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Spring 2002

Peace (1st place)
Yolianys Villalobos

Peace is a balance state which has been found
throughout life's humanity. However, the world has faced
conflicts, such as when countries have competed for limited
resources and land. This has had a devastating effect on the
global environment. World peace is the biggest goal wish for
humans who want to advance toward world harmony, where
every individual and nation can freely express their individual
qualities. To find this goal, it is necessary to follow three ways
which are reverence for life, respect for all differences and
gratitude with nature.
Reverence for life has a focus on all the rights that
people possess from conception to death. This includes human
rights like safety outside and inside their houses, as well as
freedom to express and select whatever people want without
disrespecting one's rights. Also, all people deserve to receive
nourishment, a house to protect them against cold, rain and
space to sleep.
Respect for all differences means to create a world in
which all different races, ethnic groups, religions, cultures,
traditions and customs are respected. The world should be free
of discrimination or confrontation. It must be an area where
diversity is appropriate and enjoyed.
Gratitude with nature addresses living in harmony with
animals, plants and other forms of life. This includes caring for
animals in risk of extinction. Another measure is to avoid
activities if they can provoke pollution in the environment,
water and ground. In general, people must be aware that is
impossible to have life without nature.
These three possible solutions show that all humans are
members of a global community of life and that all share a
common mission and responsibility for the future of our planet
because each one should fulfill one's obligations and
responsibilities. Consequently, world peace will be found first
by all when humanity members become aware of this common
mission, and then people will work together giving love and
harmony to obtain this goal.

The 500-year-old Chinese Juniper
(2nd place)
Man Ik Jeon
RW 400

There are many old things in Korea. They have some
legends and special meanings in countryside towns.
Countryside towns have at least one old thing. In my
grandfather's town, there's one special tree in the middle of the
village. It has a special shape, interesting legend, and dark
That tree looks a little different from other trees. First,
it is not as big as its age. It is more than 500 years old, and it
does not come from a seed of a small tree. Also, this tree has a
white stone between the largest and second branch. If someone
tries to pull off the stone, the tree is going to die because the
stone is lodged into the tree very deeply. People don't know
where it came from, and why the tree has that stone, but it looks
like it is part of it and has never been separated. The stone has
separated the tree into two branches.
I heard about the legend of this tree about 10 years ago
just once, so I can't remember it correctly. The story is similar
to "the Romeo and the Juliet" story. There was a man and
woman. They loved each other very much but unfortunately
their towns hated each other. For that reason, they had to meet
under the tree secretly. Then the woman dies from a disease and
the man follows her, and dies. After that, the white stone
appeared, and people performed a religious service every year. I
heard that one branch represented the man and the other the
Unfortunately, people don't believe in the legend
anymore, and they don't perform a religious service anymore.
Later, it became a playground for children, but it's going to die
because it has a disease and it's too old. Maybe a few years
later, nobody will see that tree and nobody will know about the
legend. My town is going to lose their own legend and the
Some countryside towns in Korea have old things and legends
before. But these days people don't believe their legend and
don't care about the old things. As a result, people are going to
lose their legend and symbols. A few years later, we have no
story to tell our kids and grandkids. People always think about
money for living but not to keep their legends and symbols. I
worried about this.

ELI Student Voices 1

Volume 6, Issue 1

Taiyo Okabe

Do you know mochi, which is one of the Japanese
traditional foods? Its English name is rice cake. China and
Korea also have the same type of food. We usually eat them
when we have some festival or event. Then, we prepare them
into two colors, which are white and red. The size of mochi is
usually as big as a cassette tape. In January, we always have
these traditional foods with which we wish our health and good
luck for the year. In this time, sometimes we can see a huge
mochi which is 30 centimeters in diameter. This is only for
decoration; however, many Japanese believe that a god is in the
big mochi from Shintoism, which is Japan's original religion.
Mochi is one of the most interesting Japanese foods because of
its characteristics: original way to prepare, many ways to eat,
and celebration purposes.
Mochi is made of special rice, which is more sticky
than any other types of rice. East Asian people basically like to
eat sticky rice. But this rice is more gummy than normal Asian
rice because of its ingredient. Mochi is often prepared by a
special method. First, we put boiled rice into the usu, which
looks like a bucket and is made of wood. Second we pound this
rice with a large hammer which is also made of wood. After a
guy hits the mochi, and before he hits it the next time, a woman
turns over this white object because this action makes us
prepare it more efficiently. We repeat these actions around a
hundred times. Then the rice is put together and becomes a
white mass which is called mochi. The rhythm of this hitting
and turning over between two workers is very important when
we make mochi by this method.
We usually eat mochi with soy sauce. However, we
can eat it with not only soy sauce but also kinako, which is the
powder of beans. In January, we put this into Japanese
traditional soup that's made with many vegetables and some
seafood. We call this ozouni In addition, mochi is eaten as not
only a normal meal but also a dessert. We call this sweet
oshiruko which is made of boiled small beans with sugar and
mochi. You can see this sweet at some of the coffee shops in
Japan because this is very popular among women and kids.
In some of the areas in Japan, people often throw
mochi when they build a new house. After they put up basic
poles and minimum framework, the owner and his relatives toss
down mochi and many snacks to neighbors from the top of the
house. At the ceremony, many people who are not only
neighbors but also people who are living in the same town
gather to the house to get mochi. These people are usually
women and children because this event normally is held during
daytime of weekdays. I used to go there to get mochi when I
was a small kid. I still remember how this event is tremendous.
Old women who are usually very quiet and walk slowly try to
gain these blessing so actively. They were not "elder people"
any longer. They picked up mochi with screaming. It is
unbelievable how they could move so quickly during only this
ceremony. Mochi must have a special force to change people to
be active.

Finally, mochi is an essential food for Japanese people
because of its unique specialty. Even though mochi is a very old
and historical food, it is had among not only old people but also
young people. Mochi has a mysterious power that fascinates
many people. Japanese people never live without this white
food culturally. In fact, we can see mochi at Asian markets all
over the world because Japanese people believe that mochi
makes them better by mochi's special power.

