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The Mission of UF/IFAS is to develop
knowledge in agricultural, human and
natural resources and to make that
knowledge accessible to sustain and
enhance the quality of human life.

Summer 2010 UF

July, August &



IFAS Extension
Lake County Extension

Summer is here! For my family that means trips to the beach and lots of water activities. We really enjoy the
summer time as we much prefer hot over cold. Hopefully this summer will give you the opportunity to spend
some time with your family. Summer is also a great time to continue to learn new things and with that idea in
mind I would encourage you to take some time and attend your extension programs. As you can see above
there are plenty of opportunities for you to participate in this summer! May you be blessed during this season.

Arrington, Director, in cooperation with the United States Department of Agriculture, publishes this information to further the purpose of the May 8
and June 30, 1914 Acts of Congress; and is authorized to provide research, educational information, and other services only to individuals and insti-
tutions that function with non-discrimination with respect to race, creed, color, religion, age, disability, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, na-
tional origin, political opinions, or affiliations. Single copies of extension publications (excluding 4-H and youth publications) are available free to
Florida residents from county extension offices. Information about alternate formats is available from IFAS Communication Services, University of
Florida, PO Box 110810, Gainesville, FL 32611-0810.

J age 2

Other events of possible interest

Packinghouse Day

Indian River Post Harvest Workshop

Lake Alfred

Ft. Pierce

Florida Citrus Agents Fall Program Bartow
(alternate location if you cannot make September 29th in Tavares)

August 26th

August 27th

October 14th

What is MarketMaker and How Can it Benefit Me?

MarketMaker is a national marketing effort which is supported by land grant institutions and
many individual state department of agriculture. It was developed by the University of Illinois
extension service and is intended to connect agricultural producers with markets. It uses the
internet to provide a free forum for producers (you) and end users (buyers). The website can be
found at http://fl.marketmaker.uiuc.edu/index.php.

The website offers the potential to search for target markets by area, household type, education,
income level, race, food preference, and where some one was born. Why would this information
be of interest? It would allow you to potentially understand where you could market your crop
or where there may be an unfulfilled niche or an opportunity. Additionally buyers can search for
eating and drinking establishments, farmers markets, food retailer, processor, producer/farmer,


S.-h for -,ktL do"rme.phl.
producers arn businesses In the
supft chain.

U.,rL4N4br t.a lh- b.-n
Ircoun,, Sick ti blifoll abon



SHon. H.lp Abowi Us FAQ. Conlact U Swth Login

Sl.inl A I iul tiIIl N I a rkvI

*k=401 :'6_2

An interactive mapping system that locates businesses
and markets of agricultural products In Florida,
providing an Important link between producers and

S" April 2010 eNews The April 2 10 arlketwar al a t lBl"w anitslaaei Fird wut.*arer
mn MarketMlake. 1arnl MarketMaker, ps, panrtrs. ard vww he ~ la
,locl baifnsss & MalrkaPiac- ad-ar t-sma ni

A ,_..i* Are you new to How can I use
MarketMaker? MarketMaker?
TRiAWI rTaa la &l amh ,ear hw a LanM a


SRaad Web Silas
* Faoocts A
* Ni-~ F,-rd
" Erinrr

II-om_ t." wat r
4 ) Leann Maricthlaker

41 CfliO, can as.
0 ). VlCas, Sudies

wholesaler or winery. Within each of
these categories you can further se-
lect more specific types. Think of
this as a search tool specifically for
those in agriculture or for people
who desire direct access to agricul-

Let's use an example, say you are
growing a specialty tangerine that is
not common in the traditional market
place. You would sign up your busi-
ness on MarketMaker for free and
could let buyers know that this spe-
cialty tangerine is available, poten-
tially a high end restaurant chef is
searching for this tangerine for his
masterpiece meal. He has been

