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Summer, 2008

The Devil's Lawyer (1st Place)
Nicolas Camus
RW 3

"The best in the lawyer, that is he is here when there is nobody"
-Philippe Dumas.

We saw last week how the American Constitution
protects the accused and states the right to have a lawyer, but
behind this idea, there is an important question: is it possible to
defend everybody?
I do like this question because it is a question which
will arise in my job, but I want to try to answer this question
now. There are two ways to answer this question: a general
answer (society's answer) and a more personal answer (which
everybody has).
The majority of our society (sometimes with
dangerous exception) answers yes to this question. We can take,
for example, the American Constitution or the French
Constitution. All of these constitutions protect all citizens and
give the right to have a counsel. It's very interesting to see the
importance of this right. Besides, it is a very old right.
Normally, the Constitution draws the general organization of a
country. That shows the will of the Constitution's writers to
explain that is an important aspect of freedom as the separation
of the power. But sometimes, the answer of our democracy is
not so clear. The Guantanamo prisoners are a good example. At
the beginning, the American's Government didn't want to apply
this rule of the Constitution (because they are not 'normal
criminals,' but terrorists). The Supreme Court stated that the
American Constitution must be applied, but after 7 years of jail
for some prisoners. However, we can say now this principle has
no exception even if some individual members of Government
think the opposite.
Sometimes, after a bloody case, we see many people
on the TV to say lawyer does a bad job, and they insult the
defense lawyer because they think that defending this person is
against the community's order. Does a lawyer who defends a
murderer or a rapist work for the community? Yes he does.
With the defense lawyer's intervention, we protect the accused
from mistakes of justice. In fact, there is always a very small
probability that the accused is not guilty, even if all evidence
shows the guilt. Sometimes after 20 years of jail, a prisoner
becomes free because we find the guilty innocent, or in some
dramatic cases we see that after the execution of the prisoner.
A great French lawyer used a very interesting
argument to defend a Nazi criminal (also, he received many
death threats for that). He called two friends who are lawyers
too, a black man and a Muslim, to help him to defend his client.

At the process, he said to the prosecutor: "You said that you are
the representative of the humanity, but what kind of humanity?
You are all white! See us, the defense, we are from each
continent. You can't say that you are the representative of all
Humanity." That shows the impossibility for a jury to explain
that it represents humanity and justice. Ajury can't be like a
god. That is the reason that a defense lawyer is necessary.
A good argument to pose to the people who think we
can defend everybody is that the process has a more important
value because it is impartial. The criminal can't become a hero
or a martyr because every rule was respected.
Answering this question with the personal aspect is
more difficult. In fact, every time, in a bloody case, the opinion
of the majority thinks that a lawyer isn't necessary and the
lawyer is a criminal too if he defends the accused. One movie is
a good example of this meaning: The Devil's Advocate, with Al
Pacino. A great criminal lawyer goes to an important office in
NYC, and he becomes really the devil's lawyer. At the end of
the movie, God gives another chance to the lawyer who
understands that he mustn't defend a criminal.
Besides, when there is a crime, at the moment
everybody (probably me and you) wants that the criminal dead.
That is like a reflex. It is the reason why it's more difficult to
answer with a personal meaning.
We see that our society states that everybody must
have a lawyer, but who does the job? The devil, a person
without heart, a lawyer more criminal than the defender?... I
don't think and the lawyer must be happy to defend a criminal
and not defend him just because a counsel is necessary. There is
a concrete reason: the most interesting aspect of the lawyer's
job is the plea. Ourjudicial systems are very different. In
France, the criminal case is one of the only cases in which the
lawyer can plead; in other cases the procedure is written. When
a lawyer defends a criminal, he must use all of his brains and all
of his judicial knowledge. He must convince a Jury which
before the beginning of the process is so sure that the defendant
is guilty he must to the job of a lawyer: convince.
I want to pay homage and to take the example of
Mister Robert Badinter, a very famous French lawyer. He
'saved' a criminal who killed a little child from the death
penalty. Everybody knew that he was guilty, but with his plea,
he convinced the jury not to apply the dealth penalty. He saved
a man (one dead instead of two).
I think a lawyer who defends the worst criminal isn't
immoral. He must be amoral, without 'the common morals'.

ELI Student Voices 1

Volume 12, Issue 2

Terror on the Beach (2nd Place)
SukBae Ko
US Culture

Once, I went to the beach.
It was a stormy day, so there were rough sea waves.
I was throwing a Frisbee with my friends in the water.
They got past me.
When I swam to get the Frisbee and turned to go back,
I could not feel the sand beneath my feet.
I thrashed in the water calling out "Help me!"
I thought I would die.
I felt the terror of death.
At that moment, an ELI friend helped me.
I grabbed his hand, and he pulled me to safety.

Manizales: The Open Door City
Alejandro Ramirez
RW 41

Just imagine a city build one hundred and fifty nine
years ago! Manizales is located in the middle of the eastern area
of Colombia, and has several characteristics that make it
unique; for example, it was built in the mountains, is in a very
cold region, has steep streets, and it is a city surrounded by five
The mountains near Manizales are very big and full of
vegetation. The large size of the mountains is because it belongs
to a chain of mountains called the "Region Andina", and they
are full of vegetation because the mountains have a lot of water
inside that gathers together into a mist. The cold weather in
Manizales is related to the geographic location because it is at
two thousand and five meters above sea level.
The people who visit Manizales usually are impressed
with the streets. The streets are very steep and the main reason
it is because the whole city was built on the top of a mountain
and the city was developed in the sides of the mountains, like
many European cities.
Additionally there are at least five important
universities in Manizales. This feature of the universities makes
Manizales an axis of knowledge, because there is a lot of
research in many scientific fields. The actual major focus this
city is improving the quality of the education in my city.
Finally, I think that people in Manizales recognize all
the features that I talked about and these characteristics make it
very different among the many others cities in Colombia.

My Hometown in Libya
Mohammed Eltaher
RW 41

Would you like to live in small town with a lot of
friendly people? My hometown is located in the south of Libya.
I really like my hometown because it is a very small, with very
nice weather, and very friendly people. Most of the people who

live in this town they are really like it for the same reasons. In
fact, living in such a town as this can make your life easier and
feel happy for all of your life.
Living in a small town is really nice and has several
advantages. First, most of the small towns are very safe. It is
really very hard when you live in big city without safety. Next,
it is very easy and fast to go out to any place if you live in a
small town. It is easy to memorize all roads because it is not
complicated. However, there are other advantages to living in a
small town, but to me these are the most important things.
The second reason that I like my hometown is the
weather. The weather in my hometown has three seasons: fall,
winter, and summer. Having three different seasons is really
very nice to me. In the fall, the weather is really cold, but with
out snow. It is wonderful to sit out in the sun when the weather
is cold. In the winter, the weather is really nice, not cold and not
hot. Also in the summer the weather is not really hot. It is really
wonderful to have a town with this nice weather.
The last reason that I love my hometown is the people.
It is very nice to know most of the people in your hometown.
Most of the people in my hometown are very friendly and nice.
Of course, living with friendly people can give you a lot of
good things. It is really hard to live in a big city without
friendly people.
For all the above reason, I really like my hometown
very much and I'm very happy to lives in a place such as this
town. In fact, living in small town with nice people and nice
weather can really make you happy all of your life.

The Beautiful City Ulsan
Yunjae \hi/
RW 41

Do you remember the match between the U.S and
Germany at the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup? It was held in
my hometown, Ulsan. Actually, my hometown is not a big city,
but you can enjoy many things there. It has green mountains
and cool beaches. And also, when I describe my hometown, I
can't help but tell about these things: A World Cup Stadium
Park, an industrial complex, and a unique night view.
First, the World Cup stadium park is the most famous
place in Ulsan. It was made in commemoration of the 2002
Korea-Japan World Cup, so the length of a park is 2002 meters.
Especially, a walk that contains a lake and a flower garden is a
very beautiful and peaceful place located there. You can see the
turtle and many kinds of flowers, and also you can enjoy the
fantastic laser show on a lake at night. A square, also, is loved
by young people, because it is good spot for date and there is
enough places to play badminton and roller skating.
Next, if you drive to the sea, you can see an enormous
industrial complex. It is an essential course in the tour, because
the biggest ships in the world are made in my hometown, and
you can see the process of making cars. The length of the ship
is longer than two soccer stadiums, so just seeing a factory can
be a special experience. Also, the assembly line that makes cars
is also interesting, because everything is done by robots.

ELI Student Voices 2

Finally, you can see a unique night view that you have
never seen before. Usually, a night view is made by the lights of
buildings in a city. However, in my hometown it is made up by
factories. So, there are not only lights, but also fire. It seems
like a mirage on a desert. However, there are disadvantages; the
air is not fresh, so when you go to the industrial complex, you
have to close the car windows,
In conclusion, my hometown is in harmony with
development and preservation. You can enjoy the industrial
complex, and also enjoy a natural park at the same time. Ulsan
is all of these things and my hometown.

My Hometown in the Dominican Republic
Patsy Andujar
RW 41

How beautiful and interesting is the Dominican
Republic? The Dominican Republic, which is my favorite
place, is my hometown and where I was born. It is a very
beautiful and interesting place. To introduce the Dominican
Republic, I would like to explain where it is located; what is the
population of the Dominican Republic; also, I would like to talk
about the race; and the description of the capital and what
things to do there.
The Dominican Republic is an island located in the
Caribbean, it is a littler island between Puerto Rico and Cuba.
The island is shared by Haiti and Dominican Republic. The
population of the Dominican Republic is about eight to nine
million of people. The Spanish colonized the Dominican
Republic and because o f that we have a mixed race between
the Spanish and the Indian people that used to live there after
the Spanish people got there. Because of that, we have a
diversity of races.
The Dominican Republic has a lot of history, and it is
a very beautiful place, where you can see a lot of Spanish places
and even the streets and the old houses that are in a Spanish
Style, but that is only in downtown area. Uptown you can find a
lot of big buildings and long streets with a lot of commercial
places and traffic. In the area where I live there are a lot of big
buildings and people prefer to live there, than living in houses
because of the high level of crime. It is safer to live in a tall
building than in a house.
They are a lot of things to do in the Dominican
Republic. At first, we have beaches, mountains and rives. We
have a lot of gorgeous beaches and also, beautiful and clear
rivers, but we have mountains too. There is one place were we
have all these things together. This place is in the south of D.R.,
we have the river that merge in to the beach and also with a
very beautiful mountain in the background. Second, we have
restaurants with traditional food and international food, where
you can go for dinner and spend a really good time. Finally we
have the most attractive nightlife where you have a lot of
different music and you can dance or just chill out. As you can
see there are a lot of places to visit in the Dominican Republic.
In conclusion, the Dominican Republic is an
interesting place with a lot of things to do and places to visit. I
really spend good times there because there are a lot of things to

do. It is a really nice town with an easy access because of the
location. I really love this place.

My Hometown--Seoul
Jeongyoung Do (Rick)
RW 41

How is your hometown? All people have in their
hometown something special such as a capital, a city of full of
tourist attractions, or a small town in the country side. My
hometown is Seoul which is the capital of Korea; I really like
Seoul because there is a good traffic system, many amenities
and historical places, and many educational institutions located
First, there is a good traffic system. The subway is the
most convenient and useful transport system in Seoul because
there are over ten lines, so we can go anywhere. Next, the bus
system is good. Its work hours are from five a.m. to two a.m.
Last, taxis are more common than buses. There are many taxis,
and the fares are not too expensive. Actually, I really like the
traffic system in Seoul.
Next, a lot of amenities and historical places are placed
in Seoul. There are many amenities such as shopping malls and
large amusement parks, so if you live in Seoul, you never feel
bored and tedious. Also, there are many historical places
because Seoul has been a capital for over five hundred years.
So, you can see really gorgeous, colorful, and magnificent
traditional palaces and castle gates that are a little destroyed, but
these are still lovely and beautiful. These places are really
helpful for relaxing.
Last, Seoul is an educational city. Numerous popular
universities are in Seoul, so we can get good information very
quickly. The quality of universities is improving because
universities always compete with each other. Various private
institutions are in Seoul, too. If we want to learn something, we
can learn whatever we want. Finally, Seoul is a really good
place for students to study.
In conclusion, Seoul is a really developed city where
there is a good traffic system, nice places to visit, and beneficial
educational institutions, so I love my hometown. I feel sure that
if you move to Seoul, you can improve your life and enjoy your
free time.

