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FFWC And Governor Charged with Nazi

Federal Judge Denies Ron Crum

Emergency Motion For Injunction

Litigation Seeking Net Approval

Continues ...
. Federal Judge Stephen F, Mickle, for the Northern District of Florida
(Tallahassee Division),has denied fisherman Ronald Crum's emer-
gency motion for an injunction on September 4th.
Mr. Crum claimed that his rights under Title II of the Americans with
Disabilities Act (ADA) and the due process and equal protection clauses
of the 14th Amendment were being violated through the enforcement
of the "net ban" adopted by Florida voters as Article X, Section 16, of
the Florida Constitution. Mr. Crum claimed that due to various physi-
cal disabilities he was unable to handle the cast nets that are legal
under the present laws. As a result, he is unable to pursue his busi-
ness in a profitable manner as a licensed commercial fisherman. In
his lawsuit against Governor Bush and the Florida Fish and Wildlife
Conservation Commission (FWCC), including the Executive Director,
Ken Haddad, Mr. Crum seeks permission to use a rectangular net of
the same material as cast nets for the recreational and commercial
harvest of mullet and other fish. A decision on the merits of this claim
is pending. In the meantime, he also sought an injunction requiring
that he be allowed to use a rectangular 500 square foot net made of
twisted nylon.
Judge Mickle dismissed the emergency motion for an injunction for
several reasons. Mr. Crum had the burden of proving that he was
disabled within the meaning of the ADA, and because of that disabil-
ity, he was either excluded from participation in or denied the ben-
efits of some public entity's services, programs or activities, or sub-
jected to discrimination by the entity. The Judge concluded "...Merely
having an impairment does not equate with disability under ADA..."
Further, the Judge opined, "...Assuming Plaintiff (Mr. Crum) can show
he is disabled, Plaintiff fails to present a plausible legal theory that
would entitle him to use a specialized net under the ADA, nor has he
identified the program activity, or service provided by a public entity
to which he was denied participation or benefits. "...(T)he restrictions
on allowable nets are neutral on their face and are not alleged to rest
on a discriminatory motif. If Plaintiffs theory is that the program
benefit or service at issue is being able to catch as many fish as some-
one without any physical impairments, or enough fish to maintain
his livelihood as a commercial fisherman, the theory is not likely to
succeed." In a related case, the Judge cited., "(ADA) does not require
services under Medicaid to produce the identical result or level of
achievement for disabled and non-disabled persons..." (Alexander v.
Choate 469 U. S. 287).
With regard to Mr. Crum's due process claim, he "...faces difficulties
in showing that his due process rights were violated since the net
ban amendment and related regulations are legislative acts. A claim
that a legislative act effected a deprivation of due process generally
will not lie because the legislative process itself provided all of the
process that is due."
With regard to Mr. Crum's equal protection claim, "..(T)here is no
indication that the net ban and related regulations were the result of
intentional discrimination. Proof of discriminatory intent is required
to establish an equal protection violation."

Planning And Zoning Board


By Harriett Beach
The Franklin County Planning
and Zoning Board met in their
regular session at the Franklin
County Courthouse Annex on
Tuesday, September 9, 2003, at
6:30 p.m. Members Steve Davis,
Rose Drye, Dan Rosier, Vicki
Barnett, Mary Lou Short, and
Tony Millender were present with
Gale Dodds Chairman Presiding.
Amy Ham, Rachel Ward and Alan
Pierce from the Franklin County
Planning Department as well as
Michael Shuler, the Franklin
County Attorney were present, as
resource people at the meeting.
Alan Pierce, Planning Administra-
tor for Franklin County, began the
meeting with a discussion of a
proposed modification of C-4 to a
C-4 (A) or C-5 Ordinance for the
Commercial District of St. George
Island. A change in the zoning
designation would provide for a
mixture of compatible commercial
and residential uses on St. George
Island. P&Z Board member Short
explained to the group in atten-
dance that the change would al-
low for more residential units to
be built in what has been a mix-
iture of C-2 and C-4 commercial
area. Residential use of the land
is more profitable on St. George
Island than is commercial use.
Pierce told the group that, "St.
George Island residential develop-
ment drives the economy of
Franklin County." Pierce men-
tioned that the P&Z Board could
also consider a "Special District
designation for the now mixed C-2
and C-4 Commercial District of St.
George Island. He reminded the
P&Z Board that Lanark Village,
Mobile Home Parks, and Cluster
Housing are other established
"Special District" designations
within Franklin County.
Attorney Shuler suggested that
the P&Z Board make a recom-
mendation concerning the change
in zoning designation of the Com-
mercial District on St. George Is-
land and then present the recom-
mendation to the Board of County
,Commissioners. The P&Z Board
decided to discuss the recommen-
dation at a workshop scheduled
for Thursday October 2, 2003 at
6:30 p.m. at the Franklin County
Library in Carrabelle.
Applications to Build
There were four applications to
build docks in Critical Shoreline
areas. Two of the applications for
docks are on St. George Island,
one is on Alligator Point and the
last application is for a dock in
the Lanark Village area. The two
on St. George Island are to be built
on lots on which there is currently
no residential dwelling. All of the
four applications to build docks
were unanimously approved by
the P&Z Board.

Re-zoning Requests
There were six requests to re-zone
property in Franklin County. Four
of the requests for re-zoning are
in Eastpoint. Two of the Eastpoint
requests were tabled until next
month, as there was no agent for
the property owner at the meet-

ing to present thie request to the
P&Z Board.
The other two Eastpoint re-zoning
requests are in the David Brown
Estates. Jamie Crum, agent, re-
quested that Lots 22 and 23,
Block 104 be re-zoned from R-4
Single Family Home Industry-to
C-4 Commercial Mixed Use.
Daniel Dillon, owner, requested
that Lot 6, Block 7 be re-zoned
from R- I Single Family Residen-
tial to C-4 Commercial Mixed Use
There was one re-zoning request
in the Lanark area. Joey Rowell,
owner, requested that Tracts A,
B, & C of Lot 11, Gulf View Woods,
Lanark, Franklin County, Florida
be re-zoned from R- I Single Fam-
ily Residential to C-4 Commercial
Mixed Use Residential and that
there also be a Small Scale Land
Use change from Residential to
On St. George Island, Merida Long
requested that Lots 10, 11, 12, &
13, Block 5 East, Unit 1, be
re-zoned from C-2 Commercial
Business to C-4 Commercial
Mixed Use. Aside from the tabled
two re-zoning requests, the other
four re-zoning requests were
unanimously approved by the
P&Z Board.
Request for Sketch Plat
There were three requests for
Sketch Plat approvals. Two of the
requests are in the Eastpoint
area. Jackie Golden, owner, re-
quested approval for Golden
Acre's Phase II, a 14 Lot subdivi-
sion lying in Section 28, Township
8 South, Range 6 West in
Eastpoint. Dan Garlick, GEA, Inc.
agent for Jeanne Bonds, owner,
requested Sketch Plat approval of
a 5 Lot Subdivision in Section 24,
Township 8 South, Range 6 West,
In the Lanark area, Larry Witt,
agent for Frances W. Survec,
owner requested Sketch Plat ap-
proval of a 17 Lot Subdivision lo-
cated in Section 12, Township 7
South, Range 4 West, Lanark,
Franklin County, Florida. All
three Sketch Plat requests were
unanimously approved by the
P&Z Board.
Small Scale Land Use
Billy Buzzett, agent for St. Joe
Arvida, owner, requested a 10
acre Small Scale Land Use change
from Agriculture to Public Facil-
ity for Summer Camp to install a
sewage treatment plant on land
they own. The P&Z Board unani-
mously approved the request.

Final Plat Approval
A request for a Final Plat approval
by Jim Green in the Lanark area
was tabled pending more informa-
Large Scale Land Use
A request by the Phipps Corpora-
tion for a large scale land use
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By Harriett Beach
The Franklin County Chapter of
the Red Hat Society met at their
monthly gathering on September
8, 2003 at the Tiki Hut in
Carrabelle. This gathering was
special as the 15 members
present were celebrating their of-
ficial recognition as the Tate's
Hell's Angels chapter of the inter-
national Red Hat Society, Inc.
The Red Hat Society is an inter-
national informal group of women
who meet to laugh, joke, meet new
friends and share the common
bonds of being over 50 years old.
The Tate's Hell's Angels draws Red
Hat Ladies from Alligator Point to
Apalachicola. At times, members
from Tallahassee and Wakulla
County as well as members from
other states join Franklin County
Red Hat ladies at their gatherings.

ReAh4in New Re4er Every Day





The purpose of the Red Hat Soci-
ety is fun, socializing, friendships
and sharing our matriarchal sta-
tus with a giggle. The Red Hat
Society has no dues, formal meet-
ings or a permanent place to
meet. When the Red Hat Ladies
meet for dinner, each lady orders
her choice of dinner and pays her
own bill. A red. hat and purple
clothing (some are outrageous!) is
the attire of a properly dressed
Red Hat Lady. Women under the
age of 50 are welcome to the group
but their attire is pink hats and
lavender clothing. Usually at a
meeting the group decides where
and when they will meet next
month. In Franklin County there
are about 36 members. If you
would like to join the fun, get a
red hat and purple dress and
meet the group for dinner at The
Harbor House in Panacea at 6:00
p.m. on October 6th.

Carrabelle City Council September 4, 2003

New Mayor Rattles the Cage

Lambastes poor infra-builqing in Carrabelle

L t -- -
(Right) City Attorney Doug Gaidry swears in James Brown
as Mayor and Phil Rankin as Councilman.

James Brown is already the
Mayor of Renown among the
builders of the city's streets, wa-
ter and sewer lines. "Jim" Brown
had just been invested in his of-
fice at the start of Thursday's
Standing up behind his seat at the
end of his first meeting, the new
mayor said 'This might not be the
tactful place to do it. Mr. Simmons
(addressing Robert Simmons, who
represents Baskerville-Donovan,
our engineering consultants)
"...Baskerville-Donovan and R&A
(the contractors) are responsible
for me being here in this chair.",
"...now, I would like ... an answer
no later than noon Monday on
why-you've got something from
DEP eliminating that fence-" (in
the filter system) "I'd like a copy
of it. If you don't have it, I want to
see a fence up there."
Simmons: "I think it will get in-
stalled tomorrow".
Jim Brown: "OK ... I don't want
to have to be your inspector. But
I promised the people of
Carrabelle that we're not going to
have another catastrophe like we
had with the sewer ... I hate
stop-work orders, I hate the liti-
gation they bring on. But I've
never filed a stop-work order yet
and lost a case, and I hope we
don't have to here. Let's try to get
on track and keep it on track ...
we just can't live with what we've
got... I've been in construction all
my life ... I'm going to keep an eye
on it, and it's going to be done
right." He then gaveled the meet-
ing adjourned, to a round of ap-
plause from the full house.
This evening's meeting was much
more applause-filled than usual.
The first order of business,
swearing-in the new mayor and
reinvestiture of councilman Philip
Rankin, brought applause at its
conclusion and at former mayor
Curley Messer's emotional accep-
tance of the city resolution of

gratitude for his years of office.
Later, Chamber of Commerce
president Skip Frink thanked
Mayor Messer for his dedication,
and welcomed Mayor Jim Brown,
causing more clapping.

Commissioners' Reports
City Clerk Becky Jackson, in jest,'
asked Mayor Brown if he had any-
thing he would like to report to-
night. He did, making this state-
ment: "I would like to ... just for a
moment... I would like to thank
everybody that showed up today"
then someone in back called for,
him to speak up. Now on high
volume "I would like to thank ev-
erybody that showed up here to-
day, and I hope that the next
meeting we have, there won't be
enough room for us. I want ev-
erybody to turn out, come and be
a part of the city, let your voice be
heard, and let's all work together
and make it a good place to live,
like it's been for many many
years. Thank you." (loud ap-
Attorney Douglas Gaidry had 2
items: first, "it's no secret" that
the judge ordered Carrabelle to
put the two petitions that had
been ignored on the next election
ballot, or schedule a special elec-
tion. The petitions opposed the
decision of the City to enact a PUD
ordinance to replace the standard
county procedure of review, thus
allowing the City to allow any type
of construction to occur; and also
the City decision to extend city
sewer and water outside the city
limits before in-city residents had
those services. The latter was en-
acted for the development of St.
James Bay golf community and
the new Florida state prison. The
Commission voted to table to al-
low him to study the situation.
Next, Lanark wants the city to
build sewer/water lines to St.
James Bay around them rather
than up the Hwy 98 corridor. No
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September 19 October 2, 2003

Matriarchs Unite

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Ron Crum .............................................. ....... 1, 3,4
Carrabelle City .............................................. ... 1, 3
Planning & Zoning ............................................. 1,9
Redistricting .................................................... 1, 3
Editorial & Commentary ............................... 3, 4, 5
Second Circuit Court Report ........................ 6, 7, 8
FCAN .............................................................. .... 8
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Sandy Howze Voted Apalachicola


By Lisa Szczepaniak
Apalachicola voters made their decision for their next Mayor Tues-
day, September 16th. Boyd "Sandy" Howze was voted in with a total
of 424 votes, beating Jack Frye by 36 votes. Only 46% of the regis-
tered voters turned out to vote, however the voter turn out was better
for this run-off election than for the initial vote two weeks ago. This
increase is perhaps due in part to the goading radio ads by former
Mayoral candidate Lee McKnight encouraging people to get to the
polls. Mayor Elect Howze was endorsed by both former candidates,
Lee McKnight and Earl Whitfield. A very disappointed Jack Frye said
he was not satisfied with the results, "Well, the man with the most
votes won, not the better man," was his parting comment to this re-
porter as he left city hall after the official vote count was released.
When asked if he will try again for either a commissioner's seat or
mayor he simply replied "No comment." Sandy Howze was not avail-
able for comment. He will be sworn in at the next City Commission
meeting, October 2, 2003. The following is the breakdown of the vote
Citizen Pooser Urges Governor to Get
Involved in Franklin County Redistricting