What is peace?
Diana Medina

What is peace? This question may look like a joke,
because many people talk about peace but never think really
hard about it. Maybe peace is only a dream, and war and
disagreements are a normal behavior for human beings.
Possibly, peace lives only in our minds, and seeking it is just a
At the beginning of civilization, human beings fought
wars to find peace. This is a contradiction, because when
violence and death were used as tools, they generated more
violence and woke up terrible feelings. Perhaps human beings
were fighting through something unavoidable and the solution
could be no looking for peace anymore.
It is impossible to try to coordinate all of the issues
present in a conflict and create rules to discuss, especially when
each part thinks only of winning. Disagreements are an element
of human nature. This thought could be a good point to start the
analysis of the issues and establish some guidelines for
Human beings live constantly looking for answers
outside of themselves but never seek inside where peace is
born. Peace is a mental state. When one has knowledge about
oneself, it is easier to understand the other person. Building
peace is possible only if each of us tries to discover human
nature beyond the material necessities.
Maybe peace is a dream. A dream that is dreamt by all
of us to make it true, but it is necessary to be fully aware of our
responsibility for the construction of that reality. Peace is a high
step for humanity; the way to achieve it is not easy, but it is the
only way to live together.

Social classes in Colombia
Catalina Londono

Colombia is a country of the third world that has a lot
of problems. For instance, drug trafficking, guerrilla groups,
paramilitary, unemployment, poverty, corruption, lack of
education, etc. One of the most principal problems of the third
world of undeveloped countries is the big difference between
one and others. Most noteworthy, social classes in Colombia are
classifications in three groups: high class, middle class and low
class; these three different groups have a lot of divergences.

ELI Student Voices 2

High class is the group of people which have more
money. They are usually owners of principal companies in
Colombia. For example, the Santodomingo family is the owner
of the better manufacturer of beer; this is Cerveza Bavaria; Mr.
Luis Carlos Sarmiento is the owner of three banks and Mr.
Carlos Ardila Lulle is the owner of Postobon, this is the
competition of Coke. An important note, the rich class has
access to the government and clubs, lives in the best areas of the
cities, can go to the Universities in the US or Europe, and can
go to take vacations, etc. However, they have problems also,
like security. They don't have a lot of liberty, because they are
threatened by kidnappers.
Low class is the group of Colombia which doesn't
have opportunities. In contrast with high class, this poor class
lives in marginal areas of cities; sometimes they cannot finish
the high school and sometimes only finish primary school.
Although this class is the working class, they don't have a lot of
opportunities. Twenty percent of the population of Colombia
doesn't have employment and an important percent of this
number is in the low social class. The working class usually
makes a minimum salary of US$185 per month. They have a
big family composition, such as pregnant women when are
fifteen years old (a lot of them raped by stepfathers, etc.). A
major development of poor class lives in rural areas; in this
case, they are peasants. Sometimes they don't have public
services like water and electricity. Furthermore teenagers
younger than eighteen years old are often part of guerrillas
groups; paramilitary group or army and they are now at war.
However with all these problems, the working class in
Colombia is humble and good.
The middle class in Colombia is actually the class
more affected by the economy. With the current economic
problems, the rich people will be richer and the poor people will
be poorer. As a result the upper class needs to struggle to
continue in this class. For instance, many people of this class
are unemployed but need to try to continue the standard of
living. In this case, some ones of these classes are called
shameful families because they don't have money to eat.
However, they will not to go to the streets to beg. The parents
of middle class were university students and went to private
high schools. At that time, they don't have money to pay one of
these for their kids. The intermedium class in developed
countries is the most important to raise the economy and
Colombia has now less and less upper class.
In conclusion, governments in undeveloped countries
with the help of developed countries need to do something
about the big bridge between rich and poor. It is important to
take important actions of the big difference of the actual social
classes, in Colombia: high, middle and low. Globalization is
making to cross an important line, which then the middle class
is being exterminated and going to the poor class.

Quieres bailar
(Tayito Caliente)

Do you know what "Quieres bailar?" means? It
means, "Would you like to dance?" in Spanish. People are
supposed to use and hear this word in Latin dance clubs.
Recently, Latin dance has been spreading not only to Europe
but also Asia because of its passionate and sultry movement.
Many people, including me, are into dancing Salsa in the world.
I met Latin dance such as Merengue and Salsa when I
came to the US. It was the first time to see "pair dance."
Basically, I like playing many sports and any other physical
activities, so I was interested in these dances soon. I still clearly
remember when I danced the first time. This memory makes me
embarrassed because my dance was so awful. I went to a Latin
nightclub with my friends without any information about Salsa
dance. I danced with a South American girl, who is one of my
friends but I didn't feel comfortable then because our dancing
motions didn't correspond completely. She shouted and
explained something, but I could not distinguish what she said
because she spoke Spanish and this club was too loud to have
conversation. I was totally confused. I danced like a marionette
during the day. However, I was satisfied so much and roused to
dance Salsa at the time. I hadn't expected that I would be into
dancing in America. Probably, I am part "Latino" even though I
am an Asian which are famous for being shy and quiet. I
suspected where my grandpa came from ....
First, before I started to dance Salsa I learned to dance
Merengue because Merengue is much easier than Salsa.
Merengue's basic step is two beat and good for beginners
because the steps look like "walking" and it is easy to time the
music and your steps. This simple step makes it easier for us to
time and try to swivel. I learned many turns during Merengue.
After I understood how to dance Merengue, I wasn't
satisfied with these simple steps. Then, eventually I tried to
dance Salsa, which I really wanted to do. Salsa steps are much
more complicated than Merengue's. The rhythm is four beats
and the step is three step and one pause. However, Salsa
swiveling is almost the same as Merengue's. So if you know
some Merengue turns, you can use these turns for Salsa. Even
though I could use Merengue turns for Salsa, I didn't dance
Salsa better than I expected. I noticed that Salsa is very
profound. It is hard to combine Salsa steps and swiveling at the
same time. Also, we have to keep time with our partner's steps,
which is complicated. Lately, I have started to understand how
to time. My next goal is learning more swiveling and more
complicated steps from advanced dancers.
I think that dancing is a kind of conversation without
speaking, because your personality reflects your dance clearly.
Particularly, pair dances such as Merengue and Salsa are very
important to time with partner's steps. It feels like talking. I
think that many people might agree with this idea. Therefore, I
really care about my partner's stepping and movements. I don't
feel comfortable if my partner and I dance differently. I prefer
nice timing dancing better than trying difficult turns. Even
though I am a beginner or intermediate dancer, I understand

