Group Title: Center for Condensed matter Sciences, University of Florida 5-year report
Title: Five year Center report for 2003-2008
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Title: Five year Center report for 2003-2008
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CCMS Report 2003-2008

Center for Condensed matter Sciences
University of Florida

Five Year Center Report for 2003 2008
March 2008

Name of the Center: Center for Condensed Matter Sciences
Address: New Physics Building
PO Box 118440, Gainesville, FL 32611-8440
Director: Yoonseok Lee, Associate Professor of Physics
Phone: (352) 392 6689
E-mail: voonslee(@,

A. Description of the Center
The Center for Condensed Matter Sciences (CCMS) was evolved from the Center for
Ultra-low Temperature Research (CULTR) which was established as a Type II
interdisciplinary center in 1988. The Center is composed of approximately 40 faculty
members with a broad spectrum of research interests from UF, National High
Magnetic Field Laboratory, and 3 international institutions. CCMS uses returned
overhead to provide research and educational resources to its members and students
working in the condensed matter sciences.

B. Activities in 2003 present
(1) Promoting education and research for students
a. Undergraduate Research Fellowship
Undergraduate Research Fellowship provides $800/semester ($1600/year) to eligible
undergraduate students to encourage early participation in frontline research in areas
related to condensed matter sciences. The fellowship can be extended to the second
year when documented evidence of progress and productivity is provided. This
program has grown within the reporting period supporting 8 10 students per year.
There are several undergraduate research programs on campus such as University
Scholar Program and NSF funded REU Programs. However, most of these programs
are limited to support for short term research experience. CCMS Undergraduate
Research Fellowship allows sustained research activities for undergraduate students,
which is important in producing meaningful results from the supported research.
The center has not done rigorous follow up on the students' progress or/and products
of research supported by this program. It would be imperative to track these for the
purpose of evaluating the program.

2003 2004: 5 Fellowships awarded
Nathan Heston (Summer 2004), Jonathan Logan, Mitchell McCarthy, Zsolt Marcet,
Jacob Tosado
2004 2005: 5 Fellowships awarded
Daniel Barrow, Layla Booshehri, Donald Burnette, Jaymin Jhaveri, Mario Padron

CCMS Report 2003-2008

2005 2006: 11 Fellowships awarded
Juan Jasper, John Harter, Mitch McCarthy, Alex Daly, Chris McKinney, Jeremy
Nesbitt, James Maloney, Mario Padron, Joshua Alwood, Elaine Farkas, Donald
2006 2007: 10 Fellowships awarded
Melvin Livingston, Travis Miller, Matthew Spencer, Devesh Goswami, Jonathan
Young, Thomas Hayman, James Stankowicz, Martin McBriarty, Arthur Ianuzzi, Evan
2007 2008: 8 Fellowships awarded
Michelle Ditto, Erica Douglas, Arthur Ianuzzi, Elaine Johnson, Stephanie Lewkowitz,
Abe Pachikara, Jeremy Paster, Gage Redler

b. CCMS graduate fellowship:
It has been recognized in recent years that the number of graduate students who
intend to work in condensed matter sciences has diminished. This trend has non-
trivial influence on the development of graduate students' research career as well as
research capability of the CCMS members. CCMS initiated the Graduate Fellowship
Program in 2006 to recruit outstanding graduate students and to jump-start their
research career in condensed matter sciences at UF. This fellowship is offered to
qualified 1st year graduate students during the summer after the first year. It provides
full financial support including salary, tuition, and insurance ($7,600 for 2008).
CCMS makes a concerted effort with the Graduate Admissions Committee to
advertise this opportunity to the admitted students. In February, the Executive
Committee selects awardees for coming Summer. The efficacy of this program
needs to be reevaluated in coming years to maximize its role as a recruiting tool.
2007 Summer: 1 Fellowship awarded
Daniel Pajerowski
2008 Summer: 2 students selected
Rashid Hamdan and Mohammed Zakaria

c. Summer Lecture Series (SLS)
The CCMS Summer Lecture Series was initiated in 2006 to facilitate a conceptually
deep and extensive understanding on important current topics in condensed matter
sciences. SLS takes advantage of the broad spectrum of the faculty members who
can deliver first-hand knowledge and experience on topics that are too current to have
found their way into regular courses. A typical SLS consists of 10 12 lectures of
no more than 90 mins each at the level of second year graduate students. CCMS
announces solicitation for SLS proposals during the Fall semester of each year. The
SLS proposals are reviewed in early February by the Executive Committee. The
lecturers are responsible for organizing the lectures and are also required to provide a
complete set of written lecture notes which are made available online in a timely
fashion. CCMS provides support of $3,000 in total to the lecturer(s). The first SLS
was very successful. About 20 students and faculty members attended the lectures.
CCMS plans to conduct survey after each SLS to evaluate the lecture series and also
to receive inputs on the future topics.

CCMS Report 2003-2008

2007 SLS:
Lecturer(s): Prof. D. Maslov
Title: Fermi and Non-Fermi Liquids
Comment: eleven 90 min. lectures were given from July 9t to July 25' 2007.
2008 SLS:
Lecturer(s): Prof G.R. Stewart
Title: The Preparation and Characterization of (Real) Materialsfor Research a
University ofFlorida Perspective
Comment: ten 75 min. lectures will be given starting from July 21, 2008.

