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Group Title: Annual report, University of Florida Career Resource Center
Title: Annual report
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Title: Annual report
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University of Florida
Career Resource Center
A Division of Student Affairs


Wayne Wallace, Ph.D.

William V. Carnes
Associate Director for Operations Support

University of Florida ~ Career Resource Center
P.O. Box I 18507~ CR-100 J. Wayne Reitz Union
Gainesville, Florida 32611-8507
(352) 392-1601 FAX (352) 392-3810

WWW. CTC. ufl .ediA- Annual
(www cuf.edu_ Report


This Annual Report details the period from September
2002 through August 2003, except where noted.
Activities, personnel changes, organizational structure,
and important events fall within that time frame in order
to make this Report a reference book of CRC programs
for key UF staff, faculty and interested parties.

Statistics on activities, relationships of those statistics to
past data, and the conclusions derived therefrom are
from the Fall 2002, Spring 2003 and Summer 2003
(A, B and C) semesters.

This period generally encompasses the traditional
"2002-2003 Academic Year," a time frame chosen to
make this report compatible with traditional methods of
viewing this university's academic production.

An exception is the organizational chart,
which depict the Center structure as of the fall of 2003,
the time of the report's completion.


www.crc.ufl.edu Annural


E executive Sum m ary .................................................................................................... ................. ............. 4
H highlights of 2002-2003 ...................................................................................... .............................. 5

P program s of D distinction ........................................................................................... .............................. 8

C career R source C enter Staff.................................................................................. .............................. 10

Career Resource Center M mission & O objectives .................................................... .............................. 11

O n-C am pus L liaison A activities ................................................................................ ............................ 13

C career D evelopm ent Staff....................................................................... .................................... ... 22

C career N etw works Staff............................................................................ ...................................... ... 26
Experiential E education Program s ........................................ .................................................. 27
E m p loyer R elation s ............................................................................................ .................. ............ 30
C career E v en ts ..................................................................................................... .................. ............ 3 1
C career Fair D description s ................................................................................... .............................. 33

Director, Information Technology, and Operations Support ............................... ............. .. 34

Staff P professional A activities .................................................................................... .............................. 39


A Sum m ary of A activities ........................................................................................ .............................. 7

B. Career Development Snapshot 2001-2002 vs. 2002-2003 ............................................................ 23

C. Cooperative Education Work Assignments by Industry........................... ...................... 28

D. Cooperative Education Work Assignments by Academic Major.............................................. 29

E O n-C am pus Interview Statistics ..................................................................... .............................. 31

F MonsterTrako Job Postings (July 2002 March 2003) .................................. ....................... 32

G. Career Day Programs ~ Employer/Student Participation ................................ ............ .. 33

H. Organization of the Career Resource Center ~ October 2003 ............................................... 47



I /ic 2002-2003 school year was a complex one as
our economic recovery was still dragging on, the nation
was embroiled in multiple conflicts, and a pervasive
sense of unease dominated. Student visits to the CRC,
during our 50thAnniversaryyear, broke all prior records
and demandfor information, assistance and education
shot up. Almost 124,000 visitors came in and nearly
13.6 million hits occurred on our Cyberr career center '
Unfortunately, the number ofe i ,1i,, % \ 'i i' : campus
for our fairs and campus recruitment fell far short of
volumes seen several years earlier
"During our last significant recession and recovery
in the early 90s, there was a national concern that
perhaps employers wouldjust stop coming to campuses.
That was later disproved with the boom of the
later 90s. But now the same question has
arisen -will employers choose to come
back to campus to recruit? We are all
confident that the economy will re-
emerge, but there has been a paradigm
shift in this last decade. Of course it is CUS1
the use of web-based information
systems, allowing employers and
candidates opportunities to engage, sort,
delete, andpre-identify as never before. As
more of our employers are becoming tech It
literate, catching up with our students, the
ease of on-line candidate/job searching has
entered the main stream. There is no going back really,
for the potential to search, screen and identify is really
quite efficient all around. Privacy concerns,
commercial intrusion, identity theft, etc. are all
problems, but the advantage is certainly there.
"Traditional on-campus recruitment is in the midst
of the 'sea change' and efforts such as NACElinkTM
service reflect this. As our students and employers
develop changing engagement patterns, new services
will be demanded of the CRC. We are indeed in the
career 'network'business, in conjunction with all the
career counseling and education we deliver The context
and need for 'network' services are changing, and we
plan to adjust and adapt to serve our clientele as we
start the second 50 year cycle of the CRC enterprise. "

50th Anniversary Highlights

It hardly seems real the University of Florida is
celebrating its 150th Anniversary dating from the
founding of the North Florida Seminary in 1853, UF
has actually only been in Gainesville since 1906, not
quite a century yet, but the Career Resource Center has
been around half of that time!

The University of Florida began experiencing
the massive influx of World War II veterans on the GI.
Bill in 1946, became co-ed in 1947, and it quickly became
apparent that some sort of coordinated career guidance
and placement function would be critical to ensure the
success of the many new students and graduates.
Responding to employer complaints that there
were no cohesive recruiting procedures on
campus, then-President J. Hillis Miller
turned to Maurice E. Mayberry, a recent
UF College of Business graduate, to
IERS create and head the new "Placement
Office," which was formally established
on July 1, 1953.

*I Initially the "poor country cousin," the
S office first shared a desk in Tigert Hall until
space could be found in Building H, at that
time the oldest "temporary" building on
campus, which was located on the site of today's
Turlington Hall. In its first year of operation the total
budget was $10,000, and the director and his secretary
hosted 24 employers for on-campus interviews!
How times have changed! Over the intervening years
the office moved and changed its name several times,
adding and expanding programs each year and at each
move as space was increased.

From Building H, the Center re-located to the new
J. Wayne Reitz Union in 1967 in a 2,500 square foot
space on the ground floor, in a area which is today
devoted to retail space. Its name was again changed at
that time to the University Placement Center, but just
four years later it became the University of Florida
Career Planning & Placement Center.

The final name change, to today's Career Resource
ace, PhD Center, occurred in 1975, and in 1981 the office moved

(www. crc. ufl. edu


www. crc. ufl. edu

to the northwest comer of the Reitz Union in offices
formerly occupied by the University of Florida
Foundation, occupying about 5,700 square feet on both
the ground floor and basement.

In 1990-1991, the CRC added a 1,200 foot glass
roofed interviewing wing in the west courtyard, later
named the Maurice Mayberry Interview Wing upon his
retirement in 1991 with 40 years of credited service to
UF. It's now used by the new Wachovia Bank office.

Finally, in March 1995 construction began on the
17,300 square foot facility you see today, situated on
the west side of the first floor of the Union above an
open-air colonnade. We opened for business on January
2, 1996, and this is where we are now creating and
growing and becoming more technologically
sophisticated to keep abreast of the times and provide
the best service and information possible for our students,
alumni and staff. We're now ready for another 50 years
of service to the University of Florida.

In July 2003, we hosted an anniversary luncheon to
include Director Emeritus Maurice Mayberry, Dr. Art
Sandeen, current DirectorWayne Wallace, and numerous
current and past staff heads, dignitaries, and a printed
50thAnniversary History of the CRC was published and
distributed on that occasion.

Highlights of 2002-2003

In addition to the celebration of the Career Resource
Center's Golden Anniversary, it has also been a landmark
year in most of our operational areas. A new section of
this report, entitled Programs of Distinction, highlights
some of the more unique and meaningful innovations.

The CRC welcomed 123,907 visitors over the past
academic year. Of those, 73,364 visited our Career
Resource Library. This represents a 12.3% increase in
general traffic and an almost 21% increase in our library
traffic from the previous academic year! All of these
personal visits to the Center despite a similar record-
breaking year of"cybertraffic" on our web site that saw
13,581,635 recorded visits during the academic year!

This was the first year of many in which the Career
Development Group was fully staffed, and the increase
in the year's activities attest to the difference this staffing
made in productivity. The career counselors were

integral to a dramatic increase in counseling services:
There were 1,031 walk-in appointments and 712
individual follow-up appointments, a 37% and 137%
increase respectively in activity! Forty-two students took
part in the group career counseling program, a 35%

The Gator Launch Program celebrated its second
full year of operation with 34 students, and the year
was highlighted by the group's first corporate-sponsored
trip. Twenty students, the Gator Launch Program
Director, and the CRC Assistant Director for Diversity
Programs traveled to Tampa in February for corporate
tours and dinners that resulted in numerous professional

Next, the delivery of our two career development
courses SLS 2301, Career Planning, and SLS 2302,
Job Search Strategies was significantly enhanced with
the introduction of a technologically sophisticated
curriculum using course listservs and WebCT as an
online education tool. A total of 270 students attended
both classes, a significant 11% increase over the prior
academic year.

Finally, an innovative programs was entitled Career
Exploration Community at Graham Hall was established
in collaboration with the Department of Housing &
Residence Education (DHE) complete details on that
initiative may be found in the Programs of Distinction
chapter, starting on page 5.

In February 2003, Lisa Severy, our Associate
Director for Career Development, had the honor of being
our first international exchange participant. Lisa was
hosted by the Careers Centres at the University of Leeds
and the University of Sheffield, both in Yorkshire. Both
centres did a phenomenal job as hosts, and Lisa learned
a great deal about the higher educational system in the
UK, the career development needs of UK students, and
the system of career centres operating across the country.
In October of 2003 the Career Resource Center is to
host Ms. Jane Conway, Assistant Director of the Careers
Centre at the University of Leeds, for a two-week visit.

Lisa was again in the news in July 2003, when she
resigned from the CRC to become the Director of Career
Services at the University of Boulder at Colorado! Helda
Montero quickly took her place as interim Associate
Director for Career Development. In her stead as interim


www. crc. ufl. edu

Assistant Director for Career Education we hired Denis
"Woodja" Flanigan, who had worked with us for moved
from the Library to the Operations Support Group to
become the Office Manager in was replaced in the
Library by Lennette Reshard, with the title of Information
Resource Manager. In July 2003, Claudia Grant was
hired at half-time as the Receptionist and Credentials
Manager to replace Lennette.

In the Career Networks realm, in spite of the
challenges posed by a sagging economy, the CN Group
managed to help UF students "beat the odds" as the
number of organizations recruiting at UF only declined
about 5% compared to national averages of 10-20%. In
this academic year, 309 employers conducted 7,673
interviews, down by 5.2% in the number of employers,
but up by 7.2% in number of interviews conducted!
However, with this tighter job market came a greater
demand by students for services and programs.

The most traumatic change this year was the
transition from MonsterTrak to NACElinkM as our
student registration and interview management system
on April 1, 2003. Although not without a few teething
problems, by late summer we had overcome many of
the difficulties and registered nearly 6,800 students and
posted over 8,300 job opportunities on the system. The
transition to NACElinkM was forecast in last year's
Annual Report, and is described in more detail in the
Programs of Distinction chapter starting on page 5.

Although with the introduction of NACElinkM,
which we call Gator Career Linkc, we reactivated Gator
Locatorc, a resume search service for employers, which
has enhanced the quality of the candidates they interview.

Toward that end, there was a mnior reorganization
of the Career Networks Group (see Chart H, page 44),
putting more emphasis on customer service and the
gathering of data of importance to students, faculty and
employers. In a recent employer satisfaction survey,
some 86% of over 400 respondents rated the quality of
service either Very Good or Excellent when compared
to other schools at which they recruit!

The Operations Support and Information Technology
both had a very productive year. This was our first full

year using the QuickBooksPro fiscal management
system, and it has proven its worth many times over.
Ease of use, accuracy, ability to generate comprehensive
and tailored reports, and adaptability have all been key
contributors to the success of our financial management.
The Center and the Operations Support group have all
benefited from the transfer of Linda Adams to the
position of Office Manager, since she brings with her a
wealth of fiscal and operational expertise and a
wonderful customer relations attitude.

In August 2002, we distributed to students 10,000 of
our new Gator Career Planner, a combined planning
calendar and information guide. The 2003 edition was
significantly more successful, with advertisement
revenue and Student Government support covering about
90% of the printing cost.

The very useful Employer Resource Guide, an "how-
to-do" for employers who recruit with us, its companion
Invitation to Recruit, and the general Focus on Your
Future student brochure are all receiving an exciting
facelift this year and will be re-published in the fall of

Our presence on the World Wide Web set new records
for us, with more than 13.6 million individual visits to
the site during this period. The CRC Web Committee,
which was founded as an ad hoc committee in summer
2003, continues to function as the overall manager of
the Center's web presence, and the committee's success
has been the subject of presentations, briefings, and
envious inquiries from other career centers.

Much of the IT staff's time, especially that of Bill
Lewis, ourAssistant Director for Systems Management
& Development, has been dedicated to the NACElinkM
introduction, working closely with NACE developers
and members of the CRC's Career Networks staff to
ease the transition to the new system.

Very few facilities alterations to report this academic
year, with only a few staff members shifting offices
during the period. The major outcome of these moves
was the much-anticipated consolidation of the entire
Operations Support staff in the administrative area of
the facility.



www. crc. ufl. edu


Chart A Summary of Activity 2002-2003

CRC Traffic
General CRC Visitors............. .............. 123,907
Library Visitors .............................. .............. 73,364
"Cybertraffic" Visits to CRC web site...... 13,581,645

Student Services
Counseling Appointments ............. ................ 712
Individual Career Counseling ............................ 1,031
On-call Advising & Walk-ins ............................ 3.815
Resume Medic-Number of Critiques ................. 1,652
CRC Workshops
W workshops Presented ............... ........... ... 163
Attendance ................ ......................... ..... 1,657
Employer-Hosted Workshops
W workshops Presented ................ ................... 18
A attendance .................................... .............. 220
Presentations/Outreaches/Other Events
Individual Events ........................................... 201
Attendance ..... ......... .... ................ 10,271

Career Networks/Employment Activities
All Career Events
Employer Participants ............. ............... 609
Student Attandance ..................................... 12,387
On-Campus Interviews
Em players ..................... .............. .. ........... 309
Interview Schedules ....................................... 857
Individual Interview Appointments .............. 7,673
Cooperative Education Participants.......................... 90
Experiential Education Listings ......................... 2,200

Programmatic Activities
Academic Courses SLS-2301 and -2302
N um ber of Sections ........................................... 8
Students ............... .. ..... ................ 270
Mock Interviews Conducted ............... .............. 325
Gator Launch Program Participants ..................... 34
Credentials Requests Processed ........................ 1,147
PREVIEW 2003 (total attendees)
Freshm en ........ ........... ..................... 6,672
Transfer Students .................. ........... ... 3,000




The increased commercialization of services offered
by recruiting system vendors, increasing worries
regarding the security of candidate data, and the
incumbent instabilities caused by mergers and
acquisitions associated with these vendors prompted
UF's Career Resource Center to join with several other
career centers in creating a non-profit career information
system, hosted by the National Association of Colleges
& Employers (NACE)

As described in The NACElinkM Story in last year's
Annual Report, the CRC was one of seven founding
members of this national partnership, so we fully
embraced the NACElinkT system in the spring of 2003.

While still only in its first year of operation, the
NACElinkT system has demonstrated its capability to
effectively facilitate recruiting, provide better consistency
of methods from school to school (a definite advantage
to employers), and offer students a secure platform from
which to communicate to potential employers. The Gator
CareerLinkc system offers students and Alumni
Association members access to: local and global job
postings, on-campus interview schedules, customizable
agents which notify them of opportunities as they come
into the system, the ability to track their job application
and interviewing history, access to a calendar of
workshops, and seminars and information sessions run
by employers or the CRC. It is truly a one-stop
opportunity system.

The Career Resource Center launched Gator
CareerLinkc on May 1, 2003 as our own customized
version of the NACElinkTM system. Since, the launch
of Gator CareerLinkc, the CRC has registered 6,762
students and alumni. In addition, over 8,354 job
vacancies have been posted by employers, staff, or
faculty covering internship, cooperative education,
seasonal employment, fellowships, volunteer
experiences, full-time, experience and other employment

Registrants in the system receive e-mails relative to
requested information (workshops, employment

information, career classes and etc.). Weekly career
information is also provided on the desktop for registrants
to utilize. The Gator CareerLinkC system is a tool that
is expandable based on the needs of the client; thus the
CRC is surveying and developing additional features
for students, faculty, and administrator in regards to other
resources for the future. With Gator CareerLinkC the
best is yet to come!


