Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 7 - Lot 5, Greek Shrine
Title: Salazar house (of today)
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Title: Salazar house (of today)
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 7 - Lot 5, Greek Shrine
Physical Description: Report
Language: English
Creator: Barnes, Eleanor Philips
Publication Date: 1958
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
41 Saint George Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Saint Photios Greek Shrine (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Avero House (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 41 Saint George Street
Coordinates: 29.896485 x -81.313233
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(leanor Plips arnes
26 Qc"lcCQlilLn efreel
ch. u.gusl;ne, Udlorida



NAME......... ......... OOWNER. ............. ..DATE

Antonia de Avere pre--1764

On the Puente Map, No. 81. Sq. E
louse of stone of Antonia de Avero
Antonia was a woman, born 1717
daughter of Victoriano de Avero and
Francesca de Valle.
She was wife of Joseph Guillen of
She had 4 sisters...Juana, older,
born 1715, wife of Geronimo de Rita

Manuela, b. 1719, Mrs. Marcos Rosendo
Ursela, b. 1723, Mrs. Diego Repilado A/ '
Maria, b. 1726

During the British Period this was the Grants Block
Comparing all the names in Block or Square E with the
list in Fish Agcount book, only a few are mentioned
with no entries by them....Antonia de Avero was NOT
amongst them...

But No. 79, just north of Geronimo de HiWts house
was Bernardo Gonzales.....Capt. Andres Rainford
got this in 1777...

Jo. 80 the de Hita house was taken over by Capt. Rainford
in 1765 or 1777(check)

No. 83 the Lucas Escovedo House became the property of
Jose Peso de Burgo, next to Sp.Inn. south..
No. 88 the home of Francisco Xavier Montes de Oca went to
Capt. Farelamb and William in this small area
during British days..1763-1783...owners all around the Avero


Minorcans came up to British Augustine in 1777...
Compare statement by Father Camps, Nov. 1777 transfer of Chure
to Augustine. (St. Peter's Register) Clavreul' booklet also.
ee Mrs, Johnson's meme....
See Seibert's Vol. 1 p 175..Regarding Minorcan Chapel *

ntonio Ferhandez............. 1788

Roque Map shows this place as
No. 5, 31. 2 in care or charge
of Antonio Fernabdez...
Spain had regained control in
1783...0nly two Ita y Salazars
to come back were...
Eugenia Nita y Salazar
and Mrs. Francisco del Canto(yrancesca Ita y Salazar)
See 1793 Census
I '77
By 7i perhaps before Eugenia Hita y Salazar is
living in the Avero House..She just "OCCUPIES"
it...North of her is her sister and brother in law.
the del Cantos..Dim6nsions are given and boundaries .

The sister, MrsI de Canto, was living in or on the site
of the lita y Salazar least north of the
AVERO lOUSE known today as SALAZAR....
Eugenia died 1797, leaving no specified real estate.

It was still the property of the HEIRS of AVERO
EIRS of AVERO. ...................... ....1815
At this time Manuel Castillo and other
heirs of Antonia de Avero sold to

osefa Montes de Oca... *........ 1815
gives boundaries, same as
house occupied by niece
of Antonia de Avero, Eugenia Hita

sabel Rodriguez.................1816
See Mrs. Johnson's memo... /

Ibiana Romero#..r,....a 2y
In deed of 1837 wh conveng it to
Carreras it was recorded"M .p454
that it was house above...

uan Carreras......*...........837

Then widow of Juan conveyed it to their son..
tephen Carrera.. ......1867
Then division of properties made in 1869
others 1857,,all give same boundaries .

EPB,. f

S1 November 1958

tewnOMeMd to the Diretor
et Ninwean Chapel (bCh rh of the ahbeneso)

The original ooqulan walls of the MinLoean Chapel ae
elievod yet standing at Bamber 41 St. George Street. The
rmnt of the buildings has been completely removed and re-
uilt of briek, inajde partitions removed and changes made in
interior, marin this into store spa"e. A view of the old
alls, aorth saud south exposure ean be had, fia St. George
street. A chain of titles for this property been so-
uredi as far as references and reerda are available. In-
oematlen for the English period is almost entirely lacking.
The Spanish census of 178 (Webb emeaeral Library)
mentions ohn lmaies native of Sootland, lives in rented
amse joined to the i~Elnor Chapel'. Alao. a Ph. #10-11
Old PFlridians, Jinereans, Greeks and Italians*, Lorenzo
ape, C. A. R. native of Minarea and for this reason is con-
idered a natimml subject of his Majesty, and as suoh desires
S:reain in the coLuntry he i s acristan of the Minorean
htbape he bha a wife and two msns house his own property,
ituated in the end of the settlement near the castle". On
beet 16 of the Spanish Census also notes that 'Maenre Reek,
atlve of Villaenwa do Slches(?) religion, C. A. R.: heas
rlf aand daughter, he has an Indian boy, he lives in the
kmrc of the Nahonese".

