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Title: Franklin chronicle
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For the Academic Year 2001 2002

Academic Achievement Report

Released For ABC Schools

ABC Third Grade exceeds state averages in
The Apalachicola Bay Charter School released an academic assess-
ment report for their first year of operation, conducted by Dr. Alex
Penn Williams, consultant, Melbourne, Florida. The studies involved
55 kindergarten through grade three students.
As mandated in statute, charter schools must obtain baseline achieve-
ment data using standardized tests. Consequently, ABC School ad-
ministered the Stanford Achievement Test (SAT-9) to their students,
kindergarten through grade three. The first round of tests was ad-
ministered in September 2001 "pre-test". Students were tested again
at the end of the school year, March 2002 "post-test". Students in
kindergarten through grade two were post tested using the SAT-9
and third graders were administered the Florida Comprehensive
Achievement Test (FCAT) in reading and mathematics.
The research question was: "Have the School's students achieved a
year's worth of growth in a year's worth of instructional time?" The
answer for all grade levels appears to be "Yes." For kindergarten
through second grade, the following tables illustrate that conclusion.
The figures #1 through #6 dramatically demonstrate test results "be-
fore" and "after", i.e. reading or mathematics. The "pre-test" is given
before the school year is fully underway. The "post-test" is given after
several weeks of instruction. The pre-test and post-test symbols, iden-
tified in each figure #1-6 clearly show rising scores in all grade levels
and subjects. Note in particular the gross differences "before" and
"after" at the First Grade level with the Stanford Achievement tests.

Figure 1
-Kindergarten Stanford Achievement Pre and Post
Mathematics Test Scores


n 400

a 200



1 2 3 4 5 6

S-- Post Test


7 8 9 10 11

Kindergarten Students

Figures #1 through #7 show consistently improved scores in the sub-
ject identified in the "post-test", given six months after the first test in
the given subject. While the Figures may seem redundant, the reader
is advised to study the subject from grade to grade. In Figure 7 76%
of the Apalachicola Bay Charter School students achieved a level three
and above in mathematics compared to the Franklin County District
64% and the State of Florida average of 60%.

Figure 2
Kindergarten Stanford Achievement Pre and Post
Reading Test Scores


m 400


(o 200



-*-Pre-test I,
I--- Post Test'

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Kindergarten Students

Figure 3
First Grade Stanford Achievement Pre and Pc
Mathematics Test Scores



,-- Post Test

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
First Grade Students

Figure 4
First Grade Stanford Achievement Pre and Post
Reading Test Scores

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
First Grade Students

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F Thenk




Volume 12, Number 2 A LOCALLY OWNED NEWSPAPER January 24 February 6,2003

Wakulla Fishermen
Seek Injunction
Against New Rules
Desi npd To
Prohibit Carriage
Of Proscribed Nets
Across Florida


Apalachicola Workshop
Produces Negative
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Con-
servation Commission (FFWCC)
held a workshop in the Courtroom
Annex last week, on Thursday,
January 9th, regarding a draft
rule about the carriage of nets. Ac-
cording to one of the workshop or-
ganizers from the FFWCC, the
fishermen's reaction to the pro-
posed changes were mostly nega-

Inside This Issue
10 Pages
Nets ........................... 1 Special Meeting Board of
ABC School Achievement Cty. Commissioners .. 2, 7
...............................1, 10 Editorial & Commentary..
Sum m erCam p............1, 7 .....................................3
Holton Island ......... 1, 8 Corrections ................ 4
Carrabelle Water and Sewer Eating, ya gotta love it. 4
.............................1, 5, 6 Digitalexp.................. 5
Franklin Briefs .............. ........................... 8

Franklin County Comprehensive Plan

SummerCamp Unanimously

Approved By County Board

Land Use Map Changed for 784 Acres From
Agricultural to Mixed-Use Residential

The use of seines greater than 500' ,
square feet in area is prohibited
in nearshore waters, which ex-.
tend one mile from shore on the
Atlantic coast and three miles ..,>,
from shore on, the Gulf coast. A' ;;;"'
Seines larger than 500 square feet :
in area may be used instate wa- -. i'i
ters, outside of inshore and
nearshore waters, as long as the
vessel proceeds directly, continu- 4
ously, and expeditiously, to and 1' y
from waters where the use of such P. I'
seines is legal. Similarly, the use % I .
of gill or entangling nets is pro- -'..- "
hibited in state waters, but such
nets may be transported aboard
vessels for use in federal waters,
as long as the vessel proceeds di- L
rectly, continuously, and expedi-
tiously to and from federal a terrs Billy Buzze
where the use of such nets is le-
gal: g A Report and Commentary
The draft r h I e-' y Tom-W. Hoffer
The draft rule ttachment 1 )prc-

sente.d at the workshops ad-
dressed the following three issues,
which pertain to the transport of
nets in state waters:
1) Clarification of portions of
370.092, Florida Statutes;

The draft rule clarifies and re-
adopts portions of 370.092, F.S.
Clarification and readoption of
this statute was initiated by a
court case in Brevard County that
dismissed a net transport viola-
tion because Section 370.092 ap-
pears to apply to "vessels"' and not
to "persons" operating vessels.
The proposed new rule clarifies
this issue by changing the net
transit rule language to apply to
persons operating vessels that are
)St transporting nets prohibited by
constitutional provisions or laws
or rules.
2) The maximum number of nets
that may be possessed onboard a

The draft rule prohibits the pos-
session of more than two seine
nets per vessel. Currently, Florida
Statutes and marine regulations
do not limit the number of 500-ft
seine nets that may be possessed
aboard a vessel for use in
nearshore waters, but the consti-
tution limits do limit the number
of seines that may be fished from
a vessel in nearshore waters. Law
enforcement has observed com-
mercial vessels carrying up to 10
nets, even though only two nets
may be fished from a vessel at any
one time. Limiting the number of
nets' that may be possessed.
aboard a vessel would enhance
enforcement, and further deter
the illegal deployment of more
than two seines.
3) The use of "toy boats" for trans-
porting nets.
Commercial fishermen continue
to illegally use "toy boats" (e.g.
dinghies, small boats without
motors, etc) as justification for
deploying more than two seine
nets during a commercial fishing
trip in nearshore waters. An in-
formal opinion by the State Attor-
ney General, written on April 6,
1999, concluded "toy boats" car-
ried aboard a vessel (or connected
to or towed by the primary ves-
sel) do not entitle fishermen to use
more than two seine nets when
fishing. The draft rule further
clarifies existing regulations and
specifies that no vessel shall pos-
sess more than two seines, and
that possession aboard any ves-
sel shall include nets stored in
any vessel being towed by or oth-
erwise connected to, or trans-
ported aboard, the primary ves-
Wakulla fishermen attending the
workshop issued a press release
following the meeting, saying "We

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--- Pretest
-- Post Test

In a crowded courtroom, at the
Courthouse Annex, on Tuesday,
January 21, 2003, the Board of
Franklin County Commissioners
approved changes to the County's
Comprehensive Plan and land use
plan to permit the St. Joe
Company's SummerCamp devel-
opment to proceed.
The 784 acres involved shall be
limited to 499 dwelling units in a
Mixed-use Residential land use
categories and a hotel limited to
50 rooms.
Non-residential land uses shall be
limited to 35,000 gross square
feet of commercial and active rec-
reation development, a public
safety facility, and ancillary
non-residential development such
as gatehouses, storage facilities,
and maintenance facilities.
Non-residential uses will be lim-
ited to passive and active recre-
ation, restaurant, lounges, retail
sales, personal and professional
services, hotels, and community
facilities and services, excluding
water and sewage treatment
plants. ,
There shall be a 50 foot naturally
vegetated buffer around all wet-
lands and landward of all
waterbodies. Development within
wetlands and this 50-foot buffer
is prohibited, except for minor en-
croachments for roads, utilities,
and recreational crossings, or
wetland maintenance and resto-
No marina, boat ramp, or associ-
ated facilities shall be allowed on
the land subject to this amend-
ment, a subject of considerable
acrimony earlier last summer
when St. Joe Company initially
proposed a marina, and then
abandoned such a proposal in the
face of considerable opposition.
A private community dock shall
be permitted, and shall be locatec
in an area previously modified b)
human activity, with good circu-
lation, flushing and adequate
water depths, to be used solely b"

The Chronicle would like
to welcome the following
t to our growing list of
Mary Lou Patmore
RWB Industries,
Ron Bradley
Penny and Scott McKinney


St. Joe Co.

project residents anu pioviuc lui
temporary docking of not more
than ten boats.
Community piers are to be lim-
ited to ten, sited to minimize im-
pacts to wetlands and seagrasses.
The piers shall not be used to
moor any vessels, shall be a mini-
mum height of five feet above
mean high water, and shall be no
longer than 200 feet from the
mean high water line, surrounded
by hand rails and shall be posted
with signs that state "No Boat
Mooring Allowed."
The development will utilize an
advanced wastewater treatment
plant (AWT) and central potable
water facilities.

Some Progress In

Resolving Water

And Sewer
Problems With

Sportsman's Lodge

At Thursday's Eastpoint Water
and Sewer Meeting (EWS), Janu-
ary 9, 2003, some progress was
made in resolving the conflict be-
tween the Sportsman's Lodge and
EWS as reported by Administra-
tor Betty Webb. Ms. Webb in-
formed the Board and Mr. Bob
Allen had sent a $5,300 check for
"impact fees" Connected with RV
units at the Lodge. On January
6, EWS technicians inspected the
Lodge water services and deter-
mined that the private wells were
not being used to supplement the
EWS water services.
These and other matters were still
being monitored. Board member
James Sisung expressed concern
that any well water mixing with
EWS supplied "city" water could
present a health hazard to the
EWS system.
The Board decided to send a let-
ter to Mr. Allen, expressing an
acknowledgment of settled mat-
ters thus far, and requesting per-
mission to enter his property to
continue inspections.

Holton Island
May Soon Be
Named Booth


By Rene Topping
The small island on the mouth of
. the Carrabelle Harbor known as
Holton Island after the family
name of the same name may soon
be called Booth Island. An orga-
nization called Frances Meginniss
Booth Trust, Booth Island Con-
dominiums, came before the
Carrabelle City Commission at
their January 9 regular meeting.
The spokesman, for the Trust
Larry Witt introduced John
Schueler who represented the
Trust, and the engineer Russell.
Witt said that the island would not
need any variances. He said that
the island is already C- 1 Zoning_

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Dan Keck Of BDI Reviews All
Carrabelle Water And Sewer


M6 ~ 7;~

By Rene Topping
Dan Keck of Baskerville and
Donovan Inc. (BDI) along with
Robert Simmons and Angie Jay
from the BDI Panama City site
came to a scheduled workshop
meeting on January S. The meet-
ing lasted 4 hours, with most of
the time being taken with Keck
meticulously going over all of the
projects, some finished, and oth-
ers still in work or proposed. The
meeting was also attended by
Florida Department of Environ-
mental Protection (FDEP) Jim
Plexico. Plexico is the overseer for
the State on all of the various
projects and will be the person
who will sign off when they are
completed. He is responsible for
the special legislative grants and
small disadvantaged cities grants.
Billy Buzzett of St. Joe Company,
said that if the referendum is
passed, St. Joe would have to
withdraw their promise of land for
an athletic field. They had offered
90 acres. He said they would not
be able to have water and sewer.
Also they would withdraw their

low cost housing development
they proposed to build on the
eastern outskirts of Carrabelle
next to the spray field, because
the referendum would make it
impossible to have water and
Keck took questions after he had
carefully explained each project to
a crowded room, and found him-
self several times defending the
projects. He said that if the refer-
endum on the water and sewer
projects that had been certified to
go to the ballot and be passed the
city would lose a great deal of
money. The referendum in
Carrabelle is one of several oth-
ers that have been promoted in
Bay, Gulf, Wakulla and Franklin
by Panhandle Citizens Coalition
The wording of the referendum
that was passed around for sig-
nature by local members of the
PCC required that no new work
could be done outside of the city

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JZWX4INtw JL4k44 EVe" D4


. Page 2 24 January 2003


The Franklin Chronicle



January 21, 2003
Present: Chairperson
Cheryl Sanders;
Commissioner Eddie
Creamer; Commissioner
Bevin Putnal;
Commissioner Jimmy
Mosconis; and
Commissioner Clarence

County Extension Director
Bill Mahan informed the Commis-
sioners that the planned bus tour
to review post-harvest treatment
plants in Louisiana will take place
during the last week of February.
In reporting on the potential boat
ramp. Mr. Mahan told the Com-
missioners there were the follow-
ing sites identified: (1) Bay Side of
St. George Island; (2) the East
(FDOT) and West (Helen Sproher)
sides of the current bridge; (3)
West side of Apalachicola, the old
oyster plant at 2-mile (461 Hwy.
98) listed by the Coastal Connec-
tion Realty and (5) Lombardi's old
oyster plant on U. S. 98 and Car
Creek and (6) D. W. Wilson's old
oyster shucking plant on U. S. 98.
As for the idea of a seasonal boat
ramp at 8.5 mile, the feedback
Mahan received from the Dept. of
Environmental Protection is that
they would not support the idea
due to environmental and opera-
tional concerns on how the site
would be opened and closed.

