Chemical bond
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Title: Chemical bond
Physical Description: Serial
Language: English
Creator: Department of Chemistry, University of Florida
Publisher: Department of Chemistry, University of Florida
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Creation Date: 2004
Genre: serial   ( sobekcm )
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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\\ I.l.,.-,r e r> i [ Ih h r r I, LI .'-t ni,, i I,,I I,:1 .. .J.:.i< O u ,, I 1 rF ,
....l'nl'i .r v..i .Ilha ',li .i ,l hi n-ei .l-n .",t tIl- D 'pi.,.,I niinl t _..t
I:.h: hl in- .r \\,: hi',l].,e: tlhi.t ,II .I ill t ',d trlhi Ii, n1,..- el-rr- i

T lh.I .l TI,, i. ,, I r. ,,iL i 1 ," I I--t_ I t, -,l |I. .,",ll I
i, I,_ui r i i nn .', inrI el :! r I I r.l' J I .'-, i.]l- n uri "I ri- _,_ l.i _I '. 111 ,1-
_..t FI'- l i IT ITI .- Ilah r irre, rIrI _,,- n, t,'1 mI- n n rIi..n ,'. .I ,ui v, t :r I'II
t!.1, l l'- I I L '. lJr i, 1 ..r r I. t i > Il (t 11. .1 I ,i l r .*I I L l _, I -

1\\ -- l hi hh l, I.," .L. 11 r.11il Iri l i I llr h ,. l rl a _t .lin II

to.. i 1r, .il'I. I 'raciti ir, I ri. in .v.i \'. ll I..l Irr "1 i. I .1.-
Illi. IP I Ir n, t,..l IN .. .. I i I [i h.,p.1, 1 [,1 T rl'ir.. i

l llI il i l '- , li '-'i ,, li'-, 1n i- 11l' .1 ,1 d %t L, II_,>-

l- i.2l i' I ll ,l- i li r !' I I ll i! i ll II Ih i'. ,I i l

rl'II: 11 I I ._i. J .iIr- ,li, 1.i' jLl. I rr I ', l ll i rp .,i nt Tii e 1 ...
t'e 1l_ r l n r ii,".t'r nl .l'i ',' 1 .r u, u r- e ,i iir ir 1- t.Ill ,n

I ,;,;, t ,,la t ilt. 1 r, I l r l it IIV ,lj ..- n rir i ,l r. i r. tt-j i i ',

1 :Ir: r l l: l 11 ll I.- Fllll r- ih S .tr ll.ln I, 1ir. 1 1li 1 .1.
I ,i..-v r L .l I r- 1 t, n _11 : 1 1 1' i d S. iv...1 ir ,Il ]

1 \ 1- in k ier p -,',il ,I i 1.1, i :l,". 11 ,n : 1 -1 ii,- i II'I i ill- ..,'- Lill i',

E l. ', l' l 1ir l 11 rl'i I' l', 1 1 : I ., I',. ,: I'l l ;1 ',r-. I, r l' l. l'i ,
I i',r l'-r ri i ,l' r hi"', r t I .I i to-. u l 1 I'l .., dl l- ., r ..- J I I -, -

ii'ii r I .. rFil. .,i kn.r e ,"l ,i .,i .Iljir i, rtte ",i r"-, till jtn. "t
r l, 1' .... I ]... i' l I,- r, l i i r ll' i i l i' i :.il tILr .Il A ll -, ,*t I 'i ri'e

i p.ll, [i ll : lll i_'.- *],l t ,_,i I-:l. i_,r !"-[U::m .i,!r '. i k-
11"' I* krrt -[LII tIl.,l l .I llin l !'.* St,_I,-.l hI Ill lr ] I !*-..i !lr.1n-,

,., '-,r -lir .hil,- t I',lln ,r dt n i ll I\,l:t r ri Si l] ,r I ll i. l l lhnll l .
i.'- .,.I ', '. i tl , -i i r _, inn: ,.r ll i E F:l : h I l ,I
rhi'e I.,...k ,.._:, i Da iJ E R.i.:hl'ir,.j,ii

