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Department of
Electrical & Computer
'ak, 1 996

Inspired by the brain's neural processes,
-Dr. John G. Harris designs analog, cost-
effective solutions for high-tech problems.


_ -~~sll


:'i r'l_ Lri I h -
-."r'c TI-r'J F'.:- t r. 1w-~



"The hardest parts of intelli-
gence to duplicate ar the
things thaiit we learn in the first
five vealrs of !if ."
Pa.' 4'


As you lay motionless for the
next 45 minutIL'., the ingLLLted
radioactive positrons are car-
ried through the blood stream
to the brain...

Q6e'- eWI rmf-wdt ai oi&echt icat

nqaen, tin as- cAanqed its. wmue ito tfte

,C/f Ziuffc (t'. tflm Ua, is tt c. zet. h cA sf

0(,lpfl It H VA UAl / &S( wC 4 i'(o#- hr1t'dh M/
Ct ftfdttifl ald ZCS4P'C0l I tino7t/ btnji f/ie.
tmcUU^M-w~l f cEr~ctt-UeC mt ew/w^ Rn^ st9:

pti, 6

i 4)

The Probe was the fastest man-
made object ever made. Decel-
erating from III-i1,. titi to 2501
mph in four minutes, it entered
the Jovian atmosphere on
December 7, I '.7,,,

"Work in industry leads you in
strange paths. Once you're on
the payroll you do whatever
has to be done-nevermind
what you studied,"

ftwP'- 16


%he bri nalsu

wo? Ho ds i

nsm s l t

res of o
,-cener ofthougt, th
b~ainreceves snsor

EKgL.vi,.S'-. liklwi.M- point to
ihe brain to try to iiiliate and rali-
cate the human sensry f IuInctiOn.s for
applikcll nl to computers, inUi r.',IL
eqLuipnmeni. and other '~ningi.eti Il n
systems. The sciences spawned frim
this imitation include an imprt mve
list, such as, bicimedLhL a I ftgifl'rrLL ..
biotechnol ng-, neural tn.l work.-, real-
time neural prict-,ainLt and computer
vision, to name a few. Dr. John G.
larris is one of man v invLtigat i ir
who has dedicated his career to
expnring the inner-workings of the
brain and applying what he has
learned to novl engineering solu-
tions to a varsity of problems, lome
described below.
In auditorv signal processing,
Harris is ratingg aJgl.nrihm., to
model the sound localization and
filtering priict'W;sc that occur in the
brain to build more powerful] micro-
phones. Inspirations come from what
is known as the cocktail party effect.
Harris explain "You're at a cocktail
party and there are 50 conversations
using on all around you, yet you can
focus on this conversation and iinour
everything else Or, if you wanted to,
without even moving your head, you
could listen to another conversation.
Tf you had a single microphone and
just recorded all the sound coming
in,,i t would ustbe a jumble o all
these convene tions.-'
Inspired by this
obervatioin. I larrs and his
colRague-.. [Dr. Jose
Principe and graduate
student Chliang-lLi nL FPu,
are working to create the
2enmiinG paradoxi of a stereo
according with a single
micr, -phi in. I l place i n,, a
surface behind the mico-
phone to reflect sounds oCff
the back of it, the recorder
will pick up both the

original smind nnd its reflecirnn
BavId on the computed time delay
between the original saIdl and the
LeI1*rV4\ .ciA 11311, H iirris can dietermilne
from what angle Lhct swund is coming.
Th- minktiphone could therefore
liIWOIi/IV incoming sounds, which
"oukld 1. pLayed back in stereo by
(iwa;fiin two strLamrs of sound, With
'Uh Lirlli ILary iinorplhone, the delaiNiI
rnflei 114 in in v; itrk, lost.
rWbaw ard 1aimc-dela vaRgo-
rithcw rw"uim' two micunrphonva ond
are NAMe 1 on hiloi4l pricivess.
id L1ilil IZLLI 'Wltl1 l4 iLII'.i riq, -ouni.Is in
the horizonvlutal pttire.. For eLxmripk, if
YOUl hear a, noise to your Tight, the
SiYu nd N I rikL'% y,Our right ivir stwnir
than it -,I rik tkvhy O left orn, trom ing a
time delay Ihat 1114, brain ;utoma)ti-
cally inttu pi utL:[, for scuurid ii.K:Milzation.
(3n e appLicalkin at Of FMarrLr.%
res4tvirch is office a llji 111M ir,1 it
allows your compUte t o lai~bz
your vaine when youx ire talking to
A Itv vt'rnpurnint found in
HarriA' research i% -.irn emphasis on
bu~i Ii ditt1 rVLI Ai Il I 4 (ft~kIelsl.,t. i
hafdwvaw bi*.mt witth dirMc impkmumn-
Iali ns; of rv'. il-irni netirml prIcrl.in
Harris ayOdWS SOine k( ir e drawbacks,
Of Wl kiii-0k direCRly IV I IIIolftWAre,
"We Can a.1atlly, in rM-l time, Pl;IV
with dif(r`Vu s.tirlvic.. rlai1.r thun a
L~i~il] romrnti ter mriodel that may take

Oarri- '


ift1,14 (1~LCJiL~

hours ti run. You might eventually
fiqiurc out what the brain is doing
but it would Lake a iong time for you
to expert ienl with that model
When you have a model, von want to
tweak it, play with it, and bend it all
around. If it's in real time, then it's
very e1iiv I can turn knots on this
and see the results immediately,
versus a computer. where yv change
a parameter and go to lunch and
come back before it finishes," says
A real time modde has
n1Ll1erous b':'iL3ts for research in
spect\h pro.'1rtil'*n (- 'TT*n t.v, mrost
uf the models in this field li:.cJrcie
time,. TIoi.t hr wI:th graduate
student Kevin jlnto, L1 in-, is itl el-
pin;g algiritluns that would allow
these models to wor-k in mrtL:zllliMi'
rdil i-.-r- tv. i rh c4Intinuous voltagee".
and signals O()e advantage Lf
implementing sa ech synthr:ss over
a continuum is that spl.xh clanr be
generated tn real time', rather than
taking an hour to generate one
serOmd of I. .'1 .i H. 1TT-,. ii l. with a
::lc. "L C niiily .t we'd jike a chp1
that can prLhiuce sprch, We joke
that since we ha v1e chips now that arl
hearing and processing auditury
sounds, we need :cnm thing tr talk to
these chips "
''here is also a neural net-
work component to the sfi-tem's there
SHairis is building. This implies that
there is some level of adaptation in
the system, Ilnr example, a system
that filters noise may not iiuti ,l11
filter the sounds that you wani, but
with time it adapts to cancel the
defects that you don't want, In other

r. rris ov w., Irfp..
L IMI"'Vel't


Worflds', fl IkQ C\ .L:
Tfnin i it I'e" Lit4elf cio i I
olvirlonniont and I. uri -1'k

prai}v itS fvtor1i.nlaoe

s~ iI L tuden~t J-ui-KUL)
juaan, Ha rriA lias; d-voL-
I I).X'd it <7011i 11 UC4 IUAtiJm.