Jage 3
searching everywhere but cannot find it and the restaurants food service provider has never
heard of it and alone offers it. The restaurant orders directly from you the grower and overtime
you develop a good relationship. At the same time Mary in Topeka, Kansas likes the idea of get-
ting Florida fresh tangerines for
Fi" RK E TM AK E R H p AboutU. FAQs ContatU. 0-rh Loge. Christmas and orders some up as
well. That is the beauty of the
We are as nterested internet having the ability to di-
i a ii a 11 I IIhhl lI .I p . I = II. = .= . . = ., i .. W e are as Interested
Find a Busins rectly connect people without a
Find a Business
Use this tool to find one or rore food Industry businesses based on the type of business, location and other optional parameters great deal of cost (in this instance
Business Type: .oa,: .- ,: 0 1 ,,,i- free!).
Producer Type: FRUITAND UTS The University of Florida did have
Product Type (opt.): Product Type
to pay to become a member of
Product Attribute (opt.): ProductAttribute
MarketMaker but there is no cost
Product Form (opt.) : Product Form
Methods of Sale(opt.): u i.c.. .,,,; for producers or buyers. The offi-
Markets Served (opt.): 0..... cial "rollout" of MarketMaker will
Select Search Area: Statewide be on July 31st at the Small Farms
SConference. We will be having a
program on July 27th in which
Find a Target Market you can sign up your business
Use this tool to build a demographic query to help you find a target market for your products
with the goal of getting your pres-
"___i___B_ ence secured on the Market-
Search MarketMaker Maker site. We will be providing
S" ...... 1; computers however the supply is
%I-. limited. If you have a laptop or
mobile computer please plan on
bring it to the training session.
1. 1 ''61 4 Also due to the fact that we are
\ l limited by the number of com-
h -. qB puters this class will be limited.
"l IVMap Legend However, additional classes will
A309- 542
542-680 be offered if demand warrants.
kPnFL. Pil-. 4LJ I ,680 1BS
1"" 116 So make sure to sign up quickly
., 1198-2303
Persons per to ensure your spot and if the
Census Tract
; class is full we can add your name
Sto the waiting list for a future
*le class. Please call Maggie Jarrell
to make sure that you are regis-
tered for the class at 352-742-
S"ir, ."...... ., -r:.U~IU "' 3999 x 2730.
] Highways [ Major Roads B Local Roads B Counties [ Cites
Income > Household income$25,000 to $49,999 > Lake County

Sagye 4

Citrus Black Spot found in Florida Photos fromFAS

Citrus Black Spot (CBS) which is a fungal disease of citrus was found in Southwest Florida re-
cently. Black spot affects sweet oranges, mandarins, grapefruit and is especially problematic in
lemons. Black spot like most citrus diseases is a blemish to the outer fruit which does not effect
the internal qualities of the fruit. CBS creates problems for the fresh market as it is restricted
from certain countries. Additionally, CBS causes premature fruit drop, particularly on late ma-
turing varieties.
Typically you see symptoms 1.5 months before fruit maturity. Fruit that are in sunnier areas of
the tree tend to have symptoms as sunlight increases lesion numbers. Symptoms can have multi-
ple appearances. The most common symptom is hard spot. Hard spot is a small round sunken
lesion with a brick red or chocolate color on margins with a tan center. It is also possible for it to
have a green margin. Fungal structures can often be seen as little pencil like structures. Below
are pictures of Hard spot symptoms.

Another symptom is described as "false melanose" pictured below. This symptom usually oc-
curs in a heavily infested grove and can become hard spot later in the season. Difference be-
tween it and real melanose is that CBS is smooth whereas
melanose is .
S rough to the ", 0
.,touch. False .'
melanose can
occur on "' .
." green fruit .
.,t IiJand you will *
not see any
fruiting struc-
tures with this

J naye 5
Another symptoms is called cracked spot pictured below
and is large dark brown lesions with cracks with raised
cracks on their surface. This symptom is caused by an in-
teraction with citrus rust mite. This symptom occurs on
both green and ma-
ture fruit and can be-
come hard spot at a
later date. Another
additional classifica-
tion of symptoms is
p called virulent spot
(picture at bottom cor-
ners of page). This
symptom small red-
dish irregularly Cracked Spot
shaped lesions which
expand or fuse together covering a large portion of the
Cracked Spot fruits surface. Typically there will be many fungal structures
present with these symptoms. This symptom typically oc-
curs on mature fruit or even post harvest. If CBS is managed typically leaf or stem infections will
be difficult to find however, if unmanaged then leaf and twig symptoms maybe present.
CBS is sourced from spores located on decomposing infected leaves from orchard floor or from
infected fruit. Typically it is spread from wind and rain. Optimal conditions are between 70-90
degrees F associated with 24-48 hours of wetness. Any cultural practice which increases airflow
to reduce leaf wetness is recommend for CBS management. In addition reducing leaf litter in
CBS areas is a wise practice. Minimize removing trash when picking to prevent the spread of
CBS and it is recommended to avoid cultivars with offseason bloom. Strobilurin Fungicides such
as Gem, Abound and Headline are recommended for con-
trol. They all have labels or 2ee labels for CBS in Florida.
Due to the possibility of resistance with Strobilurins, it is
recommended to use copper intermittently between ap-
plications. These ma-
terials are best ap-
plied by airblast
sprayer at 250 gal-
lons to the acre for
better coverage. For
more information
check out:

Virulent Spot

http://www.crec.ifas.ufl.edu/extension/black spot/
citrus black spot.htm

Jage 6

2nd Annual Small Farm Conference

Kissimmee July 31st-Aug. 1st

Last year I was part of the planning committee
and attended the first Small Farms Conference
held in Kissimmee. I was surprised to find 800+
attendees! It was definitely a successful first
year program. This year I am not on planning
committee, but will be in attendance. I would
highly encourage you to take at least a day to
attend this conference. It is loaded with good
speakers and topics. In addition there is a posi-
tive feel that the conference imparts and was
noticed by many of last years attendees. Also
we are fortunate that it is located in our back-
The keynote speaker will be Will Allen. Mr. Allen is
founder and CEO of Growing Power, Inc.
(http://www.growingpower.org) a Milwaukee-
based organization that is receiving national
acclaim for leading what Allen calls the "Good
Food Revolution". Allen was recently named to
the Time 100: World's Most Influential People
list in the 'Hero' category for his efforts to se-
cure healthy, abundant and affordable food for
For more information: http://smallfarms.ifas.ufl.edu/

S. Florida Field Trip


Aug. Ith

For me there is nothing more rewarding or
beneficially than a good field trip! I just like to
go and see with my eyes what is going on in
the field. With that in mind, we will be going
to S. Florida to take a look at the newly planted
"concept grove" that GFC has planted. While
down in S. Florida we will visit some HLB in-
fected groves to view their condition after
having the disease for several years. We also
will visit with Pete Spyke at his Rock Bottom
Grove. Rock Bottom was planted in early 2007
under an OHS/APS system which includes high
density of trees incorporated with a drip ferti-
gation system. We last visited in the grove in
November of 2008 and continue to monitor the
progress of the grove. A $15 fee will be col-
lected to cover lunch please register with
Maggie the Lake County Agriculture office 352
-742-3999 x 2730 or email at mjarrell@ufl.edu.
Unfortunately we do not have access to a van
any longer, so I only have limited space avail-
able for riders.

Private Agricultural License Review & Exam August 17th 8:30-4:00

A pesticide license is required by any persons who apply or supervise the application of re-
stricted use pesticides for agricultural production. This certification requires a passing grade of
70% on the General Standards and Private exam. This certification must be renewed ever 4
years either by testing or by 8 CEU's (12 CEU's for AG Tree Crop).
There will be a review and exam in Sanford on August 17th. The review starts at 8:30 AM. There
is a $20 charge for the class. CEU's are available for the training session.
It is advisable to purchase the "Applying pesticides correctly" and "The private applicator train-
ing manual" from the IFAS bookstore on-line at www.ifasbooks.ufl.edu or by calling 800-226-
The private agricultural license itself cost $100 which does not have to be paid until after you
pass the exam. To register please send in sign up sheet located at the back of the newsletter.

Fane 7

Go Green to save Green$$ Tavares September 9th
Lake County Agricultural Center
Growers have indicated that they are interested in money saving ideas for their operations. You
have also expressed interest in being more energy independent in your operation and as a
country. Good news we will be having a program to learn about ways to make your operation
green to save energy and in the process saving some money! It will be held at Agricultural Cen-
ter in Tavares on Thursday, September 9th Topics to include information on REAP and EQIP
grants, which are government programs with money available to help growers in implementing
energy save technology on their farms. Also, we will be learning about the potential of cover
crops, the latest information on the use and regulation of biosolids and compost, and optimal irri-
gation and nutrition practices for citrus. The program will be from 1:30 till 5PM followed by a
free dinner for those that are interested. Please pre-register for this class so that we can make
appropriate arrangements for dinner. Thanks.

Increase your pesticide knowledge and earn CEU's with articles and questions.

One relatively simple way to earn CEU's from the comfort of your home is to read recent articles
that have appeared in Citrus Industry and Florida Grower Magazines. Below you will find the
links to the articles and questions. In addition we try to apply for CEU's whenever program ma-
terial is applicable and I remember.

Citrus Industry Magazine
Safe Storage and Transportation of Pesticides
One General Standards (CORE) CEU
http://www.citrusindustry.net/ceu l.html

Florida Grower Magazine
General Standards (CORE) and Private Applicator and Tree Crop CEU's
http://www. growingproduce.com/floridagrower/ceu/

Florida Citrus Agents Fall Program
Lake County Agricultural Center Tavares September 29th

We will be having a meeting on Wednesday September 29th at the Lake County Agricultural
Center in Tavares from 10AM till 1PM. A free lunch will be provided. This is the annual fall pro-
gram that the extension agents hold at multiple locations around the state. We will be reporting
the latest research information and general information on citrus canker, HLB, psyllid control and
CBS. This usually is a well attended program and a great time to catch up with fellow growers
and others involved in the citrus industry. Please let us know if you will becoming by mailing
Maggie at mjarrell@ufl.edu or calling at 352-729-3999 x 2730.

fage 8

S . I included pictures of recent activities to your exten-
Pictures of recent Extension Activities sion program. If you have not been coming, I
wanted to show you what you have been missing!

