Title: Report of the Board of Control of the state educational institutions of Florida for the period ..
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Title: Report of the Board of Control of the state educational institutions of Florida for the period ..
Series Title: Report of the Board of Control of the state educational institutions of Florida for the period ...
Alternate Title: Report of the Board of Control of the state educational institutions of Florida for the biennium ending ..
Report of the Board of Control of the state institutions of higher learning of Florida for the biennium ending ..
Report of Board of Control, state of Florida
Physical Description: 29 v. : ill. ; 24 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Florida -- Board of Control
University of the State of Florida
University of Florida
Publisher: T.J. Appleyard, State Printer
Place of Publication: Tallahassee
Publication Date: 1922
Frequency: biennial
Subject: Education, Higher -- Periodicals -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Genre: government publication (state, provincial, terriorial, dependent)   ( marcgt )
statistics   ( marcgt )
Dates or Sequential Designation: 1905/1907-1962/64.
Numbering Peculiarities: Reporting period for reports 1905/1907-1907/1909 ends Jan. 1; for 1909/1910-1911/1912 ends Dec. 31; for 1912/1914-1962/64 ends June 30.
Numbering Peculiarities: Report for 1907/1909 mistakenly dated 1908/1909.
General Note: Includes the report of the president of the University of the State of Florida, later the University of Florida, and of the presidents of the other state institutions of higher education.
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* V




Higher Learning of Florida

Biennium Ending
June 30, 1922

I a



P K YOUNG, Clairman ...... .Penecola
. Lt. WARTMANN .... - .. ...Cira
J. u SUTTON Tampa
sO" 30 C, COOPER, J,,,I-,,,IH, ,,, ,-,, ,,, SaeaOo
JOHN COOPN R .. JR......... ... .. ......... Ue
W. I, Weaver ..P . .. ... . .. .. Pary

J T DIAMOND, Scretgry. .. Tllahassee

To His Ezcellency.
Cary A. Hardee.
Governor of FloridA


In complance with thb protlioin of Chapter 6384, Laws of Florida.
herewith Is submitted blinnial report of the Board of Control for the
period from July 1920, to June 30, 1922, to be transmitted by you to
the laglslature,
Br P. K Yonge, Chalrman.


January IlEth, 1S3.


We bag to submit beewltl our betanoil report oa the State BdaaionulI
Tstglwatldoa uder our mana men

University of lorida
Florld State Colleg, for Women.
Scbool for the Deat and the Blind
Agricultural and Mechanical College for Negroge.

The report Is Sade under different heads as followso

I Membership.
TI, Reports
Ill, Land, Buildings and improvements,
IV. flnarces
V Budgets.
VI Growth and Service
VII Concluaton,


The terms of three members ot the Board expired In July, 1921, va
Mr. 1. B. Hodges, of Lake City, Mr H B Minium, of Jackmonville, and
Mr. P. K Yonge, of PeQsacola,-Mr Ponge having bean appointed In
March, 1921. in place of Mr W W. FlouMo, of DeFunlak Springs, who
had resigned To IlI the above vacancies Mr. W. L Weaver, of Perry,
was appointed to succeed Mr J. B Hodget, Mr. John 0 Cooper, Jr., or
Jacksonville, was appointed to succeed Mr H B. Minimum, and Mr.
P. K. Yoage, of Pesmaeoli was appointed to succeed himself. Mr. Yonge
was elected Chairman or the Board.


We present herewith as a part of thi report, the reports from the
four institutions under the management of this Board, viz:

oifnt 1 JT, nd, a nt I .....E ...,. ......-... 13

s 1t sM R SokoOL

Report o W,. S. Cawthon, State Snperintendent ........ ....., S


Report of A A Maurphree, A M., L L D.,Prosient ... ... 64
College of Arts and Sciences:
Report of James N. Anderson, M. A., Ph. D., Dean and Pro-
fessor of Acient Languaea ......... 88
College o AigrCuitur
Report of Wflmon Newell S, D Be, ooea Inatrauconial
Division .. . .. .- S9
Report of Wilmon Newell. M, S,, D Sc. Director Expermaent
Station, Research Division ...... 119
Branch Experiment Stations
Report of Citrus Station .., .. .... 128
Report of Tobacco Station ... 133
Report of Eveigades . .... ........ 137
Report of Agricultural Extension Division .. 13a
College of EngineerJti
Report of J R Benton, B S, Pb D, Dean and Professor of
Electrical Enageing ............ 159
College of Law.
Report of Harry R Trualer, A M, L L D,, Doa and Professor
o Law .. .... . . ... . 173
Teachers Collge and Normal School
Report of James W. Norman, A, M, Ph D., Dean and Profnssor
of Education .... ... ........ .. ..... 177
Report of James R Fulk, A M, Ph D, Professor of Education 190
Report of Joseph Roomer, A M, Ph D. Professor or Secondary
Education ......, ............... ... 191
Report of Jaomes W Day. B. S A, M A., Professor of Ag'cul-
tural Education ...... .-.. ............ . 184
Report of L. S. Green, M S, Protfssor of Industrial Education 19
General Extension D[ivlon
Report of B C. Riley, B. A, e S. A., Director. .......... 198
Business Administration:
Report of Cora Miltimore, Librarian. ..... .. .,,. ...,.. 214
Report of T. Van Hfyo, Cumrator oE Museum ............. 217
Department of Military Sclence and Tacticsm
Report of James A. VanFiest, Major Infantry, D. 0. L ...... 218

earE o at oF H lane:
Report of Albert W. Sweet. M. A, Ph. D, Diretor an Pronaor
Et HRgoene ............... ........ .............
report ot Ethel Cowan, Reolstrar .... a2n
Report of K H, Graham, Auditor ............ .......... .. ,. 32S


Report of Edward Conradi, A. M, Ph. D, President and Protense
of Philosophy .. ......... ....,. ........... 0
College of Arts and Scieenes.
Report of W. G. Dodd, A, M. Ph. D, Dean and Profesmor of
Engla h ........ .... ..... .... ........ . 254
School of Sducatlon and Normal School.
Report of N. M. Salley, A B Dean and Professor of Education 256
School of Home Economicsa
Report of Margaret R. Sandels, Dean and Profeasor of Home
~Economice .... ..... ............. 259
School of Music
Report of EIla Scoble Oppermao, A. B, B M, Dean ... 262
Home Demonstration Work.
Report of Sarah W. Partridge, State Agent . ,,, 263
BuS emes Administratlon
Report of J. G Kellum, Bsiness Manager,
Financal Statement ... .. . ........ 27
Boarding Fund .- .. 282
College Farm .. ... .. .. ., S8.


Report of A H. Walker, A B., D Litt ... .. ..... 288


Report of N. SB Young, A. M., Ltt, D., President and Professor of
Pholisophy and Economncs ........ .. ............... 3
Report of Hotner Thomas, A M., Professor of Educatln ...... 306
Report of Albert L Mebane, B. Agr, M S A, Profeasor o[ Agrl ,l-
tura ....,.. .. . .. ........ .... ..... 307
Report or W. H ,A Howard, A. M., Professor of Mechanic Arts,,. 09
Report of J V. HIlyer, R N, Superintendent of Sanatorium .... 312
Report of J. F Matheus. A. Aud tor and Professor of Modern
Languages. ... ... .......,..................... a3
Report of ,B M. Hawklis, Dean Home Economics ................ a1

Those reports are very cull and give a clear idea of the conditions of
the Institutlons and the work being deon by them. They have been
prepared by tboas In direct choare of the work and In close tonoh with
Its every pbos. We would be glad It you would consider as a part of
thIb report also, the catsilorea of the several Institutios


.i -. _- -r *n --" J ,7 *

5 I' j I

tilW ret tal Ftddit a,.. .. .s-" .... .... aE seem,
Floria Soat Colle W o ...c...u .Bay. were = rea
Shbol for the Dea and the Bid ................ a Fe
ariaitul t Mehania cotfee for Negoa l.... SdS aw rea
Brumob a p d rian fStaioas
Tl"obao .tatlon ,,.-. S acres
Citu Station . 4 acres
erade Staton .................. 160 acre 67 acre.

Toal ... ............... .............. ... .... U1 4 artee

It is important that this fereage should he In raell aa 0 ,br aas prao
ricable, Thero are several desrale tracks of land that can be bad at
reasonable figures aijicnag the State's property at efh ofa the four
Institutions but as there are suc press demands for funds tor Other
purposes. we are not recOumnowidlu the purchase ot any land ancept a
aria] acre at the Florida State College for Women
All of the buildings for which approprlations have been made have
been completed except the luni of the Adminictration Building at the
University This is under costrUetion and will be completed no fr as
the money appropriated will permit by the time the Legslature meets-
As pooalbly you may not know what the Stale owns at the several eo-
stltuions, we give you a list of the building,. with a short deserption,
floor space and estimated value a follows, viz.


Square Estimated
Feet Value,
Backman Hall-DoNrmtory-S floors and basement
(Brick with e roof) .. .......... ..... ..-.. 28,00 $100,000
Thomas Hall-Dormitory-3 floors and basement
(Brick with tile roof) --. --..... .. ... ,00- 30O 200b
DInin Hall-1 floor and basement (Brick with (le
rool) o ............ ... .......... 6,900 40,000
Epaeriment Stalon Bullding-3 floor and attie
(Bc ek with tile roo) .... ..... ... 2M, 76&00
Agricultural Hall-2 Moors and attlc (Brik with 1til
roofW) -..- .. .. ............................. ,i Die00
language Hall-3 floors sad attic (Brick with tile
roof) ..... ....... .. ............... 33,00

F WIII I SB I wth ti LOO) Ike orO

4ltth1 Bsel B tiere am( attlef (Brice wan
-te road); EintaTing Worimorb (abricek with
a e ea e-ro ....... ... o--- ... ... SWOt7 .Foig
Ure Dairy dFidseW~d fer-har e Weor
:aw m I A air-thlorem e aItto tBrT.k with tile

Solesee M a1-- floors and attic (rtok with ille
roo) I .., ..... ... .... .- ........-.... ... 2 0 90,000
Asaembly Building- floor (Brick with tile root).. 11,0 45,000
Foreman' Residne -2 floors (Agrio lture)
(Frame hi ) .t ing.le.roo.) .. ......... 1,763 3000
F'ordexn s Reiaentce-2 floor (Horticulturle
(Frame with single roo) .......... .......... 763 3000
One Dairy Farm Foremoian's Redsdene-one stary
(Fame with shingle roof) ................... 3,061 5,000
Laore Diry Barn-one story an attic (Frame with
shinle root) .I. 5,6- .. ..... ............. ,6 25,000
Green House-one story (Horticulture) (Wood with
glass roof) .... .... ..... ......... 1,700 4,000
Tool Houae-one story (Horticulture) (Frame with
shingle roof) wh... I. ...... .. .... di0 600
Corn Crib a4d Shed uombined-(Agrie ulture) one
story (Frame with shingle roof) ............... 3,50 ,000
Small Cow Barn and Silo-(Agriculture) two story
(Frame wth shingle roof) ..... ......,, 2,74 4,000
Mule Farm aearn-(Agriculture) two story (Frame
with shingle roof) ..... . .... 1,800 4,000
Waeon Shed-open (Frame with sligle root) .... 648 300
Wagon Shed-elosed (Agricnuture) one story
(Frame with shingle roof) .. .... 1,440 1,200
Tool Houne-(Agriculture) one story (Frame with
shltgle roof) ... .................... 400 400
ImplemenEt and Store Houne-(Agriulture) (Frame
with shingle roof) -. - ... 1.00 1,800
Mule Barn-(lortEicuture) two story (Frame with
shigele roo) ............................... 3,1 3000
Implement House-(Horticulture) one story (Frame
with copostion roof) .......... 1,320 2,500
Jndgng H ouse--(Horticulture) one atory (Frame
with shingle roof) ..... ........ . 720 1ioo0
Feed Hoase-(Hortioclture) one story (Frame with
shingle roof) ............... ...... .3 300
Workshop-one story (Brick with shbngle roof),... 1,200 2,000
Auditorium Unit of Administration Building--(Briok
with tile oot) ...,,,...... ........ .. ...... 943 100.000

B0Stry Wot en aU rlok--ed sa Ter
i ar. ...... .... 4,. .
SO Sta r WooeA Baranea, used as Tomporar
Drmnnltry Anbax ... -..... ... ......... LM S6
Oae Stor Wooden Shop-used for Storage and oa-
Baiona .Wortc .. ,,,,, .,, ,,.. ..-..... ..800 4,kdg

324,437 $18.400


Square r timated
Feat. Value.
Tobacco Staton, Qulney:
Laboratory-two stories (Brick wth composition
shingles) -. ........ . ...... 4,670 12,1000
Citrus Station, Lake Alfred:
Superintendent's Cottage-one and half story
(Frame with shingle roo) .......... ....... 1,728 3,70
Tool and Fertilizer Shed-one story (Frame with
shingle roof) ........... ....... 280 200

6,578 $ 16,950


Square Estimated
feet Value.
Administration and Academic Bldg-three floors and
basement (Brick with tile roof). ,, 5 9.23 226,000
Bryan Hall-Dormitory--two floor and basement
(Brick with tar and gravel roof)............ 33,070 80,000
Reynolds Hall-Dormitory (Including Annex)-
three floors and basement (Brick with tile roor) 55,26 150,000
Dining Hall-(Including Kitchen) one floor and
basement (Brick with tile roof) ............... 24,11 160,000
Gymnasium-one floor (Flrame with shingle root).. 4,40 5,000
Training School-one floor (Frame with composition
shlngle roof) .. ,. . .. 3,0 3,500
adueton Building-three stories (Brick with tile
roof) ....... .. .... .... 20,,469 75,000
Science Bllding-three stories (Brick with tile
root) ,. -..... -.. -... 31,240
Broward Hall-founr stories and basement (Brick
with tar and gravel roof) ..................... 81,120 io,'
Jednae Murlpbree Hall-four stories (Brick with tile
roof) . . ... .....-.... ........-... .32893 60ai


m B tflflDB-tWO stOri nd MI eent-
Rd outit roan) .. ......v............ 9q18" "5'M00

witt E ttipostlon Bhigles ,.........,.......... .. S 15000
Dary Bar-on story-(Fme wit composition
Iroo) ................................... .. 2,44S 600
Cow Bhrn and Shed-two storle-(Frame with cow-
position rooe) ...... .................. 6,00 1,00
Milk Housee-on e with composition
rpoer) ....... .... . .. .. .......... 14 250
Corn Crib-one ntory-(raime with composition
roo) .... ..,,,... .,............... 720 1,000
Mule Baro-two story-(Frame with com posIdio
roof) .... . .. ... .. .. 3,60 3,600
Farm Foreenant Residence-one story-(Frame with
composition root) . ...... ....... I. 3,200 4,500
Old Barn and Implement Shed-one story-(Frame
with ahlngle roof ),,_ . I. ,132 1,500
Old Laborer's Residece-oe story--(Flamr with
ahitile roof) ... . . .. .......... ..... 1,000
Farm Forema's Residence-one toy-re sto,-(Frawith
shingle root) .. .. ... 2,200 1,200

323,37S $1,093,550
Square Estimated
feet Value.
Administration and Academic Blds and Do mitory
-two floor-(Stucco on brick with tile lo) -. 37,300 $160,000
Industrial Building and Doriltory-two floors-
(Stucco on brick with tile roof) 1.500 75,000
Laundry or Service Bulldng-two floora-(Staicco
on brick with tile roof) - - .--. 6800S 2b000
Infirmary Building-two storios-(Stucco on mason-
ry tile rooft) .. ,,. ...- -. -. -,134 25,000
Wartmana Gottage-two storiss-(Stucco on mason-
ry tile roof) ...... 1 10,770 50,000
Negro Boildinf including Anne -two sories-(Stuc-
cc on maraoiry tils roof) .-- -, ., 18,10 75,000
Dairy Barn-one story-(Frae with composition
roof) ---..-..-..-. .. I 2,450 4,500
Garaee-one tory-(Frame--Comosition Roof). 60 200

09,710 $409,700

n A
);~ O-

uhvral Hall-Aaademio ufltiiln-two floog ai
bftfem nt-(Frae with wood shingle roof) ....
Agrilturel i~ll-two flor and asement-(Irick
rt cm r with tin root ......,..... ..........
HAos pal-two for (Frame with tin shingle root)
Laundry Blidlng--ote floor and bapement-(Fraae
tin shingle root) .. ............. .... ...
Mhtvin Loldg-Grti Dofomtor-two floors and
baBemenl-(Ft ie with tin shingle root) .
Gibba Hall-Dormitory, Dining Hall, Kkithe, Store
room-two floors and bosement-(Frame with
wood shingle rootf, d kitchen with tin shinl
root) .. ... .. ..
Mechan e Arts BuJlding-two floors-(Brlek veneer
with tin shingle r"oD o ,- ....-
Owynn Dormtory-one floor-(Frame with wood
shingle root) ... .
Tucker Hall-Boys' Dormitory--two fIors(Frame
with wood Ahingles) -.. .. ..
Library-two floors-(Brick veneer with tin roof) -
Model Schoo--oIe floor-(Frame with wood hingele

roon ... ... .
sclence Halone story-(uracaoe with wantW Wilna

Weeks Cottage-one story-(Frame with wood shin
gle roof) . .. ... .
Prlident's ResHdeOce-two stories-(Frame with
wood ahingl roo) .. .
Cateternl-ono story-(prame with compostiton shin-
gie root) . .. .. ..
Howard Realdene-one story-(%iFani with wood
shingle roo' ) ,. .
alebane Residence-to aStorlees- rame with wood
hla gl root) .. .. .
Cldsk Hall-two stories and basement (Girls' Dor-
mitory)-(Frame with compolition shingle root).
Assembly Hanl-Ol atory-(Frame with compoeltion
rend) --se .-r -- h ""- D -
Boy' Dorlsltory-(l including extenson)-two stoe
and baseomen t-(Framl with wa shatiel root).

shimar gggkork
file Term


714 so"

I 1,6000

'a Ptl tt sin4 rsal-.ama, B B tto B asl-toa

w Td --oal Bgan-(Framte with composllton
shingle romil :- ..- ..- ....-... >.........
Home Bfsm-twq atothi-(ft*me witt composWtion

W.ao $aed-Oven-tframe with compotion roof)
IMipleme t Salid-oen .. ... .. ........ ...
Fofy House (Frme wth compostio roof) ....
Poultry Hose No. 2-(Frame with composition
0ooN ......,,....... ...... .
Bath House-(rrame with wood shingle roof) .,
Mah. Arts Annex-(Frame with Gal. Iron roaf)
Mech. Arts Shed-(Frame with GaL tron roof )
Green House--(Yame with lass) .
Green House No. 2-(PFrame with glass) .,.....

