL r LUi,ijnLur-i I 'v
lkni Fr InII':i will enter the Ianki Uf
the mucll-1- o lI-d Virtrual Uni vor-
sitW y OL iffering Ihic course"Com-
Piuter (oIII mi arlcll tion" via I]*
Jnterni- IN. H!Irilph Litchmaln,
who has Lnt'n i CfPioneer in thoi 11-w
of infornlix Lii m tii hi-. lmo v L- t
enhn~antrt tlr! LIU IPA, lrarn
prxiccss, i]] -.the 15-l. LsIw k

cOvuTrSvwC hi '-I -oriicia.lv L
the Illernrl A to -.1u, .111%
where," said I.11 11 [iin. a"I II
1.-plY.'V 1! 1\ L t h hi 5 s lide I 11
iII, the Caj-jiblN!*.n bIenefit 4t trhm r
initiatiVe in Asyncr-ELhrojious LvlajxI-
hig Nectworks,"

Dr 1.z tchrnaii, Whbo IS4 a nati. Or
J.irIna.icil. will Iich sdcnts at
SitriuOU Lo.aLbHI.i 43illg fiIur
:rntfrfc4cs. Fifst, LI werin .. I be onow
group of on-ca rn pki IS,4 student in
Gj inCsvt11e ill a III Irrltie lia

SIMI rVL I rLI ii' I!.u1pnr1111F nt, CXpef i-
vnic ing the tyadil ioo.4i fjicu-o-facio
I(X't;]Tr fornu-I.. Ir-Laddidocn, thee

A1 It '-.011011.1 lInoui;'ii~ii1 thc ~~r
of Fliri.-Iii via lie. Floridi Lngi-
olv(!rIig Education noliverv
S-. -dvin (FEEDS) whichi sunds
v dtri t;tpe' of eiach kIleuere to
FFl )!,' students vii I-.% I-rriIhrIh
Cfiii. I hoe LcUs uf l se I~(ib

LJ~. J '.1 ~.'.*I.~*' L *i.*ii I, I

Oitfewvd by iIle Nitionjlt T2.,II'.i
lo~Eic~ .i i':i: l (N, I i:L whwhh
w'xvivc a Copy of the Vidoomi L1,4 I.f
k!)h clas from the I I ii
,%nd then tu.I: i, Ii-., the niateriat
via a Wrold wid' i Satelie
riC'vtwork.; And fino'l -.- I-A St aLVL
aIbove, thecoursc Will bi.e. ofhrPtfd
via the inttnkl iis ltudenLs
'rma..iII anywhowr in the w,-orld.

To facidita te the I)! I I w course
4FFvring, the cflasi IwI be boad-
cast lijv on Lhd4 wl -Ii*TflTr Ii-l n a
ridozi serve capable of providin.i
Iotp tIo N)s iimui I Laeou fei:s via a
pit%5vrrd-J-protuec- Ivrlid widc
wi0h si httFI./it. iii.hI iUfl LLu i
v idl)., I n this way-, nim'tM stu-
C101y.in;- IW riic ll I IIh' World with
Lef'oL' to a murltimedla nulnputer

WT~. ~ Iv 'Il' .Icns dt ll.

and an In 14,rmt coinnvlf lion m ll be
aible to 'jo iai, flic I~i ye Class.~ i
VWhiIe Cthe Ii'V Video and *L. LI.1I
transqmri"or will be a one-%%-
broadca~L, thie ltite studeiits
I I I be able to inl!eract with I 'ek
insitructor and t Ch. r Or of Ill
using a pr0 tie cliat window.
Qu;C-innt s wrpeL by IIli k:renilolk
Studc:t1 4j ppoar oin a screen in tfh
cta1ssrm an10 -111 rmecipicnt of th
stre~riming v~idoo -.v I II nreceiv~e I li
ranstruc~tor~,~ r nis. ~Latchmal i
4opes to a ug~lnvic thei student
iritazractionl c.t*rl~laly via IIhl
Icfl'rnet using packet voice
-.A.-.ti II S an]d injl 13iierjiet-basiid

Tlio video and audioi Iluiturlat
f norn ('iich claqS lect LI fit, %.. I I I also be

termutcl at thre P. 0"V-ml" h j m 4 we Y.J
site- httpI:;`*c-. 1" lI-iiil
archive s-o t~la t -.tjdintV- L-a 11 ii %Ul
thetiittunawiL MCAliA 2 mme
Iilld ov fo'r vach a l i... *i II h i f

aiiw JlnnLIu111h 'xill adpe bt'
av ailabe on thM awb six-, fIl
addition a claw ii. I HIrng' -.' 'An1
L':LdtIV'LlLC bWhom~n buIi rd ar.xd aI
CKlLat morln WRll be I**. -man;*..*~iili O "
hat studmt'its oin tbt IJiIkl'riwl In
ikI)act with eact- oIther tyro 11 ny
nourlv and itsvnckrsich i.Iy "Thai
k i hlx t Asvrtnchrtm)ru IS I .11 A iV
Neti vcj'rk- meanl'" says1 liii.i ii

et .11 iotrnmicri L1f kvoi xrk-, of
a:nid limrnni; tor0 1wr~rnd, ftr.01 cl

each Other"

[tFr tlL pa,t two3 ito ita, I Akchman
has .:N7'I ii- Al N 7rni ndS in his
cArse". bliut tnir p- Ilt r wil'- iilli
LLKG LWW'l. l 03i In Whig lr mLId t

;)t Ifl t. ritudcrrIrsc I1ioiiig inl i-
LuUrU -.ITCL SAtd I fIhi 31-I
course k% ~~C~~" I I TXVL' ff~il C 100 Ai
rc~m the Unnvrt tsv Fli if R a. HLi
ainti(ipatLteisI inh t(hL niTr AInnUt
elntre delgmr pr-gra rn-. xiii be
1.1r01.-: l fromr the FCF Irnti It IL'
J, partl11cntiia thed Unjix ir-Sti i O
I Orida.

1he It:.ttjrtlL for tiv c.Iiy rIw
-Compuwr(r Cslrrrtr~itni-ciiii'in andl
the? Lntcramet"I pitilithal hyll
Mc~raw I l i isk writtLr b-p Dr.
Ia.htcrrmini D IOT, Litclmaiio Ibtainod
Nis b6C in, L.L-1-1111,01 !::11 I'IIIIL;
from the UlniNTrI11 .1(f thef V.'t -.
1ndic-,.'S t A ugustilrlu. He.%v&N
awar-JX~t a v'.1'.,L: Sc111iar.';hip in
1"083 and ;, -~.Ilr:1l. 11 imd ohna- nl
the D.Vh'l~il. in Ln611;gmucring from~(II1
Oxiondc~ Universr~i y It, IY~iv~
Further wc rm I vl Im rm th i r i i nv
O)UiPW LrIrilig canr' ,k: otliii I wd
Jvutv. hiL :I1i /nci Iit "it. AM I I.

I I I 1 0;!, !IN, ,

IPPD: Restructuring

by SianSu McDolw

Industrial Perceptions of
Weaknesses in Engineering

- lrlnadequtn e -kill and know a-w to participate -
frIL 1,iL'eh ill the product rTe iLration pror%'.I

- A deIhre for compiitedn hld "h!1 igh tech" Solutions [-

- No ,indierrt. lII ilg of m.nan1ifi.irt uIZ;i pI 5cgIsw

- Lmw. k L i.i i.'A. ialili'- fr a cnn.,i'.irin; .a11-i rrtif-m LI.,

- lack of dcrign ..jp.FjbLlit and i rr,i:A i,

- Lack of appTecaion for variationm

- No k'.Lilv.llgl' Of value tl"nireimT ing IB -

- All ,wanting to be analysts -

SNarow view of .i-nLnw' illg and wlitod disciplincis > --

No imndi'-%t'.,Mriding oi L a..ilils pr ss -

k.Ii.l ~orimurtcylinn I kills 3

BRLllIU tIi l,, h tu wurk as individuals .is,--
-f*mt lht-@ i 3J.; IM .r1 F1 CI\'I ;I, .*I, .'IAl ill,
\iaklI 1d1 ,' ,urVC-. "Br .l* "I r 'i l'l Lniw, 'ity:

IPPD's Philosophy

- Snthin plUductILn (prmtnoype to final pT4-l':,-t'

- Enphasi7e thr imprrrtance of .c e;i.tiilis and cos

- Pro id hards-UI onl I1of.wilf IiriciL piFocs1 cXpl'TriITL

13 "ilgn alternilive- ,outi,-o- fui .ponior to evIaluteC

- Enhance dcig~r -I11- through practice

- FmFphl:-/u vacation of Jesign ui fi nal glality

- l kil .%i7h prll'-irtic.1il, wocrkaibl -Olullloh ln l and designs

- Syni:h',izig islutCons whrn the problem
,.firtik on 0ii i Ls iult imni', i triL- l e d ar

Expo~Sur to other dti. ip'nl.i' I n uI;l-, te. I1r, ii' k

Teach tI essential of qi.i.alir' c trol

S'rtit.'ntliuiLh to llN'ir spL .nhul..di" 1 p-in

'imch lern TyInhi 11, dki1tg

Today. industry coLncerns ildf
with the deve oprrturll ot pr.ia.:-ii,.
iulutions. L' nfl ITIILl.i I lv. a gaIp
xit4t bLCetw'een idum.ryi reil mS
and what t tudmit% aIe taLught, In
i1t1 [,ite' .ratecd L In I I and
PrIC-ess. Dcsipi (IPPD) course al
UF, iYrJ:.tdi-::piin.r) student
wtams led by i f.- fully coach and a
liaison prongrr, p.nrticipate i n
ind uutry SpOntsurtld nL1nufacIL r-
iig projects,

At the heart uf the IPPD course are
fundamental .skills that students
need to bIe sUc~'tSful in todayy~
world: ithe ,-d'li i to commitinic;tl
with both engirwr and ~in-
engineers, to I.mrtLicLipale ettfcL-
lively in multidciciplinary tmn.-.
and to dtev lop and consider
alternative solutions. These principles are brought togti'thr aw
teams dcign and manufailtur
real wurld (lI iductS for industry
sponsors wlli a 1.111 l mliterials

budget, Th~' teams alws k-lrn to
apprclihte that a cl'.-.iin mvi&t nr!t
only consider r function. buht ii lI
p iId i LI.'il i lily. CLcri schcdul',
reliability, itustonier pTrf.T-n'r:r.,
and life' cyv
With albKnut 1 faculty and ia 410
tf area in the NLew Ltli.ini'eer:'.
Building fui des'iks, workroom,
and riu Mrvcs, the IPPD) tour~e
has boTomie a perLniarwlt l elI *.' Ilg
at UF AL-'L rdiiP to lT.

