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Title: Research the most important factor in maintaining and developing Florida's agricultural and related industries
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Language: English
Creator: Newell, Wilmon, 1878-1943
University of Florida -- Agricultural Experiment Station
Publisher: Florida Agricultural Experiment Stations
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: March 1, 1933
Copyright Date: 1933
Subject: Agriculture -- Research -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Agricultural extension work -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Genre: government publication (state, provincial, terriorial, dependent)   ( marcgt )
non-fiction   ( marcgt )
Statement of Responsibility: Florida Agricultural Experiment Stations ; introduction, Wilmon Newell.
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General Note: "March 1, 1933."
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Agricultural Experiment Stations

March 1, 1933

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S. a aeWStKpp. :a meaas -f eat tobrge l
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tS 1 ', O( M.tp w!.o.ticulture sa t hba-

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eaeeries asi pprmannt.
Cbuqsitllqea in the agfalsturael ftlael i
sbiBas pnnB r iW n *veW New areas we o90
tagr up "Slrida Isat be. in poaetioan to iobn
ae*t aore Watpih and of bhigjer qu-iaty it th
atn teo sMathat its spaitisn asatMO the
;o- oh, lwi o.miM..ag posittin of. orlda bs
i t t a la e$bu. A etur a number Ct
esoi bfse to=. an ge 0a1
sfsUs#a thb f asai Qot isOrdtaee a're.:
*: *awyefW fla b$#n wbebaWt. trabftug2 fl. & i .
anate iK r Tmet? up sflanes. ad a
fttr, make it sipiip-s4t2 for him t 111
04e': *b s tfl U nr it fl aBd ii. raziM* uwr
4 seowarwct a trained -en workaten t & a. f, ,
* .iII| |tasteif, are of Uttle d vahe. :
w. feI ; e aseaw Mflag br e estMoatoat t,.
lpaif fotlNe^t ^thnat and jlan al
itseoniat at ) one. opprgsf 'skin toD t*
asitton a te fumefrsl' wprobAl, to and fast,
CSajpae tp be a serusnastEt ftxati on prodded
fto from sate ua4 bSr)a tealresn. The value
pof Ihe line of ufl 4t bt owf Nt e .faRt t
bIa 14gW been rua ta a'td ut bnrlag I*m
the &v.)Fagq of flMallatetge sn apstable.
the ftals.Zs a-"A M lrf Itas tere" at.
si.ta S t0o afle. lagae =maere on Magri-
osaure in arw C snum rw eoms o wres
the very begtngluMI t s been so sat it will
be to alqpa4, Mr her fita re to inuearably
ti* aup with.| pwfie and proper uwe of
par fcs t amIt Statton,
a *t s~ a at19ifatls. hbas *ial large .
Spart fn ths iyfi n ran esltipaen at thiaie

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state. It 1srIthe oorotertne in the building of
floriars agricultural program. It is a fact-fi1t;'
t2 ifs,~ltalon, waskfineg to the interests ot ort-
srt agriculture.

information *eeaured by tfl Station through i e-
Prw kh a ad e..r.tst. hbq,bqame "o umh a part of
the 4asly "et f '.granAgi l ern etM Xfrstock
mihRat te orgtingal verme front whiat the tfoer-
ae or the rmessebL back of it all haa
.e.AMltt*1y A*Jt to awt. through it leader-
aip. tu ips ftio of pgrl1ta ture, the station 7ip
ratBitae be toh famar t thf state an ameant
of lshI may tips. in -ea.c.e of the amoies tVat
ltav bean put Bito the wsrk.

"U k nEMMTi Ji.j A director, Ilorida
IM 3illqtriment Statioa. -

March 1, 1i93.

41 a1l a 1 a69..**II

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'~~,.*U' 61f @1 6 *. 0- 4g#,.
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i P~~Ye~C~ ca~bl~tO i b t~,i.d ejr *- Ut i
IS't. -~t b z.tu.

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S. tSm .... o o.4 r. .-V... -
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srti.l.. atutag pq .ow ...,. '-h ew

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'- Il~Ufl2r ) *ehtOdxeX .... e .. *eef i. ts 1 I

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abor$Ades of oi t jalma nyuwa4e ....- 70"
Paiedny asigtu nn clit .flts.. 66

tpgci14t. on potatoes .rnede lneses. 61
#yemss Iaitm moat rl anl 'IC aondCA, 6s

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\ m^ i.8w~seoprl aaA'flf'tit^* 6

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Skesn imbeo aS tnuaaead P.t 63

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IesV tai os Stsanptlon 4nt. sar* g
iwbwer"y MusesB navntigsate.s1.
g bsei aikterfiy pnesrv.f.e4*rpur.t |
; Vesbr qs of 'potatoes pgi

SSf: XfbrLu Rt i. St-A S be M'e

WamBdhbwp pasel toia. r ........e*.... ..
3I. tSWatantofE a Sat*.4. ... ea eetbei ULC

', .-

AORMUTAVEL ~~a~~mosmp

The aim of the work in Agricultural 26anGIhi4
.Is to find.ewySe and mesa whpeb7W the not incein
of thise ftnW3 of the state n%' be iaortftd*& fto
qiokest kPwn -means of vendor4Ing WUa &dsUtAni&
Ubo farimws to 'bw fimbiiig vhat the Ilncous of top
ass astuali r are and then andywija them to f 214
the prinalp* ftres hut14 at1ermi" inlb" 4

5sel~eran!!& of 22Btato ~~] ;'
I w a >atwiy of p4 potato farms in the i a
arlu-ua f'Tow ogp l9t 5 the prinaiP4 f~e
Which seesM4 to sIa-Sin th, wide vairiat'i in 1
returns wevao.

a16 SUO t d Those farms iaving the
Uargst: acrseagp of potatoes made the higi-
eat labor inosme,

b., ti ild S M Labor income incr~sreas
as tee aoyie d acre inWrasod.

c.. hIM4M2BI Thk f LbMz Me potato fern* W&I
-T7ror yt emIl capital wre not
so profttable as far=u With capital betWeoftL

Other important factors affecting incomes w"e
prices of ot.tAes., percent -of receipts from peto.
tee*,,, a eduacat ion and previcmsi ezpeV*=ce of

bmw 2, fta! X" in -ftqe st _7
Uords were seaured on .499 farms in Jacwn
O- Q1unt7 for the year 1925, And -on 110 of tw aSOMI
fanrs fozr the -erw-- 192 q, i, pciashipa2, oaah OPS


.in ths area are cotton, Spanish peanuts, watermael
ans and cane syrup. In 1925 ;the cotton yield was
hi&h for this .section and the price good; in 1928
the-exact opposite was truia Watermeloae end ese
asrap were abao ~sws lower in price in 1929 than in
1925. In 1925, the average laber income of the 110
falr operato~t included in. the study both year was
$2%. In 1928,- there was no return to the opert-t
-re for thfir year s labor, and the farms ladek
S869' of paWing seven percent interest on their in-
,vesta nts. 'There was a return from the faera, bhw-
Oi et, thatl was not included in the labor income
figure, represented by the val-ue of farm preduote
for home use, end the use oe the house as -ea Hioi
el 1925 these tnon-caBh returns amaointed to 624,
ant in 1925 -to- $51 per fea.

se' aso nic Ltgy 9ofg a ir g a iaxesq
Detailed studies of the operations of 2
flalry farms~ located in the vicinities of Jackeson-a
tile*, Orlaado, iatmi, tBamp,, St. Petkwlbrg, Waa
Qoata for the year; 1927 ixidie"ed that the feitr
the hors of labor used in producing' 10 pounds b,
milk, the lower the cost and the higher the laebr
income; and the larger the herd the nore efficient
was the labor and the higher the labot in~lse. In
the grouip producing 4,AOO pounds of milk an& less
par eno, retailers aa8 whlosalers lost about e-
gially, but the relative advantage of the retailer
increased rapidly in the higher production groups

':fm 19i7 to 1931 the price of milk was re-
duoed in t slightly greater proportion than the
coats of production. Consequently profits on 3$
idonti.ca farms were reduced about 43 percent. Re-
tail price. paid by farmers for eewmnoedties -used
in living declined only 18 percent between June,
1 927 and JAne, 1931.

osE* f tihe relation Of -OPGOA And ist
"to the priem of cotton Croom- -w -oStida, inioaudd
that-- tho 140a Ug s faleL Atib pay farmtse tbe,
pradium tbhA should receive ** --the beottea a -
* da sta~p1oi. This ecitioan. the part ot. burers.
ii thvixgr tbe e~ffot of riter41ng By tea~wm*
the fArmoris i~iht -bwv to Amprove the gruAe ud
staglo Un ti'i state, if onroetad so tIat- tba
farmers roCoivod this premi~un, it would 1 tel y
add -to the -ootton inameo4 6f -the state about $2.1,O
per bep, v*r $50,000 por yewr

;Qjs if -~ ~___~

A study of the odst of handling dItru s ft1.t
from the troe to tha car, eoori3g_ ap-xiroximj ly .
WO0 paokinowaes for thea t~wo seamozr 1924-25 adj
1925-r6 h~s bern zaieo. MUt-Si&dr irkicatiotbi
so: ozf t- itportant -f m in, the officiant
'bBi,11Dg of oitrus fruits fr'om the treo o 'the.

L -A reasonable invsotmant per bom,
2.. Adoa i v*1vm, in gonaral at -loeast
75,YaB ezos.
3. LWa-4 0 Vdmv por car ospeityr -. at'least
'5,00 bUozo,.
w Lago volwm o per grOwe*r. Itf the fruit of
individu&1 growe"GW miet. ,be kept sepaxvato'-
untit Viekod, at, least 4MO box-epci graw-.
or soeef nocessarcyafor offioint oporatI,*
5 3fiLc14t arrangement a mEan*
J)Uring *932gr wO*daft wowE9Q~ We 0,3* h
ating oosts of 45, ctMm foi th
season of 193rn3L, bwe poimLhio h 0~e&
Almost -two-tirds o` ge.t #8i stFie vpLumo W
;tcd that seaftol.n M *~ 6ho priw s st'tBU 0s,

volume of fraint handled. was the nost important fao-
tor influencing cos DBuring 1924-25 .the average
cost of picking, baiul and paring was $0.94d6 per
-boE, in 192i-*6 it Wae 037 per btx while in -
.1931-32 te aworage ost rhad baeen reiuted to $0,761
- pr btQ*t. reduction vas .iot de alone to re-
A'ts wei-a and lower qoat of padcing materials, but
to- the intaditothon of operating economies 1i aiet
the tlhe, s afhe has boon a largo increase in to
number an* q(ficiency of pre-cooling m itat asioe
ithe provioms studio wero maSoe,

The 10i 6 studies reveal that if tIh leat
S ff-icient. 7. percent of the paokingbhuases vero -
offici ent as -be romaning 22 percent, the saving
in hanadling csts siuld amount to $1,370,850 on a
25,o00,0 oo bs crop..

o Mtru ?trofiht Rates
A study of citing fruit freight rates shows
that the frejatt rate on Tlorida citrus fruit sinc
1914 U- a boon increased& nino porxoot uao thaH the
freight rata on California citrus fruit, A tonmpr
Party roduction in tlsoflorida rates in line with
: those facts wt*a amdo fois To'obruary 15 to uano 15 of
the past bsason, roeul1ing in the saving of several
hadred thsoeand dollars to the grroers of this

Ift the florida rate would be placed on &a, r
with tihoe atteNaia k rate it woeVld mOan a having of
$2,125,000 por yar on a 25,000000,000 b crop

RaeC* &M* ompett ton
Qoumtabioau havO boon meate for each of lori-
da's important truck oropI showing the we*cly eom-
potltiion of 1orida, with other stato.anm imports
fonm foreign conttrios for oach season since 192I-

25. Thieso compi11ation show l tbo Ineasiing ce ..
ptpoition waich 1orida isa U par*oHa ana itt-
caoto the soon of the yoar teon this ooqpotiltton
i' i.ihto-t. A *aatil d study fat 19.8-29 sbhae
the omoictftion botwoni theo *rious preato incg f40-a
within the -sate. M me9etmary mao caM b1w, 1t
oatad for thoso stu.di. but tho rosult~ar aoot
groat value in placing tho oayinzg mAtd soIro s l
of those crops on a stable basis.

eooiporatiO A iato ng iy Ir1

Data waro asouriod Qon t e ativiti e of -
incerporatod. and. 33 umataisorated cooperattiver a-
sociations that hba enm oargmanItod prior to Ahe
1929-30 marikoting soaeon. 811sttly 1are than 50
percent of *thos asmiatstos wvror active bring
th- 1929-30 sason. TheB m=oti cozon cawis"O of
faiti ro of tho assoiaiaS whichh had coasod to
oparato tora found to bo lack of vlnimo, poor man-
agomont, no ado& tbe dooporative, Eacat of coopora-
tivo.af.iritt, insm iciotP cipita, competition,
unmatisfaetory pr~lcos, aand othora..

