Title: Chaney course syllabi and related materials
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Title: Chaney course syllabi and related materials
Series Title: Chaney course syllabi and related materials
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Language: English
Creator: Chaney, Elsa M.
Publisher: Estate of Elsa M. Chaney
Publication Date: 1971
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Pol Soi 3324

T.-7L I Ti? P2OIC -: aalxon Cuxba ACase St ~In
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CantizO', 37rx4v3; F 1 16 ao 1 0d, Kxrll n Ker & Jamesa Pewa

111a11 Cura. PIewYo --Qvf
Ot XV 76, 5 (September 24e P4OT pp0 L

Guavazajf~ra CWE, Cohdzi EezeeIted W-2711-xv` I of HT ed, Ro~t_~~B tia IQandoj
*FSIcEZ a g aa,t The WI?
Pk0eee, J-969. 'Q eC.nj-c On en:nLuiance for Progmese p0
265; Techmolo gj &-oclaty6, p, 297; On Trade & Dovelopmernt, .o
3422; CoGolan-,UIaLIs 3.Lcc1r i p.355, and2 Pravo2luIin and4

.Tjlowood,, Yae, CaatIvgf3 Zlidel: e4g~: AP r

Beers'. Du'y fEo~ c.2 C8 ChbapL 1 Uil:

a;QI ~ ~ R I "il-O.'exT.3
P .e on Unviia N i iy Press,



Topic 1.: Spee:1h of 'idal CGastro on i.rth Annive.rsary of the
Revolution, 1970 (New York Review of Books)

Topic 2: The Politics of Eonomic Develop nt
Barraclogh., Solon & Arthur L. Domike,. "Agrarian Structure in Seven
Latin Amerizan Countr~.ies.'," in Charles T, Nisbet;, ed,, Latin
America: Problems in Economic Development (New York: Free
Press, 1969), ppo 91-131o Or see separate pamphlets from
Land Tenure Center, University of Wisconsin, also on reserve
Chaney, Elsa, "Reformists &- Revolutionaries: The Land and Change
in Latin America," chapter in Peter Dorner, edo, Latin
American Ararian Reform (Madison: University of Wi-snsin
Press., forthcoming Typewritten manuscript
Chevalier. Francois, Land and Societ in Colonial Mexico: The Great
Hacienda (Berkeley, University of California Press, 1963).
Pals Borda, Orlando, Peasant Society in the Colombian Andes (Gaines-
ville: University of Florid~ Press, l_95T
Ford, Thomas. Man. and Land in Peru (Gainesville: University of
Florida Press, 19).o
Glade, William, "The Coionia) Privas.e Secto and Economic Growth,"
Chapter IV of The Latin American Economies (New York: American
Book, 1969),, ppo .10-l1i.97
Griffin, Keith, Underdevelopment in Spanish America: An Interpre-
tation (Cambridge, Masse: The MIT Press, 1969), Introduction
and Ch. I, pp. 19-86.
Lambert, Jacques, Latin America: Social Structure and Political
Institutions, transom by Helen Katel (Berkeley: University
of California Press, 1969), Chs, 3 and 4, ppo 59-llho
Morse, Richard Me, "The Heritage of Latin America," in Louis Hartzs
edo, The Founding of New Societies (New York: Harcourt, Brace
& World, Inc; 1964), pp, i23.177.
Stein, Stanley Jo and Barbara, The Colonial Heritae of Latin
America: Essays on Economic Developent in Perapective (New
York: Oxford University Press, I970) Chs. I-TII, ppo 3-81o

Topic 3g Latin America and the World Economy

Adams, Richard No, "Secondary Development and Cultural Evolutions"
Cho 1 of The Second Sowing: Power and Secondary Development
in Latin America (San Francisco: Chandler Publising Coo, T967)
ppo 1-29o
Anderson, Charles Wo, "The Changing International Environment of
Development and Latin America in the 1970's,'" Inter-American
Economic Review, Volo XXIV, NMo 2 (August, 1970), pp.

_ i ~II_ L II~~ ___ _I_ ~~__~___


Furtado, Celso, Obsacl.es to Deve-lonmenti in Iatrin. A1meric-a (Garden
City, N.,Ye Anchor Books. "170o ntrrdu.n:tion and Ch.o 1-5,
ppo xv-67o
Glade, William, Ch. 'TII, "The Organization & Management of the
Public Sector: Colonial Spanish America": Cho VI. "The Early
Nineteenth Century: Development Reorientation and Relocation";
Ch. VII, "The External Sector and National Policies from
1850 to 1914"; and Ch, X., "The Origin of Economic Policy
Changes in the Twentieth Century,," from The Latin American
Griffin. Chs. II-III., pp. 86-173.
Journal of International Aifaira. Vol, XXIV, No. 1 (1970), Issue
on Economic Developme nt in the 1970s s
Prebisch, Raul, "The System and Social Structure of Latin America,"
in Irving Louis Horowitz, ed.. Latin American Radicalism: A
Documentary Re~rt i on Left and Nationalist Movements (New York:
Vintage, 1969), pp. 29-52."
Steins, Chso. IVV. pp, 86-185,.

Topic 4: The Role of the State in Latin America; the Meaning of

Chalmers, Douglas,, "Crises and Change in Latin America," Journal
of International Affairs, Vo, 23, No., 1 (1969).
Goulet, Denis, "On the Goals of DevelopmenL," Cross Currents, Volo
XVIII, No. 4 (Fal.l, 1968), pp., 387-405,o -
Heilbroner, Robert L.,, "Counterrevolutionary America," Commentary
Reports, 1967,,
Kaplan, Maroos, "Economic Aspects of the Latin American Crisis,"
1970 CICOP Proceedings (Washington: UoSo Catholic Conference,
Seers, Dudley, "The Meaning of Development," in Inter,,tional
Development Review: 'Volo XI, No, 4i pp-, -'
Steins, Epilogue, ppo 188-98o


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