The Earthquake
Elif Topsakal

I experienced a really terrible day in my life. It was a
destroying disaster, an earthquake. The day was on August 17th
1999. My family and I were in my grand mother's house. It was
really late when we came back home. As soon as we arrived,
we went to bed. I woke up at 3 am to drink water and went to
the kitchen. Everything was so quite. Although, it was a really
hot day, I did not even hear the voices of tree crickets. I came
back to my bed and suddenly my bed started to shake. I could
not understand what was happening. I was in shock. I jumped

ELI Student Voices 3

up from my bed. I did not think about my sister who was
sleeping in the bed across from mine. I was only screaming. My
mother, my sister and I met in the door way of living room. We
were praying by screaming. We could hear our neighbors'
screams also. It was so frightening. The thing that I only
remember is the sky. I could see the sky from the living room's
window. It was really bright as if all of stars were there
together. The shaking continued for 43 seconds but I thought
that it will never stop. The earthquake stopped and we went out
of the house. Everywhere was dark because the electricity had
gone. Also, everybody was shocked. All of the people were
trying to get some news about the earth quake. The looked like
extremely scared and anxious. The voices of car radios were
echoing all around. Their voices are still in my ears. The news
was saying that Istanbul was destroyed. We were wondering
about Istanbul. We waited for it to be morning. We could not
enter the house before it became morning. After that we learned
that so many cities were affected by the earthquake such as
Istanbul, Yalova. During this earthquake, 50 thousand people
lost their loves and many people were without a home. This is
the biggest and most terrible disaster that has been experienced
by me and by all Turkish people.

My Hometown-Gu Jae Island
Donghwi Kim (T. K.)
RW 41

When you listen to this word, hometown, what do you
feel? I feel comfortable and warm, and I can remember my
childhood. Although a long time has passed since I have visited,
I can remember my home town in detail. If you read this essay,
you can draw a mental picture of my hometown, Gu Jae Island.
First of all, suppose you fly into the sky over my
country. How would you see my hometown? It would maybe
seem like a cross, and you would be able see a lot of small
islands around my home town. In addition, on the west, there
are two bridges by which my home town and the land are
connected. My hometown is surrounded by mountains and the
most mountains are located at the center of the island. So, most
people live near the coastline of the island.
There are two heavy industries located there, Samsung
and DSME. They make huge ships such as transports, warships
and big pleasure boats. People can make a study visit to those
industries. First, let's talk about Samsung. That place has three
docks where a lot of ships are made, and there are twin tower
cranes on the docks. Those cranes carry big parts of ships to the
construction areas. Now, let's go to DSME; this place is bigger
than Samsung. DSME has six docks, and there are the largest
numbers of big cranes in the world and so many small cranes
located there. In addition, sometimes, there are also warships
and submarines in this area.
My home town is a small city surrounded by the seas.
So, we can see so many beautiful scenarios. Especially, there is
a marine park which is called Heagumgnag.
This is composed of small islands, which are made of rocks.
One island is called Lion Island, and another is called

Candlestick Island because they seem like a lion and a
My home town is a beautiful place. People can visit
the two industrial sites, see many kinds of ships and watch how
they make a lot of huge ships. They can climb up that and see
beautiful sceneries because there are many mountains. Finally,
because there are a lot of beaches, people can do a lot of
activities in the summer, and they can see beautiful things on
the sea. Although my home town is small, there are a lot of
things like these I have talked about. What kind of place is your

A Typical Day of President Bush
Elif Topsakal

Here you go a typical day in the life of President Bush.
He wakes up at 7 o'clock every day. He takes a long shower in
his white and huge bathroom. After that, he gets his daily
massage for twenty minutes. He wears a dark blue suit and he
gets his breakfast with his family. He likes to get different kinds
of breakfast from every country everyday. After that, he meets
ministers for daily meetings. Then in the afternoon, he plays
with so many expensive toys in his playground. Especially, he
likes to ride a scooter although he falls down sometimes. He
goes to bed at 7 o'clock because game hours during the day
exhaust him.

My Hometown--Torimoto
Yuri Nakajima
RW 41

How do you feel when you go back to your
hometown? I feel so calm and happy even though I don't do
anything special. My hometown Toriimoto is the most relaxing
town because of these reasons: its nature, children, and families.
As soon as I arrived at the small station at Toriimoto, I can feel
the typical Japanese countryside.
When I got off the train, I can see a view of huge rice
fields where are colored a beautiful green, and I walk a side
road which isn't paved. I can hear many songs sung by frogs,
cicadas, and so on. It makes me happy, and I can feel I am in a
Then, I keep walking to my house, I can see many
children who are playing in nature's such as fishing at a river,
running around the big grounds of a school, and so on. It recalls
to me about my childhood, and I feel my heart is getting very
After I pass these views in my hometown, I can arrive
at my house where my family is. They always make me feel so
welcome from the bottom of their hearts, they always prepare
many warm dishes for me to eat. There are many things that are
the same since I was born here, like the beautiful flowers my
mother plants in the garden, a big couch where my father
always lays down, and a big T.V. where my brother always

ELI Student Voices 4

watches and laughs a lot. I really feel happy whenever I am in
my house.
As I told you, my hometown has many things to make
me feel calm and happy. These are all the things I have been
feeling since I was born. This hometown is the best of all he
times and places for everyone.

The Sapporo Snow Festival
Donghwi Kim (T.K.)
R/W 42

Do you know about the three major festivals in the
world? First, in Brazil is the Rio de Janeiro Carnival. There so
many people enjoy dancing and singing, and the people can be
seen dancing the samba during the festival. Second, in Germany
is the Oktoberfest. There a lot of people enjoy drinking so much
beer and eating many sausages. Finally, in Japan there is the
Sapporo Snow Festival. I will describe that experience to you
in this essay.
Now, I remember that I was standing at the gate to a
white world, the Sapporo Snow Festival on Feb. 8. 2008. To the
north of me were sculptures. When I walked a few steps, I was
looking at the sculptures which were carved like huge sphinxes
and very hard. I felt the sphinxes, which were made of ice, and
were really similar to the sphinxes which are found in Egypt. I
thought they looked like they were alive because the looks of
the sphinxes were so very realistic. When I walked a few more
steps, I was amazed by a castle which was made of snow. I felt
it was similar to the Inuyama Castle. Actually, the Inuyama
Castle is the most famous in Japan and is preserved as a
national treasure. It was really similar and the same size also of
the real castle. Surprisingly, there were also a lot of Korean
soldiers, who are also made of snow, there. I felt like they
protected the castle from enemies. While I looked at the castle, I
wondered about who made it. So, I asked a guide about it. He
said that this was made by sculptors from Korea during the
winter, and the guide praised it continually while he explained it
to me.
On the East side of the festival, I saw wheat noodle
shops. Japan is famous for wheat noodles. Especially, a lot of
people estimate that the wheat noodles, which are made in
Sapporo are the best of all the wheat noodles in the world. So, I
found a noodle store where I could taste the famous noodles. At
the noodle shop, I ordered wheat noodles and a bottle of
Sapporo beer. The wheat noodles were made of various marine
products, and as soon as I tasted it, I felt like I was swimming in
the sea. In addition, although it was so hot, when I was drinking
the cool beer, I felt like I was drinking a cup of so cool water in
a hot desert.
Next, I decided to go on the Western way after I ate
the wheat noodles. For an hour, I looked around the town, and
then I stood in front of some beautiful buildings not made out of
snow. The beautiful style of the buildings made them quite
interesting to see. I really liked looking at the interesting old
Then I had traveled to a lot of places, and I
experienced many things. Although the sculptures were not

real, I saw a lot of the architecture styles which exist in the
world, I ate the wheat noodles which are also famous in the
world, and I saw the huge castle which is made by sculptors of
Korea. I think that the Sapporo Snow Festival was one of the
most enjoyable places I have ever been.

Justice Has to Be
Naji Aldosary

A lot of students admire or like their teachers and they
do not like anybody to say something bad about their teachers.
On the other hand, some students talk worse about their
teachers when they sit together after classes. Are you doing
that? Some students think that impolite. We have two different
students' feeling about their teachers. Some of teachers are
more attractive and have more experience and some of them
not. Some of teachers are good teachers and some of them try to
be a good teacher. Some students want to evaluate their teacher
and write about everything they want. Thus, some of schools
have the teaching evaluations system to give their students a
chance to write some notices about their teachers and teaching
methods. Furthermore, the problem is the students evaluate
their teachers not for the teaching systems or for teachers'
ability. That means they evaluate the teachers by giving them a
high or low value because they like, do not like them, or the
teachers are very attractive and give the students more facilities,
and they do not make the evaluations with more information
about the evaluations skills. Thus, education and a good teacher
will be failing and weak, and the attractive teacher will get
more promotion. Therefore, there are some causes and effects
for these evaluations.
The first cause is the students do not have any
information about the evaluation systems. When the schools
give students the estimate papers to evaluate their teachers, and
they have no ideas or experiences about the estimate methods,
they will evaluate their teacher by wrong approaches. Some of
them will give their teacher high quality, and some of them will
give their teacher a bad value. That is not fair for some teachers.
Those schools have to evaluate their teacher or teaching system
by some educationists because they have more experience and
education; for example, when I was in high school at my
village, my classmates and I had made a new evaluation about
our chemistry teacher. We had made that evaluation to his
teaching only. We had not looked to his figure, ethics or his
country because he was from another country around our
country, but we did not have experience about the evaluation's
method. Our teacher had more experience about the teaching
methods, but he had felt more comfortable with the biology
classes more than chemistry classes. He had said, "I am not
familiar with the chemistry classes." Biology science was his
major. After that, the educational administration sent an
educationist to our school to see our problem. The educational
administration had not done nl\ Ihilui but that teacher had tried
and tried to make that class too easy.
In addition, when the schools usually do that
evaluation by their student, and the teachers know the

ELI Student Voices 5

evaluation will be effective on theirjobs in the future, some of
them will give their students more facilities on their scores or
some teacher will care how they satisfy their students more than
the education; for example, one of my friends was a teacher. He
was a good teacher in his school because he was giving his time
to his classes and students, and he loved his classes from the
bottom of his heart. He was giving them a great education, but
he was a strong teacher. The result for the final evaluation to his
students was 50% from students were failing in his classes.
After that, the investigations were taken with him by many
educationists from his educational administration in his area. It
was not his mistake, but the students did not like the strong
Consequently, when the schools give the students'
evaluation of teaching more importance, the teachers will lose
their jobs because some of students will give their teachers low
scores because the teachers are not attractive or they do not like
them. Besides, when the students lose their good teachers
because the teachers were strong and did not give them more
facilities as the extra scores, they will not get a good education,
and they will be tired through their graduate studies and life.
For example, when I was in high school, my classmates and I
had made a little evaluation about our biology's teacher. Our
teacher was a new graduate and his first classes were with us.
He did not have more experience about the teaching methods,
and his major was in the biology. He was a very polite teacher,
but the problem was we had not understood the biology from
him because it was very difficult for us. After that, the
educational administration had sent educationist to our school
to see our problem right or not. We did not give him more time
to show his skills. The new teacher was in our class after one
week when the educationist left. Presently, the first teacher is
studying the PhD program in his major at the famous university
in my country.
To sum up, the evaluations need special skills not
everybody can have. Because the students without any
evaluations skills, with some partiality to some teachers such as
students like or dislike them, or to teachers who want to gain
students' estimation, the teachers and education will be weakly.
Therefore, the good teachers are thinking, "The schools should
eliminate teaching evaluation or at least give them less
importance." Really, the students cannot give their teachers the
real evaluation. Some teachers are saying, when the schools
want to take any evaluation about us, they have to take the
evaluation from teachers like us or somebody who has
experience about the teaching evaluation. We are living in a
wide world, so there is nobody is satisfied about his life, but the
justice has to be with us anywhere.