~ ,

Engineering Education

Ei ?enstadt, the c (iurse. will x lvv tlu-
allv stabiize in size ,?.:t1 -" it 30
projects pr year, whlh aill to 1.50 btudeknts to pri lri ipidta.

SponsoT cornmpflUi n- i%1' nbl ir ''1 umi
'tuidelntb' work n r .'.ri iL1 .' V.
in.:li;Linng imnrplttmnelintil i'i It iI
production, or they rmi v il npc -
rate cogicvpts wfru tnhe ,L' udents'
work into. inlrnl ,ii %x-iin.., F ro-
ci' -e.^, Il' it prljts'ts 11.1,s III-

A' i,.'. ;& t.'nk Ih.v*l tih1! i aMr
.1-,*41 .1 high *.*il.!:e Pil 1. 1

GATRII'O[ spr~i.twd by EgUn Air
IFrcwe Bse, connisted of five student
rntrnbers Dr. Robert Fox of F.CF, and
Mr. BUil Hiolley, an engineer .it Eglin.
The team's main ojal was to dsaien
wir.ki.ss CLummulnicJiion sySteni to
transit data no pods on the wivsng and
under the fusellge of a fighter airplane.

Thf 1 megabii/.tllind digitized tinm
5pIac pition infulrination (TSPI) data
stream i% sent from a global penitionLng
system (GPS. satellite to both the
airplane and a ground base A I pulme!
second timing stremin is alsn trarnsil-
ted with the -SPI Itrtam. When the
data are compiled, personnel at the
ground base can determine the location
and velocity of all pines in the
simulation. 'Tc data are used by piLots
to lectronicalLy simnulabe a Cumbal
situaitiCiL One of th primary specifica-
tions (lr the GATRPODS team was that
the leading edge of the pulse signal
most be accurate to 1 micnsecands
when nceived at the pad muder the
plan's fuselage.

supply tor i loncywell, ainda **-t
d-.nsilv index foT ;.lonrl!;; Poiwer.

[PI'D is an "in-lhuwc iinirri-.l.i1p."
providing student. ith work
L"xpFriCncc and i1 oill fititl[V' Ye di
h i.IL:. Lthi' begin their i ]PPI[YP n;1 in n;liv'nt.ii ,-. w.iyr ai
standard n:lior prTLuIl turtse
incJlu1d it. m in l .i-t:, '-"i[lini.Ir'y h0'.M
approX:il1 its high li'vil :if cXrnt.IL L
wIith inld LiLry Sp.nOSO, .it.id iS ,
I'..' 0
Ci mnstterv

%I v,411 1' Ln I?1i .

S-. r.*t*'i ,l!i.'; :* I | iii

After discussing thu PTJitV c&uectI vesi
with w prfwintativMw from Eghn, the
tearn decided to use mlcrowncar linkl
lo tranamit the data from IC w .irplan?'s
wing to the pod below thr luseLage.
The data streams art: cumbri.nd before
thrv an sent tii an P F tranmtller, then
to an I--M recervef, and finally to i
cumpaoenl that translates and decndes
the information b.ak into its orilonal
form. Since the tuan's solution is not
dependent mo the specific type of data'

I'ini -. Ii-l t iLit ist L a fIeat
leari ng experience. "It's a chance
to be exposed to industry as
OppFIsetd to analytical modCels,"
ays0 Mlechanical Enrincrring
student Sean Dotson. Llctr.(.LII &
Comtputer Lnginrinr ng studtn t
I fr1'. Itr IDunning .lgrr"-., sity iu
"Lkiuk LL-arnung is not
enOLU"hli .IIl''D is a tist'e ,f d illr r ll
world e.'pcrieunce

Sl,' l ..r ',r i. ,. ) ..ir: .S' iw r.t i In -'i. il.' /1
I'.izK' Kla;t'i .. LfL sII''I .-1:' /V -hi "ut .i.,
ii.l1 d 'I* ,'*Ji *' ,'r, I'-i., i I " ..'.

being transmitted. Lt can. be general-
i.udl i. otl.her O lpplicaUunL throughout
the Air Fore.

bud Cl rev, thr grmup'.s cnntart at
IEglin, remarked "We at Eglin are
definitldy impmlssed. They did an
exoepulonal job." Says Dr. Fox, '"ThLy
learn, in spiit of their diffkurcoes, that
they hiav to wnrck tgethew. They
have to lnfus on the lesk and thev're
duon that.'

Dr. Alan D. George

'i/ GLCt u .'Qi/? L. Hti'fr.iis

Dr. Alan D. George recently
joined the Electrical and
Computer Engineering faculty
at UF as an Associate Professor.
Previously, Dr. George was on
the faculty of the Department
of Electrical Engineering at the
FAMU-FSU College of Engi-
neering, a joint college of both
the Florida State University
(PSU) and the Florida A&M
University (FAMU), where he
founded the High-performance
Computing and Simulation
(IICS) Reearch Laborray in
February of 1993. While at
FAMU-FSU, Dr. George re-
ceived the University Teadher
of the Year Award, the Electrica
Engineering Professor of the
Year Award, and the Teaching
Incentive Program {TIP) Award.
Prior to pursuing a career in
academia, he held the position
of senior computer engineer
and group leader for Martin
Marietta in Orlando, computer
engineer for General Electric in
Daytona Beach and prgram-
mer/analyst at the Naval
Training Systems Center in
Orlando. Dr. George received a
B.5. degree in Computer
Science, M.S. degree in Com-
puter/Electrlcal Engineering
from the University of Central
Florida, and a Ph.D. degree in
Computer Science from the
Florida State University. He is
the co-author of Microproces
soM-based Parallel Architecture
for Reliable Digital Signal
Processing Systems, published
by CRC Press in 1992.

D r George bnngs his I rl
Rei-...arrh L.ab, ten graduate
students and approximately I M
in high-performance computing
and communications ( I I, CQ
tijui-miniLlt with him to the
University ofi I lon1 .-I Sptmnini
by the (ifrice of Naval RI..rI-i, l.
the National S'cLuri v Agency, the
Naval Air 'I'iIrt.nT Lc nter'i, and
several IIPCC vendtlr, the HC'
Research Lab is active in idvnced l
research for I I'(. ins-.'lin:i, con-
arnas in high pt'rforrm.inc.- m" o
putter networks and arclil1 eII1T. .
parallel com pli t- r p.. J i '.nr.buL'd
cnrnmpiitin .ind trmlt t, ilrrnit
coromputtiL RKea.archer itn the
I [CS lab address h itl hardware
and softwaren iisiC'S and l:h
interdependencies betwvrn thleni
in terms of thliereti-.i1l and .i]lp1li'L'd
problems and '.oliimii ns.

" II It. L systems canr be thl as a chain 1 ith mnany links, suwh
as network link,. ph'ysi.- ..s inter-
fact., haTrware prrtto.cls, work-
rt;ltioir-; ,'fiv.arl prot ocrls, and

;iF p1I..ll. Iii:n'h. stateCs (;LorTge. "'he
wer kst i ink in the chain becomes
the driving force in the pcrfor
mane of tht'-. c;vtemn Thus, for
r.Aamplfl altlhuL4ghl new develop-
ments in 1ihrr optics make it
p'i-iL-r to achieve network
bandwidth in the order of 10-Gh/s.
realizing even a frnh,.-h of hii-,
performance improvNcnme't t i11 tl
appticali tn level is a c0hillr:' "

As part of the SialabI CluIstvr
Architecture LLtency -1111u 1i
Environment I'.'" Al I-.i r m'narch
initiative in thle L-H(. I .ni ill
support the development of nfew
concepts, rnmodls, oubjecit, and
subsystems ftr ri.xt ,.'n,-r.ili iii
computer systems and networks.
In order to continually iTnrease the
speed and rapabiilitirs of Ioday'v\
computers, .k ALL researlIers
apply para.il l i':nl[u.i1,i; twh-
niques. Ihl main reaMsn II,!
computers get fatiskr s parallrl
comn puIt; r' in t-I maiiny fi'rmlfl," sav

I aCn in2 CtA; t~r VI h u rk Th ib

GIj;rIl"W. hWa wc ando thers ar.
]C.likii .aI; now in I IR (C wil form
the! basic. of -i 5rn p u I i ng I orthe ntt~ I
centu rv. mUL 11 1 i kL~' V. I'd t C01)lAlllrP
enginee-rs did for Ludlli% 's clomput-
ers in the fiftl-4s

The j a re tFh~re stages dof I I
imearcth bio'inning with the
analy tui 'kjduv-pmaznt of new
ide Is. th-. creation of Models j 1W
simulatioin, alnd actual experimn-

tationl onf tesibed equip-
inu~nt. 114,11i idk Illll
Modarels ha~ e bH-11 LIj'Vej-
(ptMd fc-r S5CI, F-A-re
Chh.anne I, HiFFPI, and1< Lihir
hiqri !,pLL~ netwwks'1~i;
` V~ithi thcsc mndeil and
new tooLB being dtwv'l-
oped to e~ploft III-ein,
iIUex t Lgvnk:T.) ti01 iit
ing and networking
Wysems can
be dki~nvtiri.i
ed and devsel-
oTAN brd by A

rapid vra

in terdi iAa3plinary
r-si "r h problcm A re. v
antal*tr 15mus in the
lab. whwre interrelaCed
iiSsw,- tri, cumputer
hal r iiprnc, sufwari

V[Si, ec, av cru ciaL
FoPr -.,rm ,pE Ias part of a r l nh

Thile isLJliW in theHC5Rcfworch Ea bra suite offhe rt-
The Lab c oduciL vx-peri nicnal rnerch wilih 'ide vai 6ty
(f high-perfor mance-nc e tworkig rid plrjdpiLeJ prucc-6ing
er'~i1F. ~Thee Ilb~dii .i-a co'mpried Of LYLT thirty
unipncxrssizw and ntfuJliprxP!-.N4-%L woirkstat jions fCmLtd by
thie idsttM rtitworhkS in Lhi, Suuthi-m~t:

I.-Gb'-s anid 1 .I-hiDr 5ca I~ble Cihereent Jilhr in ace 1SIC
.-2-Gb/is Myrinel
t5F-Mh/f Awvridurmiuu" Tnasij- Mcdc foi TM I
S.L-G61 FiL- Channel
1 O-Gb 1:3 EdtAriwt
XOL-Mbis High- Perfkynliame PaMltl6 Interf~an ( riI'rI:

Fhel I aroi1IroI5ns rtwuxk iN a1w kkiq e, W cqllgf INN' Lit th(*
Iargna drJkicypto-hackbutie ATM rbvtwxTk5 in th1e Southeast.

granii %ith the

Nalisrsl Ri'-

II I ofLli ll

and anal.i>N.

research and

panrall and
Li'~lI iNAL'

,L ri LLN. IL I 1- and 41l,orithmris for
fault-tolerant p'.isjivc s.war arrays.
1bhe gchIl, of theh pnjet is to use
pclara]]l a nd J v.1Iri Ii i iti.6d, prVCc'.-
tn cch~niqtjc,, tl~j-,Vdicr -xiffi lii;h-
performance I i1%,r 4iPtic-' to
dCixreaws he Cth c1 .0 iid sc eand
increases the dL'E1L.r-., li I iltv and
FrformanIL., of aitLtrtomolL'o
dtisposabi e -i ar arrawy turrentlv
under developn ent.

The~t 110"i I R-1 I tabL~ a Is'a
main laLrLs a si.all sateJlite re.ea rvih

tearn of HCS lab flac-ulty and
-4Iudvilt-. at ('ah Si-:c mre working
togehfier 0L1l W-L'kr F IWith the neA'w
LT-F' SU 101k, a 4 '-Ni,/; AUMI
network link for rcvtm.-rch and
experimren Lthk,) iin wide-area
networkling;. Li:%trihucvd cormput-
ing, and iLi ki i .- 10amiing in
support of appli itiori. anid
si~rvicts foTr the nex g'nt ratios of
the nrl~, .n enOf


D r laitiri A. Uni w and his
lightniKng rce:kirckll Wainr at L Camnp
U1,1I.J jig Ft., ka ve. re, vii I i ga I n
intc-mit1iorlN 1 TPI k'I) 111% -i' f~ Rn~ the~
Cuinne hs birk of Wlor'd Ru.-lords
for une'l rtsir~lg Elie v'-O. :6'r, Longcst'~
riilpiirit. liii tLord bTwaking
ttulpiritL' ofi~~t i 2 branches,
one a almost 1i feet long, and the
otlwr mt, Fihir, 17 -f4vt.

The 1 igh.trni I i r reseai rv team began
tlic week-lorlrlp. excavsatiorn lastt
trtttivivtwaftey a boll struck gi;ound
-it I Pslbghltning research rcentVTr i'
0 arn p R131 .Li I 1f TuprViing the
e.sfl4L3rn was. Mr. Daniel
lLr ~formerly of IY ge:'sgollogy
diepartrnvni and thi? Mnusum of
Nawura Histor'y, now with
DLtpnnt- Team members included
Drs,. Human and Raklv, M.r.
\Iidh4d ia L, kiv lon, and Mr. K~i II

1-w Gcov.('a 1, 1ilarnh-t

a,ifhr, it eu- tHe wnxin. By carefi?,UI ex.~cinui HiL~. U1~ I

A "I 1?LLr i r. I-. frlIni.d when
i! n in-rvl stri kes thet ground and
ruris lliiou~h the soil below. sand
mieti and solidifiCe again fo'rmin-
a I k: i tube. ALco~rding
kit U11.an. ul rtiki liq f-Aigu ii te is
n o s i n p m a t tr. "34 AaU s
rulj: [I I I IV'-art so I I'J q Ilk:. th e~
tLPI are simiLar to excavint
it FsiRi. Tt's .10ri litLAV -an art,.

Wer have dug up ten other

waWtr -. whrren111,- iip* L :1iri I I
stj~y : tl I.- ,I I 1 1% i l r V I i r I .1
arciuuid 4-5 fe I,[Ling. -Iovi imuse-
I rn%., tIk Tr.i I Ikl.r Ti I I I it in
lii "ji:I k'nv n n1d I 114 NIM U-.Seu III ot
,Ll~ I. r ill I rr i d 3rkrv'[dj in I. h
i Ii L;sni r ,. Iif thv sma Ile if ''-.g ri

tound at 1.C.amp Vai i'..Iix,.

ThL e i~I-t-v r~ g fUpjFtv li r
13lmdi-ig w..as cstabLishiiJ in 11CJ1
to better undcrstand tlw ph-, -J - il
pntrpertivs u ::V-glihiiii.4 itrulI
develop LLp mp'rCP d methokd- OF
itsde'rcti iit.us'ztric pl1wl'r ard
its deLeturiouur '~i'. t..

Olle Elgerd

bIn An4ugt enta lwcura Ivt1-

D r. 1LLgRd, 1O'e 1, Etg.Li'a
mneraber (fi oor fiCLllk paiivad

enW inecring prr 1"A at MeL
TRnAW ediv spuililiniig ini ExtKiLC

Lntil h'., 4 tiriron- 'I in 1985.

Dr. Q, rd was a meiimber of the
.S~rd k~h Siidtj 4if Fngi iil.mn arid
Arfhmlc ct! aiad a Q I n I" of the
Iiiz1ttti t ofI 1,1n- Al URIEection-
icq Fiwi-n' ,-r-- IITIFI HNc ma
I1nared as mi IL I I. I low.tkfir fiis

Pr Wasnp in Wuh, pnil"~;;I:
many achiccvctwrb, an IrIrK Di.
I:IyLd .1do WOI zI.I w Por ~JIri i. I
Tiwarm inr, 1111 1 r. ;i.
-.I i Ti.-.-: -, i n Ia nd i m 0 A E
11,iivr Ln~ir.~ In ii ii ,Iqi ini
Kh pub~ihhkig ach iev imen [- at
thL' hLiglt it of N cortv-r, lhe w i

fiVncTT. in 1 :114' a l ciflC ciw
hnawr OPtOaNal ,..u1rd Wryllirv tcm
the auGCm) tat ieLaasiir1 chntI l
{A(X2 PI~~'Y ]I 1 n 'Jr-~ ~lk
LDpareIir I vF t.4 idcl n an1 d
Computer l1'rIIILorgI' 4iC CtCd UT.

In hiW nirurr~lii. D1i Foord
WMir ined verv x 1 h u. I W hpeti
niucli oII Ili% Aiiiw (I:,',iiii7ig* and
tcachi p slhoort enu ta-m in the L.S.
and liobwad. HK alsI icu-autthort\
the -second (hid1I (io of -rtis
R,,, r, i. vhivh w'a-
releask'd Ui.IQiI'.

In hi= h-'.. 4mriv Dr. Fl-,. id was a
mnviruLcrcif the $ivrra, Cliib and the
Audobonrt 1&xu3tv-. 'Nhil.- in
(iL1l..iir0, I00. ih u Idcoul Ib iurd
bali rciwn d,!rtimng wi di his vini,
LIII.) fmkv, isili hi n, Dr, l? I,
v'n~yud to Voing Z ;: lltcruer 01
oC'nld. rnounl On i ni n'j and

Europe, fie Vv~j s co-ons MT UfaI
Li nif ii 1fl !11ter1%, LfL Sv' oeLItl
which r lubnn*,id iii Rd W.nb frc
honw wenivivil; w I] I I '.I. .. I I ii : ii,
quin 4 back to tht LpyionleInth
centuryi Thq s i I w r~. y I ii, 17). 1!
etieCrprise ivv, oi i't-f ,is mnany

At the ape of L:-' .~ L~r, L~gerkl WA-ii,
in0cluid inks the WNWJ' Thk
e'clu~.vL' dWPivhn of AlIL CGri1I.rdd
Mountain Club vuflSI ovf ctim-
bers who have CH irnld AlI 1t
POW of th Le Nk-FI k.' M : Illli; 11iI -.
over 14.'.XJC fecIt In his rreiknel
lIeter to the then, -liaiirriIii nDr.
Rl-'nL-t L nuiv lI~r. r van of th elt

Tacrtn.eitiona1 l.nljviT.Ik Dr. FIIL-Lr

wrote, i(Prov; 1vwv tolit Wei f I)

All oi LLm wilho knc?;' him aveill ri
hRs varm '..nik Lilid LrdL'~ree~.i1I
L.n~rsdv~i ticIzl. but loui~t ~iifll 'AL'
pill nwisrs his;j -i olni:.lfl;I spi ri I i
d vvlfntu g r. I i ri -L J :t:ii u I li n zff
exrle, Lus. Po lle Lk L n r %i1. W Pit!
thei rIt.! i (A thig li t w, 14. %

AR OfUhiS W kto h hi m wI H*.

wdrl I:I ts Ird irdicr mnA iII a
melrri1 Dr h.nd On hik nV1rI 'o%
s1wppLert ofludcnthri tli pI ivtk area-


Accolades & Awards

The NSP mul :Eauly.