-Another goill of
"arris" research L-ir im--
pro'.i:ng the Aaccurarcy of
rva I1-time -provesing. To
d o tIij -.. I Iarris Lucd eh.
Sjfigna I pTOCLSSi 11. a1 I 0
ri thrs after blit~Iligio.l phenomena.
T1his can increase the LIVLk~raIL unider-
standing of hiow the: human brain
fufl(tians as the aligorithiris are tested
arid improved. "Ls ilv in sen-
sory rrntTIt--,:ing.' HA AoLr~irates'
'thll hars~L'- pa ti~ cL~.iLVc tL.I
dLuphti, a rm Le tiit %&. C1&rn
in Vic ri-ir fiv ife;~Y~ir 01.1-C.

'I hinp.Ii fv
vihai tt1Ii L7
A "h.W r 5,n thi.,xRrrrg~~ti~

fc~~TI ,lu". gra ki 6 ll: o igoc
student Matt 1Ir lry, is the devel)lp-
rMurit of it time'Lto contact visual
Processing LAIip, Tihis chiup uCld
output ii .ignnl ind icting how sixin
the chip wl 1triklke art object ,it its
Present Speed~, W li(LI1 mkill4te in anl
a'.0r-r 1 h:l L. it c0l1d erveu ao a
culil's1n duteurrwnt, I ir eraiujjjpje, if
Yo3u arC not paying ortleniItli aned
quickly approach a slow-moving
Vcllilcl, then tIhe dCevIce would beep
at you I lorris cLabsorimtcs,; "C r, if Vou1
Tl-rP!IV have confidence in this device,.
ytoul could hauve it slq.w down the car

The biolt~icaI Motivatio'n
for the cd-ip comes from the
time- tocrntact o'nipito ta'on
that birds aird flies use. A Ifly
will. cxted its legs at ai
constant amount of time
butforv it landls, If its going
faster, it wfll do this farther
away, and convIe~r'V ly, if it K-goping
itutwer, it can watit longer be'furt it
does this At Fromu levul Of abtrac-
tiorn, I fa rris is. .vtti mpi nr to model

the "circutrV" in a tlyv' brain with
the time- to-contact chip. As the chip
is t-sted and impnri-vil. so doLs the
level ot understanding io the related
h'ologi :al phenomena.
Another element ot the time-
to-contact chip d.-in is building one
that is effective, inexpensive and
practical. The prevalence ol digital
computers, such as those used in
automobile, dictates that at some
point thu tim.-to-cintai~t signalT must
be digital. 1 liow.-eer, to hIiild the
entire system in digital aindl have it
run im real tinne would coLt over
$IAIcO per '.y-,tirln die" t( the om -t (if
tht d i-il. i i i hIrl wi. re. In I ri tTr.i. ir,
Ini ilvg lim l-toi--int.lCt cup witli on-
('hi p 1i7'I4 I ( I'r, I,% ]ld N,< [Ilil
prtiiucvl fur S I1: Ltu Q2i: JIullo ir per
chip. The ore ]r-'L t.,s,.i ii dmnie in
analog bhfor rthe cornversLn io
IJilill. th:e cthar.r, fEster and
smaller the system will be. Most
impnlriantly, it will requ ire Iss
p.wer, whiich is a major totisidte-
ation when building the chip into a
Ilattery-driven *r.gii'l.. Since the
oulput is a single voltage, it can easily
be contvred to a digital signall for
interaction with digital oimjinpiel-..
L- I larrfis sound pt it- ijj' g
work is funded by a grant frn'm the
t )tli, L of Naval ReIarch with Dr.
Jose I'rincLpf. Other sensory op:.c:'--
ing work is funded by his tNF
CAREER award. Dr. Harris is also
doing biornidical signal pl ices-.tin
work with Dr. Sem I ampoitan in th,
lDepartmentt 4of AcLL-,th,-iolI,,y,
College of Med icite, and inam ino-
gram image nhMhanfIcmnt with Dr.
Atdrew L.aite of the CAo mupute
Information Sciences Department.
"Ite ranM undertqand N'l'.':. ",
fwIerl by huiadirg Fal time moxtdels
r(mt N 's ynn o. :itn if fire
Sretr. arre n fia!itsficr to

S1ailh iiny
,BA" /that ", ,I,,rr the
., ...- ,tm pirtation.T
S\ A, ,


11tedicat 9inrwinq,

11,J ii d I r" n'i tunw 4f iigTaj40 A Ml eorqirgx.
tv i~ ii I I 1llsi.i. tagL ciJ 1illa 111 \ 1. AntI~i

Tykil i.P" I i ll 1.-I fltL IlI. I V I 3 Ilir I n1 anL'f r
[NIS! IP Rw (-, r~rit Ihv iL *11 OC teSugar .L.

g'Ijh.kI1 STL`'i iii It I17liA, WVliWTLV 1114-Y radjiCCLL
p1% ir I.3', witli lca riis. -Ii -I I tht-- s C.ii- p 6

%.'IIVl ri) ii M l JX I-JI r l HIS ::, L% IMP 14 1 ',riki; I I
iVffiLrr. t]1lhvL fril Iwols phoLoliV-, fik lv ai'J
Iilt ii ios (ifra Fail ia itlt I) 111,1 t 4rUL hkII f

1114 ILA ILa, 1 if a ta Ilv VI i )r-I T ?. Tht!
scaimor delects And C-. II.Lau
%ah i'T)i na*, iLL nct1ident Ju I FrV.

I'TT, similarr to magnetic
r4u-soane Ifl.Th If.; i n., M Ri anid X-rav Ll Irpri I hrY
CiIV1pULed Iz? II, iL; i.i.Phy ( Y) i-S a 1. L$. a
nondmva.ive mncihr'd for obtaiining i d4P -s 3Lt
inhIrmnation abOUt tIe brain and v- Liea
D)r.LTh. I e~'i, ule MoI, MAI.kAtdeII I
which ilitingt:lgLlc i awr9r1 anfA,- JI LIril
turrmiv.l strIui Lu uRh-SLL II A Lxnw and 111' . IL]

meiiibol irac tivi Iv, Thce ind'rl'yi 1i1 sumption i:;
INIt Mn~ta~bL~jCIia'tiv i Ly is pr, yk -I-[ iti I.I I to bhi'.>
Thr 'lerefore, Iv~ilen L he HNAz c~aryieiri a
rdwhidriarli v ui iarwv, arca.% nf incrrasod IFr
di v.rLu-.J-L'Ll ImlutAttikaildv a Iy w it i be LiturruL I rumi
II- 0 111; 1 I [ItI bLIfI I 1W. ForI\ exarnp', l depetid- Lq
% J.
I r II I c aI i vitv d i f Ler4ni I~47 a Ir. I t hLc b ra in U -4
dli ILrI'V tll ,ILMOU I'll', 111i :.I*: i; A mollll La LaAk suchi
&L :, i'lx : uaesrq .r- :,CA .~ of t~i 0~~ ~qIr~
purli f tifit, brain o K, mfI.' arilive'. rcnsi- .M
(jUH11. Li LLhL~L I', 110i hi'. 'Lid IL .v LWu that L'~i Y in-1. .
Th'.e ,amv pfanciple ran Lv appli l up cancerous, q d
Ii inY rh I fi 4 t hiiv. '41 h con-isuro high
,itnri IUiLL' III 'i11 L Or' brii ain.rv~ that hil Iiat"n 01r
LiffL"Ofy i StFuke, which dn a-l use a lot cif

