Booklet: Technical Specifications for Construction of a Swimming Pool for the Ponce De Leon Hotel
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Title: Booklet: Technical Specifications for Construction of a Swimming Pool for the Ponce De Leon Hotel
Series Title: Architectural drawings of the Hotel Ponce de Leon, St. Augustine, Florida
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Creator: Norman C. Schmid & Associates, Engineers
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I* SCOPE: It is the intent of the Plans and these Specifica-
tions to provide for the building of a Swimming Pool complete
with all appurtenances, including all labor, material and
equipment necessary to construct the pool and provide and
place the equipment to make it a complete working unit.
The Title of the work is:
All work shall be done under the supervision of and to the
entire satisfaction of Norman c. Schmid and Associates and
The Florida East Coast Hotel Company or their representatives.

2. DRAWINGS: The drawings covering the constri tion will be
numbered from 1 to 3 inclusive and may be suQlOmented by
future clearifying details, when found necessary as the work

3. TEARING OUT AND EXCAVATION: The existing fountain at the pool
location is-'To Beremoved and disposed of. Four large Plant
Urns, in connection with the fountain, are to be moved, intact,
from the fountain to nearby sites selected by the owner. Top
soil and grass will be removed by the owners. Material from
the excavation will be disposed of on the p operty with short

ao Re1nforcoi-g-teel. All reinforcing steel shall be Inter-
mediate Grade, rree from excessive rust or mill scale, grease
or oil* All steel shall be placed as shown on the Drawings,
shall be thoroughly tied or secured in place and the placing
shall be approved by the Engineers before any concrete is
b. Concrete Materialp"6
(1) Gement sal- Florida Portland Cement or approved equal.
(2) Sand shall be clean, sharp and free from vegetable
matter or other deleterious matter*
(3) Coarse Aggregate shall be gravel or a hard crushed rook
graded to pas a = I" screen and retained by a f"soreen.
(4) Water shall be clean, frezh, free of alkali and fit to
(5) An air entrainment agent suitable to the Engineers
shall be used according to the manufacturers recommend-
e. Concrete Mixture. The concrete mixture shall be at least a
five Dag mix and shall be guaranteed to produce a compressive
strength of 2,500 p.s.i, in 28 days with a maximum slump of
3 inches* Cylinders shall be made during each pour slab and
walls and tested by a reliable testing laboratory at the
expense of the Contractor with the test results furnished to
the Engineers.
d. Placing Concrete. All concrete shall be placed in the forms
or in the slab immediately after mixing and shall be thoroughly
ee GENERAL. A competent foreman shall be in charge at all times
while concrete is being placed and he shall refuse any concrete

.. .. .. ..,.. :... ,,. .......

which in his opinion or the opinion of the Engineers might
result in weakness in the finished product.

5 CARPENTRY:All necessary wood or metal forms, ties, cores
moulds and so forth required for the proper execution of the
reinforced concrete work are to be supplied and built under
this heading.
Centering must be true and rigid, thoroughly braced,
and forms shall be sufficiently strong to cary the liquid
concrete without deflection or buckling. Forms shall be con-
structed with tight joints, thoroughly clamped and tied to
prevent leakage and all forms shall be readily removable.
All pipe work through the concrete for gutter drains,
supply fittings, vacuum fittings and brass electric conduit
shall be placed in the forms so that no cutting in the con-
crete will be required.
Internal ties in the forms are to be such that when the
forms are removed, no metal will be within one inch of the
surface of the concrete and all hales left by breaking the
ties back shall be patched with grout immediately upon rem-
oval of the forms.

6. REMOVAL OF FORMS: No forms are to be removed except under
the super viTon or the Foreman who oversaw the placing of the
forms. The forms for the pool walls shall not be removed until
24 hours have elapsed after the pouring of the concrete.

7. STUCCO: The finish of the pool walls below the tile of the
* scum gutter shall be Portland cement stucco in two coats* The
scratch coat shall consist of one part Portland cement, two
parts sand and + lime putty and shall be brought to a true
plane and scratched. The finish coat shall consist of one part
Portland cement and 1 part sand with waterproofing added
according to manufacturers specifications. The two ooaos shall
have a thicknes of not less than (" at the thinnest point,
shall be trowelled smooth and shall be finished level with
the tile.

