Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 7 - Lot 5, Greek Shrine
Title: Block 3 - No. 81 stone house of Antonia de Avero
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Title: Block 3 - No. 81 stone house of Antonia de Avero North-South 15 varas; East-West 71 varas
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 7 - Lot 5, Greek Shrine
Physical Description: Maintenance record
Language: English
Publication Date: 1963
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
41 Saint George Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Saint Photios Greek Shrine (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Avero House (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 41 Saint George Street
Coordinates: 29.896485 x -81.313233
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;-<^'~ ^':~aj.'- --- *----~-- -------- -j

io ie ntplith CoiiLLa un~ necalLed to Havana and tAe CAwan ten appointed Can-
miLionen. Don JYuan. dole &LiZo de La Puente, Ao tooAk oven. CodlUa' duwtiA. To
,diicharage Ajd nt.ejponr.biLiy pwpe44, Puente made a map of St.Augudi&ne, dated
f January 22, /764,2 on. wchi.c Ae tidied the ounwew, Lot meauwenentd and buildingtb n
of eack AouAe. 7he dL.e at 39 St. geone SiACei appeal on. Ate Puerne map aC
fol w':
BNoc~ ( No. 8/ Sva ont.e h e ofa Ar.ora d1 Ave va
: Non~d-SoiA5. I5 vanas; gazti4Wed 7/ vanas.
;PuenrIe uua uL'able to dipome of all khe pwpeAntie-, and in iuan. dold ce/&ain
i -paceld in i~tAu to flni. mez e Fiia, whio in. .UAn agreed ;o /4niUt o Puen;e on o;n
dedignaded peinon. ihe powceedS4 of any AuLe wuLicLh he miqihA make.
CotiUa'. appaijal of wait appeal to petain ;o he above houte, uAi.cA Ae
Lid;ted in At.e name of Dont oaauin. Blanco, iL aG follow:3 feo4 7edoeale

Son. 3855 va/ni planai of Lo-t, having 55 on i/e (ownt of ite daid Jifteet,
L c":e del 9oveznadoi and a depti of 7/, at / neal pen. vwa 8/
FO'. 8/2 cubic vaNai of h tewn aone on. ie whole ltAuctume,
at 4 pe1o4 pen vana .. .. .. 84
.. Fon all ie Lowen. foon- of al he hiuAe and ,e aie
/Jof . . . .. /85
TFor an oven and Aeanr/ of( enA oe . . . o /8
S- .; Can"peni
Eot 1, nd.tabla .d n, J ;inr.L C
S.Fort. e beam and tab.a, de, canon pACincipm of Ae hou e /00
Fon. i-e same (Cden) of(e two adcoining noom . . -. 8/ 7
Fo. 5 doowa and 3 windows in te paton and bedwm . 96
For 3 doonn and 2 windows in jaid wom Lpa nLon. and becdwom]. 40
'Fn. fh e lmben of Ae panAiu rloo, tia door and window . 47
Fon a cupboa&d wiL iA- door in Aie dining doom . . /8
SFont. e Lonben of Aie dining noomi on. co& Aido t e of the
paxon and bedwomwt and aj plnt/u wiZ a
h ie. . .. . . 8. . 6
.Fotn. e Lumben of lte k itcen and i; A hinzLed Itoo. .. 76
SFor 2 dooian and 2 windowi.d of ie above [ ien . . 8
Fon die fla noof of dte inner upper. living, quaa er . 45
Fon. 2 uppen. doon and 2 uppen windows. . . ,.
Son a anyway, wiU itd woof nail and nd~ai .
Fo/.an uppen batconyu.............. . ...
Foln. e eni;tzueio ai nd . . . . 5. 2
F ora l owert door.and window . . . . ... . 28

PoA /Aie Awof of Ae dining nwon of A< dwueliwn
uppe& Livip L e . . .J ..
F0/ a umaouse and ckichen coop . .' . . . 10
Foti Ae boanid eces and 4ence po ( e Lo . . . 90

To . .. 4827 7
FPLonia, Decenben -3 D/3 /1763
Yuan. de (oiA .

