Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 7 - Lot 1, Gallegos
Title: Martin Martinez Gallegos
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Title: Martin Martinez Gallegos
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 7 - Lot 1, Gallegos
Physical Description: Interpretive outline
Language: English
Creator: Steinbach, Robert H.
Harman, Joyce E.
Publication Date: 1974
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
21 Saint George Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Gallegos House (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 21 Saint George Street
Coordinates: 29.897052 x -81.313361
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A rather casual recheck of the references cited in Harman (1972) revealed
that, contrary to her statement, entries for a Gallegos existed in the fol-
lowing: 1) Parish Records, 2) Santo Domingo 2604 (1752), and 3) Santo
Domingo 2595 (1770).

While none of these entries contained the four name designation used in the
key to the Puente map (1764), all entries contained the last two names.
Based on this recheck, it was decided to expand the search for further in-
formation on Gallegos. The lot and block file produced a site study done by
Cubenas (n. d. ) and the SAHS files yielded a genealogical study by E. P.
Barnes (n.d.).

While neither of these studies could be considered exhaustive, they did
indicate a need for further research.

The first step was to obtain complete translations for most of the documents
cited by Cubenas and Barnes, the second, a re-analysis of these to determine
if Gallegos' identity could be extracted. The following narrative can be
constructed from these documents.

Martin Martinez Gallegos was in St. Augustine by July 29, 1743, when he
married Victoria Escalona, an 18- year old widow; Gallegos was 28 years old
at the time. There is no information on his occupation at this time; however
on February 11, 1748, he joined the military as an artilleryman. There were
three known children resulting from his marriage to Victoria: a son, Joaquin,
born March 20, 1748, and two daughters Rosalia and Francisca. Their birth
dates are presently unknown.

At the time of the Spanish withdrawal in 1763, Gallegos was at least part-
owner of a tabby house located on the southeast corner of St. George Street
and Fort Alley. The question of ownership and/or identity arises from the
entry on the 1764 Puente map for this property: "#75 Casa de ripio de Juan
Garcia Martinez Gallegos 14x71".

It should be noted that all documentary references to Gallegos refer to hi4 s
either Martinez Gallegos or Martin Martinez Gallegos, with the exception of
the Puente entry.

Gallegos and his family left St. Augustine at the end of the first Spanish Period
and moved to Cuba. He and his wife evidently died there some time before
1784, as two of his children are heirs to the St. George Street property by
April 24, 1784.

Gallegos' wife, Victoria, had a sister, Lucia Escalona. Lucia, a widow,
returned to St. Augustine in 1784 armed with a power of attorney from the
heirs. Using this, she claimed the lot, evicted a Minorcan, Juan Frias, who
had planted the lot to fruit trees, and built a wooden house. There is no
evidence that she ever compensated the heirs for the lot.

The documentation leaves no doubt that Martin Martinez Gallegos did in fact
own the tabby house known as Puente #75. The unknown quality is the two
name prefix, Juan Garcia, which appears on the Puente key. The only
presently viable explanation for this is that the property was actually in dual
ownership at the time Puente made his map and that Juan Garcia and Martinez
Gallegos held the property jointly.

A search of some of the existing rosters shows that a Juan Garcia was a
soldier in the Second Infantry Company, that he was a native of San Martin de
Havana and that he had been in the army since June 26, 1702. A roster of
1745 informs us that Garcia was a soldier in Captain Don Sebastian Sanchez's
company, that he was 62 years old, and gotoso (gouty). Since there are no
other Juan Garcia's listed for this period, we must assume that this is the
man whose name appears on the Puente map.

A possible reconstruction of events that would have made this possible is as

Gallegos' father was one of a number of reinforcements and replacements
that arrived in St. Augustine around 1740. Gallegos came as a member of
the family. In 1743 he decided to marry Victoria Escalona but did not have
a house. Juan Garcia was a widower with a house and being gouty, needed
someone to look after him. He and Gallegos strike a bargain whereby
Gallegos gets the house when Garcia dies, in exchange for caring for him.
In the meantime, Gallegos is carried as part-owner to protect his investment.