Wltvri It lpv Li~vIA i-b 61YL-il -A upi' i., dtAi
* ilir:,. L~fM -ilv kl
wat-~lrrr IririurE5 i~ff~~aC-d wit] a radikiacliv ~ uh-
-JAiWi, I hII %, a iLl -iV -.u ar ai. d .; a kLr 1s

I' I .~' 'w~

nl tlic wordF1, of r)'r j ohn
durioll. a il ECE aculty
ilotwiled in [PE! I tvcarch,
irt wil IIWO 11 to fic UpW11 thatI
i ,*ater to do % Vhat it Ileud-%S
he queusl ion~ i--:. "Nh ..-'n.- I,!
aini-d wa ter go'" "L.-inii, th'r
su i.tmance. rLeeI-rldlCr
minic which ,iri,-, th,
ki S'l ilTIw rIII I k I L: ir r I, u rtv

rilm .17T L%,i. PFT unnp-.4

I, Ih lM1TI. PI 11(1 l allIV lrii*i
S ~ ~ ~ Iik Il~"IIIpII -LIdr iIII

i-i IhaL [PiPr PET dat1n 1i II' PH ll'

%*rL Lx-Lm lrd a341S I hat a rN
Bverliltil MAIT Alld 'SJlt;)I

IS~~~ 114 lki.4jlAi Il iii.* -su

I [III[ R ti -W 4L M 11) I OCi, I'
411t. riL:R of bri CI I l
1:4I WIP I hM M'i~ullIrrrx i

r ;)fit] 111M '11OV. C0111ras'l

IIt1 '1 1 1 Ii if i
VA II ro I I' '1 I I 11:

I" .
AMI-f-Ir "Rl. who

p il-phfl, a r 'JI?
I 1; 1 1 k7 O Ir t I,


m.' is an
We ict ron
and th'

it tIhI atii p]II TAY Pld Ot p lell UclnUl ['A
hs. ri~~? iru3c k~lnt: it Tniv' nt''.'r
rcali 'Ilk! Jif1\,tors I V -v.M ..litoi mi
I konsxv'A iiic aw di I sou kiuviin aiIs
c.. rreate :'-i li5i 'nt fitr 'I I
iriagtit. Lban. use .'. PSi 'toui'. inW beC

~t~ur~l!froin N,gr~b~sl criiig on die~s
deti c tors. 1 i i .111 .1: irrj n a r a nII w1 tic

tTcm hI Il'. n i iii a I NI P T iv- m To" ,
IT .K14 i 1 h is~ '.. .~lg X

itI i jll iL l l iii I 'I' llll~r i l i3.',f i
~i mp m t odC IN h 10m 1 U r'VAol.11

:\c 1tr'A I'- ; a h' L v . m fari -l l..'d ti 'q P M

I IIeW, II I .i.i `J I u L hW .l Ic4 tISa OW N" W H(
h Wnu no a [ ll 4vtvn ll 1, f' -

i i inwr ('a n I ot 1r:i .'ii In I" I:: itn -
On: SOY.i~ii I. C0a 111c ri'V raf~tncrirl-

Won=cklng. or :2v and [WK*1 uJxls oAn
grimit,~g '04 Q I H-.- M :i nintenr a
sp'.ikk\-r ;I~ ziv not hlar; L d LIaY
'nciVcrstandi ih of ih tmcu acivty in
tIm- rotii cTitJ intern-! vcIir mu.. thc
ex ocn tLyre cii ncibh and tbw ofCvn-
:th~ i.nn Ii i (hkrti 5~m on-(1,I ig

ritkmCid vnin dsow Ialdu to lnIWi
Prthh cr nlimc 1011mmictionmjnmiz

MIle' pibIrills cii ofp. Firi tben INa t'
Iy :;ix anmd 1h0t%. one Af our

Andr~irdill r'. rum tj m in orl iq h, i Aw i't
rL';;cirtI i'..tCIIjll tii IprtllTSIlle.tht alL'

lIt' ir klosge-. of rtibd'.Kt'vu tr tiTem
-I hrce 1't u Iiia 1ii 1 "MI A ad Hail
LiAiiii a PET man.ul ll' ti W TuhlLl Iciui

i-okn''t vath MK1I i1cI'ie 'nii'-

L1 I [c nl I f. t he I -.it I iI I 'rt hs"iii .,
tcwi Irv in. rus a I '1IW~ on. 's~tk

illiNil ll. C il, -1 hi it r tth r ri N'. thN i
matceei.Alt-r AYver'. '.u Vavu wourl a
Sdue 07IV' riiat'IM tracr-.readilse to.i

nuln, qni.h 0ealis v iand ji snrcd
thirinj 1' 1. Id 11 -!I lrri C n n I hc aIIm rt
thul.' itln ha .'c tol ha; t a tcricjl~iltrci
mgfkel~. EL' I ncr.\11ib v c~xpcnswjc.,"
Although tn' i'i I Andier ytsrlf is
L7?rfU[rllIr F' ritcdr tor '1ki and Xi-ray
ctlnmpuitc L'. 'iii. :21:pi scAarHCTS. thv
additional nui 'es tShi cvcmlolnn rt'a'I'e
On'Li out oi rc-tive toral Tva'. ilys t- ] -
a Ible.kr, there ie a major elonrt in
the micivd tu de'.'elmo inc Ihcnei
ic~Lirtroiis~ and aliternath'c Lr~Lcrs
Aith UIm Q the'. ha-lf liff


I~~~~ "Wr "XLLAI.. 1. a nr. ii

U'. IV L.L iti PFW.1 liA QL.l.

.11 I: Alp III l. ~or sit l; ph.. I n Il f if l
DT.711 LALILt-r nurtn dii 'is 'i1L

RA 1-1IV I i.1 ] I. 4 an1 4 F T i l.I I I 11

S11 'l -:l'(11;.1 fo ll -bh'I hi I I r ii.. l,
f~f1~1?" tt' PFoiimlnlraph y SPFC T).

Li C JIMr L! 1rII I y rth 1. iim: N wI I. I b
rii. i f h11 10. VFIAi. ng ~I R Iai i n!P (T n
U-iI- ph ist ina kuasci a MU*~ ar li.Ii:
pan~nlr~l. Tlie o iker MA321 difft- 0W

.11k woLo' wiPRki-T' a ii i is ,uI Irm dI hu

lVFL, the hrid fIi LIriL' 1.dtC i.
Alld CI iJ1u A -.'.. 1 iihe I 1 i"ll'd S.I 11lD

I D or. The r disiioo
1..rrllr~ll I'

ver~lsvtle iT giOuig to harvc a
1 uiiI'irgliri. Ab 011t 'L7I 111-1r- Iel l e"

1 alhwnil cclrI. n hut i h s"d-
! iZ 0k I O rt i .-Or It~"- isi 1 4 1A 1 I I t'
A 0n.i 1"n Hi "ford SOUn'.. hI' o v


The Beginnling

in 1W1 J UI;'s I.)1iill il I 1 of
Electrical l-'n:n ngn ,'m ,ng w;. rvl of thev
[, lnoikL .i', a.. ]Si ,i w hi ilh ID freiud
cCttIries in mcchanrclI, II 1 npil. iL nr-
ing and mc'cham irc it s. F.I tl iL .1
Engilleurin. Lntruc luIn wda
plannedcd soi mis It ly t'ip il stil4 on
claSSTroIm wiUrk, O!f Ith tlli I' lii, .i
nature, anld on ,ilx.irlttory work, of
the practical natiurit." (I.F Cal Iogtie)
Ta provide for work ,f thei pawl.tial
nature," the L' iv .r 'rsiy bI i iill a
dvnn am. laboratory, 35 11\ 1 1iIrt,
ornt-story woos.Kdet buil.I llY Fifi-
'.ALYv for ele'trical CnrginPriuill -I-I 1l'
of thror new buikltigi'. that vr 1 .i

".'1 .' I.*i'*.TR B Jitri II lrtifnji'd:i t'? L ,i'. r
fr. i:i J If. Ti t [. !rti i AXbrt A. 1 .. 1 I".
Irif I-1. fifNii: 1nl.