It would be very gratifying to us i all of you. or a



could visit these Institutions and see what they are and see what Is being
done for Education by the State, and see also the needs of the dstia-
tions and the inmense possibilities offered for eveloplng the material
resources of the State and for making good and useful citizens of the
Youth of our Commonwealth.


The finances of the several Institutions are treated In more or less
detail In the reports from those Institutions and a full statement or the
finances of thin Board Is given in the report of Mr J. T. Diamond, Set-
retary of the Board These reports are referred to earlier In thin report
and no doubt they will receive your careful consideration, The details
f oall espeaditures are shown by the State Treasurer's report and by
the vonuaers on fle in the offices of the Treasurer, the Comptroller and
the Secretary of the Board of Control, to which we respectfully invite
your attention. In this connection we will say that all disbursements
are mae on Vouchers made in triplicate and approved by the head of
the Iatitution and auditor, by the board or Control and by the Comp-
troller. The orinal bills or invoices, approved by the proper officials,
are attached to the first copy of the voucher, which is tiled with the
Comptroller The second copy is filed with the State Tremurer, and the
third with the Secretary of the Board of Control. A fourth copy is kept
on e at e at he institution. The money paid out on warrants drawn by

'' N17

tile comptroller on the State Treenr. Te et a Mr, J. T. M a-
moa,. Sert4tf..errted to above, follows &lDtediatly water thin Irs



The Budgets for the benum are set out in great detail n the realOrto
of the heads of the lastttionto. These men being ila daly contoat with
the work of the Institutione have greater opportunities than any otorB
to see what their needs are and hence their recommendations should
receive most thoughtful consideration. The enrthuiasm of these men In
the cause of education, the wonderful vision they have of Mhe poiNil-
ties of our Educational Institutlons, and their belief that It Is their duty
to recommend what they believe the needs of the Institutloa to be, eith-
out regard to the ability of the State to pay, are the laftlunces back of
their recommendations, Whle we reCognize the Importance of the needs
mentioned in then" reports, we know full well that the State cannot afford
such a large outlay at this time, and after a conferena with the State
Board of Education we have made up Budgets covering the oeaet impor-
tant needs and present them In abbrievlated form in columns parallel
with the budgets from the Institutions for greater convenience. The
Budgets that we have agreed on are we consider the very leatl amounts
that the Institutions should have at this btlue. It you should find that
the State can afford to appropriate a larger sum there are many other
Items of almost as great importance that might be included


m Mi IfSr' O7 rLF-nJPl.


u- m.I Ml *-

,, *E ^ I i \ui Y"*
B-.. "n i'i* -.

.'- xni a^^-, x

MMIc tiaFM*,I irf<'nla, Sfffft.
Ii ttl tnJ
blrot'o Cta nma ':.
Eaxprdment .tflatibl/. -
AgflDtral ietariaon *,,,
GestUa c liOsTr l....^..
Otlian Statilum.. ,,
trobaten Statte .1 ~ ,
tBorcTade Station .ui..:
AMlmalDftatton Bidfi ,...
6tinair Baflating ....- .
Fira Protection". ..,,.w *

l ,ssG00


100,000. 000
T op&. o- *aoo,0o-n

1. .oo

: '^w w-0 E^
* a.DMpoo '
M100,00W0. *
104,7R 0V '*

$1i.11,$50 0




Current Espense ...
Home Demonritation .-
Dormitory and Equipment
Auditorium Addition .
Library and Equipment ,
Training School ....
Roof Jenniie Murphro
Hall -
Root Dining Hall ......
Roof Science Hall
Roof Bria~ Hall .. .
Bryan Hall ImproyvmeEnt
Arcade . .

Eleator B Hall .
Elevator J Hall
Offices and Vault AAd
Fire Protection
Weatcott aud
WaIlacle Land
Game Land
Campus LIghts
Campus Walks ind iuMp
Pipe Organ

Budget as Shown in the
Report o the Prealtdent


00,000 00
18,000 00

2,200 00

2,4 000
S 2,050 00

S 0.0000
I 77500f

3,00) 00


310,585.00 -


.Endeet aB'Shown In the
Report of Ltie Preaident Budget SA Agreed On,

Minatenames '.';./:.'0' ..~Q.Q f15i0009$16,00
HeBating PAa -"- $ 55.00000 $ 120L0OO0
Cottage and Equipment 50,000,00 40,000,00
Bulk HeadlnA, ae, ...... 25,000,00 15,000,00
Fire Protction .. .. 3,500.00 3,50000
Repair .- . 5,000.00 300.00
ScholarehIls and Library 2,600-00 500 OA
Athletics .. 50000 600,00
Kitchen ..... .. 6,000.00
EBxtenson Department 7,50000
--- 174,00000
ToalaS . .. ...... ;I a4d9,000.00 $T6,000


Budset as Shown in
Report of tMe Premdemt Budget as Agreed On

Sattries and Expenses . $ 82.9H0U.00 0-0000
Kitchen .,. 2.. 35,000,00 25,000.00
Chapel ... 5,00000 5.00000
Water Main .......... 80000 00.00
Special Plant Imp 6 4,2C0000 G,700.00
Special Shop Equip, 3,600-00 35 00
Farm Imp. ... .... .... 4,00000 4,000.00
Academic Bulin g W... 60,00000
Home Economices Annex 3.000.00
Shope . ...... 10,500.00
Contagloua Diseases 3.00O.00O
Nuraes Home ... - 4.00000
------- -116,000,00
*"Totala ^': '^::";""' $197,990;j0 ---- S5.00,006g

Frrareii Bopensre of Boart d Mermber and the
Boards Seretary ...........................
For Offlee xpeose,-Inc-udg record baoos, po
ta, stationery, offace nuppiWes, and Janitor ser-
vici ,......... . . .
For Salary of Board's Secretary ............


1,3000. $ 3,500 00

For Traveling Expense of Board pMembers and the
Board's Secretary ............. .. . 2 0000
FoI office Expense,-Including office record books.
postage, stationery, and other office aspplies,
and Janitor service 200,00
For Salary of the Boards Secretary ,..... 1,O 00
For Printing the Biennial Report ot the Board of
Control ..... 100000 4.l0000

Totai Budget for the Sliennhium n , 8.000.00

University .. .........
Florda State Collee for Womn ,d
A. & M College For Negroe .... ....


Florida State College for Women
SBeool forl o the d he Blind .
A- & M. College for Negroes .
Board of Coatrol .......... .

Summer SBhoola .. .

$ 16,D0000

C27,O.00 0



........ 40, 00 0.00


VOAxaD ov a4Olflo Bum",

O1E ttWg t nmo WII~t18SIO OF tfl B0Afl) OF tl
ItttL FlNrWS PuNr> FTE MSO fge atu vlt$

FOR TM d YEAR f292sM

The ttedace o student for an yeart d during auny p ol I a fir
criterion the gT wth of th t titution o alw the gowth In this
respet we aumit the following table of attendance:


A good idea
attendance may
another period.

of the growth of an Institution in other
be had by comparing one period of its
We have made such comparison of the

with the last blennium of the University, the Florida
Women and the Agricultural and Mechanial College
of the frast and last years of the School for the Dea
folows, viz.


respects than
existence with
first blennium
ate College for
r Neeroes and
d the Blind, as

ei I7 I , 1 1 5 I ai
atmf 1ClIt AND TIE L iAS lieNkhrv Jbti lrtf 1T1m.
TO jm OU 1a2Bm M ,

Ino BONb-17 the university ao Ftoriada offered course leading W the
defgee a aboltor Art which was in the main devoted to t te ltudy
of language a literature, the degree t Bacoeblor of Sdence, which was
deVoted to the study of general soiefnco the deare aot aehelor of solerae
In10s Hnl erring technicall, civil or electrical, devoted to the study o
enleerlen; the degree or Bachelor of Science in AgriLunire, devoted
to the Satdy of Agrieulture and Hortculture; the degree of Bachelor of
Pedagogy, devoted largely to the study o Pedagogy.
The Ufliversity was organized into one general colege in which cer-
tain courses in agriculture, engineering, general arts and aclensces, known
as liberal arts co]Bege, the school of pedlgogy; the technological school;

the school of agriculture and gen
The table below shows enroll
sing July 1. 1i05, and ending J

Enrollhuent Session 190506
Graduate Students
Seniors .. .. ....... .
Sophomores ............
Freshmen .........
Sub-freshmen .. I ..
Not e lassified ............
Normal DepartTment .

TOtd ............... .

eral scientific school
tent, by classes, for the biennium bein-
rune 30. 1907.

Enrollment Session 190G 07,
S Graduate Students 4
9 Seniors .. .. ,
10 Juniors .. ..... 11
14 Sophomo'es -. ..... 14
29 Freshmen .............. 19
Subi-freshmen ... .. 3
16 Not classified ..-..... ..... 6
51 Normal Departmernt 7

The enrollment in 1905-1906 was larger than In previous years, due
to the fact that all the stats Iastitutions, which were abolished by the
Buckman Act an d merged Into the University, Bent their quota of stu-
dents to this institution.
Only two buildings weie in use at that tuie-Burcuman and Thomas
Halls-and the total floor space of these was 63,900 square feet
The work of the University of Florida., offered during the bennium
beginning July 1, 1921, and ending June 30, 1923, is organized as follow:


(a) A mnrinfulan leading to the A B. degree.

24 1

(b) A cunmrinum leading to the degree of in the Social
(e) A curricum leading t the S. degree.
(d) A PreMetical course .

Intructmonal Dvlihon.
(a) A curriculom leading to the B. S. degree in Agri lture.
(b) A curriotilam leading to the title Graduate In Fanring.
(c) A Two-Year come.
(d) A OeYear course
(e) A Four-Month course.
Eperlmeat station Divlison.
Agricultural Extension Divsilon

(a) A curriculum leading to the B S degree In Civil Engineering
(b) A curriculum leading to the B. S. degree In Electrical Engi
(o) A ctnriculum leading to the B, S degree In Mechanical ingi-
(d) A curriculum leading to the B S degree in Chemical Eng-

A curriculum leading to the LI B, or J. D. degree

(a) A curriculum leading to the A. B degree In Educatlon.
(b) A curriculum leading to the B S degree in Edcation.
(c) A Normal course leading to a diploma.
(d) The University Summer School

VII. GENERAL (Connected with at least four colleges)
Dilimloa of Military Instructlon
Division of Rehabilitaton.
ivflson of Hygiene (In cooperation with the Federal Inter-Depart.
partmentnl Hygiene Board),


graduOte inste So........

Ooldnaeea a At ... not
fuseio Of LAW .,, .... 15
Teaehfer, mulege ........ Se
VonmteiaI (Erllmemtary) .... 76

Less DuplIote ..,......... 34

Total .... 1018

EGnro la t Sesen last

college of Arts and Slente. ASn
College ot Adienlture ..... 144
College Eof tngneertn ..... 174
CollMee Of Ltw 103*-. 1
Teachers Collsae ........ 6f
Elementra r location ...... 159

Less Duplicates ... 6

Total .. ...... ...... 1127

There are eleven brick buildings In use at the present ime-The Ex-
periment Station, Law College, Sience Hall. Engnering Hall, Lan-
guage Hall, Peabody Hall, Atrcultural College, the Gymnasium, the Din
ing Hail, Buieman Hall and Thomas Hall The total floor Spae Dow
is 262,10 square feet.
The growth and service of the Uiversity is clearly set forth in the
follow quotation from Dr. Murphree' report, viz.
'The UTIrerslty Is rapidly emer ing from the status of a small college
nto a university of multiplied students and everf-wdenin scope of
activity and serVice During the last two years attendance has leaped
beyond all expectatioD, as may be demonstrated in the Registrar's sum
mary of attendance for 192-2I and 1921-22 Omtting the summer school
of 1920, which enrolled 743 students, the attendance during the regular
session of the University was 973 Fifty-two counties of Florida and
thirty States and foreign countries were represelnted The oliowing year
the grand total was 1829 students Of this number. 783 were matrinu
lasted In the summer school of 1921, leaving 1046 as the enrollment An
inl the regular session Of this number 59 Florida counties and 2i
states and forein countries were represented.
"Furtlermore, the number of registration by correpondence, taught
through the General University Extension Division during these two year
has reached the grand total of 658, The Extenion Division has serve
thousands of citizens in other ways through its bureau of public welfare,
schools of civics, teacher-traIning institutee and other forms of publc
"The Agriculurl Extension Division of the College to Asglpdftm
hao carrlea on its work of estinding information il agrlcuture And iOeoa

QEo sm to M no w -s mr iA ttoEa* h i:miaiu :;
SDuring the lt year 3ast yitets Wea eade wn r db ony gn toW
. _. j | .F :.r -
,i.- , i ,
Ig id Short shI held b Ie variWou arm and home demtonBt |
tln gata n a iferent tionso of Florida. Thirty-fle haudre arti lers
relating to P ricMltrae and home seeoomles were prepaTre and piubiled:
sientr-Tefl touand agrIcuiltral bulletins have been dittbted.
"It many othet ewas the Unvertsky has endeavored to serve the peo-
91e, o iaetatlie, members of the facrulty delivered ort yne high
shool commenement addresses during the Bpring of 1921. About t at
number of eommeneement addresses were delivered by member of the
Iaculty of the University the year before


TO JUNE 30TH. 1923.


I The College of Liberal Arts,
(a) A curriculum leading to the M A degree,
(b) A curriculum leading to the M S. degree.
(c) A ieurriculum leading to the B A. degree.
(d) A oluisculum lading to the B S degree

II The School of Industrial Arts.
A curriculum leading to the B. degree.

HI The State School for Teachers
(a) A mirrlilmon lending to the Licentiate of Instruction degree
(b) A kindergarten course leading to a diploma

IV The School of Muslc,
(a) A curriculum leading to the B M. degree
(b) Courses leading to certulcates

V. The Sehool of Art
A eOdlrculum leading to a diploma.

VI, The School of Expreeeson.
A currIculum leading to a certfeate.
^- *

S nioaly I A .......i d n ...................aaiES

Sn lr .. ...... ..... .. .. .............. ....
hintmr .. ............ ,, ................ ... ,
PremeBn Q I.r.. ... ....... ........ ......... .. '

Sdhool t or Teachers ..................... ....... S13
Not c &Ul ifM .................................. 11

Total enrollment ......... ... .. 204

Students clasfiled above but also taking piano and
organ ............ .. .. ... .. .. 5S
Students classiefd above but also taking voice .... 19
Students clasesiied above but also taking art.. 8
Students olasseed above but also taking fxpresslon..
There were only five building in use during the blenniam,
dormitorIe$-East Hall amd Wees Hall, the Academic Building,
anslum and primary building The department of Mic and
housed In the dormitories and Home Economics bad a part of
adslum building.

