Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 7 - Lot 3
Title: No. 3685-A
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Title: No. 3685-A Portion of abstract of title to lands in Lot 3 Block 7 City St. Johns County, Florida
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 7 - Lot 3
Physical Description: Abstract of title
Language: English
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
33 Saint George Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Florencia House (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 33 Saint George Street
Coordinates: 29.896713 x -81.313281
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Bibliographic ID: UF00090507
Volume ID: VID00004
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Resource Identifier: B7-L3

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No. 3685-A

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LANDS IN Lot 3 Block 7 City

St. Johns County, Florida

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: U

-Showing Block 7, City of St. Augustine
474Ji^in,,,0 P7~ H

1834 & 1835.. Scale 80 ft.-1 inch.

Names of original and present claimants are
shown on map. Original owners shown first.

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d/ / / ,P PLA T

/ /
Showing Block 7 City,
as per officlialmap of
S\ City of St. Augustine,
If o. pted by City Commission
S. Jun 12, 1923 by Ordinanc e
So-. I replacing official
-ma f Ja 1, 1905 and filed
8i e in the ice the clerk of
SCirc Court, St.
S/ 7 Johns County, Fla.
, Oct. 4, 1923.

o Scale recited to be 1'


Ji,. i, P

Abstract of Title
Lands in Lot 3 Block 7 City

Page 4

Bibiana Romero Power of Attorney
TO Dated: Jan. 13, 1837
Joseph V. Romero Filed: Aug. 5, 1837
Deed Book M page 454
St. Johns County Records.

Recites: That she gives her Power of Attorney ample and sufficient
for all rights required and necessary to her legitimate brother
Don Jo se Valentine Romero, of this same city and soon to depart for
St. Augustine, Florida, that in her name and representing her
personally her rights and actions generally, may grant instruments
of sale in favor of whom it may correspond, of a house situated
in said City of East Florida which there is possessed by the grantor
together with her aforesaid brother Jose Valentine, and is the same
they had by inheritance of their deceased mother Dona Isabel
Rodriguez. Said sale he will make for the highest price and best
terms he may adjust and concert, executing in favor of the buyer
the Corresponding Instruments of writing of the acquisition with
all the clauses, and requisites necessary, giving for what he
receives the receipt and letters of Exchange with security of
delivery of renunciation of the laws.

Three witnesses. Recites: Consul of the United States at
Havana, Cuba. Certifies that the "signature to the power here-
unto annexed is in the handwriting of Don Juan de Entralgo, a
Notary Public of this city and to his acts as such full faith
and credit are due".

(The Power of Attorney is written in Spanish and translated
as above).

Page 5

Jose Valentine Romero Warranty Deed.
and Bibiana Romero, by her Dated: March 10, 1837
Attorney, Jose Valentine Romero. Filed: Aug. 7, 1838
TO Deed Book M page 455
John Carreras. St. Johns County Records.
Consdn. $1020.00

GRANT, bargain, sell, alien, remise, release and confirm:

All that house and lot of land in St. Augustine on St.

Abstract of Title
Page 5 (cont.)

George Street, bounded on the West by St. George Street, on the
South by house and lot late property of Melicit, now in possession
of Seth L. Gifford, on the East by vacant land and on the North
by a lot of the Estate of Jno. Triay, deceased, and measuring in
front North and South 52 Spanish yards and East and West 91
Spanish yards. The said house and lot being the same which was
purchased by Joseph Montesdeoca from Manuel Castilla on Aug. 21,
1815 and by said Montesdeoca sold to Rodriguez Romero, Aug. 16,

Signed and sealed. Two witnesses. Proved for record by
subscribing witness before B. Segui, Clerk, Circuit Court, St.
Johns County, Florida, June 23, 1837. Official Seal.

Page 6

Re Estate of John Carreras.

Letters of ADMINISTRATION reciting death of said intestate
at St. Augustine, issued to Richard Carreras, June 20, 1853 by
G. Humphreys, Judge of Probate. Seal of Court recited (LS) shown

(Recorded: Wills & Let. Adm. Bk. 1 page 250).

