Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 7 - Lot 5, Greek Shrine
Title: The house of Don Pablo de Hita y Salazar
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Title: The house of Don Pablo de Hita y Salazar
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 7 - Lot 5, Greek Shrine
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Language: English
Creator: Lawson
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
41 Saint George Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Saint Photios Greek Shrine (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Avero House (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 41 Saint George Street
Coordinates: 29.896485 x -81.313233
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0 '
Fuan Ahe Lawoon. Papenu Yonge Libnaly

The H/oue of Don PabLo de Hit/a y SaLagaa

Saint Auguwtine hAtoz i&A intimately Linked wid.h &hi ancient house thnouLh
mo/e han two and a half centdiej.
BuLLt of coquina, tAat pecuLnal. tiaauified fnmation of age cemented heLLs and
4and, i.6 pn mimtive anchit.eciuwe Ld typicaL of Spanidh Sain ALugutine in Ike da
when luLm CaiUJLLo San. Ma1co4 umad unden conrtwuc tion and LXKI= FIohida asx fonabidden
9aound ;to all bt Spanid h aubjecA.
Fi/ti Id e /Leoidence of a noied SpaniAh aovennort, Ien of a lona. Line of hLd
descendant, Ike aged houwe evenfuallu became Ihe land mantk of St. 9eongqe Slieet,
mentioned in manuy decAip;tipont of neigAboning pnjope/tie4.
The d&tony d6andA wid4A IAe an/lval in Saint Augudiibih, in Ank &14, /675, of
Caplain 9enenaL Don Pablo de Hita y Salasan o akhe office aw miliUta/ and civil
govenuwno of iha;t FLoAda which Spaon 4tiUL claimed io dIfei;chL wehuva2d ;o IAe
fli4mi.4ippi. Riven and nonh ;o ihcLude Ihe ;en/mioa n of Vininia, and even flala-
chauetll Bay, which hAe engLiLh claimed by nighA of acwuaL 4e;leneni.
Don PabLk had deen many yean 4sevice in FLandeln, in Ate CadiLLo de AWiXX
Ambene4, Sn hen,, and in Chambnai; while in hAe New WonAd he had been Mflao
of Ahe City of Vena C(/uz and of fhe Ponvt of San Yuan de ULLoa. TnuLy hi&A Life had been
"no oAhen. tan iha of Ihe haaquebu4 and pike1". It wa because of Ihi Long milidanL
expeL.ence he wau enr Ito f-Lonida t&o can on conabcion of Ca4i.iU o San MaA.coJ
begun by hALi pnedeceion. Don. hMnueL de Cendoya. He wa aLto changed ;to "diiocalte"
Ahe Cnplidh ai ChaaLeAIon.
Don Pablo wad well pleaded with Ihe deign of lie fo/A&eA ;to which he wah
lo convtibwte 4o much of Ihe building/ it one of Ahi manu eletienu ;to .the Cwwn,
copied in lad"i b by Lhe hiLdotian Lowenz, he we i.te, ALtwouA 7 have deen many
zCadtillo of consequence and nepuaation, in IAe foAam of i.& plan Athi one Ld not
anwpxamed by1 any of 1hoze of aneatenz consequence Non. will Atente be found
the ~tone, Lime and othen mateniaLs o4 cloe act hand and witAh te cbnveni.ence Ihat
tkeene i4 in Athia Pn&emidio. "
S. und mm e convenience of .;tone and Lime, and no doubi hAe bnin~in finn Ahe
cuauinLeA on Ana.laia 1SAland of ttonej too zmaLl fon uAe in hAe ma, ive .4-1ActwLe
of .the (adtiLLo, yet en tineL y auiiable on. n.ezidential wJe, thaZt pwnp;ted Don
Pablo :to build Ithee waLL of ,uch enduing ~4Aenth .
The yean. of /680 uwa drawing bo a clo.e, ad uwa hi ;tenm of office. Soon he
muj, vacate 9ovenument Houje to make woom fon hiLA ducceonL. H#i fAM-x foWu. jonA
wene wiAt Aim, Don enonimo, a captain; Don guan, aolo a captain and man/A.ed dto
Da. Ana Menende A1nSuez, descendant of. Pedno fclenende z Anue nephew of te