SinEo tunimnorporatod coQoprativo asiociatwas
areo ossntially partnoramps and hbavo the disa&i-
vantage of *umlimite liability for awEliommbor, an
analysei was -meido and pub-ihad. of liho previsates
of tho Uhroa state lane aw&i&abIo fr. incorporation,
Sat ft relatedd fod-oral l e, Ih1 infos maion con-
-btaAand tis l.olloti -shold l .-of great hop ta
asso'tatio1s ttat 'vifh to organitso on atbasinosw

Swucoosseu busioM s pra~ctioe of cooporativoe
associations have bofn dotermined from tho oxpori-
onesB of outstataB in asseciatioens and will be mode
available o thoto tobe wish to study theia.



V vW k Cnt aiW Ono*a r Dapartuisbt takes
care of tho tmavtigatlan as Ott d reps Ceo*
TpONsits, WMW *MrL, caOt.t0, fmO A a re sa*:
.~~:.r Ivry ipeA~im* ,iowa crop is ornini
&.oo& %)0o a-M poutOI I*t1o = *w -bom Sivon. ito 0i1

Pl ad o'P~ 10 the'. diffsimit soot ios of
th-tt7is a I ar0o Mw* he imdetka a i# 6;ke
noI'uiwas, but the. f PativW for a s~ul fcS m MIn
m WoVBiar sa s3loWly 'but virely btf n lSaid&' *".
-b". been eoam Isb4 but ki inors -rmains to:6 i

Mon7 Antro4dooo& plants have bemn isseminate&
An Wlorida. 1Fd4qt-Be8a5,, Orotalaria, kisztriui
Puts, "LN Vatch -VftO iry Yetch, Gent ipede pase**
M' aita pass, D~fli braess, 1.ep*di~Ksa (ap Cl..
vear) 1 ivimr girms) Jnrnes and O.rataa* 10 1 wugat.
tonse, Pigeon Peas --andnw vLimsu e mong the miost 1ai .
pertRM4- of tbe. r goaW S Mn a c*V) bmisi.- iin
a4t1ont W tfteb~e. vW otbUr plant4 and reope aoe
toot to dtrm ie their value.

Velvet esanrs are vom on 67,00OG acres of W.
*If lmu ol produce !*se. id forqo verith i6r
f*sd.& d fert~i~isor oomb~i~d, $#,2fSOOC nmr~allj
!bae abl aend iur of this cmop were- worked but 17
th W1ojidj Otatiop and sow of the ioportwa t v-
rities were origi-nated- -b* kO Station 17 -cross ba

" s .talria,

c -Orotaaria Is aow groVing on 50,000 to
5,000 aer*a o land. a f artil i ag and Atoi
Slow.aaw eu is easmly worth $650,000 to
'$975000 maoually and the .nt is bouti to in-r
oasee.. Atalcria ei (1931 crop) had a Tatu4
tof &iS 000 i h o mia4n organic matter, nitro.
a tan .i& tfit o .pp value of C&talartlia 1. nal

Gretalaria in qMwarison with 4thtw o row
aq' u hfr citrus haw lee4 utaer study for se*en
ywes ad rte -reasult. nas ra d in truit ein tree
pi ,enrth nr ey satiateotory.

b" e aisible forage val0e of. varifoi Otr tr-
brimasa tt being investigated with vr'y interest-
Sg .ret. e. .. .
he 2eaeCt of OretaLntia, grow andi turn
uiater, os varies oiopa sauaostlua it is betng

the research work of the pelris~ nt St ia
AUgrstrated the value of vetelt ant Andtria
*.1 Vpa*- soil irprovig4 crops.. Through the wOri
sC.L county agents, 15,190 shares were planted
ux s eason 1931-1932. These crovs so 90as
the soil that withett sAing fertilizer
.oo'iiel w increw 250,000 bheblu s.

wveraa 10 sugar oaan, brotgbt into floria
ly the State Pflant oard, resistg maesta ad
rootknot and is raplaoing altAr types oC &ase in
-e*at florida. tereo numbers of new 4aies wa

peat promise, apparm*~. qiaite as resist ant to ii..
sears as CGama 10, hiae -been originated by the-
'Florida IUperiment Station aid are now uijier test,
Iadlcatiomm are.-tbat tbay WAI greatly reduce coots-
of producing q-roP and sueiW--on 11orida soils,

Osn~~ssrpefileat pe~Ltureg dorpet, Ia"~-a!i~a

bui, 2A1l to, Fez, Jrmda, Gent ipefe and L.4i;
hvft ben fovnd suited.. -Dwilmg tb. season 19q3o-31,:
35AO() pwid. of -seed of AmP"V rIjmatwe grane p
wera p.ieute.doa -4,o0o to 5,000 acre*. Tho: r esxlt.
ing pootiwq will *repvmeee-at oa ftC of $M_,0O0 t*
or $ to *9 per aWN6 bIfm =d. dm tbo;.ef-
p ia~ p*stuares bowest weU worked out,.
Investigations sbmw thtt frequently mit. or
graed. pexture gmram#es =atain a 6entimaaosa voop
taties growth becmsue *w-rite'ual leaf awee mt

O'gMAiQ to.A for -Vigeroui V004tiwe growbth pep
barze g3eAse not FS1pti #* ,g tMA seedp, *AM
'vIaptat~iv Cgrowth eta -.110 1u2Foalhiti

Reui-tis of firt~4ilaLtom stvizds en paotu".
~~ &si9 ft.l4 plo~-k~ts 1w#pr tbatr v~ir eati~cafact
11krates fit yield can -be obtained. These r ecdAbs
fdllowsd up and saBedstant 1 4ab0rutory s1*i~s
4baw th4 feoet 11iatian of aput pa reos -to-
not dly p4sy ibie tbat =a=4 giwds per. mim eam
eamrimwa4y inosa3ease if 0iAn A'n wv LinuBPS.
lPWtber laboratory t$.mle Ume abhom that hema V pp
plceations of. nit*rWo 26ftifliszrer not resu,4 Ina
detrirmental aec=iiuuation of nitrate# in pastuwe

CheMisLe QnIyQSAW Ot thO NMMVZs gOnat ift~iw
of the various pftstrmba growing 1am-twe gpaseiO

-bwh that frequently graBusif asses contain I00%
roi fl nhphorous and potas than grass not
.1oAy grnaq. This hi rW sateSral content is
a valuable fSoter for .the peai? nutrition eat
bodiy building of pasiig tattle..

BtuAi9es o pattre cua"* grown aeft Nbrfolk
said show tkat frequootly t A or grae#a pasturm
Siwn-e utilase tertIlM^ asateac y thite a
gret percrteage of the Mhf.iars apAised 4t
poesa. aowl to mBaeity are lost thboiu leosh-`

tMw pasture problems r'e stiUl under str7
at ps ns* plants and their adtptabilit-y, pvaOi*
tare fort Ufintion, pas*atuo two atQ, pasture
pIt combinations, coaabined patire and forestry,
improved peatwur vs. native pasture, native burnme
vs. native unburned SpastBreaqs the effect of fire
on oreaga value of native pastures under oant ina-
ous grasina and nine morth per year grain, the
aefeot of fire on the nattag establiahbmt wd-
Sread of Carpet grass and, Xqeppea a, the- aefit
o f te on, the botanical oo0e ssition of aPVtiw
: pat-anh, pastures for nmak lands, ad th $ sE:.t
o: f varying stands of miae oi pasture pleamts.

Variety estse of peanuts show Florida s r
&ad-sia. th t0o be osur hihest yleWling peanotej
; henoe farmers can be rarntd aS to eZqaae6i tkMa&.
Proper spaoiag. of peamuts a-s orket -sot bt the
Atponozn r Opartment will rFwsut Ia 100 to 200
s4a _ster aMtr incyeasoe n Yi yat worth 4183,000
.4frt, ,as. ally.
Ss .rttlier reqiremats for Spanish peanuAs
bha9e bteen pretty well worked out and if thifs t-
formation is put taae practice it ioutid ,PA

'* V0

$122,000 ananally to the valem.of tho peanet. oeO

Sreeasig woft with pmanuts by eaat set^ -b
ti1mn has daeioped strains q.% higher viahsAi itat
en sa Speatsh. Oow seed wtil be -vay for dSm E
tattttion In in two years. -he peanut rop haveated
$r ai hua an annual valua of $19,SpW ; thbro-
fore, the barpoing war esm alStaio sm ne tlia -.
-^t Wj *O )0,000 anufafal?, -.

: S.peodinlby selottona an& hyfrtlf zatlon is ,*
i: s { ees with especially iaterest3in resLts doh -
tbg up frwa the lbyalid4stion steLsls, The value
4of panat gren for-hob g off aasfor selltng
tbo shealiag tnta is as ed at t A ,o ,o000o
therefore, tf yield can b6 slroaaed 2 FIr l raiar
iag tbrough t traisht sael tion oWr iWbriAetant,
this awok ri U be worth $1,000,000 aRmeljtt, .

The af.et of potash on the yt&Ed aend qgit
a 4pebaWl plCnits has baan SifteBs tree .eabsonS,
-sof lsboratotr 9T;* remains to a4e ane then 4be
rf'tik wll tp ready for pubilda law.

she corn variety tests eons&te4 by t*, g4*f .
aL.e. spartmeit hawo diswr vered variotioe4f #t oat
that yiaLd approximately 25%0 are grain than the
sonaa eoe a new smad o )Lm witda fatm W i ames
ti eain nue sof thQ eorn caqe..gtr Fha B'ateW
i iteh eWV three year Voiwsf to Pi.,6geg).
bySrle percent ivarease amnasBt to bi,172,33,
the eticated *t sanuaw valuattlhS o pwforl veartky

**AN" by selettmon a r tattflg *
1eef satled lin is. now in progbress.
pe.iarge BM has wb been a =y6480 a loni g esouI
to abe9 r*6aOib. tha results sf, other experiment

eSbtaon ids isate, howoeor, the possibU.ty of
ke" Iasig tho yield of the oaet vatieo e byli
Jwere Amwt* a IF* ZTwo 1a lap we*k with I pdiWn
meathi t. 9ho eatiinte -sertu from corn tbredinge
votS to be AttIeta -i ftie bb t yeant is
(z-,bel per raawnUM

Io 150,400 craeM 6of roasitag
o %att Aera d arh ehpot eAal3y from
: q tlda, It has beea outiaata y Orone of 4bsp
larger oporatefh thAEtt .his ea nflt d 4 w$ t
5b# aepe .e oratelf it: were ~feet conr and
othbaufise the tahl%, lb rk -tof trantfrinug
the sweet or sugias oaoract e ite largo,
hite-dant, ftelevaeetiev that at er vad
Iw roasting ears weA )4pt in 1929. aiBe
abcoaU be road fi r iSfaoaSpt in 193* w 194 35
tao estit ted inseasw e ia valao of the parent
aoreaig aanmts to $75f,100. .4 eridaetblejS in-
oreas la wseirea a$e sLOse proabl1o If a roer-
sonable profit can bo made.

Yarietr tstts. shrw *alzgum snd 3Ba*Pt Petr
or atrnins thereoa to Ibe ithe amt iatifutteqe "v
rtsfln ytapE., e t retistae and anl othel gwa-
.toars oonarlCrCi

fertiliuer top dresting expewrimnstt *i e Mkat
A' W;A of grain can be taUroased from 8 to 20 buh-,
V and. y7ied ot #ab so, hay lu y -0 < 0t 6 po01e42
p* *ra, rApieatily-, by ho wue of yaua poaes .
per ae of aitrate- of setda applied a a top
dtrnetig about the mids of Febreuay, 'Sei VMrq
Uteo, if uniform saupet, would iiherone the fl
neal tslue at the oat csrp tt the a tate by QL4089000
to $100,0C^-


Variety testinra breedaig, fertillaer and rto
tatltn work is now in progres- and valuable result*
should soon be available.

Cqanaerest-re Aspaenqr BCtmomiipMpt

Cooperative a ar, ,eaerime nts having" to do'
with cotton, corn and a1St grain, fertilizer w9c*,
oorn and small Pain vanity testing, winter le-
gumo variety testing and fertiliszr work and peRa a
fortiliacr.work, have been under way for several
yoars on various soils of tbo state and vory i-*
teroeting roarlts are being. obtained. Tbhi s wdf
will have great bearing on $_,rita field trop prIa-
ti.es in the future,

fs se efcts and afte'ifteots of fertilisation
of pere iial tfrage crops hbae given outstanding
resutro. Mpier grwpa and J~eaaeso cane were $f
tilise4 with swaege effluent over a period of four
year, Th ere was a 100% incnreafe in the pmodiuc-
. t4ti of IpieR gras a Japamese cane sitage,
Sor years Ofter fortilization was discontimned,
thses higher yields of silage were still evident
he estaelis~nment of a good plant system by early
ferilization broueit abe a continued. hiaer
i Lo pre~ etaion A projection of 18 tons of
silage per acre whSre no fertilizer was usod con-
pared to 4a toaf per awe from the fertilized area,
or an UUeeSAe of .ver o10%,ie outstanding,

be xreiult of t these trta~ a on forage fertil-
itatison cr U ed out on a statab ide batis and cal-
ouilate in f1aancial returns would undoubtedly to-
tal Neveral aIions.. NO figUros are available
far. n exact estimate.