.... .. . ;.. . ... . ... .
in... ..~~~ ~~~~~,W- V WI '::,..",,..,.. "-

Above: Ryan Atwood gives a tour of the MFCF
grove so that participants can get an idea of what
the HLB infected trees look like prior to HLB nu-
tritional demonstration being implemented.

Right: The Florida Citrus Growers Institute had
over 300 attendees. Speakers were flown in from
South Africa, Texas and California. Survey results
indicated that the program was very successful in
educating citrus growers on current research re-
sults for Florida citrus.

Below: Dr. Michael Rogers demonstrates current
trials that he is conducting at the Mid Florida Cit-
rus Foundation for psyllid control. The hands on
demonstration allowed for a good discussion be-
tween researchers and growers.

Below: Dr. Hennie le Roux who is the extension manager
foi C itirti Rcisc,icIli IinliutIn.lO l i t Soll l ,iilc t.nlc
SOllli' linc \i ilc l '-' \\ IlN o i ,iI i lioc c IO\\ i'Ii ,nlld llil-
lional cii ph ),i[cIinIliotLn.C Hciiniinic llicld Iii, insii'lii aid
C'\I)clc 'cc' dIllll'I I 1h \ iil Hc llko Slpokc itl IlK Floilda
C iiiliS Cjio\\nl s nqiisiiiUIC

Fayq 9

Applied research projects

One of the many functions of being an extension agents is conducting some applied research projects. Since I
started my position I have had the privilege of participating in some research to assist growers. I want to make
sure you were aware of these activities to hopefully aid in your knowledge. Past projects include the evalua-
tion of HLB transmission on citrus liners treated with SAR type compounds, low volume applications for psyl-
lid control, droplet size distribution for low volume sprayers, and a herbicide tree killing study. Additionally
projects in alternative fruit crops such as peach thinning trial and low volume dormex application in blueber-
ries have been conducted.

Current projects include a fruit thinning trial on W. Murcott's, evaluation of nutritional programs on HLB in-
fected trees, and a soon to be planted high density citrus rooted cutting trial. I have assisted co-workers in ad-
ditional projects as well. What I strive to do is help the grower with applied research that they need but is not
currently being explored. Also I sometimes conduct a trial with the hope of convincing a researcher to take on
an idea. However, I am not trying to be a researcher! The University employees top scientist to handle those
responsibilities, mine is to get the information that is generated
to you the grower. Unfortunately there are many projects that
seem worthy of investigation but time is limited. In my recent
conversations I realize that I may have missed the opportunity
to share the results of these projects and observations with all of
you. With that in mind I will try and report in my newsletter on
the status or result on these types of activities.

Here are references for some of the results of past research projects:
Atwood, R.A. and Brlansky, R. 2009. "A Trial to determine if salicylic acid
and/or K-phite on young citrus trees grafted with HLB infected budwood
could prevent transmission of the bacteria." 3 pages. Florida State Horticul-
ture Society Proceedings 2009.
Atwood, R.A. and Stelinski, L. 2008. "Evaluation of low volume applica-
tion technologies for control of Asian citrus psyllid." 7 pages. Florida State
Horticulture Society Proceedings 2008.

Hoffman, C., Fritz, B. Martin, D., Atwood, R., Hurner, T., Ledebuhr, M.,
Tandy, M., Jackson, J., and Wisler, G. 2009. "Evaluation of low volume
sprayers used in citrus psyllid control applications." HortTechnology. June
2010 20(3). 632-639.

The time to conduct a solid research trial, that is replicated and
worthy of publication is hard to come by, however sometimes
observational data can be of interest and use. Some of these -
observational activities have included planting Jatropha in Cen-
tral Florida and watching it get killed by cold weather, different
blueberry hedging regimes for increased yield, and grower psyl-
lid control program and population effects. Often times I will -
On top: Chris Sutton and Frank Rodgers help me es-
present these observation at a growers meeting. For more infor- tablish a W. Murcott thinning trial. On bottom: Gary
mation on any of these projects feel free to contact me. England and I establishing a low volume dormex
spray trial. Pesticide safety is a priority!

a&e ec 9oJaS au
Ryan Atwood
Extension Agent II
Multi County Fruit Crops
1951 Woodlea Rd
Tavares, FL 32778
Phone: 352-343-4101
Fax: 352-343-2627


The Vision for the University of Florida's Institute of Food and Agri-
cultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) is to increase and strengthen the knowl-
edge base and technology for:

Expanding the profitability of global competitiveness and sustain-
ability of the food, fiber, and agricultural industries of Florida.
Protecting and sustaining natural resource and environmental sys-
Enhancing the development of human resources.
Improving the quality of human life.

