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Recovery from Charley. 1
Political Rhetoric in
Superintendent's Race....
............................ 1, 10
District #3 Candidates1, 6
Franklin Briefs ............ 2
Editorial & Commentary.
.............................. 3,4

Fort Gadsden, Part III... 4
Aquaculture Survey .. 3, 4
Second Circuit Court ......
................................ 5 ,6
FCAN ........................... 8
Business Card Directory 9
HCOLA Forum ...... 10, 12


August 20 September 2, 2004

Political Rhetoric Continues in Public Forums

Superintendent's Race Brings

Heated Exchange On Budget And

Recruiting Issues

Jeff Weiner Attacks Incumbent Gander on Late
Recruiting of Teachers
St. George Island President Richard Harper introduced the third po-
litical education Committee's forum staged at the Dixie Theatre on
Tuesday, August 10th. The discussion among Jo Ann Gander, Frank
Stephens and Jeff Weiner was broadcast over WOYS-FM.

School Board Candidates (from left) Teresa Martin, Fonda
Davis and Richard Bell.

is a new building going to help the children. He opined that his ad-
ministration would invite the parents to discuss the curriculum of a
consolidated school... "I'm donating $10,000 of my salary per year
over the next four years ... to a new not-for-profit organization called
County for Kids Education and that concept is to involve parents and
teachers and the city, civic leaders, businessmen to say how are we
going to ensure in this new building that our kids are going to suc-
ceed? ... Let's start talking about what is going to go on inside the
Then, the moderator turned to a series of questions dealing with the
FCAT testing procedures. Mrs. Gander opined that too much empha-
sis was placed on the FCAT although she believed in the test and
welcomed the accountability measure it affords. She cited scores from
the previous year, indicating "...That's a good record..." 'She acknowl-
edged that Franklin County Schools all dropped one letter grade this
year. There were multiple reasons for that... There were different stu-
dents performing at different levels each year... With all the assur-
ance I can tell you today, I can tell you this time next year, you will
see an improvement in scores for Franklin County. Jeff Weiner ar-
gued aloud, "Why are we striving to be adequate?" Why are we striv-
ing to be average? When has that become acceptable for any person?
... I want to be the best. We can do it. We will do it. They deserve to do

In Florida

Rough Road To Recovery After


Tropical Storm Earl Reaches Into the Caribbean
Interim Director of Emergency Management, Melanie Hutchins, re-
ported that recent weather storms and hurricane aftermath did not
result in any major damage in Franklin County. There was only mini-
mal damage from winds and some ponding on county roads but no
road closures were made.
Dog Island, St. George Island and Alligator Point, along with low-
lying coastal areas, were under a voluntary evacuation last week as
news of the change in Hurricane Charley's direction was broadcast.
The Emergency Management Center at the Apalachicola airport was
manned and ready with representatives from health, road and sheriffs
departments starting last Wednesday, August 11th and lasting through
Friday, August 13th.
In the future, county residents are advised that St. George Island
bridge would be under a mandatory closure if there are maximum,
sustained winds of 50 miles-per-hour, or more. Obviously, an evacu-.
ation order for the island would have to be issued in tandem with a
Department of Transportation decision on closing the bridge. Late
information would be relayed to WOYS radio and the Sheriffs depart-
ment in the event of future decisions.

Melanie Hutchins

Sponsored by the Political Education

District #3 County Commission

Candidates Quired In Second PEC


Five of Six District 3 Candidates Participate in
Forum; Jack Frye Absent
The second political education forum sponsored by the St. George
Civic Club was held at the Dixie Theatre, Apalachicola, on Tuesday,
August 3, 2004. The invited guests were candidates for Franklin
County Commission and Franklin County School Board, District #3
Five of the six candidates for District #3 participating in the forum
were: Bryant Hand, Cora Russ, Noah Lockley, Jr., Clarence Williams,
and Michael Moron. Jack Frye did not appear on the forum. The event
was also broadcast over WOYS-FM.
BRYANT HAND: ... I am running for county commissioner in District
NOAH LOCKLEY, JR.: ...I'm a life-long resident in Franklin County ...
Married... for 36 years ... I would appreciate your support...
MICHAEL MORON: ...I'm offering a different style of leadership. Slightly
more aggressive-more open communication... and with that I'm
willing to lead the people of this county...
CORA RUSS: ... I am the youngest daughter of Henry and .Beatrice
Russ who some of you may know... I was raised by Sarah
Hutchinson... Some of you have been here long enough to re-
member.... I have been here a long time. I know a lot of you.
Some of you I don't know ... but I am willing as the commis-
sioner of District Number Three to serve the public throughout
the county to listen to you and to do what I can to help to
answer your questions and to support you in every way that I
CLARENCE WILLIAMS: ... I have had the honor of serving you 10
years as a Deputy Sheriff, where you know where I stand, I'm
fair with everybody ... and I've served you 19 years as county
commissioner, and I would like to continue serving you.
QUESTION: The current salary of a county commissioner is $22,300
per year. Is that too low or too high, and please support your
CLARENCE WILLIAMS: ... The salary is set by the state. Whatever it
is, I would accept... it is based on population...
QUESTION: Do you think the current Franklin County Evacuation
Plan is acceptable, and what changes would you make to as-
sure the safety of its citizens during an emergency?
CORA RUSS: ...I'm not that familiar with the emergency service but...
as far as I know, it is sufficient... I've heard no complaints from
anybody in particular...
Continued on Page 6

(From left) Jeff Weiner, Frank
The Candidates were given two minutes to introduce their candidacy
for the Superintendent's position of the Franklin County School Dis-
trict. Jeff Weiner made a correction announcement concerning an
incorrect statement in the Sunday edition of the Tallahassee Demo-
crat (August 8, 2004). He said, "I do not have a law degree from Texas
Southern University... I attended Texas Southern University for two
and one-half years..." before moving on to start his first school in
South America... He does have a bachelor's degree from the Univer-
sity of Missouri and he expects to have a Masters of Education at the
end of 2005. He added, "...Your children is what this particular posi-
tion is about ... It takes a person who can balance not only the goals
and energies necessary to help the children... in a situation where
the district is not performing like It should be, it also takes some
business experience... We're not doing what we need to do efficiently;
I think we can do a lot more for our children and I'm here tonight...
to explain my platform and I appreciate you're being here as well ..."
FRANK STEPHENS: ... My name is "Mr. Frank..." Stephens-I got that
"Mr. Frank" from the kids ... I was here 16 years ago and had a
lot of students who now have children ... For many years, I
studied to become certified as a Superintendent in states where
you had to be certified...So, I have the education. ...I have been
a teacher for 15 years, I've been a principal 13, going on, 14,
and I've been a supervisor and administrator in education for
another 14 years, so I know just about every aspect and how to
function in every phase of education... As a leader ... I've been
a Commander of a lot of units in the military, and every year or
two, you get a major inspection. They call them ORI, opera-
tional readiness Inspections ... If you fail that inspection, the
commander is fired... I've been selected many times to be the
leader of units that failed, and within a year or two, I've turned
them around into a unit that was a very good unit, or even
sometimes the Outstanding or best unit in the Wing... In con-
clusion, "Mr. Frank" has a name, the education the experience
and the record of a proven leader, and for these reasons, I'm
proud to say that I am a candidate for the Franklin County
Superintendent of Schools ...
JOANN GANDER: ... I am a product of the Franklin County School
System... I have a Masters Degree from Florida State Univer-
sity and In 24 hours, a second Masters Degree in Educational
Leadership. I have the certification for Superintendent from the
State of Florida and I've completed-the program for Chief Ex-
ecutive Officers Leadership Development Program .... My hus-
band Rush and I have two daughters, Donna and Deborah...
both are products of the Franklin County school system... When
I asked for your votes four years ago, I made two promises ... I
promised you that I would always look into your concerns and
I would make my decisions on what was best for the students.
I kept those promises. Sometimes, those decisions were diffi-
cult but they were always focused on the best interests for the
students ... During the last four years we have initiated very
positive programs for our students. We have the Boys and Girls
Clubs after school activities; we have expanded our technology
where we can have conferences with schools in Tennessee; we
can communicate between the two high schools or between
any of the facilities that we have. We have been able to balance
the budget which had not been balanced for several years ...
We have a very healthy Unreserved Fund ... We also have a
children's program...
The first category of questions from the political education committee
dealt with the subject of consolidation. Jeff Weiner argued that the
teachers ought to be given more support than they are currently re-
ceiving. Consolidation could potentially make more dollars available
to the classroom. There is too much money in Administration at this
point, he said. He asserted that up to $7 million could be saved through
consolidation. The plan is outlined on his web site, he said. Frank
Stephens reminded others that four years earlier, he was for consoli-
dation... "I still am," he said. I have no problem by saying "We can
turn our grades around... I proved that at Apalachicola last year when
I took kids who were unable to pass the FCAT, taught them myself. I
was able to almost get a 100 per cent test rate out of them... I'm
concerned about the 70 per cent or more of the students we're not
servicing... We're not getting the proper vocational programs ... We
need more vocational programs for students who are not going on to
JOANN GANDER: From the research I have read ... consolidation... is
not the cure-all for public schools. However in Franklin County,
with declining enrollment that we have, it has become a survi-
vor mode. The school board has asked the State of Florida for
special facilities funding to build one school which would be K
through 12. We have taken all the steps necessary to make the
criteria. We have one more decision ... we have to pass... Con-
solidation does offer us more opportunities.
Frank Stephens expressed concerns that facilities have to be deter-
mined on local needs. He urged getting the community to work with
you; the tests are tailor-made to the students. He would like to take a
committee of citizens to look over consolidated systems and build-
ings to tailor-make consolidation to local needs. Then, we can write
our specifications for the local needs ... He was critical of turning
over the entire plan for consolidation to an architectural firm and
have them produce a turnkey operation. Mrs. Gander responded by
stating that there would be public meetings seeking community in-
put as to the needs and design of the new facilities. Jeff Weiner would
remind the public that buildings do not educate the children... How

Stephens, and JoAnn Gander.
it. In a pointed reference to Ms. Gander's opinion, Weiner added, "There
is no reason to accept average. It's unacceptable. We need to do what-
ever it takes to get it done. So, in answer to your question, NO, the
test scores are not acceptable. It's irrelevant on how they're judged.
There's counties right next door to us that are outperforming us..."
Mr. Stevens said "We do have some problems here. I think we are in
the process of identifying what they are... I think we are taking ac-
tions to correct them. We must make sure our students are capable
and are able to read... I think we find in this area that we have some
deficiencies in reading ... but we're in the process of correcting these.
We have remediation ... We are not accepting a grade that is accept-.
able. We know that they're not acceptable, so we're going to do some-
thing to correct it. We are going to identify where the weaknesses are,
and we're going to intensify reinediation... for each individual stu-
The Candidates offered various methods and ideas about attempting
to make the FCAT exam more appealing and less threatening. Mrs.
Gander described what the Franklin District was doing this summer.
Reducing administration costs is not an easy task, said Frank
Stephens. Mrs. Gander cited the large number of district reports re-
quired for all school districts, regardless of the number of students or
the size of school. Jeff Weiner looks at the administrative costs very
differently, he said. "Let's be sure we have enough money first ... and
determine the educational outcome we demand of our system ... and
then what's left over, that's what we have to do administratively." In
other words, who is more important? The teachers and what they do
with the kids, or the administrators and how they look at projects..."
What incentives are there for local teachers? Ms. Gander said that
the health insurance subsidy is attractive, but salaries are among
the lowest in the state. The geographical location is a major appeal to
new teachers. Jeff Weiner urged recruiting from the local community
first. You also need to help those teachers repay their tuition, loans,
in-service training. We need to start rewarding our teachers ... Frank
Stephens suggested financing potential teachers about to conclude
their formal education by closer liaison with colleges. Sign a contract
and they come to work for the Franklin County system when they
graduate. Locating affordable housing for new teachers is another
device to enhance recruiting. There might be a home facility for new
teachers on the consolidated site, he suggested. Perhaps helping out
new teachers on moving expenses would enhance the appeal.
The candidates appeared to support the Charter schools as parents
are entitled to be able to exercise choice among schools. Mr. Stephens
sees Charter schools as a competitor, children have the right to go
wherever they wish.
A question was -aised about evaluating teaching perhaps with peri-
odic testing or exams. Jeff Weiner opined that teachers have to be
equipped with the tools for teaching first, and he argued that there
was too much money going into Franklin County administration, an
argument disputed by the incumbent Superintendent, Ms. Jo Ann
Gander. Frank Stephens argued that teachers already seek out addi-
tional training, taking additional courses, perhaps seeking national
certification. Bonuses are paid for such attainments, he concluded.
Jo Ann Gander outlined teacher preparations in college, adding that
the local school district may afford additional opportunities for added
certifications. She praised the teachers in Franklin County, and "...they
come to us prepared."
What was the last book that you read? Frank Stephens answered he
had just. finished reading a volume on Algebra II. Ms. Gander said
she was reading three books presently but the last one completed
was "The Ten Fallacies of Leadership." Jeff Weiner responded with
"No Child Left Behind Act".
In your last six months, what have you done to prepare for Superin-
tendent of Schools? Jeff Weiner responded that he had prepared a
15-year budget for Franklin County Schools, a consolidated school
without using any state funds. The budget includes"... a hefty teacher
salaries.." cutting administrative costs, and a consolidated campus
on 32 acres 100,000 square feet, and a 7 million-dollar budget as
opposed to 12 million dollar budget. This is on his web site,
www.supplementaleducationalservices.com. Frank Stephens has re-
viewed several school law books concerning superintendent respon-
sibilities. Ms. Gander has attended two leadership conferences and
kept abreast of educational changes and worked daily in the Franklin
County school system.
Toward the end of the first half of the forum, the issues raised in
various questions began to heat up substantially. Jeff Weiner scolded
the incumbent Superintendent for the delay in hiring teachers late in
the season. "...We need to recruit the best teachers... and that starts
in January, not July... Look, you guys. Who is in charge of writing
the budget and proposing the budget to the (school) board? The board
certainly has to take the recommendation from the Superintendent.
And, the Superintendent works for the board... But, it's the
Superintendent's responsibility to get a sound budget based upon
obvious projections, get the budget preconditionally approved in Janu-
ary and start hiring the very best teachers you have ... There is no
reason to wait until July because that's the way we did it last year,
and the year before, and 20 years before that... Let's start being more

