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Group Title: Annual report, University of Florida Career Resource Center
Title: Annual report
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Title: Annual report
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Creator: Career Resource Center, University of Florida
Publisher: Career Resource Center, University of Florida
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: 2007-2008
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Annual Report 2007-2008


p The 2007 08 academic year continued to show strong
turnouts for our career fairs, programs and individual
student services. Our employer visits grew by 16%, a
a 24% increase in individual employment interviews.
Likewise, our career counseling and advising session
visits increased by 24%, and outreach programming
expanded by 39%. Even though there were ominous
clouds on the financial horizon, those forecasts did no
impact our general employment activity.

We generated extremely high productivity figures on almost every measure, de
the fact that we were engaged in campus-wide budget cuts. While a couple ofl
elected to move on, we were able to undertake internal promotions and changI
descriptions for seven people to advance their growth and commitment to the
center and university. Though we ended the year three staff people short, our
services continued to be superior.

This report will reflect our major programs and user evaluations of our efforts
throughout. Also, you will find that we identify those activities which relate to ti
Division of Student Affairs key strategic areas. This has allowed us to better fuo
our efforts upon the most significant services and programs in support of dMid

It has been a busy year at the CRC and I invite you to look through this report
to learn more about our enterprise and contributions to student and employer
development Enjoy this year's interactive Annual Report click on the icons as
key terms to visit our embedded links. N


Table of Contents
Key Strategic Areas 2007-2010 4-5
Executive Summary .. ............ 6
Snapshot of CRC Activities 7
In order to fulfill its mission, the Career Resource Center provides
the following services to UF students:
P Individual Counseling and Advising 8-13
3 Outreach and Career Education Programs 14-17
P Academic Courses 18-19

P Diversity and Global Education Programs 20-21
P Internship Prograrns ............................. 22-23
P Gator CareerLink 24-25
P Recruiting Activities 26-27
P Career Fairs 28-33

P Innovative Web Resources 34-35
Staff Accomplishments ......... 36-37
Donor and Top Recuriters 38-39

.tnrity of Florida Career Rsource Center Author
100 J. W. Reitz Union Post Office Box 118507 Farouk Dy. EdS, MBA
.l..l. FGraphic design/Production
esville, lorida 32611-8507 Cory Monteiro
352.392.1601 Editors
.3 11 William V. Carnes. M.A.
p ac.umedu Nadene Francis

In 2007, the Division of Student Affairs established a three-year strategic
plan that included focused Mission, Vision and Values statements. At the
same time eight Key Strategic Areas were identified to provide guidelines
for goals and objectives for the future. These KSAs have been embraced
by the CRC and all of the departments within the Division, and throughout
this report icons designate which KSA has been supported by the adjoining
text, chart or graph according to the following key not all icons have been
used. while some areas display multiple icons:

A Student Learning & Engagement Create opportunities that
encourage active learning, involvement, and discovery to foster
engagement and a seamless educational environment.

WO Global understanding & Diversity Increase knowledge, experien
appreciation, and respect of cultures, issues, and local, regional and
global communities. Develop intentional opportunities for interaction
and integration of information from various perspectives.

IJ Communication & Collaboration Encourage mutual understanding
and facilitate purposeful communication within the Division of Studen
Affairs and external groups, including students, faculty/staff and alum
Encourage collaboration that furthers the mission of Student Affairs
while working toward synergy.

II Asesment Assess satisfaction, effectiveness and outcomes to
Improve programs, services and initiatives.

D) Human Resources Offer, encourage, and support development
and education that occurs on campus, within the Division, and by
professional organizations. Retain motivated and excellent
employees who strive to meet the goals of the Division. Reward
employees through competitive salaries and recognition programs.

Resource Acquision & Utilization Generate new revenue streams
OVy that capitalize on internal and external sources. Practice effective
utilization and investment of resources within the Division and the

3 Technology & Process Improvement Improve the delivery of
services and programs through systems development and cutting edge
hardware and software.

