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Spring, 2007

Korean Rules Which Are Not Rules
Su Kyeong Park (First Place)
RW 61

Every country in the world has laws that we must
obey, and we obey the laws. Laws might affect our lives in
many aspects, but have you ever thought about rules in a
restroom? No. It is natural that we answer no because we
usually obey laws in special situations like in traffic or a court;
we don't think about laws everyday, everywhere. However,
there are other rules we are usually affected by everyday, even
in a restroom. We call those rules "unwritten rules." Every
country has unwritten rules, and also my country, Korea, has.
Take, for example, table manners. When we have
meals with elderly people, it is polite to serve the eldest person
first. It is bad to pick up a spoon before the eldest. If we are
served food first, elderly people may feel offended. It is a
traditional Korean manner. For this reason, parents teach their
children to wait until the eldest person is served. When I was
young, if I would start eating before my grandmother was
served, my parents said, "You have to wait until grandmother is
A second example of table manners is how we handle
dishes. China is also in Asia, but Korea and China have totally
different manners. When Chinese have meals, they hold up the
dish with both hands and eat. However, Koreans don't lift up
the dish. Koreans think holding up the dish may show lack of
education. We have to use spoons and chopsticks.
Not only the table manners but also drink manners are
important. When you drink liquor with a person who is older
than you, how do you drink? Do you drink it just sitting face to
face? In Korea, we don't do that. It seems very impolite. When
you drink liquor with elderly people, you have to turn your head
around a little bit and hold up your cup with both hands. When
you drink with your friends or people who are close to your age,
you don't need to do this.
Also, when you drink with someone, you should not
pour your own drink. You have to pour other's drink. If you
pour only your own drink, someone thinks that you don't want
to drink with him or her. It is not related to age. You have to be
careful, though, when you drink with someone who is older
than you; you have to pour his or her drink with both hands.
Let's think about another example of unwritten rules
related to elderly people. What is your posture in front of
elderly people? We don't usually support our chin in our hands
in front of people who are older than us. It is considered
impolite. And it is courteous to have a correct posture when you
are with the elderly. There are even some elderly people who
don't like young people who sit with their legs crossed.

Here is an additional example. Have you ever felt
some people's eyes looking at you on the subway and bus?
When the elderly take a bus or subway, they can sit, although
there are no seats, because the young give up seats to elderly
people because they are weak and not healthy. It is not law, and
it is not essential, but if you are keeping your seat, and an
elderly person is standing, then everybody will consider you
cold and inconsiderate, and you might feel guilty. These days, it
is disappearing, for young people are losing respect for the
elderly, but still it is an important manner in Korea; therefore, it
is good to give up seats for the elderly.
Next, we have manners related to the house. In
America, it is impolite to take off your shoes when you enter
other homes. On the contrary, in Korea, you must take off your
shoes when you enter other homes. There are almost no house
owners who allow people to wear their shoes because the
Korean floor is not covered with carpets. Koreans think if they
wear shoes on the floor, the floor will be dirty. You can wear
your shoes only in hotels.
One day, a worker came to my home here in
Gainesville to fix my restroom. When he arrived, I opened the
door. There are my shoes that I took off; nevertheless, he
entered my house wearing his shoes without asking. I knew
Americans wear their shoes in the house, but I felt
uncomfortable. Likewise, if there is a Korean who visits the U.S
for the first time, he or she might be in trouble.
Also, when you visit a person to celebrate a new
house, you should prepare some presents. Usually, the presents
are toilet paper, detergent, fruits, and so on, but anything useful
is fine. If you visit a new house without presents, people think
you are impudent and inconsiderate. This celebration is almost
a kind of party. Thus, the presents are needed because the
person who got a new house prepares food and drink.
Another example of unwritten rules in Korea is the
style of clothes and shoes in school. I often see students
wearing pajamas and sandals here at the University of Florida.
On the other hand, Koreans think schools are formal places;
therefore, Koreans usually don't wear sandals and pajamas.
Moreover, teachers don't like students wearing sandals, and
they think a naked foot is discourteous and not formal. Teachers
don't care about wearing jeans or little bit casual clothes, but
they don't like students wearing pajamas. These days, wearing
sandals is becoming acceptable with teachers, but still people
consider wearing pajamas in public places like school weird.
In conclusion, Koreans have many unwritten rules.
Especially, we have many rules related to the elderly. For this
reason, you have to be careful when you meet the elderly in
Korea. You don't go to jail if you don't obey these rules
because these are not laws. However, if you don't obey these
rules, you will know it is hard to get along well with other

ELI Student Voices 1

Volume 11, Issue 1

people in the same society, and you might think you behave
inappropriately, and you feel guilty. Unwritten rules are as
important as the law because these are directly related to our
lives. Every culture is different, and every culture has different
unwritten rules. Thus, whenever you go to other countries,
you'd better know about the country's unwritten rules.

Robots as Workers
Bruna B. Cavalcanti
RW 41

(Second Place)

Robots are machines built to perform physical tasks
that were originally performed by human beings. Usually, they
are used for the automation process in industries, especially big
factories which have a lot of them. As with any new
technology, the use of robots is somehow limited to industries
that have the financial power to invest in changes. Robots are
built in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. In contrast with the
common image of a robot as a "stand-up human body" shape,
rather robots are presented in a lot of different and completely
"non-human" shapes. There are robots as big as trucks and as
small as pennies. Robots as workers have brought us many
advantages and disadvantages.
There are several advantages of using robots. Robots
can perform tasks that would be hazardous or too risky to be
performed by human beings. They also can work in difficult
environments for humans to be on, like underwater, very tight
places or even in space. Since robots are only machines
programmed to perform some task, they can be instructed to
perform tasks that are routine or monotonous. They never get
tired, miss work, nor have to take breaks like humans do.
Another advantage is the ability of producing in large scale
because they often work quicker than humans. Another very
important advantage in using robots is the precision or accuracy
of the work to be performed. Nowadays robots can even be
used in surgeries, or they can perform tasks that require a lot of
precision like assemble micro-circuits for a TV set. Robots also
can help disabled people or aid elderly in the daily life. An
automatic wheel-chair can be considered a robot, depending on
the level of automation involved.
While there are clearly advantages to the use of robots,
there are some disadvantages as well. Robots are not able to
think and solve problem that requires decisions based on a non-
programmed situation. They are only able to do what they are
designed to do. They can actually become dangerous in the case
of either malfunctions or if it is programmed incorrectly. Many
movies go beyond and show a world dominated by robots, like
the movie I Robot, but for now this is nothing but science
fiction. In addition, robots have created a decrease in job
opportunities. Many hard labor jobs that use to be performed by
humans are now performed by robots. But unfortunately, jobs
created by robots such as robot maintainer, or programmers are
quite irrelevant in number if compared with the "ground
factory" jobs that are taken. Another disadvantage of robots is
their cost. It can be very expensive to develop a robot, program
it and test. This is particularly relevant because the price to

automate a process in a factory can be very high, which results
in no opportunity for small companies to grow.
As was told before, there are a lot of advantages and
disadvantages about robots as workers. In fact, robots are
becoming a new trend. Their costs are decreasing with the
development of new technologies and, besides, we are getting
used to living with them. After all, it is up to you to analyze if
there are more advantages than disadvantages in using robots.
Who knows what robots will become in the future? What would
you like for the future of robots?