Suspension Of Franklin County

Commissioners Sought For Failure

To Redistrict

Ned Pooser (Sopchoppy) has written Governor Bush urging him to
suspend the Franklin County Commissioners from office for failure
to carry out their statutory and Constitutional duties to redistrict
Franklin County.
He wrote Governor Bush on Tuesday, September 16, 2003:
Florida law provides, "After each dicennial census the
Board of County Commissioners shall divide the county
into districts of contiguous territory as nearly equal in
population as practicable." Fla. Const., Art. VIII, Sec 1
(e); F.S. 124.0.1(1). Furthermore, County Commissioners
are under a constitutional duty to "support, protect and
defend the Constitution of the State of Florida." Fla.
Const., Art. II, Sec. 5. Sadly, the Commissioners in
Franklin County have chosen to ignore their duty.
The total population of Franklin County, according to
the 2000 Census, is 9828. The average population per
county district, therefore, is 1965 persons. However, the
actual population for each district based upon that Cen-
sus is as follows:
District 1 2081 (116 people, or 6% above average)
District 2 1627 (338 people, or 17% below average)
District 3- 1305 (660 people, or 34% below average)
District 4- 2514 (549 people, or 28% above average)
District 5 2301 (336 people, or 17% above average)
As can be seen, a wide disparity exists between the num-
bers of people residing in the various districts. In some
instances this amounts to as much as nearly a 2 to 1
disparity. This means that the votes of the people in Dis-
trict 4 count only one-half as much as those in District
This disparity exists due to population shifts during the
past decade. However, the Board of County Commission-
ers' failure to redraw the districts' boundaries is not a
mere oversight. The Franklin Commissioners have his-
torically been reluctant to do so. The last time such was
done was in 1986, and this came only as a result of a
Federal Court order.
The citizens of Franklin County can ill afford to have their
tax dollars squandered in a needless law suit to require
the Commissioners to perform their lawful duties. Ac-
cordingly, we ask that you urge the Franklin County
Commissioners to perform their constitutional and statu-
tory duties within a time certain; and, upon continued
failure to do so, to exercise your authority pursuant to
Art. IV, Sec. 7 of the Florida Constitution, and suspend
all five members of that body, and fill those offices by
appointment for the period of suspension.
Very truly yours,
Ned Pooser
The Commissioners were asked directly following their Tuesday meet-
ing, on September 16, if they had a position on redistricting or have
changed their position on redistricting, but there was no answer to
that question. The "stonewall" silence to the question was its own

Concerned Citizens Of Franklin

County, Inc. Is Organized

Monday afternoon, September 15, 2003, a not-for-profit corporation
named the Concerned Citizens of Franklin County, Inc. adopted Ar-
ticles of Incorporation, organized themselves into five Directors, re-
ceived nominations and elected Directors on the Board.
The purpose of the group is "An Organization founded and dedicated
to achieve better and more responsive government in Franklin County,
Florida." The mailing address of the corporation is: Post Office Box
990, Eastpoint, Florida 32328. The Articles were filed with the Florida
Secretary of State on September 5, 2003. The registered agent for the
corporation is Nicholas Yonclas, 35 Island Drive, Suites 9 and 10,
Eastpoint, Florida 32328.
The tactical mission of the group is to assist Franklin County govern-
ment in redistricting. A letter from Chairman Jerry Thompson is pub-
lished in the Editorial and Commentary section of this issue, explain-
ing the background for the organization and their mission. Additional
information on sending donations for the legal fund is also provided.
Thus far, in the beginning stages, over $3000 has been collected for
the legal fund.


Tb.r.... I- 1 a 1 0 pinmhar 3flfl

rage z j~yjJLC1I1e L Vuur


The Franklin Chronicle



September 15, 2003
Present: Commissioner
Eddie Creamer;
Commissioner Clarence
Williams; Commissioner
Jimmy Mosconis;
Commissioner Cheryl
Sanders; Commissioner
Bevin Putnal and Absent:
Clerk of Court Kendall
Elections Supervisor Doris Gibbs
reminded Commissioners of her
report due date concerning ADA
accessibility to polling places
throughout Franklin County.

Extension Director
Bill Mahan announced a tentative
schedule for the next clam work-
shop for October 2, 2003 at the
FSU Marine Lab. The topic of the
workshop will be computer appli-
cations for clam farming.
Mr. Mahan also discussed the
proposed Apalachicola Bay Oys-
ter Advisory Committee. Among
many items, he proposed the
committee's primary roles will be
advisory and as an industry liai-
son. The committee would act as
a liaison between the oyster in-
dustry and local and state agen-
cies, and should reflect views and
opinions of the oyster fishing com-
munity, as well as Franklin
County. In this role, the commit-
tee should act as the link between
the fishing community and regu-
lators to make sure that the oys-
ter industry understands how and
why specific policies, practices
and regulations affect them.
The committee would also func-
tion in an advisory capacity. Both
advising the regulating agencies
about the need of the oyster in-
dustry and advising the industry
about regulatory actions. All too
often, regulatory agencies hear
the complaint that the affected
public did not know about or did
not have an opportunity to pro-
vide input into the decision-
making process. The committee
should provide an open clearing-
house for the regulated public to
voice their concerns.
The advisory committee should
provide a mechanism to identify
issues and seek consideration of
such issues from both local and:
state governmental agencies.'In,
its advisory capacity, the commit-
tee can influence and facilitate
policy decisions, make recom-
mendations about how to resolve
specific issues facing the oyster
industry, and improve communi-
cations between various industry
The committee would play a larger
role in making decisions regard-
ing management activities and
practices when the policies are
not codified. For example, the
committee could make recom-
mendations regarding resource
development projects, including
relaying, shell planting and shell
collection. More industry involve-
ment in planning and conducting
these activities would be benefi-
cial to the industry and to re-
source managers. Generally,
there are questions from the har-
vesters and dealers relating to
when, where and how relaying
and shell planting projects are
conducted. While resource man-
agers currently seek input from
industry representatives regard-
ing these projects, an
industry-based committee would
provide a broader perspective in
response to current industry
The committee would not have
specific decision making author-
ity, as it relates to regulatory ac-
tions. Generally, regulatory re-
sponsibilities are promulgated in
statute or administrative code.
The committee can make recom-
mendations and influence the
decision making process, but
regulatory authority is held by the
agency responsible for managing
the oyster resources or protect-
ing public health.
Although the committee would
not have specific authority regard-
ing regulatory actions, industry
involvement in improving man-
agement remains essential. The
committee would provide a more
unified voice for the oyster indus-
try, and as such carry consider-
able weight when representing the

Solid Waste Director
"I like to request board approval
to begin the advertisement for the
two positions allocated during Fis-
cal Year 2003-2004 Budget devel-

opment. The positions are one
Equipment Operator I, for the
Solid Waste Department and one
Equipment Operation I, for the
Parks & Recreation Department.
The selected applicants will not
start work until October 1..." The
Board approved.
"I also like to request approval to
purchase the new mechanic's ser-
vice truck allocated in the Solid
Waste Department Fiscal Year
2003-2004 Budget. The purchase
will not exceed the budgeted al-
lotment of $30,000, and it will be
made from the Florida Sheriffs
Association Purchasing Program."
The Board approved.

Contractor Licensing
The Board approved the proposal
for all sub-contractors to seek
their own permits for their
projects. A public hearing will be
scheduled on the new ordinance.

Tourist Development
Anita Groves provided an update
to the County Commissioners on
the tourist development council.

Fishing Piers
John Sole of Pensacola appeared
before the Commissioners to ex-
plain his leased project in
Pensacola as operator of a fish-
ing bridge there. The Board indi-
cated a desire to advertise for pro-
posals from the public at large,
and to hold a public hearing on
the matter.

John Sole

John Sole

Director Of Administrative
Several months ago the Board
accepted and recorded the final
plats for Magnolia Ridge Phase I
and II. The developers submitted
a bond for the improvements.
Most of the bond has been re-
leased upon proper construction
of the roads but the remaining
funds now can be released since
Chris Clark 'has inspected the
swales and found them to be
properly constructed. The Board
directed the County Attorney to
take the proper procedure to re-
lease the remaining bond on Mag-
nolia Ridge Phase I and II.
Mr. Pierce presented road reclas-
sification maps to the Board.
'There is nothing particularly sig-
nificant on these maps but I asked
DOT to review the functional clas-
sification of CR 370/Alligator
Drive. DOT has listed CR 67,
which makes it eligible for certain
federal funding according to POT.
One of the criteria is evacuation
routes. I told DOT that Alligator
Drive also serves as an evacua-
tion route and the DOT group said
they would consider Alligator
Drive. Classifying the road does
not make it a state road, it just
provides some opportunity to re-
ceive federal funds if a federal di-
saster damages the road."
The county and the Corps have
been negotiating/planning a re-
vetment project to protect some
1000 feet of Alligator Drive from
the end of the existing rock revet-
ment going east. A survey has
been done and the Corps has de-
termined that it can not build its
vinyl sheetpile revetment with
some rocks at the base and keep
the structure within the existing
county right-of-way. There are a
series of lots that have mostly
washed away but are still private
property which the Corps would
like to see as county property be-
fore they begin construction.
These lots are Lots 1 and 2, and
Lots 6-9, Block B, Peninsular
Point Unit 1. The Property Ap-
praiser has these lots listed for
around $1000 apiece in value. In
the long run these lots need to be
acquired by the county for what-
ever future construction the
county may make in this area.
"The Board has never condemned
property, but what direction does
the Board want to provide staff on
this issue?" asked Pierce. The
Board urged Mr. Pierce to offer
$1000 per lot.
The Board approved a request
from the City of Carrabelle to tun-
nel under the county boat ramp
on Timber Island and use the edge
of the Timber Island right-of-way
for the placement of a sewer force
The Board approved the Joint
Participation Agreement Amend-
ment for Fund Reallocation for the
three roads that have already
been paved under the CIGP pro-
gram. The three roads were Patton
Drive, South Bayshore, Water
Street. There was some shifting
of funds by the engineer from one
road to the other that needs to be
reflected in the JPA. Ms. Ruth
Williams recommends these JPA's
be signed so she can get the books
straight and the county can get
the reimbursement from DOT.
The Board approved Modification
Number 2 to the Agreement iden-
tified as 01 UN-6P-02-29-15-026,
which reinstates the funding for
the shutters on the Carrabelle
Senior Citizen Center.
Mr. David McClain requested
Board support for a planning
study that ABARK and 1000
Friends of Florida would like to
do in the Eastpoint area. They are
seeking private funds from the
Laura Jane Musser Fund for an
Environmental/Community Ini-
tiative. Commissioner Creamer
disapproved the proposal and the
Board did not take any official
action on the proposal.

Mr. Pierce reported that Mr. Linc
Barnett, as part of his Continuity
of Operations contract with the
county, has drawn up policies arid
procedures for evacuating county
owned buildings. "I have reviewed
the policies and procedures. They
are very standard but provide
some basic training and guide-
lines for what to do in case of
bomb threat and the like. I rec-
ommend the Board review and
adopt these procedures."
The County Attorney has pre-
pared a general release form to be
used by public works and solid
waste in the event of a disaster or
state of emergency and the county
is working on private property.'
The Emergency Management Dii
rector will have the forms to dis1
burse as needed.
The Board discussed the future
St. George Island fishing piers.
Mr. Kent McCoy, St. George Is-
land, sent an e-mail listing of dif-
ferent piers around the state of
Florida. Mr. John Soule of the,
Pensacola Bay Fishing Bridge dis-
cussed what he sees as opportu-
nities for the use of the fishing
piers. The Board needs to decide
if they want a concessionaire to
run the piers or just leave them
open to the public. The Board
decided to advertise for possible
concessionaires and indicated a
plan to hold a hearing on the
matter as proposals are being so-
The Board was presented with two
letters co-signed by Ted Mosteller,i
Airport Advisory Chairman, and
Alan Pierce to Mr. Donnie Duce,
DOT Aviation Program Manager,'
regarding future improvements at
the Apalachicola Airport. Mr.
Duce has called to tell the Board,
that DOT is waiving the local
match for the 60' x 60' commer-
cial hanger the Airport Commit-,
tee would like to see built at the
airport. Board action to request
JPA for the commercial hanger.
Mr. Mosteller would like to see the
construction of the commercial
hanger follow the same path that,
the T-hangers did, with the
county Building Official reviewing.
plans and monitoring construc-
tion, and Mr. Chris Clark assist-
ing in shooting grades. The Board,
approved this plan:
Separately, at the June 3 BCC
meeting the Board accepted a bid
from Poloronis Construction in
the amount of $157,311 for the
Design/Build of an addition to the
Main Hanger contingent upon the
local funds being available. Mr.
Bill Ruic is providing the local
funds. However, in order for Gull'
State Bank to provide Mr. Ruic the
$42,262.20 in local funds the;
Bank requires Mr. Ruic's lease be&
extended to cover the payments
ht'e wll have t6malke.TMr. Rui6 1s'
asking for a ten -year extension 'cri,
the AIATC lease with the county.
It is unknown at this point if Gulf
State Bank also wants a 10-year
extension, or will accept a shorter l

-Mr. Ruic is requesting a change
order to Poloronis Construction to
increase the cost of the addition
.to $211,311. The Board decided
to table the second request.
Ifi a sudden announcement, Mr.
Dan Rosier stated he would be
resigning from the Planning and
Zoning Commission. He has an
opportunity to assist the Boys and
* Girls Club in developing facilities
:and programs here in Franklin
'/County and believes he would not
have adequate time for P and Z.
Ms. Harriett Beach also submit-
ted a letter of resignation as an
alternate member. At this time,
the following 3 seats are open on
the Commission: Science seat;
.general public, alternate. The
Board accepted the nomination of
William Key for the "general pub-
lic" slot on the Planning and Zon-
ing Advisory Board.
Mark Curenton recommends that
the Board authorize him to sub-
mit this year's Community Rat-
ing System application to FEMA.
The CRS program allows for
homeowners to receive a reduc-
"tion on their flood insurance pre-
miums. The county has to make
an application once every two
years. The Board approved the
submission of the CRS applica-
tion to FEMA.