ELI Student Voices 3

what uncomfortable dance is. In addition, learning dancing is
similar to learning new languages. When I see dancer's motion
first time, I don't understand what they do. But I can recognize
most of their dances clearly now. However, I still can't
understand what more advanced dancers do. For me it is as
difficult as understanding what fast native English speakers say.
I am often asked who my dance teacher is when I
dance Salsa in front of South Americans whom I meet the first
time. My dance teachers, all of whom are Latin American, are
friends of mine. They have already known how to dance Salsa
and Merengue because they have danced and looked at other
people's dance since they were kids. Also, they teach me how to
ask girls to dance with us. My teachers are so kind and patient.
However, the only problem is they and Asians have different
structure of body and rhythm senses. When I see their dancing,
I often wonder why they can dance so well. Japanese traditional
or festival dances, which are named "Nihon Buyou" or "Bon
Odori," require slow and correct movements rather than
dynamic movements or sense of rhythm like Latin dances. So
we have a few disadvantages to dance Salsa because of our
Finally I was not interested in dancing before I saw
Salsa. I didn't care about even Japanese dances. I preferred to
play sports that we decide who win or loses. There is not
winning or losing in the Salsa world. Maybe most Japanese
people, one of whom is I, feel embarrassed to dance. But Salsa
is different for me. Its active movement has been attracting me
since I went to a nightclub with my friends. I am looking
forward to thinking how my dance is going to change.

Effects of smoking marijuana
Maria Gabriela Medina

Marijuana smoking is very unhealthy for the human
body. The body's reaction to marijuana can vary because of the
drug concentration found in marijuana. The active drug in
marijuana is THC (tetrahydrocannibol). The body is affected
psychologically and physically and marijuana is also said to
cause addiction. Smoking marijuana affects a person
psychologically by causing them to feel confused and
disoriented. Physically, the drug causes cancer, weakens the
immune system and is dangerous for the unborn. These facts are
important to know because of the negative effects that are
caused by smoking marijuana.
Among the physical effects is cancer. There is a strong
link between smoking marijuana and smoking tobacco, this
combination increases the risk of developing cancer. Studies
show that many of the same carcinogens are greater in
marijuana than in tobacco. So even if they consume less
marijuana than tobacco they are still taking in the same amount
or more. One marijuana cigarette is said to deposit four times as
much tar as a cigarette.
The immune system is also affected by smoking
marijuana. The immune system protects the body from viruses
and bacteria that cause diseases. Studies have shown that
marijuana affects the immune system found in the lungs. This

allows viruses to spread quickly and deeply throughout the
body. For this reason, people with HIV are told not to smoke
Another danger of smoking marijuana is the effect it
has on fetuses. The results of smoking during pregnancy are
many. In some cases it affects the size, weight, and the head
size by making these figures much lower than in children born
drug-free. The problem with having smaller babies is that they
are at greater risk of becoming sick. The babies' nervous system
is affected as well as their concentration.
In conclusion, the negative effects marijuana has on
the human body are great and should be considered. Although
marijuana users say they feel happy and relaxed, they are not
confronting the dangers of smoking marijuana. They also
believe the myth that marijuana is not addictive. Yet, what they
fail to understand is that addiction is not only defined by a
physical need for a drug but also by a dependency, regular use,
and becoming resistant to the drug itself.

Nizwa Fort
Hamed Al-Ismaili
RW 42

Oman is one of the Arab countries. It is located in
Asia. In the past, the tribes in Oman were engaged in wars with
other countries. Therefore, they had to build defenses against
their enemies. So they built a lot of forts which are built to
defend an area against attack. The government of Oman has
protected and restored these forts.
Nizwa fort is one of the biggest forts in Oman. Nizwa
is the name of the town where the fort was built. This town is
located in the very heart of Oman. This fort is cylinder-shaped
and has very high, thick walls, which are made by a special type
of mud and stones. It has big gates made from a special type of
wood, so break-in was difficult for enemies. In addition, there
are a lot of outlets in the walls of the fort. Some of them were
used to pour hot liquids onto enemies. Others were used for
observing and shooting. Also, there are a lot of cannons inside
the fort. Moreover, through the fort runs afalaj, a stream of
water, which supplied people inside the fort water. But in the
case of war, people didn't use the falaj because enemies might
have put some poison in the water outside the fort. In that case,
the defenders of the fort used only well water.
Nizwa fort had many uses during peacetime. In the
fort, for example, there is a suite for the imam, the leader of the
people, and his family, a school, a mosque, a prison, and a lot of
stores for food and weapons. However, the main use for the
fort was to be a center for the army.
These days, Nizwa fort is a museum opened for
visitors. It displays some old weapons, furniture, traditional
clothes, and a lot of antiques. The government has organized a
guide team which can take tourists on tours inside the fort.
Furthermore, it has published some books about the fort and its
history for visitors.
In conclusion, Nizwa fort is an interesting landmark
for tourists. Thus, it is a good idea to visit Oman and have a
good time visiting this fort. Also, taking photos is a good way

ELI Student Voices 4

to remember this place and to recommend this landmark for
friends and family.

Down Under
Alfredo Bellucio

AUSTRALIA has been called DOWN UNDER for the
reason that it is enclosed. Australia has an abundant territory
and for that it is called an island, continent and country at the
same time. Nobody knows about Australia and the capital or
how many people live there. This reason is because on the news
and on television only very little information appears about it.
Australia is divided in seven states akin to New South Wales,
Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, North Australia,
Western Australia, and Tasmania. Three of them are the most
important cities in Australia like Melbourne, Sydney, and
Canberra, for the reason that they are the most important and
developed in that country.
First, Sydney is found in New South Wales, and the
population is more or less five and half million of people, and
has all the most important industries, factories. Every political
development is present there and for that it is the heart of
Australia. There are many places that only one can find, like
The Harbour Bridge, The Opera House, which was built 1932,
and the construction was stopped, because the technology did
no exist at that time, and the cost of the construction was more
than 100 million dollars, but the building was finished in 1973.
Another city is Canberra, which is the capital of
Australia. This city is different from Sydney because is it
smaller, and the population is between 500,000 and 400,000
people, and it was built by planners and everything there is in a
perfect location, like the Government House, Parliament House,
National Library together form a triangle of 90 degrees, and all
the city is like that. Nobody knows about Canberra because the
news always involves Sydney.
The last city is Melbourne, the capital of Victoria. It is
the same size as Minnesota state, and is the second largest
population of Australia, about four million of people as Sydney.
Melbourne has many factories, not the same level as Sydney.
Melbourne is a Metropolis, and has many places to visit as Art
Galleries, Museum, Casinos, and Nationals Parks etc. Even
though Australia's cities are completely opposite from each
other, they have never lost their own original Australian style.
In summary, Australia is a country where everybody
can find the most beautiful nature, the most amazing buildings,
most dangerous animals and trees, so it's the greatest country to