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Craig, J.J. (2005). Introduction to Robotics. Pearson Prentice
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Venezuela vs. the US
Maria Valentina Fernandez
R/W 60

Venezuela and the US are countries that have natural
wonders; it is important to know that each have their own
unique beauty which attracts many people around the world to
see their impressive sights.
For this reason the state of Arizona in the US is a big
part of tourism because within it is located one of the natural
wonders of the entire world. The Grand Canyon is a very
colorful place that is a big depression in the land, which was
created by the force of the Colorado River over millions of
years. This natural wonder was one of the first national parks in
the US in which admiring the beauty of this nature is part of the
trip. The Grand Canyon national park is one of the most popular
places to visit in the US. Because of this, the government has
buildings that make visiting more comfortable for the tourist.
In addition, the US government makes a profit from
this national park because it has one of the highest incomes of
the national parks in the US. With time the US developed
services that allowed people to admire such as hiking in the
Grand Canyon, and flying over the top of it. The hiking services
offer a four-hour hiking tour down into the Canyon. At the end
of the hike, the tourist reaches a small waterfall in which they
can swim and spend time with their families and friends. Also,
if the tourist's desire is to stay in the Canyon; the US
government has implemented a small hotel near the waterfall to
rest for a little while before hiking up for four hours again.
On the other hand, in Venezuela's there is also located
in the Bolivar state a natural wonder that has one of the biggest
natural wonders in the entire world: Angel Falls. Angel Falls is
the highest free-falling waterfall at 3,212 feet with an
uninterrupted drop of 2,645 ft lying in the Canaima National
Park. It has become one of the important attractions in
Unfortunately, the advantage that the government of
Venezuela takes from this natural beauty to attract tourist is

ELI Student Voices 2

almost null; in contrast to the US government which takes
advantage of their national wonders, the government of
Venezuela hasn't developed any structures to facilitate tourism
as the US does. For this reason, the Canaima national park is
less known than the Grand Canyon national park in the US.
In conclusion, both of these countries have at least one
of the natural wonders in the world. However, the differences
between these two countries are the advantage and the
opportunities that they give to the tourists. Also, the publicity
that the government uses to attract tourists is one of the
advantages that the US has over the Venezuelan government.
As a recommendation I suggest that you must visit the
different natural wonders in the world; it is an adventure that
you can experience in these countries. You set your own limits.
So why don't you set the world as your limit?

Assisted Suicide (Euthanasia)
Bahaa Babour
Grammar for Writing

A basic right for humans is to be treated when they get
sick, but what we hear about what they call "mercy killing" is
scary. Because it is a scary and inhuman practice Assisted
Suicide, also known Euthanasia must not be allowed for the
following reasons: first, we cannot play God; second, it would
be difficult to determine who makes the decision to euthanize
the patient; finally, sometimes doctors are wrong and there is
always the possibility for some terminally ill patients to get
First, we cannot play God. Only God Almighty knows
when it is the time for every soul to leave the body that it is in.
If we start playing that role, it means that we are
underestimating the power of the creator who created every
thing from nothing. It is God and only God who can take the
souls of people to heaven.
Second, it would be difficult to determine who makes
the decision to euthanize the patient. Should it be the family
who are emotionally involved and waiting for a miracle? Or
should it be the doctors who have the medical knowledge, but
although they will sometimes say that they know what the
family feels, they do not know that knowing something is
different from feeling it? Or finally, should it be the
government, which will most of the time take the issue as if it is
a math problem--one plus one equals two?
Finally, let us not forget that doctors are humans
themselves and that they can be mistaken sometimes. Their
diagnosis can be wrong, or they might be dealing with a new
case that they do not know enough about. After all, doctors do
not know everything; otherwise, nobody would be sick if they
Nowadays there are some people who say that
euthanasia is good because it will put an end to the misery of
the terminally ill patients, or because the cost of keeping them
alive will be reduced. Finally, these people also say that
euthanizing patients will make more space for the patients who
have more hope to recover.

Although it seems that euthanasia puts an end to their
misery, there is medication that will help lessen their pain with
out killing them. In addition, we cannot put a price on human
lives. Finally, those terminally ill patients will be admitted to
hospices, so they will not take up space in a hospital. Also, it is
important to remember that when those patients were in good
health no body said that they took up space, but when their
health went bad suddenly people want to deny them this tiny
space. These contradictory attitudes are unfair.
In conclusion, playing a role that we are not capable of
handling or knowing anything about, making decisions that is
not our right to make, and taking the word of the doctors as if it
is the final word and not negotiable, are all reasons why
euthanasia should not be legalized.
Finally, God meant for us to be human, but if we start
killing sick people and act like beasts that kill the weak and sick
members of the pack, I will be ashamed to call myself human.

Traditional Venezuelan Celebration
Isis A. Jaimez R.

People in Venezuela like parties. To celebrate, it is not
necessary to have a motive or occasion. An event that I
particularly like and is representative of the cultures are the
events that take place between December and January every
We all begin to fix our houses with lights, decorations,
and set up the Christmas tree and the pesebre, a creative
representation of the birth of Jesus with ceramic, plastic, or
wood figures. In the pesebre, there are 8 principal figures:
Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus (after midnight on the 24th), a mule,
an ox, 3 Magi Kings, and other figures: shepherds, sheep, etc.
It is also a costume to make the hallaca, a traditional
dish. It is a rectangular flour mass stuffed with an exquisite mix
of vegetables and meat and wrapped in a plantain leaf. We also
make ham bread and typical sweets like "black cake".
On December 24th, at night, we meet all our family for
a big dinner with hallacas, ham bread, salad and desserts, and
receive the birth of the Baby Jesus. We exchange presents, and
the children receive gifts from San Nicolas and Baby Jesus.
After, it is customary to make the paradura. It means
to stay with the Baby Jesus and recite the rosary. There is
instrumental music with violins, cuatros (a Venezuela
instrument). Next, we eat the bizcochuelo or sponge cake and
typical sweets of papaya, peach, cabello de angel, majarete,
quesillo, etc. We drink wine and people bring other food to
share. This last event is most common in the Andean region.