County Attorney
Tom Michael Shuler reported to
the Board that a travel and per
diem policy had been established.
He had received a "final report"
*on Lanark Reef, owned by Hurley
Booth. He did not report anything
concerning the redistricting let-
ters sent to the Commissioners
and inserted in their folders at the
'last meeting; the correspondence
was from Mr. Jerry Thompson,
,Chairman of the Concerned Citi-
zens. The County Attorney asked
the Board for their advice at the
previous Board meeting, as to the
correspondence and he was in-
structed to continue communica-
tions with either the group or Mr.




Pending ACF


By David McLain
On Friday, September 12, Florida
Stakeholders seeking an equitable
allocation orf the surface waters of
the Apalachicola-Chattafi6oclee-
Flint (ACF) "river ba-.in metf inTal-
lahassee with DEP Ser-etary
David Struhs and DEP General
Counsel Teri Donaldson. Purpose
of the meeting was to get an up-


I t4

The Mayor of Carrabelle, Jim Brown, and engineer explain
the proposed sewer line to be run under the river as they
sought permission to use the county's right-of-way. The
Board of County Commissioners approved the project
provided the County Attorney received a "hold harmless"
letter from the City of Carrabelle.

511 Highway 98 Apalachicola, FL 32320
9 (850) 653-9228
Open 11:00 a.m. 10:00 p.m. Locally Owned & Operated

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Stop in for great food and drinks
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i Market & Gifts
m New Location...Same Great Quality!
S ll 850-670-5500 TOLL FREE: 877-362-0400
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date on action taken by Florida
to stop the Implementation of a
federally-mediated agreement
which illegally gave Atlanta 500
million gallons of water per day
out of Lake Laniler to feed grow-
ing Atlanta. That settlement was
reached with the assistance and
advice of Georgia/Atlanta water
advocates but without the partici-
pation of Florida representatives.
Excluding Florida violated the
spirit and letter of the 1998 ACF
Compact (which had the effect of
federal law) and a September
2002 ruling by the Federal Ap-
peals Court that Florida had a
clear legal right and interest in
participating in such upstream
ACF water allocations. The need
for continued interaction between
Florida Stakeholders and the
Florida litigation team was
re-affirmed by all assembled.
Plans were made to assemble the
best subject matter experts avail-
able to Florida to develop scien-
tifically defensible data to support
the Florida efforts to preserve and
protect our Resource.

David McLain

Franklin County

Senior Center Hosts

First Annual 55+

Beauty Contest

Ladies 55 and over are called to
participate in the first annual
Franklin County Senior Center
Beauty Contest on October 3,
2003, at 7:00 p.m. at Carrabelle
High School. The event, hosted by
the Franklin County Senior Cen-
ter, is supported by local busi-
nesses in Carrabelle, East Point
St. George Island and Apalach-
icola by sponsoring the $25 entry
fee for participants and providing
entertainment. The contest win-
ner. Will receive a crown tr'uphl,,.
flowers and be r-.p.:ri-i,,ibl:l I"or rep-
resenting the FCSC at:a variety.
of upcoming events. "It's a plea-
sure to host such a fun and light-
hearted event," said Cherry
Rankin, president of the board of
directors, Franklin County Senior
Center. "It gives the women in our
community a chance to express
their true beauty."
A maximum of 30 contestants will
battle for the title through sports
wear, evening gowns and talent
competitions. Admission to the
contest is $3. For more informa-
tion contact Cindi Giametta at

Landclearing Ponds

Driveways RU DV Rock Seawalls


850-653-9820 or
Pager 850-335-0230 Cell # 899-2960
1695 Peachtree Road Apalachicola, FL

Robert Baker, Owner 5090 Coastal Highway Crawfordville, FL 32327
Office: (850) 926-5696 Mobile: (850) 566-2501

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Sunday 1:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.
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By Lisa Szczepaniak
The Dixie Theater, in downtown
Apalachicola, is now in dire
straights. The "Dixie Theatre
Foundation Inc.", a non profit or-
ganization, is reaching out to the
community for help.
The Dixie was originally built in
1912 and was established as a
performance theater in 1913.
With the advent of motion pic-
tures it served as movie theater
until 1967. In 1994 Rex and Cleo
Partington bought the building
and it was totally renovated by
June of 1998. The building and
property is now in the total own-
ership of The Dixie Theater Foun-
dation, Inc., a 501-c-3 organiza-
, tion.
In order to save the theatre, The
Dixie Foundation needs the feed
back and support of the commu-
nity by November 1st of this year.
They are asking for that in sev-
eral ways;
#1) They have put together a
questionnaire for anyone to fill out
and return asking such questions
as: What kind of events would you
go to? and, What are you willing
to do to help save the Dixie?.
These questionnaires can be
picked up at the Apalachicola Bay
Chamber of Commerce.
#2) Make a financial contribution.
Any and all contributions are tax
deductible and are welcome.
#3) Order tickets now for up com-
ing shows and performances. It
is crucial in production theater to
know if you will have enough
seats sold to even cover expenses
on a given production.
#4) Become a volunteer. There are
many jobs, small and large,
needed to save the theater such
as serving on a committee, flier
posting, building maintenance
and repair, hosting and ushering
for various performances and
The Foundation, is also in need of
a grant writer and a director to
run and implement policies. The
Dixie Theatre Foundation can be
reached in several ways: you can
call (850) 653-3200, write to: Dixie
Theatre Foundation. P.O. Box
220, Apalachicola, FL 32320 or e-
mail at address: dixietheatre@

SeafOats Garden

Club Meets

By Harriett Beach
The Sea Oats Garden Club of
Carrabelle held their first meet-
ing of the year Thursday, Septem-
ber 11, 2003, at 6:30 p.m. at the
Episcopal Church in Carrabelle.
Cindy Sullivan presented the pro-
gram where she demonstrated
and explained the art of making
stained glass items.

*aw I


The Franklin Chronicle


19 September 2003 Page 3


Publisher's Note: The proposed operating budget expenditures
of Franklin County Board of County Commissioners are 25.1
percent more than last year's total operating expenses. The total
revenues are projected to be $15,200,471 of which $8,455,991
are from Ad Valorem taxes. The total estimated revenues are pro-
jected to be $22,338,359, including $6,801,360 balances brought
forward. This year's proposed tax levy is expected to be:
$8,455,991. A Public Hearing on this increase will be held Sep-
tember 22, 2003, at 5:30 p.m. at the Franklin County Court-
house Annex, County Commission meeting room. A final deci-
sion on the proposed tax increase will be made at this hearing.

Letter To Franklin County Citizens

Many of us have recently received the proposed property tax bills
from Franklin County and phones have been wringing off the hook by
property owners who are facing huge increases in property taxes. The
Franklin County Commissioners are intent to spend the islanders'
hard earned money with very little being returned in benefits to the
island. We need change and the vast majority of property owners on
the island cannot even vote.
There is one thing that can be done to bring about change whether
you can vote or not. In 1986, the federal courts decided to break up
the at-large system of county government in favor of 5 separate vot-
ing districts. The districts were divided as equal as possible in popu-
lation and Florida law required that the local government redistrict, if
necessary, after each census so that the voting districts are as equal
as possible. Franklin County did not redistrict after the 1990 census
or after the 2000 census. In fact, they have never redistricted even
though the population is widely skewed at the present time. In other
words, one district has approximately 1300 in population while an-
other has over 2,500 in population meaning grossly inequitable dis-
This year, the St. George Island Civic Club took on the task of looking
into the matter to establish a plan for redistricting. Presentations
have been made to the Board of Commissioners with two possible
plans, only to be rebuked by the Board. Several commissioners openly
admitted that they could not be elected if the plans were adopted.
We now are faced with having to take legal action to force the Com-
missioners to redistrict so that every person has equal representa-
tion. A non-profit organization has been formed called Concerned
Citizens of Franklin County, Inc. and an attorney has been hired to
represent us. This attorney, Rob Rivas, has issued a demand to the
Board and has requested documents relating to redistricting under
the sunshine law. If the Board still does not take action, we intend to
file suit in federal court.
How can you help? We need your financial contributions as soon as
possible. Please make your contributions payable to:
Concerned Citizens of Franklin County, Inc.
P.O. Box 990
Eastpoint, FL 32328
Please complete the enclosed form and mail it today.
Jerry Thompson
Concerned Citizens of Franklin County, Inc.

Fund-Raiser For


of the

Franklin County

Redistricting Issue
Contributions to the legal fund seeking litigation
against the Franklin County to Compel Redistrict-
ing are being sought now. Those contributing $100
or more shall receive a one year free subscription
to the Franklin Chronicle, upon request.
Please send your check or money order to:
Concerned Citizens of Frankldin County, Inc.;
Post Office Box 990; Eastpoint, FL 32328.


Franklin County Commission Turns

Deaf Ear To Citizen Budget Input

"You should have been here on July 27th..." was
the response.

Franklin County Tax Watch Committee (Proposed 2004
Budget Recommendations)
The current 2003 budget includes $6.6 million generated by property
tax which is available to the county for expenditures this year. As-
suming that the proposed rate of mills for the 2004 budget is adopted
by the Commission, there will be approximately $8.7 million gener-
ated by property tax available to the county for expenditures next
year. This is an increase of 31.8% from one budget year to the next.
There are a number of changes within the county which we agree
require additional expenditures. More houses being built, more in-
spections required by planning and zoning, additional resources re-
quired within the Tax Assessors Office, additional needs within the
tax collectors office, etc. What we are suggesting is that, although
there are legitimate needs for additional revenue, the proposed in-
crease of $2.1 million is considerably more than what should be re-
quired to operate the county government efficiently.
Our suggestion is to reduce the requested budget increases, across
all departments, by an equal percentage, the result of which will give
the county an additional $1 million to operate the county govern-
ment. This amounts to a 15% increase in the proposed 2004 budget.
We are confident that this additional $1 million is above and beyond
the amount required to operate the county efficiently.
The Franklin County Tax Watch Committee and the citizens of our
county stand ready and willing to assist in this very important bud-
get process.
Thank you,
Richard Harper, Jr.

Frankin Chonicl


Letter To The Editor

P.O. Box 672
Panacea, FL 32347
September 8, 2003
Letter To Editor:
During the past eight (8) years the citizens of Florida have not been
informed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
(FWCC) about the operational method they have used to implement
the Constitutional Net Limitation Amendment. One of the major is-
sues of concern is how helicopters were used to harass and endanger
the lives of fishermen and other citizens.
An incident I witnessed occurred on October 16, 2000 when a FWCC
helicopter was used to fly extremely low over my home in Panacea
and proceeded to a place in Dickerson Bay approximately 100 yards
offshore adjacent to my home. The FWCC helicopter flew from over
my home to a spot in the bay over a fisherman and hovered danger-
ously low over his small boat. This attack was witnessed by a number
of citizens who live in Panacea and other individuals who were within
sight of the incident. An immediate telephone report of the attack
was made to the FWCC and a request for an investigation into the
incident was made. Subsequent to that request the FWCC sent a
report dated November 1, 2000, Subject: Steve Stout Incident, to the
Federal Aviation Administration and the United States Department
of Justice. That report stated that the helicopter had used a P.A.
system from the aircraft three times and was approximately 300 to
350 feet above the fisherman and almost 350 to 400 feet to one side
away from the boat at an angle of approximately 45 degrees. The
report stated the helicopter circled the boat 3 times always at an
angle of 45 degrees and 300+ feet and never was below 300 feet alti-
tude. The pilot stated be had set the aircraft altimeter to 300 feet and
he never heard the warning. This report was done without interview-
ing any of the potential witnesses, the subject, who were injured by
the attack, or the undersigned. There has never been a complete in-
vestigation made of this attack even though a number of requests
have been made to the FWCC staff and the Director.
I am requesting your help in an effort to bring this incident before a
Grand Jury for a complete investigation. When you have read my
account of this and other incidents and if you agree something should
be done, please call State Attorney Willie Meggs at (850) 488-6701
and ask his office to convene a Grand Jury to hear the facts concern-
ing these issues.
Ronald Fred Crum

M like's ?Vaint Located at the intersection of
319 8 98, Medart
wOwt w .mikespaintandbody.corn
3140 Coastal Highway MV #12153
Crawfordville, FL 32327 REC
(850)926-6181 WREC HECK




I hereby request a free one-year subscription to
the Franklin Chronicle.


