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February 2006


IJuurn From tePscPltDvinftUnvsto

Vol. XXII. Number 2

Dave O'Brien

Jeremiah Mclnnis

In This Issue:

Red Gregory

PPD Golf Tourney
Raises $ For Charity

Award Winners

New Performance Management

Initiative Makes Its Debut
The University of Florida has initiated plans to make sweeping changes to its performance
appraisal system. A new appraisal form and procedures have been created, called the Performance
Management Initiative, with the goal of standardizing and more accurately measuring employee
performance. With the implementation of the new system just a month away, many PPD employ-
ees have questions about what's changing, and why those changes are being made.
PPD Human Resources Interim Manager Gordon Carroll said, "There are several reasons
why the system is being changed. First, the old form only had three ratings for overall perfor-
mance 'Exceeds', 'Achieves' and 'Below Standard'. These limited options led to almost all
employees being given an 'Exceeds' rating, and so that became the standard rating if you didn't
receive 'Exceeds' on your appraisal, you felt like you must have been doing something wrong. In
reality, the 'Exceeds' rating should be
reserved for the best of the best em-
ployees, those who consistently go
over and above what's expected of
them. So with the new form we wanted
to change that culture of everyone re-
ceiving 'Exceeds' in reality, the
'Achieves' rating should be the stan-

dard for all employees. If you're per- .
forming yourjob well, working well with your co-workers, showing up
on time, and providing good customer service, well, that's what we A number of classes are being offered to
hired you to do, and so you have earned an 'Achieves' rating. That familiarize employees with the newPMI
rating should be viewed as a good thing, it means you're performing system.
up to the standards we expect from our employees."
The new PMI form has five ratings Belo\\ Standards", "Minimally Achieves Standards", "Achieves Standards", Above
Average Standards", and "Exceeds Standards". Carroll said, "These ratings allow more flexibility and we feel that they will better
reflect actual performance."
Another reason for the new system was the ambiguous nature of the old form's rating system. "Using the old form, the way
each employee was rated was basically open to each supervisor's interpretation," said Carroll. "There was a section to rate
different aspects of job performance, but what those aspects were was up to the supervisor. The new PMI form has standardized
areas of evaluation for all employees, and those areas are the same across the entire campus, for all USPS employees and non-
exempt TEAMS employees."
The PMI form uses a points system to determine an employee's overall rating. Employees will be rated in five areas: Work
Performance, Attendance/Reliability, Customer Service, Initiative/Productivity, and Teamwork/Interpersonal Skills. Each cat-
egory has a possible rating from 1-5 points, and the total points decides your overall rating. For example, employees who receive
a total of 24-25 points will receive an "Exceeds" rating, whereas employees who receive a total between 15-19 points will be rated
"Achieves", and employees with 14 or less total points will be rated "Minimally Achieves" or Bc lo\\ Standards".
As part of the rating process, a new section has been created within the PMI form for employee feedback. This section,
located on the first page of the form, allows employees to rate themselves using the same five areas of evaluation that their