Coming of Age Day in Japan
Tatsuya Hirazawa

There is a holiday in Japan that is called Coming of
Age Day. This holiday celebrates when men and women
become 20 years old. In my country, the law permits 20 year

ELI Student Voices 3

olds to drink alcohol and smoke. But some people have been
drinking alcohol and smoking before turning this age. I had
been drinking since I was 16 years old. But I have never
I met my friends on this holiday when I turned 20. It
was similar to an alumni meeting. All 20 year old people
gathered in a big building near my house. In Yokohama, many
people gathered in Yokohama Arena. This arena has a seating
capacity of fifty-thousand. It is very big. The men wore suits or
hakama. A hakama is a long pleated culotte, like Japanese
trousers. Women wore kimono. The women wearing kimono
were very beautiful. After the ceremony, I drank alcohol with
my friends. I went to three bars and had a nice time.

Gator Victory
Humberto Barboza
RW 3

The final UF basketball game was excellent, a great
opportunity to see a little of the university culture and
something about U.S. culture. I saw the game at the O'Connell
Center with hundreds of people. It was cool and the stadium
was full. That experience was amazing to see the spirit and
enthusiasm of the people in that place. Everybody was
screaming, jumping and singing to cheer the players of the
University of Florida basketball team. I felt a lot of emotion
when I was there. I never had been in a similar situation. I felt
like I really loved and formed part of UF's team.
In my point of view, we could get the victory because
the Gators were a team and they played like a team. Each player
contributed in his own way. Although Joakim Noah and
Horford didn't play their best game, our 3 point shooters were
great. For these reasons, today, they are the National
Champions, and it is important to say that they made history
because they are the first team to win in the same year the
Basketball championship and the Football Championship. They
were the first team since 1993 to win back-to-back basketball
championships, and it was the first team to do that with the
same five players.
After the game a lot of people went to University
Avenue to celebrate the victory. I went, too. I could see a lot of
people running, screaming, crying, dancing and dressing in the
colors of the team. Everybody was happy.
I can say with pride, "It's GREAT TO BE A

The UF Digital Worlds Institute
Milerky Perdomo
RW 3

The class visit at the Research Education Visualization
Environment (REVE), specifically at Digital Worlds Institute
located in the College of Education of the University of Florida,
was very interesting. It is good to know that the collaboration
of some computers, some programs, global collaborations, and
qualified people can create interesting projects. These projects

let people show, know, and learn about the culture and
traditions of other countries. This institution is a window where
people of several countries come together in "common time."
This tour also let us knows that there is am place in Florida
where we can go to make our projects real.

Was the Gator Victory Really Important?
Milerky Perdomo
RW 3

My answer is YES! In these times when there is a lots
of bad news in the world, such as the war and hate, it is
important that we receive good news each day. This news is
better when it brings us a message. What was the message of
the UF Basketball Championship? That with dedication and
daily work we can achieve our goals. The spirit, the dedication,
and the daily work of UF sportsmen are examples to follow.
Additionally, the Gator victory let students of UF feel
proud of their university. It enables also show to the other
universities of the world, that it can be brilliant not only in the
academic, but also in the sports.
In conclusion, the Gator victory was very important to
show that at UF there are people capable to achieve their sports
and academics goals with dedication and daily work.

The Rules in The Giver: A Reaction to the
Milerky Perdomo
RW 3

Living in a community requires a citizen to obey
several rules. The Giver shows us a lot of rules; some of them
are strong and difficult to carry out and some of them are gentle
and easy to carry out.
The strong rules are related to major decisions which
should be taken by members of the family and major decisions
which should be taken by each individual. In this novel, we see
that in Jonas' community important decisions such as number
and gender of children per family, number of births in the
community are not family or personal decisions. These
regulations are established by the Committee of Elders.
Additionally, we know that individual decisions such as sexual
behavior and career choices are also regulated by this
The gentle rules are related to aspects that I consider
without importance. These regulations determine the clothes
that people should wear, the use of precise language, and others.
Finally, like all societies, the community shown in The
Giver is regulated through rules; some of them are very strong
and some of them are very minimal; nevertheless, all its
member must carry them out.

ELI Student Voices 4

The Giver: A Reaction to the Story
Kriangkrai Tantiwongkosri

According to The Giver, the community is quite a
Utopia. There are rules for the citizens who live in this society,
especially for those who are older than twelve.
The roles can tell a person about what his or her duties
are. The important roles are for those who control the
community. those roles are Chief Elder, the Giver, and the
Receiver of Memory. The less important roles are for the
general population in the community. Those roles include
nurturer, lawyer, doctor, pilot, food deliverer, and others. There
are also other roles that I didn't mention here and some of them
sound interesting.
These assignments of the different roles help everyone
in the community to have the most precise careers for
themselves and minimize the wrong work for anyone. Lastly,
these roles ensure that everybody has work to do when one
comes in this community and is not released.

Carnival in Brazil
Francisco Cavalcanti

Carnival is the most popular event celebrated in Brazil.
During seven days people dance in the street, in clubs, or
anywhere! It's common that men dress in women's clothes.
There are many drinks and most people are drunk. The police
work a lot because there is a lot of trouble. On the other hand,
religious people are in reclusion, and pray and meditate. This is
one of the many contrasts in Brazil.

Songkarn Day in Thailand
Vichchaorn Tanomkiat

The celebration of the Thai New Year is called
Songkarn Day. It is a big family celebration, and people return
to their hometowns and villages to celebrate the New Year with
their family and friends. Songkarn Day begins o the second
Wednesday in April, which can be between the dates of April
13 and 17.
People start preparing for the celebration by cleaning
their homes. Then, they go to the temple with their family.
Many people dress up in traditional Thai dress. Thai women
wear flowers in their hair. The oldest person in the family gives
everyone good wishes. People spend the first few days of the
New Year visiting older family members and other relatives.
They give gifts and eat wonderful meals. This ends the
Songkarn Day.