SMILES are universal! Likewise, nervousness,
anxiety, doubts, confusion and fear about the
interviewing process can create universal reactions when
individuals think about interviewing. The S.M.I.L.E.
("Sharpening My Interviewing to Lure Employment")
Program, created by Kimberly Raymond, was designed
to create an environment in which students could ease
those apprehensions in a culture of interactivity, support,
sharing, and growth.

Recognizing the need to develop and enhance the
interviewing skills of students, The S.M.I.L.E. Program
was implemented to actively engage students in the art
of interviewing and equip them with techniques and
strategies to have a successful interviewing experience.

Throughout the fall 2002 and spring 2003 academic
year, ten CRC staff members, several CRC graduate &
student assistants, as well as numerous volunteers
contributed their time, creativity, resources, and services
to make the program successful. The fall 2002 program
consisted of weekly interactive group sessions that took
place over a period of two months. The sessions

S.M.I.L.E. introduction and key interviewing skills
and tips.
How to market yourself in an interview.
Two-minute commercials.
Different types of interviews and how to prepare
for them.
Preparing for and how to handle offensive, illegal,
inappropriate, and discriminatory questions.
Mock interviews customized to the participant's
expressed occupational interests.

www. crc. ufl. edu


(www. crc. ufl. edu)

S.M.I.L.E.-A-BRATION, whichwas a S.M.I.L.E.
Celebration consisting of certificate of
achievement ceremony, program assessments,
photos, food, and fun.

Nearly 250 students originally registered for one of
the four sessions offered.

The spring 2003 program consisted of a one-day
conference that took place on Saturday, January 25 from
8:30 am 4:00 pm in the J. Wayne Reitz Union. The
interviewing conference included:

Networking exercises and icebreakers.
Meg Manning served as keynote speaker.
Six educational tracks geared towards basic to
advanced interviewing levels of experience and
Door prizes and giveaways.
Certificates ofAchievement.
One hundred seventy registrants attended the one-day
conference. Of those attending who were identified by
gender, 47% were women and nearly 38% men. By
college, participation was as follows: Agriculture (10),
Architecture (2), Business Administration (62),
Engineering (58), Fine Arts (3), Health & Human
Performance (5), Health Professions (1), Journalism &
Communications (9), Liberal Arts & Sciencs (15), and
Natural Resources (1). Identified ethnic composition of
the group was African-American (12), Asian-Pacific
Islanders (33), Causasians (45), Hispanic/Latino (22),
Other (11), and there were 11 not identified.


The Career Resource Center and the Department of
Housing and Residence Education (DHE) at the
University of Florida teamed up for the first time to create
a Career Exploration Living-Learning Community in
Graham Residence Hall.

The Career Exploration Community (CEC) is
designed to enhance the students' learning experience
by providing a supportive and educational living-learning
environment that facilitates the career exploration
process for first year students at the University of

Residents of the CEC have an opportunity to
participate in ongoing seminars and on and off-campus
activities as part of Career Planning Course SLS 2301.

The goals of the CEC are:

1. To provide first year students with tools and
resources to learn how to make rational and
thoughtful career and life decisions.
2. To help students become aware of themselves, the
world of work, how their current decisions impact
their future, and how to transition into the
3. To assist first year students in making a career
development plan.
4. To promote involvement with the campus
community through residence hall activities,
student organizations, and interaction with faculty,
staff and other students.

Farouk Dey (CRC) and Diane Porter (DHE)
convened a committee of seven professional and student
staff members selected from the Career Resource Center
and the Division of Housing to design, develop and
implement the project. The Career Exploration
Community Committee met monthly between October
2002 and July 2003 to work on the following tasks:

Create and revise a comprehensive mission and
vision statement for the program.
Create a summary of short-term and long-term
goals for the program.
Assess the students' specific needs in career
exploration and decision making.
Research similar initiatives and programs on
other college campuses.
Research potential direct and indirect costs
involved with the program.
Research grants and other funding opportunities
for future growth needs.
Develop a clear and intentional curriculum that
supports the mission, vision, objectives, and goals
of the program.
Develop a comprehensive training program for
staff members who will be working directly with
the program.
Develop marketing plant advertise the program
to incoming freshmen, parents, alumni, faculty and
other resources on campus.



(www.crc.uf.edu AnnualRepor


Linda Adams Office Manager
Judith Arzie Experiential Education Coordinator
William V. Carnes, M. A. Associate Directorfor Operations Support
Elaine Casquarelli, Ed. S. + Assistant Directorfor Graduate Services
David J. Cortes + Computer Support Specialist
Farouk Dey, M. Ed., M.B.A. +Assistant Directorfor Career Development
Denis "Woodja" Flanigan Assistant Directorfor Career Education (Interim)
Nadene Francis, B. S. Assistant Directorfor Public Relations
Lydia Golden Client Services Coordinator
Claudia Grant Credentials Manager
Kevin Guthrie Gatorlink System Coordinator
Akhil Karkera, B. S. Computer Programmer Analyst
Nancy Leitner, A.A. Information Specialist
William K. Lewis, A. S. + Assistant Director for Systems Management & Development
Saranette D. Miles, M. Ed. + Senior Assistant Director for Employer Relations
Helda Montero, Ed.S., NCC, LMHC + Associate Director for Career Development (Interim)
Phyllis Pefia + Scheduling Coordinator
Kimberly Raymond, M. A. + Assistant Director for Employer Relations & Client Services
Kisa Pendergrass, M. Ed. + Assistant Director for Diversity Programs
Lennette Reshard + Resource Information Manager
Richard D. Sayers, Ed. S. + Associate Director for Career Networks
Rachel Spier, M. S. + Assistant Director for Experiential Education
Lucas Wall, M. A. Assistant Director for Career Events
Wayne Wallace, Ph. D. + Director
Heather B. White, M. S. + Assistant Director for Experiential Education (Nov. 2003)


(www.crc.ufl.edu AnnualRepor


"The mission of the Career Resource Center is to provide comprehensive, state-of-the-art
resources and services for our students and alumni to assist them in meeting their needs
relative to career development, career experiences, and employment opportunity for the
mutual benefit of employers and the University of Florida community."

In general terms, the University of Florida has set
forth the following policy with regard to the Career
Resource Center vis-a-vis the university and its student

Career planning is acknowledged to be an
essential part of each student's academic program.

Participation in an experiential education
program, when compatible with other academic
requirements, is an option of each student.

Employment assistance is an integral part of
each student's existing progression from an academic

It is the intent of the university that these
programs be designed and conducted with the objective
of motivating students to seek higher academic
achievement by the integration of career and academic
planning in a total educational program.

The Career Resource Center (CRC or Center)
is the centralized office responsible for the planning,
operation, administration, and fiscal accountability for
such programs as may be needed to provide the herein
described services to students and alumni of the
University of Florida, with the exception of specific
colleges and graduate degree areas.



Consistent with Student Services philosophy, the
mission of the Career Resource Center is stated above.
Successful completion of that mission is predicated upon
the following student responsibilities:

Exploring interests, skills, values and lifestyle
preferences as a part of the career choice process.

Learning to use career decision-making
strategies in vocational, academic and job selection.

Matching experiential education opportunities
with academic requirements.

Researching and matching labor market
indicators that best correspond with learned academic
skills, work experience, and personal attributes.

Developing job search skills, interview
techniques and resumes.

Participating in employment interviews and
identifying employment options.

Legal Responsibilities

The Center is responsible to the University of
Florida regarding its legal obligations and limitations
imposed on its operations and all program areas. This
includes local, state and federal laws.

The Center will formulate appropriate policies and
practices to limit liability exposure of the Center and
the university within its areas of operation.

Equal Opportunity & Affirmative Action

The CRC will adhere to the spirit and intent of the
Equal Opportunity laws in all activities and programs.
The Center will ensure that all activities and programs,
and the policies pertaining thereto, do not discriminate
on the basis of race, gender, color, religion, age, national
origin, creed, and/or handicap.

Activities, programs, other services, and the
required supporting facilities will be scheduled to provide
accessibility that responds to students' needs.

< 11>

www. crc. ufl. edu

Campus Relations

The CRC will maintain close and continuing
relations with the colleges and departments for which it
has the responsibility to serve their students, faculty and
alumni. This includes, but is not limited to, establishing
personal liaison as well as providing literature and other
information on the Center's activities that relate to the
colleges and departments it serves in order to:

Offer students exposure to employers and
employment opportunities through a variety of programs.

Encourage dialogue between employers, faculty
and the Center concerning job trends and employer

Promote better understanding between faculty
and employers of the relationship of curricular and other
academic activities to staffing needs of employers and
career opportunities for students.

Promote a systematic flow of information to
faculty and students by working alumni concerning the
latter's academic preparation and employment
experiences through a close working with the Alumni

Employer Relations

The Center will maintain close and continuing
relations with employers interested in hiring University
of Florida students and alumni. To fulfill this
responsibility, the CRC will:

Provide pertinent information to prospective
employers, including curricula, academic calendar,
estimate of enrollment/graduates by degree and
discipline, and recruiting and interviewing logistics.
Offer assistance in making their campus recruiting efforts
effective on the UF campus.

Exchange information with employers
concerning their respective operations through activities
such as on-site visits and exchange programs.

Assist employers in setting and confirming on-
campus interview dates well in advance.

Exchange with employer representatives detailed

information concerning interview schedules, job
descriptions, desired applicant qualifications, methods
of conducting recruiting, and other arrangements.

Schedule candidates for on-campus recruiting
interviews or refer candidates to meet employer needs.

Comply with legal requirements when making
credentials available to interviewers/recruiters.

Inform employers of ethical and legal obligations
of the Affirmative Action/Equal Employment
Opportunity (AA/EEO) laws.

Encourage employer participation in programs
such as career planning courses, career conferences, and
career expos/career days.

Provide vacancy and employer information to
prospective candidates.

Multicultural and Special
Programs and Services

The Center is responsible for providing educational
programs designed to assist minority students of all
categories and disabled students identify their unique
abilities and needs in relation to their career interests
and job opportunities. The CRC will offer opportunities
for international students to identify with the culture of
the university, learn the work environment, and promote
understanding of their own culture and heritage.


The CRC is responsible for developing and
adopting standards of ethical practice. The ethical
standards statement published by the National
Association of Colleges & Employers (NACE) may be
used as a basis. In addition, all requirements of the
Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (Buckley
Amendment) and ethical practices of the University of
Florida will be followed.

The CRC will ensure that its staff provides access
to the Center on a fair and equitable basis, avoids
personal conflict of interest, and adheres to the spirit
and intent of all applicable university, state, or federal
regulations or policies.



(www.crc.ufl.edu AnnualRepor


For many decades, Career Resource Center professional staff members have been assigned liaison duties with
specific colleges or programs throughout campus. These include delivering career skills-related presentations to
academic classes, student and faculty groups, and other organizations; staffing information tables within the colleges
associated with unique CRC career events; and the development and enhancement of cooperative education and
intemship/extemship opportunities for a wide variety of academic majors. This new section to our Annual Report is
a sampling of the nature and impact of our collaborative efforts within the total campus community.

(Fisher School of Accounting)

* Fisher School College Council meeting, September 18, 2002. (Rick Sayers)
* Connected with several student groups to conduct presentations on the job market, resume writing, preparing for
the career fair, how to market yourself, and how to be a star using GatorTrak. (Sarenette Miles)
* Collaborated with the School to host accounting employers on the first day of Career Showcase. Forty companies
were interested in accounting majors. (Saranette Miles, Rick Sayers)
* Arranged on-campus meeting with several companies (BB&T; Ernst &Young;SunTrust Bank; Bank ofAmerica;
Wachovia; Aidman; Pizer & Company, etc.) to discuss services that would enhance the employment options for
accounting students. (Saranette Miles, Rick Sayers)
* Served as career consultant for the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA) during the 2002-2003
academic year. (Saranette Miles)
* Conducted meetings with Dr. Jesse Boyles to enhance the partnership between the School of Accounting and the
Career Resource Center. (Saranette Miles)
* Assisted students utilizing one-on-one advising and counseling throughout the academic year. Various items were
discussed during walk-ins and appointments, but the following are common concerns for accounting students:
resume writing, graduate school options, pursuing additional degrees, and negotiating job offers. (Saranette Miles)

Agricultural & Life Sciences

* Tabling at College of Agriculture "Tailgator", September 7, 2002. (Catherine Lawton
* Presentation on interviewing to Animal Sciences course for Dr. Don Sloan, September 2002, and to Agricultural
Education Conference on Career Development, November 19, 2002. (Lucas Wall)
* Agricultural Education Conference on Career Development, November 19, 2002. (Rick Sayers)
* Assisted with preparations for College of Agricultural & Life Sciences Career Day, February 20, 2003. (Lucas
* Tabled at the College ofAgriculutral & Life Sciences Career Day, February 20, 2003. (Lucas Wall)
* "Resume and Curriculum Vita Development and Interviewing Tips" presentation at the Food Science & Human
Nutrition Symposium, week of May 31, 2003. (Kimberly Raymond)

Business Administration

* Presentation on general CRC services to MSM Business students, August 21, 2002. (Saranette Miles)
* Tour of the CRC for selected BA students, September 16, 2002. (Kisa Pendergrass)
* Presentation on "Opportunities in Information Technology" to Mark Checcini's Decision & Information Sciences
class, week of June 14, 2003. (Kimberly Raymond)
* Served as a Marshal at the College of Business Administration commencement ceremonies, May 3, 2003. (Kimberly


(www.crc.ufl.edu) ReporAnnual

* Served on panel for Dr. Howard Hall's class discussing CRC services, resume preparation, interviewing tips, and
job/internship search strategies, November 8,2002 (Sara Mock, Kimberly Raymond) andApril 8,2003 (Saranette
Miles, Sara Mock).
* Conducted meetings at the Center for Retailing Education & Research with Ms. Cecelia Schulz and Ms. Betsy
Trobaugh to enhance the current partnership between both offices. (Saranette Miles, Phyllis Peia, Rick Sayers)
* Collaborated with the Center for Retailing Education & Research on retail company site visits to Burdines, Sears,
Wal-Mart, Famous Footwear, JCPenneys, Save-a-Lot, and others. (Saranette Miles, Phyllis Peia, Rick Sayers)
* Worked with Dr. John Hall and Ms. Mindy Kraft in orienting MSM/MAIB graduate students to the University of
Florida. (Saranette Miles, Kimberly Raymond)
* Provided numerous programs on the following topics: "You and the Job Market," "Leadership and the Importance
of It in the World of Business," "CRC Services," "How to Write a Resume," "Networking, and What Can You Do
With Your Degree" for such organizations as the Minority Business Society (MBS), Alpha Kappa Psi, Business
Administration College Council (BACC), Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), Undergraduate
Economics Society, and DIS Society. (Saranette Miles, Kimberly Raymond, Lucas Wall)
* Prepared several presentations for Dr. Brian Ray and staff on an overview of "Reciprocity and CRC Services,"
"How to Prepare for a Career Fair," "CRC Tools for Job Searching," "The CRC Web Site and its Resources,"
"How to Conduct an Informational Intrerview," for the College's distance learning career class. (Sara Mock)
* Recruited, trained and certified over 20 students in the College to be mock interviewers for the International Mock
Interviewing Program, which is designed to help students serve as interviewers to practice understanding, citizenship,
business law, business ethics, and skills assessment while helping international students learn how to interview
using American style customs and skills assessments. Summer 2002 to Spring 2003. (Saranette Miles, C hi, i,, %i
Richmond, Ebru Korbek)
* "Business Advisor's Crash Training: How to Help Students Use the CRC." Five representatives from the College
of Business attended this seminar and referred two others for individual follow-ups. (Saranette Miles)

Design Planning & Construction

* "Resume Preparation & Job Search Techniques" workshop for J-1 Building Construction Students, September 19,
2003. (Kisa Pendergrass)
* "Resume Preparation" presentation in BCN3027 class, January 23, 2003. (Kisa Pendergrass)
* Hosted "Resume Critique" workshop and tour of the Career Resource Center for J-1 Building Construction stu-
dents (BCN 3027), January 28 & January 30, 2003. (Kisa Pendergrass)