1oompovsitiia studies on:Qron sftriaba
at & ffmut growth sat n sow val7ing roslts.
in the swly vogstatlw peouth stane, it dBoar-
poaW Qaplay dvAu to-41m hiser nitrogen o"atmt
and 4Vou pWO"e.Mt. W 0% 111J 6 anad fi oua
material.. In #o lativ, growth stai a the, rata,:-
0% daeo ltanaQsD i= ifasr. rIf & v'eI ao icuma-
tion of soil t aitrogean -to -diod, aas l1.A.sCi 49
A'uft C=pse, tho Otetalwiua .ast *viao i jo1
aorperatcd with the t*6l in its aarly. Mguiwk
t.stp~w. If, o 'Cn the Other bauc4,, a w4bwia" emau.-
zMdatibrnvOf *oil fitMUWI -U1-r4,4x so the axeP
m i~o. Use oi the altTorap in thaspU4i 3$
-ta)etIp nsbI&b Ibe I .n -a* dvan ettag4oo -
grawti booro ,boiug Pse Iated 71th the, soil.
Pevirs. ar raPely vat17 the urota
pIeat. mz a sour*o of eofl organic matter =a ni-
-, a -the better soils of th- truCk crop
area Ic on0213 -aat of Owot1 laiawll yiWAd 4MGI00 6*
6,bW .ounds of 4dr material 9t Artmx. P
thio voirth, 90-to 12 pou.andu 0 ontro.i is re-
S,, g-~ ro, or, the. oqeuisvont Of 533 tb 0S
VaP4914- nUilrsta of nodi. 2valat4ag ailtrat6 -of'
sma at ft per-, ton, SD to W2 pounds of _ifidtogen
- wo)e1rqeatiie t Tel vlno of' $10.33. to $16.00.
-This fo Siib"ng. vaue' oa Oi-taIMMA0, it ippl$
to t1~t. l?-0,D00 ~ira of trI~ Icrqps Oiuam 1 31-
ride-, 'vi 4 yield tihe state anuma v3i ml a -:
*1ll ovor CL,0602(0,o

SMiitable passes for yaw remnd Ias and.
'PromwoiIn --w. eawwt with the _ProwSi~c law*
hams -bwo v*2*io* out and ihe reaul"s .ishe i ii.
bulletin ftitnzA Lgoo& loom vWU 44d &30.00 to
W200.00 to the '6ua x tary- veau -oif --A housa ji
edditi in to -the paeaabho %'eiie

S- - S + +;

e bas eparaet -o Aas:i" e*baE.y ae_ n
entnute4 invest igatins that .b4te as their ob-
Sjective tBe b uldta g .up of Mana'l ia tr i.es
the State. Ohe Problemn VaWar inarevtatlon aWre
tloe of fete+ and their ntel, the ma ,uring of
nw pt t bshays aad ilages in terms of flesh
saMd-3tM& tShe breeding of asials to pnatwee
ore am better flesh aw4 43Lkx, the abdagunent
of hemlais floors under lnorta copitmas,
andthe 0 erooaiag of Laraeltee and diqaes .
that-aMmet &the health, wetfare Mandi t iovn
t eatti.le, boga, sheep as poultry,
*- thiS tiae flori49 opsm .s mest pro o o -
t r in eacss of what it wzroces. I tbae inter-
-at sf 4 balanoel agriealture, in the -ater st
of wotoAgmeo t of the sat .el' resocroes, t the
inta .est ot better rural cintttues, -in t11 in-
-teae of biliE.1a the ag rimu re ioft o
.etae tt i s easvetial & t ume users of li-per
st*oe oa Aforida farms and ranev l ie tsorftae
oetnoMeW A glance at tae folil ing state-
mant EMaa the sitnatiein clear.


07 MAT POi

Beaed up- n the U. I, Owft .af 1930 atd
tBe t *DsevW**vt 6f Agriculture
Yearbook 1932

o n" a t .... 73717.l ..oxa,

f~~ dProdge Ion
BMukrtage or importsp~~~pppp~~~ppp~~~

6j g3.P- -

N 659:jl04 pounds

r -

orPIm~~OtPtio lOOf1,9% POamtis
~mo~t iou iOA0goooo Pot- &s
1hbrteg Or iLMzw1 29*64,990 pou -:

QouimaiPeozi .9, 69,l9evo i==ds

baIOuta4 4' iMnyrft -.069301 W *ouu

MveMtoCk prod-.ctioni %0&w offers oatne.6 t'.,

t."* aitai astmitt eu uw in sigh t a-e' keo*W,
It -t ofre tUeS Mes fr po i62de lba4a on
1'reSSnwprodkucig busle"

MOt the qulity of ftoftda meats, bee paer-
tioU6arty, uumst be imomve because 'rapid. Iatrn-
Portation am wefrigeration bring oomvt-ition inp-
-to Soery ai&.e- lage and mieil An tihe itate.
Wiel't&a mekta Spat be iqiorolldin quailty as We1l
& 5 izwsu4i4 q.12 tit7i arit will b ftor -u
..*hatji.r to 1ea4 S Myr in &*M ethAe l
X.U~ -Me graiu wafte f advancement ia _beieii,
IU 1* b~roM compraobswi. crattle breeding,
ftod#Mb~tg aad~ muxgem~gutproqpwaP

~h-- -~~i- --- - ---- ~ I

-- -
I '

i .
, i-'



Beef Seatie

Xrip neltrs demonstrating -the importan-e of
msAW -pirbvwe tx~s. -Ws~ etv o"A teef a-
tie 1nwpamovaent-- work we'betzW o-gnU4V4ted4
twer1Ve different lares a..d wAng-O in un*m wta
is this stats. -SoWld xiostw on thua obsatnesd WV
sihom def1ntte4 the Uss of va'tg piiimrlb balwt
iniwt4. of -vari,.b bunl and the canpaeitlte VO=-,
of different brsees fo2t beet pqpqseS.

Sxperimegts are being oondiwzted making use
of -vartou. vfs.4a in winter fdtzi"Ug of a3Wa,. -Th.
awgimag inca e by determining -an sce IIq-eal system
of wintering -beef ctttle votad &soitto U ,-*%OO
annually .

*aI-ng tests h&ve proved that rVftttanB~e
rotomsao mwbe seaureid IW sing g.teers on A=-
*owd. lAvaoures. 37Oriments ahow that -250
Pwnft -of beO -can be, obtained -frm good rsseb
even -0 poo ri iL. MIWw thomeausn.f f sope" of
hontda.-Ia can -1ioft1? $5.WOto $Wt per
Mrs Atf, improved pasture awe stuomd #ftit oa*-
tda. The making of improved -pastumre is being
workE4 *t- IW the AgJompW_ 2.4partment,

MBairy'' Oatt~fte
Comple4tee e]rbd Wodskaept on UtS rdeistered
,jft~twe at the Itat ift aft, beUiiv usoed In ttund
of breeding, inheritance, mragamert- admid 14ftilig,
1%0 Americcan Jersey -atf1e G2b reord* the
milk and buLtterfat yields of pulrebred Jeey cows,
that mewed n oertidn minimum standsxd. ~Te mola
'in theQhed lhave qia3lfied 16T this ]oWnr with 13
records aer-aging 7,511 pound -milk aSA 393 pounds

of butterfat, 8 of these in the firat mflkfbT

Pbrk Production -

itrin-e maagmeaet, as worked pt '-by the Agimal
Busbandry Department, proves -that pig; can be
raised free -from intestinal parast f .e enee I3
Bwo pig oan be rated per litter, thereby aoh-'
iae, 00, ptO gs yeaapy nt ferida farzs. Pi f
so hadMled m*ke rapid, axmform gainsre'a a@ .eig th
U 1 3j6 .00 more per heat. -gls item a6nc.
^wtl mean $1o0a000 to $300,000 to the pig crop.

'ests nade rthb the alriie here aow that
larger litters can be produced by Bsieeting airlts
from proletft mothers.&

1he Florida type of farrowing housee has been
4e8vs94 by this department :.and by its -use pVig los'
see aret desnieased.
hea department Ia. rtbnwn tB t it t-t entirely
Ipactical to raise two 4tters per year instead
we one.

Closely assoitted with this work is the pro-
: tlon of croep for hog, feeding to finish -t ee
aSmAals for market in Septe.iber and again in
Match wbhen prices are highest. This work car-
rted to its logtcal conclusion on the farms of
oridar where o. a -ti* tsow raised would rea as
DiOO,00 iknerease ia hog values..

Zxperiments are beLw conducted Oa a total of-
12 farms In 10 counties tn this state to deter-
amne the most economical mefhed of teising Fhogs
miader actual farm conditions,

irvaupti a6 ton litter-of p~uif (aotxial
weight' of5 litter, -21n3poundIs tn e*Ui onthe
te w tab1i1ity of iloitda h waiBII e
Jep W*U~ftMW8%=tj, Mt littir wa at a V it of(if

W 'thIl ti) paet .* Jears 61 $aWSV in 21
oeuaktae b ave obsaine 64 ibpClt. *A A4
pawbre4 `boars fron te frm-kZverta im hu'
to -'Ve Vo-d ak founati~i 1*eeti~ag 5&0*10%'416 33L
:sBv*Wr d Station tiodw -I*IkW.WWWr~~bc~r SOMs
froui **fch pwuebrad bad.r ~kbe sc~eedid

Balit 8W $s COate

Oattle Safsing on nrampita -bsc# affsOted
withk %' 4 ick(nutritieual anemia, i4 rcove
1i'em this gondItIon A= transf~u,% o ia mi
txn .m, -2d# problem has eugageid the ab~Iaon-
of tbr W erbumnt 4#tation for mew law-. Atfsee-
ted eatfoie voomrvez oz~ a ir=n.SM'&oipir. *up
:~Xesa Sis ~si~iidStewd.~ jro'~erly. As- 1.n humanr
in.4eIne psOtuies -of tte blood hare veriHfsd thOe
effeei~t~iwnem o the: ~Bf~ron-md~b -oopper m~pesagt
i kn tor~ tbe health -f affected ezmal6s. 1tr-
thar Ust. to the _livestock Iwnstry, as owkeed. by
ualt sidk, Vutho rotaw"a growth,' rsda~uoi calf -
crIops %9" of Ooindait1ons 1wraesised.. now cex-
'Ying 4o0a and kower qm4VW of marktAsble ear-*
oasqbio.U 4& be *eiet" d by kaepiag an trurreol)",
parr4vatM fixtuo ztae f awb=wE .ls 11I ODM "
A a~ ~theys ASulre., ca~: attleawn are Uah te
'1pO1Uit -ez*4vfx&q -wntire sats*fsotlon.

beaatb studies u&To =xUw way at preqmt,
Aoft4vxg the. relat"""It'ioa ftliogMA OPKO
OGU G c r -the soils and of r1
.eccmtra scf salt sick.

bhe esoltion of this problem aXene is worth
$epOO~O00 annually to the castle isnereest of
ot1d a,. and this su will flcreas. as prices for
and. ambers of cattle in~eease.

-Fr the first time a microscopic study has
been made of the ti-smes and. organs of cattle *f-
fected. by the ceonitioan Imown asu sat sick., In
aMl. il as in ai n disease, tb~ picture of the1
dwevlopoent, exent of i eir A z recovery is aot,
oomplete iunr~l the micromopie cbaagee are ob-

In salt tick, the studies now in progress
abow Siba permanent injuries have developedwf'ieh
may eiaiK affect the growth and d evelopemnt of
the aMnmal even after apparently. complete reo-
Cwpeii is important s8noe it show the
wi of prevention as ompal t to treatment af-
W atitmaals htve become affected. Prevention
pS.tludeS mutar of the econoi ic loe.ae entailed
ft *i1 condittioz, because animal that appear to
~h* na #4 Ise| tr*e recovery, yet show permanent
jinoTy (460i t issue) of some of the vital organms.

Mineral. Sapplie for Cattle

stln cows fael to receive a sufficient a-
mQant of c aixteu a fn ri -L to supply the re-
latively large permj:~ bae o ese elements in
mit,. they draw on the bone framework of their
bol to a& point of bon-weaene,", after hieth
the adtlk flow t decreased. e mineral Oonteot
fpt the alkj isa not z can t iedg. MUtoakg cowe re-
eeiving gressa rrWaega groa on. l1Ow-lime soil
after Wa a hor"rape of oacinm.. S- ploemental
feeding Of A fle mient itM ha resulted in re-
stored m reaerves in the skeleton and in
increased t'i3d

.,~-- h~~+~~S:.~~ ~ 1;

F', .'

-tow law v:e go6
.t t a m ,v e n -
fIC W a ...Ler rrai ....