> $ 850-670-1687 (OFFICE)
IIN Y Facsimile 850-670-1685
"obr- e-mail: hoffer531 @ gtcom.net

Vol. 12, No. 19

September 19, 2003

Publisher. Tom W. Hoffer
Contributors. Sue Cronkite
........... Rene Topping
........... Eunice Hartmann
Sales Lisa Szczepaniak
Advertising Design
and Production Artist Diane Beauvais Dyal
Production Associates Andy Dyal
............ Lisa Szczepaniak
Director of Circulation Andy Dyal
Circulation Associates Jerry Weber
........... Joe D. Terrell
Citizen's Advisory Group
Rand Edelstein Alligator Point
Karen Cox-Dennis. Apalachicola
Rene Topping Carrabelle
David Butler Carrabelle
Elizabeth and Jim Sisung Eastpoint
Bedford and Eugenia Watkins .............. Eastpoint
George Thompson Eastpoint
Pat Morrison St. George Island
Dominic and Vilma Baragona .............. St. George Island
Back Issues
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available free, in single copies, if in stock, and a fee for
postage and handling. For example a 10 page issue would
cost $2.00 postpaid. Please write directly to the Chronicle
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issues. In-county subscriptions are $16.96 including tax.
Out-of-county subscriptions are $22.26 including tax.

Changes in subscription addresses must be sent to the
Chronicle in writing.
All contents Copyright 2003
Franklin Chronicle, Inc.

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Page 4 19 September 2003


The Franklin Chronicle


Report Of Incident

By Ronald Fred Crum
Following is my account of the incident that happened October 16,
2000 when fisherman Marvin Thomas was injured during an attack
by an FWCC (Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission) helicopter.
The FWCC helicopter arrived and flew to my home and hovered at
treetop level directly over my several family members and me. There
were two (2) occupants in the aircraft and I made an obscene gesture
at them that they appeared to return. They then moved over my home
to a position over the fishing boat occupied by Marvin Thomas. While
hovering over the end of the boat away from Thomas the aircraft skids
were level with his head, as the ship moved to a position directly over
Thomas's head it was about 8 to 10 feet above him. The ship was so
low I thought Thomas could reach up and touch the aircraft with the
push pole he had in his boat. As I went toward Thomas on my dock
the helicopter departed to the southeast and out of Dickerson Bay.
The time period covered was less than 30 minutes. When I arrived at
the end of the dock, Thomas had moved to a place about 30 feet away
and we had a conversation about what had just happened, he was
shaken but could hear and converse with me.
I had gone to Crawfordville for a meeting and when I returned Mr.
Thomas was at the Wakulla Medical Center. After being seen by medical
personal there he came to my store and while attempting to talk with
him, I discovered he had almost total loss of his hearing. I had to
move directly in front of him to hold his attention when I spoke to
him. This was a drastic change from when he and I talked at the end
of my dock after the first attack by the FWCC helicopter. He was
complaining of head pain and loss of hearing. Several witnesses stated
the helicopter was extremely low over Thomas as it had been during
the first attack.
I filed a complaint with the Wakulla County Sheriff, David Harvey
about this incident and sent a copy to Ms. Kathryn E. Hawker Ander-
son, Chief, Compliance Division, Office of Civil Rights, United States
Department of Commerce whom we had previously had communica-
tions with concerning FWCC enforcement tactics, Ms. Hawker sub-
sequently requested assistance from the U.S. Attorney for the North-
ern District of Florida on October 17, 2000, Remember a request for
investigation had already been made to the FWCC almost immedi-
ately after the first helicopter attack, The FWCC response to the re-
quest was to send the "Subjeet: Steve Stout" report to both Sheriff
Harvey, Ms. Anderson and the Federal Aviation Administration that
claims the aircraft was never below 300 feet altitude and within 300
feet of Thomas at an angle of 45 decgrI'es
Now the plot thickens! I obtained a copy of the November 1, 2000
report and took it to the Florida Capital Building on or about Novem-
ber 16, 2000 and filed a complaint with the Office of the Governor,
Chief, Inspector General's Office, I believe to a Mr. Nobles. The re-
quest was referred to the FWCC Inspector General for investigation
and assigned to Captain Troelstrup. We were told to not come to the
FWCC office because the investigation would be done as a "covert"
investigation or undercover and using only cell phones for communi-
cations. I provided Captain Troelstrup with the names of more that
ten (10) eye witnesses to interview and several of them had volun-
teered to give sworn taped statements and/or take polygraph exami-
nations to establish credibility. The investigation was started Decem-
ber 7, 2000 and ended when Captain Troelstrup had me, Keith Ward
and Mr. Thomas come to his office to review his report of investiga-
tion. That meeting was held after February 2001 and when we ar-
rived I was given a copy of a partial report and Troelstrup stated he
was concluding his participation because he had been threatened.
When asked to explain, Captain Troelstrup told the three (3) of us
that his life had been threatened and he would not continue. When
we asked him to identify who had made the threat, he made it very
clear to us by naming the person. The report he offered was incom-
plete and did not include interview of a number of witnesses and
ailed to reach any conclusion. .
Because of the reported threat, we went directly to the Office of the
Inspector General at the Capital and recounted Troelstrups report of
being threatened. I asked that he be offered protection from further
harm and harassment so he could complete the investigation. We left
and went directly back to the FWCC building. When we returned to
the FWCC office of Captain Troelstrup, he stated he had already re-
ceived a call from the Inspector General with assurance of protection.
The investigation was never resumed and Captain Troelstrup did not
sign the final report of investigation. The Executive Director of the
FWCC, Dr. Egbert subsequently signed the incomplete investigation
It is clear to me the December 7, 2000 Inspector General Investiga-
tion would have proven the FWCC conspired and did cover up the
brutal attack on Marvin Thomas October 16, 2000. The November 1,
2000 memorandum from the FWCC does not contain a single drop of
truth but does state small lies that required added violation of cur-
rent laws. Please contact the State Attorney and demand a grand
jury investigate all these incidents to determine the real truth.
Did the FWCC helicopter really fly at 350 to 400 feet as reported by
their office or was that helicopter only 8 to 10 feet above Mr. Thomas
when he was injured by the feed back from the public address system
used by the helicopter crew. A number of witnesses have never been
interviewed. Their testimony could reveal the real truth about the
attack. We need to determine if the need to cover up these facts re-
sulted in the life of the FWCC investigator being threatened. I and
several other local citizens was never interviewed by an investigator
even though I filed the original complaint and was identified as a
witness to the first attack by the FWCC helicopter.

"Antiques and old toys cheerfully
bought and sold."

WESLEY & ANN CHESNUT OE (850) 653-2864

Sea Oats Gallery

Featuring the Finest Area Artists and Craftspeople

...New for 2003...
inquire regarding current schedule of classes

128 East Pine Street 850-927-2303 Call Jean
Open Monday Saturday 11:00 a.m. until

Carrabelle City from Page 1

Unfinished Business
Mark Curenton, Assistant County
Planner, got approval to extend
the community Rating System
Annual Certification for one year.
This brings city residents a 5%
break on flood insurance policies.
Also, attorney Gaidry will prepare
an ordinance amendment to in-
clude mobile homes and RV's on
the existing FEMA (flood) ordi-
nance, so we don't risk losing the
flood insurance program.
Rita Preston addressed the com-
mission concerning the sewer sys-
tem in the Sun & Sand Village
area. Her concern that she would
have to pay for service to the sys-
tem was answered by a vote to
write a resolution, to be voted on
at the next meeting, to have the
city maintain all components of
the sewer system as long as the
system is running.
Cheryl Garry and Vera Snider's
request to turn their lots was
There was discussion only on in-
creasing the water force-main size
under Ken Cope Road.
City water and sewer standards
were discussed.
An update on the requirement for
backflow protection on all resi-
dential and commercial water
users, to protect potable water
supply determined the owner is
Passed a resolution to put out to
bid the service of making sure we
are clear on controlling towers
and wireless facilities regulations.
Mediacom Southeast lease charge
changes put on hold per Mayor
Brown's recommendation.
Commissioner Saunders' request
to donate the 1978 Ford Fire
Truck to Lanark Village VFD was
passed. Also placed the old
streets/roads mower back from
"surplus junk" to "equipment".

New Business
Mayor Brown asked to interject an
item not on the schedule, the ap-
pointment of commissioners to
specific areas of responsibility.
His appointments are as follows:
Water and sewer: Philip Rankin
(and Jim Brown); Streets and
roads: Frank Mathis; Police and
cemetery: Ed Saunders; Fire and
airport: Jim Brown; Finance:
Raymond Williams
Skip Frink, president of the
Carrabelle Area Chamber of Com-
merce, demonstrated that the
name "Carrabelle" is missing from
2 of the 3 DOT directional signs
at the intersection of Hwy 98 and
319 east of town. He suggested
that the city join with the cham-
ber in a letter to DOT to amend
the signs, either to replace
"Lanark Village" or just add
"Carrabelle". No action.
Tommy Bevis, of Dockside Ma-
rina, stated his intention to
amend the Development Order for
his area of Timber Island, per St.

95 Highway 98
Eastpoint, FL 32328
lf =^ ilm V^. 4 A f %^~

Joe's request (his new landlord).
Freda White's Mariner's Landing
sketch plat was approved as a
step in the process to subdivide
Phase II into 24 lots suitable for
minimum-setback row housing.
.Ms. White noted that the law al-
lows up to 45 lots on that prop-
erty. Mayor Brown asked for as-
surance that an "outparcel" close
but not part of the above lots
would not be built on in the fu-
ture. Freda answered that there
were several state and federal
regulations that would prevent
that happening, that the land
would not ever be buildable.
Olin Granthum received approval
of his sketch plat to start the pro-
cess leading to development of
S'The Sands of Carrabelle" subdi-
vision. His plan shows tri-plexes,
to sell in the $150-175,000 range,
to be located in the Health depart-
ment area.'
Item concerning police training
and education was tabled.
Approved temporary closing of
Hwy 98 for the Homecoming pa-
rade on Friday, September 26.
Radio equipped helicopters will
help reroute the evening rush
Tabled for further consideration
the contract accounting agree-
ment with Christine H. Francis,
associated with James Moore &
Co., CPA.
Accepted city employee Michael
Messer's resignation.
Tabled discussion of hiring an
employee for City Hall.
Approved a list of amendments to
the FY 2002-03 budget that basi-
cally shifted dollars from account
to account.
Passed resolution #082003 to ac-
cept low bid for a city tractor and
mower at approximately $38,500
by J.D. Swearingen.
Announced scheduling of the 2
city budget meetings for the 2003-
04 fiscal year to be 9/10 and 9/
24, both Wednesdays, both at 6
p.m. at the City Hall.
Mayor Jim Brown adjourned his
first meeting at 9:40 p.m., as de-
scribed at the beginning of this

St. James/
Lanark VFD To

Hold Spaghetti

The St. James/Lanark Volunteer
Fire Department will hold a spe-
cial spaghetti dinner on Saturday,
September 27th from 11:30 a.m.
to 4:00 p.m. Also on that day,
weather permitting, the members
and auxiliary will hold their
monthly car wash and bake sale
from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The
St James/Lanark VFD is located
on Oak Street in Lanark. For in-
formation, call Janet at 697-2587,

Frankin Chonicl


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I of residence/business necessary. One coupon per customer. I
L ---------- __-_m-J

Congressman Boyd Works To Bring

North Florida Soldiers Home

On September 10th, Congressman Allen Boyd (D-North Florida) sent
the following letter to Acting Secretary of the Army Les Brownlee and
General Peter Schoomaker, Chief of Staff, U.S. Army. This letter is in
response to the Army announcing that Reserve and National Guard
units will be stationed in Iraq for a one year tour of duty, including
those units which have already been serving in Iraq for several months.
"I would like to express my strenuous opposition to the Army's new
rotation plan for Operation Iraqi Freedom, which calls for units that
are currently stationed in Iraq to remain there for up to one year."
"As you may know, soldiers of the 3rd Infantry Battalion, 124 Infan-
try Brigade have participated in Operation Iraqi Freedom from the
beginning, and were attached to the 3rd Infantry Division when it
took Baghdad earlier this year. While the active duty components of
the 3rd Infantry Division have all rotated home, the 3rd Infantry Bat-
talion has been informed that it will remain in Iraq until at least
March of 2004. This has caused considerable frustration for many
families who cannot understand why reserve units are being left in
place overseas while the active duty units they are attached to are
being rotated back to the continental United States."

"With this announcement, the unit has now received at least three
different dates for returning home and this constant uncertainty has
had a very negative impact on morale within the unit and on their
family members. While I want to ensure that military commanders in
the field have the troops necessary to help the Iraqi people establish
a new government, I also believe that the Army has failed to take into
consideration the impact this decision will have on the families of the
many National Guard personnel from North Florida who are still in
"As the Member of Congress who represents the vast majority of the
personnel in the 3rd Infantry Battalion, I urge you to reconsider this
decision and to treat National Guard units the same way that the
Army has treated the active duty units to which they were attached
during the conflict."

Franklin County Republican Committee
Endorses Citizens Redistricting Effort

Passes Resolution Urging Franklin

County Conimmnissioners To Redistrict

Richard Harper spoke to the Republican Committee of Franklin County
Monday evening, September 15th, on the Concerned Citizens of
Franklin County organization. 'This is not just a St. George Civic
Club group, but an organization representative of the entire Franklin
County," seeking to assist the Franklin County Commission in the
redistricting issue. The Committee heard a proposal for a Resolution
supporting the aims of the Concerned Citizens and voted a contribu-
tion to the legal fund. Chris Akins, Field Director for the Republican
Party was also on the agenda, discussing voter turnout, voter regis-
tration, fund raising and other issues. Akins brought information on
the 2003 Republican Party Campaign School to be held in Orlando,
Florida, on October 3rd and 4th, for candidates, campaign managers
and staff to be held at the Rosen Centre Hotel. For registration infor-
mation call Rodney Sairras at 850-222-7920.