My Hometown--Al-Basra
Mazin Saber
RW 41

Have you visited Al-Basra before? If you haven't, let
me take you with me by describing it to you. Al-Basra is the
third largest city in southern Iraq. It is located on the Shatt Al-
Arab River and close to the Persian Gulf. It has hot and humid

weather in the summer and kind of cold weather in the winter.
In addition, Al-Basra is the only harbor in Iraq; it has two ports,
Umm Qasr and Khawr Al-Zubair. Moreover, Al-Basra has
wonderful canals like Shatt Al-Arab and Shatt Al-Basra. Now
let me tell you more about my city Al-Basra.
First, if you visit Al-Basra, you can feel the burning
sun in the summer, and the humidity is very high especially in
August and September. The weather in Al-Basra is very dry, so
we always went to swim near the canals. In addition, in winter,
Al-Basra is not very cold, but some times we use heaters to
keep us warm. This is how we deal with the weather in Al-
Second, Al-Basra is the only harbor in Iraq. It has two
ports Umm Qasr and Khawr Al-Zubair, they are the major
commercial ports and constitute the natural distributing centers
for overseas supplies.
Now let me tell you more about Al-Basra's canals. Al-
Basra has more than one canal; the most important are Shatt Al-
Arab and Shatt Al-Basra. On the Shatt Al-Arab, you can take a
round trip in a boat with your family and see all kinds of ships.
Also, the Shatt Al-Basra is a nice place to visit; you can see
people fishing at the edge of the canal. I really encourage you to
visit Al-Basra's canals.
Clearly, people love to visit Al-Basra for its unique
weather and its wonderful canals. Moreover, Al-Basra is a very
important part of Iraq for its natural resources and its ports.
May be one day you can come and visit it and experience all of
those things and you would also learn to love it as I do.

My Friend the Cell Phone
Pajaree Thongpravati
RW 42

One gadget that I definitely could not live without is
the cell phone. Cell phones have made my life more
comfortable and easier for several reasons. Firstly, cell phones
connect me to the world. Nowadays new models of cell
phones, especially phone or Blackberry, have provided internet
devices. This enables users to conveniently browse a lot of
information throughout websites via cell phones. Likewise, cell
phones certainly help you with handling any unpleasant
situation. If your car broke down at midnight on an isolated
road, it would be really hard for you to deal with this problem.
Instead of waiting desperately all night long for a good
Samaritan to come along and give you a hand, calling the
towing service by cell phone would simply save your time and
solve the problem. Apparently, cell phones have changed
difficulty into ease. Moreover, the cell phone is another
alternative entertaining gadget. These days special features such
as games and music are embedded in cell phones. Therefore, I
never feel bored because I have my cell phone as a friend.
Clearly, due to the multi-purposed functions in cell phones, I
indeed could not imagine living without a cell phone. But more
importantly, cell phones will continue to be useful gadgets in
the future -as long as they do not run out of batteries!

ELI Student Voices 6

Eun Bi Ko
US Culture

What is the right definition of beauty? Is it the white
skin and beautiful eyes, or is it the good body and blond hair.
Every one of us has a different definition of beauty. While some
of us think that the beauty is related to the person' skin and
body, others say it is related to the person's personality. These
different concepts sometimes affect our behavior when we deal
with people. From our view of beauty and attractiveness
sometime we evaluate and treat people. Many studies show that
attractive people have a big opportunity to be successful and
lovely among the people. Nowadays many companies prefer to
hire attractive people than those who are not attractive. This
cause has many effects on societies and people.
The first effect is unfair treatment of people. Parents,
teachers, and employers are the most important people in our
lives. If these people discriminate between the attractive and
unattractive, most of the people are going to live a difficult life.
For example, parents have two children, and they take care of
one of them more than the other. Also, some companies hire
employees because they are more attractive than others.
Teachers sometimes give attractive students higher grades than
unattractive. All of these things are unfair treatment of people.
As a result of this unfair treatment of people, parents, teachers,
and employers create antagonism among children, students, and
employees. This antagonism has various effects in the societies.
For instance, if a parent prefers the attractive child than the one
who is unattractive, the unattractive child may break his
brother's game or stuff. Discrimination between two children
may lead up to losing one of the children. Moreover, companies
that discriminate between employees are going to face the same
Due to antagonism among children, students, and
employees, society will become less progressive. One important
effect of antagonism is deleting the teamwork in side schools
and companies. For example, if a group of students have a
project together, and of the students is unattractive or one is
attractive the rest of the team is not going to make the person
work with them. In addition, we are going to kill the
competition among people. Also, unattractive people are not
going to be involved in the societies, and they won't be creative
In sum, the three main effective people parents,
teachers, and employers must be fair and aware of the problem
of discrimination. If they don't, we will face many problems in
the future. We will see and read about one child kills his
brother; one woman kills her coworker or one student kills his
colleague. I think we must look at the good side of people and
which skills do they have? Not looking to their faces and bodies
because the good evaluation of people depends on their skills
and morals.

Family is very important. A family impacts one's
character and life. When someone is sad and depressed, a good
family gives rest, comfort and unconditional support. When
someone is happy, a good family shares in his or her happiness.
For example, on a birthday, friends might not celebrate with me
because they are so busy, but a family can celebrate with a child
at any time even though they are also busy. In another instance,
when one feels sad or depressed, a family will help just by
being there. In addition, when a person comes home, he or she
can feel comfortable and rest after finishing a trip. If someone is
unlucky with his or her parents, perhaps there is another adult to
reach out to who can serve as a stand in parent. We can't choose
our family, but you know, a good family is so necessary and

My Hometown--Yeosu
Yun Jung Cho (Yunie)

What do you feel when you think about your
hometown? I guess most of you like your hometown, I also
miss my hometown everyday. I was born in Yeosu, South
Korea. I moved to the Seoul, Capital to go to my university, but
my parents and cousins are still living in Yeosu. Although I just
visit my hometown when it's a traditional holiday like New
Years Day, Christmas, and my parents' birthdays. I like my
hometown because of the beautiful beach, quiet life, and good
neighborhoods. I'll introduce my hometown with recent
important events of Yeosu.
Yeosu is located at the end of South Korea. It's very
special meaning, right? There are some popular beaches and
many small beautiful islands. So, photographers and tourists are
favor of my hometown. Although it's very touristy, my
hometown is very clean and well organized. There are reasons
why people like to visit my hometown.
The next reason is my hometown is a quiet city. In
some parts, it's similar to Gainesville. Although Korea has four
seasons, Yeosu's weather is always mild and warm. Also,
there's no traffic jam and no crowded streets. The people's
character is, of course, gentle and kind. Yeosu is a good place to
feel relaxed and live peacefully.
The last thing is about an important event. Yeosu is a
harbor city and has a clean beautiful sea; therefore, Yeosu was
selected as the city to exhibit the next World Sea Expo. It's very
important event in Korea after the World Cup in 2002. Yeosu
citizens and the people in Korea were very excited and
welcomed the international event. I think my hometown will be
a famous city in the world like a Sydney in Australia.
Finally, I have introduced my hometown that it's not
only calm, beautiful but also has an important meaning to
Korea. I love my hometown for many reasons beyond my
descriptions. I want to invite all of you to go there someday.

ELI Student Voices 7

The Bias of Beauty
Loai Alkhattabi

Real Florida
Hye Ran Hwang
US Culture

Florida has natural beauty.
The air is clean.
There are so many trees and wild animals.
The beaches are pretty.
This is matched by Florida's people.
For example, bus drivers are always smiling,
and they say "Hello" "Good morning"
That is good!
I think Florida is silent and comfortable.
On the other side of the world, Korea has a large population in
its limited area.
For example, they walk fast, drive fast, and honk their horns.
However, in Florida I feel, see, and experience a slower pace of
life, and I feel I can breathe.

My Hometown--Seoul
JeongyoungDo (Rick)
RW 41

How is your hometown? All people have in their
hometown something special such as a capital, a city of full of
tourist attractions, or a small town in the country side. My
hometown is Seoul which is the capital of Korea; I really like
Seoul because there is a good traffic system, many amenities
and historical places, and many educational institutions located
First, there is a good traffic system. The subway is the
most convenient and useful transport system in Seoul because
there are over ten lines, so we can go anywhere. Next, the bus
system is good. Its work hours are from five a.m. to two a.m.
Last, taxis are more common than buses. There are many taxis,
and the fares are not too expensive. Actually,
I really like the traffic system in Seoul.
Next, a lot of amenities and historical places are placed
in Seoul. There are many amenities such as shopping malls and
large amusement parks, so if you live in Seoul, you never feel
bored and tedious. Also, there are many historical places
because Seoul has been a capital for over five hundred years.
So, you can see really gorgeous, colorful, and magnificent
traditional palaces and castle gates that are a little destroyed, but
these are still lovely and beautiful. These places are really
helpful for relaxing.
Last, Seoul is an educational city. Numerous popular
universities are in Seoul, so we can get good information very
quickly. The quality of universities is improving because
universities always compete with each other. Various private
institutions are in Seoul, too. If we want to learn something, we
can learn whatever we want. Finally, Seoul is a really good
place for students to study.
In conclusion, Seoul is a really developed city where
there is a good traffic system, nice places to visit, and beneficial
educational institutions, so I love my hometown. I feel sure that

if you move to Seoul, you can improve your life and enjoy your
free time.

Real Americans
Ah Leum .\ln
US Culture

Before I came to the United States, I had heard a
stereotype about Americans. For example, "All American
people are fat and lazy." However, it's not always true. They
frequently work out, and they organize so many things like
food, schedules, and work. Also, I heard that they were very
selfish, but American people are very kind. They always take
care of their friends, family, and sometimes, they take care of
strangers, too. Now, I don't accept any stereotype of Americans.
I have seen with my own eyes that many Americans are very
active, healthy, and likable. I will always think of the American
people with fondness.

Eating Grapes
Chia-Fang Wu

There are three kinds of people in the world. Some
people like to eat grapes. They peel every single grape and eat
it. One peel, one eat. But some people peel a lot of grapes and
eat them at one time. Besides, some people don't eat grapes
because they think that peeling a grape is very troublesome.
Maybe we can see a person's attitude in their work from the
trivial things in our everyday life.
The men, eating grapes one by one, are follower and
no creative. They are used to following the prescribed rules and
order to deal with things in work. They don't want to know
what is the next step and just handle the things until that
happened. They don't want to do more work if unnecessary. In
a company, they are always the most loyal employees. The
numbers of this classification are the most in the world.
The men, peeling a lot of grapes and eating them in
one time, was organized and efficient. They always manage
things before they start. They can't do the things without
thinking. They want to control the time, qualities, everything in
progress. Sometimes, they think too much and don't do
anything. They are always the leaders in a society or the boss in
a company.
The men, thinking peeling grapes is troublesome and
refuse to eat them, are negative and passive. They don't do the
thing they don't like. They choose depending on their own
preference. Sometimes, they don't like to be controlled by other
people. Maybe they aren't good employees. But they know
about their own very much. Sometimes, they are artists or Soho.
Eating grapes is a very common thing happening in
our everyday life, but it truly reflects the personality and how
they deal with things in their work. It comes from the action
unconsciously and can't fake. If I am the boss, maybe I will put
some grapes in the interview room and watch their response to
judge. It must be very interesting.

ELI Student Voices 8

Capital Punishment Should Be Abolished
Giselle Ferreira Vieira

Capital punishment is the most contradictory method
of punishing that a judicial system could have, and it should be
abolished. First, the judicial system is created to protect mainly
the most important asset of human beings and of the society,
which is life. For this reason, laws should be made to protect
this right in all circumstances, even when this life is of a
murderer. Though for some people this may seem absurd, isn't
it contradictory that a system that places a great value on life
gives permission to kill someone? Second, there are other ways
to punish people who break the law, such as life imprisonment,
which may be more painful than a quick death. Another reason
would be the irreversibility of a possible mistake in the
judgment. Someone who is accused of murder may be
afterwards found innocent, but the "wrongfully convicted" has
already been executed. As we can see, to resolve this
contradiction and reach harmony in the juridical system, Capital
punishment should be abolished and alternative laws need to be
made instead.