Director of Administrative
Services, Alan Pierce
The Board approved a recommen-
dation by Mark Curenton to ap-
ply for the payment in lieu of tax
program. This year, if funded by
the Legislature, the Board should
receive approximately $160,000
from the state.
Mark Curenton recommends the
Board approve a minor modifica-
tion between DCA and the Board
regarding the ending date for the
"Big Ditch" project. While the con-
tractor is essentially through,
Mark recommends the agreement
between the county and DCA be
extended until March 28, 2003.
The Board approved the recom-
The Board also approved change
order of $5,400.00 for the "Big
Ditch" project which was for ex-
tendingthe headwalls on The
Prado and some other minor
changes. This puts the project
over budget by $937.55, but be-
cause the work was done in the
City of Apalachicola, the City will
pay the $937.55. The rest of the
money is coming from the CDBG
The County Attorney and Planner
recommended the Board accept
the agreement between SGI Lim-
ited and Franklin County for the
work in Las Brisas Subdivision
that "Michael and I have been
working on for some time." It was
last discussed on Nov. 5, 2002.
The Board approved.
The Board issued the Notice to
Proceed to C.W. Roberts for the
three roads the county has bid out
using the DOT funds. The three
roads are Patton Drive and South
Bayshore in Eastpoint, and Wa-
ter Street in Apalachicola.
The Board received a copy of let-
ter to Mr. Curtis Flakes, USACOE,
regarding the Alligator Point
breakwater. The letter stated, in

"Several weeks ago. several mem-
bers, of your staff including Mr.
Stephen Carter, attended a meet-
ing in Tallahassee, Florida to dis-
cuss the Alligator Point Revetment
Project. This letter is intended to
clarify the county's position on
several issues."
"The county appreciates your
staffs effort in attending the meet-
ing. A lot of useful information
was exchanged. I need to correct
something I said at the meeting.
While the county has purchased
several lots in the area, there are
still many privately owned lots.
And while most of these lots are
eroded down to just a very few feet
left, it is still -private property. At
least one of these owners is not
supportive of the county's efforts
to stabilize the road, and there-
fore we should not expect to be
able to build outside of the land
the county owns. So, the only
property the county owns
throughout the project is the Al-
ligator Drive right-of-way. How-
ever, I told the participants it the
meeting that the right-of-way was
only 60 feet wide, when it fact the
subdivision plat shows that the
right-of way is 100 feet wide.
Please advise me whether the
sheetpile revetment can be built
in the right-of-way."
"Mr. Stephen Carter told the at-
: tendees that the Corps was close
to spending their maximum for
design, and that any re-design
would have to be cost-shared.
Before the county agrees to cost
share, we need to have some ap-
proximate cost of the re-design.
Further, if that cost is too great,
the county would like for the
Corps to allow our engineers to
design a project for the Corps' re-
view. However, the county does
want to move forward with this
project and it is the county's in-
tent to cost share if it is neces-
sary, and the cost is reasonable."
"The most important point I need
to make regards the overall con-
cept. While Mr. Carter and his
associates pointed out the ben-
efits to a USACOE revetment out-
side of our existing rock revet-
ment, it appeared to me that the
state of Florida was not going to
permit such a structure. If that is
the case, it does not appear to me
that the county should have to
shoulder the cost of a redesign."
"Sincerely, Alan C. Pierce, County
The Board was given a copy of
letter written to Mr. Mike Sole,
DEP, regarding the Eastpoint
Channel. The letter read, in part:
"Commissioner Creamer and I
want to personally thank you and
your staff for making our Jan.
10th meeting so successful. It
.appears to us that the Depart-
ment recognizes the need to main-
tain the Eastpoint channel. and
we believe you will continue to
work with us to that end."
"It was great relief to us that your
staff was able to present to us the
1983 agreement between the De-
partment and the U.S. Army
Corps of Engineers indicating the
public purpose served by both the
construction of the breakwater
and the maintenance dredging of
the navigation channels." Any fur-
ther, while there are still water
quality issues to be protected, the
agreement recognizes the autho-
rization to open water spoil at
Eastpoint in the future." We be-
lieve open water disposal along
the breakwater is going to be a
:critical component in disposing of
the spoil., And appreciate your
recognition of this fact."
"I am sending Mr. Terry Jangula,
SUSACOE, a copy of this letter so
he is aware of our progress."
The Board received a packet of
information developed by Ms.
SCarolyn Sparks, Assistant Librar-

ian in Carrabelle, regarding the
continuing problem of some of the
windows leaking. Last Thursday,
Mr. Ben Withers met with the
Chairman, myself, and others on
site, and pledged that he would
fix the leaks if it was his fault but
there is some finger pointing go-
ing on as to whether the windows,
that Mr. Withers installed, are
leaking, or whether it is the hur-
ricane shutters that were installed
later by someone else that is caus-
ing the leaking. The shutters have
fairly long bolts going into the
Mr. Pierce advised the Board:
"Several years ago the state Divi-
sion of Emergency Management
and FEMA developed a program
called the LMS- Local Mitigation
Strategy, and Franklin County
received some funds to develop
our LMS. The intent of the LMS is
for each county in the state to do
a self-assessment of its vulner-
ability to disasters and to list
those structures that are suscep-
tible to damage. If projects are
listed in the LMS,. the county
sometimes receives additional
money to do that project. The ac-
quisition of houses on Alligator
Point is an example of where the
county listed the need to buy out
those damaged structures and
then received funds."
'The state says it is time to up-
date the LMS, and I have directed
Tim Turner, Emergency Manage-,
ment Director, to begin the pro-
cess of re-establishing the LMS
Working Group, which is the
group that would review the LMS
and make recommendations to
the Board for changes. Both cit-
ies have been invited to attend,
as well as local business and civic
groups. I met with Tim and the
beginnings of the LMS Working
Group last week."
"I am telling the Board this be-
cause over the next few months
you will hear announcements
about the LMS meetings. This
group will meet and make recom-
mendations to you, but only the
Board can actually adopt changes
to the LMS. At this point the LMS
Working Group consists of Ms.
Anita Grove, Apalachicola Bay
Chamber of Commerce; Ms.
Gathana Parmenas, American
Red Cross; Tim Turner, and my-
self We are seeking more partici-
pation from other business and
civic groups."
The Planning and Zoning Com-
mission met in regular session on
Jan. 14, 2003, and recommends
the following action:
A) on development in the Critical
Shoreline District:
* recommends tabling a request
for more information for a single
family private dock on Lot 9 BRE
Subdivision, Alligator Poiit, for
William Mattice and Edgar-Moore.
While the applicant had their
stdte and 'federal permits', the
Commission was concerned
whether the lot itself was build-
able because of extensive wet-
lands, and whether more restric-
tive state standards should be
used because the dock appears to
be in Class II waters. Dan Garlick,
agent for Mr. Mattice said the dock
was not in Class II waters. The
Board tabled the matter.
* recommends tabling a request
for more information because
there was a difference in legal
descriptions between the state
and federal permits, which the
applicant did have. The Board
tabled the matter. The applicant
is A.L. Buford and he has re-
quested the construction of a
single-family private dock on Lot
1, Block H, Unit 2, Peninsular
Point, Alligator Point. After the
meeting, Dan Garlick, agent for
N1r. Buford, said the confusion
over the permit is because Mr.
Buford actually owns two lots. His
house is on one across the road,

from the one where the dock is
* recommends approval of a re-
quest for Miller Properties, LLC,
to construct a family private dock
on Lot 4, Block 81, Unit 5, St.
George Island. Approved.
* recommend approval of a re-
quest for Rudy Rowe to construct
a single-family dock on Lot 19,
,Alligator Point Subdivision, Alli-
gator Point. Approved.
B) on other business, the Com-
mission recommends:
* approval for a smalf scale land
use change from R-6, to R-1, for
a 5.7 acre parcel known as Lot 4
Emerald Point, which is just east
of Grammercy Plantation on US
98, also described as being in Sec-
tion 24, Township 8 south, Range
6 west. Request submitted by
William and Mary Lou Short. This
action is to set the public hear-
ing. Approved.
* approval of a sketch plat for
Emerald Bay Subdivision for a 3-
lot subdivision on the above-de-
scribed property. Request submit-
ted by' William and Mary Lou
Short. Approved.
o approval of a final plat for a 3
lot' subdivision known as Emer-
ald Trail which is just east of the
above described subdivision, and
also described as being in Section
24, Towns 8 south, Range 6 West.
Request "submitted by Jack
Prophater, agent for Judith
Freeland. Approved.
., approval of a request for prelimi-
nary plat approval for a 49 lot
subdivision named Blue Heron
Village, adjacent to Palmetto Vil-
lage, in Eastpoint. Request sub-
mitted by GEA, agent for Jamie
Crum and Jeanne Bonds. Ap-
e approval of a request to rezone
and land use change on a 40 acre
parcel known as Bay Vista Sub-
division located in Section 11 and
,14, Township 7 south, Range west
from A-2 to R- 1, and the possible
abandonment of an existing plat.
Request submitted by Charles
Geiger. While the Commission
recommends approval, which
would be to set a public hearing,
I ask that the Board table this
item until I have time to consult
the with Mr. Shuler about the pos-
sible plat abandonment, and also
'did not provide information for a
large scale.
* tabling of a land use and zoning
change from Agriculture to R-I on
a 124 acre parcelof land lying in
Section 22, Township 6 south,
Range 4 west. Request submitted
by Bobby Sapp. The request was
tabled because of the impending
action by the Board which re-
quires a developer to submit more
information before a large-scale
J.lafd4'use change is contemplatedd.
C) On May 14,2002, the Commis-
sioni recommended in favor of the
final plat of a four-lot subdivision
known as Doc's Seashore, near
Carrabelle Beach. On May 2 1, the
Board tabled action on the final
plat until the road was finished.,
Ms. Ward reported to the Commis-
sion that it had already approved
Doc's Seashore, and so now that
the road is finished the Board
needs to consider the final plat for
a four lot subdivision known as
; Doc's Seashore. Request submit-
ted by Nick Saporito,
At 10:30 am Board has a public
hearing to consider the adoption
of a large-scale land use plan and
text amendment for a project
known as SummerCamp. There
are actually two ordinances, one
'dealing with SummerCamp, and
the other dealing with changes
related to some grants. The
SummerCamp ordinance has
been modified at the request of the
Chairman for clarification on two
points-number of! hotel rooms

reduced, and the length of the
observation piers is established.

Franklin County

Board Of County


Special Meeting

January 14, 2003; 1 p.m.
Franklin County Planner Alan
Pierce presented a revised plan
from Florida State University
consultants that brought down
the cost of the visioning and
comprehensive plan' revision to
$107,500. At the county
commission meeting of January
7, 2003, DCA (Department of
Community Affairs), Franklin
County Building Permit fees, the
Friends of Florida, Small Counties
Technical Assistance Program,
APECO and ABARK would help
pay the costs. The St. Joe
Company agreed to pay the
balance of $57,500. The would
also help prepare the St. James
Island Overlay Plan. A Mnotion was
made and passed that the Board
of Commissioners approve the
scope of work described by the
FSU Department of Urban and
Regional Planning and the
Conflict Resolution Consortium in
the amount of $107,500.

Officials in attendance:
Cheryl Sanders,
Chairman; Bevin Putnal
and Jimmy Mosconis,
Commissioners; Kendall
Wade, Clerk; Amelia
Varnes, Deputy Clerk;
Thomas M. Shuler, County
Chairman Sanders called the spe-
cial meeting to order.
(Tape 1-8) Chairman Sanders
asked Alan Pierce, Director of
Administrative Services, to ad-

Per Florida Statutes 713.78 (3) (b) File No.
Date of this Notice 01/02/03 Invoice No. 8318
Description of Vehicle: Make Oldsmobile Mdel Regency Color Red
Tag No Year 1989 State FL vinNo. 1G3CW54CIK1332121
To Owner: Rosa V. Capps To Lien Holder:
Route 1 Box 101
Blountstown, FL 32424

You and each of you are hereby notified that the above vehicle was'towed on
12/27/02 at the request of APD that said vehicle is in its
possession at the address noted below. They the undersigned claim a lien for
towing, storage and cost. The vehicle will be sold after 35 days from th'd date '.'l
impound free of prior liens. Payment by the above date of notice in the amnoutiit
$ 230.00 plus storage charges occurring at the rate of $ 26.00 per
day from the date hereof will be sufficient to redeem the vehicle from the lien of
the lienor; that subsection (4) of Florida Statute 713.78.

To subsection (5) of Florida Statute 713.78
You and each of you are hereby notified that on 02/06/03 at 12:00 noon
o'clock, the vehicle described above will be sold at public auction
at: 447 HWY 98 EASTPOINT, FL From the proceeds will first be paid all
towing and storage charges plus all costs including cost for this sale. Any excess
will be deposited with the Clerk of the Circuit Court.
You and each of you are urged to make satisfactory arrangements to pay all
charges and take possession of the-said vehicle. In order to obtain a release of the
vehicle you must present personal identification, driver's license and PROOF
OF OWNERSHIP (title, registration. etc.) at the address below and pay the
P.O. Box 971
Eastpoint, FL 32328
(850) 670-8219

OHNj T'S Licensed & Insured
JOHN'i RG0050763

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Specializing in Custom Homes-Remodeling
Additions-Vinyl Siding-Roofing-Repairs

Fax: 697-4680

E-mail Johnscons2@aol.com
P.O. Drawer JJ Carrabelle, FL 32322

Cook Insurance Agency, Inc.


Specializing in Coastal Properties
from Alligator Point to Mexico Beach

23 Avenue D, Apalachicola, Fl 32329
850-653-9310 800-822-7530 1/neppInM

Estabtsli ed1913 Ageni



Interior & Exterior Painting
Insured References Free Estimates
E-mail: vangopntl@gtcom.net
1036 Porter Street #A James S. Mills
St. George Island, FL 32328 (850) 927-4629

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Your authorized UScellular dealer for Franklin Co.
And the Gulf coast


dress the Board and the audience.
She said this meeting was sched-
uled to address the proposal sub-
mitted by the FSU Department of
Urban and Regional Planning and
The Conflict Resolution Consor-
tium to the Board for the purpose
of assisting Franklin County with
the Comprehensive Plan Update
and a Visioning Process for future
development of Franklin County.
Mr. Pierce said, as instructed at
the last meeting, he met with Billy
Buzzet, Director, Strategic Plan-
ning, St. Joe Company, and with
the various groups and organiza-
tions concerned about this
project. He stated he was present-
ing a new proposal from FSU as
1. Current Plan Review and
Evaluation $2,500.00;
2. Consensus Building Process for
Comprehensive Planning
3. Demographics and Population
Growth $30,000.00;
4. Technical Data Assembly
5. Goals, Objectives, and Policies
6. Consensus Building for Plan-
ning Overlay for St. James Island
$15,000.00; and
7. Plan Assembly and Production
$5,000. 00, for a total amount of
Mr. Pierce said this cost was re-
duced down by approximately
$40,000.00. He said today the
matter of approving or accepting
the FSU proposal is what the
Board is here to discuss.
He reported the following groups
and entities have the County to
contract with FSU and the Con-
flict Resolution Consortium to
complete the comp plan update
Sand to prepare a visioning plan
for Franklin County: $25,000.00
from DCA, $10,000.00 from
Franklin County-Building Permit

