Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 5 - Lot 1, Perez-Sanchez
Title: 205 - "P", 1763 Puente
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Title: 205 - "P", 1763 Puente
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 5 - Lot 1, Perez-Sanchez
Physical Description: Report
Language: English
Creator: Barnes, Eleanor P.
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
Perez-Sanchez House (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine
Coordinates: 29.893715 x -81.311373
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205-"P", 1763 Puente

Juan de la Mata Perez
This was a native of St. Augustine.
His wife was of the Casteneda family and his mother
was an Andrada, all natives of the presidio.
It begins:
1687, Dec. 13, marriage of Don Juan de Andrada of
Los Angeles and Michaela de Antanilla. Ph. 172
Juan Andrada was No. 62 on the Ruined House list of 1702.
Their daughter, Josepha'de Andrada married JUAN PEREZ ARREGUES
de la Rosa y de la Mata, 1712, 1/li. Ph. 275.
Juan Perez de la Rosa y de la Mata was of Seville, son of
Bernardo Arregues Perez and Gregoria Ortiz de la Mata.
Juan Perez and Josepha de Andrada had several children.
Michaela in 1717, Jose in 1720 and JUAN CLAUDIO Perez
de la Mata 11/10/1722, Ph. 58.

1744, 7/28, Ph. 207. Juan de la Mata Perez married
Josepha de Casteneda.

The Casteneda family begins:
Francisco Perez de Casteneda of New Spain, 105 on the Ruined
House list of 1702, married Juana Serrano, 4/20/1678, Ph. 131
in the home of Don Tomas Menendez Marques.
She was the daughter of the Serrano-Velardez household, having
been born in 1663, her parents, Antonio Serrano and Sebastiana
de Velardez marrierc Oct. 8, 1659, Ph. 57.A .
Casteneda and Juana Serrano had Gaspar de Casteneda in 1684, Index.
The 4/20/1731 he married Sebastiana de Vargas. It was his 2nd
marriage. She was born 1704, 1/28, the daughter of Sebastian de
Vargas and Francesca Gonzales who were married in 1703.
Gaspar de Casteneda and Sebastiana de Vargas were the parents of
JOSEPHA CASTENEDA, born 1732. It was she who married Juan de la
Mata Perez of 205-"P", Puente.

J'JL i S 1' 3

-2- Perez..

When the Spaniards left in 1763, Fish shows this
entry in his Account Book...JUAN PEREZ de la Mata(no entry)
No. 1.....

Moncrief Map 1765 shows Fish holding this area(possibly for
Perez de la Mata)

This was the southeast corner of Charlotte and Paniagua lane
(now Treasury Street)

It looked like an L-shaped affair.

Escrituras: 184, 1785 gives Fish selling this place to
JOSEPHA DE ESPINOSA. Aft r the Spaniards returned.

Josepha de Espinosa was returning home....for she was
a native of,St. Augustine.

Sister to the man who occupied the other corner in 1763 on
Puente, Francisco de Espinosa, No. 211, Puente. "P".

Josepha was also sister of Antonia Espinosa, Mrs. Jose Sanchez
de Ortigosa, Jr.

When she returned to Florida she brought her Sanchez nephews and
nieces and they were living with her(and her brother, Sebastian
de Espinosa) in 1786(presumably in the very house she bought
in 1785) on the Census of that year, 1786, No. 1 of the FLORIDANS
Counting her brother, her six Sanchez relatives, we have 8 in
this house in 1786.

Then one of the Sanchez nephews, Bernadino, gets the house as
on the Map of 1788, Rocque, he owns the house and rents it
to Juan Josef de la Toro. Sq. 17, No. 127. 1788.

If you look at the sketch of Treasury Street, 1763, No. 203, "0"..
you will see listed Rosalia Ponce de Leon. She married Juan del Toro
and this was their son, Juan Josef de la Toro, returned to his
homeland once more. See Census 1793, No. 19 for his parentage.