founde& of .Ae Citu D Pedaw d became Adjuanid and Iho ma noe yete in
mdli an lczvice. ALBeaC4 Ahee wene iwo pand cildnen and be ageitn Don. Pablo had
no winh to leave Ln owingo family. He decided &o nenain in St. Aug.tine fon7 1he
yeahd of -ife .Aao wene left to Aim.
th December 8, 1680, he w.rnote to /Miana, Queen dReeen. of Spain, Aaw; he ual
building Ae houwe, "fao", ad he witeA, /7Leie iA none in Aii Paeldio -o 4en
became Ie /oudea iAa; a.e buit ane weak, of tLdle capaci~, being of boa.c dd wiAd
itoe owof of palm Leavet; and ofe famil.ed a de incveaduin. /7ii final /eaon wdl
botIA tue and pphew-l c. Ch tU Recoldd oAw L Aat Pun /678 to /7/0 ,oenD- even wen.e
bonn z hA fAor& onr. A1ny of dee babies died in, infan, /on e Sain4 Aug~ ine
of VwAo4e da~ ua nowt kind ;to chJlten. T7oje uAo Lived continued Ie aumity
dkiadion of jenvice ei:AeA in he ANmn of Ae King on de F nA c an/ci a. lmona.
The ziLe Don Pablo elected Pona tik famiuil i Aouwe wad no vnd. p anf A ImAe
AeaI. defensive uwon on. which he uaj enped. No oIen, building ten inretvenven
fan hiA uppeon window he could u outch -Ie bage d cmainig acwom -Ae banbon fteeighed
wih. blocAli of coquina. At -e landing he could ee A-e Apaladcian Lndian
Alave d dbW. L e wikA nolLen and ban. to move /Ae afoned Dto Aboae, and de cni.w of
Ahe dovenad uwging A e oxen. on id wound and goad ad each taoe uag dAaged up IAe
incLin.e to Ae Fond would come plainly ;to hia en,.
/7e joat wall of Ae houae u=a lined wiA kAe SLaee ido ie oae dto Ae Land,
pon. e fte.n St. 9eone wa nort to be applied to it unt a hwndeed yteaW laeA. /7e
land on ui4cA .IAe houwe uad built AIen belonged -o VIe Qnun, buit VzAugho ui eaigh-dV yeand ofo Sni.Ah ,de Don Pablo family wen.e no-t didbj bed in. poo. emion,, of
FMe fke time of hA annival in SainD Augu.tine Don. PabI4 had been intdenAzeted
in tAe wocn of the Fancci can A itione. BaLncia, iAe SpaniJh hALdtoan in hAi.
bnlapio CiwnoloivLco alda la Hi-dOnia de La Floan.da, nmakeed o pa/enenacej io -Ae effi&d
of Don Pablo de /-a yL Sala~an. -o have mole ia .jen, fam Cuba. Don Pablo'.
oc Lei tena, of uhi.eA man ae 4atiL to be found in Ae tSpa/idjh An.chvee, 4Ao
condan.i can.e in pouwteaion of tAe eAbd~ilAed mi.dion, .cAool~ and many eiffoni Io
exend be mi.diona field. /-fe ucceia of hiA effin.;, Bancia men zona,
Ld Aohtn by a Le tte of A 8, 1680, in uAZcA Don, Pablo t eLd of welcaoing oen u-f ou
PUa= on ei ani.val and .afely diLji.buidn A~mn among A, e miL,4adon of Apalache.
it uwn probably Vahi-d eea iniened of Aeil. naandfaen whi u.c ptnmpted Atwo young
men of tIe family to take -Ae Fnancidcani habit and lalen become diiQ.itaiihed wonkend. ne
in A-Ie dndian conve"idon. 7eye ane Li4t ed ina he BiogAaphicat DicZionanr of iAe
Fnan~cLiAcan in SpxniA Fzonida and Cuba ( eigen, a- foPlow4:
"/r'ia y SJagan, ,o6epA de: Bonn in St. Augudine aboud 169/. S;tationed a;t
San/ de ApalacAe p/nionL to /723, and in thAat yean u~a dociinewo a- San
Buenaven.tna de P oaLcia among. Ale floc ma nation. He held jIae o.ame office in
/727. By ACLe Chapteni of /735 he wad elected ~uandian of San. Andonio de la TaL n
and uw appointed one of Vie lectozj of -Ie Timucuan Indian Zlar~uage, an /738