. u n





I The Colleg of Arts and SBleones.
(a) A curriculum leading to the M. A degree
(b A curriculum leading to the M. S. degree,
(C) A curriculum leading to the B. A, degree
(d) A curriculum leading to the B S degree

II The School ot Education and Normal School
(a) The School of Education, with a curriculum of four years of
work leading to the degree of B, ., in Education.
(b) The Normal School. with courses or two years work leading
to the 1,. I. decree as follows
(i) Junior High School Professlonal Coure.
(2) Grammar School Proftsslonal Course.
(3) Primary Proteslonal Course,
(4) Kindergarten Profesional Conrse.
(c) The Demonstration School,
(1) The Junior High School (Three grodee),
(2) The Elementary School (Six grades).
(3) The Kindergarten

itr CN- .- ". .Nrr r ".. I. UP i.nr-uJr. a I *1-
I. L ItN1alJiL r a 1 ..LI I L 11 *s. o u'J I.
gg 1 1 I

(a Th General course in Home EonomIe f or mae res
ad nllaituflonal manager.|
(b) The Teacher train course (SmithH.uhies).
(c) The NorSes' tranin course
(d) Training course for Home Demonotratlon Agenta.

IV. The School of Art,
A cnurieullumn ladng to a certificate in AL

V. The School of Expreesion and Phyelcal Edcatlo
(a) A curriculum leading to a certiftate In Expresslon.
(b) A crriulunm leading to a certlfleate In Physical Education

VI. The School of Music,
(a) A currlCtlo a leadlug t he B M. degree
(b) A curriculum leading to a certiicate
(c) A curriculum leading to an L. I degree in Pfnite School Music.
VII Department of Business.
A currcenlam leading to a diploma.

VIII Extenseon Service.

The enrollment by classes and departments or the biennium 1921-23
Is as ollows.

College of Arts and Sciences ........
School of Education . -.........
Normal School .... ... .
School of Home Economics ..
Business Dert .......
Bbchool f Art ... ..... .. ....
School of Expreston and Physical Educadion ...
School of Music .. .... .. .
SchBol of Music Children in Norma Methode Dept .
Short Couse for Prize Winning Club Girlse -....
Women atending Agents' Two Weela Coneranme
and Sort Comrte -... ... .............

1921-1922 1922-23
309 332

107 135
91 87
35 41
S It
IS 18
IT 70
IS 66

TH 9

IB1 Sn

p~ suandwmt lenIM M x edcom, deawh" hei aet,9wwl
Wtn 4*ZkA S Sta pr n1H "M Than $l t xdi L
U *

krmO1 Wft lhsr4aoem ls slgpi

0 111su....,.. ,...., .. ... ..,, .. .I ,. .
Pan, ... 12

MV ayn ,.... ...... .......

An.lp ......... ... .. . ... .. ... S4
Imp reescon ,,,..., ....,.. I...... .. .I.... .. ..

Children in Norma Methods Department take private
lessons as follows:
1921-1922 19221&23.
In Pano -.. ..... .......... 1 48
ai Voice ..... . .... ... ............... .. 2
In Violin .... .. ....... ... .. .... . ... 5

Administration Building ...... .. .... . 59238
Education Building .......... .. .. .. ... 20.49
Science H ail ...d... .. ..... 21,240
Training school for Children . .I................ 3.590
Training School old building) .... ....... ..... ... 8.360
Gymnasium (old frame building) .. 1 4,460

1. Byan Hall ........
2 Reynolds Hall
3. Broward Hall ... ... .
4, Jennie Murphree Hall .................
6, Dlio i Hall and Kitchen ... ... ..
. Inlrmasry ,.. .

* 3, 3270 Sq. Ft

9,182 ISSAO2

The growth and service of the lorida State College for Woman It
dearoibed briefly as follows
The growth ot the Colegae I limited by the olWtoriell whia the
tate provide. It we had had stflident dormitories theae hast Tvee OF
als Teara we wod ow havre avs enolmOnaat ~ [ hMtably i* jiaaggI

an. ,,I I I I L i h C i .t M N_1
I* b k.dvNem w4d h~oe hiiet 4
o nmtody taiBe rr ta er aaghtots when tw asen tbe to met bien
fA IS A It sh ti a be, ourn women are abtlhe to tene r tuy SUN
weti tiiate d thrown ar n them when they live in de riteWrls d
hI tIher to eeD years For th reason tias reason a Ble thn iu
cent o the kbtu o o rane of lthe College bhas one toward the co
nation l dormitories and home life faclitles.
Our stodentis ome from every part at the State In tis last bientium
aitty aonU a Of the tatet were re resented In the student body. Our
mradots a nd stes o out into public service to every section dt
hae State.
The Home Demonstration Division is reaching thousands of peope
ho cannot come to the le College in redsdence ,78 women and girls.
and 4L9 m en and boys are enrolled In this work 43l clubs amongs Junior
and 159 among adults are mati ained. I these 11,250 are enrolled [or
project work Thi past year 6,797 proJects were completed by junoras
and apprOximately 4.000 by adults During the bennium 13,953 demon-
stration lectures were given at which the total attendance was 104344.
14 bulletin s ana d leaflets were prepared In this department.
Moreover, the College places the meomter of Its teaching stae at the
service of the tizens of the State. They secure before teachers' meet-
ings, women's clubs and other oubl welfare organizations, and alo give
high school commencement addresses.
It is the aim of the College to render the best possible suvice to the


OF 1921-22

During the session of 19056 there was enrolled In this school eighty
punils with a teaching corps of mine, The season of 1921-22 shows an
enrollment of to hundred and six with a teaching force of twenty-three
From the founding of the school In 1885 to 1906, for varine reasons no
comprehensive or progressing plan was ever thoroughly carried out In
1905, the organization of the school in its many various and complicated
phases was rather Imperfct. Since that time the school has been era.
dently organized and the general progresa has been more than aatlfacI
tory. I might mention Just here that the Florida School tor the Deaf and
the Blind is considered throughout the country an One of the best and
moat progressive schools.
The course of study offered haa been largely changed and added to to

.i ,I s 1. I, ; **a .I., I, *I I p In .. I- Fe
I1 ii L I i l.1 i I i i *, I N. '* 1 .1aJ
. ( legr t.I b it Aincftien iI t deal U Ota oomut of l tur Nl
S t Imx rtmnt teas nW to tranaoe into tVae Coiee, 'WThoiAm 6 N. .
AI a b"Fi ~ea v thi yae at Oalaudet Colle e ha4 aM pA dol ln
One o these O tdents r tes thi yea with WE AN, B darel InD 4 miA.
Alti4 NBi*rtanit ur cotrae if study ad being graduly adjusted IW for
der that our graduate. thia department may be aedmitted Into te
hEats Infvreity and Lhe College for Women without further esamiis
ttem. Tbhi s b oil la renreoeted at the State College for Women this
yBar by a young lad, totally blind, who naduated from this school last
SWith the continued Increase n enrollment, the elassfleatlon of the
school has improved. In 1005, although the classes were small in flnm
ers, the classiflation was very poor. Instruction il a school of th
character is largely a matter of Individual contact and in the years goe
by with the poor classication a teacher of one class had from three to
four grades to teach. Today we have overcome to a lare extent the
matter of classifcation and each class is fairly well classfled, thereby
making the teache'b effort more sattsfactory.
In 190, the school was housed in frame buildings which were not only
dangerous asto ftre hazard but a lo badly adapted for school purposes
There were three or these frame buildings. The school owned approxi-
mately eight acres of land at that time Today we have a plant of six
substantial brck buildings with red tile rools and up-to-date equipment
that wil compare favorably with school of like character throughout
the country The school now owns about twenty-fve acres of land



During the biennum beginning 1904 and ending 1906, the attendance
for the first year of the blennium was 275, the second year 280.
The following courses were offered during that period: In Academic
Department, three courses-Grammar (3 years), High School ( years),
and Normal (2 years). In the Industrial (or Vocational) Deartment five
courses in Agrlcnutume were offered, eve in Mechanic Arts, and four In
Home Economic-tourteen vocational courses in all. There were
twenty-one persons on the faculty. There were nine buildings, not count
hig sheds and little houses with an estimated floor pace of about 5,707
square feet; and TS0 acres of land.
During the bleannim beginning l 9$ and ending 1922, the attenlance
for tue year, regular l 31 er l School (for teaherBs). 181. Sse
ond year, nreINr school 339, Stummer School (for teachers) 244

The folowtfs coutres are oered: In Academai Deprtment, two hh1
fchoal course (J3nior and Senor) three years each; two Normal
(taeChter-trlningto and four years respectively. a
eOllege course, a pre-medinal course, and a course in muitlc vocal and
Instrumentsl, seven in all
In the Industrial (or Vocational) Department twelve houses In Agri-
culture are offered. fourteen courses in Mechanic Arts, and seven courses
in Homes Eunomlics, thirty-three vocational courses
There are twenty-six buildings (not Including ahade and little lioaes)
with a floor space of 124,59& square feet, and 229 acres of land
The eop paratlve small increase In attendane for the periods indicated
is due to two acts the elevation oa the grade of admiseron, and the
limited dormitory capacity, Had there been sufficient dormories the
enrollment could have been easily doubled


In conclusion we ant to thank the Presidents, Faculties and other
ofncers of our [nstItutions for their faitbful and splendid service durIng
the past biennium, and also the students tfr their loyalty and earnest
work, We also want to congratulate the State on these wonderful Insti-
tutions and the good work they are doing in the building of the Com-
monweallt Every citizen should be piroud of then
IB P. K Yonge, Chairman.


Talsahaesee, Fla., AUt. 1, 1921.

To the State Board of Control


The following report of the resources and disburaement. of the funds
for tle several institutions under the m n agemet of the Board of Con-
trol for the scholastic year beginlig Suly 1, 1920, and ending June 0S.
1921, Is herewith respectfully submitted.
Secretary Board or Control,



University o t Florida ,........ ,tSOl4 98
Florida State College for Women 3,09700
Florida A and M College for Negroes 52,349 ,2

(Total amount for Higher Lear'in!) ,,. $30iS,31 23

AgeriultUral Exporlimnt Station 48,65392
Agricultural Extension Division - 93,70 13
Florida School for the Deal and the Blind 79,93098
Board of Control ... 4,02072 $225,984 7



University of Florida -. ... .. .. .. ..... 30,87339
Florlda State Collee for Women ,... 260,87170
Florida A and M. College for egroes 52,341 IS

(Totai amount spent for Higher Learnlng). $494,09328

O-. VA.

Agricultural et oeriment Stlb a .......
Aricltural Exensio Diion ............
Florida School for the Dear and the Blnd .....
BOard of ConItrl ..... ....... .... .....

Unepended Balance July 1, 1921 .........
Amount that will revert to the State .....
Amount to be carried forward to the credit
Insttutons as shown In this report .......

...$ 44UUA
.,, f3,a70.1S
. 78 92.44
... 3.908.99

....... ....... 7, 54

of the several
. ............. 77,164S-2



Balance Brought Forward from 1919 Legislative
For Salaries .................. ..

Equipment, Furniture and Apparatus ...
Heat, Light and Water ........... ..
Postage, Stationery and Office Expense,
Advertising and Printing .. .......
Buildings and Repairs ..... .....
Traveling Expenses ...
Freight and Express ....
Feed tuffs .................. ... .
Boos and Pulication ...... .. .
all Other Purposes .. ..... ..... .


pproprlation$ 78,065 29

308 60


Received from Federal Government .. ..

Balance Brought Forward July 1, 1920 ,,......... .
Recalpts for the r ........ .............. ....

Total Resor1c as- .... ,... - .. -...
For Sldaries ............ .... ... 838,S6
For Efidipmet, Fureitufre a d Apparatus 727 t2
For Heat. Light and Water . ............. 9 21
For Postage. Stationery and Office Expene .... 10386
For Advertising and Printing ............... 30641
For Buildings and Repairs 6 .. . 96 23
For Traveling Expenses ..... ... 21 69
For Feed Stuffs .. ... .. .. 15,3
For Bootks and Publicatioue .. 2 20
For all Other Purposes .... .. 2095

Resources .
Received Interest on Bonds
For Payment of Deficit Existing July 1, 190 3393
For Salaries .. ..... -7 .....,. 7,631d07

Balance Brought Forward July 1, 1920,
Reeived Interest on Bonds .. .... .

Total Resources .......
For Salaries

.. $ 162
. .... 236150

.,$ 2,15000

it 2,50.0

lii~ 0

at7ThD1NO ni1a

Balance Boro~lIt Forward, 1919 Leeislative A
For Curroet Expese, Llbrarijs aed Laboratornie
For New EBqipment ..- ..........

Received from the Federal Government .. ..
For Salaries .. .
For Postage, Stationer. Oills Expense ....

ropzlation., -A,41

s t 7,19985 4
5.51 1 $16151


........... $ 10,00000

, 9,981.24
976 $ 10,00000

Brought Forward from 191l Legislative Appopriaton, $ 287T996
For Office Furnitle 4585 6
For Slides and Films .. .. 3,58.46
For the Purchao of Cot respondente Courses 410 SO
For Stamps .. .... Imlim
For Printing 7842
For Periodicas -. 5 0157
For Tiavelag and Contingincies 437361
For Salaries 15,93841 27799 68

Balance Unexpended July 1, 1921. to evert to
the Stte ..... . . 28


Fecelpts from General Extensmln Daision During the Year jA J,4S357
For Salarlie 136 44
For Equipment, Frniture nnd Apparatus 7777
For Heat, Lights and Water 79 25
For Postage, Stationery and Offce Expolise .. 1,3S 6
For Advertising and Printing 5
For Books and Publltions .. 74 17
For all Other Puiposes .- .. 57764 $ 2 97

Balance Unexpeonded July 1, 1921 - 260



Name of the Fund. Receipts.
Current Expens Fund ....... $ 78,065.29
Morrill Fund .................. 5 o,0000
Incidental Fund ...... 14,12688
Agricultural Collee Fund .- 7,665.00
Seminary Interest Fund 2,15 1
Bultdlng and Equipment Fund... 12,615.1g
Federal Hygiene Fund ... 10.0,00000
General Extension Don i 27.79996
General Extension Division, Incl-
dental Fund ,........... 3,489 57

Totals ... ..... ... 180,914 98

$ 78,065.20





Brought Forward from 1919 Legislative Appropriation .
For Salaries ....,,. ... .... 2,S3177
For Equipment, Furniture and Apparatus ... O4.60
For Heat Uight and Water ................. 28207
For Postage, Stationery and Otfce Supplies. ,, .96
For Advertising and Printing ........ ....... 10.43
For Buildings and Repairs .. 10140
For Freight and Express ...... .. ..... ... 1.82
For Feed Stuffs .. - ... .... 1,09534
For all Other Purposes . 426.87


Reoelred from the Federal oTernmem t
For Salaries ......... .... ... . .
For Epquilment, Furniture and Apparatus
For Heat, Light a Water ....... .......
For Postage. Stationery and Oflce Supplies
For Advertising and Printing .
For Bnildlegs and Repairs ......... ....
For Traveling gpeners
For Freight and Express
For Feed Stuffs .
For Books and Publications
For all Other Purposes . .

Receted from lie Federal Government ..
For Salaries ...... ..
Fot Equipment, Furniture and Apparatus
For Heat, Light and Water
For Postage, Stationery and OBfce Supplies
For Advertiing and Printi ng
FoI Buildings and Repairs
For Traveling Epenses
For Freight and Express
For Feed Stuffs
For Books and Publications
For all Other Purposes

Balance Brought Forward July 1, 1920 ... .. .. . . 23.84
Receipts During the Year ... 5,879 3

$ 6,112 67
Expendltu, es.
For Salaries ...... 166i9
For Equipment, PFrniture and Apparatus .. . 10 05
For Heat, Light and Water .. 1957


rFor Pestage, Stator anid Otiee Spne.. S
For Adtveritainy and PrintinB ........ ...... 1271
For Bduldings and ltepairs ........ ......... 194-44
For Traveling E expense ....- .--........... 15S6A
For Feed Stuaes ....... ............... 4,47SS0
For BooUis and blIcans ................. 1A7
For all Other Purposes ..... .... ........ 38t.03 $ 6,710A6


Brought Forward July 1, 1920, from the amount donated by
citizens of Polk County .... .. ................... $
Received during the year, donations by citzene of Polk
County ... ........ .. ... .. .. .