A: ..P...l .

nir .fac.ty ef a.:'.:.
a .n l n . . i

Dr. J.M.M. Anderson
S. Dr. AnIdes'rwn i a member ot the Digital
'. Signal I''r 'qi l (- DSPli area. Hi- currvE nt
R' arch f'muC wl ~ni lhe applcIttimn i f fD IP
aloi Jrtlunrt. to the medical imaging teChlmiqLLLu
f prvitrinm eminsmin tonmorraplhy (i'PT I. and
S.in".le pi.htotil VtLOi'.OI co-rMpuId trmmonra-
:: phv (SI''.'CTi Th' incrirva d cl.rit'" I'. imagn c- givk'- i"tor I'P, more. L EitUritte r1.MLIM:gs .
I Dr. A.-nderson Im.s been at the L ni*'r.c'Tiy of
I'londa sinr', I -2.
~~~- ... .. .

Dr. KK. O
nD. 0 is a mnembLrr Io LhLte F.lctnic Lmj tC n- it
. ani. L its currT'n t n- "W.'ITLi 1 (C'NMl( iS t Xh
nolingic-e inv"itl'i.N ii1 itrip rP.ildI' I rtLquilcy (R I
-,.wi1.Tll to C'VntL'uit ll ini rta .e the LISC' o Iw if w
r%.l,1 CMt'OS ichnoohly. Ths. in turn, would
iiIRaTiMer the avjilbhtv O.f Clionluunittions ':
tIrlh no1lgir.i n in the c.iiirnunltv. Dr. U joined
.lh ECE lacultv in 19W 4

-^ ***:~*~J ~Sn s ^-'r,"' ":r ^ *.

I)-- .-'(, D- m iin in has been ap-
poinlted L I'.M:L-it--diel of the
Lntemrntionalt Jmornal of i'owur iand
'.r1i rg ", -.LL'rt-., a jourin I f 1he
Interruitbonal Association of
Science arnd TelhnolNy for
Development (lASIEDL), I 1lw
juumal is LHj ils 17lh year,

[ i.' lk l L:. w&ass i1e recipient
of tihe 1997 Unix -r.: t, of Florida
..I, ,inhiL and ..ist-i ii, Award.
This award ...:.lln:i:v*, ,xcellencc
and cr!iLct on'1:-M- in c la;.Sr.m
inLftirucLtin and as aL. ,d.visor.

to the following faculty members wh
recently received promotimns: Dr. Mark Law was ptnm ted to full
prfi,,ior,; Dr. Jian Li, assoia prvfiesor, and Dr VLuimir Rakov
evJed tenure.

Ir :-I c *' P-Ini' .A'd tL C
:. r> nceited NASA's Technol-
ogp Ir.iiNfr T 'T I" eiaward re devLLopmwen of a technical
innoviimon that will be published
in the N" '% i.. Tehl Brieis as an
article tiilcle. "Frequency and
I'h,.v.e Cmpinsi]l tion of
Wi .L'l,.i k J CIommu11 nation
Links ."

PEP Awards

Dr. Jerry G.

Prugrmm (PEP)
Awards are
given for innava-
ticn in beaching
and advising in
the College of
This award fal
9'% salary
incrclase is
;udgpd can power
lions and
Submission of a
personal teach-
ing and advising
plan that demon-
strates outreach
to students.

Dr. Sheng 5. Li

Dr. Ramu V_
Ra ma~wmy

Dr. Stanley Y. W. Su
CongrRatulatlns to Dr. Jerry C.
Fossum, Dr. Sheig S. Li, Dr. Ramu V.
Ramaswamy, and Dr. Stanley Y.W. Su
for being selected as 1996-97 PEP
Award recipients,

IEEE News Briefs

1)1. Vumald G. Childers has F-
reonlgni,- %J -is Lfe F:ellow (4 1li%
[EFF vi i htinor that rerffc-is h3s
e'X7'l Ix i in the profession
and I,,:,g i, -ic-iation with
1kv HEEEI Dr. Childers joins
Dr. Cliih- [ang Sah, whio
becarme a Lifc Felown in

Vr. Mark E_ Uaw has bet
,sel-octed as a -ellow i.{ 1tlf'
TFrrF, orr contribution K'
ilntL-griatd circuit poei,-
nodngand siam ut.il. iin.

Dr Alex Durn i ian kas beun
cwitrid to hosk i ko I I .UL Interma-
timnal CL1nfemnC COo Harmnonics
-andl Q-.Iiliiv of
PR iiver, yCea 2001
'[d'CHQP I Xi.

U~r. Peter Zarv
hucti' ~the I LILI(.,
I: LL Loscrs and
Elhro~-Up I iiC!
q,,ctv i'LEOS

November, 1996.

Dr. fo%,r C- rd n iipe has been
.)an, ir t- r assneiattp Od itu!3 of

P fir a period of tWol
%,ors begmruiing in No%-cin[Nr-
Pw'ri. Ile has also served as~ the
Progrii m Chair of Ihe 1 $,K7 1EEE
Workshop on .Nku,.II Ne.~twork-
firSignal Prc~essing. This event
was held in 2-'plrm llhitr. ]L!LI'7 at
Ainwlisland Planlla) Ii ti Florida.

Moving Day & Beyond

AJ ir'r Y JijTd view Adring rue

Mrilkig 0Itr fN' UNJw Fwildhik iS a1
SL71 IPy SLtjp pr : chairs, irblesI .
thn f! ther, comforts of e Ihonl i,
nitnin right, and bRi'm'J.

fn rirmafrorn the rfflewr darh'rtas as shtir clowdJr
/tidi' in Lower Gairm'iJLL (Irtor*).

,w MV-iWM P Conrferetf mws fld this Novemtwr in thr,..
Fur i?/ri(Vt/ig 8sl'di~ity.

.',mr the 'I,. id ', . O t khiii.fhi t.. R J.n.P',.r;-.'). during g fi'.'L -'-['' f' i'r J iJ'l i.h'Jl.l 'r.

.*. e.g..:.,,.....,. .....

prm et Io Pard C,..rL;.c.. of .Uir;,.. .

J r!


Dr. John O'Malley

For thre last thirty,-Lq:L1,I J YP.Wi,
[.Tn.aO'Ma I lev. pruf-,: it nd
IT IIL-f;'zradiite LL.XITL~w.!1L~r-, lI,e
p1l.l'.L'd an integra] purt iii rfLaill-
A11 the Department of Flextfi
ca1l and Computer Lngiritering'fiu
[Irowd tradition of academic
v cellerxee

1Ll'IL-1 IuiIg with. his owli succesisf u
career, Dr. O'Ni~alle Jdemoi1,strates
Ihb richncj tof a wuie-rllrilded
education. I le eamRed 0 BA.Lb'lkor'
d egCn- in Physics, a M.1 -.!,- r "
d L fL W in Engi:m2riljig fmiali
I'url-tue University, and a Law
Depce f~rom Coilrg-OmIwI UknivLrr-
Heity Fi was. a pFrtit'bL Ig pah-n
Id'r V' far Ce(rhCTI1 F.1Ct.LC in
Syracuse, N ) for '11TIr4 4' rV, but
dbkcoverL-T thait
Lhis profession I ooking bac
"wasn't tedlchni ycarsof tea
C~al LMOuygh," in
1 71 L jrLith a undergradu.
Icttera a Dr. OMall e
rlionc call, Dr it: has been
O'Maal k!v gave
upapronmiasg with such t2
IaW p1IdCt'.L tLIa nd student
becomrie a




COmpicting his Phi)- at the Univer-
iAty of [luridal, Dr. (YN,1 Ile"
deCided to ti 01 VOlf aS a ta 1.1t'I
mrm*imr, thus ;l'L;i Ilniln1 a SUCCECSS
ful career that sp-anned more tfhan
thnree dc~cade~.

Whle campki's"s stich as Kent and
lkrk.A &Ifr w the limelight fur
their puhaic4' I .1:1id s.LsciaL unruest,
UF .uttAl iW I litt 1from the tumult
of thc 144.N. Aceo. inL-fI to
()ALI 11q., tle~ Vietnam War had
"alrnost no i4ftetI" on the everydayv
orpcr.tior'; ol F 1- nrginecring
Except fur tJ few instances of
'tuJUmtSi II"kirn themeselv" to thc
dOorw T1 FIELT Hil11 41T bb ildib,
bunfirus iri tIlw campus streets..
U~dr'Icev ,iavs' here wa'i lessi
fo.1ii 4wc.,. Ownt~i~ than now."

Ur, QWl)111-v'!i experienCe as
teaCher aCrI Ilnd'rgfrJJdudtU
cootiixflVr 1 as, given hirr a rich
pers'pt'cive on
upon his 38 engineering,
irig and dAT~ng to
:e counseling, Dr. O'Malley.
reflects that oe prF.bleil'
that has
thrill to work plagued the
ented faculty field of

yevplleni field for wormurc siv
DT. OA1 ad I v-.-. ntir, the complete~
,ibsf-mv of women in his co'u1'rre of
-Il e11 inCLIdrin g di t I'I: r; I LII.
Hc Liddr, that he and hi-N L.111L0.)gL i'
haveb een artc.-rpting tfi ci -.r'rV
hi". 0i1tiat~i'f for -,.i,

As he preParCs filT fl'ti ruirinr. Dy.
O~b I Ic.ay".s i 1ng ans kwyWs,%fu1
ftell"re with the L'nltlnvk ii orf
Filoida is appro:hiw ;iri onu-d. He?
pl41- ti visML hiUs iljrtLvii L*li-ind
dijldren more often and wiok on a
~Id ed ition of Hi;'i. Ci r..* .i'-
si5. The ECE Depaxrtrnent -,iutie4
bis. aozomplishmerillls.

student ice lt .!.Ill. In 194, after the Iack of female enrollment And