he ivau doctinen./w a; S ua Yuan. del 2uentLo de PaYlica in. he Chilue nation fon .
whiAch language he wan atLo Lection. He enjoyed ite tiULed of PedLcadoz 9enenal
and Piedicadon. ]ubilado. "
"l/i;a, Antonio de: Bonn abouw 1693. WaA a m isionaAn at 5S. Au ;itine in 1722
and docti ineno of Tama in. 723. ln the ChapteL of /735 he uwu named one of
Ae LectonA in. 7ndian. anguagej, AL special field being Lzhat of ike Apalache
tongue. "
The binAtdaie4 given by 9eiaeA a/.e appnoxima-Le. The Yoaeph he declni.bed deemn
;to be &uwebio ]ozeph, jix&ik on, of Don. 9ewnimo de Hiu&a y Salayan and Da lania Roa a de la
Vena, bo/nn in 1695; AnrtonLo de Rita wat eiAheA Ankonio ]odeph, /690, on Diego Antonio,
/692, boih onor"L of Don. PedAo de H/i&a y Salaan and Da Ca.aanina de Leon.
1atany 7ndtian4 worked on. he buLLdinjg of C(atiJLLo San. lhnLcox. Si ii quite probable
S aome aJlo woAnked on building. Je lwtoue of Don Pablo de lHLa y SalapaL. and i. umA fPom
ihemn haia Fzay Y ojeph and Flnay Antonio leanned ike fiLti wonzti of iwhoe Indian. Ia/nuag~e
in whichA.ey lal Iaen& became so pnowfcient.
Luji how long Don. Pablo ived to enjoy Id howue i no defini le & known. The
Lecoid of hAld buwal haAS nor been found. i i.4 certain. hai he twa alive in /695 fon
.zene ij an ent&y in .he Ch/a.cLA ecoida i;ai on Apail 9 of Aaza; yean LitL.e 7uana
Fnancijca, dau9Aien of Don T/hwma dte H/ia yc Salayp and Da Lonenay de -Lo4 Riod uo a bap-
;Lzed in. ie Aouje of hAeL. gandfaten ie Senaeanr /laon. Don. Pablo de Hiuna y SaLasi.
9ovennon and Captain. en-enaA fjon. IiA Ak ediy in. hjAee Plwvincej" and ihe AponwonA wen.e
"hAel Aaid awndfap;he and Victoia de La Vena. "
Nine dap Laten. a touching cenenon.y ook place in iAd Adame Aouxe itpiLcal of ihe
neligioud fenvon of ike Spaniantda of 6Aai penilod. a wee gini.e of Awo dayx, a founding
exposed of panenmt unknown, ua bapti.ed and named (taAuwina. Again. ie aged Don PabiLo
uuxL godtifa&el, AU juiuji az pnwud io ndand jponjoz fon1 .Ain. LUtiLe uaxif a- ilf Ae had been.
one of khi own. gandch/idjen..
JI i. cenia/in, however., thai ike goveniwn did noi Live beyond 1698, fon ihe
baptim of a ~Iave child on. une 5 of4 ;Mai yean nefenLA to L- p/tenrz a being Anaved of
ike heinu of Don. PabLo de HiLLa SalaZan.
A peculiaani, of AiheAe bapiL&al necouaLi L i/ai iAheY n.efen; o Don PabLo a iLf he
wene stiLL 9overnown aLouhA idL te/unm of office had ended fifieen. uealn pnevi-ou-L4. ThiA may
beexplained by ike condwarad cane fn. him and hAi family Ahown by ike Ceown. A RoyaL Cedula
of /682, iwo uea/li aften hAi neL&ennern a- govenow/L, commands /hai Don PabLo de HUia y
A i;o enjro h&A daLaAy a-d ongr ai he wihjeA, as iA ondened. n. /693, when manuy / bo
gifjt and penAionrw wene canceLLed, anoih.en cedula a" iLdAued PInoviding. i/tAa ie juipen.-onz
of gift doe& noiw incLude iwAoe enjoyed by, Don. Pablo de lHita. ThL nuoyaL aienti.on. uus
extended, afien hAL death, to Don Pablo 'A oldedi zon in a cedua of /698 whiLc caamandj
: Thai all podAible attention be given to Capain Don. enonimo de HUli. y Sapazn "

