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Title: Urban Issues Catalogue
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Inritue for
Enuonmoent .nd


Celebrating Twenty Fi Yean

Institute for
Environment and

IIED is an independent, non-profit organisation which seeks
to promote sustainable patterns of development through
research, policy studies, consensus-building and public
information. Focusing on the connections between
economic development, the environment and human
needs, the Institute's principal aim is to improve the
management of natural resources so that countries of the
South can improve living standards without jeopardising
their natural resource base. Its work is undertaken with, or
on behalf of, governments and international agencies, the
academic community, foun.:i.::ti.:.r,.:, and non-
governmental organizations, community groups and the
peoples they represent.

The Institute is comprised of seven programmes which are
funded by international organizations and governments
and by private and corporate foundations. IIED is a
registered charity in the United Kingdom (No. 800066).

The set of IIED publication catalogues also includes:
Economics of Sustainable Development
Natural Resource Management & Sustainable Livelihoods
Planning for Sustainable Development
Participatory Development

International Institute for Environment and Development
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I Ura isue Cataogu


Environment and Sustainable Development 4

Funding Community Initiatives 6

Urban poverty and poverty reduction 7

Health 8

Housing and housing right 9

Participatory tools and methods 10

Urban Change and the role of small and intermediate urban centres 11

Publications in Spanish for Latin America 12

Journals 13

Title Index & Author Index 14

IIED Programmes with publications listed in the
Urban Issues catalogue:

Human Settlements
Sustainable Agriculture
also includes
IIED-America Latina publications

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I Eniomn an Sutanal Deelpmn

IThe Environment for Children
David Satterthwaite, Roger Hart, Caren
Levy, Diana Mitlin, David Ross, Jac Smit and
Carolyn Stephens
Subtitled "understanding and acting on the environmental
hazards that threaten children and their parents" this book
explains how both environmentalists and development
specialists have given far too little attention to the impact
of the environment on children. It describes how millions
of children die unnecessarily each year from
environmental causes while tens of millions suffer ill-
health or injury. It discusses why promoting a safe and
healthy environment for children is rarely given a high
priority by governments and aid agencies. It also
describes a community-based approach to addressing
environmental problems, including how children
themselves should be involved in such approaches. This
book was commissioned by UNICEF and written by a
multidisciplinary team that included specialists in child
development, infant and maternal health, environmental
health, economics and community development.
192 pages, Earthscan, London, due out in May 1996.
ISBN: 1-85383-326-6
12.95/US$23.30; half price forThirdWorld orders.

Environmental Problems inThirdWorld
Jorge E. Hardoy, Diana Mitlin and David
Now in its third reprint, this book describes environmental
problems in cities and how these affect human health,
local eco-systems and global cycles. It also shows that
practical solutions to many of the problems can be found,
especially through building the capacity and competence
of urban government, supporting local
NGOs and
channelling support
direct to associations .
of low income
households. .

"It is rare to encounter a
work as authoritative and
accessible as this. It is a: ,
mine of useful information
from cities in every part of
the Third World, which
does not shy away from the
immensity of the problems
but says as much about the
solutions to them as about -
the problems themselves" -
Jonathon Porritt

"Environmental Problems in Third World Cities" is not just a
masterly analysis. It shows how to manage issues which have
often proved unmanageable" Sir Crispin Tickell, Warden
of Green College, Oxford

"This well-written and lucid book is a useful primer on the
complex environmental problems facing cities in the South" -
Health Action
302 pages, Earthscan, London, 1993. ISBN: 1-85383-146-8.
12.95/US$23.30; half price forThird World orders


Environment~ an SutiabeDveomn

Sustainable Development and Cities
Diana Mitlin and David Satterthwaite
This is the background paper commissioned by Global
Forum '94 for the five-day conference it organized on
"Cities and Sustainable Development" in Manchester, UK.
Delegations from 50 cities around the world attended this
conference, with representatives in each city delegation
drawn from citizen groups and NGOs, trade unions, city
government and the private sector.

The paper is divided into nine sections. The first
discusses the potential that cities have for contributing to
sustainable development and what has to be done to
realize this potential. The second considers the main goals
that are part of sustainable development
and how these relate to
cities and to
the seven
themes chosen
for discussion \
at Global
Forum '94.
This is followed
by sections on \
these seven \
themes: resource
use; livelihoods;
basic needs and C
urban poverty; ,
environment and O
health; transport **
finance for C tes d ustain
sustainable goe"
development; and
governance and
institutions. An annex
considers the extent to which Agenda 21 (the main
"action plan" coming out of the Earth Summit in 1992)
addresses urban issues.
82 pages, 1994. Available in English, French and Spanish.