The Right Choice?
Guillermo Chiaway
RW 60

"I pretty much agree with all that you are telling about
the Democratic Party, but I am totally pro-life, and I don't know
what you could say to people like me who are against abortion
but, at the same time, agree with many other viewpoints of the
Democratic Party." It was something that could be heard in the
middle of a presentation about Barak Obama campaign for the
presidency of The U.S. After this comment, many justifications
in favor of the legalization of abortion (advocated by the pro-
choice movement) were raised among the audience.
Justification such as the number of damages in clandestine
abortive clinics before laws legalizing abortion were enacted,
raped teenagers that are forced to have and raise their babies,
and the freedom of women to choose whether or not to have
their babies. Although these justifications are spread
nationwide, it does not necessarily mean that they are the right
answers. Some people still belief that life is a precious gift that
must be protected, especially the ones that belong to defenseless
unborn children who already have life even inside their
mothers' womb.
The first justification that pro-choice advocators use to
justify abortion is the one concerning clandestine abortion.
Although some people justify abortion telling that clandestine
abortion would cause severe damage in women who undergo
this procedure, scientific evidences demonstrate that abortion
itself causes a lot of damage in women even in lawfully
circumstances. According to Brind (2005), "even stronger data
have emerged in recent years that firmly link abortion to
premature births in subsequent pregnancies (which in turn raise
the risk of breast cancer in the mother and cerebral palsy in the

prematurely born children), and to suicide and other forms of
premature death in women" (pg 109-35). Abortion can also
have many sad psychological consequences in women such as
anxiety, depression, and suicide (Bachiochi, 2005).
In addition to clandestine abortions, pro-choicers also
argue that there are circumstances in which to have an abortion
is more convenient. They cite, for example, the case of raped
teenagers who are forced to bear their babies and raise them. It
is totally sad that rapes still happen in a civilized world, but
people cannot add more pain to those poor victims of rapists by
adding another burden to their sufferings. As it was
demonstrated in the previous paragraph, abortion leads to many
psychological problems on people who undergo this procedure,
and it would be unfair not to prevent women about the double
suffering they would have to carry if they chose an abortion as
an alternative.
Another justification alleged by pro-choicers is that
women have the right to choose what is more convenient for
their bodies. Although women have the right to select what is
the best for them, babies who are inside women's womb are not
part of their bodies anymore. According to White (1999) life
begins at the time of conception because "this unique and
'special' cellular complex contains all of the information, in the
form of a genetic blueprint, necessary to produce an entire and
unique human being" (pg 7-8). Others argue that embryos
cannot be considered human beings because they do not have
heart. Babies are genetically other humans since conception.
They are genetically different than their parents, and even
though they don't have hearts totally developed at the beginning
of the growing process, they have heart cells that will be
functioning as a complete heart of the body in the future, if the
process is not interrupted.
Abortion is a sad reality not only against the unborn
defenseless children but also against women. There are many
other alternative solutions at the time an unwanted pregnancy is
addressed. One of these solutions is adoption. Many couples are
eager to adopt babies, especially those who are unable to have
babies. Adoption could not only make many couples happy but
also save thousand of unborn children's life.

Bachiochi, E. (2005) How abortion heart women: the hard
proof Retrieved on July 23rd 2008 from
Brind, J. (2005). The Abortion-breast cancer connection. Issues
in Law & Medicine v. 21 no. 2. Retrieved July 23rd
2008 from Wilsonweb Database
White, R. (1999). Do human embryos have rights? America v.
180 no. 21. Retrieved July 23rd, 2008 from Wilsonweb

ELI Student Voices 9

Special Places in Korea
Boah Lim

Although there are many beautiful places in Korea, I'd
like to introduce three places that I'd really like you to visit.
First, you should visit Anyang city, which is my hometown. It's
a very small city, but there is a big park across from my
apartment. It has very beautiful trees, flowers and a lot of big
fountains. It is a really good place to go for a walk and to do
exercise. The second reason is that it has a festival every
October. So, some singers come to the park, and they enjoy this
festival with many people. There is also a show of fireworks
during the festival. Anyang city also has good shopping malls
and many kinds of restaurants such as Chinese, Japanese,
Korean, and Italian restaurants. You can go there with your
friends or your family. The second place that I'd like to
recommend is Insa-dong. It's located in Seoul. It's a really
unique place. There are numerous traditional items that
symbolize Korea there; for example, ceramics, which were used
a lot a long time ago; craft items, which are made with Korean
paper; and Hanbok, which is Korean traditional clothes. Insa-
dong also has many restaurants where people can eat traditional
food. So, a lot of foreigners like this place. Finally, the 63-
story building in Seoul is a very popular place. It's a very high
building, so if you stand on the top of the building, you can get
a view of the whole city. It's really beautiful, especially at
night. The building also has an aquarium on the first floor
where you can see many kinds of fish. I think that if you go
these places, you would really like them. For these reasons, I'd
like to highly recommend these special places. If you visit my
country, you should go to these three places first.

Reasons for Dropping Out of School
Hakan Kebeli
RW 42

There are some reasons why sometimes college
students drop out of school. These are homesickness,
educational burnout, financial pressure, health problems, and
setting sights on the wrong major. Homesickness is one of the
reason why students drop out of school since they cannot fit
into their new life far away from home. They feel alone and
stressed out. They have to do all the housework that their
mothers did before; for instance, the cooking, the laundry, the
dishes, and the house cleaning. They miss the comforts of home
like their houses and delicious dishes prepared by their mothers.
Educational burnout is the another reason why some students
drop out of school. Such an intensive schedule tends to lead a
lot of students away from the desire to continue, even if they
bite the bullet all semester. They need to relax and prefer not to
wake up early to catch the classes. The next reason is financial
pressure. Tution costs, credit costs, and accommodation costs
are too much for some students. Students can't be active in their
social lives because of these costs. They prefer to be at home.
The last reason for school drop-outs is health problems that

naturally make the students drop out of school. This is an
acceptable reason for school adminission departments, but
sometimes students prefer to behave like they are sick in spite
of being good in order to drop out of school. Setting sights on
the wrong major is the last reason for quitting an academic
program. Students might want to be a civil engineer, but after
taking several computer lessons, they change their minds and
switch to a major in computer engineering. This is a good
reason for students to not continue their enrollment in civil
engineering classes until they can attend the computer
engineering classes. According to the above mentioned reasons,
teachers, students and parents should listen to the students
rather than before and shouldn't break off contacts with the
children. They can fix these problems by keeping in contact
with them.

President Bush Day
Douglas Castro

The president of The United States, George W. Bush,
has an incredibly busy day. Every single day he wakes up really
early at about nine o'clock. His day starts with a humble
breakfast that is like Christmas supper. It is marvelous, but he is
on a diet and for this reason he only can eat one piece of bread,
three grapes and one cup of orange juice. The remaining food
he shares among his five white poodles. Life is hard for this
poor man. After his banquet, he sits in his golf cart and takes
twenty minutes to arrive in his favorite place, which is like
Disney World. During the trip he enjoys the fresh sea breeze
through his missing hairs. After his terrible morning he goes to
his office and meets many old men and discusses politicians for
a long time, almost twenty seven minutes. Around eight o'clock
he is starving and tired because of his hard day. His five chefs
have just made dinner; of course not too much food, a little
more than his breakfast. Then he plays war with some
international friends on the internet and then he goes to his bed
and sleeps like an angel. During his wonderful night he dreams
about peace in the world.

The Worst Day of My Life
Itzik Elyahou
RW 60

It was Monday, May 26, the memorial weekend. I had
a break from UF ELI (English Learning Institute) and my best
friend had come to visit me for the weekend in Miami. It was
great. We had so much fun. Now Raanan had to go back to
Israel and his flight was at 2:30 pm. I dropped him at the airport
and we said goodbye to each other. I was sadly navigating
towards the turnpike to head back to Gainesville. "Oh my God"
I said to myself, "I need to prepare a lecture for tomorrow
morning." I volunteered to lead a lecture about the differences
in the educational systems between Israel and U.S, which I
found very hard to do since I was a foreign language student,
who was in the U.S only for 3 weeks. BOOM! A sound made

ELI Student Voices 10

me jump out of my chair. I pulled over right away to see that
my rear-right tire had completely blown up and had hit my rear
bumper. The tire was completely ruined. "I guess this drive is
not going to be as pleasant," I thought. Unfortunately it was too
true. I started jacking up my car to replace the damaged tire
with the spare one. The jack was so lubricated and filthy, and
after 40 minutes of jacking under the Floridian sun, I was just as
disgusting. Finally, I managed to attach the temporary spare
tire. As I was lowering the jack, I was terrified to see that my
new tire was flat. I had two flat tires, I was on the middle of the
Turnpike (more the 300 miles from Gainesville), and I needed
to get back early, to prepare the lecture. Luckily I was right in
front of the Turnpike's Palm Beach exit. I started driving about
10 mph (so I will not damage my rim) and right after the exit, I
found a fire department. I pulled over and asked a fireman to
help me inflate the spare tire with his fire truck. Since the tire
was so flat, we couldn't inflate it and I had to jack the car again.
After about 40 minutes and buckets of sweat, I finally had a 4-
wheel car. I could use the spare tire for only 50 miles, thus I had
to replace it as soon as possible. The time was 5:30 p.m. Alex,
the fireman, drew me a 'map' to direct me to the only tire
service center opened in town on holidays. I was so happy to
arrive at the service center. "Three hours delay, it's not so bad,"
I thought. I went to the teller, to pre-pay for the upcoming
service. "You are lucky," he said, "we are closing in 10
minutes". "Where is your damaged wheel's rim so I'll put the
tire on it?" he added. "OMG!" I replied. I left it on the
turnpike, about 15 miles from there. Since the tire was so
devastated I left it, not thinking about the rim. "There's nothing
I can do dude, without the rim, I can't help. Go get your rim
from the highway and come back tomorrow" he apologized. I
realized I was going to spend the night in Palm Beach and miss
the next school day. I was so worn out as I went back to the
highway. I parked the car near the highway's exit and started
walking about 1.5 miles on the highway towards the rim I had
left there. The rim was there, but now I had to carry it back to
my car. Just as I put it in my trunk, a highway-patrol SUV
stopped and offered help. I explained the situation and he told
me that there was a service plaza 14 miles south of this point
and they probably had the tire I needed. I was driving very
slowly on the side of the highway and managed to get to the
plaza. By 7:45 I started heading north to Gainesville. And by
12:30, I arrived home.
By the way, the lecture was canceled.

My Hometown in Korea

Yujin Lee
RW 41

What pops into your head when you hear "your
hometown" from other people? In my case, when I am asked
my hometown's name by my Korean friends who live in
different hometowns, most of my friends ask me about my
hometown's configuration of land, the air temperature, and
My hometown is in a basin, so I can see mountains

everywhere. When I had a picnic in the school, I always used
go to the mountains because mountains are located all around
the town. I grew up in my hometown until I came to America.
So I was really surprised about the fact that I could not see the
horizon only the mountains.
I never ever saw the horizon in my country's territorial
waters. At this moment I realized that my hometown really
seems to feel choked by the mountain. The basin is not only one
of the characteristics of my hometown's location, but also one
of the reasons for the increase in my hometown's temperature.
About two decades ago, my hometown was an
industrial city, so I would frequently hear about air pollution on
the TV news. However, the basin location makes air pollution
and temperature either extremely hot or cold. My hometown's
temperature in summer or winter is very famous in Korea.
Actually, the temperature in the summer is the same as
in Gainesville. It will be raised to about 90 Fahrenheit to 100
Fahrenheit and very humid. So your skin gets easily burned
from the ultraviolet rays and sticky from the humidity. It makes
it hard to breath and some times elderly people die. However, in
winter the temperature drops to 10 Fahrenheit. This is the
reason why other citizens don't want to visit my hometown.
The last thing is the stream that runs through the center
of my hometown. The length is not long and it is not too deep,
but it helps to decrease the city's temperature in the summer.
Many citizens go there who have to take a rest beside the
stream. Some of people run with their pets beside the stream
and other people read a book.
To conclude, my hometown has a lot of characteristics.
Sometimes, these things make the citizens so exhausted, but I
still like my hometown. Even though, my friends do not want to
visit my hometown in summer or winter, aren't you interested
in visiting my hometown?

