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Volume 7, Issue 3

Fall 2003

To Continue Is Power (1st Place)
Reiko Mayumi

One of my favorite proverbs is, "To continue is
power." To continue is not always easy. When I started ELI, I
told myself, "I will never skip a day." When I cried the first
day of my R/W class, not understanding what everybody was
saying, I told myself, "Even if I don't understand, I will come to
school every day." I believed that something would change if I
could continue. Fortunately, I have been able to attend my
classes. I did not expect continuing to be easy. When I had a
headache, it was difficult for me, of course, and I really did not
want to come to school when my homework was unfinished. I
believe that my teachers always knew that I did not finish it.
But I see a little positive outcome. My friends say to me that I
am now speaking better than my beginning days at ELI. I am
very happy about their words. Although I am not sure about my
English, I love to hear more compliments. Perhaps, continuing
made a difference. I can gain a little positive outcome. You
can do it more than I. "To continue is power," is true. I am a
little proof of this, aren't I?

Room 317 (2ndPlace)
RW 400/500

Every time I see freshmen looking at the map of
Norman Hall and say, "Why is room 321 numbered 319 on the
map?" I miss Samir.
Samir, my best friend, always challenged me to see
who was bolder. "I'm not scared of ghosts," I told him. "I don't
believe that there are ghosts in the world," and he usually
repeated his challenge. To test our courage, we decided to play
a game. We talked about the ghosts in Norman Hall at
midnight. People said that it was a haunted building.
Whichever of us felt afraid first would be the loser. I remember
that the date we played the game was the 16th of March, 2001.
We entered Norman Hall secretly from an unlocked
window and found an unlocked room on the 3rd floor. We lit a
candle and began talking about the ghosts. I told Samir two of
the most scary ghost stories I knew and tried to scare him, but
he wasn't afraid at all. After that, we both felt hungry.
I knew that there was refrigerator in a room nearby, so
we went there, room 319. Fortunately, the door was not
locked. Samir opened the door; oddly that wasn't a room. We
saw a stair down and couldn't see the end. We stepped on the

stair curiously and the door suddenly disappeared. An
unending stair up appeared behind us.
"What happened?" I said and wanted to go on walking,
but Samir stopped me.
"How many steps have you walked?" he asked me.
"Maybe 2 or 3 I think."
"Was it 2, or 3? That's important," Samir looked at me
"I...I'm not sure. Why do you ask?" I said.
"Do you know the story of Norman Hall? Why it is
called a haunted building?"
"No, I don't know."
"I didn't believe it at first, but...," Samir began telling
me the long story, It was a high school here 40 years ago.
There were three 17-year-old students who went to school at
midnight like us. But they were discovered by the guards, so
they wanted to hide in a room. They ran into the room which
they thought was room 317, but it was not. They ran into the
wrong room because of the dark. There was stair down and
they fell to their deaths there. After that, their spirit dwelt in
room 317. If someone went into that room, he would see the
stair and no exit. People said that if he steps on the 51st, 3
multiplied by 17, step, his soul will be taken to another world
by those students. We must skip the 51st step and step on the
52nd step to go back."
"Ok, this is the most scary story I have ever heard," I
said, "but I remember the room is no. 319!"
"Room 319 was room 317," Samir said, "The school
administration skipped the number to avoid the legend, though
they didn't believe that at all. It exists."
So we must skip the 51st step! But we don't
remember how many steps we have walked," I said
"Ok. Let's assume that we have walked for 3 steps,"
Samir suggested.
We went on walking and counted the steps we had
walked. Finally we arrived to the 50th step. Unfortunately, we
were not precisely sure if that was the 49th step or the 50th one.
"Windy," Samir said, "It's not necessary for us both to
take a risk. I will step on the next step first. If something
happens to me, I want you to skip that for the 52nd step."
I tried to stop him, but I was so scared that I was slow.
Samir stepped on the next step, and, suddenly, a white
translucent claw grabbed him and then....
I don't remember what I did after that. I woke up in
the hospital the next morning. My classmates said that I fainted
in room 319, but nobody saw Samir. Samir was missing and I
have never seen him again.

ELI Student Voices 1

The school changed the number of room 319 again,
though they didn't believe my experience. Now it is room 321.
That's why there are no rooms 317 and 319 there. I am not sure
if I am avoiding the legend because I have never entered
Norman Hall after 9 o'clock again. But, if you want to go to
room 321 at midnight, do me a favor please. Tell Samir I thank
him, and I wanna tell him, "You win."

The Changing Role of Women
Olessia Tchatterdji-Simonova

When you hear the word "woman," what picture
comes to your mind? Some of us would think about our
mother, Madonna from a Da Vinci picture, or a wife. All
associations are different--so are roles of the woman in our
lives: She is a housekeeper, a worker, and a politician. But it
wasn't the same throughout history. The importance of women
in social life and society changed in the past, it's changing now
and it will continue to change in the future.
In the past, the role of the women wasn't the same as
now. It was difficult for women to attend school, or work
outside the house. For a long time a woman was a person who
was supposed to house keeping jobs and raise children. Also
this attitude was supported by religion and cultural traditions.
Recently, in the late nineteenth century the invention of the
typewriter gave women a new skill and job outside the home.
During the First World War the women began to work in
factories as a part of the war effort. They found themselves a
place as active members of society. Then the Marxists directed
Feminism of the 60s and 70s which brings the question of
women's rights. With technological and scientific progress,
women's position changed.
Today women play an important role in a society. As
an illustration, we can see that more and more women master
their professions. Those such as: politicians, scientists, even
cosmonauts around the world have employed women. Of
course we can't say that all the problems are solved. Still the
physical abuse, the disrespect, even discrimination exist.
The future role of women can be viewed more
optimistically. Hopefully, it will be the freedom of the
individual woman to decide for herself what to do with her life.
It also would be good to know that the woman at home is
recognized at a values member of society just as much as the
one who deals on Wall Street.
So as we are seeing, women's changing role is
happening throughout time because women are educated and
more active, and with help from special organizations the
changing process will continue.

Americans and Fast Foods
Homere Akplogan

It is clear that most people in the United States prefer
eating fast foods instead of cooking their own food at home.