ALLowin. itnee yueaA fon. completion of iAe houje, and it mudt have taken thaat
lon fon it un4 -he laIzge.t pnivacte nesidence in Athe C(if; in fJact exceeded in iLze only
by the 7RoyaL 9ovennmen.t fou.ej, Don. Pablo Lived to enjoy it fon about teen yealA.
/7e nemaoinin. two atz. ty section on St. 9eone Sheet id only pant of ~the c aplete tucwtun.e.
/Le map of flnano de la Rocque, /788, jaowd it. extending back /09 feet fn -n e jineet
in a U Ahape, encdoing a patio about 35 feet quate. fHee ewaa a aafe place fon. fhe
many gAandchildAten. to play, and helne no doubi on. unny dayA qAandfa&thje Don PabLo sat
among hen, avokirn wondeA, in t chldid h mind with t;aLea of hAd campaign~ in Flandena
and he Ca~diLLoo he had aeen, much lanen, t an. -he one he had heLped &o build hene,
in coouniiLea Athaat to &then weie but name of placed beyond Aa;t jea wAiLch many of Athen
would nor ive to caoad.
Then. came -e ;ime when nandfat4e Don. 0abLo wau no mone. Tae house descended
,to hid eldedt don, Don. (eonimo, and -he oeten onA founded hone4 of eteii own. in othen
pati of Afe (Cit. Don. 9eaonimo in. imnn. Lefi it o hLe on. eon imo fYozeph and foAe
ykez~lt oandckhilden of Don. abLo played in. Ate patio.
/7en. came fe BA/ih ;to taie po.6edo7on of all FLonida AicAh ~e Cnon. of Spain
had aelea-ed, by tAe rteazty of 1763, in oAden. o & ecoven. Cuba. Don. 9eronimo (6oeph deeded
ihe houde, in. tuLd, 4o Yeade FikA ;to be old when oppontuniLt offered, and wiAth iAe
oiAena of hLe family, and in fact pw ctiLcaUy all of A e SpaniA inhabitani moved o
Sin the yean. of Ik i /Aenovaol hene wa e o rnan aged in Saint Auo udin e uwo bodies. of
iAe ALnd OndeA/ of S. Fnanc-iA. 4non.g ite Lay baIouien" wun Don. Simon. de Hita y Salaan,
and among iLe lay. Aid.te/L Da. Malia O uadaLupe de /Hita and Da FA-ancisca de Hia, all
descendants of Don. PabLo.
DWAing ie B&iLidi occupation, 1763 ;to /783, a colony of 9ngeek, 7&aian and
ftlinonw. can ettie/e u edabliAed ait iAe pnelAent iite of New Smnna, mane 60 miLa.i jouLt
of Saint Auuwdtine. S7n. 778 iAowe &iUll alive left New Smynna and came to ite Anciendt
City wheAe they wene allotted Living pace, by fngliAAh govennon Ton in, in hAe vicinity
of4 iAe City gaite,.
4n ptacticaLy all of these colonitA weane Roman Ca. aAoic, Ate only chuntch in
Saint Auauaine being AngLican, ita uxL neceanuy fo/n -Aeim. pazotn, FathAen. Camp, ;
/Lenet pace in a dweLirng ing which -to jayt AfliM. /7i4L pace wad obtained in iAe Afwnt
ground floon. noon of tAe houje buidt by Don. Pablo de Hita y Salapan. /7He Aoude hAen.
became known a Athe Capilla Mlinocaz ( Mlinoncan caped) on a-d Ae ChwchA of Aie )hAoneie,
the latteA name coming. fw.n hAe Pont of Alhorn, in hAe Baleanic S4landA, fwm whiLck te
coloniAtA mailed fon Floada. Occa-ionaLLy, it i i nefeAed -to ad iLe 9neek Chuach, a-
it uwa Ate oAigina intention to -ettle New Svivna with 9neeek and tue -the name neek
SettLenent uwc uwed ina (fnldih documents and continued ;to be applied even aften. he'
colonxid had cone to Saint AuaiwLrne. TUi uia the onlyu place of public Catjoic

