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Group Title: Report from the faculty, University of Florida College of Law
Title: Report from the faculty
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S TA T E O F T H E C O L L E G E .......................

"When UF Law celebrates its centennial in 2009,

it will do so proudly as a strong, thriving law school."

Applications from highly qualified
students to our J.D., LL.M. and S.J.D.
programs increase each year. We have
expanded our Graduate Tax Program,
which is consistently regarded as one
of the nation's best and now offers the
LL.M. in International Taxation and the
S.J.D. in Graduate Taxation in addition to
the LL.M. in Graduate Taxation. Our highly
regarded Environmental and Land Use
Law Program now offers the nation's first
LL.M. in these closely-related fields.
We concluded a $25-million expan-
sion and renovation project in 2005 that
added two classroom towers and com-
pletely renovated and upgraded our library,
and construction is now underway on
the $6-million Martin H. Levin Advocacy
Center, which will house a state-of-the-art
courtroom and complete the total recon-

struction of the college's academic space
during this decade.
The generous support of our alumni and
friends has helped us pass the halfway point
in our $47-million capital campaign, and
along with tuition devolution was instrumen-
tal in allowing us to continue our progress
despite Florida's tight budget climate.
Recent guests to our campus have in-
cluded U.S. Supreme Court Justices Sandra
Day O'Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg
and former Secretary of State Madeline
Albright, and this fall we will be honored
with visits by both U.S. Supreme Court
Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. and U.S.
Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens.
Greater than all this is our pride in our
faculty, the heart of our institution, whose
exceptional productivity and vibrant schol-
arship are chronicled in this report.

I invite you to view more information
about the Levin College of Law and its
faculty at www.law.ufl.edu, and to visit us
online or in person in Gainesville.
- Robert H. Jerry, II
Dean; Levin Mabie and Levin Professor of Law


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The UF Law faculty has been a leader in

shaping academic thought and public policy.


SFaculty papers have influenced national
and international policy. Professor Patricia
E. Dilley's proposal on "Restoring Old Age
Income Security for Low Wage Workers"
won one of 12 Rockefeller Foundation In-
novation Awards of $30,000 to strength-
en social security for vulnerable groups;
Professor Alyson C. Flournoy co-edited
"CPR for the Environment: Breathing New
Life into the Nation's Major Environmen-
tal Statutes, A Legislative Sourcebook of
Progressive Ideas" (2007), which was
distributed to members of Congress and
staff; and Professor Michelle S. Jacobs
was a contributing author to the U.N.
Shadow Report (U.S. Human Rights
Network Committee for the Elimination of
Racial Discrimination).

* Faculty books include Professor Mark A. Fen-
ster, Conspiracy Theories: Secrecy and Power
in American Culture (U. Minn. Press. 2008);
Professor Berta Esperanza Hernandez-Truyol
& Stephen J. Powell, Lecturer in Law and
Director, International Trade Law Program,
Just Trade: A New Covenant Linking Trade
and Human Rights (NYU Press 2009);
Professor William H. Page, The Microsoft
Case: Antitrust, High Technology, and Con-
sumer Welfare (with John Lopatka) (Univ.
of Chicago Press, 2007); Professor Barbara
Bennett Woodhouse, Hidden in Plain Sight:
The Tragedy of Children's Rights from Ben
Franklin to Lionel Tate (Princeton University
Press, 2008); and Professor Michael Allan
Wolf, The Zoning of America: Euclid v. Am-
bler (University Press of Kansas, 2008).
* Faculty articles have been recognized as the
best in the field, including work by

Associate Professor Mary Jane Angelo (ar-
ticle chosen as one of top 10 land use and
environmental articles published in 2006)
and Professor Danaya C. Wright (article
selected as winner of the 2005 Donald
Sutherland Award for the most important
article in English legal history from the
American Society for Legal History).

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UF Law welcomes the following new faculty members

Charlene Luke
Assistant Professor
Charlene Luke has joined the
faculty as an assistant professor
and will teach income, corporate,
and partnership taxation. She
was previously an assistant
professor at Florida State
University College of Law and
visiting faculty at the University
of Utah S.J. Quinney College
of Law. Before teaching, Luke
was an associate at Dechert
in Philadelphia, Penn. Luke
received a bachelor's and law
degree from Brigham Young
University. She graduated from
law school summa cum laude
and was first in her class.