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19 September 2003 Pa5e 5

Franklin County Public Library

News And Happenings

By Judi Rundel
"Health and the Importance of a Good Night's Sleep" is September's
topic for the, Parenting Class hosted by the Franldin County Public
Library's FROG Family Learning Programs. Families should bring a
plain pillowcase to decorate and personalize for each child while learn-
ing some important information about getting enough sleep. The class
will be presented at all three program sites as follows: Carrabelle
Branch, Monday September 22nd; Apalachicola program site (New
Life Center on 8th Street), Thursday September 25th; Eastpoint
Branch, Monday September 29th. All classes will be held from 5:30
to 6:30 p.m.
Story Hour at the Carrabelle Branch on Mondays will now start at
1:00 p.m. instead of 1:30 p.m. Story Hour is a from time for parents/
caregivers and pre-school children to read and sing and make a craft
project to take home. Story Hour is also offered at the Eastpoint Branch
on Tuesday at 11:45 p.m.
Participants in WINGS and TIGERS from all three program sites will
be going to the 4,h annual Estuaries Day Celebration in Apalachicola
on Friday, September 26th.
The Franklin County Public Library's FROG, WINGS, and TIGERS
offer many programs that are free and open to the public. Registra-
tion, however, is required. For information about upcoming programs
or becoming a program volunteer, please call 6704423- 697-2091, or
Bookpacks For Students
The J. Ben Watkins Foundation once again provided backpacks and
supplies for Franklin County students through the Franklin County
Public Library's WINGS, TIGERS and FROG Family Programs. Library
Director, Eileen Annie Ball, noted that this year's donations almost
doubled with a total of 143 backpacks being distributed to elemen-
tary, middle, and high school students throughout the county. Stu-
dents are writing thank you notes and sending cards of appreciation
to Mr. Ben Watkins who made this project possible along with J. Ben
Watkins III, Emily Kemp, and Tom Geiger, Store Manager of Office
Depot on Capital Circle NE in Tallahassee. Office Depot donated 125
of the backpacks and provided a 10% discount on all of the school
supplies purchased.

Profiles And Position Statements Of
Candidates For The Plantation
Owners' Board Of Directors
Publisher's Note: Four candidates are vying for two positions on
the Plantation Board of Directors this fall. Because they provide
some useful background information on their own candidacy and
perspective for the Board, the Chronicle is publishing their state-
ments for this crucial election.
Profile and Position Statement
Statement By Tommy Day Regarding Candidacy For Board Of Direc-
tors, Plantation Owners' Association (POA) 2003:
My name is Thomas R. (Tommy) Day. My wife is Betty and we have
two children and four grandchildren. I graduated from the University
of Alabama in 1957 with a degree in accounting. I am a certified
>@,8 Saw'' 4.

public accountant having worked for two national firms and two local
firms before opening my own practice in Clanton, Alabama in 1967.
We bought lot 30 Sandpiper in the Plantation in 1981 and built our
house in 1982. 1 retired in 1988 and we moved to the island full-
I attended most of the POA Board meetings last year and I am famil-
iar with the issues the Board presently faces. The POA has account-
ing problems. Our record keeping was such that our CPA could not
issue an opinion, which is to say that no audit was performed, al-
though required by our by-laws. In addition, the POA is required by
law to use the "fund basis" of accounting and it is not doing so. I
think that given the chance I can be of assistance with this matter.
The POA by-laws requires that the president and treasurer sign all
checks and promissory notes. The president substantially acts as the
CEO and the treasurer is responsible for receiving and disbursing
the funds, with the staff s assistance. However, the Board has fla-
grantly violated this by-law requirement for the sake of convenience
and allows any two of the seven Board members to sign checks. This
violates good management principles by not placing the accountabil-
ity where the responsibility rests.
In 2002 Florida passed Chapter 720 that is titled "Homeowners' As-
sociations" which serves as a bill of rights for associations. It clearly
states that members have the right to open meetings and open records.
Our Board is not following this law as scrupulously as it should. The
business of The POA is being conducted by e-mails with open meet-
ings every two months. The only people that see these e-mails are
Board members, and the membership-you-have no way of know-
ing about these issues and discussions. I suggest that we follow the
law, and as important, the spirit of the law in all meetings of directors
and committees. We have a $1.5 million budget. You, as a dues pay-
ing member, have a right to know and understand the budget and
how every penny of your dues is being spent.
The following are things that I am aware of and concerned about. I
think that the Board should be better stewards of your dues and 1,
as a CPA, can possibly be of considerable service as most of the du-
ties and problems of the POA relate to accounting.
Did you know:
* that during this year the Board spent $86,700 of unbudgeted money
and the Board never determined which budget items these expendi-
tures would be taken from?
* Resort Village (the former Ben Johnson property) owes the POA
nearly $1 million in back dues and interest?
* that the, Bo'ard has approved $20,000 for a committee that is 'nego-
tiating' with Resort Village, without public notice to members, to pos-
sibly make a joint recommendation to the County to have that prop-
erty developed with condos and houses on less than one acre par-
cels? How do you feel about your Association working hand-in-hand
with a developer that could put more rental houses in competition
with the existing rental units in the Plantation?
* that the POA has no reserve fund to provide for catastrophic losses
despite having been advised to establish one for the past several years
by our CPA's?
* that $25,000 of your dues was spent on legal fees last year and we
had no ongoing or pending litigation, and some $40,000 is projected
to be spent on lawyers this year and we still have no pending litiga-
* that the "restatement" of the covenants in 2001 included 40+ cov-
enant changes? Article XIII paragraph D of our covenants defines the
manner in which amendments and additions to the covenants must
be made. In effect, the Board is required to set forth the covenant
intended to be amended or added, and designate the part of the Plan-
tation upon which such amendment or covenant is intended to be
operative. This was not done and the changes should be recalled.

* that the POA Bluffs Committee reduced the Bluffs owners' dues by
$100 per house as an incentive to join the POA and they are already
members via the BJ agreement and have voting rights in our Associa-
I know the Plantation, its people, its problems and possibilities and I
want to serve you and our mutual interests.
Thank you, Thomas R. Day
Profile and Position Statement
My wife, Sandra, and I have been owners in the Plantation since 1994.
Our home is at 1743 Kingfisher Court (Lot 23, Windjammer Village).
We have two children.
I would like your vote to serve as a director on the Board for the St.
George Plantation Owners' Association, Inc. The following is a brief
outline of some of the qualifications that I think would make me an
effective Board member:
Bachelor of Architecture, Clemson University, 1970
President of Taylor Architects, Inc.
Past member of the Board of Directors, Sandy Creek Airpark Own-
ers' Association, Inc., Panama City, FL
Past President, Bay County Council of Registered Architects, Panama
City, FL
Past President, Lynn Haven Rotary Club, Lynn Haven, FL
Chairman, Long Range Planning Committee, First United Method-
ist Church
Past ACC member for Sandy Creek Airpark, Inc. (3 years)
Past ACC member for St. George Plantation Owners' Association,
Inc. (4 years total, 2 years as chairman).
My hours are flexible and, since I spend a good deal of time at my
house in the Plantation, I can be readily available on site as needed.
My approach to problem solving is to study and understand the is-
sues, gather input for involved parties/owners, and then apply a
healthy dose of common sense to arrive at the best solution for the
I currently work with both resident and nonresident Plantation own-
ers, and also with those who rent their homes. This experience greatly
enhances my ability to address issues from the viewpoints of all own-
ers, not just one group.
My architectural/planning background enables me to use a profes-
sional and creative approach to planning and addressing long-term
Plantation issues, the most critical of which are:
* Consistent and fair enforcement of our protective covenants
* Compatible development on sensitive lots
* Balancing maintenance and/or replacement of our existing infra-
* Evaluation of desired amenities and their required funding
* Prudent financial management, including debt levels and reserves
* Reconciliation of different owner groups' issues
* Consolidation of subunits west of 12th Street into a cohesive neigh-
* Frequent communication with owners
I would appreciate your vote in this important election.


NoI .riuedi

Profile 'and Positibo1srtateiiient "
I would like to enter my name in consideration for a member of the
board of directors of the Plantation.
My wife and I have owned a lot in the plantation for approx. 15yrs
and a house for 10 yrs. We have seen many changes and adventures
experienced by the plantation owners over this time period. We have
homes both here and in Indianapolis and have recently moved our
primary residence to the plantation.
Continued on Page 9

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The, Prnnklriu Chronicle

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is the time to
subscribe to
the Franklin

A M I 10 QA-A f r lin 2


Fage ue- i ,jeptem[)er Luu.-

The Franklin Chronicle

Second Circuit

Court Report

By Harriett Beach
The Honorable Judge Janet E. Ferris
Prosecuting Attorney, Sean Desmond
August 11, 2003
All persons identified below are innocent until
proven otherwise in a court of law.

Andrew W. Ambra: Charged with one count of criminal mischief (a 3rd degree
felony) on May 20. 2003. Defendant represented by Kevin Steiger. Defendant
entered a written plea of not guilty on August 6, 2003. Case was entered on
the Plea Docket for October 10,., 2003.
Shawn V. Brown: Charged with possession of cocaine with intent to sell, pos-
session of less than 20 grams of marijuana, driving while license is suspended
or revoked and driving while under the influence on May 18, 2003. Bond was
set at $11,000.00. Kevin Steiger represented the defendant. Defendant en-
tered a plea of not guilty. Case was entered on the Plea Docket for November
10, 2003.-
Joseph C. Cogburn: Charged with the burglary of a dwelling and two counts
of dealing in stolen property on June 28, 2003. Defendant was incarcerated.
Kevin Steiger represented the defendant. Defendant entered a written plea of
not guilty on August 8, 2003. Information was filed that the defendant has a
new case with the same three charges. Cases were entered on the Plea Docket
for November 10, 2003.
Sammie Donavan Crum: Charged with aggravated battery with a deadly
weapon on June 22, 2003. Defendant was incarcerated. Kevin Steiger repre-
sented the defendant. Case was entered on the Plea Docket for September 9,
Beauford Grey: Charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly
weapon and battery on June 14, 2003. Defendant was incarcerated. Charles
E. Hobbs II represented the defendant. Defendant entered a written plea of
not guilty. Case was entered on the Plea Docket for November 10, 2003.
Billy Ray Hill: Charged with dealing in stolen property and driving while his
license was permanently revoked. Bond was set at $1,000.00. Kevin Steiger
represented the defendant. Case was entered on the Plea Docket for Septem-
ber 8, 2003.
William Berry Hughes: Charged with lewd or lascivious molestation and three
counts of lewd or lascivious exhibition on June 23, 2003. Defendant was in-
carcerated. Kevin Steiger represented the defendant. Defendant entered a plea
of not guilty. Case was entered on the Plea Docket for November 10, 2003.
John D. James: Charged with discharging a firearm in public, battery and
shooting into an occupied vehicle on June 8, 2003. Bond was set at
$300,000.00. Defendant entered a written plea of not guilty on July 2, 2003.
Defendant was also charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon on
July 10, 2003. Bond was set for this charge at $7,500.00. Defendant entered
a written plea of not guilty on July 11, 2003. Barbara Sanders represented
the defendant. Cases were entered on the Plea Docket for November 10, 2003.
Robert Kevin Lee: Charged with uttering a false document on June 26, 2003.
Defendant was incarcerated. Kevin Steiger represented. the defendant. Defen-
dant entered a plea of not guilty. This case and other cases of the defendant
were entered on the Plea Docket for September 8, 2003.
Donald J. Lilley: Charged with resisting an officer with violence and trespass
where notice was given on June 25, 2003. Defendant was incarcerated. John
Leace represented the defendant. Defendant entered a written plea of not guilty
on July 16, 2003. Case was entered on the Plea Docket for November 10.
Carlos Mason: Charged with engaging in a sexual act with a child under 16
years of age on April 1, 2003. Defendant was incarcerated. Kevin Steiger rep-
resented the defendant. Case was entered on the Plea Docket for September
8, 2003.

Robert R. Millender, Jr.: Charged with driving while license was suspended
(felony) on April 4, 2003. J. Gordon Shuler represented the defendant. Defen-
dant entered a written plea of not guilty on June 26, 2003. Defendant entered
a new plea of no contest to the charges on August 11, 2003. and waived a
pre-sentencing investigation. Adjudication was withheld. Defendant was placed
on 2 years probation and must do 100 hours of community service. He must
not drive without a valid permit and must pay $275.00 in court costs.
Allen H. Shiver: Charged with aggravated battery that did great bodily harm
on June 3, 2003. Bond was set at 6,000.00. Charles E. Hobbs II represented
the defendant. Case was entered on the Plea Docket for November 10, 2003,
Armando J. Trujillo: Charged with criminal mischief (3rd degree felony) fil.
fleeing or attempting to elude and attachment of tag not a.slgned :., I ,i
vehicle on June 17, 2003. Defendant was incarcerated. Kevin i. 'iri, ip-pre.-
sented the defendant. Defendant entered a plea of not guilt) D. |i,I.,i dicd
not appear in court and an order of Capias (arrest) was entered,
Benjamin R. Vasilinda: Charge with the grand theft of a motor vehicle ot
June 26, 2003. Defendant was incarcerated. Kevin Steiger represented the
defendant. Defendant entered a plea of not guilty. Case was entered on the
Docket Sounding for November 10, 2003.

