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Title: Friends of the Randell Research Center
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Friends of the
Randell Research Center

March 2010 Vol. 9, No. 1

Curation Project
Enters Final Phase

NEH-sponsored work improves
Pineland collections

by Bill Marquardt

In the December, 2007 Friends
newsletter (www.Flmnh.uFl.edu/RRC/
RRC_Vol6_No4.pdF), we announced
that a generous grant From the National
Endowment For the Humanities would
Fund a three-year project to improve the
archaeological collections From Pineland
in order to make them accessible For
long-term study and exhibition. Now
moving into its third and Analyear, the
project has already made significant
improvements. These photos show
some oFthe recent activities.

\yaii vaiiliuyir u U Ii I Lu lI u I Iuni~Liu
,n zooarchaeological collections
rom Pineland.

Donna Ruhl reorganizes dry
archaeobotanical samples For
final proofing.

Elise LeCompte and Karen
Walker archive large-Format
maps, stratigraphic profiles,
artwork, and other drawings
related to Pineland.

Ann Cordell inserts
archival tag in pro-
tective bag holding
specially analyzed
pot sherds.


Austin Bell enters
information into
Pineland database.

Melissa Ayvaz cleans
waterlogged plant
remains From Pineland's
deepest levels.

Gypsy Price catalogues
sediment samples
and specimens From
Pineland's two site-
wide auger surveys.

Recent History of the
Pineland Community

Part 3 in a series

by Bill Marquardt

A recent inquiry to our web site asked
For information on the history ofthe
Pineland community. Here is the third
installment. (Note: BC refers to the
Brown's Complex ofmounds and
Features on the north side ofthe Pine
Island Canal, RC to the Randell Complex
oFmounds and other Features on the
south side ofthe canal. Hence, BCM3 =
Brown's Complex Mound 3; RCM1 =
Randell Complex Mound 1; and so on.)

In the December issue, I discussed
Graham Wilson extensively because his
decisions and actions had such a profound
influence on the Pineland community as
we know it today. Graham Wilson died
in 1937, and in 1945 Mary Wilson sold
the residence and many acres oFPineland
property to Norris and Eileen Heckle.
They converted the Wilsons' GraMar
Villa into a lodge, and hosted seasonal
visitors. The Heckles sold the lodge and
property to Robert and Marie Mitchell in
1948, and the Mitchells sold it to 1. B. and
Mary Hunt Jones in 1951, who operated
it as the "Pine-Aire Lodge."
Ted Smith remembered that Eileen
Heckle had the Wilson Foreman's house
cut in halF moving halFto one oFthe
"mounds next to the road." It is uncertain
on which mound this structure was re-
located. RCM1 is a possibility, but the
phrase "next to the road" argues Fora
location close to WaterFront Drive. John
L. Lewis's house appears in a 1950s Pine-
Aire Lodge pamphlet photo and the
1953 aerial photo. Its Footprint appears
on our early maps because it was still
present on BCM3 during our Reldwork
in the early 1990s. At least the core oF
this house may once have been part oF
the Foreman's house. The cottage on
BCM3 was occupied seasonally For many
years by labor leader John L. Lewis, and
later by his brother Raymond until the
late 1970s. The cottage was moved

away in 1991 and is now located in
Bokeelia, at the northern end oFPine
Island, across the street From the post
office. The cottage on top oFRCM1 was
lived in For many years by the Clagget
Dorsey Family, and became known
locally as the Dorsey Cottage.
The 1950s brought renewed distur-
bance to the Randell Complex. Sharp
cuts into RCM1 resulted From at least
two episodes. A comparison oFthe 1944
and 1953 aerial photographs shows
that cuts on the northwest and north-
east sides had occurred by 1953. It is
not clear who owned that parcel at the
time, but the Heckles, Joneses, and a
man named Inches are the most likely
candidates. Apparently much oFwhat
we call the Old Mound was torn down
between 1953 and 1958. The workers'
quarters building was dismantled prior
to 1953, according to G. W. Hyatt.
Also in the 1950s, mosquito-control
ditches were dug around the eastern side
oFSmith Mound, enlarging and deepen-
ing the remains oFthe surrounding lake
described by Cushing in 1895. About
the same time (ca. 1950-1955), Mr.
Inches removed additional material From
the mound, but was stopped beFore doing
major damage to the remaining halF
A Fort Myers land surveyor, Carl E.
Johnson, wrote in 1961 that a "one-story
Frame structure...is built on concrete
posts above the shell mound," reFerring
to BCM1. This building, along with the
smaller "summer house" appear on the
1953, 1958, and 1970 aerial photos. In
addition, both are shown in the Pine-Aire
Lodge pamphlet.
When G. W. Hyatt came to Pineland in
1955, he Rrst bought the house/lot on
the western Foot oFRCM2 (the Wilson
sisters' home) From Norris Heckle. From
this building, he operated until 1968 a
retreat oFthe American Bible College.