NOTE- If the Contractor elects, he may use plywood for his
Inside forms or line the inside form with Masonite, tempered,
and eliminate the stucco. If he so elects, he must make every
effort to get .a smooth job on the inside of the pool and he
must rub down any fins or irregularities with a carborundum
stone immediately after the forms are removed.

8. SCUM GUTTER: The combined hand rail and scum gutter is to
be constructed of 1 ; 2 cement mortar, run in place, includ-
ing the slepe to the drains before or at the same time that
the tile surface is applied.

9. TILE: The top and pool face of the scum gutter is to rec-
eive glazed ceramic tile as detailed on the drawings of a
color to as nearly as possible match Inertol Co., Inc.,
RAMUC Enamel No. 301.

10 STONEWORK: The cast stone of the Spectator Area around the
pool and the cap to the pool curb shall be made of colored


(meaning grey) cement, color pigment and quarry key-stone
screenings, finished to imitate the coral formation out
on the Florida Keys. Sample shall be furnished to the Engineers
and approved before any quantity is cast. The stone in the
Spectator Area shall be played on a sand bed in a true plane
with cracks of approximately +"* No stones are to be played
within 12" of any tree.

a. Scope: Unde-"this section shall be furnished and installed
all. ppe, fittings, valves and equipment to supply filtered
and chlorinated water to the pool, to empty the pool, to
dispose of the overflow from the scum gutters and to provide
for suction vacuum cleaning of the pool and dispose of the
waste from the suction cleaning pump and from the filters
when they are back washed* be
b. Gutter Drains and Piping.The gutter drains shall 21" size
JOSAM or e-qual withbrass strainer plate and brass or cast
iron extending through the tqncrete into 5" and $ 4" cast iron
soil pipe, Joined with lead and oakum, leading to the storm
c. Pool Supply. The pool is to be supplied through 2" fittings
as detailed on the drawings, with the piping under ground
from the filters to the fittings being galvanized wrought iron.
d. Vacuum Fittings. The two fittings for connecting the 2"
vacuumnose are to be installed where and as shown in the ,
drawing and shall be equipped with brass screw plugs for use
when the hose is not connected. The through wall fittings are
to be brass or cast iron. 2" ga;vanized steel pipe is to con-
nect these fittings to the vacuum suction pump.
e. Pool Drain. The pool drain grate and frame shall be like
or equal to the detail on the drawing. The pipe from the check
valve in the pre-cast drain box to above the natural water
table shall be cast iron water pipe and from there to the
pump in the equipment room shall be galvanized wrought iron.
f. Vacuum Cleaning Equipment. There shall be furnished vacuum
cleanngeequipment or the tow type with a 24" sweep and with
50' of 2" suction hose. The 24" head is to be made of brass.
The hose is to have coupling to fit the wall vacuum fittings
installed. The equipment, complete is to be similar and equal
to EVERSON No. 10249, owaz .dvW J07/
g. Filter Equipment and Related Appurtenances.The filter eq-
uipment -rom the 1lne-ringing in t-he fresn Uity water or
the line bringing un-filtered water from the pool to the heater
shall be substantially as detailed on the drawings. A man-
ugacturer's layout of the equipment he is to furnish is to
be procured and approved by the Engineers before final order
is placed for the equipment. The pool pump is to be furnished
by the company who furnishes the filters and other filtering
equipment or it is to be approved by them to assure its char-
acteristics meeting the requirements of their filtering
he Chlorinator. ,A heavy Buty Midget Chlor-O-Feeder, Manufact-
ured by Proportioneers, Inc., is to be installed substantially
where shown on the drawings. There shall be furnished with the
chlorinator, one 20 gallon stone crock.
i* Test Kit. There shall be furnished one standard comparator
for-e'erm-Ining residual chlorine and alkalinity, equal to a

-. ...... ...... . .. -1-09...:. ..' .. . . .