My ELI Teacher
Ahmed Al-Jumaili

Do all teachers teach similarly? How they can get their
students' attention? It was September 31st, 2007 the first time I
arrived in the United States to study at the English Language
Institute at UF to improve my English. Before this time, many
teachers taught me different sciences, but most of them were
doing their jobs like a regular teacher does. The regular teacher
asks the students to prepare the subject. During the next class,
he talks about the subject and explains it so that it is easily
understood. Then, he says, "any questions? ... Your homework
is...." However, my teacher at the ELI is significantly different
from other teachers. She showed me the best things that a
teacher should have to get her or his students' attention in order
to help them to achieve their goals. I am very lucky to study
with this teacher, and I admire her because she is an actress, a
scholar, and a respectful teacher.
While she is teaching, she always uses artistic
methods to explain the information or to answer a question. In
other words, she always uses body language to help the students
to understand the situation. For example, she changes her voice

ELI Student Voices 11

or facial expressions to express different speaking styles like
asking permission or warning someone from doing something.
Sometimes, I feel like I am sitting in a theater or watching a
movie, which always gets my attention. That feeling helps me
to focus, understand, and remember the information. In
addition, she is active and energetic. For example, she moves
back and forth between students to look at their answers while
they are working or doing a test, and she uses the board for high
In addition to using artistic techniques, she has good
information related to her major, as some teachers have, but she
differs from them by the methods that she uses to offer this
information and explain the topic or the answers. Furthermore,
she always answers questions that she knows exactly and tries
to postpone the answer of a question that she does not know.
So, she often says, "I will bring the answer tomorrow" when she
is not sure about the answer.
As much as she is active and smart, she is respectful.
She acts with the students as she has to tighten the relationship
with them, and she tries to help them to achieve their goals. For
example, she greets every student by his or her name and
always listens carefully to his or her questions in spite of the
difficulties of their language. In addition, she is available
outside the class to listen to their problems and help to solve it.
All in all, my teacher, who has good information about
her major, uses simple strategies or tactics to offer the
information, and respects the students, is a symbol of a
successful teacher. For these reasons, a teacher who tries to be a
good teacher and successful in his or her job ought to have a
knowledge in his or her major, which is at least enough to guide
the student to achieve their goals. In addition, he or she should
pay attention to his or her students' problems.

Prisoner Exchange Deal between Israel
and Hezbollah
Itzik Elyahou
RW 60

Boom! The Hezbollah terrorists launched the missile.
Eight soldiers were hit. Three died, three injured and two were
kidnapped. This attack initiated the Israel-Lebanon war on July
12, 2006. The dead were buried, the wounded were healed.
However, Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser, two captives
being held by Hezbollah till this day are still in the hearts of
both the Israeli street and parliament. Although the captives are
believed to be dead, the price tag Hezbollah demands in order
to release the soldiers is that Israel releases 200 shahids' (Arab
martyrs) bodies and 5 living terrorists imprisoned in Israel for
terror crimes against Israelis. This demand draws many
objectors and supporters. Some believe Israel should do
whatever it takes to release the kidnapped soldiers, whereas
others don't agree to surrender to Hezbollah's ridiculously high
Those in favor of the agreement agree that everything
should be done to return "the sons" to their families. First, there
are various versions of what happened to the soldiers. The
families of the captives pray to God that the intelligence

assessment that the soldiers are dead will be proven wrong.
Second, many people, such as Ehud Barak, Israel's minister of
defense, believe that neglecting the captives might demoralize
young Israelis to join the army, since they will notice that not
enough effort will be made to rescue them, in the case that
something like that happens. Third, even though it's almost
certain that the soldiers are dead, there is a deep reverence for
the dead, both in Israeli culture and Judaism. The last argument
used by those who support the exchange deal is that the soldiers
were on a mission given to them by the Israeli army, and thus
by the Israeli government. Therefore, they say, the government
should have the full responsibility and liability to do everything
possible to save the soldiers or at least to retrieve the bodies.
However, there is another side to the coin. The deal
raises many objections among Israeli citizens and army
generals. Hezbollah, a Lebanese terrorist unit, has radically
different point of views from the Lebanese government.
Hezbollah does everything it can to gain more acceptance and
support from the Lebanese citizens in order to take over the
government. Right after the Israeli parliament voted to agree to
the prisoner exchange deal terms, many Lebanese citizens
expressed their support to Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah's
secretary general. A mass support of this organization might be
hazardous not only to the future of Lebanon but also to the
future of the Middle East. Another reason to disagree with the
terms is the fear that it will encourage more soldier-kidnappings
as Israel's enemies will witness the high price it is willing to pay
for the bodies, let alone living-captives and will interpret it as a
weakness. Israel is subjected to a wave of soldier-kidnappings
once every few years (6 kidnapping in the past 8 years) and
every agreement signed to exchange prisoners accelerates the
next kidnap. Moreover, the objectors claim that Gilad Shalit,
another Israeli soldier captured by Hammas terror unit, will be
executed since they might feel that a living-captive is just as
worthy as a dead one. In almost all captive exchange deals in
the past, Israel received bodies and not living captives -- the
terrorists started realizing that dead bodies are very important to
Israel. That is why they aren't as worried about killing the
captives once they kidnap them. The last argument which has
arisen is that the release of 5 terrorist can be deadly and
empower Hezbollah. In a recent exchange agreement, Israel had
released terrorists who were later found to have returned to their
terror units and plans of attacking Israel.
In conclusion, there are many reasons to agree or
disagree with soldier exchange agreement as it is offered by
Hezbollah. On one hand I really feel for the families who lost
their treasures and want to burry their sons in Israeli soil.
However, the price demanded is way too high. Agreeing to an
unfair agreement like this might lead to more attacks and
kidnaps and defect the security of Israeli citizens and soldiers.
Moreover, it will empower Hezbollah in Lebanon which could
be lethal to the fragile situation in the Middle East. Ironically,
Goldwasser's wife explains my point of view. "I've been
fighting for two years" she says, "and I feel that in the end, even
If I won, what has it all been for? So I can shout 'hooray', I am a

ELI Student Voices 12

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The Karaoke Booth
Boah Lim

I am a queen in the Karaoke booth. I love singing and
dancing. So, when I have a party with my friends, I usually
dance and sing at home. In this case, if my neighbors grumble
about the racket, I have to try to keep quiet. However, when I
go to the Karaoke booth, I feel free. It is a really good place to
enjoy my time and get rid of my stress. I have a favorite
Karaoke booth. Whenever I meet my friends, or I have a party
with my family, I usually go to this Karaoke booth. It is called
UFO Karaoke booth.
As soon as I go through the entrance of the Karaoke
booth, I can see a big front desk in the right comer of the
entrance and a dark atmosphere, like a club. There is a worker
who is very handsome, and he always smiles at me whenever I
go up to the front desk. In the left comer of the entrance, there
is a foyer where people can wait for their room if all of the
rooms are full. When I go there, the foyer is always filled with a
lot of people because UFO is much cheaper than any other
Karaoke booth. In addition, the boss is really kind. So, when I
went there, I paid only 10 dollars for an hour. However, he gave
me four more hours for 10 dollars. Therefore, I could sing for 5
hours there. In fact, all of the rooms are fancy and clean, and
most of people like to sing Karaoke there.
If I walk down the hallway from the foyer and peek
inside each of the rooms, I can see that there are three kinds of
rooms there. One is very huge, and a lot of people can enjoy
this room together. The room is for a big group who wants to
have a party there. Everything in the room is very enormous;
for instance, the monitor, the divan, and the desk. Another room
is medium-sized. So, I can sing in the room with 4-5 people.
People who visit UFO usually go to this room. It is the most
suitable to sing because it's not too big and not too small. And,
there is also a very small room there. It is possible for only one
or two people to enter this room because it's very small. Even if
I can feel stuck in this room, I think it's the best room for only
two people, especially for couples.

As I walk through the foyer and in and out of the
different-sized Karaoke booths, I can see a diversity of people
with varying agendas. People usually go there after they had
dinner or some alcohol with their co-workers. So, I can see
some drunken people having a good time. On the other hand, in
my case, I go there to have parties with my friends. I had a
party in the big room with my schoolmates. It was my birthday
at that time. We were really excited. We danced severely and
sang very loudly together. Sometimes, I can see some people
who enjoy their time with a few friends in a medium-sized
room. When I was a high school student, I used to go there in
my uniform very often with my friends as soon as my class
ended. It became a very precious memory to me. There are
some sweet couples singing together in the small room. I have
been there before with my friend, sister and boyfriend. When I
went there with my sister, I sang and danced with her in the
small room. I didn't let the microphone down until I left there
because there were only two microphones in every room, and
there were only two people include me at that time. I could sing
without taking a break. Thus, I had a lot of fun there.
Everybody can go to the Karaoke booth for fun. There
are a lot of Karaoke booths in my country. Therefore, I had
many chances to visit them. I think the Karaoke booth is the
best place for people to have fun. Even though I'm not very
happy, I can be pleased in the Karaoke booth. Also, no one
cares about how I act or behave. That's the reason why I can
enjoy this place anytime, and this is my favorite place.

A Multi-Function Sister
Annelena Porto Delgado

A long time ago someone said to me that, ./i,, s
you cannot choose, but friends are siblings who you really
choose." In my case I did not have to choose because my friend
was born in my nice house. She is my sister, and she is my best
friend. It was not like this, of course, when we were children we
used to fight a lot. For example, if she had a toy in her hand, I
will prefer to play exactly with this toy, instead of thousands of
billions different toys which were available. But we grew up.
We became mature people; although we had sometimes fights.
However, my sister represents to me my best friend, sometimes
my boss, and my psychologist.
Since we were children, we were great friends, who
usually did all things together and talked during many hours
without feeling the time running. Each phase we had a
friendship, and we always knew we could trust each other. For
instance, nowadays I'm far from home almost one year living in
a different country, and everything happens to me I tell her. She
gives me lots of advice, which clarifies, is accurate, and
contributes in many ways in my life. When I was undecided to
stay here for one more semester, she was sincere with me. "I
think you should stay more time, yet I will miss you," she said
to me few months ago. If I have any problem and I call her, she
has a word, which is perfect, strong, and mature, to give me in
that time. I say that she is my younger sister, but she seems like
my older sister sometimes. Even though she always advises me,

ELI Student Voices 13

we exchange many experiences. I give many suggestions,
which are direct, creative, and funny, to her life. In a friendship
people exchange experience and advice more than give order or
directions. Our friendship is made by understanding,
comprehension, and love.
However, my younger-older sister gives me lots of
directions and orders. In my house we used to say that she is the
manager because my mother and I always receive some angry
speech about something wrong we did or because the house is
disorganized. For example, if the refrigerator is broken, she
gives all directions to call a technician. How. Where. When.
And how much. When I left my home country to come to the
United States, she organized my farewell party. And it was
wonderful. Everything was perfect, and all my friends were in
the party, which proves she loves me and she knows me very
well. Sometimes her big boss personality makes us nervous, but
sometimes it is very useful to ourselves.
I have been in therapy with a psychologist for two
years, but I used to say that my sister was my home
psychologist. She graduated in psychology, but she works in
Humans Resources. Although she never had worked in a
psychologist clinic, she always had good feeling to give
wonderful advice. For example, when I left my analyst room
really confuse and with lots of things in my head. I used to talk
to her, and tell her everything made me nervous or stressed out.
Whereas she knows me very well, she used to have the correct
word in the correct situation. Such as: "Leave your job, and go
ahead. The life is more than a position in a multinational
company. You can do many more. Run the risk. If you have any
problem we are here to support you." When I was lost without
any idea about my career, she gave the best suggestions and
encouraged me to go follow my dreams of change my career,
and look for something, which will make me happy. She has
always a professional advice to me, although we have relative
To conclude, my sister and I always share wonderful
things and experiences. She always represented outstanding
example to me, and she always gave me all the best. As a friend
we exchange many life experiences, as a boss she always put
me more mature, and as a psychologist she gave me the best
and professional advices. I sincerely love her. I cannot live
without her in my life, and I miss her so much. As we say in
Portuguese that relatives we do not chose, but friends yes. In
my case I had a sister, and I received a wonderful gift for all my
life: my best sister friend. In sum, life is better, if you have a
multifunctional sister in your life. My multi sister is called
Mariana, and this work is totally dedicated to her. With love.

Nightmares and Dreams
Itzik Elyahou
RW 60

Nightmares are a worldwide phenomenon, which is
experienced by all cultures and ages. It doesn't matter if you are
a 6-year-old American child or a 61-year-old Hindu, you can
not avoid nightmares. Many studies have been conducted on
nightmares throughout the years despite the difficulties arising.