Modern art: Why I love it
Ekanut Ungphankorn

"Why do you usually go to a museum of modern art as
often as you can?" is a question I am often asked by my friends.
It is not only because I love modern art but also because it

benefits me, unlike science, which gives me only logic. Besides
increasing my knowledge, the arts develop my mind, too; they
also explain the spirit of the culture that I visit.
Of course, knowledge is the benefit I will get. Seeing
the arts, I have to consider the idea of their artists. Thus, I will
practice thinking by analyzing their concepts. Though I can't
figure out how they think, my brain will not "freeze" because of
under-use. In addition, the modern arts will broaden my
perspective, which is one reason for success. For example, in a
business deal, I can talk over Vango's style with my client, who
loves art.
In today's hectic society, technology stiffens people.
From the time they are bor, they are taught to have rational
thinking. Arts will soften their minds. Instead of having only
"straight line," they will understand "the curve." They will
know what beautiful is. They will also comprehend how others
think, bringing about the reduction of their egos. Moreover, arts
will raise the individual motivation; for instance, I got an idea
for a project while gazing at Michelangelo's sculptures.
Most importantly, modern arts explain the spirit of the
culture which I visit. I can comprehend what the art means in
the natives' minds and how they appreciate it. Furthermore,
modern arts demonstrate a "time" I live in. They show our
generation's spirit to the later generation's eyes. In the future,
our great-grandchildren will be able to learn about our time via
the arts like we learn history through our ancestors' arts.
In conclusion, to increase knowledge, to develop my
mind, and to explain the spirit are the main reasons I love
modern arts. They tell me about both time and culture, which I
cannot find in science.

Living in Gainesville: An unforgettable
Oscar Real

Gainesville, Florida, one of many college towns in
United States, combines a friendly atmosphere with a variety of
large-town services. With a population of more than one
hundred and fifty thousand, Gainesville is located in north-
central Florida. It has spectacular weather and provides quick
and easy access to the state's major cities. Gainesville is only a
two-hour drive from Orlando, Tampa and Jacksonville. It is a
very special place if you are planning to learn or improve your
English skills. Life in Gainesville gives international students
plenty of recreational opportunities, economic opportunities,
and a welcoming environment.
There are many different kinds of recreational
opportunities for international students, making their lives fun
and comfortable. Sports and outside activities like golf, soccer,
and tennis can be found in abundance, as can the scenic beauty
of the area's flora and fauna. If you prefer to admire nature
while doing some exercise, you can ride your bike. Bicycling is
very popular, and rentals and maps of bicycle routes are
available to newcomers. If you don't like using outdoor
facilities, the University of Florida offers concerts and has one
of the largest natural history museums in the southeast. There

ELI Student Voices 5

are also some good places like coffee shops and movie theaters
to hang out with your friends and have a great time.
One of the most important characteristics of
Gainesville is that it's a small city in terms of development.
Gainesville is the perfect location for new and expanding
companies looking for the correct place. The population makes
this town the correct location to attract business and industry. In
a few years, I predict that Gainesville could be one of the most
important towns in Florida and will have many employment
opportunities. The University of Florida being located here
increases job opportunities. Shands at UF provides a wide array
of skilled positions available to graduates of medicine,
engineering, and business. Many UF graduates find
employment and make their homes in Gainesville.
If you want to feel as if you were at home, Gainesville
offers you the amenities to do so. With the university
atmosphere is a great deal of diversity. People, including other
university students, are usually very friendly. International
students practice and learn strategies for interaction and
successful conversations with native speakers of English. In
addition, many student organizations provide the opportunity
for you to socialize with people from your own country.
Indeed, Gainesville is one of the most convenient
locations in central Florida. It provides its citizens with many
recreational and job opportunities. It is especially helpful for
international students, who take advantage of the variety of
available services. Are you looking for place to live, to learn
English or to spend some vacation time? I fully recommend
coming to Gainesville in the Sunshine State, and you will have
an unforgettable experience.

How to create a Quality Manual
Maria Goitia

Globalization demands high quality of work of all
current companies. An indispensable tool to find the maximum
excellence is a Quality Manual. A Quality Manual describes
how any company follows rules to get quality in its products.
This manual is an important document that shows members of a
company the general procedures for each department. The steps
to create a Quality Manual are: observation, evaluation,
emitting pieces of advice, and editing of the Quality Manual.
In the first place, it is essential to observe each general
procedure and type the common way those procedures are done.
This activity changes depending on the company's size and it
demands a careful attitude in an auditor. The auditor is a person
or group of people who inspects all dealings in a corporation.
The purpose of the observation is to diagnose monitoring of the
rules, laws, and parameters required to get a maximum fineness.
After this process, the auditor has to make a simple handbook
about the present modus operandi in the corporation and
promote a meeting with the board of directors. The idea of that
meeting is to create awareness about the company's current
At this point, it is necessary to look over and compare
each general procedure with the International Clauses of

Quality. The auditor spends usually one or two weeks creating a
comparative balance which is submitted to the board of
directors. This step is extremely detailed and strict because the
report that is obtained at this stage will be the foundation of the
success needed to obtain the quality in the company. Also, a
guidebook that shows some advice of the auditor to improve the
current situation in the company is required. These pieces of
advice can or cannot be followed by the board of directors
because sometime this implicates a high production and a high
maintenance cost of the corporation, but in the majority of the
cases it is desirable to follow the advice.
Now, the auditor has the ability to order the
preparation of the Quality Manual. This one must have as many
sections as the clauses that the norm of quality has that apply to
the company. The main ideas contained in the manual have to
be the work instructions and description of procedures, besides
the new personnel's training. Finally, a different auditor must
check if the concluding manual is in fact a good representation
of the real functioning of the corporation. This step is called
editing the Manual.
In summary, creating a Quality Manual is a extensive
process, but it is a great demand inside of globalization's
concepts. It is important to make a good feedback procedure
among the board of directors, the company workers, and the
auditor. In order to get a good Quality Manual, any company
has to do four basic activities: observation and evaluation of all
the procedures, emitting pieces of advice, and editing of the
final Quality Manual.