The Dorsey Cottage was demolished
on July 12, 1994. (photo by Karen Walker).

Hyatt acquired more property in 1957,
which included the area where RCM3
had once stood and extending over to
the sloping deposits oFRCM1. About
1957-1958, using a bulldozer, he cut
into and pushed RCM1's then-sloping
deposits to the northwest toward the
canal For the purpose oFleveling offthe
area to make an airstrip.
In the 1970s, the Joneses sold a 33-
acre parcel to Rocky Meo, who resided
in the Harris Cottage with his Family.
Meo dismantled the citrus packing barn
and salvaged lumber From it. Meo
contemplated a cluster-house develop-
ment For the property. A restaurant was
planned For the area next to Brown's
Complex Mound 1, with the top oFBCM1
to be used as a terrace bar. Neither idea
came to Fruition.
By 1981, the one-story Frame struc-
ture had been removed From BCM1, as
reported by a surveyor. By 1984, a 12-
x-12-Foot gazebo had been built on the
mound summit. At the time oFourl990s
excavations, the gazebo was still present
on BCM1 at the top oFthe concrete
steps, although by then it was badly
deteriorated. In 1991, the Lewis house


was moved away From Pineland and
replaced with a modern house built by
new owners, the Tidwells. The house
on the adjacent lot (owned by the Fritz
Family during our Reldwork) was
renovated by new owners, the Aliens,
but on August 13, 2004 it was destroyed
beyond repair by Hurricane Charley. The
Allen property was bought by the
Bundschus, who built a new house there
in 2006-2007. The Williams house,
adjacent to the canal, has For some
decades remained unchanged. Across
WaterFront Drive From BCM5, a modern
house owned For many years by StanFord
Nickerson was located. The property
upon which Nickerson's house was built
was probably a combination oFmidden
From the Brown's Complex and dredge
spoil deposited in the Wilson era
(1920s). Upon Nickerson's death, the
property was bought by Mote Marine
Laboratories For use as a headquarters
and bunk house For its marine ecology
research personnel working in Pine
Island Sound. The house was severely


damaged by Hurricane Charley and was
dismantled in 2005.
When Donald and Patricia Randell
First came to live at Pineland in 1968,
they bought and lived in the Wilson
sisters' house at the Foot oFRCM2. The
Randells soon bought more properties
including most oFthe RC. In 1982, the
Randells built a new home in the place
where RCM3 had stood, and where Hyatt
had augmented and leveled the ground.
The Randell house still stands today.
In 1968, the Wilson home came into
the hands oFthe American Bible College,
but in 1980 it was sold again, this time
to the Medical Management Institute. In
1986, a 3,440-square-Foot dormitory
building was constructed west oFthe
FormerWilson home. For more than a
decade the Wilson home and the associ-
ated dormitory were operated by the
American Hospital Corporation as "The
Cloisters," a drug and alcohol rehabilita-
tion center. It closed in January, 1996,
but in 2000 Robert A. Wells, Jr. purchased
the property and renovated the main

I 1

building and dormitory as a restaurant
and hotel, re-named the "Tarpon Lodge."
It opened For business in June, 2001.
During our early-1990s Reld seasons,
the Dorsey Cottage on RCM1was owned
by Robert and Joyce James. The structure
was demolished in July, 1994 by a new
owner, Michigan physician Iqbal Jan (see
photo). Jan also leveled the top oFRCM1
by having approximately 18 inches oF
the mound graded offand dumped down
the southern Flank oFthe mound. In order
to build a new house to post-Hurricane-
Andrew (i.e., post-1992) standards, 29
holes about 3 Feet square and 3 Feet
deep were dug into the top oFthe mound
For the placement oFconcrete Footers.
BeFore the Footers were placed, however,
construction was put on hold and the
property was purchased by a combina-
tion oFFunds From the State oFFlorida's
Emergency Archaeological Acquisition
Trust Fund, The Archaeological Conser-
vancy, and Lee County.
(To be continued in the next issue: Part 4: A
History oFArchaeology at Pineland.)

New and Renewing Friends of the RRC

November11, 2009 through February 15, 2010
(Please let us know ofany errors or omissions. Thank you For your support.)

Sustaining Members
Paul E Warren Miller
Supporting Members
Virginia Amsler
Community Foundation oF
Greater Lakeland
William Marquardt
Linda Stevenson
Sponsoring Members
Cindy Bear
Cabbage Key
Greater Pine Island
Chamber oFCommerce
Dennis Havlin
Honc Industries, c/o Ray
Tarpon Lodge

Contributing Members
Marion Almy
Pat Blackwell
Robert E Anne Boomer
Jefferson Chapman
Robin E Lin Fox
Gene E Evelyn Hemp
Carole Kircher
Janet Levy
Marco Island Historical
Edith Marquardt
Robert N. "Bucky" McQueen
Jim E Elizabeth Murphy
Abraham E Cynthia OFer
David E Darbee Percival
Dan E Kay Van Riper
Southwest Capital Bank
Beverly E Roger Stone
Rae Ann Wessel
Tim Wininger