Acadia National Park
Cesar Augusto Idrobo Giraldo

The Acadia National Park is a big park with a lot of
landscapes where you can enjoy the natural environment in an
unspoilt countryside.
This park is very old and the parks have to apply some
conditions, rules and laws to become a national park. Acadia
National Park is located in the north of the United States, in the
state of Maine; this place is very interesting because it has all
kind of landscapes and diversity of animals. The main animal
that represents the National Park is the moose; also it has a lot
pf plants, trees, and you can do a lot of activities.
I'm writing about this place because it brings me good
memories when I was there with my aunt, uncle, and
grandmother four years ago when I was 12 years old. Besides,
it is a wonderful place that has a lot of things to talk about.
This park contains a huge land. It has roads for the cars around
the entire park and also has roads into the mountains. By the
way, it has a little town where are located some hotels and
tourist places, restaurants, and stores. It is a nice town. In the
winter season or the hunting season, a great amount of hunters
go to the park to hunt a big moose, but they rarely see a moose.
The moose is a big animal; it's like an elephant but the moose is
smaller. By the same you can see bears, and you have to watch
out for them because they may go to your mobile home or camp
and steal your food. You can take one week traveling around
the entire park, looking and walking all the possible ways in a
quick manner.
You can do a lot of things like eco-walks, riding
bicycles, camping, boating, hunting, and passing a great time
with the natural environment, appreciating the spectacular
background and different kinds of animals, and the natural
resources that nature gives us.
It's an attractive, beautiful, historic and interesting
place because you can rest and spend a great time living in the
countryside living in the countryside.
In conclusion, this is a nice park where you can find
calm and you can enjoy the richness of nature. You are going to
feel comfortable and very happy because you are knowing new
things and living new experiences.

A Class Poem by Listening/Speaking 3
Modeled on "Whatif" by Shel Silverstein
Introduction and Conclusion by Shel Silverstein

"Last night, while I lay thinking here,
some Whatifs crawled inside my ear
and pranced and partied all night long
and sang their same old Whatif song:"
(Shel Silverstein)

Whatif I can't speak?
Whatif I can't eat?

ELI Student Voices 5

Whatif I can't think?
Whatif I start to sink?
Whatif I start to fight?
Whatif I don't see the light?
Whatif I start to fail?
Whatif I don't get mail?
(Eddie Jeong Cheol Bae, Humberto Barboza)

Whatif I lose my mother?
Whatif I get a new brother?
(Natalia Cundari, Pei-Li Chen)

What if I meet a gangster?
What if I greet a teacher?
Whatif I could fly?
Whatif I couldn't cry?
(Bright Sumethiluk Arayakosol, Suhyun Kim)

Whatif the sky is never bright?
Whatif birds never take flight?
(Dohwan Kim, Kate Hsin-I Yang, Yu-Hua Tai)

Whatif I fall down?
Whatif I gain one small pound?
Whatif someone hates me?
Whatif someone hurts my knee?
Whatif another war breaks out?
Whatif not one shouts?
Whatif this world is a utopia?
Whatif we all suffer from myopia?
Whatif people had no tears?
Whatif this went on for years?
(Guy Kriangkrai Tantiwongkosri, Seung Ki Chai,
Yong Soo Kim)

Whatif I get cancer?
Whatif I become a dancer?
Whatif I don't have an answer?
(Ivy Wen-Chien Chien, Tiffany Hsiao-Ting Huang)

Whatif I was the moon?
Whatif I slept till half past noon?
(Mosa Halal A Alsehli)

"Everything seems swell, and then
the nighttime Whatifs strike again!"
(Shel Silverstein)

Christmas in Ecuador
Marco Tapia
R/W 1

Every year at night on December 25t, each family
meets. The meeting place is in the grandparent's house. They
make the food. One of the dishes is baked turkey, and the other
is a dish of the turkey's entrails called stuffing. They make
salad and sweets, too.

All families bring toys and leave them at the foot of
the tree. The tree is decorated and very illuminated. When the
clock shows 12:00, the parents give their children the toys and
all people hug to wish each other Merry Christmas.
Immediately, people begin dinner.

The First Birthday
Sang Hyun Han

In my country, a baby's parents invite many neighbors
and many families to the baby's first birthday. The parents
prepare special for the first birthday. The foods are rice cakes,
brown seaweed soup, and some Korean traditional foods. The
rice cake is called backsulki. The backsulki is made of steamed
rice. The food is served to the guests, so the baby will have a
long and healthy life. Then, the people close to the baby give
him or her a gift which is a gold ring.
We have another tradition on this day. The baby's
parents prepare some items. For example, thread, some money,
and the pen. Then, the parents ask the baby to catch the items.
First, if the baby catches the thread, it means that the baby will
have a long life. Second, if the baby catches the money, it
means that the baby will be rich. Last, if the baby catches the
pen, it means that the baby will be a great scholar. These two
traditions are celebrated on the first birthday in Korea.

Chinese New Year
Fu-,\Cen Chang
R/W 1

The family members gather at home on the day before
Chinese New Year. All people wear new garments. Red
decorations everywhere. People light firecrackers on Chinese
New Year at zero hour, and greet the year. All people who meet
have to say, "lucky year!"
All the family dines together on Chinese New Year
Eve. All the food has a lucky name. The family people have a
lucky year. Next, old people give cash in a red bag to young
people, blessing the year. There are important activities on
Chinese New Year.

The Algebra of Infinite Justice: Causes of
the Iraq War
Maria Valentina Fernandez
R/W 60

The world has changed in the last couple of years and
this has caused confusion in the way people think about
different countries. This is because many countries are fighting:
the U.S. and Iraq, Venezuela and the U.S., South Korea and
North Korea, and Turkey and the European Union.
Furthermore, proponents of the U.S.-Iraq war have forgotten the
original rational behind the conflict. Moreover, most people do
not know when or why this struggle started; in fact most people,