December Communication Breakfast Recap
OB began with a discussion of sustainability, and conservation. He mentioned PPD's efforts towards recycling and similar
activities, and noted that the requirement for recycling is 33% for state universities. Physical Plant is well over that requirement,
recycling almost 40% of our total waste stream on campus. OB said that a survey was done recently by Progress Energy which
looked at energy waste in five major campus buildings the survey concluded that very little energy was being wasted overall.
He added, "This means we've done an excellent job implementing the basics of energy conservation. Now it's time to move
forward and start implementing more advanced conservation strategies."
One of those strategies will be vehicle reduction on campus. Mr. O'Brien said that a committee is working on a plan where all
state vehicles will be consolidated into a fleet, and employees will be able to use them on a need basis, similar to rental vehicles.
He also reiterated that all new vehicle purchases must be either hybrid vehicles or ethanol-burning vehicles, and said that Motor
Pool will be installing an ethanol tank in the near future to accommodate our customers.
OB talked about cellphone usage on campus and how UF is very involved in antenna placement on its buildings in order to
allow better reception. He said that on the stadium alone, eight different companies have cellphone antennae, and the University
receives revenue for allowing the companies to do this. OB mentioned that many antennae on campus are hidden for example,
there are several atop Bartrum Hall, disguised as fume hoods.
Finally, Mr. O'Brien talked about the new Performance Management Initiative, which will replace the old performance
appraisal system. He mentioned that classes are ongoing to educate PPD supervisors and employees about the new system, and
said that he feels it will be a valuable tool in the future to determine which employees deserve merit raises.
Question and Answer:
Q: Are we hiring extra employees in Building Services to help handle new buildings on campus? Many Building Services
employees are performing extra duties as a result of understaffing will we still receive bonuses for doing this?
A: We try to identify needs and hire accordingly when new buildings come online, and that is going on all the time at Building
Services. We no longer have the bonus program.
Q: Have you heard any rumors that the drop program will be eliminated?
A: No, I haven't heard any discussion on that.
Q: Are we planning to do away with the four-day workweek?
A: We have a little over a hundred employees still working on that schedule. We plan to continue that for the near future, but
quite frankly, I'm not sure we're getting the benefits out of it that we originally thought. However, there are no immediate plans to
do away with the four-day week.

PPD Golf Tourney Raises Money For Charity
Recently, Physical Plant's Golf Tournament was held at the Plantation Oaks Golf Course. 64 golfers participated and the
event raised some $4000 for Ronald McDonald House.
The tournament was organized by Associate Director of Operations Eric Cochran, Facilities Planning Coordinator
Chuck Hogan, and Landskeeping/Groundskeeping Superintendent Marty Werts. Eric said, "This is an annual event that we
put on, open to employees from PPD or UF. The format is a four-person scramble, with teams of four members alternating
shots on every hole."
Prizes were given out for first, second and third place teams, as well as prizes for each hole, to go along with plenty of
drawings and raffle prizes during the day. "All considered, we gave out close to $2000 in prizes," said Eric. "Many of the
prizes are donated by PPD's business partners, vendors and contractors, who play a big role in helping sponsor the event."
The tournament's entry fee covers greens fees and a catered lunch, and any residual proceeds are donated to charity.
Eric said, "Last year, we raised $2300 for Gainesville Child Advocacy, and this year we raised $4000 for Ronald McDonald
House. The money is donated through UFCC and we earmark it for specific organizations."
In response to the funds raised by the PPD Golf Tournament, Gainesville Ronald McDonald House Executive Director
Kim Mayden wrote a letter of thanks to Physical Plant, saying, "Your donation is an incredible expression of benevolence,
and a wonderful way to help the families of seriously ill children... It is greatly appreciated."
"We try to find a different charity to donate to each year," said Marty Werts. "This year, we chose Ronald McDonald
House we felt that they're a very worthy local organization."
Chuck Hogan has been involved with the tournament since the early '90s. "We used to do the tournament in the spring,
but this year's event was the second time in a row that we've held it in November, on Veteran's Day," he said. "We've found
that time of year works well to avoid schedule conflicts and things of that nature, so we're planning to hold the next
tournament on Veteran's Day as well. Anyone from PPD who'd like to play is welcome to enter."
Eric agreed, saying, "We'd love to increase participation from PPD employees. You don't have to be a great golfer to
play in this event. In fact, since most of the prizes are raffle prizes, you have a great chance to win something, regardless of
your skill level."