Eating fast food presents some advantages such as saving time
and energy, but it also has some consequences such as health
First, fast food, as it is indicated by its name, is food
that doesn't need much time to be cooked (almost cooked) or is
already cooked; and added to that fact is the fact that human
beings always want things to be easy. People like to consume
fast foods in order to save time and energy. For example,
suppose that two people were hungry and they have different
foods to eat. The first person has cold pizza and the second has
spaghetti, spaghetti sauce, and fresh meat. I bet that it will take
more than twenty minutes and more energy for the second
person to get his meal ready, when it will take a few seconds
and less energy for the first person to heat his pizza up and eat
it. In addition, following the saying "time is money", fast foods
permit people to make a lot of money and to focus more on
their job. As an example, if there were no fast foods and
everybody was supposed to cook at home, someone who has
young children who must return from school at noon has to
come back from his work and cook a meal for them. If this
parent was supposed to keep working at noon, his employer
would deduct the time he didn't work from his paycheck.
However, fast foods don't provide only advantages,
they also have some disadvantages in regards to a dietary plan.
First, by regularly consuming fast foods you can become fat or
overweight just because in the restaurants where fast foods are
cooked people don't always follow healthy guidelines. They
put a lot of fatty foods in their cooking to make their foods taste
good. For example, in Papa Johns' restaurants, it's probable that
all the ingredients they put in their pizza are not healthy but
they say "Better Ingredients, Better Pizza" just for marketing
purposes. Furthermore, eating too much fast foods can reduce
our life span and often make us feel sick. For example, it would
be easier for someone who is overweight to catch diseases
rather than someone else who cooks his own FOOD because of
his habits of eating fast foods. This is because the last person
knows much about how healthy his cooking is, while the first
doesn't know too much about what he eats.
Finally, the advantages of eating fast foods prevent
people from viewing its impacts on their health plan. People
know that fast foods are not healthy and keep eating them as
much as they can just because they can save time and energy.
They forget about their health, which should be their first
priority. One thing they should do in order to not become
overweight is to exercise, but time is their main problem.
To conclude, fast foods have some benefits, such as
saving time, and consequences such as health problems. This
might make it difficult for people to stop eating fast foods, but
all that we want them to do is to not make eating fast foods part
of their daily thing.

Helping People
Monica Gonzalez

I would like to share my dream with all of you. Ever
since I was a teenager, I've enjoyed being around people. I've

ELI Student Voices 2

always felt a strong desire to help and work with people who
are having difficulties. When I say people, I am talking about
the group of individuals that don't have the same opportunities
that we do. Sometimes it is not only the money, the social
position; it is also about illness, ignorance, starving or just
victims from the society.
A couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to do
something for somebody; it was when I was in high school. For
one of my social science classes we had a project with a family
that lived in poverty. A group of classmates and I went to visit a
family that lived in a very small house, without utility services
and also which was having a hard time. We brought vegetables,
milk, rice and some beans to them. I remember that after we
finished visiting with them, I went back home and I discovered
that I really want to help and also I am this kind of person who
is concerned about the social problems. I thought about how
much I love the idea to help, advise, and work with people who
need help.
That is my dream try to find the way how to give help
and see positive results, even if is necessary to go to different
places and work hard I do not mind because by helping I will
make true what I have wanting to do for years. I would like to
work with an international organization which has a goal to
achieve duties that involve different programs of human
While I was a university student, I had the opportunity
to work in different social projects, like activities with kids that
needed special education giving them love and company;
therefore, that experience finished with the government help
and these days is an institutional program. A few semesters
ahead I worked in other project with a community where people
were living putting their lives on risk because the houses were
built in an eroded area. After a lot of work the local
government moved them to another zone were they could have
lived safely.
Finally as a political science student, during my fifth
year of school I started to work in my passion field, in the
Human Rights area. My principal task was preparing and
presenting workshops about different topics that will help and
permit different groups of civilians to understand the origins
and development of the violent conflict in Colombia, as well.
For months, I traveled and worked with various groups
of the Colombia population, but I couldn't continue with that
beautiful experience for different reasons and in that moment I
thought that my dream would not have the opportunity to be
true because I saw my self powerless and with a lot of obstacles
in front that didn't permit me to continue with my goal, help.
My dream is a project and as a process has some steps:
first I need to keep growing and I think that I am doing okay,
because every year in different ways I am getting close, every
single day my foot is more close to the door; therefore I can't
wait to finish with these steps in the one I am preparing myself
and learning about life, cultures, styles of life, law, immigration
services, adjustment to a new culture, volunteer, friendship and
some other things that looking forward are going to permit me
to advise and work with different ethnic groups, foreigners that
don't know the rights, the law and are scared because they don't
know the system. I want to help all of them who feel themselves

alone because they leave family and relatives in the majority of
the cases; as a result they are homesick and need warmth, love
and guidance. Somebody who can show them the way how to
understand the adjustment process. I want to be that person.
My dream will come true the day that I will create my
organization or either set myself in an organization or
institution that will be working to help people. While it will
happen I still have things to do like study, work as a volunteer,
giving my best and learning something new every single day.
In my opinion, someone is a good human being not
only because she helps or spends some hours doing an activity
with a group that needs help; a good human being gives until
the end and always does everything from the heart. It does not
matter if the other person recognizes what he is receiving; for
instance if for some reason you have the opportunity to help a
child or an adult or a senior whatever the situation, do it with
pleasure and you will have the satisfaction to feel your spirit
full of love to give.
My dream is growing as I am and I know that soon I
will be prepared enough to help people who speak Spanish, my
first language, English or some other language. I want to live
this process step by step because even though it is not to clear
for some and very explicit to others I believe that I'm a person
who is full of love and wishing to help with good advice and
actions whoever needs my support as well.

My Puerile Childhood
Mary Kim

Sometimes, my old friends ask me what was the most
impressive memory in my first school activities of my
childhood, regardless of whether it is good or bad. I could not
answer at the time, because I grew up much and such a long
time has passed since I was an elementary school student.
Additionally, I had a lot of interesting experiences and enjoyed
thinking something to be strange and odd when I was young.
Whenever I look back on those times, I cannot help laughing
and understanding why I continued to dwell on such a foolish
and strange thought regarding new things or theories through
studying, watching TV or reading books. I felt like imagining
and making another plot different from the original. So, I fell
behind compared to others. However, I picked up one
remarkable and educational thing for my life that I can never
forget. In my personal memory, it is more important than any
other whole education course.
My country has a different curriculum compared to the
US. Simply speaking, we have six grades in elementary school,
three grades for junior high school and three grades in high
school. What was happening in my elementary school? At that
time, I was 8 years old, and my teacher proposed to us that she
would give different color stickers to us whether we had done
something good or not. At the end of the semester, she would
collect our results, rank the students and give a special prize to
the winner. All of my classmates, including me had our mind
set on the winning. As you might have guessed, it was the first
competition that I had won and served as the main catalyst to