Think you haven't received my quarterly newsletter lately or
just want to look something up but misplaced an older copy.
Archived copies can be found at:


Did you miss the 2010 Florida Citrus
Growers Institute? No worries you
can catch up and watch all of the
presentation from the comfort of
your office or home. Go to http://
and watch the videos.

Thanks to Syngenta, Chemtura and Bayer
CropScience for sponsoring the Mid Florida
Citrus Foundation field day lunch. The
lunch feed over 120 people! Thanks again
for your support.


F UNIVERSITY of Seminole County Extension
U FLORIDA 250 W. County Home Road
IFAS Extension Sanford, FL 32773
Seminole County Extension (352) 343-4101 PHONE
(352) 343-2767 FAX


(Hosted by Lake County Extension Service)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010 $20.00 per person, non-refundable fee for class
If you plan to take an exam, you should study the training manuals listed below

Ornamental and Turf The license is good for persons employed on a golf course, park, athletic field, or cemetery. You will
need to take both the General Standards exam and the Ornamental and Turf exam. The exams study manuals are:

Applying Pesticides Correctly (SM-1) $7.00, also called the "Core" manual
Ornamental & Turfqrass Pest Management (SM-7) $20.00
Spray Equipment & Calibration (SM-38) $2.00

Private Applicator Agricultural This license is issued to persons who apply or supervise the application of restricted use
pesticides for agricultural production such as vegetable, fruit, or cattle farm, sod farm or nursery and greenhouse. You will
need to take both the General Standards exam and the Private Agricultural Applicator exam. The exams study manuals are:

Applying Pesticides Correctly (SM-1) $7.00, also called the "Core" manual
The Private Applicator Pest Control Training Manual (SM-53) $7.00

8:15 8:30 a.m. Registration
8:30 -10:00 a.m. Review for the General Standards Exam
10:00 10:15 a.m. Break
10:15 11:00 a.m. O&T and Private Ag App Review
11:00 12:00 p.m. Calibration Review
12:00 1:00 p.m. Lunch on your own
1:00 4:00 p.m. All Exams Administered

Review and Exam: Pvt. Ag and O&T Pesticide Certification
Tuesday, August 17, 2010-Seminole County Extension Office
Individuals needing special accommodations to participate in program should call Maggie Jarrell at least (5) five working days prior to the program.

BUSINESS General Standards (CORE) Review L

Ornamental & Turf Review D

Exam L
Private Applicator Review E
Exam E
EMAIL -------------------
Deadline to Register: Friday August 13, 2010 Make $20 per
person check payable to "Horticultural Advisory" and send to Lake County
Ag Center, 1951 Woodlea Rd, Tavares, FL 32778. Attn: Maggie Jarrell.
The Institute of Food and Agricultural Science (IFAS) is an Equal Employment Opportunity-Affirmative Action Employer authorized to provide research, educational information and other services only to individuals
and institutions that function without regard to race, color, sex, age, handicap or national origin U S DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE, FLORIDA COOPERATIVE EXTENSION SERVICE, UNIVERSITY OF

Seminole County Extension
250 W. County Home Road
Sanford, FL 32773

Take 1-4 to Exit #98 (Lake Mary / Heathrow Exit) and head east on Lake Mary Boulevard approximately 4.5 miles to US-17-92.
At the intersection of Lake Mary Boulevard and US-17-92, turn right (south) and go approximately 1.4 miles. You will pass Flea
World on your left and the next traffic light is the intersection of US-17-92 and County Home Road. The Humane Society will
be on your left and the Fire Station will be catty-corner to your right. Turn right (west) onto County Home Road and continue
forward 0.1 mile, past the Fire Station, to the second driveway on the right. You will see the signs for Seminole County
Cooperative Extension Service and University of Florida/IFAS.
County Map


Registration Information
What Does the Registration Fee Include? The full
fee provides for Saturday and Sunday's educational
program including the opening address with the
Keynote Speaker. It also includes networking
opportunities with exhibitors, Saturday and Sunday
early morning refreshments, refreshment breaks, and
lunches featuring products from Florida's small farms.
Full Attendee Fee Deadline
Fee Deadline
Sat and Sun
Early Bird Special $110 By July 12, 2010
After July 12
Regur$160 Subject to availability
Young Adult*
( to 1 y old) $75 By July 12, 2010
(8 to 17 years old)
*Young adult's must be accompanied by
an adult attendee.
Participants who are unable to attend the full conference
may take advantage of the one day fee. The one day fee
includes participation in all events for that day.
One Day Only Fee Deadline
(Sat or Sun)
Early Bird Special $75 By July 12, 2010
Regar $125 After July 12
Re r Subject to availability