206-"P*- Domingo Perez 1763, Puente
1st: Mrs. Domingo Perez, Mrs.Juan Pescador
of 199"O" Rosalia Ponce de Leon of 203 "0"
were all descended from the Contador Nicolas
Ponce de Leon.
It begins for Mrs. Perez like this:
The son of Don Nicolas Ponce de Leon and Estefania de
Avila was Don Manuel Ponce de Leon, the CAPTAIN Don Manuel
born 1637, married 1660 Lorenza Ruis. No. 97, Ruined House List
The daughter of Capt. Manuel and his wife, Lorenza, was
Maria Antonia Ponce de Leon, b. 1672 Index, married
9/18/1691, Ph. 194 to Don Juan Crisostomo, Jr.
One of the daughters of this young couple, Crisostomo
and Maria Antonia, was Ana Maria Crisostomo, born 2/21/
1696, married 2/3/1716. Ph. 295. Don Juan Nicolas Ronquillo
who was drowned in August of 1758.
The Ronquillo daughter was named Tomasa, marc.2/5/1736
Domingo Perez. Ph. 136

In the Fish Account Book there is no listing for
Domingo Perez but on the Moncrief Map of 1765, Mr.
Meech was in this location.
On the DeBrahm list of 1771 Mr. Meech or Meek was
a Baker.

Mrs. Perez' grandfather Crisostomo(Juan, Jr.) was also
a native born Floridan. Baptised in 1671, Index,
his parents were Juan Crisostomo, Sr. and Mariana de
Lara, married 3/13/1669, Ph. 89


207-"P", 1763, Puente

Fernando Villegas

It is from Mrs. Villegas we derive the Florida lineage.
It begins, as did Mrs. Espinosa, with Vincent Solana
who married July 4, 1594 in St. Augustine Maria Visente.
Father Scobar de Sambrana married this couple.
Alonso Solana, the senior, later to be known as Sgt. Major
Alonso de Solana, was born in 1597,confirmed 1606, married
in 1619 to Francesca Perez and died in 1678.
His son, Alonso, Jr. married Antonia Jacintha(Jacinta)
in 1644. As Mrs. Espinosa goes down on Diego's side, their Mrs. Villegas derives her heritage from the
daughter of this couple, Maria de Solana.
Maria was born 1646, married Juan Qunitero of Havana(?)
5/27/1675, Ph. 117, in her fatherthouse.
Maria Geronima Quintero was their daughter, born in 1679
and married in 1699, 4/20, Ph. 220, Balthasar de los Reyes
of San Lucar. Maria died 1727 during the epidemic which took
many Solana lives as well as others.
The daughter bf this couple was Maria de los Reyes born
July 12, 1701 and married March 31, 1721 to FERNANDO VILLEGAS.
He had a "no listing" on Fish.
Mr Rochet(Roget) held this area in 1765 on Moncrief.
Barton Roget was on the DeBrahm list of 1771 as a Storekeeper.
This was the Ogilvie Block during British days.
It is termed No. 5 in 1790 on Ouesada.
Escrituras No. 297v, 1785 lists recitation of owners.
Apparently it had passed from Mr. Roget to William
Wilson during British days. And in 1772 sold by him to
Robert Bonsal-the Blacksmith. Inherited by Bonsai's daughter,
and sold by"she and her husband to McQueen. Antonio Cantar
buys it in 1785 from McOueen, July 1st. On Rocque it is listed
as Nos. 131/132, Bl. 17.

208-"P", 1763 Puente

Heirs of Manuel Serrano

Mrs. Manuel Serrano was Geronima Garcia, a native
of the city. She had previously married Manuel Sanchez
in 1734 and after his death she married Serrano, Monday,
September 23, 1743, Ph. 194. He was listed as of Toledo.
Mrs. Serrano was the daughter of Amaro Garcia and
Michaela Escovedo who were married here March, 23, 1716.
Michaela Escovedo, Mrs. Serrano's mother, was the daughter
of the Ensign JosasEscovedo No. 18 of the Ruined House list
of 1702, and Maria Reseo y Garcia. They were married in St.
Augustine in 1678.