F1 I r H r I. k- I I I
r r I.., -q it. I!!

dr I!! i, I- ii- H .11
F1 r 1 .11, 1. ..1 1. 1 1 riii- t oid
I -o -1, -.1 ti .!I. r li- I .. kill: .11
r I r- i B t.r ir. -iiri .1 1. r I I
I r, A I I it. I ir t I tit 1
C '. r- rh 1 r .. r I I I I I
'I.. I r I I I I I r I I I I I !.r I I I I
r o I
itr ti .!I.

r r I I r r I I r I I I r I I I -
I I -, I I r 1 1 I r I I I. I I
..-!!r r ..r, Itill, 1. 1- 1 1

I % r I -I lIi p.I I I I r..i, I. r

r ~ ~ ~ ~ I- L.f 11

r r I I I

new professorships B..B,,r ,,.l I.

and special 11

tiles ,. t,,..
S* J .l k ( org Chrsoi Iri i ..

s *in BIll Dolbhic r ,,,I Chuck Mariii i I i ,,,I- l
s i n c e hI!-i.~, l ,,- *** *. F ..,
2 0 0 0 L ..-. ,.k ... .. . i .... I,,, .,
-V L ,l,;, .. i ':'h ,, .1, F .., ,. I ,r,..ii ,tr ,t . .. ,, ,

*it', L. -r TIt .1 ...1 "I I I k 1...I ii K.... 1!o F . t l 1 !-,Alan K aHri/lA
I.r, F -. Rod Barlen I Butrl F .. . Kfn
r I. n- I 1 r r. I, 1 1 I I I..I- .r,,, I ,

LtI,.-rl J I'. Th I
I ir *Ilc t I jn II I Ir I I ii
I.alWln. S rbiL ThL
Rll ,il', .,rJl ..l,: T l LU r
SDi ll ln I ,\\- llS. n .l
A il-i. R uL.- .1 :1 I1.--. ,..1l
I.]',,, ,]','llp t.'-.l >tuilhnut >,t

Li-... 'n-l liln -r L -, r ,t: l rl'n-
,. tlr tIII, : 'ir ,', .1 l 1
R ll ,,1.1- F-ll,.^._,hap, r,_, D
Sidruit. J Tipton I
Kaliina. S DrobiaLk D
Dickinson itl S. Wles
T hli .ill hIn,..t...lth I, ,n

tl ,lT, I rr l r, I .. l t l
rI ...- 1.. 1. ..; lhl. I I- i r

new graduate

student awards
.:t ,lu- rl tu ,L nt" t Al 111-rllu1l h,,It;' ,., T h -
t '., p. t h, -tl' .- V. l Il ... .. l', l l.... -t. l -
l In..t Iln n: II. I N- .II- l .,lu .r I u i'I nt;l
AvI'.. .-.t -., : ...' h : I -n. a \' O rti. L
Koroniak A Beste C Tailor. T. Cardolactia.
T Martinoi. F Coturtha T Correll. T
Drake I Kaluna K TuItrnIC D. MaNaidllo .ni.I
E. Aia. TIh C1:, -.i-l All.,- R i,,id I ,. ,:
Il~. .... Einl.'.inrnr .nit Ir LD' i Am.n R Str.i...L
l-.ur ,I ,S.1, b el dbp I be u -.l r.. .I '.. ,. ,
exi.ell- i.. r t.1 Ji.ri e ruc tL l r i p t tIr'. I.I-''. i
].,u llb .. T hlI'll ..... 1 : ,_,'>-' .- ... lh P l.h.l ,r .-.]in
-..,L 1ri. ri.-J Sworen S Yu L
Koroniak. N hengar F Courcha, A. Argun
,.n.I A Ritardo
Cril Sn1l ',th

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