ELI Student Voices 3

concentrate on my future school life. Even though I was one
unpredictable student rather than an outsider in my class, I
wished to be praised and to be a winner. The different stickers
were yellow and green. If one student had made a mistake, the
teacher would give a yellow sticker. In contrast, had one
accomplished his duties or done good things, she would give
the other color, which is green. One particular day, I had gotten
an undeserved scolding from my teacher. I was watching the
variety of clouds near the window, and suddenly someone
pulled me into the window. An orchid flowerpot dropped on
the floor. It shattered as it hit the floor. It was too good for my
teacher to throw away. It resulted in another friend acting
mischievous. I didn't do that on purpose; still, my teacher didn't
need my further explanation. Only one yellow sticker did I
receive. And my bad symptoms kept going. It was not long
before I got another yellow sticker. I got one for being one
minute late. I didn't know the fact that the class had been just
starting. Then there was another surprising rule. If a student
received three stickers in one day, he couldn't go home until
5:00 pm, even though class already finished. Therefore, I
couldn't go to the private institute for my piano lesson and I
couldn't keep my appointment to see the dentist with my mom.
Naturally, my mom gave me a long lecture. She told me that I
shouldn't have stood near the window and I should not have
paid attention to my friends at that time. Finally, I thought my
teacher loathed me. To make it worse, after that terrible day,
my best friends at that time changed and they didn't want to talk
to me anymore. They even changed their seat to be far away
from mine. I gradually realized like I was a bad student.
It was a very amusing thing that I realized in my
classroom. There was a relationship forming between the
students who had green stickers and the students who had
yellow stickers. They showed different assembling habits. The
ones receiving green stickers used to gather together. In
contrast, the students in the other group couldn't flock because
they were afraid of receiving another yellow sticker. I really
was disappointed and puzzled at my situation. I developed a
new interesting revenge means. I started to record my own
evaluation chart about my teacher. I couldn't take any hostility
toward my teacher such as defiance or a revolt. It is my general
expression and opinion, in opposition to my teacher's
indifference and her selfish rules. I wrote the score of yellow
stickers and expressed that my teacher made some mistakes in
my notes, although I couldn't give it to my teacher. For
example, if she didn't give any yellow stickers to tale bearer, I
gave my teacher one bad ticket. If she didn't give me a chance
when I wanted to present my opinion and take part in some
topics, I gave her two bad tickets. In the event that she didn't
find out who was the person to start a dispute, why it had
occurred, and what was going on when I quarreled with a
classmate, I gave three bad tickets!
I suddenly found this useless action neither good nor
reasonable for my future. I went to the restroom to throw away
all my yellow stickers that I had received before. But, while I
was scolded by mistake, my teacher found the tickets I had
given her for being a bad teacher hidden in my diary. My
teacher asked me what they meant and why I had them in my
diary. As you might have guessed, I couldn't lie to her. I

disclosed my real intention and my disappointment. Then, my
teacher drew me closer to her, just before I burst out crying.
Finally, my teacher admitted her unconcerned behavior and
apologized for her fault. And so did I. I apologized for what I
did. Later, my teacher got rid of the foolish competition.
Everything went back to the way it was. So did my friends.
If my teacher didn't understand my grief and sorrow, I
couldn't be an affable and well-rounded human. I always thank
my teacher consider it as a good experience that is more
important than an outstanding academic background.
Furthermore, I want to tell you to keep your good memories in
your heart. It is sometimes helpful, and they can serve as a
foundation to recover you in the world. And do not hesitate to
take a risk although it seems to be impossible to accomplish.
The God next to you will listen to your desire and guide you the
right way.

My Life
Yong Sik Kim

I have been living in Gainesville for more than seven
months. It seems to me that I arrived here a few days ago. Time
flies like an arrow, as the proverb says. As you know, I came
here for two reasons. Namely, to observe the advanced
administrative system and also to practice English skills. How
much have I achieved my goals so far? To what degree will I be
able to achieve my aims by the time when I go back to Korea?
It will surely take me a lot of time to be fluent in
English because I am not young and my brain has been used to
Korean for 46 years. In fact, Korean is the opposite of English
in word order. For instance, "I have a book" in English is "I a
book have" in Korean. Anyway, I will try to do my best until I
return to Korea.
I have no religion. However, I believe in God as the
Absolute. I have often thought about who controlled human
beings' fortune. Who in the world brought me to meet Leah, my
lovely teacher?
More than 6 billion people are living in their own
countries. Even though they are different in race, color, culture,
etc., maybe their feelings are just the same in essence. All
mankind should love mutually and live happy lives. We will
always have to try to understand and to respect other people for
the happiness of all of us.

The Pressure of Being a Student
Samir Benzemma
RW 300

Did you do your homework? Have you already heard
this sentence before? The pressure of being a student can be
caused by many things. With many examples, I will try to
illustrate different kinds of pressure.
First of all, students can feel pressure from their
parents. If the students support the ambition of their parents, it
means that the student would have to work hard not to

ELI Student Voices 4

disappoint his parents. For example, a student might be
studying medicine because his father and his mother are
doctors, and they want that their children follow the
professional way. Another cause of pressure is from the too-
high parental expectations, because parents want that their
children have a good situation because maybe they don't have
one. To give an example, sometimes parents don't have a good
job and they don't want that their children live through the same
situation. The third and last reason concerning the pressure
from the parents is that they expect good grades from their
children, because good grades prove that he or she is a good
student, but sometimes the pressure is too high because a
student wants to show to his parent that he is the best. This
could lead for example to cheating on an important quiz.
Second of all, students can feel pressure when they
have to find a job. First, the students have to work hard to do
what he wants, so they are very serious about it. To illustrate
this idea, if a student wants to work at the NASA, he has a long
and difficult time of studying before being able to work at the
NASA. Next, a pressure comes from the competition between
students, because everybody wants be the best or wants to win a
scholarship, so they constantly have to work more. The third
and last reason comes from the pressure of employer's high
standards. If an employer is searching for an engineer, he will
take the best and the most qualified one. That is why students
are under pressure, because the employer asks from them
always more and more.
To summarize, the pressure of being a student can be
from all of above reasons but especially from the relatives and
from the school. I think that the pressure can be a motivation
but also a negative pressure that can sometimes push you to
make mistakes. I will finish with a citation from Albert
Einstein, "Imagination is more important than knowledge."