The Eltlric ci Fl L 'i 1 i.i.'in,;
pogramn had one protfesor, John
RTkDeon, who went on to it.'nri'e iClL
first Dvitrit ou

ltrr.'iln.tinr i n
T1 lill T t'

L I, d I.k" l ]'"I I

l'r n I I"
I I,,, tr-'
i t1I Ihi l nI.'Ty,

FlveLtrit Lilliing and I ran.1nl 'i.Io'ji uf
I'o-v.-,e, and Il el',r.'- n .' I i'.-p'hm i i
Fnginivring. U ndcr 1ir':;rI I' lead.r-
ship, Lhtr L-c1 i nIe.l. rF
disciplin-," m"p.IrilImIl
into their or. *. buIlding,J
Engineering I l Il, Intr .
renamed Hlrti n til I l,
It )t ntLaiuLd s.p LI. tor

I ll t il rt I 111 I ,e
rig' n.%i[ I'-ntor, I lai
was later i.V:nli'tT .I r.h\t t1

gr naduatt; schu oL's

L( T T.lG Cnl lg's E growth
, Uf '.-*;' "N'' ('1"'n^^i''s ^r,,vth
Mimicked the sd.k-Clop-
ment of cl,,inc;:l"v'. A

i\iftLuom.poilary dLi.cibtd the city ai
'...eLL iaved, with] liplhtld and
tha~lcd tl r.i'., the ;.t h'i stt plv i-t
i.'AL'I'pliiil.II 1 111l 'Aln the i.-L age

Npll ,. ii ,, ',. .,i,!. l'. anid foLr ami ty
Vt itLi-, Ln',L -e ot ilntxicant haT s bl'en
|?rciibilMd1 by law." i1910)
Aiming itlh iL A.. .i.iLLIIIiin uif
al< olk'i Ir.ilt. villei .il'frrl. a qtiiint
hM I -I ri; .n'.adenimic commu nity
St il. 111I.-, i ved in Buckman I IliJ
Dinl:torrL which i still in use today
Si'r 11.1- i 11111 iin'i ', rt'. dillitted LO the
Uli 'lIIV','. .i iil. Ll iLit'rniRitrry'
iiiii,.I .il "1 f Ihe suindentr. Stuidlrts
at l I I II ivr:I: iLv ld t i provide~
I1limi.l Itr 'sjitl a "Clarlott, ville
calr4i 1;r.'"' iunifo-rm which cost abrmt
$15, 'l I :r.,: m: .ll IP ,. L.",pLlII .e ih. I1
citi .:r'. *. LI blirtgi of jike quality."
Altlu:0 l 1 F admn i iistrai lto? retuirL'd
*.utdint li 'iti'~,r lithe unlJJ.i.tnh Vear-
rnLim in I.l .lirtirnI''er ll e the'
c- hi141 '.i.Ir .i hlitl hal .111n & \ ii O
I,,h] L Iriu OI.L- .. o d

livil g .i, I minsnimxil ion-,, '.1i' i weiu
JU i Il.ii'ln.'it by ( tLtLA.LpL}I iiray .Lan-
-.'.".. %1 I,.. Ipf'ntI WEW I'10V r 1 ii I im :
f.r : IUl1-.i lI. 1.1 ew i, I *;A.lil tti.S. I i:r
e.,iill. i-e"L:Ltri .l Aitad ml eCIhalical
engi runn. sttndi'nts were able to
j|iil I .' .L' K.lvm Eli ; 1i Iv -LLII. I L C tL,
which hild it1.-1,,-:i.. ,'v V tWn

Ai Ir: f

r '
,I r
ii; ;

W(-Vk,;, '111kc SItihmi-rll~ p -.! wtli Ci v i
lngiirxnnt'l I Lrdnsil v. dl bij i Il n1194 Iti
f wF'hich~ i!, still jin PCI,;'Or -;0ilrL-tV%

While1 student run enginmere
i ng -''c.~k~ :IIILrk `hm... the
u ljiLversitV'S ILI Lljil~illisLrIio tumedd its
Iftcwu's ,.v.iv fiR l student liifr aInd
torwi-ard i'rciVy's iinivoRcvmnt in tile
'Great War'--WVor War 1, CoLuse
quently. niany frunctiorns of the
UniveL'rsity- tu'i k s,2,..ouh d pJacu to [lfi
ware Ltort. An arranlgeCnnt bLtwe'vr" i
the Com mitte'. on Fdi lotion, thv Wiir
Lkj~xartniut anid the UnjL''rSLr(t1

established the Annv Ifraiinin-
Smh'.rollkh. I'e '. kI k" 'Is J vl-i L! Iled to
4ie VOCditL.Jla] i114,'1.1010 1 i.oI cIi L'lhi'~tL
mern, siich is throm L,., the war i-neiv


niiryeud as
LILL! Ed LJd.1-

ILIr ir % i i
forW the
SchoaL' l,
which was
disbanded at the end ot Lihe var in

During the tempurarv
repriiviv betiveen WWI ard 1'1. II.
camnpiw lifi riet-und tiil m1iT-hl. FBy
1924e thec Li~t Of orplc~ir~: I rlimna-

tLWls avaiLale Lde LEo major! had
c\FbandLcd too include ther A m7rican
[nsti tute of Electrica! 1 l i. Il.r
IA] L E) and the Collegc ot rlgincer-
i~nq haono-rzn 'emietr. Tiarll Iii

t )eeI ',----.-"I N'I I'

A 11:7 .'