ELI Student Voices 6

if asked, say that the war began because of the September 11,
2001 attack.
If the war started because of the September 11 attack,
then who is the US looking for? They have one suspect: Osama
bin Laden. Instead of looking for him, the US is killing innocent
people in Iraq. According to Arundhati Roy, the Indian human
rights activist who wrote an article called "The Algebra of
Infinite Justice" in which she criticized the U.S.-Iraq war, the
U.S. is responsible for the deaths of children. She states, "How
many dead children for every American man?"
Arundhati Roy supports the growing trend in the way
of thinking about the war among US citizens. Nowadays, the
grand disapproval that Americans have against the war in Iraq
has become the majority view in the U.S. In addition, U.S.
citizens have found that the war has not only had on effect on
Iraq but on the U.S. as well. Many U.S soldiers in Iraq have lost
their lives or been severely wounded as a result of the war, and
the American economy has suffered as a result of the war. Also,
the Iraqi people have been forced out of their country.
The mortality of Iraq has increased in the last couple of
years since the year 2003 when the war started. The company
Hopkins surveys estimated that between the years 2004 and
2006 24,000 Iraqis died. The second study from Hopkins
estimated that 655,000 excess deaths had occurred between
March 2003 and June 2006. Many people from different
countries cannot support the U.S- Iraq war. For instance, U.S.
citizens are not supporting the war knowing already it is high
mortality rates. In fact, in the year 2003, about 30,000 people
marched through Washington DC and demonstrated around the
world that the same people that live in the US do not agree with
this war that is resulting in a high mortality rate.
Also, the continuous U.S. military operations against
the Iraqi resistance have destroyed urban centers. Many efforts
from the U.S. to help the reconstruction have only partly rebuilt
the Iraq electric system. As a consequence Iraq's economy has
collapsed and many warehouses have been sacked and gutted;
this demonstrates the necessity of security and for this reason
neither Iraqis nor foreigners are interested in investing while
this war is continuing. Who is going to invest in this condition
that doesn't give security to anybody? The economy of this
country is totally destroyed and to get it back how it was before
can take a long time, approximately 30 or 40 years. All the
buildings have been destroyed by the US army in Iraq. They
will be hard to rebuild; this involves a big investment from the
Iraqi's side. The radical decision to invade Iraq has been the
worst decision that the U.S. government has even taken. U.S.
citizens feel disappointed in their government and not only U.S.
citizens are changing their mind but also people around the
world reject the war against Iraq and the consequences of it.
This crisis has sharply decreased the basic availability
of necessities such as water, food, sanitation, and electricity.
Hospitals lack basic medical supplies and are understaffed. All
these conditions have caused as a consequence the grand
majority of Iraqis to emigrate to other countries. These actions
are the only way that the Iraqis can keep alive and the only
solution that they can find is to go to other countries to start a
new life. I do not think that is an easy decision to make but it is
much better than to live in a constant war.

Finally, the U.S. citizens that where supporting the war
have changed their minds as time has passed. For most of these
reasons that I have mentioned, considerations have been made
on the part of the U.S. citizens. When we talk about the war in
Iraq, U.S. citizens need to realize that these reasons can become
part of the reality of this war and if they do not stop the war, it
is going to bring consequences to everyone in the world.

Sang Gunn Jang
R/W 1

Korea was traditionally an agricultural society. A
family lived in one place for farming and working. Long ago,
Korea used the lunar calendar because it was good for
agricultural affairs. Chuseok is the Korean version of
Thanksgiving Day, and it is celebrated on the 15th day of the
eighth lunar month. The lunar calendar is shorter than the solar
calendar by about 1 month.
As we industrialized about 40 years ago, the extended
family was living separately. In these days, Chuseok is a three-
day vacation, and all members of the dispersed family gathered
toward a hometown at this time. So, most of all roads have
heavy traffic from afternoon on the previous day of vacation. It
takes about 5 to 7 hours to move 100 miles. All members of
family gather and they prepare dishes for ancestral rites. The
whole family cherishes their ancestors on the early morning of
the Chuseok. After the ceremony, the family plays traditional
games together, and people visit each other's senior's home and
greet older people.

Friendly America
Sebastian Dassum
R/W 6

The first time I visited the United States was fifteen
years ago. Then I used to go twice or three times a year. Every
time I visited the United States for studying English or by
tourism, I found a lot of traditions that I cannot find in my home
country, which is Ecuador. "In a country as big as the United
States you can find fifty examples of anything," Jeffery F.
Chamberlain, a famous writer, said. And this is true because in
the same country you can find a lot of different traditions,
cultures, and different friendly manners in every state you visit.
However the most remarkable one is how Americans behave.
Especially the good manners they have.
I think America is one of the most comfortable and
helpful places to live. If you have any problem you always will
find someone who can help you. For example, one time I was in
a mall in Park City, UT, buying some stuff for my home. It was
late at night and I started walking to my house that was just 1
mile away. As a matter of fact the temperature was below zero
degrees so it was too cold. This lady that attended me in one of
the stores stopped and told me, "It's too cold! You may get
inside the car, and I'll drive you to your place." I said, "That
will be great, I appreciate your help." Soon I was with her in the

ELI Student Voices 7

car and she drove me to my place. This surprised me because if
you are in trouble there will always be someone who can help
Another good manner that Americans have is that most
of them respect traffic signs. When you are at a four-way stop,
everyone respects right of way. If you were in my country this
will not happen because nobody respects traffic signs and
lights. If you drive there there's a big probability to crash with
another vehicle. At the same time, in the United States if you
are in the wrong lane, and you are waiting for the red light to
change, you may ask the driver next to you to give some space,
and he or she cordially agrees and lets you drive to the correct
Also there is a good virtue most Americans have; this
is called generosity. I remember when I was a kid that I went to
buy some food at the store that was in the lobby of my building.
After purchasing some ice cream and nachos, the cashier gave
me extra ice cream and some candies. These are the things that
impress you especially when you are a kid. You always will
feel well in America and that's one of the reasons I do not want
to go anywhere, and I would like to get my undergraduate
degree here in North America.
However, not everything is nice in my experiences in
America. One recent example is when I went to get my U.S.
drivers license. I arrived at the Highway Patrol Center in
Gainesville, FL; that's the place where all license processes
takes place. The first person that attended me at the counter was
really friendly; she asked me to take a seat, feel comfortable
and all the good things an operator should give to a customer.
But, when it was time to register to take the practical test, there
was a women who treated me very bad, and as soon as I spoke
Spanish (I didn't speak English very well at all) she started to
yell at me and made some bad faces because she could not
understand what I was saying to her. It's good to say that this is
a rare case that people treat me unfriendly here in United States.
In conclusion, I think Americans are very friendly.
They always will be there to help, except in special cases such
as mine in the Highway Patrol Office, which is one out of a
hundred. These experiences happened in the states that I have
visited including Florida. So I think America has all a person
needs in order to feel as good as or even better than if you were
in your home country. I also think Americans have this
behavior because all laws are well respected, and everything is
done just as the rules of life say with their respective

Al Al Deshan
RW 3

Yesterday I was a little bit worried because I was
waiting for a letter from Widener University. That letters
means a lot to me. It is an admission letter that tells me that I
am eligible to attend a Master's program in Engineering
Management, which is my interest. Moreoever, I was trying to
contact both the International Admissions Office and the
department I am interested in. By the end of office hours, no

one answered me because Spring Break had just started this
week. So, one more week of tension and stress. Hopefully, by
the end of next week, I will hear good news from them about
my admission status.
Honestly, I cannot take this any more. I want to return
to Saudi Arabia.