Continued on Page 10

mRWwIrryadal I- arn


Page 2 20 August 2004


The Franklin Chronicle



August 17, 2004
Present: Chairperson
Cheryl Sanders;
Commissioner Clarence
Williams; Commissioner
Eddie Creamer;
Commissioner Bevin
Putnal and Absent:
Commissioner Jimmy
The Franklin County Commission
officially approved a motion to
rescind the State of Emergency
declared during Hurricane Char-
Tey last week. St. Vincent's Na-
tional Wild Refuge presented a
revenue-sharing check for
$29,706.00 to Clerk Kendall
Wade. Mayor Brown, City of
Carrabelle, urged the Commis-
sioners to work on the appraisal
of Morality Road in conjunction
with plans to pave the road.
Chairperson Sanders urged the
Planning Office and County Attor-
ney to speed up the review pro-
cess in light of Mayor Brown's
desire to have the County Com-
missioners accept the road, offi-
cially to complete plans for utili-
ties. The Board approved the

Solid Waste Department
Van Johnson, Director, requested
the Board consider contracting
.with a private firm to provide
Emergency Debris Management
Services. Such a contractor would
help the county with debris re-
mhoval in the aftermath of a major
storm. He added, "It is during this
type of emergency when county
personnel and equipment are
spread out and cannot adequately
address every situation." The
Board approved his request to
solicit proposals for Emergency
Debris Management Services. He
distributed Information Crowder-
Gulf disaster debris services
Mr. Johnson also distributed in-
formation about the Franklin
County Little League Football Pro-
gram. Starting this year, the
Franklin County Little League
Football and Cheerleading Pro-
gram will come under the um-
brella of the Parks and Recreation
Department. There are about 120
children that participate in this
program each year, Van Johnson
said, "All registration fees, gate
and concession receipts will be
deposited directly into the coun-
ties General Fund as revenue.
Expenditures to operate the pro-
gram will come from the Parks
and Recreation Youth Program
Support line item budget. The
program will continue to rely on
volunteer coaches but require
that they be certified and submit
to background checks."

Extension Director
Bill Mahan reminded the Com-
missioners that there would be a
clam aquaculture workshop at
the FSU Marine Labtoary on
Thursday, August 19th from 6:30
p.m. to 8 p.m. Topics will include
a review of lease contract, provi-
sions and obligations, an overview
of clam production in Florida and
a discussion of clam production
in Franklin County. Leslie
Sturmer, University of Florida
Shellfish Aquaculture Extension
Agent and Mark Berrigan from the
Division of Aquaculture will be
featured speakers. Mahan also
reported that the Research Re-
serve did not have any plans to
provide a public boat ramp at
their proposed Eastpoint building
site. It appearasas if the old ferry
site belongs to Franklin County,
* o efforts will be made to ascer-
tain ownership with a possible
i view of developing a public boat
ramp at that site.

Planning and Zoning
Rachael Ward presented her Plan-
ning and Zoning Report, as fol-
The Planning and Zoning Com-
mission recommends approval of
the following dock applications
within the Critical Shoreline Dis-
Ronald and Pandora Schlitt to
construct a private dock at 564
River Road, Carrabelle. The dock
will be 32x4 with a platform at the
end. State and Federal permits
have been received.
Edward R. Ferris to construct a
boardwalk and small dock on Lot
14, River Bend Plantation, 2047
River Bend Plantation Road,
Carrabelle. This dock will consist

of a 500-ft. boardwalk over marsh
with a 26x6 terminal platform
that will run parallel to the shore-
line. State and Federal permits
have been received.
Jill Harrison to construct a pri-
vate dock on Lot 2, Tract 42, 1333
East Gulf Beach Drive, St. George
Island. The dock will extend 94
feet out with a 6x20 terminal plat-
"form. State and Federal permits
-have been received.
'All were approved by the Board.
The Planning and Zoning Com-
.mission recommends approval of:
A request to rezone Lots 5 and 6,
Block 4, Unit One East, St. George
Island from C-2 Commercial Busi-
ness to C-4 Residential Mixed

Use. The applicants, Mike and
Suzie Hunter plan to open a Sub-
way Sandwich Shop and have an
apartment for the manager over
the business. The Board approved
this request.
The Commission, after much dis-
cussion, agreed to recommend
approval of:
A request for rezoning and land
use change for Middleton Bay, a
375 acre parcel located next to the
St. James Bay Subdivision, The
land use will be changed from
Public Facilities to Residential
and the zoning will be changed
from Z- 1 Public Facilities to R- 1A
Single Family. The applicant is
hoping that this large-scale
change can be included in the
comp plan amendment update
addressed later this year but this
is uncertain. This request was
presented by Alan Pierce, repre-
senting Preble-Rish and the own-
ers, the Parvey Develo.pment
Corp. No action was needed at
this time.
The Commission also recom-
mended sketch plat approval for
405 lots on the above-mentioned
375-acre parcel, with the provi-
sion that the number of lots as
presented to the Commission not
change. The proposed sketch plat
has an overall density of 1.08
units per acre. The Commission
is very concerned with the overall
density of the R- 1A category and
the size of this parcel. The prop-
erty will be served by central wa-
ter and sewer and have paved
roads. The Board approved.
The Commission recommends
denial of a request to rezone Lots
19, 20, 21, 22 and 23, of Village
Green By The Sea from R- I Single
Family Residential to R- IA Single
Family Residential Subdivision.
Jim Waddell, L&W Engineering
representing the owners, as
present and asked for this rezon-
ing so that they could create a 12
lots subdivision. The Commis-
sioners were very concerned with
the fact that this subdivision was
originally recorded in February of
2004 and further rezoning could
potentially increase the density of
this 46 lot subdivision by three
times. The Board denied this re-
The Commission recommends
approval to rezone a 40 acre par-
cel from R-4 Single Family Home
.Industry to R-1 Single Family
Residential, which would require
the construction of a single fam-
ily house of at least 1,000-square
feet, as well as sketch plat ap-
proval for a 30-lot subdivision.
This property is located at the
corner of CC Land Road and High-
way 65. This application was sub-
mitted by Alan Pierce, Preble-Rish
agent for Steve Newman. Ap-
proved., .
The Commission recommends
approval of a sketch plat for a
three-lot subdivision to be known
as Tarpon View. The property was
rezoned to R- 1A and the applicant
has now submitted his sketch
plat. This property was formerly
described as Lot 1, Gulf View
Acres, east of Lanark. This appli-
cation was submitted by Beecher
Lewis, owner. Approved.
The Commission recommends

approval or a preliminary plat tor
"The Reserve at Magnolia Ridge
Estates" an 81 -lot subdivision ly-
ing between North Bayshore Drive
and Otterslide Road in Eastpoint.
The lots are all at least one acre
in size and meet the county lot
size requirements. This applica-
tion was submitted by
Preble-Rish, agent for Magnolia
Ridge LLC, owners. Approved.
The Commission recommended
approval of the following commer-
cial applications:
Wefings Marine, 125 US Highway
98, Eastpoint to add an open boat
storage shed adjacent to the ex-
isting commercial building. The
owners plan to move all the boats
currently located in front of the
existing building to the new site
so that the parking spaces origi-
nally designated for the front can
be used. Currently there is a se-
rious parking hazard in front of
the existing building. Approved.
Carrabelle Beach Properties, LLC
plans to construct a 12-unit Re-
sort Hotel at 1748 Carrabelle
Beach Road. This is the site of the
old Carrabelle Beach Motel which
had 15 units. The septic system
will be an engin-eered'a6rotlic-
drip-irrigation system. Approved.
The final item I have to report is
that the Planning and Zoning
Commission members are becom-
ing more and more concerned
with the number and size of de-
velopment projects across the
county, with little or no consider-
ation for fire protection, (Franklin
County has all volunteer fire de-
partments, as well as first re-
sponders) these volunteer services
are having a hard time keeping
up with the potential growth. They
would like to see these issues ad-
The Commission also discussed
creating a zoning category that
would allow two units per acre.

Public Hearings
The Board of County Commis-
sioners approved a land use and
zoning change for 9.7 acres north-
west of Carrabelle on Mill Road.
The land use change was from A-2
and R-3 to R-1 (1 unit per acre).
The Franklin County Commission
did NOT approve an amendment
to an ordinance establishing a
recreational vehicle park-model
resort, the subject of considerable
discussion over the last few
weeks. The proposed ordinance
did not pass the Board. Therefore,
the proposed rezoning of four
acres entitled Island View Camp-
ground was also not approved.
The motion to approve the estab-
lishment of a new category of
campground died for lack of a sec-
The Franklin County Commission'
did approve an amendment to-
Section 315 of the Franklin
County Zoning Code making the
current Board ,of Adjustment an
advisory council-to the Board. In
effect, the County Commissioners
would become members of the
Board of Adjustment. A separate:
-motion reestablished the current,
membership of the advisory board
of adjustment to a panel of advi-
sors to the board of county com-

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County Planner
Marc Curenton made the follow-
ing report:
There is still 1 vacancy on the
Planning and Zoning Commission
and 2 vacancies on the Board of
Adjustment. Commissioner
Creamer nominated Gayle Dodds
as alternate to the Board of Ad-
"I have a copy for the Board's file
of the annual status report for the
Resort Village Development. It
shows there has been no addi-
tional development since the last
"Preble-Rish has asked that the
Board have the parking lot at the
Health Department and the Men-
tal Health Center on 120' Street
in Apalachicola surveyed so they
can design an enlarged parking
lot. I need Board authorization to
hire a surveyor to do this." The
Board approved.
"The Building Department re-
ceived a letter from the Villas of
St. George complaining about a

stormwater problem caused by
development across West Gorrie
Drive. This has caused water to
stand in the pavement. I have dis-
cussed this matter with Rachel
Ward. One measure we are going
to take in the future is to require
an engineered stormwater plan
for any lots in the commercial
area of St. George Island as a con-
dition for receiving a variance.
This still leaves the existing drain-
age problem." The Board autho-
rized Preble-Rish to review the
"I have a resolution for Board ap-
proval relative to the beach
renourishment project at Alliga-
tor Point. We will send in this reso-
lution with our request for fund-
ing to DEP." The Board approved.
Rich Reeves has renegotiated the
engineering contract with URS for
the airport fencing. Their current
proposal is for $5,000 to provide
specifications for the project. All
other work would be the respon-
sibility of the County.
I have a Flood Mitigation Assis-
tance Program contract for
$367,763 to pay for the acquisi-

tion and demolition of Melanie
Perez's house at 1347 Alligator
Drive. There is a 25% match for
this grant, but I anticipate that
the property owner will provide
this match by accepting less than
the full-appraised value for her
property. The Board approved.
At the budget workshop the Board
approved a new position for an
assistant county planner. I would
like Board approval to start ad-
vertising for that position. The
Board approved.

The board of county commission-
ers rejected a proposal from the
Riverkeeper Organization to pass
a Resolution supporting a bill to
be introduced into the Federal
Congress that would end the
dredging of the Apalachicola
River. Several Commissioners
feared that somehow passing a
Resolution on dredging might ruin
their changes of having the Corps.
of Engineers dredge the Eastpoint
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Alternative Community Transportation

Smart Siyling Reliable Performance



Actions Speak Louder Than Words!

Vote for Marcia Johnson,

the candidate who has always helped you!


I feel that honesty is always the best policy,

and my campaign is about what I have done

and what I can do as your Clerk. My reputa-

tion, my personality, my work ethic-that's

what I want the people of Franklin County to

consider. A vote for Marcia Johnson will make

your Clerk's office one of Florida's best!

dollars being spent in Franklin County?" The budget is avail-
able in the Clerk's office and the finance personnel can an-
swer specific questions. If elected, I pledge to gain additional
personal knowledge and understanding of the budget pro-
cess so that I can answer those questions as well.