Continued on Page 7

Thn Irarnklin Chronileh


24 January 2003 Page 3


In Pinellas County

School Board's Refusal to Allow

Videotaping of Public Meeting

Violated the Florida Sunshine Law

The breadth of the public'
Law is virtually unfettered

In a November 2002 decision by
the District Court of Appeal, Sec-
ond District, a Circuit Court in
Pinellas County determined the
School Board's refusal to allow
videotaping of a public meeting of
I the Board violated the Sunshine
1 Law. That decision was AF-
FIRMED by the 2nd District Court
of Appeals.
The Pinellas County School Board
scheduled a public meeting of the
Special Services Selection Com-
mittee for the purpose of evaluat-
ing applications of general con-
tractors for the remodeling, reno-
vation and new construction of
Gibbs High School in Pinellas
County. Suncam. Inc. requested
to videotape the proceedings and
was denied. The justification for
denial by the Board was that par-
ticipants in the meeting would not
act normally while being video-
taped and this would impair the
work of the committee. The ap-
peal court said, "The ultimate is-
sue for our determination is
whether the board retains unfet-
tered authority to deny videotap-
ing of its otherwise public meet-
ing. We answer the question in the
negative, but limit our response
to the sufficiency of the board's
stated reason for not allowing vid-
eotaping in this instance..."
"...The Sunshine Law was en-
acted to protect the public
from 'closed door' politics...
As a result, the law 'must be
broadly construed to effect its
remedial and protective pur-
pose ..."
The Court continued, "The
breadth of such right is virtually

s right under Sunshine

"... violation of the Sunshine
Law can occur where a state
agency meets and violates the
'statute's spirit, intent and
purpose." Thus, although the
statute does not explicitly
provide for the video record-
ing of public meetings, the
refusal to allow such record-
ing certainly violates the i
'statute's spirit, intent and
In an earlier opinion rendered by
the State of Florida Attorney Gen-
eral, "a rule which prohibits the
use of all tape recorders, includ-
ing silent taping devices that are
neither distracting nor disruptive,
was in conflict with the public
policy of the state as interpreted
under s. 286.011F.S. While a
.public board may adopt reason-
able rules and policies to ensure
the orderly conduct of its public
meeting and to require orderly
behavior on the part of those at-
tending, rules prohibiting the use
of silent or nondisruptive tape
recording devices would appear to
be unreasonable and arbitrary
and therefore invalid." The Court
added that the Legislature in s.
934.02(1) F. S. appears to implic-
Sitly recognize the public's right to
silently record public proceedings.
The Chronicle filed a complaint
with the office of Willie Meggs re-
cently alleging a similar violation
of the Sunshine Law when the
stakeholder meeting involving a
discussion of the tri-river water
allocation formula elements pro-
hibited the use of an audio tape
recorder. The investigation by
Wayne Hicks of the Meggs office
is still pending. ,

The People's Coalition, a small lobby group, trying to stir up public
interest in development issues locally, has proclaimed 12 "initiatives"
or petitions in three panhandle counties "aimed at giving citizens the
control of growth and developments at the local level by calling for
citizen referenda on issues such as provision of water and sewer ser-
vice and location of key infrastructure such as airports and high-
ways. The PCC exclaims "...All across the state, alarms are going off
concerning overdevelopment, water shortages, urban sprawl and de-
velopment encroaching on environmentally sensitive lands..."
The Panhandle Citizens Coalition (PCC) has criticized Governor Bush
for delegating a meeting to an aide, and apparently the aide "reneged
on that pledge" to meet with the PCC. Just what this would have
accomplished except for a (modicum of public relations for either the
Governor or the PCC remains to be seen. The proposal was a cheap
shot to get publicity for the PCC cause, and to try to embarrass the
Governor. "...What has the Governor done? exclaimed the PCC press
release of December 31, 2002. 1 am still inclined to follow the advice
of the Dept. of Community Affairs, that such postponements of vari-
ous development projects are totally unnecessary. That is so because
the process of review is thorough, timely and involves interested pub-
lic participation.
In reading the PCC press releases, one is given the impression that
development projects throughout the panhandle, especially in the
smaller communities, development is running amuck, and super-fast,
without much public involvement.
In Saturday's Tallahassee Democrat (January 18) John.Hedrick, head
of the People's Coalition or Panhandle Citizens Coalition was reported
to have exclaimed that unidentified "St. Joe proposals are no less
than an attack on the entire region's way of life," quoted in a Talla-

850-670-1687 (OFFICE)
Facsimile 850-670-1685


Vol. 12, No. 2

January 24, 2003

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hassee news conference. Hedrick released documents that ostensibly
revealed the St. Joe company's "massive development plans" for the
region. Actually, the entire list was widely available in the company's
annual report released last March 2002, and other documents filed
with the New York stock exchange.
There may be instances where the public is minimally involved, but
all of these projects have to pass a review in planning and zoning
committees of citizens and various local and county hearings. Then.
there is the contractor infrastructure, that is quite occupied these
days, often to the degree that one cannot even get them to answer
their telephone calls. Obtaining expertise, permits, and contractors
is very time consuming, and current conditions for building in this
remote, rural area, are very slow. There is a built-in inertia that tends
to vitiate the concerns and hysteria generated by the PCC claims.
There are also property rights involved too, but I note that the PCC
steers clear of that old saw, except to say without one shred of evi-
dence that sheer size of a development company is somehow, some-
way, something that raises suspicion and automatic assumptions of
evil and dastardly deeds. The argument that such development in the
panhandle would duplicate the conditions now found in Orlando ig-
nores some very practical barriers.
In the meantime, "Time Marches On." Joan Hughes, in the January
2003 issue of Florida Trend, reports that the Bay County Commis-
sioners'unanimously approved RiverCamp on Crooked Creek, the first
of St. Joe Co.'s three planned RiverCamp developments in the North-
west area of Florida-up to 450 homes on 1,490 acres. In the same
piece, the Florida Supreme Court has ruled that Panama City Beach
may designate undeveloped land as "blighted" and use $48 million in
tax-free municipal bonds to develop the 270 acre Pier Park, a com-
mercial and recreational complex with St. Joe Company.
Tom W. Hoffer-

Franklin County Legislative

Delegation Hearing Set

Rep. Will S. Kendrick, Senator Al Lawson, and Rep. Allan Bense, the
Franklin County Legislative Delegation members announced today
that the annual local public bearing would be held on Thursday, Janu-
ary 30, 2003, beginning at 6:00 p.m. in the Franklin County Court-
house Annex, 34 Forbes Street, Apalachicola, Florida.
Reps. Kendrick and Bense and Senator Lawson, look forward to meet-
ing with citizens and elected officials in a town hall type meeting to
discuss issues of interest to everyone.
"These hearings are valuable in making us aware of the concerns and
needs of the area," said Rep. Kendrick, "and we look forward to hear-
ing directly from our constituency as to how we can best be, of ser-
vice to them during the Legislative Session which begins an March 4,
To ensure full participation and accessibility for all meeting attend-
ees according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), please let
us know of any special accommodations YOU may require by calling
my Tallahassee office, 850-488-7870.

A rescued greyhound reposes in the role of couch potato
as Alexi, an overweight Weimeraner, (foreground) poses for
the camera.

Sighthound Rescue News

As greyhound owners, you have heard over and over the special needs
of these wonderful pets. This litany began 16 years ago. We (12 adop-
tion programs throughout the United States) had to educate the pub-
lic. The first dogs rescued and placed into homes became ambassa-
dors for the next greyhounds and so on... The success of greyhound
adoptions would not be what is today without the open-minded people
who invested so much time and gave so much love and attention to
these first athletes as they made their transition from racetrack to
Over the past few years we, as many of you, have lost our original
ambassadors. They are irreplaceable and dearly missed. We have
wonderful memories of our pets, reminding ourselves of the full lives
they lived and the joy they brought to so many people.
We thank everyone for giving these retired racers the same privilege
as nonracers-the chance to live a full life.
Unlike most rescue groups, we open our doors to dogs in various
states of health and physical condition. If we turned away a grey-
hound with a broken leg, we would not be a true rescue organization.
We take in dogs from animal shelters, tracks, racing kennels, and
cruelty cases. We often get greyhounds with track injuries, including
broken legs, toes, tails, muscle and back injuries, and older dogs. We
usually have 30 to 40 greyhounds at our kennel waiting for adoption.
The dogs we save remain with us until they are placed, in pet homes.
The cost for each dog, of spaying/neutering, teeth cleaning, vaccina-
tions, occult heartworm testing, and worm medications is substan-'
tial. Rehabilitation and medical treatment can take several months
and may cost hundreds of dollars. NSRA is a non-profit, tax-exempt
(501 ic. 3.). organization. It is a volunteer organization, but we do hire I
part-time kennel help when needed. We'receive no government fund-
ing. All donations are used exclusively for the dogs: medications, vet-
erinary treatment; medical/veterinary supplies, bedding, dog food and
You can help!
* Your tax-deductible donation will help.
*We need homes for some of our older greyhounds.

Diane and Ken Linthacum
National Sighthound Rescue & Adoption, Inc.
2399 Fredonia Road
Thomasville, Georgia 31757
Phone: 229-226-7632
Fax: 229-225-1153

Sighthound Rescue News
is the official publication of National Sighthound Rescue & Adoption. Inc.:
NSRA is non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to: the rescue.
rehabilitation, and adoption of sighthounds. especially retired racing
greyhounds, educating the public on the need for responsible pet owner-
ship, promoting spaying or neutering to reduce pet overpopulation.

Offices in Apalachicola, Panama City
,'; i and Tallahassee
Wetlands regulatory permitting and
.. development feasibility assessments;
Environmental site assessments and
Marine construction including marinas,
piers and shoreline protection
48 AVENUE D P.O. BOX 385
-. (850) 653-8899 FAX (850) 653-9656


Tractor Work
* Aerobic Sewage Treatment Systems
Marine Construction
Septics Coastal Hauling

Foundation Pilings
Commercial Construction
Utility Work-Public &

A meeting of public agencies and
the Franklin County business
community was held at the court-
house annex Thursday evening,
January 16, 2003 to discuss vari-
ous matters connected with Ju-
venile Justice in the county. A
panel consisting of representa-
tives from the Franklin CountM
County Commission, the Dept. of
Juvenile Justice, Franklin County
School District, the State
Attorney's office, and the Public
Defender's Office and the Franklin
County Sheriffs Office was intro-
duced by Tim Center.
The meeting was sponsored by the
Franklin County Juvenile Justice
Council in conjunction with
Franklin's Promise, Inc. ,
The representatives of the various
public agencies on the panel, and
among members in the audience,
discussed their programs and
roles in the overall problem of re-
ducing juvenile delinquency in
Franklin County. As the discus-

sion untolded, the complexity ot
the overall problem from the role
of the family through the formal
functions of arrest and trial be-,
came apparent and perhaps a bit
confusing due to the large num-
ber of agencies that performed
functions sometimes overlapping
but yet providing continuity in
addressing the juvenile delin-
quency issues. Jim Bailey (Talla-
hassee 850-402-8973) is at work
compiling a directory of such
agencies to provide a community
resource that should be helpful
in addressing the problem. This
will probably become available
within a period of 6-9 months.
Businessmen interested in spon-
soring a continuing dialogue on
the problem, or contributing to
I the process, may obtain addi-
tional information by contacting
Jennifer Edwards at 850-697-

iSt. George Island
United Methodist Church

Traditional service of hymns and liturgy, Sundays at 9:30a.m.
-201 E. Gulf Beach Drive on the Island

927-2088 Website: sgiumc.org Pastor: James Trainer

BaySide Residential, Waterfront &
A I IDyog Island Properties

* 2 BR/2BA Gulf Front Home. White sand beach with beautiful views out over
St. George Sound. Carpet in both bedrooms, vinyl in both baths, and wood floors
in the rest'of the house. $299,000.00.
* Immaculate New 3370 sq. ft. home on Carrabelle River. Three bedrooms with
master baths + a loft upstairs could be used for fourth room. Florida Room over-
looks the river from the 2nd floor, screened-in porch overlooking the river from
the first floor. Home has 1080 sq. ft. carport under the house with two storage
rooms, 10' ceilings, elevator, dock with boat lift, central sound system, and an
irrigation system with well. $869,000.00.
* Bayfront Lot-50 x 130 lot on the Bay, located in St. James. Spectacular
views. $195,000.00.
* Gulf Front-Two 1-acre lots on Hwy. 98. Located on the North side of 98 with
property on the Gulf. Panoramic Views! $175,000.00 each.
* Riverfront-Beautiful 1-acre lot located on New River. Located across the
river is Tate's Hell State Forest. This property has deep-water access to the Gulf,
nice growth, and plenty of room for a dock! Included in this price is a dock
permit. $225,000.00.
* Gulf Front-This is one of the best gulf front lots left in this area! Beautiful
white sand beach. $335,000.00.
* Bayfront Lot-Beautiful 1+ acre bayfront lot located in St. James. Beautiful
view of east end of Dog Island. Permitted for dock. $395,000.00.
* Gulf Front-This beautiful gulf front lot is wooded and private. Brilliant white
sandy beach. $350,000.00.
Bayside Realty, Inc.
305 Avenue B South 0 Carrabelle, FL 32322
697-5470 697-3919 877-577-7177 Fax: 697-5471
Freda White-Owner/Broker
Raymond Williams-Broker/Sales Beth Barber-Realtor
Jenny Weaver-Realtor Lee Schaffer-Realtor

In Response To The People's Juvenile Justice "Dialogue" Held

Coalition Hysteria Moving Through At County Courthouse Annex
The Panhandle

Pno 4 24 lannurv 2003

A -a- -T "-------J -" -


The Franklin Chronicle

Eating, ya gotta love it!

I Corrections I

The Chronicle erroneously reported that the 2002 permit count reached
170, when in fact, the data show that 162 R-l permits were issued
for 2002. This was down slightly from 170 recorded in 2001. We ap-
preciate the indulgence and phone calls from our readers alerting us
to these errors. The exercise of listing them helps keep us looking out
*for these pesky mistakes.
In the last Chronicle issue of January 10, 2003, and the piece about
Apalachicola City News, it was erroneously reported that $100,000
was available through grants for repair and refurbishment of
Apalachicola City Hall. Actually. two grants totaling $700.000 is avail-
able for restoration work on City Hall.
In another article, references were made to tabular data illustrating
income and expenses of the Humane Society. The original data were
accidentally omitted in that issue. The tabular data are presented

Profit and Loss

Ordinary Income/Expense
Adoption Fees
Contributions income
Restricted Contributions
Unrestricted Contributions
Total Contributions Income
County Support
Fund Raiser Income
Total Fund Raiser Income
Membership Dues
Total Income

Gross Profit
Administration Fees
Bank Service Charges
Contract Labor
Contract Labor-Expense
Temporary Help
Total Contract Labor
Directors Fee
Due.s and Subscriptions
Expenses-Fund Raisers
Gifts Given
Kennel Supplies
Offi.a Expense
Office Supplies
Payroll Taxes
Pest Control
Postage and Delivery
Professional Fees
Total Professional Fees
Repairs & Maintenance
Building R & M
Total Repairs & Maintenance
Sheltar Improvements

FYE 9/30/02 FYE 9130/01 FYE 9/30/00

68,813.63 17,649.87
22,332.00 50,655.00
27,322.94 9,492.00





Taxes & Licenses *
S-' Utilities
Garbage Disposal
Water & Sewer
Total Utilities
Veterinarian Fees
Total Expense
Net Ordinary Income
Other Income/Expense
Other Income
Dividend Income
Interest Income
Total Other Income
Net Other Income
Net Income




Don't Diet!!

By Eunice Hartmann
You heard me right. The D
word is the cause of more frus-
tration and unhappiness than al-
most any other 4-letter word I
It is the time of year when all the
magazines'address the fact that
60% of Americans are over weight
and so are 15% of their children.
The worst part of that statistic is
that overweight does not correlate
with healthy overeating if there is
such a thing, it is from eating too
many of the junk foods we all love.