SFacilities Maintain, renovate, and construct state-of-the-art facilities
that enhance learning and encourage community, an appreciation of
aesthetics and sustainability.


The mission of the Career Resource Center is to educate University of Florida
students to advance their career goals in a global community by engaging their
in career planning and employment opportunities. Full-time and student staff
were instrumental in helping achieve the following milestones:

Increased individual student contacts by 24%.
Career Counseling by 11%
Career Advising by 17%
outreach efforts to students by 39%.
outreach efforts to graduate students by 72%.
enrollment in career courses by 21%.
local BRIDGE internship opportunities by 131%.
participation in employer programs for students by 121% and
employers by 48%.
on-campus interviews by 24%.
employer visits to the UF campus by 16%.
Introduced the e-career counseling program serving 66 students this yeac
a virtual mock interviewing program serving 681 students this yu
Participated in three international exchange programs with institutions in the
United Kingdom, Ireland and South Korea.
Created new programs to address global career exploration needs, indudinl
the Global Career Conference and the Executive Education Series.
Implemented new and innovative Web resources to assist students with their
career exploration needs, including the Kuder Career Planning System.
Provided special outreach programs to students of diverse backgrounds,
international students, Preview students, First-Year Florida students, gradual
students and students living in the residence halls.


dual Career Counseling & Advising
Counseling (Carer/Major Decision Making) 2,283 +11%
aOrer Advising (Job Search/Correspondence Cntiques) 3.891 +17"o
fiH a r Counseling & Advising 65 NA
xtname Resume Makeover 1.234 +12%
rate Mock Interviews 447 +3%
irtual Mock Interviews 631 NA
NW vidual Sessions with Students 8,561 +24%
Presentations and Outreach
H bl Seminars Presented by CRC Staff 482 +2%
StalStudent Attendance 25,861 +39%
fc ourue 8LS-2301 and SLS-2302
Wriber of Sections 12 +33%
aiof Students Enrolled 323 +21%
mate Students Outreach
Wn .i CounselinglAdvising 528 +29%
utisach Attendees 1,870 +90%
itD. ach to Graduate Students 2,398 +72%

Nin owcase 5,720 +4.5% 420 -1%
rine Job Fair 1,000 NA 44 NA
MWL School Info Day 493 -5% 105 -10%
I Career Showcase 5,486 +3.5% 345 -4%
iftment Day 186 0% 35 -14%
*r Job Fair 250 +25% 34 +54%
13,135 983

IP~im3ink 7,784 2,747 16,313
as 558 72 211
9,357 9,357

4A~ A


i bhh

Individual appointments with students increased by 24% for a record 8,551
appointments. This increase was due to increased outreach efforts, more
efficient marketing strategies, increased collaboration with colleges and
student organizations and the introduction of innovative tools that reached
more students online. The majority of students who participated in career
counseling or advising sessions were juniors and seniors who were enrolled
in the College of Engineering, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences or the
College of Business Adninistration.

Individual Visits
P Extreme Resume Makeover 14%
Mock Interviews Conducted 5%
P Virtual Mock Interviews 7%
SCareer Counseling 27%
Career Advising 46%
Online Career Counseling/Advising 1%

Visits by Classification

Alumni 1%
Doctoral 3%
Masters 12%
seniors 31%
JunIors 27%
Sophomores 15%
Freshmen 12%

Career Counseling
Students have access to career counseling to address their career planning,
exploration and decision-making needs. With a fully staffed career counseling
team, the Career Resource Center provided career counseling to 2,883 stude
an increase of 11% from last year. A survey of students resulted in the follow
average rankings (scale of 1-5, with 5 the highest):

Career Counseling
Post Assessment 2007-2008 -"

Would recommend CRG Services
Staff member showed empathy
and compassion
Awareness of tools and information
to make a major/career decision
Knowledge about majors/careers
of interest
Confidence in ability to graduate
on time (4 years if undergraduate)
Less anxiety about making
a major/career decision
Comfort with uncertainty that
comes with job search process
Confidence in ability to make
a major/career decision
Service/Program was helpful