Vote for /ltatcia goAnson for

Clerk of Court!




I _

The Franklin Chronicle


20 Aueust 2004 Pane -3


Falling Down The Federal Deficit

Rabbit Hole

By Congressman Allen Boyd
One of the first things I learned as a business owner was that the
only way a business can thrive is when incoming revenue exceeds
outgoing costs. It may sound simple. The concept, itself, is. A person,
a business, and a government cannot spend money they do not have
and certainly not when drowning in debt. However, this basic rule
has eluded the current Administration, as it has announced the larg-
est federal deficit in the history of the United States. The federal debt
is so exorbitant that the amount the government has borrowed threat-
ens to surpass the $7.4 trillion debt limit. The current fiscal policy is
digging the American people into a financial hole with no plan of es-
On July 30th, the Administration announced the budget deficit would
reach $445 billion in 2004. This is $70 billion more than last year's
$375 billion deficit and $707 billion more than the Administration
forecasted in 2001. The government also expects to bump the na-
tional debt ceiling by late September or early October, making it un-
able to fund government operations past November. Faced with the
prospect of being unable to pay the bills this fall, Treasury Secretary
John Snow urged Congress to raise the debt limit above the current
level of $7.4 trillion. Asking Congress for approval to borrow record
amounts of money to fund a $445 billion debt demonstrates the ex-
tent our government's fiscal health has deteriorated since the sur-
pluses of 2000. As a fiscal conservative, I believe this is unaccept-
One of my proudest accomplishments during my tenure in the House
of Representatives was the bipartisan budget plan developed in 1997.
This plan produced a balanced budget four years in a row and re-
sulted in budget surpluses in 1999 and 2000. It required mutual
sacrifices by both Republicans and Democrats, and for the first time
in decades, a Democratic President and a Republican Congress suc-
ceeded in running back-to-back surpluses without relying on funds
from Social Security.
Fiscal success stories like this are the main goal of the Blue Dog
Coalition of which I am a member. The Blue Dogs are comprised of
Democrats in the House of Representatives dedicated to developing
reasonable, responsible and realistic solutions to the federal deficit. I
have joined my colleagues in the Blue Dog Coalition in establishing a
proposal to get America back on the toad to financial freedom. Our
plan combines spending restraints with strong budget enforcement
measures and responsible tax policy. The Blue Dog budget cuts the
deficit in half in two years and achieves a balanced budget by the
year 2012. In addition, I have cosponsored legislation ensuring we
have the tools necessary to control spending and prevent future tax
cuts from increasing the federal budget deficit.


511 Highway 98 Apalachicola, FL 32320 (850) 653-9228'
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Tractor Work Foundation Pilings
* Aerobic Sewage Treatment Systems Commercial Construction
Marine Construction Utility Work-Public &
Septics Coastal Hauling Private

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) 850-670-1687 (OFFICE)
Facsimile 850-670-1685
0"o' y e-mail: hoffer531@gtcom.net

Vol. 13, No. 17

August 20, 2004

Publisher Tom W. Hoffer
Director of Operations Andy Dyal
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Advertising Design
and Production Artist............................ Diane Beauvais Dyal
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It is imperative for the federal government to provide an economic
model for families and businesses. It should set an example for all
Americans as to the importance of establishing priorities and making
sacrifices when necessary. As a country, we need to identify out na-
tional priorities and guarantee we have the resources to implement
them in any budget we develop. Asking Congress to raise the debt
ceiling is a bad habit that is not a long-term solution to the problem.
The American people are the investors in the company we call the
United States. However, unlike the average business, there are dire
consequences heaped onto the backs of every American when the
government is fiscally irresponsible. Year after year, as our debt con-
tinues to balloon beyond control, we are leaving a legacy of over-
spending to our children and grandchildren. This overwhelming bur-
den is not what I wish to pass on to future generations. With biparti-
san cooperation, a balanced budget is an attainable goal, and that is
why I will continue to work in Congress for fiscal responsibility.

Carrabelle City
Council Meeting
August 5, 2004

Water, Water


And now, a bunch to
Water and sewer, water and sewer
... for months these words have
seemed to be the most popular
vocabulary used at City Council
meetings. Initiatives to increase
regional cooperation or take over
"franchise areas" have gone out
from Carrabelle to Eastpoint and
Lanark, but to no avail. Now it
seems that Sopchoppy and Pana-
cea will enter into a cooperative
pact with Carrabelle to merge
water systems and better be pre-
pared for possible future prob-
lems. Commissioner Raymond
Williams introduced a resolution,
which was approved by the coun-
cil, to interconnect the three sup-
pliers for the good of all.
Five separate agenda items were
Baskerville-Donovan updates on
waterwork projects around
Carrabelle. The city's vacuum
sewer system (the candy canes)
is nearly complete, the arteries to


St. James Bay are being tested,
the Timber Island connection
work has started on Hwy 98 and
storage tanks for waste water are
half complete.
Then, the new bid for sewer and
reuse mains on Lake Morality
Road was awarded to Bay Equip-
ment from Panama City. The
$539,257 project is totally funded
by non-city sources, all grants.
The majority of the money will
come from the DOC, since this
work leads to the new prison.

Approval of Bills
All OK'd: city attorney, Basker-
ville-Donovan, PSI Engineering,
Consolidated Pipe and Supply
and Royal American Construc-

Commissioner Reports
Mayor Brown announced that
because of ill health, commis-
sioner Saunders will miss the
council meetings in August and

Board of Adjustment
1. Robert Donovan requests a
variance of setbacks on the creek
at the back or front of proposed
building site to allow room for
building 101 & 103 SE 12 Street.


(800) 794-73"

J.G. Wentworth means CASH p
for Structured Settlements! .-r

2. Paul Osterbye requests a vari-
ance on Homeowners Bath House
at 111 River Road to drop to 2-foot
elevation for handicapped access.
Public Hearing
1. Abandon a portion of Avenue F
South @ Calhoun
2. Rezone certain property north
of Earl's Restaurant from A- I Ag-
ricultural to R-4, Multi-Family.
3. Same rezoning, another lot in
that area.
All items received no comments.

Unfinished Business
1. Made one hire, Ms. Lee Clark
to Assistant City Clerk office. Ap-
proved transfer of Courtenay
Millender to City Clerk office to
assist Becky Jackson.
2. (from Board of Adjustment)-
approved setback variance drop
of 15' to allow the construction of
the minimum 1000 sq. ft. build-
ing on the site.
3. (from Board of Adjustment)-
approved bath house elevation
4. World's Smallest Police Station
move: due to some citizen objec-
tions, the Chamber of Commerce
was asked to research other po-
tential sites and report in Septem-
5. Approved. development agree-
ment between Carrabelle and Dell
Schneider (Sunset Isle Partners,
6. Approved site plan for CP Hold-
ing, LLC for an 18-condo devel-
opment in block 22-4 of Kelley's
Plat (Earl's Restaurant area).
7. No Action: 123 River Road
property (transferred to the City
from the VFW).
8-12: See Baskerville-Donovan
updates at top of story.: Next
project bids are for a wastewater
expansion plant and a DOC el-
evated water tank.
New Business
1.. Ruth Varner requested that
Crooked River Lighthouse Road
be renamed Barbara Revell Road.
Ms. Revell was the Lighthouse
Association president through its
forming years. The council voted
to research ownership of the road,
then would OK the name change.
2. Steve Mitchell was asked to
postpone his ground lease at the
airport (to build a large hangar)





are facing

some tough

Disappointing achievement test scores, declining student
enrollment and lack of public confidence in our school system
are but a few of the daunting issues we face.

Franklin County schools need positive leadership, and we
need it now.

Denise Butler has the educational background, work experience and proven ability.
to provide the leadership the School Board faces at this time of rapid change.
She is a committed and dedicated 27-year resident of Franklin County, a former
professional teacher and high school principal. Denise is a proven administrator
and community volunteer with a solid record of sound leadership.

Your vote on August 31 may be the most important one you cast for Franklin's

And now you have a solid choice. Denise Butler will serve you with dignity,
accessibility and hard work. A vote for Denise is a vote for our children. They
deserve no less!

Denise Butler...Because the Children Are Too Important!

Vote for and Elect

Denise D. Butler

Franklin County

School Board

District I

-o www.denisebutler.net

Political Advertisement paid for and approved by Denise D. Butler for School Board Member District I

until the original construction is
over and commissioned.
3. Six items were approved to gg
to Public Hearing:
a. Gary Magee's property sub-
division into 4 lots@ 10,000
feet each.
b. David Jackson's request to
open NE 3 Street between
North K and North L.
c. Gene Langston's request to
abandon Ave D from Marine
Street to 3 Street, Clare Street
from Marine Street to 3
Street, and Ridge Street from
Ave E to Ave D. Also to allow
the paving of 3 Street from
30A to Ave D and repair Ave
d. John Chandler's request to'
change back yard setback
from 10 to 5 feet to fit a 70'.
trailer. Council then voted to
start the Ordinance process
to make this available
throughout the city.
e. Donald Coverston's request
to rezone Lot 10 in Baywood
Estates from A-1 Agricultural
to R-1 Single Family.
f. Becky Jackson's request, a
formality, to rezone Riverwalk
Park from 1-1 Industrial to
Z-1, Public Use.
4. Approved Keith Mock's vart-
"ance at the Fire Station to change
the south side setback to allow a
20 x 14 concrete slab.
5. Voted to schedule a first read-
ing of a new ordinance to define
the method of measuring dis-
tances from commercial estab-
lishments to churches and
Second Reading and adoption of
proposed City Ordinance 332.
First Reading of proposed .City
Ordinance 333, 334 and 335 to
close a portion of Ave F and
change zoning to R-4 in an area
on the West Side of Carrabelle.
Public Comment
Gary Blake read a prepared state-
ment that requested that
Carrabelle government make a
priority item of ensuring that
there will always be water access
for the general public.
Skip Frink suggested that this
Public Comment section be
moved to the first part of the meet-
ing, since most attendees have left
by this time.
9:15 p.m.

Clam Sales Value

2003 Florida


(from Bivalve Bulletin,
July 2004)
Results from the statewide aquac-
ulture survey conducted by the
Florida Agricultural Statistics
Service (FASS) over the past few
months have been released. The
following summary of the 2003
production year may be of inter-
est to the clam aquaculture in;
* Total Florida aquaculture sales
were valued at over $95 million
with tropical fish and aquatic
plants leading sales..
* Clams ranked third in the state
for aquaculture sales (dockside or
farm gate) with $12.1 million re-
ported, compared to $15.0 million
in 2001 (a 19% decrease).
* At an average reported price of
9 cents per market size clam, an
estimated 134 million clams were
produced and sold last year, down
by 13% from 2001.
* 200 growers reported selling
clams in 2003, out of 244 inter-
* Survival rate to harvest was re-
ported to average 54% the same
as in 2001 and 1999.
* Planting in 2004 was uncertain
with preliminary intentions esti-
mated at around 392 million',
compared to 350 million in 2003
and 290 million in 2002.
* An additional $871,000 was as-
sociated with clam seed sales.
Sixteen Years of Clam
The FASS aquaculture survey has
been sponsored by the Depart-
ment of Agriculture and Con-
sumer Services (DACS) since
1987. In that year, 13 growers
reported 2.4 million clams pro-
duced in the Indian River with a
sales value of $0.4 million. Aver-
age price per clam was 18.3 cents.
Clam farming began to take off in
1993 with the number of growers
increasing to around 170. Many
were recent graduates of job re-
training programs. The average
price per clam dropped to a low
of 9.6 cents that year. Since then,
clam farming has expanded to
many other counties. During

Continued on Page 4

Sge 4 20 August 2004



The British Fort At Achackweithele
The Beginnings of Fort Gadsden

Part III
6y Wayne Childers
The following is a letter written on April 29th, 1815, by Vicente
Sebastian Pintado, a Spanish officer who was sent to the British Post
at Apalachicola to retrieve the slaves and possessions of citizens of
Pensacola which had been taken from that city during the British
withdrawal in November, 1814. It has been translated from the Span-
ish by Wayne Childers.
The day before yesterday, within a half hour of my arrival to this
place on His Britannic Majesty's frigate, the Cydnus commanded by
tWe honorable Captain don Roberto C. Spencer proceeding from
Apalachicola, I received the official dispatch from Your Lordship dated
the same day. Through this, you have been pleased to inform me to
pass to your hands as quickly as possible, a detailed account of the
state of the establishments that the English troops have formed in
said place, their naval and land forces as well as anything else that I
sliall consider necessary in order to enable Your Lordship to give an
amount to the Most Excellent Senor Captain General of the Province.
5y virtue of this and the orders that I had from the same Most Excel-
lent Senor, which I had gone to comply with, I tell Your Lordship that
the 28th day of February last, I presented myself to the Senor English
Admiral Sir Alexander Cochrane who was found in la Batira de la
Havana (?) and told him on behalf of the Most Excellent Senor Cap-
tain General, that I was the officer that His Excellency had assigned
to go to Apalachicola and effect the delivery of the slaves and effects
belonging to the residents of this town of Pensacola as Their Excel-
lencies had agreed.
The Senor Admiral made me translate intoEnglish the contents of
the official dispatches from the Most Excellent Senor Captain Gen-
eral that he had received beforehand arid instructed in this way, he
gave orders to his secretary that he must immediately issue the nec-
essary orders for said delivery (and) hand them over for their execu-
tion to the above said honorable Captain don Roberto C. Spencer. He
further told me to find myself at 6:00 in the morning the following
day, the 1st of March, aboard His Britannic Majesty's Corvette, the
Brazen, commanded by Captain don Santiago (James) Stirling, to
whom he would deliver the documents for the Senor de (sic) Spencer,
which he did. The same morning we left from the port and on the 6th
of the same month, we arrived in Apalachicola but (we did) not find
Captain Spenicer there yet as the Senor Admiral thought he would be.
(We were) informed that the Colonel, don Eduardo Nicolls, Commander
in Chief of the place, had gone up with part of the Blacks to the Flint