NeihAen. Ahe account of eme on. de Fie a Paen/e z5 ve indi.aioni haf.
/ paic&Zujla. je nLJ even conveyed by A.vtonia de Avenu o eto eLulea. e~ie, RPL
on. any often, BAL.A dubjec.f befonhe 4Ae depavded 7 fo4 Havana. i id teneforne wdwuned
thaa .he AouAe become BnutiLA. caown prwpen/ in /764.
By /777, Da Andte 7unnwbul '. New Smyly a co.Lo.y had failed, and i. edeULetu,
of. /ledtennarnean o.4luin, a ccmparnied by Fatien. PedwJo Camp, minaLwed to S;t
uAwene tey wvenje given. landA in the nUdhAelN paLt of Itown by te BiLtU.A govenno,
z tch: Tonyn. TA f d ie o.dy place of public uwnliAp .to be he AngLLcan. chawck,
5t. eten.', on. oti .t. 9eo/. e St&ee n n. Ae Tead t of /763, neat BItain. ad
waanteed Ate libet4y of dte (aatorc. neitel-i on tdo he inhabitant4 of Fo1idad. 9ov-
ennwn Tonyn now hononled Ahl wicun.u/' obizitll oir b4 hivning. oven. ie Aouse then on
IAe St.eon e 4 teelt ite to ald.6m. (cInrM f/o ". a p.wivate oatolny fo.t dhe u -e of Ahe
Catwoic linoa.can. zn ",. w n .. lia.l .d'rz.e a ,,:.4 no /ohe/ domain tAo i.L hwoue but Ai :. govemenAn .
The 7teatty of Ven~aiJLe 7 in 1783 ael.tu.vwnd Loa d Spain, and gave BnALid h
4ubjectdt /8 mon tts to dlipoe ,of .tein.i ppe/zi.eA. Alran FLoaidianj, fowunen teiden;d
of St.AtLutuine, on. Atein. Aein.,. n.etAnned wL"Ai We idea .tAa-t each of ten Am ad a /Aigt I
to take poJdeid.on of Atei. pnwp&ntuy by vintue of powen qf attonnley and
brant~ ea, and ot.e w Lotut amny ALten .than -.t o f .aying, ~i4 fmne/zdy
belonged to me, o to my gwandfatten, o z to my tunce, Sc ... Zejpedeg. elated '
Ate deptontable condition of tAe house. in. i e city4, almost half of wiAck wene wlun-
habi.abl.e, and asked Atat poweln be 9i/en. Aim 'to pant lands w.Lt/ ptefet.ence to te
old inhabitants, and aftemuwnd t.o te Allwnocan.A on amn othen. Sxpniantd who might
cjme to ettdle, and as4ty, to fon.einens. No pwgneLoss ad nrde during Zeape ,de'
Anong toJwe ow t ne uAned uwas L. (oL. Antonio FeumnAdez, who aanived in. t.
AuIgujine in /784 in co o a g- ion, and aidM widh a powen. of, atto/Ley
:f'Mn &tk Avena ddlAMen. He imntedialy toocuody of to fthe thAee Aveno
/to ue4.
T7e ite widen study appease on the map of St. Autgutine made by 6gineen. Aflhano
de La Ruoeue.9 ,

~iMdr~a -I~~rClll ~ n) IXMIILd(a9L~~Y- Y1 ~ --- r----------~------

The map puwpoit it c6 wu even howue in exidience on. ApAl /6, /788, and
tke tound fLoon plan of eacA owiwse. An accoanpanying notebook neconded the name of
S ke ovunze on0 occay.r, 4tAe building macteial, and it condition. Rocque de c".bed
WL e pnopent a4 follows:
Block 2, No. 5.
anot. ao and quatoed .obe-wu/koA oue witL one Iwo-
tao-y c dtedion, wik a polttion of tke neighboDing Loi
annexed, wLtk Ike fence whi.cAc conneapondL to Ite Aouse
aLso of madonn4j; Lt flat nwoop, famed and floolw in
bad condci Lon; in khe cuj;tody of Antonio Feninde3g.
A little laen. in /788, Victon.iana 9uiLU.e de FennAnde gave peamimi.on to
&ueenia de HiU y Salaga~ to ute a madon', hoWue aoinot i n. &i' o ithaat e could
Live inand .take ca/te of. i while Jtke ovennmen determined aboua /tL4 pnwpe/.vt. "
The houAe uwa located "in fiw.t of ke lou1e in ,iAiko Tadeo de ANvibaA nozw Live. "l0
Col. F ennzndez himwelt had to be absent fAom St. AuquAline and he Inranjfenned hiA
pmwe/t of a;tonney to Accountant 9on,~l 6 de Zamolwrn on lay //, /788. Zanzanon 'o
powet uln revoked yeaA/t laien. ( 179/) wean. Tadeo de ANitbacm A4 empowetLed byt
Feina'nde3 to act in tke matte/i of tke Avenw claims.
9ove/nnow Que ada' inipecion of. S. Atwiine in /790 /Ievealed tAat many hou.w~
S that had /teveited t o tke c/u.t would b6 comnpleelyef lot4 w&lead inmediate /tep/ wei.e
taken, To zenedy k&e iUuation, he au.o/nizged an inventonui of all Aouw.ea and lot&
and adventi.ed tken foPt ale at a public auction, w)it Ike wuwen"j an&ing Vtait tke
' buluen would n.epain. Ien wAitin a yeanv. time. The appnaZLsena decalzbed tke houJe
Aen, on Ite St. 9eoV.e St&.ee.t Lie an follows:
,Bloc 7 No. 45 eaieA
fa.4onmu houwe and lot of I/he King occupied by Do.a
6ug.enia de Hita yI Salaan, bounded on the wejt witk
Ca.lle Peal; on tke eat w4UJA. Lot of Ate King; o.t ke
nodA/ wiAk Don FntanciLco Canto4 and oz Ike 'jodA witA
houwe and Lo .of. Yunn Sdnckej. MeuluAdne on the fwnt
non/k-4ouAL 1 /5 vanaj, depth& ea&i-we.t /OOY valiw; aC ;
I. te nate off .teal pen. g. vana amoutr .d . . . 753 3/4

