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Racin4 Netw R"A"e Eveqr Y



IL 4, 2004


Volume 13, Number 7 A LOCALLY OWNED NEWSPAPER April 2 15, 2004

Inside This Issue
12 Pages

St. Joe 100 Year Plan ...
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Alan Pierce ........... 1, 2
School Audit....... 1, 2, 4
Editorial & Commentary
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Lanark Injunction....... 4
Construction Licensing
Board ................. 4
FCAN ........................... 9
Business Card Directory
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Newell Concert ....... 11
Franklin Bulletin Board
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Bookshop ............... 12

The Visioning Process

St. Joe 100 Year, Conceptual Plan And

Policies For St. James Island

Fifteen Year Veteran
in Planning and

Alan Pierce Plans
Resignation As
County Planner
And Director Of


Mr Pierce Also
Withdraws From Political
Race for Franklin County
Clerk of Court


Future Land Use Categories Identified and Defined

Alan Pierce

Alan Pierce has announced his
intention to resign his position at
Director of Administrative Ser-
vices, Franklin County Planner
and Emergency Management Co-
ordinator at the next meeting of
the Board of County Commission-
ers on April 5, 2004. Mr. Pierce is
a 15-year veteran in planning,
administrative services and emer-
gency management having occu-
pied these three positions since
February 1989. He began his
Franklin County career in plan-
ning as assistant to James Floyd
in June 1988. At that time, he
participated in writing the
county's compr-ehensive plan and
work assignments related to
Franklin County's designation as
an Area of Critical State Concern.
Within a year, he had created an
interlocal agreement with the City
of Carrabelle to provide planning
and building services to the City.
By February 1989, Mr. Pierce held
two positions, that of county plan-
ner and emergency management
director, reporting directly to the
county commission. He worked
with the County Attorney on
implementing Board policies and
ordinances, and directed emer-
gency management responsibili-
ties during six federal disaster
", I l.

By Harriett Beach
St. Joe Co. representative, Billy Buzzett presented the conceptual
vision plans and policies for the development of St. James Island at a
visioning workshop on March 24, 2004 at the Senior Center at 6:00pm
in Carrabelle. Buzzett distributed a map showing all the communi-
ties proposed for St. James Island along with an accompanying draft
of the policies for those communities. There were only about 40 people
in attendance at this workshop as compared to the more than 150
people who attended a previous workshop.
Buzzett went over the policies and stressed to the audience that this
plan is only a vision and will take 100 years to build out if it is com-
pleted. He also stressed that plan and policy changes can occur along
the way over the years depending on the needs of the population and
economy. This proposed plan vision also would be subject to what-
ever is the current Comprehensive Plans of Franklin County at that
The St. Joe Co. community development plans must go before the
Board of County Commissioners just as do the plans of other Franklin
County developments. Before any development can occur there must
be land use changes that must pass the approval of the Planning and
Zoning Board and receive the final approval from the Board of County
Commissioners. Buzzett assured the audience that Franklin County
residents could express their concerns about the proposed plans and
policies when they come before both the Planning and Zoning Board
and the Board of County Commissioners.
The Policy for the vision plan is as follows:
"Preserve the natural and historic character of St. James Island that
has emerged over the centuries by utilizing a commitment to land
stewardship and sustainability to blend the natural setting of the
Island with the opportunity to create a sense of place in the form of
compact, low density, low impact mixed use villages surrounded by
vegetated buffers, forest and open space.
I. Overlay Plan and Description
The recommended Overlay Plan illustrated on Exhibit A, has been
designed utilizing the following key principles raised in public work-
shops that reflect the unique quality and history of St. James Island:
1. Efficient use of the land.
2. Protect and restore natural areas and ecological processes impor-
tant to people, marine and wildlife habitat.
3. Preserve the clean and natural flow of water in area streams, lakes
and critical shoreline areas of Alligator Harbor, the Gulf of Mexico
and Ochlockonee Bay.
4. Protect and create economic opportunities.
5. Provide for a fair share of the region's new jobs.
6. Include ample housing, schools, public infrastructure, and trans-
portation choices.
7, Preserve and create cultural opportunities.
III. St. James Island Overlay: Purpose.
The Overlay shall be used to direct growth, development and protect
environmentally sensitive and ecological areas within the boundary
of the St. James Island plan. The Franklin County Comprehensive
Plan Future Land Use Map (FLUM) and Future Land Use Element
(FLUE) shall remain effective until such time as map amendment has
been adopted. Continued on Page 2

*~,7 :'

Billy Buzzett

VA Clinic
Planned For

Jackson County
Congressman Allen Boyd an.!
nounced that the Department of
Veterans Affairs has included the
creation of a Community-Based
Outpatient Clinic in Jackson
County in their Capital Asset Re-
alignment for Enhanced Services
(CARES) Plan. The plan is ex-
pected to be approved by Veter-
ans Secretary Anthony Principi in
the near future. If the plan is ap-
proved in its current form as ex-
pected, this clinic would serve
Veterans in Jackson and sur-
rounding counties.
Tomorrow, the VA will begin to
advertise in Jackson County for
a space to house the clinic. The
space will also include an office
for the Jackson County Veterans
Service Officer, so Veterans will
not have to travel to two different
locations to meet their needs.
The CARES project was imple-
mented to collect data on veteran
health care needs, veteran popu-
lation projections, as well as VA
facility sizes, services and loca-
tions. Once data was collected
from across the nation, the VA
produced the CARES Plan to be
approved by the Secretary of Vet-
erans Affairs.
Over the last decade, Florida has
seen a 25 percent increase in the
veteran population. With this dra-
matic increase in Florida's veteran
population, the VA has struggled
to keep up with the demand for
health care services in the state.
Community-based outpatient
clinics have sprung up through-
out the state to help meet the
health care needs of Florida's 1.9
million veterans.

Audit Report for the Franklin County District
for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2003

Auditor General Releases School District

Audit, Noting Deficiencies

Five audit findings were determined by the State of Florida Auditor
General in their financial review of the Franklin County District School
Board for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2003. The findings are
reviewed below, as excerpted from the formal report released by the
Auditor General in late February 2003.
Finding #1
Charter School Monitoring
Improvement is needed in District procedures for monitoring and re-
viewing certain activities of its Charter School. During the 2002-03
fiscal year, the District sponsored the Apalachicola Bay Charter School,
Inc. (Charter School). The contract with the Charter School required
that evidence of insurance for workers' compensation/employers' li-
ability, general liability, automobile liability, school leader's errors
and omissions, property, and fidelity bonding be provided to the Dis-
trict. However, upon inquiry, the District indicated that it did not
obtain evidence of the required insurance coverage. In the absence of
procedures to verify that the Charter School has the required insur-
ance coverage, the District may be subject to potential liability in the
event uninsured claims occur at the Charter School.
Auditor's Recommendation:
We recommend that the District improve monitoring procedures
to ensure that the Charter School provides evidence of the re-
quired insurance coverage.
District Response:
We concur with this finding. As a corrective measure, we will prepare a check
list of documents required in the charter school contract and ensure we have
all of them on file and checked off on the list.
Finding #2
Tangible Personal Property
The District reported approximately $783,500 for tangible personal
property (furniture, fixtures, and equipment and motor vehicles), net
of accumulated depreciation, at June 30, 2003. We noted that the
District could make enhancements in controls over its tangible per-
sonal property as discussed below:
The amounts recorded in the detailed subsidiary records exceeded
the amounts reported on the annual financial report by approximately
$72,000 and, although requested, the District could not provide an
explanation for the differences. We noted that the District made sev-
eral adjusting entries at fiscal year-end that may have resulted in
clerical errors to its detailed subsidiary records. While our audit tests
did not disclose any missing tangible personal property items, to im-
prove accountability over such property, the District should properly
post entries to its subsidiary records and reconcile such records to
the amounts reported on the annual financial report. Additionally,
the District should promptly investigate and resolve reconciling items.
The District prepared a schedule to support the depreciation ex-
penses reported on the annual financial report; however, the sched-
ule included tangible personal property amounts, used for calculat-
ing depreciation expenses, that exceeded the amounts reported for
such assets by approximately $116,000 and, although requested, the
District could not provide an explanation for the differences. When
asset amounts used for calculating depreciation expenses differ from
amounts recorded in the subsidiary property records, there is an in-
creased risk that the District may not correctly compute and report
depreciation expenses.

Alan and his assistant
(foreground) Marc
declarations including the winter
storm of 1993, tropical storms
Alberto and Beryl (1994), Hurri-
canes Allison, Erin and Opal
His responsibilities expanded to
the preparation and implementa-
tion of budgets for three depart-
ments at the county level.
By January 1996, Alan Pierce had
taken on a third job, that of Di-
rector of Administrative Services
in addition to planning and emer-
gency management. His respon-
sibilities expanded again to in-
clude many aspects of county
administration, and all growth
and development issues for the
county. He advised the Board on
DRI and PUD projects, assisted
the county attorney in drafting
amendments to the zoning code,
often authorized to represent the
Board at meetings, and act as
staff to the Planning and Zoning
Commission, Board of Adjust-
ment, code enforcement in addi-
tion to grant writing. At this time,
his responsibilities also include
supervising six fulltime employ-
ees, and during emergencies such
as hurricanes, he has coordinated
with more than 100 county em-
ployees and volunteers.
Mr. Pierce holds two masters de-
grees, an MA in Urban and Re-
gional Planning, and a Masters
Degree in Secondary Science Edu-
cation, both fromth from the University
of Florida, circa 1988 and 1982
respectively. He graduated from
Vanderbilt University in 1977 with
a Bachelor of Science in Environ-
mental Studies. He is a 1973
graduate from Key West High

Continued on Page 2

Continued on Page 2


4:" TIME

- z v .- ..-. -


The Franklin Chronicle:

Future site of St. James Island and Gateway Village Center,,
looking west on Ochlockonee Bay and River, near Highway

A. Future Land Use Categories
1. McIntyre Rural Village
A. Intent
Designed as a rural village that focuses on the historical heritage and
natural surroundings of the Crooked River. Objective is to create a
rural village center in proximity to the Crooked River and a support-
ing rural community of river cottages and single family lots.
B. Representative Land Uses
The rural village center may contain:
* River House (restaurant and lodging)
* Outfitters Center (sale of clothing and equipment and supplies)
* Facilities to accommodate recreational uses associated with:
Guided tours
Horseback riding
Hunting and sporting clays
Other similar and compatible recreational uses
Nature Center and Library including:
Nature Lab-Encourage development of good land stewardship to
understand Is. Ecosystem through establishment of a nature lab in
conjunction with FSU, the Nature Conservancy and local natural-
Nature walks and GFA Trail System Facilities for Artists Facilities
and trails for bird watching
Boat Ramp and Boat Dock with related services
River Cottages (attached and detached)
Single Family Residences
C; Performance Standards
Max, Iptensity:: .20, FAR
Mak.'De sity: Overall Gross @ I Du/5 Acres
Clustering may allow development onlots no. smaller than. 2,900
square feet .
Impervious Surface Area 10%; 70% for cluster development
Min. common open space 25%; 50% for cluster developments
All applicable provisions of the Franklin County Zoning Code