Register online through the conference website:
Go to "Florida SFIAE Conference" located on the Small
Farms and Alternative Enterprises website.
Refund Policy: Requests for refunds will be honored if a
written notification of cancellation is received by the Office
of Conferences & Institutes IFAS, University of Florida by
July 19, 2010. A processing fee of $30.00 will be
deducted from all refunds. No refunds will be honored for
cancellations after July 19, 2010. Email refund requests to
Kim Brand at kimmer72@ufl.edu
Special Needs: Participants with special needs (such as
visual, hearing or walking impairments) can be reasonably
accommodated by contacting the Office of Conferences &
Institutes at least 21 working days prior to the conference.
We can be reached by phone at 1-352-392-5930, by FAX
at 1-352-392-9734, or by calling 1-800-955-8771 (TDD).
The TDD number can only be accessed from within the
state of Florida
Questions: Mandy Stage, UF, IFAS, OCI
Phone: 352-392-5930, Email: mstage@ufl.edu

Meeting Location
Osceola Heritage Park
1875 Silver Spur Lane
Kissimmee, FL 34744
Tel: 321-697-3333
The conference will be held at the Osceola Heritage
Park (OHP) in Kissimmee, Florida. Parking fees are
covered through the conference so there is no charge
for parking, but a PARKING PASS IS REQUIRED. Go
to the conference website to PRINT OUT THE
The OHP layout details how to enter the OHP for the
small farms conference. Small farm attendees should
enter only through the main entrance of the OHP.

Hotel Information
A variety of lodging facilities are offering reduced rates
to small farm conference attendees. Visit the
conference website to read more about the lodging
locations and to make a reservation at reduced
conference rates.

Hotel Clarion Heritage S Holiday Oak
Park Inn Plantation

Distance 4
from 1 Mile 3/4 Mile i 10 Miles 5 Miles
FaRedud $89 +tax $55 +tax $40 +tax $56 +tax $79 +tax
(may fill June 29 July 16 July 1 June 30 June 30

These accommodations will likely fill before the
discounted rates expire, so please make your
reservation early.

Go to "Florida SFIAE Conference" located on the Small
Farms and Alternative Enterprises website.

Florida Small Farms


Alternative Enterprises


July 31 & August 1, 2010

Kissimmee, FL

IFAS Extension
omanl lrarmsV
Aa^ Alternative Enterprises .

Click on "Florida SF/AE

Hosted by

University of Florida, IFAS

Florida A&M University, CESTA

Register by July 12
to receive the early bird special!

Increased consumer demand for local products such
as organic, heirloom, hydroponic, grass-fed beef,
pastured poultry and ethnic meats and vegetables
are providing new and increased opportunities for

The USDA defines small farms as those with gross
annual sales of $250,000 or less. Small farms
contribute 37% of the value of all agricultural
products sold in the U.S. In Florida, 93% of the
47,000+ farms are defined by the USDA as small
farms and this number is growing.

Who Should Attend
* Beginning Farmers, Small to Mid-sized Family Farmers
* Food Service Providers, Allied-industry Reps
* Educators and Researchers, Policy-makers
SAgricultural Associations, Foundations
SCity/Regional Planners
* Anyone Interested in Strengthening Florida's Food System

Why You Should Attend
Discover the latest information, products and technologies
to increase your productivity, diversify your operations and
Increase your profitability.

Listen to cutting-edge presentations that address
emerging state/federal programs, new production and
marketing strategies, and future industry trends.

Take advantage of the many networking opportunities
throughout the conference to find solutions that fit your
needs, meet new colleagues with similar interests, and
share your expertise and strengthen Florida's food

Conference Highlights
WILL ALLEN, Founder and CEO of Growing
Power, Inc. to deliver Keynote Address
Allen is founder and CEO of Growing Power,
Inc., Recently named to Time's 100: World's Most
Influential People list, the organization has one
simple goal: "to grow food, to grow minds, and to
grow community".
Visit their website to read more.