Though nightmares are a universal human experience,
researching this nighttime phenomenon presents specific
challenges to researchers, including arriving at the definition of
a nightmare, specifying when we begin to have nightmares and
finding the cause of nightmares. Let us discuss these
Even though many studies have been carried out on
nightmares, there hasn't been complete agreement on the most
basic issue, which is the definition of nightmares. While most
studies agree that a nightmare is a bad dream that one wakes up
from, others believe that a nightmare is a very disturbing dream
that awakens the sleeper (Dunna and Barret, 1988; Zadra and
Donderi, 1993). These disturbing dreams usually contain
emotions of fear, anger and grief. The latter group chose this
definition because it found that "approximately 45% of bad
dreams are found to have emotional intensities equal to or
exceeding those of the average nightmare" (Zadra and Dondrei).
Researchers are having a hard time studying the
dreaming habits of newborns and thus difficulty, determining
the age they start experience nightmares. The most common
obstacles these researchers face are: the low oral expressions,
low writing abilities and the lack of cognitive abilities and
maturity the infants have. They say that it is possible that the
babies spend much of their first months dreaming, and they
might be suffering from nightmares as well, although "the
answers to these questions are speculative influenced by
theory rather than research or clinical experience" (Siegel, Alan
B., 2005) As for 'grown-up' children, some studies (Lenore
Terr, 1990, David Foulkes 1979) conclude that they do have
nightmares at the age of 3 and older; others believe that young
children begin to experience nightmares at the age of 5, right
before school starts (Natalie Angier, 2007).
The last controversy these researchers have is the
cause of that nighttime phenomenon. The causes of nightmares
are not known for certain. Some might be triggered by
psychiatric disorders or psychological traumas, though many
times it occurs due to anxiety and stress (which is common to
most of the society). Alan and Siegel (2005) explain that the
reason young children suffer from nightmares might be
anything from extreme hunger, separation from their mothers or
the helplessness that they experience. As for adults, Dr.
Bulkeley believes that cultural issues and conventions also
contribute to nightmares. To support his point, he gives an
example of a nightmare commonly experienced by Arab
women in which they dream of falling through the air. He
explains "There's such a premium in these countries on women
remaining chaste, and the dangers of becoming a 'fallen
woman' are so intense that the naturally high baseline of falling
dreams is amped up even more."
Nightmares are a global experience shared by humans
all over the world, men and women, children and elderly.
Researchers have been studying nightmares for many years.
However, they haven't yet arrived at a decisive conclusion
regarding the core issues, such as the definition of nightmares,
the age children start experiencing nightmares and the reason
behind nightmares. Hopefully, in the near feature, these experts
will overcome those challenges and shed light on this
mysterious phenomenon.

ELI Student Voices 14

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Just to Remind You!
Ahmed Al-Jumaili

Are you single or married? It may be beneficial to you
to be married and to live with your family, especially when you
travel to study outside of your country for a long time. Your
food is prepared, your clothes are washed and ironed, and your
apartment is cleaned and arranged. Furthermore, your family
encourages you to keep studying by giving advice or preparing
a comfortable environment for you to study. They act as a pain
reliever, especially when you are stressed and help you to pass
difficult situations that happen to you during your study. Thus,
you will avoid being homesick and you will have an enjoyable
life with your family. Even though all these aspects seem very
good, there is another side to this situation. Living with your
family while you are studying a foreign language could possibly
affect your learning negatively. You challenge yourself to get
new information about your second language everyday, but it is
difficult to keep it in your mind because you are forced to speak
your native language at your apartment. In addition, you are
required to give part of your time to teach and help your family
to adapt to a new life. For example, you help your child with his
or her math homework or go shopping with your family. So, I
am not asking you to be single or married while you are
studying a foreign language, but I just want to remind you that
you will pay a part of your learning time to your family as a gift
for having a pleasurable life with them. In other words, you are
required to exchange a part of your studying time for a beautiful
life with your family.

Visit to Orlando
Hakan Kebeli
RW 42

I want my friend to see Orlando if he comes to visit me
in the USA for the first time. There are a lot of reasons to visit

Orlando from my point of view. The first reason is that there are
several opportunities for shopping, especially outside of
downtown Orlando. I recommend visiting the international
outlets, which include most of the popular trademarks such as
Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Nautica, and Timberland. My
friend could find the cheapest clothes of those brands there. The
second reason is that there are numerous touristy parks that
would make my friend feel like he is in a dream; for example,
the Islands of Adventure, Universal Studios, Walt Disney,
Animal Kingdom and Sea World. My friend can ride roller
coasters, be immersed in adventure, and be dazzled by the
animals. The final reason is that Orlando is close to Ocala,
which is the city I reside in, so my friend won't be tired or pay a
lot of money for accommodation while visiting. It takes
approximately 1 hour by car from Ocala to Orlando. Therefore,
my friend and I will be able to visit those parks day by day, and
we will not pay money for hotels because we will be able to
return back to Gainesville when we feel tired. In conclusion, the
above mentioned reasons are the reasons why I want my friend
to see Orlando.

On Duty, and to Date?
Wan-Tzu Cheng

A survey from the American Management Association
on office policies and personal attitudes about workplace dating
reported that "[of those 116 people, 44 percent said their dating
led to marriage]; another 23 percent said their dating led to a
long-term relationship that either continues or has since ended;
and 33 percent reported that office dating led to short-term
relationships" (Workplace Dating 2). Another survey from
Career Media in Taiwan reported that most of the technology
companies discourage workplace dating, but encourage
employees to date with those at different departments or
enterprises. In general, the disadvantages of workplace dating
outweigh the advantages.
Despite the fact that workplace dating creates a
harmonious relationship, it is also accompanied by potential
problems such as reducing working productivity, sexual issues
and leaving grey areas between being in public and in private.
To begin, workplace dating can strengthen working
relationship; otherwise, it should be avoided. Building up a
relationship gives employees trust and confidence at work. The
relationship, however; can be formed by friendship as well.
Moreover, the line between acting in public and in private is
hard to define, and often it is judged by others. Which is the
best way to behave? What may others view? Do we still know
right and wrong when in this dilemma? With two possible
difficulties, one is the unexpected relationship development is
discouraging and frustrating. Suppose a break-up boy and girl
friend or a divorced couple has to work under the same roof,
how will that be? Issues of sexual harassment and sexual
discrimination may be raised when both sexes encounter. The
other is the judgment of right and wrong. Thus, rights of
working are established by the National Work Rights Institute,
but the policy of dating is set up by employers. Last, when on

ELI Student Voices 15

duty, the first priority is to get the task done. If people are
occupied with affections toward their colleagues, they are
unlikely to concentrate on their work. Under supervision,
people tend to work harder to strive for praise and promotion.
Workplace dating, or office romance, provides
employees with a sense of belonging and freedom of
socialization, which is a trend. To start, having a relationship is
a human right. Individuals should have their own will to get
along with others, even on the condition of work. If befriending
other people does not assure the productivity, then the boss can
take control of setting the policy of dating. For employers, to be
open for dating at workplaces does not mean for employees to
indulge, but to be flexible. Nevertheless, a relaxed working
relationship is another advantage. Males and females can have
chances to develop relationships, either friendships or peer-
ships. Because the structure of society is composed of units of
family, both genders should have the right and freedom to be
with the other. Or can we accept human production and become
"one egg, one embryo, one adult-normality" (Huxley). If the
enforced dating policy is against nature, it may result in modern
diseases such as depression or insomnia. In fact, one of the
workforce trends is more and more office romances. Today, as
more womenjoin in the workforce, men and women tend to
meet at work. Longer working hours, strategy of collaboration
and most singles in the workforce, Rosenbloom writes in Boss's
Memo: Go Ahead, Date (With My Blessing), are the evolution
of the workplace romance (Boss's Memo 4). Thus, we need
not swim against the tide.
Briefly, the disadvantages beat the advantages.
Relationship, work and workplace are three reasons for
workplace dating policy. First of all, why do people have to be
in intimate relationship so that they can build up trust and
confidence? To be connected is good, yet employees should
take initiative to be friends with their co-workers, instead of
passively going on a date as an entertainment. They should
focus on developing a good relationship, which aims to make
progress for the group. Nevertheless, our value determines our
workplace. In rural areas, they do not have strict regulations on
workplace dating, but in urban areas, they do. According to
National Work Rights Institute, in the state of Colorado and
New York, they have special policies on marriage and coverage
of dating and cohabitation (Lifestyle Discrimination?). If you
are not interested in those works at those places, you can choose
not to work there. Finally, we should be concerned primarily
with salary and benefits, and policies are often the secondary,
when going job hunting. This implies that dating is not our
focus at work, the job is. Men are unlikely to look for ajob on
condition that it allows workplace dating! In less competitive
industry, they do not have strict principles on workplace dating,
yet in more competitive industry, they do. Take fashion
magazines for example, The Devil Wears Prada portrays
employers and employees, who have to be on the edge all the
time, must give up dating outside the workplace as self-sacrifice
(The Devil 2).
The relationships among employees depend on work
and workplace. Long-term relationships or marriages may be
the appeals, but potential problems such as reducing working
productivity, sexual issues do occur. On the contrary, for the

competitive jobs, employees have to choose between enterprise
and commitment. There is no substitute for hard work, after all.

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Workplace Dating
Rani Bakhsh

What if your manager married or started dating one of
your coworkers? Will you still joke with him/her? Will you still
feel comfortable to talk to him/her about something you don't
like about your job? These and many other questions might
come up when it comes to marriage or dating between
coworkers. It might be more problematic when a difference in
positions appears between the couple. Whatever they do will be
explained wrongly by others in the workplace. Workplace
dating affects the work process negatively in many ways that
might cause the following: waste the company's resources,
relationship interference, and can result to a bad work
Dating or marrying a coworker is a result of non-work
related activities during the work time. When employees are
supposed to be engaged in the work related activities, they start
wasting the time talking and discussing other things that lead to
relationships outside the work limits. Time is very important for
everybody, especially in the business environment.
Businessmen say time is money, so when employees waste the
company's time; that means they waste one of its most
important resources. The dating couple may also misuse the
other resources of the company such as computers and phones.
It would be very difficult to define the relations
between employees when they are dating or married. If they are
not on the same level of positions, it might be more difficult and
complicated. A manager who dates a subordinate employee
would have difficulties when the lower employee deserves a
promotion or salary increment. The manager might face

ELI Student Voices 16

problems from the other employees if they think the subordinate
employee doesn't deserve the promotion or the salary
increment. On the other hand, when the subordinate partner
needs something from his/her manager partner, it might be
misunderstood by others in addition to the manager partner. The
whole situation will be uncomfortable.
It's very normal that the marriage between partners
doesn't succeed. Coworkers are not an exception. When it
doesn't work between partners, they normally don't want to see
each other anymore and they might avoid seeing each other if
they know that they will meet somewhere. Unlike that,
coworkers can't avoid seeing each other; moreover they
sometimes are forced to work with each other and spend more
time together. We can imagine how difficult that would be. This
would cause a horrible working environment, and that could
dangerously reduce the productivity.
As we see, dating a coworker is not the right choice.
On the other hand, employees spend more time at work than at
their social lives. They don't have time to have social life
outside their workplaces. There might be some reasons for
employees to date at work, but they have to isolate their social
life from work career. They can meet during the lunch time
break and after the working hours and try to take their vacations
at the same time of the year. By doing that, they can do their job
sufficiently and have a normal and social life.