Rudolph Bates: Charged with violation of probation by the sale of a controlled
substance on February 2, 2002. Bond was set at $15,000.00. A Public De-
fender was appointed for the defendant. Defendant denied the charge. Case
was entered on the Plea Docket for September 8, 2003.
Wesley W. Branch: Charged with grand theft of a motor vehicle on April 18,
2003. A Public Defender was appointed for the defendant. Defendant denied
the charge. Case was entered on the Plea Docket for September 8, 2003.
Elijah Brown III: Charged with violation of probation by two counts of the
sale of a controlled substance and the burglary of a structure on September
18, 2001. Defendant was incarcerated. Kevin Steiger represented the defen-
dant. Defendant admitted to being in violation of probation on the drug charges
and was found in violation of probation. Probation was revoked. Defendant
was placed on 2 years of drug offender probation with the special condition of
inpatient drug treatment. Defendant is also to complete an anger manage-
ment program and will be held in jail until a bed is available for the inpatient
drug treatment. After treatment all prior conditions of probation will be
re-imposed. On the charge of burglary of a structure, the defendant entered a
plea of no contest and was adjudicated guilty of battery. Defendant was placed
on I year probation to run concurrent with his other probation and must pay
a civil judgment and court costs of $496.00. Defendant is to have peaceful
contact will all people.



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* Immaculate New 3370 sq. ft. home on Carrabelle River.
Three bedrooms with master baths + a loft upstairs could be
used for fourth room. Florida Room overlooks the river from
the 2nd floor, screened-in porch overlooking the river from
the first floor. Home has 1080 sq. ft. carport under the house
with two storage rooms, 10' ceilings, elevator, dock with boat
lift, central sound system, and an irrigation system with well.
* Commercial-Prime commercial property located in the
middle of downtown Carrabelle, 3000+ sq. ft. total 1500 sq. ft.
rented upstairs apartment.
* River-Beautiful one acre lot on the New River. Short dis-
tance to the Gulf by boat. Deep water. $245,000.00.

Bayside Realty, Inc.
305 Avenue B South Carrabelle, FL 32322
697-5470 697-3919 877-577-7177 Fax: 697-9607
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Manatee Season (April October)
Summer is the time for the manatees to migrate to our local
waters. Canoe or kayak the leisurely 4 hour trip on a beautiful
cypress tree lined spring fed river abundant with wildlife.
Wakulla River is home to manatees, herons, eagles, osprey,
otters, turtles, raccoons and even the alligator. The pristine
crystal clear water is excellent for viewing the underwater -.
""& grasses, fish, and manatees. Fishing, along with birding and
,, ,-- snorkeling, is among the favorite pastimes. The slow moving river "
is perfect for the beginner or entire family. We are located on
-f the Wakulla River & Highway 98, 20 miles south of Tallahassee.
S$20 per canoe for 4 hours. Reservations are suggested.
PHONE: (850) 925-6412

Lucille Geter: Charged with violation of probation by the sale of a controlled
substance on May ,W 2001, Delrindnt was incarcerated. Kevin Steiger repre-
sented the defenditi Ca.se wa ente fd on the Plea Docket for September 8.
Jeffery 8, Harris; Charjged with violation of probation by two counts of the
sale of a (contolrled osubtaite on Auguist 27, 2002. Defendant was incarcer-
ated. evin Steige' represented the defntadnt Defendant admitted to the vio-
latiomi of pr'obtioi and was found th violation of probation. Defendant's pro-
bation wai fwvoked. Defendant must pay a civil judgment and was sentenced
to 14 nlioth [ in the lorida Department of Correcions. Defendant was given
198 d(iW y edit fof o time served,
Oliti (niIlr l Herndon II:, I..,,, with violation of probation by one count
off gfl. 1: !, 'I'ol motor veh i.. .1. i one count of felony fleeing or attempting
to elude on April 2, 2000. Defendant was Incarcerated. Kevin Steiger repre-
ented th defendant. Defendant admitted to being in violation of probation
and was found in violation of probation. Defendant's probation was revoked
anld the defendant was sentenced to I 1 months in jail with 283 days credit for
tin served, Defendant must pay all monies in a civil judgment.
rirvrily D. Howard: Charged with violation of probation by grand theft auto
on October 18. 1994. Defendant was incarcerated. Kevin Steiger represented
the defendant. Defendant admitted to violation of probation and was found in
violation of probation. Probation was reinstated. Defendant is to be held in jail
until a bed Is available for inpatient drug treatment. All conditions of proba-
tion are re-imposed.
Donald J. Lilley: Charged with violation of probation by resisting arrest with
violence on May 19, 2001. Defendant was incarcerated. John Leace repre-
sented the defendant. Case was entered on the Plea Docket for November 10.
George Andy Lowery: Charged with violation of probation by the sale of a
controlled substance on October 31. 2001. Defendant also has 4 new cases of
drug charges and was incarcerated. Kevin Steiger represented the defendant.
Defendant entered a denial of the charges. All cases were entered on the Plea
Docket for November 10, 2003.
Jim Cameron Mount: Charge with violation of probation by driving while
under the influence on February 24, 2002. Defendant was incarcerated. J.
Gordon Shuler represented the defendant. Defendant entered a written denial
on July 8. 2003. Case was entered on the Plea Docket for October 13, 2003.
James A. Pitts: Charged with violation of probation by trespass where notice
was given on May 8, 2001. Defendant was incarcerated. Kevin Steiger repre-
sented the defendant. Defendant admitted to being in violation of probation
and was found of being in violation of probation. Defendant's probation was
revoked and he was sentenced to 163 days in jail with 163 days credit for time
served. Defendant must pay a civil judgment.
Continued on Page 7







In post and beam construction, the load-bearing
poles extend all the way to the roof. About 41
support the structure, spliced together at various
intervals. Normally, the roof system is placed on
top of the structure before the exterior walls are
erected since these are not load bearing.

* THE HOUSE: 2,100 square feet, heated or cooled, with cathedral living area, study, kitchen, four bedrooms
and three bathrooms, and sun deck. There is enormous rental potential with this design, permitting separate
area for the landlord.
* POST AND BEAM CONSTRUCTION: 41 pilings extend through each floor, holding up the roof system.
None of the exterior walls are load-bearing. There are three levels in this home built to last. Post and Beam
construction is the best and superb design for any building reposing on a pile of sand. 2100 square feet heated
and cooled. One of the last homes built on St. George Island by Mason Bean.
* ELEVATOR: by Sedgewick installed by Mowrey Elevators. Joined with a concrete ramp used for wheel-
chair accessibility to the living level. Can also function as a dumbwaiter and is especially useful for transport-
ing wood to the wood burning stove in the living area. The stove will adequately heat the house in the coldest
* CEILING FANS: In bedrooms and living areas.
* PROJECTION ROOM AND MINIATURE THEATRE OR STUDY: Prewired for a music system or film
and TV soundtracks.
* SOLID-CORE DOORS: Throughout the house: New fiberglass doors for the exterior openings.
* CEMENT TILE ROOF: Guaranteed in writing for 50 years (when built, 1989); no fire hazard here as in the
case of wood cedar-shake shingles.
* CYPRESS SIDING: Cut into board and batton design; impervious to the harshest salt-infested Gulf winds.
* TILED KITCHEN AND BATHROOM: On the living level; one-half bath stubbed out in the loft area.
One-half bath at the utility level.
* MOTHER-IN-LAW FACILITIES: Are available at the utility level with plans; concrete foundation already
in place for a wall system and other alterations.
* FRAMING: Of floors incorporates library loads in the study, bedrooms and third level loft which is the
largest sleeping room, 16 feet square.
* AN ENGINEERED FACILITY: For the floor system and the entire structure to carry above-average loads.
* HEAT PUMP AND AIR CONDITIONING: Split-plan design by Ollie Gunn and Trane (General Electric).
* EXTERIOR WALLS: Incorporating six-inch studs for greater insulation; None of the exterior or interior
walls in this home are load-bearing. Augered pilings were installed in this
house instead of driven pilings.
Forty-one 8x8" poles extend from the
... ground to the roof in a classic post-
and-beam design, the recommended
mode for any island construction on


Suncoast Realty
Sam Gilbert
224 Franklin Boulevard
St. George Island, FL 32328
800/341-2021 850/927-2282

Thm TrnnkinrllC rhroniel


19 September 2003 Page 7

I Ie r lICilli %-III U'1=I=-

Second Circuit Court Report from Page 6
Roy Lee Simmons: Charged with violation of probation by committing arson
on October 24. 1996. Defendant was incarcerated. Kevin Steiger represented
the defendant. Defendant entered a denial of the charges. Case was entered
on the Plea Docket for September 8, 2003.
Glenn L. Suddeth: Charged with violation of probation by the sale of a con-
trolled substance on October 31, 2001. A Public Defender was appointed to
represent the defendant. Defendant entered a denial of the charge. Case was
entered on the Plea Docket for September 8, 2003.
Johnny Lee Williams: Charged with violation of probation by two counts of
the sale of a controlled substance on June 6, 2002. Also charged with retaliat-
ing against a witness and doing bodily harm. Defendant was incarcerated. All
cases were entered on the Plea Docket for September 8, 2003.
Christopher M. McKee: Charged with violation of probation by engaging in a
sexual act with a child under 16 years of age. A Public Defender was ap-
pointed to represent the defendant. Case was entered on the Plea Docket for
October 13, 2003.
Courtney J. Bell: Charged with violation of probation by the sale of a con-
trolled substance. Kevin Steiger represented the defendant. Defendant en-
tered a denial of the charge. Case was entered on the Plea Docket for October
13. 2003.
Rufus E. Townsend: Charged with violation of probation by possession of a
controlled substance. Kevin Steiger represented the defendant. Defendant
entered a denial of the charge. Case was entered on the Plea Docket for Octo-
ber 13, 2003.
Mitchell S. Yander: Charged with violation of probation by aggravated as-
sault. Defendant was incarcerated. Kevin Steiger represented the defendant.

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Defendant entered a denial of the charge. Case was entered on the Plea Docket
for September 8, 2003.
John M. Burks: Charged with violation of probation by the sale of cannabis.
Defendant was incarcerated. J. Gordon Shuler represented the defendant. A
motion was entered to set bail for the defendant. Defendant admitted to viola-
tion of probation, was found in violation of probation and was adjudicated
guilty. Probation was revoked. Defendant was sentenced to 11 months in jail
with 155 days credit for time served and must pay a civil judgment.
Carlos A. Morris: Charged with violation of probation by burglary of a dwell-
ing. Defendant was incarcerated. Case was entered on the Hearing Docket for
September 8, 2003.
Duane Topham: Charged with violation of probation. Defendant was incar-
cerated. Kevin Steiger represented the defendant. Defendant was released on
his own recognizance and placed back on community control. Case was en-
tered on the Plea Docket for October 13, 2003.

James Stewart Amison: Charged with felony battery on July 9. 2002. Defen-
dant is also charged with battery on a Law Enforcement Officer and resisting
with violence on July 29, 2003. Defendant was incarcerated. Rachel Chesnut
represented the defendant. All cases were entered on the Plea Docket for Sep-
tember 8, 2003.
Carl Wayne Ard: Charged with driving while under the influence and man-
slaughter on February 13, 2003. Defendant was incarcerated. Kevin Steiger
represented the defendant. Case was entered for Docket Sounding on Janu-
ary 12, 2004.
Christopher Shondell Bass: Charged with felony fleeing or attempting to elude
and driving while his license was suspended or revoked on January 10, 2000.
Defendant was incarcerated. Kevin Steiger represented the defendant. Defen-
dant entered a denial of the charges. Defendant's release was revoked due to
an outstanding warrant. Case was entered on the Plea Docket for September
8. 2003.
James M. Brackin: Charged with the possession with intent to sell cannabis
on January 19, 2003. John Leace represented the defendant. Case was en-
tered on the Plea Docket for September 8. 2003.
Joey C. Cogburn: Charged with one count of forgery on August 9, 2002. Also
charged with one count of uttering a false document and one count of forgery
on October 8, 2002. Defendant was incarcerated. Kevin Steiger represented
the defendant. Cases were entered on the Plea docket for November 10, 2003.
Clifford M. Dykes Jr.: Charged with violation of probation by possession of
cannabis of more than 20 grams on June 8, 2001. Defendant was incarcer-
ated. Kevin Steiger represented the defendant. Defendant admitted to being in
violation of probation and was found in violation of probation. Probation was
modified to include 120 days in jail with 41 days credit for time served. Defen-
dant was also charged with cultivation of cannabis and possession of more
than 20 grams of cannabis on September 16, 2001. The defendant was given
the same sentence, which is to run concurrently.
William Lee English: Charged with violation of probation by the sale of a
controlled substance on May 8. 2001. Defendant was incarcerated. Kevin
Steiger represented the defendant. Defendant admitted to being in violation of
probation and was found in violation of probation. Probation was revoked.
Defendant was" sentenced to 180 days in jail with 39 days credit for time
served. Defendant's outstanding financial obligation was reduced to a civil
Tilden Lee Fichera: Charged with the possession of a controlled substance
on February 19, 2003. Bond was set at $5,000.00. Kevin Steiger represented
the defendant. Case was entered for a Hearing on September 8, 2003 and a
Docket Sounding on October 13, 2003.
Horace A. Harris: Charged with violation of probation by armed robbery with
a firearm and shooting into a building or dwelling on February 5, 1996. Bond
was set at $3,000.00. Kevin Steiger represented the defendant. Case was en-
tered on the Violation of Probation Hearing Docket for October 13, 2003.