4 -4.05

4 4.35

4 4.06

4 3.67

4 m 3.31

4 3.56

4 3.53

4 3.43
4 3.84

r Advising is offered to students who need help preparing for the job search
includes: resume and cover letter reviews, exploring job search strategies,
.ring for interviews, navigating career fairs and learning how to negotiate
Aflers. This service is largely offered by Career Ambassadors as well as CRC
ibers who act as liaisons to specific colleges on campus. The Career
iurce Center provided career advising services to 3,891 students, an increase
F% from the previous year. Career Ambassadors provided career advising
ices to 8,441 students, which represents 88% of the total career advising
c and 43% of total one-on-one contacts with students. A survey of students
Iaed in the following average rankings (scale of 1-5, with 5 the highest):

areer Advising
it Assessment 2007-2008

Would recommend CRC Services
Af member showed empathy
60 compassion
Comfort with uncertainty that
cones with job search process
aess of tools and information
iaske a major/career decision
Confidence in ability to make
a major/career decision
rice/Program was helpful


< 4.26
4 4.36

4 3.75
4 = 3.86
4 3.62

4( 4.07

Mock Interviews

The Mock Interview program continues to be one of the most popular services
provided by the Career Resource Center. The program provides students with
the opportunity to practice their interviewing skills in a safe environment with
a Career Ambassador. Career Ambassadors offered a total of 477 mock
interviews, an increase of 3% from the previous academic year.

Mock Interview Post Assessmer

Would recommend
CRC Services

Confidence in
interviewing skills

was helpful

A survey of students resulted in the following average rank
(scale of 1-5, with 5 the highest):

"I participated in the mock interview twice. It was really helpful and when Ihe
my actual interview for pharmacy school I was definitely over prepared (twhit
was goodl. In the future if I need help for a job interview I wifl come back too
-student response from survey

ume Reviews
i semester during the week before Career Showcase, the Career Resource
or hosts Extreme Resume Makeover, a program designed to help students
aretheir resumes and cover letters for Career Showcase. With the help of
er Ambassadors, CRC staff, employers, and staff and faculty from various
rnments and colleges, 1,234 students were assisted with resume and other
*lpondence preparation, an increase of 12% from the previous year.

Resume Review Post Assessment

Id rmomend

mmclr was

Silence In
Mlewing skills


A survey of students resulted in the following average rankings
(scale of 1-6, with 5 the highest):

* I ~
1 1...




* I


it 1

er Ambassadors and all full-time advisers and counselors engaged 25,861
illts in 482 presentations and programs around campus, an increase of 39%
:the previous academic year.

reach to Graduate Students
Career Resource Center engaged 1,870 graduate students in programs and
nations around campus, an increase of almost 90% from the previous year.
time counselors and advisers provided individual career counseling and
ing to 528 graduate students. Graduate student workshop series included:
Vbu Want to Work in Acaderia" and "Graduate Students Leaving Academia."
sessions structured to assist master's and Ph.D. students with their career
lion-making and job search needs. A survey of workshop attendees resulted
a following average rankings (scale of 1-5, with 5 the highest).

aduate Student Workshop Series Survey

4:05 Series for Liberal Arts and Sciences Students
The 4:05 Seminar Series for Liberal Arts and Sciences was designed to educate
students majoring in Liberal Arts and Sciences about the value of their degree,
the marketability of their skills, the career opportunities available for them and
how they can conduct a successful job search and prepare for a career.
Approximately 268 students participated in the 4:05 Career Seminar Series
during fall 2007 and 195 during sprng 2008, a total of 463 students. A survey
of attendees resulted in the following average rankings (scale of 1 -6, with 5 the I

Confidence in ability to make
a major/career decision

Service/Program was helpful

Outreach to Students of Diverse Backgrounds
The Career Resource Center provided seminars, events, and programs to stude
of diverse populations. These efforts include outreach to students of various Nil
and racial backgrounds, those with disabilities, LGBTQ and international student
In addition, substantial efforts were made to reach employers, faculty and staff
increase employment opportunities for students of underrepresented population