* Hosted the Education Recruitment Day workshop series:
The Education Job Search (Helda Montero)
Who's At Home? Researching The Communities You Want To Teach In (HeldaMontero)
Resume Tips for EduGators (Helda Montero)
Dual Career Couples: How To Move With Your Significant Other (Helda Montero)
Making The Most Of Eduation Screening Interviews (HeldaMontero)
* Resume critiquing various times throughout the academic year. (HeldaMontero)
* "Narrative Career Counseling," October 17, 2002. (Lisa Severy)
* Staffed information table at the college three times during the academic year. (HeldaMontero)
* Guest presenter at the Multicultural Counseling Course. (Helda Montero)
* Job Search Strategies for Pro-Teach Students. (Elaine Casquarelli)
* Professional Development Seminar, ProTeach Program. (HeldaMontero)
* Guest Lecturer Foundations and Functions course, Student Personnel Program. (Helda Montero)
* Guest Lecturer Introduction seminar, Educational Technology. (Helda Montero)
* CRC Tour and review of internet resources for ProTeach Program students (Elaine Casquarelli)

(www. crc. ul. edu) Repor Annual
\.1 Report

* Delivered CRC services mini-presentations to all Education-related student organizations. (Helda Montero)
* "Resume Preparation" for the College of Education's Professional Development Seminar for in-service teachers/
educators, December, 11, 2002, Gainesville, FL. (Kimberly Raymond)
* "Career Center Types, Challenges and Issues" presentation to the Educational Leadership class and Dr. Art Sandeen,
January 9, 2003. (Rick Sayers)
* Panel presentation on "Lesbian Couples," Counselor Education sexuality class, July 18, 2003. (Elaine Casquarelli)
* College of Education Career Night in collaboration with the Alumni Association, October 10, 2002. (Helda
Montero, Rachel Spier)
* Overview of the Career Resource Center for high school guidance counselors, April 14, 2003. (Sara Mock)


* Student Group Leader meeting, Dr. Jonathan Earle, August 27, 2002. (Rick Sayers)
* Freshman welcoming table, Dr. Jonathan Earle, August 27, 2003. (Rick Sayers)
* "Career Opportunities in BioEngineering," Sheena Freeman's class, September 4, 2002. (Rick Sayers)
* Liaison meeting with Materials Science & Engineering, September 4, 2002. (Nancy Leitner, Bill Lewis, Rick
* "Resume Preparation," Dr. Gloria Weins class, September 5, 2002. (Rick Sayers)
* "CRC Overview, Resume Preparation, Showcase," Dr. Diane Schaub's class, September 5, 2002. (Rick Sayers)
* "Resume Preparation" to Materials Science Soceity, September 5, 2002. (Rick Sayers)
* Outreach presentation to the Black Graduate Student Organization, September 8, 2002. (Rick Sayers)
* "Resume Preparation for Industrial Engineers," Dr. Richard Francis' class, September 9, 2002. (Rick Sayers)
* General Electric reception for faculty, staff and students, September 9, 2002. (Rick Sayers)
* "Career Opportunities in Sales Engineering" for EGN 4930, September 10, 2002. (Rick Sayers)
* "Engineering Resume Medic" for IEEE, September 16, 2002. (Rick Sayers)
* Tabling and resume review at the College of Engineering with IEEE, September 16, 2002. (Nancy Leitner, Rick
* Presentations on GatorTrak, interviewing,job search, negotiating, Showcase, resume preparation and salary survey
for ASME and Carole Miller, September 17, 2002. (Rick Sayers)
* "Finding a Co-op or Internship," for Karl Shattuck, Engineering, September 17, 2002. (Catherine Lawton)
* "Job Searches, Showcase and Resume Prep" presentation to the Materials Engineering Senior Seminar, September
18, 2002. (Rick Sayers)
* "Resume Preparation" presentations to Dr. Tim Anderson's CHE 4934 classes on September 12 and 19, 2002.
(Rick Sayers)
* AIChE Student Chapter meeting, September 18, 2002. (Rick Sayers)
* "Opportunities in the Science Field" for the Society of Women Engineers, October 17, 2002. (Rachel Spier)
* IPPD Effectiveness, December 18, 2002, CRC conference room. (Nancy Leither, Rick Sayers)
* "Job Searching for Engineers" for EEL 4931 and Dr. Ewin Thomson, November 21, 2002. (Rick Sayers)
* SHPE Awards Meeting, November 21, 2002. (Rick Sayers)
* "CRC Services and Showcase" for the Institute for Industrial Engineers (IIE) Student Chapter, January 16, 2003.
(Rick Sayers)
* "Careers in Technical Sales" presentation to the Sales Engineering Seminar, January 21, 2003. (Rick Sayers)
* "Interviewing" presentation to SANE group, January 21, 2003. (Rick Sayers)
* "Internship Resumes" to Industrial & Systems Engineering class of Dr. Richard Francis, January 27, 2003. (Rick
* Presentation on Showcase and resumes to National Collegiate Scholars, January 28, 2003. (Rick Sayers)
* Florida Engineering Society meeting, January 29, 2003. (Rick Sayers)
* "Interviewing" to Mechanical Engineering Senior Seminar and Dr. Gloria Weins, January 30,2003. (Rick Sayers)
* Presentations on resumes and Career Showcase to Chemical Engineering Senior Seminar, January 30,2003. (Rick

(www.crc.ufl.edu) ReporAnnual
\.1 Report

* "Advising and Coaching: Introduction to Employers," the Evening With Industry program, February 5, 2003.
(Rick Sayers)
* Engineering conference, IEEE recruiter presentations, Februrary 4, 2003. (Rick Sayers)
* Presentation on Experiential Education to the Engineering Leadership Forum, February 15, 2003. (Sara Mock)
* Sales Engineering Student Survey coordination meeting, July 9, 2003. (Nancy Leitner, Rick Sayers)

Fine Arts

* Met with Digital Arts & Sciences advisors to create an employer development strategy, October 29, 2002. (Vince
Carnes, Nadene Francis, Rick Sayers)
* Advising students in the School of Music, November 7, 14 and 21, 2002. (Nadene Francis)
* Presented an introduction to the CRC and career development session in the School of Music, October 18, 2002.
(Nadene Francis)
* Digital Arts & Science class presentation about CRC services and the job search process, November 26, 2002.
(Vince Carnes, Nadene Francis)
* Hosted in-college advising in the School of Music building, February 10 and April 21, 2003. (Nadene Francis)
* Met with Theater & Dance advisor in August 2003. (Vince Carnes, Nadene Francis)

Graduate School/Graduate Students

* Graduate School Orientation, August 19, 2002. (Elaine Casquarelli)
* Met with Denise Yates of the Office for Minority Graduate Student Programs, August 19, 2002. (Elaine Casquarelli)
* Introduction to CRC services for Grad Students, Geography Colloquium, August 20, 2002. (Elaine Casquarelli)
* Met with Dr. Ken Gerhardt, Associate Dean of the Graduate College, September 27, 2002. (Elaine Casquarelli)
* CV presentation to Horticulture graduate students, October 7, 2002. (Elaine Casquarelli)
* Met with Dr. Constance Shehan, Professor of Sociology and ex-Director of the University Center for Excellence in
Teaching, October 2, 2002. (Elaine Casquarelli)
* Met with Dr. David Bloomquist, Professor of Engineering and current Director of the University Center for Excel-
lence in Teaching, October 2, 2002. (Elaine Casquarelli)
* Met with Dr. Winifred Cooke, Director of the Center for Teaching, October 17, 2002. (Elaine Casquarelli)
* Met with Mr. Caroll, Dean of Arts and Science, Lake City Community College. (Elaine Casquarelli)
* French Career Day, "Graduate Opportunities for French Majors," October 24, 2002. (Elaine Casquarelli)
* Attended the Graduate Coordinators Advisory Council Meeting, October 25, 2002. (Elaine Casquarelli)
* Teaching Portfolio workshop and description of CRC services to TA's participating in the Teaching Center's
initiatives, November, 5, 2002. (Elaine Casquarelli)
* Met with Graduate Student Council Executive Board, November 7, 2002. (Elaine Casquarelli)
* Curriculum Vita and Interviewing forAcademic Positions workshop to TA's participating in the Teaching Center's
initiatives, November 12, 2002. (Elaine Casquarelli)
* CRC Tour and review of internet resources for ProTeach students, November 13, 2002. (Elaine Casquarelli)
* Attended UAC meeting representing interests of graduate students, November 14, 2002. (Elaine Casquarelli)
* Hosted faculty from Lake City Community College for a tour of the CRC and discussion regarding internship
opportunities for graduate students, November 25, 2002. (Elaine Casquarelli)
* Workshop "Job Search Strategies for ProTeach Students," January 15, 2003. (Elaine Casquarelli)
* Workshop "Portfolio Development," Norman Hall, February 6, 2003. (Elaine Casquarelli)
* Career Concerns for LGBTQ Persons, Dept. of Counselor Education, February 11, 2003. (Elaine Casquarelli)
* Workshop "Documenting Your Experience: The Curriculum Vita," February 18 and May 27, 2003. (Elaine
* Workshop "Career Narratives: Creating Your Career Portfolio," February 25 and June 3, 2003. (Elaine Casquarelli)


[WWW. crc. dlu ]edu Annual
(www.crc.ufJl.edu) Report

* The Artist's Way at Work Career Counseling Group for Graduate Students, co-facilitated with Kitty Fallon, April
28 April 11, 2003. (Elaine Casquarelli)
* Workshop "Here We Go: Organizing and Participating in the Academic Job Search," March 4 and June 10, 2003.
(Elaine Casquarelli)
* Met with Robert Crosby, President of the Black Graduate Student Organization, March 7,2002. (Elaine Casquarelli)
* Tour and introduction to CRC Services for PR graduate students, March 4, 2003. (Elaine Casquarelli)
* Workshop "Introducing Yourself on Paper: Cover Letters and otherAcademic Job Search Correspondence," March
18, March 20, and July 15, 2003. (Elaine Casquarelli)
* Met with leadership of the Graduate Student Council, March 20, 2003. (Elaine Casquarelli)
* Workshop "Academic Job Search and the First Year Experience," March 31, 2003. (Elaine Casquarelli)
* Workshop "The Performance: Academic Interviewing," April 1,April 2, and July 22, 2003. (Elaine Casquarelli)
* Workshop "On Second Thought... Exploring Options Outside the Academy," April 8 and July 29, 2003. (Elaine
* Workshop "CV Preparation for Graduate Students in the Fishery and Aquatic Sciences Department," April 25,
2003. (Elaine Casquarelli)
* Attended the Chi Sigma Iota Initiation Ceremony for Counselor Education Graduate Students, April 26, 2003.
(Elaine Casquarelli)
* Met with Doug Ratay, newly elected president of the Graduate Student Council, May 19,2003. (Elaine Casquarelli)
* Presentation "Career Concerns for LGBTQ Persons," Dept. of Counselor Education, May 29, 2003. (Elaine
* Met with Tracy Miller, Vice President of the Graduate Student Council, July 24, 2003. (Elaine Casquarelli)

Health Professions

The College of Health Professions tends to be fairly autonomous in its career development activities with students.
While we have sought active partnerships with its academic and career advisors, it seems that the demand for our
services is not as great as with other colleges. We continue to monitor and upgrade our offerings in the Career
Resource Library for the Health Care Careers and will respond to any outreach requests.

* "Careers in Rehabilitative Services" to Rehabilitative Services class, February 19, 2003. (Sara Mock)

Health & Human Performance

* Presentation on CRC, Internship Program and graduate schools to the FloridaAssociation of Professional Health
Counselors, November 19, 2002. (Nadene Francis)
* "Interviewing Tips and Techniques" to Stephanie Revelli's HHP class on "Field Experience in Leisure Services,"
January 28 and May 31, 2003. (Kimberly Raymond)
* Overview of CRC and tour for HHP students, January 14, 2003. (Sara Mock)
* "Professionalism" presentation to Stephanie Revelli's HHP class on "Field Experience in Leisure Services,"
March 4 and July 5, 2003. (Sara Mock, Kimberly Raymond)
* Tours of the CRC for HHP classes, May 15 & 21, 2003. (Sara Mock)

Journalism & Communications

* Career advising and tabling in the college, November 21, 2002 and February 13, March 20, March 24, April 20
and April 24, 2003. (Nadene Francis)
* Guest speaker and the Summer 2003 Journalism Visitation Program, June 21, 2003. (Vince Carnes)


(www.crc.ufl.edu) ReporAnnual

Liberal Arts & Sciences

Career programs for the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences continued to thrive through the 2002-2003 academic
year. In addition, contacts were developed and maintained with the various departments of the college, including
Geography, Sociology, English, Gerontology, History, Psychology, Geology, Romance Languages & Literature, the
Honors Program, and Academic Advising.

The 405 Series is a series of informational workshops offered at 4:05 pm and designed to educate students majoring
in Liberal Arts & Sciences about the value of their degree, the marketability of their skills, the career opportunities
available to them, and how they can conduct a successful job search and career preparation. The series was also
designed to help LA&S students learn about their career interests, career values, and careers related to their passion.

* Attended bi-weekly LA&S faculty and staff meetings. (FaroukDey)
* Attended bi-weekly meetings of the CLAS College Council. (FaroukDey)
* Discussions with key staff for possible program development (FaroukDey):
Dr. Cesar Lee for French majors, July 15, 2002.
Dr. Joann Mossa for geography majors, July 16, 2002.
Dr. Ellen Martin for geology majors, October 15, 2002.
Dr. Sheila Dickison for honors students, July 18, 2002.
Dr. John Leavy for English majors, August 14, 2002.
Dr. Patricia Kricos for gerontology majors, August 20, 2002. (with Rachel Spier)
Dr. Fred Corey for history majors, August 29, 2002. (with Rachel Spier)
* "Meet Your Major Night" at Hume Honors Hall, August 26, 2002. (Farouk Dey, Rachel Spier)
* "Using Your Liberal Arts & Science Degree in Business," September 10, 2002. (FaroukDey, Rachel Spier)
* "Preparing for Showcase" for Liberal Arts & Sciences students, September 12, 2002. (FaroukDey, Rachel Spier)
* Briefing on CRC services at the French Club meeting, September 12, 2002. (FaroukDey)
* Attended the Center for Gerontology open house, September 16, 2002. (FaroukDey)
* CRC Orientation for First Year Florida group, September 17, 2002. (Farouk Dey)
* "Resume Preparation" workshop for Geography Senior Class Seminar, September 18, 2002. (FaroukDey)
* Meeting with Sandy Butler-White to discuss internship opportunities for LA&S students with the Washington
Center, September 18, 2002. (FaroukDey)
* Delivered the "Career Paths for..." series of presentations:
"...LA&S Student Athletes," September 19, 2002 & February 18, 2003. (Farouk Dey, Rachel Spier)
"...Sociology Majors," September 19, 2002. (FaroukDey, Rachel Spier)
"...Undergraduate Women in Science Club," October 17, 2002. (Farouk Dey)
"...Government & Non-profit Agencies, October 17, 2002. (Farouk Dey, Rachel Spier)
S"...French Majors," October 24, 2002. (Farouk Dey, Rachel Spier)
S"...History Majors," October 28, 2002 (Farouk Dey, Rachel Spier) & March 31, 2003 (Rachel Spier).
"...Gerontology Majors," November 19, 2002 (Farouk Dey) & March 31, 2003 (Rachel Spier).
"...Liberal Arts & Sciences," January 28, 2003. (Farouk Dey)
S"...Microbiology Majors," February 14, 2003. (Rachel Spier)
"...Government [Jobs] for LA&S Students," February 18 & April 9, 2003. (Farouk Dey)
"...Geography Majors," February 19, 2003. (Farouk Dey)
"...Sociology Majors," February 26, 2003. (Farouk Dey)
"...Psychology Majors," March 6, 2003. (Rachel Spier)
"...Anthropology Majors," March 17, 2003. (Rachel Spier)
"...Poltical Science Majors," March 31, 2003. (Farouk Dey)
"...Foreign Language Majors," April 16, 2003. (Farouk Dey)
"...Geology Majors," April 23, 2003. (Farouk Dey)