Stone UaiL 33 val/d .Lona b0 4 va'a4 Ai on boA /.
fwontm at 21 naeaLe, pe. vana, amounts t . . . jW

Two una t paitionwL / vam/Ia .lo. by 4 vana ilah
at 2 nealed pen. d. vaAa aounit to ... .' .. . . 88.

'7Ldde ~t BM(~ibePCQ PMiCa ~ . ., i44

hte a tone 121lbt4 valued a4

4 4 4 4 4 4 * S 4

QOze pa.tio uxd /4 va o by i 31onzl Wvan'4iqAcz 12 d teat
oeA dq %.aAa, amowz;LLt4 6. 0 a a . 4 a 0 .1 0 0

Tunow.te un iiLo a lftn *in Ate paWio /7vmna long .6y 3
vtzAa4/hiq at2/LedePe/t iq~ V2/la.l .. e t q., *a

AnofAe,?. w pa. 4.tWUxn 5-3/4 V/10d .10,V b63 Vgnd kiPAj
ai 2 Aeatedepe.44 od. V/, ow2L4 Oo...... .O

TUV Utnzdd 4.% toW one / 10)dL .-cond 'I/O l?) /2 vaA Ioon.
by 4 va/1/o /Aq/t at 2 'Lecd le,4 p? itp vl/rm drn ftti .16,

Tuo .te-Jtelw4 ?xtdJ i Vdfll-i by w vtaw.i A4)/ a&
2 toale'J pelt -it. V(Z/a,.anwfluV-i U4 ..4
O' RQte JionO d~ V~ttaimval 1111 ,7, 1 t4.1 a I II
(he onetn nLiwnly ~,L/t3 1').tlU.e Vllt-abel rl .I ..r,

(he conoinuou 1A wU 3Z/ at 2y
&eatee j peL drj. Vda COHM11114 -10 ,, .. .

73 .. //2


f3 443~



F04 t/tA aLipevvtru nUA, .,te1'c ( .Lo, 1nfloPlN j /floo t and
IoA vaLued a.I S 44*
2328 /4


The pabLic eauchion tI.4 Add Ln ApAtLL o, S..179il, aind 1?omaIdo h).LchA.,lct:Idve.LC, a
Florida jeUle,4 bougA L e /wumme occup.ied 6y .uaena de H/i.ta y SaiCzgalt. Upon
wqe~ue-d, 4Ae vazcatedel ie pcinLdem, &tt Aou/&dLIy VtezpteajPet APLMIiaLgve.Lc~ begged
to teiuh l mto & e /wuje wAile Ae bltwug,/ 4 jaramily and ,wjdejjiJOf fw AM 9eoginia.
e moved lach, Ix A!ie Aep.i h'ohinr. foit a /twje -of. /e/l. oit. By AuLwtm-t X /793,
c41a4jjuveich had noi yeL te-tuwled, and 6uaenia had bouhpt a Iwje Pt. Aezlel ;to
./2 Accodin~L, Ae adked ike ovelnmerd Ao nrame a cad odian P/L ike Rt.
e S.btee-t Aouje..' The 9ovelmnol dedded ;to, have ike /ome pat up Pfo audton

Qt ioveonbe& /0, /794, Dbon 9ute de Oliba, an o4ice& ii ik e T/ACI Ba.&taion oF

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