2. Conservation Residential
A. Intent
This category is generally intended for large, private tracts of land
that are appropriate for low-density residential development and the
protection of natural and cultural resources. An important objective
of this category is to allow for low-density residential development
that accentuates and celebrates the natural environment and is de-
. signed to fit into the natural setting instead of altering the natural
setting to fit the design of the development. Clustering development
on portions of a site that do not have high environmental sensitivity
in order to minimize disturbance and preserving large open spaces in
order to provide shared access are requirements of this category. Other
important objectives are to promote the use of native vegetation, to
minimize impervious surfaces, to protect wildlife corridors, to protect
archeological and other cultural resources, and to manage, enhance,
and restore natural ecosystems through controlled burning, thinning,
and other ecologically acceptable methods. This category may be lo-
cated in rural or semi-rural areas that are readily distinguishable by
the presence of significant natural water features like rivers, creeks,
marches and lakes. Due to the specific and strict conservation re-
quirements set forth herein, this category is not intended to promote
inefficient traditional suburban development patterns that may pro-
mulgate urban sprawl.
B. Representative Land Uses
Residential single-family detached
Passive recreational uses
Active recreational uses
Related infrastructure, silviculture, and accessory uses such as
community gathering facilities and other amenities for residents
Free standing non-residential or commercial uses intended to serve
non-residents is not permitted
C. Performance Standards
Max. gross density: 1 Du/10 gross acres
Min. lot size 1 acre
Max. residential building square footage on a site is 5,000 sq. ft.
Max overall impervious surface coverage (including residential uses,
accessory uses, and infrastructure) shall not exceed 10% of the en-
tire site

3. Alligator Harbor Low Impact Residential
A. Intent
Low impact residential is a preferred option for community develop-
ment and open space preservation. The area is intended to be de-
signed as low impact residential intended to serve as low impact resi-
dential clusters surrounded by open space. These uses may be also
located in proximity to recreational uses or where clustering of resi-
dential uses will serve to protect the natural features of St. James
Island. In addition to applicable provisions of the Franklin County
Code, Village design will be regulated by a Village Pattern Book and
implemented through architectural review. The Alligator Harbor low
impact residential area will be served by a central water and waste-
water system and, if available, connected to a larger regional utility
system serving St. James Island.
B. Representative Land Uses
Single Family Residences
Neighborhood Commercial limited to goods and services associ-
ated with the needs of a residential neighborhood.
Active and Passive Recreation
Conservation and Forestry
Nature Center and Trails
Public and Private Utilities
C. Performance Standards
Density/Intensity: One Du/2 gross Acres
Cluster Development on lots no greater than one (1) Du/Acre
Minimum lot size for Single Family Residential: 2,900 sq. ft.
Maximum ISR: 70%
Minimum Common Open Space: 25%

4. Marina Village
A. Intent
Create a southern coastal fishing village focused on a marina that

provides access to Ochlockonee Bay. In addition to the marina, the
village may contain a mixture of related activities including retail,
office, hotel, restaurant, entertainment and residential uses.
B. Representative Land Uses
Retail Commercial
Marina including: dry storage, marine fueling, and other uses nec-
essary to support marina operations.
Water dependent tourist commercial facilities
Multifamily Residential, condominium, private residence clubs and
other forms of fractional ownership.
Single Family Residential
Public and Private Utilities
C. Performance Standards
Non Residential floor Area Ratio: .30
Residential Density: 2.0 Du/gross acres
Max. ISR.80
Min. common open space 25%
All applicable provisions of Franklin County Zoning Code

5. St. James Island Villages
A. Intent
Allow the development of pedestrian scale villages designed in the
tradition of southern coastal villages and towns. Village design regu-
lated by a Village Pattern Book and implemented through architec-
tural review. Residential development in the form of villas, cottages
and estate homesites focused on golf, open space, lake or other recre-
ational amenities. Use of clustering to form reasonably compact neigh-
borhoods and protect St. James Island ecosystem from impacts of
B. Representative Land Uses
Single Family Residential.
Multifamily Residential
Golf Course and related facilities
Beach Clubhouse and Recreation Center
Activity and Fitness Center
Parks and Playgrounds
Schools and other Public/civic facilities
Houses of Worship
Public and Private Utilities
Conservation and Forestry
Neighborhood Commercial Store
C. Performance Standards
Max. Residential Density: 1 Du/-1 gross acre. (May cluster devel-
opment on single family lots no smaller than 2,900 square feet.)
All applicable policies of Franklin County Zoning Code.
Min. Common Open Space required 25%; 50% for Cluster Devel-
Max. ISR 25%; 70% for Cluster.
Neighborhood Commercial Store: Limited at up to 5,000 sq. ft. in
size and located internal to the Village.

6. St. James Island and Gateway Village Centers
A. Intent
Allow the development of mixed use village centers to provide the
retail and other daily needs to all residents of Saint James Island.
Concentrate commercial development in village centers to avoid de-
velopment of strip commercial centers, control signing and lighting,
and require use of architectural standards that maintain buildings at
a human scale. Allow incorporation of residential into village centers
to provide opportunities for housing near the workplace and encour-
age the development of a safer and more successful environment for
consumers and area residents.

B. Representative Land Uses
Retail Commercial
,Eastpoint's Richard Noble
Publishes Another Work: A
Summer With Charlie Now
Available Through The
Chronicle Bookshop
Author Richard Noble writes,
'This is one of those stories that
is supposed to make you cry. It
should also make you laugh.
"A long time ago, I promised my-
self that I would write this story if
SI ever had the time, the money
and, hopefully, the talent. Well,
I've found the time and the money;
the talent has been illusive. I fi-
nally had to give up waiting for it
-to come and take matters into my
own hands.
"This is not a new story, people
have beep dying for a long, long
time; even youngsters like
"Charlie was one of us. He was
one of the guys; one of the old
gang. He was our buddy. He
wasn't old enough to be dying.
But, he did ...and we watched.
"Charlie said that he didn't know
how. He didn't know how to die.
We all watched Charlie die and we
learned how to do it with grace
and style. I can only hope to do
as well myself when my turn
comes along.
"Richard Edward Noble was
raised in Lawrence, Massachu-
setts. He attended a local gram-
mar school and high school and
then graduated from the area jun-
ior college program. He certainly
could have gotten himself a bet-
ter education if he had only ap-
plied himself and paid a little at-
tention every once and awhile,
instead of looking out a window,
daydreaming, and hunting for
dirty words in books on the "do
not read" list.
"Most of what he accomplished or
was want to accomplish in his life
is contained in his first book,
"Hobo-ing America". Get yourself
a copy and have a few laughs."

Pierce Resignation
from Page 1
Mr. Pierce was elected Mayor of
the City of Apalachicola in Sep-
tember 1999, serving four years.
He has Hield several community
service posts including an ap-
pointment by the Governor of
Florida as Chairperson to a 1994
committee of the Apalachicola Bay
Resource Planning and Manage-
ment Committee.
He has written widely for a realtor
association newsletter, and has
spoken frequently at various civic
and community groups about
county and city projects. He has
represented the County to re-
gional and national media during
hurricanes among other activities.
He has accepted a new assign-
ment with the Preble-Rish Engi-
neering organization, Port St. Joe.

Continued on Page 5

School Audit from Page 1

Auditor's Recommendation:
We recommend that the District enhance its procedures for ac-
counting for tangible personal property records and related de-
preciation expense to ensure that amounts reported are properly
supported by the detailed subsidiary records and schedules.
District Response:
We concur with these findings but still cannot explain the reasons for them.
In accordance with your recommendations, in the future we will endeavor to
properly post entries to the detailed subsidiary records and reconcile them to
amounts reported on the annual financial report; we will promptly investigate
and resolve reconciling items; and we will ensure that depreciation expenses
reported on the annual financial report are correctly calculated and adequately
Finding #3
Contractor Selection and Monitoring Procedures
Our review of the District's expenditures for the 2002-03 fiscal year
indicated that the District could. Enhance procedures for selecting
contractors, and monitoring compliance with such contracts. The
District entered an agreement with an independent contractor to pro-
vide speech therapy services at $62 per hour and made payments,
totaling approximately $79,000, based on invoices for the services
during the 2002-03 fiscal year. District staff indicated that the Dis-
trict had used the contractor for many years and that payments made
to the contractor were reasonable based on the services received.
However, although requested, the District could provide no records
to evidence the basis upon which the District selected the contractor
and determined that the contracted services would be at the lowest
available cost consistent with acceptable quality and performance.
Additionally, the District provided samples of sign-in/out sheets main-
tained at the school sites of the contractor's work time; however, al-
though requested, the District could not provide evidence that
school-level staff approved the sheets and verified that the schools
received the contracted services. Documentation evidencing the
District's process for selecting the contractor and properly approved
time records are necessary to evidence that the District selected the
contractor in accordance with good business practice and made pay-
ments for the services received
Auditor's Recommendation:
We recommend that the District improve procedures to evidence
that the District awards contracts for professional services at
the lowest cost consistent with acceptable quality and perfor-
mance. Additionally, procedures should ensure that contractors
comply with the terms of the agreement, and that the District
maintains documentation evidencing such compliance.
District Response:
We concur with this finding. As the current fiscal year is half over, it is not
practicable to obtain bids to replace contracts now in place. Beginning in
fiscal year 2004/05, we will obtain bids for all services of this type. Currently,
we will implement the use of a new form which the contractor must complete
showing the name of each child served, the units of time spent on each, and
the date. The form will show the total time in hours spent per billing peri6d.
The total hours will be multiplied by the contracted hourly rate and the amount
thus determined will be the amount invoiced. School personnel will initial the
form by each child's name as evidence the service was received.
Finding #4
Florida School Recognition (FSR) Program Expenditures
Pursuant to Section 1008.36, Florida Statutes, theDistrict received
$44,772 of State funding from the Florida School Recognition (FSR)
Program for Carrabelle High School. As provided by the Statute, if the
school staff and school advisory council cannot reach an agreement
by November 1 on how the FSR moneys should be used, 'the school
must equally distribute the funds to all classroom teachers currently
teaching in the school. In addition, the Florida Department of Educa-
tion (FDOE) program guidance provides that these moneys are to be
placed in a school account at the district level and should not be
placed in a school's internal accounts.
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has joined our staff as a Mortgage Loan Originator. Allan comes to

us with ten years experience lending in North Florida.

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A.LL ONiDllllEWPllllPE.IIRii ,. .. 20.. -