77,796.87 70,179.30 If you have looked in the mirror
and not liked what looked back
77,796.87 70,179,30 at you then there are ways of
working on that issue. First of all
you must accept the fact that
there are NO miracle pills, lotions,
35.00 327.40 drinks or special combo of foods
62.30 133.80 that will make the job of loosing
weight easy. There just plain isn't
28209.0 27,64.90 a quick or magical way to loose
28,209.06 27,64.90 weight, despite what the adver-
209 223.05 tisements say. Do not spend
28,209.06 27,869.95 money on diet gimmicks of any
135.98 167.00 kind. You are just e companies
452.50 that sell diet rich and you will
5,078.69 3,397.36 ward that money to buy yourself
a new outfit when you go down a
1O1 4l2A 16 iR87.7 size.

536.55 658.20 754.06 Second do not plan "diet meals"

32.00 for yourself and cook something
.372.41 480.88 224.74 else for the rest of the family. That
2,655.80 2,332.51 2,295.73 will get very tiresome very soon
844.59 and you will quit. The answer is
894.00 100.00 90.00 to eat less of what you ,usually
1,275.00 1,950.00 cook. if you deny yourself the
450.00 foods you usually eat you will get
450.00 1,275.00 1,950.00. a craving that cannot go unan-
1,741.48 2,137.24 swered and oops, there goes the
1,779.00 1 plan for a new outfit. You will sat-
1,779.00 1,741.48 2.137.24 isfy your taste buds and not feel
1,080.67 the need to "cheat' by sneaking a
TY HUMANEtreat the rest of the family is en-
and Loss Thirdly, you need to understand
a bit of basic nutrition so you can
E 930/02 FYE 930/01 FYE 9/30/00 make informed decisions about
.57 028:95 1,974.54 what you do eat, Remember these
561.57 61028:95 61,974.54 facts: fat 9 calories per gram; pro-
1,303.30. 980.36 1,104.32 tein 4 calories per gram; carbo-
4,000.34 3,788.77, hydrates, = 4 calories per gram., A
2,464.80 gram is a measurement so you
191.43 can assume a spoonful of sugar
886.13 (carbohydrate) will not have as
776.52 many calories as a spoonful of
4,318.88 4,000.34 3,788.77 margarine. Since most foods are
8,041.96 4,447.23 4,316.42 a combination of all of these nu-
84,107.61 7614215 74963.12 trient it is a bit hard to keep track
4,-7- 7-- of each part of a meal, for instance
35,752.96 1,654.72 -4,783.82 a pot roast and gravy. Just re-
member anything with fat in it or
cooked in fat will be high in calo-
ries and that is where you need
3.00oo to watch out. Reduce fats in your
439.64 1,078.21 1,100.51 eating plan. A product which I
442.64 1,078.21 1,100.51 really like for this purpose is "I
442.64 1,078.21 1,100.51 Can't Believe It Is Not Butter"
spray which has zero calories.
36,195.60 2,732.93 -3,683.31 Spray it on your baked potato or
S toast instead of butter or marga-
tone and you will be on your way
to a smaller size.

Carbohydrate covers both starch,
and sugars and is used for energy.
Don't eat only carb9s or no carbos
at all. Our bodies need some but
it is best if it is not in the form of
plain sugar which has not nutri-
tional value just calories. Protein
is necessary for maintenance and
reproduction of cells in our bod-
ies. It is also slow to digest which
makes you feel less hungry for
longer periods of time.

P.O. BOX 8281
CARlAlIiuLLE, FL :32322

(850) 697-3189

Coldwe'llBne ucatRly

Residential Commercial Property Management Vacation Rentals

Finally, calories do count. A calo-
rie is a measure of the heat en-
ergy created as your body uses the
food you have eaten. It is really
very simple. If you eat more than
your body needs you will gain
weight; if you eat less than your
body needs you will loose weight.
You can adjust the rate of calorie
use through exercise. If you ex-
ercise you will increase the rate
your body uses the food you have
eaten making it convert the fat
tissue you have gathered on your
hips or other places into an en-
ergy source thereby reducing that
area we just mentioned.
So ... don't diet. Reduce the
amount of what you eat and find
ways to eat less high fat products.
Exercise daily but that doesn't
mean overdo it, just do it.
I would like to hear from my read-
ers about how they approach the
weight loosing issue. Any tricks
that really work? e-mail me at

Franklin County

School Board

In a brief meeting on January 9th,
the Board received information
that the Principal of Chapman
School, Richard Key, has joined
the growing list of military person-
nel being mobilized for active duty
in anticipation of duty in the
Middle East. Earlier, Jimmy
Elliott, City Commissioner in
Apalachicola, had also been mo-
Robert Robinson, Apalachicola
High School student body Presi-
dent, gave the Board a report on
tobacco prevention, describing
how the students developed a pro-
gram to curtail smoking among
ABC School Principal Jeff Weiner
announced that their new char-
ters would be presented to the
Board at the next School Board
Ms. C.J. Oagles gave a brief re-
port on the proposal for consoli-
dating middle schools at
Chapman. Her report to the Board
will be submitted later. She also
announced that an Intern would
be arriving from Japan in early
April and assigned to Chapman

FWC Schednlps

Stone Crab Public
Workshops .

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Con-
servation Commission (FWC) has
scheduled a series of public work-;
shops regarding the Stone Crab:
Program and trap retrieval and
trap debris removal issues.
The FWC's Stone Crab Trap Cer-
tificate Technical Advisory and
Appeals Board will conduct the
workshops. The FWC is interested
in receiving public comment on
the Stone Crab Trap Certificate
Program and problems associated
with its implementation during
the 2002-03 season and any other
issues regarding the stone crab
fishery. The FWC also is seeking
input and recommendations on
its rule proposals for defining trap
retrieval, debris and derelict
The FWC encourages interested
persons to participate at the work-
shops, which will take place from
6-9 p.m. each day as follows:
Tuesday, Jan.21
Fort Myers State Regional
Service Center
2295 Victoria Avenue
Room 165 C & D
Fort Myers
Monday, Feb. 3
City Council Chamber
123 NW Highway 19
Crystal River
Monday, Feb. 10
Monroe Regional Service Center
Mile Marker 48.5
Room 104
The board also will meet the day
after each of the workshops to
discuss stone crab issues, and
will make recommendations to
'the FWC at its final meeting on
procedural, policy or rule changes
needed to address issues and con-
cerns regarding management of
, the stone crab fishery.


|I -~lwfllH^I

Local Host


Needed For


ASSE International Student Ex-
change Programs (ASSE) is seek-
ing local host families for boys and
girls from Europe, Asia, the
former Soviet Union, Canada,
South America, Australia, and
New Zealand. Students are 15 to
18 years of age and will be com-
ing to the local area for the up-
coming high school year. The stu-
dents are sponsored by ASSE, a
non-profit student exchange pro-
gram organization. These person-
able and academically select ex-
change students are well screened
and qualified by ASSE. Students
speak English and are anxious to
learn about this country through
living as part of a family, attend-
ing high school, and sharing their
own culture and language with
their newly adopted host family.
Host families may select the
youngster of their choice from
extensive student applications,
family photos, and biographical
The students arrive from their
home countries shortly before
school begins and return at the
end of the school year. Each ASSE
student is fully insured, brings his
or her own spending money, and
expects to bear his or her share
of household responsibilities. Stu-
dents are included in the normal
family lifestyle and activities.
If you are interested in obtaining
more information about becom-
ing a host family, please contact:
Joan Soderqvist at 352-592-8477
or call 1-800-473-0696. You can
also visit us on the web at
Gospel Sing

At Mission By

The Sea

An old-faslhioned community din-
ner and gospel sing is scheduled
at Mission by the Sea for any and
all from along Ochlockonee Bay
and Alligator and Bald Points on
Friday at 6:00p.m. on January 24.
If you live someplace else, come
along anyway. It's informal. It's
friendly. Admission is your favor-
ite recipe cooked up in a covered
If you'd rather whip up a pie or
two or a whopping frosted cake.
Just make anything that you
would like to .share and. bring it.
It's a time to.get to know your
neighbors, meet new folks, make
new friends, all'ii a Christian fel-
lowship with some good ole Gos-
pel singing to boot. If you don't
want to come alone, grab a friend
or neighbor. You may want to grab
your preacher and his wife and
bring them too. Just don't forget
the covered dish, with a meat,
vegetable, salad or dessert.
The men's quartet from Sop-
choppy Southerri Baptist Church
will be featured in a sing-along
following the dinner. If you like
Southern Gospel Music, you'll
love them. They are good!
Most of us know these neighbors
from Sopchoppy. The quartet con-
sists of Randy Anderson, recently
retired principal of Medart El-
ementary School, Keith Anderson,
coach and physical education
teacher at River Springs Middle
School, Major Maurice Langston
of the Wakulla Sheriffs Office and
pastor of the Sopchoppy South-
ern Baptist Church, Jerry Evans
of the Citizens Bank.

Properties To

Open A New Office

In Carrabelle

A monthly meeting of the Wakulla
County Realtors Council of the
TBR was held at Posey's Restau-
rant in Panacea. The meeting
started with Sheriff Harvey, Lt.
Capt. Massa and Barbara
Duitsman explaining the United
Way and the efforts being made
in Wakulla County. Penny
McKinney was awarded a leader-
ship pin from the United Way for
her efforts in this pledge drive.
After an election of officers for the
new year for the Wakulla Realtors
Group, Penny McKinney made the
announcement of the new office
soon to open in Carrabelle. The
new office will be near downtown
Carrabelle on Hwy 98, and will be
staffed by several full-time real
estate salespersons.



At Gulf Cost



Applications are now available for
Gulf Coast Community College
Foundation Scholarships for the
2003-2004 academic year.
Foundation scholarships are
awarded to students demonstrat-
ing academic excellence, extra-
curricular involvement, academic
potential, leadership ability and
financial need. Priority consider-
ation is given by the Scholarship
Committee to residents of the
GCCC service district.
The deadline to apply for a Gulf
Coast Community Foundation
Scholarship is March 3, 2003. An
application may be obtained at
the Gulf Coast Community Col-
lege Foundation Office and the
Financial Aid Office, 5230 West
Highway 98, Panama City, Florida
32401. For more information, call

Kent McCoy Leads

Discussion Of

Beautification Grant

For St. George

Kent McCoy made a presentation
at the St. George Civic Club
Thursday, January 9th, concern-
ing possible plans for beautifica-
tion of the island as part of a grant
to be administered by Keep
Franklin County Beautiful and
the Franklin County Planning
Office. A number of concerns were
expressed regarding the various
plans including a view that the
proposed parking for the fishing
piers at both ends of the old bridge
was too limited. Seventeen park-
ing spaces appeared to a few ob-
servers to be very inadequate for
expected demand.
Questions about garbage collec-
tion and other maintenance were
raised but were left unanswered.
The most significant issue ap-
peared to be beautification versus
commercialization of the fishing
piers and whether franchising
was to be available on the piers.
No announcements have been
made regarding planning for the
new piers as one year remains
before the new bridge is to be
made ready for traffic. The first
meeting on beautification plan-
,ning was scheduled,for Wednes-
day, January -22nd, at the


qJ.Q T f C. F 3 V El .. LI.'.

Doyle's Place: Bayfront three bedroom, three bath
home on 4.21 acres. This home has a nice interior
with panoramic windows all around the home of-
fering an amazing view of St. George Sound. This
property may be divided into four bayfront lots. CalJ
today! $425,000.

Look Home: Three bedroom, one bath home in
a quaint area of Eastpoint. This home features
tile and carpet floors, wood cabinets, screened-
in porch and stucco siding. Totally renovated in
1992, this home is perfect for just about anyone!

www.uncommonflorida.com Coldwell Banker Suncoast Realty = T ,'
wwu o mnoi. T-224 Franklin Boulevard
e-mail: sales@uncommonflorida.com St. George Island, FL 32328
850/927-2282 800/341-2021 SUNCOAST REALTY

PI4vg Novi!

The Headquarters for the

are now located in Eastpoint.

Telephone: 850-670-1687
Fax: 850-670-1685
Cell Phone: 850-228-4560

The Franklin Chronicle is now located at
(Next to Coastal Building Supply)

Mail should be addressed:
Franklin Chronicle
Post Office Box 590
Eastpoint, FL 32328


Several Home Styles and Prices to Choose From

Affordable Lower Energy Bills
Passes Coastal Building Codes Termite Resistant
All Steel Construction Non-Combustible

RWB Industries
850-899-0542 or 850-670-8133

IV ,b| I .'A.


It), O f.)


Tml~iwnanmritiim (lwlhoniidte


24 January 2003 Pae 5

MA~~~~M-~ --Ict--- ------ ___________________-- a- ;~~ --n- -




4 4BR/2-1/2BA, on 1+ acre includes waterfront lot across street. 2750 sq. ft. up
L 4 & 2750 sq. ft. above ground garage & basement. Appt.-$399,000.
Mary Lou Patmore- Broker/Owner- 850-697-5277
Kathy Frink- Realtor/Assoc.- 850-697-9010
Chester Reese- Realtor/Assoc.- 850-228-9060
Jeff Ridley- Realtor/Assoc.- 850-443-3283
Brad Stanfield- Realtor/Sales Mgr.- 850-697-5408
"Service With Excellence"
850-697-5100 EASTPOINT, FL
TOLL-FREE 1-866-FLA-PORT 850-670-1708

CltuI diav itt j.iRtt waxvaitt tlumtie, nre \vamltinig. itiiLUU oin il''ii'.I ',:1
lttariniir ffto itttrn- Semdtrav (I(thl. Th1e rmn- audi giawlk- unitl h1',It-.
comdit lt1i inandti iin ainmAt aill tff tte 'i'. ittt. ('msgn- IMhndil. 8 6-f
pI'ii.u'it'll i aJ(Wphlanp(hitti citt))oe Tdatiss lBiIDlertbmtir2a '1T_. unima
th1it ll ut aniTV ffrfoitcdl a I It malanmputter taill that tUhusissBsb audit
: r'itL:s-tin dttthe iinpanltwais qpitte dkwanattliwg. bth rila mwi\ vhu)i
sman l irdl i.,ff, r uit.l-::L.-. ...i. n,

-Kl dtai11^vafficOT aItElffl tfriliniraU nil Apum 1hitueuait
f Alt amidfbndtinilW r taid i (ffatillhantisl Iiit lataiti
- l..w..int]aj !tie. =--,xuffsmajittin

*,-qImeme-hasdti iLa~mm. lia ttol ana- IKliithea'