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Steve Allen Johns: Charged with violation of probation by the purchase of a
controlled substance on December 20. 2002. Defendant was incarcerated.
Kevin Steiger represented the defendant. Defendant admitted to being in vio-
lation of probation and was found in violation of probation. Probation was
reinstated and modified to include in-patient drug treatment. Defendant is to
remain in jail until a bed is available for drug treatment. All prior conditions of
the probation were re-imposed.
William Robert Johnson: Charged with violation of probation by the tres-
pass to an occupied structure on May 3, 2002. Defendant was incarcerated.
J. Gordon Shuler represented the defendant. Defendant admitted to being in
violation of probation and was found in violation of probation. Probation was
revoked and the defendant was sentenced to 30 days in jail with 30 days
credit for time served. Defendant was also charged with felony fleeing or at-
tempt to elude on January 12. 2003. Defendant entered a plea of no contest
and was adjudicated guilty. Defendant waived pre-sentencing investigation.
Defendant was sentenced to 18 months in the Florida Department of Correc-
tions with 91 days credit for time served. Upon release from DOC the defen-
dant must begin a 1 year drug offender probation and must pay court costs of
$275.00. On August 14 at the request of the defendant, the sentence was
amended to 24 months in the Florida Department of Corrections with 94 days
credit for time served. Defendant was also charged with criminal mischief.
was found guilty and sentenced to 30 days in jail with 30 days credit for time
Curtis Lake IV: Charged with violation of probation by the possession of co-
caine on December 12, 1997. Defendant was incarcerated. Kevin Steiger rep-
resented the defendant. Defendant admitted to being in violation of probation
and was found in violation of probation. Probation was revoked and defen-
dant was sentenced to 66 days in jail with 66 days credit for time served and
a civil judgment.
Connie F. Massey: Charged with dealing in stolen property and grand theft
on November 9, 2002. John Leace represented the defendant. The prosecutor
did not prosecute the charge of dealing in stolen property. The defendant
entered a plea of no contest to the grand theft and was adjudicated guilty.
Defendant was given 3 years probation, must have no alcohol and submit to
random urine analysis. Defendant is to have no contact with the victims and
must pay $3,300.00 restitution to the victim at the rate of $95.00 per month.
Defendant must pay $275.00 in court costs and also the court costs of two
misdemeanor cases. The defendant entered a plea of no contest to a misde-
meanor charge of disorderly intoxication and was adjudicated guilty. Defen-
dant was sentenced to time already served and must pay $195.00 in court
costs. Defendant entered a plea of no contest to a misdemeanor charge of
battery, was adjudicated guilty and seentenced to time served. A reserve was
put on restitution to the victim. Defendant can have only peaceful contact
with the victim. Defendant must pay $496.00 in court costs.
Donald Dewayne Page: Charged with being in violation of probation by the
purchase of a controlled substance on January 12, 2003. Defendant was in-
carcerated. Kevin Steiger represented the defendant. Defendant admitted to
being in violation of probation and was found in violation of probation. Defen-
dant was reinstated to probation with the condition of outpatient treatment.
Defendant was sentenced to serve 26 days with 26 days credit for time served.
Mayson Randall Page: Charged with being in violation of probation by cul-
pable negligence on April 9, 2002. Kevin Steiger represented the defendant.

Continued on Page 8

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Second Circuit Court Report from Page 7

Defendant was reinstated to probation.
John Robert Spann Jr.: Charged with grand theft on March 1, 2002. Bond
was set for $1,500.00. Kevin Steiger represented the defendant. Defendant
did not appear in court and a warrant of capias (arrest) was issued and the
bond was estreated (forfeited).
Eric Allen Tatum: Charged with being in violation of probation by one count
of burglary of a structure and one count of grand theft on August 22, 2002.Kevln
Steiger represented the defendant. Defendant admitted to being in violation of
probation and was found in violation of probation. Defendant's probation was
modified to include 100 hours of-community service.
Brook J. Vonier: Charged with grand theft on June 1, 2002 and aggravated
battery with intent to do great bodily harm on March 19, 2003. Rendi Katalinic
represented the defendant. The defendant was in court with Judge Maney in
Shalimar and was to appear in this court. later. Cases were entered on the
Hearing Docket for October 13, 2003.
Joseph E. White: Chaiged with uttering a false document, resisting an officer
with violence and possession of drug paraphernalia on January 1, 2003. Bond
was set for $ 1,000.00. Kevin Steiger represented the defendant. Case was
entered on the Plea Docket for October 13, 2003.
Nathaniel White III: Charged with the violation of probation by the sale of a
controlled substance on May 12, 1999. Defendant was incarcerated. Kevin
Steiger represented the defendant. Defendant admitted to being in violation of
probation and was found in violation of probation. Defendant's probation was
revoked and he was sentenced to 32 days in jail with 32 days credit for time
William Foster Wright: Charged with shooting into a building or dwelling
and aggravated assault with a firearm on February 24, 1995. Defendant was
Incarcerated. Kevin Steiger represented the defendant. Case was entered on
the Violation of Probation Docket for September 8, 2003.


Barbara Jane Brown: Charged with one count of aggravated assault with a
deadly weapon on July 28, 2002 and one count of aggravated assault with a
deadly weapon on December 17, 2002. Bond was set at $2,500.00. Kevin
Steiger represented the defendant. Defendant entered a plea of no contest and
adjudication was withheld. Defendant was given 3 years probation and 90
days in jail, which can be served in 15 day increments. Defendant must report
for jail on September 15, 2003, pay $275.00 in court costs and must have no
contact with the victims.
William E. Larimore: Charged with burglary of a dwelling and robbery with-
out a weapon or firearm on February 21, 2002. Bond was set at $7,500.00.
Stephen. S Dobson II represented the defendant. Case was entered on the
Docket for a Bench Trial on August 13, 2003.
James Delbert Lemmond: Charged with possession of a controlled substance
and driving while his license was suspended or revoked on September 22,
2002. Defendant was incarcerated. Kevin Steiger represented the defendant.
Case was entered on the Trial Docket for August 15, 2003. Defendant was
also charged with grand theft on April 28, 2003. Case was entered for Docket
Sounding on November 10, 2003.

Deneen C. Harrell: Charged with grand theft. Placed on Docket per request of
the State. Defendant was placed on deferred prosecution agreement on Au-
gust 19, 2002. Case was entered on the Plea docket for October 13, 2003.


Cecil Hicks: Charged with violation of probation by a lewd and lascivious
assault or act on June 10, 1994. Kataline Rendi represented the defendant.
Probation was modified to administrative probation. Warrant to dismiss with-
out prejudice due to health was held in abeyance.
Joseph Glen Putnal: Charged with violation of probation by aggravated as-
sault with a deadly weapon and resisting an officer with violence on January
2, 2002. Bond was set at $5,000.00. Kevin Steiger represented the defendant.
Defendant was found in violation of probation on two counts and was sen-
tenced to 6 months in Franklin County jail. Defendant is to turn himself in to
the jail on August 15, 2003, by 5:00 p.m. His wife and children may visit him
at the jail. Defendant is not to go to a Wilderness Road address.


James Obie Dalton: Charged with driving while license has been perma-
nently revoked on July 22, 2002. Bond was set for $1,000.00. Barbara Sand-
ers represented the defendant. Defendant entered a motion to suppress and
stipulated to a motion for continuance. Case was entered on the Plea Docket
for September 8, 2003.
Reggie Giddens: James H. White, Jr. represented the defendant. No further

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'estltutdon was'ordered :. I '
William Gordon Luberto: Timothy M. Warner represented the defendant. No
further restitution was ordered,
Joseph William Luberto, Jr.: Harry L. Harper represented the defendant. No
further restitution was ordered.
Benny Ray Strops: Charles E. Hobbs II represented the defendant. Defen-
dant is incarcerated. Question was raised if the defendant was competent to
proceed in court. Case was entered on the Plea Docket for October 13, 2003.
Gary Dwayne Taunton: Kevin Steiger represented the defendant. Defendant
was ordered to pay $1,535.00 in restitution.
Nathaniel White: Defendant is incarcerated. Kevin Steiger represented the
defendant. Motion was made for a pre-trial review.
Olin G. Herndon II: Defendant is incarcerated. Kevin Steiger represented the
defendant. Motion was made foi a pre-trial review.
Jerome Prince: Defendant is incarcerated. Bond was reduced to $5,000.00.
Kevin Steiger represented the defendant. Motion was made for a pre-trial re-
Russell W. Cooper: Gordon Shuler represented the defendant. No action taken.


James Stewart Amison: Charged with battery on a Law Enforcement Officer
and resisting an officer with violence on July 6, 2003. Defendant was incar-
cerated. Case entered for Arraignmenton September 8, 2003.
Robert T. Baucham: Charged with aggravated child abuse on July 3, 2003.
Kevin Steiger represents the defendant. Case was entered for Arraignment on
September 8, 2003.
Stephen Eugene Cargill.'Jr.: Charged with aggravated battery with intent to
do great bodily harm on June 8, 2003.:Bond was set at $7,500.00. Martin L.
Black represents the defendant.
Doug Everett: Charged with grand thbft on,July 22, 2003. Bond was set at
$3,000.00. Kevin Steiger represents the defendant. Case was entered for Ar-
raignment on September 8, 2003.
Antonio R. Franklin: Charged with possession with intent to sell cannabis
on July 1, 2003. Defendant was incarcerated. Kevin Steiger represents the
defendant. Case was entered for Arraignment on September 8, 2003.
Chiquitta Lake: Charged with interference with custody on June 1, 2003.
Bond was set at $1,000.00. Case was dropped.
Richard Wayne Murray: Charged with solicitation of armed robbery with a
firearm on July 3, 2003. Defendant was incarcerated. Kevin Steiger repre-
sents the defendant. Case was entered for Arraignment on September 8, 2003.
Erik Andrew Thompson: Charged with felony battery on May 18, 2003. Bond
was set at $5,000.00. Case was entered for Arraignment on September 8,2003.
Michael F. Whitaker: Charged with grand theft on May 18, 2003. Kevin Steiger
represents the defendant.
Willie L. Williams: Charged with driving while under the influence (3rd de-
gree felony) and driving while his license was suspended or revoked on July 4,
2003. Bond was set at $4,000.00. Kevin Steiger represents the defendant.
Frederick R. Wilsey: Charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon
and battery on May 29, 2003. Defendant is incarcerated. Kevin Steiger repre-
sents the defendant. Case was entered for Arraignment on September 8, 2003.


Providing engineering design services for commercial, insti-
tutional, industrial, municipal, and healthcare facilities
throughout the Southeast

er Quality
Center Design

er Factor



* HVAC On-site Power Powe
Generation Solu'
* Plumbing Lighting & Power Data
* Sprinkler Telecom Powe
Infrastructure Corr
* Energy Management Systems Analysis Corn

Contact: John M. Gore, P.E., President
850 653-1175 850 653-1185 Fax




Trinity Episcopal Church in Apalachicola, Florida

Twenty hours per week to begin immediately, working up to full-
time 40 hours per week. Accounting background and computer
skills required. Please send resume to Trinity Episcopal
Church; .O. Box 667; Apalachicola, FL 32329-0667. Please
send to the attention of Rev. Kay Wheeler.

St. George Island

United Methodist Church



201 E. Gulf Beach Drive on the Island
927-2088 Website: sgiumc.org Rev. Anthony F. D'Angelo

...no matter where you are-
ours is a service you can trust.



serving all of Franklin County
653-2208 697-3366

The Chronicle can place your advertising into this network. Please call the paper

with the FLORIDA REACH at 850-670-1687, fax: 850-670-1685.

Forest Animal Hospita

2571 Ctrawfordville Hwy. Crawfordrille, Florida 32327

Telephone: (850) 926-7153

Serving Pets in 0

Wakulla, Franklin, and Leon
.-".n- Counties





201 East Gulf Beach Drive St.George Island, FL 32328
Telephone: 850-927-2088

How do I deal with my anger? ?
Is anger making me depressed??
Dealing with an angry client??
Too much time wasting time??

Insights will be presented that will help us become more
understanding of who we are and where we are going with
our professional and personal lives.

Taking time for yourself will be a time you shall never

Reverend Anthony D'Angelo, MDiv.
Teacher, Pastor, Public Speaker, School Administrator,
Pastoral Counselor to Corporate Personnel

Date: October 25, 2003
at 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon -
RSVP: By October 15, 2003
at 850-927-2088