2-Kinorean Chapel

The de la Roeque nap of 1788 (Webb Memorial library)
shows a building of some kiaa and of considerable size on

this site, setting directly on St. George Street, extensions
toward the east aai south (at &ast end of hoase). The key
to this map lists this as Number 5, Block 2, "A house of stone
and lertar, with one of the inside divisions, with a portion

of ground plot adjoinluag with the enclosure of that which
corresponds to the ho se, also of stone; the flat roofs,
framework and floors which are in bad condition; in the care
of Don Antonio Fernandez*
This building is more fully described in the Assessor's

Inventory, 1803, (Webb Bnerial Library) and is listed as
Number 45, Blook 7, house e of coquina, and lot of the King,
occupied by Dona Eugenia Hits y Salasar, bounded on the west
by Calle Real, east, Kings lot, north, Don Francisco Cantos,
seath, Juan Sanchezs The measurements given as 15 yards

north-south, and 1OOi yards east-west, 1506 reals, assessed
separately are: stone wall 30 yards in logth, 4 in height.
2 sections of walls 11 yards long: 2 arches in middle with

three pillars of hown stone, 1 Espencita(saall extension)

1 patio wall 14 yards long 3 high. 2 other walls in one part
of patio 17 yards length another section of wall 5 5/4
yards in length, 2 walls of tiles, 12 yards in length, 2
fronts 11 yards, a stairway of stone and 3 pillars, wall
around court"

On August 21, 1815, in East Florida Pp era, ( Webb

sealrial Library) is record of sale "Manuel Castilla for

SaLSBMw4A. 4Mn 9wJalOr i.Lir a. ttU b.ullJ.LA tU AWYUCV t9 eUOJ.fL
eMntea de 0ea, widow, coquina house on St. George Street
whie it west bouvdary, south by heirs of Juan Sanchez, east

by land adjoining Castle of St. Marks, north by Juan Triay;

at settlement of estate part only was included, measuring 15
yards the reaB bought of Francisao del Canto over 13
year ago. A year later, on August 16, 1816, (p. 356)
the East Florida Pp era, Webb %emnrial Library, Josefa Monctes

de Osa conveys house bought from Castilla August 21, 1815 and
in which is stated that Castilla in 1815 acted as agent of

Isabel Rodriguez, and measurements given as 91 yards east-
west and 52 yards north-south.

On September 16, 1816 (#580) (East Florida Pop era, Webb

memasrial Library) Isabel Rodriguez executes a mortgage bond

"to pay her minor children the amount due from her husband's
estate ad pledges her house on St. Gerge Street which is

west boundary, hairs of Juan Sanchez, south, land of St.

Marks Castle on the east and Juan ETriy on the north, measur-
ing: north-south 52 yards, east-west 91 yards, bought August
16 last, from Josefa Montes de Oea."

The next ower is Bibiana Rembrve who by her attorney
Jaie Valentiae Romero, on March 10, 1857, recorded in Deed
3ook "M* p. 454 in St. Johns County Archives, conveyance

to Juan Carroras,, f $1020, of dwelling house and lot of
land on St. Gsorge Street, which is west boundary, south by

house and lot lately of Nelizit, deceased, but now of Seth

K. Gifford, east by vacant lands, north by John Triay, de-
ceased, measuring in front 42 sp* yards. east-west 91 yards.

: ---.-- i-;-- --- i

: eft" l WA O beng the Sam which was purchased by
Joseft Mvni!- de de fMW Mimael GastlllDA m August 21, 1815,
eand 440d lby the GaAA koes do Oea to Itabel ftdrIguoe August
ILI 341401
y ya tev in *1986 Deed Seek B p.* S57 St.