Red Gregory Retires From Systems
After over forty years of employment with the University of Florida, Albert "Red" Gregory has retired. A ceremony was held
for him at Main Street on Tuesday, January 31.
Red spent all of his forty years with the Systems Department, and retired
-"- with the title of Maintenance Support Worker. He said, "So much has changed
while I've been here: names, faces, people, buildings, all kinds of stuff. If I could
remember all of it, I could've written a book!"
,. PPD Director Dave O'Brien said, "Red has been here for a long time, and
done an outstanding job. His line of work could be dirty and messy at times, but
through it all Red has been a valuable asset to Physical Plant."
During the ceremony, Mr. O'Brien asked Red if he had any stories he wanted
to tell, and Red described how he went looking for his supervisor his first week
on the job. He ended up falling through a roof and into the room where his
supervisor was working. The supervisor yelled, "What the heck is going on
here?" and Red picked himself up off the ground and said, "I'm not sure, boss,
I just got here myself."
Red Gregory (right) with Dave O'Brien After retirement, Red said he plans to do some work around his house and
maybe even take a part-time job to keep himself busy. He said he was planning
to vist PPD often, but that: "I'm gonna have to apply for a 'Retired Persons UF ID' so I can come on campus and they won't throw
me out!"
Red said, "I'm going to miss this place, and all the great people and friends I've made. I want to thank Danny Grant and Joe
Shaw they've been real good supervisors to me, kept me straight over the years. It's been a lot of fun, and I'm looking forward
to new experiences in my retirement."

Superior Accomplishment Award Winners

Physical Plant employees
who won Division-level
mentAwards were hon-
ored at PPD's Executive
Council meeting in
February. These winners
are now eligible to be
selected for University-
level awards.L
The winners are (front
row, left to right): Marsha
Hamm, Leola Turner, and
Deborah Seay.
(2nd row, L-R) Teresa
White, Kenya Johnson,
Doris Guthrie, and Len
(3rd row, L-R) Jill Lee,
Genita Woods, and
Cynthia Reaves.
(Top row, L-R) Dale
Bivens, Gary Goff and
Tom Kinsey.
(Not pictured: Richard

{ FLORIDA ^^ilAil
FLOR A December Employees of the Month:

Natasha Frazier, Building Services
Emily Hardaway, Building Services
Erik West, Grounds

From Pg. 1
Da Choe Tanya Freeney Glenn Hayes Ed Salsberry
supervisors will use. Systems Building Svcs. Building Svcs. Health Center
"This section was created to help
give the employee a voice in the evalua-
tion process," said Carroll. "With every
employee, there are some areas of work
that they perform that sometimes the
supervisor does not get to observe per-
sonally, or that the employee might be
performing over and above their job re-
quirements, and this allows the employee
the opportunity to record those efforts.
At the same time, the employee feed- Debbie Sanchez Paul Vlahos Nathaniel Washington
back is designed to help create dialogue Building Svcs. Facilities Building Svcs.
between employees and supervisors, so
that each person can better understand
their role, and what is expected of them
in the performance of their duties."
Finally, Carroll said, the new PMI
system will require all evaluations to take
place on the same date. "In the past, your
performance appraisal was tied to your
date of hire, and so everyone across cam-
pus had different dates that their ap-
praisals were due. With the new system,
all appraisals will take place between
February 28 (or Feb. 29 in leap years)
and March 1, for established employ-
ees. New non-exempt TEAMS employ- Rod Clements Christina Hopper Leavy Howard Alexander King
ees will still be evaluated at the end of Arch./Engineering Support Staff Grounds Resource Mgmt.
their six-month probationary period, but
following that they will be transitioned
into the new system and their future
evaluations will take place at the same
time as everyone else."
Currently, PPD is offering classes
through the PPD HR Education and /
Training Office. Education and Training
Coordinator Donna Agerton said, "All
together, there will be over 30 different Terry Matchett Charles Parrish Mark Stephens Nathaniel Washing
class opportunities for PPD employees Facilities Health Center Systems Building Svcs.
to learn about the Performance Manage-
ment Initiative system. These classes will
run through the end of February, and
are open to everyone who'd like to learn more about PMI, regardless of your title or level of experience. To register for a class, just
send an email to PPDtraining@admin.ufl.edu, or call the PPD Education and Training Office at 392-7898."
Carroll said, "The PMI form and system was developed by a committee of UF Human Resources administration and senior
members. Our old system was over twenty years old, and the new process will allow for better performance evaluations, and
overall standardization of our evaluation criteria. I really feel that the new system is going to be a very positive thing for the
University and our employees."



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