I ~ I. II, fi IX i1fi

192's'. khm, Ci illege v4~1~talilvdivd a

Alld NAOCItha I 1igiatwerijni. Total

I'1925 aLusniALU%, buiLt 111vw ii
OL O i3L llL4 1%.1 M. cCil plt ter 33)

191;ii ; bT hnil li -. a iaLLvvome
L 4-131 ribulstel to i lie AMN""h

World WarI

UlFA emnw[I mn I plnirnm'..rLd
at the start or WM 1. In a tu ine
19440) wUp0rtL, niverSitV Prersi-
dent o'hn J. Ti LrI comnrmcn tLc:

RQci~e~l t % C L ha ve been so 5l J illed
with ch, ;.i andi ad ij~m-ont
which h, a;ccruc-d from lo ca I,
LniLufnMal, Anli world c0Lk1dLtMS
that the demands nade upo,-n a
Service ag'. in liki' tire Lnirer-
siR' hIave bet-rII unpnSL Urxederited,
jUst now, vcrm aC-ivitv at tli' Uni
c.r- i Iv is being al I ettod by the
demand bor -such as will promote 11w
national defn'w, and wo-nid thi'-

01 .Ia1 j y 'j.rp. m.( !jt-r!wmikiv iY iwkt

q a 1/

prewn.- the traditional and fundci-
mulrita[ delmerits at Amrifnf Ii ar .d

Ili contrasL to its pre-wair
research in agri-uhiire, xviiih proi-
d Licvd a ceLery ha rvester and a
'dW-rlk~s seider, EL-uLLrica] Fn4ii-
fli'eIFlg TCSCAiTCI1 L xarn'e i nexorab4
lin ked to mili tary nppliic-.Wia For
e)*uhlrplc. ill- L143 I1e LALa.li
Otirmunnu-iticinr. Iaborakory (ECL)
wasi u-tablisctl, With PTjM1nTr
from I herh pre-decesswi-, of ffie~
ArmV IRLC'a ch I abOMirWrV. Dffurin.
(Ike war % vil.'. !h.h LCL pia yed a key
role in the cv o-,tk' ci the' radar
prtuximitv fu.zi "I cL'- AI~'Piri:.
vac riab[ tinic d L 1.1 V. IUZk. TILiW
variahFk, time fuse increrased i ~ ~ -
itv ill tl i: irffirt prou-,c~i s and gaver~r
hldl] tu the raddar promimiv Juzte.
'Allic): C.oul d 'iTc its Positioin il
rriatFLk lo Like target and thereby sV t
itw~lf' ar~-lctiingy ]Ic miLitary
cmvl1kim( 01-thc radar oine af the three
mosk.t LaiiINJIti1 Srcilntlif CL %L VLI L- -
mcrnl s (4f i'VIr a nd honuorcd thI EICL
I i tlhe NavyOIrdnancetAward f.o
jv, aclti-evenient.

After flt War

Attex the Avu.;r, illIC0111 i lll:
VUtCTans cauticd nrrollmejib hi oiimr.
The inc`TVRC in stICdit' l11d Ille
Univer:.Ltv to CLnuclL LLULt? t.ii..illlVl -
ing and Inclustrie NI:I I l: (1aki
renamdncd McAi I bi1, in h 1nunr i4 RFi.

the A I 17 F rekxacrd i t'-.: f i Il -iiwletlr,
SIiich coimlntel im thll gwi t T lh:

CGruwth and plcigrucs have br~ccnif
thlw two byw.'v s of the LDeparmlumt
o'f Riyctc-iaI I ngliwiw.n- ahl tile
Lrtivun-itv kif Plurida. hup~ist


iv~ricq o
e xLI I IllI

r iLdIMI ill
3 tlh I' II 1T

g.i.i iii11. i L is.

L'IrI'll imict !rcirrt a pri' w~ar ikv'r~ip,i ofI

stilt'rtK i Septumbc-r 1947, Mith the
; W ,III K' cornv it is seen in thu
IL~,m[Lh IIT(qTJ]'n which ij, at present
L3I'% .1 1%li ll hg' '-4'Vurj pr41)eIvts fcir thc
C;iv~rrkrl[twn wider man manual Lu I J
OF !FOJ ,A n ilcea of the k 1..'l- i-.'IL
caii n x 1 iicid frn;i m thc in'easi n
Ep1"C" iild twnl Jfur in 1940) to IJurt
itt Ik47.

The vvlr P-44, -was a -watersh ed tr5
tlhe i I1-viwi-r. hCIlf.-ati it was OhC vc-a
tLhal 'It sk 'l I I-ll admlnttiing '4CIlMll-

.1 I

... '.p

A wiwcM,,0v-4 ovi :i cwrw :- "I

MUcid L.hck 110" w-ciC didijtdled to hou e thc Wuaring
enrollmn n I of students a nd a rioor 52 ELL faculty. In ]Y(I ,
almost 2I1 %ear'. after the dedication of thiik i complex... thc
CuIipulcr 56il'WLe miiid Lngmnccring bujldiing was comn-
pictedi The cantinucd I;r Id VlA t o thi s day of -ngineering
alt UL'..i P cb acromodated by a rvcwv fiv', '4torv c I lc: '.vr-
Ii~ii L~tildhng, wlIiiCh. L` CtLIH 0111 under Cm1StutLmAA1
I rnli of thew flkr~wr will, be occupied by the Oc.pii rtmCnt
Luf ELctrica1 and CumpIutcr FiigincVrinig

Were vu Hirr ? If Ifi' aL'4. a f 100 f. O'trI r L'jcrfl
tnrmtl-r irf the Ineprtrenet of F ilricaj Engincv.-ing
fivr any (if the mir-ri fs dzse~Mu.%qY1 in flips rlif h-1. av~
*l I 1d UIkt 1it hriar froprrr you.

Despite ihvir fe~nc.rnial1r
nrI filJIvaLsLt~ ill th! (:ii 1: 0 E*,* ngi-
neri iw remiailned loiv even thromr h
I lit I -.'t--.1 A Ittr a trip to the Sovict
L -"LIm, EL CaNir: In, -. IV:l. a .l- Chen
wiv!te inl, his memnwiL, "Thi-rM toI 4:1
p...Itv irof th ii ulInv vrilli 4 tUdlk11L in
[hle -'t ,% jit U nion. are wonlen Are we
niglocting an iniportnnt. pontial
-4jurcV 01 WAA-Millir al TW11WWCJ_?~e" (Or.
'.1wanan ['ower2) in thk coiin rtry?"
Al litugh fenalk! c enrollment
ill J~.f:jIL LLL t.0LiLiL-.LuW~ to Idiq the
0 f ,iFg Ic? I~ nd 1;nk-vfI Ii
thL Ii.?partniunt id h lcctrical
LI l6_:%L-VlI i 11'. gre substanda Byl~
d U ri ni the AiN tie-. In 1 1%7 the n w
Ileniton, Lirsern. Aerol OL~ltl.. CIIC-Milill


liltt.Ic 'tar
_I !r4''1 : '' .';.; ;?lltl, R 7t;..; 11 vi. I~




r-. K-:? :1- .

A)I-. FinL

Pmfpmmli r,



Dr. CIMiiO,

C1,inimn m M~

ind LI LdLLOr

I 1k pia11Bi -

F-Puad 'StdhL

and siLcawH&ll-
11.111 '-..

Dr.r I Ixjst.i-r,
Ihiai.. bvlv"ri at LT

inellidei. th4e

111odll4cliig uJ Ic
f.1IT II'.It W T1

IPT iYC~ Ii~L~S.

wii IllnInon ctI

r"'i~r Id i t~r.rc~ntia i ~L'lu1I.. tii)n-.