-w :rSitb, : ,B ~S t a- t
p--b W a rttedg a Csea .ame


:~itk rro*e 44tp--gagt.p~ -'tosh as

one an 1M. I*ee
*io.1 s*^K^J^^oa" whos -A

;- *i j W4.a aomet S oe : o h m e *
emis overP~L`3Ll Ilries. 1*
-*"? il~,iiinft iili'll~a'aHi>l 'taifrilla tai :afdi4jiL- 'ite
'inr& is~r -KfiB"e0 cf fsr "^i 'bA^^* ^^y'^ ^^^^r^^~^w-^^

ba Nof.alw fa. 4

l e f b z n a in'r n-m .* 04_ jk

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the wori of t-i Sfarmt: Ui t CemiSt i ad
.14t. to devoted largely to fertilier. steWU
'.wt flan ru and wtrious trunk es-pe sMd. tao oil,
:taPt to oterm ine was and: mear of i~nct3eoi
Sr fttf t Ut qi e Ifda soBlea la the nfi t-
: iatt; a the chief ait has been to Uft etpe
'pSW of <=Fttea erops wi4wteaort"Aftt

Sbi lsdeA have oee. SAruated tsi4ard f I-
tS the -i.ce economical aBg ptacttcal way of ipdT
auetaig or maintaining the hasm contiAt of
MAla, whe imwortancoe of these satuties will be
spBpeciated wtee it is realized that a soil with-
b::i bu is praetoally a dead soil ttat will
-flg pradruoe oenes ntisfaotorUe' ana a soil con- ;
.ting an abWtaace of- bms will prdioe er ;
itdy creeps a a m.Er. at fer ert.tilsters te, '
Ss9. defteaMit ta l&e. At seAfat rirda .soilt
ate Wry dasifloSts IIn ks m at ibs sseantii tbat
thes uiy o haM be kIeornafw and amatfsitedv
it *f a to o ap be 1nde %twabt 4fopr ap '

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str"i. .sa .. a.... A
tfla$ the fea1rgsapB Atroget t cn be orutnelly aabsttrated for the uaal co*"btises
of sganmie Pd. tnorgato saoenes if adequf. saooVer
cOgW arS" ggWn.- Sbwie libbia could be 4iaeb .
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sties, OB aouxite of poteo e. .*flr
UI that 35 units per year are .tfm flC e to pw* .
Iges ptatifatory citru o era tpstad of t&e i;a"
to S2f nait generally used. fts *u rstIep wOeP
feiUet a letter a*our4t aproxtrtis, ,ImQ per

Sp aotateo tert ilser wpeTriaetal wrk five
yrees' reqtts indicate that thbp aIwr.aseo isem
ce, P tm qantheatic oraw apitesrwtal T0s4, 9
tbe uarizt>amtay as tMt*a-r*e otf aiaont*
rtaMr 4ikwt-f usual cnsalsom n oft ct'iorgata4a
ftt weldt mmh* a a&vtag of ji*p .
f 0l0c Ins tohe 3 sim Isestion aSt dl

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hseMi Atat eMAt. qfl-timi~w 'w0lted is :A ber
t4 nagetLil r w e etnnal o eabnase sretabae .
aSW prwhu*ttsn to ane so.wa of nttgcin has
AoaW 1t59tI mwaelor to atl others. arites f .
aa efh c a pparrealntly bte *saubteA for the n-$-
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as high as to found is A at A irolina. If conp -
l- so sh tuaeSa satit avse a high dverti5.ei 'i-.

Anm-b ;; :.a awl *rth E* SAs ..
us s tia e an sindal coantet 1- our track
-9W ti i ikated Ata %I* thi type ofr sol U at-
i a0peo.lle4 t.he anmoaut of inineralm take p w y
te. .a1sts -9Ike copper and masganee aooaieph e
eIia q cfpg oa rasity aa increased t*re"s thw
Sat sf ites of thse eeaUei I-* As coper Isl puay-
mc& an aereatiing ipprtant part in humaa nutrition ,
ma of at.isfasai the amen*a In our vegetables-
iaMsrnep tsir foot vant;

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i1&hm ataw .as aefl-of the werg3laJ* .
weft tra&m4 rich tham* taw ars in certoni
ba*k ftoagr asiBqmtu at pnaocbi orope n tfe
enBte .ftk (Eas Soaftie hbad& 0to be daon if the
1 .ieluie aa takarb as nows tt Itto ea i fail-
.* fhe Ifreglates htpertnent BStatton as part at
ha fuWtdida Skperlne *hfl$oa yets.a am &eabb-
3144a by itatiwe 1l*acgeBt aad irtvewgtiaolw
t0- W *Koit ad artr proeb3Wt of the 3vergladeg
bw~as;n> pdalCo tsrlsIb : -eturk proved tabs-t a -*
Ma agt oapwr aIRato to then uutewouia
eeU1fem 4tifb 4tfictclr enefateresd eat mie it
pfbtbbe to u0bil3se the pe f4t1e for growing
ferlp Th of a emer ath es appated as far-
ttger is allied or mited aSb it,. has made
gp ie s 14 ta w lraign trrmil fam XGq

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mess hEai Aweptwated that S aptost flth em an autAme for asuetal -
enop petftclt* in lweer *e &esftyl. At *ash
tsmz. ofd WtAWq*g a teo or & ta sot ba
of a a ue u o. e, Saw 6a i *rt the
'8aa rqpW3. by apofing a uMtitltAr Alat v*tU-
lMert U pfatei of Naeswse a)Uate par aOw b
V* 'e-Swoy l oa me4e pt4stKe t0e& great truck
aCop n e oi~Lanesa in that pwiontlc so f: tloul*
StCe a t cuter a*a the *bouses ot wf of
tfs- uammree ba& prVeIOlU* aetnA as a

4 ther bnend peaty ee ofa tbte. Aitd
ar* iaittd by a Aiedsae wtl Bn
2t4 traoube casNet great *l=ese
rida xiperln st aateoo footA tbt
atsw of WAneanea applied tso th la -aw a
Wr or -aprayd in 4oltlpea *a the %mpl
ad i*ihthe trouble. l'y tbha asaip te
k.men overawes amndrSi *

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*ta.at a pot*eagesonatie have aboso*.tak
I' LgT IP ban fitfor trne CgLh, Se1
=WV16 at -taas aTkwoef .t eo to o- as a.b
'wtul. Theaml -t mt ce hn 44* Itce1-

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ted tat a mare uniform feefng otf th tree restlgs
-a& Rat greMer use tis maA q- the lar titUir tAw6
twhat so beer top it ueL.o -t eomintbaud use Ef
a crn trap wil ultimately oea a & saving in the
nmetBX of seemwelal f srtiliBr neoseteary.

9W bahiw also boeg obtaitrdi *tch litte
esta -that for toL general. fant crate or t rack croT
tuin.eB fose are pLanted shortly after the cover
Scrop M imoopweate4, there will be eomatUrnblea
a10 of 0a8t food in the drainage waters. tUp t*
t preset no otbaods have ben, fooS& of ptan- -
nantly iamteasing the h!ma content of the mal.
ft bUAal"t a been shown that throw the inW of
nearagadnous over crops 'tod l. nmatil salB
together with the oheavpe tiwrganic nitrogen
fert$t4er, the am* affect to obtained a.ks when
dowJer1B sifw a tiof exnmptpe ArtAnic titro"e
(fa an& aerganioe a&troge .are upg

te Obraffter of e eti & large
Jm tWast6m 4s 6te B abthe suitabldaty Bter Ms a
tis grakwth of Lsapb or long loaf phaw, a 44wte ff#
O* AtVM2y of the aoile 4f the Itate amd awh
grow* raoes of truee $rTwn the ,46Us Ix of'---
usef;fffaces tw- to ltie hsa*esse. Sucih a srv :
an $ a rtIVt has been abeu n au 80Bt comp-teed will
e0f"e ais a 1adeo to those 4streated 4u iree cr.
t.e bhst iaesgasent at fr~et oils (4 a *
w0baom of majer ImBortanoe t-ton pte.i An ex- -i
.Itsw wasy of the efft-oWf beaM *a t he0
Wases ; matLter and iatereals f ta tnt sofl M ue
ben -aa. is ta.tu, ane 4.11 araes of turne
Oamt iwai sote0& base been raau ifn a airt :a
t- o ek l m o bteas flto ost iasts bile i
Aeai to baie it tle er 3asZ tl efflt ena eo nim-

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tMPro aAd orv=ges matter 0t forest soils.
SbiwSstpo a oatwe the nwrofth 4 grasses and henr-
benuea pants but a* # rule dSXaotse, the growth
of Paw9 meat*.& Ste. basting iemanfl the
ttfede trom nMil anA thu i *twroys a Iafte qwan-
t 4f t vegitable mpftta. tB.he $ty 9f rUttip the
itfter in cozmawitee with beninag, and the effect
4et theie managements on tha growth beeames is-*
part=t.. Sadi studies are Ia prooems.- -te a*Lx*
: i. of th1pg forest sielh pruoblM.wivll be of
vau12e Ln saSMtig a sysbtaetic rseorestarIti
SP*Rau in she State sad for the utiltttan
of 4tffreaet laada for forestation a*d resingi

Stuite ab4 suarveys of soils used for the
raptly ;~rati; twan oil pa*oflc a hae6 beea
Mat.." Tns' e tudlie, patloularly 'w theBfereas
to the wie0eras6e of thOe irPA6eei.s dcssassip
J&e@ -,4* on 4ftCtnMt si t"yps pear the
IStatiq t potgtion to adviss with pogp petive
groMwa of tuag 1 tee amA assist tb. ink
select a the bast grades of land for the
vulture of thi. new crop' .. .Sa tone too close
t, the eurtsn or nesaite lamese litoe in
soil has been futiaL detraaeiAl to the grswbh 8 t
the taai tree. i lanad often ahow a 1b4g
-a nta e .of broase' ties~ aa a poor growth
as: 1 atatc an rooa sup4 ters of water wttb
i the. Iot espO~e ot handta-s, amest atoim-
t-top ti of valW to ts sROaeO tive grew"s of
ten -**,

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otf &""tqfl o

q 'r perota pr mm etw A sjoaftA& importo-
a it s terve 4* the I6t4l etrqs ofi tOe
*tf a. lire It Pot for this worNt, PiWSS -to
fatnwe alm be many Utis Ie tzo f a oft tbey
are ts*a. *at this tWA do a iTat be stR .
fIrtwr rv efteed, abadie toie lifb e histories
cf iaeq4te and of metbods of fAsating and4 tn
tro!Gl4fl.aE *0t sr on,.

Wid tamen awi a yidetarlEy int t .
folride forty yeas fo aM while it **a
tpoes and abaut, the cj$*s it&ufwty OUPO pw
ly mwcs oaeot with a traidakb) eSW,. g apgl
of t|wamr tied bt#t4hese had little
or a S fnstt the ~aIat. It bh boe
dest lVr, Sl. J~an.

wa -pont r i J Wb. f al' -
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*r--B*lM 44 mlK&eet

da and the

a bleme obede or
pser.. gfp servy fl
't thousase of dtt r

ba *e r ue.mI sifir swtats inSfal ini0
aMb ers tfl ceUry l1at &f tOfhe SamLfter a
it the seam of 194 56cautag amch dnagb Oel&

ft oi*g1l.aa led to the disc-OuPry that 06 the
0450 am be vaocaefrtlly cosutrolled *I th pyrethro

Afta*%ts are nwbeing mnub to fink a obeapor muuzw
of cont rolling tble pest

VAol* crickets are 8Cintim.0 ~j~pollT 4mt
and canoe aozmidsra7.)e duawge .0 s&beds
#Anws lions, and. golf apux'pv*. "It was foimd ti
Uy substLtuting ordinax poantry laying mash Aw
a part, or Ali of tbo br'an in the poisoned mobl,
1ong used for p'aaehEsOoU the mole cz'iaow-
at* co be, effectively- comtrol4ed.

Uply in T0 ; vestt mums &phId nav-
Uts cO6At as zaeaor pest6 Of -citusw iu i
Vis *#Uftated that AA that. 6im yeat the SA
mied ad aigwer to the cIaitr u
lo inpprozImzstly $5g4OS SO., twulS M
Id~sbsw a49 bbtt of ao]t 1 d bwe-
tha the destiru oa of VboS a payteted ovor-winl te~rto.
o~a~a of 4abdds and the briaing Put of a
viogW land rapi d growth -on the t ree in tha bemag
iU- 2 *WA& it In abeek and ihuin prevat
A~ that vMid AMOUi o 41V millions of &la.

vMdy OVA&Y~aaj cuse mchdage to
.%Aov. Q~8qiM;S ft1 ONOUme and, at-ra ctrx- i FRLI

oaoSt be "tIuf~!arily, Ca4OW1LeUd by wzpryinji.
EXO k at'Statten # cured and reared the

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.wKgtaneug 1qnt36 *tc* tweeds laBft 1n
aisay trque and Ztiarated agoX|es of *he it
rfwef Mat Other plfntl r rflt2 teid wLt Si
bf. Nao the be.she- i*s
*trates their ra as a aeWgi4r Ut tim ret.