awonAhp in, all (at Floaida fm~ /778 to /783.
Witk de netunn of ke Spaniad d, in 1783, Ate Capi1Ua Mlinonca became a land mahk.
In tAe Spanih census of /783-5 many tedidenc, locationU an.e deac ibed with nelation. to
Aie Ilino/Ln Ch pel, of whick e following ane examples:
%oAn. SnAne, native of ScotLand, lives in a Aented house adjoining. the Mflinoncan
Chapel. "
Yzan 9ianopLi ouws a house and a.oundd fan&Ae. up Aan. Ahe linoncan. Chapel. "
(/7is a i the Oldedi SchooL fHouje.)
7acob C(ank, Ae haa a houw e inm eong.e Si/xeet beyond hAe Aino/Lmn C(apel"
"Lonergo Capo, SacniAtan., he Livew in. He Mflinotcan Chapel"
A ti.e ;time of akizn iA4i cenw u e Ae houwe of Don Pablo de HULa y Salajaau, wa
in. podemijion, of one Antonio Fennandez who jeenA ;to have been. paricula&nly changed wiA
iAe caLtodut of CWon. pNopeAid it wiLLU be Aecalled haat iAe land of whkic Don Pablo
built ALd ouwe uwa oniinaLu King.' land.
T7e fLAid govennon, of iAe Second Spani4A R2eime, Don Vicente Zejpedei, made 4ome
a;ttemnpt to atdju4 conflict in p/wpe/ty oun.enAhip due ;to Ae change of flag. Mlon"e decisive si
4d;ep4 were .taken by AhLa uccemon/, Don. uan Nepomuceur de Quewada, who caused all p/wpentieA
of doubitdfuL owneAkiLp ;to be appnaLded, in /790, and then offeeed fn. 4dae. 7hene id no
mention of a 4atLe being. made of Don. PabLo '' houoe; but i t occupant id given. a4
Da 6ugenia de HiLa y SalaanA. Tke invento/,&y duplicmted in. he aje4eon. 1 iL;t of 1803
whick also give Da &uoenia a ithe occupant, hen. ight to Athe pnopenty evidenitL being
ecogni-zed in. boiA indtanced by JAe government. Da uaeruia 'A binAh haj not been. found
in. he Chw.cAh eco/ns; many of Athee being 40 wo /k eateb a- to be illegible. 7/enae .-4
mention, of Ae/. m on. Lay 25, 176/ a godmoAen. of Riia NLcola a, daugtAte of Don Simon de
Hita and Da Yoaepha Rodiq uez, dAowing, Athat Ae Lwved in. Saint Auautine before the
BA/LtL4i occupation.. Jn. Ae cenAud of 1790 hAe t.i ;/t4ed a4 a widow of 56 yeanA, dacug ten.
of Don. 9eonimo and kid wife Da guana Aveno and 4tum a randdauyaten of Ate oniginatL Don
Duruin mot of ICAe.e yean -hAe hou4e built by Don PabLo de Hitita y Salaan. continued
o be uaed a ithe linowcan. ChapeL; witfh ie deai of Fa.the. Carnp in, /790, and completion
of. /e CadAtedowa in /795, the Iino/ncan. Chapel uwa discontinued and Ahe building converted
to mo/.e pAo4aic uwe,.
The uwL&L of tAe a-eano section we/e dedt/wyed in one of SainDt Auautine '. diLatAowu4
fin e. The 4wo to/L ,wnt decton. 4 all thaat /emain of IJe odugina uadL natied by
Don Pablo de flita y TheAe enduni wLL have become a monwaen.t -to a famous
family of SpanLzA nobility whuiJc contributed much -to the of F/onida and to a
colony of eitdleAd of mane Imble o/igin. wuo toiled, uffeened and kept Jthein. faih
alive 4o that Athein descendants might Live in Athe Saint Auwuatine of -oday.