ib# ; t4'oyadt to Stephbu OaaernrpfeB as sbare ae the state
Joba C :xrr"j bem.d vet by st. Gear" Street 4m the
notho nw Clstl and Peter TanSy end ?ePt greeea east by
rort vete and w9 'tte street atnd tate of An tonio denoe ary
so*h by mse Ba 3ld e f i s rnaySteryesel called the .St

A bead Boa k *WV v 156 In 199 in atlea the otfs ohTn
Carvl rat a pperb as ahs of *eta to to Mary Careras and
Wlltafa J* Rayeas alaso saestte diat at property mde
JM XW* oa e ame bommasaris a"e gIva as In doed of 1867.
h Wiabb ImaBBtl IbUary in filed a beket "BNotesa on
the Catlia e Chw h I Plepa 15 -1876" b7 V*ry Rev. -. P.
Oua eil pr'M" iby Abber Press# St*. Iao Vl2ldao
paW not m o~a t In whimsh he quotes stateMent written and
aSr bay athwe CO s, oveSmbea r 9* 97TM tfhe tpanslaton
.ends On te th day ofr Yemftber, 1777, the church of' San
Pte a be s tra ferie m ftr M oqulte t ho oi ty of St.
Astivn$, with slawme ol:ony of Maones, who had settled
tia *ttA lUality and: teaa e Reottag ad i a-I n ary, sPedro
CaO Iha the Iw Sayras refugees arrived at St. Augustine
tbr w y standing tw Ohacesb the BRaL t' pesidenme
-2. L r

a-N.Mamaan Chapel

and chapel, south of the Plazas but they remained cloaed
to the worthy Priemt and his flock, Pather Caps was obliged
to hire a room-. iL_..wo frivatq iwmse; this he did in the north-
ern part of the ity, which had been assigned to his people.
Father Camps died at St. Agusatine, May 17, 1790. The
record of his death given by Pather }icaLel O'Reilly, who
signs himself as Father Camps unworthy successor, Informs us
that the beloved Priest bad been born at Marcadel, 8n the
Island of NMiacra and that he was fstty years old. He was
intereMd amidst the tears of his people. His body was re-
mBed to vault in teH church recently built, not the Cath-
edral, where it was ftla in 188'7 when exeavating, prepara-
teoy to ebuil f the chartoh, except the four walls,
in the springg of that year
The two e hurhes which existed twenty years before were
nowR in ruida, mass therefore was said in a private house
until the wppr story of the former Episcopal boune should
,be i tned late a temporary chapel. farther information is

given in "Ltyalist itn Florida" (Seibert) vol. 1, p. '13
quet1ng "'Tbe Minerfan having been brought to East Plorida
in OxLCtreIst poverty, they prospered through their industry
and fNugali t They maintained a small decorated chapel in
St9 Augustine, whioh was under the oha*ge of a Priest fbon
Minor a. In Marth 1784 they formed nearly the largest part
of the towne poplation. The Ninorean Priest, PleUae Campo,
whoa ToWn alSld PeTfdru Camps, decided to leave the country

tmercan Chapel

ng with the governor, but thl Spanish Government brought
a lpreimtlo in the huarh of Ninc ea, bringing in three
or priest*, two of wboA were Irishment.
The do la Paente ap of 1763 sihws a building on present
/y 13
o of fornw ebapel, indicated tp as 81, auar
aoeerding to referenmm given in above notes and also
irences made to MNmnrean Chapel or elarch of the Uanhonese,
sn as north boundary of the Jnan Sanchez property, ad-
s g eo the seoth, covering a period from 1784 to 1837,
appears that the wall now remaining are those of the
;Inal building,

rice notes
iish OaCaoss of 1785. Webb Memorial Library.
f to de la Rooque map 1188 and map in Webb Memorial Libra3ry
sneers Inventory 1803
st Florida Papers, 1815 Webb ~'emoral Library.
it Mortda apest, 1818 Webb Memorial Library.
st Florita Pas, 1816 Webb Meuoial Library.
* Johns County rivhies, Deed B6o01 O" p. 454.
SJ~nas oae t ,A chives, Deed -ok "R" p. 857.
li6 *.lat Cn ty Avohlives, Deed Book "Vf' p. 156.
itoa on Oathollo Church in Florida 156871876 Very
yv. H. P. ClarOl/, V/i, Webb Memorial Library.
palists in Plorida vol. 1, --. 17M Webb memorial Library.
Sla ?tanto ma p 176S. Webb Memorial Library.

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