A&;i iatc
I 'rk rk,, wr
carme lo L 1 iii

phaciir iors

-w . .-. 4 4

-; ;-----.... ;;.,.. .~-
-il*~ .,I
': Y"' ...
"';'';':"' ';;';'";;;':'''''": : ri:~ :-:iii~ :i;iiii:.'ili;li ili':: c::::.:
:i:':;li;i;. u~i'lliliiii~i;;;i::);'; iS; r::
i.;:.; ;; ;r.:;a;~i:i.;;;;;;;r;;


Aw a rd

i .L I, rI I

. Iul- I.l' I il
AII,, I,.
I 1 L, 1 i '

S II' Il'.' F.'1 l l lll '
'N i i r'.i l ii
i.c. II '. r

I 'E, R

I t l| .FIII.II'llI t.i, I nIIl; *lTi '.l iillll rA
U a I... 1 11

0" .1'' Ill

. 1. I .l 1.l' l 1 1 *l l1i 111i"1 1 MIL fiil l

I I 1. ,' i il I!, i .I, -,. .rI 1. F' I ,l ,ilk 'l."l
. li, . "1 I I t, Iln Im l (r .1,1ii11 '
SI I .l ii Iii .. I i. H u AI -r .I:I" : l ., 1.
I'" II, 1. ]" I ,111 1 "ll,.t l ildl'r
1.1, 1I} lli 11, .l I. II 1 1.ili-, '

Solutions to Data

Processing Problems

M 'i. ,',ii i'r .,'.i'Il 'i t.i:. Ala 'h'" -Ii,"r i'
1-,., n ,~l T I.k h:.v I- r-. Dr M 1'Fi. l A
L% rn.h I I,,t pr. i.. l-m lh.r.iI.Ii li v. .
Soli' II' I I.' ."it t"-.l 'I1,-1' 11.'l 11 I'itlTr il. -
"i h ';p.,i'l cinm'Tl tiilt-i'.1r T11- ti ,r
,.',I ".' .- .'1'T il h i.1i [ ll..l i,. ''1 t, ,ll.-,i'.l. ln
0 1,V' t -Pr nII .lI 14 1 l 1 1 11111t -
0n1i1 d m ij Irint i mninn i-\ iiili]1i il -
tic .i: l fnl iiK"- 'cLr iiri,' .r indcl '"." i

c.iintie, "irc::-

Ili'T nv il lrii'
1b, t '.i
.'.,I I -q I r :l :. Il1,
a" k f. r,1 I l lIr r :" ".1 I "i
S1 ". I ; Fl

Ji'T l -.it.
:11 pnT T,.I 1II nii 1 < i l in l I ,
.1 ran,ir
lh .i ,i,, rn rI.

III..ILjm'TTi j...i.l'l .v-' .li.'rn. I' lit, iN-i.k i-.
pn blishei by cHe IUn*

A*4!Wl* 4*4*4*4*4 *4*4*4* .Li~~~~I,~~~l1I~~ ce~~ ~,,f~.b~,,~+~c

-,::I 'ewB

bchi r timclEEB' aowants

r6edbpifl to rewlve U most p~ti-
giiuo hoorsc This year, Dr Martin
A. Uman, Prfessor and Departmnt
hair, has baen awarded the IEEE
Hinrih Hertz Gold MedaL Dr.
Umaun who h been at UP saice
1971, ,cclved this hmw with th

Ctonratulatiom o Dr. Peir S. Zmy,
who ha beem d ihan a m I EE/

S Lactwrn for
1995-94. Thia

Shonm pro-
vides Dr.
Zmy with thel

to travel the
world while presntirg his topic,
"Blmbue-Green Q tm Weil J 1e."


r C~L
(- (t(&)4%

thi- ;k' j lrm nTli T r. f 1 yri pi i':, 1.ni -I
has tor huv-inturies raptavalel I- i"l Hi i-i
Lion oLl S~iienusk and rorna N im Me aslirr';(

the with thIuV fed s4N51,

rlI.klJl~c~ IJLr Llln~.3t [I.I I '. ti L d.k LII; I'I.'i L
bcr1i!Lftul ctirI r thiij-and u o el .art: -;. o

.aL ..". .tLLLtwo I n un 1 i< cr ai...uJ i Iii ii i ; .

hrlrultiisumud. Irtr :n Ihrobviolu-i
Wn i ii IT y 2I'ltLJ Iin. a Iih
!JLlI.cIoI I tf L-I- Iis I..'I LII Lxt5. -I IaI* h
t1. I i 'irt*.J .IL ic n I k L rlLI. Iv 9, i. wb.. 'L M AM '

*n-le ha Is, -:rs In vndto a Wi

s"rvinlirhul k An ihl' clip, rlhI ri.' '1;:. l.1
LU~- cd nUIP VJ dt Of L; b-"l iall iL-l

thatlI- I i J Ipt' Lll It i' '

JiU'..I'~s r~jl LI. L ..2 I ,1I L L"'L' ilricll Uk'i: UI
Thilei.tis ,iksul the and rQ nW nL W i-. I
hyilm~nqi fif ict-.and inni rho aph'l~IIl i?

(o(s. ft.

1. 1'

1!"m i r Pik, 'r,al v in 104, Gail'f Oni'..
.'WAS 6 r sinn~'pi Waryv af W~in.h ?a r qv%. -1 nil
sl, ii *''. 'i-i (i;l hI.2'. a( 'rl.2lt:'d *Ip-
pir .101 I 'd 1 u 13 tll fItdllr C l, L I L atam

I h ifs. Inn I t M il t k. ion', inu 1 i

If I II e 'i-t the '. ,M p.~ 1rflIr I &nw Ilil
I: 1 QKM thI "1' '' b ll I U .41J

AmsLI Aums~ =4 LL mu =Mf 'ii of'~i

r~i virt i' Ihe Lp1 rA'

if ''i' I w tiH 1-71 -rcri".1 % 4iII 1 ~ 'I- LII
1 slow": -

r.llJ--I ar i,' ; C :tttp; i- C I he 44l"il i~

In illrALIx, I'ls 4ii

n-aic Indwl lirr 7e I ) It lo ., od Ilz~l d

su lTdwo ri Nsrliton I on I hi:- i(,"i Is loo urt

A 01.11 11JILIL4gV UV ii..'r illlTVtIhL' t1vrCFE%-ra .
cuivs s do w~e us unierL uls km 1 W"l :MCII

Ail I eIi II

cl (.it V: r(,,'a.p v4ij ZPr4 I

Five r owlihs I-Icfurt~ I i...L: ia i I u: aiv. h~
Co.liler i ''ThiLi" r/'I('ulu.'l thu' )'- IL.- r-rtih'
hThie MW ihi miII ft nn h~i' Iifl-Nn- imns- hI i

I' 1''1g4 .Iy. 1.fliL' T
fil.t. I1.P. II I tL d. G I II .1IIU Lr ut; I
to u.rpi 1,4i I ion, .1I.*41r tii tL- I. rp

111.2n irI:ni r.tisphnN'N 'L!inI'L Lir

P: Ih.I i I.' lvr 1it "v;'; Of-inhty a: thI o hoi
!I' -.4' 'iN t ;r ,111 ii 1 1I 1Rd.' Ili I1Ilk ItV f

Ilt 12('H I: 11'11. kili i h 'ht f l

11Lv in!'kin~;ri-nat h~n NN NASA ;!.-icnfi ()-,a

A nt 07 vs, lots whe ~a~ln R I, t ,vinstmi,

At thal; l thriv, it ri;a:: crr.: ,hot! hyI the high
atino ci~'phorit p rosEilsuiairr ~ i

I 1 1 r 10 and m % expll JTL n n nerch, i stln kmrcl
lot MyiG' rlltuiri FIVIJ Wd, the 1 Q Or K 4 JJA I