Page 7

Casper Carrera Warranty Deed.
TO Dated: July 21, 1857
Paul Masters Filed: Oct. 6, 1858
Deed Book "Q" page 126
St. Johns County Records.
Consdn. $200.00

GRANT, bargain, sell, alien, remise, release and confirm:

All that message or portion of a lot of ground (being
the fifth part of the lot owned and occupied by John Carrera at the
time of his death) lying and being situated in the said City of
St. Augustine and bounded as follows: what is to say on the West
by St. George Street; on the East by land of William Reyes, on
the North by lot of Celestine Triay and on the South by land of
Stephen Carrera; the said hereby granted and conveyed piece of
land measuring in depth East and West, one hundred and sixty six
feet, and in width, North and South, thirty four feet.

Signed and sealed. Two witnesses. Acknowledged by Gasper
Carrera July 22, 1857 before G. Humphreys. Justice of the Peace,

Abstract of Title

7 (cont.)

St. Johns County, Fla. (No seal). Separate examination of
Margaret Carrera recited to be wife of Gaspar Carrera, dated
July 21, 1857 before G. Humphreys, Judge, & Ex Officio Clk. of
Probate County, St. Johns County, Fla. (No Seal). Relinquishment
of right and title to dower of said Margaret Carrera, dated
July 24, 1857

continued 0 -


Deed Book "Q" page 126, continued -

On the margin of the above record, appears the following:

"State of Florida, County of St. Johns.
I, B. F. Oliveros, Clerk of the Circuit Court 4th Judicial Circuit
St. Johns County, Florida, hereby certify that A. E. Lopez a
subscribing witness to a deed of partition between the Heirs of John
Carreras, dec'd made to Gasper Carreras dec'd the 21st day of July,
A. D 1857, known to me appeared before me this day, and being duly
sworn stated that Francis Carreras, Richard Carreras, Stephen
Carreras, Mary Reyes and Wm. I. Reyes, the Grantors to said deed
executed the said instrument in his presence and in the presence of
C. Pomar, the other subscribing witness thereto, on the day of
the same bears date, that he attested the same in the presence of
the said Grantors above named and of said witness, and that such
other witness subscribed the same as a witness in his presence
Given under my hand and seal this 15th day of October, A. D. 18 83.
B.F. Oliveros,
A true record entered 17th Oct. 1883."


Re Estate of Paul Masters. In County Judge's Court.
St. Johns County, Florida.

WILL: Declares this to be last will and testament; gives
and bequeaths to wife, Augustina Masters all property, real and
personal for her life, and after her death to be distributed
to all testator's children, share and share alike. Order all
just debts to be paid. Appoints son, Peter, and son-in-law,
John Capo as Executors of this will. Dated March 26, 1863.
Signed by mark. (No seal recited or shown) in presence of
three witnesses.

Abstract of Title


PROOF OF WILL sworn to and subscribed by Bartola Oliveros,
a subscribing witness March 1, 1866 before Jno. Lott Phillips,
Judge of Probate.
LETTERS TESTAMENTARY reciting that above will was proved
May 8, 1866 and is now allowed and approved, issued to Peter
A. Masters and John Capo, Jr. Executors named in said Will, May
8, 1866 by Jno. Lott Phillips, Judge of Probate. Seal of Court
received (SEAL) shown. (Recorded Order Book "A" page 6-7).

BOND of Peter A. Masters, Administrator, with two sureties,
in sum of $700, accepted and approved (no date or date of filing
shown), by M.R. Cooper, County Judge.

REPORT OF SALE of Real Estate of Decedent, recites that
continued --

Re Estate of Paul Masters, deceased. -2.

