Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 7 - Lot 5, Greek Shrine
Title: Comment on the Avero Story
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Title: Comment on the Avero Story
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 7 - Lot 5, Greek Shrine
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Language: English
Creator: Barnes, Eleanor P.
Publication Date: 1960
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01 *SEP 6 Recd

Sept. 2, 1960

Comment on the AVERO STORY.

Thank you for mention and for asking my opinion.

I think it was a clear approach to a most complicated.
subject. 'astcrfully told, Enjoyed it imrrensely,
lowv, you missed the boat in several places, thru no fault
of your ovm, however, as I see your study stopped far short
of its conclusion.

1st. let us clear minor errors. May be typographical but
need correction before publication.

Page 16, has "Ursula"as wife of de Iita, when it is JUANA..

Pages 40 and 43 use "Fernandez" when it should be Fernando
Rodriguez...Pae 41, Josef Guillen instead of AiTOIIO,
Pare 41: Glaring mistake And one that hit me between the
eyes first..,
Speaking of houses, No, 81 in particular Antonia's largestt". .
You say..."and failed to recover it".,,..'hat is most definiteJly;
wrong. -

Escrituras: 1804: No. 359.,
Don Manuel Castilla and Dora Rafaela Fernandez, his wife,
the lst(Don 1Tanuel) with power of attorney for the heirs
of children of Dofa Victoriana Guillen(Mrs. Antonio Fernandez)
who is deceased from Havana, June 3, 1801.

And the 2nd(Dofa Rafaela) as daughter and Ibcr of the Senora
Victoriana Guillen (Fernander) to Bias Crespo...

....*....the lot and walls of a house on St. George
which it is bounded on the WEST.,.(meaning lot and walls of
a house on the east side of the street) and on the EAST the
Plaza of the Castle(Fort) and on the IIORTH Don Francisco del
Canto...and on the-SOUTH by the heirs of Don Juan Sanchez...
lot with title came to .. ?,,...June 2, 1802, by AUTO of the
Governor and to the heirs of the said Antonia de AVERO...
I want -o say that Mrs. Manuel Castilla was Rafaela Fernandez,
daughter of Colonel Antonio lernandez and Wctoriana Guillen,
and the Crand-dauLhter of Antonia de Avero, who was Victoriana's



Escrituras, 1815, No, 150,..
Inanuel de Castillo for himself and other heirs of

August 21, 1815...
Coquina,house on St. George Street, which is the V.'ST boundary.
South..he5rs of Juan Sanchez, adjoining the Castle..
Northo..Juan Triay,...easures 52 yds 1N-S and 91 yards E-1',
At settlement of the estate part only was included measuring
15 9s.. The remainder bought of Francisco Ruiz del Canto over
15 years ago,............
NOW.,This is the explanation of all this...
Recall when JUANA AVFRO married Geronimo do Hita...She had
amongst her children one called FFATCFSCA*...This girl
married the above mentioned FiA;:CSCO RUIZ del CANTO,
Recall that ANTONIA de AVERO lived in the large house next
Geronimo de Hita and her sister JUAINA,..
REMEIBER THAT ALL go away in 1763..All who are living and left
of the family....
Then in 1783 the Spaniards roturn....TWO of lMrs. de Hita's
daughters come back...Mrs. Francisco del Canto and Eugenia
de Hita, another daughter......
EUGENIA...resides temporarily in AUNT ANTONIA de AVERO'S
house until she could purchase her own...
FRANCESCA(Mrs. del Canto) resides next door in .A!iA(lrs,
de Hita's house, or former house..the yard of the Salazar today)
In 1801/1802 at the settlement of the estate del Canto sells to
the heirs of Antonia de Avero the de Hita part(the yard) but
when Antonia de Avero's grand-daughter's husband, acting for
the family, sells-he only draws attention to the difference
in the dimensions...
I have only been over your article once. Possibly I will
find more later.


Now I. have more information for you...


Married in 1672 to Anastacia de Herrera,,

Had children:
MARIA de PERALOSA, b. 1675, possibly 1st part of year, Jan.

Josepha de Pefalosa born 1675, possibly end of year, Dec.

So far no others*

Parents: Juan de Herrera and Euphemia de Cabrera. married 1645
Herrera Vas a ?!ariner, native of Seville, Spain.
Son of Francisco de Herrera and Elvira Gomezs

Eufemia de Cabrera was daughter of Geronimo de
Cabrera and Juana de Savallos...
Geronimo was of Havana, Juana Savallos was a native.

There was Justt oie SAVALLOS family from 1594 thru 1626.

Juan de Savallos and Luisa Melendez were parents in 1597
of a boy, Josef de Savallos, and in 1609 of a boy, Diego...
Either one could have been the father of Juana de Savallos.
If and when I hit it, I will send to you,

H~pe Mrs. Arnade is much
better and you are situated
by nowv..


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