My Hobby
Esperanza Rebollo
RW 3

One of the most consuming hobbies of my life is to
create doll houses. I have made one doll house for all of my
three sons and other ones, also. Last week, I had the
opportunity to go to Chicago for a miniature fair. I enjoyed a
lot looking and purchasing items for my doll houses.
When I arrived in Chicago, I met two artisans, friends
of mine who had come from Spain to exhibit their work in the
show. One of them makes small porcelain pieces and the other
makes miniature furniture. In the show, there were over 350
vendors from all over the world.
At the show, you could find anything and everything -
from a tiny glass vase to a little pet,. There were also books,
clothes, carpets, everything on the scale of 1:12! Of course, I
bought several pieces for my doll houses.
Now, two of my doll houses are in the museum in
Spain which asked me if they could show them for two months.
I love this hobby. It takes away my stress!

Unwritten Rules in a Japanese Wedding
Ayumi Saito
RW 61

How much are we restrained by unwritten rules
unconsciously? Why do we obey the rules? The unwritten rules
don't have any power to arrest us; nevertheless, we try to obey
the rules, and we happen to know how much our lives are
restricted by the certain rules without being conscious when we
think of that. There should be many kinds of unwritten rules
which control either very small things in our daily lives or very
special ones on particular occasions. In Japan, people are pretty
strict to obey the unwritten rules, especially ceremony
occasions; moreover, if we ignore the rules, people might regard
us as immature, ignorant, and uneducated people. In other
words, unwritten rules during ceremonies are very important
and must be respected.
A wedding ceremony is one of the big ceremonies.
Although it is a happy ceremony, it contains many unwritten
rules to be respected. The bride and the groom send the
invitation for their wedding ceremony to their friends, co-
workers, and relatives; and to send it back to them, the friends,
co-workers, and relatives write some messages on the card to
celebrate them. Not only the messages on the invitation card but
also the conversations during the ceremony, they can't use
words which imply separation like "cut," "crack," "fragile,"

ELI Student Voices 8

"broken," "getting cold," "float," "being carried away" and so
on, because people consider these words bring them bad luck.
Another example is how much we should give them
for the celebration. In Japan, the guests give a certain amount of
money to the bride and the gloom before the ceremony called
Hirouen starts. The average of the money is from 300USD up to
how much you want to give, and here again, as the unwritten
rules, people avoid the figure of money that is divided by 2 like
200USD, 400USD, and so on. In other words, people put the
money like 300USD or 500USD which is not clearly divisible
by 2 into a special envelope. The reason is, if the number is
divided by 2, that also is considered as separation. Even if
people give them a lot of money, that suggests bad future.
The third unwritten rule is what kind of dress the guest
shouldn't wear for the ceremony. There are no unwritten rules
for the male guests; on the other hand, there is one for the
female guests, which should be respected. The female guests
are not expected to wear white dresses, since white is the color
only for the bride. Not only the white dress, but also the white
tie for Japanese traditional clothes called kimono should not be
While the white dress is not good for the guest to wear,
so are the fur coat and scarf. They remind people both of killing
and wounding, and an unhappy family. Moreover, if the fur is
fake, that implies disloyal, and untrue. Although people are not
strict about the point so much, it is better for the guests to avoid
wearing them.
Just as the guests have to be careful about their saying,
behavior, and what to wear, so do the friends, co-workers and
relatives who cannot participate in the ceremony. The non
participants usually send either special message cards or gifts to
them. As the gifts, fragile products such as cups, glasses,
mirrors should not be sent because the products are associated
with separation. In addition, products which can cut something,
such as knives and scissors cannot be sent. Furthermore, if the
non participants send a countable product, even numbered pairs
of them have to be avoided.
When we think of only the Japanese ceremony, we
realize that we are controlled by many unwritten rules. Some
people might feel that the unwritten rules are too complicated to
obey; however, people follow the unwritten rules to stay away
from being thoughtless, senseless, ignorant, and immature; in
other words, the unwritten rules have a big power and are worth
to be respected.

My Great Experience!!
Banu Yalkinoglu
RW 3

This year I came to visit America and to practice my
English. Before I arrived, I didn't think about March Madness.
But I lived and experienced it. It was amazing! I learned a lot
about the Gator victory and basketball. I think I can call myself
a Gator now. I loved to watch the games! Not only because of
the atmosphere and because I am a part of UF but also because
of the esthetic of basketball. And, of course, it is nice to watch
the famous players, who are also .friends. Horford is my

favorite one. This Friday, they are going to come to campus,
the O'Connell Center; I'll go there with my family to welcome
I was very fascinated about the sport madness of the
people here. In Germany, they are crazy about soccer! Last
year was the World Cup in Germany and all the German people
were crazy and celebrated a really unforgettable time! It was
great! Now, I live the American way of sports madness.
Americans are very optimistic thinkers and emotional, also. I
like it!
I was in the O'Connell Center to watch the final
basketball game, which was a good one.
I think sad for Ohio State, but great for us! We are masters in
making 3 point shots. But I have to say that I expected more
from Noah, who is the superstar of the Gators. Everyone was
talking about him; because of that, I had high expectations.
Maybe he was in better condition last year.
He was not bad, even though there were better players on the
Once again, I am glad about the new experience,
which not everybody can have. I'm a little bit sad that the
Championship is over now. It was so exciting and all the
people went crazy after the game. This was a REALLY BIG
Now, I focus on the next week in my life in America.
There is the trip to St. Augustine, which I am very interested in.
And, well, I'm going to visit New York the whole weekend
next week! I am so excited and so glad about it! One event
after the other which I will never forget
My heart has turned into orange and blue with the
sports and passion mentality of the American people in
Gainesville. I will always remember this!