Aquaculture Survey
i from Page 4
V95 through 1999, number of
Egwers, sales, and production
poptinued to rise significantly;
whereas, average annual dockside
prices ranged from 11.4 to 12.8
cents per clam sold.
The results of the 2003 survey
reflect the tough times this indus-
ry has experienced since 2001.
tRased on growers responses,
fnany did not sell clams last year.
pf the 465 growers certified
through the DACS Division of
-quaculture during 2003, less
han half reported sales. Demand
or luxury seafood items, such as
lams, has been negatively af-
fected by the nation's economic
recession. Further, clam produc-
ion has increased in other states
along the East Coast adding to
overall product supply. On a re-
ional basis, environmental prob-
ms in southwest Florida limited
harvests last year; whereas, new
lam farmers in Franklin County
ave begun harvesting small
he complete 2003 Aquaculture
report is available by contacting
ASS at (800) 344-6277 or by ac-
eessing www.nass.usda.gov/fl.

every Mount-Douds

-ocal Author Has
ook-Signing In

Port St. Joe

gning Held at Local
library August 14th
bout three local lighthouses in
the forgotten coast area of Florida
that provides a brief glimpse of
vhat life was like for the men and
heir families who maintained
hose sentinels.
3everly Mount-Douds has col-
ected a brief history of these light-
iouses, filled with information on
he construction and operation of
these buildings through the years.
The work is published by Dream
Catcher Publishing, Inc., Post Of-
ice Box 14058, Mexico Beach, FL
12410 and retails for $16.95.


U i^^111@~F- N -U

River. Captain Stirling said to put the documents aboard the English
Brigantine of War, the Boa(re?) which was found anchored on the
inside of St. George Island and we would continue our voyage all the
way to Mobile Point where the cited Captain Spencer ought to be.
However on the (date missing) of said month, while in front of (Fort)
Barrancas, we spied out the Corvette Carron which had entered and
was commanded at that time by Captain Spencer. For this reason,
Captain Stirling got close in and fired off a signal gun so that the pilot
would -come out and carry me to shore and he could continue his
As soon as I arrived to this port, I went to see Captain Spencer and
reported to him everything that I had (to tell). On the 14th, I left with
him for the Bay of Apalachicola [accompanying me was a resident of
(Pensacola) Don Eugenio Sierra and the Mayordomo of the Senores
Forbes and Company]. We arrived there oin the afternoon.
Captain Spencer, instructed by the orders which were given to him,
took measures to insure that everything was carried out with the
desired result. (He) went up(river) before me to the Post to inform
himself of how things were. From there, he wrote me two letters relat-
ing to the subject and by the last one, he told me that I could come up
with the two cited residents (of Pensacola). I did this and on the 7th of
April, we arrived in a boat to the said settlement called Loma de Buena
Vista or Prospect Bluff on the East side of the Apalachicola River
about 18 miles from its mouth. Here (I) found Colonel Nicholls re-
cently arrived from Mobile Point and there he had his troops, Indians
and many Blacks (who had emigrated or had been brought from the
American possessions and the Indian settlements. Among them were
some of the slaves of the residents of (Pensacola) but the greater part
of these had embarked for St. Vincent's Island by Captain Spencer's
arrangement so that there, we might have a better chance of working
without the presence of the other Blacks. However, we were warned
that although their orders were to make delivery of the slaves and
effects of the residents of Pensacola, we must understand that force
could not be used in case they did not want to come (and that we
could) only use persuasion and make them see the horrible and mis-
erable state in which they would remain after the evacuation of the
place by the English troops, telling them solemnly that for no reason
should they embark in the English boats since these were their or-
ders, offering them with our assurance, the pardon and forgetting of
the past and explaining to them, the danger in which they would
remain of being captured by the Indians and handed over to their
owners in expectation of a reward from them.
Thus, things were arranged (and) Captain Spencer's plan was begun
to be placed in effect. Colonel Nicholls assisted in everything, speak-
ing deceptively with each one by himself and advising them to return
to their owners and being pleased himself about little, -using more or
less the same expressions as Captain Spencer; he told them that
although he had made them hope beforehand that they would be
carried to the English Colonies and established there as free men by
virtue of the proclamation of the Senor Admiral Cochrane dated in
Bermuda on the 2nd of April of 1814 [of which he showed me a copy
and gave me a printed example which accompanies (this letter) to
Your Lordship upder the number 1] that some of them were slaves
that had emigrated from Pensacola when it had been occupied by the
American Army at the command of General Jackson and others that
came from there had said they were Americans and had taken the

* *
IfB .V CuOlU

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Breakfast: 5 a.m. -11 a.m.
S Lunch: 11 a.m. 3 p.m. :
Dinner: 3 p.m. 11 p.m.
Authentic Flavor of Old Mexico

Marshall Marine
Highway 98 East Carrabelle
850-697-3428 850-899-5319
www.bo1lh knsport.net



SCall (850) 670-8100
B? l For more information

Mexican Restaurant
105 Highway 98
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Phone: 850-670-5900

names of such. Notwithstanding this (proclamation), he had received
orders to the contrary that ought to be obeyed but that he would not
use force. At the same time he said that those taken in the orderly
withdrawal (buen socorrol (from Pensacola) and others that although
emigrants from Pensacola, belonged to American citizens and were
there for safekeeping, detained for hire or transients, ought not to be
included in the orders given to Captain Spencer. By these means,
(we) managed to persuade some 28 to return but some of these dis-
appeared from the post and others returned to say that they did not
want to come in such a way that of the 28 that were reclaimed ac-
cording to the list carried by the resident don Eugenio Sierra, only 12
had come, some voluntarily and others deceived by the persuasion.
The rest remain there with an order that they cannot be embarked.
Various of these were disarmed and discharged from the service in
my presence and they were paid their salaries as soldiers. However, I
had perceived that in the discharges that they were given, no men-
tion was made of their color nor their state of slavery. I mentioned to
the Colonel, that each one of these discharges was a letter of manu-
mission since only free men were admitted to the armed service and
that they would pass as such in whatever place that might be pre-
sented with this document. I obtained one from him which is seen in
an example that I asked him for, signed by his hand and which ac-
companies (this letter) to Your Lordship under the number 2. He as-
sured me that he would make a strong attempt to have his govern-
ment or in its failure to do so, the Philanthropic Society, satisfy the
deserving owners for the price of the slaves that had not wanted to
return to their masters so (that) thus disposed of, they must be con-
sidered as completely free.
The number of the slaves who remain there can possibly be as many
as 260? and includes those of ours and those who emigrated or were
brought from the Indian or American settlements. As concerns the
last who ought to embark (these are) about some fifty or more. The
rest minus those from Pensacola, the Colonel told me, remained armed
although those who came from here manage to get weapons with
great ease. According to what I have been able to discover, they have
come up with the idea of going to settle on the Bay of Tampa. This
number shall no doubt increase daily and this shall be a place where
those that have run away from their owners shall join together. While
I was there, (a vessel) arrived, coming from (Pensacola) which as we
were able to discover, belonged to or was under the command of or in
the care of Manuel Gonzales.
In part two of the letter, Pintado describes the rest of his stay in the
Apalachicola area and gives a description of the fortifications that the
English have built on the Apalachicola River.
This manuscript is found in its entirety at the Library of Congress
listed as: Vicente Sebastian Pintado to Don Josef de Soto, Pensacola.
April 29, 1815. Vicente Sebastian Pintado Papers. Library. of Con-
gress. Box 3, Folder 1; or in a very poor copy at the Florida Depart-
ment of State, Division of Library and Information Services. Manu-
script number M78-177.
Part IV will appear in the next issue of the Chronicle, space per-
mitting. This will consist of excerpts from official correspondence
to the U. S. government and Secretary of the Navy with a narra-
tive of the 1816 fight on the Apalachicola River.

Sagos Camellias Century Plants
Bulbs Custom Pots
Located corner of
1st St. & Ave. A, Eastpoint, FL
*:";: ^ ;;;;;; ** ; ** : ;; ** ; : ;:;;;;; *

-^-- ---^ -^-- --i^--^- ^^-









Represented 50,000 pilots in my 33 year career as a
commercial airline pilot.

Extensive educational background, Member of several Boards
of Directors, Florida Teaching Certificate.

Aware of many of the issues affecting Franklin County.

Will be available to, and seek input from, the citizens of
Franklin County.


The County needs a long-range, as well as, a short-range plan; and more
paved roads. I will be active in school improvement and help maintain
the quality of the Bay.
Vote for Russell Crofton for County Commissioner, District #1,
Democrat. Make your vote count-vote for the most qualified candidate.


Wefing's Maline

125 U.S. Highway 98
Eastpoint, Florida 32328


The Franklin C~hronicle

The Franklin Chronicle


20 August 2004 Page 5


Second Circuit

Court Report
The Honorable Judge Janet E. Ferris
Prosecuting Attorney Michael Schneider
July 12, 2004
By Carol Noble
All persons identified below are innocent unless proven
otherwise in a court of law.
Alexander, Kenneth D: Charged with felony flee or attempt to elude officer,
* aggravated assault on law enforcement officer and attaching tag not assigned
on May 7, 2004. Defendant was incarcerated. The defendant was present in
court with Public Defender Kevin Steiger. The case was entered on the Plea
Docket for September 13, 2004 and bond was set at $15,000.00.
Bentley, Franklin J: Charged with burglary of conveyance while armed and
grand theft of a firearm on June 15, 2004. Bond was $7,500.00. The defen-
dant was present in court with Public Defender Kevin Steiger and entered a
plea of not guilty. The case was entered on the Plea Docket for October 11,
Campbell, Marvin: Charged with grand theft of motor vehicle on May 5, 2004.
Defendant was incarcerated. The defendant was present in court with Attor-
ney Alexander Dombrowsky and entered a written plea of not guilty dated
July 8, 2004. The case was entered on the Plea Docket for August 9, 2004.
Coulter, James Earl: Charged with attempted burglary of dwelling on April
28, 2004. Defendant was incarcerated, The defendant was represented by
,Public Defender Kevin Steiger who will file a written plea of not guilty. The
case was entered on the Plea Docket for August 9, 2004.
Creamer, Mark Devin: Charged with sale of a controlled substance on June
23, 2004. Defendant was incarcerated. Bond was reduced to $5000.00. The
case was entered on the Plea Docket for August 9, 2004.