(www.crc.ufl.edu AnnReporual

S"...using LA&S Degree in Business," February 4, 2003. (Farouk Dey)
* Teach for America information session, October 19, 2002 & January 16, 2003. (Farouk Dey)
* Attended the reception for French majors, October 10, 2002. (Farouk Dey)
* "Bring Your Heart to Work: Careers in Government & Non-Profit Industries," October 17, 2002. (Farouk Dey,
Rachel Spier)
* Peace Corps information session for LA&S students, October 31, 2003 & February 19, 2003. (Farouk Dey)
* "Career Exploration" presentation for First Year Florida, October 15, 2002. (Farouk Dey)
* Pennsylvania College Optometry presentation for LA&S students, November 7, 2002. (FaroukDey, Rachel Spier)
* Meeting with Mr. Clay Weekly from Federated Insurance to discuss opportunities for LA&S students, January 24,
2003. (Farouk Dey)
* "Preparing for Career Showcase" for LA&S students, January 27, 2003. (Rachel Spier)
* "Resume Preparation for Sociology Majors," January 29, 2003. (FaroukDey)
* "Your Path to Passion: Discover Your Inner Career," February 12, 2003. (Farouk Dey)
* CRC tour for Geography Senior Seminar, February 19, 2003. (Farouk Dey)
* Extensive collaboration and support to Dr. Greg Neimeyer's Psychology class: Meeting for curriculum development
for research purposes, February 28, 2003 (Rachel Spier); tours of the CRC for his classes' students, May 14-15,
2003 (Rachel + various CRC staff); SIGI interpretation for his class, May 22, 2003 (Farouk Dey); "Resume
Writing for Graduate School" presentation to his class on May 29, 2003 (Rachel Spier); Professional panel
discussion on June 10, 2003 (Farouk Dey).
* "Writing and Effective Personal Statement," March 18, 2003. (Farouk Dey)
* "Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives: Careers in the Non-Profit Industry," March 19, 2003. (Farouk Dey)
* "Job Search Strategies," March 26, 2003 (Farouk Dey).
* "Post-Graduate Career Decisions" for Beta Eta Sigma, March 27, 2003. (Farouk Dey)
* Orientation to the CRC for psychology majors, April 15, 2003 (Farouk Dey) and May 10, 2003 (Kimberly
* Career Exploration and SIGI Interpretation for Psychology Senior Seminar class, May 22, 2003. (Farouk Dey)
* Meeting with Kevin Austin, CIS, for faculty development, July 30, 2003. (Rachel Spier)
* The College's PAACT Program requested and received a presentation on "Time Management" on June 27 and
August 19, 2003. (Saranette Miles)

Nursing & Pharmacy

The College of Nursing and College of Pharmacy tend to be fairly autonomous in their career development activities
with students. While we have sought active partnerships with its academic and career advisors, it seems that the
demand for our services is not as great as with other colleges. We continue to monitor and upgrade our offerings in
the Career Resource Library for the Health Care Careers and will respond to any outreach requests.

Support to the University of Florida Alumni Association

* Meeting with Jon Cannon to discuss collaboration on alumni activities, November 6, 2002. (Rachel Spier)
* Attended Alumni Recruiter Receptions on September 24, 2002 & January 5, 2003. (Rachel Spier)
* Meeting with Alumni Association representatives, January 23, 2003. (Rachel Spier)

Support to the University Athletic Association

The CRC and the University of Florida Athletic Association (UAA) have always had a close and active partnership.
In conjunction with the UAA Office of Student Life, the CRC offers various programs to help student athletes in their
career decision-making and job search. Some programs for 2002-2003 have included:

* Met with Ms. Lindy Brown regarding possible programs for student athletes (August 2002). (FaroukDey)

(www.crc.ufl.edu) ReporAnnual

* Senior class presentation and orientation, CRC library, October 3, 2002. (Nadene Francis)
* Freshman class introduction to the CRC, January 28, 2003. (Nadene Francis)
* Orientation Panel presentation, Touchdown Terrace, August 19, 2003. (Nadene Francis)
* General overview of CRC services. (Saranette Miles)

Support to Individual Student Activities & Student Organizations

* "Time Management" presentation to PAACT (Pledging to Achieve Academic Competence Together) organization,
August 19, 2002. (Saranette Miles)
* Presentation on CRC services to PAACT, August 20, 2002. (Saranette Miles)
* Black Student Assembly welcome session, August 27, 2002. (Saranette Miles)
* Tabled at the Native American Student Assembly, August 30, 2002. (Farouk Dey)
* Met with Chris Cupoli from Student Activities & Organizations to discuss programming for student organizations,
August 5-8, 2002. (Kimberly Raymond)
* Students with Disabilities Fall Kickoff, September 3, 2002. (Rachel Spier)
* "Preparing for Showcase" presentation and overview of CRC services to Student Chapter of SHRM, week of
September 16, 2002. (Kimberly Raymond)
* Presentation on "Business Etiquette and Interviewing" to Phi Mu Sorority, September 16, 2002. (Rachel Spier)
* Assisted in International Student Mock Interview Program, October 30, 2002. (Rachel Spier)
* "The FISH! Philosophy Program" presentation and discussion of the importance of morale and motivation in the
workplace to the UF Student SHRM Chapter, October 2002. (Kimberly Raymond)
* "CRC Services" to the FACES Modeling Troupe information session, November 2002. (Nadene Francis, Kimberly
* First Year Florida presentation, November 5, 2002. (Farouk Dey, Rachel Spier)
* Outreach to the Santa Fe Community College Youth Employment Start (YES) program, November 12, 2002.
(Rachel Spier)
* "Resume Preparation" to Phi Eta Sigma, freshman honor society, January 22, 2003. (Rachel Spier)
* "CRC Services" presentation to the Golden Key National Honor Society, February 19, 2003. (Rachel Spier)
* Presentations on how to prepare a resume and cover letter, contacting potential employers, creating a portfolio and
preparation for an interview to Kappa Delta Pi, International Society in Education, Norman Hall, February 26,
2003. (Kimberly Raymond)
* Designed, prepared and distributed the "Club Career Conveyor" newsletter to all UF student organizations, week
of February 22, 2003. (Kimberly Raymond, Amanda Davis)
* Tabling at the HUB as part of Graduation Salute, March 4-6, 2003. (Rachel Spier)
* "Dinner/Table and Communications Etiquette" presentation to Sigma Lambda Gamma in Graham Gallery, March
18, 2003. (Kimberly Raymond)
* Attended the Office of Student Activities award ceremonies for student organizations, April 12, 2003.(Kimberly
* Attended the Student Organizational Fair and distributed flyers promoting CRC services, July 8, 2003. (Kimberly
* Staffed an information table at the African-American Student Recruitment Conference (through the UF Office of
Admissions), February 2003. (Saranette Miles)
* Presentation on CRC Services and the Experiential Education Program at the African-American Student Recruitment
Conference (through the UF Office of Admissions), February 2003. (Saranette Miles)
* Minority Transfer Admissions Workshop presentation on CRC Services and the Experiential Education Program,
February 2003. (Saranette Miles)
* Presentation on "Dinner Etiquette" to the UF mentors and community students participating in the "YES Program,"
October 2002. (Saranette Miles)


(www.crc.ufl.edu) ReporAnnual
\.1 Report

* Presented "Job Searching Skills and Career Choices for Minority Students" for the UF student mentors and
participants in the College Reach Out Program (CROP), June 2003. (Saranette Miles)
* A presentation on "CRC Services and How They Can Help You" for first year minority students in the UF OASIS
Program, March 2003. (Saranette Miles)
* "CRC Services and What UF Has to OfferYour High School Student" at the UF High School Guidance Counselor
Conference (through the UF Office of Admissions), April 2003. (Saranette Miles)
* At Minority TransferAdmissions request, a presentation on CRC Services and the Experiential Education Prorgam,
February 2003. (Saranette Miles)
* Represented the CRC at the Spring 2003 Savant UF Initiation Banquet, April 16, 2003. (Saranette Miles)
* Presented "Creating the Corporate Woman for the New Workforce" for the Jewel of Tau Conference, Black
Women Unite 2003, January 18, 2003. (Saranette Miles)
* Represented the CRC at the 150th Celebration Convocation on January 10, 2003. (Saranette Miles)
* Represented the CRC at the Graduate Student Faculty Forum, "A Passion for the Profession: Lighting the Way
in Student Affairs," January 30-31, 2003. (F~!, I Korbek, Catherine Lawton, Saranette Miles, Kerrie Montgomery,
C I, ,, ii. Richmond, Tara Tooke)
* Assisted with the Dean of Students' Preview Staff selection, which included group and individual candidate
interviews, October 1-11, 2002. (Saranette Miles, Sara Mock)
* Represented the CRC at Eta Beta Sigma End of the Year Banquet, April 9, 2003. (Saranette Miles)

Department of Housing & Residence Education
Formerly the Division of Housing a Student Affairs Organization

* Met with Kathy Schnolis to discuss possible programs for housing students, August 8, 2002. (Farouk Dey, Kisa
Pendergrass, Kimberly Raymond)
* Met with Beverly Cribbs (Graduate Hall Director and Coordinator of the Leader Scholar Progam) and four peer
mentors from Trusler Hall for tour of the CRC services and discussion of program ideas, August 21, 2002.
(Farouk Dey, Kimberly Raymond, Kisa Pendergrass)
* Tabling at Hume Honors Hall, August 26, 2002. (Farouk Dey, Rachel Spier)
* Met with Diane Porter to discuss potential of a Career Exploration Community in the residence halls, August 13,
2002. (Farouk Dey)
* Participated with "Ask Me Campaign" by assisting residence hall opening at Jennings Hall and Beatty Hall,
August 18, 2002. (Farouk Dey)
* Met with LuscindaAaronson to discuss possible programs for students living in the residence halls, September 4,
2002. (Farouk Dey, Kimberly Raymond, Kisa Pendergrass)
* Presented CRC services, ideas for future programming, and transitioning to a career in student affairs/higher
education at an in-service program for Lakeside, Hume and Graham residence assistants, as well as Resume
Preparation and Interviewing Techniques, September 29, 2002. (Farouk Dey, Kimberly Raymond)
* Film series entitled Scripted Reflections: Gender Roles on the Screen, presetned to undergraduate students in the
University of Florida Honors Housing on February 18, February 25, and March 18, 2003. (Elaine Casquarelli)
* Assisted with Residence Life Coordinator Interviews, April 8 & April 15, 2003. (Farouk Dey)
* "Interviewing and Dressing for Success" to residents of Reid Hall, week of January 6, 2003. (Kimberly Raymond,
Rachel Spier)
* Participated on the panel for Preview Undergraduate Opportunities, highlighting CRC services with special emphasis
on internships, week of May 31, 2003. (Kimberly Raymond)


(www.crc.ufl.edu ) Report


Helda H. Montero, Ed. S., LMHC, NCC ~ Associate Director for Career Development (Interim)
Elaine Casquarelli, Ed.S., NCC -Assistant Director for Graduate Services
Kisa Pendergrass, M.Ed. -Assistant Director for Diversity Programs
Farouk Dey, M.Ed., MBA Assistant Director for Career Development
Denis "Woodja" Flanigan, B.S. Assistant Director for Career Education (Interim)
Lennette Reshard Resource Information Manager
Claudia Grant Credentials Manager (part-time)

Career Development Mission Statement

I ih Mission of the Career Development Group is to facilitate, empower, and provide
a safe and open environment for the process of career developing. Career developing is a
continuous process by which individuals enrich their lives ;1, i,,,gh exploration, reflection,
and intcgration of career and personal realities."

The Career Development group has established
these programs to help in fulfilling this mission:

* Career Counseling, including individual counseling
and group counseling
* Diversity Programs, including Gator Launch and
the Cultural Diversity Reception
* The Career Resource Library
* The Career Ambassador Program
* The Credentials Program
S Career Planning and Job Search Strategies Classes
* The Graduate Services Program
* The Mock Interview Program
* The Outreach & Presentations Program
* The Career Exploration Community at Graham

The Career Development group continued to change
and grow this year with the introduction of some new
and exciting programs, a significant staff change, and
more than a few noteworthy accomplishments.

Most importantly, this was the first year in quite a
while that our counseling group was fully staffed and
the year's accomplishments are certainly a testament to
how much difference this makes in our productivity. This
report is designed to provide a snapshot of the 2002-
2003 academic year.

The end of the year also brought some changes in
terms of other staff members. To address a dire need

for quality help in our accounting and office management
area, LindaAdams left the library to become the Career
Resource Center's Office Manager. Lennette Reshard
applied for, interviewed for and accepted the position of
Information Resource Manager (formerly the Librarian
position) and has already made great strides in her
training for that area. We also welcomed the addition of
Claudia Grant as a part-time staff member to serve as
the Career Development Project Manager, who will also
run the credentials program from the Career
Development reception area.

The CRC welcomed nearly 124,000 visitors over
the past academic year. Of those, 73,364 visited the
Career Resource Library. This represents a 12.3%
increase in general traffic and an almost 21% increase
in our library traffic from the previous year.

The following reports summarize the activities that
engage these visitors and the programs we take outside
of the CRC to meet our constituents wherever they are.

Career Counseling Services

The Career Development Group manages and staffs
our career counseling service. This service consists of
our career counseling walk-in hours, follow-up
individual appointments, and counseling groups.

Our counseling team for 2002-2003 consisted of
ourAssociate Director, the fourAssistant Directors, and

(www. crc. ufl. edu)

four advanced counseling graduate student interns from
the Department of Counselor Education in the College
of Education and the Department of Counseling
Psychology in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences.

The 2002-2003 academic year witnessed a dramatic
increase in individual career counseling service delivery.
With a full counseling staff, we were able to significantly
increase our counseling services. The career counseling
team provided 1,031 walk-in appointments and 712
individual follow-up appointments. This represents a
37% increase in walk-ins and 56% increase in individual

Over and above the growth in individual service
delivery, we also greatly enhanced our group career
counseling program. In addition to our Beyond
Undecided group, we introduced several new career
counseling groups, such as Finding the Career of Your
Dreams: Using Dreamwork to Discover Your Career
Path and The Artist Way to Work. This year 42 students
participated in our group career counseling program, a
35% increase over the previous year.

The Cultural Diversity Reception

The CDR continues to be a successful event in our
total diversity programming and in Career Showcase.
In the fall semester of 2002, we hosted 125 employer
representatives from 54 companies and approximately
100 students, some representing the 23 diverse
organizations that participated in the event. In the spring
of 2003, 80 employers from 36 companies attended and
interacted with 183 students, some represented among
the 26 student organizations present.

The Gator Launch Program

The Gator Launch Minority Career Mentoring
Program is designed to assist the University of Florida
community with minority recruiting and retention efforts.
Gator Launch focuses on two key dimensions in college
student retention: career development and mentoring. In
addition to the Assistant Director for Diversity Programs,
the staff also includes a graduate student who serves as
the Gator Launch Director.



Chart B Career Development
Snapshot 2001-2002 vs. 2002-2003

Category 2001-2002 2002-2003 Difference
General CRC Traffic ..................... 110,299............. 123,907 ........+ 12.34%
CRC Library Traffic ...................... 60,740 ............. 73,364 ........ + 20.78%
Advising & Walk-up Appointments ....... N/A............... 3,815 ......... N/A
Career Counseling -Walk-ins ............... 750............... 1,031 ........ + 37.50%
Follow -ups ................. .......... 457 ................ 712 ......... +55.80%
Cultural Diversity Reception
Student Attendees ........... ........... 338 .................... 183 ....... 46.0%
Student Organizations ........ .... 4........... 4949...................... 49 ................ -0-
Em ployer Attendees ........................239.................... 205 ....... 14.30%
Companies Attending ........................ 81...................... 90 ........ + 11.10%
Gator Launch Program Participants .........24 ...................... 34 ........ + 41.60%
Career Resource Library Holdings....... 3,293................. 3,293 .............. -0-
Credentials Requests ............................ 1,389............... 1,147 ...... 17.50%
CRC Class Enrollment (8 Sections)........ 180.................... 270 ........+ 50.00%
Mock Interviews ................... ............ 307.................. 325 ........ + 5.90%
Resume Medic (By CRC Staff) ............... 553 ................. 1,652 ...... + 298.00%
CRC Outreach Presentations .................. 212.................... 201 ....... 5.20%
Attendees...... ......... ............ 10,292............... 10,271 ........... .20%

(www. crc. ufl. edu)

This year marked the second full year of Gator
Launch, and the program continued its success with 34
students. This year's program was highlighted by our
first corporate trip. Twenty students in the program
traveled with the Gator Launch Director and Assistant
Director for Diversity Programs to Tampa, Florida, to
N isit \\ ith employers from Johnson & Johnson, Ernst &
Young LLP, and the Moffitt Cancer Center. The students
made many meaningful professional contacts.