N/ Nlort/ Bar-iarette

graduate students



Fe I Io whi p if r the :l'eLII IfL L..I V ir,
Fildl ILC' ~E- TO~ei::); l
Ldc pprv.?.1 I~,ti\ T J. ui 3 Iin

l .I1i "i' si L14 vn ft in aN fit-i1J. of

n'zc~ring. ~cla.1hL'LcJW r iocuiL4 i.

turiure and I) it it p nua I com -r4-
zr-lucatjort Alllowante.lL1

Mr- \Mitrtn is a lc) 1 r11, tmc L of
Iht '-Ik'C GradUi Fe41]owsfiip
bf'I_,IF)I'iI1A in t". SIL' l l~
semomre r 'Ils awartl covers upf to4
LI:il c l- r.of grLiaduate, shtiuv and
i IctLuiC LIP I10 $1 -:1.111111 pt'r ai:i-
dlem ic: vIM r in IUL&it-ian itd ki1f+.. J.',
ivel I i. -i jontmihly skTV"'d I i e I'.
..IIw -- ed ad jitn

MCIT, I i, vj i i-,, C hu and N1 r1. I (If I r
'V' 'mI ot.'lujfld quirlinwr G;rd IItI

"I 1ll It 1:. 4[Itih KirItlad Air Fojr i.
I ..i -,- in AJ\L L UL, f ''k v New
Wxjce, I w tri.v gra.duaCte
"I MIURN WOTO 111711101 rF.L. adviie-
arwiit of Dr, S-)L.i'1: "" ti im-to Dr.
PI~hlr; 9ry ei s~v-<:IvIi Uiu

WrnM:.11 infraredc
phtpki4del'Lect'rs fnr Ikro.
I '.it kg-kt !Will URY i W(I

to ti'C
mwrximmetersl, J;,6.--, oca~t flovvrn
.10aiv,;i I; im the-if, dv vices- and

Status u(f Sectirin Pnmdiion
after Graduajtionl with Dioctoral
Dcri s

I ,.5


!,. :.,,

V I":I I 'rh .,III "vi"
-I .'Ik AJPtHi,' C :011, P \17 JL
I K ir i!r 'A
I Ic k -I... I h i'-; -

: . .r I~.a~, ., ;.

I':.~''.'.' E"ti-iiilr


R. -dr IiI i.' Iarm I 9 rd ,9%

Sri ,iui, m r,,,t' r ?.,," i'996 ,d J .;.JH h.a

Personal Stnnitirti S
t'xs m i??cr r'i r' r.! FSl k t\' ri: 1' I!fim-

I. Age
22 4:
I '!Tf i lh' If i la the J. .' r*'i.'. iI

?ii': 7'"i 2.mm : 9 'i ^ 29.7,
3l.y k ,- i L '.'i'r "1 ,, :i'ii.'.' .

2. rAeX
<~i ?. P 2 : I ".. *, i'
I.n. 2.",. 2' % 1'in v:'. 29:'

4. unitedd . .. i izen

Y T .i ",, -- & I .

7. Florica Lity st
YDes. 9r% No: .l, NR' 1

Degree Conipletion at UF

1. At wviich i ch ol did yVu c-Imm-
plete your dildlek
UF'. HS";. II'VF: 12 '.

IVhat IIth'r "I,'r'L'fs I d. oyo h".r'lf
ufbN Oi-ir

2. Ii.I Vlu attend jumor LI,!rgeC
before transferring to URF?
'rts: .-4% No: 5n" ,

3 Wl'le at U by whnch w re youL
supipnrvt d pv.. ra.'v- (P'l n,,t:ls (li,.
c(T i L. dA all IN
PM.:.: P: .. F: 2";. N: 44"
f i, s: ]: :.W ',- b: .". N : 61"
-. i,.:,'.*,! .;; 1': 53'% : F N : -1-4"'
WLV rki.l r:,idi: P: I.," E: ':' :. N. '
Fril,,a:< ipr LP: 2" -. :,E:' I N : .' '.,
rin' : I': .. F: 9"; N : 391".
Sif: 1: 'r .. NE h'.- N: 25"%.
On',,. P, [ .2". '.: I1%'

Availability of Courscs
1. In which aOTii of Elctrical kand
CrtmpnI~tc '-r.gni.i'.riiii; did you.

C!'iJ ; trr t ', .'.*I., *.* ,. 129 \,

. ".\11 1. ", ..En.r ', .fi, :1 2"
L(~~~ 5csV.: -
I1."'11i I 'h '.'-. ; 1 '.
wl;*',.*,,t m.. i C,/rs .- 5"
f_! fr: 17" .
V(1 ?1: I"'n

2. Did you have .nr ri kuble t ttiil I
into any ECE ci -rn'?
Y;i : 1;I'.: Nt' ll" .

3. If ss, (lild the w ait prolong your
grad iuliun date?
YeU: 2U" No: 8C(';,

4. Nl i I I; ll that apply, d(I 1m11 fr('l
youIrrI. ctlais WLeT Oil 'A 0'1 .I.L;:.
'; : 11..11 .'. :i40, 1". E"T rti' r't ,!i': 4 .'"
Li |ta t I *' '. 7, <*' r t.:Iy" ,I, 'i'
h..r ,'i'. 44". Fa r; l .",. Pdir, 1 -
(.if,'. ': 3'.:

a51. WX at was- the ilvdn' IIulber
uf s1 udenLs p.r LC CI Cire class? 4r,
b. Per elective coLrse? 33

6. iX you feel ECI classes wereo' li
small, too large., or ii .t ril h'
-i r ;l v i(: Ul". "i: fir,'e: 1 I'
'-: ,'%_ MNR. 4V,,

1 D)irl yILou se-k the advi, e OfI yLour
faculty idridi ,ir?
Y6; *'.: N i). (1".. 6.'i- *I

2. Wits yourdr aviir IaXiil',
available to help you'
Yrs: -1-.. 4'1, N: R;;:

3. LIhd you receive hcpfulI idise?
Yb. :7~".. No: 3" L\ A YU' ,

4- L3d vIn LsP the C.Il.i .- :*f F-i :i-
n'..rini- \l11 Inn,,r 1" M mentor P'. ..i nn
'%s; l' .1 NI: 933'%1. NR' .

On f scr're 4)f 1 fir,'r) to 10
I .,i's r), fr.t-e tIre quii?.'l j tC m -r.hm .
you reeizvd at UF



]1 4 5 6 7 k 91lf
.P....... rrT

anrd Katlli.,ynP A. M(Doicua

Th Q-. No': 1.1 :- NR:'i'..

Yes No: c~cl199, 1" NRl h%,

1. Vii you ask your profes~nxs for
Kllp wi th your assignments?

2 Wcrc your proiCsSOrs readily
awailiiLv'u to you for such help?
Ye5 87". No- 7%C. N -K :

3, Lid you completed any faculty
LaI.atiL~n forms?

4, Do you fcel the faculty evalua-
kion forms qi;%.C an accur;atv por-
rava! Of a -)L1ft?!,L.0 ". O~eralI P~er-
Kt: 69% Po.- 24 ;, NR: RS

L. Iri viw' fuel yVur TLC claims
fLIC Io tnodprrt, n iotJ.a tii. utr I ith(-T
2rrl. 2". Ow rdi i'
Ofe t3:.NR

2, Did you have trouble gaining
aLo'ss to e~ngineering conputcr
WN: i', N: 48% NR~: 1%~

3. It vecs, how much tmuble?
Alavsysyf ;virt-:i 9%
Mots of Mhe hwemi L 'i!rii.
0 *:--I1 ;i Fki v,'"/ I.i.'ilr?.


M i crr II net wus

I. Arm vou a nt-in irl of .arW
studeng Irtaniwtirn2
'Ii~; &.!i' Nwa 27% ,\ i: "c

2. Have you vim'l ony ayitrd.%s Lyr

Yi-,;: 411% No~: qW.ci.'I.
3 1.q* 'W- o invovlvt,- in a Co-p

Co -op: I y' rriJrp2'

Cn-HIrp OFFIi-, hedPR6d

5. Tf i n had to do it oll over aginr,
Wi00l0, oU1 ,Atill ihwu EC L:?

Into the


W,'h..1 are' I. I I I l. -I .- 1

fo m

I,2c~;t .-.-


:1-0 CI'41I

pIIrL.s: II' jbl -I.Ij Io.b I

Da!I iCb

anrd Katlli.,ynP A. M(Doicua

Th Q-. No': 1.1 :- NR:'i'..

Yes No: c~cl199, 1" NRl h%,

1. Vii you ask your profes~nxs for
Kllp wi th your- assignments?

2 Wcrc your proiCsSOrs readily
awailiiLv'u to you for such help?
Ye5 87". No- 7%C. N -K :

3, Lid you completed any faculty
LaI.atiL~n forms?

4, Do you fcel the faculty evalua-
kion forms qi;%.C an accur;atv por-
rava! Of a -)L1ft?!,L.0 ". O~eralI P~er-
Kt: 69% Po.- 24 ;, NR: RS

L. Iri viw' fuel yVur TLC claims
fLIC Io tnodprrt, n iotJ.a tii. utr I ith(-T
2rrl. 2". Ow rdi i'
Ofe t3:.NR

2, Did you have trouble gaining
aLo'ss to e~ngineering conputcr
WN: i', N: 48% NR~: 1%~

3. It vecs, how much tmuble?
Alavsysyf ;virt-:i 9%
Mots of Mhe hwemi L 'i!rii.
0 *:--I1 ;i Fki v,'"/ I.i.'ilr?.


M i crr II net wus

I. Arm vou a nt-in irl of .arW
studeng Irtaniwtirn2
'Ii~; &.!i' Nwa 27% ,\ i: "c

2. Have you vim'l ony ayitrd.%s Lyr

Yi-,;: 411% No~: qW.ci.'I.
3 1.q* 'W- o invovlvt,- in a Co-p

Co -op: I y' rriJrp2'

Cn-HIrp OFFIi-, hedPR6d

5. Tf i n had to do it oll over- aginr,
Wi00l0, oU1 ,Atill ihwu EC L:?

Into the


W,'h..1 are' I. I I I l. -I .- 1

fo m

I,2c~;t .-.-


:1-0 CI'41I

pIIrL.s: II' jbl -I.Ij Io.b I

Da!I iCb

Dr. Jose Principe

In/ Georu.Y L. I. Hii ffI

D r- luse C. P 7;r-.i in.. %,IrrP.1
Aind D)irector of the CompunpL it-i mni1
N,,ilnn)Fnqinipri'riiiyy Ba'kiratory,
;isshstu.d by gradu;i1110 students Curt
oi febrc and Neil EL'1.31011.I has
r..'itiih. Completed .11n interactive

ttiirfafl, TrM"Uqf Srl 11`011J, WirLL 1.
%4Las11 x U"n the CU ttRn ink.I of