Maria Reses was the daughter of Julian Reseo and Francesca
Garcia. They were wed July 22, 1652, Pfl36
So Mrs. Serrang's grandmother and Mrs. Oliva's grandmother
were sisters. 'hey were 3rd cousins. Mrs. Oliva lived at

There was a"no listing" in my notes on Serrano in Fish Accounts.
On Moncrief, 1765, Mr. John Dunn, the lawyer, had this place.
DeBrahm's 1771 list gives him: John Dunn, Lawyer, single.
On Rocque, depending on measurements, this could be 132/133.
Bl. 17. In 1790 Quesada this is Bl. 5.
This end of Block"P"(1763) and OGILVIE during British days
may have changed. I cannot say. But this is what happened
during one period of its history.
In 1763 Serrano was on corner at 208, Villegas was next as
207, Perez(Domingo) was 206 with two houses, and Mata Perez
was last on Treasury lane with 1-shaped house, No. 205.
In 1765, John Dunn has the Serrano place, Mr. Roget has the
next two places(possibly Villegas and Perez) Mr Meech is
next (possibly Perez, all or part) and Fish holds the Mata
Perez place. (MONCRIEF)
Things begin to happen in the later days of the British
Regime. Dunn is gone, the house on the corner is "restored
to the King", Juan Baptista Paredes has a house next to this,
(I assume..or in back) Andres Paxety, the Wigmaker has
a house possibly on the site of Villegas or Perez...
He sells to John McFareland who sells to Simon Esteves
later. Robert Bonsal is next, a property later sold to

9 1


Antonio Cantar.

Then the Charlotte street side of Jose Ponce de Leon's
place and finally Fish who will later sell to Josepha
spinosa. See Esc: 214, 1785 and No. 85, 1787 for part of this.

The British leave. And the block looks something like
this in 1788.

On the Plaza corner is house restored to the King.
Then Marcos Andreu who exchanged with Paredes.
Cantar is still there and so is Josef Ponce, Juan
Leslie has a place next to that and finally the
Espinosa house being rented to del Toro by Mrs. Josepha's
nephew, Bernadino Sanchez.

Consult maps and dimensions to get exact locations.


209-"P" 1763, Puente

Salvador Porras
This man was listed as of Cordova, Spain.
It was Mrs. de Porras who takes us to the
early families.

On Monday, February the 28th, 1745 Ph. 214
Juana Navarro married Salvador de Porras.
She was born Jan.19, 1729 the daughter of the Lt. Don
Francisco Navarro anf Geronima Rodriguez who were married
in St. Augustine June 2, 1724.
Geronima Rodriguez, Juana Nararro's mother, was born here
of Gertrude de Morales and Jose Antonio Rodriguez.
This makes her the half sister of Mrs. Pedro Gonzales of
our 1st assignment(Corner Cuna and St. George)
Jose Antonio Rodriguez was listed as No. 141 on the 1702
Ruined House list. He and Gertrude de Morales had married
Sept. 16, 1687, Ph. 169

Salvador de Porras had a "no list" in my Index which means
he was not on the Fish Account list.
However, Moncrief shows Mr. Roget in this general area.

In 1788 on Rocque Don Josef Ponce(de Leon) owns this
place. Nos. 136, 129, Bl. 17. In 1790 on Quesada
this is Block No. 5.

Don Jose Ponce de teon had married Salvador de Porras'
daughter, Catalina Geronima, born 1/ 9/1753.
They were listed on the Census of 1793. No. 137
They had returned to Florida after the British left.