Current goals for the program in the next academic
year include increasing the number of participants and
mentors, as well as organizing multiple corporate trips
according to career field.

Diversity Programs

In addition to the specific programs described
above, the Assistant Director for Diversity Programs
also participates in campus activities as the liaison
between the Career Resource Center and the Office for
Students With Disabilities, the Institute for Black
Culture, the Institute for Hispanic/Latino Culture, the
International Center, and many other cultural/ethnic/
gender specific organizations. For this academic year
these activities included participation in annual
welcoming events in fall 2002 such as the Black Student
Assembly, Asian Student Assembly, Hispanic Student
Assembly, Native American Student Reception,
Disability Student Assembly, and other organization

Career Resource Library

The CRC library offers information on many areas
pertaining to academic and occupational exploration,
such as majors and career fields, internships and co-
ops, graduate school, employers and companies, and job
search strategies. Our current holdings include 1,657
books or directories; 109 different magazines, periodicals
and newspapers; 1,378 pieces of employer literature;
104 computer disks or CD-ROMs; and 290 videos.

Career Ambassador Program

The Career Ambassador Program continued to
grow during the 2002-2003 academic year, as it has each
year since its inception in January 1996. Currently there
are nine undergraduate students providing peer advising
and educational services for our constituents.

The Ambassadors staff our advising hours in the
CRC Library, provide mock interviews, assist students
with SIGI-Plus and the Majors Card Sort, provide
workshops on choosing a major, and conduct outreach
presentations on CRC services, resume preparation,
interviewing techniques, and job search strategies.

In addition to these year-round programs, the
Career Ambassadors also serve as staff for our Resume
Medic Program. The Ambassadors, along with available
CRC staff members, take over the interview modules
and meet with students to review and make
recommendations for revising their resumes. In the 2002-
2003 academic year, 1,652 students had their resumes
reviewed through this service, more than double the
previous year.

Mock Interview Program

This program continued to be one of the most
popular services provided by the Career Resource
Center. The program provides UF students the
opportunity to practice their interviewing techniques with
a CRC Career Ambassador. The prospective candidate
is interviewed and given constructive feedback about
his/her presentation. Areas of particular strength are
noted, as well as those in need of improvement. During
the 2002-2003 school year, the program was significantly
expanded due to student demand. The number of mock
interview appointments rose from 307 during the 2001-
2002 year to 510 during 2002-2003.


The Credentials Program houses academic records,
including transcripts, letters of recommendation,
teaching evaluations, and other professional documents
for students and alumni. For a small processing fee and
at the written request of the student, CRC staff forward
these credentials to potential employers or graduate
schools. In the 2002-2003 academic year, the CRC
processed 1,147 credentials requests.

As we continue to expand our online system, goals
for the new year include increased marketing of the
program across campus and increasing the number of
students and alumni who utilize this valuable service.
In a time when many career centers across the country
are eliminating their credentials service as too costly and
labor intensive, the CRC is looking to expand our



(www. crc. ufl. edu)

program through technological development and a
commitment to serving the needs of all students.

Career Planning &
Job Search Strategies Classes

The CRC Education Program continues its tradition
of excellence by offering two career development
courses. Career Planning (SLS 2301) is geared toward
freshmen and sophomores beginning their career
exploration. Job Search Strategies (SLS 2302) is for
juniors and seniors and involves career planning and
job searching.

This year the courses launched a technologically
enhanced curriculum utilizing course listservs and
WebCT as an online education tool. The classes are
taught by staff and advanced graduate students. The
CRC offered four sections of 2301 and four of 2302
over the fall 2002 and spring 2003 semesters. Atotal of
270 students enrolled in those eight sections, which is
an 11% increase over the previous year.

Graduate Services

Services to graduate students was one of the focal
points of this year's activities. As was true of previous
years, workshops were provided both inside the CRC
and to departments on campus. The workshop offerings
included a series entitled So You Want to Work in
Academia, which encompassed presentations on
Curriculum Vita and Cover Letter Preparation,
Portfolio Development, Job Search Activities,
Interviewing Skills, and Considerations in the Non-
Academic Job Search. In addition to the workshops, an
Artist Way at Work Career Counseling Group was
facilitated and relationships were established and/or
enriched with the Graduate School, the Office of

Graduate Minority Programs, the Geography
Department, the Department of Fisheries and Aquatic
Sciences, the Teaching Center, the University Center for
Excellence in Teaching, the Black Graduate Student
Organization, the Graduate Student Council, and area
community colleges.

Outreach & Presentation Program

As most career centers around the country have
come to recognize, meeting students where they
congregate can be more effective than enticing them to
come into the career center itself. Between the use of
web technology and the expansion of outreach services
the "Career Center Without Walls" is becoming a reality.

Our Outreach Program includes services for student
organizations, UF courses, liaison-specific requests,
residence hall presentations, andj oint programming with
partners within the Division of Student Affairs. Our
Career Ambassador peer advising group and CRC
professional staff members conduct the Outreach
Program. In addition to campus and community
outreach, the CRC staff also gives presentations across
the state and country related to career services.

During academic year 2002-2003, the Outreach &
Presentation Program providers offered 201
presentations to 10,271 attendees. Even with the two
professional positions held frozen due to funding cuts,
this represents an increase of more than 23% over the
number of attendees last year.

Career Exploration Community at Graham Hall

For additional details, see the new Programs of
Distinction chapter starting on page 5.



(www.crc.ufl.edu AnnualRepor


Richard D. Sayers, Ed. S. ~ Associate Director for Career Networks
Saranette D. Miles, M. Ed. ~ Senior Assistant Director for Employer Relations
Kimberly Raymond, M. A. ~ Assistant Director for Employer Relations & Client Services
Rachel Spier, M.S. ~ Assistant Director for Experiential Education
Heather B. White, M.S. ~ Assistant Director for Experiential Education (Nov. 2003)
Lucas Wall, M. A. ~ Assistant Director for Career Events
Nancy Leitner, A.A. ~ Information Specialist
Judy Arzie ~ Experiential Education Coordinator
Phyllis Pefa ~ Scheduling Coordinator

The Career Networks Group is involved in a complex set of interrelated activities, all of which involve the
objective of facilitating the interaction between employers and students. The group's focus is on preparing students
to effectively recognize, explore and pursue career opportunities. Within the Career Networks umbrella are three
primary functions, the first related to Experiential Education (Co-op, Internship, and Extemship Programs), the
second to the organization and execution of career events which bring students and employers together, and the third
is associated with the myriad of recruiting activities, such as resume referral, recruiting systems and management, as
well as employer relations/development.

The CN Group would characterize 2002-2003 year once again as challenging on all fronts because of continued
weakness in the economy. In spite of the challenges, the Career Networks Group was able to assist UF students "beat
the odds," as the number of organizations recruiting at the CRC declined only about 5% compared to national
averages of 10-20%.

How the CRC Has Assisted Students in Dealing With a Soft Economy

The Center has maximized its use of technology to
make job opportunities more accessible to students. For
example, the CRC is one of the original founders and is
leading in the development of the NACElinkT system,
which is designed to reduce recruiting costs and improve
student-employer communications for both job
opportunities and networking activities.

Additionally, the CRC has increased its frequency
of acting as an "agent," sending e-mail notices to
qualified candidates as postings are received or if
interview schedules are not filling, thus increasing their
awareness of opportunities.

Finally, the CRC website was upgraded to make it
easier for employers to connect with student groups and
departments, request resume searches, and promote
themselves to students. Similarly, the Center has
improved the number and quality of job listing sites to
which we link, thus offering more access to opportunities.

We have also taken steps to increase the employer
pool. Extensive mailouts and e-mails resulted in an
increase in the number of employers attending Career
Showcase, whereas other institutions are reporting 20-
30% reductions during this same period. The CRC has
also steadily increased its client satisfaction ratings. By
increasing the flexibility of our recruiting methods and
going that "extra mile" to ensure employer are
successfully locating candidates.

University of Florida students are excellent
candidates, which is the primary reason companies
choose to recruit at UF our ability to facilitate a positive
and successful recruiting experience has kept UF in the
running when other institutions were dropped as the
economy slowed. We have also expanded our internship
development and offerings. More employers use
internships as a path to full-time employment, so the
CRC has focused more staff and programs to increase
the number of internships being acquired by UF students.

(www. crc. ufl. edu)

We have also initiated relationships/partnerships with
the Gainesville Chamber of Commerce and the North
Central Florida Chapter of the Society of Human
Resource Managers to better connect with local
employers for internships and full-time employment

We have significantly improved employer visibility
and on-campus networking through such activities as
employer-hosted workshops and instructional discussion
panels, which have increased in number and quality this
year, thus bringing more companies to our campus in
an educational/networking venue. These activities are
proven to make connections, which in turn leads to
students networking into positions. Employer
representatives are also taking a more proactive role in
the critique of student resumes, which results in receiving
first-hand the employers' perspective on resume needs
and students who are better prepared.

Career Networks staff members also spent more
time to ensure that newly assigned campus managers
are fully aware of campus resources and the contacts
significant to their needs. CRC personnel offer them
campus tours and facilitate appropriate meetings. We
make employers aware of unique campus resources, such
as the Center for Retailing Education and Research in
the Warrington College of Business Administration.

However, we can only do so much in many cases
it is up to the student to "self-market" themselves, and
toward that goal the CRC now offers critical workshops
in streaming video on our web site to gain necessary job

search skills. The CRC Director has offered workshops
on "Prospering in a Soft Economy" to augment the
regular series of workshops. The S.M.I.L.E. Program
(described in Programs of Distinction on page 5) was
developed as a highly-attended and informative skills
development conference conducted by CRC staff

The Job Search portion of the CRC web site offers
much more comprehensive information, resume and
employment correspondence templates, and provides a
step-by-step process to guide student efforts. Finally,
the Center has developed workshops targeted to specific
majors who have traditionally lower success rates at
connecting with job opportunities. Of particular note is
the series presented for students with advanced degrees
seeking either academic or non-academic opportunities
- this has been especially useful for our Liberal Arts &
Sciences majors.

The tighter job market generated significantly more
demand by students for programs and services. Our
student clients recognized in increasing numbers that
the jobs were going to go to those would could prepare
themselves effectively. The CN Group is proud to have
been a contributor in helping UF students exceed the
national norms in retaining recruiting levels.

This year also saw a continuation of the
reorganization of the Career Networks Group. This
reorganization enabled our group to place more emphasis
on customer service and the gathering of data of
significance to students, faculty and employers.


The Experiential Education Programs (Cooperative
Education, Internships, and Externships) provide a link
between academic studies and work through career-
related experience opportunities. These opportunities
allow students to explore or confirm a career choice,
gain experience in a particular field, increase their
marketability in the job market, develop a professional
network, and perhaps earn money and/or college credits.

Each of the Experiential Education Programs are
partially supported by Job Location & Development
(JLD) funds as part of the U. S. Department of Education

Federal Work/Study Program, and are geared toward
providing off-campus, career-related experience
opportunities for students prior to graduation. These
programs are not based on a demonstrated financial need,
and are open to any student enrolled at the University of

The activities of all three programs for 2002-2003 are
described on the next page, along with supporting data
in charts C and D (pages 25-26).



(www. crc. ufl. edu)


In order to facilitate students' career exploration
and discovery, steps to finding an extemship are detailed
on the Experiential Education web pages. Through
explicit instructions on how to obtain shadowing
experiences, students are able to orchestrate
individualized career exploration activities. Because
information is available both on-line and through
personal interaction with Experiential Education staff,
students are able to receive instruction in a convenient
and timely manner. Students are encouraged to
participate in reflection activities on-line and in one-on-
one appointments with Experiential Education staff
members in order to identify trends and patterns in their
skills, interests and values.


Opportunities for obtaining internships through the
Career Resource Center are growing. For the majority
of this year, students seeking internships registered with
the CRC through the GatorTRAK System. But by the
end of the year, students were able to search on the new
on-line job posting and on-campus interviewing
mechanism GatorCareerLinkc. The CRC also provides
an on-line internship database which allows students to
apply directly to internship

companies of interest.

The CRC Internship
Program facilitates the
connection between
students and employers via
on-line databases, career
fairs, and extending
specialized announcements
to under-represented
colleges. During the 2002-
2003 academic year there
were 2,200 opportunities in
the internship database,
representing a 63%
increase in postings from
the previous year.

In addition to
traditional methods of
recruiting, Experiential

Education introduced two new opportunities to connect
students and employers.

The first addition to the Experiential Education
program was the Internship Forum. This Forum is an
opportunity for students to gather information regarding
various internships, as well as to allow employers to
identify potential candidates. The Forum was well
attended, with approximately 150 students and a full
employer panel.

The second addition was the partnership between
Experiential Education and the Gainesville Chamber of
Commerce. The partnership was begun in the 2002-
2003 academic year and will continue to development
in the coming year. This represents a special effort to
connect the CRC with local employers and diversify the
opportunities available to students.

Cooperative Education

The Co-op Program provides structured
opportunities for students to gain paid, practical work
experience as part of their education. Within the
Walternating program, students work in full-time, career-
related positions and alternate between semesters of
work and school. The parallel program allows students

Chart C Cooperative Education Work Assignments
by Industry for 2002-2003




ks ~




www. crc. ufl. edu

to work in part-time positions while they continue their
academic studies as they gain work experience.

As is occurring nationally, student participation in
the Co-op Program decreased. This reflects the trend
away from multiple-year co-op commitments to shorter,
one- and two-semester experiences, such as internships.
Regardless, the Co-op Database remains steady with 236
opportunities listed. A total of 90 co-op positions were
filled during the 2002-03 academic year. Statististics
on participant demographics are shown in Charts C &
D (pages 25-26).


The Extemship, Internship and Co-op Programs
each offer students opportunities to gain career-related
experience. A university initiative encouraged students
to gain experience through internships, directing the

students to the Career Resource Center for additional
information. For this reason, among others, including
changing trends in the field of Experiential Education in
general, the Experiential Education staff has increased
its focus on internships. Through the introduction of
two new programs and the building of the framework
for incorporating new components, the Internship
Program will experience additional depth and

Assessment and evaluation processes have begun
to take shape as Experiential Education strives to provide
quality programming for students and employers, and
an on-line Co-op and Intern report form was created
and will be implemented during the 2003-2004 academic

The Externship Program shifted from an
opportunity organized by Experiential Education to a



Chart D Cooperative Education Work Assignments
By Academic Major for 2002-2003











14 -----
g g' Z:
12 :g
10 ----

(www. crc. ufl. edu

more individualized program, orchestrated by students
as their schedule permits. This program continues to
grow, not only in numbers of student and employer
participants, but in the depth of its programming

The Cooperative Education Program continues to
serve students who desire to commit to organizations
for multiple semesters. As was the trend in the previous
year, students are increasingly seeking international
career-related experiences.


Adjusting our Efforts

The 2002-2003 recruiting activity showed definite
signs of a persistent weak economy. Employers
continued a very low level of hiring activity, and
manufacturing and high-tech sectors were hiring in
severely reduced numbers from the previous levels.

The CRC adjusted accordingly and worked with
employers to maximize the utility of their recruiting
efforts. Our staff encouraged recruiting at UF by
working out better ways to connect with candidates, and
better ways to perform pre-selection of those candidates.
An employer workshop series was refined, which
produced excellent student and employer feedback.

Recruitment Activity

Though the university found itself on an increasing
number of companies' "target school" lists, the total
hiring by those employers continued to be low. The result
was a decline in interview activity during the 2002-2003
school year. Atotal of 309 employers ran 857 interview
schedules. Those schedules resulted in 7,673 interviews
being held at the CRC (Chart E, page 27).

Employers are doing much more pre-selection of
candidates and expecting higher recruiting effectiveness
from their efforts. To that end, the Employer Relations
group developed changes in methods and introduced
innovative uses of technology to assist in the recruitment
of UF students and alumni.