Samuel Streit Of The Boys And

Girls Clubs Of The Big Bend

Responds To Critical Editorial Of

The After-School Program

March 10, 2004
I am writing to you regarding your article of March 5, 2004, entitled
"Are the Boys and Girls Clubs After-School Programs of Franklin
County Safe for Attending Children?" The article is so full of inaccu-
racies and negative innuendo that I must conclude it is intentionally
written to do harm to our organization, our staff and those associ-
ated with the programs in Franklin County. After reviewing the facts,
we are demanding that you immediately investigate the writing of
this article and publish a full retraction correcting the misstatements
and inaccuracies.
As you should know, the writer of this piece, Ms. Susan Walker ap-
plied for a position with us but was not hired. In addition, her close
personal friend was recently dismissed from our employment. She
did place a call to our Operations Director in Tallahassee, but all of
his attempts to return her call were met with no answer and no re-
turn calls.
She reports in her article that Mr. Carnley stated "the after school
program did not carry insurance to cover injuries." Yet Mr. Carnley
insists that he has not spoken with Ms. Walker about this situation.
In the past couple of months, we have made many attempts, to con-
tact the family of the injured child to discuss this situation. Each of
' our attempts has been met with no answer, a changed phone number
or inactive phone number. As I am sure you and Ms. Walker are aware,
children do sometimes get hurt on playgrounds, and we are extremely
concerned about our students' safety. We place a premium on the
supervision of our children but even parents sometimes cannot pre-
vent injuries to their children. Ms. Walker's implications that we do
not care, or do not adequately supervise .our students are just not
Publisher's Response:
I thank Mr. Street for his remarks. Ms. Susan Walker has kindly re-
sponded to Mr. Streit in considerably more detail and that is printed
below. I do not agree that the editorial is "full of inaccuracies and
negative innuendo" in the light of only one assertion by Mr. Streit
that can be publicly verified. That is his statement that Mr. Carnley
says he has not spoken with Ms. Walker. On the other hand, Ms.
Walker insists she spoke with someone identified as Mr. Carnley, so I
have to leave it at that. On the other hand, Ms. Walker has NEVER
applied for employment with the Big Bend Boys and Girls Clubs.
Moreover, I do not have any doubt that the after-school program is
concerned with student safety. But, the more important concern that
should be addressed is how can the medical bills be paid on behalf of
the mother of the injured child? The reaction to Ms. Walker's opinion
piece seems to declare that the accident never happened and that the
injuries were minor.
Ms. Walker's Response: '
The following is a response to Mr. Street's letter by Ms. Walker.
Mr. Streit, in essence, is attacking my character and ethics as a writer
as well as implying that I was not a suitable candidate for employ-
ment since I was not hired. The fact of the matter is: I never pursued
'further employment with the after school program since speaking
with Dee Shepherd and finding her adversarial. I have credentials
that outweigh and over qualify me for a number of positions. If Mr.
Streit would like a copy of my Vita containing my scholastic aptitude,
and credentials, he may do so upon his request in writing. My exper-
tise in evaluating after school programs and everything that goes into
school programs is well documented at both the state and federal
levels. I personally find Mr. Streit's request for a retraction offensive
and his mud slinging tactics to be less than professional for a manrnf
his stature. The Inaccuracies are not on my part, but on his for tak-
ing the word of individuals who are perturbed with my line of ques-
tioning. Let me further address Mr. Streit's statements with points of
fact outlined below.
First point of fact: statements reviewed for inaccuracies
I began investigating the incident of child injury when a parent, Celeste
Eaterwood, came to me complaining that Carrabelle High School's
Boys and Girls Club after school program did not pay for the injuries
her child, Aleah Boyette sustained January 16, 2004 while being su-
pervised on the playground by staff members of the Boys and Girls
Club after school program. I recorded the parent's statement and
through my own observation of outside staff supervision of the Boys
and Girls Club after school program, I have witnessed on numerous
occasions, staff members distracted by talking with one another as
well as conversing with parents or walking over to the fence line to
have the parents sign checkout sheets prior to picking up children.
The staff members are positioned in such a way (either their backs
are turned away from the playing students) or the staff members are
chatting with others. This activity causes a distraction which inter-
rupts their full attention in supervising children running and play-
ing. When these distractions manifest themselves, accidents have a

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*Facsimile 850-670-1685
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April 2, 2004

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higher probability of occurring. Also in my findings, I noted that not
all injuries are recorded. For example, this same child sustained nearly
the same injury one-month later in the gym (while at the aforemen-
tioned after school program). The mother tried to acquire an incident
report that was not done until the mother insisted on a report being
filled out. When the document was completed, it was done after the
fact and the document did not have the extent of the injury block
There are also other inconsistencies noted in the after school pro-
gram regarding attendance and sloppy policy adherence in picking
up children from the program, another cause for concern associated
with safety and supervision. I observed children being picked up with-
out the staff asking for identification and releasing a child based on
an adult saying, "I am picking up" and the adult names the child's
name. No note was asked for by the staff and no further investigation
was done.
On another occasion, a parent related an incident in said after school,
program of her child getting on a bus to go home instead of attending
the after school program. The child wanted to go to a friend's house.
The mother was not contacted by school staff or the after school pro-
gram administrators regarding her child's decision to leave school.
grounds. The parent was frantic in attempts to locate her missing
child. In my own experience, (since this article was published) I had
difficulty picking up a child I normally babysat after school. On March
15, 2004, I was permitted to pick up a child with no questions asked,
then the following day I was quoted policy regulations and not able to
pick up said child. The after school program staff sees and talks with
me nearly on a regular basis. The mother has also written notes to
school officials permitting me and my daughter, Cathy to pick up
aforementioned child.
However, Dan Rosier, after school program administrator insisted (in
front of children and other staff members) that I was not on the list
and when I asked where the list was, Mr. Rosier said the list was
being typed up in Tallahassee. I cannot understand why a duplicate
copy was not available to review, and if this is the case, how does the
staff know who is "legitimately" able to pick up children and by whom
without this so called "list." (Incident occurred March 16, 2004 at
4:00 p.m.).
Second point of fact: Mr. Streit contends the inaccuracies are based
on Mr. Carnley's statement of "not spoken with Ms. Walker about this
situation" and Ms. Walker "never attempted to contact our Area Di-
rector for Franklin County, Dee Shepherd"
According to Mr. Streit's letter, Mr. Carnley claims he does not recall
speaking with me; however, I have his oral conversation identifying
himself and his titles as well as his statements regarding my conver-
sation that took place on the phone on the afternoon of February 25,
2004. Mr. Streit can request documentation of said conversation in
writing. I can further substantiate the phone call taking place with
phone records since this is a long distance phone number from my
home phone. Prior to raising any questions with Mr. Carnley, I was
directed to ask the principal regarding my line of inquiry. I spoke to
the principal of Carrabelle High School, Mr. O'Grady on the phone
before lunch on February 25, 2004 and after lunch I phoned the
Franklin County school administrative line (extension # 102). My call
was transferred to Mr. Sam Carnley, who identified himself as the
Risk Management Supervisor. When speaking with Mr. Carnley, I
raised the question regarding liability for injuries in the after school
program. Mr. Carnley's response is recorded in the article. I cannot
speculate on Mr. Carnley's memory or recall.
Let me further state for the record: As noted above, Mr. Streit's alle-
gation that I did not contact Dee Shepherd is also in error. On the
date that I spoke with Mr. Carnley via a phone conversation, I asked
for Dee Shepherd and was told she was not available. I had been
trying to contact Dee Shepherd for.about a week and she either was
away from the phone or out of the office. I had left my unlisted phone
number on her message machine numerous times. It was not until
the article was sent to print that she bothered to return my phone
The bottom line is the child's medical bills are still outstanding and
administrative staff have no excuse for not paying these bills in a
timely manner and in not contacting the parent for an interview:and
further follow-up.
-Whenher child-was injured. Ithe first and second umel the after, school
program staff kept phoning the wrong telephone number (see inci-
dent reports dated January 16, 2004 and February 25, 2004) and the
staff kept insisting that they could not get a hold of the mother (ac-
cording to the mother's statement). The child knows her own number
and, the staff could have easily asked this child for her mom's con-
tact number. Secondly, in the first incident report, the injury was
recorded as a/"minor" injury, when in fact it was anything but "mi-
nor." The following documents can be viewed at Mr. Streit's leisure
per his request in writing (i.e., medical bills and oral surgeon bills,
parent statements, and aforementioned incident reports). These, docu-
ments provide evidence of accuracy as well as in documenting out-
standing bills in question.
Due to unpaid medical bills which the school is held liable, the child
was not able to be treated by the oral surgeon for the second injury
which again occurred in the after school program. The child has sus-
tained pain and suffering as a result of the school's parsimonious

Concluding Statement:
I can continue with point per point, but wish to conclude my state-
ment with this: I have done my homework in investigating all aspects
of this article. I do have grave concerns regarding the mediocre man-
agement, lack of interest in child welfare associated with non pay-
ment of medical bills as well as supervision and safety issues of the
Boys and Girls Club after school program in Carrabelle High School.
I also have grave concerns regarding the treatment of individuals and
their children whose parents have the courage and tenacity to chal-
lenge irregularities. In my opinion, Mr. Streit presents a vague and
unstructured letter that contains "inaccurate statements" on his part.
If Mr. Streit can be more specific, I can review with him my documen-
tation and procedures for collecting and analyzing the information
for this article.
As I have mentioned in the published article, my own child attends
the after school program and likes the homework assistance. I do not
see how this can be misconstrued as "negative innuendo" toward the
The "inaccuracies" rest in the quasi policies of this particular after
school program, the administrative staff of the after school program,
as well as the administrative leaders, and not with the statements I
truthfully printed in the Franklin Chronicle. If Mr. Streit would like
me to publish all the irregularities of the Boy and Girls Club after
school program, located in Carrabelle High School, I would be more
than happy to do so. I would also like to share my finding with the
State Board of Education and the Governor of Florida. I am sure his
educational policy committee would like to investigate this matter
more closely.
Susan Walker

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2 April 2004 Parle 3

Thch FranL-Iin Chranielp



The Franklin Chronicle-

Lanark Injunction Request

Lifted Against Carrabelle

By Harriett Beach
By March 3, 2004, Lanark Village
Water and Sewer District Attor-
ney, Mike Pelecki, withdrew the
request for a temporary and per-
manent Injunction against
Carrabelle Water and Sewer Dis-
trict as directed by the Franklin
County Commissioners.
If the request for an Injunction
were granted, Carrabelle, would
have been prevented from run-
ning sewer lines along the south
side of Hwy. 98 from Carrabelle
past Lanark Village to the St.
James Bay Development. The
Franklin County Commissioners
on March 2, 2004, after hearing
the reasons why the Lanark Dis-
trict was pursuing an injunction
against Carrabelle, told Lanark
Attorney, Pelecki, to withdraw the
injunction request. Sewer pipe

instillation has now resumed
along Highway 98.
The issue of consolidation of the
Lanark and Carrabelle Water and
Sewer Districts is still on the table
for consideration. In meeting talks
prior to this date, it was estab-
lished that the only feasible eco-
nomic consolidation would be a
total consolidation of both the
water and sewer systems of both
Districts. The consolidation would
also have to give the residents of
both Districts equal representa-
tion and parity rates. Since the
Water and Sewer Districts were
originally established on a county
level by an order of the Franklin
County Commissioners, the
County Commissioners also have
the power to dissolve the Districts
and reestablish a new consoli-
dated District.

School Audit from Page 2

Based on a memorandum from the School principal dated November
7, 2002, the District, disbursed approximately $37,212 of the FSR
Program moneys for nonrecurring bonuses to current and former in-
structional and non-instructional School staff, Although requested,
the District could provide no documentation to evidence that the
School staff and school advisory council approved how the FSR mon-
eys should be used. We also noted that the District issued a check for
the remainder of the FSR Program moneys, totaling $7,560, to the
School's internal accounts and, according to the School principal,
the internal accounts retained these moneys as of December 2003.
Since the School staff and school advisory council did not approve
how the FSR moneys should be used by November 1, the District
should have equally distributed the FSR Program funds to all class-
room teachers currently teaching in the School. Additionally, based
on the FDOE program guidance, the authority for the District to de-
posit FSR Program funds into the School's internal accounts is not
apparent of record.
Auditor's Recommendation:
We recommend that the District implement adequate procedures
to ensure that disbursements of Florida School Recognition (FSR)
Program funds are consistent with the requirements of Section
100836, Florida Statutes. We further recommend that District
obtain reimbursement of the FSR Program funds, totaling $7,560,
from the Carrabelle High School internal fund.
District Response:
We concur with this finding. In the\future, we will ensure program guidelines
are complied with. The funds will\be deposited in District accounts rather
than school internal accounts.
Finding #5
School Internal Funds
District procedures to account for. the school internal funds contin-
ued to need improvement, as also noted in audit report No. 03-135.
The Board obtained an audit for the 2002-03 fiscal year of the school
and activity funds, commonly called the school internal funds, which
disclosed various weaknesses in the internal controls, such as:
* School staff did not account for several receiptbooks issued to teach-
ers, use prenumbered receipts to account for certain cash collections
and, in some instances, deposit collections timely.
* Instances were noted in which schools did not document receipt of
goods or services and payments were made without supporting in-
* Staff at one school did not properly reconcile bank statements, re-
sulting in instances in which the school issued and recorded checks
* One high school awarded a scholarship to a graduating senior, but
the school did not maintain documentation to support the basis for
the award.
* Instances were noted in which a school collected locker and parking
fees, without apparent legal authority. The internal accounts auditor
recommended that the District seek legal counsel to determine the
propriety of these fees.
In the absence of adequate controls over school internal funds collec-
tions and disbursements, there is an increased risk that errors or
misappropriations may occur and not be detected in a timely man-
Auditor's Recommendation:
We again recommend that the District take appropriate action to
correct the deficiencies in controls over the school internal funds.
District Response:
We concur with this finding. A list of the audit exceptions will be provided the
applicable schools and the Director of Financial Services will work with them
in implementing the appropriate corrective actions.
The audit was conducted by Stanley B. Dillard, CPA and supervised
by Gregory L. Centers, CPA. If you have inquiries regarding this re-
port by the State of Florida Auditor General, address inquiries to David
W. Martin, CPA, Audit Manager, at davidmartin@aud state.fl.us or by
telephone at (850) 487-9039.
This report may be obtained by mail at G74 Claude Pepper Building,
111 West Madison Street, Tallahassee, Fl. 32399-1450.