Daniel Sokol
Assistant Professor
D. Daniel Sokol has joined the
faculty as an assistant professor
teaching corporations and
business organizations law.
Before joining UF Law, he was
a visiting associate professor
at the University of Missouri
School of Law and a fellow at
the University of Wisconsin
Law School. After earning a
bachelor's in history and political
science from Amherst College,
he went on to earn a Master
of Studies in modern history
from the University of Oxford.
After earning his law degree
from the University of Chicago,
Sokol worked as an associate at
Swidler Berlin Shereff Friedman
in Washington, D.C., and Steel
Hector& Davis in Miami, Fla.,
where he specialized in antitrust,
international trade
and corporate law.

E. Lea Johnston
Assistant Professor
E. Lea Johnston will join the
faculty in 2009 as an assistant
professor. She will teach courses
in criminal law, criminal proce-
dure adversary systems, and
immigration. After earning her
bachelor's degree from Princeton
University in ecology and evolu-
tionary biology, Johnston served
as the director of the Maryland
Public Interest Research Group,
where she focused on toxics and
energy issues. After receiving her
J.D. from Harvard Law School,
Johnston clerked with the U.S.
Court of Appeals for the Ninth
Circuit in Seattle, Washington
and worked as a litigation as-
sociate at Arnold & Porter LLC in
Washington, D.C. Her teaching
experience includes serving as a
member of the Board of Student
Advisors at Harvard Law School,
where she taught legal research,
appellate brief writing, and oral
advocacy skills.

Deborah Cupples
Legal Skills Professor
Deborah Cupples has joined the
faculty as a lecturer and legal
skills professor and will teach
legal drafting. She previously
served UF Law as an adjunct
professor teaching legal drafting
and was a part-time attorney at
F Parker Lawrence, PA. Cupples
earned her bachelor's degree
in English, master's degree in
political science, and J.D. from
the University of Florida.

Robin Davis
Legal Skills Professor
Robin Davis has joined the
faculty as a legal skills professor
and associate director of the
Institute for Dispute Resolution.
Davis will teach mediation and
mediation clinic. Since 1994,
she has been the alternative
dispute resolution director of
the Eighth Judicial Circuit. In
spring 2008, Davis served as
an adjunct professor at UF Law
teaching alternative dispute
resolution and mediation. She
received her J.D. cum laude
from the University of Florida
Levin College of Law and
bachelor's magna cum laude
from Michigan State University.


I .~i

Associate Professor
"Harnessing the Power of Science in Environmental Law:
Why We Should, Why We Don't, and How We Can," 86
Texas L. Rev. 1527 (2008) "The Killing Fields: Reducing
the Casualties in the Battle Between U.S. Endangered
Species and Pesticide Law," 32 Harvard Envtl. L. Rev.
95 (2008) "Incorporating Emergy Synthesis into
Environmental Law: an Integration of Ecology, Economics,
and Law" (with Mark T. Brown), 37 Envtl. L. 963 (2007)
* "Reforming the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and
Rodenticide Act," CPR for the Environment: Breathing New
Life into the Nation's Major Environmental Statutes, A
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Evolutionary Biology Model for Regulating the Unnatural
Selection of Genetically Modified Organisms," 42 Wake
Forest L. Rev. 93 (2007) "Embracing Uncertainty,
Complexity, and Change: An Eco-Pragmatic Reinvention
of a First-Generation Environmental Law," 33 Ecology
L. Q. 105 (2006), reprinted in 38 Land Use and
Environmental L. Rev. (2007) (collecting top ten land
use and environmental law articles published in 2006) *
"Crouching Textualist, Hidden Intentionalist: Reclaiming Our
Stolen 'GreenDestiny' Out of the Judicial Sparring Over the
Interpretation of Environmental Statutes," in Strategies for
Environmental Success in an Uncertain Judicial Climate
(Michael Allan Wolf, ed.) (2005) "Redressing the Failure
of Environmental Law to Protect Birds and Their Habitat"
(with Anthony J. Cotter), 20 Nat. Res. & Env't 22 (2005)

Legal Skills Professor; Director,
Conservation Clinic and Costa Rica Law Program
"Anchoring Away: Government Regulation and the

Rights of Navigation in Florida" (with Richard Hamann),
Florida Sea Grant, Technical Publication # 157 (2006
revision) "Defending the Polygon: The Emerging Human
Right to Communal Property" (with Thomas Ruppert),
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America" (with Thomas Ruppert), 19 Tulane Envt'l L. J.
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Forest Conservation: Costa Rica's Greater Osa Bioregion"
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Conservation Clinic" (with Nicole C. Kibert) in Partnerships
for Smart Growth: University-Community Collaboration for
Better Public Places 64 (Wim Wiewel & Gerrit-Jan Knaap,
eds.) (2005)

