Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 7 - Lot 5, Greek Shrine
Title: [Notes on Florida under the Spanish]
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Title: Notes on Florida under the Spanish
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 7 - Lot 5, Greek Shrine
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1788 Rocque map
combine ikle tho loia;
mau.onAyg anuiuc&me on
one of iken.

"'faoonAy hou~e and fla nloof, in fain cond ion, wiL-
tke Lvoi ihai nmuwn (fai-fWe4i, in ike cuaiodyr of Do
Anionio Fe/zinadez. "*

*Anionio FeAnandeq uiw ike aon-in-law- of ArUonia lde
Aveno. Before Aen. dead in. 792 ahe a;ian ed .Le~L
pnoceedinab io Regain 3 houea in. St. Augqz in.e. ( Se.
Ann.ade, C. W., "The Aveno S.ion .. ." A a eAuli ,,:

ik6i au ikL. houae n.ewined ienponan.ity vto ik p.
Aveno foamui, and foI. iALs zeajoni. iL appeant n.egLi-
i.ened io Fe-nna/nde5 on. ie Rocque map. Laien. ,leco/id
di.cuiaed in. iALa 4iuid. indicate t ai. it hi wix
ln. /79/, 0uan Nepomuceno de Queiada, govenno/w of Flonida, jold ai public auction
IzoWe houxe. Laia had neve/ied io ie Clwwn. A Liii uxtL pn.epan.ed dowwing ie houde,
Lo6i, and ike aw4eeed value. On .ik A Queaada Lioi, No. 10i ( Rocque 42; Puenre 68 a
69) ie de 4cliption. iL a. follow,: i
"A rnmaLL ma4onny hAoue and Loi of ike king. wijA a uMe-
Leoa wooden /iiuchen, bounded on. ike wni by ike (a!
Queiada 2i.i comtbine4 ike Real ( Si. eone Si.), wezii by C(lUe (&paio.La( Spar.
two -loi ; majonAy. i&ciwuie Si. } nonzik by houwLe and Lot of ike Aein of Don. Rer-
on. one of iken. -An/ULva., and joutI by a -Loi of Sanr.i&ago zadow; mec;.




i i


i I

deal. in.

in ike nAwni N-S iwen&ty iu.Aee vana4, and in depi: -
even4,y one vanza JhaiZ ai ike na.e of haLf neal pen
squaree vana amount; i.o eiq~t hundLed ,ix.een and a
half n/Lea.le. &igiAeen vawa" of madonAgj of aome uWaLL

FAom tAe 6mne of ike. e hwo 4ale unilL ApIaLL /5, /788, when. he Alaiazw de la :
map of Aike ci;y uteW made, we have no ILeco/nd of tanr4e"ei of4 e.L&e4. of ikede p/opeai.
gn /783, Flonida had a again evedeed o ike Spanih. Cwrwn. afien Lwent.m ytean of
Badiih occupation, and dome Si. Au iiraiLan. we/ee /.ei&uni home. lany Spaniawi ri
main.ed in Havana. Oienz /L;eanned i.o v egaain ikein. fam ene ho$in; jome came to a/Le,
and bougAt pnopeay fAwm ike ingMik who wel.e Leaving FLonida, on. /.ecued.ied ike Spai
Ciwwn. /on. piajvb of land.
An. /788, ke Cawn. appointed laniawno de ia Rocque io plot anoe, en map of ike ,
4howingr owue"hkip byt Si. Au uaSiian& a' we/U a- pn/pen&ied jtAai had nevened io 0Ae
Rocque Ahow ee ie woi loi ( Puenie 68 and 69) ad one, and place ikAen in Block 7, L~
42, de..cihed a foLLow:

PunchJaed byt uan
ai auction, /79/.
A-Li date and hi.




?4 0*


.~. .-... ...~.~-~.... ..111--~.1-.



2 .tour,
ie (L L
7, Lot

Appnidal of Ate caopen-
6 in the zhoue a;t Saznheg'
dead, /802.

16 vanaow of .ii.tandn (citdaw~ pantiUioan, on. Ahin
u~LL, of he thichmree of. he ede of a ca7Mvnon
bnic, //4 /hicd of he Lowen. noom pa/,.tit on
9 vana4 of maiornmt of ihe noAth waLL of the jtainweLL
6 vaw'a of manonAyj of dhe wed.t waLL of Ae dtainweLL
6 vana-a of mazonAu of the diouth wuLL of the dining, wom
2 coLnn which ,uppont Athe owof of Ate dining, Wcan
.80 vanaa of mauon,.u fLoon of .~e panion,, bedworn and
ding 1woon
8 vanaa of rmaionry of tAe cimney thiat coite.ipondd to
hAe bedwom
7 vcaan of mazon, y of he kitchen caimney
833 vacv4 of the a/nea of fAe houie and Lot
C(a.pen-ryu of ihe maLL houie:
Fonl the noof of ike mentioned hwu-e
Floon. of jame

MP e build 2 .toag of e ha e by fwtou vc 4 hiAh, .ai te nate of one
I n howde on. no/dA and a ha4lf eal pen. .quan.e vanaa amount lo one wulnRk.ed
i of ,Lot. and eight tea.le4.
Can.penruy all wuejed. "
When. ike public auci.on wa hAeltd in 1/79/, fuan. ScacAce, C/iAef't (aulkeLn of Ike
O AllokId, bought ike pnopelz4y dejcsLbed above. Sazch.e3 died inLde.edae on. ApAil 8,
.2. I/Ld pnopenuiZe4 wenie applaiied font dizt.Lbudi.on. io hL widow and daugAiet.e. Tlnan -
died pontioni of 0ALd docanenti fnonA ike Iedtamenrdtafy 1Poceedin t 'tead as foUlow4:
A big. maaonzat hou/ e on San. Cauio4 Siteet (St. 9eoti.eSi.J
in wA/icA ie widow and he f anly JL. vez. ( /Ti ir now
43 St. 9eo/ne Si. )
;zaiSiackei eitate. Anoiken. -naLl hoawue of madonAy*on. ie dame ditieei in
f won, of Ae big, howe. ( 77~it iL de plopelay covered
in. ik&L ~ad, 52 Si. 9eoge Si.
A Loi adjoining. ihe above on fhe SoutA. ( TA LiA Ai e
Lo la.deen. jold by Sc ncAe' widow to Yuan. aMtede4.)
.ppzaida of Ae houw e built A,.eiomend of .e mnalU hoaue on bloch 7, No. 42
SSacAezk, ai ike iime of (Rocque map)
,ia dead, 1802. (F~laon4r ) 29 vana, of. maon/r of ike Nodhk u il, / inczeii hi.ckM
53 valza' of maionny of ih.e 6aii &aULL
29 vana, of manzonn of ihe SouwAth au

53 valza of ma.onuwe of iAe Wet uwaLL


Ut of

a uae-
Ca u e



ls__--l--^^iL-''-L._.a!-'jJ|..-.^,..^.-t^ .^J. .^-r,;-._-l,^_^ . _> .. .-i-',,a

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