American Indian/Alaskan Native OA%
Asian/Indian Sub-Continent 9.6%
Black Non-Hispanic 12.6%
SHispanic 14.5%
k Non Resident Alien 3.3%
i Other 8.9%
Non-Reporting 2.4%
White Non-Hispanic 48.2%

loer Career Education Programs
r meource Center hosted a series of employer sponsored career education
i that address a variety of job search issues. Student attendance increased
W1% and employer attendance increased by 48% in this year's programs
Cl Resume Career Mock Mock
Critiques Workshops Interviews Career Fairs




9 9

'er Student
Fall 2007

Employer Student
Spring 2008

each to Preview Students and Parents
9 first day of Preview orientation, students and parents attended one of two
Ihops which explored the relationship between major and career. On day two.
RC hosted an open house for parents to tour the Center and learn about
Ifc services for their students. The CRC reached 1,535 students and parents
17 summer B sessions of Preview and 3,265 students and parents in the 2008
marA sessions of Preview.


!! A


(SLS 2301 & 2302)

I =======================:

Career Resource Center continued to offer career development courses for
graduate students. Career Planning Course (SLS 2301) focuses on first-year
sophomore students who need assistance in exploring career paths and
ing more about themselves. The course concentrates on self-assessment.
dkig values, interests and skills. The Job Search Strategies Course (SLS 2302),
Juniors and seniors learn how to search for jobs and internships, build
viewing skills and transition into full-time positions. The CRC offered 12
Ibns of career development courses. Total enrollment for the academic year
328, an increase of 21% from the previous year. A student survey resulted in
ollwing average rankings (scale of 1-5, with 5 the highest):

S 2301 Post Assessment

S 2302 Post Assessment


Executive Education Series

Career Resource Center's Executive Education Series brings international
memntatives from various industries to campus to share insights and
enges of working in the global marketplace. Participating Executives include:

blowing executives participated in this year's series:
erOlfs, Senior Director Emeritus Head of Corporate Communications
Imational with Siemens AG, Munich, Germany
ls Schioppo, Chief Financial Officer, JP Morgan Chase
SGarcia, Controller, Marriot Hotels
pel Oliva, Vice President for Public Relations and Corporate Affairs,
D Latin America

program reached 675 students, providing students with global information
networking opportunities. One presenter identified a candidate for his
nrship program. Many guest speakers spoke in academic classrooms and
ral offered a unique global perspective to the interview process by
cipating in our Employer Mock Interview program.

bal Career Conference Co
il 2007, The Career Resource Center hosted a Global Career Conference to
p students with relevant information and insight into pursuing international
arn and becoming competent professionals in the global economy. Daren
loch, Team Manager at State Farm Mutual Insurance, was the key speaker.
poke about his experience teaching in South Korea for five years. Eighty
n participants attend breakout sessions covering topics from searching for
abroad to understanding religious differences in the global market. At the
of the conference, students participated in a global etiquette dinner and
led about different business customs from various countries.



partnership between the Career Resource Center and the Gainesville Area
rnberof Commerce provided opportunities for students in the Gainesville
Ocak area. The number of internships increased by 131% this year. A
[of M88 students attended the BRIDGE (Building Relationships through
t.uhip Development with Gainesville Employers) information sessions (197
efal and 861 in the spring) and 1,744 students submitted resumes to apply
ship opportunities (336 in the fall and 1,409 in the spring).

'Thanks to the CRC I found a internship for the summer in Gainesville.
therefore, I am able to take classes along with doing my internship."
student response from survey

al Internships




r CareerUink (GCL) is the online job search database that provides students
alumni with access to full-time, part-time and internship opportunities in the
Ind around the world. Gator CareerLink is also the management tool for on-
pus interviews. This year, 7,647 students and 2,747 employers registered.
10,313 positions were posted on GCL.