4 50.926.6181-4
3140 Coastal Highway
Crawfordville, FL 32327
Fax: (850) 926-6182

Michael Glover
18 Years Experience

Located at the intersection of
319 & 98, Medart
Serving Wakulla and Franklin
Counties Since 1986
The oldest and most trusted
body shop
Insurance Claims Welcome
MV #12153

Owned and Operated by
Michael & Katrina Glover
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2543 Crawfordville Hwy., Ste. 1
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Etheridge, Christopher V: Charged with burglary of a dwelling and grand
theft (third degree) on June 3, 2004. Bond was $5,000.00. Defendant was
represented by Attorney Alexander Dombrowsky who entered a written plea of
not guilty dated July 8, 2004. The case was entered on the Plea Docket for
August 9, 2004.
Fedd, Jermaine: Charged with sale of a controlled substance on June 18,
2004. Bond was $25,000.00. The defendant was present in court with Public
Defender Kevin Steiger. The case was entered on the Plea Docket for October
Golden, Richie Dean: Charged with child abuse on May 19, 2004. Bond was
$1,000.00. The defendant was present in court with Public Defender Kevin
Steiger and entered a plea of not guilty. The case was entered on the Plea
Docket for October 11, 2004.
Ivey, Anthony: Charged with driving while license suspended (felony) on May
29, 2004. Bond was $2,000.00. The defendant was present in court and en-
tered a plea of not guilty. A public defender was appointed and the case was
entered on the Plea Docket for September 13, 2004.
Jones, Anthony Allen: Charged with sale of a controlled substance on June
18, 2004. Defendant was incarcerated. The defendant was present in court
with Public Defender Kevin Steiger and entered a plea of not guilty. The case
was entered on the Plea Docket for August 9, 2004.
Massey, Michelle: Charged with robbery on June 23, 2004. Bond was
$11,500.00. The defendant was present in court with Public Defender Kevin
Steiger and entered a plea of not guilty. The case was entered on the Plea
Docket for October 11, 2004.
McCall, Clinton: Charged with possession of a controlled substance and driving
while license suspended or revoked on May 11, 2004. Defendant was incar-
cerated. The defendant was present in court with Public Defender Kevin Steiger
and entered a plea of no contest. The defendant was adjudicated guilty and
sentenced to 36 months probation, in-patient treatment at Phoenix House
and aftercare; court costs plus $100.00 FDLE fee. Probation may terminate
after I year from treatment. Cost of supervision waived and received 54 days
credit for time served.
Murray, Ruby Aline: Charged with robbery by sudden snatching on April 9,
2004. Bond was $2,500.00. Attorney Charles E. Hobbs II was present and
entered a plea of not guilty. The case was entered on the Plea Docket for
October 11, 2004.
Peterson, Robert Lee: Charged with felony battery on May 9, 2004. Defen-
dant was incarcerated. The defendant was present in court with Public De-
fender Kevin Steiger and entered a plea of no contest. He was adiudicated

i E407A Highway 98
1 Eastpoint, FL 32328
Phone: (850) 670-5220


Lo-menzos istorante


W l pv Dine-In and Take-Out* 850-697-4084
We love private
parties! Highway 98 Downtown Carrabelle
Catering available

guilty and sentenced to 11 months 29 days in jail with 63 days credit for time
served, plus court costs.
Polous, Tony D: Charged with battery of a law enforcement officer and resiot-
ing officer with violence on June 17, 2004. Bond was $1,000.00. The defen-
dant was represented by Public Defender Kevin Steiger who entered a written -
plea of not guilty dated July 8, .2004. The case was entered on the Plea Docket
for October 11, 2004.
Rivera, Ricardo J: Charged with possession of a controlled substance with
intent to sell or deliver on June 15, 2004. Bond was $15,000.00. The defen-
dant did not show up in court, bond was forfeited and a capias (warrant for
arrest) was issued.
Suggs, Kristopher M: Charged with burglary of a dwelling while armed and
grand theft of a firearm on June 15, 2004. Defendant was Incarcerated. The
defendant was present in court with Public Defender Kevin Steiger and en-
tered a plea of not guilty. The case was entered on the Plea Docket for August
9, 2004.
Walden, Tanya R: Charged withldealing stolen property on May 9, 2004.
Bond was $750.00. The defendant did not show up iff court, bond was for-
feited and a capias (warrant for arrest) was issued.
Ward, Walter Mack Jr.: Charged with attempt to purchase a controlled sub-.
stance on June 10, 2004. Cash bond was $2,500.00. The defendant was rep-
resented by Attorney J. Gordon Shuler. The case was entered on the Plea'
Docket for October 11, 2004.
Wynn, Richard N: Charged with grand theft on April 19, 2004. Bond was
$10,000.00. The defendant was present in court with Attorney Charles E.
Hobbs II. The case was entered on the Plea Docket for September 13, 2004.
Yarrell, Ricco: Charged with sale of a controlled substance on Juneb21, 2004.
Bond was $25,000.00. The defendant was represented by Public Defender
Kevin Steiger who entered a written plea of not guilty dated July 8, 2004. The
case was entered on the Plea Docket for August 9, 2004.
Yarrell, Ricco: Charged with felony fleeing or attempting to elude officer, re-
sisting officer with violence and possession of cannabis (more than 20 grams)
on May 18, 2004. Bond was $20,000.00. The defendant was represented by
Public Defender Kevin Steiger who entered a written plea of not guilty dated
July 8, 2004. The case was entered on the Plea Docket for August 9, 2004,
Bates, Rudolph: Charged with sale of a controlled substance on February 2,
2002. Defendant was incarcerated. The defendant was present in court with
Attorney Don Pumphrey Jr. and entered a plea of denial dated June 24, 2004.
The case was entered on the Violation of Probation Plea Docket for August.9,.
Cargill, Stephon Eugene Jr: Charged with possession of a controlled sub-
stance with intent to sell or deliver on August 6, 2003 and November 9, 2003.
Defendant was incarcerated. The defendant was present in court with Public
Defender Kevin Steiger. The defendant admitted to being in violation of proba-
tion, was found in violation, and sentenced *to 60 days in jail with 19 days
credit for time served. Probation was reinstated.
Fasbenner, Cindy D: Charged with sale of a controlled substance on May 12,
1999. Defendant was incarcerated. The defendant was present in court with
Public Defender Kevin Steiger and entered a plea of denial. The case was
entered on the Violation of Probation Plea Docket for August 9, 2004.

Continued on Page 6

Cook Insurance Agency, Inc.
+ Specializing in Coastal Properties
from Alligator Point to Mexico Beach

23 Avenue D, Apalachicola, Fl 32329
850-653-9310 800-822-7530 /' ffep

Established 1913 I A


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Sunday Bible Study 10:00 a.m.
Worship & Praise 11:00 a.m.-
Sunday Night 7:00 p.m.
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Golf Course. Call for a viewing. MLS#100097.
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Front: Beautiful Gulf613-5962 Carrab L 32322
front lot with 3 bedroom/ ] "
1 bath house. Home has
been freshly painted and has central air and heat. Remnants of
concrete dock approach exist and a concrete boat ramp. This prop-
erty is located less than a mile from the entrance to St. James Bay
Golf Course. Call for a viewing. MLS#100097.
Office: (850) 697-9000 314 St. James Street
Toll-Free: (800) 613-5962 Carrabelle, FL 32322
Cell: (850) 899-0582 Fax: (850) 697-4311
Email: allynj@florida-beach.com

Why vote for

/14t ta ,a nsot?

* STRONG WORK ETHIC-usually early to

work and one of the last to leave, gets the job



assistance to everyone equally and sincerely.

RESOURCEFUL-Self thinker-can carry

out all duties of the clerk's office.


Franklin County in a professional and positive

manner, will ask questions to protect your


MOST QUALIFIED-30 years on-the-job ex-

perience with knowledge in all departments.





I ~~I


-rag o zu iiugust. Luu a A -V -I AdA.JA rT V I VA.! A I TAJ -. -- A .L I

Second Circuit Court from Page 5

Gloner, Michael E: Charged with uttering (passing a worthless document) 2
counts on November 11, 2002; 1 count on December 12, 2002; 27 counts on
November 20, 2002; 4 counts on December 31, 2002; 3 counts on January 7,
2003; 17 counts on February 6, 2003. Defendant was incarcerated. The de-
fendant was represented in court by Public Defender Kevin Steiger who en-
S tered a written plea of denial dated July 6, 2004. The case was entered on the
Violation of Probation Plea Docket for August 9, 2004.
Hebert, Dennis L: Charged with sale of a controlled substance on June 6,
2002. Defendant was incarcerated. The defendant was present in court with
Public Defender Kevin Steiger. Defendant admitted to being in violation of
probation, was found in violation and was sentenced to I year and I day in the
department of corrections with 321 days credit for time served. All outstand-
ing financial costs were reduced to a judgement.
Jackson, Del Romel: Charged with driving while license suspended or re-
voked (habitual). Bond was $2,500.00. The defendant was- present in court
with public Defender Kevin Steiger and entered a plea of denial. The case was
entered on the Violation of Probation Plea Docket for September 13, 2004.
McAnally, Robert T: Charged with 2 counts sale of a controlled substance on
May 3 1, 2002. Defendant was released on own recognizance. The defendant
was present in court. The case was entered on the Violation of Probation Plea
Docket for September 13, 2004.
McIntyre, Freddie: Charged with aggravated battery with a firearm and pos-
session of firearm by a convicted felon on October 25, 1996. Defendant was
incarcerated. The defendant was present in court with Public Defender Kevin
'Steiger and entered a plea of denial. The case was entered on the Violation of
Probation Plea Docket for August 9, 2004.
Scott, Jeffrey Blair: Charged with grand theft on January 24, 2004. Defen-
dant was incarcerated. The defendant was present in court with Public De-
fender Kevin Steiger and entered a plea of denial. The case was entered on the
-Violation of Probation Plea Docket for August 9, 2004.
-;Sltepp, Daniel Alan: Charged with dealing in stolen property on December 13,
-2003. Defendant was incarcerated. The defendant was present in court with
-Public Defender Kevin Steiger and entered a plea of denial. The case was
: -entered on the Violation of Probation Plea Docket for August 9, 2004.
- Taunton, Gary Dwayne: Charged with battery of a law enforcement officer on
- May 18, 2000 and grand theft on December 23, 2002. Defendant was incar-
cerated. The defendant was present in court with Public Defender Kevin Steiger
and entered a plea of denial. The case was entered on the Violation of Proba-
tion Plea Docket for August 9, 2004.
Thompson, Donnie H: Charged with uttering (passing a worthless document)
1 count on March 6, 2001; 4 counts on April 2, 2001 -1 count on July 3,
2001; 7 counts on August 20, 2001. Bonds total $5,000.00. The defendant
did not show up in court, bond was forfeited and capias (warrant for arrest)
-was ordered.
Watson, James Raymond Jr: Charged with 2 counts burglary of a convey-
ance, burglary of a structure and 3 counts of grand theft on August 20, 2002.
Defendant was incarcerated. The defendant was present in court with Public
Defender Kevin Steiger arid entered a plea of denial. The case was entered on
the Violation of Probation Plea Docket for August 9, 2004.
*Amison, Lawanda L: Charged with 4 counts uttering (passing a worthless
document) on December 7, 2000. Defendant was incarcerated. The defendant
was represented by Public Defender Kevin Steiger. The case is to be evaluated
and continued on the Violation of Probation Arraignment Docket for Septem-
ber 13, 2004.
Roberts, Dona Marge: Charged with possession with intent to sell cannabis
on March 20, 2002. Defendant was incarcerated. The defendant was repre-
sented by Public Defender Kevin Steiger who entered a plea of denial. The
case was entered on the Violation of Probation Plea Docket for August 9, 2004.

Anderson, Amy E: Charged with grand theft on December 12, 2003. Bond
was $1,500.00. The defendant did not show up in court, the bond was for-
feited and a capias (warrant for arrest) was issued.
Ard, Carl Wayne: Charged with felony DUI and driving while license sus-
pended or revoked on January 18, 2004. Defendant was incarcerated. The
defendant was represented by Public Defender Kevin Steiger. The case was
continued on the Plea Docket for August 9,2004.
Benjamin, Marvin Ray Jr: Charged with sale of a controlled substance on
August 21, 2003. Defendant was released on own recognizance. The defen-
dant was present in court with Public Defender Kevin Steiger. The case was
entered on the Docket Sounding for September 13, 2004 and jury trial for
-September 15, 2004.
Bilbo, Brian: Charged with armed robbery with firearm and burglary of con-
veyance while armed on February 17, 2004. Bond was $5,000.00. The defen-
dant was present In court with Public Defender Kevin Steiger. The case was
continued on the Plea Docket for September 13, 2004.
Dixon, Wade Odell: Charged with sexual battery upon aichild under 12 on
January 18, 2004. Defendant was incarcerated. The defendant was repre-
sented by Public Defender Kevin Steiger. The case was continued on the Plea
b:. ocket for August 9, 2004.

St. George Island Phone:850-927-4777
/ S L eoge M d Toull Free: 800-344-7570

I:4 %~aij

Enjoy Gulf and Bay views from
this 3BR/2BA home on a beauti-
fully larldscaped one acre lot in
the East End of St. George Island.
Extras include 270 sq. ft. office,
444 sq. ft. screened porch and 800
sq. ft. of enclosed storage!
MLS#100466. $729,000.

2+Loft BR/3.5 BA home in the
Plantation with large pool with
spa. Vaulted ceilings, walls of
windows, large decks and
screened porch maximize Great
Gulf View. Adjacent to board-
.walk to the beach. MLS#100158.

Edwards, Ross Wayne: Charged with 2 counts sale of a controlled substance
on January 15, 2004 and possession of contraband at county detention facil-
ity on February 18, 2004. Defendant was incarcerated. The defendant was
present in court with Attorney Charles E. Hobbs II. The case was continued
on the Plea Docket for October 11, 2004.
Edwards, Ross Wayne: Charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon
on January 15, 2004. Defendant was incarcerated. The defendant was present
in court with Attorney Charles E. Hobbs II. The case was entered on the Docket
Sounding for October 11. 2004 and jury trial on October 13, 2004.
Fichera, Tilden Lee: Charged with possession more than twenty grams can-
nabis on March 4, 2004. Bond was $5,000.00. The defendant was present in
court with Public Defender Kevin Steiger. The case was continued on the Plea
Docket for August 9, 2004.
Glass, Rodney Lee: Charged with worthless check over 150 dollars on Febru-
ary 13, 2004. Bond was $5,040.00. The defendant was present in court with
Public Defender Kevin Steiger. entered a plea of no contest. Adjudication was
withheld. The defendant was sentenced to 18 months probation; $3,235.00
restitution plus fee and service charge; $275.00 court costs with cost of su-
pervision waived. Partial payment plan.
Heath, Harvey D: Charged with aggravated assault on law enforcement of-
ficer, resisting officer with violence and battery on February 1, 2004. Bond
was $18,000.00. The defendant was present in court with Attorney J. Gordon
Shuler and waived a speedy trial. The case was continued on the Plea Docket
for August 9, 2004.
Lee, Henry Albert: Charged with sale of a controlled substance on August
21, 2003. Bond was $15,000.00. The defendant was present in court with
Public Defender Kevin Steiger, entered a plea of no contest and was' adjudi-
cated guilty. The defendant was sentenced to 1-year administrative proba-
tion; $275.00 court costs; $100.00 FDLE fine. Cost of supervision waived.
Partial payment plan.
Martin, Kelvin A: Charged with 2 counts sale and possession of controlled
substance with intent to sell within 1,000 feet of a church on December 13,
2003. Bond was $7,500.00. The defendant was present in court with Attorney
John Leace and entered a plea of no contest. Adjudication was withheld. The
defendant was sentenced to 2 years probation (to run concurrentt; 60 days in
jail with 11 days credit for time served; $275.00 court costs plus $100.00
FDLE fine and fees. Cost of supervision waived. Defendant must report 7pm
on July 19, 2004 and submit to random urinalysis. Partial payment plan.

