ELI weekly : the weekly newsletter of the English Language Institute
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Title: ELI weekly : the weekly newsletter of the English Language Institute
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Publication Date: September 9, 2011
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Highlights Welcome Notes from the Office Notes about the Weekly Student Voices T h e ELI Weekly Welcome! The ELI would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our students during this busy first we ek of the Fall C 20 11 semester! We want all of you to feel as comfortable as possible while you are studying with us here at the ELI. We strongly urge you to share any questions and/or concerns that you might have with your teachers, your Language Assist ants, our staff members or administra tors. We are here to help you. For questions about your I 20 or other immigration matters you might experience, our Admissions Coordinator Daryl Bish is the p erson to talk to. You can find h im by making an appointmen t to see h im in the ELI Main Office, 315 Norman. You may also talk to Daryl about any special concerns about university or community college admissions that you might have For personal problems and concerns, Emily Kirby is the pe rson to see. You can f ind her in he r office, 316 Norman. Daryl and Emily will do their best to answer your questions or to point you in the right direction to someone who can. All of us here at the ELI hope that you will learn a lot in your quest to further your English education -but remember to try to have some fun too! I would like to greet you personally as your ELI Weekly Editor, Melina Jimenez I hope you come to trust the Weekly to give you the information you need to make your experience here the bes t possible. You will receive the Weekly each week during your Reading/Writing class. In addition, each week's Weekly will be posted in the "News" section of the ELI Home page at http://www.eli.ufl.edu/ publications.htm. Our Director, Me gan Forbes has a message of welcome for all of you: Welcome, new and returning ELI students. I am pleased to greet you one and all through this message, and I look forward to meeting each of you during the semester. I thank you personally and congrat ulate you for being here. It is always difficult to leave family and friends and go far away from what is familiar to study a foreign language and spend time with people we have never seen, from countries far from our own. We, whose work depends on your courage and fortitude, appreciate your presence here. We look forward to making your experience here the very best it can be. We have built programs and prepared guidelines designed specifically for your benefit. They are intended to maximize the effort you plan to furnish so that your success and our success will be one and the same. By joining the English Language Institute (ELI), you have become a part of a vibrant team dedicated to the highest achievements and enthusiastic about its goals. Our overr iding aim is to provide you with an array of opportunities in class and outside of class -to increase your knowledge of English as an active and living communicative system, to use linguistic and social interaction for providing you with practice, to inse rt you as much as possible into the local community, where English is used naturally, and to challenge you daily to extend yourself just a bit more in your English experience. I am happy to be welcoming you to the ELI team, a team dedicated to the success of all of its members. For a team to succeed, it takes a 100% effort by everyone involved. You will, we fervently hope, take this invitation to heart and give 110% in all that you do at the ELI. This team effort is already a regular part of the employe whose dedication goes unquestioned. These teachers, language assistants, support staff members, and administrators enjoy their work for you, are proud to be at the ELI, and care deeply about your success. In the many opportunities taken by st udents and employees to express their feelings about this school, one can find numerous superlatives. Everyone at the ELI takes great pride in these and delights in welcoming you, convinced that you will add yours when the time comes. For now, we thank yo u for being here. Welcome to an experience of a lifetime. Notes from the Office Phone Home -We have been receiving phone calls from some concerned folks back home who have not yet heard whether or not you arrived safely. If you haven't called home to let your family know you are here, please try to do it as soon as possible. Tuition Deadline -Tuition will be due on Thursday September 15 th before 1 :30pm Please try to pay your tuition before the deadline. For any questions you have about your tui tion, see Judith Strack in the ELI Main Office, Room 315 Norman. Immunization Deadline Proof of immunizations must be received by Wednesday, September 14 th or you will not be allowed to continue to attend classes. No exceptions. Turns -When the offic e is crowded, please try to wait your turn. If everyone is patient, things move in a swifter and more orderly manner. Everyone will be served eventually. Feeling Sick? -Please don't call the office for 1 or 2 day illnesses. You may simply talk to yo ur teachers when you get back. If, however, you are going to be out for 3 or more days, do call. Student Mailbox -Please come to the office from time to time and check the mailbox for any mail that you may have received over the last few weeks. If you are waiting for something and do not see it, however, you may assume that it has not come yet, and you will not need to ask in the office. The W eekly Newsletter of the English Language Institute Volume 1 1 6 Issue 1 September 9, 2011