Don Josef was the son of Don Francisco Ponce de Leon
and Jacoima(Jacobina) de Pueyo. Both natives of Florida.
He had been born Jan 8, 1749, baptised Jan. 21st. Ph. 299
Don Francisco Ponce de Leon was son of Don Francisco, Sr.
and Catalina Rodriguez. They were married here August 12, 1709.
Don Francisco, Sr. died 1746.
Francisco, Sr. was the son of Don Manuel Ponce de Leon and
Lorenzo Ruiz, hence the brother of Mrs. Juan Crisostomo,
and the great uncle of both Mrs. Perez and Mrs. Pescador. 1 .
(Bl. "O" No. 199 and Bl. "P", No. 206)
So Don Josef and his Porras wife got the Salvador Porras
place during the 2nd Spanish period. His mother was the
daughter of Josef Pueyo(not Puello) and Catalina Villagarcia,
and the grand-daughter of the Contador Juan de Pueyo with his de Leon

I. i m

210-"P"-1763, Puente
Capt. Don Francisco del Castillo

Again it is Mrs. Castillo who gives us the
native background.

Capt. Castillo married December 13, 1747. Ph. 2510/25
Barbara Inez Garcia de Villegas.7 A.- -"" A

She was born Feb. 22, 1723, daughter of Juan Fermin Garcia
de Villegas and Juana Lopez de Toledo.

Her mother, the de Toledo girl, was daughter of Sebastian
Lopez de Toledo of Castile and Francesca Ascencio de Florencia.
Two very well known families. They married May, 15, 1685.

Capt. Sebastian Lopez de Toledo was No. 1 on the Ruined House
list of 1702. He died 1746.
So the "de Toledo" was Mrs. Castillo's grandfather.

Barbara's father was also a native b. 1695, son of
Capt. Domingo Garcia de Villegas of Cumana, and Maria
Pedrosa Heredia. They were married May, 20, 1675,Ph. 117

Barbar's great grandfather Ascencio was Don Juan and married
herel655 to Ana de Florencia. Both were from old,established
Spanish-Floridiano families.

Capt. Castillo was from Havana. He had a "no entry"
on Fish list.

On Moncrief, 1765 Mr. Meech seems to be in the area
generally thought to be the Castillo site. He was a
Baker on the DeBrahm's list cf 1771.

On the 1788 Rocque this could be either or both 137/138,
Bl. 17. One, property of the King and 2, Juan Leslie.
It is all according to the measurements.

No. 211-"P", 1763, Puente

Francisco de Espinosa

This was a native boy. His mother was Josepha de Torres
Espinosa and lived in 1763 just across the street at
No. 200B0"....

His sister was Mrs. Jose Sanchez de Ortigosa, Jr. and
live on St. George Street, corner of Cuna and St. George,
the north west corner. Another sister was Josepha de
Espinosa who returned to Florida after the British left.
Also his brother, Sebastian de Espinosa, one of the eight
men left here in 1763 as stated by Juan Elixio de la Puente
oh Map Plan of that year.
His father was Diego de Espinosa and his mother was, as
I have already stated, Josepha de Torres. They were married
9/13/1727. He was born in 1732.
His grandmother, Mrs. Diego de Espinosa, Sr. (Maria de Salas)
was No. 4 on the 1702 Ruined House list.

Mrs. Francisco de Espinosa was of the SOLANA family, a very
early Florida family.

Her lineage begins:

Vincent Solana married Maria Vistente, July 4, 1594
Sgt. Major Alonso de Solana was their son, born 1597,
confirmed in 1606, married in 1619 to Dona Francesca
Perez, and died in 1678.

Adjutant Alonso Solana, Jr. was the son of this couple.
Born 1620, married 1644 to Antonia de .Jacthto
Adj. Solana was No. 58 on the 1702 Ruined House list.

Diego de Solana was their son. Born Index(illegible) 1659
Married 1679, veiled or renewed vows in 1683, Antonia de
los Reyes.
Lt. (later Captain) Laureano de Solana was their son.
Born 1697, married 8/30/1727, Antonia Monzon.
Died 1755.
Francesca Solana was their daughter. Born in 1735 she
married Monday, June 7, 1751, Ph. 288 Don Francisco de Espinosa

Mr. Hopkins"held this area in 1765 on Moncrief. There is no
entry on Fish.

In 1788 it was used as'a-warehouse by Miruel Isnardy. No. 139
B. 17. This will be Block No. in 179d

I .. i

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