The Beautiful Early Morning I
Experienced in Gainesville
Jung yun Lee

I got up early this morning because I haven't adapted
to the time change yet. We had to set the clocks back one hour
as summer time finished last Sunday. I got up at around 5am,
and I couldn't fall back asleep. It was too early to go school, so
I decided to work out by going jogging. I actually hesitated a
little bit to go out because when I looked outside through the
window, it looked very dark, and I had never jogged at such an
early time. When I finally went outside, I really regretted and
regretted that I didn't enjoy the early mornings of Gainesville
before. The atmosphere was so fresh and attractive to me; pretty
cold air touched my face, and I couldn't take my eyes off the
beautiful sky which was a dark blue color. At that time, it was
so stimulating that I prayed the moment would continue
permanently. I ran lightly along the road by my apartment.
Then I jogged out of the apartment area, and reached the bridge
on the main road, which is a little far from my apartment. At
that time, the sky was slowly becoming red; blue and red were
sharing the sky, and the border of them showed several kinds of

purple colors. The moon, which shined smoothly, added
beautifully to the scenery. I stayed near the bridge for a couple
of minutes to enjoy the moment, and then I went back home
with the thought remaining in my mind that I wanted to stay
there longer. Just before I got home, the morning was opened
completely. Birds which had beautiful sounds started to chirp;
their songs made me realize that I was in a place like paradise. I
love the early morning I experienced here, it can't compare with
any other things. I'll never forget what I felt that early morning
in Gainesville.

Does Hard Work Have Good Reward?
Eliza Lin

Sometimes hard work is not rewarded. For example,
parents' bringing up their children is a kind of hard work, and
they don't have any reward. My parents brought me up without
getting any payment. They always gave me the best and never
expected that I would reward them. They worked hard to earn
more money so that I could have a good education. They saved
money to buy everything good for me. Besides, I was often sick
at night, and they needed to take care of me even if they were
very tired. Like my parents, many parents in the world have the
same experience. No wonder people say, "Sometimes hard
work is not rewarded."

Public Service
Su Hyun Kim (Sue)

Do you know who Steven Hawking is? He is a very
famous scientist and disabled person. I think if he lived in my
country, he would not be an honorable person. Handicapped
people never have easy lives in my country because most
people in my country keep away from them and avoid them.
Not only do people's gazes make it hard for them to live, but
also we have a poor welfare system for disabled people. When I
came here, I was really impressed by America's public services
for disabled people. That is why I want to talk about public
services such as transportation, buildings, and research in the
First of all, all transportation facilities are adapted well
for disabled people in the U.S.A. I think most public
transportation, such as buses, trains, the subway, parking lots,
and airplanes provide good accommodations for them.
However, in my country, there are only a few seats for disabled
people on the subway or on an airplane. For example, in the
U.S.A., when a handicapped person wants to take a bus, the bus
driver stops driving and lowers a moving stair that moves up so
that a person in a wheelchair can easily get on the bus.
Moreover, the driver helps the handicapped people fasten their
seat belts and get off the bus safely. Although the driver takes a
long time to help them, the passengers never complain about it.
I was impressed when I watched the bus public service the fist
time because I did not expect this because I have never seen it

ELI Student Voices 5

in my country. Thus, I think transportation is well adapted for
handicapped people in the U.S.A.
Secondly, most buildings in America have adaptations
for disabled people. I think public places such as schools,
department stores, restaurants, and any buildings are adapted
for them. If some disabled people want to study at a university,
they can easily study in the U.S.A. because all public services
for disabled people are well set up at the university. For
example, on UF's campus, all buildings have elevators and
automatic door opening buttons for only disabled people.
Moreover, when disabled people try to move to go somewhere,
there are always some people who help them. So I think most
buildings have set up the services very well for them.
Finally, many disabled people are given welfare public
services in the U.S.A. According to internet data on
www.gao.gov/cgspeeches, it shows that thirty-nine million
seniors and disabled people rely on their social service, and the
government has spent about $22 billion a year on biomedical
research for the disabled people and seniors. The author, whose
name is David M. Walker, also emphasized that America must
increase the number of people who use social services. He
wrote that public services would make a difference in
America's future. As he asserted, we know how much
Americans are concerned about disabled people.
In conclusion, I think that America's welfare system
and public services are much better than other countries.
America's public services, including transportation and public
places, are valuable to me. I hope that my country's people can
learn and realize the value of public service.

young An hnoi

There are so many foreign students at the ELI. All of
them come here to learn English from different countries of the
world. They live alone without their family and study in new
environment, so foreign students undergo a lot of difficulties.
Especially the biggest things that pressure students are the
different culture and language.
First, foreign students stress about the different culture.
They have grown in their culture since they were born, but they
have to live in a different culture while they study in another
country. They experience a new life style and unfamiliar food.
For example, in Korea most people spend the time resting in
their house on weekends, but most Americans have a party or
go on a trip in their rest time. Students can stress because of the
different life style since it is difficult to adjust to a different
Second, the other pressure that students undergo is the
language. Foreign students are learning English as a second
language. Most students are not good at speaking, so the
communication is not easy for them. They are stressed about
listening to and understanding other people talking to them.
They are tense when they have to listen to the teacher in class or
when they go to the restaurant. Thus, they get easily tired and

In conclusion, foreign students undergo stress when
they live in a different culture with a different language. It takes
time for them to get accustomed to a different culture.
However, living in a different culture, they have to respect and
understand the differences, and they should learn the language.

Do You Believe... ?
Reiko Mayumi

Do you believe that an animal often acts in place of a
human? I believe it. I think an animal has a wonderful power.
In fact, when I kept a dog before, my dog acted in place of my
mother. I had two dogs. They were kind of Cavaria in England.
We called one male dog "Jimmy," the other dog called "Lily"
was female. When my mother had a uterus problem, my dog
"Lily" had a uterus problem too. Lily's uterus enlarged
gradually. One day, Lily's uterus was operated on. Because of
Lily's help, my mother recovered from the illness. What do you
think about this case? I think "Lily" acts in place of my mother.
Unbelievable, but it happens to be a true story. Yesterday, I
heard same stories from my friend. She said, "In my case, the
cat acts in place of my mother." Wow! An animal is very
mysterious. I believe that an animal has a beautiful and
wonderful power.

The Pressure of Being a Student
C In1 ,nn- VI-_

Recently, the suicide rate of students is seriously
increasing through the entire world. The rate has been steadily
growing every year, and this tendency becomes more a social
problem. Why do students make up their mind to kill
themselves? That is, many students are sensible of the pressure
about expectancy of their parents and future of oneself. There
are two reasons why students feel pressure. Pressure comes
from their parents and from the unpredictable future.
First of all, many students want to obey their parents'
expectation. Most of the parents desire that their kids are
healthy, famous and wealthy. They want their kids to obtain a
good position in a society. So many parents push their children
to get high-grades at school. Such expectations cause great
pressure for many students.
Second of all, many students usually feel a sense of
unrest in their future. Therefore, they spend time to think about
their future, but they never have definite solution for their
future, and then they feel confused when they make a little
mistake or waste their time. For that reason, many students deal
with pressure caused by the uncertainty of future.
At the end, excessive expectations of students'
parents and an anxiety about their future are harmful elements
to many students. In order to get over their pressures, parents
have to hold an opinion that their kids aren't parent's
possessions, and parents have to respect what they children
want to do in order to achieve their goals in the future. Above

ELI Student Voices 6

The Pressures of Being a Foreign Student W300
0 Al 7 II -

all, many students have to have a relaxed mind and firm sense
of their priorities. It is a very important thing that students
create their future themselves.