Sustainable Cities
A special issue of the journal Environment and
This includes papers on: cities' ecological footprints; the
political economy of urban poverty and environmental
management; recycling in Bogota; upgrading in Surabaya,
non-conventional options for garbage collection and
recycling; urban agriculture; and Curitiba's environmental
programme. Papers also on voluntary organizations in
Bangladesh and an innovative sports programme for
children in one of Nairobi's largest squatter settlements
and profiles of IIED-Am6rica Latina and of Homeless
238 pages, 1992, ISSN: 0956-2478

Sustainable Development and the Global
Commons a Third World re-assessment
A special issue of the journal Environment and
Papers on sustainable development in Pakistan, India,
Argentina, Colombia; additional papers on Primary
Environmental Care, health and the environment, women
and sustainable development, global warming and global
sustainability. Feedback on: street children and aids; and
gender and the environment. Profile of RAFAD, a
Foundation which provides loan guarantees to enable
Third World partners to obtain credit from local
179 pages, 1992. ISSN: 0956-2478


Funding Community Initiatives
Silvina Arrossi, Felix Bombarolo, Jorge E Hardoy,
Diana Mitlin, Luis P. Coscio and David Satterthwaite
Despite four decades of development planning, at least
one third of the urban population of Africa, Asia and Latin
America remain poor. Over 600 million live in "life and
health threatening" homes and neighborhoods because
of poor housing and inadequate or no piped water,
sanitation and health care. But as the shortcomings of
governments and development programmes become more
apparent, the untapped abilities of low-income groups
and their community organizations to develop their own
solutions are increasingly recognized. This book analyses
the conditions necessary for
successful community
initiatives and includes 18 case
studies of intermediary Funclin
institutions (most of them
Third World NGOs) who 0 )11 ill Un -
provide technical, legal and flli i
financial services to low-
income households for
constructing or improving
housing. Many also work
with community
organizations in improving
water, sanitation, drainage,
health care and other
community services.
190 pages, Earthscan,
London, 1994. ISBN: 1-
13.95/US$25.00; half price for Third World orders.
Also available in Spanish.

Funding Community Level Initiatives
A special issue of the journal Environment and
This contains case studies of funding initiatives by local
groups in Bombay, Karachi, Mexico City, San Jose and
South Africa with overviews of funding systems for
community development and for shelter improvements.
Also, a description of the work of the Cooperative
Housing Foundation in Central America and of the
Settlements Information Network Africa and a paper on
environmental problems in the river Magdalena
(Colombia) by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
190 pages, 1993; ISSN: 0956-2478


Funding Community Inifisfives


A new series of papers, launched in 1996. with
case studies of the experience of government
agencies and NGOs that have implemented
large scale poverty reduction programmes
over the last 10 years.The first three are:

A. FONHAPO: The experience of the National
Fund for Low Income Housing in Mexico
Enrique Ortlz.
A detailed description of how FONHAPO was set up
and its operational policy, strategy, tuning system
and links with oiner instiiulions.
Due out in May 1996.

B. Our money, Our movement
Alana Albee and Nandasirr Gamnage
published by IT Putlications. London.
II describes Ihe work of he Women's Credii Union in
Sri Lanka and its activities in income-generation and
housing loans This includes Ihe formarricri and
structure of the credit union and how worren
managed to establish a structure which is both
financially sound and which meets their
development needs
Due out in May 1996.

C. Reaching Low-income Groups with Housing
Diana Ailirn
This described new models or housing iinance thai
have been developed by NGOs and governments
over the last 15 years iiIl have sought Io reacl low
income groups. These include initiatives to support
incremental, sell-managed construction and to
support communiv-direcled housing improvement
Due out in May 1996.

Other case studies will be published during 1996 and

Two special issues of the journal Environment
and Urbanization published in 1995 concentrated
on urban poverty:

Urban Poverty: characteristics, causes and
This includes papers on urban poverty in Harare, Mexico,
Dar es Salaam, San Carlos de Bariloche, Bombay and the
rural-urban interface in Tanzania and also four general
papers, including one by Robert Chambers considering
the links between poverty and livelihoods. Also two
papers on "participatory tools and methods."
283 pages, 1995. ISSN: 0956-2478.