Class Attendance -Remember, your attendance is very, very important. Your teachers are taking note of both your ab sences and your tardies in every class every day. Fire Drills/Alarms -Please remember, whenever you hear a fire alarm, whether in Norman Hall or in any other building, you need to leave the building quickly and quietly. Period. We do have drills occas ionally to ensure that everyone knows what to do -but you should never assume that the alarm you hear is only a drill. Getting out in an orderly and expedient fashion may well save your life. Also, please note that the fire alarms must never, ever be p ulled by anyone other than building management unless there is an actual emergency. Falsely pulling a fire alarm is against the law. Bicycling -Bicycle safety is very, very important -and it will be taken very seriously here in Gainesville and on the UF campus. If you bike, be sure that you familiarize yourself with the rules of the road. If you're caught breaking them, in addition to possible injuries you might suffer, it can result in tickets and fines. Traffic violators on bicycles are subject to the same fines as violators in automobiles, $154 for a moving violation, $252.00 for running a red light, $104 for a non moving violation, and $52.50 for a violation specific to bicycle operation. Lost and Found -If you lose personal items, be sure to ch eck in the ELI Main Office. We keep a box that is usually full of things that people have left in classrooms and around the ELI. If you find something that was left behind, be sure to bring it to us. Smoking -The use of cigarettes or other tobacco pro ducts on the UF campus, including in parking lots and vehicles, is not permitted. Absolutely no smoking is allowed inside Norman Hall or any other building on the UF campus. This includes ALL areas inside buildings. UF is leading the state in promoting t obacco free university campuses with the goal of providing a healthy and comfortable campus environment for everyone. Birthdays Each week, this section of the ELI Weekly will list all of the birthdays for our students and staff that occur during the we ek. REMEMBER: in the US, the birth date is written month/day/year. If you submitted yours as day/month/year on your forms, then it will appear wrong in the Weekly For those of you that this may happen to, we apologize in advance. The following are ELI Birthdays for the week of September 9 15 : Students: September 10: Naif Mohammed A lqahtani September 12 : Mohammed Bazaid September 12 : Mfrettin Sari September 13: Alessandra Silva Gelape Faleiro September 15 : Mohammed Alqasem Staff: September 10: Heather Goode September 11: Raquel Rojas September 12: Sharon Ramos September 14: Chris Vizcarrondo Happy Birthday, one and all! Student Voices For any and all students who would like to see their work in print and have an extra opportunity to take something of this experience home with you, we want to let you know about our student publication, the ELI Student Voices edited by Steve Flocks This publication is a collection of works written by you our students. You may submit anything of your work that you wish; it will receive only minimal editing. Past submissions have included essays, poetry, creative stories, class projects, and other interesting works on a variety of topics. If you want to turn something in for publication, simply give it to your tea cher, or e mal Steve at sflocks@ufl.edu Include your name and class on your submission. Teachers, as has now been done many times in the past, this makes for a great project for all classes -not just Reading/Writing. Let's see what you can do! Sports and Activities Once again this semester, the Cultural Immersion staff will be holding regular sports and activities each evening of the week. The activities schedule is currently being worked out. As soon as it's ready, it ction of the ELI Webpage and the Activities Board outside Room 315. We will also publish the schedule next week here in the Weekly The Next Trip This week, on Saturday, September 10 th we will be enjoying The Welcome Picnic. 273 4395 after 9:30am to see if the picnic has been moved WHERE : Behind Broward and Yulee Halls (across 13 th Street from the ELI). COST: This trip is completely FREE! Manners, Cult ure and Grammar Each week, the ELI Weekly will include a culture colum n under the name "Manners and Culture" and a grammar column under the name you, the students (and even teachers and staff!), participate. Questions on any topic concerning American behavior, culture, and manner s, we well as any aspect of grammar are encouraged. While I cannot guarantee 100% that I will be able to answer every single question, I will do my best! So, if you are wondering about what is correct socially for you to do, if you see someone doing some thing that you find odd, or perhaps even rude, or if you just want to know something about the culture here in general, please feel free to ask about it! Ditto if grammar is making your brain hurt. Teachers and Language Assistants, this makes a great act ivity; entire batches of questions are welcome and encouraged. And individuals, if you have questions that you would like to ask and see in print, you may email them to me at toddy33@ufl.edu or put them in my mailbox (ELI Office, Room 315, box marked Alle n ) anytime the office is open. Quote of the Week A smile is the universal welcome. Max Eastman