One-Day Round-Trip to Miami
R/W 20/30
Eun Young Lee

One week ago, I went to Miami with my family for
one day. It was the busiest and most exciting trip in my whole
life. At 3 o'clock in the early morning, my family left
Gainesville for Orlando International Airport to go back to
South Korea. At the airport, we were surprised because we had
confused the date for departing. It was a funny mistake, but my
parents had one more extra day to stay in Florida. At that time,
my husband suggested the idea to travel to Miami. We left
Orlando as quickly as possible for Miami. When we arrived in
Miami, weather wasn't good enough for sightseeing. Before it
started to rain, we went to Bayside Mall and got on the boat to
sightsee famous actor and actress's houses. Next, we went to
South Beach and took a picture on the beach. The wind was so
strong, even the seagulls couldn't fly. After we took a rest
there, we decided to eat dinner at a famous restaurant in Miami.
At Crystal Cafe we ate seafood ossoboco, lobster ravioli and
seafood pasta. After we finished our dinner, we came back to
Orlando and stayed in a hotel room. The next day we went to
Orlando International Airport again, and finally my parents left
Orlando. When my parents left, I was sad and crying.
Although it was only a one-day round trip to Miami, I was
happy to show Miami to my parents.

The Pressures of Being a Foreign Student
Aki Yanagita

Many students want to study at another country. When
students stay at another country, they have a good experience.
Now, we have an international society where many people
should know another country. Especially young people should
know about another culture, customs and life styles. This is
very helpful for our international society. However, sometime
when students study at another country, they are under a lot of
stress because foreign students need money and need to worry
about immigration issues.
First pressure can be caused by money. Money gives
students a headache. For example, when foreign students apply
to a university in another country, they have to save enough
money for tuition and their new lifestyle. Also, sometime
foreign students have a hard time getting a job in another
country. That means students have to prepare a lot of money for
their abroad stay.
Second, immigration services can cause stress to
students. They put pressure on international students. If students
want to study in another country, they have to get student visas.
Nowadays, it is very hard to get these visas. Moreover,
immigration services keep changing their laws. Now students

have to report every time where they are studying, where they
will be transferring to, and when they are traveling.
Therefore, money and immigration services cause
stress to foreign students. Governments and every school should
make less strict for students who want to study abroad. I
believe, that when immigration services loosen up their laws,
more students will go to study abroad and people will
understand each other's cultures better. Then we will have a
real international society.

My Father and I
Reiko Mayumi
R/W 20/30

People say that my father and I have many similar
characteristics. The most similar characteristic is that we are
very optimistic. Whatever happens, we are very calm. Next, we
both laugh a lot. Whenever we have a problem, we try not to be
depressed but try to laugh about it. Finally, we are the followers
of my scary mother. Both of us obey whatever my mother tells
us. My father and I smile at each other. My father and I are very
alike, and I am very happy because I am very proud of him. We
are really father and daughter.

The Pressures of Being a Student
Fabrice DeSouza
RW 300

Have you ever been frustrated when there was an
important test? And you were not ready or when you wanted to
be the best but also when you wanted to be highly educated for
a good job. These are many pressures like that many students
have to endure and then they sometimes do bad things because
they are stressed. These pressures are often caused by a strong
desire to succeed and to get a good job.
First of all one pressure is that students absolutely
want to succeed in their exams. They are ready to do all things
that they can do if they are too ambitious and too stressed about
their success for example during a test students are used to hide
some papers, talk to each other, they cheat because they don't
want to fail to their exams.
Second of all the students are stressed about getting a
good job. They are obliged to learn more skills and sometimes
they even have to move from their country to another as an
illustration there has the case of foreigner students in English
speaking cities such as Toronto, London, New York where
these people has to learn a language, to adapt to cultures, habits
and to make efforts to learn and to understand news courses and
Finally today being a student is very hard because you
have to succeed to exams and to be highly educated for a good
job. However are there any solutions to this problem that is the
pressures of being students? That's a question that hasn't

ELI Student Voices 7

About Obesity
David Park

A fat boy, who looks like an elementary school
student, has just come back home from his school. Both his
mom and dad are working, so they haven't come back yet. He
throws his backpack in his room and then directly goes to the
kitchen. After finding pizza, popcorn, and a coke, he goes to the
sofa, located in front of the TV, with his food and then he turns
on the TV. While watching his favorite TV programs, he is
continuously eating his food without any interference of others.
Isn't this a typical scene of the modern home? What about your
The obesity problem is becoming more and more
widespread among the U.S. people. According to The
Gainesville Sun, "South leads nation with obesity boom" (1999,
p. 1A), "The number of Americans considered obese ... soared
from about one in eight in 1991 to nearly one in five [in 1998]."
This problem is not limited to only the U.S. According to
CNN.com, "Asia falls foul to fat" ( 2 1'1 "Obesity was once an
exclusively 'Western' disease, but not any more, people falling
foul to fat now exist in the far corners of the globe." Fast food
stores such as McDonalds and Burger King have already
pushed out the traditional restaurants, which are famous among
the young in Asia, from the street. The industrialized and busy
lifestyle prevents people from exercise. Just a few decades ago,
most Asian parents were worrying about their children's thin
bodies which represented weak and not well-fed condition, but
now, they are concerned about their children's fat bodies.
Is obesity a serious problem?
Yes, obesity causes many serious health problems. The
fat people are more likely to get cancer. According to
CNN.com, "Most in U.S. unaware of cancer-obesity link"
(2i I 121 "The World Health Organization estimates one-quarter
to one-third of cancer cases worldwide are related to being
overweight and physically inactive." Obesity causes not only
cancer but also many diseases like diabetes, high blood
pressure, heart disease, and joint problems. If a pregnant lady
becomes fat, her child's health is not safe any more. According
to CNN.com, "Eat right before pregnancy and boost your baby's
health" (1999), "A baby may be at extra risk of obesity or
diabetes later in life if the mother is overweight or has poorly
controlled diabetes during pregnancy."
To solve this problem, we need to know the causes of
obesity. As mentioned in the first paragraph, inactive life and
fat food is the main cause of this problem. This problem is too
widespread to be regarded as a personal problem. It must be
treated as a social problem. Some schools decided to teach
students to prevent them from obesity. According to CNN.com,
"Feds go local to help public fight fat" ( 2 1 i'), "Boston-area
school will begin teaching students why 100-percent juice is
better than soda, and urging parents to limit children's TV time
to two hours a day." Some reporters and scientists have shifted
the responsibility of this problem to city designers. They think
that the sprawling design of the modern city, which was once
regarded as the object of praise, is leading people to be inactive.