by order of this Probate Court dated March 31, 1882, appointing
undersigned commissioner to sell real property of decedent,
notice "hereto attached" (NONE shown of record) of sale of said
premises was published once a week for four consecutive weeks
next preceding day of sale in the "St. Johns Weekly", which
notice stated time and place of sale, and in accordance with
said order, said Commissioner on May 1, 1882 offered said pro-
perty for sale, same being described as follows:
A house or lot fronting on St. George Street on which it
is bounded on the West, on the East by property of Mary Reyes,
on the North by premises of F. Baya and on the South by the
premises of the Estate of M. R. Andrew, decd. measuring in
front and rear 34 feet and on the North and South sides 166
feet, more or less.
was struck off to T. Russell for George T. Bunting for $610. 00
that being highest sum bid for said premises. Asks order con-
firming sale and also that deed be made to purchaser and further
order to transfer proceeds to Executor of said estate.
Sworn to and subscribed by B. F. Oliveros, Commissioner,
May 4, 1882 before John T. Carr "Deputy Clerk C. C. "
ORDER confirming above sale and that commissioner execute
deed to purchaser dated May 6, 1882 by M. R. Cooper, County
Judge, Seal recited. NONE shown of record.
(Bond, Report and Order recorded Order Book "A: page 375-6)

continued -

Abstract of Title

14 (cont.)

Re Estate of Paul Masters, dec'd. -3

ORDER allowing the accounts of Peter Masters, Admrand for
same to be entered of record. Dated Oct. 5, 1869 and signed:
Nathan D. Benedict, County Judge. Recorded in Order Book B
page 90.

ORDER approving and entering of record the account of Peter
A. Masters, Admr. of said estate, dated August 8, 1871 and re-
corded in Order Book B page 137. Signed: John B. Stickney, Judge.

ORDER allowing account of executor to August 8, 1873, dated
and filed Aug. 18, 1873. Signed: John B. Stickney, Judge.
Recorded in Order Book B page 185.

B. F. Oliveros, Commissioner. Commissioners Deed.
TO Dated: May 9, 1882
Geo. T. Bunting Filed: May 29, 1882
Deed Book AAA page 66
St. Johns County Records.
Consdn. $610.00

RECITES: That B. F. Oliveros of the City of St Augustine,
County of St. Johns and State of Florida, commissioner appointed
for the sale of the Real Estate of Paul Masters, deceased, lying
in St. Johns County, Florida, hereinafter described duly appointed
by an order of the Hon. M. R. Cooper, County Judge and ex-officio
of Probate of said St. Johns County, made on the 31st day of
March, 1882, upon an application duly made by Peter A. Masters,
executor of the Will of said Paul Masters, deceased, late of St.
Johns County, Fla. The said B. F. Oliveros was duly appointed
a commissioner as aforesaid and was duly empowered to sell the
same by virtue of said order dated March 31, 1882, the said real
estate was directed to be sold for distribution among the heirs
of said estate on Monday, the 1st day of May, A.D. 1882 and whereas
the said B. F. Oliveros, having given due public notice of the
intended sale by publication thereof pursuant to said order for
Four successive weeks next proceeding the day of said sale in the
St. Johns Weekly, a newspaper published in the city of St. Augustine,
County of St. Johns and State of Florida, did on Monday the 1st
day of May, 1882 within the legal hours of sale, sell at public
outcry before the door of the Court House in the City of St.
Augustine, County and State aforesaid, the real estate of said
Paul Masters, deceased hereinafter described to George T. Bunting
for the sum of $610. 00, he being the highest and best bidder
continued -

Abstract of Title

18 (cont.)

Deed Book AAA page 66, continued -

therefore, and that being the best bid for the same, and whereas
a report of said sale as required by law was duly made to the
said Court at St. Augustine, and by a further order of said Court
dated the 6th day of May, 1882, did make and order confirming said
sale, and did direct a deed to be executed to said purchaser by
the said Commissioner, and to deliver the same to the said
purchaser, the said George T. Bunting, upon his complying with the
terms of said sale, therefore, by virtue of the power and authority
vested as aforesaid, does

REMISE, release, convey and confirm: unto said Geo. T.
Bunting, his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns forever,

All that certain house and lot in the City of St. Augustine,
County of St. Johns and State of Florida, described as follows:
Bounded on the West by St. George St. on which it fronts; on the
East by property of Mary Reyes; on the North by premises of
Florence Baya and on the South by premises of the Est. of Mr.
R. Andrew, measuring in front and rear, Thirty four feet, and on
the North and South sides, One hundred and sixty six feet, more
or less.
Signed and sealed. Two witnesses. Acknowledged May 9, 1882
before David L. Dunham, Notary Public, St. Johns County, Fla.

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