Ihul aill Wdhniti al BSBSB) WtaD tameim- attishmtia!l exuthaenitbhui
inm sm stflates. Ian QSttilbmr IFimtthiLi rk ainmmunmdl a munitt amnnunedl dttail
tiro iptsnita (aulrmis (t}Ihaerbw aiqi. sannaib.Wdhit ilime''s iii-.ii. rus-
tamnnn thier :nalnrut g at tnug' iiunMeais tUi I.,auilnIIirNiL i. exaisLnig, 4-..7/ mini
11 bil l sUi iiaitufi-.
tlian' ii ; tthesttanyoilsa ei srasj e aaafatlle w nll-llbe Iutilltanier si St., 'D-,-, .. .-'
Ihihuii. lHBteltitunair11oIatthlliimlk,. It ....n .t ilt3l.Tiici. (Cenrgih,. itis -ju...hi.-i. ash

"Albnixtt 'ailta air imiirwais asgsot anms E-maill atroamt Vfiamits
ucii i jl LE s .-fi tnt i rL- un.at L .iF r-. ,su 1lit-.r1H1I s ign iri ir5iJ n'r1,e'
:r5 i n- ,, 'l4 II5 IjI J u' lie .lr'i tlhi d tu Jl 5*Ji.E lid.. ni s i"tiier i ii .t.rn- i iu'--
thain 1 i. ii x wii.J U diS S throm EatrttlinLiik.. rewsiseatnxIl tisltlinsi
ustiir i''0,wii UP- T.,a w-.- aaidl t audt y aifiter tr.r-u sr. ;n, atl
wlhiiF dhinsiane I 'r.'. :- a% CD.. wlIldihS H wai-c la Liasir rel.:11it

Conrelned,, n pandned I.ainTi'Lurnk .ind. a.ifr a'-,,ri-Zl for an
iitle inale t-inih oftimer, was assur't-i hiir rir- auto-
mated phone message was in error. .TL;3 Aird wIas told
tiat conversion would take place at a yet undetermined
i'tine iulbsteeu-tn.t to 12 December, that I would receive
,-r,,r-.us '.-a ~a TISPS, and that I should not be con-
"Despite assurances, however. INTERNET service was ter-
minated on or about 12 December ... I was out of town at
the time. Upon returning home and discovering no ser-
vice, I immediately phoned Earthlink and, after 3-1/2
hours of holding the phone-to my aching ear, received
apologies and an 800 (toll-free) access number. For some
reason this process involved talking to four different
Earthlink personnel. At that time I was assured that
the 800 number would remain operative until you rees-
tablished local access capability- No one could explain
why it was severed in the first place. If I received a confir-
mation number at the time (which I doubt) I didn't record
it, since I expected no further difficulty. Boy, was I naive

"I am frequently out-of-town, and upon returning to St.
George Island on or about 26 December. I found an E-mail
message from you (dated 21 Dec.) advising me that my
800 access would be terminated 31 December 2002. In-
credibly, I was assigned an absurd long-distant access
number in Destin, FL: Destin is 150 miles away from St.
George Island."
"I again phoned Earthlink and, again after waiting for an
eternity, talked with "Terrant" .(I think that's what he
said his name was). At that point I began recording con-
'firmation numbers, which in this case is 49516317.
Ten-ant assured me that I would not lose 800 access and
that It would continue uninterrupted until you reestab-
lished local access p.ilbiliiy (I.e., via 653, 927, or 670)4"
"Sure enough, upon returning home on 2 January 2003,
1 found my service terminated, 8o I again suffered an-
other episode of waiting agony, but li,.tl1 talked with
"David" (50495724) on 3 January. David could find no



Home, Auto, Life, Business, Marine, Bonds
and Other Lines of Insurance
See us for your insurance needs at:
61 Avenue'E
Apalachicola, Florida 32320
850-653-2161 800-586-1415


S MLS#95010 ""i


Evr dIy mor adr
ar -n ingt h

Pkotos drc
Lig kPthouses
George Ista
Postcards, c
Extremely w

Spedalizing t'
L. NauttilcaL
mi ble nte of
nwatLcaL Items,
e, collectibles,
ks arct vnytzU
Lrncttve acce nt

:a 1900, ojarea
at St. Marks, St.
net, Dog island,
San Blas.
urca 1900, ofold.
t-nLg e nautical

utems, arctltectral stars,
turtle Ltamps and muck

Lookjbr the blsL tin shed on
170 Water Street aLonw the
historic Apaachicola River.
170 Water Street
P.O. Box 9
ApvalachlcoLa, FL 32329
(850) 653-3635
Livwta & HarrU Arnold, Owners

January Meeting

Of Caersbelle

City Commission

By Rene Topping
There were only three commis-
sioners Mayor Wilburn Curly
Messer, Raymond Williams and
Edward (Ed) Saunders present.
Commissioner Frank Mathes had
a medical appointment out of
town and Phillip Rankin was ill.
The pay requests: One from City
Attorney Douglas Gaidry in the
amount of $2,332.50; 2.
Baskerville and Donovan
Inc.(BDI) one for Technical Ser-
vices on Invoice 68538 in the
amount of $45,531.53. The third
was from Royal American Con-
struction Company, Inc. for pay
request #17 for the amount of
The Board of Adjustment pre-
sented a request from Ernest and
Della Gay for a three foot variance
on a front setback to establish a
22 foot front setback, located on
Block 130 (F12) Lot 1, Pickett's
Addition. It was approved.
The next item was under Public
Hearing on three new City Ordi-
nances. The first was 0300 to re-
zone and change the land use of
Parcel 017-17S-04W-0000-
0010-A-120, Block A, Lot 12 of
Baywood Estates, located in Sec-
tion 17, Township 7 South, Range
4 West, Carraballe. Franklin
County, Florida. Containing ap-
proximately 7.43 acres from A-l,
Agricultural Conservation to R-1,
Single Family Residential District
changing the City of Carrabelle
Zoning Map, and providing for ef-

r1ttetimsWnyk1 iladijrasetinMe and eonstildled rtibtt t ierY
n.tit bt e'~te"ta'ttiritall problem' "t afEar ftllifk.. He'

Mt i' J ;' iii, I' i lit il;( l ?".l'J ll .lllrt El VJ.IA.;f ''' .:r Ae fs 1' bfei -
t10''-,,1p.!i .. ii~ i 4p-- .1 a grew dc1aofittis tyffoi
trcbt/tearffllvicfxsJi It t dldimaiD service -ie i srte hed cit
9p94 tftt tfit{lhtraiRlaStlflirt
"fW 41 4tstilt4 l. rir 'u,,rr- .ni'rl ritnmaLir ,... j'.. .*-' r ., ,in'-
t"jl'ti -tfi sfftrtri i'.1.111,- t walkedd ".Li', i -:'' :- .f *l
Cuh 41~ L Htfit .r i ]' iltiis '' fl0 n irf,,, ~ '.'j o i,.-r,,. ., -3
tb-air ^ ,*.. II" l } ilhg, e wchnicalth in> -t.. .r7: %t i4e1 1 -
t'l-fht:[-4 h i. 4.itt:q'. nti' ii'tative tte f; *.;, ieq -ta o
"fltUiesftilHit. fhaittwna-tted to tr. >.irr-,ro, (ingS
tiiit' ltb q rjI.i riftn l-tne the servloe;: 1wIy's .. evr r
g.shj';a -. il]'r..,-;'i..'c..l busysignal(flW ti tflrake

.", iit.,t,4i ,- .t agginw *.a:'trung forever.. &lfd tAled witeh
*'[al"'f(ibiiQQW).Biak essentially cofiledid wtAt ILd
thaia'ltir. {-.iptifti fdingtim reason wgny I la11 ttoat e
!(..aiai-t'..-, iqtlfYrr tthinn sense adrmintrative glitchb Hei
tuaiO rllnt4 r qi tq QtmpStenier service, where after a s65
minute W,4 Ill till-ilm ainse with '-Dolore" ((4Wi' :he
IPsilt ptiwfs oziftwmsres by at lea t ahree .rfthiri..
.i allr,ipNi11, Ji Ni element by five -ifrr- Oo@"re,
Ima rn Itt,.lrzt rsUt ni4 i n: 'l:-rued nic that i f bad
"*glrii' l.:N h:0i;ii i--1.i ~I~.1 i -ioLsember 20 r '. -n' .ilA s F iFi0 wih01
r.- t.e' ,'lit, : .i',.'r., it., enestingly. now el t d r toi e t
,garisitv.all w"it W lfh 0vni lih ad spoken, priof to Dolores
aoganmrenhitl. wroemrilo1i a f the postsibity that their co n
wan: ] aii rsrIthlin(t. wQIltilin intentionallyy Did arbitrarily tecr-
mitiftesrii' sftiRq di antiisfiranchise a sizable @ody of cou-
'"liter, it 5,te l e -alkf-fiataway to 'run-a railroadnt even a
tewmr-lht. a?,,rniitPi.l~alta, niSP self-porteryed as consumer

s'e .. .;e Lr. iT:kt.-..i tei. i-,Il estimated that 'have pient over
21,5 Insin 6isar, i h1 tIllt lya w oith E.irKdit.4an, ne or i evria.
.o I i.,' ...i;'.-,R .liiOttlttfll lakIyou for your patience' Inter.
jpeetaingt. a.. Qwiitrpatte. image and reputation, at least
Th lt Stt.. (lig- tsia iis not merely tainted, it is zilch.
p Tyithat selianitsbisaeesacutirability is probably true, but it is
Wh tenikasrtsank tioiok .-.', iii i'r.;Liaris: its assets, Its liabilities,
atitm ll is snusir-e orrs..!.i.r; the latter of which, at least,
t Oe i Frlhati gi,,X deftsnoltt aei d on, Hundreds of users here
Lesveltetes n sdteivs ndiiected by your callous and arro-

......Sitmeriet,. Castles L Lardent."
No teniae its :'neit',lir.-. r t lii mtennet. There are ir.sialfi/lton- which
drl.-, fIe-treniitai. l'.-'.lftths network and set standardsforcreat-
rpm .1p.pil-r.tirn-.'-.s .it; niaut- oggwerning body is in control. The Internet
Awu ki'.t tiri'atdit:. -dtatitdi ,ternhet traffic 1liwb.-- is owned by private
Contiinuall takeoiers sternm to be a pattern within the ISP business
and mnay ormaynot hefaotith- ij'dinddil subscribers Internet access.
In thiis case it did.. Soane ,obr-cmher. to Diuifl(h-.p cuni did receive
automated phone calls or e-mails however a significant number of
them went ithr t. the .(p'us-t:me process of speaking with many dif-
ferent I'scl.'.i .Jo aus i- E..rtrhniq k reps who either denied any problems or
referred the customers to another rep who had no answers for dis-
continuance of serviee. Ail uti to be correct the service was avail-
able but there was no local free access number which connect the
customer to the ISP and the greater World Wide Web of services. Cus-
tomers in this area had to pay a long distance fee for every dial-up
connection which quiellyadds up and was not in the agreement cus-
tomers in the emrhanen 927.670 and 653 counteracted for. some
even having pai-J t r ;.x r- service ahead,
The bottom line of all this is the almighty dollar. Volaris was a com-
pany that specialized in small rural areas such as Franklin County,
When EarthULnk took over Volaris it appears that decisions were made
to either co0ntu,' or drop service areas based on their financial po-
tential. Franklin Countv does not have a large industrial base or the
potential of one winch would mean high intensity Internet use de-
mands, therefore Digitalexp.com customers in our local were not a
It is estimated tha3 DiLif.alo-p.cci had about one third of the potent
tial customers in Frroril:ln, rourii,i OTCom.net, another ISP serving
Franklin Cinihitr had about a third and the rest use other services
such asAiL. AND the winner is GTCom because a large number of
the former i Dtilaiesp customneris |i-iilr' switched to G CoKri mi-l.

$Fetixve iate ns i s'hrIJ'f ..-i' ,.>'i

e e4.- Pr ico cond .C1iine
r-;-7. pi riwedl City Ordinance
.'.' -'l ii f gsc rates to be
...-*' ; I-{ e Muniei-
i' i:'',ii.-. I "i 5m toe eas

S *.cilir:-i off wastewater sys-
tem inecgtion fees utinder spec-
ed:: And providing an effective
Thifd, r .'- Comment concern-
42g .t;wd /'i r,/ordinance 0 302
51PP ] c a (.P r.- 'r'l- behI iurseldfor
thle 4Pe of the 2Iiag p.al V.,It-r
Wotk Pystem;; and providing for
an effective date,
There wano public comment and
the tl ree ordinances were ap-
Item One on Unfinished Business:
Joe Hamm was the only applicant
; !;.-r op':'ning for a police officer.
Thlie nly question was asked was
on his back injury and Commis-
stoner Ed Saunders said that
Hammn had been doctoring with
h m and he would be O.K. The
commissioners voted to hire
Hamm and to waive his probation.
The next item was set to discuss
a little financial help on supplies
and gas for the St James Volun-
teer Department and Carrabelle
Volunteer Fire First responders.
They turned up empty handed.
Fire Chief Bud Evans was told by
the Mayor that he couldn't come
Into town as a first responder if
he used his siren and was above
the 45 mph. Evans said, "That's
all I need." He wanted to notify
the Mayor and residents that he
will no longer take the calls in
Carrabelle. Commissioner Saun-
ders requested to table it to the
next meeting as he wanted to see
if he can work something out.
Gene Langston requested to ad-
dress the commission on running
water on the West Side of
Carrabelle starting at the J and B
Fishing business. He suggested
he and Ben Watkins could run the
line and be reimbursed by the
money of tap ons. He said he had
an estimate of $45,000. Langston
said that they would supply the
meters and the City could, collect
the fees. Mr. Watkins said that he
had bought 10 tap ons. At the
Carrabelle Beach commission
Saunders made the motion and
Messer seconded that Langston
and .Watkins would provide the
pipe and meters and as long as
the owners of the land would give
an easement. The motion passed.
The commissioners approved a
change order from Royal Con-
struction Company to increase
the contract as a result of vacuum
sewer system expansions to the
original contract in the amount of
$896,013.30. The change order
brought the total including other
change orders to a total amount
of $4,869,750.70. The approval is
contingent upon receiving per-
The commissioners approved
monies expended for Lanark
Route Survey made by BDI at a
total of $7,850.00 the amount
Said on invoice 68307 for
The commissioners had discus-
sion concerning the Water/Sewer
and Referendum Petitions.
Jim Lycett said, "Make sure that
we -have got the prison covered
and also added the ballot what-
ever legal hlinaume that the resi-
dents of Carrabelle approve all
four phases of the development as
was presented last night. (January
8) This way, if you think it is im-
portant and I think it is, that we're
not rolling the dice, on one single
thing vitthe amendment, and
we're pr have and also in doing this I think
we preserve the integrity of the
il ent ol [l it petitioners and it was
never stop or hold up the prison
or Phase four. So this is what I
would suggest maybe with these
additions to the Ballot that we
could get this done as quickly as
Raymond Williams said, "I think
you have got a good suggestion,
Jim." Williams said that Lycett
had 100 signatures. Lycett that
he was not suggesting that they
remove anything from the ballot
but made these additions. He
said," There is nothing to stop the
city from putting things on, too."
Someone asked, "What is the time
line of voting." Williams said it had
to be before the general election.
"We have time lines for grants. "
Maybe we can have the commis-
sioners missioners come out and
make a statement and have an
early election."
Roger Bybee said that some of the
numbers he heard last night were