For the first nine months of this reporting period
we used the MonsterTrakc job posting system to
facilitate access to a broad spectrum of employment
opportunities. Examination of Chart E (page 28) shows
that students and alumni had access to over 7,700 job
postings via this listing service. The last quarter of the
academic year was a period of conversion from the
MonsterTrak system to our new Gator CareerLink

system. As we converted we imported approximately
1,640 job postings by the end of June 2003, and the
number has grown steadily as we receive newjob listings
from employers.

Increased Use of Technology

The Gator CareerLinkc web-based career
information system saw brisk student registrations and
more web-based recruiting applications aimed at
improving and simplifying recruiting logistics were
introduced this year. As of June 30, 2003, Gator
CareerLinkc student registration had exceeded 4,000
in only two months of use.

This year we re-introduced the Gator Locatorc
resume search service, which provides better resume
access for employers and, as such, has increased the
quality of the pre-select pool chosen by the employer.

The Gator Career Link system offers students an
agent function that alerts them to job opportunities. CRC
web page changes made it easier for employers to connect
with students and market themselves.

Other CRC web-based applications, which were
enhanced, included on-line registration for career events,
on-line newsletters, on-line career articles, increased
numbers of career-related links off our library pages,
opportunity alerts, and reminder systems for interview
schedules and information sessions.

Minority Participation

In 2002-2003, the CRC continued to develop or
participate in initiatives to build the gender and ethnic
makeup of the students registered with the Center and
attending the University. Special outreach programs
were given to minority societies in several colleges. The
CRC publicized and co-sponsored events that promote
relationship development between students and


(www. crc. ufl. edu)

employers. For example, in conjunction with Career
Showcase a number of receptions and networking
activities were held. These events included, but were
not limited to, Graduate Women in Business Conference,
Society of Women Engineers' Evening with Industry,
Hispanic Engineering Society's Employer Workshops,
National Society of Black Engineers Employer Series,
and the Minority Business Society's Professional Series,
which included an etiquette dinner event.

Reorganization Increased Customer Satisfaction

In this past year, the Career Networks group re-
aligned responsibilities to create a greater focus on
customer satisfaction and on gathering and reporting
data of significance to our users. An employer


satisfaction survey was completed to assess satisfaction
with the CRC's services. The results were very
gratifying, in that 86% of the 400+ respondents rated
the quality of service Very Good or Excellent when
compared to other schools at which they recruit.

The Career Resource Center regularly contirbutes
job offer data to the National Association of Colleges
and Employers (NACE) National Salary Survey.
Additionally, recruiter evaluations of candidates are
being gathered in order to supply feedback to students
(upon request) and to curriculum committees as
requested for their program improvement efforts. Thus,
our reorganization is improving our partnership with
students, faculty, administrators and alumni.


Companies find that the University of Florida career days offer them high visibility and give them the opportunity
to identify students to interview during the company's on-campus interview visits) during the recruiting season.
Opportunities include Cooperative Education positions, Internships, and full-time employment. It should also be
noted that the CRC's events offer UF students the ability to develop leadership experience as volunteer directors and
staff that facilitate the running of these events. Hundreds of student volunteers build valuable work/leadership
experience while helping facilitate these events.

During the 2002-2003 academic year, the Career Resource Center hosted seven events, plus co-hosted the
annual Statewide Job Fair, and held an on-line "virtual" career fair While the economy reduced company attendance
by one-third, the CRC fared well in comparison to many other universities that saw drops of over 40-45 percent.
Student attendance at career fairs remained strong, though dropping to about 12,300 from the 14,000 of the prior
year. Actual student and employer participation are shown by event in Chart G (page 30).



Chart E On-Campus Interview Statistics

% Change From
Category 1998-99 1999-00 2000-01 2001-02 I 2002-03 Previous Year

Employers Visiting 689 566 432 325 309 5.2%
Schedules 1,755 1,379 1,145 822 I 857 -4.2%
Students Interviewed 12,987 11,946 9,975 7,158 7,673 + 7.2%

Chart F MonsterTrako Job Postings
September 1, 2002 March 30, 2003 (last date system was operational)

July 1 September 30, 2002

Category Description Time
Accounting & Finance 81
Administrative & Support 23
Advertising, Marketing, PR 14
Agricultural/Natural Res. 3
Architecture & Interior Des. 1
Business & Management 51
Commercial & Food Service 0
Communications/Media 3
Computers-Software 12
Computers-Hardware 2
Computers-Info Systems 8
Construction & Trades 4
Consulting-Other 2
Consulting-Management 1
Consulting-Technical 0
Customer Service 10
Education-Post Secondary 0
Education-Teaching Elem. 61
Education-Teaching Middle 32
Education-Teaching Second. 96
Education-Teaching Post Sec. 2
Education-K-12 Admin 6
Education-Teaching Special 42
Education-Tutoring 2
Education-Other 63
Engineering-Other 41
Engineering-Chemical 2
Engineering-Civil 17
Engineering-Electrical 13
Engineering-Industrial 4
Engineering-Materials Sci. 3
Engineering-Mechanical 8
Fine & Applied Arts 1
Graphic/Commercial Arts 0
Healthcare 25
Hotel & Restaurant Mgt. 0
Human Res. & Labor Rel. 14
In-Home Care (Private Res.) 1
Law 10
Law Enforcement & Security 8
Life Sciences 12
Non-Profit, Social & Comm. 17
Operations, Purchasing 4
Parks & Recreation 12
Physical Science 8
Psychology 4
Research & Library Science 2
Sales 106
Warehouse/Delivery 5
Other 0










FT Exl. Co-on
14 0
6 0
4 0
2 0
1 0
16 0
0 0
2 0
9 0
0 0
7 0
1 0
1 0
2 0
0 0
2 0
6 0
28 0
36 0
57 0
14 0
43 1
26 0
1 0
51 0
7 1
2 0
9 0
3 0
2 0
0 0
4 0
0 0
1 0
13 0
2 0
2 0
0 1
2 0
1 0
9 0
10 0
2 0
1 1
8 0
14 0
1 0
13 0
0 0
1 0

436 3


(www. crc. ufl. edu


I Oct-Dec Jan-Mar Grand

Vol. I









Career Showcase is held each September and
January in the Stephen C. O'Connell Center, and is
preceded by a week of events to educate and inform
students about their career development and job search.
Events in conjunction with Showcase include Showcase
Cinema, Showcase Fashion Show, Resume Medic, and
employee resume critiques. Showcase offers students and
alumni a chance to discuss opportunities for internship,
cooperative education, and full-time career and
employment positions with employers. About 300
companies and 6,000 students attend each semester.

Graduate & Professional Schools Day is in late
October/early November for students interested in
attending graduate school or other advanced degree
training programs after completing their baccalaureate
degree. About 90 institutions attend.

Government, Non-Profit & Local Employers
Fair, formerly the Opportunities Fair, held in the fall
and spring to afford a special chance for a unique cross-
section of local employers to have a day of their own
and attract candidates from all the colleges on campus.

Agriculture & Natural Resources Career Day,
held in February, is a specialized fair that is targeted to
employers and students in the agriculture, agribusiness,

and natural resources industries. This event is on "hold,"
at least as managed by the CRC, pending further
collaboration with the College ofAgriculture.Between
30-50 employers and 350 students attend this career day
each year.

Nursing & Health Professions Career Day is in
March. Students from the Colleges of Nursing, Health
& Human Performance, and Heaht Professions take this
opportunity to meet with representatives from various
hospitals, health care organizations, medical companies,
and other employers of health care professionals. This
event is also on "hold" pending further collaboration
with the College of Nursing, its prime proponent.

Summer Camp Recruitment Day is primarily
for education, recreation, fine arts, counselor education,
health-related, nutrition and other majors wishing to work
in a summer camp environment. Some 25-30
organizations normally attend.

Education Recruitment Day is held each April.
This event attracts an average of 50 school districts and
educational institutions from Florida and Georgia.
Employers can connect with a diverse representation of
students who are interested in teaching all disciplines
and grade levels.

Chart G Career Day Programs Employer/Student Participation


Fall \n/l i,,, ....

School Day ......

Spring N/hn\ I. '..

Employers Students En

...... 493 5,817

....... 98 482

....... 83 4,938

Opportunities Fair. N/A

Recruitment Day..... 48

Summer Camp Day .... 25

Totals ...................... 747







plovers Students I Employers

561 6,800 244

96 503 90

416 6,194 193

N/A N/A 25

72 302 44

24 n/a 13

1,169 13,799 609


Students Employers Students
















www. crc. ufl. edu


(www.crc.ufl.edu AnnualRepor



Wayne Wallace, Ph. D. Director
William K. Lewis, MCP, MCT Assistant Director for Systems Management & Development
Akhil Karkera Computer Programmer Analyst
David J. Cortes Computer Support Specialist

William V. Carnes, M. A. ~ Associate Director for Operations Support
Nadene R. Francis, B. S. ~ Assistant Director for Public Relations
Linda Adams ~ Office Manager


The Career Resource Center remains unique among
university career centers in having a separate staff section
devoted to administrative, fiscal and technological
support to the center's operational activities. Several
other centers are in the process of incorporating this
function into their organization.

The Technical Operations group that was created in
2000 continues to help develop our growing
technological infrastructure. The current Assistant
Director for Systems Management & Development,
William K. Lewis, remains directly subordinate to the
Director (see Chart H, page 44). The vacant technical
position of Computer Programmer Analyst was filled
by Mr. Akhil Karkera in March 2003, and in August
permission was granted to create an auxiliary-funded
Computer Support Specialist position, filled by David
Cortes in October 2003, although he had been working
for us in a similar role for several months.

Bill Lewis and his staff work in collaboration with
the Senior Assistant Director for Career Education on
the Career Development staff and the Senior Assistant
Director for Employer Relations with the Career
Networks group.

They are responsible for all computer operations,
including the development of computer strategies and
programs, purchase of hardware and software, training
of staff members, development and implementation of
computer programs, computer support to CRC
operations, and documentation.

In September 2002, Joan Halliday, our Accountant
since 1994, retired, which started a sequence of major
personnel changes within the group. Upon her departure,
accounting responsibility fell upon Kevin Riggs, a
summer 2002 UF accounting graduate, who had initially
created and customized our QuickBooksPro fiscal
management system starting the previous spring. He
helped us bridge the fiscal year 2002-2003 gap, but
resigned in January 2002. He was ably succeeded by
Ms. Heather Jorge, a temporary staffing agency hire,
who helped move QBPro into fiscal year 2004.

That spring we combined several functions and
redefined the fiscal assistant line as an office manager
position, to also be responsible for finance and
accounting activities, among many other things. Linda
K. Adams, who had worked in our accounting area in
1996 before becoming the CRC Librarian, was spirited
away from the Career Development Group and assumed
the duties of office manager in April 2003.

Staffing in the critical areas of office management
and accounting was now relegated to the office manager,
two part-time student fiscal assistants, one part-time
student administrative assistant, and some periodic help
by the Associate Director for Operations Support.
However, for the past several months of this reporting
period the group seems to be doing quite well, thanks to
the streamlining of certain activities and a lot of very
hard, dedicated work! This coming fiscal year, like last
year, will be a one of "learning" and "fine-tuning" the
system, as well as overcoming a manpower shortage.

As in the past, the Operations Support group remains


www. crc. ufl. edu

responsible for the following key functions and areas:

All administrative activities, to include
correspondence (incoming and outgoing),
documentation, forms, and other such functions not
delegated or assumed elsewhere in the CRC.

Financial operations, including budgeting,
purchasing, invoicing, accounting, receipt of materials,
disbursement of funds, and the provision of financial
analysis and reports to CRC decision makers, along with
recommendations and options.

Payroll actions for permanent staff, student
assistants, and paid interns. Coordination of payroll
actions for graduate assistants (when assigned) with their
sponsoring colleges and departments.

Publications and arts & graphics support to CRC
staff members and programs, events, or activities
sponsored by the CRC. This includes development and
publication of such materials as advertisements, flyers,
forms, documents, brochures, manuals, reports, signs
and similar items, as required. Operations Support is
specifically responsible for the Gator Career Planner,
Employer Resource Guide, Focus on Your Future,
Estimate of Graduates, Invitation to Recruit, the CRC
Annual Report, and others in the process of development.

Management of all leave records and input into
the automated central leave management system.

Facilities management, including renovation,
housekeeping, repair, purchases, and moving operations.

Management and inventory of all real property
items assigned to the Center.

Fiscal Operations

With the retirement of the Center's accountant and
re-definition of that position, the new Office Manager
and her staff have assumed the responsibility for the
management, accounting and oversight of seven separate
state, agency, Job Location & Development (Federal JLD
funds), and twoUF Foundation accounts.

As in the past, very tight accounting procedures are
employed to maintain the closest controls over the
Center's limited funding. Statistical accounting reports

are prepared monthly, quarterly, annually, and as
required to provide the Director and other decision
makers with the fiscal information necessary for effective
management. Innovative computer applications are used
to generate reports and to help in the fiscal management
of unique CRC programs.

This is the first full year we have not depended upon
various, mismatched Excel spreadsheets for fiscal
management. In the summer of 2002, we transitioned
to to a more sophisticated integrated system Quick
Books Proc. The system was tested and layouts
prototyped in the spring of 2002, and by the start of the
2003 fiscal year on July 1st we had made the data
transition and never looked back.

In June 2004, the University of Florida will switch
from its very dated fiscal management system (known
variously as SAMAS and FLAIR) to Poplcsoft as
part of the "devolution" process necessitated by the
fragmentation of the State University System (SUS) into
its 11 (now 12) component institutions. However, the
CRC proposes to maintain this "shadow" accounting
system to ensure the accuracy and continuity of its
financial operations.

Information Technology Developments

The Information Systems group within the CRC is
responsible for all the electronic devices used by the Center.
Our role is to support the Center's mission statement in
providing comprehensive, state-of-the-art resources to
our staff, students, and the university at large. Our goal
is to always give innovative, creative and quality services
to all of our constituents. We are made up of two full-
time staff and three part-time student workers, whose job
descriptions are as follows:

Assistant Director for Systems Management &
Development (full-time) This position is responsible for
the management and oversight of the organization's entire
information management system, including computer
hardware and software installation, maintenance, and
support for the 70+ users, 50+ workstations, and the nine-
server local area network. Serves as "Webmaster," and
w oiks \ itlh the Web Committee to ensure the Center's cyber-
presence is maintained.

Programmer Analyst-Database Developer (full-
time) Develops and implements state of the art database


www. crc. ufl. edu

strategies that meet current and future business needs of
the CRC. Performs all aspects of data and database
administration, including hardware and software evaluation
and installation, logical and physical database design and
implementation, structured testing of database designs,
applications, and technology platforms, security
administration, backup and recovery planning, capacity
planning, performance and tuning, research and evaluation
of new tools and techniques, and development ofpolicies,
standards and procedures related to the database

Computer Tech Support Specialist (part-time) This
specialist provides end-user support and troubleshooting
for CRC personnel. He is responsible for assisting the
Assistant Director in the day-to-day maintenance of the
local area network hardware, as well as desktop

Assistant Database Developer (part-time) -Assists
the Programmer Analyst in developing and implementing
state-of-the-art database strategies that meet current and
anticipated business needs of the CRC.

Assistant Webmaster (part-time) The Assistant
Webmaster supports the CRC's electronic communications
efforts by performing quality assurance, data entry, and
web site maintenance. Reports to and assists the Assistant
Director (Webmaster) in designing, populating, and testing
pages of the site.