Salaries ....... .. ... . -. -... ....
Equipment, Furniture and Apparatus ....
postage, Stationery and Offtlc Expense
Buildings and Repairs ..... .
Traveling Expen es......
Feed Stuffs .... ......-
all Other purposes ..... ....- -


Name of the Fund Receipts
Continuing Cern certain Expriments 5,16 3
Adams Fund ........ 15.00 00
Hatch Fnd .... .. .... 15,000,00
Incidental Fund ... ., ., 112,62
Winter Haven Citrus Experiment
Station ..... ... ..... 7,3744

Totals .......... ........ 48,653 9
Balance to be carried forward to credit of the

$ 5,166 31

4,03173 ,3t3 21

S44,014 00 $ 3,739~2S
different flad,$ 3,73932

S- r.Is._ VJ I I 1 *E


State Appropriatton 1919 gslature ................... ,
For Salat ies ............ .................. $ 21,609.44
For lpqulpmeant Furulture and Adparatus ..... 288.06
For PoAtdane StaOonary and Office Expense .... 127.32
For Advertising and ornting ............... 617 2
For Traveln Expenses ..... .. .... 10,948.11
For Fretht and Express ................... 1,51
For Books and Publicaltons 10 40
For all other Purposes . . 13.77 83,15

Received from the Federal Government ......
Received from the University of Florida Reimbursenentl.

Salaries .......
Equipment, Furniture and Apparatus
Postage, Stationery and Office Expense
Advertisig and Printing
BDlldings and Reiirs ,.
Traveling Expenses ....... . .. .
Freight and Express ....
Books and Publications .
all Other Purposes .. . .

- ; 36,37693
- 3,293,82


Received from the Federal Government ...
For Salaries .......... ....... $ 14,952 85
For Eqfuipent, Furniture and Apparatus .... 34.24
For hleat Light and Water ....... .. . 1100
For Postage, Stationery and Oftce Expense 3185
For Advertising and Printing .................. 680B5

* 43,636.88


lor fftit RAak .... .......a......
For BTaveling I poses ......... -.. ........
~r BgOg anld Publc o .... .. ...........
Fo ll r ll Other Puoes ......................-

3n9 ; 1tE1.3


Name of the Fund, ROecepds.
Smith-Lever, Stato ..............$ 3,516 89
Smll-Lever. Federal ........... 43,636 88
Lever, Supplemlental, Federal ,, 16,21.

Totals ...................... 93,370,13

$ 38,615.*9
43,636 88

$ 93,370.13



Balance Brought Forward from 1919 Legislative Appropriation $ 89,198.1
For Salaries -.. $ 5 ,71135
For Equipment, Furniture and Apparatus .. ... 5,21.81
For Heat, Ligbt and Water .. 4.11906
For Postage, Statioiry and Office Expense 1,99107
For Advertising and Printing 3123
For Buildings and Repair 1606 37
For Traveling Expenses 12881
For Freight and Express 237 G2
For Fea Stuff ...- - -. 10,10
For Boos and Publicatons .. ...... 1,20M54
For all Other Purposes .. . ... 5.33517 4 89,198 1


Balance Cash Brought Forward July 1. 192 ........ . 10,19016
Receipts for te year . ...... .27.42203

Total Receipts .. .. 37,612.19
For Eila t ieo n. ,,...... . ....... $ 281~8-1q
For Equipment, Furniture and Apparatui ........ 1l,43229
For Heat, Light and Water 666 6

Ftiri PuItf tfridary Aui OBllie Expemne .....-
F r Advy Priating ............. ...
BSr Bnlldid and Repara .-........... .
For al Other P Does ......................

Oexperned Banem July 1, 1921 ... ......


Balance Cash Broughlt forward July I, 1920 ... ........
Received from Interest on Bonds .. . ...... ........

Total Reaourea s .....
For Salaries ,, .-,,,
Fo Equipment, Furniture and Apparatus
For Postage, Stationery and Olea Expense
For Buildings and Reairs .....
For Books and Publicatlons

Balance Brought Forward fronm 1919 Leislative A
Received on Fiae Insurance East Hlall Dormitory

Total Receipts -
'r Equipment Flast Unt of Training
%r Equipment Reynolds Hal .....
Or Special Repairs Bryan Hall
r Equipment Infirmary .....
or Equlipment Brownad Hall
or Library atd Laboiatoly .
or Central Heating Plant
or Completion Broarid Hall
or Infirmary Building -
or Extension to ReUyolds Mall
or First Unit Training school
or Completion of Kichen . .
or Improvement of Athletic Field

;ooli 0 00

S1,584 20
1 .739.03
. 10.739.00
26,242 55
5,372 60
S 3,50000 $15.331tS


1,38,7 59
1,382.71 $

A1 2,10529i

. . ..- 4,25 7



Approriaton by the 191 Session of the Legslature for the
completion of several uninIshed building ..... ...,. ... $ 70OO.00
Paid on contract for the completion of the following build
ings: Reynolds HDA, Infrmary, Broward Hall Tratninu
School and kitchen ........................ .............$ 6,574.9S

Balance Unexpended July 1, 1921 .. ...................... .$ 4,425.02

Balance Brought Forwald from 1919 Legislative Appropriatlon.S 15,19511
For Dairy Specialist .... ... ...., 2,63S 2
For Summer School Sxtension Workers ..... 40000
For Printing Bulletins, Research Work .... ,30840
For Equipment Research Work ... .. 18884
For Janutor Service ... ..... 260
For Assistalt iu Research Work .... .... ...... 10927
For Assistant in Home Demonstration Work 1.99Sn
For Extension Home Demonstration Work 4,1C5.2a
For Rent and Operating Expense of Practice Home 1,14000 $ 15,193.67

Balance Unexpended July 1, 1921, to Revert to
the State .. .. .......... .......... 144


Name of the Fund. ReceiptsG
Current Expense Fund $ 89,1981
Incldental Fundi .... .... .37,ii.1 7
Seminary Interest Fund ... 4,25979
Building and Equipment Fund 11683178
Building and EquipmPet Fund,
(Emergency AppropriatIon) 70,000 00
Home Demonstration Work or
Extension Fund .. ...... 15,19511

Totals .,..... .... $33309700
Amount reverting to the State .... .. .

$ 89,198.13
3,982 11

15,11936 1.44

$260,871 70 72,25.30
d .-.-. .5 1.44

I dillerent rundsB5 72.223.8&



Resource: |
Balance Brought Forward Juy 19,20, from 119S Lsa-|
tve Appropriatin ......................... .. ... .... 67,502,47

For Salaries ... .... $ .
For Equipment. Furniture ad Apparatus ....
For Heat. Lght and Water .,,,,,, ......
For Postgetage, Staionery and Office Expense.
For Advertising and Printing -. ......
For Buildings and Repairs .,... ..
For Traveling Expenses (R. R Fare, Students)
For Freight and Express ..
For Groceries ....... ..
For Books and Publcations .....
For all Other Purposes, Includig Expense of Ser-
vants and Dairy ... ..

4,42 34
734 16
20 5


4.26591 67,502.47

Balance Brought Forward July 1, 1920 ..... 77 7
Receipts fo te r the Year 25100

Total Resources ..... ......... .. ...... $ 1 ,03 54
Expenditures. None.
Unexpended Balance July 1, 1921 . ... ... .$ 1,0,54

Balance Brought Forward July 1, 1920, from 1919 Legislative
Appropriation .. ........... 11,38997
For Primary Building ........ ... $ 6,962,25
For Special Repairs .... . 544.
For Athletics ........... .. 35612
For Library, Pianos and Apparatus ........ .. 526,
For New Boilers . ... .. 2.500 0
For Scholarships ........ .. 000e 11,38997

tlmnkh~l Ot nBszm AflD nieanswdXTE TORWSEVIE W
ME w ME va~nious Fusim MR MR 4

Irame o the Fund.
Curmnrnt -x .,?, Fui



InltdetWal iFud ...........,, 1,038.54 .-.... $ 1,038.54
Building and Equipment Fund,., 11.38.97 11.38997

Total ..,...... $ 79S.930A $ 78892 44 1,0S154
Balance to be carried forward to credit of the Incidental Fund.; 1,03854



Balance Broughti Forward July 1, 1920. from 119 Legislative
Appropriation .. ... .. 12.34502
For Salaries ..... ... ... ....... . 7,911 3
For Equipment, Purniture and Apparats 940,23
Foi Heat, Light and Water . .... ,22882
For Poatage, Stationery and Office Etpii i, 4py 80
For Buildings and Repairs ...... 1,0l5 44
For Traveling Exenses 3 44
For Freight and Express . ... 3
For Feed Stuffg ... .. ... .... 159,00
For all Other Purposes ..... 573.53 12,344.83

Unexpended Balance July 1, 1921 ... ... $ .19

Received from the Federal Government, July 1920
or Liquidation oi Deficit made the Previous Year $ 1,303625
or Salaries .. .... .... ... . . 1,278.77
Or Equipment, Furniture and Apparatus -. 153L.61
or Heat, Light and Water . ., 830,2
ir Postage. Stationery and Orteo Expense-. 24024
r DBalltdIdn and Repairs .. -, 71 778
or Freight and Express Ws . ..... S,3.

]For Neod Stalk ',, ........... .. ......-
For Boonb ano .pb.a.t.on ,........ 1 s36s
F r t h Other Purpropea .... ........ ........ 3f664S

Balano Brought Forward July 1 1920 .
R~eceiptl fr the Year . .....

Total Recptei .. ... .
Expeuditui eg
For Salaries .
For Equipment, Firnitiure and Apparatus
For Postage, Stationery and Ofsce Expense
For Advertisiog and Printing
For Buildings ad Repairs .....
For Traveling Expenses
For Feed Stufs .
For Books and Publications
For all Other Purposes ....... .

Balance Unespended July 1. 1521 ...


Balance Brought Forward Julh 1, 1920.
Receipts tor the Yea

Totai Recoepit .. .
For Salaries .....

Balance Unexpended Jul I1. -19

* $ 1SA2 n

$ ,2219sr

Balance Brouight Folward from 191 Lgislative A|prorlation $ 9,177 00
For Repauis on Dining Room ., 2,500 00
For Ne itor ...... 3,0 50
For New Auditorium -. -0 7050 $ 9,17700


Name of the Fund. Receipts Dliborsements. Balances
Current xzense Fund .,........$ 12.34.02 s 2,344,3 S .10
Morrill Fund ....... 25,00000 24,9 90 .10
Incidental Funds . 5,221.93 5,32146 47
Sliter Fund ..,................ 505-30 505.00 ,3S
Building Fund .. .. ..... 9,177,00 9,17700 ....

Totals .... ..., $ 52349,25 $ 52,34819 $ 106
Balance carried forward to th credit of the different fnda $ 10

Balances Brought forward from 1919 Legislative Appropritlon $ 4,02 72
For Salaries .. $ 1,231.66
For Office Furniture .... 103
For Postage, Stationery and Offlee Exlpeon . 20.
For Printing . .. 99
For Traveling Expenses 1,257.36 3,908 99

Unexpended Balance July 1, 1M21, carried forward
to the credit of next years esponse account. a 120 73


Tallahassee, Fla, Aug. 1, 1922
To the Board of Control


The following report of the Receipts and disbursements of the Eunds
for the several Institulioie under the management of the Board of Con.
trol for tie asbcolatle year bhoginailug Jul 1. 1921, and ending June 30.
1982, la herewith respectfully submitted
Secretary Board of Control


ENDING JUNE 30. 1922.

University of Florida .
Fiorida State College for Women .
Florida A, and N College for Negoes.

(Total amount for Higher Learning)
Agricultural Experiment Statuon
Agriultural Extension Divion -
florida School for the Deaf and the Blind

University of lorida -
Florida State College for Women -
Florida A. and M College for Negroea

(Total munount foi itigher l.etiiniig)
Agricultural Experiment Station
Agricultural Extenzion Division
Fionda Sohool l ot the D eaf ain the Blind




Lgs ativa ApproprLation 1921 ..... ..........
For Salaries ...... ... ....................
For Equipment, FurnlLure, and Apparatu ........
For Heat, eight, and Water ....................
For Postage, Stationery, and Ofle Expense .. ..
For Advertising and Printing ................
For Buildng and Repairs ........ ..........
For Traveling Expenses . ....
For Freight and Express .. ....
For Feed Staff .. -. .
For Books and Publications ...
For all Other Purposes .


Received Erom the Federal Government .
For Salaries .. ......

Balance Brought Forward July 1, 1921 .
Received During the Yea ...., .... ...........

.. 25,000 00

$ 25,00000

$ 23,41764

Salaries. .... ....... 19,208.96
Eqluitpment. FurnitAue and Apparatus .. 1,444 81
Heat, L ght and Water ......... 12513
Posag tage, Stationery and Ofice Expense ... 29
Advertising and Printing .... 89,57
Buildings and Repairs .... ... 460,27
Traveling Expenses ... .. ....... 71566
Feed Stuffs ..... .. .. 49.25
Books and Pblications .... .... 71661
all Other purposes ....... ..... ., 317.10



Balance Brought Forward July 1, 1921 .. ....
Received Interest on Bonds ... ...... ... .......

For Salare ....... ... ........... .


Received Interest During the Year
For Salaries . ....... .




$ ,66800

Legitlative Appropriation for First Unit of Admin-
Istrative Building ..... . ......... 10,00000
For First Unit of Administration Building . $ 38,27.5

Unexpesded Balance July 1, 2 192% .... .. 6172 50


Legisaive Appropriation 1921 .....
For Salaries ....... .... .
For Equipment, Furniture and Apparatus .
For Heat, Light and Water .....
For Postage Stationery and Office Expense
For Advertising and Prmting .......
For Buildings and Repal s .....
For Traveling Expenses .... ......
For Freight and Express ......
For Slides and Films .... ... .......
For Books and publication ........
For al Other Purpose ... .........

$ 19,43120
.. 11269
35S 49
16 8

RL. -r e

o - 5- __ L.' *'.1 I

L 1T ~-. '
-- I 1
r^>^ VTT

I S-I ..-

8 :laiorflciflEpTs AND DISBrRSnSENTS TOGEz .aWm

S| u iof Funds RIecllDts, Dlgburmenrtsu
--nu. ".00 umW.974t42 ..4l M
^..*|Edrar'^ m F..-0 ......... 116,000,00 3.,00 *.. 1
M..li ai nW. M.w.na X... ... ..... 2,4164. a8,4 .4

ltl a nMl ,.... ...O 7,05001

1 1 I
I NLA I I- 1I1 L

ci.::::: ;; ;j;:;;;hi~iLna~



;;: ::~a~8~e, Y$Il, er

mo I-n I
m tmm imnrnim -

"Or .-a-fdUoB r r enB
rai thitlma.l ?.rr.Ipare Ki hn o rli

Pto1 ". ihIfl J Lr- I

F.' -L m*Eilliu m I. -
* .r .2 .1 L. | .

n .C 1 I *I..1
V? ** .*IL- .-

* I
. & 1 .


* * r -

I - *, -
L ..,

r* .r .

, i ij r 1 .11

* i I .1 .

1i' *

i--no CAle' no"' r-_,1 ,-1, i
FP'. jtill El L4* p l- I itl

g Rqm. .