Maria Cecilia Hou

The characteristics of houses represent the creativity of
people. A perfect, large and beautiful house is one that doesn't
need ,ii. liini,- neither the minimum details nor the big ones.
This house will possess many rooms that may be decorated in
different kinds of styles, a big garden, and an incredible
A house looks better if it's decorated in different kinds
of styles. This way, it doesn't look like it has monotony. For
instance, each bedroom is going to be decorated with different
accessories and materials. The walls are going to be painted
with colors that are adequate for the ambiance and the
personality of the person. The most important thing is the space
that it must have.
The garden represents the peacefulness of the house. If
it's large, it is better because this way you can find nature. It
should have lots of plants and colorful flowers. A garden must
bring joy to the house. Moreover, you will feel relaxed in the
quiet environment that you can discover.
The most important impression of a house is the
entrance. It should look nicer and always must be well arranged
because it is the first thing that a guest would see when she or
he enters a house. The entrance represents all that you can see
inside. For instance, if you have a messy entrance, maybe the

ELI Student Voices 6

inside of the house doesn't look pleasant, or if you have a well-
arranged entrance, the inside looks pleasing to the eyes.
In conclusion, a house should represent the personality
and creativity of a person. Also, the way it is arranged and
decorated should symbolize the character of a person. If
someone wants a perfect house, it must be decorated in different
kinds of styles, have a big garden, and an incredible entrance.

Swimming freestyle
Walter Arends
RW 400

Swimming is a healthy sport that people practice to
stay in good health. There are four competitive strokes in
swimming: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.
Freestyle is the most basic and easiest stroke. Normally, it is the
first stroke that people learn to swim. The following
implements are needed for a good swim: a swimming pool,
swimsuit and goggles.
The first step is to keep floating on the water on one's
stomach in a horizontal position, with your arms and legs
stretched. The arms should be completely stretched out above
the head. After that, start kicking; freestyle kick is one leg after
the other, with a continuous rhythm. The next step is the stroke;
freestyle stroke is like the kick, one arm next to the other; when
one arm is in front of you, the other must be behind you.
The last and most difficult step is breathing. It is made
by getting your head out of the water, and it is when the stroke
is in the half of the movement. You can breathe on the side if
you want to, but it has to be on the side that your arm is out of
the water.
Those are basic steps for swimming freestyle. With
practice you can get much better at your swimming, and you
can increase your speed.

The monitoring program and how it
affects our privacy
Maria Gabriela Medina

Thousands of foreign students come each year to the
United States seeking education. These students come from
different backgrounds and each one has his own beliefs that he
thinks are true and wants to express them in whatever way he or
she can. On September 11, 2001 terrorism hit this country. One
of its results is a monitoring program that allows the
government to track foreign students and pay close attention to
them through different ways. I think that this program has its
benefits but at the same time has some drawbacks. On one side,
this program will give the government an extra tool to protect
itself against terrorists, but on the other side it will make all the
foreign students feel like they are being watched all the time
and feel like people need to be cautious around them. In
addition the private life of these students might not be respected

The events of September 11 have created a new image
of foreign students. Before that day, a foreign student was
simply an individual who came to this country to learn and
enjoy the spirit of freedom. Now this student can have a
different definition because he might have a different purpose
for being in this country. He can be a terrorist who is here to do
evil! For me being in this country is like visiting someone that
does not know you a lot. Since the United States is hosting us
and giving us all the rights to seek the knowledge that we came
here for, it also has the right to take all the precautions that will
allow it to defend itself against another September 11. As long
as the student is here for education, he or she should not be
against this program. This individual should not reject that
everything he or she is doing in the society be monitored if he
or she is not doing anything wrong. In my opinion this program
is not taking away any of my rights; on the contrary it is making
this country a safer place to live in for me and for its citizens.
One of the drawbacks of this program is that it will
make foreign students feel like they are being watched at every
step that they are taking and this might make them feel that they
are being deprived of their freedom. People might think that
they have to be cautious around foreign students and might start
to treat them in a different way and this way might sometimes
be bad.
In addition to that, if the foreign students are
monitored all the time, this might lead to breaking into their
private lives. If the government is to allow checking on the
student's e-mails and phone calls then this means that these
individuals can no longer use these things to write or talk about
anything private. So someone might feel that his privacy is not
In conclusion, I still think that the United States is the
leader of "freedom" in this world and because of that, I am with
any idea that will protect this nation and its people from evil as
long as my private life is protected and as long as I am treated
as a welcomed guest.

The variety of lifestyle
Mi Jung Kim

All countries in the world have a unique lifestyle in
their own way. This is affected by their traditional culture. Also,
this varies with the time, place and climate. Therefore, it differs
with countries in a mode of living. I think that South Korea and
the United States have many differences on some points. Three
styles of them are clothing, food, and shelter.
One important difference is clothing style. In Korea,
clothes are formal and seem to be noticed more by other
Koreans. Also, Koreans wear clothes which do not expose one's
self in public. Additionally, when they attend a funeral, the
majorities are dressed in white. On the contrary, clothing in the
United States is much unrestrained and people do not pay
attention to the others' clothes. Americans mainly wear
comfortable clothes. Also, when they attend a funeral, they
wear black.

ELI Student Voices 7

Second difference is food. On one hand, Koreans eat
mostly rice and vegetable. Korean cooking uses mainly
traditional things. Also, it is almost always a fixed meal type
daily. Koreans set the table with all dishes at once, not course
meals. Additionally, Koreans share food out of one dish. On the
other hand, Americans usually eat meat, and a dish with some
vegetable. They eat different dishes, which come from the other
countries. Additionally, their food is offered one by one and is a
variety meal type daily. Also, Americans do not share food but
each person has his or her own dish.
Finally, shelter is a special difference between Korea
and the United States. In Korea, Koreans assume the seating
form. For this reason, heat warms the floor of their rooms which
is called an ondol (a hot-floor room). They are covered with a
floor paper, not carpet. Also, Koreans don't put on shoes, but
instead they walk around barefoot in the room. On the contrary,
because Americans live in a standing form, the floor of their
room is cold, and a heater is installed. Therefore, it warms only
the air. Also, all rooms are covered with carpet, even the
bathrooms. Additionally, Americans walk around in one's shoes
in the rooms.
Because South Korea and the United States have
traditional culture, there are significant differences in their
clothing, food, and shelter. Of course, wherever they live, their
minds are almost alike. However, we should remember that
they have a distinctive way of life in their own way.