Unwritten Rules in South Korea
Hvningfin Cho (Jo)
RW 61

People in the world have their own personalities.
Some of them are impatient, and some of the rest are impolite.
Nevertheless, people usually get along with each other.
I think it is because there are not only laws but also unwritten
rules in the world. Even if someone breaks an unwritten rule,
he'll not go to jail. However, many people around him will
criticize him. Like other countries, S. Korea has some
interesting unwritten rules.
First of all, we have to live with a certain attitude
depending on age. It is an unwritten rule for younger people to
show their respect to older people although they may be only 1
or 2 years older. There are lots of ways to show respect. As you
know, Korean has formal and informal style. When I talk to
older people, I have to use formal language. At the end of every
sentence, we put some polite endings, and we use polite words
instead of normal vocabulary. In addition, I'm not supposed to
object to their decisions. In a family, parents pay attention
especially to the oldest child. If a fight happens between
children, parents will punish a younger one. And if there is an
important thing to decide in the family like a house-moving,

ELI Student Voices 9

parents usually listen to the opinion of the oldest one. For these
reasons, many younger feel a sense of alienation in the family.
However, not only do young people have the unwritten
rules to live in Korea society, but older people do as well. It is
also hard for older people to keep a relationship with younger.
Older people are supposed to know and have anything more
than younger people. Besides, they should take care of younger.
Let me take my experience as an example. Before I came to the
U.S.A., I was a senior at MyungJi University, and I knew a lot
of younger students. I and some of them made a study group to
study English together, and I was the oldest one. It meant I was
the leader of the group. I had to know more than them and take
care of them. When one of them knew about something that I
didn't, I was a little anxious about that. And when we went to a
restaurant or something like that, I usually paid for that. I'mjust
an ordinary student who doesn't have a job like them, but I
should follow the unwritten rule.
The second interesting rule is date payment. In S.
Korea, guys usually pay for a date. Especially on the first date,
they have to pay all of date courses like a movie, tea, and a
dinner. If a woman pays for a boyfriend, some people regard it
as a ridiculous thing. I think it comes from Korea's patriarchal
tradition. Even 20 years ago, married women were not supposed
to get a job. Not only did they have to take care of children, but
also the job market in S. Korea barely gave married women a
chance to get a job.
The last rule is a social position of Korean guys as
father. There is a saying in Korea. "If a hen clucks, the family
will be broken." It means that when a wife dominates her
family, they will face bad things like a divorce. As I mentioned,
Korea was the patriarchal culture. Therefore, every husband
should handle domestic things. Besides, they didn't care about
chores. The only thing they were concerned about was farming
or studying. I'm sure that some of them didn't like that, but the
society, at that time, demanded them to pretend to. The society
defined a father as a man who looked always strong and barely
expresses his mind to family. However, as time goes by, the
world has been changed in many ways. Therefore, Korea has
been accepting so many things, including culture, from Western
Especially the young generation has seen through TV,
interest, and movies other countries' fathers who often show
their affection and spend lots of time hanging out with children.
This is what they want their father to be. However, fathers in
Korea used to live in traditional Korean family. They still think
the traditional father role is the best. It is absolutely true for the
fathers to love children, but they are just used to doing it.
Nevertheless, the children don't know about how much the
fathers love them because the fathers barely express their mind.
As a result, some of the fathers don't get along with their
family, and they have become a member of the family who just
makes money for them.
In conclusion, in order for human beings to live with
other people harmoniously, we need not only laws, but also the
unwritten rules. Each country has their interesting unwritten
rules. Likewise, South Korea, where I'm coming from, has
some. First of all, we have to live with a certain attitude
depending on age. Moreover, on a first date guys pay for that.

Finally, it is hard for Korean fathers to live in modern time.
Actually, S. Korea has some domestic problems because of
some unwritten rules, especially about the age. However, I'm
absolutely sure that we will solve those things like what we
have done since the end of the Korean War. And we'll be one
of the strongest countries in the world.

Go China
lhllinug Wang
(ELI alumna)

My name is Shuling, a girl from China. Last semester I
was so glad to be a student at ELI. There I made some new
friends. Sometimes we talked about China, and a few of my
friends want to travel throughout China. I hope what I will write
can let them know China more and help their trips.
First, eating is the important thing wherever you are. If
you are in China, you definitely should try the Chinese Food. I
recommend the Chinese Breaded Chicken Breast, Curry Fried
Rice and Chinese-style Tuna Fish Sandwich. I think you will
love them. If you do not really like them, it doesn't matter
because there are a lot of American fast food restaurants in
China, like McDonalds and Pizza-Hut. Anyway, you can eat
Then it is time to go outside for fun. Maybe you are
wondering where you should go? I think you can't miss these
four places. They are Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and
Sichuan because there are a lot of differences only from the
long Chinese history. Like Hutong and the Great Wall in
Beijing. By the way, The Great Wall, totaling more than 12,000
kilometers in length, is arguably the most famous image of
China throughout the world. The Great Wall is a symbol of
Chinese traditional culture and the pride of the Chinese nation.
You also can enjoy the natural beauty, such as Jiuzhai-
Huanglong and Emei Mountain in Sichuan. They are just the
good examples; you also can find so many others. If you go,
you will see them by yourself. And you will know the words are
not enough to describe. After the long trip, I believe you are so
tried, but you are still in your good mood because of the great
view and what nice crafts you bought during the travel time.
Finally, let me remind you, please drink a cup of tea.
China boasts a sophisticated tea culture: tea was first discovered
and drunk in China several thousand years ago and drinking tea
has become a daily habit of the Chinese people. It is absolutely
a good drinking. So, after the tea do you feel powerful again?
Chinese people welcome the friends from everywhere.
See you there.

(You can find great Chinese food recipes at:

ELI Student Voices 10

Three Places I Love
ChongKyu Park (Roger)
RW 61

Most of the people like to travel and go sightseeing to
other countries or cities. In effect, I also prefer both to travel
and to be impressed by taking a trip. Consequently, I have
visited many places and experienced the custom of a different
country. There are some places I'd love to see in the world
again. For example, I have an affection about the excitement of
Universal Studios; the surprise of the city, Shanghai; and the
history of the city, Kyungju.
First, I went to Orlando to visit Universal Studios,
which is also located in Los Angeles, Orlando and Tokyo in the
world, and it is an amusement park that is based on movies.
Universal Studios consists of two big parks which include
movie centers and rides. I joined in movie centers since I
preferred seeing a movie to riding.
I haven't undergone disasters like tornado, volcano,
and so on in my life, but when I went there, I experienced both
tornado and earthquake like they were real. I felt very horrible
and terrible, and I thought how we can reduce the damage of
disaster. After I visited the center of earthquake and tornado, I
saw a 3 dimensional movie while wearing special glasses. The
movie's characters were quite active or realistic, and they
moved as if they came to me. Also, there was my favorite ride
which is called Mummy like roller-coaster. It was pretty fast, so
I was dizzy after I rode Mummy. One of the interesting things
was a magic show which was composed of the story of a movie.
It was miraculous and understandable, and a presenter taught
me how a movie was made. At night, I saw bright and fantastic
neon signs which were decorative with many facilities. Its view
was beyond words, and it gave me a good memory. For these
reasons, I recommend visiting Universal Studios.
Second, I have been to Shanghai, which is the second
largest city in China, and it is famous for a film location of the
movie "Mission Impossible 3." There are 22 million people
living in Shanghai, and there is a tremendous harbor to trade
products with other countries and a huge airport.
As soon as I arrived in Shanghai, I rode a magnetic
express train whose speed is more than 400 kilometers per hour,
and it moved us from the airport of Shanghai to downtown. I
was surprised and shocked because I had heard that China is a
poor country, but new technology of China was well-developed.
While I was on my way to downtown, both many tall buildings
such as skyscrapers and a long tunnel appeared. Especially, the
tallest building of all buildings, which is called
Dongbangmyungju, had 269 floors, and watching night view on
the 269th floor was very fantastic and exciting. There are many
historic sites like a Korean temporary government of the 1920's
and campaigning place in which Korean people exclaimed
"Korea should be independent from Japan." I was impressed
when I was in the Korean temporary government. Furthermore,
there were Chinese architectures like temples and statues that
were made of stone, and they looked exotic when I saw them.
That's why I want to go to Shanghai again someday.