SStamte be-n sUistate 4bt thB m

**Pe ot t0 g 0, asUlme di strr i di
th h.av" t hmws n ts tb l A.alt cm. be
)A&Ur Oevt we of pyWtbuv prta.t ad ht .to-'
; om" mm, of the aual tt.. al peat. :
gift y rekaw the danger of infesrtgtqe#,

S:tw years g, tihe qai e~.s o -f 9 .-::+

dflet As jwuing of pasraf p3Muanah iw I a
DMatis. ffeeotie ad inwqapsnta mathote pt
Oadaf lit Mr worth ias 1a mt r of ea gtain-'
cetg flet at relatiniW sfll ct~et
o -'. + * '? -+, *.' -:.* ^

aune of otbar penst t ioa r or mtmws..r
'eftmoP maso r4qega o y from *Ia* ste -
fits that tauld lter g + to bs gha hm r
d thi fear. Sou .W irM' I B d .d:,
to iSS4ta --M to timint gpaSfl oou .;
frGouxtf fibE itm guIntage peas
vtiwm sod .etwa sea -

tVhe Avesaiattiomg of tBe Dipor~Wtmt of )Imo
.BueAis~1c s,~. I-bean directs& VWtimcu1rly 'toWr
the fl*034 01oUxom rpitrition,- tifficaltes caused
'by matlrntiton, vualgpa -t ftotdta pxb&diat, Md
certain s torksV probrmew, :

Rmeatoh At tbis steftioi has shown that' .
mt& ppfrai t peel contains 3% to 6f neot r .
th't this pectin can be extracted W* ge a&I
'ftct in nw wa s qU?6Z101r to the' aple peotI* Of

2be ytUU of peo1-peotia per field bd 1 of6a
grapefruit 'is approximately one ~ootiL z of pectin.
.In florida for- the atesou 193132v 932vl fleld
boa of gftpaf-mit were. tM oi the calibez.y *A-
4VJA"I ihftry.;. the V8 f ra tr I-A-m1-mf' Obm'a *fit a
will 3493A wi little over 9 M USOq U oft potii

'Comezc.a&lla so1iS pectin retal i tt $1.00 A,
1.50 per piMaU1 !Me 4% water erxtxraot- (%mder 10&w
Siouns trada aaaes) retails at about 7boS -per pivtw

ieuoaxor tb h isk station b-aaB. shown that A
C1616I UoK et orange cu],]s wiU. -y1U3 about four
11"d ~1ias of good qV4-ity a, In 11oWid" d7"'
i" t= eaOU 195r-324 33,09 field- -boms 0
*1pe5b M we" used b7 tie bcamiig sad juices fts-
tries, so, pete f pm OU vt vi~B 1WiI& yield -sie-
thing. -,o0 pdU oft"; .stoil.

In tue r*Ia. =l t ~Ye ..ft.3p. -
-..., t .. ..si. -.'. SA *

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6' roe -11 indn*trr in )e.
-h atteep taht estate a

tB ditiw fruAe awBtmim p inf ;s
aa AUmestM i*^fa tcn 4anerl satm to a
SSeLttm4st certain at4ate of the rutt. ..
Shsleh at tBh6 stations has shora that tbohss
a* are epoaisble for see of the otfer s
p a stored tX a juice, thereby^ M
ttin4. the vuitabfllty of afertaAi .atwe of
Jtsti PflwaSflme

aMcarc bat ti. static, is being dited e.
the aiscowr of oafm proffltle use to

-. t pUma p of s -ioato-i* ;.
atto. to m iwi ae0 of a prxer
e a c~B qd- ... fL eI S .

aet^ ~d* ae "- .: .-, : $
LT'i **ie flaiet

a rta*&t .sa.e, 4a W o as the Ah*ch r-..
-r to ta. s ofr tbm*

ft so goo" ( is
a W psP A Iea Mw ta .
Ab lm. to beafth fteHS ao f h4eOt nuA 40
-kp* stt teat *e f trt. ma wvaflptw UtWeagregSWi

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I- an Igtcattar).

*.A sw1lt ata stday c -tbse orpeap* agirn,
1o lisrtlap ef9 camsedcorn, a4d of the ftont
efsltMitg l propaitrs of poiises, resaser..
dahieas aM enagstions hae aen msde witob salutt
dornase polwecs of the *liat so"a type.

.' S *J *a . *r " ..
In ca ildaia th* stri a M Om uste.bl. tBr pie..
Vwetos tba ifelopment or retdatw in pmcawr, it
has bain fonA that a y ewnsny proev -

S S*sw r t w La.usscetta 3.ms of e s i an ta*. e

1 -. a ***'. .. -.
li Pg:tea .6ter Samope t ---Mnp r .,
.P bcpv-pw at 10 f*gmiL C. ad fa awrS m.is
U pt. bat't of fre" eCan the ait tsori

."- pw.-i 0-* a :iftmmt tha iwabt oir *-
e9gb0&td ow fLA a*. ta shbmoolt at the s'tbe
if th &eMagmu burden of the Chilfen cold be


tsr .fl fU4 for a ONta 0^, O m3
-* a A fla f'r a -
waeen* as uea ooaety, 9 sa ofe th noma 8-
fwEsb 41Mb lie ior S~R f ^ On thA l f_

ne ftr ** lr*.*
.;*h a s e oec neg, eac w)uuei b r
ane .'r|Het mwuspsHei urn be aewetew to ae .H::
tlot rPportiensl to the blotarn busafc Mhs.
F ws to long stading hoeehoeBm iatcttaf
basE it. as k Wa the bolnwosp t -aO msAthS
othe ptlraial even atear the .ifaclft bia %ea
uMwes We have farthQe shws tA hw@aiom ltm
teoas when .aeawqrtm t ts talSty flqstwrto rmt
saatb in lJries more proaunced tha with hboeo
won teme. bheae injured e a heart dtefota
aumsia, na4 intestinal dAitumra oeeas a e value
heat n.tble.
eL effect of stMe hin been suateSoMt a oid&*
da n laCte.$ with beebroam m r a l swi rPttA af
tilam It hba io fumnd that by tn OaMsttfa of
Sata a i oea jime Ut#e t. UM a.n Ms uprewamst
It the oUnditia n ti aiildri l s damntrat9A.
bRa4 &amroewnaw asqiteed of a Inerease in p.
SOi -as well a jpQmta4 activity, an itnasea IIa
Sa*sit*** Ao eeIaSC a in the aSte -at red pie.
atin toah blod aS a ^pd ral isapoSraemt it

aothed e** beaf woratd at bby ahitb a &gidte*
s e setlaste can be moau of the hatw-ity otf
4e heiorm inftntoea. 24 abosuld prove valim.
btlt In further bodhorar fshslte.

ttr sa ift rabbit has- boeew sena to be


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all to Aacl b mlsU. er it ta .a"ison#w as a ,
:: W aglw- by addsi d sIAkUc paftr t Ihe @*.0

Sma a"t emp ea asa tudies of ti.he pw art
1ea 0m2gme which oear 1i tS orgue at the at-.
a,_e the nges atf the state .are new fper lrW
ti o, einnRate sflapoiu 4 9, v.an of the i t
ftsato tfm thase h tu dilet -i be. iWIa L -;.
but oan be nprpeated It tel at t store thrifty *At-.
aifs, greater calf crop, SleP r carrying costs, s
better gr.at of senate. m studied also bare a
dirapt bearing on the vrobltum of ahmma stritifte.

IS removal of the thbipw gland meett breads),
the gland thich nontnls, growth of the young, it bos
beam s l0m t.3at the growth of animals is decreasei
&e S gF pring fr these AnimAle aW
4j'step ;pirage growth. Statwem, n ,t a
er: sohtama .out a dorea in it et c tl
thipama Offapring fran sach animals d6 not slml
the antge growth. *.is work shown that It t*
inteSteab e to bried widemarfiihed cattle* 9ma
it leads Otj alL- inepk calves hence Wa bAoreas
ia prednotat aanddpincrease in carrying ml

'al iBa of swOet betgr
aMI t ftt in. the elaon t uteat of thi Ndo
S, Uf h I hs Ottat hearing X4
bea. feastiS an miatrakl4itaf at aem

It has been foed tj.m -i polhena tla u A
*roarm of a ftwh 4, and otetOb*cts t=n an
pola3 &ai m fs aM tO be 1? pot e an ws "at tflr
oil it ?ltafa A dtbfitent dhaeske,,

Aata. see& and rifadfa *eedlings gros Aa
Sit liht or dark ae .good so.Uce .-of* Ttadt.
**^ A. :

toCartia, tbe yellow pSiMomt f and in maun
plaamt, bam been sbhoas to bei the parent subs tamev.
iaim'whIeh TItamin A ~ made. T~h Inioatats "
:that any ome bf the yellow pimnented fgatalea s
9ca be uswd as a, sawe e of this.. -easntial vi"a.

uaperiaitental animals on a titmatfa Ir deftieblt
4det showed no indications of ric ts when e; -
posed to sunlight for one hour eadh day (13L L1t
t: W ). +

BieA.oa a -0 0et ooer infts an. fet 11b ai.
tasnee, bowed signs of m4matri tion an laye
.beat balf as istay sg 0A henis o 4 ab 61 bahased
:dit, P$ .e 3 a- mwti old) on this Atet d4ed
6Wi ou*tit Ia*i4. iThe co.a lier oil wza given in
edition to mature heasj. they taid thraigh the
first ensam and olted.t luediately after .mt
fir*t molt they aolted-aePitn. JEits I imporrtat
Stoa hiring the relat&oa between egg p iroGtioS sad
AaueBesd dietfi

..nti.,MA #is ,

h b* ban oidaa that awrvey good&gra4
Tvta.Bt em be seaad from raseftS grapefruit ad
otri p t ypeof oattA. frris. Sa aindicates
another Wea3a of Vtiag the cit ati crop whlkn tiere

*kle 8 1 a u

A -stady taldAing 1800 WMgro WaJOcI* sese
that at leat 8 percent at them are potititamy







a-* eoted by the -diAsOas it 1ia predicted that
Sickle eall anwe4a will Beereie a coimuon AI*Iu
WbO4 cliniolazs becace aoqsainrted with -it, These
S &eA apre. sOLe of the first mande iui thi COi-nmx7.
As -a problem ini 4sgro xrtAl health azad nutrition-
it twJt.

2he seffotse po the Depqrtent otf H -orMt
cu.i kare bse beN devoted t teo .t stuy of probe*
ime at probation and hbeaug of horticultural
oropa, izda')tUe ferits, pitas, veYgta3.w and. or-
....gatat .* th. work bas covred, on the ame
naf.l t* collection of atheatic inf.rmatlen
ceaseramta the adaptability of crop to nriqwe
Si9s. eat olsastc cottditloae, the best methods
et prifeaseo Ma patlter ,tanlw i aealin
am# Utabtdmoa of ti fanal prodaet; and, on
thbe other hand, to the canriiag oat of specific
sesearet eosted to the solution of vxzing prObb.
ls" that tbe.growere base been unable ta po.ea
either Ibeeie of the laci of faciliUtie. o

koho work of vaUe ha bmaen deoa, honver,
aAt wAch money bha been sayed to those starting
et4 the .prodauionm of various exsope through
tWo am1ai bilityf of authentic information. ThlA
infbiratcan bha been mawe awaible by amamas f
batletaUs, magazine articles, talk aid letter.
S* matter activity has boan a very important
aat es*teasws ona and, Atf we may Judge' by the
.aagpwaeation of the cerrepoafmnts, a very valm-
Abue saervico Ovrl,000 letters in reply to
iaptLrera were written during the past year at
toa ajbority-of thee 6 ve information of rOal
-walue to agrecilt'rists In the state oa to pros-.
peotiv residmats. 'IWs letters are 4n addb.,
ticn to the bandreda that are answerAt by meaUa
fI. rtntea atoerial IS hlletin feama Actual
ajssea. tae st results of coinnpseame
Vha bee"n fon U .4 eip show that thit *stamrman.
9ta of intomeiBpon is wWrth thMan .r W dafla

t poniag maey s. ved to. gr or, throU&i tho e an-
-fto MO. o. mA_ clhanne 1. of produc tion.

If& :a nkt taiktsr& a excemrca 1 0

stortue p anabw bM- p4-ftiat" by the Dipar~
-AS& the work-*bqa 4i!tMlion giveo proatupmS bw

106 4d rtemaiv UinST.il ica U&

.saom lo it .lb*- slpeady gme Into praoci, h

00U. Strsge -of CotruGts Y'ivtsa
SWUeM iz prOeV's bW6e. shown tIa. deiftt
w.*g*.hjp ~PhQwe tameratare and. "-d i~ )
te bIbung of Zita *r14i4 in -cold a
OWN"& tmking pI*e- in, a-tared -. otru f:r Xid
00 .- VIa.t immhip of, the .atupiity of f ret t to't&
ho&Mng quaUty have -besa oftie~dd, and the peaq1iar
MOtAM~ Of .cEtain varieties Ato storagehave h van
w0*84 Qut, 'IS-ie i e9$iAi_ 60mod ftot- coW"617r.
WA*g Of '1 OitO frul tso both at the- maeximaiif t i..
#h imtrt OA makes tblo wark of tremsn4e1s pG
tieopdi 'ia ?ouseu d4W 'to I rapbpe stor-cg
bave Uenen "ery heavy in the past but ca~ abe
ic~i~gely e't~apated, ~hS G ng=u -Of citm ~a fIVA"
~~ e storiag obmts -twme, mplBat tw

InWeOGW if or- ftl Stoved jiti,
'1u SI8tiaritY Of Miw fre-4retenti~ve wrmppses
wath as ceqtmiw* It AWWi =d &avA~rmmc ioeld in

In~oless S lsuats r ~wx in Bamv tam. IWrpt



rmfim* gptbs g thetjtt a pi.Seffiv i eteriorati~on.
M1~b of awis'GCtIVA thav t iou4 reeas the
4I02- Oc-suhb riapuer a;UlMI4Abifns are being
A8thlsV*k s hmUI bo Df fm~e
:OM an stoaW aA Irag eand aump esipe ea Apoiut
ijum,%rtwt.e x~ popev V 0tOl
mad other cold iterwge tUAM"bIM CGou1
q#WgkV-jtv* @00.vl= a yeiw Is t he groWm. i#.
up eves OUyI OUS mia-l ti, such asot0e
4&MOA&- vasmer market.