Second Circuit Court Report will be continued in the
next issue.

District #3 Candidates, from Page 1

QUESTION: Are you satisfied with our county services?
MICHAEL MORON: No. I think for the tax base that we have ... the
county should be in a position to offer more services ... actually
more and better services ...
QUESTION: Are you opposed to the proposed bed tax in Franklin
County? Please support your answer.
NOAH LOCKLEY, JR.: I think the bed tax is gonna be a good tax be-
cause in Franklin County we've got a lot of people coming in...
It will generate money...
QUESTION: In your view why are the roads in such poor condition in
district #3 and all over the county. The follow-up question is
what would you do to change that if you were elected commis-
BRYANT HAND: ... We all know that each commissioner looks out for
their district ... We know all commissioners have to work to-
gether, as a whole for the entire county. They have to work for
you also for your district. (unintelligible). I don't know of any
place in the county where the roads are as bad as they are in
district #3. 1 don't want to sound critical of Commissioner Wil-
liams but he has been (county) commissioner for the last 8
years, and this (problem of roads) has prompted me to run.
Because the roads are in such poor condition...
QUESTION: What is the proper role for the board of commissioners
with our school system and should they be more involved in'
the school system.
CLARENCE WILLIAMS: .. .We work together...
QUESTION: Would you be in favor of regular office hour meetings?
CORA RUSS: Yes... I would have an open door policy... invite any and
all citizens to voice their opinions and complaints ...

Marine Construction Specialist Since 1967
f-r -iw mi- Environmental Pe i



Fiber glass & paint supplies, fishing tackle, trailer parts, frozen bait, live bait,
\ rope, team fish line, deep sea & flat rods & reels.
Coming soon: Diesel & gas motor repair, new t-tops and canvas and repairs.
Adding over 7,000 sq. ft.

A full-servite Restaurant
and Bar!
Open every day from
7 a.m. until 10 p.m.
Live music
Friday and Saturday nights!
Lunch and Dinner
Specials daily.
S,,--,.,,-- Happy Hour from
4 'til 7 every day!


Juice & Java!
The Island's
Only Coffee Shop!
Open every day
from 7 a.m. until 9 p.m.
Espresso, Latte, Cappuccino,
Frappuccino, Fruit Smoothies,
Freshly Baked Pastries,
Bagels and more. \IBY THSEA

Continued on Page 7

St. George Island Realty
235 E. Gulf Beach Dr.
Suite 201
St. George Island, FL 32328

A Devloper's Dream! 22+ acres on
Highway 98 west of Tarpon Run. 1062
front feet on Highway 98 = at least 10
Bay Front Lots. High Bluff View of SGI
and Bay. Existing improvements in-
dude barn, well, fence & storage build-
ing. MLS#101285. $4,500,000.
Gulf and Bay View! One of only a few
lots on St. George Island that has
unobstructable Gulf and Bay views.
Easy access to the beach and an ease-.
ment to the bay from this one acre East
End lot. Enjoy all the island has to of-
fer! MLS#98557. $425,000.
Tarpon Run! 1 acre lot in 9 acre Bay
Front development between Eastpoint
and Carrabelle. Paved road, under-
ground utilities & protective covenants
will make this a wonderful neighbor-
hood. Private beach for Tarpon Run
owners! MLS#101303. $169,000.


Here ye, here ye, here ye: You, the citizens and voters of Franklin County, are invited to a series of
public forums during which the candidates for county public office will discuss their views and ideas.

TUESDAY. AUGUST 17, 2004 AT 7 P.M.
Eastpoint Fire Station.:

District #1-County Commission Candidates:
David Ard, Democrat
Larry Boatwright, Democrat
Russell Crofton, Democrat
Kenneth Shiver, Democrat
Willard Vinson, no party affiliation

District #1-School Board Candidates:
Denise Butler
Teresa Howard
C.J. Ogles
Rex Pennycuff

The St. George Island Political Education Com-
mittee (PEC) is a nonpartisan community asso-
ciation comprised of volunteers from St. George
Island and all other areas of Franklin County. Our
mission is to help inform the public on matters of
common concern by sponsoring open dialog
through appropriate and fair public forums, town
meetings, debates and discussions. We encourage
and solicit countywide participation in this ven-
ture in order to provide all areas of the county
with the opportunity to promote an informed and
responsible electorate. It is our belief, and it is
our desire, that informed citizens will choose quali-
fied, responsible representatives and those repre-
sentatives will better respond to our common con-
cerns and needs.

St. George Island Fire Station:

District #1-County Commission Candidates:
David Ard, Democrat
Larry Boatwright, Democrat
Russell Crofton, Democrat
Joyce Estes, Republican
Kenneth Shiver, Democrat
Willard Vinson, no party affiliation

District #1-School Board Candidates:
Denise Butler
Te-'sa owa
C.. Og.'s
Re,. "ennycuff

TUESDAY, AUGUST 24, 2004 AT 7 P.M.
"Dixie Theatre"in Apalachicola:

Clerk of the Court (countywide election):
Renee Shiver Griffin, Democrat
Marcia Johnson, Democi at

Apalachicola High School

Sheriff (county wide election):
John Crum, Democrat
Mike Mock, Democrat
Joel Norred, Democrat
Skip Shiver, Democrat
Wayne Williams, Democrat
Bruce Barnes, Republican

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If tere' a ome oanout her foryou

The Franklin Chronicle,


Pai Ae' Aiiaia Iii

. i

... A, A. .... A"A --OCALLY- OA

elect a proven LEADER. My personal
Franklin County Schools ranked in the

goal is to have
top half of

Florida schools by the end of my first term in office..."


* Be a Superintendent for All.

* Discipline- This is a state of order

based on submission to rule & author-

ity. A must in the classroom, sports &

in the community.

* Increase education standards.

* Develop a plan to improve no child

left behind.

* Meet individual students

needs: Aca-

demic & Vocation Programs.

* Safety: Parents must know that their

students will be safe at school.

* Expand Alternative Education.

* Improve Communication.

* Provide positive good leadership.

Vote and elect "Mr. Frank" Stephens
tendent of Franklin County Schools.

as Superin-
Give Frank a

chance and you have my pledge that I will serve
with dignity, and will work very hard to improve
our schools.

Frank Stephens

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Frank Stephens (Democrat) for Superintendent of Schools of Franklin County, FL

81EC" ELECTRONICS Adult & Children's Boots Anchor Retrieval
0 Systems Rope Frozen Bait Team Fish
ICOM RADIOS Line* DeepSea & Flat Rods and Reels *
FURUNO Live Bait and Crab Traps Fishing Tackle *
GARMIN Fiberglass & Paint Supplies Trailer Parts

3026CoatalHigway Crwfodvile, lorda 232

St. George Island
United Methodist Church


201 E. Gulf Beach Drive on the Island
927-2088 Website: sgiumc.org Rev. Anthony F. D'Angelo

Bayside Residential, Waterfront &
SDog Island Properties
* Immaculate New 3370 sq. ft. home on Carrabelle River. Three
bedrooms with master baths + a loft upstairs could be used for fourth
room. Florida Room overlooks the river from the 2nd floor, screened-
in porch overlooking the river from the first floor. Home has 1080
sq. ft. carport under the house with two storage rooms, 10' ceilings,
elevator, dock with boat lift, central sound system, and an irrigation
system with well. $925,000.00.
* Bayou Harbor-One acre overlooking Dog Island and St. George
Island. Direct Bay access. $700,000.00.
* One Bay Front Lot-49 x 138 lot on the Bay, located in St. James.
Spectacular view. $495,000.00.
* New Home-Still under construction. 2088 sq. ft. home overlook-
ing the #8 Green. 3BR/2BA, metal roof, Hardiplank siding; marble
countertops, hardwood floors, Andersen windows and much more.
Bayside Realty, Inc.
305 Avenue B South Carrabelle, FL 32322
697-5470 697-3919 877-577-7177 Fax: 697-9607
Freda White-0Owner/Broker
Raymond Williams-Broker/Sales Beth Barber-Realtor

Magnolia Bay Bayfront: "Grand View, 293 Magnolia Dr.,
Eastpoint. Marvelous 5 bedroom, 4-1/2 bath, 3600 +/- sq. ft. home
features gas fireplace; screened porch, Andersen windows, skylights,
Butler's pantry with wine cooler, 2-car garage, landscaped approx. 1
acre lot with irrigation system, boat dock. $995,000. MLS#100058.
Select Land Value
Eastpoint Bayfront-Metes and Bounds on file, 3 plus acres MOL, approx.
210' frontage. $790,000. MLS#100298.

vkyj Prudential Toll-Free: 800-974-2666
Resort Realty Phone: 850-927-2666
123 Gulf Beach Drive West e-mail: info@stgeorgeisland.com
St. George Island, Florida 32328
An Independently Owned and Operated Member of The Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc.

District #3 Candidates from Page 6
. QUESTION: What is your position as to the state of the seafood indus-
try in Franklin County, and how should the problem be ad-
MICHAEL MORON: ... I think we should find a way to either forgive or
find some other way to reduce taxes for persons in the seafood
industry ... With the competition from Asia, it is really very,
very hard for them... That includes Commissioners going out
and seeking grants to protect the seafood industry...
QUESTION: Could you explain to the citizens in District 3 how the
road money is distributed in Franklin County and this district?
NOAH LOCKLEY: I don't know how it is distributed, but none of it is
being distributed in District 3...
QUESTION: During the development of the county comprehensive plan,
there were several hundred citizens who participated in this
visioning process. The current county commission chose to
exclude and ignore the majority of the citizen input. How do
you feel about this and what would you do to help those citi-
zens feel better about being left out of the process?
BRYANT HAND: ... We're there for the people. This is a passion for me.
I stay in touch with the people. This is what made America so
great ... We have got to stay in touch with the people. When you
leave the people... you cannot move ahead...
The moderator, Richard Harper, asked the following questions of each
of the candidates.
QUESTION: Do you see the constant rezoning of existing property as
a problem, and if so, what would you do differently?
COMMISSIONER WILLIAMS: I don't see it as a problem...Cora Russ
opined that the Board of Adjustment "works-sometimes." Mr.
Moron sees some problems on rezoning, especially in residen-
tial areas. I can't agree with increasing the density.
If we tend to change what we have now, we won't be worth much later
on, he said. He might restrict density even more in some cases. Noah
Lockley sees rezoning "it's O.K.," he opined. Bryant Hand recalled
some problems in rezoning as it related to business.
QUESTION: What should be the role of county government in afford-
able housing for the citizens of Franklin County, and if you are
in favor of affordable housing, how would you pay for it?
Bryant Hand was "totally in favor of affordable housing" but he was
not sure how to pay for it. He looks to the State for funding, as well as
grant money. Noah Lockley sees the need for affordable housing, look-
Continued on Page 12,

For the 1st Time since 1967
.20, 21, 22 & 25
Fahrenheit 9/11
27, 28, 29 & Sept. 1
Friday & Saturday-8 p.m.
Sunday-3 p.m
Wednesday-8 p.m.
All Tickets ~ $5.00 :

"The greatest resource of Franklin County is our chil-
dren. It is our responsibility to provide them with the
best education possible. In order to do that, it is time to

Franklin County
Public Library's :
Frog Program
Receives Grant I
Eileen Annie Ball, Director of the
Franklin County Public Library,
announces that the Library's
FROG Family Learning program
has received a $56,840 Librfry
Services Technology Act (LSTA)
grant to continue operating the
acclaimed program. The FROG
(Families Read On Grant) pro-
gram, fiscally administered
through the Wilderness Coast
Public Libraries, offers many famn-
ily oriented services to County
residents including, computer
classes, tutoring, GED prepara-
tion classes, exercise classes,
family fun nights, weekly story
time, and field trips.