Urban Poverty II: From understanding to
This includes papers on urban poverty in Abidjan, Dhaka,
Brazil, Nairobi, the Pacific and Khartoum and also on how
municipal interventions can address poverty. Also papers
on how the middle classes were squeezed in Latin
America during the 1980s, on housing markets in La Paz
and on Chile's housing policy and a Profile of Orangi Pilot
Project in Pakistan. Also, two further papers on
"participatory tools and methods."
266 pages, 1995. ISSN: 0956-2478
1 /US$18.


Urban Health in Africa
Sarah J. Atkinson and Alfred Merkle
This discusses the main environmental and occupational
health issues and the provision of health care services in
urban areas in Africa. It includes case studies of
initiatives to improve environmental health and health
care. It draws on the experience of over 50 health
professionals who took part in a workshop organized by
GTZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft fiir Technische
Zusammenarbeit) and the World Health Organization on
"Urban Health in Africa" in November/December 1993.
71 pages, 1994. ISBN 0905-347-79X.6.00/US$10.80.

The Poor DieYoung: Housing and Health in
Third World Cities
Jorge E. Hardoy, Sandy Cairncross and David
Satterthwaite (Editors)
"The authors concentrate on detailed analyses of cities... they
consider innovative schemes for dealing with the problems, the
needs of the people and how they could be met. In a fascinating
chapter, they peer into the future and see what might happen if
no changes are made in governmental and aid agencies'
approaches and what could be achieved if lessons are drawn
from present failures" The Guardian

"This volume shows hundreds of examples of self-help, in cities
as diverse as Allahabad, Rio de Janeiro and Khartoum. There,
people are improving their health by upgrading their
neighborhoods, in ways that are far cheaper and more
enduring than any of the large-scale projects advocated by
planners and engineers trained in the western mode"
New Statesman and Society

"A well structured collection of essays concerning health, its
relation to environmental conditions among the urban poor,
and the kinds of innovative, low-cost improvements that can
and have been adopted both by governments and deprived
communities themselves." Development in Practice
309 pages, Earthscan, London, 1990. ISBN: 1-85383-019-4
11.95/US$21.50; half price forThird World orders

Health and Wellbeing in Cities
Special issue of Environment and Urbanization
Includes case studies from Accra, Jakarta and Lusaka, a
study in Khulna (Bangladesh) on the impact of ill-health
on household income and nutrition, and papers reviewing
the impact on health of urban environments and women's
needs and priorities for water and sanitation. Also, a
description of a violence prevention programme and a
paper on what makes "a healthy city". Also a guide to the
literature on health in cities, a profile of the Asian
Coalition for Housing Rights and Feedback on the
Community Assistance Service (Praja Sahayaka Sewaya)
in Sri Lanka.
219 pages, 1993; ISSN: 0956-2478

Health, Habitat and Underdevelopment in
(with special reference to a low income
settlement in Metropolitan Lagos)
Tade Akin Aina, Lagos Group for the Study of
Human Settlements
The report centres on a study of housing conditions and
health problems in Olaleye-Iponri, a low-income
settlement in Lagos, Nigeria. It describes the development
of the settlement and its employment base and the
complex housing tenure arrangement whereby virtually
all inhabitants are tenants or "landlords" with short leases
on the land. The health and housing problems are
described as are the measures inhabitants take to address
them. The report also examines the professional and
institutional health and housing structure in Nigeria and
explores new ways in which governments and community
organizations can work together to address housing and
health problems.
94 pages, IIEDTechnical Report, 1990. ISBN 0 905347 70 6
8.50/US$15.00; half price forThird World orders



Squatter Citizen: Life in the Urban Third
Jorge E. Hardoy and David Satterthwaite
This describes the vast and complex process of urban
change and considers its impact on the lives of its poorer
citizens. Boxes intersperse the text to illustrate points
made and also tell stories of how a squatter invasion was
organized or how communities in illegal settlements
organized their own defence or worked together to
improve conditions.

"...a book which should enjoy wide appeal: as a plea for
adoption of the 'popular approach'; as a text for student use;
and as an accessible and
stimulating guide to the
urban problems of developing
countries.." Progress in
Human Geography

...one of the best o
contemporary statements of
what is occurring in the
growth of urban places in the
Third World" Environment
and Planning A .

"...a very readable book,
containing a lot of well
documented information.
The book is especially
relevant for interested lay people but many a professional
can also benefit by having it on the bookshelf.." Third
World Planning Review
374 pages, Earthscan, London, 1989. ISBN: 1-853830929-8
11.95/US$21.50; half price for Third World orders.