Sieon. A, 9 54-5-1/85 yanuaVuy 28, /682

9ov Yuan MflaAueS CabLeiw of Fla to Ihe Cowur, St. Au"i;ttin.e
Sgi ftjon Don ablo de Hi&ta Sa.aryz, my ptedeceo/or, ne~fwned fwom Havana adt he
came iime tMAat hAe miJLtany n ineen Don Yuan de Ci(dcam came ;to inspect the uwon
at Ithe Cadnillo. n. h Ae nediden.cia hAai 3 took of //iLa, 3 ondenled him io .o before
khe Council of the Jlndie ;to hear hiA 4endence. /ita had ed.ablijhed a.eAiden.ce hene
afhen. ove/ninag, and had manned htwo 0onA and neliuad o manmu off a daufhez, and I had
ued ihe sentencing aA a pnehexct fo ged fliia atuyc ftom SL. Augauw ine because of Ahe
Local 1zepeAcudiiLond al/tead: beginning ho be fPelft wm Ah/e zneeidencia.
On hAd n.etun and on. he i;&engAth of nelahionAhLp4 acquLiAed AhowuhA the
( of Ihe donr ) Hia haa vented AhL wmath againtit Atoe awo e&diLfied ah zthe
Aemider$cia a weLL aj against tiA e who indiLtuted public complatinn again hAim.
.1 have aLn.eady asked Hiita and Ah wiLfe to /.efuin fjwmn abu4ina bu wondd and hAtea-ia
he pRzincipal pe,~onA of WiA ci;Ll
9 am no at all unhappy hai.t he haa nI.e~uned, o a. hto be able to pet hold of
him if nece&4anu, and will noh Le hAim go aay iLf he hinLed iLt, unLii VoYou. lajedy
masy command oh.enwide. .

Auwo On& te moAnirn of ul y /9, /682, S i.t Yuan de la C/iu u on Ahi mi ;to /llaA a; St.
Fltanci Conven. and mef Sa lIh&oni PabLo de Huta SalaLan. #tia watx xa asked C(zug
about uwhai had inan.piAed between. ov Ilar/uez and Don Antonio oPonce, chief jex.ton
of hie paniAh chuchk, on a previous occazzon when. / fanue and Ponce we/e comi~. out
of i Je CadiLlo. Cuq had been. -enre, bu zold Hcta he did noh know. HiUa, howeveA/,
hold (nuz / hAa ihe jex.ton had told fte 9ovewowi.on -haf HuLta had spoken. offensively ;to
d Dona &4ephani4 de Cigan/oa, fhe 4ex.on.'4 cousin, saying Ahaa on account of Ahe
famiLy of C(iganai a, HfUa had faned badly adt Ahe L.edidencia; -LAai hALd don wei.e
being degadeed, ahd Aaf ha iLa had entered IhCe houe of Don Pedwo HonAauwinen. juoing.
C nu ( olLd 9ov Alanqueq all of Ae above in. Ae pie.ence of ihe T/eauLeIen. FnanciLsco
de la Rocha, and Alnaquez uann;i o know uhe uAth, fAo whAL i punpoWe FanciLsco de la
Rocha, )uan. de la CjuS and ofhen pewnonl will make depo-Ltionz.
9eclana- Ch ulJy 20, 1682, T""eas. F/-anciLco de la Rockaa e4 ifted. .~h;t~ ieenda, monmn..
tion a. he una /Leunning. o hLd houe from St. (on.vernd he tapped at .e houe of
SWi IA Don. Ped/o de /onnudinen.. While RoPa au otalan. to /ov/autinez, Don Pablo
de iLUa Salaani. and Seng.ean4d Yuan. de la (iuS came info tie houie.
WIiA dig;.u /Ui/d jaid -a;t he ( Hta}) ur ve/ y g.enenou, had been ve/yc bnave,
and had foLced many to AheL.e kneeA, and hAah even. the King knAew Ahl.
fonAwnanen calmed Hflta don, and had Aim At on a chain. Riaca =u puzgled
because he did noh know Ahe ciute of /he ouibunti. YeAtendayc affennoon, a Roc/za
accompanied gov lIanpque; ouw of the Canhillo, SJg Yuan de La Cnuz approached, and told