Franklin Briefs
from Page 2
'channel, a project that has re-
mained dormant for several
months. Dan Tonsimere, who pre-
sented the Resolution for Com-
mission approval said that thTe
Eastpoint channel was a separate
issue and in no way related to the
Apalachicola River dredging. I-e
promised to return with addi-
tional information to assuage the
Commissioner's fears.
County Attorney
Michael Thomas Shuler reported
that the potential leasee of the is-
land bridge for a fishing project
has withdrawn from the project
without explanation. John Soul,
Pensacola, had appeared several
times before the Commissioners
explaining his proposal. The
Board agreed to re-advertise fdr
proposals to others who might
want to operate the bridges as
fishing piers.
Commissioner Putnal reported'a
complaint against MediaCom, the
county CATV franchisee, concern-
ing failure to respond to a viewers
complaint about the lack of ser-
vice. The viewer waited one month
and 10 days, and then died with-
out restored service. Commis-
sioner Putnal moved that a letter
be sent to the CATV operator, ard0
that a representative appear at
the second meeting'in September


pnd tp g

850-653-9550 |
Highway 98 & 6th Street.
EST. 1836
8:00 A.M.

I SApalachicola, FI;
Presents the return of Movies]
Hihwy98& t+Sre+
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20 August 2004 Page 7



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fration at Duquesne University
(Pittsburgh) in May 2004. He also
received certification in Conflict
Resolution and Peace Studies.
Mr. Goercke completed a gradu-
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Traditional Shona beliefs on HIV/
AIDS intervention in Zimbabwe"
as partial fulfillment of graduate
degree requirements. The prevail-
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that exist in traditional Zimbabwe
culture seem to be contributing
to its problem of having one of the
highest rates of HIV-AIDS infec-
tions of all countries worldwide.
The Goercke thesis examined the
relationship between secondary
students in the rural and urban
areas of selected towns in Zimba-
The measuring instrument con-
sisted of a questionnaire com-
prised of demographic, hypotheti-
cal and open-ended questions
administered to students with the
regular classrooms of their re-
spective schools. Brian had to re-
turn to Zimbabwe to conduct the
study. He had previously spent
three years in that country as a
part of the Peace Corps. program
when he returned to the United
States for graduate study. He was
editor of the Franklin Chronicle
from 1994 through most of 1998
when he left the U.S. for training
and assignment in the Peace
Corps, and Zimbabwe.
He is attempting to publish his
paper in a professional social sci-
ence journal, and reviewing work I
opportunities overseas.


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Page 10 20 August 2004


Superintendent Candidates from Page 1
-A question also raised the escalating costs for educating Franklin
'County students. now up over S 12.000 per student. Jeff Weiner said.
."First of all. If I had S12.000 per student, our kids would be in a
private school. If you look around the state averages, you're talking
about 5-_.000 maximum. I don't care what county you're in... S12.000
a -year per student-vou should demand what would be comparable
-to a pnmate school education. What am I going to do? First of all. I'm
-going to get a fiscal budget and I'm gonna support teachers, and we're
going to put the money back Into the classroom for other kids. We're
gonna shake some trees: get rid of some adrninistraUon-not teach-
ers. administration-and we're gonna do what's right for the kids.
Secondly. we're going to quit raising and asking the tax-payers to put
money into a system that's defunct. And. folks. I'm sorry to sa\, it but
if you're putting S12.000 a year into a school system, that the tradi-
lional system is (costing) S7000. and we are at the lowest in the coun-
ties in the state, there's something radically wrong... So. I'm going to
ask for a major change. and I'm going to ask the community to sup-
port the change.
Frank Stephens responded with: "...It's easy to lay off all the Admin-
istrators, but who is going to do the work? It's gotta be done. There
are ways we can cut the costs... We're bringing in more technical
equipment that will allow the teachers to do a better job... I think we
can do that without hurting a lot of people.
Ms. Gander pointed out that for the last three years, the millage rate
bhas gone down consistently. You are paying less mills for the school
system this year than last year. And, last year, than you did the year
A change in format involved a "candidate round-table" discussion in
which each candidate could quiz the others, if desired.
For most of the questions, the candidates were reluctant to quiz each
other. The first question was a hypothetical one, that of assigning a
better grade to the Franklin County Schools and the reasons therefore.
-Frank Stephens gave the most reasoned response to this nonsense
luestion because, as he put it, there are many things that the school
district does in a positive way as to make a letter grade ambiguous.
The letter grade given by the State Dept. of Education is based on test
Scores and rankings among the 67 counties. The letter grade of "A"
Was not good enough for Mr. Frank; he wanted an "A+" school. No one
had a follow-up comment.
Each candidate was asked to describe his or her management phi-
losophy. No one- had a follow-up comment.
Each candidate was asked what they would like to be remembered
for at the end of their term as Superintendent. No one had a follow-up
comment except for Ms. Gander who observed several "successful"
graduates in the audience.
T'he ABC Charter School is a competitor to the traditional school sys-
tem was a response by Jeff Weiner. Mrs. Gander, on the other hand,
did not see much innovation in the curriculum of the charter school
In Apalachicola.
Jeff Weiner disputed a statement by Mrs. Gander regarding the exist-
ence of a state law that precluded students from transferring to other
school districts. "This was a Superintendent-driven policy that Mrs.
Gander and the Superintendent in Gulf County put together two years
ago... And, that was a board-approved mandate but has no legal ba-
sis. Mrs. Gander invited Mr. Weiner to look at the School Code ... Mr.
Weiner repeated his assertion that there was no law in the State of
Florida that precluded students transferring from one county to an-
other. Mr. Stevens had no comment. Mrs. Gander again reminded
Mr. Weiner to check the school codes.
The format was changed slightly, by allowing each candidate to ask
the other candidate one question. Jeff Weiner asked candidate Gan-
der what she might have proposed for the next four years, and if so,
why was this not put into action prior to the election? Mrs. Gander
responded that administrative changes take considerable time to
implement... She cited the two years it took to put the .Alternative
School into operation. Consolidation and better communication with
parents are two goals of hers for the next term. Mr. Stevens declined
-to ask questions indicating that he did not think the forum was es-
tablished to follow this format of one candidate asking another can-
-ddate. Mrs. Gander also declined to ask any questions of the other
Each candidate was given two minutes for a closing statement.
.= . L .


Frankin Chonicl

Nwds trbtdi

Spnsre by Hilsd Coltonoabrr

Sponsored by Hillside Coalition of Laborers
for Apalachicola (HCOLA)

Third Political Forum In

Apalachicola On July 31st

Candidates for Franklin Countn School Board and County Commis-
sion Were Invited Guests
Tammy Ray Hutchinson introduced round two of the HCOLA politiu-
cal forum of the 2004 political season at the 6th Street Recreation
Center. Apalachicola. on Saturday. July 31, 2004.
The format consisted of a panel of citizens asking questions put to
candidates. followed with questions submitted by the audience in
The other round of political forums is being sponsored by the Political
Education Committee of the St. George Island Civic Club, and these
are continuing throughout August. A report on the second round of
the PEC is presented elsewhere in this issue of the Chronicle.
QUESTION: What factor influenced you to seek this office?
TERESA MARTIN: I love children ... As a mother, I want to make a
difference in the Franklin County school system ... to ensure
that all of our students receive an education, and they will re-
ceive a quality education ... and, that they will be prepared for
the real world...
DENISE BUTLER: I'm a life long educator ... I've been a certified edu-
cator since 1971 ... The decision to run for this office was only
if I felt it was the right office and the right time ... I have been
going door to door in my district ... We're coming on to a very
critical time in our county. A time that's going to be full of
anxiety for all of us as we go through change in our school
system ... I think that experience (with the local Franklin County
Library) and my education background made me well suited
for the task we have ahead ... consolidation...
FONDA DAVIS: I have a heart for the kids ... As a business owner,
Bayside Development, also Franklin County... Program, (a pro-
gram that) targets black males that want to further their edu-
cation ... So, I feel ... I would be the best candidate for this seat
... I am also a volunteer fire fighter, Assistant Director of Franklin
County Solid Waste Department where I made decisions on a
day to day operation...
REX PENNYCUFF: The one reason I believe I am running for school
board is that I believe I can bring positive ... (points) to the
position. I've worked with children all my life. I've graduated
from school and my goal was to work with children and to mold
them, to help them have the best tomorrow that they could
RICHARD BELL: I think there are many things in our lives that have
influenced us ... I moved down here for a quality of life ... I have
been blessed to work with all of our children ... Actually, that is
not something I have planned but that's the way it worked out.
I have enjoyed it ... I feel confidant that my experience, my
compassion, caring for children, would work well in this office,
and I would appreciate that opportunity.
QUESTION: What do you consider your greatest strength to serve on
the school board?
DENISE BUTLER: ... I think that I can bring a positive note, I think
that I can help people see the positive, good things that I know
are occurring in our system. We have a lot of positives ... and
right now our system is suffering from what could be called the
"sinking ship" syndrome ... We have that reputation ... Yet, over-
all, we have a very negative reputation. That is something that
pains me because I know that we have good teachers and good
families, and that we work very hard. The labels have not al-
ways been fair. So, I think what I would bring to the table is
hope. I think that what I wduld help people perceive is that we
do have all the potential ... to make people want to come to
Franklin County schools instead of leaving them. And, so I would
say that my greatest strength to this board would be my expe-
rience, my willingness to listen, my caring for kids is obvious ...
I think we're in bad need of hope and pride in our school sys-


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FONDA DAVIS: My strength would be decision-making ... Someone
needs to be on the Board to make decisions ...--1 feel I can make-
the decisions to turn our school system around...
REX PENNYCUFF: ... I think the main thing I could bring would be
the willingness to work with the people ... I think that one thing
that we lack in the school board is the ability to let the public
know what's going on and to be accountable for what is to be
decided ... The greatest goal that I see s to open up communi-
cation between the school board and the community to get a
positive input from everyone, so that the ideals I have I could
do better with the input from the community. For me, the great-
est strength is to bring everyone together for the same goals to
educate our children and to be open...
RICHARD BELL: My greatest strength is going to have to be my expe-
rience. Obviously, I was not born and raised here. I've come
from the big city of Atlanta ... I've done a corporate thing, been
in charge of a very large business ... I have accomplished a lot
... Every accomplishment that I've had, I've also had some les-
sons learned ... I think my strength is in my experience, my
accomplishments as well as the lessons I have learned...
TERESA MARTIN: I've served on the board for four years ... It takes.
time. But, I am experienced, knowledgeable ... I relate well with
people, communicate well with people ... I am a -people person.
I'm a positive thinker. I think as a leader you have to be a posi-
tive thinker. I'm open for new ideas, new suggestions the other
person's point-of-view.
The candidates had a variety of answers to the question about your
greatest weaknesses. Pennycuff said, simply, "I'm human, I make
mistakes." Bell said, "I'm outspoken, direct." Candidate Davis had no
weaknesses. Denise Butler admitted, "I am impatient." Teresa Martin
said "I always put others first..."
Another question brought forward a variety of responses from the
candidates. The question was: "What is needed to improve enroll-
ment in post-secondary education?"
Rex Pennycuff responded by saying that more diversity in educa-
tional programs would broaden appeal. There are vocational needs
as well, he concluded. Richard Bell opined that greater diversity in
offerings would "open doors" to the students. Teresa Martin argued
that more resources such as scholarships and greater contact with
programs external to the school district is "one area we need Im-
provement upon." Denise Butler cited the importance of parental.
guidance in counseling their children to opportunities for them.
Fonda Davis recommended a formal analysis of what graduates have
"gone on to do" after graduation so the school curriculum might bet-
ter reflect realities after graduation. "That's what we need to build the
curriculum around," he concluded.
A question about consolidation of the school district brought gener-
ally favorable responses from all of the candidates present at the
HCOLA Saturday forum. Denise Butler emphasized that there would
still remain different needs for different children. Richard Bell em-
phasized the need to look "outside the box" in addition to the consoli-
dation of the curriculum. There are numerous alternatives to cur-
riculum and academic planning outside of Franklin County and ef-
forts pught to be made to seek out those alternatives. Many of the
"Continued on Page 12

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Franklin County needs a professional trained

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Joel Norred's Education, Training and

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Vote the best choice for Franklin County


Joel Norred for Sheriff


August 31st.

Political Advertisement Paid for and Approved by Joel Norred, Democrat, for Sheriff

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of Franklin County Schools


by local,


national and

international leaders:

* County Commissioner Jimmy Mosconis
* Director Choice Office J.C. Bowman
* U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft
* U.S. Congressman Richard Gephardt
* U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. John Danforth

"Mr. Weiner made parents, teachers, and citizens ... proud by raising the bar of

education for the community to an excellence that we haven't seen in many
years." -Jimmy Mosconis, County Commissioner, May 21


"On behalf of (State of Florida) Commissioner Jim Home, let me thank you..."
-J.C. Bowman, Ph.D., Director, Choice Office, January 28, 2003
"Congratulations on your achievement..."
-Richard Gephardt, U.S. Congressman, May 24, 1988
"I congratulate you on being named a Small Business Person of the Year by the
U.S. Small Business Administration."