itor CareerLink Student Registration

j Agricultural and Life Sciences 539
Business Administration 2018
Design Construction & Planning 89
P Education 110
* Engineering 1698
Fine Arts 121
Health & Human performance 294
Public health & Health Professions 203
Journalism & Communications 654
P Liberal Arts & Sciences 1821

mlnd upload resumes
Create a job agent
jobs and intemships
Conduct an international job search
in mock interviews
Register for on-campus interviews
ilwith employers and alumni

Post jobs and internships
Register for career fairs at UF
Search for UF students
Promote organization to students
Register for information sessions
Register for on-campus interviews
Connect with UF faculty and staff


/ (e) (D


number of interviews conducted on-campus increased by nearly 24% after
g relatively flat over the preceding three years.

recruiting trends at UF

Sii540 78



2004-2005 2005-2006 200

nployer Assesment
npus Recruiting Activities 2007-2008

0 Students
0 Employers





Career Resource Center hosted six career fairs focusing on a variety of career
)ralion needs of students and alumni.

ireer Fairs Snapshot
)7-2008 4 Students
Part-time Job Fair 14 1,0
m 1,000
Career Showcase 1 420
al ; 0.0 15,720
id & Prof. Information 105
hools Day 1 1 493

Summer Job Fair U4 2

i Recruitment Day 4 35

t-Time Job Fair.
Part-Time Job Fair is a new initiative designed to assist students in finding
mnpusand local part-time employment. The first year for this event resulted
I employers registered and over 1,000 students attended.

miner Job Fair:
students and 34 employers participated in the Summer Career Day. This
Iments an increase of 26% in student attendance and 54% in employer
dance from the previous year.

Career Showcase
The largest career fair in Flonda and the Southeast region of the United States,
the University of Florida Career Showcase is held each fall and spring semester
attracting students from a variety of academic disciplines and employers from
various industries and geographical locations. This year, the two-day event
attracted 5,720 students and 420 employers in the fall semester and 6,486
students and 345 employers in the spring semester. This represents an
increase of 4% in student attendance and a decrease of 2% in employer
attendance from the previous year.

Student & Employer Participation
Career Showcase 2003 to 2008
O stuwen,
0 Empleys
6000 5350 547
5000 634 4447
4051 420

500 424:
400 324 366
300 229 M
oo =o= ="..........ii

Fall Spring Fall Spring Fall Spring Fall
2003 2004 2004 2005 2005 2006 2006


udent Attendance by Class Level
aeer Showcase 2007-2008

q Doctoral Candidate/Ph.D 2%
q Masters 23%
I Senior 42%
q Junior 20%
q Sophomore 9%
I Freshman 4%


Graduate and Professional School Information Day:
493 students and 106 schools attended the Graduate and Professional Schoa
Information Day on October 11th, 2007. This represents a 5% decrease in stud
attendance and 10% decrease in school participation from the previous year.

Student Attendance
Graduate and Professional Schools Information Day
Fall 2007

Agricultural and Life Sciences
Design Construction & Planning
Business Administration
Health & Human Performance
Journalism & Communications
Liberal Arts & Sciences
Public Health & Health Professions

i 17%



cation Recruitment Day:
students and as employers attended Education Recruitment Day hosted by
!armer Resource Center on April 16th, 2008. There was no significant change
s number of students who attended the event this year from the previous year.
aver, the number of employers who participated in the event decreased by
, from the previous year due to budget cuts in the Florida education sector.

udent Attendance
cation Recruitment Day Spring 2007

SMasters 59%
Senior 37%
Junior 3%
SSophomore 1%

dent Attendance by Gender

a34% ...e ....

Female Male Non-Reporting


career Resource Center launched several innovative services to help UF
ants advance their career goals and become leaders in the global community.
-m the services at www.crc.ufl.edu.

Chitwith Students can chat with E-Career Counselors
online during evening hours and receive assistance
with their career exploration needs.

-1 The Virtual Mock Interview program using Perfect
InterviewTM creates a realistic, simulated interview
for students online from the comfort of their home.

WIeu OptimalResume'M is a free service that allows
students to create professional files that are
appropriate for their career or employment
I." objectives.

Students use the Kuder Career Planning System
d r to take FREE career assessments that measure
k u d e r their interests, skills and values.

