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Title: Chemical bond
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Title: Chemical bond
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Publication Date: Fall 2007
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Carol Dru

& the Chem
Carol Drum, the first and only chair
of the Marston Science Library since
1987, retired in the summer, 2007.
She came to the University of Flor-
ida in 1972, when she was hired as
the head of the Chemistry Library.
The Chemistry Department
recognized Carol's many contribu-
tions in October with a reception
held in the Leigh Hall main office,
which happens to occupy the space
that held the chemistry library when
Carol was "our" librarian.
The department presented Carol
with a painting by local artist Vir-
ginia Chen of the northwest portion


istry Library
of Leigh Hall where the library was
Before coming to UF, Carol
earned a bachelor's degree in chem-
istry from Texas Christian University
and worked in chemical laborato-
ries for several years before joining
the staff of the Celanese Corporate
Library. In 1971, she returned to
school to earn her master's in library
science from the University of North
Texas (North Texas State), graduat-
ing in 1972.
Carol is now enjoying her retire-
ment in North Carolina, where she
is close to her family.

Fritz-Haber Institute
the stunning nature c
and good conversation

He continued his car
setts Institute of Tect
his previous academic
Steve's teaching inter
chemistry, organomel
istry, industrial chem

welcome to


Dr. Nicolas C. Polfer joined our department
on August 16, 2007 as an Assistant Professor
working in Analytical and Physical Chem-
istry with interests in mass spectrometry
and gas-phase spectroscopy of biomolecules.
Nick received his Ph.D. in 2004 from the
University of Edinburgh, with Pat Lan-
gridge-Smith, and was a postdoctoral associ-
ate at the FOM Institute for Plasma Physics,
Nieuwegein, the Netherlands and at the
Berlin, Germany. In his spare time, he enjoys
fFlorida and the finer things in life, whisky, Jazz

Dr. Stephen A. Miller joined our depart-
ment on August 16, 2007 as an Associate
Professor working in Organic Chemistry and
Polymer Chemistry with research interests in
olefin polymerization, polymers from bio-
renewable feedstocks, polymer theory, and
catalysis. Steve earned his B.S. and M.S in
1994 from Stanford University and then
received his Ph.D. in 2000 with John Bercaw
from the California Institute of Technology.
eer as a postdoctoral associate at the Massachu-
nology with Richard Schrock before beginning
c position at Texas A&M University in 2001.
ests span a number of fields, including organic
allic chemistry, polymer chemistry, green chem-
stry, and catalysis.

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Professor David licha h iL. LI- c i
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Professor Yngue Ohrn I-,Iin Lr 'F
in .April 1%- .. 1 H ri...d i. C l'uir .4. r11 .L
E L ip.lair in [ ,,t tl,,n ,i r', .i i'r,..-[. -r
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Professor Mlarim \ala I'-..tj rlK,, ." pAr[rni, [m
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(;raduate Research Professor Jim
Wmnefordner ill rLriiL rnhi IL Li ..H ,-
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pr -. 'ra. 'n ii n l', [i.lcal pLcir..- h n,- ri-
HL Ia ,I,. -,n ,,[.d 1 fT, [' .ULk,,.
1 i".,. .r [ Fk, -, ,.l prI. I ;1 F r iF p.--
, ,iL, r d ,.,rn Il C LIr. r I A ,PL. -I l, *, -ip..-
.11.1111 kI. .11. .- -.; i ,' L r i lI l V I _L IIJ.
u Pirr''n.. _i, n Tlii .' IF d ',in ,' 'niii.
M!'irL',', ,. ,i N ,'.. O r'L. ,,,
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V irh ,in i r,'L rh'Lnl.. r... L,-I, I L..pL r rl u
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L'.L p urri ..r i.alE l rr .r ,',v p. .Ilnr
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P. r,.,Ll, mi n., L d -, \ i .1.-IL Iht 11 L Ich
,4 el;I ....]rt:;dnl,__' L_' nrlri.T .n
--D'.illIF T altinI

Switch Chemistry
O We want to hear from you! Send your update to: Maribel Lisk,
C- PO Box 117200, Gainesville, FL 32611-7200. Please include
your degree (BS, MS, PhD, etc.), graduation date, and e-mail
Q_. address if you have one. Photos are welcome, too! You can also
e-mailyour update to chairadmin@chem.ufl.edu. To make online
S contributions to the department, go to https://www.uffufl.
edu/OnlineGiving/CLAS.asp. Select "Chemistry 001401" and
continue through the prompts.

g2007 g|con UNIVERSITY of
Department of Chemistry U.S. Postage Paid
PO Box 117200
Gainesville FL 32611-7200 Permit No 83
Phone: 352-392-0541 Gainesville, FL
Graduate Student Awards www.chem.ufl.eduFax: 352-392-8758
The department recognized graduate students with several awards in the past year.
The Ruegamer Charitable Trust, established by William and Arlene Ruegamer,
provides scholarships for students of high scholastic standing in biochemistry. The
recipients for 2007-2008 were Cory Toyota, Mike Napolitano and Prabodhika
Mallidaratchy. The Colonel Allen R. and Margaret G. Crow Endowment and the
Dr. Ann R. Stasch Memorial Scholarship were again used to recognize excellence
in graduate student peer-reviewed publication. This year, Crow-Stasch Publication
Awards were given to Lin Wang (First Place), Emine Boz, James Yang, Karen
Martinez, Tim Garrett, Eric Libra and Magdalena Swiderska.
The Petra Chemicals Awards for Creative Synthetic Organic Chemistry was
given to Yongjun Li.
-Ben Smith

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