In 1750 the household would have had the following composition:

1. Martin Martinez Gallegos age 35, artilleryman
2. Victoria Escalona, his wife, age 26
3. Joaquin Martinez, his son, age 2
4. Possibly 2 daughters, ages unknown but less than 8
5. Juan Garcia, age 66, infantryman, an invalid

R. H. Steinbach
15 January 1974

I-^f*7i6/ ^ S,^' 'S/


1. St. Augustine Parish Records Baptisms photostatt #95)

17 Nov. 1724 baptised and gave holy chrism to Victoria, born 9th of
current month, legitimate daughter of Alonso and Sebastiana de Vargas.
Godparent Pable Perdomo. Priest Pedro Lorenzo de Azevedo.

Note: Photostat does not show the name Escalona as the edge is torn.

Statistic card SAHS shows first marriage of Victoria to Manuel
Ronquillo on Nov. 17, 1739 photostatt No. 167). Second marriage in
July 29, 1743, to Martin M. Gallegos. (no. 190) Priest Arturo

2. St. Augustine Parish Records Baptisms photostatt #139)

On Sept. 11, 1726 baptised and gave holy chrism to Lucia, who was born
on fifth of current month, legitimate daughter of Alonso de Escalona and
Sebastiana de Varga. Godparent Pablo Perdomo. Priest Pedro
Lorenzo de Azevedo.

3. St. Augustine Parish Records Mar i es

Monday, 29 July 1743. Martin Martinez Gallegos, native of Villa of
Totana, diocese of Murcia, legitimate son of Alonso Gallegos and of
Juana de Crea married Victoria Escalona, native of this city, legitimate
daughter of Alonso Escalona and Sebastiana de Vargas and widow of
Manuel Ronquillo. Witnesses, Pedro Gomez and Sebastian Herra.
Sponsors Don Christobal de la Torre and Dona Francisca Azevedo.
Priest Francisco Xavier Arturo.

4. AGI 87-3-12/70 Stetson (Jan. 21, 1745)

Company of the Captain Don Sebastian Sanchez Juan Garcia, 62 years
old, gotoso.

5. AGI 87-3-12/76 Stetson (Jan. 15, 1746)

Second Company of Infantry Soldiers
Juan Garcia (gotoso)

6. AGI 87-3-12/76 Stetson (Jan. 12, 1746)

Juan Garcia, 63 years old, gotoso

7. St. Augustine Parish Records Baptisms photostatt 269)

Tues., 26 March 1748 baptised and gave holy chrism to a child born on
the 20th of current month, son of Martin Martinez Gallegos, native of

7. the villa of Totana of the diocese of Murcia and of Victoria Escalona,
native of this presidio, was given the name Joaquin. Godmother -
Maria de Behelem (?) Valderram. Priest Francisco Xavier Arturo.

8. Santo Domingo 2604 (1752) 2nd Infantry Company Soldiers

(#156) Juan Garcia, son of Rosindo, native of San Martin de Havana,
68 years of age, served since the 26 of June of 1702. Invalido

9. Santo Domingo 2604 (1752) Company of Artillery Artilleryman

(#63) Martinez Gallego, son of Alonso, of the villa de la Totana, 37
years old, served since the 11 of February 1748. Present (Birthdate

10. 1764 Puente Map

#75 Casa de ripio de Juan Garcia Martinez Gallegos 14 x 71.

11. Santo Domingo 2595 (1770) Soldiers

(p. 15) Juan Jph. Garcia

12. Santo Domingo 2595 (1770) Artilleros

(p. 18) Martin Martines Gallegos

13. Puente map and key 1763

#75 Juan Garcia Martinez Gallegos, tabby house

14. Bundle 320, Document 79 Tallahassee

Joaquin and Rosalia Martinez give power to their Aunt Lucia Escalona
in order to claim the lot they own in St. Augustine (Havana, March 10,

15. Bundle 320, Document 79 Tallahassee

Joaquin Martinez, Rosalia Martinez and Lucia Escalona ask for a
certification that they did not sell their house and lot in St. Augustine
(Havana, April 24, 1784).

16. Bundle 320, Document 79 Tallahassee

Juan Frias, native of Menorca and resident of St. Augustine, had re-
ceived a lot from a partition they said belonged to don Luciano de Herrera

16. estate, and that Lucia Escalona says now it is her property. He is
ready to give it back to her if she can prove what she says and allow
him to collect the fruits he had planted (St. Augustine, September 1,

17. Bundle 320, Document 79 Tallahassee

Lucia Escalona presents writing as being in power of attorney of
Joaquin Martinez and Jose Jimenez, husband of Rosalia Martinez,
giving proof of their ownership and offering as witness three old resi-
dents of St. Augustine (St. Augustine, September 4, 1784).