_ __


ThD Franrklin Chronicle


19 September 2003 Page 9:


Gun & Pawn

Car Audio Sales

In-House Jewelry Repair

PHONE: (850) 670-8444 2nd/9-19/10-3

A Very Good Thing

Pamela Register, LMT


25 Island Drive, Unit 8 Eastpoint, FL 32328
Lic. # MA-0029164
1st/8-22 for 1Ox

Plantation Board Candidate from Page 5

For those who may have met me, I am the person with the funny
accent. You can learn far more than you will ever need to know from
my business webpage at www.pharmaconsult.com.
For those of you who do not have internet access, I am a Ph. D.
scientist, originally trained in chemistry and have worked in a major
pharmaceutical company for 32 yrs prior to retirement 5 yrs ago.
Since retirement, I have started my own consulting business, work-
ing mainly with the biotech industry. I am presently a member of the
board of directors of several companies, one in the UK, one in Swit-
zerland, and one in the US-the airlines love me. Thus, I have had
quite a lot of experience in the dynamics of board operations. Fur-
thermore, in my youth, I was a member of a non-profit board, The US
Ski Association.
What do I bring to this board?
A conservative fiscal policy, i.e. don't spend it until you have it in
your pocket.
I am usually quite direct and speak my mind, so you will always
know where I come from and why.
Ideas, in my whole career I have had much experience in thinking out
of the box for essentially that was my job and to an extent still is.
Why you should vote for me.
I will endeavor to reach consensus solutions to our mutual problems,
those of 'money' and 'quality of life in the plantation'.
Can we find some additional sources of financing to help balancing
the budget and to relieve pressure on the annual dues?
Can we reach a consensus on development in the plantation without
resorting to ruinous effect of continuous legal challenges? Let's pave
the roads and not pay the lawyers.
Let's improve communication-increase the use of the internet and
other electronic means, and decrease communication by rumor.
Why you should not vote for me.
I am my own person and quite independent.
I do travel extensively and may have to attend some meetings via
teleconference but I am always available by internet or cell phone no
matter what part of the world I might be in.
If you want a different voice, well a different accent anyway, then you
should cast your ballot my way. Thanks, Robin Cooper.
Profile and Position Statement
St. George Plantation owner since 1994, permanent resident since
February 1999
Weekly volunteer at the Franklin County Public Library, Eastpoint
Former mentor for the WINGS program (teenagers) of the Franklin
County Public Library
St. George Plantation volunteer exercise class leader for four years
(classes include toning and strengthening, water aerobics and step
Franklin County Humane Society supporter and Bow Wow Ball vol-
unteer cook and server, winning Best Dish award in 2000
Recognized by the St. George Plantation Board of Directors as Ho-
meowner of the Year in 2000
Appointed to fill an unexpired term on the Board of Directors in
May 2003.
I am committed to preserving, maintaining and enhancing the infra-
structure and management of Plantation in a fiscally responsible
manner. The Board must continue its direction of eliminating debt
and strategically plan to build financial reserves. Meeting these two
financial challenges must be balanced with the day-to-day manage-
ment of the organization.
Serving on the Plantation Owners Association Board of Directors since
May 2003 has been quite an education. During the four months we
were without a General Manager, Board Members volunteered as "act-
ing general manager" for one-week periods. During my duty weeks I
learned how critical it is to have competent employees and how fortu-
nate we are to have our current caliber of personnel.
Our Plantation community is a business with a 2003 budget of just
over $1,500,000, 17 full-time employees and 3 part-time employees.
We have as many as 1,500 guests and nearly 100 full-time residents
during our busy season, to our quiet time of mostly residents in the
off-season. I am committed to maintaining our small community at-
mosphere and, at the same time, encouraging visitors and investors
with quality amenities.
If chosen to continue on the Board, I will offer my experience and
strength in Futures Planning to the Board. I strongly believe that any
organization must periodically assess its mission and goals and stra-
tegically plan for the future. "In order to conserve the natural beauty
of the property ... and to insure that the ecological integrity and water
quality of Apalachicola Bay is maintained, and in order to enhance
and protect the value, desirability and attractiveness of such prop-
erty ..." is the purpose stated in our covenants. The Plantation
Homeowners Association Board needs to commit the extensive time

necessary to undergo a strategic planning process. Strategic plan-
ning will provide our community with a roadmap to carry out the
mission of our organization. The cost of this planning process is one
of individuals' valuable time. I will donate my consultant time to fa-
cilitate the strategic planning process.
Thank you for considering me as a member of the Board of Directors
of our Association.

The BUSINESS CARD DIRECTORY in the Chrondcle pages is an
efficient way to promote your business to the public and save money
at the same time. These ads are strictly business cards magnified
to 2 columns by two inches, offered to you at 50% discount for two
insertions. Send your business card or copy to: Franklin Chronicle,
P.O. Box 590, Eastpoint, FL 32328 or fax 850-670-1685. Your
check for $15.00 will guarantee position in the next issue.

St. George Cable, Inc.

C. A.T.V.
Post Office Box 1090
St. George Island, FL 32328
Pager: 888-373-0402
Cell #: 850-899-3200/850-899-3201
Fax #: 850-927-2060
E-mail: charles@stgeorgeislandcable.com

Spears Power Equipmlenl

and Small Engine Repair
Expert Mechanic with 13 years experience
fixn7 any gas engine.

1617 W. U.S. Highway 98 Carrabelle, FL
(850) 697-3161 1st/9-19/10-3

Planning & Zoning
from Page 1
change for property in the St.
George Island Plantation was re-
scheduled for the October P&Z
meeting. While the P&Z Board
took no formal action on this re-
quest, Chairman Gale Dodds did
allow discussion from the Board
members and the audience. David
Wilder, agent for Phipps Corpora-
tion, told the group that they are
requesting that the property
known as The Plantation Resort
Village in The Plantation be
changed to Mixed use Residential
and Commercial. This change will
allow them to develop a Village
Concept with commercial build-
ings located around a swimming
pool complex with shops on the
ground level and living quarters
on the second level. The proposed
commercial uses of the buildings
around the pool could be a con-
venience store, an ice cream shop
and maybe a pool-side grill.
P&Z Board member Short re-
minded the other P&Z Board
members that she lives in The
Plantation. Short is concerned
that the development of the Re-
sort Village will encourage the
general public living outside the
gated community to have access
into The Plantation in order to
patronize the Resort Village
shops. In the discussion it was
explained that the area had been
zoned Commercial only to en-
hance the lives of the Plantation
residents and that Plantation resi-
dents do not want the general
public entering The Plantation.
Wilder said that "the eight com-
mercial units planned could not
be sustained by The Plantation
residents." In order for the project
to be economically viable the gate
would need to be open to outside
After concluding tlhe discussion
on the proposed Plantation Resort
Village, Chairman Dodds told the
Board that member Dan Rosier
had an announcement to make.
Rosier said that, I am resigning
from the P&Z Board because I
have accepted the position as Site
Coordinator in the Carrabelle
Schools for the Big Bend Boys and
Girls Club." Rosier said that he
has enjoyed working with the
other P&Z Board members. The
P&Z Board congratulated him in
his new position with the Boys
and Girls Clubs.

Proposed Dock Ordinance
While the proposed Dock Ordi-
nance was the last item on the
P&Z Board agenda, Chairman
Dodds adjourned the meeting
without commenting on this last
Proposed Dock Ordinance
The P&Z Board held a workshop
on September 3, 2003 to discuss
recommendations for a proposed
Franklin County Dock Ordinance
to govern construction of private
docks and piers. P&Z Board mem-
bers present were: Vicki Barnett,
Mary Lou Short, Steve Davis, Rose
Drye, Joseph Parrish, Gale
Dodds, Tony Millender and alter-
nate member William Key. Amy
Ham and Rachel Ward were
present as resource people from
the Planning Department.
'Many of the specifications dis-
cussed for the proposed Dock
Ordinance are in line with those
specified by the Department of
Environmental Protection. As
DEP has suffered cut backs in
staff, they have less personnel for
code enforcement. The individual
counties and cities in Florida
must now be the stewards of the
local environment and access to

public domain, which is damaged
by improper dock construction.
Steve Davis, who represents the
Seafood Industry on the P&Z
Board is concerned that the pro-
liferation of docks in Franklin
County has made it difficult for
fishermen to do "close to shore
fishing". The fishermen cannot get
under some of the existing docks
and must spend time and energy
going around the docks.
County residents have com-
plained that they cannot walk the
portion of the beaches that are in
public domain as many of the

Florida Counseling &

Behavioral Services

Brad Singleton Site Director
76 Market Street Suite E Apalachicola, FL
Ofc: (850) 653-3100 Cell: (850) 508-6016 Fax: (850) 653-3131


Gun & Pawn

SSource One Home Phone Service
Come See Us To Be Re-Connected

/i 371 HIGHWAY 98 ( EASTPOINT, FL 32328
SPHONE: (850) 670-8444

docks run from private property
out to and over the water. This
denies people walking access to
the public domain portion of the
beach. The proliferation of docks
blocking the beach and Franklin
County neglecting to keep public
accesses open to the public are
preventing people the enjoyment
of walking the beach in some ar-
eas of the County.
The P&Z Board spent three hours
in their workshop discussions.
There were five people in the au-
dience from Franklin County who
are engaged in the dock construc-
tion and design industry as well
as several representatives for en-
vironment issues. The exchange
of ideas between those in the au-
dience and the P&Z Board mem-
bers was constructive. As the P&Z
Board had not finished going over
all the dock recommendations,
another workshop on Thursday,
October 2, 2003 at 6:30 p.m. at
the Franklin County Library in
Carrabelle was scheduled.

Piuymbs Electric


On a beautiful, sunny Apalachi-
cola morning this week, with
Shrimp boats riding at anchor in
the background, Mr. Tom Tuckey
of Progress Energy handed a
check for $2000 to the Vice Presi-
dent of Apalachicola Bay and
Riverkeeper (ABARK), Ms. Bruce
Hall. Mr. Mike McDonald of
Progress Energy also participated
in the presentation, wishing
ABARK continued success in its
varied programs to protect our
River and Bay and the human and
animal life they support. Dave
McLain, Executive Director of
ABARK thanked Progress Energy
for their generous corporate do-
nation as River and Bay "Stew-
ards" and presented each gentle-
man with the ABARK cap that
goes with membership.

I li uI lflilT11 uLLJJW

Pqoai I(1 9 IQ Sntemher 2003


The Franklin Chronicle

the Chronicle Bookshop

Mail Order Service *

P.O. Box 590
Eastpoint, FL 32328


of Old


-4 !'


Refurbishing Vending Machines

He may look like an astronaut momentarily, but he is Andy
Dyal, Chronicle Circulation Director caught in the act of
refurbishing a Chronicle vending machine. This is one of
nearly 100 such devices stationed at high traffic locations
throughout a three-county area (Wakulla, Franklin and
Gulf), secured with American tempered steel locks.
Recently, a video surveillance camera caught vending
vandals trying to break into boxes of the Wakulla News
and Franklin Chronicle, sending the culprit to jail for in
excess of ten years, on breaking into vending machines
and other crimes.


By Mar lene Womack
'VTydndal. Eglin. Nva Il Air Shintin, Civil Air Pattral.Apslurhiailii
Dle,. MuLm,,-v ordonjohnston, rir. Narnna. Wainiwright Shipieyad


an1 1 1

(304) Tales of Old Florida. Book Sales, Inc., Castle. 477
pp. Hardcover. Edited by Frank Oppel and Tony Meisel.
One hundred years ago, Florida was a wilderness of
swamp and beach, dense forest and abundant wild game.
Undiscovered, except for a few pioneer sportsmen and
hearty farmers and ranchers, the state was still a fron-
tier. This is a collection of original articles and stories of
Old Florida, of hunters and Indians, the development of
the sportsman's paradise, the vast'canvas of nature prior
to the coming of the condominium. Bookshop price =

A Biography of Dr. John Gorric


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Line Deep Sea & Flat Rods and Reels *
Live Bait and Crab Traps *Fishing Tackle *
Fiberglass & Paint Supplies

(303) War Comes To Florida's Northern Gulf Coast by
Marlene Womack. Published by Michael Womack Publi-
cations, 2002, 207 pp. Oversize. In this area's first com-
prehensive book on World War II, you'll read about Gen.
Patton's visit to Panama City, the establishment of
Tyndall, Eglin and Dale Mabry fields and the secret de-
velopment of Camp Gordon Johnston, the torpedoing of
the Empire Mica by a German U-boat and many other
events. Bookshop price = $40.00.

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Highway 98 East Carrabelle, FL 32322
OPEN: 5:30 A.M. 11:00 P.M.
Office. 850-697-3428 Fax: 850-697-4598 www.boattransport.net
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Hwy, 98 Eastpoint FL 32328 (850) 670-8808
Crickets Minnows
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Squid Cigar Minnows
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Licences Chum
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Specializing in Live Shrimp CHARLES PENNYCUFF-OWNER
Hours: Mon. Sat. 6 6 Sunday 6 a.m. 9:30 a.m./1 p.m. 5 p.m.


P.O. BOX 429 HWY. 98 PANACEA, FL 32346
PHONE: (850) 984-5637 (850) 984-5693 FAX: (850) 984-5698
HOURS: MON., TUES., THURS., FRI: 8:00 6:00
WED.: 8:00 1:00 SAT.: 8:00 5:00

p' TJOHN'S Licensed & Insured
^ JOHN" 3 RG0050763

Quality Craftsmanship For Over 40 Years
Specializing in Custom Homes-Remodeling
Additions-Vinyl Siding-Roofing-Repairs
850-697-2376 E-mail Johnscons2@aol.com
Fax: 697-4680 P.O. Drawer JJ Carrabelle, FL 32322

SainL George Island & Apalachicola
from Early Exploration
to "' ..1- .

(21) Outposts on the Gulf by William Warren Rogers. Uni-
versity of Florida Press, Hardcover, 297 pp. In this book,
Rogers traces and documents the economic, social and
political emergence of the Gulf coast port of Apalachicola
and the pristine barrier island, Saint George. From the
earliest times, both the island and Apalachicola have be-
come intertwined. The account of the machinations of con-
troversial developer William Lee Popham is the first phase
of area development, later leading to the controversial
struggles of the 1970s when environmentalists and sea-
food industries fought to determine the ecological and eco-
nomic fate of the Bay area. The Chronicle has obtained
a fresh supply of newly reprinted volumes at an at-
tractive price. Available elsewhere for $35.95 plus ship-
ping and handling. The Chronicle Bookshop price is much
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Frankin Chonicl

No0 itibtdi
Frnkin Wkulaan

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Hickory-smoked the old-fashioned
way with all the fixns prepared from
our own recipes.
1593 West Highway 98-Carrabelle
"Worth Driving 100 Miles For."
Open 6 days 11:00 a.m. 9:00 p.m.
Closed Tuesday
Thank you for letting us serve you!

(192) Vivian Sherlock's biography of John Gorrie, The
Fever Man, is available once again after being out-of-print
for more than a decade. This is the story of John Gorrie,
young physician who invented an "ice machine" that many
argue was a forerunner to air conditioning dozens of years
later. His cooling device was developed to provide relief
to his suffering yellow fever patients. A museum in
Apalachicola to this day marks the work of John Gorrie
just across from his last resting place in Gorrie Square,
down from Trinity Church. This book tells what is now
known about Dr. Gorrie, his work and his ice machine.
Paperback, New, 151 pp. Bookshop price = $10.00

r ------------------------
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Bookshop List of Total
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All book orders must be ordered on this form. When
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