eontIl utL'r-asiLs;ted ItirlUctiLm in a
11. i L,,r4 Im / laboratoryr setting.
-I~*1~*'rLId i1Ior)'n;d ~ipprotiche-i.
to i-iII incrifll4 du-Cion begin
%%tll 0 1I.theory aind di.'n ifiistrkate

Dr. Pri t ri. inp 5ta 1tive approach

students t')lk.'1' 111 I LM 1,;Li conpu ter
sri mutitons.

A Neur aJ network iks aniidaptive
I -~s'rri tha t can leafI) riat-onships
Li I I, RJ I Tupuatcd prlbivntatkin of
data, and iss capable of gerieruiz-
IWI IIL'L. pnreviowlISI unseen
data. A I understanding ngo
adaptive. s '.i s an i tpurtant
tLLx)l fror sttidnts entering~ flie field
of c riiputlaiunal eni.L I IC ". iL 1"
H4ievotr tfbis subject is inifrv-
LLIIuxiiLL Incl- uded as part Of i'llo

1 Ind~iCTg3id LI.I1 I' curriculuM
bv-cawk ot it'. derendency on
$0phisticatd nt~d ieaaic's.
CiYmptiters are a 1,A) formal sv.-
turus that provideark additional
dimerision to jn.Srtriun th r uu.h
their simulation power, ''he
I 11.1 I'l LW U! Of -1 1 .il iuj~ i rin can nio[
bl- u.m!I-restiulated 'AXdI;ptit
s~ys~wii),I va rn trm till data," Dr-

are no a priloii models involved,
real dJa is j1, vt-n more fLhrldcincr1-
Uc1au han i 1yOthrn perfl I ra-,
bi-, au w th v ,y s ternE~ p e r o r lafi e i
djrK-ily rcldatcd to the amrnout of

rcea world ipplica Liiu i isnJuding
pattern rvoognition i KCR/AU-r
just deli vcrcil a nIrura I nCtwork
baise'd OCR ystcm), uait%
cOLIrtri1, filldndila f0TI7.10i rig..

conti llhi thu chemical anid power
industriwS. Th intcracaive bok
lsi- exelrtcc from UIC e ho.reans
and offhirP. tv dcn:nntiahm' putem-
rial WBtPy Wh)[ile 1n1tructin'g on the
tcr-hnok't y F Ir t a neural
network rmo c -bcan bEd ki4vvl~pu
to c ras~fy nxk crabs a- d l Iher
male Cif fEMraic it6 the sim"liator is
given thi input data of Sf"as,
Pronta] Lip, Aear Wid Lii, I cngth,
Width, andnp Thiprh for a .;vlort o
of rock crabs,- Thu1 PrxiLqmmiii loids
h7h student thruigh the nevsrv
steps of dataa aojIsv7ation andL
preparation ill c.uating a ncurM
network. Rl' train nin and Crrujs
*'.?i~%~lglin~ the~ I'ieYtWo.rk, and

optil Migi g its pa 1-a I I le C the
resulting icLeural rwetwork r:odel. j
Sucssul U ibunti'f4 i.-ji bi'uu
crab gcrder aind specit-.

"'T1he use of IIit: simulator allows
us to tLach 'complicated top4:-s
asuch as neuw al ries un a l]cel ti;i
.) typicalI unIidlr); raI tdLt:~ call
kompruhuiO'L''c -.a% Nei~ri Eiffiano,
Adding that 1.1) ~'LrJ:Lflhi.~
Wifil the stul'! l~~ ~ldenks Can
st~tr how the dil I Ii -r Iit parameteis
Of AlN' N'LStem aft-i I the VUutput-
Th I)% cLraIl i pproach h)as advan-
Uases in that atu rci,' arcx
t o nLw 11carning eiivirunment
11101 irICIU&N' LkiiiY reil world
data on 6he Ww Id Widle Wcb aniL
a nov'el deliver r concept,

The intCractive tlbovk is a
I I 1iCgrtition of a h-.p t I.-t\!t du,-Lu-
mrot e.!.).pEAining the theory
Mntertvinrd wjith ;t simulator and
will li delivered in a CL) ROM.,
The cummeria] 'Itui rnuiitor,
Nevro~t~mlions is i idudLzd with
lthe Wook, and alllow- 4udenis ico
In11L %II'i paraniters to' comprv-
hnrd ipCCia1V d Ific.J conciept-
in unique hadnb-on manner.

Thi National SL IV1L I- 1uundation
iN~;F: I1hs recently funded Dr.

.'& "ri Tht--se funds will
L4be u -o equip a (]asidrom with
a nItMwOrk ot fCS LiusL ta ill cn.1 bl!
him tLo j111t his new bok and
instructional approach in -Action
for undergraduate edlI.l..till.tIi

Haniph Latchman

b 1 U':.$Cbi Kath~l11'/I .\4Cdi"A

r~'mptJs (if \. 'ri.~1 Ca7roli~na IrMaLe

folrida. 1- i I''11 I iiij I t. clxing.'
in "ti;i i I -1 i iI. th .is mIovLe inaligu-
ratus I clinC;7ngll IIII], fl.X:U1 Of the
103'i .1 L hiiie 1.Ir..H ie1ti~'lnu' of a1
newVI %.' )l' '~iI 'ii CUrricil urnStll
rcniaLis i iiL, maiin(i 1*;' h'iwvc' ~ er,
SLUCEIED is i.l I Ig fror Llci
C14pffinnlellil Irii~l ftf vjtri-lijlS
Lh..ckia~ud" ;rndl n~i ~ hri 4T11 in

vitItnLI iC": (i A II Ir I velr

Mi1 Ilaitiph Laclriniai) lrtif oli
DI 'r'rtmnlm of UI k t I ILA 1 min

ohr rpite L LL U irioofir.m. i-( [i (4
mrc 'n hi hn Team <'H Ill I dcr u
DilLe ( I I thre.2 t -xIL 'Li Lii I if

',.hoICILs int the~ coa Ii ltin W: 111
'L5I.CCLt I) mcrnbers ilntri) ,iiiv

i'-i !rII, the CIT leiadtrs Luui-
SIVO I iCLI I i I-V 10. ld thO rl i Vir id I ILI

cri plIS, all b ig IIg "1 .ision and
pI~~i'..'hvi4f 5CC 14 :)to be~
bt!I.L clpp I IVLL I I I '-I L.1 LI i Vi'T'it'V'
L~r~C~Cjit'. rirvClls~k i~;

In add i tiLhi Li. I L i~ role i tli in the
(*[ I. [ 17. [iLai 01fl.1if has ,i'. ke'n tle
Ilecad ill dI- I-I 'p r: ;n mcchanismi

Networks, m'eI'l II [t ii s ALN.
LFhe initialI ph.,],i' -of &.1 p1n'jcct

;v'asw in whichl a wri+ pargy
would eIxi-4 flir 4--ah colirsci)
fOCURV M enrrlbef tvacalwlr. Not tinlyr
-,%.-i I I thesr Oftnt"r~i l 41 n-
riuji-i]1xcrunits and gr~lid irt
miitiu r. :rtlain ii i. Lr, tl.r':, but
MIilip' h t Fei r 1 '. FrI.i I he1t

prmlcssor otc- eLAl~ikhOw v TrMI ~RIS

I NU VC 114. p at anly hi f(.

A I hirh gh miany cha nri: w(-i %vrh

irir'0of I tridn, in pq I I~~ th
'% d.lvi I tfee -la rt of iLt." r.

tirll: ti .i r-i -t ngincfing for1;F
8tvi LvrI tltitI I here is rf.1L
anfi iC LptrIAl: it wil. work lf wv.
I ik vncrg and commif-

Ohi' 0N 11ioa 1i -'.! I I P 1: 1 iVfL..I LLL b'I
bC iiiN6rida, F IOkilI N LU."1

tinC iF~bt '1 1.' )~~ -L Ii5 I .o j '1''
iif 6-1-it univer,;l~;i lies-Ilic uriivel~cr-

~it~* ('o'rgi.'i Teh, N, r[t C- I I(
1'71.)harcLnRt'r-.i Nof Irrll ~i
LA.ich S'. -on, and ir II %-.iI l'ecr
LICIT IO."PnIIIA v"li-ki I 1,.q -Ill r f': rr.
v'iag incur i':Igi flLLJ ;L.I4 IdUC.'l 11I 11

.lurricUILLMu mcnxrtl%, (OLirriciilmn :'
The ,od of CuirrJiulu m 2 1 IS I L
Illcilil rfi-y tvJ-% of tfl~,iiW li ho
I tie s tre'n.ths Ir4 1i ic
ntVA4 111. 1 ?1`1 I Cirl is. wk. 11 l S Ot
va ix i lie[i'.' I piaci d ki'..i I xLTr r
MaTkI-t-pli~kLQ I(it In-2w br*r,-'l Jid
OngPillk"c(7 MJJlt he able t~o woek %,vLI.
1: % d(rritll n'll1 t, nfU VO kdr n ',ngn
-) ''i 'i ,lt- Ii .o ving skill, anId Ih.i'
the ibill~lity to cotmmunica [I? iv-I 1
y andl in w r':,ing

V'~iii t: pngrmvm based Lt Ihth
L:U ii LIr I i lofl ria and 1 willI
rjineuved Ftndrlklg ftom thi Na-
thm-nail S cvrt F'ouindatiiori. SiUC-
CIEEL) %vtl :I L~triye to) becoin4, swl f-
Llfifiri n iri order to enrsstrv that
1)%kI h'[ 111: PIS:lgralm 4 iTmpk'-
Meikled ui ir i, itst auspiCS wVill
onntinue N A 1 -1 th-r N!"j "S I L1 11,J
o[ them-rrnr


scaled power plant

Jtrhn lake rj.rrks orn portion i4th ScaIte PoRwr Plant i'i
Lar.sen Hallt.

,.linJrJ PYo'e r .i\.Jt Ji .i.' ili ri i[1.1: i'r L r-(
ll f,'rf id f i dr,'n d h ,.i r' ;'.,,''r. :L I/iL-.' -! ,'.;r
linztt.'f d t O t1g? t, ?I .'Ir I. .ir Ie .'i.'H 'i'ir-.