AII advertising is to be paid in
advance with receipt given
as desired. At these discount
rates, no billing will be made.
Franklin Chronicle, P.O.
Box 590, Eastpoint, FL
32328 927-2186 or

not -'" .'.,'i. '.. ghM e saiC ,e wYuld
sugest or fes90e1m'I i.r"' lead- ;
"s talk to 11 I. ,1i. .O i .'. .r,<,r.p, jple
are nu '-- .- ',Ir'.; '/,.,.n '..1i' i take
, i'( appirtowmid] and 'ge

Keck said that be could set the
numbers, B'L'-. said that if the
referendum passes the BDI have
to be ready to do Phase 5.
There was more discussion and
eventually it looks as if the as if
the referendum will go. It was
tabled until the next meeting.
The next item was to approve or
disapprove buying a Hand Held
Reading System from Sunstate
Meter and Supply at a cost of
$8,000 was tabled.
Consideration and action con-
cerning participating in the local
Government Certification Pro-
gram which DCA has imple-
mented was also tabled.
Under New Business:
The commissioners approved Fire
Chief Keith mock to purchase a
Computer for the VFD at an esti-
mated cost between $900 -
$1,100 to be paid out of FWr
The commissioners approved a
request from Asst. Fire Chief Mike
Horvath to attend an annual
seminar at Jacksonville on Feb-
ruary I at an estimated cost of
The commissioners voted to take
off the letter from FDLE perftatn-
ing to a new law that will allow
local government to obtai an a- i
tional criminal history flfonmia-
tion based on local rrr!.'.r,'-.-

2003 VALiSiTWIrn

FAX # 850-670-1685

Contact Nick Hutchison
at 850-697-5403

3x3 for $22.00
(Regular rate = $33.75):
February 7 or February 21

3x3 for $32.00 a pair
(regular rates = $67.50):
February 7 and
February 21

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1287-Angus Morrison-Recently remodeled Alligator Point 4/2 home on lovely wooded
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1454-Alligator Drive-High and dry lot with possible gulf view, within walking distance to
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I _

IIP~saaplrrpr~p~t~_ ~~_

1' _I__

A I W>1 I IV fWXfl'r~ VPIV~PA ~4'ii

4U 1 X L. 'r IV 13 4kk,.AiS

Carra.elle Wairi,& Teer
Projects from Page 1
S.1* 'n i k- I' i i vas
S .r "li i .*, i C '
re a I l i l I
i i i t ', / 1, I ,
P F, ee I 1 ': 1 r I I I I'll 'I I
e .s(, k. 1 ,. -
h e e : .. :.l I. nn- ',. n' l

(O% il, 1 I.I II ,, ll I'1 '' .-,l i' i'
I '' ^ Y']J'3 lhe legis-
1. l "- I 'cri eithte til 0
Sagrt er'ent Wh \AL WA-
,TER DEV\E'iI(AEN' to prlttide
vwatdr -- -- ', 6 st~e' 'dt the Citv
r. '*r 6 i roVi'n'e seWVet- Set''lees
.ui.- 'th~e 'ci'tV ttffi's which al-
eady' *VeI'CitV Wt'r serkce.
'{ I 9.-j 'I i.:,-,' t'dt 'tnte K oAf t of
tihancfng \vhs l .'- l .. 11-m3 and
'l r.. i ra e blessed
f i r- p H '- Ie'c d'i'ent of so mtany

M'On the' Ta'p'e i ted )out Phase
'oue ^'ill be the s'e\\ar dcolectiai

l,. 'n .1- .'.i. ;' \\ -..' r 'i, iI alld
*,1.l i i ..nb I.-u-'on r5E'; a r- na\ wa-
*ter atid ',ast':\va't, He said that
the I 'r, nkl,:. ,'6retional Inati-
effltu ht .:,p,'. 1. w. atet .u p.'l \
,tha i itsi`ait1n. analk \ llag
itil o M a ivater Atid Sewer in a

Phaase TII 8xpatsion of Vacuum
Sewer Dt i't ithin the City of
Ca.rnbelie.; Phaise I' Expansion of
Wast-eater treatment facility and
effluent disposal upgrades; Phase
TV StrWae to expand utility ser-
vie -ilin the city. Three Rivers
'iRc.,: tii.r.iv collection System.
Timber island Lift Station,
Subquaeous Transmission, (a
sewer pipe 30 feet under the
Carrabelle River. A main on River
Road and Carrabelle Beach grav-
ity sewer system.
He said the city has been the re-
cipient of special legislature
grants, as a result of the city com-
missioners, BDI and the city's
State representatives doing direct
lobbying. He said, "The state leg-
islature found the city worthy,
and in need of additional grant
funding. So with a stroke of the
pen the legislature has given the
city about $3 million dollars."
Keck described why Carrabelle
was able to get the agreement
started in 1995 with US Depart-
ment of Agriculture, Rural Devel-
opment Association to expand
and replace the water system in
Carrabelle. "At that time it was in
need of replacement, one part of
the agreement which was a fac-
tor in the city getting a larger
grant, was that the city expand
the water system outside of the
Keck then moved on to the sewer
program." This began with the
vacuum sewer system, which is
almost completed, and is about
to be expanded." Keck described
the reason for wanting to have the
rehabilitation. He said, "The city's
infrastructure is the old pipes that
allowed water to get into the old
system, 'overburdened' the treat-
ment facility which increased
rates, and preventing new hook-
ups." The treatment facility is still
under consent order from back in
the nineties. He remarked that
DEP wasn't as concerned about
the financing as about the treat-
ment of the discharge.
The first phase will be the vacuum
system in the city. The next part
will be the establishment of a
re-use main and a force main on
U.S. 98 which will send the efflu-
ent to St. James Bay. There they
will use it on the golf course.
The other project to supply water
and sewer to the Franklin Correc-
tional Institution will be a plus to
the city in that it adds infrastruc-
ture and revenue.
A retired Civil Engineer Roger
Bybee asked if the reclaimed wa-
ter would contaminate the bay.
Keck said, It will be reclaimed
and will be used to laundry the
sheets and uniforms." River Road
resident Knut Rittweger said "If

ybO use it to water the golf eo.urse
li ill get into the bay eventually."
Reek said "No" and Rir'-. -..-
'J-.-I .;;. not ?19 ...-. .
The golf course will use an tuo-
dtihAte amount of fertiliter. If this
Wastewater is sent to them, they
tollt Use lose fertilizer. l '-.. t 'lb he
i- 111 nitrogen and phosph aOrs.
If those systems are properly
laintitained. all of the nitrogen
anid phosphorous will uptake into,
the plant species, and there wfll
lut( be runoff like that. is, it pos-
sible? Does it commonly happen?
Often it does. but there should not
be runoff in that situation." Jim
Bryan asked if St. James Bay
would have ponds. Keck said that
the system is self-contained, with
a series of ponds that feed into,
each other. "When the water gets.
to the lower pond it will be
pumped to the highest pond."
Billy Kersey said. "Let's. talk about
the ponds. That's a good idea, but
everybody knows we are in a hur-
ricane situation here. What's ,op-
ing to happen if there is a hunrTi-
cane and we get a massive
amount of rain?' Keck said,, "It is
designed to handle that and the
DEP has approved it."
Keck said that if the ret-'. :--..:,,r,
passes there will be financial iin-
plications. The impact will be on
customers in the city, Lanark Vilb
lage water and Sewer Dstrielt,,
West side of Carrabelle River, Tinn-
ber Island and St. James r.
According to Keck it will mean
that there would be a 78% rate
raise In fees over the next 5 yea-s
and the average water and sewer
bill would be $36.54 for water and
$43.08 for sewer.
According to Keck, if the referen-
dum fails, the average bill should
not have to have an increase for
the next five years and the aver
age bill will $20.53 and seier btI'r
will be $24.30.
Likewise, according to Keck, if the
referendum fails, thie ci.y will re-
ceive $15 million dollars in grant
monies. If it passes the city will
lose $6.5 million in 'rant's FDEP
says if the city follows i plan to
put the sewer on the west side of
the Carrabelle River the city will
receive $15 million dollars.
The state revolving loan program
in combination with the grant
program and special leis'latIue:
appropriation, have grants total-
ing $19.5 million dollars,
Keck said the reason they would
lose the money quoted was that
the money will not be used for the
outside of Carrabelle projects, and
it will just go back to state.
Keck said there are assurances
that projections are accurate, in
the event of consolidation with
LVWSD and at the proposed rate
structure of 125% ofqCarrabelle's
rates, the existing distinct cus-
tomer base can adequately fund
the district's existing expenses
and debt services.
No rate increases will be required
by the city consolidations utilities
with the district.
The Florida Department of Cor-
rections has provided a letter to
the city stating their desire to ac-
cept water and sewer services
form the City of Carrabelle.
The Carrabelle Development
Company requested the city take
over all construction activities
associated with the Timber Island
Lift station. This is for a new de-
velopment for condominiums.
Reading from the words in the let-
ter sent to all Carrabelle customer
he quoted "the City of Carrabelle
will lose more than $6,5 million
dollars in grant money. Now it
doesn't say could-it says it will."
He went on, "You have given an
excellent presentation, but my
understanding from all the pre-
I sentations is that a contract,
monies and everything else is al-
ready in place. Keck said "Yes, it
is." Lycett'said, "How would this
petition keep any monies from
going to these projects?" Keck an-
swered, "The assumption is that
the projects would be stopped."
SLycett said they were all in place
before September. Keck said they
Shad to have a conference with Mr.
Gaidry and he gave them the le-
gal interpretation.

20 acres, 25 miles (east of) Booming El Paso.
Roads, surveyed, references, $9,995,
$0 down, $99 monthly. Money back guarantee.
No qualifying.




Of St. Geor

61 West Gulf Beach Dr.
Suite C
St. George Island, FL
(850) 927-2821


Lyeett said. "The 6.5 million dol-
lars., you are using this as a per-
,.er,.. of monies.. Keck "No, No,,
.-,. said they to had! go back
and say what is the cost of this
project and "It will be eliminated.
Bam? The project has just gone.
It has just gone into thin, air."
tLc'e: said. "What you are say-
ing is even though you' have
shown us the Phases, no agree-
ment -.e.r; rr., :iiat has. gone
before :.'i :! t,..- r,fgKe k, 'that
is correct. The official agreement
does not exist." Keck said that the
work on the prison has not been
.1. i.gr-,.-:-.i It has not be'en .iq t
ted. Lcett said thai "Thenn it
would not have any effect on what
is. inside the city."
Keck said that is. correct. The dis-
cussion then went onto River
Road. One Part Is in the city.
Lycett said,, "if the sewer iis run
,down River Road and state law
says if it is, x number of feet, from
your home you have to book on."
Keck said., "if it gets built. If the
project does not go forward.. If it
is, not built they will take the
money back-.
.On T..:.n-rT Island the land is al-
most al the prf.,-r.;[ i'- in the City
and across :,. r I"-S 9 aI) that land
is in the city limits. T re i. '-:' ble
to connect.
c Ivc it, said there might be some
gray areas. Gai dr.- said there was
some real problems in the word-
ing, Lycett said that the intent of
the referendum was not to pre-
id' e people from being able to
tite up with the sewer lines.
S..\" asked. "What happens to
the whole petition if you change
the wording on the petition? The
concerns of the people who have
signed this ;et- .'.ionI were never to
keep a prison stopped or having
rpep getting water and sewer."
aGiY said, "I think you would
have to make them sign it again
if you th.tne the words."
Lycett said 'That's why we are
here wiimht. I never intended to
circumvent the process." Lv c eI
asked about the sewer rates that
have just been raised and wanted
to know what caused the rates to
go up. The Ctr- did not answer,
Knut Riggweger said that there
are 82 homes on the far end of
River Road and they don't need
sewer. Gaidry said. "This was not
to discuss River Road. This is for
the referendum tonight. "
Gaidry said in Wakulla on Mashes
Sands was barred from putting in
more houses. He said the DEP
does have a policy that they would
like to have people on sewer and
close up all the septic tanks,
Gaidry said, "We can negotiate
day ahd night but this petition
has to go. It was suggested tha"
in other places people had It taken
to a Judge." Gaidry said," Ajudge
won't rewrite it He added that the
promoters should try to educate
the people as to what was the in-
tent. He said he had not found
another way yet in any law that
would allow them to change the
petition but there may be another
Lycett said that county after
county have so many times had
development has out stripped the
infrastructure and that is one
problem with all the growth so fast
in this area.
There was a feeling that the ref-
erendum should go as soon as
possible. The fall elections are too
late. The decision will have to wait
until the next night at the regu-
lar meeting as no decisions can
be made at a workshop.


