Title: Chemical bond
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Title: Chemical bond
Series Title: Chemical bond
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Language: English
Creator: Department of Chemistry, University of Florida
Publisher: Department of Chemistry, University of Florida
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: Fall 2005
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-* iiIII..........

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Roberl H GrubbI ..hI .. .I I .- 1 ..l-. n ,r

_, r. F .; 2 ,i.i-r '.. v k ; .,F.i_, I_, ,
ri- i r.. I . -t ..t I .i'. N. ,;, .h .. -i ,iii
1`7 i F l -. _._i, 1 1n IdI.ri. r l l Eh.,. th
A t F I .t l r r, ir rl' I i i '. I ir

i tii In in Fnd E FI LF I 'F
I ,F. FLL, I.', r -. ,-,. i-- i, p [ r .i i.. .1 r .. I 1 I I

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I . L tr .n i- -, j i
-Sr pl ..... t ,

r I I I- r I[ ,. r 1.. -I I pe 1 .e L .e .I t

Pni.l rP,, ".i.. Ir I d I I t r I I
, c t ,r , .. ..h -, t,,, U v .Iri

rlTt ,.1 .... _i.. .'. ,." .

il I', I i I I i n I,. I,.

f IA I. ,I r V .- I rb ItL l -1 l li l

.I I, .. |... ,i I. i . .. .,1 l r.'r' ., L -ir h Hil.I A ... I .., I ,
i.,ni ,l ,l it ,, .I !' n ,rin brn.-r F i L .l r,'F".i n.n l r _.l [rii i i .. l'. I n r '-i. ,.. ,lr:.1 _,n :

.- I ,- . Ih ..! l.,- r ". -. S r I I n l i. I i.. k p ir I. i I l. ..
,I -.ri, r, A i '. :":' -'..' .rir 'i,. 'l' i. F ,i :,. v. Ill lr ) r-i . irh -i .
,! ,. ,- ", ,, ,. , -, ,- l .: ,, h

I'-, F'., .- ., M erle Battistie 1.--. C ul., Pu I .n-
I!,- ti .. 1 .. k, r, I it , i n. in '!'

I', , ,rr ., ." .IL .i.r . ., ', -
1 F. r 1 i .-' ,l.Lii.-. F F I .i'
h l r r. F.'n -. r.. i. ib 'Fin-F i .r F .''.F : 1 l 1,"
I-- .- i.- rI i' r,.- rbl'F N.. i .i' ir i in.- r n
St., Li...k i rr l B ar .t'r r' ,v I.1 1- 1 ,n I1.t :Ll- r

new staff, ,,, 1 .. i,,1 ::,, c ,-
tr. "nFr, i.Lar L.ill i,': Carol BlankI enship
Gena Borrero Addie Coniba.. Jamft.%
Fol k. Ga, Hale. Robert Johnson. Julie
NMtGrath Lawirente Westra. ..iil Ronald
W right. W,- li..n, r. C:hr, iin- ri ,

*II V .* .\ I

Qunu Thor Prjet He coe to 1ro

tagh sinc 198. Fro 199 t2001heas

hel poiin at Phraoea Incorporated,

I.ll *^^H^B^ *nnRiTy T* a u^^oTI .^Tj^^^^
dru deeomn copay .i earned his

IKBM3 IIffF7 I PIifn *T~ .H InjTTi -i'^^ii~^
Un iversity If S Francisco. Hi research Interests
icuecmu atoa chmsr and bio gy an he is aI elo
of- 0Oe Amria Asocato fo thdacmnfSine
He~~~~~~~~ is tecigpyiclceity n rai

wetr Unvriy He reeie hi bachelor'sI

Naioa Unvrst in Sot *oea I I *I

Scip Reeac Inttt in I.a Caifoni beor coming

naua prouct adiolfnp ymrztn. Hon teache
org1 chmitr an spectros*opy

Til F .11 :,: -, r.. r.. : I ,,
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I F r,, 1,:. l .: ,,: I : ,, I .
0i i|;.l[ I.,r LI F ,* I.,r,.+ .Ih' t,
) n :. r.i ,. l I

i T l I ,II '. 1 I ll. III I ,:i ,.I

S.,O i. .,F I".- I :, "I I, i' -
.ii' r :. .[ .. T. : r Ir. l I i-.i.ir
l ri,. rrl.:.I til .rI r..

