Title: Chemical bond
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Title: Chemical bond
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Publication Date: Spring 2005
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Early in spring 2004 students and
professors in the Leigh Hall laborato-
ries began complaining about 'winged

offices, so Environmental Health &
Safety (EH&S) was called to investigate
Ken Glover, EH&S's Pest Manage-
Sment Coordinator, and Jay Becken-
bach, a Project Manager with Physical
SPlant Department, completed their
inspection and informed us that Leig
Hall had a dry wood termite problem
They further explained that this
type of termite doesn't go away easily
since this species is different from the
more common subterranean termite.
Glover added, "Leigh Hall has had
occasional problems with termites in
the building for a long time, probably)
close to 40 years, and we've tried sev-
eral different processes over that time
to eradicate them, but there are so
many inaccessible areas in the building
that nothing had worked completely."
It was decided that the only way to
fully eliminate the problem would be
to tent the entire building. A target
date for the fumigation was set for
Thanksgiving break week to minimize

In order to let the staff and stu-
dents know what we were planning, the
department held two town meetings to
describe the fumigation procedure and
e. explain what preparations were expect-
Beckenbach said, "I can't speak
highly enough of the staff and faculty
in Leigh Hall, and their cooperation
h with the project. They were extremely
understanding and really made it pos-
sible for this whole operation to run
Once the scheduling was complete,
a crew of 16 workers began to hang the
giant orange and blue tarpaulins that
would create a shroud for fumigation
S over the entire building. The tarps (42
in all) were custom made and covered
a whopping 1.4 million cubic feet of
space, making Leigh Hall one of the
g largest tent fumigation projects ever
undertaken in North America.
"It took several days to hang all the
tarps, using three 120 foot hydraulic
boom man lifts, and we started doing
that while the building was still occu-
pied," Beckenbach explained. The
fumigation used I,500 pounds of pes-
ticide applied over a 48-hour period
to ensure an effective kill."
"The smoothness of this project
was exemplary," said Glover. "Our
evaluations have shown that Leigh Hall
is 1oo% termite-free. The fumigation
was a resounding success.
-Jim Lennon, Coordinator, Admin Services

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young scientists explore chemistry
,! h i : r ...,,i.. i.- r ,I r!i, !,1,, I -1 ., Th t,, fr I ..I,,
j I . 1- A l 1, ..! I 1. i -._ M artin l al r l i.i ,r..,, .i i. ,1 .
r i l, i i .. i.. i i i..I r ,,'. .r i-, t -,. ; .. .\\ i r i k Jo n S tc- arl t.
a I T ill. I iT rh r titilr ft [ 1 Iii. -r r 1 1i r-*',I! r Ii .1
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brcnni r. Parai Parckh. MN lia. SiMuart. Ncil Sto I NI.i Mada S' idfr-
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h .I, . i l , .*I- 1 . ,.I,,,,, ,,,,I. r c, !, . I rI ,, . .. rI I h i ,. ,. 1,
h ,1 ,,,II. IO ,,, . .Ih 1.. A I,, I h ann im ,1 Xrlr.n R u,:r annr , ,1.1,. I, ,I I ....
I- 0. ,I 1 1. i ,. I ,I ,,,, .1 ., h.... I II., .- I T i .,, . .13 1 ., Y atin
MI k, I ,l 1.n r i,,I LI Olan I It. I ,r .,1 \ r 1 R ,ll e I M. rLarar, G (G r..,i I ,!,I II ... ... ,II
,!,. t, R n tl .h ". ,,, i I .h h R. ,,,,, "A .- -. ,. ,, 1 !, ,.I I,,,,,
. .. ,,I .... 1, ... .] h I I .. C 4 ... 1 i .,I.1 .. . .1.1 . . ,
Shannrin Crrr. n Jor C rad .i.rhuh \ilTfr.d Orti, hhlu .daaI h.h i-a ( (: had Harrill
B,:n R.,-R I.nila K.Ialhmn1 a Hailtan \ anl Bieijai n Killla lla I Ni-..JI ( hal .t1 II- .
Pro,. irr & (,a i (n : ( iii n, i I D., ( hen, ii, al ( . .... Ib I .. .,. h I .. .... .1 ..1..... .....1. .... . .1.1 i -.:..: ... h ,. I ,,. .. L id r .-
LanipLin. ( hrtioiiphe (*r.-iiirr Trair. Ba.ighanii Rorh Sid-. Igir hS..niig rr Dr.pina
Bii.iu.IuL,,.u Haitnan U an4 DanlTd Kiur. da Kiahrina lanipf-ha.ih-Al.naI ii r rX1h.IInii .1
Timn Garr.:rt Jam.i an Li .ll n I jo.- \Nall.
E,.e iln|.: i "..n rl'. ,.r .iJ ar, ,,., r.Jm. .:,r

Anne Sttka h b r hilr i r .

,r, .,! F !. !,. I l, ,, I,.! !r .I ,,,1. -
,n h I I H.. h 1 1 .. k i r I i.- .I .l i r i :ir

. ,iiii ,...- i r ,iFt 1 .. I .. . N.
.1 1 .. ,. I , .lr ri l .i,, r ,.-,. .

SThe Spring semester has just drawn to
a close, and it certainly went by
quickly! Thanks to the combined
efforts of many faculty and staff, our
faculty searches led to two new hires
for the next Fall semester. John
Mitchell from Huntingdon College
will join us as a Lecturer and Sukwon
Hong from Scripps will begin his aca-
demic career with us as a new assistant pr. -
fessor. The new faculty will be profiled in ili Fall
I have been involved as a member of the building
committee for the Nanoscience Institute for Engineering
and Medical Technologies (NIMET), and this year has
been a busy one with the programming and design for the
$35 million nanotechnology facility that will be part of the
interdisciplinary institute. Although no research groups
from any college will relocate there, our faculty will find it
a useful centralized facility near Museum Road housing
modern cleanrooms for nano-fabrication and flexible
research labs for temporary assignments.
We would like to thank every one of our alumni and
friends who have contributed to the chemistry department
through the UF Foundation. I write a thank you note to
everyone who contributes, so if you have not heard from
me please let us know. In this issue we profile the late
Anne Stasch, who was a great friend and supporter of the
department. Her gifts have a lasting effect on the talented
graduate students we recognize with scholarships. Every
gift, regardless of amount, has a great impact on our pro-
gram, and because of your generous giving we are able to
enhance our department in ways that university funding
cannot. For example, see the school outreach event and
student award winners featured in this issue.
-David Richardson, Chair

v/ith Chemistry
We want to hear from you! Send your update to: Maribel Lisk,
SPO Box 117200, Gainesville, FL 32611-7200. Please include
your degree (BS, MS, PhD, etc.), graduation date and e-mail
Address if you have one. Photos are welcome, too! You can also
e-mail your update to chairadmin@chem.ufl.edu. To make
& online contributions to the department, go to https://www.uff.
ufl.edu/OnlineGiving/CLAS.asp. Select "Chemistry 001401"
and continue through the prompts.

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