Licensing Board

Hears State


By Harriett Beach
If you are considering construc-
tion work on a new or older home
in Franklin County, the following
information may help you prevent
a financial and construction di-
saster on your project. On March
17, 2004, the Franklin County
Construction Industry Licensing
Board held a workshop at their
regular meeting time to go over
questions in the permitting pro-
cess for the construction indus-
try. Peter Newman, Regional Pro-
gram Administrator for the State
of Florida Department of Business
and Professional Regulation pre-
sented the program that covered
the information needed by both.
property owners and licensed con-
The first step in getting a con-
struction project started is to con-
tact the Franklin County Planning
and Building Department to go
over your proposed plans to see if
they are compatible with the Plan-
ning and Building codes of
Franklin County. The Building'
Department is located in the
Franklin County Courthouse An-,
nex in Apalachicola and can be
reached at the following phone
number 850-653-9783. You can
get a list of licensed contractors
r Franklin County from the
Building Department.

Lighthouse Expert

William Roberts


Apalachicola Area

Historical Society

As you are making the choice of a
contractor, ask to see the homes
they have built. You might even
talk to the homeowners and ask
what was their experience in
working with a particular contrac-
tor you might be considering for
your job. Ask the homeowner
what problems they might have
In making the choice of a contrac-
tor, ask to see documentation for
the currency of business insur-
ance and license. Not only check
the documentation, but call the
insurance company to see if the
insurance premiums, have been
paid and ask the insurance com-
pany to notify you if the contrac-
tor does not keep the premiums
paid during the construction pro-
cess. Make sure the contractor is
either licensed for all aspects of
the construction project or will
engage licensed subcontractors
for the plumbing, electrical and
-other mechanical work. Both the
licensed contractor and any sub-
contractors are required to get
permits for the project from the
Building Department.
Why should you choose a licensed
contractor? Unlicensed contrac-
tors may give you a cheaper price
for a project but they may not fol-
low building codes in order to save
money. By cutting corners the fin-
ished product can be unsatisfac-
tory and you will have no recourse
to correct the problems. You are
also financially vulnerable for any
unpaid bills the unlicensed con-
tractor may have incurred in your
You will need a contract between
you, as the property owner, and
the contractor. Do not just accept
a contract drawn up by the con-
tractor, but have a legal profes-
sional go over the contract to
make sure you are financially pro-
tected before you sign it. This is
the time to reach an understand-
ing with the contractor about how
any "change orders" will be
handled. The contractor must
notify you in writing of the Con-
.struction Industry Recovery
Fund. The Construction Industry
Recovery Fund is a fund created
by money from all Florida licensed
contractors. The Fund can pay up
to $25,000.00 to a homeowner if
the contractor is legally found
negligent in doing the contracted
Ask the contractor to sign a waiver
- of a mechanic's lien on the project.
The waiver will protect your home
from any liens should the contrac-
tor not pay bills for materials used

for your project. Unfortunately at
this time of rapid property devel-
opment in Franklin County, just
a handshake and verbal agree-
ment will not protect you. Doing
the proper "home work" before the
project gets started will save you
money and frustration over a
poorly built home that makes you
Once the contract has been
agreed upon, it is time for permits
to be obtained from the Building
Department. Make sure the per-
mit is posted and you, as the
property owner, should read the
permit to see if it correctly covers
the contracted lob. You might take
a copy of the contract to the Build-
ing Department who has issued
the building permits so they can
see the magnitude of the job cov-
ered by the contract. They can tell
you if all the proper permits have
been issued.
You can also build the home your-
self but you are obligated to get
all the necessary permits just as
a contractor must do. If you build
a home yourself you can not sell
it right away. You must wait a year
to get a certificate of occupancy
on an "owner built" home before
you can sell it. There are certain
rules that apply to owner built
homes that the Franklin County
Building Department can advise
you about before you start build-
ing a home yourself. Should you
have problems with a home built
by a licensed contractor, there is
help available through the De-
partment of Business and Profes-
sional Regulation.
After filing a complaint with the
Construction Industry Division of
DBPR, an investigator will contact
you and inspect your property for
any contractor created problems.
After the investigator sends the
report to the DBPR legal depart-
ment, they will determine a prob-
able cause for your complaint.
They will also determine possible
financial retbution for your dam-
ages. Your out of pocket legal fees
and the cost of filing the complaint
(photos, copies of documentation
and travel) are not considered for
The DBPR legal department will
then set a hearing date with the
Department of Administrative
Hearings (DOAH). The judge can
revoke or suspend a contractor
license, fine the contractor and
determine the amount of retribu-
tion to the homeowner. The judge
can also determine a case has no
basis (the homeowner's com-
plaints are frivolous or unsub-
stantiated) and can throw the

William Roberts, an avid collec-
tor of replica lighthouses, light-:
house histories, and family sto-
ries with pictures and articles
about lighthouses, addressed a
meeting of the Apalachicola Area.
Historical Society Thursday,
March 25, 2004 at the Carriage
House, Apalachicola.
Mr. Roberts, the second son of
Walter Andrew Roberts, Jr. and
Bessie Pryor Roberts, has lived on
lighthouse stations in Northwest
Florida for over 25 years. He dis-
cussed in considerable detail, the
histories of his family connections
to lighthouses in the Apalachicola'
Bay area and Port St. Joe. Will-
iam was born into a family of
lighthouse keepers while his fa-
ther was serving as Ist Assistant
Keeper at the Crooked River Light-
house in the Carrabelle area.
He attended local schools in
Apalachicola and Port St. Joe, and
has earned degrees from the Uni-
versity of Florida and the Florida
State University. Mr. Roberts re-
cently retired after 35 years of-
service as an accountant, contract
administrator and senior con-
tracts manager. He is a member
of the United States Lighthouse
Society, Florida Lighthouse Asso-
ciation and the Carrabelle Light-
house Assn. He has toured light-
houses throughout North America
and also visited lighthouses in
Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island
and New Brunswick, Canada.
The Society operates the Raney
House in downtown Apalachicola
and is a continuing sponsor of the
Ilse Newell Concert Series. Mem-
bership information may be ob-
tained by contacting Laura
Moody, 850-653-9851.

case out. After the DOAH hear-
ing, the judge will file a court or- :
der on his judgment. Licensed
contractors found negligent can 2
be arrested and even be jailed for
the third offense.
Should a homeowner not be able
to collect retribution from a con-
victed negligent licensed contrac-
tor, the homeowner can seek re-
covery from the Florida Construc-
tion Industry Recovery Fund. The
homeowner must first prove that
all attempts at recovery from the
contractor have failed. The pro-
cess is a slow one. Peter Newman
encouraged anyone having prob-
lems with a licensed contractor to
contact him at DBPR at the fol-
lowing phone number,
A current case in Franklin County
has taken 6 years as it has slowly
made its way over the various le-
gal hurdles. A faster way is to take i
the negligent contractor to small .
claims court for damages under
$5000.00 but there is no guaran-
tee there will be proper recovery
of damages. By going the route of
a DBPR hearing, the contractor's
license can be revoked or sus-
pended and a record kept of the
current and prior offenses.
Prior to the beginning of the work-
shop, -William Poloronis an-
nounced that board member Allen
Robert has resigned front the
board. Present at the workshop
were Construction Board mem-
bers, William Poloronis, Ronald
Gray, Robert Nicholson and Mark
Housholder and Greg Prickett.
Robin Brinkley from the Building
Department was also present as
well as several Franklin County







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Aligator Harbor Low Impact Residential Site. Looking west
over Alligator Point.

r ~

The Ochlockonee Bay Bridge, looking east. Site of the
Gateway Village Center.

The 2005 Budget:

Pay As You Go Is The Way To Go
By Congressman Allen Boyd
Today, Congress is debating the Administration's 2005 budget reso-
lution. I feel that this budget fails to reflect the true needs of the
American people, and does not put our country back on the path to a
balanced budget. Therefore, I joined my colleagues in the Blue Dog
Coalition in offering an alternative to this budget. The Blue Dog Pay
as You Go Budget is a fiscally responsible alternative that tackles the
deficit, balances the budget, holds the line on spending, and provides
more resources for vital programs like veterans, education, first re-
sponders, agriculture, and health care.
The Blue Dog budget combines the spending restraints in the
President's budget with strong budget enforcement measures-and
responsible tax policy to reduce the deficit and balance the budget by
2012. This budget plan will cut our deficit in half in two years. The
deficit is currently projected to be $521 billion this year, the largest
deficit in the history of our country. The Blue Dogs' spending re-
straints, sensible tax policies, and budget enforcement measures are
the best way to ensure the 2005 budget is fiscally responsible.
As every family and small business knows, you cannot spend money
you do-not have, and you certainly cannot spend money when you
are drowning in debt. The average family understands this is not
acceptable, and it shouldn't be for the federal government either. The
budget enforcement rules we need to ensure responsible budgeting
consist of two components, PAYGO and discretionary pay caps. Dis-
cretionary spending is appropriated each year by Congress and
i-nounts to approximately twenty-five percent of the budget. The rest
of the budget is made up of mandatory spending, which includes
programs like Medicare and Social Security. Discretionary caps will
determine a set amount that can be spent each year. Congress would
only be able to raise this cap during an emergency. PAYGO rules
pertain to the discretionary spending cap. The rules state that funds
to raise a cap must be collected through outside sources such as
taxes or through mandatory spending monies. In other words, we
have to provide the money to pay for tax cuts and spending-pay as we

Great Local Surf Fishing On St. George Island!

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as she enjoyed the great weather and great fishing oppor-
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office of his thriving Jacksonville Beach med a practice.
0 . [ f . .