According to The Gainesville Sun, "Suburbs' sprawl may fuel
obesity" ( 2 11), "Sprawling suburbs that make it harder for
people to get around without a car may help fuel obesity:
Americans who live in the most sprawling counties tend to
weigh six more pounds than their counterparts in the most
compact areas." Now city designers have to consider this
problem when they are designing a new city.
From surgery to exercise, there are many solutions to
this problem. People can take a surgery or pills to eliminate the
fat part of their body rapidly. However, those are temporary. If
they don't change their lifestyle, their good-looking and slim
body soon will disappear. Only low fat food and exercise will
help them keep their healthy body. To help them exercise
automatically, city designers have to make an effort to design
walkable place.

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Suburbs' sprawl may fuel obesity (Aug.29, 2003) The
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Latin & Country Songs
Maria Alava

I am Latin and I love Latin music because that is my
music. I find in that music my essence, my roots and the exact
expressions for my happiness and sadness. Also, I appreciate
other kinds of music, like country music. I saw a T.V. program
whose subject was The 40 Greatest Drinking Songs of Country
Music. These songs tell us about friends, pain, life, love,
Tequila Sunrises, Pina Coladas, Jose Cuervo Tequila and more.
There are country songs for dancing, for laughing and for
crying. With each song I could feel energy and intensity. I feel
the same when I hear Latin music because our music is the
reflection of our culture and our life. For that reason I think that
country music is unique, and it belongs to a special life style.
There are cowboys and cowgirls. They have their own style of
clothes, of life, and of slang. Now I think that Latin music and
country music are similar. Why? Because both styles of music
show us strong feelings and sincere emotions.

ELI Student Voices 8

Am I an Adult?
Ana Da Silva

I do not think I have become an adult yet. Actually, I
will probably never feel like one. Adulthood is much more what
other people think you are than a feeling. If being an adult
means being responsible I was more adult at 10 years old than I
am now. If adulthood means financial and emotional
independence from your primary family or if it means getting
married, I am an adult now. If being an adult means having a
child, I am not sure if I want to be one. If it is to realize that life
has limitations, I hope I will never become one. If growing up is
consciousness of death, I was an adult at 12.

Calm Night
M. Alejandra Vega Bdez

The sky is blue tonight;
The sea is calm;
The birds are quiet,
And my soul is too.

My heart is slowly beating;
My eyes are closed, and I can hear you breathing.
I know soon I'll be gone,
And I know that now I'm on my own.

I'm not sure of what's next,
But I'm sure it's the best.
I'm afraid but calm at the same time
But happy that you were mine.

The moon is shining up in the sky,
and you smile at me with your shy eyes.
You know that I'm leaving.
You tell me to don't stop breathing.

Now I'm gone and you're crying,
And on my bed I am lying.
You kiss me goodbye
And walk away on this calm night.

Humorous and Unfortunate Observations
of American Life
Yulia Horwitz

When you come to live in a different country with a
different language, you can get into funny situations because of
limited mastery of the language and poor knowledge of the
When I just came to the US, I had a lot of problems
even with simple things, like ordering food in a restaurant. Oh

my God! It was tough. I have traveled a lot. I have visited many
counties. In each European or Arabic country I could get a
menu with Russian translation. It made my life easier. In my
first weeks of living here I went only to restaurants that had a
buffet. This way I could see what I was getting; otherwise, I
was ordering "blindly" from a menu I didn't understand.
Then, a few weeks later I already knew the names of
some foods by sound, but I didn't always know how they were
spelled. Once, my husband's family invited us to a Mexican
restaurant. When I opened the menu, I was surprised to see
"turtle" soup (I thought). Where in the world can you get turtle
soup? To me it is a real delicacy! I asked the waiter, "Is it real
turtle in this soup?" He told me, "Of course." I ordered it.
When the waiter brought the soup for me, I wanted to be funny,
and I asked him, "How old is this turtle?" He was very
confused by my question and looked at his watch, "Just a
couple minutes." Then I started to eat it, but I couldn't find any
piece of turtle meat in it. I told my husband, "Something is
wrong. This turtle soup doesn't have any turtle meat." "Of
course," he said, "this is tortilla soup. Sorry, there is not turtle
meat in it, just tortillas !" Oops...
Being in a different country is a fascinating adventure
of studying a new language and new traditions, especially food.
To eat in the US, you have to understand the English names for
food from all over the world.
Unfortunately, a person from a different country sees
many things more deeply than people who lived in one place all
their lives. This insight isn't always funny, sometimes it is
quite sad.
For example, usually when a person is sick in Russia
(especially a child), you can call your family doctor, and he or
she still comes to your house, without any charge. Even an
emergency ambulance may come and take care of you for free.
Once, my son was extremely sick with a very high
temperature. I was surprised that the pediatrician wouldn't
come to our house. His office told us to drive our son by
ourselves to the emergency room at the hospital. In Russia, a
sick person must stay in bed because any movement is
dangerous when you are sick. But here in the US, we had no
choice, so we went to the hospital.
What happened next shocked us more. Our sick child
must WAIT in line for hours before the doctor could see him!
In the end, we spent six hours (the whole night) in the hospital
in a big room with a disgusting crazy person on the opposite
side who was screaming and moaning all the time. Then in two
weeks, we got a new surprise the hospital bill ($980)! After
this experience I understood that the US isn't the best place to
be sick.
Living in a new country can give you a lot of funny
new adventures, but some sad ones also.

Pressures of Being a Foreign Student
Christine Held

Do you know which are the principal causes of
pressure of being a foreign student? How would you feel if you

ELI Student Voices 9

were a foreign student? The principal causes of pressure of
being a foreign student are the language and homesickness.
First of all, foreign students have a lot of stress when
they have to learn a new language in order to communicate with
their teachers and classmates, they usually feel a lot of stress
when they want to express their ideas to their teachers and
classmates, but they can't do it because they don't know how.
Also sometimes they feel uncomfortable when they don't
understand. They want to learn the language as soon as possible
but it takes some time, so that's the reason why some students
feel pressured, frustrated and desperate.
Second of all, foreign students also feel very homesick
because they are very far from home. However, they have to
fulfill their responsibilities like other students. In addition,
students sometimes miss a lot of things from their countries and
that doesn't help them to concentrate in their studies.
In summary, language and homesickness affect foreign
students and make them feel stressed. The language is one of
the principal causes of pressure of being a foreign student. Also
the feeling of homesickness stresses students out because the
students constantly think about their countries and about their
family. However, I believe that learning a different language is
a very good experience for anyone.