(2) Promoting and funding seminars
Since 2006, CCMS has provided partial support to speakers for the Condensed Matter
Physics (CMP) Seminar and Colloquium. CCMS support is used to supplement the
expense of the speakers. This program was introduced as a temporary relief for the
reduced budget for the CMP Seminars and Colloquium in the Department of Physics.
The center currently provides up to $200 support for each speaker. Considering the
current budget crisis, the Executive Committee recently decided to increase the cap to
$400/speaker for 2008 2009. The level of support will be reviewed by the
Executive Committee for each fiscal year.

2005 2006: 5 speakers supported
S. Witanachichi (U. South Florida), O. Waldmann (U. Bern, Germany), A.
Belyanin (Texas A&M), A. Hanke (U. of Texas, Brownsville), E.S. Choi
2006 2007: 7 speakers supported
V. Vinokour (Argonne NL), G. Cao (U. Kentucky), R. Winkler (U. Northern
Illinois, De Kalb), van Slageran (U. Stuttgart, Germany), D. Morr (UIC), S. Solin
(WU-St. Loius), G. Granroth (ORNL)
2007 2008: 7 speakers supported
R. Netz (Munich, Germany), A. Trembley (Sherbrooke, Canada), J. Han (SUNY,
Buffalo), W. Jhe (SNU, Korea), M. Riffe (Utah), E. Nicol (Guelph, Canada), S.
Nagler (ORNL)

(3) Promoting and funding major conferences in area of focus
CCMS provided partial support for workshops and conferences organized by the
members. This activity is consistent with the mission of the center and is an efficient
way of bringing national and international recognition to the center and the

2004 2005
Symposium on the Scientific Contributions of D. Tanner in honor of his 60th
Birthday (TannerFest), Gainesville, FL (April 2005)
2005 2006
International Conference on Ultralow temperature Physics (ULT 2005),
Gainesville, FL (August, 2005)

CCMS Report 2003-2008

Symposium on the Scientific Contributions of J. Dufty in honor of his 65th
Birthday (DuftyFest), Gainesville, FL (September, 2005)
Southeastern Section of the American Physical Society (SESAPS) Meeting,
Gainesville, FL (November, 2005)
2006 2007
3rd International Workshop on Transition Edge Sensor Devise Physics (TES
III), Gainesville, FL (August, 2006)
2007 2008
48th Sanibel Symposium, St. Simon Island, GA (February, 2008).

(4) Promoting exchange of ideas and research
Distinguished Visitors Program:
CCMS provided support for long term (longer than three months), medium term
(nominally two to three months), and short term (nominally between one and four
weeks) visits of distinguished scientists from all over the world. While on campus,
the visitors present lectures/seminars and make themselves available for discussion.
In addition to their research/lecture duties, some of them might be asked to review, in
an advisory role, the activities of the Center and to provide an oral and/or written
report to the Executive Committee.
2003 2004: 3 scientists supported
V. Long (Colby), P. Woelfle (Karlshruhe, Germany), A. Khare (ICTP, Italy)
2004 2005: 2 scientists supported
J.A. Sauls (Northwestern University), P. Woelfle (Karlshruhe, Germany)
2005 2006: 1 scientist supported
P. Woelfle (Karlshruhe, Germany)
2006 2007: 3 scientists supported
P. Woelfle (Karlshruhe, Germany), C. Batista (LANL), J. Carbotte (McMaster,

(5) Public information source maintained:
CCMS maintains its website at The mission,
member list, various research programs, fellowship awardees, and lecture notes for
SLS can be found at this website.

(6) Other miscellaneous activities:
CCMS provided support for local Research Experience for Undergraduates
(REU) Program in 2005. The NSF funded REU Program in Physics
Department did not get renewed in 2005. The center provided funding for this
program to be able to continue at the local level. The UF Physics REU
Program was then renewed in 2006.
In support of a departmental need CCMS provided partial funding to support
one Information Technology intern for 2003 2004, 2004 2005, and 2006 -
CCMS provided the repair cost of multi-user equipment (Quantum Design
SQUID) in 2004.

CCMS Report 2003-2008

B. Future Plans
CCMS plans to strengthen its outreach program. The Executive Committee
decided to host annual public lectures. This program will be coordinated with
the departments involved in the center activities. Approximately $4,000 will
be allocated to cover travel expense and honorarium for the speaker.
The center will conduct survey after each SLS to evaluate the lecture series
and also to receive inputs on the future topics.
The center will renew its International Membership. The Executive
Committee decided to modify the membership as External Membership to
include scientists from institutions in North America not limited to foreign
For the past five years, the CCMS programs have grown and expanded
substantially. In 2008 2009, the center's annual budget is set to be balanced
assuming $40,000 IDC. The center plans to maintain 1 year operational
balance to maintain financial stability for consistent center activities.

C. Annual Budget

2003/2004 2004/2005 2005/2006 2006/2007 2007/2008*
U. Fellowship 7,200 8,000 17,600 16,000 11,200
G. Fellowship 0 0 0 7,000 15,180
Visitors 4,000 8,500 2,000 1,200 200
SLS 0 0 0 3,000 3,000
Conf. & Workshop 0 3,000 6,200 250 1,500
Others** 3,100 7,500 1,850 2,130 1,400
Total 14,300 27,000 27,650 29,580 32,480
* Committed amount at the time of March 1, 2008.
** Others include speaker support and miscellaneous items described in B(6).

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