Rice alcohol
Chao-chih Wang (George)
RW 400

There is no doubt that rice alcohol is very important in
Chinese culture and life. In fact, there are several ways to use
rice alcohol. People can use it not only for drinking, cooking
but also curing and celebrating.
The reasons are quite clear. It is very traditional that
Chinese always brew their own alcohol, which is called rice
alcohol. One of the most important benefits about rice alcohol is
for drinking. For example, people always use it for celebrating
or increasing the atmosphere in parties or family gathering.
There are many kinds of rice alcohol, like fruit, sugar, flower
smell and so on. The original one, which tastes a little pungent,
could be more than fifty percent alcohol if they preserve it
longer than three years. Normally, people drink it just around
twenty percent alcohol and make the rice alcohol a little warm
to be perfect.
Second, Chinese people use the rice alcohol for
cooking. They always drip a few drops in the meals so that they
would be more delicious for some food. The most obvious
evidence is that people always marinate beef, pork, and chicken
with rice alcohol before cooking because they always have
some raw smell.
The third and very important reason is that people use
rice alcohol for curing. For example, Chinese use the twenty
percent rice alcohol when they get hurt and have a little pain in
the skin. They put some rice alcohol around the wound so that it
can make the patient feel better and without pain. Also, high

quality rice alcohol can kill bacteria and sterilize when they get
After explaining the reasons above, it is very wise to
say that rice alcohol is very important and useful in Chinese
culture and life. They can use different kinds of rice alcohol in
drinking, cooking, celebrating, and curing.

Different points for watching a soccer
Fabio Prado Chaib Jorge

There are several forms to understand a soccer game.
For many people soccer is the most important thing in their
lives. When one great admirer is watching a soccer game, he or
she is not just cheering, he or she makes examination of the
formation of that game to understand that it is necessary to
know how each team can be divided. We can divide players
into three parts: defenders, midfielders, and forwarders.
A soccer aficionado should be able to observe the
players playing defense. In spite of the soccer team's goal,
which is to win the game, making many goals is also important
to keep the defense protected against the other team. Therefore,
he or she can watch many games that for most teams the first
thing to think about are playing to save its goalkeeper to do not
take goals.
Although the traditional soccer belief says that the
main sector in a soccer game is forward, this is not true for the
majority of soccer coaches. They think that for the forwarders
to make goals is necessary for some people who connect them
next to the goal, such as kicking the ball into the area to be
"easy" for forwarders conclusion at the goal. They are called
midfielders, so their paper in the field is extremely hard because
they need to protect their defense and at the same time start
making a goal. Actually, coaches put them in 4 players and they
share that function in 2 parts, each one with 2 players.
On the other hand, almost all of the famous players in
the soccer's life were or are forwarders. That happens because
how everybody knows that the most important thing at soccer is
a goal, so they are the ones who make more goals at each game.
They are the stars at games; one can trust them because they
will be able to decide whatever the destiny of the game is.
Finally with these explications, the admirer of soccer is
going to know how his or her team is playing in any game.
Therefore, the functions can be divided in 3 forms, players who
play in the defense, midfield, and forward. Each one has
different "ways" in the game; one has to protect his goal against
other team while one has to make goals to win the game.

How to be a good friend?
Claudia Aires

In life, there are many important things: One is the
friendship. One meets people but sometimes they will be
friends. How to be a good friend? One must be sincere, helpful,

ELI Student Voices 8

and understanding. This is very difficult but one must follow
these steps.
The first step for a good friend is sincerity. A sincere
friend is the kind that one will tell the other person the truth,
even when one does not want to hear it. This kind of honesty
builds trust which is the foundation for a strong and long lasting
friendship. A sincere friend is one that can be counted on for
support and strength, because one knows there is no hidden
agenda. Only sincere friends are the ones that will help you
through the rough times.
During these rough times one is able to tell who is a
true friend. One of the duties of a friend is to be willing to help
you in sticky situations such as running out of gas at three in the
morning, or to provide a shoulder to cry on when someone
breaks up with you. Friendships are based on reciprocity:
Friends do things for each other because they know they
can count on their help at a later date. A true friend does not
need to be with you at all times to prove they are your friend.
They just need to be there when one needs them. Same as a
person being there for them when they need someone.
The third step is understanding. In any friendship, it is
important to have understanding. When one is a friend, this
does not mean that they always think the same way. People are
different but it is important to understand the other person.
Sometimes this friend needs understanding and support, and
that's when one must respect the person's feelings, goals, and
the way he or she thinks.
By following these steps one can be a good friend.
Always remember that friendship is an important aspect of life.
Definitely, friendships are not easy. One needs to put a big
effort in order to be a good friend. As a result, though, this
effort is rewarded with many good friends always willing to
help and care for you.

Contrast life customs between Venezuela
and the U.S.A.
Maria Eugenia Menendez

All countries in the world have different customs in
their religion, culture, family, and society. They are different for
many reasons like geography, weather, population or history.
Some of the most contrasting differences between countries are
family, society or religion customs. For all these reasons
Venezuela and the United States have many diverse traditions.
One of the most important contrasts is family customs.
In the Venezuelan family the children are very close to their
parents. Their relationship is very loving and their affiliation is
always between parents and kids. On the other hand, in an
American family their relations are different; in this type of
family children are more independent. Their relationships in
this case are very friendly and their connections are more like
friends or partners. Also, Venezuelan families are bigger than
American families. Normally, in Venezuela, families have
numerous children between two and four. On the contrary, the
United States families try to have only one or two kids.

Also, another contrast is when people usually decide to
leave their homes. In Venezuela, people don't leave their
homes until they get married or get a new job in a different city
from where their parents live. However, American adolescents
leave their homes when they go to college or when they are
eighteen years old.
Another distinct custom between the countries is when
people normally decide to get married. Venezuelan people very
commonly get married very young, between twenty-five and
thirty years old. Unlike Venezuelans, American people usually
get married older, because they normally decide to get married
around thirty and thirty five years old. Also, in Venezuela, the
boyfriend and the girlfriend do not live together in the same
house until they get married. However, in United States
normally people live together before getting married.
Another very significant contrast is lifestyles. In
Venezuela, people generally are more traditional than
Americans. On the one hand, Americans are very practical, so
perhaps that is the cause for children to be informal with adults.
On the other hand, young people in Venezuela address old
people very politely and with much respect for them. Even
though the United States is different, when young people are
with old people they address them as their friends.
In conclusion, between these two countries there are
different lifestyles and people have diverse customs. All these
contrasts may be because of the different geography, weather,
population and economy. Also, some of these different
traditions are for religious reasons because most part of the
population in Venezuela is Catholic. In contrast the United
States has many diverse religions.

