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Title: ICRW : International Center for Research on Women informational brochure
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is a private, inotn-prolht organ.lia tionl dedicated to pr'o mo(tuig oial and
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more effective.

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Cot l15t' Ofl policy o'ilnted research program uLIppi anld ana.yis,
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[CR\\ I's SuLpportncd b\ grantl. ct-ontrJct, and contrihull IInI from ijuer-
national and na:lonal diCc\-lomllent agencic% lIllnidtiills,
colrpi( ration-, and ijdi\ Iduals. E-tal;[aiished hi 19-> ICR\\ ha, i)tofices in
\\a-hlington DC and London




II I I* i gI I


ICRW is known for quality research and analyses linking
women's economic and social contributions to develop-
ment policy and actions. ICRW's interdisciplinary
research projects, done in collaboration with
developing country institutions, concentrate in four key

U Economic policies the effects of trade
policies, financial regulation and structural
adjustment on women's employment, their
access to credit, agricultural extension and other
productive resources.

Q Family structure the formation, dynamics and
maintenance of families, and the impact of
family law and social systems on the poverty of
women and their children.

U Health and nutrition the relationship of women's
health and nutritional status to their roles as
economic producers, nurturers and health care
pri_ ide's t.ur thenr flliiich'

U En\l ronmleni tlhe cucl[ t-. il\ u'inonmlntr L II lir.iLu[i. ,n
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(tI: ke role women pl.i\ in p['r..[-.Li .Andl
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MIiLIll i[ I( R\\ re c r- _h-li 1 L.!I >...m' ripctlnI..'n- itn~l cd .11 -.ipp>.rti[-ng i se r>h l ._p.lt i 1
Jde ch.,p''l ,lllt.u nc-n Thre (_c-nicr pr,..,> dc. tchLnL.ll I-.ii [.inl_.
t.., r:-car hi r lam'ii .ind l [lice i.s and di-.c -iln.ii.-, tilie
rL : ..ii. Ih re.I.ijltIs [op _- nn. lu.ld mlat.-rl'I.il hI.i lth .inli
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d.'!C'LLiin n rnuL[trIiln ld .ini.m n-li.h.adcJ h,.ut cI, h.,-.hJ

ICRW's pioneering technical assistance work
to successfully integrate women's economic
and social concerns into on-going programs
and projects is highly regarded by develop-
ment agencies, donor organizations and non-
government organizations (NGO's) through-
out the world. This field level guidance on
"how to" implement women in development
mandates has included:

Q increasing women's participation in credit
and training programs for micro-

[1 innovative agricultural extension techniques
for reaching women who are subsistence

addressing women's issues in the design and
implementation of projects in micro-enterprise,
agriculture, housing, vocational education,
environment and health.

ICRW's technical services now focus on
providing strategic support to develop-
ment organizations, identifying the relevance
of organizations' work on women's issues for
the larger development community, and flag-
ging issues that are pertinent for women
in developing countries. Support services
are provided worldwide and include
identification of research and program needs,
formulation of institutional policies and pro-
cedures, preparation of training materials, review
and evaluation of sector programs, and evalu-
ation of women in development programs.

Complementing ICRW's research and program support work,
the communications program ensures that women's
issues are included in the development policy agenda.
The program includes:

Discussion Forums: ICRW conducts seminars, work-
shops and policy roundtables to encourage dialogue among
researchers, policy officials and practitioners. These
events are held in Washington, DC and in countries
where ICRW has collaborative research programs.

Fellows Programs: ICRW sponsors professionals
from developing countries to spend up to four months
at the Center forming policy and project-level
perspectives on the gender dimensions of development.
Selected through competitions held on a regional basis,
fellows have come from Latin America, Africa and India.

Publications: ICRW's research findings, available
in a variety of formats, are distributed to policy
officials, practitioners and researchers throughout
il v'.,i!il s~eected publications are available in
sp' iiul .inl I rrunch.

Re'urc c tnter: ICRW's Resource Center in
\\ .ihiii...n i~ maintains a collection of more than
I1 a1 i pi bihl-ii. and unpublished materials on women
in d c!-' i-piiicn The center is open to the public by
.I i 1 Il e' l 111C

(Clnicreinc (- nlter: ICRW's fully equipped conference
,cIaecr Lin \\ .,liigton, DC is available for meetings and
i ri.i;mLenc- development organizations and other
niin-p ," i i [ I-cii .ies are especially welcome.

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