Chamber President

Reports Activities

To City

By Rene Topping
Skip Frink, the newly elected
President of the Carrabelle Area
SChamber of Commerce, gave the
City of Carrabelle Commissioners
a report of the activities of 2002
at the regular meeting held on"
January 9th, 2003. It was also a
thank you for the financial help
the Chamber gets from the City
and Franklin County Commis-
Frink said, "We all live in the
"boonies." Not only Carrabelle but
every town on the "Forgotten
Coast." People who have come
here, to live in or just to visit,
know that there is a Jacksonville,
and a Panama City and a Destin.
They chose to come here because

Sales and
Long Term



we are not what the others are.
We're a quaint fishing village '
We're in the "bbonies."
"That's the classic Cat'ch that
Can'--, | faces: we love our If-
cati'oi., uto i t encoutiage the
growth 'ots ,i'rr,. -. sO that X-e
can AI16oVAd ei4o h' ou& td'catiboh.
; We is busihess MThd iniditrvl
for i'obs, 1 .bs hbr i ,t i ihtie, ani
Sintohwe s the 'e-s i'iti'e tide hiat
'Raises al tWe boAats. But tot
nmuch. tio IfAkst. i thle gtitowlh tm
the awti'ty .h ii.-i imay rock all
the boats. '=. linit tho (tv thing
that sets l"s AI-iatlt mi- the test.
There isko easy Aswer.'
Frink thetnt quoted Itrot article one
of the by-laws: "The association
is ogpat-tzed oir the purpose olfad-
yancmig the economic Indusrial.
professional, cultural and civic
welfare ol' the Carrabelle area, to
encourage the '.. ,,', i, of '.s,, :
industries and businesses, while
giving all proper assistance to any
new hirms or individuals seeking
to locate in our area, To support
all those activities believed to be
beneficial to the community and
area. to oppose those that might
be detrimental, and in Lt ri'-r-l to
promote the welfare of all :'-:. .' -
We. in the Chamber are non-paid
volunteers who meet once a
mon'h. and much more '.:.' as
needed for special projects. The
sole aim of our meetings is to ben-
efit commerce in Carrabelle,
To that end, the oill,'.,'i.., ts a
highlight list of activities in the
year 2002:
1. January general membership
meeting, yearly reports, new of-
2. February, red'-sian-d Carra-
belle Web Site ;nutrribt-r one on all
search engines 25,000 bits.)
3. April: Carrabelle River Front
festival (two days) 4,000 visitors.
4. May: FAM tour (eight travel
writers here for three days-two
magazine articles four newspaper
and two revisits.)
5. 2007 Visitors Magazine, ex-
panded four pages (distributed
6. Christmas lights contest and
Christmas Social for all members,
(157not all in the City of
7. "Welcome to Carrabelle" high-
way signs program, Funded by
"Our 2003 January meeting is
next week. I can tell you at this
point, however, there is going to
be new emphasis on attracting
new business and industry to
Carrabelle. We will be looking for
any help or advice anyone can give
on the subject of government in-
centive programs,. tax benefits for
new industry, etc, to spark our re-

u i a

S S Si

71v- j -.--_- j
Tom Center at the
Juvenile Justice "Dialogttue"

Art And

Theatre Events


The Visual and Performing Arts
Division of Gulf Coast Community
College will present the following
The T hra irs- production, Chagrin
Falls, will be presented on Feb-
ruary 7, 8, 14 and 15 at 7:30 p.m.
and F-brua'rv 9 nrjd 16 at 2:30
p,m, IJ; i A.~la1 C.' .rnter Theatre
Lab on campus.
Written by Mia M' CJli']-.h. the
drama is about a young,
part-Asian woman journalist sent
to cover a story in the town of
Chagrin Falls about a man on
death row. in the process of re-
searching her story, she meets
several colorful characters and an
older man who helps her finds
herself The pliw ?. is directed by
Pamela Garmion and features
Joann Wilson, Tommy L. Woods,
Michael Clark, Kenny Dion, Mat-
thew Birmingham and Landon
Smith. The stage manager is Kim
Admission is $10 at the door and
is free for Gulf Coast Community
College students. S::al.ig is lim-


Elect Officers

The Franklin County Republicans
held election of officers on Mon-
day, January 20. Re-elected to
two-year terms were Ned Pooser,
Chairman; Doug Creamer, Vice-
chairman; and Polly Pooser, Sec-
Chairman Pooser thanked com-
mittee members for their contin-
ued support, and set as goals for
the next two years filling vacant
precinct committeeman and com-
mitteewoman positions, contin-
ued growth of the Republican
Party in the county, electing re-
publicans to local political offices,
and re-electing President Bush in
2004. Persons interested in be-
coming active in the Republican
Party in Franklin County are en-
couraged to call Chairman Pooser
at 697-4368, or e-mail pooserpb

Florida Dept.of Banking and Finance

We're now the
Department of Financial Services.

Different name Same service


1z Canada Drugs

Call us toll free to
find out how:

* 2'dghts onboared, PiLis fui day kin Noom
*Lin. Entntkrnw'* mW Fine Okiin
*Chiudronia prgrwn
*FiiI Swvla ~a"-
Gue aavaable

to 50E%2o



Nets from Page 1

found this rule is an attempt to
do away with any gains for civil
rights by the Judge Sander Sauls
Order before the 1st District Court
of Appeals. We will file immedi-
ately in Federal Court." The "Fish-
ing for Freedom" representatives
plan to seek an injunction against
the rule. The legal case involving
the Judge Sauls decision involves
the First District Court of Appeals
review of a hybrid net that was
initially judged to conform to the
net limitation Amendment to the
Florida Constitution. The State
appealed the ruling and a final
decision at the appeal level is still

501 E. Bayshore Drive
R. Michael Whaley, Pastor
Join us as we praise and
worship the living Christ!

Sunday Bible Study 10:00 a.m.
Worship & Praise 11:00 a.m.
Sunday Night 7:00 p.m.
Wed. "Power Hour" 7:00 p.m.

"Walking in Christ"

r Coastal Trailer

& Hitch
Sales & Seice
Medart, FL
Across from Medart Elementary


All Types Of Trailers
We also sell parts
We make Axles
Road service available

Rolls Aluminum Boat Trailers
Performance Boat Trailers
Utility Trailers
Hours: 8:30 6:00 M-F
9:00 3:00 Saturday
L 2

Tho Perfoct
S.S. OcoanBreeze

i ncodt ay
Service Fees

ge Island, Inc.

This lovely St. George Island bay view acre+
in the prestigious Plantation is the perfect
spot for your dream home. Just a short walk
to the beach, pool or tennis courts-But best
of all, is its impressive panoramic bay view.
$325,000. MLS#94594.

Hickory-smoked the old-fashioned
way with all the fixns prepared from
our own recipes.
Pork Beef Ribs Chicken
Bar-B-Q Potatoes
Salad Bar
1593 West Highway 98-Carrabelle
'"Worth Dr/ving 100 Miles For."
Open 7 days, 11 a.m. 9 p.m.
Thank you for letting us serve you!

--T,,E Specialize In

Choice Cut Meats
Fresh Poultry Fresh Seafood (in season)
Mon. Sat.: I
Cold Cut Department 9 a.m. 6:30 p.m.I
Fresh Produce Groceries Sunday: I
S* Beer and Wine Noon 6:30 p.m.

Pine Street Mini Complex 2nd and Pine East
St. George Island, Florida 850-927-2808

C--I ElT -plC~lllIIY -- _

.irgr., I C.i1 L'. t BFuilders, an af-
i [i,:st .-.!1 ,' l i,:,l.ri; lH on B u'il,

rn .' r ,
P a e 'li', r ,_ a; s,

tion is scheduled fot- l-,hfU 1A

2003 ats 6 p ataSI's Tile M
and Natdith! lC.,r,,i1.-.r7 R ,',
B a s, i =,, r s' .. ^ -,-,'- .

Eastpoint. There will be de&i '-
stration of tile installati6ri. Ofje
business items will be distuss.
Refreshments will be stfved,
The Association meets the ~tid
Thursday of each month at sites
to be announced. Contiriuiign
education and items of interest t6
members are the subjects of the
monthly meetings. New members
are also welcome. Please contact
Denise Butler at 653-9310 for
more information,


The Franklin Chronicle


24 January 2003 Page 7

SummerCamp from Page 1

(From left) Commissioner Cheryl listens to Commissioner
Bevin Putnal.

The preparation of a hurricane
preparedness and evacuation
plan by in county is also required.
By April, 2004, Franklin County
shall revise its comprehensive
plan to update the goals, objec-
tives, policies and future condi-
tions may and transmit such re-
visions to the Dept. of Commu-
nity Affairs (DCA This revision
shall be based on a planning pe-
riod through Year 2020 with cur-
rent and forecasted conditions,
and satisfy date and analysis re-
Most of the speakers at the hear-
ing lived outside of Franklin
County, and over half spoke nega-
tively concerning approval of the
proposed Amendment.
The representative of the St. Joe
Company who, of course, spoke
positively on the St. Joe proposal,
was Billy Buzzett, director of Stra-
tegic Planning.
Ken Osburn of Alligator Point ex-
pressed dissatisfaction with the
withdrawal of the revised intersec-
tion of highways 98 and 319, call-
ing it a very dangerous intersec-
tion. Pete Burg of Panama City,
like many others, urged the Com-
missioners to postpone the
Amendment decision until the
comprehensive plan itself was re-
vised and approved. Paul Johnson
and others recognized the positive
aspects of the St. Joe Company's
revisions to the original plan. Jim
Lycett injected some humor into
his characterizations of the
changes tantamount to a visit of
Aliens to the panhandle. He em-
phasized the negative intangibles,
however, and cultural impacts of
the development, citing the unde-
sirable aspects of similar gated
communities in Franklin County.
He was quite correct in that gated
communities usually worked out
to become isolated islands in the
cotinty, creating contradictions to
'the word "community." He urged
Sandra Allen pointed out that
'there were few commercial fjish'
,ermen present at this meeting a
telling response. Dr.,TprqbAdams
attempted to change some lan-
guage in the proposal to make the
County a party-in-interest if there

were future needs, but Commis-
sioner Jimmy Mosconis immedi-
ately rebuffed the effort indicat-
ing this was just a ploy to drag
the county into potential legal
conflicts. He cited the long string
of St. George Plantation litigations
as examples which, incidentally,
have contributed to the large debt
the Plantation on St. George is
trying to pay off.
An unidentified individual calling
himself "Finn" interrupted the
proceedings just before a final
vote of the Amendment was taken
claiming that the St. Joe Com-
pany did not have clear title to a
portion of the lands under review
in the present proceeding. The
Chairperson of the Commission,
Ms. Cheryl Sanders exclaimed
that he was out of order, and
called for the bailiff to remove him.
He turned around and voluntar-
ily walked to the rear of the meet-
ing room. Ms. Sanders rapped her
gavel twice, declaring the matter
was an issue between St. Joe and
the claimant.
Mr. Pierce acknowledged that
some of the issues raised during
the meeting "...have not been fi-
nalized." He reminded the Board
that this is a land use change ...
". There is still a PUD Ordinance,
which would be a site-specific or-
dinance, which would specifically
locate all of the roads in the de-
velopment, the houses, all the
specific issues that you don't put
into the comp, plan. So, there is
still opportunity for discussion
and public comment on what the
final, exact, plan is going to be.
At this point, the comp plan
amendment... talks about 19
houses in the coastal high haz-
ard area... We don't know, where
those 19 will go ... or where those
480 will go. We know that's the
number. But, there will be a PUD
Ordinance. The Board will have a
public hearing on that..."
"SummerCamp is, in my opinion,
a low density development. It's
499 houses on 780 acres. That's
fairly low density. The difference
is, instead of allowing wells and
septic tanks, which is what we've
done in other parts 'of the'couhty,
this' is going to 'have a central
sewer system... and a central wa-
ter system. That's an improve-
- ment over what we've normally




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Special Meeting
from Page 2

seen lor developments."
"The comp plan update is mostly
a technical issue. It's driven by
what's in the Florida Statutes. Yet,
the comp plan update per rules
and regulations that DCA (De-
partment of Community Affairs)
has generated.
The VISIONING is what I think
most of you want to see. You want
to know what is the VISION of
Franklin County. What is the VI-
SION of St. James Island? What
VISION does St. Joe have of
Franklin County? That is a
community-based, a citizen-
based initiative that.we all need
to participate in. I think there are
two issues here. One, the comp
plan is driven by rules and regu-
lations; St. Joe has submitted
data that meets those new,
state-driven guidelines. The VI-
SIONING is something we all need
to work on..."
Mr. Pierce concluded, "To think
that the comp plan update is go-
ing to significantly change
SummerCamp, I don't believe is
accurate. VISIONING ... will
clearly give you an idea of what
St. James is going to look like in
the future."
Chairperson Sanders asked the
County Commissioners if they
had any further questions. Com-
missioner Putnal, sometimes per-
ceived to be the most critical Com-
missioner on the Board in regard
to the St. Joe Co. He slowly
worked up to a statement indicat-
ing that the county could handle
the influx of additional population
and attendant problems. "But, I
feel like this can be handled in a
way that we can preserve what we
already, have and have some good
development like St. Joe is plan-
Billy Buzzett, director of strategic
planning for St. Joe Company,
said he did not know what per-
centage of SummerCamp resi-
dents would turn out to be tran-
sient visitors compared to perma-
nent residents. Most have ex-
pected the residents to use
SummerCamp as a summer home
not a permanent residence year
Chairperson Cheryl A Sanders
made the final remarks before the
vote. She reminded the audience
that all of the meetings involving
SummerCamp have been in a
public forum. Development and
growth is inevitable. "But, as long
as you can keep your thumb on it
and control it, that's when your
development is good development.
St. Joe has a chance of rectifying
itself here today."
"Franklin County has been the
only county in the panhandle that
has put their thumb on it ...
Franklin County has been the
only county that has said "No." It
is' up, to the Commissioners here
to decide whether St. Joe is going
to be a good development or bad
development... When we're on the
other side, we'll look back and say
- 'Hey, We did do something good...
I'm going to leave it at that." (Ap-
plause). Then, she called for a
motion but not before Commis-
sioner Creamer complimented
Ms.. Sander for her hard work (ap-
plause). The Board then voted to
accept the Amendment to the
comp plan unanimously.

Fees, $5,000.00 from 1,000
Friends of Florida, $5,000.00
from the Small Counties Techni-
cal Assistance Program,
$2,000.00. from APECO,
$2,000.00 from ABARK,
$1,000.00 from the Alligator Point
Taxpayers Association, and the
remainder, $57,500.00 from The
St. Joe Company.
He said this should total the
amount needed for the contract
$107,500.00. Commissioner
Putnal said he still thought this
was too much money to spend on
this project. He stated he under-
stood that during the budget
hearings Mr. Pierce justified hir-
ing or giving raises to staff for the
purpose of allowing he and Mark
Curenton, Assistant Planner, to
devote their time to the Compre-
hensive Plan Update process. Mr.
Pierce said he did agree this was
what was discussed and decided
during the budget workshops. He
stated after further research he
found out how time consuming
this matter, both the comp plan
update and the visioning update,
was going to be and decided his
staff just couldn't keep up with
the day-to-day work they are all
required to do. He said he and Mr.
Curenton were still going to as-
sist this group with scheduling,
data gathering, etc. He stated he
thought it would be better to al-
low a group that is totally
uninvolved in the day-to-day
functions in Franklin County to
complete these Plans. He stated
they would be responsible for con-
ducting all of the public bearings,
preparing and submitting a final
plan to the Board for approval etc.
Chairman Sanders said she
wanted to be sure everyone knew
i the Franklin County Board of
County Commissioners would
have the very final say and give
the final authorization for the
Compp, plan updates and the vi-
sioning plan. Billy Buzzett, St. Joe
Company, said they were happy
the Commissioners would have
the final say and. that his com-
pany felt comfortable working the
Commissioners and their staff.
He stated his company had
helped reduce the cost of the
scope of the work because his
company, The St. Joe Company,
had agreed, since they own the
property, to prepare the St. James
Island Overlay Plan. He said his
company would, do all of the sur-
veying, delineating, etc. work on
the overlay. He submitted a letter
committing to assisting Franklin
County with the visioning and
comprehensive plan update. He
said the letter also reflected the
LfSt. Joe Company would'contrib-
ute $52,500.00,.but since.the let-
ter had been completed:the St.:Joe
Company had verbally committed
- to contributing $57,500.00 to the
project instead of the $52,500.00
as stated in the letter. Commis-
sioner Mosconis said he knew the
County would spend more -than
$10,000.00 on the project. Mr.
Pierce replied he knew the County
would have to pay for the legal
advertisement when the project is
finished and it is time to consider
adoption of the final update of the
comp plan. Mr. Pierce stated this
is why he wanted the County to
enter into this agreement with
FSU and The Consortium so they
could conduct the hearings, pre-
pare the 'documents, etc. and the
County would just have minimal
responsibility. He stated there
might be some copy fees, etc., but
this is what the $10,000-00 is
budgeted for.
Chairman Sanders asked Mr.
Pierce what the time line was
project. Mr. Pierce replied one
year. Chairman Sanders asked
Mr. Pierce is FSU could have ev-
erything done regarding the
comp, plan, the visioning plan,
etc. within a year. Mr. Pierce re-