Conference Highlights (continued)
LARGE EXHIBITION Showcasing Products and

LIVESTOCK ARENA with Live Animal Exhibits




Educational Sessions

* Earth, Wind and Fire: Renewable Energy Options
* Southeastern US Renewable Energy Policy -
What pays
* Combined Heat and Power Options for the
Small Farm

* Agritourism
* Aquaponics and Aquaculture
* Specialty Fruit Production

* Florida MarketMaker: Connecting Producers with
Viable New Markets.
* Are your Records a "Wreck"? Financial Planning
is the Solution
* Do Your Finances say that Your Operation is a
Hobby, Business, or Both?
* Developing your Farm's Future through
Business Plans
* What's all the Excitement about Social Marketing?
How it can Help You Market Your

* Expanding Your Fruit Portfolio: Stone Fruit and
Muscadine Grapes
* Techniques for Keeping Fresh Produce Quality
High After Harvest
* Exploring Hydroponic Growing Systems
* Using High Tunnels to Extend the Season and
Reduce Costs
* It's Cold Out Here! Protecting Your Plants During
Frost Events
* Specialty Vegetables for Direct Marketing

Educational Sessions (continued)

* Pasture Management
* Weed Management
* Grass Fed Beef: How Do We Get There?
* Poultry Management
* Liability Issues of Livestock Ownership
* Small Ruminant Management

* Healthy Schools, Healthy Kids Florida Farm to
School Programs
* High-Quality Compost for Organic and
Conventional Farms
* The Nuts and Bolts of CSA's (Community
Supported Agriculture)
* Advanced Disease Management for Organic
Vegetable Systems
* Transitioning to Organic? Using Science and
Technology to Increase Profits
* Beyond Direct Marketing: Developing A Strong
Diversified Income Portfolio for Organic Products

* Advocacy 101
* Accessing Government Programs
* Direct Marketing Regulations (or, How to Get Your
Products to Market Legally)
* Small-Farm Friendly Approaches to Food Safety
* Safe Handling of Poultry Products
* E-Technology Tools to Enhance Farm Business

Read more about conference activities by clicking on
"Florida SF/AE Conference" located on the Small Farms
and Alternative Enterprises website.

Sustaining Partner University of Florida, IFAS
Platinum Florida Department of Agriculture and
Consumer Services (FDACS)
Gold Florida A&M University, CESTA
Silver Aramark, Destiny Organics, Farm Credit of
Florida, FL Farm Bureau Federation & FL Farm
Bureau Insurance, Global Organics Specialty Source,
* USDA Farm Service Agency, Verti-Gro
Bronze Florida Association of Community Farmers
Markets, Hani's Mediterranean Organics
June 7, 2010


Citrus Exposm and Citrus Industry
magazine wish to express appreciation
to the following organizations for their
collective program-planning input and
promotional support:




Citrus Expo Details
Registration in advance OR on site required for
admission. Complimentary attendance and meals
provided both days to bona fide grove owners and
managers, citrus production managers, profes-
sional crop advisers, association representatives
and board members and the citrus research com-
munity. Preregistered growers are entered to win
a John Deere gun safe sponsored by Everglades
Farm Equipment.
Non-exhibiting company and vendor person-
nel may become a sponsor at any level for trade
show, lunch and seminar admission, or pur-
chase an individual one- or two-day admission
pass. Visit www.CitrusExpo.net for details.
Events & Prize Drawings:
Must be present to win. Doors open 8:00 a.m. both
days. Prize Drawings: Wed. and Thurs. 9:00 a.m.
and 1:30 p.m. Gun Safe Grand Prize Drawing 1:30
p.m. Wed., Aug 18. Some restrictions apply, rules
at prize drawing area and registration desk.
Trade Show:
More than 150 citrus-related exhibits inside the
air-conditioned Lee Civic Center arena plus
outdoor displays.
Meals in Trade Show:
Continental breakfast 8-9:30 a.m. both days.
Lunch 12:00 p.m. 2:00 p.m. both days. Meal tick-
ets distributed with name badges at check-in.
Holiday Inn Fort Myers (1-75 South, Exit 128)
9931 Interstate Commerce Dr., Ft. Myers, FL 33913
Phone: 239-561-1550 Fax: 239-561-9999
Ask for the $85.00 Citrus Exposm Rate
Homewood Suites by Hilton Fort Myers
(I-75 South, Exit 128)
16450 Corporate Commerce Way, Ft. Myers, FL 33913
Phone: 239-210-7300 Fax: 239-210-7301
Ask for the $94.00 Citrus Exposm Rate
Courtyard by Marriott Fort Myers
(I-75 South, Exit 128)
10050 Gulf Center Drive, Ft. Myers, FL 33913
Phone: 239-332-4747 Fax: 239-332-4748
Ask for the $99.00 Citrus Expolm Rate
Hilton Garden Inn Fort Myers Airport/FGCU
(I-75 South, Exit 128)
16410 Corporate Commerce Way, Ft. Myers, FL 33913
Phone: 239-210-7200 Fax: 239-210-7201
Ask for the $89.00 Citrus Expolm Rate

Sponsors "as of May 21, 2010"