5Pb iitte',ri . r, -. a

I'd B. ri.n *I j. .uik L
rr uJ *i r *I- PL

i J.

n. Id

_ r 1 -
& r1" J I u;l -- Irr .ir

A .. M
Ir 5i - *. I

,p 11 ,- -- 1v .1 t a,

,, , t , .-^I ; ,,

Brmi tt, i1,t ,tll fros th.,e a ut _
4 Mnata be dtitsn Polk Con$ty *. ftW -j
im:.os .Ed l .... .
.ih. x"- 9 *

.Ie Bu n L atr ..- .r.. .
K :! *ii| g *** n Frs :t. a *


Ap%.rIhf ibuthL Lft l cMIg IM a 1 I |,IANOII|I

CrpI LJrn z
lIn A I ILn-== 1 N** NNrE
FMr lEidWi .Bii l i'iki ui aii .i i t 1
FiT- P i-sLd.-. SLnnrs.-a-r7 .. *.*tal. b~u-4l-- *.I i

IF IU M -' ,--l1i I'L ,1i ,'iL i *,jI i
T'r r| :.ji, | f*,,= ,'L ,,
F Tr i- E. IN, *N*I

M mr ..e.nr Na.tsL
N 1 ... '*1. .- r N-. .I" j .k .

rELi"k*,ual-' Fr.As i-_.- i. 1


|egilafti Ap riatMonY 19B1 .............. ..-.. ,(10

For PStage, Stationery &ad Ofl~ee Expense _..... 4.82
MFUM ra ng:Ex(e sea .............-...... .... ...07 $ 3

Unezleaded Baflance Jaly 1, 1922 .*.-.......- 3 9,955M'1


Naeof FoNal. Receipts. DilsbtirBDaments. BalaneUI^
|nrrent N Exes d......... W0,000.00 5 32.521.12 m ^ma8"^
Adams .'........... *. ... mo 1 5,000.0 0 MOWN ..... TO

5ti.*. 1-31 ..n ._^, -.
liiw).i *Real 1 IL is | J |i |

I Ti, L I LIa i 1 1.1 INN ii n. i_ F

T> amL lg -. .. ,, p,, ,*L.

i*rIutLi.'j TIT4AS. ** ~i rt-jh. L~ilTi-"1

adfT~ Lil Ii l 1- -rl r rFge "Bl ri

1 g I1h llr
*Jiff i "i u"... i. .."..
'Liiiciii rirj

wiBIud z .... .i. 40,14

Gi. dad *- ............... .0
.or ..a m u I. r* .*- .. ."... . -

Ul.edpede- R:Bauanc MlY 1, 1922. ............ $ $1.27

^'* *: :*. .. ITH-LE1 tFBELEDAL APPRORITION.^.^ ht~

::,* Resources.* .**,i|.:t^:'^
R..' Beceived romi the Pedealefl Govrnrment ,,......... ...-..^.|...$ 53,012.2
: ** Espendi~ttureB: '. '.. ;
For Salaries .------*" ... ." -.-. .-. ..--.-r---t BBfl8. B'"* ^ ...
For Equipmnt Flerriuntsur and A~pp^ariatu -. "" S,l8e'St .^7'';.|-
FOr Postafe,. StatIOnery and Odfice Expfln~e ....-> 1,183.4 ^. 8;^
For Adve-riing and Pruinera .,-.->... -*-... -.. 5,760."6. _' T^
For Biddinge and Repairs ...>.--..".. .. ..-- 9H 'a
For Travellag Ex:enaea ....... -..-.. .. ,..... 12.09938 f6
mo i rig t ana E.presB .. .......-.-....- t 40N.16
..For .Books aaid Publlicatotsi .;.........-. ...-- 6B-9.0 *0:^|
Fo: r yH'all other Pnrposes ,-. ... ,,.....,,....^.. 6B.16 5 628f,3 i| .10 C

*.* .Un~expendeil Balance Juoly 1, 1923........ ....--^. $ 6' .12| *".l


R^ ifeetred fromtheai Fiederal Gocernment -..-.... ...,-..---1- 17,880,09

irrar ta l~awrea ... .. .. ..... ..r, .....- ..-- .. .$ 1a.420 .00***.*r

jh jelI nlif3L nI

T.irl i i -l i i112r..Il II II 11

i rLL. wr E T L l _J 1:.a I r..i MT.i

idli.h- ', EarS'. E *Jil-*a --J I' IlL.'

rl .I --l I n *- Is -o "" t

,- .i I ., I l. i .
r n..*i'i "z r rnn' r .n njn i ls-. ran "

i'- bt L Lg il ., I r i '

r 1 I .i "

R .. .._.. -*.

r. *. P*. . I

Fir .m -... I ... j,.
5 ni bn "jn ..7^^ ,j ,. ... .....g9.

LRul.l3n*d &vlTCaIrla-Un i W.

ftCr OFiTILuNIN-L r"bruilmr a..l At [-r^i1.
FIj n.ll LigL HI i I r '-
IF,r *- FujN *AN- A N A J*1 .=: .
F' i' i r *'

A i i-. l..h: J A

P. r -

I ,.

S- -1.A i


lI.r e "*El I
HuI.Ll11 a.E* ."til Pi ll"! J I .'

a h"lm drl mPuE, MOElN
RsoBi mp. d m nIld rrI..

LjAUllnir mir-r. b OU- .

, ii, T t i

IN. Li =: R.

UL J. Ir.I' o I

*i il I- .Ir I*

I- ..l Mii .. I J
-. *.C L I. h m.i ].J

J El..ll 1 .

Lair -.- f IN

Wdme r '-ILL. i. ,,-r- .* y
F.rirL:l I
II 'na IlAt Ijn:t' -i 4 ( 'U
TL41brm~ rr

S.II 1

i I L

I[ .

* dSS



= f= .ii I 0 = rf l *-- I 1 I d.

F, G mi ., .w-
S i I -** *=

r a LJft L- *
-114 a 1 i- f b In S.de t .... i *

Eddn n a d a n jini-y 1922 ..... ..... . -


IrMlu BbCHeLo l fl DP Afl raIm SwDm

IW s .-r her FRa..
-blames icpulia l sma
1P-ada1I -arJ
I fiinf.- HEqgtllputrnt FDUa

uLE CUn.ur u La
J7LI .73.
'9 1 I

IJL. NILl.4 I L lI,'lr L I I 4

l"0 L' -.- A1 h *A. 77- n. -. T- *1 -.L_. L LL.-

r a i i n

naIiet r Bniture andA DA0i04n R...A. 1OOE&i

I .,iu I -' r


N L I I .

A I.-.


* F i L *. 1 .
":* frit. "c'ii '-

I .Irn ; ..
* - S n ..

par BldllUl l [f mtan
fta r-.I alL t-. fitrr.aI
- El~il ilLult
F.i Fuid I PiUbl3II
iN, Ua r *. -.

[1: ap, .l. UZ- *** ** *
Ci.. -i EL* i"F .

- *- r ., _-

L T t U1 i L
S. a, ..-

I* .- I ."M 1 -I .. I .. I
S ,2 I 1 a on I ,1 1 I
Isr Pastaget SWadd ern dad O Expie neW IM
For Afertuingfaid, tiflteg .... ..... *.. 4 4A:
Sr Ballda anad Repair L .. ........ ...... fU 1
1%%r Tra"Elidg sIpoueas -..---.. -.-n..... S9.4 .1.l
ror rend Stnfs .~ ...... -..... 2".
aFor Booka and .Puleftaona ...... -.. 9
iaor OtBer. e .......... --.---- ... 2 "

Unexpended Balance July 1, 192 .............
Legislative Appro rtation 1921 ... ----- .......... ....
Appropriation by the Trustees o thie Julliu Rosenwald inad 1,00 _.0
(Balance due on this appropriation $400.00).
Appropratlon by he General Education Board ............ 3
(Balance due on this appropration. 5 9.).
ReoPetrd I insurance on Tucker Hall and united. ....... S
(A. Doormi ory and Furniture destroyed by fire 1921)

Fa Comnie$ug Domitory or Girls, and an AMne
oa aot iltory tor Boya's -, .......- ...... ,76
le adls Bretlton oft Trainingt SchoCol Balding ,
or Raepiai to be iditg. Fnfaces. et
Ilw. HupliAae, t mature, et .. *t 5 -.a'.u,

litiali elg Bm lb timrni .nilj L IfT**
WI.r Euillval

aVl-llm5I nr "f-W P-L 3 .P.--I iNTE L-ifl MEM t1- i..E i"-, F1 71;
I HE oaA0 e.LiY TH? lUI.**"** F *"*L * f -1 Il *I I*. I Lu
l dla' utL iT _L A;d 1"I-. f' = *I.. "s *
RTJ 1i .

I -1 NI I I,

i- I I

r* 1 ,a-..A .--.,., no- o i9,6SS

St o ,) r..,,,!... 1,000.00 .... .
ae~n r aal E coarnD o
m an: --308.4.. -, 3,803.41 .
Fe ie In*^stree '> Tukr Hall
d ^re t-re ............ 42 .0 2 ^ 00.00
S T o: al -..-.... ...,- -...^B.. 85,a^&9 4 81,46719


BalaTce 3oi~ht Fa-wa d Juli ,, 192104 = -. .....,,, i
OE:.: rkoiatiOb & Lgislature 19by us-lob-m^ IM .....

r .- l i r L*
F *I I N


. ,6^ . a

.*. . :



8,12a0 ,


"*. JLm. klql .1. J J"- ,


f lrr4sw;~~I~bUr a.4 <9. *r

one, X .. I. oMao,
*Seretherr, of ontrO,
* s OaolCB ].a

My dear 8Sr:

In compliance with Section 641 of the Revied General Statuts, I
Shereby make request of the Board of Control to inelud i>ts budget for
higher edu~catlo a summer %cIool approriatlO of $2,000 00 per year
for the years 1923 and 13Z4. a total of $40,00,00
Budgets for the amount requested for the summer schools at the
UniWerity ol Florida, the Florida State College or Women, and the,
Florida Agrioultural and Mechanial College ar attached hereto.
Yours very truly,
State SnBerlnteldeat

** '

L.r I'll. I.N rIF*, -
I I i AL J Ci 1-1 J ..
7 PJL r_- IIt |

UNNtr. f I si NilN-

I, "i .

-I l 1r 1 I a ,
I.& I I ."L F r I

I ij u- ,r

i J Jii ir' .i

I I I,

, .1 i e -
mE i [ [

. i _i I a gg
M. * the summer
I r n e durne wg
.. LFty-two coauntles Df;
. -les WreB represented. The
* tents. Of this number, 78S
S1921, leaving 1046 a6 th.
* is n mber 59 Florida coun-


.. I1- i -

* by correonhece, taught
Slthlion duarg these two
' *,, I lon Dl vialon t
S , = bureau of publla

r ,I

. I -

r i i Lr
I ti

-II -- 'il

r i. 1 ._1
-* -' 1 1*

S i J l r i
I -1 1 I I . I .,

-Ii I, ,= I i il .I

S 1
IIll Il


lugr L! IL I roh I L- r I I ]
L' L a l.i L ir I I" T '
M"1.15, I ..*'L e,1 I IN T,-- "a 7 .

T"p th-i HIj.ti.l B-f~rd or lc IrTOl
IT, ild

HiujLji lrgr 3n -i nu ln=iie r. rlc il 'li* nil-riw/n .1 '171 I !ist nlnaln
uualrst.ar I 1==., ar ..u Eil. B a 1i *' .-' Lir C i N H-: I .a"
p".lmer- Ma *L.- [1-' iSr r -u .-1 1.= ~

1.-.' ..r^=t -^'Lj I TiL!LpiiA

Tr-, i- -.i-r u-.i :. T e *** "si' - i_ 3 i 7 *ir

i ui i e i .s- i el I A. I 4 I lJ 1 i *A l'I

1 -_ .I .1 i * I? I n 1 ."' j s m r u *
S. hul u T p*.1---
r^kptwidal, s vice. at 11timrteaaeXtlj. Iipt
Stgla, a%, t to wo h ide in Florida Fad in h
n* thaa the ihwo insitudoxa of *higher blitallag;ar A
at 4, 6, aremnow Yecogni'ed as Among the sanaanar the (
Mllega of the county. TRie Univereiti :arn the College Mr W
ad tim orSf M ftl r Nrtiuitnm oI hIsie I n o I" L I ra
et the CollUeges and Univcfitlep of all the Southern states. Or Mth :
*mbnity l rF 220 tallaees in the SoMthoat only afy aw ftMioved as dE

*oridery Sohola ot fch santern States. OF this vanumber, be Lirclwadie .
tHlanard& o old tMwo in Focma, the nvetyad the iAu qolnW
oWomeb, are t"tpprove q
gg I a l I r

I ~i r I ,
J ._ -, i m _

1 p I I

,P M F 11 R r i i i, r --.


' I Fi i

S f u I I


i T I-n, *. m % T
I .I "'r t
..r 1: r ML.r Ia l 'n a r.r

._ -r __ I n In I
. I uW A L l Ii 11 i I L i 1 -Ll
.iTSkiAP ..* II..' ul ""F F ** "1...
M '*aip9 a L rr gfr5 ei pu i'-r-'ir -a.

*.LJaC-a lMiltr.sl 1. -max a __r 11 isl t
PreiNLmIn i_ A tUrPh.rieW
Lalp--idr lF il.Atn

0 1 NAls lrl 71U mi 115 MAPALINA
ntij IdL*4 JIMilaalU M ANL .lAra
LL ?1~la *J- p s.-r--' *- I-. LL II i.- mi L* Ilr-u
llif s*ii *At i.- SI iLl- AL Ie 1. 1 L -A II u-1J r iti .
HU4J 1=1 'Ld. i :.i ,1- 't-1 --: .' ;n LL *- ,*,E ai ~
Ar lI Cdh tff r... lol L I j r-im .il-, A IN Ul rim .
r ral-l yTKI -lc a*im uJll p i .-, i in , i ,, I

i l ,pl.j1 I i a ",

ri p.i- it ; Lp r A r IL I -! fr i-I I | h"llI *1 IF
iu 1 i A r, A A Il ll A 1iLe ir A i .HA i r|i- r
I I i A i P -., r F ., L i 1 1 11" 1 I I i1
Il11 '1 iN l a I* I 11 j i U lull I

I IJ . .I I. I L I A i I I -, l ll

I l l A At. -* I I' I i I i i i it i i i I i r I.

AL A I I t L 1 I I 1 I l A 1 ..- 1 i
Li 1. A I I u A I 1 1 . .A1 J .J I

I l I A A -- I A I l, 1 r1 |, r I I I rC., A

-.i i al i r._- ,n. m ^, .." , -, r .L= -r
F Al L A l l A *i| I L I r r ll, A
Er l L AI L u i J n -. r nI i_ I .. I, 1 i. A i. l i
i A, iiF A -
A. A l, I L I F- 1" A IA I AN A

L' iA Lr i *r-. r__- A* r e ....s n,] Il .1iL .A I i l iA ,.
11r A Ia Lul l 1ri *A .1 11 lj -i L r i l n l I r I &1
irD -.J .. rL. 1r-A .u.P-"I -. 1, r, r l -L. i- l .l A

1 c -r. I .-- i r up II A 'A 1 rA ,, J. rJ F I .i1-, i C Il 'ij1 d -LI

U -Aiql.A* IF L I Ilong[ Jim .~ns A FJ u A f II 5 a 1 '- r A O N L AP i
loalud-rd. bill, II.'Il A I.3 1 I Ai
rnA. 18 c .1 IF lLL a ALL L.% .*1
r-dji r T AI m t lz Ae por I -Ijclirjit Ad I% ine; i.-n i-.,.

1G00ca .1 fi m"tl I T.C 1 al Of.*n IL -on*r -usad.idm M] L.- I al
Lr-ll E L- i' n ..r- I I LA a- b a. i *- I*LL- n". '*I--** 1 ,
CL' |rJ ,1- m.- i n Li ~ r I a -' ,1" lm H l I'E ,|I=I I
._ !J'" A j an.J I F I n .1 i I I I J .I 1 aL.rn II

fa'atofftp minda ti deiani OAui Wf NM
Ui fi t'oMlese wprafemeS be Atploy40, at the e pr1uIMsl da
S 4erlded g4 itha tmeaIh that the number in eas's e at
+te 1fh and that adequate materlwt ehtuipmant be p rovd Adt 'W

Just now, on account of the greatly ineased attenanc4, tes tDi
versity IN in danger of telling below some of the standard requlh beet
To keep the University on a fairly decent plane of efflIeat tveaoN g
a1 acceptable service our budget for the next two yearn has been
worked out.

The general University budget for expendliures that reach out over
th e e colleges, alike. I presented In detail below. The itemized bud-
gets of the five colleges and the Extension Division and their respNctive
departments are described and given in detail by the several dens of
the University. These budgets will be summarized below, but it Is
insisted upon on t nly by an open-minded and thoughtful reading and
consideration of the dean's reports, which follow, and by personal observa-
tions, can the condition and needs of the University be understood and
The spirit in which these appended budgets have been prepared is
indicated by the following letter addressed to the heads of the different
colleges and to the director of the Extenaion Division.

May 6, 1922

My dear Dean:
Our biennial period wil end June 30th, next, and we are
called upon now to prepare a report on our work and s~atzu
for this period, and a statement of our needs In all depart-
ments of the College for the next two years. It is desirable,
therefore, that you communicate with various b s of der
apartments of your College, calling upon them for report On
theseof ree pa o their department, ad that pre
pare your biennial statement of yourt college a46Ordin~l
** .
It ai needaes to ada that the Inlunal dereio te t
tlmes requiFes tat no aded rep tet trotm dtinbm'4taM
Si* n .I *E *I I I* -r. 0'. 1,.I if AI. I ...r.