From Housing Needs to Housing Rights:
An Analysis of the Right to Adequate Housing
Under International Human Rights Law
Scott Leckie
The right of all people to affordable, secure and healthy
housing has been legally recognized since the adoption by
the United Nations of the Universal Declaration of Human
Rights in 1948. This report documents how governments
in both the North and the South have failed to adopt the
policies and legislation necessary to ensure their citizens'
housing rights are respected. It describes the growing
movement worldwide to press governments to respect the
right to housing and advises on how to combat housing
rights violations (eg opposing forced evictions and
demanding action for the homeless) by showing where
housing rights exist, which governments are bound by law
to respect them and how such rights can be enforced and
109 pages, 1992. ISBN: 0-905347-78-1
9.95/US$17.50; half price for Third World orders.

Special issue of the journal Environment and
Includes an overview of evictions worldwide and case
studies on evictions in Bangkok, Manila, Karachi, Durban,
Rio de Janeiro, Lhasa and Israel. Also papers on health in
Nairobi's illegal settlements, urban agriculture in Harare
and sustainable cities and China and profiles of the Urban
Resource Centre in Karachi and the Centre for Housing
Rights and Evictions.
222 pages, ISSN: 0956-247810/US$18.


ins and housing rishfs

Service provision in cities
A special issue of the journal Environment and
Includes papers on a community-directed basic service
programme in Guatemala City, a programme to stop
violence against women and children in Cebu, the
promotion of community-based approaches to urban
infrastructure in
Nigeria, community
mobilization for Environment
obtaining land tenure and
and services in Urbanization
Ouagadougou and a
sanitation programme
in Dhaka. Also papers
on setting a new
agenda for sexual and
reproductive health
and rights, household-
level environmental
problems in Sao Paulo
and waste-picking in '
Bangalore. A profile of
the Carvajal Service Provision in Cities
Foundation and
Feedback on action I Vol Numr 2 0cobe1994
plans for sustainable
communities and the decline of the urban management
system in South Africa.

240 pages, ISSN: 0956-2478

RRA Notes 21:
Special issue on participatory tools and
methods in urban areas

Although RRA Notes is a publication series on
participatory tools and methods that concentrates on rural
and agricultural development, this special issue looked at
the use of such tools and methods in urban areas. It
included case studies from Sri Lanka, Mexico, Ghana,
Zambia, Ethiopia, Lusaka and Argentina as well as
general papers.

Published as part of the series Notes on Participatory
Learning and Action (PLA Notes -formerly RRA Notes) by the
Sustainable Agriculture Programme, IIED.

110 pages, 1995. ISSN 1357-938X
6.00/US$10.80; available at no charge for organizations/
individuals from theThird World.

Since April 1995. each issue of the journal
Environment and Urbanization has also had
two papers on participatory tools and
methods and their use in urban areas.


mThe Scale and Nature of Urban
Change in the South
David Satterthwaite
This paper draws on the most recent census data and on
other national studies to show how the growth rates for
many cities and most urban populations slowed down
considerably during the 1980s. During this decade, many
of the South's largest cities had more people moving out
than in. The paper shows how population growth rates
among cities in the South are not unprecedented and how
several cities in the North are among the world's fastest
growing cities. The paper also shows how most of the
world's largest cities are heavily concentrated in the
largest economies and how only a very small proportion
of the world's population lives in "mega-cities".
30 pages, 1996.

Small and Intermediate Urban Centres:
Their Role in Regional and National
Development within the Third World
Jorge E. Hardoy and D. Satterthwaite (Editors)
Most of the Third World's urban population either lives in
or depends on small and intermediate sized urban centres
for access to goods, services and markets. Yet most urban
research has concentrated on large cities. In response to
the increasing interest shown by governments in special
programmes for intermediate size cities, this book seeks to
provide a better understanding of how economic, social
and political forces shape urban systems and thus affect
the development prospects of small and intermediate size
urban centres. Five chapters report on the findings of
empirical studies on the role of small and intermediate
size urban centres in regions in Argentina, the Sudan,
Nigeria and North and South India. There are also
chapters reviewing the literature on this subject and

reviewing the scale and nature of government policies
towards smaller urban centres.