The Center's ComputerNetwork is presently comprised

* 54
* 15
* 32
S 3
* 10
* 4
* 2

Desktop Computers
Laptop Computers
Desktop Printers
Network Printers
Network Servers
Gigabit Ethemet Switches
RAS Dial-in Servers

The Center's computer operations run primarily on
Microsoft's Windows 2000 or XP All servers are running
Windows 2000 Server with full implementation of Active
Directory. Predominately driven by Dell PowerEdge
servers, the Centerutilizes the following specialty software
including (but not limited to):

Microsoft Exchange 5.5 Server
Microsoft SQL 2000 Server

O'Reilly's Website Professional
FileMaker Pro Server 5.x
WebTrends Professional
RealOne Media Server
St. Bernard UpdateExpert

Leading accomplishments for the year would include:

Hired a full-time Database programmer.
Unveiled a redesign of our website.
Introduced streaming video versions of a number
of career skills workshops.
Worked with the new "UF Bridges" group on
campus to create a new card verification system
for CRC career events to provide us information
about student attendees and their respective college,
year, ethnicity, etc.
Created the "Gator Career Reports" tool for
students to detail their plans after graduation.
Began design of a Center-wide database-driven
tool ("Red Carpet System") for students to "sign-
in" when they come into the Center seeking
Created a converter that allows the migration of
Excel spreadsheet based information into the Red
Carpet System.
Implemented a survey tool for the Red Carpet
System to enlist customer feedback on services
Implemented a Analysis and Reporting page for
the Red Carpet.
Created a relationship with the Materials Science
Engineering Department to create an electronic
"exit interview" which incorporated CRC specific
questions regardingjob offers, graduate school or
other plans upon graduation.
Created an electronic mechanism to help manage
the "S.M.I.L.E." program. Everything from
registration to attendance gathering and beyond
was included.
Began early talks on a campus-wide initiative to
expand on the Gator Career Reports (project name
Purchased and began utilizing a software based
tool (UpdateExpert) for maintaining patches for
the Windows operating systems.

For the first two-thirds of this reporting period the
Information Technology (IT) staff continued to support




www. crc. ufl. edu

the office's use of GatorTRAKc system, but in the
summer of 2002 there was a national movement by
various career centers, the National Association of
Colleges & Employers (NACE), and the Direct
Employers Association (DEA). The result was the
NACE-sponsored NACElink-M. The CRC's IT staff
worked very closely with the Career Networks group,
association representatives, and technical support
personnel to ensure the accuracy, viability, and efficiency
of the system, and to ensure that it meets an often
changing need. Several staff members were directly
involvedwith NACE in the creation of the software itself.

Toward the end of this reporting period, a large flat-
screen television was suspended high on the south wall
near our front entrance. Connected to a computer in the
IT equipment room, this new "information kiosk" runs
continuously with updates on activities, reminders to
register with the Center, or a wide variety of visitor
information yet to be determined. It is to be managed
by the Center's Web Committee.

World Wide Web

The CRC World Wide Web Committee is comprised
of members from each functional group within the
Center, as well as a staff member with primary
responsibility for the technical regulation of the site, i.e.
the Webmaster. The CRC Director serves as an ex-
officio member of the committee. Each member
functions as the liaison between the committee and her/
his group regarding the functional content of CRC
programs, services, and resources on the WWW site.

The committee serves as the governing body to
regulate consistency and quality of format, style, content,
and organization of the CRC web site, and is responsible
for the development and maintenance of the guidelines
for the CRC Web Style Guide, which will be used by all
parties to control the appearance and content of the
Center's web site. The committee meets on a regular
basis (at least once per month) to monitor the
effectiveness of the site, to discuss ideas for
improvement, and to review all proposals for major
modifications, updates, and deletion of resources from
the site.

Committee members also accept responsibility for
maintaining up-to-date knowledge of advances in web
design and development, and for evaluating competitive

web sites, resources, and practices, ensuring recognition
of the CRC web site as among the very best. Members
are also the tasking link to other staff members within
their group to satisfy web content requirements.

Combining the enthusiasm and expertise of the staff
with the moderation of the committee, we continue to
refine our presence on the World Wide Web (WWW).
Throughout this reporting period, the permanently-
established CRC Web Committee tackled the problem
of accuracy and content of the materials on our web site
and the overall appearance of the web presence. There
were an amazing 13.6 million individual "hits" to our
web site during this reporting period! Nonetheless, we
continue to work on enhancing the look of the site and
improving its usability by our many customers.

Print Materials & Graphics

One of the key functions of Operations Support
remains the design, development, preparation and
production of relatively sophisticated graphics and
publications to support both general CRC operations
and programs and for individual staff members and their
activities or events.

However, as reported many times in the past, credit
is also due to individual staff members and other staff
areas who continue to create and promulgate increasingly
sophisticated materials on their own.

During the period of this report, we continued to
refine and reformat many of our printed materials. The
group, principally the new Assistant Director for Public
Relations, has again completely updated and reissued
the following CRC publications:

Gator Career Planner ~ This was the second
year of production of this very useful calendar and CRC
information guide, and this time we came very close to
paying for it entirely through the sale of advertisements
- the next version in 2004 should be fully self-sustaining
and may even be co-sponsored again by Student
Government. It is a very popular item, with all 10,000
copies being distributed to eager students within the first
few weeks of the fall semester.

Employer Resource Guide ~ This valuable
document will have a new "modular" look this year,
consisting of nearly a dozen tabbed "subject" pages




(www. crc. ufl. edu

inserted in a UF pocket folder. This concept makes the
pages easier to find and must more cost-effective to
update the guide by simply reprinting one or more pages.
Still a "work in progress," it will be available in as many
quantities as necessary in fall 2003.

Estimate of Graduates ~ The 2003-2004 issue
of this information is available on the CRC web site and
will be one of the "subject pages" in the Employer
Resource Guide. Again, the look and content has not
changed significantly over the past year, but many of
the colleges represented made updates to the majors

The Center's three staff groups continue to
collaborate with one another on the creation and
expansion of a series of Career Handouts covering a
variety of key career-related subjects. Individual teams
or staff members prepared the material on subjects
pertinent to their team's areas) of responsibility, and
they were reviewed for accuracy and consistency by the
Associate Director for Career Development.


Physical Facilities

There was no major renovations or reconfigurations
to the CRC, with only a few office relocations and the
changes to functional usage of several rooms.

The Office Manager and accounting functions were
concentrated into a single room, CR-156. The various
realignments once again displaced the Assistant Director
for Public Relations, who was re-located into CR-155,
one of the offices vacated by accounting. The final
outcome is the consolidation of all Operations Support
staff members into the administrative area at the
southwest corer of the Center.

These staff relocations also saw additional office
space being provided to graduate assistants and the
creation of a workroom for public relations and
advertising student assistants.

LIr I I,. I -iiv ( F l i .,
.irLcLi- Resourcc Center
1 953- 03

-* V - .

r "-' L f 1r'





Professional staff members are encouraged to attend
conventions, conferences, professional development
seminars, and workshops, participate in on-campus
workshops and on task forces, and become involved in
other activities that foster their career development and
represent the CRC.

Again this year, many of the support staff were able
to take advantage of these opportunities as well.

Awards or Professional Honors

Outstanding New Professional Award 2003, Committee
for Multicultural Affairs, American College Personnel
Association (ACPA). (HeldaMontero)

President's Humanitarian Award 2003, University of
Florida, January 28, 2003, Gainesville, FL. (Elaine

Student Affairs Division Superior Accomplishment
Award nominee, March 2003. (Kimberly Raymond)

Certifications & Licensures

World of Work Inventory (WOWI) Level I Training,
University of Florida, October 4, 2002, Gainesville.
(Elaine Casquarelli, FaroukDey, HeldaMontero, Kisa
Pendergrass, Lisa Severy, Rachel Spier, Lucas Wall)

World of Work Inventory (WOWI) Level II Training,
University of Florida, February 21, 2003, Gainesville.
(Elaine Casquarelli, FaroukDey, HeldaMontero, Kisa
Pendergrass, Rachel Spier Lucas Wall)

Conference. Convention & Special Presentations

"Career C ,,, 1 ,,L ig nh ul Latina/os in the US: Emerging
Theories and Interventions, American Counseling
Association (ACA), March 2003,Anaheim, CA. (Helda

"Data Driven Service Improvement, Florida Career
Professionals Association (FCPA), June 18-20,
Jacksonville, FL. (Rick Sayers)

"Do You Ever Wonder Why Students Do What They

Do?, Southeastern Association of Colleges &
Employers (SACE), December 2-4, 2002, Biloxi, MS.
(Lucas Wall)

"Job Search Savvy, Florida Hispanic-Latino Collegiate
Forum, March 22, 2003, Gainesville, FL. (Nadene
Francis, Saranette Miles)

"Employee Morale" breakout session facilitation for
the North Central Florida Society of Human Resource
Managers (SHRM) Chapter and FEAC Fall Seminar,
Gainesville, FL, October 2002. (Kimberly Raymond)

I i,.', i,, a Professional Image" and IR .... hng
a Company, First S.M.I.L.E. Conference, January 25,
2003, Gainesville, FL. (Nadene Francis)

"The FISH! Philosophy Program, North Central
Florida Chapter of the American Society for Training &
Development (ASTD), Gainesville, FL, week of
September 16, 2002. (Kimberly Raymond)

"GlobalReview ofCritical Issues, U. S. Delegate and
Panelist, Australian Triannual International Conference,
November 19, 2003, Melbourne, Australia. (Wayne

Hispanic Heritage Month keynote speaker, October
2002. (Helda Montero)

"I'm the One You Want to Hire" and "Dressing for
Success, Florida Hispanic-Latino Collegiate Forum,
March 22, 2003, Gainesville, FL. (Nadene Francis)

,Iu ,gi,,i;g the Internet into Counseling: Current
Trends and Best Practices in Cybercounseling, panel
member, Learning Institute, American Counseling
Association (ACA), March 2003,Anaheim, CA. (Helda

"Killing Us Softly III: AJ\1, i,,, i's g Image of Women,
co-presenter to the Sexual Battery Committee of the
Gainesville Commission on the Status of Women 22nd
Annual Conference, Building Safe Communities for
Women & Children: Progression & Erosion, May 2003,
Gainesville, FL. (Elaine Casquarelli)


www. crc. ufl. edu


www. crc. ufl. edu

LeaderShape Institute "cluster facilitator," May 4-9,
2003, High Springs, FL. (Lucas Wall)

"Leadership Strategies forAfrican-American Women,"
Dr. James Scott Black Student Leadership Conference,
March 2003, Gainesville, FL. (Saranette Miles)

\ l,,i ,, ,:,ig Your Opportunities Using the CRC,"
General Electric University of Florida Leadership
Conference, Gainesville, FL. (Saranette Miles)

"Online Career Counseling: Using the Internet to Help
Our Clients, Florida Mental Health Association, June
2003, Orlando, FL. (Helda Montero)

"A Partnership to Succeed in Outcomes-Based
Accreditation, Southeastern Association of Colleges
& Employers (SACE), December 2-4, 2002, Biloxi, MS.
(Rick Sayers)

"Professional Associations in Career Services: Where
are We? ", panel member, Florida Career Center Institute,
August 2002, Miami, FL. (Helda Montero)

"Resume & Interviewing Strategies, "to the Gainesville
Sun Job Fair (JobQuest), October 2002. (Kimberly

"Same Game, DifferentRules, "to the American College
Personnel Association (ACPA) conference, March 2003,
Minneapolis, MN. (Farouk Dey, Helda Montero)

"Same Sex Couples: Issues & Considerations, panel
member at Florida Intercollegiate Pride Conference,
October 2002, University of Florida. (Elaine

"SMILE All the Way to Work, with Dr. Craig Boylstein
at the 2002 SACEAnnual Conference, December 2002,
Biloxi, MS. (Kimberly Raymond)

"Strategic Management of Web Development and
Change," Australian Triannual International
Conference, November 18, 2002, Melbourne, Australia.
(Wayne Wallace)

"Strategies for Building, Repairing, and Enhancing
Working Relationships, workshop in collaboration with
the UF Human Resources Office of Training &
Development as part of the Student Affairs Training

Committee (SATC) fall workshop series, October 2002.
(Kimberly Raymond)

"Time Management, for the Art of Leadership
Conference, October 2002, Gainesville, FL. (Saranette

Conferences & Conventions Attended

American College Personnel Association (ACPA)
conference, March 2003, Minneapolis, MN. (Farouk
Dey, Helda Montero, Kisa Pendergrass, Lisa Severy)

American Counseling Association (ACA) 2003 National
Conference "Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence," March
2003, Anaheim, CA. (Elaine Casquarelli, Helda

Australian Triannual International Conference,
November 18-20, 2002, Melbourne, Australia. (Wayne

Cooperative Education & Internship Association annual
conference, April 27-29, 2003, Nashville, TN. (Judy
Arzie, Catherine Lawton, Sara Mock)

EMDR Level I Training, June 2003, Gainesville, FL.
(Elaine Casquarelli)

Florida Career Professionals Association (FCPA) annual
conference, June 18-20, 2003, Jacksonville, FL.
(Saranette Miles, Rick Sayers, Lucas Wall)

Florida Intercollegiate Pride Conference, University of
Florida, October 2002, Gainesville. (Elaine Casquarelli)

Florida Mental Health Counselors Association, June
2003, Orlando, FL. (Helda Montero)

Florida Society for Hypnotherapy, Basic Training in
Hypnotherapy, May 2003, Clearwater Beach, FL.
(Elaine Casquarelli)

NACElink System Release meeting, July 2002, Dallas,
TX. (Rick Sayers)

NACElink Training Meeting, January 22-23, 2003,
Dallas, TX. (Bill Lewis, Saranette Miles, Rick Sayers)

National Association of Student Personnel




(www. crc. ufl. edu

Administrators (NASPA) Annual Conference, March 24-
26, 2003, St. Louis, MO. (Rachel Spier)

Sheraton Hotel, "Making Customers Number 1," May
2003, Gainesville, FL. (Saranette Miles)

Southeastern Association of Colleges & Employers
(SACE) annual conference, December 2-4, 2002, Biloxi,
MS. (Saranette Miles, Kimberly Raymond, Rick Sayers,
Lucas Wall)

University Network (UN) annual meeting hosted by the
University of Arizona, April 7-9, 2003, Tucson, AZ.
(Wayne Wallace)

Employer & Institutional Visits/Conferences

Blue Cross & Blue Shield site visit to the Regional
Headquarters, February 13-14, 2003, Jacksonville, FL.
(Wayne Wallace)

Briggs Equipment, Valdosta, GA. (l'ihy/i, Peha)

Busch Gardens site visit discussing college relations
activities, November 7, 2002, Tampa, FL. (Wayne

Citrix Systems, July 11, 2002, Boca Raton, FL. (Rick

Direct Employer Association (DEA) headquarters
meeting, July 10-11, 2003, Indianapolis, IN. (Wayne

"An Experience in Multicultural Career Development,"
Faculty-in-Residence Program, Psychology Department,
University of Michigan at Duluth, April 2-5, 2003.
(Helda Montero)

Florida Power & Light Company, July 12, 2002, Juno
Beach, FL. (Rick Sayers)

Florida State University, The Career Center, August 5,
2002, Tallahassee, FL. (Kimberly Raymond)

General Electric Reception, September 9, 2002 & June
30, 2003. (Rachel Spier)

Georgia Department of Corrections, Eastman, GA.
(P'hi-.Ii, Peha)

Gilman Credit Union, Eastman, GA. (/l'hi -i, Peha)

KN Services, Atlanta, GA. (l'hiyli, Peha)

Humboldt University, Germany, in conjunction with visit
to Studentenwerk Headquarters, June 22-28, 2003,
Berlin, Germany. (Wayne Wallace)

IBM Media Management Group, July 11, 2002, Boca
Raton, FL. (Rick Sayers
Jerry Ballard Homes, Fayetteville, GA. (Pl'hi/,li Peha)

Lake City Community College site visit there
November 20,2002 and they visited CRC on December
5, 2002. (Rachel Spier)

Motorola, July 10, 2002, Plantation, FL. (Rick Sayers)

NASA Kennedy Space Center, June 17, 2003. (Judy
Arzie, Catherine Lawton, Sara Mock)

Rockwell-Collins, June 18, 2003, Melbourne, FL. (Judy
Arzie, Catherine Lawton, Sara Mock)

Siemens Information Technology Group, July 10, 2002,
Orlando, FL. (Rick Sayers)

Southern Export Services, June 2003, Atlanta, GA.
('/i -/l i, Peha)

Target Distribution, September 10, 2002, Tifton, GA.
(Rick Sayers)

Technology Enterprise Center, May 14, 2003,
Gainesville, FL. (Judy Arzie, Catherine Lawton, Sara

University of Arizona career center visit during
University Networks Annual Conference, April 8, 2003,
Tucson, AZ. (Wayne Wallace)

University of Canterbury, November 26 December 5,
2002, Christchurch, New Zealand. (Wayne Wallace)

