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Title: Friends of the Randell Research Center
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Publication Date: June 2004
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rnenas or me

Vol 3 No 2

iRandell Research Center

June 2004

Native Plants Enhance Pineland Facilities

Community landscaping effort will beautify, educate

by Bill Marquardt

nI M QU tI over two dozen volunteers .
planted native trees and shrubs around the RRC's
new teaching pavilion and parking lot. Rick Joyce
organized the event, and several local nurseries
donated plants for the occasion. Mark Dean of
Palmco provided 20 free Paurotis palms, and has, -g "
agreed to donate coconut palms to restore the .
historic appearance of the roadway that once led .
to the citrus packing barn. Soaring Eagle .
Nursery donated wild tamarinds, satin leafs, and
seagrapes. Forestry Resources donated 250
pounds of fertilizer and 100 cubic yards (a semi- .-L b" ..
trailer load!) of mulch. All Native Garden Center ...
donated a red mulberry tree. Deep South Native By the end of the day, more than 250 plants Some of the 25 volunteers who showed
Nursery donated more than 50 plants and lots of had been installed, fertilized, mulched, and up on May 1 for planting day at the RRC
labor. Pine Breeze Nursery also donated plants watered. The native vegetation not only looks (photo by W. Marquardt).
and labor. In addition to RRC volunteers, staff, attractive, but on the long term, it will be easy to
and students, we were pleased to see several maintain. We intend to continue to work at the Randell Research Center will enjoy the native
members of the local chapter of the Florida ridding the site of invasive exotic plants, while plants and also take the opportunity to learn
Native Plant Society. encouraging natives. Our hope is that visitors to more about them.

Cubans and Creek Indian

People in Southwest Florida
by John Worth

DIT 1,JTi April, I returned to Cuba to conduct
more archival research at the Archivo Nacional
de Cuba in Havana, and also to re-visit the Arimao
River valley near Cienfuegos during the dry
season. Generously funded by Paul F. Miller, Jr.
and the Useppa Island Historical Society, the
trip resulted in considerable progress toward
understanding details of the Cuban fishing
industry in Southwest Florida. In addition to
finding the first documented reference inside
Cuba to Useppa Island's most famous Cuban
resident-Jose Maria Caldez-I came across a
number of references to the regular transport of
Creek Indians back and forth to Havana on
Cuban sloops and schooners, beginning at least

as early as the 1770s and lasting as late as 1836.
These so called "Spanish Indians" were cousins
of the ancestral Seminole and Miccosukee
Indians, whose descendants would not arrive
in South Florida until half a century later. The
Havana archives are rich in documentation of
these people, who ultimately intermarried with
the Cubans, but who were expelled from Florida
along with most of the Seminoles in the 19th
century. Their story complements that of the
previous fisherfolk of Southwest Florida, the
Calusa, whose destiny was also connected to
Cuba. I plan to explore these and other subjects
during my summer research trip to Spain.

Author wearing the new RRC hat on its first
visit to the Arimao River valley near
Cienfuegos, Cuba (photo by J. O'Hear).

V.o 3 No..

Pits and Postmolds

A Glimpse of a 1500-year-old Calusa Home

by John Worth

The second season of excavations at Surf I ii... I .... I Ii Iii i.-I, I .1
ClamRidge has concluded, exposing a totalof *. ,' I I 111, I,-- I iil I I 111 .
26 sq. meters (31 sq. yards) of early Calusa floor -...-i 1ii. In ii i ii l I ,l
space dating to the late 5th century A.D. Having I". i ,i.ii IlIi l i I iii i I -
penetrated andsampled anoverlyingshell midden liii II 1 11l-..I 1 11 i .. i. I
and a black sand floor deposit, excavators were II III. .. ,iiii, I..ii
rewarded with a wide range of pits and postmolds .............................
scattered across the largely artifact-free lightgray \ i.\\ l.ii0, iI)t)Il'iilI IIl-i)\
sand comprising the bulk of the ridge's elevation. I\ i k 'liIll \\ il ii lii..1 Iil (Ill
Analysis is still underway, but patterning is
evident in the distribution of these features,
including a generally linear array of basin-shaped
pits, ranging from oval to circular, and normally
less than 20" wide and 20" deep. At least two
of these pits were used for burning, including
an obvious hearth with a central core of ash,
an outer ring of partially charred black material,
and an upper fill of sand and trash. Other pits were, .
simply filled in with sand and trash. Stains from -. .
rotted or burned posts are ubiquitous, including
many smaller posts (about 4") and a number of