Ann E Bill Wollschlager
Sherri E Ira Zucker
Deborah Zwetsch
Family Members
Leigh F. Andrews
Patricia E James Cole
Ken Hodgson E Maryanne
Archie Lowry E Patti
John E Sue Miller
Ted E Pat Oakes
Richard E Kathy SchaeFer
Kim E Kris Sears
Herb E Betty Seidel
Doug E Joy Stafford
Lee Tapager
Warm Mineral Springs/
Little Salt Spring
Archaeological Society
Anne Whitmore
Norris E Nancy Williams

Individual Members
Susie Beer Browne
Louise F Bryans
Frank Grieco
Sandy House
Carl Humphrey
Judy Judge
Michael Marsano
Michael D. Miller
John Paeno
Carole Scott
Maria-Louise Sideroff
Lillian E. Sizemore
David Steadman
Dale G. Weber
Catherine Williams
Student Members
Daniel Eagan
Samantha Eagan


Recent Activities at the

Randell Research Center

On February 5, Karen Walker (second From left) gave a site
tour to visitors Shelley and Wes Cowan; at left is RRC's
Michael Wylde. (Photo by Bill Marquardt.)

Bill Marquardt watches as UF graduate student
Andrea Palmiotto excavates in Mound 5. (Photo by
Karen Walker.)

Excavations proceeded in Brown's Complex Mound 5.
supervised by Michael Wylde (right). In excavation
are volunteers Pat Townsend and Ed Fialkosky.
(Photo by Carol Hoyem )

Music at the MAounds
batnit\irv 4 10S0

Blues band "Deb and the Dynamics"
rocks the crowd at Music at the
Mounds, January 30 at the site.
(Photo by Bill rMlrquardt )



I Oe -. ,, 1ST0*. t

A Randell Research Center
PO Box 608
Pineland, FL 33945-0608

Forwarding Service Requested

U.S. Postage
Pineland, FL
Permit No. 26

Annual Honor Roll, 2009
Each year the Randell Research Center recognizes all those who have donated $100 or more during the previous calendar year by listing them
in the Annual Honor Roll. Gifts oFdonated materials or services are indicated by an asterisk (*). We extend our heartFelt appreciation For the
support that these and all our gifts represent.

($20,000 $99,999)
Lee County Historic
Preservation Grants
Paul and Warren Miller
($5,000 $19,999)
Chris E Gayle Bundschu
Dale W Schneider, Inc.*
Tim E Judith Sear
($1,000 $4,999)
Virginia Amsler
Larry E Carol Aten

John E Gretchen Coyle
Frank E Patti Foster in
honor oF Randy Wayne
William Marquardt
Nick and Linda Penniman
Linda Stevenson
($500 999)
Paul Benedum, Jr.
Cabbage Key*
LammoL duPont
Greater Pine Island
Woody Hanson
Joyce Mutz


Pine Island Pest Control*
Bill E Norma Pretsch
Bob E Mary Rude
Beverly E jon Sensbach
John C. E Glenda L
Stevenson Architects*
Tarpon Lodge*
Karen J. Walker
William E Victoria
($100 -$499)
Sharon Albright
Marion Almy
Cindy Bear
T Peter Bennett
Pat Blackwell
Jan Brink
Robin E Jan Brown
Bokeelia Boat Club
Joseph P Brinton III
Jefferson Chapman

RRC News
Editor: William Marquardt
Writer: William Marquardt
Production: GBS Productions
GiFt Shop E Tour InFormation:
(239) 283-2157

Merald Clark E Cyndi
Ann Cordell
Carole Crumley
Bill E Mary Cyzewski
Robin E Lin Fox
Amy M. Gallagher
Carol E Philip Garland
Nancy Glickman
Bill E Edna Hager
Gene E Evelyn Hemp
Sandra House
Greater Pine Island
Fred E Elaine Jette
Barney E Peggy King
Carole Kircher
Ronald E Mary Koontz
Robin C. Krivanek
Janet Levy
Darcie MacMahon
Manatee/Sarasota Yacht
Edith Marquardt
Lowell E Elizabeth Mason
Matlacha Hookers, Inc.

Thomas Mclntosh
Elaine McLaughlin
Robert N. (Bucky)
Joe E Joan Merkwaz
jeraldT Milanich
Lee Ann Newsom
Helmut E Hildegard
Denege Patterson
Vernon Peeples
David E Darbee Percival
Dan E Kay Van Riper
Maria Rock
Karl E Kathryn Schroeder
Southwest Capital Bank
Beverly E Roger Stone
Jerry Stonham
John E Sally VanSchaick
Randal L Walker
Patty Jo Watson
Rae Ann Wessel
James B. White
Ann E Bill Wollschlager
Dick Workman
Sherri a Ira Zucker

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atAnnual Calusa
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at Pineland1

MBarch 13,2010i^



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