Wrong Client
Carmen Rojas
R/W 20/30

As an insurance agent, I always want to find a perfect
client. Three years ago I received a referral from one of my
colleagues. I called the prospect immediately and made an
appointment. Days later, we met. He was the owner of
a limousine rental company, and he was very interested in
disability insurance. He appeared young, healthy, prosperous,
and it seemed that he had a good income and stable business. I
had found a perfect client. I had the product that he needed, and
he could pay the monthly premium.
After that, we made a second appointment to fill out
the disability application form. As always, I put emphasis on
the section about health condition questions because it is
decisive for the approval of the policy. All of his answers were
negatives. I thought Bingo! and completed all the requirements
of the sale process. Finally, the contract was approved, and I
delivered it.
One year later, the client made a claim because he got
disabled from a back problem. During the claim process the
company discovered that the client had lied about this
information. It was a pre-existing condition. Thus, the
company decided to cancel the policy and returned him 100%
of the payment premiums. As a consequence, I had a charge-
back of $3,000 dollars. I felt very furious because I had done
my work correctly and responsibly.
Today, I think that the company was not fair with me,
and the client just wanted to take advantage of the company and
me. Finally, I lost my time and my money with a wrong client
that appeared to be a perfect client.

The Pressures of Being a Foreign Student
Francis C. Hoffiann Lopez

When we start our studies, we are always going to
have pressures for different reasons. When we study in another
country, it can be very difficult for us. We, as students, feel
pressured when our time is limited and when the foreign
language is a barrier to study.
First of all, student's time is limited. It is hard to make
time to study when you are working and studying at the same
time. In order to be a good student, we need a lot of time to
study, prepare for classes, and do homework
Second, the language barrier is a big pressure for a
foreign student. It is very difficult to study and communicate
with classmates and teachers when they don't speak the same
language, memorize class content, express ourselves and make
people understand us.
In conclusion, the most important thing is to divide
correctly our time between studies and work. In that way, we
will not become pressured. In addition, it is essential that we
know the basics of a language where we will be studying. We
also need to have a lot of patience. That is very important if we
want to reach our objectives.

Crazy Dog Treatment
Sinem Atahan

I have always loved animals. Since I was a child, I've
always wanted to have a dog but my mother has never let me
get one. I am aware that having a dog means a lot of
responsibility. When you have a dog, you have to take it to the
veterinarian, you have to take it out regularly, and you should
play with it; in other words, you should take care of your dog.
In the USA, there are a lot of people who have dogs and some
of these dogs have crazy life conditions because owners take
care of them "too" much!
Nowadays, in different areas, dogs are treated in
extraordinary ways! For example, in the legal area, owners
bequest their house, car or money to their doggies by their last
will when they die. Another example of too much treatment is
in the fashion area. There are stores that sell clothes and jewelry
for dogs. According to the article "It's a Dog's Life" in the
Time magazine, "At Fifi & Romeo in Los Angeles, $172
cashmere dog sweaters hang on tiny wooden hangers next to
$135 polkadotted raincoats. The store also carries the Chic
Doggie line, which includes a very popular $95 necklace of
faux white pearls with a rhinestone ball." The dog owners also
purchase expensive furniture for their dogs. According to "It's a
Dog's Life" "At Dogmopolitan, a store in Newport Beach,
Calif., miniature dog sofas range in price from $400 to $2000.
Dog furniture also includes the PetaPotty, a 34-inch square of
grass with a drainage system that, for $230, plus $30 a month
maintenance, allows your dog an indoor bathroom of his own."
I think this kind of expensive treatment is for owners instead of

ELI Student Voices 10

dogs because this kind of people who are wealthy love to show
their "power" to other people. I don't think that dogs like to
wear clothes or jewelry. Those things might make them
uncomfortable and I think especially clothes are the kind of
torture for dogs. For example, whenever I see a dog that has
clothes or has shoes on its paws, it doesn't look happy to me at
all. But owners should be happy to see them as if they were
human. And I am sure that dogs must be happy to share their
owners couch with them instead of using their own expensive
private sofa. There is no limit for excessive treatment. Here is a
good example to prove this; Owners even take their dogs to the
salon for "peticure"! They put on nail polish! I don't know what
they do to control dogs during the peticure. It must give them a
very hard time.
What can you do to entertain your dog? You can take
them out to walk or you can play with them. They are happy
when you spend time with them. Some owners must "love"
their puppies more than the other people since they give such an
excessive treatment to amuse their dogs. For example, they
dance with them or they send them to a play date! According to
"It is a Dog Life" "The World Canine Freestyle Dance
Organization opened the show, performing a kind of ballroom
dancing between human and dog that club founder, Patie
Ventre, vows to get into the Olympics. .... Gossip columnist
Cindy Adams walked the runway with dogs 'My dogs have my
car and driver take them to the play date and I walk to the
theater in the rain."'
How about pet day care centers? Some families who
have to work hard afford to send their KIDS to a children's care
center. But some dogs are so "lucky" because they can go to pet
day care centers where they can be treated like a kid. According
to "It is a Dog's Life" "People in Boca Raton, Fla., who need to
be separated from their dogs during working hours but feel
guilty about it can send their pets to day care at Camp Canine,
where, for $22 a day, the dogs can play to exhaustion and then
watch videos such as 101 DALMATIONS. 'It is like a
children's day care. They get time outs and treats,' says owner
Lisa Schettino." Some pet care centers make an interview with
dogs before accepting them as children's day care centers do so
your dog must be appropriate to go to a day care center.
According to the article "A dog's life worth living"
(www.azcentral.com) "Before a dog can stay at Doggie
Domain, it must complete a pre-screening interview to see how
the dog interacts with other dogs. 'It's similar to a child getting
accepted to preschool,' said Ninette Hupp, owner of Doggie
Today, pet care centers are also offering overnight
boarding services. It is called kennel where dogs can stay
overnight. Even though kennel is a really good opportunity for
owners who go out of town for a while, it is quite expensive
because of excessive treatment which is provided to the dogs.
According to "A dog's life worth living"(www.azcentral.com)
"Applewood Pet Resort in Paradise Valley provides anything
from traditional cages to private suites for dogs, each with color
cable televisions for anywhere from $16 to $38 a night. Play
times, bathroom walks, treats and dips in the kennel's bone-
shape pool cost extra. Raintree offers similar amenities ranging
from $20 to $45 a night." At Doggie Domain, overnight prices

range from $45 to $70 but include five hours of solid playtime,
all treats, snacks and bathroom breaks. Some kennels provide
more crazy things for dogs. For example according to "It's a
Dog Life" "At Tappen Hill, in the wine country north of San
Francisco, $36 a night will get a pup access to heated floors and
two swimming pools and lots of scheduled activities." At some
of the kennels, the cost of boarding a dog for one night or one
day of dog day care rivals the cost of day care for a child.
According to "A Dog's life worth living" "The typical
Northeast Valley child day care center costs anywhere from $25
to $70 for an eight-hour day of care."
Today, some dogs have their own private rooms where
they can watch TV, they have to go to the salon for a "peticure"
and they have to follow dog fashion by wearing clothes and
they have chance to be rich in the future so they can still have
the same life condition after their owners die. We can clearly
predict that there will be more foolish treatment in the future
because all those excessive treatments are created by people
who like to be remarkable by using their currency. It seems to
me that people try to highlight different things instead of
showing their love to their dogs.