Operations Report
by John Paeno

This SpT in was exciting at the research
center. Since our last report in March, we had
over 1,000 school children and adults tour our
site, with a conservative estimate of 500 at the
Calusa Festival alone. The Festival featured
information booths (Mote Marine, Florida Fish
and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Ding
Darling National Wildlife Reserve, Gaea Guides,
Dick Workman, Robin Brown, Irv Quitmyer,
Steve Tutko), tours of the archaeological dig,
walking tours of the site, Tarpon Lodge restau
rant specials, a sunset cruise, door prizes, and
previews of the art work that will be on signs
along the Calusa Heritage Trail, provided by
Synergy Design Group (Merald Clark, Cyndi
Moncrief, John LoCastro) (see photos, elsewhere
in this newsletter).
We also offered many outreach programs,
reaching hundreds more people at sites ranging
from libraries to festivals. Our volunteers logged
over 1,000 hours this spring for the dig and other
activities. In addition to the May Day planting,
we completed our bridge over the canal, and

,i I 1 - -1- i ii i I
-llll l l t. l Il I.

.1 .111 I II 111.1
Ill' '\ .i ,I It 3ll

our gravel trails have now been laid. The new
fence is almost complete, and we will soon
begin building the observation platform on top
of Brown's Mound. I hope to see you soon at
the site.

Visitors to Calusa Festival view displays at RRC's new teaching pavilion, March 21, 2004
(photo by W. Marquardt).

Now that we are developing our infrastructure,
there are some things that we could use on
site such as a golf cart or work cart for main-
tenance and repairs, a riding lawn mower to
keep the grounds around the pavilion trimmed,
a portable generator for lights and pumps at
excavation sites, and a chipper to be used in
exotic plant removal and to produce mulch
for our trails. If you wish to donate a piece of
equipment, please contact Jennifer Jennings
at 239-283-2062.

P h.I II I F l I I I ) III it II\ h I I I )% )I -IIIII(hI
II, II 1 1 I I. h. ll IIII \ l l h \ I.ll Ih IltA. I
i I., I\ I I ,ll l Is, ., . i .-l .

wrte' woksop inldigCttra

i~thank E T IJdK WinnT for'his indIT l donato of

I. 66J'~rf *!~l~J I TII

lIes. We thak the Troic Sa f dona-

rst P'eo-l. We than th rpon Lode6fo r

A- I Vie, r istE rw ,Toi tr
and Joc **zcnriue tmsfrdo
prize. We thn tv uk o i ito
magnetic~~ sin fo6u5RCtuk W hn
Are Arigo fo doatn a beautifu666
frme "Ya of the Ind6n potr an
Debi .adl Tagr66 aitdprri
of* he moter Parci radn ade

- (I"" a


RRC Welcomes New Office Manager
by John Worth

W e at the RR, C are pleased to
welcome Jennifer Jennings to our staff. Jennifer
is taking over as office manager at the head
quarters building, with duties ranging from
volunteer coordination and membership database
maintenance to scheduling and bulk mailing.
Jennifer has lived on Pine Island for 11 years.
During that time she has been a manager at
Goff Communications, and she also managed
Matlacha Art Gallery and worked at Koucky
Gallery & McGowan's Farm. She has been active
in the local community, working with the Greater
Pine Island Chamber of Commerce and its Mango
Mania event from 2002 to 2004. She was crowned

Mango Queen in 2003. She is also a 5th grade
volunteer at Pine Island Elementary.
Jennifer's husband Craig is a chef at Rondell's
Restaurant in Matlacha. Her son Scott will be
attending Ida S. Baker this fall, with daughters
Rhea at Diplomat Middle and Jacque at Pine
Island Elementary.

Jennifer Jennings, 2003 Mango Queen, presents
mangoes to Lee County Commissioners. Left
to right: Commissioners Bob Janes, Andy
Coy, RayJudah, QueenJennifer, Commissioners
Doug St. Cerny, John Albion (photo by Leoma
Lovegrove for the Pine Island Chamber of Commerce).

Sustaining Met
Bonita Bay Gro
Supporting Me
Paul G. Benedu
Charles B. Edw
William H. Mar
Lee Ann Newso
Useppa Island
Robert A. Wells
Sponsoring Me
Koucky Studios
& McGowan

New and Renewing Friends of the RRC
from February 16 to May 31, 2004

(Please let us know of any errors or omissions. Thank you for your support!)
mbers Contributing Members Family Members Individual M<
99) ($100-$499) Randall & Christian Briggs Barbara Blanl
up P. M. Blackwell J. C. & Wendy Dewing Robert H. Fus
s Harold & Deborah Bruner Robert & Linda Edic Mark C. John;
mers Charles B. Dalton Marty & Deborah Fairley Anne Kacerov
9) Edison Garden Club William S. Gutek III R.S. Laubeng
m, Jr. Stan & Mary Farnham Michael S. Hammond, Jr. Susan Lauber
yards Four Points Editing LLP Bud & Shirley House Elise LeComp
quardt Friends of the Englewood Micheal Jastrzebski Alan C. Pape
m Library Robert & Amy Kasdan Mary Ann Sec
Historical Gene & Evelyn Hemp Arlene & Jacob Miller Carole Traver
Hendry Law Firm Robert & Elaine Mooney Stephanie D.
SJr. Bob & Jackie Kish Myrtle & John Orzalli
embers Richard & Marilyn Merritt Debi & Joe Peloso
Deborah Russell Alan & Esta Rubenstein
& Elmer Wheeler Deborah L. Russell
s Farm Karl & Kathryn Schroeder Gail E. Spence
Tropic Star of Pine Island, Inc. Shane & Paul Swigert
Ed & Gloria Winn Kent & Carol Tarrier

John Urban

\\ i,,v,,



~u \I

Calusa Festival Snapshots

I .