; ZzA9rlna Breaekdowi of 4 WrTIefrr t and oapp.
etptdies 4m the zmetbod -v packing citrus
bay.. iibiwn thae
a fvw days ia Us bhab prerpm- e btage pack oww
coupaz y uSed., an intaernal- breiakm that 'griat
1y-n.juaues the ealabiity of the. fruit develops.
"bis shela s 4"ve -a e dpal 6f fruit throuib
ewevtinll efluimA1g the- va Of this gPo.*
fok* cold s4toragee ow or long 1wiqbe

Me cause of the bitter, taste tboat starts
to`~d~op in orange JVAice aSn soon as it hex -'bee
ex~r~bl-ram4 ma fov to be essoci$ted with berta
tliufus in the frmi t anad m thode of extractian
kh~e~ been dAeumeUped that greAtly xeduce the ini
teanity of the bitter tawte, thus produeting a
better-f lavored Co. t also0 been deter-.
jdbwd that Mte amount 'f ifts bitter irtucApl
iul related to the maturity of the fruit an that,
Sin oe o b 6twO8fqv .e&n. tWaugeTes i.n pox'-
ticeular an4 in, other itvs fruit.& in 4ganiB~bL~
it is lsWwtw% to danimate kltfR B~Bjf:

gco.o Storing of lragp J"&ie
A mInfl of coolrstering orange juice oa much
the *sO f. as thi hanaitia of milk bas just
be i thti meqitt will enable distri-
batitg C0 k.O to have central plants for ex-
tr ot eating, aind batt ing the :uice for its-
t ion. Whis ethod has bca tooSa by actutas.
trtl to be extremely sui-i4-e for ba t ra-tor
for raerants and a npeetiofps in particular. i4
wlU -pmviOq an outlet for a great dmeAt trait
fr 1aEW purposes aa will a.vod iaA.b of tbhe .
'oet. t ftlm e, wraWppInfg a othaeriwt gyi 4ll t e
Snuitas f Zll alsi prostd eta e da$rd, xiform
JauW-et iMgh quality and, in most cases, wmb
Slori t ~~to th e .at a e ttps Sd by sweetBa
tat efllBuraats.
his metbld has been t!ewloped to tte paiat
where it ti reason ie t .eqpSt, .throaih it, n
qttLs for at Iat 2,000,000 -or 3,000,000 bLoes
a; o M 4 year iad the saving .ta packdiag loan
*er tnh i~r At h buld ammfint- 504 per box,

MGA tfrg*: of Ceaned Grapefrutt Searts:
WA'-f grapefruit when atored at Vtxmnary
Sirehous temiperaturr tames. on a brotavi h e@O
*ASA a bitter taste with the lapse of tw A
dastewtoration hem defint eat in by hef
of tW auainer amsvee I As wareh
iste moaty inares th+e y of the pr-
tt has .te foaad that tat tempe r t-h
from 4 to 4 deg5wree. do i.ll 11i detec
deterieAAOOW daring a y al aaa many
the ylMg4^3a'u e f rI r r greraes bf trite till ':
ul.ta.sitea. their t v nsud grapefruit uwaa it
In to be Sahiiptp t he dealers. 1*ethoaD for

rui-tsr a cased tnralt frns eas 0arsae Wi.
our sweama and coieqaast SfltFtTf the GihtS
ho boafe nlead -=t.

m. & .M. atfio. NO u
9eW' hopbite Sat eaow0 i the o
.f eltlw ga e6Ut"et, u8tath S ad-
a a. W*lSAaat. hIs It *tioa bati bein ,r
st4 Mtisarbtt't to Mamnpi a rsa^etn
auseiigpibtew at n? #P lulag to parwtm atr.
41 abets oAr to tope*rt or othrbii a tnoris l
tts they bw ha n nrove foDwalng.
a.es aad RIlated Acid fuitks YTrtte '
ruatematon .a iL*sM asd other acIa t 606
tpitfha sia eb a *Reaot4e d aan cpedi& for ut*-
etpt to the manyq interr#e*at toa this rsna-t..
today. Se&z lnanmtl wanwernap
4.~tilao ftllnanton pioiiad h J V; :
*A. rato itos o great te-a4rtan-s,
We, wisteuw 1i6t .ttat tisrh are
with rese fruite at ? 1e-tw aset f tawthsmta
ha^ ~mtq state i4eits yearly l^^RQ eIs
. ^C l~eaoo~vae* ** bot ^5 per ot irpd aon ksti
atc bep is bleia Avan. to the pr4jimt o
pAVat ise IBed, ftal.tl*dBa gret ft,
gtrus *htiesht e
Cl nt. n-.hobarttbeb' afl; l y t floutS
Cittiu. -Y ben= ebti^ ini Say le tast.
*4. As a result of this nk1tA .k' of the eltea
w*mh au p tBa etI w a. w biasf^l
delitan^eted~af as dsems sf ntt a r,

m ty f a ioB* :..~- '- '

.A atAsy bhs. been a.d9e ertig tIe nlst tneM
-pWa oE Vtaes 4 gBmnt of the avcaea Or BtagPae.
Sto atrwi*t ia *tb r towltdse intomewhftot ath
be -moa for the ftWift 0f maturity fta*Mardb
Adir prtenft U& Alb laggt oS- Br*ta wmafwiae to
Sxaruk"e t wi-the.onse0e injury to tba anilw1
sb wark oe tbn ' t;rtin atAtooteriftics for' determining sittwtyt
piia Mtet4, t oilr pflpr emplopment of Mtfte d&at
8Mslw4 resat iin a material improvement o6 the ighW-
Utiae conditions for this tfit by prevnMtiuu 40
.jgPtAinag of POWture nd agn ualataXlb G-yg-ii.'
fts .AWAiTfO&"d for shippesn. .- M1 t aog e
tbw tfr ct of esUtabltwief &fta4&UeAy tie
iarfaK sit. coaposithesdEf S. Wat aiM cu ^"gtat
J$k 1 ^girNa ^tf -he. veiS Stteseaa e ip 'd0 1n
f a,' f tb tinO t that ther eoat@ 4 t Met Wit
,lJsaIN a..a l conteMat reqared un tintta* sftte, Jt
*h*-V n-eatdbaricemd that thie ftrot, tee wht
:ImalS b aa 6ilL potent tAat is tw lnur t igt
the Taequaianet a4d shOald gyentUyl & Ay 4..W t *.
Us teSan vf *ales itch Vla permit its seak. M
tft *btb<, tusa reopening a s ry vaable b mri.ir
SiaB.l *6 Mf.orida y'rowes.

goalptisen of nortda Avecaw o.
A .ywtea1attc tufai hbwg**en leat of. the 0a"p
4iMtt of tah 9ny veist te of florida mAfiSatai
Mttm fusiadTtg tiatoaxtte tint bad not hi6tbp.!
beeau M.ifble. This atr -will 'aCs pmaeti- 1kr
*.th 0 Sits a tpeiva4to of the zuAatttw t
".:. *: Vs i- the ra icren rankea s a mi lt m.Masa3 tty a1 j :
ththm ti *tat* ptlatr fl fll Os the

*mtIet"s usrotma*stm rep -r tai
tnieo41s. os 1vr liv enr cotnent *e at
*in s6aa'e ubmIth high fDg4 wna1k
f :' b1A .a tnat, wtU 11 hl tUS# taM
bifl&bethhslMfS-Utgr l dU IMS tw
wa te a vral. In rieame ist ts II As
VAD M#BMA10. Of In wAC or <-p
.UA a-wtmch to ftaBW Dtnr7 ub? tsM Ma Ol
SUpf etgBet < ha WeeA at, idanf to stabteet
-fr t whm wahe, triatt h btiam lai
et ^ae t 1 tipmet to hSiteeneite ata byr
jith r p6efllt7t of ites ntfag tb aih Mu.
qfhdsijuinTe nM to oinl amtta.
t stiag. .t-orbat Avrooaen:8
IbMi 'bebirlr of the -lentag tpritte o0$
M4nite aReeaesn In col U toraep has been fttaWt
#a* r solatm taciper.nrtfa for boMt both L
r*pemand the flm fruit bae'been wite& oab
rpmeuhawtapea of certain Warieties hewr baee
.4, meeaA- *abe saseptMibi Ut- of hO*sWlirlyi
to1 se^ pab aaa 4f rsattr ilss
amjMu. to *ab wastfr Sut cMN
i l Swte wacisty thrat
3Bre foiaitfHk f SeMias In east of
Sl Sm) lag Iminp opf ftast t ast be re
tew. aM en'swe a. als ^a ate u. tiat
s*vimt pew snis. ni, -ne
tinf lae fitl hbTinvtew*m rSi al ti mte pat aby
Stgib it at too I" 'taoperstUres. In the merat
Seta 41eaW "eNO, thn eas to Ui grewers I*
a sy at N>ag& fait wait a ate eas

*oe SuripSele tsInM af :o nort sm

;-.: .*^ft- S* .s! t* .
40 m$.

+t 10 constituted 4n tg-egrs pt.: of the general
ASi Epacticese a-dt a-W Wqr ty of the fiian b*
* ab w trees t a all orebhwr. goe flVa *.
siLfe fot r 0 a 9 n iQ i@, Al : w.
e :Mfd.& 8lr pniame fB 1909 to. Lt fom

)fel fire 193 to 193 to 0awst lr* WI ps
prw Psar or am inrae oe ot 70OQ pwAs 1 ti
inhA production. In .ttMa to tho t preboteia
o.rats, 'the state s tsaa sleo to te top in jro-
&daion of pecan narMery s to which i saodA
s1tache1s the pecan growing area,
CaoMbtiona of GenitI ZIatmation on aPeoame:
Stuifting in 1923 aitoratioa cormetniag the
too a ethode of preprgtion, plant ig. fertiUia..
t u.i tiraati, prnuiug au&b h.taog of the
4*0 gas botan oeapaed axn distribottd to the
PNR- srwomrn by mea*s of tLeinsa, arfptlea,
7esPm tan W30.6 th. hbe b1pm ff4tt
-tnlB toa" vow -e %mawa mu .
th a eat aas tlhe .pin& $

"ISM r a allss wi the peon i S
aP. rss t raparmat pn"Aectte f -1 Iep
S* &fltt PM iwe'lt of appiUOcaU* Of 1ata9iA
pi^ant #*qs. iany wSeare m anig tggm esltw
of -ine IpafSle ottt i the isetatiw
aD be. 'eFa1 thezwre, 'It anlan elsla tuce
t* MaRtt6 er. aespatlyrtllwt, the 10II"00.
.bw W>rti move Qnm
;:in Om ve at n puaet low pat1a*4

fisa- tease in covrseasmp epiriBfts haw
oner'0L0 proiant Itsses.ed yeltd whtae
~av. ei>w"rop^ co(altae otf Jeoaajmsts
Sw -to nre, eA&. jMjsttea ep aAd
i.a winter, -wen isbtnatodo Ionhe tl.
ie gpr~eattee la sag bSa* f6lhlist in &a1a
g--- tan waan the ealesril program in all
S.StMba pem eoreabds is based on this sad
Mjiwtr taf9eMasate, it will be worth noet ew
n *1SSOO aman1ly.

gretalaia spectabillas -an Itrodsed as a
sammeir oowraesop in pecan orchards in 1925, -aM
slape Mthat yn it ha been dapted. by many
jppins ma* geesMl fsars throughout toth satd
.enst koeirda in connected with a pregrap to
asft1tn iMtl tfertilility. 3Sare were. 4abt
S*rs of pacan orchards planted Ut.
I iLplt a 15e%9. ba, dh ,aut ab owU1W4ib
V. ThlBly MeSs wt -tbat veewA,
bentfl* seaA 3Pt for rptantiss, was worth
SaB t $igaU. this8 oovlOerawp lana, at the
isqsmat tiaL, is north at laset ,lo00 samsnay
t-W4b pnaa farse of flrida, in addition to
nate. -t & thaea gmSi farmag prog in or
6 Slt fSt&id4a.