My hometown
Wanjun Yan

My hometown, in which HuanAn County government
is located, was a silent and green place, but recently, tourists
have come from all over the world to break its quiet way.
Residents in this town feel excited about the change in their
lifestyle. They have an opportunity to make friends with people
who come from different countries.
My hometown is really an ancient town. Tourists enjoy
their trip to the town because they feel as if they have returned
to the 18th Century. You can see many ancient buildings, and
even some original and natural lifestyle here. Some guests say
that they like the simple and pollution-free lifestyle here.
Oh, don't worry! You didn't really return to the 18t
century. There are many modern guesthouses and hotels as well
as exciting entertainment amenities in the town. You will feel
very comfortable here. By the way, don't take too much money.
Everything is so cheap that newcomers can't believe it's true.
Unfortunately, most people in my hometown have a
poor English speaking and listening level. If a beautiful girl
says to you, "I love you," don't fall in love! She just means she
likes to talk with you and she will help you if you need.
Sometimes, their poor English can be a lot of fun. I prefer that
people keep their English level like this.

ELI Student Voices 9

Take some pictures here. I believe your visit to my
hometown will be the best memory in your life.

A technician ... please!
Oscar Augusto Mendoza

"The world hasn't changed for the politic, or else for
the technique." -Friederich Durrenmatt

The meditation, the necessity of life, and the debate,
moreover, unnecessary over well-being have led me to the
desperate petition of an order or disorder having technicians as
First of all, I say that the debate over well-being is
unnecessary because everybody, absolutely everybody, knows
that the human being's only objective is its well-being. Simple
existence is sine qua non condition of animals who, born being
animals, obey, certainly, adaptations to nature and whatever
they can, through instinct, obtain.
The human being is born and needs to create its own
existence, navigating towards and through the project of its life
that simply submerges it in tasks and other things. The human
being has to force itself through exercises that are strictly
superfluous. It has to be somebody who can be obedient to well
being as well as to what he or she desires. This exercise means,
to the animals' difference, if not in the adaptation of the media
to the subject, if not in the adaptation to the subject to the
Now, the reason why I add superfluous to the
complicated exercise of transformation of the media towards
subject. I'd like, here, to center this reflection on the thought of
Ortega Y Gassett and say that warmth and food are human
needs and are conditions for living, in the sense of mere
existence and simply being in the world. "Are, then, needs in
proportion to that which the human being needs in order to
For the human being, according to Ortega y Gasset,
living is absolutely necessary, but its well-being is more
essential. The human being doesn't look for heat when it is
cold; it makes the fire, and makes it because living is necessary,
existing. And the exercise of that technique, structural resources
that are implicit in the human being itself, shows up as the
capacity to transform nature, and in it, play like this produces
The technique itself appears to us as synonyms of man,
as the development of fundamental parts of the spiritual form
and the intellectual importance of the fulfillment of dreams,
constructing over nature a reality that challenges, that adapts to
its task, and the integral conceptual principal of its existence.
If I am cold I make fire and therefore I don't die from
the cold. If I am hungry I simply eat and so life exists and my
needs satisfy my rights over nature and my thoughts and my
need that compels me to construct, and traverse the road that I
am going to cover through this life that is, no less, my

This road is constructed submerged in an exercise, in a
methodology of life that permits exploration, with the nature's
resources, of the mechanism of well-being and good living that
thanks the technique, the sine qua non condition of the human
being and permits us to enjoy superfluous desire that is over and
above simply living on the earth.
I'd like to return to Ortega: "... It occurs to everyone
that if the human being didn't have the intellectual capacity to
discover new relationships between things that surround it, it
wouldn't invent instruments or advantageous methods to satisfy
its needs." And more . "When the historian takes in front of
his eyes vast ranges of time, he finds that he can't name it or
else is alluding to the peculiarity of his technique."
Apparently, some important people in the world and
above all, politicians, differ on the tasks of the game of existing
and invite us to no be too "technical" and be more human, as if
technique and humanness cannot be related. As if the human
being is only that which is regulated by intuition and not that
which is sensitized by technique.
The game that some politicians propose to adapt to the
circumstances and not that the circumstances adapt to us, makes
me cry out at the imperious necessity to solicit somebody who
understands Technique as it can behave like a human being and
definitely give rest to those who look for heat when it's cold
because they don't know to make fire.
It's necessary to construct the game of the nation
without lies or falsifications of the truth because "Lying in the
game is falsifying the game and, so, not playing."

How to maintain a Bonsai
Mari Tatsuzawa

Bonsai is one of Japanese traditional arts of
ornamental plants. When one starts to raise a bonsai into good
shape, one needs knowledge of horticultural skills, such as how
to water, how to prune the branches, and how to wire the
branches. Bonsais are kept small. The height of most bonsais
range from five centimeters (two inches) to one meter (three
feet). One needs some good technique and a lot of experience
about bonsais.
How frequently one waters bonsais depends on many
things. One should try to water the plants every day in the
summer and several times a week in the winter. Generally, if
one keeps one's trees outside where rain can water them, one
does not have to worry in the winter except in the hot weather
or little rain. However, in dry season or dry area, can quickly
dry out the soil; therefore, one must check moisture levels
regularly and spray water to the leaves with a sprayer.
Pruning bonsais is necessary to maintain a good
shape. Before pruning, one must find out the type of plant and
research the best times to prune. New growth is mostly pruned
during the growing season to maintain the shape of bonsais.
Moreover, old season growth is pruned in the autumn. When
one prunes away the outward growth, one must trim just after
the next series of leaves.

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When one is wiring, one should try to follow the
natural curves of the trees in nature. Wiring is a temporary
measure to control branches for a desired shape. The method of
wiring is clenching the branch with both hands and applying the
wire around the branch slowly. The wire should not be left
permanently on the tree. Furthermore, one should check
regularly whether the wire does not bite into the tree.
In conclusion, to maintain a bonsai is very difficult; also one
needs knowledge about plants. One must look carefully at the
bonsai and check it every day for the plant's condition. Always
remember that one is working with a living plant.

Yamer Jimenez
RW 400

It easy to learn to dance "Salsa," if one can feel the
music in their heart. Salsa is a tropical music that not only
provides a relaxing moment while one is dancing, but also
offers the opportunity to be in shape, and it is a great occasion
to know interesting people. There are several major steps
involved in learning to dance Salsa like: to have the intention to
do it, to find a good partner, to select the correct music, to learn
the basics steps, and to learn to turn round.
The first step is to have the real intention to learn a
different kind of music. This is a very important step, because
one needs to know that learning to dance tropical music it is
necessary to feel the music not only in your feet, but also in
your soul. Next, it is important to find a good partner who has
the same or more inspiration than you have. If one could find
that person, this will be a perfect combination of two people
with the same goal.
The third step is to select the correct music for you.
This means not only the right music, but also it means to choose
the correct rhythm for you, not too slow or too fast. The next
step is to learn the basic step, which will be the base for a
successful knowledge. First, relax and feel the music that easily
takes over your body and your movements. In addition, give
alternating steps in front and behind you, and synchronize
vigorously, naturally and gracefully all of them.
The last step is to learn to turn around, which implies
more concentration and precision in the movements that the
basic steps require. First, hold your partner softly but firmly,
and turn around simultaneously with the previously established
direction. As a result, both of you will meet together at the
beginning point.
The final result is a fantastic experience that will
provide another point of view, when one is dancing. One does
not have to see other friends having fun all the night. Now you
can be the attraction of the party. All these things are possible,
if one follows these easy steps to learn how to dance "Salsa".