Bayer CropScience
Everglades Farm Equipment
Carden & Associates Florida Citrus Mutual
Florida Department of Citrus
Florida Farm Bureau Federation Gowan Company
Gulf Citrus Management, Inc. IRRA-CHEM Corp.
Magna-Bon Stallings Crop Insurance
STropicana Vigiron
Chemtura AgroSolutions Diamond R Fertilizer
DuPont Crop Protection
E Co Consultants Kelly Tractor Co. KeyPlex
McLean Ag Chem, Inc. Oxbo International
Southern Gardens The Andersons, Inc.
AgraQuest Agricultural Employee Services, Inc.
BASF Curtec of Florida, Inc.
Environmental Consulting & Tech., Inc.
Farm Credit Association of Florida
Fred Juliano Enterprises, Inc.
Index Instruments U.S., Inc. Metal Culverts, Inc.
NuFarm Americas, Inc. Oro Agri, Inc.
Wedgworth's, Inc.
Ag-Tronix, Inc. Brandt Consolidated LLC
Custom Harvest Insurance, Ltd.
Engine Distributors, Inc. Flo-Tec, Inc.
Growth Products, Ltd./GP Solutions Hancor
John Deere Water LRA Insurance
Marrone Bio Innovations
Martin Realty Florida, Inc. Maxiet
Omega Protein Pro Pak Software
Root Solutions, Inc. StollerUSA, Inc.
Tessenderlo/Kerley, Inc. The Tucker Group
* Tradewinds Power Corp. Tree-See Control Systems
Triangle Chemical TWC Distributors, Inc.
United Irrigation Supply Inc. United Site Services
Valent USA Yardney Water Management




"Research to Real Life:

Applying the

Latest Citrus Science"

Lee Civic Center

Ft. Myers, Florida

U IVl~i




"Don't tell me about your three-year
research programs! I need something
I can use right nowf'
"We hear your' That's why we've
assembled a comprehensive day-
and-a-half seminar series to help
you transform research into real-life
applications today. No matter the
size or location of your grove, you'll
learn how to apply the latest science
in dealing with HLB, citrus black
spot and other challenges specific
to your situation.
Attendance remains free to bona fide
growers, multiple CEU/CCA credits
will be available, and key presenters
are again being flown in this year by
Citrus Exposm to join UF researchers
on the program.
And growers, you won't want to miss
the trade show for product educa-
tion, food, fun, fellowship and prizes
both days, especially during the new
Grand Finale Lunch Party on the
second day from noon to 2 p.m.

0 6 Is

BAER: Bayer CropScience

Promising advancements to fight the
bacterial causal agent of HLB

Current status of HLB in Florida and
overview of management options
Building an effective, quality psyllid
control program for your grove

Mineral nutrition and plant disease

Integrating a foliar nutrition program
into existing pest and disease sprays
Systemic acquired resistance (SAR):
from basic concepts to applied reality

The potential uses of SAR in citrus
disease management

Understanding residue limits

Awaiting permanent HLB answers for
citrus pros and cons of peach and
blueberry as medium-term options

Citrus black spot (CBS) in Brazil

Integrated CBS control in Florida

The cost of psyllid, nutrition and CBS
The seminar program has been
planned as a complete series to best
benefit growers attendees. Please
plan to attend both days' sessions.
Find updated schedule details as
they develop at www.CitrusExpo.net

Register to Win!!

All pre-registered
growers are entered
in the grand prize
drawing for a John
Deere gun safe from f -_


"Research to Real Life: Applying the Latest Citrus Science"
19th Annual Citrus Expo"m Seminar Program
Lee Civic Center Ft. Myers, FL, August 18 & 19, 2010
Wednesday 9:30 a.m. noon and 2:00-4:00 p.m. Thursday 9:00 a.m. noon


State: Zip:


Check All That Apply
1 Grove Owner, Manager, Foreman, Caretaker,
Citrus Nursery
1 I am a Certified Crop Adviser
1 Handler, Packer, Shipper, Processor, Fruit Buyer
1 Association Executives and Board Members,
Government, University, Research, Legislative,
1 Product Manufacturer, Vendor, or Supplier Rep-
resentative doing business with growers or others
in the citrus industry (see admission details)

Preregistration Form

CITRUS "Research to Real
DL4M Life: Applying the
Latest Citrus Science"
To register, visit www.CitrusExpo.net
or mail or fax form to: Citrus Exposm
5053 NW Hwy. 225A, Ocala, FL 34482
Phone 352-671-1909 Fax 888-943-2224



Complimentary meal tickets
provided at registration desk.
Please check days you plan to attend
O Wednesday, August 18, 2010
] Thursday, August 19, 2010

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