St. Joe 100 Year Concept Plan from Page 2
Automotive Services
Hotels and motels
Single Family Residential
Multi Family Residential
Parks and Playgrounds
Schools, Fire Station and other Public/Civic Facilities
Public and Private Utilities
Houses of Worship
Any other use similar to and compatible with the above
C. Performance Standards
Max. Residential Density 2.0 Du/gross acre for Single Family
Max. ISR for Commercial and Mixed Use 80%
Max. ISR for Residential 70%
Min. Common Open Space 15%
Min. Civic Use Space 10% for St. James Island Village.Center
All applicable provisions for the Franklin County Zoning Code
7. Carrabelle East Village
A. Intent
This category is generally intended to create a self-sustaining com-
' munity with a mixture of functionally integrated land uses anchored
by a Village Center. This category will complement the existing com-
munity of Carrabelle and create places to live, work and shop in the
context of promoting moderately priced housing and economic devel-
opment opportunities. Complementary activities for the enjoyment of
village residents, including recreational, leisure, cultural, religious,
and educational activities are also components of this district. The
residential components of the village will include various density
ranges and housing types, but the overall density in this category will
be between I and 3 dwelling units per gross acre. Village residential,
cottage residential, and estate/conservation residential opportuni-
ties will be created in a manner to maximize vehicular and pedestrian
linkages to shopping, employment, recreational and other comple-
mentary activities while at the same time promoting compatibility
among land uses. Clustering development on portions of a site that
do not have high environmental sensitivity in order to minimize dis-
turbance and preserving large open spaces in order to provide shared
access are requirements of this category. Flexibility in design tech-
niques is also promoted in order to achieve the goals and objectives of
this category.
B. Representative Land Uses
Residential Single-family
Residential Multi-family
Retail Commercial
Service-oriented Commercial
Business and Industrial Park
Passive and active recreational
Schools and other Civic Facilities
Public and Private Utilities
Houses of Worship
Other similar or compatible uses
C. Performance Standards
Gross Residential Density: 1-3 du/gross acre
Max. Non-Residential intensity of .25 Floor Area Ratio (FAR)
Commercial and Business Park Intensity: .25 Floor Area Ratio
Min. Common Open Space 25%
Min. Civic Space 10%
Other Applicable Provisions of the Franklin County Zoning Code
Policy 12.2-Planned Development Zoning District
All development should be entitled using the Planned Development
Zoning Category.
Policy 12.3-St. James Island Signage
Policy 12.3.1-Roadway Signage
Roadway signage shall be limited to regulatory signage and project
identification signage at project entrances. No billboards shall be per-
Policy 12.3-Commercial Village Signage
All signage should be complementary to the architecture, materials
and composition of the building and compatible with other store-
fronts on the same block in terms of size, design and placement.
Except for regulatory signage, no free standing signs shall exceed a
height of (7) seven feet from ground level to the top of the sign and (9)
nine feet to the top of the sign support.
Objective 13
Franklin County shall protect floodplains, wetlands, upland commu-
nities and surface waters on St. James Island from development im-
pacts to provide for the maintenance of environmental quality and
wildlife habitat.
Policy 13.1-Wetland Protection
There shall be a fifty-foot, naturally vegetated buffer around all wet-
lands and landward of all waterbodies. Development within wetlands
and this fifty-foot buffer is prohibited, except for minor encroach-
ments for roads, utilities, and recreational crossings, or wetland main-
tenance and restoration, to the extent such activities may be permit-
ted by the appropriate regulatory agencies.
Policy 13.2-Clustering
Development shall be clustered in all pure residential land use cat-
egories whenever possible to ensure that environmentally sensitive
areas are protected. Environmentally sensitive areas that should be
considered for inclusion in open space include: (1) Sand Hills (2) Wet-
Policy 13.3-Heritage Reserve Greenway Corridors
A Heritage Reserve Greenway shall be identified on the St. James
Island Overlay Master Plan. The Greenway shall serve as an overlay
to the underlying land uses. The greenway shall not reduce the over-

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2 April 2004 Page 5

9rh~n V,-cilnL-l nn Chraniele


all gross acreage of any land use. The boundaries of the Greenway
are conceptual only. The purpose of the Greenway will be to protect
unique view corridors, protect archeological sites, provide undistrib-
uted corridors for wildlife, protect forest lands and provide low im-
pact recreational opportunities. The boundaries of the Greenways will
be conferred upon the adoption of the land use amendment and FLUM.
Uses permitted within the Heritage Preserve Greenway include:
Resources oriented recreation
Timber Harvesting and Management
Nature Trails
Active Recreation, including golf courses
Passive Recreation Areas
Wildlife Observation Towers
Boat Ramps
Water Supply Wells
Easements (drainage, access, utility lines, other public purpose)
Stormwater Management Areas
Essential utilities
Project identification signage
Other like uses
Policy 13.4-Wildfire Risk Management
The land development and subsequent land owner associations shall
cooperate with Franklin County and the Division of Forestry on de-
veloping and implementing a program to address the risk of wildfires.
The wildfire risk management program will include:
(1) Mapping the fire risk areas.
(2) A fuel management plan which includes controlled burns to re-
duce fuel loads and that establishes fuel management zones at 50 -
150 feet between cluster development and open space.
(3) Defensible space around each house.
(4) Where possible, the use of wildfire resistant building and con-
struction materials.
(5) Reduce fire prone fuels in landscaping within cluster developments.
Objective 14
Require the development of Stormwater Management Systems that
increase the removal efficiencies of pollutants including nutrients and
sediments and incorporate Best Management Practices (BW's) to pro-
tect the surface and groundwater resources of St. James Island.

Continued on Page 6

The site near SummerCamp.

St. Joe 100 Year Concept Plan from Page 5

Policy 14. 1-Stormwater Management
A. Require all post development runoff to be equal to pre-development
runoff in addressing the requirements for discharge volume and re-
B. Prior to development occurring on other than individual platted
vested lots of record, a master stormwater management plan shall be
prepared for each parcel.
i. Assessment of existing problems and deficiencies.
II. Assessment of long-range needs.
iii. Identify projects to address existing deficiencies,
iv. Establishment of priorities of needed improvements.
v. Identification of financial mechanisms to fund needed improve-
C. Require that post-development runoff is treated to Outstanding
Florida Waters (OFW) treatment standards using -the appropriate "Best
Management Practices" (BMP's).
14.2-Surface Water Protection and Access
In order to provide continual protection for surface waters from pes-
ticides, herbicides and fertilizers from lawns and landscaping, Franklin
County should adopt development regulations for St. James Island
that include the following requirements for all waterfront properties
(including freshwater lakes):
Individual residential lots shall not be platted to the edge of a natu-
ral water body unless conservation easements are provided to protect
shoreline vegetation;
Common access easements may be utilized to provide public access
to the water. Such public access features should be designed to mini-
mize impact to the shoreline.
No turf allowed adjacent to natural water bodies;
Use of terraces, swales and berms to slow runoff into water bodies;
Use of native and aquatic vegetation in shoreline areas.
Objective 15
Prepare a Wastewater System Master Plan for St. James Island.
Policy 15.1--Wastewater Management
With the excepUon of Rural Village and Rural Conservation land uses,
all other development will be served by.central water and wastewater
Policy 15.2-Wastewater Systems Master Plan'
Prior to development occurring on other than individual platted, vested

Beautiful Custom Built
Water Front home, Fabu-
lous kitchen and bathroom fixtures, ceramic floor tile, sky-
light, handicap ramp, sliding glass doors, concrete pad un-
der house intelligent design, exquisite materials and a breath-
taking. Price $679,000.

Office: (850) 697-9000 314 St. James Street
Toll-Free: (800) 613-5962 Carrabelle, FL 32322
Cell: (850) 899-0582 Fax: (850) 697-4311
Email: allynj@florida-beach.com

Jeff Galloway Receives Pinnacle Award

Jeff Galloway, of Prudential Resort .
Realty's St. George Island office,
received The Pinnacle Award for
2003 from Prudential Real Estate
Affiliates, Inc., during a special
ceremony of the company's An-
nual Sales Convention held in Mi-
ami from March 7-10, 2004. The
Pinnacle award goes only to the
Top Ten residential sales profes-
sionals, among approximately
50,000 members of the Prudential
Real Estate Network in the United
States and Canada. Jeff holds the
Number Five position for 2003. JEFF GALLOWAY

Rose Drye, President and Broker of Prudential Resort Realty states,
"We are extremely proud of Jeff's accomplishments. His success
is the result of hard work and excellent customer service. Most of
all, he believes in and understands the increasing values of Franklin
and Gulf County real estate and he effectively conveys this to his

Prudential Resort Realty, established in 1985, is an independently
owned and operated member of The Prudential Real Estate Affili-
ates, Inc. The Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc. is a Prudential
financial (NYSE:PRU) company, with approximately 50,000 sales
associates in the United States and Canada.

Jeff Galloway can be contacted at 800-974-2666 extension 126.

lots or record, a master wastewater system plan shall be adopted to
address both existing and future development within individual land
uses. All wastewater treatment facilities shall provide Advanced Waste
Treatment (AWT) prior to discharge. This plan shall address:
* Size and general location for Type 1, Type H and Type III wastewater
* Size and location of Collection System
* Provision for re-use water plan for gray water irrigation



Highway 98 & 6th Street
EST. 1836
7:30 A.M.
10:30 A.M.

,St. GeorgelIsland>

Beautiful 3BR/3BA home com-
pleted in 2003. Custom maple
cabinets, tile countertops, Dual
Thermador Range, Kitchen Aid
Dishwasher. Extra unfinished BR
and BA downstairs. ELEVATOR
installed and working! MLS#99021.

St. George Island Bayview: "Sweet Dreams," 625 W. Pine Ave.,
Gulf Beaches. Delightful 2BR/2BA, 1324 +/- sq. ft. home with large
loft for extra bedroom or office, screened porch, downstairs workshop
and storage area. Nice high and dry lot, a great location for a beach
getaway. $339,000. MLS#98588.
Select Land Value
St George Island Bayview-Lot 25, Block 88, Unit 5, Gulf Beaches, 1/3 acre
MOL. Enjoy gorgeous sunsets and relaxing privacy! $229, 000. MLS#99286.

v6 Prudential Toll-Free: 800-974-2666
W Resort Realty Phone: 850-927-2666

123 Gulf Beach Drive West e-mail: info@stgeorgeisland.com
St. George Island, Florida 32328
An Independently Owned and Operated Member of The Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc.

* Anticipated Phasing and Costs
* I.D. of financing mechanisms and implementation schedule coordi-
nated with Franklin County Comprehensive Plan CIP.
Objective 16

Provide for a transportation system on St. James Island that is con-
sistent with the rural character of the Island, provides an alternative
Continued on Page 10

Phone: 850-927-4777
Toll Free: 800-344-7570

L-10 in 300 Ocean Mile. Color-
ful 2BR/2.5BA unit, just steps
away from the beach and the
pool. Enjoy morning sun and
afternoon shade from the porch
of this lovely townhome.
MLS#98117. $445,000.

St. George Island Realty
235 E. Gulf Beach Dr.
Suite 201
St. George Island, FL 32328

Historic Apalachicola: Fronting
Market Street in the heart of
downtown, lot is between Chez
Funk & Orvis Store, wonderful
investment opportunity.
MLS#96301 $249,000.
Dry Interior Lot: With large trees
and nearby access to bay and
beach. Located on East Sawyer
and with freshly cut walking
paths. Priced to sell. MLS#97276.
Canal and Gulf View Lot: New
listing! Perfectly located lot on
West Pine Ave., St. George Is-
land. Beautiful oak and pine
trees. This is a great lot at a great
price. MLS#99371. $239,900.

BaySide Residential, Waterfront &

HOMES- ...
* Immaculate New 3370 sq. ft. home on Carrabelle River. Three
bedrooms with master baths + a loft upstairs could be used for fourth
room. Florida Room overlooks the river from the 2nd floor, screened-
in porch overlooking the river from the first floor. Home has 1080
sq. ft. carport under the house with two storage rooms, 10' ceilings,
elevator, dock with boat lift, central sound system, and an irrigation
system with well. $925,000.00.
* Commercial-Prime commercial property located in the middle of
downtown Carrabelle, 3000+ sq. ft. total 1500 sq. ft. rented upstairs
apartment. $395,000.00.
* One Bayfront Lot-49 x 138 lot on the Bay, located in St. James.
Spectacular view. $350,000.00.
* New Home-Still under construction. 2088 sq. ft. home overlook-
ing the #8 Green. 3BR/2BA, metal roof, Hardiplank siding, marble
countertops, hardwood floors, Andersen windows and much more.
Bayside Realty, Inc.
305 Avenue B South Carrabelle, FL 32322
697-5470 697-3919 877-577-7177 Fax: 697-9607
Freda White-Owner/Broker
Raymond Williams-Broker/Sales Beth Barber-Realtor

Build your home and business on
St. George Island with Bay and
Gulf views on 2 adjacent lots zoned
for commercial/residential use in
quiet area within walking distance
to beaches.


0olS 2&27
1135 Wtop a
Unit 1-E,

V ---4P5l--

East Pine Avenue

East Pine Avenue,
St. George Island Gulf
Beaches. Great
Location in Heart of St.
George's Busy Shopping
District. Zoned C4 Allows
Commercial or
Residential Use.
Please call
(850) 670-1687.