Joel Stein (2003, May 19). It's a Dog Life. The Time Magazine.
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A dog's life worth living. Lisa Schencker. The Arizona
Republic [Online]. Available:
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The Pressures of being a Student
Karla Segura

Do you think students have pressures? When you were
a child, did you feel pressured during your studies? And what
about now? Children and adults are affected by different kinds
of pressures.
In the childhood, doing the homework like reading,
copies, multiply, add, study, etc, is the owe of the children but
maybe this can cause them a lot of stress, also getting high
scores in every test or quiz, represent the pressures of being a
student as a child because children have to fulfill their school
responsibilities in order to be considered good.
During the adulthood, getting education can grow into
the biggest pressure for an adult student. While an adult
receives his knowledge, perhaps they want, and they have to try
to learn everything because when you get more knowledge, you
can have more opportunities to get a better job.
To conclude, everybody in his life has at least once felt
pressured as a student, no matter if you are child or an adult.
However, sometimes stress can make the individual a better
person and can make them achieve their goals.

ELI Student Voices 11

Does a Pet Deserve Better Treatment Than
a Member of Our Own Family?
Vanessa Fortuney

The high level of treatments that some people give to
their pets these days is exceeding the limits. People sometimes
treat their pets better that they do to members of their own
family. It's true that animals are alive beings that have helped
people in different ways and for that they deserve respect, but
it's also true that when people start treating them as if they were
human, giving them special and obsessive treatments, spending
inconsiderable amounts of money, it's the moment to reflect
and realize that something is going beyond the limits.
It's well known that animals are on earth for special
purposes. Some people use animals, in particular dogs for
working purposes, for example, seeing eye dog, hearing ear
dog, aide dog, security dog. Other people use animals for
medical research; food; companionship; medical therapies, like
cancer and autism. Others use them as pets to teach children
responsibility, social relationship and love for others, and others
think that it's a good solution for those who can't have children.
When a pet enters in the life of a family, the members
of this group establish special bonds with them. Due to the time
that they spend together they develop a specific attachment to
each other. Some people use pets to keep them company. If we
take as an example dogs, a result from a survey (Salmon &
Salmon, 1983) "suggested that dogs satisfied more of the needs
of widowed, separated and divorced people than those of people
at other stages of life. Apparently, the needs of these people
were not being met fully by a family network, and hence the
dog was playing a more important part in their lives,"
The problem starts when humans give pets all their
attention and start treating them in a fanatical way as if they
were members of their family; they insist to treat them as if they
were their children. These types of treatments are more
commonly seen in people that own dogs, which are often young
married couples without children and that have money to spend
on spoiling an animal, or whose children have already grown
Examples of obsessive attractions that people have for
their pets are showed in different ways. There exist people that
talk about their pets as if they were humans saying their names
in a conversation. Some people provide pets human amenities
such as clothing and medical treatments. They dress them with
clothes of fashion designers, when the pets don't even worry
about what they have on.
For those who want to show of their pets, there exists a
pet boutique online called "All Season" where people can order
the perfect outfit for their pet. The outfits are made according
to the measurements sent, and the owners can choose from a
variety of fabrics depending on the pet's mood. The prices
range between $ 46.00 for two outfits/same size and $ 64.95
three outfits/same size.
There are owners who would go to the extremes for
their animals. An example of this is a woman in Boise, Idaho,

who adopted a little dog with health problems and took her to a
holistic veterinarian to give her acupuncture treatments.
According to LJWORLD.COM (February 16, 2003, p. 1/2)
"holistic veterinarians may use several kinds of alternative
medical treatments, including Chinese herbs, healing touch or
There exist the kind of people who have the privilege
to spend their money in elevated stuff, like sending their pets to
resorts especially designed for them where they are fed in bed
and a special staff gives them massages and body care.
In addition, there also exist special camps where
owners and their pets can have a great time together doing a
variety of activities such as sports, games, lectures, contest and
crafts. "Camp gone to the dogs," at the Mountaineer Inn in
Stove, Vermont, "charges $ 850 to $ 1,300 (depending on
which sessions you attend) and includes room, food and
activities," reported NATIONALGEOGRAPHIC.COM (June
20, 2003. p. 3/8).
People that are not satisfied with the treatments that
they give to their pets also have an special way to please them,
throwing them birthdays parties with all the details as possible:
invitations, b-day treats, games and cake. For some pet stores, a
party gives people the opportunity to discover the variety of
products that they offer.
Personal massages, manicures, gourmet food, special
clothes, ballroom dancing, camps, are some of the things in
which people spend inconsiderable amounts of money on their
pets. Animals are unable to reason, they react by instinct, they
don't really care about how much money they owners spend on
them or the special treatments that they give them. The only
thing that they really need is love, care and respect. They give
people many satisfactions and they can fulfill some empty
spaces, but we can't permit that they take control of our life,
and above all we can't permit ourselves to treat them better than
a member of our own family.

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ELI Student Voices 12

The Pressure of Being a Student
Saleh Saleh

There are a lot pressures that students face when they
study. Some of these pressures make student confused and
sometimes they stop complete studying. However, the main
pressures are homework and quizzes.
First, many students feel confused and tired when they
have too much homework. Some of them keep thinking how to
do the homework. They spend too much time in libraries and
they also have to organize how to present their homework.
Second, the pressure of being a student is also caused
by the quizzes, exams and tests. Some students do not like to
take quizzes for several reasons. For example, one of them
could be that the students are very nervous, or they become
In conclusion, people always face a lot of pressures
when they become students, especially when they have
homework and quizzes. However, the important thing is to be
able to overcome these pressures and continue their study.

Thanks from the Editor
Thank you students for allowing us to share your writing. I
hope you enjoy reading your fellow students' essays. Also
thanks to Noreen Baker and the HUB for arranging the gift
certificates, to Todd Allen for publicizing this issue of Student
Voices, to the Reading/Writing instructors for supporting their
students in their writing, and to Todd Allen, Darion Hutchinson,
and Patti Moon for reading and evaluating the entries.

Thanks everyone! Steve Flocks

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