"....until now, there has not been a comprehensive review of the
factors behind the growth and stagnation or decline of smaller
urban centres and the policy implications that follow. Hardoy
and Satterthwaite's book will fill that void."
Andrew Hamer, Cities
421 pages, Hodder and Stoughton (London, UK) and
Westview (USA), 1986. ISBN: 0-340-38075-6
15.00/US$27.00; half price forThird World orders

Outside the Large Cities:
Annotated Bibliography and Guide to the
Literature on Small and Intermediate Urban
Centres in theThird World
Silvia Blitzer and others
Detailed annotations of 170 published works on small and
intermediate urban centres, drawn mainly from a review
of 53 journals. Each annotation aims to give the reader a
clear idea of the scope and key conclusions of the original
work. The annotations are divided into those dealing with
urban case studies and those dealing with broader aspects
such as migration, settlement patterns and trends,
productive organization and government strategies and
plans. The bibliography also has four indexes: by author,
nation, city and source.
168 pages, 1988.
11.50/US$20.70; half price forThird World orders.


Urban Change and fhe role of small and informodisfe urban Genfres

IIED-Am6rica Latina in Buenos Aires publishes a great
variety of books, reports and journals on the urban
environment, housing, health, sustainable development
and urban change in Latin America. These include:

Financiamiento de iniciativas communitarias Silvina
Arrossi, Felix Bombarolo, Jorge E. Hardoy, Diana Mitlin,
Luis P. Coscio and David Satterthwaite, Ediciones
FICONG, Buenos Aires, 1993, 268 pages.
ISBN 987-99214-1-0. US$16/9.

Cartografia urbana colonial de
America Latina y el Caribe Jorge
E. Hardoy, GEL, Buenos Aires, 510 CAROGKA
pages. ISBN: 950-694-135-1. US$70/ RBANA C
Municipio, necesidades sociales y lrge
p6litica local Pedro Pirez, Claudia
Minoliti and Marcos Novaro, GEL,.
Buenos Aires, 1991. ISBN 950-694-
167-X. US$25/14.

Las mujeres y la vida de las ciudades
Maria del Carmen Feijoo and Hilda
Maria Herzer (Editors), GEL, Buenos
Aires, 1991. ISBN 950-694-166-1.

Construcci6n y administraci6n de la '
ciudad latinoamericana Nora Cliche,
et al., GEL, Buenos Aires, 1990, 526
pages. ISBN 950-694-093-2. US$30/17.

Nuevas perspectives en los studios de historic urbana
latinoamericana Jorge E. Hardoy and Richard P. Morse

(compilors), GEL, Buenos Aires, 1989, 325 pages. ISBN
950-694-066-5. US$30/17.

Repensando la ciudad de America Latina Jorge E.
Hardoy and Richard Morse (compilers), GEL, Buenos
Aires, 1988, 218 pages. ISBN 950-694-019-3. US$20/11.20.
This is also published in English by the Johns Hopkins
University Press, Baltimore and London, 1992, 231 pages.
ISBN 0-943875-43-9.

Desastres naturales y sociedad en America
L[jina Maria Graciela Caputo, Jorge E.
i-lirdoy and Hilda M. Herzer (Editors), GEL
Buenos Aires, 1985, 259 pages. ISBN 950-9432-
IAL .-11. US$25/14.

These can be ordered through IIED-London
or direct from IIED-America Latina,
Corrientes 2835, 6, piso B, Cpo A, 1193
Buenos Aires, Argentina.


I Publicaflons in' Spanish for Win America I

Environment and Urbanization

A twice yearly journal with contributions from leading
Third World specialists written for both a specialist and a
general audience. One of the most widely distributed
journals in its field it keeps you in touch with what Third
World researchers, community organizers and NGOs
think about environment and development.

Each issue is based on a special theme and
contains: Env
* 7-11 papers on different nations or cities
around that issue's theme Urb
* A guide to the literature on this theme
* Profiles of innovative Third World NGOs
* Book Notes summaries of new books,
research reports and newsletters and
how these can be obtained (including
those in Spanish, French and
* Bulletin Board keeps you in touch with L
current events and debates.
* Two papers on participatory tools and
methods (since April 1995) sustainable
reducing reso
Price: V.m4
One year (two issues):20; US$35
Two years: 32; US$56

Half price subscriptions available to subscribers from
Latin America, Asia (except Japan) and Africa and to
students (xerox of current student card needed as proof).

Back issues
Price: 10/US$18

Themes of back issues include:
* Beyond the stereotype of slums; how poor people find
accommodation in Third World cities
* Community based organizations: how they develop,
what they seek & achieve

* Children and the environment: their needs, perceptions
and problems
Rethinking local government: views from the Third
Women in environment and urbanization
* Sustainable development and the global commons
* Sustainable cities
* Funding community level initiatives
* Health and wellbeing in cities
ent Service provision in cities
Urban poverty
on Future cities

IIED-AmBrica Latina in Buenos Aires
'- publishes two Spanish language

Medio Ambiente y Urbanizacion, published
since 1983 with a similar scope to
Environment and Urbanization but with
most papers concentrating on Latin
ting needs, America; three to four issues a year, annual
nd recycling, subscription US$50.