1J14 DP lLN-L Iir I it FI L -; P ra h C Iu rIl t
vh ll l [IN a ,IN 5 1,RN ul r ma r~w. (b -d- I .. umlI ,a ml al

c1 NlI"I .& IN: L -r L _-m k n l t hE I NO n._- I FL 1 1 ,11
i_ i :- w I *n j l ic Lif '"* _l a se P & i i ii1 i ri i
-,5i7n "Jj.i .11 i T f *- f i u i .-F "!Ii- r .n_ I

L A 1R -I i-..I i J ,
0 mii L' I c.- l k "? I *J as l I*jit
-- i L iN" I IC L Ie I I F m r liL i PCI|I
i eI I I I Ji. i Li I _ i i r .1 i i i i, U
wr i L IN I Ni I .I n -

NI '1 1 1 1 rr 1 r I .l
I i. 1 I 1 r II
-i mr j ; Hi i 11 ".r i mR i -_ - ii 1 i1

-. r L 7 I. .1 I r ,- I
Sa#aIng del6and. WRth these auigesoa In mind, there Is tant
A. 1" 1 N i T i ,I ,I ii , "1 Ni I

ofato new MWe n not found In the bausitu of preoioub yeams.

*^I ** *_ r i i i I* E A i

. " .. .* .es, your AND t

r .. tor of p " I.
I n n n h * . O. Nnad an n
51 d.tle o r of phstal education, also to the te i for apparatus r B

1--hyl aTIaini and Gnmmiadiusm .quipmle|t.

OuPr e erience In the M ate war demonstrated more clearly than w
S* I Li education u l
I' - 1 -L L- - 1 1l u y s i n a l b o aell f
-h *tarN to Oerv tMeir Country welL wh~her it be 0 peace or R
I l i t i i i i* 1 l a i p o s siib l e fM t-
'--.i i i i n .i . _i i t a l tra inmi e w iti o
3, < , %r L -
IN 1 I L I m T I I I? .I
S I L I I C -I 1 L -- -i I
I . r L i i L i r L i -It- -I I uf
& li .I .. I I 1- ,LIN L. - .

ha 1ba frere MMIMAI M'imb INSITElrU F0 KIL q-i~ fcii 1; Plas"Ne Vfl Va
E ti m cmi-= enr ble Sirrle uc p5r-i us he d Il fi ai mm 0' j isala -
ili Il~llitt lfirI-iar lBIII ii/TLE2- lif-d MatItJ. .il?1Msui9 O^B i
at Q8c .silMl-uL
--I'luIAI.T Ue-.Bursud

r ja ibpm by 13 r inI r 'i'/I
Tr _.*_1 Hl..C ^ ,] <- i"*"^ -r I_ *1" l ,w Ti u L gl.' l "1 m al ifu
Rr.A- S..... I"NWI,,_ I Ir ir i Z 14'1 No _N .. u r 0", "i' llrS I-
ag- d l LL V k I. -.*- E idi1..". I V -
d i i id f o S qno u asi mA C a s h r a i s a es ins ;i,

ab liryigb slk he ses seimberest f itriw.as axyds ^a monan.E 1A -I
]fala C J'10010t101VASoISI Sreleedy 1 S2S pIer annum In cbabobbf ,H
the stetidllar ce"^ mafirat&e Ao air (, 0..T. C. duty, mistat^:ion f^
::: agmr piBN 1tiflre tiey receide e mn edical and hospital anardffek,aia& T::!
*ve (i^t-nWeld quatersms andebrp commilarmy .prieeB.- Othr.^1:|l
*Ok" at 0thle ouatry Ate lasins trON thfan thias or their. salta N1

J erara t i ,s 00,.00 worth of Bribl equipment supplied fhr IS tithe ldab.
Tasty by the War Daeput~ment. Whe Untraclty Is atiae> bond for^f **u *
proer pratectioe of tis eqUIlmectA To SAeN popero aoom tht aCad
propeTty an annlat Mad of $100.1W Is teSlradA e I *
The Cadet Sant la pP1 t A f SOa e amibtary orhaaion. and it reiaas I
She hull tam of an ainatrutor of instrumental m l. A amalW aoree A
in She asaiy that hag Seen Dead 1heetolore is called bor SoO. The Chad '
iltrutor it ila depstnaent II a Sofl officer The mUA vow lfu
ugoe to searing at cODWSKerIable san ce The Saalay must be il-
craed it We retIn the Sgerices of 00 C0Omnetent an OEifi&L

3-Uoral Treainng,

The tudeats are payONg part of the slary of the inlsruct in Bible s
Sad T. i C. A. SecTrtary. The mamant that is used from the Astumdin *
budget Should be devoted to other purposes and tis eitlary talent ONVO bf '
oar budget, The amount shown here Is What is at present beINN Pid A
-ofnly the tiference of $700.00 is contributed Sy 1tudeQtU S n Thes *q
moral tone add relgiou lifte O the bierelty .are funIamenMaln ih
tbaliing of good eitlaens. To leiter and maintan Meilap e Of Vti
rbaity Ife, we csonsder a legitimate and an eseamia IaaN of nadut e
asndt a teear chtabrge In ohr buNdget *1 *

'. a "..' lh-Dsaptpfefent of Poublic sipeui,
7 Sy. LN 'a .1 1& m F sIc NJ I Idtn~a. "Sb "

Toral C, pl re I 11 I' I-- >-- c.. B- j I llling 0 P r .4. Fra
4l : L r P*- F Ir I II I .(.. F* IN 1 c 1 -L*- JE-
bul .N .. 1 I 1 1- 1 -" r 1. F I I **Z cr r j_ Iob n-o a bob
"*i-L I11 ." r- *-1J Z I; -c . a LiN ; TJa S INN. LA*MB

'rIrNI nN Blhu;l TillTTIlig Om I im M All M1 Bpt.. atM I"IIIL Nar
I .- B Sa- l*rI-l.* .-l r E r e, 1l0 I m 1 -- i I LA i Iip* l
iR. t it rF L I N el r3 o ''t C g BE, l .I.-. 1 dii
I. LI. fj -i T r 1 :r TIL 1 n I rij* 1 1.. alT Mi
f AI'.-ri*LLu." La .LL A. i I I 1 -" 1 ,El u FIN, 11 I *1 LO

I I SI I Im I .* ffNI-l LF NO. r I 1 .J lr N A i
. "* L r -- I r r :1 0 is L .1 uS I I il,. f
IN' I % -11' I C L j 1 &l I r

I - I .1 A.

I. It L 4 I I .. Nil in NJ-.. m 0 .I Is

I O I F I I I 1, 1 1 I I 1 I I i

.F r ' I I 1 1 r1 --, Ir .' .

t ela oblef'llrarian W. jrul pcofetieO'" si OB account ; of th e
*ulnim sl attendance and aboutY v 00%^ar ine la ne of the
Ti ai beeom.-an Btter iomai flowtty tr one Ubraran to Cs.Erv g
atBi 9i foaetrY la l"ty 'f *th!e ENtalosng aUsd( cafre of boloas Wr
,ejatlmands .- fee otlIecNty A" soatent Itbrarian Busuat be

I ,. r I ,, 1 ,,,, 1 1 1 N
N, I is- I 1 1 1e 1 g r I I I, I Fl

'SI , 3 i i 1 1 rL
I" ,I I I I- I ,i FI

I I r 1 1 1L 1 IN l I F
MusIuN I hN Experiment Stath

, 11. F. -rL
S r .. ,,, .- u

ME aion, aME 1t the othec

.1 i i .
N I I.
r ,. TAN' I J 1 i
I ol f E -J..

IL Mi IN 1 41i

ball to tie

I LI J1 1 ,,. i 1 .. L,.mL I
'- I ,1U*1 -*LD: i T Ai

.w a"' r i l HL F u .

Other lil.- i r. rA M L f Iknerj (GnM, ,..** H m l ..1r ll '
ip iDniNrm~ilnJ nLm rau surna eir.w L U NOW iiair rarr ale 3 a IBum
Beraq m Ei L' air. iI E-.L1 rt sf

"'M-4.. a L "a "'- i -l -g r '. g ii E.1-, AN miu
.-f' *.I ..' L ""' l'- 1 R *AL i 1 r-g* lu 1F r .7 ...*
-,lr.i. A r r . -I.-. *- rm i ., Jr I = ,*1_
AI 1 I i -ll 11 i r iA I i I iA-.1 ii .1r Lu i l L -.i
111 r -i sj r i IA., r -! f -'_* 1 11 I hA -i I. iL I w *1d
, iI, I 3 1 A ._ A F ,.-in Il ., r * I 11. -
L I Ii I N I II I l II I I
I J r -! 41 1 1 m eL I- II

IA . .

hi Iompe nsI t Tese i ell nonly earry aifll teatthr lo, .
: e laer all upne to yuprv rom150 to 300 studenta in thIrMA r-
tie, collIea to bsh rBiae t fr respw 0ctivBe Yamdn thtoe ao M A
tlub ftautae aond to perofot otMher eaertHe eAutue whi aome w lthi
the~os e nEof their res rpecve c61s F*Le-more, theie hse arMe AL -l
duty' a Aor Aftere eM lag Q f the session for at least a mout *
loter t iha the reular. profeoS. it it only ftir that t heed a' N. :
afiaries, a uch, should be irreaed $300.00. We wou0d, o cor.e, e
Sa at rebaAoNA, recommend that the Vice-Preaident's alary be Inreasd
,ordiny. Thesa would add oniy $1800) per A, am to bhe rd e t t
Str e sRIX ofaiters. It Us repactifvely lUrged, hat rathi re q te b I
ratied l a a siopa matter of justlel

In te lgmatatdr ot ermanet improvemeAt tdhe Govaror v hasae Baest J
that a 1milig pIrogram itbe outied Wo that eac suaceaed Lgirsturef
S I -, I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1* I e AlAAA
I A L I I I I I I I I I I ** A N I r. a
I I I 1- I I r II. L
r-..ii. a in I! 'I r *L A I *n a I A I wr I Ai Al
'T a in I A Jl .* N -- I I ... .r A I- A.
l q- Ni-p' A NL *'i c A -' i r I 1 I. a 'a L IN- al'Z,.
| A ,1 A "-UNAL-S I. 1 1 ..,. *a. 1. 1. r-d.- v -AzI.-N N..Ir- reg

IItr BIr d gr il tlll m) I Mal MUpraltl i hed L, Emi-N M t Illit':

ad" aNAP W W "tial- l IN Lt ,'A i
TOM ~nouill spelegires wImial amr.n c is a 2 w, a -" lagsrlgit.Is LLA.v AUN
Aditl BD 'IlVran VNtYildamu-a of WL (ar a .-uiid -Mriii -c LI Er lanI
attl4 rmuatly~ lur'r--.driu all L *1^-. m:1 -r*Lr. 11 that.- -i*Tis., p.j.idalMtjB
*a rl ijir~ioTr'i t** al h j oinrTI ^S ic-s..-n.uj neai.*B.f.ict- r.- a a- i -thL r~ing-i..
bam bilaw, it r, A.d .r'' - : .' F ;*AA-vr raJ rj*i J.I *A
E INIA "- .Mi.irAr. Off- `.M- 1) FT 11 ar--. I. iiuL a 1 11 rIaIF
IEmuN u.-0 lil -J I < L. r _-NI- I F --,[ Ai I* l idl
1 a*& ll a Llaall ial u14 Fd m N-TT Tr AFN1
P, I Ti taci TLiA- l-- .- IT r i I1_r | 1__ r-- ,1 ea ,1I" ON a ILM
7 Ia Quj *Al an a 1i C P.r A I I I I I ME
I remy 1 I r- a 'iN r.? 1 *L- .*-iL.*r, i` r .- a r i iN
aTOl .L "ac " 1 Il ** l- f IEI1
PrOL ill MIf- AI I.. II IL *J -" i r;* r-__ I I .-I Ea I Ilb
MIL-r l LEi- L-Al.*.-1 *A u-tNa l i mn lir I -I -.1 1I
r -'ti-i N I f- r f r, r. j-- all. 1 -. *_ |
r~u -J l niu l nU u|- i *- -- .11 ,a F i ri ** _..i I
iul i F L-g -, I riii. LI-II i, i .TF Lt lITI
PG = li- AI| F L r -1 r I-I
I n r0 1 L I J I Ii & I r- I l 1 1 7 r a -. e- .1-

a L 1 l 1 A N I I a I I 1 11 l 1 1 r r-. a Ju
j i.A I it 1 -1 .1 Fr II ; r1 1I.
uil L rr I A 11 1.
I "s" li I .1 ] 1 a l -1 I r I I .
I'j ^ 1 _i- 1 1 1 1|r
Au r I i .a 1 1 I IL FI J _
". -*" l l" .* * li_ I -1 1 -j ..alN
wr ,' **".*^ C c. .I UJ ,..,I F a _rl n ..1 u r|E .-..^ 1
If I -. I I I A I F I .11P I II .5 1 ll I A I I l 1= .I
AI N 1 a a i i i l a I. I IL A a I 1 AN IA.."-

L-" "L-, *i s ,,_
t' -J- l.It.Ll n at l *i i. 0 g .| --,I I ,_ | ^

0 J jhI 1 .1 INW% L T-.' IN-,
LLI- L UIX-. P11 ,*, L . i A .r I .Nam
o" Fmad ',.J* mild .11 r 1 -A r-. ,-i-*--- -a I l LL IN,,,.-* *
ina rl V l 2 -h'uI AM . *3 .lir '. 1I1- I. 1 IM |i. .- I 1 I-
JlA. ba i W r. *- 1_ *A lul I I. C i[,. r L,*-,. I,,. ,- luL
mIIr La. iaLri IF AD nuui *_p,..-WL 1i I rI Tra I I NNVI
ge Fr unial'ANIr

I1- HIll m .D a Bi arsneinismat Food s a beIm a r mail idel a 11TB1
domlIs **I = an it. a iinll -I p n a lam
dml lh --rrbmmbna r N N aL| rnI I f t.
J j i n LEasl-Im a ..Ab r- t*" F" I.? I. -L ~ 1 aULr . iLr
fal A I r mholil allr-in -a 1 -1 F !" r I i ,*t|] P r--i"B
La. L ithmali11- LnIJ .Nl lJ&Lu *r. L *M H' L *M 50 Iebei- I 11L
.J I t F ar E P .r Mw NJ A al ..-. .Jt 1. a al ... NN a r* 11 .s road
1 1.1 --kr I - i .... 1 i- |i M as J & I I .idL Jam la
L I l l LuLe.. m r r bi I L N" a r bai' ua i JL L Far

AMMitor ; wddoh endere i ban anges ] Pnlrl but obro that bor fuv l a
nd&e The dExistsred ofthe w have another enough aitrlin a or
Orlat-rea bo o r shme n. But whoy should thed Utaer buiadU more

^dri/niares when nit ast not enouieh PaaaeG. buildintas a l** ifaccmm

oiN aWind enslafley in tte oan e, abo llmftor 00la next. a ea tY
now is 400..3
VA wUld a or, thevrn thro m.oret to the Mworio of the additftoa l ...
not edave tha istrao Io m ddihe G ommo i Buldt spei Ite would reral *
leMet I n to add the SoLibrary and Shae Mt hmn, to W t atn h lt
dd0000.0ons0 One h were i the o nritid plans bu never b dri abe tt state
ta the present d isand of these tinwo all, I tis iof tlhe when aied ,

cosatrulct a bouldtnr and tur ineh it for 1100,000.0 under preert latIO
conditions ad Dprices of building material, wil nlot fully 4si1ay even
the present demands of the University. .m

S-Chemistry ButlidLng.

FIr imslair neasont set forth" above "we place next in imortade to t
Library and Mstneum Bailddg, a buf]dint for the Deparuent OU G .'
era, Physical and Ariwulftural Chaemistry. Next t- *- t 1a -l--- '
Aly no department on the camps 3 o overrmed .. I" I .r-i
SBpirtl ai de T M a ll pace all itted to this depa ment an MeB | r
fIlorw of osEne Hall and tae fadt that 823 atudental her bend edi
Li aine f both reelt-tin and l laboratory wol, ti ul a ltI. i ui

N.i I r I I I*1.I I '1 1* u I
Rev 11 1 1 0 11 A I I lbal 'N. U. MI


SW G t flg nh t Lnglenes lmUd rians a fl'-- L fuiNA -r i A .l
ana .me bt at EL ill- i E as _i Pr ar l r l
I |te aliC*.-ih ,a -lmiinl1i K. En- l 4qu. AB '& .li--'S.L' 1

.I I rl I e s'yI.-Tr .. -" ld- I l 1. I -
UN n egariam 1-.u r It. I a r.-..--r -.- T1 pll. a r I-. I ulr
a ll P L* ..u ra l ," i N. J I. C. *1a I "

* *J =.'<.. tl r- O-l-L C- -1". L b'. .r* fi a
ON 0 n, L i. f- r L -j r l I 1 .
I T 1 1 1-

U, _a. .. I *- In * *
r- ,Il,. .

i, I .. -* T oldbarrackas,aShellotawoodle
r I -. .* f soldiers dting the war, is now i
lei a an lBdirmary, Such a buildlndg Ocant be wholly sanitary, regard. :
NlS oft the ane ead eAxUse to beep It in order, Its floor space is n-
a Eoate to the preset demaUnd. In the eveat of an epidemic, it wou ld
be tmposheIbe to give proper attention and accomaodatUon to the sWlF
It J deb~ Oyat wished that $ 0000 Could be granted by the next l i
sa ltre for thit purpose s Thl wIUl provide one unit of an Infirmary, to.
be added tos the State may decde and the Institution may require.


st, We place Uie need of at least two dormitores, with complete far-
inshlngs, and additions to the diniUs hal.
We PBlad P thee billings last for reasons advanced above. A tthousad
' able in the present dormitorie and sU-
eaIps, Other near by private honme and
-' con statita ; bat the ai of th e Universlatt
ali be to provide anuffcient dormitory pace to accommodate l

4I .. I ,
I -- l - .I r I r -

1i l I I i r I i_ i i i
Na I ] TIM a I I i Nai i 1 6- aLm-. T_ .r I.