-John Ashcroft, U.S. General Attorney, June 3,

"I commend you for your hard work, dedication and business acumen."
-John Danforth, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, May







Political Advertisement paid for and approved by Jeff Weiner
Democrat for Superintendent of Schools

14 V



20 August 2004 Page 11

The Franklin Chronicle


Page 12 20 August 2004

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ii' I

Superintendent Candidates from Page

candidates perceive certain economies in consolidation and voiced
such opinions without the benefit of any evidence supporting the ar-
gument except assertions. Bell emphasized that consolidation was
not a complete answer to the problems ailing the Franklin County
school system.
An audience question attempted to solicit information on how each of
the candidates would volunteer time, or conduct visitations at the
school. Denise Butler said she had always worked with children since
she started in the Franklin County system in 1983, including the
schools, the Dixie Foundation and the Franklin County Library. Fonda
Davis cited his work in coaching Little League. Rex Pennycuff de-
scribed similar experiences including church work with up to 70 chil-
dren each week. Richard Bell has been a substitute teacher in the
Franklin County system on many occasions, as has Theresa Ann
Another audience question raised the issue of morale among the
Franklin County teachers and what the school board candidate would
do to raise morale. Denise Butler quoted another sage, not identified,
by saying "... There is an old saying, let the teachers teach and allow
the principals run their schools ..." There is some despair, she said,
and the school board members need to do everything... to allow that
to happen, to be the spokesperson for them, the understand the bud-
get, to change policy when it needs changing, to make the tough de-
cisions when the decisions have to be, made." It's not easy to make
decisions. Sometimes ... in disciplinary situations, there is a code of
conduct ... to let the teacher do his or her job in the classroom ...
Everybody needs to understand their role." She concluded, "... to be
there on the other end of that spectrum, to be the best supporter they
can be ... I do understand that role because I have been a teacher, I
am a parent, I have been a principal, I have been a middle school
team leader, and I hope to be a school board member ... (applause)."
All three candidates for District #3 School Board did appear at the
HCOLA Forum. These included Richard Bell, Fonda Davis, Sr. and
Teresa Ann Martin. School Board candidates for District #5, Katie
McKnight, and John Richards, did not appear at the HCOLA forum
on July 31st.
The second half of the HCOLA forum on July 31st included candi-
dates for the Franklin County Commission, namely Russell Crofton
(District #1), Michael Moron (District #3), Noah Lockley (District #3),
Bryant Hand (District #3) and incumbent Clarence Williams (District
All forum candidates present were in favor of constructing a senior
citizen center for Apalachicola. Another question sought information
from candidates as to what they would do to promote more racial
diversity among employees in Franklin County. Clarence Williams
cited the Road Department as an example of expanding employment
opportunities. Noah Lockley would consult dept. heads as-to future
needs. Michael Moron described the need for more training to ad-
vance current employees and expand opportunities. Candidate Russell
Crofton opined that the county was not ready for a quote system.
Each candidate was asked to identify county needs in the context of
the comprehensive plan and economic development. All candidates
at the forum cited the need for clean industry or "... abetter plan".
Noah Lockley concluded "... everybody does not want to be a prison
guard..." There is a greater need for training and better planning.
Michael Moron cited a fundamental question, "... Where is the moriey?",
noting the problems with the tax base for economic expansion. He
called for more thinking "outside the box", reviewing how neighbor-
ing counties are dealing with economic development. Russell Crofton
opined that the county has a "circular problem." He cited the need for
a qualified workforce who are "schooled" in areas that mesh with
economic expansion. He cited the need for small engine repair in a
market of boating users and the lack of repair facilities for that
Candidates were asked what factors influenced them to seek county
office? Noah Lockley emphasized "Roads". Michael Moron asserted
District #3 is being "left behind ... Solid leadership is needed..."
A different style of leadership is needed. Clarence Williams cited the
imposition of a gas tax, which now funds road construction. Bryant
Hand asserted he could do "...a better job." He did not have time to
discuss them, but "I have a plan..." Michael Moron urged county com-
missioners to work more closely with dept. heads around the year,
not just at budget time. Russell Crofton wanted to know where tax
money goes, calling for closer management of county assets. None of
the candidates appeared to be aware that at the beginning of each
county meeting, when the chairperson calls for paying the county
bills, a detailed expense sheet has been prepared for the commis-
sioners, listing every item to be paid in the current budget period.
Copies of these documents are public record and available from the
Finance Office.
All of the candidates supported the concept of affordable housing
and would support programs to that end. Other questions dealt with
the relationship of county commissioners to city government, and
how.each candidate might exercise a positive role as county commis-
sioner. Candidate Bryant Hand recognized the need for the county
commissioners to relate to each other in a working relationship. Can-
didate Moron asserted a county commission might have to be more
aggressive-'not confrontational but aggressive-in seeking to fulfill
his goals. His comment about holding county commission meetings
at night brought forward applause from the audience. Clarence Will-
iams reviewed the history of "at large" voting and how single-member
district voting brought forward better representation in district #3.
All candidates favored holding commission meetings at night.
Most of the candidates favored annual raises for county employees
but Russell Crofton added that there ought to be another element in
the process such as an incentive or merit.
The second HCOLA forum closed by 9:30 p.m. on July 31, 2004. The
following candidates for the Franklin County Commission did NOT
appear at the forum: David Ard, Larry Boatwright, Joyce Estes, Ken-
neth Shiver and Willard Vinson.

District #3 Candidates from Page 7

ing to the county for assistance in searching for funds. Michael Mo-
ron sees the county's role more in management with the funding mostly
from grants. "People love to talk about affordable housing, but not in
my backyard..." as a problem that the county needs to address firmly.
Cora Russ also sees the need of affordable housing but she cites the
need for better sidewalks, better roads and general upkeep. Clarence
Williams cited the commitment from the St. Joe Company for afford-
able housing in the St. James area.
Audience questions were submitted to the panel.
QUESTION: What are the greatest challenges to our county's health
care system? What specific ways would you initiate change in
that health care system? Are you content with the current ser-
vices offered at our hospital?
CLARENCE WILLIAMS: ... The hospital is doing more business than
they ever did...
QUESTION: There has been some restructuring of the emergency man-
agement office. How would you handle the lead role of our emer-
gency management dept. in Franklin County?
CORA RUSS: I really don't think I'm familiar enough with that situa-
tion to give an intelligent answer to that...
QUESTION: What ideas do you have for the development and rapid
MICHAEL MORON: That's going to be a balancing trick, to be very
honest with you... We need development. To increase the eco-
nomic situation, when it comes to lobs. But, we don't want

I _

Candidates for District #3, Franklin County School Board, then took
to the stage. Each candidate for District #3 was given 1 minute for
opening remarks.
QUESTION: What is your view of what a school board member should
BRYANT DAVIS: A school board member is designed to make policies.
QUESTION: The past two years I have been counseling in the school
system. Our teachers, our children, our patents ... That's part
of the reason why I am sitting here today. I plan on continuing
to pursue that counseling ... As far as my role is concerned, I
believe spending time in the schools is an eye-opening experi-
ence... I think it is important that we look beyond the bound-
aries of Franklin County ... Start introducing new ideas, new
thoughts ... we need to get outside the box and past the tradi-
tional roles that we have ...
TERESA ANN MARTIN: We have a fine Franklin County School sys-
tem... We work very hard in the school system...

All of the candidates were asked to grade the schools in Franklin
County. Richard Bell, if forced to put a letter grade on the system,
would give the schools a "C" because largely of the FCAT scores. "They
are below the state averages..." Ms. Martin responded with the asser-
tion "We always haveroom for improvement ... At this time, I would
rate them with a "B" ..." Mr. Davis graded the system on a "D" average
... The reason why is because of the decline in the enrollment, the
FCAT scores and the loss of teachers..."
The moderator Richard Harper then turned to a discussion and round
of questions on consolidation. Ms. Martin was strongly in favor of
consolidation, mainly because of an expanded program into the vo-
cational area. Mr. Davis was also in favor of consolidation citing some
economies "under one roof'; there are not enough funds to support
the operation of five schools. Mr. Bell would support consolidation
"on face value", "It makes logical and business sense..." The savings
could be reapplied toward improving the educational program. How-
ever, he did not think consolidation was "that easy..." we have to
change our philosophy, our thought processes, our systems, how we
look at and how we operate as a school system..."
The moderator asked the candidates if a hybrid system might better
serve the population, that is, a consolidated high school but perhaps
with grade schools remaining unconsolidated or the formation of a
middle school. Mr. Davis favored consolidation, citing the need for a
vocational curriculum. Mr. Bell was not sure if a hybrid system was
appropriate or not. "I think it is also important that we look toward
the future ... We need a plan for future, weigh all of our options. We
need to be looking 5, 10 and even 20 years down the road." Ms. Mar-
tin supported the consolidation of K-12, citing the donation of land
by the St. Joe company.
The first audience question asked if the candidate would support
mandatory proficiency testing for the teachers? Ms. Martin cited the
hard work by the teachers, and continuing education of teachers.
Another question asked the candidates if they would be willing, to
change the hiring deadline to March instead of a prolonged period of
delay extending into the summer months. One week before school
there are currently five open positions. Mr. Davis responded "yes"
"...That's why we are behind now ... We wait until the last minute to
hire teachers. (Publisher's note: In another session, some informa-
tion came out that annual budgets from State agencies were not fi-
nalized until May of each year, according to statements made by in-
cumbent Superintendent JoAnn Gander. However, no one in these
forums explained the current process of funding the school-system,
consisting as it does of revenue sources from state, federal and local
agencies and the various timetables involved.) None of the candidates
participating in these forums knew the processes involved).
Another audience question asked the candidates what their back-
ground of involvement was with the local school system. All candi-
dates responded with some varying degrees of involvement with the
local system.
The candidates were asked what their unique qualities were to bring
to the job as school board members in the Franklin system. Mr. Bell
cited his business background and his love for children. Mr. Davis
cited his experience as a business owners and his job with the Franklin
County. Ms. Martin has served on the board for four years; she has
never missed a board meeting. She has communication skills.
Ms. Martin also favored a physician-directed sex education seminars
conducted at the school system. Mr. Davis also supported the pro-
posed program. Mr. Bell considered sex education a sensitive subject
and it should be treated accordingly. We need to be looking at outside
communities to see what they are doing in this regard. It is an issue
in this community and we need to do something about it, he con-


The Franklin Chronicle
development to spoil the natural beauty of Franklin County...
QUESTION: It is apparent that most Issues have countywide impact
and how would you address that?
NOAH LOCKLEY: The Commissioners have got to work together... You
have to have a close relationship with your fellow commission-
ers ... It's sorta like a scratchin-back thing. You've got to help
the people in the other districts...
QUESTION: Franklin County is taking in more tax dollars than ever
before yet our roads are deplorable, and our infrastructure is
in other places, crumbling or not keeping up with rapid growth.
If elected, what would you do to address these issues?
BRYANT HAND: We have 5 districts. We have to work together as a
Board.... But, District 3 is so far behind... I'm going to give my
district priority first. I know that might sound kind of cold but
since we are so far behind, we've been left behind, with the
roads ...
QUESTION: What specific experience do you bring to the table, and
what specific qualities as well? (Directed to all the candidates)
BRYANT HAND: This is a new era ... We are so far behind in district
#3, we need a new start, a boost ... Roads are our top priority...
NOAH LOCKLEY, JR.: I took a ride over the county... I looked at the
different districts. District #3. We're not getting our fair... Roads
need paving. Our young people are leaving; they don't have
jobs... need training. They've got corrections, but everyone can-
not do that...
MICHAEL MORON: My -15 years in the private sector, starting at entry
level, working up to the board of directors of a corporation...
My ability to listen ... I'm a very good listener. Just my willing-
ness to serve, because I believe that will make me a good leader
in the community...
CORA RUSS: I think that I am a fairly well rounded individual. I have
lived overseas. I've lived among a lot of different people and
different cultures, and I think I can work with just about any-
body. What you see is what you get ... I just want to serve the
county and the people of District #3, to try to do something
about the situation we find ourselves ... I am going to be serv-
ing the people of this city. I'm an educated person. I was a
teacher. A very good student. I can also learn.
CLARENCE WILLIAMS: ...I'm equipped to make decisions ... When I
came on the. commission in 96, we had no gas tax. This will
provide funds for roads ... Today, we voted for some paving...
QUESTION: Will you vote for an impact fee to be paid for by develop-
CLARENCE WILLIAMS: Yes, I sure would.
CORA RUSS: I would vote for it too.
Michael Moron, Noah Lockley, Bryant Hand would also support im-
pact fees.
QUESTION: How would you ensure that citizen input concerns are
reflected in the county's comprehensive plan?
CORA RUSS: I would hold periodic workshops to review our efforts...
QUESTION: Why is the county putting so much money into the air-
port when just a few citizens actually use it.
MICHAEL MORON: I think what they're trying to do is ... change the
economic face in the county... I don't agree with the premise in
the question... I'm just hoping that there will be a big return
from all'the money invested in the airport.
(Publisher's Note: A great deal of the funding for the airport has
been generated from grants and matching funds with the county
in some cases providing in-kind services in exchange for such
external support).

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