Wallace and Tiernan Comparator.
J. Hair and Lint Catcher. There shall be furnished and installed
on T~~' "e rn--lnTe from the pool, ahead of the pump, one 6" pot
type hair and lint catcher, with brass strainer bucket. The
strainer is to have an easily removed cover, affording easy
removal of the strainer bucket for cleaning.
1. Vacuum Cleaner Pump. There shall be furnished and installed
an U G. I. M. Cenrugal Pump designed for a 20 foot head to
be used with the vacuum equipment in cleaning the pool. This
pump is to be equipped with a three phase motor, probably one
HP and the pump will discharge into a sump.
m. Heat Exchangero There shall be furnished and installed in
the equipment rtop a heat exchanger for heating the poo. water
after it leaves the filters. The contractor shall run a steam
line from the Hotel boiler room to supply steam for this exchanger
and the quantity of steam is to be controlled by a steam regulating
valve. The water, when heated, is to be delivered to the pool at
a temperature of 72 degrees fahrenheit. The exchanger is to have
a capacity of 225 gallons of water per minute with a temper-
ature rise of from 7 to 20 degrees. The exchanger is to be so
valved that it can be out out and not used when it is not needed.

NOTE: The filter equipment installation is to be approved by
a representative of the manufacturer and the representative is
to instruct personnel of the Hotel Company in the proper oper-
ation of the equipment. The Engineers are also to be present at
the time of this instruction. This instruction is to be arranged
for by the contractor under his contract.

12. ELECTRICAL: The work to be done under this section consists
or conduct and wire work necessary to supply current to the
motors and lights in the Equipment Room and to the Westinghouse
Lights in the pool walls. Arrangement shall be made, by the
contractor, with the Electric Company for installation of a
meter and service in 'the equipment room and the contractor shall
connect, furnish and install all switches, starters, conduit,
wire and other materials necessary to actuate the motors and
lights.. All wiring shall be installed in rigid conduit. Wire
and conduit shall be sized and installed to meet the require-
ments of the National Electric Code and the Electric Code of
StAugustine. Conduit connecting the bronze or cast iron floor
boxes to the recesses for the Westinghouse WS-8 lights shall
be 1" brass pipe. The Aqualux Underwater Floodlights are to
be equipped with 250 watt bulbs and clear rectilinear lenzes
and are to be switched inside the Equipment Room.

153. PAINTING: The bottom of the pool, walls, steps and soum
gutgtrs shall be painted with Inertol Oo. Inc., RAMUG in strict
compliance with the manufacturers recommendations. No. 501
Light Blue shall be used on the bottom of the pool and on the
treads of the steps and White shall be used on the walls and
the sides and risers of the steps and in the scum gutters. As
recommended by the manufacturer the bare concrete is to be
properly cleaned and etched and then the pool is to be painted
with one coat of undercoat and one coat of enamel and water
is not to be placed in the pool until after 7 days have elapsed.

14.MISCELLANEOUS: Certain other equipment, shown on the plans

or herein listed, shall be furnished andX $ed, in con-
nection with the pool, as follows. h
a. Diving Board. The diving board shiT fbe a 16 foot bo for
one meter RIelgth complete with movag fulcrum frame.ell
pipe frame work is to be chromium p ed brass and the board
is to be installed substantially as shown on the drawings,
varying from the drawings according to the manufacturers recom-
b. Hand Rail. A chromium plated copper pipe hand rail is to be
substantiETTy installed in the steps at the diving board.
c Ladders. Two four-step ladders, removable, are to be in-
staTled"Where shown on the drawings, The frame of the ladders
is to be chromium plated brass and the steps may be chromium
plated brass or aluminum.
a. Life Preserver. There shall be furnished one 15" solid cork,
canv-a-oovered life buoy, complete with501 of I" manila line,
whih shall be stored at the diving board with the end of the
line secured to the diving board frame.
d. Drinking Fountain..There is to be furnished and installed
one Pedestal Type Drinking Fountain with Angle Stream, Anti-
Squirt Bubler on self closing valve, equal to "American Stand-
ard" PACIFIC, F8352N. This is to be installed where shown on
the drawings at the deep end of the pool with the waste con-
nected to the storm sewer.