Lots across the street average $128,000 each.
These two lots are priced at $85,000 each.

(t ~ndp3r ~Re~di~ ori~a~e



, *

I ) I

AL --
mar a -r *' t ; :-.; .,,', ..,7'- : :" -:% ;- :












In post and beam construction, the load-bearing
poles extend all the way to the roof. About 41
support the structure, spliced together at various
intervals. Normally, the roof system is placed on
top of the structure before the exterior walls are
erected since these are not load bearing.




* THE HOUSE: 2,100 square feet, heated or cooled, with cathedral living area, study, kitchen, four bedrooms
and three bathrooms, and sun deck. There is enormous rental potential with this design, permitting separate
area for the landlord.
* POST AND BEAM CONSTRUCTION: 41 pilings extend through each floor, holding up the roof system.
None of the exterior walls are load-bearing. There are three levels in this home built to last. Post and Beam
construction is the best and superb design for any building reposing on a pile of sand. 2100 square feet heated ,
and cooled. One of the last homes built on St. George Island by Mason Bean.
* ELEVATOR: by Sedgewick installed by Mowrey Elevators. Joined with a concrete ramp used for wheel-
chair accessibility to the living level. Can also 1fnction as a dumbwaiter and is especially useful for transport-
ing wood to the wood burning stove in the living area. The stove will adequately heat the house in the coldest
* CEILING FANS: In bedrooms and living areas.
* PROJECTION ROOM AND MINIATURE THEATRE OR STUDY: Prewired for a music system or film
and TV soundtracks.
* SOLID-CORE DOORS: Throughout the house: New fiberglass doors for the exterior openings.
* CEMENT TILE ROOF: Guaranteed in writing for 50 years (when built, 1989); no fire hazard here as in the
case of wood cedar-shake shingles.
* CYPRESS SIDING: Cut into board and batton design; impervious to the harshest salt-infested Gulf winds.
* TILED KITCHEN AND BATHROOM: On the living level; one-half bath stubbed out in the loft area.
One-half bath at the utility level.
* MOTHER-IN-LAW FACILITIES: Are available at the utility level with plans; concrete foundation already
in place for a wall system and other alterations.
* FRAMING: Of floors incorporates library loads in the study, bedrooms and third level loft which is the
largest sleeping room, 16 feet square.
* AN ENGINEERED FACILITY: For the floor system and the entire structure to carry above-average loads.
* HEAT PUMP AND AIR CONDITIONING: Split-plan design by Ollie Gunn and Trane (General Electric).
* EXTERIOR WALLS: Incorporating six-inch studs for greater insulation; None of the exterior or interior
walls in this home are load-bearing.
Augered pilings were installed in
this house instead of driven
pilings. Forty-one 8x8" poles
S extend from the ground to the roof
in a classic post-and-beam design,
the recommended mode for any
island construction on sand.

$700,000 MLS#98432


Of The Gulf Beaches, Inc.

61-C West Gulf Beach Drive St. George Island, FL 32328-9703

"Property For Every Budget"
Office: (850) 927-2821
Fax: (850) 927-2314

* Land-Acreage-5.5 Acres Bayfrontl UNDER CONTRA,,.merald Beach $675,000. MLS#98337
Land-Residential Lot-St. George Island. Bradford Street. Bayview. $209,000. MLS#98336.
Land-Acreage-1.82 Acres Eastpoint. Set up for Modular Home. $65,000. MLS#98355.

PHONE: 850-899-3262






The Realtor Association of Franklin and Southern Gulf Coun-
ties announced its 2003 winners at their annual award banquet held
at the Centennial Building in Port St. Joe on January 30th. The
Three Top Honors for Franklin County Realtors all were earned by
Prudential Resort Realty Associates: Jeff Galloway was named Top
Producer for Sales Volume and Top Producer for Sales Transactions,
with over 100 transactions and over $100 million in volume. The
Number Two position was earned by Jerry Thompson, and the
Number Three position was earned by Pandora Schlitt. Libia
Taylor and Eliseo Duarte earned the "Top Team" honors in Gulf
County, with the highest volume and number of transactions. Helen
Spohrer and Patty Durham were honored as Franklin County's
Number Two Team.

Other Prudential award winners are Gloria Salinard, Al Mirabella,
Candace Boatwright, Michael Howze, Hatch Wefing, and "Ms.
Ruth" Schoelles.

.St. George Island: 927-2666
SPrudential Apalachicola: 653-2555
Resort Realty Port St. Joe: 227-7891


An Independently Owned and Operated Member of The Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc.



2 April 2004 Page. 7

The old railway trail north
of Highway 98, off of Lake v
Morality Road.

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Fixer-Upper Special: Old
Church in Eastpoint, 1600+
sq. ft., Stick built w/tin roof,
S...has sewer & water, 1/2 block
from Apalachicola Bay &
Hwy. 98. 31 1st Street.
$70,000. Great for Fish Camp
& Get Aways. Call (850)670-
4436 or (252) 538-0400. Zoned
Residential with Commercial

Bayside Residential, Waterfront &
R ea l T Dog Island Properties
.I Inc.

* Immaculate New 3370 sq. ft. home on Carrabelle River. Three
bedrooms with master baths + a loft upstairs could be used for fourth
room. Florida Room overlooks the river from the 2nd floor, screened-
in porch overlooking the river from the first floor. Home has 1080
sq. ft. carport under the house with two storage rooms, 10' ceilings,
elevator, dock with boat lift, central sound system, and an irrigation
system with well. $925,000.00.
* Commercial-Prime commercial property located in the middle of
downtown Carrabelle, 3000+ sq. ft. total 1500 sq. ft. rented upstairs
apartment. $395,000.00.
* One Bayfront Lot-49 x 138 lot on the Bay, located in St. James.
Spectacular view. $350,000.00.
* New Home-Still under construction. 2088 sq. ft. home overlook-
ing the #8 Green. 3BR/2BA, metal roof, Hardiplank siding, marble
countertops, hardwood floors, Andersen windows and much more.
Bayside Realty, Inc.
305 Avenue B South Carrabelle, FL 32322
697-5470 697-3919 877-577-7177 Fax: 697-9607
Freda White-Owner/Broker
Raymond WilUams-Broker/Sales Beth Barber-Realtor

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Grand Opening Land Sale! MARTIN COUNTY FLORIDA
10+ acres only $195,000. Huge savings on big ranch acreage in
South Florida! Gorgeous mix of mature oaks, palms & pasture
with miles of bridle paths. Located on Martin County/
Okeechobee line. Quiet, secluded, yet close to 1-95 and the
coast. Great financingsmall downpayment. Callnow(866)352-
2249, X 128.


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NIENT. Tan At Home Payments From $25/month FREE Color-
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VacationRentals :

Minnesota. Long Lake Home by Week/Month. 2/2/2 Fully
Equipped. Dock, Fishing boat Available. Can place own boat,
good swimming. (612)790-3865 www.1odying.org. Near Park

Kent McCoy



Parking Scheme

At the March meeting of the St.
George Island Civic Club, land-
scape architect Kent McCoy pre-
sented an off-street parking
scheme between Franklin Blvd
and West 2nd Street (Gulf Beach
Blvd) to the members.
Parking in the business district
has long been a problem on the
Island due, in part, to the high
cost of real estate, and the scar-
city of available land, and the con-
tinuing population pressure on
fewer parking spaces. McCoy gen-
erated a plan for 120 spaces with
provisions for the drive through
lane at Castaway Liquor Store. A
cost estimate for the entire project
Including site grading, limerock
roadbase, grassing and landscap-
ing and catchbasins was esti-
n;oated to be $52,250. Divided by
14 business owners standing to
gain from the free land parking
deal could come out to about
$3,800 each. Thus far, one busi-
nessman has offered $5000 to-
ward the project. Anyone inter-
ested in contributing to such a
project should contact Alan Pierce

June 14-15,2004
Doubleree Hotel at he entrance to Unival Orlando
(fomnelyladissoa Hotel 0daOdo)

Florida needs teachers in math, science, reading, ESE, ESOL, foreign languages and technology
education. Positions are'avallable in urban and rural districts. The Teachn provides a convenient,
cost-effective forum for teachers seeking employment opportunities in Florda to meet with school
district personnel.

For more information Call: 800-Teach-FL (800-832-2435)
e-mail: edrecruit@fldoe.org
visit: www.TeachInFlorida.com


Sagos Camellias Century Plants

Bulbs Custom Pots

Located corner of
1st St. & Ave. A, Eastpoint, FL

Tim Jordan, Lic. Real Estate Broker:
984-0001 850-567-9296 *146 Highway 98
or P.O. Box 556, Panacea, FL 32346
Marsha Tucker: 570-9214 Mike Delaney: 850-524-7325
Jerry Peters: 850-566-4124 Jim Hallowell-mobile: 566-5165
Mike Gale: 850-567-2227 Jared Miller: 926-4143
Gene Maxey: 850-566-6857 Carlos de Cubas-mobile: 510-9643
Josh Brown-mobile: 528-6385 Shayla Dang: 566-3335
Richard Trogdon: 850-528-5223 Marie Payne: 519-0889
web address: www.obrealty.com e-mail: obr@obrealty.com

* Hidden Harbor! Alligator Point's newest Gated Subdivision! Lots are bayfront, creekfront,
and bay to creek! All are 1+/- acres w/beach access, canoe launch and community pier.
Lots starting at just $155,000! 45FWL.
* Marina Village Townhouse w/ Boat Slipl 2/2.5 bath, vaulted ceilings, CHA, master
suite upstairs w/jet tub, separate shower and walk-in closets. Comes completely
fuminshed. Lg. deck and screened porch. Just $355,000. 188WWH.
* Alligator Point! Custom built by William Solburg! 2 story on pilings with over 3300 sq.
ft. of living space. Gourmet kitchen with custom maple and mahogany cabinets/corian
counter tops, convection and Jenn-Aire ovens, island bar, kitchen comes with 2 double
sinks. Casablanca fans, 4BR/3.5BA, grand sized utility room, hardwood and ceramic
flooring throughout. 3 decks, screened in-ground pool. All on the most exclusive lot on
the beach. A must to see! $1.9 million. 144FWH.
*Alligator Point! Highway 370, Bayfront, 2BR/2BA, CHA, Block house w/vinyl siding,
completely refurbished w/ bunk house. All on large bay lot! Just $445,000. 149FWH.
* Laid-Back "Living" on the Ochlockonee River! New 1664 sq. ft. + home w/seam-
less metal roof, vinyl siding, concrete pilings, 2BR/2BA w/all of the upgrades! Large open
sunroom overlooks the river; spacious great room w/fireplace, vaulted ceiling, ceiling
fans, lovely kitchen w/ceramic tile, custom cabinets w/breakfast bar, huge utility room
and best of all, this riverfront babe comes completely furnished w/everything: sofa to
loveseat to the sleigh bed. Must see! Just $425,000. 162WWH.

('hT-TT4~T'C RG00~0763 ~

J. Licensed & Insured
JOH N' RG0050763 '

Quality Craftsmanship For Over 40 Years
Specializing in Custom Homes-Remodeling
Additions-Vinyl Siding-Roofing-Repairs

50-697-2376 E-mail Johnscons2@aol.com
Fax: 697-4680 P.O. Drawer JJ Carrabelle, FL 32322

Tractor Wo
* Aerobic Sew
Marine Cor
Septics C





~ti. ~
I,. / ,~'.
,~ ~l~rp1 "

I ,'~ ~


irk Foundation Pilings
rage Treatment Systems Commercial Construction
instruction Utility Work-Public &
coastal Hauling Private



Setting New Standards With Our
Surecrete Design Products Certificatilon In
Pool Decks, Patlos, Porches, Walks, Drives & Morel
We now offer crack treatments of existing concrete that can
then be overlayed in the color of your choice with a
broom finish, stamped in many styles such as brick, /
cobblestone, starfish & scallop shells and many more. ICN#/
These styles can also be done in new concrete.
For interior and exterior we also offer a chemical stain.
The concrete can be cut to your specifications then we
will stain each section in your color choice, grout the cuts and seal
it for a beautiful gloss finish.
Our spray texture over new or existing concrete is available in
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multiple colors.
/7 The possibilities are endless, just use your
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Stan Siprell and
David Watson



Home, Auto, Life, Business, Marine, Bonds
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_______________________-, I
-'ra~?8-~ I ~

a. :" .