Q A--= F NM.i 'L ra ,:o IA i I*=
EINi .I aU- I Ir N ri. .ra r. E 1JIu a Z I-c ;.uJI
Z i sI I H. ""bll. L I. IN. m l I.s i

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W1 i LL "I "e j. 'all I n Ia 1 11 .1 n 1 1 I 1 rr T *
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rIndii m.,. "Iw Ii^ as riiu 1 L.cT..". .. r 1 -. .1
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.1 r I I I I Ir- 1 11 11 d i-i I- j j I 1
in .= Fl ;I~~ I n u 1 .-1 n g 1n CnIl 1 i 1 n Ll'
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Tn.i4 rI T u ,* B l.n, .nr ,- in. I, M-- IL I nJm, 1 ,, ur ,i
S I I-" in tn I- .I I I r I I, ri q I l I- lin er,. _ .I1;
E&l' r, LC IT, rlTl *.l.IlT FI LL I .ll I _. Fa l- L' II


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pill n s l FIRM III iv m i
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ai Mig' br TnI *- VISPI. 1innn I aM.-n* n. 1- -Be'i n u

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brul te PiU le.. .if -. Di rs L a ^H*-- I I rI -.W c-T n awl
-NI1a M Dr..$ *L* .-1 IT--,i ll rr1. .. ." W I lI 1- FpRll
Erfir. KE 1 ,pT'li re.. ^ M" .. r I F jl IN, *I .. U -r -J ."'T-

i 1 1 ijjlr -l% IN ....11 I Ij I L i I.
S ll II I- --
I- I, M I' " 1 *" ." 1" .1 r11 1
N -- 1 1 .I I 1- 1 1 *

Iu* une epe Fe wn t' thin oI- on grs lf TMb

a l hted(( t Bter ^ol Surely tb wpp^prfOU wply e n m e d h it a l.
Od 9W&*Ves thBire es Voeid- omDel o oE aa&idtal tonh tohe e u
'.** expel et a ed peYrentBo Tf on atoe iipent ibut weaver budg
his en pn g a cIut .owi m" .I ir- d c' m/ *u...
I':. ci Iondfor it tmay be wl to efe i ImbU e Ifet'a the oDn.
or bhe Art* Col0e1e and ectr of tm B .he -eat.wt Sltiona
: A"grlc a11 EwteTieo* Divredi. oite Tental tearnet or, he' emm
art-aeaQ for tbsa treeil lvatos. the Co i the Seeriln b 'e th I
Btedl nt Dicisni. wllo at aisd glance appear to be nern* W*At, it
Uirt be kepe In Mind Fee Ia sie We laht biennial P&pUNrt, OhR Sae
i .atne aB added to Wte ag r raearch deBaInet orfl : I
dinfsa l.ty, as sub'eflons, the '[bl. Epe- t = StatIoR, at 4O "Q.I
SR 'aaend shBaad InaE a the *h.oeat o We driags IJAMet oa
l'i^iS; aid tbor iT alno eton Iare Alfred Atbrui Stati.o, at Ad" A711
Srad: beae Statioed ate wo foaotion prpEmrly, they mMet have Ample .
fin K dimdst on the ,ro'e whicl i. i are st;~cs to. W *' d EtP :
bled de:tena orrled aRed einourrecoy :to thi budget of athr COlee W4e
Spafenlt Se*fbi at .b Unifeloitra bee i mnt wid nig co be Bbeet mdF I
fes grnnted two yatof Fee, R TOY ena MoulM see 00 need an, pea-
ftblei ofrolviD do many (l."ont probleisa wetift oew keep Ibe Star

r i i -- I I I I I A I I I IN I1 i I.sl

S1 I. U * I IN 1*1 r a 1 .' l U II
ura 1- *^rit" .r -l" "1 t 1 1 1 1.n 11 .. K .r -MI

L N a I IN. %=c. ell *I I I *. I c I r I 9u N 7.|' ..rI F 'I
PJ nr- uII Ji. L Lh F I I"o lo. M Irn' I. mI

. *I lhlllgn Spen yprroimul Vua l nlAi resuliL- are .iipall
gills at o IruttKgMIa. erdu urpaw reuuii ar* NN rpsapo
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Mob%'if Mil7 gshiwo Iw r.A -. .*Nnart li N* I.*s INU'miar
A iLd rii-lj r il.= 0 a! f .:.0 i -m a '- .iTR --J 1.I IriL- I= rFL Wiu
ninli Ni*fm rinW ly KILL 1I l.i]i1r* in NNI! l' LI r "- fi I f 1 1- 1 fi-
ANJEll W I. u-l I ElaWi= II Ir 1 & l". I =i J r I1 I In ui', i.J'. IN Ir,
hi.id I IWI_- f rr'r Mi NIr E'NN"NE". I Ilf IF .... -. ; a lN I N, .I.l
nk V 1 )- 1 _u ill>r r- L Ir- i Inic ri-L Ind I *L
Plnef TL-ire 1I1 its Fri- -Ni .- 1U A I nL 1 -1 1 16 I IL
OIW E.'- 1 Z*l i" ". 'I N ia i I 'iL I I Ij 1. A 1 1J .. r 1 1 '
0ll.TJ IL'L J LV iIrT-lfi IN JjrFuF-,, Tr- '. A_ I. J 1 1' 1 l
Lun" A.1DIl*.'.I u i *r i ,| F i" 1 inl .-I i _* j
Ime tIl-IIIII.I i I r I I 1 I I 11 71 1 r .0
lJULI jll 1 1I' I I I. I I ml I I. I I I i I n I.
I uml i I ;' ii_ 1 1 11 1 11 j1
in- 11 1. II ~I L m4ur IN iJ| I N fI 1f 1 Ij"* INli 1 11 .11
unoBtedly thli goin Ss faluess i wh checked by l e-$
BWaEe finacial supl *'Tsiastirowd oE youbg rein tia
.DItkwo$H brow iving Van I
hih roar ar toea.enrtheir Ste ilverlSty in tFIN
nex tcadcl '&le ilNeNts pi;Lege; for c themi the ftueliiu i
r prBi ey of tlie Stae velerds. TI : l.present eiramtona::
rghft the nat'n, wen all stest reuglis arnd 4prate
iersiEse -CrWlded to the utmost capaMityy htis woul
?ef rdt, ateovldthe Ullverasty ol BOf ia be compiellel to
i.ber Btnudtsa through inadequate resources. We c&-
not eate -de.t the -r't y of an education to ourI
k evr/ retoBurce to Provide for their owc Ix
luSi e'i that in the no few ye'er iorI rida went

BlJftllp impoia geflWln& ill sucli worit oaV.'Q
i("pYpift: SinpnmiRit't* -**ii *''
I l IN I- I- 1, 1 IN .1.
Bi i i r B I l ,- 1 1 1 ,I I I ,r
--i- ii rI. IL r o -

*' .-. F r n L 1 - .u ... .. .*---
I' IU r I,, .I |p f i .

III f -Im 1 1 T FI I LL
T Isn lN I.L.. L11 ry M AT I Nr
INN- t -T 1 ,all i IO r-_FF I. ,_ [ I a 1. ,V i ._ L l l. .
0=T= l-ra L ,-, g .F L' , L

,im. M .r 1 .n. i .'Li-
N-.a r k i. .- I.-- *L ra I '.. -

S L b 'i




resident ..................
Vjoea Presdet .. ............ "
Secretary to rdeant ..

ltPhraical Educatlon and Hygiene.
DInwtor and ro S eOr of HH
lretoar otf Physcal Educatlan an

S. i i -.

S5,000$ 5,000 $
200 500
1,600 1,500

500 ,500

- r -

I I l


.1.1.11! I'
r'att r grp n L ... ... o .L ol iooR

.IRI In *J CoDr.t I

* 5b'uia' r I
I -I *ajI !

uTl* d i h0000 orT1 o-

mp mea imet tunrimed nd r
bon to the nlverSy .. ... T 1,000 1,00 ,00
*eal ^ai tance ,,,... ,..... SOD fot 600 1O,.0

ntg aoause:-
Oiee Hpplre w atnt aures i4
otter, Supplies and N4eastiles
0t tu rntshb by War DOepar
m nt I r ...... ... ........ 400 S00

v lrnmant Improvement;
flpair and Improvement ot Target
Range -L 1.. ..... .... 100 500 500 1,000

&AGadt San4id.
S*oteBsor of Inatnmental M nic
Ian4d flM tor ot Cadet anl and
Univert. Orebes.Ira .. .... ...e. ,0 250D SI SO

.1trurtih in Bibl aOd T, 0]. C. A
.., 00 2w. 265001 iO0
; G Mor&FMOr'oE FMC oggo Rni. .
|hof Dar at dalieg TROak n||
I I I. .

Thtflxt r mfxb xaxdyx CA.
Sz~i~iiNbi;o ti *bd
Z C:i~b tat" fllt roam.

B icelrU tark.=I.L in-

rl~d11t11I rEi.V- 1!.. !IJi 1i
ALJjj q1 c !mm; NI r"

a IJ Jl 1 l .' w l

I" r
L- OJ t I [ n i "e =T *

"L j, |

I .

ti, Othw Needed 'QliupmOt


f l alarear
.trar ... .. .. m o N.

toograper aVy Aiat to
:1 f'T-'JcRD~oR'SynCE
xx ^, ^*

1r - I I .~- l I I
NVp. .... II
mM 11 1 s 0 1 w i l s

I I l

I .. J.i.

SI... L I.. 4.:
I **' | **'' 5.1



piZw .* L
* I& PlIid alD .Lik ll r.ah

I 1l=h-iride1s BulJl! r W ,- -~

3 l -a O.IFu "I m hL iaL i *
P r.il. f E'r r *." -
lFn .i- I r .. *Il r i i ,i
.i 111 r 1 I 1l
F a- FLi c "
g rVL -

;&OL'h g .L,-.
.1== -1 i i

I *


-I Il

-a., = =


I. l.la UP cujLEF
IRuat. Eo i r I sm l-I-,


S l i

l rl 7 :,i-- 1'
-.* sr r-I'

r T --

** cm Sarso1a1 Property of
the State on the Com-
Canpus. See P 00 *.. .... -- - 6.^0
Total ...* S...S-- ,, O aas, ooeo 4OWtO.W WSMta
gighopl ----. . .:


:: :*E E:

sd~ a.~ sr~ ] -

l. HUNWY ir uJFThEna
ahllr.Li !nr BllJmFiai
d il i*r i Up- 7 .T cp

fl-'I WiJlE.Ttl.


Iuuj'T Th
111. L..

F iTyafp-r"-*=-- "-.. E* r'
L..u'. I .a .r 1:1 ic 1 ndhiJj F

ENDING JUNE 3, 1925,

1 General Etpenses, not in
eluded i tie Dea.s' Bud,
Ceta of the several col-

t~nWIot IX n F. 00.... $0
leges and University Er
tension. Divion, P00.. .. $1OS,140.0 $ 48,050-00 5 36,000 00 .
uJnrease of 5 Deas from |
;$2a to $600 each per -
nnum, r ........ 1,5000 ..... .

$109f,60,00 48,050 00 86,000.00

1. College ot Art Mt d
S*lenes. See Dean's r
S..-.. -.... 199,42000 6550.00 9,125.00

IM Col0ehe' of Agrduivre
ania Experamntn StataSE,
v< e o C of AgricuRe
O R -* ..x..... 96,300.0 262,4000 3.00B 0

ignS 'Overetty B |




I. ..

Ige.- .L l .

?4 -1 ~ i "

d ltlever W--. .0

^ extta approprtatioa for
radional County and
Tnse Demonstarto0
Agent . ,; ...-. 66
t 4armerfl Metings, P 0
Palr Exhlibit .s .

See Dean's report,

IV. College of Egineerng
Bee mDan's report P. 000 70

V. Teachers' College -....-
A. Summer School .- 20
B. Teaeberal Sprin e-
rlew ---

ee Dean's report, P. 170

V. Law College, Se Dean's
report, ... ......- 3

Vet Oen al UniverIaty

mlare Uad Curremnt t
r- ..

1." i I L i i in iN 1 tit 1 1 U Il iMl


Les rag SdIWit JudefWra.LH
pn ai. n* -i- 1 -
Sneebj hai& -' I
nub &.ll na.h.ri Pu

agrnuareim Cl F9. q.

, I S O

.,,,r- ,i i i i I A =A ,
W.. Nets #44tvatialipropMel OWt in the dET
cm A i
xN .
A .

i E:,wN m fapglvufrm M
..A AA
,A 'A



- r oaed.
aanas budget" are only
Ineme from'
S thereof leave


1 FMBaUlri. i'.i L-... I, i (COT LI TLrMlEE I% IT aTi
l 'OL in u n ; Flla = i "T rl 1 lk= = i n n n-- i
TME NON61c ,-A Or 7 ON. Ift N In- cil ^P Ill I E

lkj I I LON] I a l ... mv" l r j jwufn 1 It & J
HNJ I n -'I. '"I' . -.L" Af mO N- .
LO TI ia II i >.i .. uN L.1 I j. 1 In. 1r i "I u im
I I NJ nI r I i N1 -1unI 9J 1 n- 1 ; n


rrawaQ *

1H *01100i "K0K"
3H,,3 b-ul) *:,

* ts~oQo'^


HH *:i "* tu. '
11p'^*lB^thwa*;iB la flik ave college
bn. I t''a Ed~ampusi arrant expenses
!*4ut permanent improvemTnts
S ia a. lboratorlea, machne shwa
S* and I =ar s --- ....... -
''A Ueneral UniverAstIr ten-
BID, aourespondene, tSahilng,
otm e...,, ...........
L For Agrlailtmiel Eprement
Station, cam pus ..............
FOr Banch. fterment sia-
) I/a e Alred ......... .
(3) QoinWy To1aoO Stailon, .
() E erglades .......... ...
Fo' ,rc 6gartnlimali Extension and
Hoae Demntrttlon Aee."
Includilt :
(a) anner meefalp, $3,000
th) tatr hbits, M1 004.
:.. Bonldlip.
UpNt. (rf MilQ Admit~atlatr^ r i uj .. .i

Ci.l=i-* e- *- = F ** -- I
i rl I r ** r|
i- I

'I 'I; I


.m is WCi mLaud I rl- E t ir Lt-i .i i
rThIl. .fig.SLI is *.1 a ai F a, .-t'.lc I -
We U I

1it K;r nBSnwOI FW C=A

'To tie Treadent

The outstanding nature in the history of the University o Florida
ad of the e ae of Arts and Sciences in particular for the past blen-
nlum is the continued rapid growth in numbers in the student body. In
1917-18 we h ad 92 men enrolled in this College; in 1919-20 the number
increaseto d to 17 and in 920- e had 00 men in this division of the
University. This shows at once the great problem we have faced and
are still facltg. The large enrollment means not only large classes but
in many instances more classes. "More classes" calls for WIore class
rooms and more teachers Let me illustrate. Nearly all freshmen except
law students take English 1. This year the class in English I was so
large that It was necessary to divide it into eight sections We some-
times had three sections reelting at the same time under three different
teachers and Freshman English alone called for twenty-four hours a
week of teaching.
Now what Is true in regard to English is true to a less extent In re-
gard to almost all freshmen subjects. It was necessary to break the
classes up nto sections. This meant more teaching hours and the ques-
tion of handling the classes was soluble In only three ways:
1. Let the professor teach temporarily under these circumstances
more hours or larger classes than is permitted in standard Institutions.
2. Let the professor teach the proper number of hours and omit such
upper-class electives as it may be necessary to omit.
3. Find new teachers. If there s no other way, upper-classmen must
be put n charge of freshmen work,
Despite the obvious and serious objections to each of these methods,
we have been compelled to employ them all during the past year and
shall be compelled to continue this policy until we are in a position to
employ regular, fultime teachers.