ike govenoLwn thai he ( Ciu5) had met Don PabLo de H/ia Salaaz. that moAning a4
Qu5 uL4 coming. fAom Ifla adt S. FnanciA Convent. Htia had ajked CzuJ what it waU
that Don Antonio Ponce, chief sexion of Ahe paniLh church, had told gov. lanueg.
(,nu anmwened that he did not know. //ita o0f .one and daid ihat eve/nuone uxa
denying him help. gov. fa laue5 asked C ua wha ii; un ;Mafi A e exion. had aid,
because a&Nue 5 A.imelf had fonagoien. ihe wold on. he occarLon Cnu, nsninded
9ov Ahnluuey ihai an afiwRxxu aflennoon a few dayA back, while AlIaquge ue x ai
ihe fa& dide of he Cajillo, Ahe jexion annived, and told ov. la/uez hAoww Don. Pablo
de /hUa had jtood at ihe injeei doon ofAh, houe ( Hita '4) wuich i iinJewon0
the I uwea of Sai A SaLvadon. de I ano and had aid tai ihe houwe of C#igauNwa
uwax lje cauwe of all hiAid oubLe4 and Ahe impAsionmenrt of hAL dontw. 9ov A ldue3 did
not give importance io _he sexion dtoy, and 4.e.uwv ed io hiL houwe accompanied by

O a
DeclIia- On ulut 20, /682, iuan de la Cfiied .kAn ,ndf a, mi ania he wad
tion. comin. ouj of.f aISI. fnanci_ Convent, he met Don Pablo de H.ita, who aJked Clu.
w'7mzi u6a1 chief sexion. Don AnloniomPonce had iold gov flIangue5. Ctu5 answered
he had neidhezz heaind noLn een, anAfhin.
T7en. ihe enrened ie houwe of /ajol. Dpn. Pedwo Horuztf ineai, Don Pablo saying ihai
(Cw an.?wen. ad no help to H/ida, that wA. ihe wond he uIa cam&ing on hLd side,
H/Ua L m te bnaved man, af ike King well kew..
C(Auw wend ahead Ao Ihe Cajtilo io jee 9ov lIA/uez, whom Ciwz found whiA
F/zancjico de la Roc]a, wiw had been pleden. al HI/ia ouiban D. C/U.z told la/mauez
about the incident, and ite laltten a.ked dhe foAmen. on what occaLzon wan it ihaa
the sexton had spoken to Alnwtuez. Cu nmeninded hAm ihat, a Mang ue3 came out
of A e Cadjillo one day, Ate sexion had told a.nguez3 .that te pnevioui day H-idta had wo/iu
witi. he sexion. cousin, Dona (tephania de CigaNwoa, felling he. hait the Ci(aL oa
houJe and Ite taidton. who livedd in. it we/e Ike cauJe thait Hi/a ,on0 wen/e enrllaved
and with many liouubLe4. Don. t4ephania had AnepiLed hati only a man who dnank Lotd of
wine could jay Auch tings. laingue3 had laughed, disnim ed the exton, and gone
home, accompanied by C(u,.

Otna Licenciado Don Antonio Ponce de Laon, cdeigo de meno/ne o/tdene4, cuhef sexion
Declana- of the PaitdLh /Holy Chunch, Ieistilied thaa a few day ag0o, a, he accompanied Sti CQui out
tion of Ate Catqillo, Ponce iold 9ov AlManeauez how itda had uwolnd of levity with hid
coiuin, Dona ,dephania de Cigaowa, chan ina, S A12lon. SaJ vadon de gaNoa, -Ponce '4
uncle, tAat on AiA account ( Salvadon'a) Hita 4 0on4 wene deanaded. AVaue4 laughed,
gave no importance to Ite adto/u and went home.
Don FnanciLco de C oannoa, as i may bedt benefit my ni I ha, appeal, befolne yOW