Author and retired physician Robin Brown
explains Florida Indian crafts.

Im lp_ -I
Several organizations and businesses were on
hand to greet Calusa Festival visitors, including
Gaea Guides, which specializes in guided
kayak nature tours.

Merald Clark of Synergy Design Group explains
how he does his artist's conceptions of
Calusa life.

Editor: Send que
William Marquardt John
Writers: Rande
William Marquardt PO Bo
John Paeno Pinela
John Worth Teleph
Production: Fax (2:
GBS Productions Email:

Zooarchaeologist Irv Quitmyer shows how
shark teeth are continually replenished.

stions or comments to:
II Research Center
x 608
nd FL 33945-0608
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PINELAND, FL 33945-0608

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rrnenas or me

iRandell Research Center

Pineland, Florida June, 2004
Phone (239) 283-2062 E-mail: johneworth@comcast.net

De r Friend,

You are cordially 'i, ii i to join, or renew your membership in, the RRC's support society, Friends of the Randell
Research Center. (Current members can find out when their memberships expire by looking at the address label on
their newsletter.)
All Friends of the RRC receive a quarterly newsletter. Supporters at higher levels are entitled to discounts on our
books and ii i I. ., i li-. adi,. notice of programs, and special recognition. Your continuing support is vital to our
mission. It means more research, more 1. ii .1 i, i and continued site improvements at the Randell Research Center.
Thank you.
S illi I .

S .1lii E \\, th, Ph.D.
ii. I 1 i i of Research Programs and Services
R. i II Research Center

Please check the membership lei el you prefer, and send this form. along with your check
payable to Friends of the Randell Research Center, to:
Membership Coordinator Randell Research Center PO Box 608 Pineland; Florida 33945

" Individual ($30) and Student ($15): quarterly Newsletter
" Family ($50): Newsletter + advance notice and 10%
discount on children's programs
" Contributor ($100-$499): The above + annual honor
roll listing in newsletter + 20% discount on RRC
publications a I. I ... i. I .ll.-'
" Sponsor ($500-$999): The above + invitation to annual
Director's tour and reception

Permanent Address



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Q Supporter ($1,000-$4,999): The above + listing on
annual donor plaque at Pineland site
0 Sustaining Members ($5,000-$19,999), Benefactors
($20,000-$99,999), and Patrons (S 100,000
and above) receive all of the above + complimentary
RRC lp ',l.i. i.' -ii. and special 'ii li _- Irom the
Dir tnor
1 Please use my gift to I .11 .i. matching funds from the
I 1 i .!, .i Fiid.. l i i.. ii for the Humanities.

Seasonal Address (so we can send you your newsletter while you are away)



City / State / Zipcode

Use my seasonal address from



The Randell Research Center is a program of the Florida Museum of Natural History, University ofFlorida.

SDBooks and Videos


The Domain of the Calusa $
_j,. VHS video, $19.95

Expedition Florida:
From Exploration to Exhibition
VHS video, $19.95

Expedition Florida:
The Wild Heart of Florida
VHS video, $19C '

New Words, Old Songs: Understanding the Lives of
Ancient Peoples in Southwest Florida Through Archaeology
by Charles Blanchard, illustrated by Merald Clark
hardcover $24.95
softcover $14.95
.... Fisherfolk of Charlotte Harbor, Florida 1
by Robert F. Edic
hardcover $ 35.00

== Culture and Environment in the Domain of the Calusa $
edited by William H. Marquardt
.- softcover $25.00

5 Sharks and Shark Products in Prehistoric South Florida
by Laura Kozuch
softcover $5.00

The Archaeology of Useppa Island
edited by William H. Marquardt
hardcover $35.00
softcover $20.00
Total price of books and videos: $
Friends of the RRC who give at the $100 level
or above may deduct 20% Discount:
Florida residents add sales tax: +
Shipping: Add $2.00 for first item,
$0.50 for each additional item: +

To order books or videos, make check payable to: Randell Research Center and mail to:
Randell Research Center / PO Box 608 / Pineland FL 33945.
Check or money order only. Sorry, no credit cards.
Inquiries and Questions? 239-283-2062 / E-mail: johneworth@comcast.net

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