Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 7 - Lot 5, Greek Shrine
Title: [Notes the property at 52 St. George St.]
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Title: Notes the property at 52 St. George St.
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 7 - Lot 5, Greek Shrine
Physical Description: Report
Language: English
Publication Date: 1963
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
41 Saint George Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Saint Photios Greek Shrine (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Avero House (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 41 Saint George Street
Coordinates: 29.896485 x -81.313233
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Volume ID: VID00074
Source Institution: University of Florida
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/0. About ;ten eana laten, anorw6en6 Lz.t givinrz fwAienz information ua compiled. 3
a.Lo teUL& to uAom title uax confiAmed by .Ae goverwno. TL4a docuwmernd ha been. eunnoneou ,,
Aneen/Led ;o a "tie /8013 tax iLd", but it 2i an etabLiAed fact ha ;tAe SpaIFan ciLi-e
paid no taxe&4, and hAat all expened4 weue paid Ajom te RoyaL T.easu/m. Ac &iaLLU, Ahe
docwnent iL a conmpnwnon. to .he Que4ada Lit of /790.
1/. F/man ZLA point on, dhe chain, of M.iLde iL followed thtwouwgh .Ae &acuidaa .o
Ahe end of A&e Second Spanish peni&od. We check ounje/i name against. anoAet Aeni. -e of
SynzLih document in AhAe (a.t Filonida Pape ad mLed Ahe Teamerntany Pwnoceeding. Theze
compaXe widAh owU pa7.eaenm Pnwobaie Couln neco/idd. All peAtinent ijnanation, i tan.lated.
/2. Begyviing wuiA /82/, Aen. FLonida itL ceded to tke United Stazes, ide chain of
tiLe can. be checked WhougA h hje St. goAn.' Counry Recond4. The CLInenerd Sunvey of /834
ive~ .Le name of. ~te contenponanC oune. a- weLL aid .he /800 caiman.a

/Hi/tou of. iAe pnopeniy at 52 S4. geo ge Si;.ee-, Si. AuVjine, FZo4ida,
pntepaned on. he Saint Augud.ine HiLon iL aL Soci.e4y by M".. ug.erua B.
Anana, OctobeA, /962.

n. 1763 when. FLonida uwai iwa"eAn.ed ;to iee 6nadLw i mo4.; of ie Spani.h nzetidenvii
evacuated tIo Havana. Alnyr people wen.e unabLe to .eUL tAein. pnopeLdie befLone iAeint de-
pantuae. IHoweven, .4e SpaniLh Couwn. appointed Don Yuan goee'6tLixio de la Puenie i6o
dLipoie of all unsold pnopen ti. e made a map on. anuanw 22, 1764, on wuAich ke pLoWetd B.
even. whouwe and gave each one a nunben, and made a LLl. of pnopen;ty oune. & o ide~ &fLt
ilen wi.ti each. Aouwe. An. moJ. instance kLA d ida Ae eanii.e~ n.econd ava.ilabe of pnaopei
owae/tr ip.
PYuerne stunned dome of Aie unsold houAed and Loitd oven. ;o fe-de FihA, a /iedideni ofj
S1. Aduawtine, who had convinced PZuente tha, he wouZd .eU.L ie pnopendLea and Aien. Ae-
imbulwe iAe SpanihA ownenu.
The houde unden. conridenation hene, uwa decAibed by Puenrte ad a "atone houwe in
Block D, Lot 68, io Antonia de Avenwo"': ow Antonia de Avena came inbo poze-
,ion of tAA hou e i& weLL explained in DaL. Chwale- W. ANmade T7e Avew S;to An
eanli Saint Auu4iufine family wikA many dauIngtev and many houweW", The Flonida fHiAtoni/- .d
Quanten.1, VoL. XXX, No. /, pp. /-34; n.epainted by ihe St. Augu .Line RedtoiAaon and an
Peven.vation Coffmi.,i.on in pamphlet fonm. -n. Chapter V//l entitled Anonia SmaLL o
/oude", Ae zay fhata "Ahe inkednied Aie AnaLLed t houw e of iAe thmnee fAn. a ac
Fennando Rod#A7ueg, a n.etined gaAAiLon menb fio.m Ae
9 Ko?.

1.toia de Avewa inAeZ.UZ
uj, e of wood wiJA a
.8.nowom, /762.

Lowen. ecAelonw. ?RodLaue
age, and AZd will Ld ava.
hat1 he ouned a Aouze u*
uwd made 'of wood ( mde
paxmL (palma) widhA one i
(ao;tea)'. . The aa
malten. builder, Yuan. P
wiLL w/wte Ihatf tte n
pluud, uxi 'IoucinL (
Ate Lieutenant Don 21yruudo L
.aid .tAat he /ha paid the anjimo4 ( /2- dhazaingj up to ke kindler. RodiUquez continued by
aayaing Aa ;tie lhoue .tood on a &Lo. Located on San
Pagi.ccio Sinee. ( devenaeenth cenqAuy, and eau.L& ei Aeenmt
centw&y name fon ihe CaLLe Real of /763 wkLcA um4 aLso
known a. Del gove/nadoz on CaLLe que va a La Pueuta de
Tie/uiz ( oday'.' S4. 9eole SiAzeet)}. #e gave tie nie
of ie .Lot a.t 15 vanaC widdz and 35 vanac deep. The

old RodutCquez, who had no Lving, ckildA.en on. rand-
ckhidnen, Lefi mo4t of hiA belorinzsi, incLuding. ike
hou e in wuicAh he lived, to Antonia de Aveow fon un-
Anown /neajonj. "
Recon/d. /ow tai L in 1768 ]eme FiAh oLd tie Aveow houje to a ]ojep4 Dyauon, a
kiAdh subject. Yejje Fij', account book hAowW ihe following eni~,.:
Don Yoackin lanco* Account No. 42
Debit Cnedit
/768 Dec. 20 Fon. te h/oute and Lot
Fo0 the deed of the houe of Fenndo. eL aLLepao 7
of Fe/mnando //odjeQ4ue/el 'joLd to phA Dyahion
aLLeo ( Ae gaician) and //7 p4 7 l
meazuning. Ai Lot 3 pd.
*Don ]oachin BLanco ua4 Antonia de Aveno husband.
Reco/dA a-&o ind-icate tAat P'uerne Lot 68, 4oaete/L widt1 Lot 69, ad a
it, wene lLazen .4old at publ-ic auction and bougAt buy one owr.en, kenefone, we include
wie Puente'4 de4cavptiion of Lot 69:" BLoc D, Lo. 69 tabby houje of Antonio n owe'
odvuuez". ;e de FiAh aLo 4old tik pnopen&yu to Dya4on the dame day, Decemben 20, /768,
accondLJg to entrV No. 99 in ALA account book. however at Ate -time ZtALd ale took place,
&he tabby. houae that had existed in /764 had disappeared, and Dyazon puwrchaed only tke

ilifi~i~L -^"' --i'--L -;--~'---'--"---i-- --~- )L-- '- --- --r -;-;;-- ~ -- -- --- 1-- .- ~.....

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