Lolwbi/up and .;6e t;IhaeAi publ ic LecLd e in Ale cittylka d iin. 1ke
pove/zne/14p of Sgt 'j Don Pablo de Alia Salara Sgt /1 Padt Sdvadolt de C#,znowa,
myj fAien, u)"! accoun-&awi of IAie Royal Tltea~wvjyi. Due ;o of/Lcial teadornj, iAieyt had
,jome clife/Lenced, wLz4ic4 moiUva-ed myt fa;ten zo file Aut in -the nediidencia of #.I/a.
/t/i Aa rejuLtel in li;ta, /iL w ,e, and Aela ztve4 Ldie/wz pubicly and oudcZL and
orieerwi~veo vile wouL-i of imfAmyt and diCdain aqa~ ~t myt falhen ad well adwhi c/L4 d d efl
and 1ela-t&ve4. Myl fa;ike& ignao~ed i4 ai fLt4, butt upon gaea-iel. of fn.e, le appa-led
-to YowL 6xcelen.cq, poin.&in oud uwa/d had happened and probable conreruencej, ad 9
;too do here.
La-tel, deemi -;to him ;to cancel -he appeal and ignone ihe ~iLuwtiLon, he ocwpped ;i.
Lae&, houweven, on Athe 3oA la&i, on occamLon of Ahe nem Athat Capt Don Yuan de li ta,
.onn of jaid Sgt ftaiolz ux made pnidone. byt -the FnTencl a-i IlacLenda de La Chua,
Don Pab)o, wiolwuwt an o-tel. mo;~ve, ui&teed ialamwee, vile woAcd and bi-enidheA
aqainxj Itie 1zepu&tivon of my fa;Lken, Aid wife -too having jaid a4 much. At did
wAei aeM~Awe -h ~ zXte could heaAi
/Wd fwom -the dfteei window whicA Pce 'ou-4 jo _' mfru o
~, &anl teyj hiewzd i;, aj weill aj -te whiLe neighkbtuod ( w/cic I wiLl puiove Zf
nece. On4aJ e o"f ;my d.iitej wea t out ;to ive a _welz to hita and .e. datLdfaction
j;/Ly elz. AiL& ituLed .to detry Ate repu aIdton and credit Atha- my fa.ten /ha
acNuzed in A he 34 year/z he had denved in -Wti cit-y in Aie good arninL~'ia6 tLon of
the offcei he had hed a4 well aj hL4 pelzonal action, ad man know . .
J1petifon Yowt (xcellenwy -&o o/Idet Htdc, h" wzfe and zeld-ttvej, unde/L pyin of
pen ;to pult an end p& o ucAh k aL. ..

9ov Maaque3 olzdeaA Hi-t and Satlvadon de C#/7luwa, and in .iL absence collecting
the dihudo, h"d clild.ien and ion-in-law, to abDfatin A nm irznx.LLui one anioheln,
unde& pyin of a ine of -ogod ezodoo.

r(rl, ce Th ,1~

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t)^auU ,ij auyOW d- A##- el)d It&L LL ^ JA-U b
hjL ^^ipOlluutdj hw" ^^ui^^
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~1~ Cuu0&) qL bfJPIuuon w$ w oo V$f~v ) wa tyani w,
"K^ CIMO^ R" Wui, tti brua o <^) ta k4L 6 ljb li jubr.
W^u~ uK^ o
MW^~ ~~t~r -^M nOaJ^olwf jmi hadm^ Ogauj Yfcl^^ unkd(' C1i-Tlhiyt/l
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hiJ-- ,- ---- -4-i------. -1 -
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i,.4t ., n kh. R tt. AIM Lt iP ^l tjl m. t... ,T . .ft t A n ( 1U. nti n ..

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ok JW A tw i O W< q L ud kf atW
4U~j)a 6 ke ul$ ^ ^A Q^ VJK prnabd a ti ad o <^ \twr. ...
I Dafcf c^ u,^. k~~"?h O
wi H7w^ VKJ) U^ o w0A<. 4 rwib ow 5m w AoA
1 I to a t t 1

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