Be Tbrl :bnIbF; Li-t _wrtDi rae- pn *I II j-,j3 i.*= B Wm r a
Lb.. Tiiurail.. *=t n'. hB *n l I. E n ..f-.n"." .1 E = - Jli~a
b Ilmd l is'a 1 L. LLc rn....'Jir .L if rnJn irll|, r r iP .Pu LJ

mI' iteml I |r I I' b C'L NLi".linlil [L" ; m Mi li! 'f l0l'
TA bhL i .- Irr. 8. qrl

iW jaq . . .. -,-= l lbl

rf' II a.J Jl i .1 rl r ; -' FT t-- n. iil lH t'
Fr .hl I B .. i .1 l L P. J _..,r *n L.r Aqt
aP .l- lm., f "-... L ,c-" rja -. ",- Ia uhl b
'i o. 1 C i I Lt- Z Ln." l r i

,1 [' u I- r -I. r r J
.1 1.. '1 .r *r

Lr I

A1 I, ,. 1 . ,l 1


p the crowded con
tea Per iportailt we
seems that the time b
tannt gie more attend
mtrTing mesearh work
flbt1 to estimate mta
Biewo We could
WeelD earO b this liner

We e ta removed

- -, Ir ,
fi tll -Il v ty
weUd~s Mel kaneep le

sm 4 11 l 1 ih I

.- I In II-


Ibmi ellr Is En*i.L i .an-=w Furm r- L. I-wN, 1r-ii O .7*r
IlMudAiffol Iii *:L MN l1 EIl. IiEN. If .srl ul' IL V LA
MEn a-unmu bIE ZE!N )IuLb.] LAN rELr Lf E J- 1-- *r 7*'
W O* Iin iffl VI. Ila I. A* a-IOjlf.a.l I L" A j E r 'wLI [Ulin
rIM, k A:. ..... ANA M i& .-n A I... IN U I -rVAT- "I If !4 do ru
LF&lg Martoi I L. 111 .1 11 Of n- 1, WA.IN IF A" ] 1I.
4qGT'jaul il Uri... qcrii *^""
fEE JljAEq W IN., r Ml,%N:
rDo- -i iAs : I & I EI A ION.'" A] I r IN J -I
ffglgi b rlE_-: -] I -. A r .. A .f I I a I AN c A II I IlI
LI r a L -. ** I I I f 1* -6 1 *" 1 -*A A
[rk LL I I.r i : I. J 1 1 1 ~
E. i |J' L

L i ,U. U iN 1 1
u l.Fi, r ., i L. ,J A 1
0p L 1i 1 .A I -
SI A I IC I 1 r I
I B 1 -i|, , 1 I A II

" A I! I I I I I AN

I I 111 L I
L i

.A ,,, IF i .

lia~ prea Bfrsfaa an adiHtiB&Ht inster or f
L J u I i .Lu i i i
.I ..I. I A I ., 1 I

aa~Bra~t prPlalB

I A & I II I
I.. I I, I
L 1 J r L ii i 11 i i |

I r .
I N 1

:.. r91
Ph i-'. aI 1 1 IaraL :. o** *I
*flhdtl.i.-- l1 IT.I.. : -LI ..I] i Z =-. weil"
ibr a- *r L.' i ip ._^ i1 >.

Ti. i

H..v -I A I-'. OM
'Lu a -. A .
..I -" njj I L.J'" -- m..1 i- pinu.. Jl "I

SAla UI wr eI In sile- reffifill->, ij MeL
T-l r = **L

T IM e- ,e I I
SE ell^stted Lhat there will be & deficit of $3im 0

r 1 'm a91B-a0 tre were 17l stu eint Gswo ed in the. dpartmetoEr;
e:::mstry. In 1U21-22 tMe rubiefr wLan 23, an n$rased a N0%. Not- 'i
worthy ia the Fact ial te increase In he upper cLasAe was 1 7:% 1
consderably dlarg tham the inorease in Freshman ChemTisy. althoh -|
19* satdents were enrolled in thia clans. The atment, thBroa .
Is justified in a ktt lng for a teayehin orce and equpmet n y o
take care of the large auners The advanced war ainoid -b p- iml
fried and a tended na rapidly as poasnd. Doubtbes a gea dent la 10
ee dede W supplies and equipment but We must bear Ia m iad "lat 1ih&
aborary fees will now defray part oa the labIoratory aees Thse'
ees will probably 9ameount to 2.00,00 a year.
A rew building for Chemistry I askned for The qboes ted of m spaoe r
Seeped Hall is a serious one Oobut perhaps the buildinW projee: fmayO
;oan.poned a little while.
Xu regard lo CMsaial Engineering and Apricultural Chemisy s :|
Srepoint of the doeas of the Colleges conceea *.
There follows the Chemical budget as submited by WrDigld:.

roeslhan Chemistry I ....... --...- .. ...- .-..-.-1 S .0'0.0 .
dOrg al:L Chemustry ..... ...... ....... .. 3.000.:0
Qo al native AamnayEis .... ..--.......--" -- .. I.. 'f.. 9.0 .0
1^ GpaimlnetricAnalyssl ..^ .. ...."".-.--...--.-- .'"i 1 yiO 00
Vaolumetcrc Analysis NO,... -.. --... "r^-.-.-.-.-- fiQ''(0^ |
^' Industrial Cheamisry ,-. -. --..... ..--.. ..^ ....^ 1000
::.Physiaeit Chemistry ....--* -- ***--- **'****'"*^*-- ^*- : ."N ;
Areiltral Chniemitry a.nx..-."b..b....... w,'016|.||
a -- I'*

1s.. artio Mimi ada t m 'I4

I ill "I

t1arn L-1.rSIaUi. 7.1 cA1JA In PALI -1CL- I I-- N
,g ir MIa N I sTfLa I r I U 1.0 I'o l F rs.
ULU IN IF A- rolei~ I IN .1 1 .o IaI I.- *
a.ia.ll IT IV n J IV I 1. 1 L
it. [,1 uL PNI I C .

a a r NO .CI L 1 1 I I 1

PROU W` b saw "AS DAN h fftudblit And'& I
W4 V waA g And a V o f bu t hes. m an e agm ebt

q H

m; aA depTRtmht Kt EXAM~s 41R'TTWOeoTIPet en~rofls4' *ZL mit'
d:am; fx J raemibt E It vane, abide4 Mnto eigat Reecfw,
FV AM M Ue )flprL ao96t01e1 and snomeCm hAn ohU
Me Uneet a Is dea d rbabj, stn s
l ldble*m w A I theC awutur
ION: :m fl43is AAclidnat aomac sob wVIA be aOt ou 1"wr and Wel
*P~d Wilrledo Xi. Posnesa~ oii b Preteisor fladAsitn rfesnb
W44 WAR AssisT11antbY ?xontwwor filthy gal giv, halt js tm to th v
,:N+' Annok NAMO aenaband pmt eene, MAAel, el gdae half e UM, W An lA
ftr 1623h26 31T Ban.ek should be promoted In a MI
l, b~anaa and AAAIctnt Pzotesons R11nobetso. and KAhawna Tell
11111an 0t)A time Anomer istrucor is asked Zer Cbsfrs ne eAga
trano a C UP rr"ofJ3, bee rin Win


*I *
I -. ** -

vp Ar .

I-r' I '* I *Ljii -,I

mo ;h2

iSOr L&uIN;

I La-... Cr'- -

,IO L *I _& I IL

Viall : m*-. t L- :L- ..AIU -L.L 1 Eil U
.- M ill. I.l ~ -a r.i-, I. 1 j Zfl 7.
S I i r. u Il.r L r l! Lu J *U P'-Tl .*lC1 1

- L

I. I I -

I, lu F IN AC .I I - .-- I

I I I 1 1 1 r
P9,* INr I r P. I L r I L -C.
o rw lt other worx Pan be fase I do not )OW N...
Ot: r teRaers are ,ewed, prbihabr a.n alsstent Pbne
t nda fastreltor oin SIial gAh if AnSiStant P ft efl Hakillxx *

KMff. Hi6 s s sheOhulld be salinaM3tamL The w 9 t .Wo. ajM
flt. fve tome o m ra oe of bia advance l Coufrle or ho th hee 1o .
t.inaa. ne Biiggests the appointment ot an asalbtflt iTof SK :
Ut. alas for a student asktaant and $200 a y7a Mr tM lalbsatwOyp

1 I -1,

I I 1 .1 IL L .1
-- rr 1 1: -11 i

Ci 1Plwi ull d n iCi'J 7 I Mi II. Lu UP No I

. .

*** C ITI|' ****1 * '.
_m , .. T


Dean ................ ... ; 200.O0 ? U00.00 N 200.00 400.00
Assitaut la Office ........ ........ 20000 200.00 400.00

Current Expenses:
Otce Suppule, Stationery, Retc,
for dean ad aculty .............. 200.00 200001 400.00

Processor ....... .........-..
Instructor ....... ,,.... .

3,400,00 3,400.00
10000 S1.900.O0

Head Professor -. .... 3,100,00 3,20000 ,200,00 6,500.00
Professor .................... 2,70000 3,00000 0000 6,100.00
Instructor .......... .. .. ..... 1,800.00 1,900.0 3,70000
4 Student ASstatat .... ... 250.00 1,00000 1,000.00 2,000,00
Current Expenses ,.......... 100.00 175,00 17500 360.00
Permanent improvements ..... 900,00 1,350.00 1,35000 2,700.00

HeaLd ProPfessor ............. 3,40000 3,400.00 3,400.00 6,800.00
Assistant, Profesor ..... ..... 2,20000 3 00.00 2,500.00 5,000.00
Curator ...........-.... ..... 1,200.00 1,20000 1,20000 2,400.00
3 Teaching Fello;ws F .... .. 1...1,500,00 1,53,00.00
2 Student AsMtants ........ 00 210,00 210.00 00 40 O
Carrlnt Expenses ........... 2,00000 00000 00000 40.00
Permanent ImDrovements .,-. 3.000.00 ,0000 .00 ,000 ,000

rlvart m I

i ..I 1....-4 ..- 1

.1. C' 4 Ii

p: t o ................
AFIISI .m poi oo

AB slsaat aressor ......
pu rnector ...........

Professor ..t.. re..h.
Inatructior ... -- ...

Prore tOr .. -+ -

PrOte or ............ *
ASdistat Professo o Fre
Inttntwatr la Spanish ..,

a *dennt AII t S..-.. .<
1; P. .- "D |O

* i *i, "

w**^5 *i

i 1 i,



time) time)

a100.00 3BOQ.O
2000 B&. 5


Lm~op ::


i.-.LNul ~IbatiNE -1
*J.liI M &NLE .r u L Eh
*J r E .I ON .' 1 1 1 1 **1 1

i'u Ir iL- .L I-*IL ::-i"E *
SA I AHlrs-- 1F'71 .1

I INf-- 1 L &I ir II I N 11 1 .. .

ri -i L .. I I\' -
- E .. LrI II' I N
'I LI I r I I -

. -. I I L 'I; I

. iV I .1r 1 r
I I IL I I &

71 I -7 .r,
Ii -. ii : 1 .
7Lii Ul I

I. I
-i I!, I I .. 1L

IT l r r. L

. ,. ,

r r

in. -.r

l I r II II 1
S I i. !

a- I ,, ,, ..

I l I F' i i'.1 1-
- .I f i .. VI I i l i i, l

I r l'- I Ii, Iie u I, j,

h r. I .i r -

i .
.1 r- a r -,,

"W ,m L 1lrui '"-.

.iLLt '*' h kfiilD ll *" ,r -I',

,u,,r Lul ; l .i I r ll"."

&. lI u-, I b t I

, I r .. -. -* -r *

nI rLa- i-1- r t Err,, la ,I i

.iL *l r

S i _,- i *- - 1 LL J

-* i 'a r L< ..
.. *,

*L"- C J .
r ** i r *

I r i i

r I

Ir '

I r I


II -

I = Il

11 I

p I I 1 I p 11 i

, I i I, I 111 r 1 j ; r

F I- q 9L i" --.1 L '--*ghl k ad i1

II ''

.o zt-r Las ns.m. p.,i &s Lr L.u IL r I. i ,
)eIAfn -, pA l r-z r, "r E I - '- i -1 -

5 P I. L1t sL 1:- .L sI .i c r .&; i . .. r" 1u 11 1 1 .

*Is In I i ar 1_. i ii 1 1
-P- I L I I. I 1 -0 INII
r-- .i *LC s ** I. .-. I I I ** *. *
litt4tftaUreest deserves.
fatP A l t Mientt demand tOat the work of the College be placed
v'.i^~9 e ~ ilP e or the State through exhibits made at State and
Soit fairs. Aside from affordng the public information as to what
leme the C olege can render such exhibits have a direct educational
utal and praD sion should be made for a reasonable number of these

11-Agronomy and Agricultural Engineering.
This Department has gone forward during the past biennium and has
been able to meet the needs of the students in many subjects but be-
aause of Insuffielent instructors it has been unable to meet all the
needs. We give herewith the subjects taught and those which should
be added at once if the College is to stay In the vanguard of progress.
BSlls. All students of college grades are required to take the course
it soil study, Three courses are offered, one of which sl for one and
two-year men. There were 94 students enrolled in these courses during
1920'21 and 126 In 1921-22. One instructor can hardly do justice to more
then 15 men in the laboratory at one time. The laboratory is adequate
but the equipment Is not and the present instructional torce cannot make
the best use of what we have At least one or two other causes in
soils should be offe id for advanced students and one full.time instructor
.could well be employed in the subjects of soils alone.
Field and Forage Crops. Three courses of one-hal year each are
given in these subjects and during the past year 127 men were taught.
The work was fairly efcioent but there is a strong demand for courses
n sugar-cane and pasture grass production and these we aie not able
to offer with present equipment and teaching force,
Fertiltzers Two courses are offered in fertilizers, one of which is for
our one- and two-year men Fity-one students were registered in these
courses during the past year. This work is efficient but an advanced
course is also essential.
Farm Management. Three courses are offered in this subject, one for
ons and two-year men, with an enrollment of 52 for the year just closed
This is one of the most important subjects in the College since It at-
tempts to organize the four years of work, in the various subjects taught,
ihto a well-rounded whole. It is applied to the farm as a unit, making
tlsu unit the miat efficient and economical producer possible. There is
Sdemand for an advanced course as well as for a course in farm book-
keeping. This subject requires considerable individual attention, on the


a li L 1 I -

ar- 12 ,, ., -. I 1 .
,1 i tlI I I I I

t ai enlarged. These surveys enable our EdeuW to I 4
d of the work required and the returns to be expected f
1 0 lorin tyes of farming and are of immense value to farmers and s *
.petN trmers, rmn ma nagement stresses produetton and profits pe
Sratather Mtan production and profits per share.
Marketing. We have been unable to offer any course In marketing, yet
this ha become one of the most important subjects confronting the
Amercn farmer and we cannot afford to longer neglect this aslUtmpor-
tant subject, Instruction in marketing cannot be given unless we either
drop subjects already being taught or have additional instruotort,
Rural Law. One half-year course is offered in this subject, which Is
optional for juniors and seniors. Eighteen men took this course the pst
Agrloultural Egineering. This section has been able to offer course
along three general lines during the past biennlaum, viza Farm Macuhiery
and Motors, Driage and Irrigation and Farm Buildings. In these three
lines of work we have had a total enrollment of 160 students. With one
man devoting hair time to Agricultural Endgleerilg subjects we are
failing to meet the demands of our rapidly developing State. In addition
to the above courses we should have courses in woodwork and forge
work and an additional course in irrigation, none of which we are able
to give under present conditions. In the past we have depended upon
manufacturers for the loan of agricultural machinery for our class work.
Most of this machinery was removed during the war period and some
of the manufacturers have refused further loans consequently we have
to use the machinery on the college farm, which Is Inadequate for our
large classes in machinery, In order to secure the best results not over.
15 students should be handled in the laboratory at one time. The reg-
istratio in this course last year was 98, which made t necessary to
have more than 20 students in each laboratory section.
In our farm motors laboratory we own only two gasoline engines and
with such limited equipment we taied d to give the 3 students in this
course last year as much practical work as they should have reealvel
The importance of agricultural engineering in Florida i sufficient to
justify the dxpendlture of more money in equipment and a full time iro-
tessor should be provided for this work.

I-i-Animal Husbandry and Daliryfin,.

The College work in Animal Husbandry and Dairying hbo proeaa '
In a faily satisfactory way during the past two ear wih goal ra00

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