MW h K WWI Ins F-.-tr y, :. r 1 1 V-1~l I, The
( Vrni,n :na do RI ) -I nt-ji nrt r,-IT
'I I'ifd Iee .) ['q- .1 '1 lie riljk: O_

i1-,k..'- Libu is Lu.ii'i 'ttil I :'II Lil' 'traln-
L rni I Uni .i'vry ui Fluridi;, Nix ihi A.

hin vtni% I'.1 ). Mai nrk In 'fTituiW, I 'lv I r

i~ 1 *. I*I u'hv~lJCirn~li' CrlrrIitiiiA Li:i*.'i.- ,t.
K-jlJVT GL ~a irv vrsil y il Arizon.0. and Friih z
.1- IIiI ic'. The teairV nectivekiJ a

mio.it A' 'iw A i iin Iw i I it ~1 A

;"-.Ius~~y n sturknig YI:i nir% AWC~

KAi io itl. I LI fl i t Fi' hug., r.iii .;
I '.irtri.-I [Jei 0kT el-rlrd I ht C d 1 '. n

LDurinii tIEIQ yLvars btlwQ Qlm2T

WWWO~' d L AVnkqA f iviprl EAL101and thi
~EC`iLit"r J"i:.I" 1:1.11 JIrLiLn~ E1rIi cl IIJ tL'
:i';phiv thi' lexni :%nriortraih' it< %- r., ii i -

kul hghin isig A nd ks ot Wri~htn i's atnit F

4pht IIiIlE. Li ,I ug cLIIL ModelLit1 Ltiu.J

s* 14t;cni1i, Ii;h: UniTIfl Li:..- J K T1.e
Ir llUink LmasuI OfI El[) CiLi'thIL'flt

'ighti or, n-u str the daliilI .tmIic ;lvI hp lWc-

~I..iIiUt I'g' i tcu P. -L We, IL2F I i RL1 b1 i

L~~[\:~ kilj illtit' LiLIaJ i', lt L[IL` JJLUU1t L
th;irr cl iii. In n pThv min RD e Ixv'.rniv nif

eth rttiri d data ti, ii.: p i..: i'.. w i!
lolui:n. The proi-'. &'ift'. rTi. lll iritO the
Iooni;i ; tn mixohL'rt w=% at ai imirh drir'r
-Y dr 1iuII~ van MdW ri1i n kii nut p Li

I.ZIQ tmili Gns- HMO! And sljitii re "Ontiissi*-iA
V%L~i. 0AIAmid Et IOV1IALIQ. hai~ Hr .as miwh
Whia.~ i. .Aicond v;ri D IYU RChIIII' YilL1UQ
Ari \,`tcA ; Arics IRu:,ich WW L'Ikr, 'Ile
P~r'ti d:1..rlehL .ijuro)ly stronTLm t i rIhep
.1 itd Very inteltCI', L-4r WUC r."I1IAiL %:I R'S t

I lipir lt-ru ilAtLd ju~trr~ helii TI Itn
sphere.. ThII I.r hobe tciden a An tKr th
dir~fiv li-ti C ve tnR f 13 rg on 1-1.4 rf
J- I I 1L-d"1% I-XAIr L-KC;lpil* 16 rJ M At dC*Y ?

oppCnxiTnaely 31.1-1 -4-1 m ulkls ahm
rlupi ter's CnInud eoips, fbe irt-Nd

Vl-u2lill .Jrt r...uJ. pUhbi.hid in thir

ir.-,irzr measuircn)".M ofopho "O I dd KI
,igj1ak i nt nipcrner'I; nMiao~rhievi iir ikfarh



%i i .~~n tha i .' .F . ..

that, "~Iti tmy be i~ r-the tI iVL~ it) c pIr
IYL the [ oi.0 l ink- -Au rL Ix hEi I

atrim~ icL ~lI1Kdl itw d'i Wargo huiwaort
wYIthlhvrc-ipIi ~ Ac foriewaveinyI h
.n.'~[vredjWnQ d SM a~t~ ~oIpereL

-Onb aSU PIS ht th e .'AL RF IL i.- I.~ -J~hL~ pIi-
Cal: Wd by find hos i 11.r1

tonISMItnhat th, thi f0V63 1 LItiVNW04.
riinrnm rimy he iTL the mll ion oirp tiloge1,R
I ) r. I j Tula 1 CA L I I i I'mf, I ho I J -A t
obimnind hurn be Mien rl dirhinrw are ALI~

all:t the ToM rpbi l -of each .0% Irpd'nrvnl Vlll I 1'o
anal,.znr~ rl~an d ii-poi -tc iv0 Compkto 'y
I I -- -,a i l 1L the 2roho rt.. 1. )r iter ,I) t

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a'iUUt TV YAW"TO V 5 A nA 11177 P617l CI'11-4

and t"A fT indingsw rili zytrrsaicrl
tc- thi-i"Tr h~i thrhnnk*s Of upjtej*l' P
tfl1L-rL-1 I 0.1d Cnn-iIrxstiz -pul.

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I -Ill-v ',,A ,A A riii: rink'le 1 -111 Uh31 111 allll I %II ralorrr -



OIe6erS 1994

lHear fr. *lkertde r:
I'm a member of the cass of '44, and
fike mny, c idn 't m-ra it im '44 dui toL
the wr, My EE dagre coam in june
of' '49,foonwd by 35 years with E.,
tiring ten years ago hem in 'Pitesfief.

Sfter my return from survrie in 'fTnru-
ary of '46 I wint to workat Ktk2?
for tarfand 'Poweff and srfrWd therf
undtiso t im in rmy Junior year. I
manttv d arr ud few pep r in tar .ear
and foin da distinct tacggoftinteresr in
my W.n(sat a radio lratwrn, uiAich rgot
are to SlfIt-itiw ofdair sJon~lfwirg sess.
I don't remember aIX thie dIlas, 6bu I
uwMo dd in your tab aff thNroug my
Csnior ~yar. F douft that anyone Aohto
wArkr the r. at tihat time is still
aroaurd and pro6balf rwoudn'
remember a student teci, anyway. 'Tis
pirtu and tMe artiefl tmugA t baca
fot ofgaotmemoines.

'71can Awarivd in ittsfjield25 year
go f ma4lnwgd to gS in to ugradiu t:
study proganm here which ws run by
the tInimtrsity of lssachusetts, 'qhat
culminated in my .MBA'i in. '"4--tie
.sanrr da my e lde t got herl'14 ther.
'r un.

'fthr( in indiastry (fra youi in qstge
patHk. Once you're on the payfffTyou
do whate-wr fs to &e dne-
netwrnmnd wvat you .r trted. 'tl' buiil
Y afivuri gjuis in ic sfl and 70 V at
Pittsfc FE. Twsc Were large hwiun
of iron"t rl eaddina, heat irrai~ i,
many me raluvgica concerns. Acre was
an 9*I mainaifut a earps tf 25 or so
Quality Cemanird Trqinmeors on this
permdric amtd cr wemrd r4wid meta
quafily tffirnui non-destructite

"ciT fcdrWe to parrticipation m 0q3roup
wAitin tkfe crlerspac Itndusries
Association called the 'lVr(kirg Sub
Cfrntmittee on I(71. I fas :te onlyi

ilu ii inglK ii
hI'A i11' 111i
1 "iI'-.4 ,1 I I

rI h : F. Il l:
*t' t'r, in::
Utis Lbitig
in the
right," v'




' ITli,! 'hILdt is mn'
21l1i ,irmi'v.'r,.arr
j, l L [iirL- j, (__,1".
.&il2 n :1ll vlyr*-
.*lt~ Dii

rmin who had no reau(i('Tcredentitk.
bi6 got interest edin iNui ron Radliogy
rapfy and ddivfrtea paper to the fuI
45TR 1A Sity Cammirdte in San
7Fnwctiswc dw*Wg t:at erm, Fiad to do
some rercrcfi t~ri in ikrdustn in
genraf andin qE for that ore, but fit
twas waff reeinted.