Workplace Dating
Di Xie
RW 4

If you want to enter the heaven of love, date a co-
worker; if you want to work in a place like hell, date a co-
worker. Actually, there are few other work environment issues
as controversial as workplace dating that is always the center of
slanders in the companies. People who prefer to know their
dates thoroughly before establishing a relationship or spend
more time with each other definitely cherish the opportunities
of workplace dating. Nevertheless, employers or employees
who fear sexual harassment usually try their best to hinder
workplace dating, because they don't like not only the bothers
caused by this kind of special relationship but also possible
distracted attention from their work.
A survey conducted by www. vault. corn in 2006
shows that 58% of the surveyed admit that they have been
involved in a workplace dating (Nemko 1). Obviously, there
must be some advantages with workplace dating, which is to
some extent popular according to the result of the survey. The
most important reason for workplace dating is possibly that the
workplace provides a far better chance to know the date who
usually acts in a way making him/her more attractive. When a
man and a woman spend eight or even more hours together
everyday, it becomes almost impossible for both of them to hide
something or disguise themselves. They can see the real quality
of each other relatively easily, which helps them to determine
whether the one they want to date is the right one. Meanwhile,
the fast pace of modern society makes it hard for lovers to find
enough time and the right place to get together. However,

people who have workplace dating don't need to worry about
this, since they can spend a whole workday in the same place,
even the same room, and take care of each other. Furthermore,
work could be stressful because people often have to worry
about the deadline of certain tasks or the security of theirjobs
especially when it's in recession right now. While you are
dating your workmate, he/she will certainly be the person who
would like to help you most when you are struggling with
stress. We don't know whether Bill Gates dated Melinda
French, who was a Microsoft employee, in order to relieve
stress or for any other reasons mentioned above, but one thing
that we're sure about is that Bill Gates found his Miss Right
through this office romance (Vikesland 1).
However, in some people's eyes the workplace dating
is nothing but a time bomb that may explode in the workplace
anytime. The most dangerous flash point will be the sexual
harassment issue, which is becoming more and more sensitive
in the workplace. "Sexual harassment is harassment or
unwelcome attention of a sexual nature. It includes a range of
behavior from mild transgressions and annoyances to serious
abuses, which can even involve forced sexual activity" (Sexual
Harassment 1). When you ask your workmate out, you are
taking the risk of being accused of sexual harassment. The
employers are extremely sensitive to this issue for they have the
capability to ask their subordinators for sexual favor and return
in the form of promotion or salary increase. At the same time,
another problem with workplace dating is the distracted
attention from work. It's true that workplace dating could help
people deal with pressure at work, but it also makes it difficult
to focus on the work when your sweetheart is around you. In
addition, it's not unusual that people spend some time at work
on figuring out where to go for a dinner tonight or what kind of
perfume I should wear to please him. On the other hand, when
the workplace dating fails, it brings some unexpected
awkwardness too. Even if you break up with your date, you still
have to work with him/her face-to-face everyday, which may be
the most awkward situation in the world. If so, you can either
choose to quit the job that you still want to stay at or get back
together with the one you don't love any more. That is really a
dilemma likely caused by workplace dating.
In spite of all the advantages mentioned above, I still
want to keep away from workplace dating. It's good to know
your date thoroughly before building a relationship and spend
more time with your lover; nevertheless, the disadvantages with
workplace dating outweigh the benefits from it in fact. While
the lovers help relieve the stress from work, they bring more
pressure than that they alleviate. Moreover, the closer the lovers
get the more possibly they will find flaws from the other, which
may hurt the relationship sometimes because people always
need some personal space. Finally, yet importantly, keep in
mind that "Don't put all your eggs in one basket." When
married couples work at the same company, if the company has
to lay off employees or ends up in bankruptcy, the family will
absolutely suffer a very dangerous and difficult time.
To sum up, some people like workplace dating because
they focus on the advantages such as knowing the date better
and more time together; other people are against it due to the
potential troubles resulting from workplace dating, for example,

ELI Student Voices 17

the sexual harassment problem, distraction at work and so on.
In my opinion, I don't think it is good idea to be involved in an
office romance. If inevitable, I will prefer to keep the
relationship secret and avoid letting the relationship interrupt
the work.

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Workplace Privacy
Wei-Hsuan Yang (Ashley)
RW 4

In modem society, privacy has become the popular
issue. More and more people start to think about how to protect
their rights. However, our internet technology has become one
of the factors which violate our privacy. For example, in the
workplace, the employer could set up the equipment to monitor
his employees. Therefore, we would ask is that appropriate to
monitor employers during the work time.
In my opinion, I partly agree with that because there're
advantages and disadvantages of that. For example, it's bad for
the employer to monitor his employees' keyboard keystroke.
Sometimes, the employees need to transfer money to someone;
it would leak out their PIN number and account number during
the process. On the other hand, it could also prevent employees
from chatting with their friends by Messenger. Because most of
employees are afraid of that their boss do this kind of things,
they will reduce the time of chatting with someone. These
things would waste work time and reduce productivity.
As a matter of fact, I can totally understand why so
many companies do this kind of things. The word "Business
Spy", which we always hear on the TV news. Threats to the
security of business information are numerous and they come
from all directions, including organized crime syndicates,
terrorists and government- sponsored espionage, and most
global-technology companies have little idea of the array of
hostile forces targeted against them," a former U.S director of
intelligence said (Johnston, 1). Undoubtedly, they want to set
up the equipment to monitor their workers. Monitoring not only
can see whether the employees are working or not, but also can
prevent they from revealing the secret information. Even though
this is illegal, more and more companies are willing to do that.
I used to be a magazine journalist; I know privacy is so
important. Nevertheless, it's so difficult to implement it for a
journalist. During the work time, other journalists and I would

get together in the meeting room, and chat with each person, but
our editor would stand out of the door to hear what we were
talking about. It really made us uncomfortable and angry.
Ironically, we all know we shouldn't chat during the work time,
but still thought our editor as a bad person who violates our
To conclude, one day, you and me will be a manager
or boss; we'll find out it's bad that your employees don't do
anything--just waste the time. Therefore, I think that monitoring
is ok, but companies should set up the rules for it. In addition,
they should inform the employees who are being monitored.
Besides that, some of things, such as drug testing and internet
monitoring are acceptable, but keyboard keystroke monitoring
is not a good thing which really violates people's privacy.

Works Cited
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Workplace Dating
Andressa DeOliveira

Mary is an Assistant Manager at a toy company in
New York. Joshua is a Supervisor at the same company.
They've been working together for 4 years, and in the last year,
they decided to start dating. Since they didn't know how that
would work out, they thought that would be better to keep
things down for a while. However, the secret came out faster
than they had expected, and suddenly everybody knew about it.
Have you ever thought about a fellow co-worker as a possible
We all know that in a capitalist world, where the more
you have, the more you want, working becomes incredibly
necessary, and workers are spending more time than ever at the
work place. By working alongside someone for so long, in
normal day life, you will probably get to know this person
better than you would in other circumstances; besides that, it's
normal to feel interested about a person when you both are
doing things towards the same goal. According to Jayson, "54%
of single men and 40% of women said they would be open to
dating a co-worker." (3) In addition to that, if two people
spend that much time together at work, and are still able to
enjoy some more quality time doing others things with each
other, that may be a sign that they found their soul mates. It's
common sense that excessive time together can ruin a
relationship. Therefore, if the romance does not fail after that, I
guess it can survive through almost anything.
One of the biggest and more commented on problems
on workplace dating is the possibility of jealousy between the
colleagues. The other employees may become concerned about
favoritism leading to an unusual promotion or raise in the
salary. It can create an unexpected uncomfortable situation at
the workplace, sometimes reflecting in the relationship. Another
point not less important is that even though some workplace

ELI Student Voices 18

romances lead to a "happily ever after" ending, it does not
always happen like that. Breaking up a relationship is most of
the time hard, and it can be even worse when you have to work
with this person in a cubicle. Awkward situations between an
ex-couple and colleagues probably would be part of the
equation, and once again the workplace would become a tense
place, and productivity could decrease.
I have been dating a colleague for nearly a year now
and things could not be going better. Nevertheless, both of us
had to learn how to deal with some things that we probably
wouldn't have paid any attention to if we hadn't decided to
become a couple. Our relationship is divided in two distinct
parts and so far we have never mixed them up. At work we are
normal employees working for a common goal. We kept our
romance private as much as we could and even though
nowadays everybody knows about it, we keep the rule of "no
romance on company time." I am sure that things have been
working fine because both of us are willing to improve together
and take something out of all this. Since we started we knew
how hard this kind of involvement could be, but we gave it a
try. I believe a relationship at work can work out as any other,
as long as the ones involved know how to deal with it.
Workplace dating is a lot less taboo nowadays than it
was in the past. But as Judith Sills said, "Freud himself
identified the two great arenas of human enterprise as Love and
Work." (1) Putting them together may be a dangerous idea. I
believe that before starting an office romance, the workers
should mull it over so that they can try to predict the future
consequences of their possible involvement. The lack of
planning of Mary and Joshua might have led them to an
unexpected break up. Continuing to ruminate about it may feel
different. It may even loose the "magic" of an unpredicted
romance. However, it's safer and it won't cost your job. Thus, if
you get in an office romance, it better be love.

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Workplace Dating
Vinicius S. Alves

How deep does a relationship between co-workers
affect the productivity of a company? If you have a crush on the
next cubicle's worker, should you ask that person out?
Relationships between employees of the same company have
become normal nowadays, but a lot of issues are involved such
as jealousy, productivity, subordination etc.

One of the issues involving a relationship between co-
workers is when your partner is also your subordinate. Any
behavior can be suspicious, even if it's just a simple
conversation, let along a promotion or a dismissal. Wouldn't
you be suspicious if your co-worker received a promotion given
by his/her spouse? That makes people think that the promotion
just happened because of the relation between boss and
subordinate. In the matter of dismissal the problem shows up
when the boss has to decide whether he/she fires the employee
or not. Probably when you see a worker with low productivity
but closely related to the boss you wonder why that person does
not get fired, don't you? Furthermore, these events can also lead
to litigation; the company can get sued for that.
On the other hand, different sectors of a company
could be united because of a marriage between chairpersons; as
a result, the productivity of the company could increase hugely.
In case they work at a same level of responsibility they could
think together for the growth of the company. As a good
example of that we have Betty and David Hamburg, they are
married and are co-directors of the social medicine and public
policy program and have won an award last year.
Every employer likes to have an employee that thinks
about work all day long, even when not in the work place this is
almost always possible when you have married co-workers;
these latter probably discuss work issues in their houses or
during their entertainment moments, and that would probably
increase the productivity of the company.
Personally I think that the companies should have rules
for relationships between co-workers, but shouldn't forbid it,
just create some policies; for instance, any argument not related
to work between employees results in a warning, and two
warnings results in dismissal. Bosses should always be aware of
relationships between employees to avoid any unexpected
situation and workers should know that having a relationship
with a co-worker is fine as long as they don't show any public
display of affection.
It is the company's job to prevent problems, and this is
a kind of situation that can destroy a company if not taken care
of. After eliciting all the advantages and disadvantages we get
to the conclusion that the education of the workers is as
important as their behavior since one depends on the other. As a
support to the conclusion we have the fact that English teachers
in Brazil can date each other provided that they know how to
separate the co-worker relationship from the their private

Dating Your Co-worker: Is It a Good
Manuel A. Morales M.