-" I Pobreza Urbana y Desarrollo, three issues a
year (and one special issue in English each
year); annual subscription US$46.00.

For both of these, write to IIED-Am6rica Latina, 6'Cpo.
A, Corrientes 2835, (1193) Buenos Aires, Argentina.
IIED can also arrange for sample copies of these
journals to be sent.



Cities: me
urce use a
and reclan
lumber 2 0<

Journols I


Title Index

Cartografia urbana colonial de America Latina y el Caribe
Construcci6n y administraci6n de la ciudad
latinoamericana 12
Desastres naturales y sociedad en Am6rica Latina 12
Environment and Urbanization 13
Environmental Problems in Third World Cities 4
Evictions (Environment and Urbanization) 9
Financiamiento de iniciativas communitarias 12
From Housing Needs to Housing Rights 9
Funding Community Initiatives 6
Funding Community Level Initiatives (Environment and
Health, Habitat and Underdevelopment in Nigeria 8
Health and Wellbeing in Cities (Environment and
Urbanization) 8
Las mujeres y la vida de las ciudades 12
Medio Ambiente y Urbanizacion 13
Municipio, necesidades sociales y p6litica local 12
National Fund for Low Income Housing in Mexico 7
Nuevas perspectives en los studios de historic urbana
latinoamericana 12
Our Money, Our Movement 7
Outside the Large Cities 11
Participatory tools and methods in urban areas 10
Pobreza Urbana y Desarrollo 13

Reaching Low-income Groups with Housing Finance 7
Repensando la ciudad de America Latina 12
RRANotes21 10
Service provision in cities (Environment and Urbanization)
Small and Intermediate Urban Centres 11
Squatter Citizen: Life in the Urban Third World 9
Sustainable Cities (Environment and Urbanization) 5
Sustainable Development and Cities 5
Sustainable Development and the Global Commons
(Environment and Urbanization) 5
The Environment for Children 4
The Poor Die Young: Housing and Health in Third World
Cities 8
The Scale and Nature of Urban Change in the South 11
Urban Health in Africa 8
Urban Poverty II: From understanding to action
(Environment and Urbanization) 7
Urban Poverty: characteristics, causes and consequences
(Environment and Urbanization) 7

Author Index
Aina, Tade Akin 9
Albee, Alana 7
Arrossi, Silvina 6
Atkinson, Sarah J. 8
Blitzer, Silvia 12
Bombarolo, Felix 6
Cairncross, Sandy 8
Caputo, Maria Graciela 13
Clichevsy, Nora 13
Coscio, Luls P. 6
Feijoo, Maria del Carmen 13
Gamage, Nandasiri 7
Hardoy, Jorge E. 4, 8, 9, 12, 13
Hart, Roger 4
Herzer, Hilda Maria 13

Leckie, Scott 10
Levy, Caren 4
Merkle, Alfred 8
Minoliti, Claudia 13
Mitlin, Diana 4,5,6,7, 13
Morse, Richard 13
Novaro, Marcos 13
Ortiz, Enrique 7
Pirez, Pedro 13
Ross, David 4
Satterthwaite, David 4,5,
Smit, Jac 4
Stephens, Carolyn 4

14 URBAN ISSUES fn 1996

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Publications, IIED
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Tel: (+44 171) 388 2117, Fax: (+44 171) 388 2826, E-Mail: iieduk@gn.apc.org


Alrdr must b-epepaid anicld15(U) 25 Euoe.-

packagn. Plas alo 21 day fo.eiey

'-''. t -* D IF -] Fj*.* 4I D JI .j r

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N am e : ............................... ..................... O rganisatio n:.. .. ...... ...............................
A dd ress: .................................................................. . . ... . .........................................................
N a m e : I. ... ., .................... ,. . -,-., 1. 1 I .............. ,. -. ... .. ..........O..nis tion.. .... ...... .I . ..... . .. ... I ... I .. ... .. ........ .. .. ... ...... . .. ...... ... ....... .. ........ ... .. ...... .. ..... ...... .. ... ......... .

3 *nseg Stre*et

^^^^London WC1B H ODD, UK
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F : (4 11 38 2

E-al S. 033n~pcor

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