Since my relarrecn r, S.'f lrarvr come on
.% triin q'Trih 'sF rsionaf Coputers. not
'Fti kat Comectness), so I'e had oneW
wor smne time (I airq e 'PrliticaKfy
Incorrect, iThese days I workonm a
degree in computer sctnerC at Npmtfi
.Ardans trare CrlJet Jrern 20 mifes
nortni. it &yrps me a rfri mrntal~y rff
pysifcatfy, Doti 't ktnow if im th
drfie ssurdent urp there, but at 72 I'm
cdlse. It afar cry frV U1! Student
body Is arterrd 1300; campus is about
twc r 6.raj .iuaJv nt6 w mayf a doCsen
hbildwgis if y~o cou t t/w steam pfamt,
'rc ff ft f farriy coaffee---po ge to
kwf t prfpfC tFier.

In one of my Enginer ing jug 4 i had to
calcufatE irfct nce of coils and
lamncd to program rn the 'Bas
fawugraer of 3 or 40 yeas ago. Today
I hin&e a smattering of Cabo( 'Fortran,
q'D%, Y1asad and Auennty, and
suspect fiatm my t is about as poqer-
jufas M t ime-A46r computer I
(eamed on

I .,as tOui&teOd eto see H We's
picture in the pifuCwation. Den VWit
w tf arfiurn to aff in his EDrgineefrit
'Dcppartment. My wift rerir din the
pftiograpfmi dar-room ai'rmf the iaff

fro ft he Dean s office. i en wmy offer
from (I' eame. I naturally went to tfhe
darkvcom door and = hckm --I
wanted to sHiare t6har with her first
She was unable to open the door, since
thi.q errt prtinti, so she askrd me
thsrugh title door wuzfat waitand d I
tddirir I nad ajob jith gf'E. q.rmt
thing I kneu,, M6e tran and sii
secretary uwrsr ot i:f r pi umpingB m
ftandardconmratulatrin me--tIey
hadh fhardi My wife actuary knew tse
'Dean better than I due to fhr waorF

f iO a uritifding is rrnmdfcr Te- m
*'iurioner, tinrd vnder ijfI routdeen

find the oLWfd budhja s Aer we went
to class fifty years go, I understand
fther's a medicalschoof where 'H*fif
used to be, 'Tie institut&n I ad oty
just 6eeomv coeducational after Ae
nMa, and adsen I (ftf .ttil fia no
oamr tn s donors uif. prtabify
worldn 't recqgnihe Lit pace mow. it s
ni c to seFr hr fMooba team doing weff
his year. It wsn 't always so, and it
won't always 6e so, you can be sure of

COngrarMdtUfns (M 50 years for thf
fa6. fy ciadwmnc ic it s also tie 50hC
for mg rrss. 'ff miss the erunion
bertaue I Cant a aIe time offfrom
c(Wsse; tort
After al,
cducalion is a
serious matter!

Sincerely youna,
DVaxy !8mnna

Barcus is
pictured (left)
with English
Harris Elder of
North Adarns
State College.
Photo courtesy
of Thwnam*
North Adams
State CoUlege.



autonomous Robots Swarm

the 4 Engineering

I~ F Ic Ii r klJ.it C f i.
Mte-il ?l,lcidc~r
*NKac ~"i n/s V Lk isir I~.i~:.:vrt, r~ R~~i- ra" .7ideci~
Itl~;l~i-ir rt, Cg I Crl Ljii 7 ON.
:~rj~ ~Li I~ii .r~ ~tri(r1ri P2 ir as7in ~ifnl.I:d:iOr1 ~ihbr z[i'r,
cirri:K. Ir i a -r f rotaior, L I *i..i zr*

Th, I Lawn 'lticr"

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511 M 1 1 1

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An13t S!r bv ;Ly .M The. CSr;z w .zpiurrd 3t r itr I orit.', 0Ire.Ie5
ir~in~i wni -Car-irg trt I. cowi,*i' to ai L Evr,-ItLAIIy.

C3ra ze r r%;v;. i wi I -Il pr o-y "" Af) % Ir-r s rgnti it i 41 C! cI-
Fvrazr), wfii, '!Fr!5 iriir.-j mrror, C f lopn


- 1I-, i'..) L.I :tr .:; Vah+:i i: s5 s -A-t dr -,i :.i .k-u tr.ck< th : .
h rt- Iri tr-rir aFormte: :- -u: lrt irc on telztric pcwcr. 1h
-r 1:iit-.: rn 1'i for .i:.:; jit 7': Pilf s1 ::-- r arlirf I .

i'r.. t'r.1 ..'ionMs to Thomam l Murphy Arv, Driu z Ciar r.,ki rpCC Er- C
Lr?.-. e.- '1u' 1 joined the facjta : :-: the iCiaii dlc ard t;h F:V ,r..- ch-
nlc Ur:ivjr-1ir'T. re.~'r,::c;.'r.Iyl, S l.i'.6rat:. profe.ssor-. MIrphhy t.udi.J
Ln.dcr Pr. Jacr4b Harimfrr, and zrI.-'k1. a l ir Ur. A'.8 Porr'i;rn.


a' ""'"", -i ': 1 ,

I E I. h'DF 5Mc -he LI F.
.a wh 'F Joijn l. F'pr.:;i r;t

eao r --ir .. "-:; Ir

-n " "' : M' ;- r'
F :r': '-rli te, '..

Di- i-.ih e z1o at the
i ..' .Dr E wa r

-:P r d ge (wjit

Ing fo (,ri .A't0
MZrepetiel. he


Advanced Micro Devices
Alabama Power Curp
Analog Devices
Andersen Consulting
Anheuser-BuKch Foundation
Arthur Andersen & Company
AT&T Global Information Solutions
BelSouth Corp.
Compaq Computer Foundation
Evolution Cafe, Inc.
Exxon, Corp.
Florida Power Corporation
Fluke Corp,
GE Fund
Harris Foundation
Hewlett-Packard Company
IBM Corp.
Kimberly-CLark Corporation, Inc.
Lockheed Martin Corp.
Mobil Foundation. Inc.
Motorola, Inc.
Norwegion Electric Power Research Inst.
The Price-Hollingsworth Co., Inc.
Procter & Gamble Fund
Provident Liife & Accident Insurance
Reliance Electric Industrial Company
Schlumberger Foundation, Inc.
Semiconductor Laser International Corp.
Westinghouse Foundation
Yokogawa Corporation of America

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'Ili rgc~r. Warren

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I youngn, Russ ol J.

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C~nI aeia, ir itkin 10, 1-+ Piw! rclir-W from INASA

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Whart is you Ay? (20 2k).,,.:
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