GOING GLOBAL is a massive research tool that
... helps students and alumni find international
; i,'L ,i '" employment and internship opportunities abroad.

The VAULT Online Library provides students with
unlimited access to students to 60+ VAULT books
and the latest information about careers, industries,
jobs and employers.

Staff Accomplishments

Dr. Lauren Daley K)
*Received the Division of Student Affairs James E. Scott Fellowship award.
She used the award to participate in a week-long cultural exchange with
Korea University in Seoul, South Korea.
*Participated in a two-week staff exchange with the University of Leeds,
Careers Centre in Leeds, England.
*Became a State of Florida Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC #9380).
*Presented a 90-minute education session, "Cyber Career Counseling: Promis
and Perils" for the 2008 American Counseling Association (ACA) annual
convention in Honolulu, Hawaii.
*Presented the 90-minute session -Career Counseling in Higher Education:
A United States Model" for the Brain Korea 21st Research Project at
Korea University.
*Served as an ad-hoc manuscript reviewer for Career Development Quarterly.

Farouk Dey 10
*Served as Chair of the ACPA Commission for Career Development
*Facilitated a round table discussion about leadership and middle managers
in student affairs and career services at the Florida Career Professionals
Association (FCPA) conference in Naples, FL.
*Participated in the American College Professional Association (ACPA) Summn
Leadership Meeting at Davidson College in Davidson, NC.
*Presented at the Florida Career Centers Institute in Gainesville, Fla., on
Assessing Programs and Services in Career Centers.

Kevin Guthrie K)
*Presented at the 2008 Florida Career Professionals Association's Annual
Conference in Naples, Florida on "Staying Connected: Maintaining Employer
Relations through Technological Applications."
*Presented at the 2008 Florida Career Consortium's Annual Conference in
Gainesville, Fla. He presented on "Marketing Your Career Center," focusing
on using simple and inexpensive technologies to effectively market and
brand career centers.

rented at the 2008 Florida Career Professionals Association's Annual
ihorence in Naples, Fla., on "Staying Connected: Maintaining Employer
atlions through Technological Applications."

gg Henderschiedt &
rented "The Millennials Go to Work" at the University of Florida Advisers'
fessional Development Workshop, Sept. 25, 2007.
rented the 90-minute education session "Cyber career counseling:
nises and perils" for the 2008 American Counseling Association annual
mention in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Wayne Wallace L)
lcipated in an educational exchange activity visiting 6 different universities
reland, June 24 through July 2, 2008. This was sponsored by NASPA with the
intion of developing international understanding about how student services
I universities function within different cultures. He visited three campuses in
Aln, one in Galway and two in Limerick. Each had a different approach, but
i consistent in its dedication to student development.

Heather White I
icessfully defended her dissertation, "Relationships Among Selected Ability
tables, Work-Related Factors, and Perceived Leaming of Post-Secondary
dents Involved in Internships and Cooperative Learning Activities" on April 2,
&. She was awarded a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) degree.

anette Williams 1)
presented the 75-minute education session "The Early Bird Gets the Worm:
SEffects of Pre-Entry Job Search on Career Outcomes" for the Dec. 2007
atheastem Association of Colleges and Employers Conference in Las Vegas, NV.
wed as the Chair of the Southeastern Association of Colleges and Employers
ierence (SoACE) SEFRC Drive-In Workshop.
ved as a national mentor for the Professional Network committee of the
DEink System.


Donors/Top Recruiters
the CRC would like to thank these organizations for there support.
Platinum Benefactor Silver Partner


Gold Partner

Florida Careers Center





FA CS Group


Michael Denis Maher

lOCN 'EED Maa N I" / f-

Partner 1


The following organizations hired the
highest number of Gators in 2007-2008:

General Electric
Ernst & Young
Lockheed Martin

Deloitte &Touche
Teach for America



U F Career Resource Center
First Floor J.wayne Reitz Union I wwwxrc.ufl.edu 1392-1601
Division of Student Affairs I Educating Leaders for a Global community

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