- -

i r


p -- --"-


The ranlin hroicl A LCALY ONED EWSAPER2 Aril2004* Pge


Marine Auto Furniture '

3215 Crawfordville Highway Crawfordville, FL

Eastpoint Watering Hofe
SClhristian BookStore"
Books, Music, Videos, Gifts, Bibles, Lotions, Candles
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Looking for

' information on'

home health

agencies and

nursing homes?

We can help...

Th mrnaterial ws prepared by Florid. Medical Quality Assurnc, Inc. under contract with the Center. for Medicare &
Medical SMoce (CMS), federal gency of e U. S. Dap.rtment ot Health *nd Hunwn Services 35101B847A

The BUSINESS CARD DIRECTORY in the Chronicle pages is an
efficient way to promote your business to the public and save money
at the same time. These ads are strictly business cards magnified
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check for $15.00 will guarantee position in the next issue.


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A St. George Island Spring Also Brings a March Wedding Near The Surf


r -. .
.-. ..- d' _

A ~ -
-a iOear~~~, -vi,

"I have always wanted
I ding on the beach,"
bride-to-be Beth Wel
assembled her w
party at the St. Ge
land home of her l
Joined by fami
friends, and a fairly
wind, Beth received
as she walked ov
wooden dune walk
white sands of St.
and the assembled
party at the water
There, groom Tony
and official Ed Tiley
others were waiting
the ceremony. Mutu
ises were exchange

ed a wed- with rings, the appropriate -'
said the pronouncements by Mr.
Is as she Tiley were made as the cer-
vedding emony concluded. Everyone
eorge Is- gathered in Eastpoint at
parents. Dock on the Bay for food and
ly and drink relishing in the new
ly gusty relationship as they cel-
her wish ebrated the union with tra-
ver the ditional cake and libation.
to the The event was coordinated
George by Wedding Creations and
wedding catered by Ron Crum of
's edge. Dock on the Bay. Please call
Weddel Wedding Creations at 670-
, among 8957 for weddings or special
to begin event functions. Beth and
al prom- Tony Weddel will be at home
d, along in Columbus, Ohio.

Bob Allen, owner of the Eastpoint
Sportsmen's Lodge hosted a special dinner
and recognition night for the Apalachicola
High School Team on Friday, April 12,
2004. Here, Chef Tom Sanders, former
Franklin County Commissioner, serves up
a Sportsmen's special devoured by the
team and supporters.


2 April 2004 Page 9

The Franklin Chronicle

; .

Pane 10 2 ADril 2004


The Franklin Chronicle

St. Joe 100 Year Concept Plan from Page 6

to U.S. 98 and is designed to maintain post development runoff equal
to pre-development runoff in regard to discharge volume, recharge
and pollutant loading.
Policy 16.1-Access Control for U.S. 98 and S.R. 319
Except for existing, vested, platted lots of record, access to U.S. 98
shall be limited to no greater than two access points per parcel with
the locations generally as indicated on the St. James Island Overlay
Master Plan.
Objective 17
Establish building, standards for all development activity on St. James
Policy 17.1
The developer will establish building design and construction stan-
dards for all new development on St, James Island. These standards
will address the following:
* Energy efficiency
Energy efficient appliances
Energy efficient lighting
Building design and construction for energy efficiency
Water conservation
Water-conserving plumbing fixtures
Water re-use
Drought tolerant landscaping
Minimum irrigation
Cluster development
* Native tree and plant preservation
* On-site use of cleared materials
* Erosion control/topsoil preservation
* Resource-efficient Building Materials
Use of recycled materials, certified sustainable lumber or engi-
neered materials.
Eco-friendly materials and finishes
Each development shall establish a construction and demolition
waste management plan.
In addition to the planned communities, there are planned two Vil-
lage Centers for commerce on St. James Island. These Village Cen-
ters can possibly have a large grocery store in addition to a phar-
macy, education center and medical facilities. There is also a limited
access Highway planned that will run from Carrabelle on the west to
Highway 98 south of the Ochlockonee Bay Bridge on the east. This.
-new highway (possibly elevated) will be for rapid transit and will pre-
serve the current Highway 98 for more leisurely travel. Many mem-
bers of the audience expressed concern that the proposed new high-
-way will pass through a corridor along which bears and other wildlife
migrate back and forth to the conservation areas of Bald Point and
the Crooked River Tract.
There are also proposed bike and hiking trails planned for this wild-
life corridor. Don Ashley was concerned that there would be a high
incident of road kill by the traffic on the new proposed highway. There
was also concern that people might be harmed by the wildlife they
encounter on the bike and hiking trails in this corridor. Ashley pre-
sented alternative maps to' Buzzett that would better protect both
people and wildlife.
When Buzzett had finished his presentation, the audience gathered
around the table where Ashley had spread out his maps. The debate
over the vision plans and policies continued as the audience expressed
concerns not only about wildlife kill but population density, the in-
creased number of cars on the existing roadways and the need for
many more boat ramps and dockage. As the debate among the audi-
ence members continued many lost sight of the fact that Buzzett was
proposing a vision plan that will take at least 100 years to build out if
it is ever completed. During the 100 years, the residents of Franklin
County will continue to fuss at proposed development, the St. Joe
Co. may decide to continue tree farming instead of development, the
bears might migrate to the courthouse and eat the County Commis-
sioners for lunch but the sun will still shine on Franklin County.

St. George Island
United Methodist Church


201 E. Gulf Beach Drive on the Island
927-2088 Website: sgiumc.org Rev. Anthony F. D'Angelo

...1no matter where you are-
ours is a service you can trust.

serving all of Franklin County
653-2208 697-3366




The City of Apalachicola, already
known for oysters, rich history
and friendly people, may soon also
be known as the only place in the
country that has a replica of a
major Washington D.C. memorial.
Apalachicola's City Commission,
in a special session, March 23 at
6:00p.m. in City Hall Chambers,
voted on a proposed site for a
seven-foot-tall bronze statue of
three servicemen from the Viet-
nam War era, sculpted by the late
Frederick Hart.
This sculpture will be identical to
the one at the Vietnam Veterans
Memorial in Washington D.C.
near the Wall of Honor. The na-
tional Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Fund has authorized five regions
of the country to have a replica of
the Three Servicemen Statue.
Apalachicola is typical of the small
towns from which many of the
soldiers of that war came and is
the place where the first regional
memorial, the Southeast's, will be
located. The proposed site in
Apalachicola is a block of
city-owned land bordering on the
east by Market Street, on the west
by the state-owned Orman House,
on the north by the entrance to
Chapman Botanical Garden and
on the south by Avenue 1. "Within
this landscaped park space, the
memorial will have its own iden-
tity and plenty of room for people
to reflect on the American soldier's
contribution to our way of life,"
says Jimmy Mosconis, president
of Three Servicemen Statue
South, Inc.
Mosconis adds the three veterans
will honor the veterans and fallen
heroes of all American wars. The
proposed site will be visible from
the street, yet tie-in nicely with
the serene and civic spaces of the
Orman House and tile Chapman
Botanical Garden. There will be
shared parking and other ameni-
ties for the three attractions. 'The
presence of the memorial will in-
crease the number of visitors to
the region and is a wonderful op-
portunity for Apalachicola," says
Mosconis. "Since the cost of the
memorial must be raised from
private funds, we 'welcome any
contributions," says Mosconis.
"The future park will belong to the
S. .
-. .- .- :. -. : -.. .-


.. .- .. .,. . ..

Web sites offer counsel on laser
eye surgery include surgicaleyes.
corn and lasikdisaster.com,
usaeyes.org and complicatedeyes.
Web sites that can help dieters
evaluate the current flurry of
low-carbohydrate diets include:
atkins. com;

Scientists at the University of
Pittsburgh have developed a com-
pound they call "Pittsburgh Com-
pound B," that, in the brain, can
attach itself to beta-amyloid, a
protein tthat is suspected to con-
tribute to the disease known as
Alzhelmer's. This was recently
demonstrated in a public televi-
sion program about the demen-
'tia that inflicts memory loss upon
aging persons and leads to dis-
ability and death. What is signifi-
cant about this discovery is the
ability of scientists and physicians
to locate and quantify amyloid
Up to now, diagnosis of
Alzheimer's has relied upon
lengthy family interviews and
memory tests that are accurate
about 87% of the time. The most
certain method is autopsy, when
physicians search for the amyloid
plaques and other brain abnor-
No one has succeeded in design-
ing a marketable doughnut that
dips below the federal low-fat
threshold of three grams per serv-
ing. The Wall Street Journal calls
the low-fat doughnut "the Holy
Grail of the food industry."
Doughnuts typically range from
8 grams of fat for a glazed French
cruller to'more than double that
for a cake-like doughnut. The fat
itself is responsible for most of the
doughnut's flavor. It could contain
as much as 25% fat, the bulk of
that is absorbed during frying.
Robert Ligon, 68-year-old health
food executive, began serving a
15-month sentence in federal

prison for mislabeling his dough-
nuts as low fat. His doughnuts
were labeled as 3 grams of fat and
135 calories, but the Food and
Drug Administration analysis de-
termined the doughnut to have 18
grams of fat and 530 calories. His
"doughnut-caper" lasted three
years and involved mislabeled





If Elected Your Sheriff My Vision For Franklin County Is To:

* Develop a Sheriff's Budget Advisory Council. Made up of 6 volun-
teer citizens who have extensive experience in finance, accounting,
budgeting, insurance, and human resources. This council will provide
advice on our 4.3 million dollar Sheriff's budget to ensure your tax
dollars are spent wisely.

* Implement a Sheriff's Targeted Anti-Crime Response Team.
(S.T.A.R.T.) Basically a drug task force made up of local law enforce-
ment, surrounding county agencies, state agencies and federal agencies
who will work together to tackle the extreme drug problem in our
county. I will not only arrest the dealers but also the buyers. We must all
be held responsible for our actions. I will also increase the size of our
present narcotics squad. Taking back our county from drug dealers and
aid in confiscation.

* Implement a Coalition Against Marijuana Planting. (C.A.M.P.)
Some find Franklin County, with all the state and federal forest land, the
perfect location to plant marijuana. This program, with the help of vol-
unteer pilots and state agency pilots, and our deputies on the ground will,
at a very low cost, help to deter planting and aid in confiscation. _

* Increase the Number of Sheriff's Department Canine Units. Statis-
tically one in 10 cars traveling on the roadways are carrying drugs. Rou-
tine traffic stops could turn into drugs being taken off our streets before
they get to dealers. Also, the Department will implement these Canine
Units to visit our schools on a more frequent basis to help deter drug use
at school. Let's send our children to school without the fear of drugs
being offered to them.

* Develop Franklin County Crime Stoppers. Bring to our county a
non-profit volunteer civilian organization that will pay tipsters for infor-
mation regarding crime in our county. It is funded by tax deductible
donations from individuals, businesses, and associations.

* Develop a Junior Deputy Academy. A week long summer camp for
the children of our county to learn what law enforcement officers duties
are and to teach safety. The academy will be taught by DARE officers
and teachers of the community.

* Work to Receive National Accreditation Status for Franklin
County Sheriff's Department. A three-year process that will strengthen
our deputies through education and increased knowledge of proper pro-
cedure and policy.