University of Melbourne career center in conjunction
with international meeting, November 18-21, 2002,
Melbourne, Australia. (Wayne Wallace)

University of Minster, Germany, in conjunction with



www. crc. ufl. edu

visit to Studentenwerk Headquarters, June 22-28, 2003,
Berlin, Germany. (Wayne Wallace)

University of Otago, November 26 December 5, 2002,
Dunedon, New Zealand. (Wayne Wallace)

University of Potsdam, Germany, in conjunction with
visit to Studentenwerk Headquarters, June 22-28, 2003,
Berlin, Germany. (Wayne Wallace)

University of Waikato, November 26 December 5,
2002, Hamilton, New Zealand. (Wayne Wallace)

U.S. Lithium Energetics, September 6, 2002, Alachua,
FL. (Rick Sayers)

Victoria University of Wellington, November 26 -
December 5, 2002, Wellington, New Zealand. (Wayne

Walt Disney World College Relations site visit in
conjunction with Florida Career Center (FCC) meeting,
May 6, 2003, Orlando, FL. (Wayne Wallace)

Professional Association Memberships

American College Personnel Association (ACPA).
(Farouk Dey, Saranette Miles, Helda Montero, Kisa
Pendergrass, Rick Sayers, Lisa Severy, Rachel Spier)

American College Counseling Association (ACCA).
(Helda Montero)

American Counseling Association (ACA). (Elaine
Casquarelli, Helda Montero, Rachel Spier)

American Mental Health Counseling Association
(AMHCA). (Helda Montero)

American Society for Engineering Education ~
Cooperative Education Division (ASEE-CED). (Rick

American Society for Training & Development, National
ASTD and North Central Florida Chapter. (Saranette
Miles, Kimberly Raymond)

Association for Counselor Educators and Supervisors
(ACES). (Helda Montero)

Association for Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Issues in
Counseling (AGLBIC). (Elaine Casquarelli)

Association for Spiritual, Ethical and Religious Values
in Counseling (ASERVIC). (Elaine Casquarelli)

Chi Sigma Iota, International Counseling Honor Society
(Helda Montero, Lisa Severy)

Cooperative Education & Internship Association
(CEIA). (Rick Sayers)

Florida Career Professionals Association (FCPA,
formerly Florida Cooperative Education & Placement
Association). (Saranette Miles, Rick Sayers, Lucas
Wall, Wayne Wallace)

Florida Employer Advisory Committee (FEAC).
(Saranette Miles)

Florida Mental Health Counselors Association
(FMHCA). (Helda Montero)

Florida Society for Clinical Hypnosis (FSCH). (Elaine

Gainesville-Ocala Florida Mental Health Counseling
Association (G-OFMHCA). (HeldaMontero)

National Association of Colleges & Employers (NACE).
(Wayne Wallace, Rick Sayers, Institutional)

National Association of Student Personnel
Administrators (NASPA). (Vince Carnes, Kisa
Pendergrass, Rachel Spier, Wayne Wallace)

National Career Development Association (NCDA).
(Elaine Casquarelli, Helda Montero, Lisa Severy)

National Notary Association. (Vince Carnes)

National Society for Experiential Education (NSEE).
(Rick Sayers, Rachel Spier)

North Central Florida Society for Human Resource
Management (NCF-SHRM). (Kimberly Raymond)

Public Relations Society ofAmerica. (Nadene Francis)



(www. crc. ufl. edu)

SEACNET, a consortium of SEC &ACC Career Center
Directors. (Wayne Wallace)

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM),
National SHRM and North Central Florida Chapter.
(Saranette Miles, Kimberly Raymond, Rick Sayers)

Southeastern Association of Colleges & Employers
(SACE). (Saranette Miles, Kimberly Raymond, Rick
Sayers, Lucas Wall, Wayne Wallace)

Southern Association of College Student Affairs
(SACSA) (Saranette Miles)

Toastmasters International Gator Orators Chapter.
(Nadene Francis, Saranette Miles, Kimberly Raymond
Lucas Wall)

University Network (UN), a national invitational group
of 30 major university career center directors. (Wayne

Professional Association Offices Held,
Committees or Recognition Received

American Counseling Association (ACA),
Cybertechnology Issues Committee; AMCD Student
Issues Committee Chair 2002-2003; AMCD Latino
Network Historian; AMCD Latino Network Listserv
Administrator. (Helda Montero)

American College Personnel Association (ACPA)
Committee for Multicultural Affairs Secretary & Co-
Chair Latino Network; Standing Committee for Women
Directorate Board member; Commission for Career
Development Directorate Board member. (Helda

ACPA Committee for Multicultural Affairs, Directorate
Member. (Kisa Pendergrass)

ACPA Commission for Career Development, Member;
Commission for Global Dimensions, Member. (Farouk

Alachua County Workforce Board, Full-Committee and
High Wage& High Pay Committee. (Saranette Miles)

Florida Career Centers (FCC), association of all 11
public universities, state chairperson. (Wayne Wallace)

Florida Career Professionals Association (FCPA),
Executive Board Member (Saranette Miles), Conference
Registration Chair (Lucas Wall) and Audio-visual and
Technology 2003 Conference Chair (Rick Sayers)

Florida Mental Health Counselors Association,
Education Chair. (HeldaMontero)

Gainesville Chamber of Commerce New Internship
Program Development group. (Rachel Spier)

Gainesville-Ocala Florida Mental Health Counselors
Association (G-OFMHCA), President. (HeldaMontero)

National Career Development Association (NCDA),
Technical Forum member. (HeldaMontero)

Society for Human Resource Management North
Central Florida (NCF-SHRM) Program Co-chair
(2001-02), Student Chapter Liaison (2003-present).
(Kimberly Raymond)

Southeastern Association of Colleges & Employers, Co-
2002 Conference Planning Committee Co-Chair of
Programs (Saranette Miles), 2003 Conference Planning
Committee Co-Chair Door Prizes (Saranette Miles),
2002-2003 Research Committee Chair (Rick Sayers),
Marketing Subcommittee of the Membership Committee
(Kimberly Raymond)

Toastmasters International Gator Orators Chapter -
President (Saranette Miles), Vice President for Public
Relations Fall 2002-Spring 2003 (Kimberly
Raymond), Sergeant-at-Arms (Nadene Francis).

Toastmasters International Gator Orators Chapter -
Sergeant-at-Arms. (Nadene Francis)

State, University or Community Activities,
Committees or Task Forces

ABETAccreditation Committee, College of Engineering,
University of Florida. (Rick Sayers)

ABLE Conference for Students with Disabilities
presenter. (Kisa Pendergrass)

Ad hoc Committee for Women's History Month, 1996-
Present. (Lisa Severy)



(www. crc. ufl. edu)

Association of Black Faculty & Staff. (Nadene Francis,
Saranette Miles)

Association of Hispanic Faculty & Staff President.
(Helda Montero)
"Camp Florida," Division of Student Affairs, UF,
Summer 2003, Gainesville. (Lucas Wall)

Career Exploration Community Committee Co-Chair
(with Department of Housing and Residence Education).
(Farouk Dey)

College of Law "All-Staff Retreat" Facilitator,
Gainesville, FL, January 31, 2003. (Kimberly Raymond)

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Council (CLASC) -
Faculty Advisor. (Farouk Dey)

Committee on Sexism & Homophobia. (Elaine

FACS Modeling Troupe -Advisor. (Kimberly Raymond)

First Annual Downtown [Gainesville] Latino Festival -
Coordinating Team Member. (HeldaMontero)

Florida Career Centers Chairperson of non-profit
consortium of 11 public university career centers.
(Wayne Wallace)

Gainesville Commission on the Status of Women Board
Member. (Helda Montero)

Gainesville Hispanic Chamber of Affairs Board
Member. (Helda Montero)

Gator Nights assisted in the Friday evening programs,
as well as providing CRC information and facilitating
CRC Bingo, September 1, 2002. (Saranette Miles,
Kimberly Raymond, Lucas Wall)

Graham area residence halls "Faculty Fellow." (Sara
Mo ck)

Graham Hall Career Exploration Community
Committee. (Farouk Dey, Lucas Wall)

Hispanic Graduate Student Association Faculty
Advisor. (Helda Montero)


Hispanic/Latino Collegiate Forum Presenter. (Kisa

Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc. Faculty Advisor.
(Nadene Francis)

Lambda Theta Alpha Sorority, Inc. -Academic Advisor.
(Nadene Francis)

Latinos America Unidos Faculty Advisor. (Helda

Minority Business Society Faculty Advisor. (Kisa

Mortar Board Senior Honor Society Advisor. (Lisa

NAACP, Gator Chapter Advisor. (Saranette Miles)

People Awareness Week Steering Committee. (Helda

President's Humanitarian Awared Committee Chair.
(Helda Montero)

Reitz Scholar Program Mentor. (Nadene Francis, Lisa

Residence Life search committee. (Rachel Spier)

Sales Engineering Advisory Council, College of
Engineering, University of Florida. (Rick Sayers)

StudentAffairs Division Community Service Committee.
(Saranette Miles)

StudentAffairs Division Computer Users' Group. (Vince
Carnes, Bill Lewis)

StudentAffairs Division Leadership Committee. (Lucas

Student Affairs Divison Leisure Committee. (Farouk
Dey, Helda Montero)

Student Affairs Division Student Affairs Update
Newsletter Committee. (Nadene Francis)

Student Affairs Division Student Leadership


www. crc. ufl. edu

Development Committee. (Kisa Pendergrass, Lisa

Student Affairs Division Superior Accomplishment
Award Committee. (Rachel Spier)

Student Affairs Division Training Committee. (Helda
Montero to September 2002, Kimberly Raymond from
September 2002 to present)

Statewide Job Fair, UCF Arena, May 9, 2003, Orlando,
FL. (Saranette Miles, Rick Sayers, Wayne Wallace)

Susan B. Anthony Award Selection Committee. (Helda

University Gospel Choir- Co-advisor. (Saranette Miles)

University of Florida Affirmative Action/Equal
Employment Opportunity Committee, 2002-Present.
(Kisa Pendergrass)

University of Florida Communications Network.
(Nadene Francis)

University of Florida Community Campaign Committee,
2000-2003. (Vince Carnes)

University of Florida ROTC Committee, 2002-2003.
(Vince Carnes)

Womens' History Month activities. (Rachel Spier)

Professional Development Programs

ASTD and SHRM professional development workshops
and seminars on "Wizards & Warriors: How to Surivive,
Even Thrive, in Organizational Politics" and "Finding
& Keeping Valuable Employees," Fall 2002-Summer
2003, Gainesville, FL. (Kimberly Raymond)

"Attitude: Radiating Possibility," supervisory training
by Human Resources (HR) Division, November 2002,
286 Reitz Union. (Phyllis Peha)

Barr, Dr. Peggy, presentation as part of the 2002 Harold
Riker Lecture Series, J. Wayne Reitz Union, October
25, 2002. (Nadene Francis, Lucas Wall)

Basic Hypnotherapy Training, Florida Society for
Clinical Hypnosis, May 2003, Clearwater, FL. (Elaine

"Be Your Best" certificate-granting training series from
HR Division, consisting of "Attitude: Radiating
Possibility," "Take Charge of Change," and "Myers-
Briggs," February 2003. (Judy Arzie)

Central Leave Processing training, Division of Human
Resources/Central Leave, March 2003. (Linda Adams)

"Coaching for Success" training by HR Division,
February 11, 2003. (Nadene Francis)

"Communication Confidence," supervisory training by
HR Division, December 2002, 349 Reitz Union. (l'lij /i,

Cultural Diversity "Bag Lunch" Series entitled "Oh, the
People You Will Be: An Interpersonal Exploration Into
the Fluid of Identity," Peabody Hall, November 13, 2002.
(Lucas Wall)

"Desktop Publishing in a University Environment,"
Computer Challenge Program, March 2003. (Linda

"Dynamic Encounters: Strategies for Building, Repairing
and Enhancing Working Relationships," training by HR
Division, October 2002. (Linda Adams)

Enterprise Resource Project/UFBridges training, Union
Station, April 2003. (Linda Adams)

Ethics & Law in Career Centers, presented to new
professional staff by Lisa Severy and Kimberly
Raymond, August 26, 2003.

Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing
(EMDR), Level I Training, EMDR Institute, June 2003,
Gainesville, FL. (Elaine Casquarelli)

FERPA (Buckley Amendment) Workshop, J. Wayne
Reitz Union, October 22, 2002. (Vince Carnes, Nancy
Leitner, Helda Montero,Kimberly Raymond, Lucas

Finance & Administration Academy, joint Student
Affairs-Finance & Administration Division leadership



www. crc. ufl. edu

training program, University of Florida, February 13,
2002 February 28, 2003. (Vince Carnes)

Florida Career Center (FCC) Institute, August 7-8, 2003,
Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL. (Elaine
Casquarelli, Lydia Golden, Akhil Karkera, Kisa
Pendergrass, Kimberly Raymond, Rachel Spier,
Saranette Miles, Wayne Wallace)

Graduate Student Colloquium with Dr. Peggy Barr,
University of Florida, October 25, 2002, Gainesville,
FL. (Rachel Spier)

Komives, Dr. Susan, speech at Graduate Student-Faculty
Forum, University of Florida, January 31, 2003. (Helda
Montero, Kisa Pendergrass, Rachel Spier, Lucas Wall)

"Mastering QuickBooks Software," two-day training
seminar, May 2003, Jacksonville, FL. (Linda Adams)

"Microsoft Access," basic two-day training, University
of Florida. (Lucas Wall)

Microsoft Excel, Computer Challenge Program, April
2003. (Linda Adams)

NACE virtual seminar entitled "Developing and Using
Practical and Affordable Assessment Tools," April 28,
2003. (Nancy Leitner Kimberly Raymond, Rick Sayers)

NACE teleconference workshop on "NACE Legal Issues
for Interns," by Shelly Kaplan, May 21, 2003. (Judy

NASPA International Exchange Program as the guest
of Germany's Studentenwerk, visiting several
universities in Berlin, Potsdam, and Minster, June 22-
28, 2003, Germany. (Wayne Wallace)

NASPA/ACPA on-line "Millennials" workshop,
November-December 2002. (Rachel Spier)

NASPA/ACPA on-line "Theories of College Student
Development" program, June-July 2003. (Rachel Spier)

NASPA Workshop on Assessment, Georgia State
University, January 9-11, 2003, Atlanta, GA. (Wayne

New Cost Transfer training, Finance & Administration,
February 2003. (Linda Adams)

"One Team Coaching for Customer Service Success,"
training by HR Division, September 2002. (Linda
Adams, Nadene Francis)

"Power Writing," "Power of Public Speaking," and
"Punctuation Power," training seminars by HR Division,
UF. (Farouk Dey)

"Relationship Strategies," supervisory training
conducted by Human Resources Division, October 18,
2002, 316 Stadium. (l'h-//i, Peha)

"Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" Workshop,
Reitz Union, December 13, 2002. (Kisa Pendergrass,
Rick Sayers, Lucas Wall)

Sexual Harassment Mini-Conference, J. Wayne Reitz
Union, November 14, 2002. (Rachel Spier, Lucas Wall)

"Supervisory Challenge," staff multi-course staff
leadership training program, Division of Human
Resources, University of Florida, various dates 2002-
2003, Gainesville, FL. (FaroukDey, Kisa Pendergrass,
Rachel Spier)

"Synchronicity & Career Development," 2002-2003
Career Talk Series, presented by Elaine Casquarelli to
the Career Resource Center, October 2002. (Rachel

"Teamwork: Together Everyone Wins," supervisory
training by HR Division, 286 Reitz Union, December
2002. (I'i9iyi, Peha)

T.R.R.I.P.S. on-line travel processing training, Finance
& Administration, April 2003. (Linda Adams)

UF Directory Coordinator training, January 27, 2003,
282 Reitz Union. (Linda Adams, Vince Carnes, Nancy

"Word 2000 Advanced," Computer Challenge Program,
OIT, October 2002. (Linda Adams, Nadene Francis)




October 2003

Akhil Karkera

David Cortes


'Interim Appointment
* Temporary OPS
** Part-time (.5 FTE)

Kimberly Raymond

Lydia Golden

L----- J

HeatherB. White

Judy Arzie

Rachel Spier

L----- J


www. crc. ufl. edu


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