How are bananas processed for export
Jason Serrano

One of the most principal agricultural products for
export in Ecuador, South America, is bananas (Mussa
paradisiaca). It is important to mention that the whole process
actually starts when the plant is sowed, although major
emphasis is put in the packing of the fruit. Nevertheless, in the
plantation one must also be careful with the phyto-sanitary
controls in order to be able to export specifically to the United
States. This essay will be focused basically on the packing of
the fruit starting from when the raceme is cut until the fruit is
placed in the port.
The first step is to choose the right racemes that are
ready in the plantation. Each raceme has to be at least a grade of
42 in thickness in order to be cut. Then one has to use a special
ladder to reach and cut each raceme. This is the step where the
producers are still researching to find a better way because at
this moment the raceme suffers usually the major damage.
Immediately after that, the raceme has to be placed in a cradle
to prevent any further kind of damage while it is transported
from the plant to the funicular line. Next, the raceme is carried
and placed in the funicular line and transported to the packing
building. In this place, the raceme is checked one more time and
qualified by a special person who has a caliper gauge to
measure each cluster in the raceme and make sure that it is the
correct grade and size. After, the raceme is deflowered to
minimize impurities in the latex bathtub. Finally, the raceme is
transported to the parking lot where this is the beginning of the
process for packing the fruit.
The second step consists of cutting each cluster from
the raceme using a special tool and then putting them into the
latex bathtub. Next, each cluster is cut once again for
presentation and to arrange the crown using a curved knife. All
the fingers from the clusters that one eliminates in order to give
the cluster a better presentation are called rebound. Some
producers usually sell this rebound to local markets or generally
use it to feed the cattle in the same farm. After that, the clusters
pass to another bathtub with fresh water to avoid any residues
of latex and filth. It is important to point out that each cluster
has to be in this place for at least ten minutes, otherwise the
fruit could be spotted with the latex. Thereafter, the clusters are
placed on a special tray with holes in the bottom to drain the
water. Then these trays, which contain the clusters, go through a
table to be fumigated with a special fungicide to prevent crown
from rotting.
The third step begins after the fruit is fumigated. Then
another person puts a distinctive label in each cluster with the
brand name of the exporter, such as: Dole, Del Monte, Bonita
Bananas, etc. The clusters are then placed in a particular
cardboard box. It is necessary to weigh each box using a scale;
the weight depends on the country of destination. For example,
if the embarkation is for Chile, South America, one can send
boxes over fifty pounds but if it is for the Unites States or
China, the maximum weight per box is forty-two pounds. Next,
the clusters inside the box are covered with a special plastic bag

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where all the air is extracted with a vacuum cleaner to prolong
the ripeness process of the fruit. Soon afterward, the box is
covered and bailed into a container with a limit of one thousand
boxes. The last step is to take the fruit to the port and wait to
unload the boxes from the trucks or wait until the containers are
placed inside the ship. Finally, it is equally important to note
that when something in the packing process fails, all the fruit in
the port can be rejected.
As one can observe, to export bananas is not as easy as
it seems because one has to follow a very detailed and
complicated process in order to sell this kind of tropical fruit.
The care begins since one sows the plant and ends when the
fruit is already in the ship. It is a cultivation which needs a lot
of human labor but it is quite profitable. Notwithstanding, in
spite that Ecuador is one of the main exporters of the fruit in
South America, it still has problems of commerce especially
within the European community.

The tennis game
Noel Lasanta
RW 400

People can find different ways to learn the tennis
game. Sometimes there are people that have a natural ability
for sports, but they have to learn the correct way to play this
game. I hope that you learn the tennis game with this essay.
The first step is that you should talk with a certified
tennis instructor; that way you can choose your equipment
correctly. Meanwhile, he will go to tell you the correct manner
to work with you. The next step that you have to keep in mind
is not to spend a lot of money in rackets at the first stage of
learning; just choose the correct one but not too expensive.
The next step is being interested at all times and to pay
attention to the instructor all the time because this person has a
lot of experience and knows how to teach you. After that, ask
him or her about some strategies that you can follow to learn
the tennis game quickly. Finally, you can see all the things
related with the tennis game like: magazines, newspapers,
sports news and the Internet.
After that, it is recommended that you subscribe to the
United States Tennis Association and play in certified
tournaments. After you play in those tournaments the USTA
gives you a level rank. They will send you information
periodically about some events, game strategies, new rules and
techniques that you can use to improve your game.
Finally, you can enjoy the tennis game as a whole
because you are going to meet a lot of people. Therefore, you
or your children can get a scholarship in a prestigious university
just for playing very good tennis.

If I lose...
(Mr. Pooh)

Even if I lose my wallet, I can live. I couldn't use city buses any
more though.
Even if I lose all of my money, I can live. I would be hungry
Even if I lose my hair, I can live. I would be cold in winter
night though.
Even if I lose my arms, I can live. I couldn't hold my
favorite Pooh Bears though.
Even if I lose my legs, I can live. I couldn't dance lightly
any more though.
Even if I lose my sight, I can live. I couldn't see mamasitas
on the beach though.
Even if I lose my hearing, I can live. I couldn't listen to Elvis
But if I lose my this, this smile, I can't live. This is my all.

Student websites

The students of R/W 50 have made a set of websites to
promote themselves and display their work. See them at

Thanks from the Editor
Thank you students for allowing us to share your writing. I
hope you enjoy reading your fellow students' essays, poetry and
paragraphs. Also thanks to Noreen Baker and the HUB for
arranging the gift certificates, to Todd Allen for publicizing this
issue of Student Voices, to the Reading/Writing instructors for
supporting their students in their writing, and to Jessica Mills,
and Darion Hutchinson for reading and evaluating the entries.

Thanks everyone!
Steve Flocks

ELI Student Voices 12

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