Chesterfield Smith Professor; Honorary Fellow, Institute
for Advanced Legal Studies, University of London;
Director, Center for International Financial Crime Studies;
Professeur au Centre du Droit de I'Entreprise, Montpellier
"The Rule of Law: Essential Component of the Financial
War Against Organized Crime and Terrorism in the
Americas" (with T. DiPerna), 18 N. J. Financial Crime
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in the journal by the Institute of Advanced Legal
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Assessing the Constitutionality of the National Security
Agency's Warrantless Wiretapping Program: Exit The
Rule of Law" (with Robert Shaw), 17 U. Fla. J. L.
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Institutions to Criminal Liability," 13 J. Financial Crime
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with Primary Focus on Terrorism and the USA Patriot

Act of 2001" in 3 Current Developments in Monetary
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Associate Professor
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Coordinated, But Not Reconciled," 25 Va. Tax Rev. 251
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Professor; Alumni Research Scholar
Federal Estate and Gift Taxation (with Richard B. Stephens
et. al) (8th ed., 2006)

Affiliate Professor; Joseph L. Brechner
Eminent Scholar of Mass Communications
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of Sex Offender Registries," 39 Urb. Law. 1 (2007) "The
Freedom of Information Act: 1966-2006; A Retrospective
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Knowing What the Government's Up To," 11 Comm. L. &
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Brauner Calfee Chamberlin

Angelo Ankersen Baldwin

Professor; Associate Director,
Institute for Dispute Resolution
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Professor; Gerald A. Sohn Scholar;
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In Pari Delicto Doctrine Has Nothing To Do With What
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Legal Skills Professor
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Dale Davis Dekle

Cohen Cohn

Dilley Dowd

. ,

( ..;..








i "
:.1 :

Professor; UF Research Foundation Professor
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Culture (revised 2nd ed. 2008) "Regulating Land Use
in a Constitutional Shadow: The Institutional Contexts of
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Professor; UF Research Foundation Professor; Director,
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Professor; Associate Dean and
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Friel Gordon Calvert Hanson

Fenster Flocks Flournoy

Harrison Hart


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Assistant Professor (joining UF faculty Jan. 2009)
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Klein Lear Lidsky

Little Lokken Lu ke



~q.. -. **


r;;. ""t~~ S.

S. Si~


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McDaniel McMahon Mills

Malavet Mashburn

-w -


" a

ounum:4--w-mo-o.w N ol

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Moffat Nagan Noah


Nunn Outler

D.m" "

I N T E L L E C T U A L P R 0 P E R T Y

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about workplace intellectual property
disputes. The pace of technological and
cultural changes present many challenges
to the protection of intellectual property,
particularly trade secrets. I am pleased
that my research can make a contribution
toward the theoretical and practical ap-
proaches to these problems."

Associate Professor; former litigation partner
at Hale and Dorr, LLP (now WilmerHale)
in Boston; was named one of the top five
up-and-coming attorneys in Massachusetts.
Her areas of expertise include workplace
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Perea Peters Powell

Price Richardson Riskin

"A rgesvea h e S out Afia

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of the Cosiuto' -xrese idels

th enore -n of5-s ruins M.a.y
lesn ca be lere fro stdigti


5i 5. La' Su me Std AbodPormi
SaeTo n S ot Afrca He area of exSpertise

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Associate Professor; Director, Center for Estate and Elder
Law Planning; Director, Estates and Trusts Practice
Certificate Program; Associate Director, Center on Children
and Families
"Liberating Estates Law from the Constraints of Copyright,"
38 Rutgers L. J. 109 (2006)


Rowe Rush Russell-Brown


.6 *6 6. 6

fl !'* .6 6 ** A *
***n* en
* 9**
A6. 6 *66 6*
6.* .6 .6 **.6 6. 6

Foreign & International Law Librarian
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Richard E. Nelson Chair in Local Government Law;
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David H. Levin Chair in Family Law;
Director, Center on Children and Families;
Director, Family Law Certificate Program
Hidden in Plain Sight: The Tragedy of Children's Rights from
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Professor; UF Research Foundation Professor
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and Matrimonial Causes Court (1858-1866)," Wisconsin
Women's L. J. 211 (2005) (winner of the 2005 Donald
Sutherland Award for the most important article in English
legal history from the American Society for Legal History)

Vallandingham Wade Weyrauch

Willis Wittman Wolf

Woodhouse Wright


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