* Manage our County Jail Effectively. Ensuring state standards are
being followed.

* Implement the Use of a Grant Writer. Other Florida counties have
proven free money is available to Sheriff Departments in great amounts.
This will save the county money and enable new technology into our
Sheriff's Department without expense to the taxpayers.

These are some of the programs I plan to bring to our county. Please feel
free to call me at 927-2515 or 653-7291 to discuss your concerns.






If you would like a yard sign
or window decal, please call
927-2515 and leave your
name, address
& phone number.

Skip is a 4th generation Franklin County Native. He is
the son of Lloyd Shiver, Sr. of Carrabelle and Barbara
Polous of Apalachicola. He is the grandson of Elzie and
Delcie Shiver of Eastpoint and Willie and Georgina
Polous of Apalachicola. Skip has been married to Julie
Brock Shiver for 11 years and they have two children,
daughter Camilla, 4 and son Brock, 2.

Paid political announcement. Paid for and approved by Skip Shiver candidate for Sheriff of Franklin County, FL (Dem).

4 L

2571 Crawfordville Hwy.
926-7153 flo p"

Healthy Teeth = Happy Pet
Call for an appointment
to have your dog's or cat's -
teeth professionally cleaned



suhClez -

The Franklin Chronicle


Ilse Newell Fund for
the Performing Arts

Bay Area Choral
Society And
Soloists Perform

Requiem At


The Bay Area Choral Society and
soloists performed Wolfgang
. Amadeus Mozart's Requiem at the
historic Trinity Church Sunday
afternoon, March 28, 2004. Dr.
David Nott conducted. Dr. R.
Bedford Watkins and Luciano
Gherardi accompanied the group.
The soloists were: Cynthia Rhew,
Carla May, Marquetta Ourand,
Christopher Aspass and Roger
The Bay Area Choral Society con-
sists of the following performers:
Shirley Adams
Virginia Harrison
Marilyn McCann
Matilda (T.) McLain
Carla May
Olga Nichols
Alyssa Pettie
Cynthia Rhew
Mary Virginia Robinson
Marsha Smith
Helene West
Suzanne Chapel
Ruth Eckstine
Susan Galloway
Judi Little
Susan Machemer
Ina Meyer
Anne Nott
Shirley Taylor
Mary Frances Willock
Tom Adams
Gordon Adkins
Frank Latham
Judith Rundel
Liz Sisung
Charlie Snell
Dewitt Galloway
Roger Jones
Dave McLain
Don West
Merel Young
Cynthia Rhew
Carla May
Marquetta Ourand
Christopher Aspass
Roger Jones

inreuedt cis.N

jo. 55 S tor *lrge
Cal Clarece D-ad. -


Luciano Gherardi


Eugina & Bedford Watkins at the piano.


Reduced Rates on Select Services
Call for details
329 Water St, Apalachicola

Public Hearing: Franklin County
Transportation Disadvantaged
Coordinating Board on Wednes-
day, April 14, 2004, 10:00 a.m.
Eastern Time at Franklin County
Courthouse, Grand Jury Room,
33 Market Street, Apalachicola,
Florida. Written comments will be
accepted through April 30, 2004.
The purpose of the public hear-
ing is to allow residents the op-
portunity to discuss with the lo-
cal Transportation Disadvantaged
Coordinating Board unmet trans-
portation needs, or any other ar-
eas that relate to local transpor-
tation services. All interested per-
sons are encouraged to attend.
Transportation will be provided to
eligible individuals by calling the
Community Transportation Coor-
dinator, Crooms, Inc., at
653-2270. For more information
contact: Vanita Anderson, Trans-
portation Disadvantaged Program
Coordinator, at the Apalachee
Regional Planning Council,
Boat Show Call For Entries:
Apalachicola is staging its annual
Antique & Classic boat show April
24, 2004. If you have an antique
boat built prior to 1970, or a clas-
sic example of a traditional ves-
sel and are interested in showing
it, please contact the Apalachicola
Bay Chamber at (850) 653-9419
or by email at anita@
apalachicolabay.org. Entries.
must be either a classic example
,of a traditional craft or built prior
to 1969, sail or power. Entry fee
is $15.00. All entries will receive
a plaque for participating.
"The Wiz" To Be Performed at
Gulf Coast: The Visual and Per-
forming Arts Division of Gulf
Coast Community College will
present the musical production of
'The Wiz" on April 16, 17, 23 and
24 at 7:30 p.m. and April 18 and
25 at 2:30 p.m. in the Amelia Cen-
ter Theatre on campus. Based on
the original production of "The
Wizard of Oz," the musical is
Motown's version of the story.
Dorothy's adventures are set to a
musical .mixture of soul, gospel
and rock. The original stage play
received enthusiastic reviews and
was made into a movie starring
Diana Ross. The musical is di-
rected by Rosie O'Bourke with
musical director/pit orchestra.
Conductor Rusty Garner and cho-
reographer Jenny Freed. The pro-


Fiber glass & paint supplies, fishing tackle, trailer parts, frozen bait, live bait,
rope, team fish line, deep sea & flat rods & reels.
Coming soon: Diesel & gas motor repair, new t-tops and canvas and repairs.
Adding over 7,000 sq. ft.

Wef ng's Marine, Inc.


(850) 653-9218

(850) 653-1333

Apalachicola, FL 32320 www.wefings.com


Check us out at our new location!
131 U.S. Highway 98, Eastpoint, FL
Z7U. 850-670-8100



duction is appropriate for all ages.
Tickets are $10 for adult and $5
for students, All tickets are gen-
eral admission and are available
at the Amelia Center Theatre box
office beginning one hour prior to
show time. GCCC students, fac-
ulty, staff, retirees and FSU/PC
students are admitted free with
ID and may pick up tickets at the
GCCC bookstore. For additional
information, call 872-3886.
FWC Announces Free Fishing
Days: The Fish and Wildlife Con-
servation Commission (FWC) has
designated April 3-4 as Free
Freshwater Fishing Weekend in
Florida. During Free Freshwater
Fishing Weekend, anyone, includ-
ing non-residents, can sportfish
in any public freshwater lake or'
river in Florida without a fishing
license. The Free Freshwater
Fishing Weekend does not apply
to anglers fishing in saltwater.
'The free fishing weekend pro-
vides anglers an opportunity to
experience Florida's outstanding
fisheries," Ed Moyer, director of
the FWC's Division of Freshwater
Fisheries, said. "It also can serve
as, a reminder to those who
haven't been fishing in awhile that
it is a healthy, fun, outdoor expe-
rience." During the free fishing
period, all other fishing laws and
regulations will remain in effect.
A copy of the Florida Freshwater
Sport Fishing Guide and Regula-
tions Summary is available at no
cost from any fishing license ven-
dor or FWC office or from the
agency's Web site at MyFWC.com.
The FWC will host a variety of free
fishing events statewide. These
events are tailored to the novice

Preparations for the
reception after the concert.
angler and to families. Many
events include free bait, some
loaner fishing rods, refreshments
and basic training to get new an-
glers started. For an event near
you, see the event schedule at
events.html. Beginning April 1,
the first 3,000 resident anglers to
buy a five-year or lifetime fresh-
water fishing license will receive
free samples, magazines or cou-
pons from fishing-related compa-
nies. The samples, magazines and
premiums included in the pack-
age are worth about $30, plus
there are hundreds of dollars of
special offers and bonus coupons.
Five-year licenses cost $61.50
(plus an administrative fee) and
are available on the agency's Web
site at MyFWC.com/license and
via the toll-free phone number,
1-888-347-4356. In addition, they
-may be purchased at any license
agent (retail stores and
bait-and-tackle shops) or at local
county tax collector's offices.

d S -

No isrbtdi mjJ Ilns
Frnln S S -l



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Eva Comes to Florida's

S GufNorthern

,Gulf Coast
' i Rr',"'

By MaFrlene Womack
TYiiditlt. Fglin. Nava I Air SIItilln, Civil Air Patroi. A plIschicipla
Dale Mahm,ry.Gordon lohnstai,,.MaIrianena. V, Wngiright Shipy-XI

go I

Third Year Success For Eastpoint

Fire Department Fundraiser

Almost 3000 persons visited the Eastpoint Charity Rib
Cook-off last Saturday, March 20, 2004, marking the third
year of the fund-raising for the Eastpoint Volunteer Fire
Chief James Shiver estimated that the event would gross
around $15,000. This year, a car show was staged in the
park and kiddie rides were added for the children. The
weather was perfect and the ribs succulent.
aMk-, .. ..-a.t Sr.E-M

(305) Hobo-ing America by Richard Edward Noble, Pa-
perback. A humorous, light-hearted, workingman's, true
life, travel adventure story. Work your way around
America with Dick & Carol ... feel the pain and the joy ...
shake the calloused hands that make America what it is.
Bookshop price = $14.00.

/' :A


(306) A Summer With Charlie is a new book by local
author, Richard Noble of Eastpoint. The book is a trade
paperback, 128 pp, selling for $10.50. Richard's story
deals with life, love, morality, sex, death, religion, friend-
ship, boys and girls, growing up, home, neighborhood
and country. It is a trip down memory lane, and despite
the seriousness of the subject matter, it is also a story of
memories, youth and laughter.
Order Form
I Mail Order Dept., Chronicle Bookshop
(Please Print) Books from the mail
used, and are so-de
may be temporarily
Your Name willbe made, norma
normally. Some of o
S remainders or current
Address and at these prices
money will be refund
S prices all orders mus
Town State ___ ZIP credit cards.
Telephone ( I
Number Brief Title Cost
II I A4Q -

Total book cost
Shipping & handling
I book....... $2.50 Sales tax (6% in FlcL +
2-3.books.... $3.50
4-5 books .... $4.00 Shipping and
6-10 books... $5.00 handling + --
Bookshop List of

Please do not send cash. Thanks.
All book orders musTotal book cost be ordered on this form. When
completed, please mall this form and your check or
money order to: Franklin Chronicleg Post Office Box
590, Eastpoint, FL 32328. Be sure to add sales tax
and shipping charges. Incomplete orders will be re-
--------------2 April 2004 Tota-----

(303) War Comes To Florida's Northern Gulf Coast by
Marlene Womack. Published by Michael Womack Publi-
cations, 2002, 207 pp. Oversize. In this area's first com-
prehensive book on World War II, you'll read about Gen.
Patton's visit to Panama City, the establishment of
Tyndall, Eglin and Dale Mabry fields and the secret de-
velopment of Camp Gordon Johnston, the torpedoing of
the Empire Mica by a German U-boat and many other
events. Bookshop price = $40.00.

(21) Outposts on the Gulf by William Warren Rogers. Uni-
versity of Florida Press, Hardcover, 297 pp. In this book,
Rogers traces and documents the economic, social and
political emergence of the Gulf coast port of Apalachicola
and the pristine barrier island, Saint George. From the
earliest times,-both the island and Apalachicola have be-
come intertwined. The account of the machinations of con-
troversial developer William Lee Popham is the first phase
of area development, later leading to the controversial
struggles of the 1970s when environmentalists and sea-
food industries fought to determine the ecological and eco-
nomic fate of the Bay area. The Chronicle has obtained
a fresh supply of newly reprinted volumes at an at-
tractive price. Available elsewhere for $35.95 plus ship-
ping and handling. The Chronicle Bookshop price is much
cheaper at $25.00 per volume.

'' :' . ... . ...

Saint George. Island & Apalachicola,
from Early Exploration
to World War I ,1I


Please Note
service of the Chronicle Book Shop are new and
signaled in each item description. Some titles
out of stock, in which case a second shipment
lly in 14 days. Books are shipped in 48 hours,
ur books are publishers' closeouts, overstocks,
t titles at special prices. Most are in limited supply
may sell out fast. If any book is sold out your
led by bank check. To offer the lowest possible
st be prepaid. We do no billing and do not accept

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