The Physkial Scakl Model of a lossi-Fuel Generation
Plant shown In these pictures is a replica of one unit of
the St. John's River Power Park, a facility owned pnintly
by the Jacksonville Electric Authority and FLorida
Power and Light The model, under the supervbsiojn of
Dr. Caol]]l, was a 1996 donation from St Johnr' River
Park, and consisb of 40 rolling tables that oin together
to form an approximate sim- of 800 sq ft. Highly
detailed replik'as of the major components of
Jackonnville's state of the art coal-fired power plant
include steam pipes, motors, containers, valves,
catwalks, ad many other.
Dr. (j.rralil ~ri idnFds froniJ orC f /hSCLa'd crl
rin ris -r.-r tr. units lhat grind the cot Jo ,Iid
th fu'ira rn, 4i L h Y is thr b0riler


T I w aT S S ~ lftlV0TIj.- 17ldan
Anoalvi i of advanced M1atvriun
P71 1 i ng. Center features
r-tLr< Ii I I.Lfl Ip actiVitieS CornNn-
i mng Bna-L11 techniques from
, ~ria1 SuiinCe ato mOdding with
4111V1.1, r L','A -e jlgi neeri.in pv pec
t-~p ~EAs ;ilir~lr. te~Ch~noLUg
ecoulvid in[ recet years, we
L4is4lrtvered tWa bv cornibinini
matLpria15 techniquei~f w~ith LE
t~c~srsl wet we re8f ab~le to
.'.Ikvi crilcuit technoroip- in new
aSiid Dr. Mark Law, a co-
1--o-~ kir ofthe SWAMPA theT~
iultnillation of a successful
7:t-irh parinership etwmn Dr.
I; w arnd Dr. Ke in Jones of
Mlti triak ISketces a nd EnLg irwer-
Rtht SWqAWIP center wab
iffhiadliv t-biijhed in iJue, 114%.
Ih Ik wI p EryfesgorS have wtrkvt4d

tli'-VL ". 11VT On VaniclLS
fnrch pJthILcts
silci I I when thev
first joienel forces on
oi Florida High
El\. 1I -'.1 lt grant.

The SRWAMP Center
sucksu understand
hird mnadel funda-
rnuflblI j)10I'41li.- Of
tOIL jiiiterias in-
vulved in the fabricit-

-Vi rt-0,1.,s tior, Of -silicol
Iliilhl 1, experimenta--
tionR. TITTYPrugh L-1,F1'r -rimi-nial.01).
researdtes jaii; b 1ovteI under-
standing of the iii1w. on the
atomic Scale, t'mii o0cXkir in the
materials usd in rni.,v~Ictronics
when they are PT This

ilnd'T-t~ill ril; Iii T Li'zii ttL deveknp
ph!v;iil:y I.y -.J fxels that can
bt iflsC-ted IntO pxess dimlitOT~
thant l110W tfW tl) PL.rf ruxlU accurate
'ltll~l CkI;:I Of -advanced
micrvviutxronLrs manufacruring,

Une of [Ite cwritei l strengths is
ti.i-7hflnIi iI tranisfer to industry.
The iIlf i.;;n~; rol y approach uf
di. jihA \-1 P Ctitex has proved
valuabl-e to industry sincc it
proxvidvlL -skitwagtW that dekls 111k:
physics 4 11< ckel is[try of tile
rmnirnif;iri. llpr ind
experim(iit I work that aims at
i:.iijbrhr-- p 1i fLware models-
D~r, Law ads hilm In CC~ntrihibtin.L
to indiW- tr 1I privv rkLr-- to
viflcap 1k Idle thli knowledge that
we have qiairit- I in th0 fWrM Of

11c; rgLl ianif~i E jal-nisj t

For .lplL. the FLi(X3I, i ii-rida.
ObjeL (i.rHictcd PrLeS rimLdLa-
tor) SL.LtIarc' was dWi. 4.1d id ;
thc cEnkor,. iind distrixul~ltt to 29
conipiwiies ,Z6 un r.c.t:i".. and 3
rIatifrna] kIbn hL, 1fWlTt nr'lca~ .qi Ni:
has 1IM0l3iV("d the SLL L011II Il.21C'-ic
C[orpdi .it ISOI Tbcl1Cii I
ExceIIliim-Award Adii
in 1991l irl 1I.,. SRC slxtrisorei a
tcL I U IL -1, 1- transfer fCirq. dc-
voted t) :'LV SOfLwaeii 11wt I .: hI
abotit 10 to 20 industrLiI %cenitisti
to (i i I IL" k-I' each r

Aal like, r ti-f the .i ik;li Ic-, lg.:C,

studenitsin the center Ikirni
tclAhnil] IC. and I- 11::.ib .ii *.. fromn
bi.Alh .irvits, I hei MVA\1 F Center

gradwa.tV*d k, .iiL-.rlL
alle Ni I IL.and 4 [XlI4 dOCtOnTaI]

The wriserch lwurdiiig fiLr LjI11.L;7
Ik a rtic parCd to be clkCc to 1
miliIoni douhrar. This F.M:. -in, -s

basod, including sLpprirt trom'
SEM A J LM I and `I'ici rMUL'-ndu

Ad.ditI1rirl ii I pfrk 0over the years
1ws Irlovi -.p rt --idl.-L fr,' 17- 4ther
CLXY)Fkillil, ; SUCI a!. M], I larris,
AT&T, Silvaco, Inite1, 11] to1rola,
IBIS od Advanced M icx1 ro virjcP.
A e amcnint of in kind equip-
ru',!It (over 540,MY) pr year) has,
been gKiven by iEjtoi I. M~rtoT01,

ind A'[&'T. Thc 1k-VN1P Ceintcr
i) ti i'korrks Oktmwyi Nvith '.Iik L'Tr)
miiit a l~:' iir. inclu1ding NIST,
NASA, Clak Ri:lmc Nation liI
lzboratorie%, :.i'dia Nationa),1

I _ibnro tlit cki and k.10i,-r uliversi-
lis:I: I tid ing %-) I, fi ~rd.. Cilifornia
jInclllULZ f OfrhliI.IJIl\, Univer-
sity of Ti-' .,; at Aumtixi aund A.uLisra-
Han NaitionaI Link wsill..

Aa7alr eir~k uSe5: ~hr :L,: I ;I~l~i I ~ !I,.', i I~I~;.; ,:: I;;I,~: I .'1I1, IIl.r; i.


yok: ,mj Id have the information
(uxl t Cie Uniriversity of 1I nl'.' ,
1,1i-0trk<,. Computer Inp~lL.cir,
i 1, Vp& rtlrell at YLOLLr :vn.;rlij<1

firiter, mom co Corftfl, andn thu~
g;1tott', IPJIV .4 nap,

1111 rod I I--i 11

4 :4H --.14ta -I -h I. .., 1-111.ri A-

In P epivii with our logo
C'~:janrmitt iwi, L I Lxc E1~~L
konic&" Wi. hlave de~vek~jw
nw Sit~ ~i"d Lmptr-ned
I-% on"r~ blr~. The~tre are"
L~tiUfl~ ~~III tLolvard
SuCK as~rl~l L~ Che~
ing Gvkide anid the Gradu-
(,te Guidr1inc-. There arC
Iii)L,. LD 3I. tC nh intiftcr-
i1Atitwnj kbLU ECE's
RqTI1-' and kILb. Somwi
ECE NIwewdtlter articles
will .ijretii a.9 feature

]hv w d4,jtia CoLmtauts a
m-%u me cyberbager~r set-up
byV R14ikv Rmildin, the

StudentslPut theiTr rc
tvi-lbu*w and tht-n potential

rilri.il on the cosnmputcr tp
TI 011 C' 3 lkt 01 mfa1ic7shinl
L. I kI Jolts

Come visit us at:


I ;

" ~

I; ?;, l. ri~l l I t fie ~GI 'IL. 1. t, L;.- o C 11 P, Wid 1?i. I 1;: 1. ';:l i:

1. # 1 a.%f ~w, "E'r, .'I i"

ii ]~Ic~!~Z~ : ~I i
k ---I


At the Fair


Dr. M. Rashid

Trio &djprtme i t of FFi-Ci-TjCij1 and

cOMr0 Dr. Mulhimrfiod H,
Rashid in [the FCT f*ieijjv, DT.
Rashid hat-, 1,s 1. VVd ffiu position
of Prnfes.nr and DirextwjT of thLi
UF/UlWF joriat 1 Im ir rm in
Electui'at~~~ IJ iIe~rp isi. the
authtin of 11i %i -ExliV.. wvith
another two kxz~s bci~ng printvd
in I1%, armid o mre. tihan one
hUbldyicd CrMnCf(-n~' -tflA rcvjew
it ur naI p Dr. R, -hiNd ks
intern lnaiol Y recougnized as an
aLII11'i1ri K rn Power Electronics.
Di. R.Ah11 jS aI r-egasterud P r, &-~-e
sionaiii En;iivtiT in the provinCe
of On ari(, C'ndma, a rcgisitred
C3101 1-L.Rii F.iigirI-r In thc
United Killgdi.rn. Ud a 1L-]LL:;%
of thte TI1i ti t-.J, Iin If'ElCctriCa]
I ie~i lr.l an LUndun tUr:hc'~*
mnre, therrr U1%T- Ikiun V hon-
orvd him with fh..- Chii. t.,tnding

Dr, Keilh and b kJi -ics biv 'We~rnvnce Lihorah-lry n-101if s~lc
fir p~tcefiirWI ri'.rl4'! 4r Id ftL4' 1997 & S nieamd Ffkeriit Fee ir,
L)..tv. ondfni~ir~g~t. "fal~rdis zWik deqiirtmerrr chaiman [,~ )I.
Afli rrir A. t1iU arnd I~ j.X-fri.1':.fh)rrt the MIL ihi Te The

ce~rtio ri l!i': auidio CD pr.TievIto k cer robots tmauwrd Mefiluril Jr,71C,


also gragrdiJvdi fii~ifl the ULI