Finally, Kyungju, which is one of the historical cities
in Korea, was majestic enough to attract me. The city was the
capital of the ancient empire, which is called Sinra, and Sinra
was established in B.C. 57. It perished in A.D. 935. It was
assimilated by a new empire, Koryu. Sinra existed for around
1000 years. It was very influential to other nations and its
culture and technology was still more brilliant than other
In Kyungju, there is by far the most famous statue in
Korea, which is called Seokgul-am, made in A.D 774; in fact,
the word "am", which is Korean, means rock or stone. The
height of that is more than 25 feet, and it is considered one of
the mysterious architectures such as Angkor What or Pyramid
in the world, for how people moved that to the top of a
mountain. When I saw it, I thought that the architecture is very
sophisticated, and Sinra's engineers had a high degree of
technology at that time. There are many Buddhist temples and a
lot of tombs of both kings and queens in Kyungju. If some
people know ancient Korean history, I want to tell them, "Go to
In summary, I introduced my sights to you. For
instance, Universal Studios made me and other people
delighted. In addition, I had a good opportunity to learn about
how to make a movie. Shanghai was one of the well-advanced
cities, and it also has many historic places. Kyungju has old
sites like temples, and it helped me be proud of the ancient
history of my country. There is a Korean proverb "Seeing is
better than hearing." I want you to visit them; additionally, I
hope that they will be well-preserved continually.

Male and Female's Peaceful Coexistence
and Co-Prosperity
Ayumi Saito
RW 61

Haven't you ever had difficulty to understand someone
who is different gender? Haven't the other gender's behaviors
and words ever upset you? Do you think it is really possible for
a man and a woman to understand and accept the other person's
behavior and words totally? If not, is it the only way to keep
complaining about the other one, or is there a better way to deal
with it? As many researchers study this area, obviously a male
brain and a female one work differently. In other words,
because of the difference, they do/feel something in different
ways. It is obviously worth it to know about the differences to
live together peacefully.
Firstly, a big difference between a male and a female is
intimacy and independence in their relationship. Deborah
Tannen, a sociolinguist at Georgetown University, said,
"Though all humans need both intimacy and independence,
women tend to focus on the first and men on the second"
(2000). When men make a plan to do something, they don't
often talk about it with their girlfriend or wife, which could
make their girlfriend or wife angry or upset. Men feel that the
reason their girlfriends or wives expect them to talk about their
plan in advance is their girlfriends or wives want to control
them, even if the girlfriends and wives don't mean that. On the

ELI Student Voices 11

other hand, the girlfriends or wives feel that their boyfriend or
husbands don't talk about the plan because they don't want to
involve their girlfriends or wives in the activity. This happens
because men want independence and women want intimacy for
Secondly, a woman often complains that her boyfriend
or husband does not listen to her. At the time, she feels her
boyfriend or husband is not interested in her or does not care
about her. This is caused by the brain gender usage difference.
Alan and Barbara Pease wrote about the differences in their
book called "Why Men Don't Listen and Woman Can't Read
Maps." When men do or listen to something, they only use their
left hemispheres, which are for logical thinking; in contrast,
women use both their left hemispheres and right hemispheres
which are for emotional thinking and visualizing." In addition,
the wiring system of a male brain is different from the woman's.
Allan Gardyne, an Australian journalist, said that "our brains
are 'wired' differently. Hit a man on the left side of his head and
he may lose his speech. Hit a woman on the left side of the head
and she'll probably go right on talking. When she talks she uses
both sides of the brain." This is why it is difficult for a man to
watch TV and listen to the other one's speaking at the same
time. On the other hand, a woman cannot find difficulty to do
that, she just expects the partner to listen and react to her, even
while he is watching TV.
In the book "Why Men Don't Listen and Women Can't
Read Maps," they also wrote about the following. Like men's
not listening to two things at the same time, they don't often
realize the partner's slight visual change like hair style, make
up, etc. Here, again, women take this to mean their partner's
less interesting to them. This is also from the right hemisphere's
usage. When a man sees something, he grasps what he is
looking at with his left hemisphere. In contrast, when a woman
sees something, she grasps what she is looking at with her left
hemisphere and what it looked like with her right hemisphere at
the same time. That's why girls can tell about the slight changes
as soon as they see their friends.
Since men are better at logical thinking, data
analyzing, and figurative matters, it is easy for them to read a
map. Allan Gardyne (2007) also says, "Most women aren't good
at reading maps. They tend to turn them upside down to try to
figure out where they're going. Men can usually rotate the map
in their minds. It's called 'spatial ability' and it makes men good
at calculating speed, movement and distance." In addition,
when they look at a parking garage, they can easily compare the
space and the car size, so they can understand if the car can go
into the garage. Another thing, women prefer to use landmarks
to remember a place, and it is hard for them to compare the
sizes of several objects.
The very important thing is not to try to regard the
other gender's behavior or words as their personality or bad
points but to understand the differences of their fundamental
behavior patterns. Adding to that, making a small effort like
showing respect for the other behavior before they tell their
opinions might help the relationship stay healthy, since looking
at every case from both points of views above has an advantage
and a disadvantage. Thus, utilizing the better one and making
the situation go smoothly is the better way for both a man and a

female to take. This is how a male and a female can make use
of their own good points, spending time peacefully.
Tannen, D. Intimacy and Independence. In Smalley, Ruetten,
Rishel Kozyrev. Refining Composition Skills: Rhetoric and
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