I IMS 1ass are shem. tob there are
gr aaape elf e wthat are to prieflele U
J^) ^ad.t that only fa GaiirNve =w Aare
pOu Watiyr Wowg proauffma. mhe we** 14 tOw
*O fset the n*sa to *wk*s tbahe missena sNa
vre lseo *a ade iteds a be=s a awie &. nSh
Iritrafa hasj aeds .fl pIOett planters

cam- -b -. -- -b- */ l

it m... .t p .o.' .by be.

-e as lai_0w piA3ee L
04, wajvu 'trfb l Po *tBwo mak air: the remlt
rtf car sn~ *t., eSach aL pigu..

Ufonaitt on the toppikag 4a pr& troes
it. a ewpplowad t fa~ ema 4, plaeft. whtBby
viggaBp peas t ro that ubn not brodupfw enatM
-be eigteaa tt o verofleso t*aM weotta yA) magg
bU~" Sf paMeNr. tv4 a" too*, of Vh
Sw to "ag we roawUe Imft"f0r b0e *4 tbsr flt
,iVt. b rtl l not 6r twNu ai thte ebulte
a pitt,. eij ag owa tres b ,.
e o4_.lta ,,i In a fet ,W -a
X It6nt l.a p eL bs toi. a p p o.cwaia "t
V^WESoI peMa, %brw k lift*

0aa4 a pWestn.e wa
WfAWN. 0 I -law
timed'' lqi*tt,

Pro&4on of peosse bhss reacho -a point
It Un necessary to PMIMC the* Wlktt
SaU Am~ Mfld er Of MOth,~ !Lb..fQ~iG
if Wrts iv to-, beo delivmmd to ,-' traos. in
texekh onouation tia to tlwI' "NoSb aftow
bsansitS ft ft no6"u'r to p1801% theimw 1 owo
sieoregs Iwvmt~igatfzku. b4e *bwV tbav- freAh'
us.1 praced. in oad aftf sto -a 32 ..s 1
4armi 40090e7 will *Gmi v, An good cntion
iwr4 ysea'r or more. fhis Yi41, pemit the
PEod rowera. tO market the mite in- 13rdsrl
moer and' beo cold st oMaV in taken advent-.
mge 6- during a semoi Of beavy prodiaim4
the a rap- oaa tbe voawwt. mt iI the s=Wm to I w.ill
Asorb ItO *-oan kernels cam be pasinA In
g:4ws Jaxv containing eithber carbon dioxide,
Aitrogem, vaemn or air, and kept fresh, -it helt4.
'at 32 4egre"s 1. until rook for miarket. When.
t~h -cold storage of pecan vaats is pactj&ise to
tb fullest smtoan1 it will .bo worth- not 11.w
taimn $5POWO eupYsl -to tbO7lovdrda growers,


so3u).Blnww Station'bas been -closely
Associatedw~ teln (1 "~tA7 Since, Its
itoaptim*a d ban b~m the gp actIve agency
#a 44iFk g OUt the SB P ).K Idite4 wibh thet
a" ne.nt"M, %&Pa$antlng oil tress in
-.MkOA46 no.. -aLU xft b r 2LC6W A.ga q the

wuw of w su Shwa v -the aU'Gwwrwa mLm-*D*
can of Ao~da from vxq Of -%is a'ome bui
oftwo -m-, 'oveAt for tbwaumhop -9f -O&OrP of I4a&
not mw 44"sn SaOLLas,3 *4a Amly e t+her tbw
4pwnag up V'omP.*uat*. h -to the State'


anlfture -of Tam. Oil:
A -asieal wat h baa been kept over th
Wvarios plantings of tim. oil tres a-n the ef-
fesq- of methods of cultivUtiong, soiU typear 4
fertlizsatio hwae been recoided. Te sC~ tfon~
tion~&s *"ben chwoked by oa etjal 3xp o t.iMa a
the Bi"Ote of this work- given to tbaBe inter t-
ea in ettamerctal plantings. ala ttar baiws been
ptdlb*bad articles written forta gi anes, talks
given bet~re iaris s oergaittn aadM$ a trmnaaes
cawekt of information given to growers and pro-
pe~tive growers either directlyy or by corresp=-
4ae-- Xa th s -at*~ g as -k ring qeny for
i to date information on this asbect thbsmtsa
of tollari have been a aved to planters an3l thi
dievlepment of the industry greatly attended. Te.-
iay the information available covers stch subjects
as the reaction of the trees to various soil types,
o the climatic conditions prevailing in variuoi
parts of the state, the ~est methods Of fertiliz-
ation and cltivation; how to grow nr aery stock,
plant trees and prune them. No other aaenor ctiw4d
.hab carried on tbis work with the same s-Ocoe
that the Axperimaent Statien has enjoyed, nor fotad
p the rapid progress of the indSattsy without this abd
ha"t beea anything like as great as we oilw fits it.

14o4n of 2D g..-i 1:
iet ortharc indit&tA es have started with
seetinge but their greatest devElopment ban aomU
cosw with te Uwe of impr .ed varieties prop6agt"L
en proper stoolk. Looking forw d to tbhe tiaw isa
the t ag oil industry will be t on that bate a
oarefl s tudy has been made of the fruiting habit
aad the ALt^ character 4f many t rees A* the edjist-
iag plantings and more outstanding trees have been

descriheA -apd motbods for their propagation &a...
voeloped, Plu4ti4ngs -of tease byrs ieAee go#t at
varies. i~ite to compare with the sas&Ulng
planitia ff already mrds W1Mo the timei esm to
cb*Asa the-indUafry -froz mselings to. the use Of
fiine varieties both the va-rieties and the tastho2
of probation if IU be ro&4v.

uil kAmendestst
Pbio ogical abnormaIities of the tving oil
tree WbM rewu on certa1.n soil tyVs k ba. beft
a very L difficult probla, 'Wei difficulty bas
reased serioas proportiais darinu th last -fews-
moontbif SO work that has bef t =26r wW, oil tih-
treatmn of -these soil& with certain rumw n~ai l
saiplesuto ba as&parentW y pr yroft cnwtiw re-
sulta. These rssults, if confirmed daring tie
caa4.ng wmnsr, should be'of inestimable value to
the i4bOxetr in sowing existing plantings and
-openingnrow soil areas to pl~antinyg.

-no annual inc* to *-bbs t. from track
oAVS is Spwroxiiiatel y *h,6GOO,, 1Mus to the
PRc*Uwaw clmatic condittou of 71ride during
the sposia saaem* which call for the production
h cdA~ ar vn4itona tbet are- alost
qMWis qo those obtaining In the _irnkhem
4 16 east, theI gwI th respede of Of vcifus
=Awi*W of wptablUm it, ot, ft aincrd with : M
Iesreatx ePtsined'turther zvoth. A. troidoisua oes
*a- Ikeri&i grameva hs 0 4Q0etly b631 iflC inurre
dua to. crop *tLabe resut"ng fromn Uproper
Tari*ties, oTff grade pznofte and. the gensml *c-.
'10se150 of d4isaepes b1vaat in -9n the sed". -01
Amat !bf maoey d.Yvted'to ressaift works on trgj*


.hertioatwre bpas- bsaensia a:n an xtepsive breod.-.
ing pgovim Is badly needed. Ve work done, hoawvers
bkhes resulted in definite benefits tq the growers.

eala see& Weeotion:
It bO been shown that bean seed -carllry- V
Or,0atiom that causes ant'nrAnoee and bacteriAl
blioht, -he two worst disease of- betse m& &a I 'A a.
tz: u that these di~.*se-s ware -66t present to apre-
clable degree -in bean ieeds ofb C0alk i Arrja. re
Ib, tUtah, and Golorasdo. ecouu.*1,41oams to
seesdmen &a.d g rowers. wti the result t t
ebase of diseased seed bMs been 1aa 0kBY
Um. produced a saving of fran $00, t
e~r~ ysar.

Tahu1ity andd Standardization %W*:
During the last .few years cocipetilng Aa'reO hav
been cutting hoeaVily in*to the -truLk diop i km-m s
of Florida and ev n intoi tho"s M** tbt %
morea con~teaaient~ to PrEorida. Eh C~r~sfWsl# m Y
*bbw that Ima in Ciaef in urge meme"0% to
omwiag of vadasirabth w-paerly adapted Mrtetim
In ]%&Ada Sod a reasvtiag po&r qmyuitvy sand Wpbf
psek. X he Pm esp due to the x'S*rot*Uvs in price of-,
7111da prioxlo on the wmwra ts = to the actuaL.
U99 aof it'am& markets is Amnt 4,13029aLO.
17*. Ascaiumndati on bmw. rees.lm y OM=e o1*
to the standardisatt of mindeties amd paX-.
idl oh -if followed, VMX b&ale% t effect W
y *iOPnizig our -potion #i thb sma:)ftgi,

Usr smd dge cW4u on Florie,,a prqhu. twtal
.bmt $5,950000 per Y*&t. 11uwaestigatims sbou.d

'*V'sm asneemw. W packv ma faulty stow .

tIg af pkodu*o e. Ca. T a e he abo* figur
; 9.* a e C] or--- o to .1\ d cont* -i prie.

*is wols. wer l n:.a o, the eamiv
"S1 : uI the steaaptaIon 6f suitiible aceartii
t620 aA azImore irigt tU t pikad fIln tofU lomA-
ing rulest oirca tha leco dpa.o hieh follwing of
i a Baring in 4t=64 ofl-, 5000,000 oPdeor Year.

tive-year series of BIOOa on the eff ect.
asat of ytiva of Irish Vtutaboes f U.ite Bow cl.
pari *an 34 eaor0e aireai as ofn t 3ht lata-

si fth *rinasg i x w *-: .500,000 pr -r4 givs

thri h Ptato Orftcto *iantin aiS
It ias be fun ried f Ba ctical persde in efc
fprention of tei f Irtato rogt to iasprA the ia.to

p($,6 day after plaaMig and thav thUs mariitt u.e--
fLtu" msa tag t bhatp pod will largely deteaim
mma MsoAa t ncpt, tha sentulg the grower to
atl that ti the pbrowblu .cbaeftr r a4o
4at nflfl oW o Mat peaW Mempett
bm4sejypms the sodap iuat n of spitabl @

lateastal aMnrigty L emn igftslha --
Mite inar beie ten Mm5, r efis sg as*
thuersd cnio atai| a n cptertn .
41a1l casat ibyt ases Af5ara,

itopg .by ta9a0es rba to b.w:
rimg im lef twowomi Cap~.rylar gin~~

t: : - .


ceutly to *$- individual doiV9 t~he work 4nd i
W i9 wM1d coost infinitelyg mjrw1 91thbeV. t.IWU
fal v *W find. and try a uwpse~r variety or thni
uitensive trj&Ua of-owdLs ly. inferior varieties.
'Sfh wboir. cmn .lvar be done v*Wq mucb. mo*rO bfChp-
I7 *XA efficiently by a gentrea Qrazimt18fl bavi.
lang 4a to St, the abannolel forw Qitaining a 4A M94
"Iei~h tioji -o f verieies 'd carrw1ing on. wor' k
ia carefully v contarolld maMar..

%mt~vation and Prodactione
Information on the vaiou O Methodsz -Otpode=-
tion ead cativation bave bean compiled and pitt in
'BIulletin farm for distribution to growers and pwos-
pactive roemwrs, This service has been of parti-
=Ilar value to those growers who are astartin
seiwberw production in now arefaj,

7rom tbh initiation of tIh blusbarryA *i6itry,
on'f4uil obesorat ionx bhave been xe9 .A to- the
relativam ,_3AbW of warinms msthods. o-f -pT* 4*tA
p ,.r u3Mdt~cl atio. hperiments -were cGried oattt Om
%bE re atik" of soils U blvAbeotry p-aoductioi
Siodi &11 4W tba Lrnmtion cmmflfed in a bullet-in
for distributions to pwero *ad Proepsottf re V*RnMfw*

'One ,a '$I* V ~tet oeos) of t]e state
~Ls I ft it. & Nmc W8mtalA. Mt ach uas a o tr am-
WM6 tb*. *Ory. to attract to the stite pie-
POOMqSe AIIaIeIaI ensd thevuubtropic* to trcpicml
d~s~ill f ~ 4 ~u 8r b ~isnti des
* .lrl~ ~tc~Js~~A~ ~w vintik~fr~ .rrl.~aw Fuch das

tsIeal and subtropical $wtas peculiar to an
owlr state there is little ifouQastiao avadl..-
at.i to the spective tr. The Izaperl
mat bastitn bh itled fU4 ar at mned by copiplU-
i'3t aforiPtIeU as to tA. edtptability of varties
PUesb., fkl iatvo os d AA .aDmts -aat a1 So*.
p~lAS thts iSforation *ettalvety in baUtltis,
=as41b, letters and talS, In eMdAten tbo
thel plants 'u.md purely for oramt pntation,.
thlre are a a6iabhr of ornmantal crops of coia .
s8ta le w1- i notable, APapra tu pie ao -
and ftlit with plaAiting. of a-bont 1,000 acre,
ieniat -l biht prdaction, wbich indltves the
p~red*ltq of a dllions of forcing bulbs, ap4o
IlwU-S *ar lpresat. W th this in a snd ua
wenj ls been do es by the tperiment Stat ion
on. b ects8 aw adiptability o f various
- l -to the sellb ant the cltamtic sene of
tih n d thm methbsde of propmstUn,
fan&-, ad culttittion.