oif IepL- o: Law i 1l79, and
caTnuLl on I i wi J'. eqj LIL from11.

'Aanfoi r i s He Fis rTrdaTL
an ill 00--0 FII h.

iiginFffll HD10 111, I iai1,Vaili

IIT-a i~ti II..C at +J u
yuts I lo is a! ret i red I I`CTI5_
A miv RL'.eryt. and plillr)i I ig 4?~
i wr L Honrida next vytor.

Andii IA living in Xkluntoini Viiv~.
Cali fori~a.

i k nt a,,p poic-c iimi angtr Wit Lhi
RIUoLauucy Nnimr.rln Intern.i-
i inticu1, fnxC in 'NV~-. 1;11 i' Y'*.1 ii,

i I lbin Evcrgivtrcn. Colorada. and
workingg as a I 'ro1r.i i ii Managitr.

is living in Mcbuiuri-,. Florida.

Ix \

I.-.&. -.j~

a-~4 L c

*:;u~;*' I~b L "
k .1

iiI \ Ii, h-..iio.ld, L;jSLL -,'is
1ivr-nl L),' WJrleT, Colorado, and
Wffk-J-g W ;~' il Fwhl; Appl~icatition
E' iL: incr a.i tiji cte Semiuond uc-

Iis ing ill 'NAi 'kIll k'.i Ck* L gT~Id

living in j.1..-.ln. T~nnL4x I Iic*
is an Accouinl i Yttcutive for
IntcrnJit1Ofls I Sales at ABUII I"., -r
r&,2 ) (70,

F rik Ni1koli.' 13,51T `I 2 is yrl:;
a-S a I-Lllnctlcii1114 1 'ICtt )Vf anber at
National Sinmicoinducor and
[liing in Cenn'inlownl Maryland.

is Living iii Or!ar-uI Ficifida, and
ivol-ldng iis i' -:19,PnFillt-VT with
':;F, EL)&C

K ev ii -- ...!r *-1 1 1 jis I-.. iri,;
in Mcvsa, Ari exni, and OrkikL as
an lkcatncl 1-itigirniewr Task Lcder
at Motorola

ArnoMld i, rtz, *i F- 5 1 is ,wlt-employed aftcr
retiring from i Irj cA. His last position was
Development I'ri gra m I.~i iagcr f tn- the' A` C.I1
-v'-tcm, the prvinmer ivvaptlii sy steml tc'Idiy2 lott t4
naval v*es~ics I It ialm consrlt5 s or Lockhvixi-
Martinn,I k hp ; R;SE frmm Pmxcl Univucrsity Oind
i;- a .1' Nm4Mlimrr 4iF tht- I FEE. I Fs two sunms onJ
iJILLhicr ll~wv .1111 'h0-;Ll1 ITar.'co.mp.tur migir-r-



Ahlbeam Power Pou
Anarwog Deiics
Andersen Consul~ii,
Arlzona Stale Unive
AT&T Foundjudnn
Avant Corportioan
Bev Neftwdor biE
BeUSuthi Corporath
Bucket Minid
Coimpaq Comnpuim r
Digital Equipmeit C
DeloLtte & Touche
Fnnwrgy sgrinas. In
EXXOA compantr. U-
FkorLda Pdt% er Corpx
GE Pund
IHarris Corporabion
Her w t -Pmnka rd Cri
HoneyweI] Foundai
IBM carpadmrn
Intel Corputlon
Ja&oinville Eirctric
La.dceed Malii Co
Myay Foudadtloi
McDoaumsf Doug]m
Nultrool. Inc.
ThU Proc &dr &Cab
RAI Corporation
RockwOll Intermauhor
SchdIumbvw r Founc
Shamrock Seed Comn
Sound Ideas SWereo. I
Uniid Tkhritologies
univquidad den Fii

A Icle. D

Aniacku r.T

&-jrf.n, J.
&A~, L in

J s bl. -1. T}ij Ti]LJ
Bhscil. Richafti W.

Bilrba~th, Mi-r,-hav~l R.

trarhholdl, Willi=m in

Brij.ki.rd.! MJIfl md S., II,
Brinikln.LnI Mihd-li.Car]
15111-A 11. 'I hfILV.d v F.., jT
Ri j.-i i I.Carl I--hi -
1.1. k Thi-nm,) I:
Msty BILIrk~t~t, ihwP
5Lit'.I.i NumuJi~ G;.

Oft (-mrI-n,f'h hTWVrl A
'.11:rl-, DM1 ih V '
FLrdatorb. 1)eriniei I'

C 11-17dI4'r, Wi~tIli~im
Chun, Irn e 4rIi .. A

LcLLI I, L .n IVp.. 11
ic.- I I. Fran;:L P.
"Pm rRan a I`lr IZl i

Auffihity Diifk tnir K
LITrLCr n Williaim I Jr
ErYp~n, La;rry 2).
Cowpomdn ,'. I, m 1

ie -Fund Furviv. JILIUn
Fi1cnz, Rtevn Rober"

1rr Corporation
myirln, Yzw. F sh-er. J-Lg l~l.n I. .If

1 It ill r, IFLIward. jmhn
CwporaJdonL [I rv, K irtli d C.
MOW hish.) I I. Cha rlte E.

Ui~rrinro, Q biinrr v V, .
(~l~t>~x ~k. 1urid S.

G~ra(, Da%-id kitottr
James )asInm ~lie
rd CH-ai;gL, RiL'L'rt VV.

LJinL* HjlrTini.Ii'fl. TIFili'.; I..
!4.ar.Uld F lHaikin. i c.eik I ruiil
Sergio' I J I. 'i.',:
OC7,. `%MiclieI T) Gek J:ri,
,Js ph C., Jr. H-ess, Hmut'ld L.
rfJn ..I[. lonr.ld, Jirhn Ma-. Brk

islk K,. II LIVV I, LSduii S
dca K. I Iowrurllell, 1, e n

I Ilsg IWibr~rt r~oi SIn

Johnsonrlr, larillvalrlC
Jiohnklli. JChAn A* 7r,

lohmon, J07.4-11c'l Ir
Jofwsi. 1 .11 J-r~~hv mi
K,l JliUr, -lI),i kL.!

Karrc:. FxL-drick (".
Kiav, TNrrry 5
KI(rm, Chn rlre I [reti'reI
Kt1J1FV-n"ttrrKLr, Ja Ines;
Kotiluh,_ I i... 1 t, L.
Kuh 1, Vik, 1. r W_ )r,
Kulk;imi, 'vsir

I Rol t i ti Anil
ILarinni,41 I ilI

Le, Khi V.
lx, s I ie knJ Fra rrI s
I !- -,_ Ikrhr1n R,

Limfih.lMnir En'.:ik A.
tiUrnikc, Rberit I., Jr.
IcpTarnjk, Otilig R)

]sa ;I .~v h r,~r F.
Nictnv,% I r IfL L A.

XMalik, K*-,-n IDrkl

LfI.Li:' Fr.edcril. IA
Nfc~hhstey, Diane 1,
Mc-Infrmiirl A' I)
i'1cl vl, A.n l-i. A

Fihl1~s, Dii~nald. M.. III
eMii kin, Maru rc .A

Miller. Ge*.)r~ F.
M S.r.irr,1 A, Jr r
KxNi~wn, 71 -,L ~I F.

Moye~, I4j:*x.rt Milo
NkifiL I. I1--VI
Nid-olbiui, LXiiudu A.
NNxsl, Pokil T 11
NirhokDin, I[Xinir1 A.
N i-kida. 'I o,;;h~a7

Fat koi.,I Ericc C..

I '317XV, John 1,
ii... i:d irm H.
Ph inriA VY)Hrli~ttl N

I'Pu.A VI 1, J Ii t! LIV
P'urfyrr] l n!.,1 F k r

PkITCM, I r f,,1
w. fl'.'L 14.'.-ivi V

K'niurers, Wyintl A.l
I1cyntirlt U.lii f ori P

: s pheri 4I
JkijbirrlN,, Iii Ia I rn 1.

I~iiilrl Janrilc4~r~ W
S1i.1 I Ynd 14~te ir.

Lin Hol alIm, '4afa y
qliiii l. Uiv lLJ.

2 ii (!! C~~riv 'mr. i)i
i,-i k-iii I,.L.- i -N f

SSnt hi, h. IrMiMan L.

't';.v P,4'er~c I"
IJrn-, M.rh-n A
1!111sl,11 John L I., it

dolild I t9I

SULIO,Ir TarTnic W., J.

I jOi.lvj C rl. C., Jrr .

LAXkr. Darkl I.

TAioII. LP6I7nn i L.
TLodi _A~r. Sw%.xd LI

on. I chomaE 15.ii






Jelll us about Vt71rScltf

2ripfi jili ?I~.z *~ I ,I 11,1 i u ot '7l: .4, Cvv v i I[.IJ -.l0Iiu


You prvt arei de ; n lo IVV.I L-; ciri cuffllU OuI- J~r a d'~r1Lik;.:1 i.Lri at ~i above their presvol klcL'l I, All
cin rribuitimt i jr' IX. l L I 1 I.AU hic aI de jnd y. Il I 1- I;w ql I Id 1it) L : 2:1. 01t (If m-ii i 2rI ld.:': .i ;ll di i' LjthUi(I i'.li iL III..' lite
II iflnc j~i *i.ii ilrl f'I luLjdLrLi.
YI w I't d like t jIiel p i I Lkt Delmrtnicii .1I do, r 111 k CInipuier Engi riveniin :4Ik tIi1 1 %11 ui I l' i ;l
I S :I 'II I iiJN'ii 11 -1. (I 5:\~iiI 141,. lii kv owd ',* vIE ~ 1 ~ i iLtj___ l m ifr

C7 I im ii -nsi~rmjn .5 I7 Mi rm.ir'isn.iii~l ~
I ai ck-in Sow Xtartrn w.1rrmil N "L

fond ln l1lc11filk~i
1 ii1icp ____Im- i nm~m r1rr ni .m;mh pftqji aiii I

1 .ic'mi iiI..,~I 'I km tII 0L -II N C. A 1 \L4i~ Fb iri'b 11 fl 1 i.1Lp

I ". 1i110.1' VLIT ItTi L'Li![fiO s for tbc
Deprp m~rtmoat of ElkctricA & Compktler Enginvvirinr.
rnikc ~'ur cl1L.k 1.'didbk t I'o Init vor-i ot I iAiidti

ii ni. I.m. 5r h.1s a TralLhinL ..:I I 1 -.1 ii.,a I, I Lill ;~ni'm in i fu L
hi jin pill
SnlIri in int-mmr-sl ian un I it lwvi t 91 )~1 15 SAXS I or m 1UTc).

TFhpt. pf F 4'L z Tici.l & Culipuater I' i,,i 1. -i-i'. v ATL N: Wirlitl A, 1jm-.n
2,1(1 I-Hit 1, P.OC. BOX 1620l)
I'-.- i, -- of Flor idit
6.j~je!vj l,'-. 1.2.1,I 12.I

University (if Fliw dir~
Dept cif L-octrica & GrnlpJl0r F.31giL-L'riIg
216 LIrssn HAI, P.O. lBt, 116200
G;aitvi sw[lle, TIL 32611 -620303



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