18. Escrituas, 16 March 1787, 6 December 1790

P. 70 Will, Sept. 24 Lucia Escalona, mentions house she owns (but
not the lot, except small part) situated on St. George Street near land
gate which bounds it W; lane to Castle square on N; Antonia Perdomo
S; Castle Square #. The lot belongs to Joaquin and Rosalia Martinez,
her nephew and niece. (Block 7, Rocque 14)

19. 1790 Quesada List

#41 Wooden house built by Lucia Escalona on King's lot, bounded: E,
W, and N by Royal Streets, S by lots of the King and Antonia Perdomo.
16 1/2 (N-S) x 77 1/2 varas at (?) xx sq. v...639 3/4
(On margin: By Act of this day on petition of Lucia Escalona, this lot
was declared in her favor, St. Augustine, 5/6/1800. Signed: Zubizarreta)

20. Escrituras, 12 January 1791, 20 December 1792

P. 513 Will, Aug. 3. Lucia Escalona (widow of John Darby (this is the
name as amended in margin in the MS. It looks more like Hardy) She
owns house on King's lot and claims to have documentary proof "but
obscured when it was transferred to the English", etc. Block 7, Rocque

21. Escrituras, 12 January 1791, 20 December 1792

P. 594 v. Mortgage, Nov. 7. Lucia Escalona mortgages as security
for her annual payments house on King's lot #41, Block 7, measuring
NS 16 1/2 yards, E-W 77 1/2. Lot is bounded E-W and N by Royal roads,
S by King's lot and Antonia Perdomo. (Block 7, Assessor's Inventory 41)

22. 1793 Census #134

Dona Lucia Escalona, daughter of Alonso and of Sebastiana Bargas,
Widow of 65 years.


22. Maria del Rosario, slave
Francinca daughter of the said slave
Antonio, slave

23. 1800 List of Appraisals

#41 Wooden house built by Lucia Escalona on the King's lot, bounded
E-W by the Calle Real, S. by King's lot and of Dona Antonia Perdomo;
its measurement in front N-S sixteen and a half yards and depth EW
twenty-seven (?) yards and a half, which amounts to ............ 279.
Note: By title of May (?) 1800 in proceedings (instituted ?) by Dona
Lucia this lot was (adjudged) in her favor and that of
her principals. St. Augustine

24. Bundle 320, Document 79 Tallahassee

St. Augustine On April 28, 1800, the Order is issued to give back the
lot to Lucia Escalona.



His name does not appear in the Cathedral Parish Records, the bio-
graphical files at the Saint Augustine Historical Society, or in any of
the several musters checked (Don Joseph Antonio Gelabert,
Representative of the Council of the Indies to the Crown, 1752, 186 pp.,
University of Florida, Stetson Collection, AGI 87-1-14/2, Santo
Domingo 2604; Don Juan Joseph Elijio de la Puente, to [?], May 8,
1770, 70 pp., University of Florida, Stetson Collection, AGI 87-1-5/4-5-6,
Santo Domingo 2595; Don Jose Elixio de la Puente to Don Antonio Maria
Bucarelli, September 26, 1766, 51 pp., University of Florida, Stetson
Collection, AGI 87-1-5/3, Santo Domingo 2595).

Joyce Elizabeth Harman
Historic Saint Augustine
Preservation Board
December 22, 1972

AGI 87-1-5 No. 3

26 Sept. 1766

Head of Sm families of the old Spaniards of
Florida who served His Majesty there in differ-
ent positions, and find themselves without
salary, or any destination.


Martin Martinez Gallegos

p. 18

Account of the number of men and boy of the
Spanish Crown from 15 yrs. up, their classifi-
cation, present state and class who served
the area of the Plaza of San Agustin and its
axnex San Marcos de Apalache,......that were
transferred knd are being transferred to the
City of Havana, and Villa of San Francisco de


Juan Joseph Garcia

p. 15

Note: No. 4 f lists as artillerymen a Juan de Rivera. Crewman

of the King's Sloop Joackin Escalona

Pedro Gomez is listed as a soldier who died in Havana. Also

Lorenzo Gomez.

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