plied they could contingent on me
St. Joe Company completing what
they have committed to doing. He
explained the first six-months
there would be public forums and
data gathering, which should take
place from now until August. He
said then the fall of this year the
overlay plan for St. James Island
would be developed. He stated
this plan would be specifically for
St. James Island. He stated after
this process then around Janu-
ary or February 2004 the plan
should be ready for FSU to pre-
pare their final document to the
Board for final consideration.
Chairman Sanders informed the
audience and staff that Commis-
sioner Mosconis had an appoint-
ment and was going to have to
leave the meeting. Commissioner
Mosconis asked what needed to
be done before be left the meet-
ing. Mr. Pierce said be would rec-
ommend the Board members
present go ahead and conceptu-
ally approve the "scope of work"
provided by FSU Department of
Urban and Regional Planning and
the Conflict Resolution Consor-
tium contingent on the County
Attorney reviewing and approving
the final contract. Mr. Buzzett said
he agreed with this recommenda-
tion. Commissioner Mosconis
said he would make the motion
to approve the "scope of work"
provided to the FCBCC today by
the FSU Department of Urban
and Regional Planning and the
Conflict Resolution Consortium
in the amount of $107,500.00
contingent on the County At-
torney reviewing and approving
the final contract. Commis-
sioner Putnal seconded the mo-
tion. All for. MOTION CARRIED.
Chairman Sanders said the
record needed to reflect the ver-
bal commitment ofLAPECO-Paul
Johnson-$2,000.60-~ APTA-Linc
Bamett-$1,000.00- ABARK-Ms.
Bruce Hall-$2,000.00, The St. Joe
Company-Billy Buzzett-
$57,500.00; Small County Tech-
nical Assistance Program- Chair-
man Sanders and Mr.. Pierce-
$5,000.00; Franklin County-
FCBCC and Mr. Pierce-
$10,000.00- 1,000 Friends of
Florida-no representative present-
Mr. Pierce-$5,000.00-, and DCA
in the amount of $25,000.00 for
a total amount of $107,500.00 for
the total contract amount.
Gathana Parnienas, Red Cross
Capital Area, said she was disap-
pointed the project was not bid.
She stated the County could have
probably used ARPC and/or the
Florida Association of Counties for
assistance. She said the Commis-
sioners would never know if they
could have gotten this project
completed for a lower price. Anita
Gregory-Grove, Apalachicola Bay
Chamber of Commerce, said she
appreciated the Board making a
decision today. She stated it was
time to Tnove:forwar d i-lth tills
visiprling project. She said she
didn't know, at this price, if this
was the best thing or not, but she
did know it was time the County
moved forward. She stated the
future is coming and the County
has to be ready for it. She said
the County needs to provide af-
fordable, middle-income housing
nor does the County provide, the
services needed for the senior citi-
She stated there are so many
problems rural counties have
need to be addressed and she
hopes this is the right decision.
She stated the offer is here and
the time is right to move ahead.
She said she looks forward to
moving forward with the develop-
ment issues in Franklin County.
She volunteered the services of
the Apalachicola Bay Chamber of
Commerce for this project.
Mr. Pierce said. the Commission-
ers were looking to the future
now. Chairman Sanders stated
she didn't want everyone to think
all of this was being done for the
."St. James" area, but for all of
Franklin County as it grows. She
said the visioning plan would be
Countywide and is definitely
needed for Franklin County. She
stated it would benefit everyone
living and working in the County.
She encouraged everyone to at-
tend the public hearings so they
can offer their comments on these
changes being proposed. Mr.
Pierce assured the Board the
Comprehensive Plan would have
to apply to the entire County. Mr.
Pierce said he would attempt to
have the final contract for the
County Attorney to review this
afternoon or tomorrow morning

All advertising is to be paid in
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as desired. At these discount
rates, no billing will be made.
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32328 927-2186 or

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so he could have an opinion to
offer the Board at the next meet-
ing January 21st.
He stated he was presenting two
additional items; 1. An ordinance
amending the Franklin County
Comprehensive Plan to permit the
"Summer Camp" Development in
Sections 25, 33, 34 35 and 36,
Township 6 South, Range 3 West;
To amend the Comprehensive
Plan to guarantee the future revi-
sion of the Comprehensive Plan;
To amend the Comprehensive
Plan to regulate future large scale
amendments to the Comprehen-
sive Plan until the revision to the
Comprehensive Plan is approved,
And to change the future Land
Use Map Series to change ap-
proximately 784 acres in Sections
25, 33, 34, 35 and 36, Township
6 South, Range 3 West, From Ag-
ricultural to Mixed-Use Residen-
tial; and 2. An ordinance amend-
ing the Franklin County Compre-
hensive Plan to change the Com-
prehensive Plan to change the
Conservation/Coastal Manage-
ment Element and the Capital
Improvements Element. He said
*the first ordinance language had
been duly advertised for public
hearing on January 21, 2003 at
10:30 am. as well as being ap-
proved by the DCA.
He said the second ordinance,
which deals with County's obliga-
tion to require any other large-
scale land use change within the
next 18 months to provide addi-
tional date to the County. He
stated this is because the Com-
prehensive Plan will be in the pro-
cess of being updated. He said the
County is now including in the
new Comp Plan the requirement
that a developer of a large-scale
development who wants to make
a large-scale land use change
then additional issues would have
to be addressed before the devel-
opment is sent to DCA for ap-
proval. He reminded the Board
these are the issues that would
be addressed on Jahuary 21 st as


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Pane 8 24 January 2003


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Frankin Chonicl

No (is rbu-din

and the, Trust was requesting
preliminary plat approval for the
building of 36 three bedroom.
Townhouses. They will have a
Commons Pavilion and a Yacht
Club facility. He requested sewer
and water services from the City.
There will be an elevated access,
bridges where necessary to come
to Florida Department of Environ.-
ment Protection, (FDEP) and the
Corps of Engineers criteria.

The access route will be 14 ft. wide
and will be maintained by the de-
veloper. He said, "The details of
this, concept will be coordinated
with the City." He added that the
roadway would be 5 feet above av-
erage water,
He said, "The water would have
to be run an one side of the road
with the sewer on the other. All
the other utilities will be under-
ground." Going on he said, '"There
will be docking facilities across the
front. We want to make it first
class. He added that there might
be a launching place for smaller
boats. Witt said if this project is



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City Attorney Douglas Gaidry said
that he would need to see the ho-
meowner documentation He felt
that the trust should make sure
about the flood zone. A motion
was made by Commissioner Ed
Saunders and seconded by the
Mayor to table for more informa-
tion until the next meeting.

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approved they will use all local
labor if possible. He asked for
questions and Commissioner
Raymond Williams said that the
island was subject to erosion be-
cause of its site at the mouth of
the river. He said, "There is an
awful lot of erosion and wind."

Witt was asked what the cost of
water and sewer lines would be
to the City. He added that they
would pay the cost of lines and
maintain them if necessary. He
was asked if they had the money
to pledge this. He said that they
had plenty. He was reminded that
the sewer line stops at the Old
Ferry Dock and he would have to
get easements.
Witt answered a question of Fire
Protection saying that the trust
was going to buy a 25-foot fire-
boat. He was asked how the fire-
men could get to the people as the
condominiums are 3 stories not
counting the pilings. Williams
said that they would have to have
variance on the roadway which
would have no motor vehicles and

The Franklin Chronicle A B~iI^WIIil--lliBB-i^>LOCALLY OWNED NEWSPAPER 24i January 2003 II* IPiliane 9i


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Apalachicola Bay Charter Schools

School Year 2003

- 2004 Registration

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The Franklin Chronicle


24 January 2003 9 Paw 90

0 'I( 4 Jn1nrv 2003

I i1XL .%AA -


The Franklin Chronicle

ABC Schools Test Results from Page 1

Figure 5
Second Grade Stanford Achievement Pre and Post
Mathematics Test Scores

* --Pretest
S-=- Post Test

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Second Grade Students

Table #2
Grade 3 FCAT NRT All Curriculum Groups
Reading Comparisons

Grade 3 FCAT NRT
All Curriculum Groups Comparison
Reading Mathematics
Mean Mean
Scale Median Scale Median
Score NPR Score NPR

Chapman 612 48 630 72
Carrabelle 622 56 614 58
Brown 614 50 611 56
ABC 634 64 627 64
District 619 53 619 63

State 624 57 618 62

Table #5
Apalachicola Bay Charter School, Inc.
Charter School Revenues and Expenditures
for FY 2001-02


State Revenue
Florida Education Finance Program
Discretionary Millage Funds
Discretionary Equalization Allocation
Food Services
Discretionary Lottery Funds
Instructional Materials
Instrcutional Technology
Class Size Reduction
Other State Categoricals
Total: State General Revenue

Charter Charter
(total) (per student)





271,825 4,456

Figure 6
Second Grade Stanford Achievement Pre and Post
Reading Test Scores




8 400

.2 300




--- Pretest
-*- Post Test'

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Second Grade Students

Figure 7
FCAT Criterion Referenced Grade 3 All Curriculum
Groups Comparisons

S-- Pretest SAT-9
-*-Post Test FCAT

1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19*21
Third Grade Students

Seventy-six percent of ABC's third grade students achieved a level
three and above on the criterion-referenced portion of the mathemat-
ics FCAT compared to the district's 64 percent and the state's sixty
percent. The ABC third graders had the highest percentage of stu-
dents scoring level three and above in Franklin County.

Table # 1
Percent of Students Scoring
At Level 3 or Above

Percent of Students Scoring at
3 or Above
Reading -Math
Chapman 58 70
Carrabelle 74 60
Brown 64 55
ABC 72 76
District 66 64
State 59 60

ABC third graders' Mean Scaled Score (SS) on the reading FCAT NRT
was 634 compared to the District's 619 and the State's 624. Their
mathematics FCAT NRT Mean SS was 627 compared to the District's
619 and the State's 618.

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issues. The out-of county rate is S22.26 in-
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City State
J Renewal*
Basic Subscription, 26 issues.
Q Out of County D In County'
*If renewal, please include mailing label
Please send this form to: 'Franklin Chronicle
Post Office Box 590
Eastpoint, Florida 32328
850-670-1687 or 850-927-2186


~ 0


Figure 9
Grade 3 FCAT NRT All Curriculum Groups
Mathematics Comparisons

0E Reading
E Math

C) "U2 5~

ABC third graders' Median National Percentile Ranking (NPR) on the
reading FCAT NRT was 64 compared to the district's 53 and. the i
state's 57. Their mathematics FCAT NRT was 64 compared to the
district's 63 and the state's 62.
The measurement of change, or academic growth, is central to the
School's accountability. On the surface, the measurement change
seems simple: to assess how students have progressed from one point
to another. However, the interpretation of change becomes more com-
plicated. Growth can be defined using a number of commonly used
score modes including Scaled Scores, Normal Curve Equivalents
(NCE), Grade Equivalents, and National Percentile Ranks (NPR). Of
these, the NCE and Scaled Scores are the most reliable and preferred
methods of determining growth.
It is important to note that a YEAR'S WORTH OF GROWTH IN A
YEAR'S WORTH OF INSTRUCTIONAL TIME is inferred when students'
NCE scores remain the same or increase from one year to the next.
Scores, which increase, are said to indicate gains of greater than one
year, while scores that decrease are said to indicate gains of less than
one year. To show growth in scaled, scores, a student or group must
increase in scaled score by as many units as the standardization
group. ABC School students' learning gains may be seen in both modes
of measurement (SS and NCE) and at ALL grade levels. Therefore, it
may be said that, in general, School's students have made in excess
STRUCTIONAL TIME according to nationally norm-referenced, stan-
dardized testing.
In addition to the School's norm-feferenced testing program, third
graders were required bylaw to take the Florida Comprehensive As-
sessment Test (FCKI). This test includes both a norm-referenced
(SAT-9) section as well as a criterion-referenced portion based on the
Florida Sunshine State Standards (SSS). ABC School third graders
met the state's "high performing criteria" by having more than 50% of
its students score at level three (3) or above in both the mathematics
and reading, criterion-referenced portions of the FCAT.

Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT)
The FCAT measures student performance in writing, reading, and
mathematics. The FCAT has two main parts: one part consisting of
tests that measure skills prescribed by the Sunshine State Standards,
and the other part consisting of norm-referenced tests that rank stu-
dent performance on a percentile basis. Unless otherwise noted, re-
sults are for all curriculum groups.

1. FCAT Norm-Referenced Test (NRT)
The FCAT NRT measures student achievement on a test that was
given to a national sample of students. Percentile scores on a
norm-referenced test show a student's performance in relation to the
performance of students in the national sample. For example, a score
in the 60th percentile means the student has scored higher than
60% of the students in the national sample.

NRT Reading, Mathematics
The median national percentile rank (NPR).represents the middle per-
centile score of the students for whom results are presented. A me-
dian NPR of 50 equals the national average.

NRT Results

Table #3
No. Tested Median National Percentile Rank

Subject (Grade)
Reading (Gr. 3)
Mathematics (Gr. 3)

ABC School ABC School District


23 63 53 57
23 68 ,63 62

School Safety and Environment
The study reviewed the numbers of reported incidents. The ABC School
had no incidents as labeled in the following table. The District totaled
20 incidents.
Table #4

Type of Incident

Number of Incidents in Elementary Schools
ABC School Total District Total State Total

Breaking & Entering
Disorderly Conduct
Drugs, Excluding Alcohol
Motor Vehicle Theft
Sex Offenses
Sexual Battery
Sexual Harassment
Weapons Possession
Unclassified Offenses


Special Revenue
Donations & Fundraising
Federal Charter School Grant
Total General & Special Revenue

Instruction and Instructional Support
School Administration
Governing Board and Legal Services
Facilities Acquisition & Construction
Fiscal Services
Central Services
Food Services
Pupil Transportation Services
Operation of Plant
Maintenance of Plant

Total Expenditures
Net Revenue / Deficiency

.8,786 144
77,053 1,263
357,664 5,863



391,865 6,424
(34,201) (561)

School Operating Costs per student (Does not include Capital Outlay) 6,424


29%- OF F-


Highway 98 & 6th Street
EST,. 1836
7:30 A.M.
10:30 A.M.

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