The idea of dating your co-worker could sound
inappropriate, or at least not recommended, even in modern
times. However, the number of people dating their co-workers
is increasing steeply: from a survey developed in 2006, 58% of
respondents accepted to have been in an office romance, against
52% from just two years before that (Vault.com, cited by Marty

ELI Student Voices 19

Nemko). The modem, time-limited employees require more
work hours and consequently, the people of the workplace had
become an important element of our social circle. In this
environment, getting involved, sometimes romantically, seems
to be at least a possibility. At the same time, the concept of
sexual harassment had become a usual topic in the offices and
business daily life, and workers as well as employers are
worried about how to handle this situation, on one hand, and/or
been accused of, in the other.
The good news is the things don't need to be as hard as
they seems, if the employers recognize the problem and develop
rules to guide the employee's behavior inside the office. In
terms of being respectful with your company dating policy, the
experts recommend you need to ask if they have any, in the first
place. The next step is to be extra-careful with personal
relations at work that we normally are in other situations. To
develop an office relationship, before a romantic relationship
it's highly recommended, to meet as well as possible the other
person, and decide if taking the risk of starting to date is a good
idea. The couples getting involved in a work environment must
realize that they are starting a dual relationship, "that means that
you have two different types of relationships (business and
romantic) with the same person," says Gary Vikesland,
editorialist at Employer-employee.com. In this kind of situation
it's necessary to maintain an open communication and get the
personal relationship outside of the office. The treatment given
to the couple must be the same for the other co-workers, and the
work decisions must be taken regardless of the personal
feelings, especially when one of them is a superior and has to
make decisions related with the professional development of the
other at the company. Vikesland considers this last kind of
relationship especially hard, because the conflict of interest
developed is often difficult to handle, and even if the couple
involved succeed with this goal, the other co-workers might say
the boss has preferences for his or her sentimental partner, and
that could create a hostile environment at work. Finally, the
relationship must remain as private as possible, but once the
situation is revealed, it's recommended to discuss about this
with the boss and the other co-workers. For all the cases, how
you manage your personal relationships at work will depend on
your position and business relationship with your partner, and
the particular characteristics of the employ policy of your
However, dating between co-workers can result in
undesirable endings, if the couple breaks up, and the previous
hints had not been followed. First of all, the people getting
involved must consider that if it doesn't work, they still will be
working in the same place and forced to see each other
everyday. That's the reason why Nemko recommends think
twice before getting involved in a romantic relationship with the
boss, and 10 times before getting involved with a subordinate.
Whole careers can get ruined by a wrong decision or a bad
relationship at work, and transcendental decisions like
searching for a new job must be forced to be taken because of a
scandal at the office. Furthermore, the existing laws against
sexual harassment are very strict, and it's very easy to become
involved in a legal litigation by almost everything, if the other
person is not interested in starting a personal relationship at

work. This concept still applies for the broken relationships in
which one of them had lost interest before the other, and is
feeling harassed at work by his or her ex-sentimental mate, with
whom he or she is forced to maintain professional relationships.
Working with someone related to you in a sentimental
way doesn't have to be difficult if the relationship at the office
is maintained professional for both, and the productivity is not
compromised. Nevertheless, serious, long-lasting relationships
are more likely to succeed and to not have negative effects at
work, than others more informal or the product of a temporal
attraction. For all the cases it's necessary to consider carefully
all the pros and cons of getting involved with someone from
your agency. Certainly, each case is different, and will depend
on the office's policy in this matter, the kind of co-workers
relationship existing between the interested parts and the
particular situations related with the workplace's environment.
When two people become involved in a relationship
born at work, it could be a blessing to spend the most of your
time with the one you love. Since this particular situation had
been communicated and openly discussed with the other co-
workers involved and with the bosses, and as long as the couple
manages to maintain their professional performance at
maximum, their personal life must be respected, and they must
receive the same treatment of the other employees. The
workplace matching phenomenon is a social fact in these days
and it can't be ignored.
Although this is a controversial topic, the employers
must develop objective rules about it in order to diminish the
stress aroused by the possibility of being involved in a sexual
harassment conflict with a co-worker, instead of trying to
control or forbid the developing of personal, romantic
relationships between their employees. The legal frame must
be considered, however, in the first place, and it will change
from one state or country to another. In a new millennium
world, in which more and more young people are joining the
offices and with a higher amount of women getting to work, the
workplace dating will keep rising and will become a main
theme to be addressed by anyone who requires hiring staff. A
healthy environment in the workplace is indispensable for the
success of the business and for the peace of each worker inside
and outside the office as well. Regarding this, the people
involved in personal relationships with other co-workers must
be specially careful and respectful with the others, to ensure the
maintenance of this environment without affecting his or her
personal happiness.

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ELI Student Voices 20

Workplace Dating
Werachart Ratanatharathorn
RW 4

Have you ever dated one of your co-workers? In
today's world, people work longer hours with more co-workers
who sit beside them or function in different departments.
Therefore, co-workers have become as important as our family
members who we spend only a few waking hours right after
getting up and before going to bed. In addition, many
companies do not have policies that prohibit co-workers to date
others as long as they can maintain their efficiency. In a 2005
survey, 58 percent of employees said they have had an office
romance, up from 46 percent in 2003 (Workplace Dating 10).
According to the survey, dating co-workers is more prevalent
than in the past. The following paragraphs will show you the
benefits and drawbacks of dating in the workplaces.
Dating at work sometimes increases the whole
efficiency of a project. Some people who date at workplace
always go dating either after work on a project together or
working late. The human is a social animal. People are
influenced by surrounding circumstances, especially by their
neighbors not only at home but also at workplace. People eat
more while eating with their friends or family than they eat
alone. People jog faster when run with friends or even a dog.
Therefore, people who have office romances have a tendency to
do a betterjob. "It allows me to know a different side of the
company," Leslie, who works at Cerner in Kansas City, said
(Workplace Dating 16). She met her husband who works in the
same company. They were friends before being married. She
said working with her husband doesn't reduce her ability to
work; on the contrary, she enjoys discussing work at home.
Conversely, dating in a workplace is sometimes the
cause of tragedy. When you date your co-worker, the first
important thing that you have to keep in mind is treating your
boyfriend or girlfriend as if you were not dating. However, try
to answer these questions before you decide to date your
colleague. What if a manager dates his subordinate who later
gets a promotion? What would you think about this issue if you
were a person who works under the manager? What if you are
dating with a beautiful and smart co-worker who other co-
workers also want to ask her out for a date? Nothing makes co-
workers feel more jealous or insecure than to know that two
employees have the "hots" for each other (Vikesland 10).
What if an employee dates another employee and then they
break up? What if they break up because one has a secret
affection with another employee? What if a couple spend half
of work hours talking to each other? What if you date someone
who works for you and he or she expects only getting a
promotion or higher salary? As you can see, there will be a lot
of problems that follow you if you don't behave properly. Since
these problems become more and more obvious nowadays, 21
percent of employers (probably mostly large corporations) now
have dating policies, up from 17 (Nemko 3).
I personally believe that as long as you treat everyone
equally and keep working as much as you did before you date,
dating in a workplace will have more advantages over

disadvantages. It isn't necessary to conceal your office
romances because it is very obvious. Eventually people in the
workplace will know your relationship. All you need to do is to
prove that having office romances affect neither your
performance nor a way you treat your work-fellow. If you know
that you aren't doing anything wrong but you are still blamed in
absence, don't pay attention. You are doing the right thing.
Keep doing it. When time passes, everyone will know and
understand you and you will enjoy both working and loving. By
the way, maintaining outside interests is a good suggestion
because it means that if you break up, you'll still have a life
(Nemko 14). Remember that even if you break up with your
girlfriend, you still have your family and your friends.
As more employees date in workplaces, more people
are interested in what is good and bad. Although employees
might improve their performance when they have office
romances, if they conduct inappropriately, they will bring
themselves to a difficult situation. However, if you are going to
start dating your co-worker, use your heart as well as your
brain. Be patient and professional; otherwise, you might lose
your job. In the worst case, you might lose your girlfriend too.
In fact, dating in the workplace relates directly to the custom of
each country since different countries have different points of
view about this. What about people in your country? Do they
have the same thought?

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Workplace Privacy
Hamzah Al-.\/hll,/f i

Workplace privacy had become a very controversial
topic ever since computers were widely used by employees.
Even though all employees nowadays must have a computer
and an e-mail in order for them to carry on the assigned tasks,
they are becoming rather a distraction from performing the job.
In addition, the employees now have a faster and an easier
access to the outside world during working hours. If they can do
all of their personal activities while still at work, what would
stop them from doing so?

EL Student Voices 21

Workplace monitoring can be very effective in raising
the productivity level of any certain business (Young 10). If
employees know that they are being monitored, they would
refrain from committing any violation of the workplace policy
(Young 10). Moreover, that would push them to compete with
their co-workers to come up with better results since they know
it will be noticed. Furthermore, the employees will refrain from
engaging in personal activities during working hours, such as
sending personal e-mails and completing banking transactions.
However, all the mentioned results would occur only if the
employees know that they're being watched.
When an employer monitors his staff without giving
them any clue about it, which only 20% of American managers
do (Employee Monitoring 5), it wouldn't be very effective
unless when it comes to evaluating the employees. That, in
place, would rather raise questions on whether the employer has
the right to do so or not. The employees will be intimidated and
that might cause law suits to be filed or some staff leaving the
company using privacy as an excuse. Even though some
lawyers might consider e-mails to be private and should follow
the wiretap law (Guernsey 3), employers would consider
including a line of surveillance acceptance in the employee's
contract and continue monitoring.
Monitoring employees activities during work might
not be the only possible way of controlling productivity.
However, it is surely the most effective one. On the other hand,
employers should have certain guidelines and rules for
monitoring to ensure that they won't abuse it. Another question
that could be raised is who would monitor the employers?
Surely, each management reports to a higher one. Would the
chain of monitoring continue to climb up to the Board of
Directors? Therefore, a certain policy should be assigned to
cover all of these and many other issues before starting the
In conclusion, in order to stop employees from goofing
around, someone should monitor them while letting them know
that they're being observed. Using technology shouldn't
decrease work efficiency; on the contrary, it should increase it
highly. The easiest and most effective way is to have control
over the users of such technology. However, employees should
have a certain time of the day, like at the lunch break, to engage
in certain approved activities from work. This should include
simple personal e-mails, online banking, government issues and
reading the headlines of one's favorite newspaper.

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Workplace Monitoring
Kellen Cristina L. L. Duarte

Technology is a very important and an essential tool in
the modern world. On the other hand, new technologies have
been the cause of the lack of privacy in employees' workplace.
They make it possible for employers to monitor employees in
several aspects, either in employees' working life or in their
personal lives, which is at times an invasion of privacy or it
may be also characterized as a regular and ordinary practice by
the employer's perspective.
Considering both sides, several points must be
carefully discussed. It is simple to state that every citizen has
his or her rights and that these rights must be followed and
respected. It may be also considered that most of the time as
employees, we want to have the same protection and rights that
we have at home, according to the constitution. Nevertheless,
we also must be aware that there are different rules in ourjobs
and that these rules must also be followed and respected.
In order to establish or keep the quality control and
productivity, which is a priority in any firm, employers have
adhered to workplace monitoring. Security is also one of the
reasons they use to justify this practice. Having the control of
the employees' lives may be easier for them to find out if the
employees are really working or using their system for personal
activities; also to know if any employee is revealing any
information about the company, preventing theft or any
sabotage this way.
Nowadays, employers expose their workers to several
types of privacy-invasive monitoring, such as drug testing,
video, Internet, email, instant message, phone monitoring and
others. In contrast, most of the employees agree that it can be
abused most of the times. In addition, it may lead to an
oppressive work environment, and as a result, decrease
effectiveness anyway. We should also consider that if bosses
impose or establish all these rules, they should also apply them
to every worker, including the top executives. Furthermore,
after stating the rules, the employees should be told about them.
It is ethical; otherwise, the purpose is to spy not to monitor
productivity or whatever.
According to Jeremy Gruber, legal director of the
National Workrights Institute, "'There is very little, if any,
privacy in the workplace, particularly in the private sector.
He also said, "'Privacy is one of the most violated principles in
the workplace. People are aware to a degree how much
monitoring goes on in the working place, but most individuals
are unaware of how pervasive the lack of privacy is." For sure,
we have to consider that Jeremy Gruber's job is to defend
employees, once he belongs to an advocacy group for human
rights, but at the same time we should consider that if
workplace monitoring is so pervasive, what is the limit?
Actually, this situation requires some measures.
Employees should think about having designated or separated
phones for personal calls with a time limit. Besides, employees
should use their mobile phone to make their personal phone
calls. The company should also provide some memos, or

ELI Student Voices 22

handbooks or even union contracts to inform their employees
about any monitoring system. Also, they ought to try to
convince employees not to waste the company time or
bandwidth. These measures could be useful and practical.
In short, both the employers and the employees must
be aware that there must be limits and more effective laws in
order to ensure acceptable performance, good results, and
quality in the workplace. Ethic is for everyone, not only for
bosses. No one likes to have his or her principles or policies

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Wecket, John. Electronic Monitoring in the Workplace:
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Thanks from the Editor
Thank you for sharing your writing with everyone. I hope you
enjoy reading your fellow students' essays, paragraphs, and
poetry. Also thanks to Megan Forbes and the University of
Florida Bookstore for arranging the gift certificates, to Todd
Allen for publicizing this issue of Student Voices, to the
Reading/Writing instructors for supporting their students in
their writing, and to Alison Camacho, Valentina Komaniecka,
Jen Ramos, Bobbie Rangel, Art Schneider, and Todd Allen for
reading and evaluating the entries.
Thanks everyone! Steve Flocks


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