.I,0 a I ,l l K..4 I l l 1i I. i- l lhi
i"'l:s .:, : .: h...ll l :, I inr l .l11 l: ll .:l-
O n ii r ...: ii I.. i .- i ti.la ..r gi-
..Drii 'l.-i. l.l..l ., i. h'll,, ,

I .i !.L .' Pir .:. L.:. : 'ii i L,
l K. ,',I I. .r i l I ,1', ,iiill", t-
. ,_- t- I .:.- tl ,1 ..1 1 l .:l ...h -

B T ,,, : .n ,t , ,,,f,.,, lsu,, hl ,I h ,. E .1

l E ":. 1.. ':.'., I. ,, L ,, ,. . .r,,

E n ho ,,lr. hI ,: ,t,, .. .. ,r ,i r i] t.: h n. [!li,

M,-rIl Bntntti- Gu; Palcnak. .r,,l Sarm

,.|i,|t :.r,. J _KOII P,-I-rtInii i.rl MA irgar,-t

T he r r, .:.! r.,,rar :, r1, .IF :. ,

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iFN' I 1 EIS L, F

ik (: n Rilr-lr TI.uri' r

F r tl.. t I. II i r I. rl .r 1,1.i

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, ,t i. i- 'i ..h Ir. ith 1 F..

II , . -l .- ii
liF iLr hILn:i : Fl '.u- 'K i :. nI n.I-.

Fr .F .i.- [, .'ri-' i- ri K,, ] l, r,

N.ikr .i i,, uh r ,-' Ru.h b r, Turii..r
'F iL n -[ ui Rob, Ki III. L',l -

.n K.I, r I.I -l I' I:, :.. .i iF i n I l 11.

C' ,,K ,!,,r,- ._ ,-,I -l .i 'I.] -... .Fn,.,-

r.,,:hr .trl, s! s th, ,i 'i:F,, .h hir i ui

2005 outstanding alumnus
Robert 0 Kint artl I TV,- .i.-si-nr .nI t..in i

i H b-.' ,i-.F I *.,.I A, l _. .... .

i r.,d l l I .

T I.- t I ,I.. 1 .1 i Li I I :.I II

2005-2006 student awards
T he i.lep, l rin t J, ..in l .i r r Ir l t m v..`h 1.er r.r l I', iiA., .l: 1 1 thi: ..1I
,... The Ruie .li,,ei Ch,,rtallj T11n r. bi.llJislhll 1;, b -illiam and Arlene
Ruegainer pruii. i,-..h ,irl., hlip. t,"r u, ,",t hli-h ,. lI,",., ,i.nilin ii
ljiiji.; hiir1 n I u, The I i.. i-intI t,"r u20' ,-D' :. v. r'- Despina Bougioukou.
Lisa Regalla ni.lI Je n CiGu ierres Tlh Pi.".r ,'- i mbi l C"i p.ii n.l
D ,",,. Ie o ..,,I a linl.,,,n, pru,. i\ \e\t tu ll ,. .1 d l b,,e ,.l ". r, u,.rll ex\.rller ,.r
ir, re-, i h b, -n i-,",r e,,,uti ,rude n t,. Du,. A .11 .1-5 er e, r,", A_ nd rew
Laniipkin.. C:hristophe Grenier Tra i. Baighnian. Rob Side.. Igor Sch-
eige rt Despina Bougioukot .in .l Hailan i-ang. PIu. rir i- C. I bllr :uIi -
p.ni, A'. 1,i v.%-ri '.i, i u Daniel Kuroda KIabena Aiipohbab-Manager
Xihong Wtu. Tim Garrent Janime Yang Lin Wang and Jo.e V alley. Thli
Pr-ir.1 hli -In..1l,_A-..lrd, tui O ..-in .. I:h-ri ri- R :-ia... h V. i- .in i.r u
Andrew Laipkin. iiii, Heather Hillebrenner. T ...lhm A.,ii.l W n\\ i-ri
tnir "o'<: .- Joanna Barbara. Erin Burke Jedidiah Hastings Kathleen
Herrera Daniel Kuroda. Fedra Leonik Piotr Matloka Nlithael Napoli-
tano. Karla Radke. Julia Ra mner. Deni.e Sharbaugh ,ndl Nant \ illa.
l_ ,,'.l ,,, r ,,,.,, , ,.~- I -.l n, tu l M ikolai Fajer 1 H ., l.- $,Si 'hl -
.i1 Av.u. I.l Candite Abrani.. \anes.a Flores .d.l Andrew Sthneider
1 ini.l .i .,iltiire P i M ri ,", ri A,..,.I, Casie H illiard. Edward M miller.
.ilnd Kristen Nlesiatk I B-,. km.in S. ', .lii A,.. i. Jo% Wattana Fi l 1 'lut
S i.;'" 'l.lirip Av.ur.l Edwin Honian Cil' ..ireru Av.ur.l i Mikolai Fajer
,1:h ,ini..ll Phli,i S -i. I lr I'lip, Anthomn Colombo ,niil Kri.ten Do.ini.
S S",v. S I.h lii din.,'. .,nl William Beeson .lnd Carina Enmor% I 'Ui .ni ,,
S..hul.." A ,. rt.i ,. Berei|l3i. $. .rnth-

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