Srm v onro tpan OW other ornamental, con*
t*tl*C tgo T tiropicl rapparnoe of the llortdi
)*inbMtat -i rs iMahly OW red. MaWy of the
=t". in the stas havea ry definite elt-.
toa~a as. to cliant.s aA soil, 891 e p0ans now
gflltag to tahe etate have beena aSt1lly olaL-
TfI 41 described, their cltatte amd soil re-
qlatigaeW 1eteniutMl, the best meCaod of preap
0ia4Fi fs satiat aud a nentl nAtaum have
bee w&mAr at ad-a t of thts isaWanaston pat
MAi4ib ftomb So great has *ip B1 ~ a4
west ft i tat thtE saced wSttie by th bea ri-
BSfD fliae has bees fteaa iwoeary, -as .w
Sw tg t'B Atort Sidt& mate o)sf lP3l a t are.

A otreft study of the or~smeatal vines -
qq$eAd in a sletin similar to that on palma,
tI *ta 2ta'w rtja~ om vis;a have been olasifled& ;
9 A-tbotr a4qdpability to oil* and climate, aed
i met silata ft cultianiws ait prpagation

UporiamB tal WIrk on hedge plants bow darel3p
ed a saiber of hete plants peculiarly suited to
tie tqptcal ea4 .Batropical lilmate of ForitA ,
-'Iy.o these plants are exotic and others are
native wilt plants *pown to be adapted to culture,.
Tha' results of this work, includi ~ tbe method of
prpsettan and handling, and the .partica2zy sabL-
*.%11 oy f the various 8peiea k* been ptublAued
in biae tin fo*a. "

OPra .tal Treet
MmS smlar" lines to thoIs. metioesd a"ve,
A stady' of th oaamaental tree tn 4 use in Florida
ha been mada and is now ready for publication. bLob
atteniea has been poa. to the tse of tree peoultI..
ly adiape to fri Aa tjltios, *at to the s Jroite

*iastoak for Lit trui or iiea Pritv .
I t priT4, when h eain an it an I root, is BaI.t
Je'q to to attack of amatodesi, -with re9potig
PWr Uewth oa light Aorid. estle. Bi>m lnI
*wek &howed *ast --was exyr
*41 adapted to Awrida do 7 --Fas easily prpai y te
and e free- rpoet-.Xmot, .- A& result, lroPries nv'

'. ..:r raI r~~P

.4, ,...i
* I., -.
:~ -'

*. m dL.~~
*r ~

A ilia l ii

..,, ..".. S^ j^ hK 'g^ ^ j^

- -. ^^t^^B^ a^^^fBI^^B^p^^' l* fft B

m1iL. *,c

$00 '
z~e s


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','"* -*'. :.


;::""W^HfS ; --

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**jiK^tet^j^ k^^^j
?~ ^^^^^^^^^vi^^^^^^^^^^ ^w

' U f:'J ^ u -^

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~ s'i
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i .'z

I.--,, r ............. _.. .. .. .. .. . .. ..

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i r.
1 .s r:
~* 1 ' ~ I .r~
.., ..~
...- -----ui~
:: r
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~3:; -
~i ::? ~r
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tt g
:; ~-. .ie~ -

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folwW km,


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.. . . . . . .
r. 'C r '*1- '
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, Aq~Lj
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-.4 a-a -'a

p4swrlka 1 '~



,.M. O. ...
:] - ,* '1 t"* .r ,,,"-" .

. .- . . to . .
'A L i g i o _j. m .
; ,r -iot o tr r,- .- ,, l|8 '|;--

-OiJ .^ ,* , ,,, ,,
w w r -w . l -i i .:- ; ,

- waaa **
- -. ' "" .. --- -.... '. '. .. .' , .

-" -. , *': -, '

* . ," -t. ; ^ ' ; . '' _''- "

,4 .. ,, -
d--m0h .m r

2* |S|aa. -t<^^

S- . . r:- .'.
.4*.a.--a,..anr, ,,i "t. .
,.4 p,-- s t.v:fl'rw,
;: : r

'. ; = , r. .

ewts ive surveys at close ObaenottqB were n
i wtho cabbage nspitns of tb. state, tUas aens
Srqwseste. as anest, lees at o460,o O baset on QWi
eW averse vate ofa the tip, and it Gcab ha
eassnt entirely prevented a .g eptng eu 6atatn a
tural practiim.

iAt*calag taber spet foid on r
filed potato asdt resulted In ta ocsne ra.a
sraI to astiasma pVaolo Pw.* t*eb.
1wanMd wao seedA at loadtag p ta Ba qm
ves emai6 wt. eslataeh wnri abowek *at |
place at digglin time -when potIat vi Us" not
ua cover for protectinag non tnbe -i0 06
seoe develpedl ii transit and alwwe&d airAtIM.f
rot akt 1n MoSdaa destination,
: Thts trouble was entil r r r1 rrz
tag$ the vdnos fSg the fie d a nd
using Vwswa4tq UV in pta** VC VfMes te covea.
the saetua -d4eciation Ai qmalilf of maoo to pie-
rias "rPwers, eon taIng to itoweasa or diles, se
butt a emall Set of Ate ft1mi less.

Sfht natual losses t r da grow al
bI twb potato diseases, 0ltlght ealrImily
over a&teaeya pewted anVagfl 9, pWhaA S
ing to K0of Aer% .4 ^
We a50 pwer *Asl lee If to

'Ilt wae fefnad that fangiiodos properly aqppVii


*0 growian pIaats over a 7-em' period Wovexted 'b
povet f this Use, leaovip a loses o* oly
Ufhtt no .66t ot 0oi3XVo. amovow to a Sirrdlar
tigut and the ruatms a $1.00,000 zsrWesents a SvvW--
'I pg Ike grower, as a ruesul t or iplming disesm",
~i.trp1q reiusit~ioi~F~~cPrtbd;a bgf E pe~rlmsne~t. $tat l

L Wilt 4"Le~aatfR~

is thbe Ivst- iImQ'tet disease of v tAw
aM4om. in Abe state. 'It, is 00101l *i a fungus tbAt
liwes, Amoflaibqer in the e$1. 3acau3se of the .60
stwradtlmme of the dis.s,, _reveri never riJ
plitntipg .feats on on- the ege ladtwo years ta
mr Osriq.. amssquentlys, cost of pv*ift onf- -in
increanst by *a necessitj of oloarti USW l aw 1 3kebI%
year a" hmts ag *reater dis.It" to- tbe whtppivg

h Station began work~ on the preM 4heem
years. ~q and already has 4iwelopod evPoVS 6tramius
Of rWn4r.0OrMS tiFtt MAUA 9ig. on old land iA spite
of the ftms. 1natho neil. QAe strain. of tim& Wt
misiti melons, mbcwsq xos60llimbt 4ta4ass, but V4.
least e.or t years' slection*UI
Sary to prfc*t q tniferm strain.

AN CUMSc fr~ B~edE Devemiz d~

XUa t was 0oa Of the U*Oasee that first SOWW
Attracted attg0ition of ths Swe, and wm- consia"
sr 7sIe as being eontegigmU. -A 3imrtsam $
W~rkge G"' Ibat wm* 'ot ooat.6A". VAS
did&f4 bps *Wk At' water, =A plant teoBd, m a s
of tAl *%es- boivg ljaiaszid bin vhwllw v*l4
with 3pa* or otherse us~it6o ftW nifsg wtreese%

-;. i '- ^ i7 -' .. -a '.. ..
.o' ', "* '- ,. '
. . ... 4.". .. *. '

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o me ir ..- iif "oin o. tr@s

tbc* u '- A'

tle .'W..tI n n a~nd S.a %b
bisa at 4 t V Iv V aaCn t -.
E ntswtne *--ldf tpwab imps..t
oaa fY^t* <* l > to trso, Wr'w

S i .u sa -. -A. *l- I. I' .-
a- '. ." o ,- *"a '-
*'. -. : ..-- 4t't a.f l.
'/,nb tao ^afnb wrhia 4 $ nli
t n- '*Ch41* fcBaLW tafciir ^' 0* _.

-. '\ ; *c*** -
. s'i *.'< -

.b '0'I Y-Se a. 4e.
."a .. . .' .

* :; ,e ,,,,. _-'* 6 ?
.Wine. Sag -,ond tr bp s: a. ef 1. .;-

rti a B a th ate ... ..r"
re t tao &t s ste tm 1*I- .. c...~t S*

1*iiptQniear 'olle as.y stk~w^ vu .

pa' -a ima .t .". W t :m
-" ta nASo s biadl tobde o Gi4lSn S .

S *... W sA d ie-s .4nt4 a-aa
,- 1ataI. .n'

Mae go* i : 440 vj
Arny gagle . n g n).o fggB p'

.' o -r'sues as N li i aB8^Bt4lt.,'3r 6l i rt'l s-

&t ur es*o** nr r 'W.: -
: eta s nt Suun ". -; "'.

* SW a bo Pw*um4 1 t mlp q -'

9 r-.-lr
-.- ..

w in :- --;.

~1 *9.4. 1 eat C4Urr.r p~ a
W *'Mmsrad IW'. wpwi6 itU *Mptinr 'MOVMO. vAbejiw&

vow -o; a i)gblgjii, '

oil Sr b9n iq

4U P -

Sflt toqv "l lpsSlga r tf '*4
SstMe a W*e aur two.tad wtpi;

ac tpm WiseMt Sadiwlt ap>ratioa wSW
toWq* o'a fr mwStSom*L t*e I '
.'4* a c B^ &ad. last ry Jaleease tat sob .

W U. Ae 4 Asp
S S. .uafl

a4r &

MetgD deM sbe an 'atesal eia ask w i
': 'a f t R I i i r'
~~w'^ .-v^ ^^ i ^^ ^;l^^"NW^qft ~ j~:

. .
" '..^-

-. ,^ .- .
.-r: "- i -- '' ''. ^ " ,' ;


Sa~t~ eptt of

thepLrniw osW

g.t -.. ig r to.6 *a & ane a-
16* de w pptaL 2A. fe sA nhan or
th u nir, M, ,dr Bn .. to the sta.o

S._ T wa ; adA tat a t m nsI .: ta
hoapte l 6 sA tep# vo : 2' -a*P

s* <; as plsuPA w E4P 24 pres 4L* C *
zU4Mn~ ad bRe easpnt 9t"

. -OW- A -

ier .. ."3,at 0 .lt'
Dan^ 15 pht .or

it fein Cava &>lr U
* tbmbs Atomse us wants < esa Mh ^
4rrnft and a'W 1v -

^^^ ^^40P r t -ho

l fli-r^^^^** .^^^^"^^."'Wff flB^R^^*'^ -^BH .y'^P^^ ?' jfly*
L llet^&*t~i4rflertd 'tiUo i'ettf_^lf JHMOO 'filH
'*'' ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Y ^ ^wiVw fpmfyV^^^^s^^^ ^ ^ ^^^.

S." r..-. .

2. -
-' i -C-.

J."- *< "
'*' -*'' .: ^ '' ''

^'"'. '^


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1..: -

il '..

I- ---

.. ~ .~ -i*
i' ~ - 'r-'C
r ; -- --
i' '' 2
c -
r. --

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4n~w ma-~



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I--s : ~b;~

1~I .-

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on X~



r*: . '. -. .

V, - ..

1 r - ~


W *w ifat nw a *-

mie" ae at pomevhea It Sol* aan*Ast:
- ia ar -oWWt or W ai*at to-
ditllt~lbek cate A~r*t"tt ^>'HiM~ '*te5

'-ti ~ .sa a m'
t nsan


ast *o we:::
^H~sa .,. I _^;j i *A^ .-fc 1

:t -4 n -;;

rar a oe

at- a qsqc~r adri#*, -
iM^itr ^NU ** ^"'

Mtrfj~f tti Irr^^hxJb kfd '"

..r- -I







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- r
Ii -







;-?' ::E

;T~ ,~-ifr,-:_ -?. i

_ If
~(: _T- - -I
.. .-I :T

'1 ;
r -

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:- -- -.~

..t- ~-~ ~ ... .: ',

~i i :: -i:
E. s
-~ ..

;r I:
2;' a

I :
... ~-'i. '' "


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'Y. "4 ~

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M ........

ro -P Ab-MIC


e. .- ,

-l~ r ra

I- V


':~ .-~ r*. *. -.
bi. '*`.*K C; 4 -

-. aa .w' flk0W ;9&
1w.~n ea mar we wft; Wte
b,. Art,' t.: C "t

!BI .
... .I C .

":4-*'ipl. -~18 ~

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*"** *
I.' *ft-'

4I -Cd

* ;- ~:
i 1
'C.' ?k

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:' ii *


' *1*



'' . ''' : 'i;


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